OTA Catalogue: Texts with COCOA tags

Date: 10 January 2017

A listing of items in the OTA catalogue with records indicating that the text contains COCOA markup. This list represents a subset of the full list of all XML, corpus and legacy collection items held on OTA systems, not including the EEBO texts. Does not include 'invisible' items, which are not available for download. More lists here here.

Title Author ID Class Status Licence
King Henry vi. pt. 2.Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160002legacyfreevisible
King Henry vi. pt. 3.Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160008legacyfreevisible
The pricke of conscience (Stimulus conscientiæ) [Electronic resource]Rolle, Richard, of Hampole, 1290?-13490010legacyfreevisible
Sir Thomas More (Old play)0011legacyfreevisible
Sense and sensibilityAusten, Jane, 1775-18170018legacyfreevisible
The seasons, 1730 [Electronic resource] / James ThompsonThompson, James, 1700-17480021legacyfreevisible
Alexis [Electronic resource] ; Damon, Menalcas and Meliboeus ; Danish ode ... / Michael BruceBruce, Michael, 1746-17670028legacyfreevisible
The case of the Hanover forces in the pay of Great-Britain, impartially and freely examined [Electronic resource] : with some seasonable reflections on the present conjuncture of affairsChesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of, 1694-17730030legacyfreevisible
PoemsColeridge, Samuel Taylor, 1772-18340031legacyfreevisible
PoemsCollins, William, 1721-17590032legacyfreevisible
British Library. Manuscript. Harley 22760033legacyfreevisible
De immensa Dei misericordia. EnglishErasmus, Desiderius, d. 15360051legacyfreevisible
Joseph Andrews [Electronic resource] / Henry Fielding ; edited by Martin C. BattestinFielding, Henry, 1707-17540054legacyfreevisible
The crisis [Electronic resource] : a sermonFielding, Henry, 1707-17540055legacyfreevisible
Shamela [Electronic resource]Fielding, Henry, 1707-17540056legacyfreevisible
Some passages from Chomley [Electronic resource] ; The deserted mansion ; A fear for the future ...Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-18650061legacyfreevisible
Collected poems [Electronic resource] / Robert GravesGraves, Robert, 1895-19850064legacyrestrictedvisible
Poems. SelectionsGray, Thomas, 1716-17710065legacyfreevisible
A letter from the Hon. Thomas Hervey to Sir Thomas Hanmer [Electronic resource]Hervey, Thomas, 1699-17750071legacyfreevisible
This sporting life [Electronic resource] : a novel / David StoreyStorey, David, 1933-0072legacyrestrictedvisible
Castle Dangerous [Electronic resource] / Sir Walter ScottScott, Walter, Sir, 1771-18320074legacyfreevisible
A journey to the western islands of ScotlandJohnson, Samuel, 1709-17840076legacyfreevisible
St. Mawr [Electronic resource] / D.H. LawrenceLawrence, D.H. (David Herbert), 1885-19300084legacyfreevisible
Libro llamado Relox de principes. EnglishGuevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545?0091legacyfreevisible
Paradise lost [Electronic resource]Milton, John, 1608-16740100legacyfreevisible
Aristippus [Electronic resource]Randolph, Thomas, 1605-16350114legacyfreevisible
The conceited pedlar [Electronic resource]Randolph, Thomas, 1605-16350115legacyfreevisible
Praeludium [Electronic resource]Randolph, Thomas, 1605-16350116legacyfreevisible
Drinking academy [Electronic resource]Randolph, Thomas, 1605-16350117legacyfreevisible
The fary knight [Electronic resource]Randolph, Thomas, 1605-16350118legacyfreevisible
PlaysShakespeare, William, 1564-16160119duplicatefreevisible
Much ado about nothing [Electronic resource]Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160120legacyfreevisible
HamletShakespeare, William, 1564-16160121legacyfreevisible
Love's labours [sic] lost [Electronic resource]Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160122legacyfreevisible
[King Lear] [Electronic resource]Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160123legacyfreevisible
[Othello] [Electronic resource]Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160124legacyfreevisible
Midsummer night's dreamShakespeare, William, 1564-16160125legacyfreevisible
The merchant of Venice [Electronic resource]Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160126legacyfreevisible
Pericles [Electronic resource]Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160127legacyfreevisible
Romeo and Juliet [Electronic resource]Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160128legacyfreevisible
King Richard IIShakespeare, William, 1564-16160129legacyfreevisible
[King Richard III] [Electronic resource]Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160130legacyfreevisible
[Titus Andronicus] [Electronic resource]Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160131legacyfreevisible
[Troilus and Cressida] [Electronic resource]Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160132legacyfreevisible
King Henry IV. Part 1Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160133legacyfreevisible
King Henry IV. Part 2Shakespeare, William, 1564-16160134legacyfreevisible
Edward III (Drama)0135duplicatefreevisible
The two noble kinsmen - 1634 Quarto [Electronic resource]Fletcher, John, 1579-16250136legacyfreevisible
SonnetsShakespeare, William, 1564-16160137legacyfreevisible
SelectionsSpenser, Edmund, 1552?-15990143legacyfreevisible
Brideshead revisited [Electronic resource] : the sacred and profane memories of Captain Charles Ryder / a novel by Evelyn WaughWaugh, Evelyn, 1903-19660146legacyrestrictedvisible
Mrs. Dalloway [Electronic resource] / Virginia WoolfWoolf, Virginia, 1882-19410149legacyfreevisible
To the lighthouse [Electronic resource] / Virginia WoolfWoolf, Virginia, 1882-19410150legacyfreevisible
Lines left upon a seat in a yew-tree which stands near the lake of Esthwaite, on a desolate part of the shore, yet commanding a beautiful prospect [Electronic resource] ; The nightingale : a conversational poem ; The female vagrant ... Wordsworth, William, 1770-18500151legacyfreevisible
Poems. SelectionsScott, Walter, Sir, 1771-18320165legacyfreevisible
Modern prose [Electronic resource] : fifteen 2,000 word samples / compiled by Andrew Q. Morton and Neil Hamilton-Smith0172corpusfreevisible
Les conquérants [Electronic resource] / André MalrauxMalraux, André, 1901-19760188legacyrestrictedvisible
La tentation de l'Occident [Electronic resource] / André MalrauxMalraux, André, 1901-19760189legacyrestrictedvisible
La voie royale [Electronic resource] / André MalrauxMalraux, André, 1901-19760190legacyrestrictedvisible
La jalousie [Electronic resource] / Alain Robbe-GrilletRobbe-Grillet, Alain, 1922-0194legacyrestrictedvisible
La nausée [Electronic resource] / Jean Paul SartreSartre, Jean Paul, 1905-0195legacyrestrictedvisible
[Eighteenth century French correspondence] [Electronic resource]0199legacyrestrictedvisible
The Eumenides of AeschylusAeschylus0212legacyfreevisible
The Brus [Electronic resource]Barbour, John, d. 13950218legacyfreevisible
[The buke of the law of armys] [Electronic resource] ; The buke of the order of knychthedeHay, Gilbert, Sir, fl. 14560220legacyfreevisible
Phaenomena [Electronic resource]Aratus, Solensis0223legacyfreevisible
The Troades of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides0242legacyfreevisible
The morall fabillis of Esope the Phrygian [Electronic resource] / compylit in eloquent, & ornate Scottis meter, be M. Robert HenrisoneHenryson, Robert, 1430?-1506?0243legacyfreevisible
De tridui spatio [Electronic resource] / Saint Gregory of NyssaGregory, of Nyssa, Saint, ca. 335-ca. 3940255legacyrestrictedvisible
Opera et dies. GreekHesiod0257legacyrestrictedvisible
Iliad [Electronic resource]Homer0263legacyfreevisible
Isaeus [Electronic resource] / [by] Isaeus ; with an English translation by Edward Seymour ForsterIsaeus, ca. 420-ca. 350 B.C.0266legacyrestrictedvisible
Antigone [Electronic resource] / SophoclesSophocles0276legacyrestrictedvisible
Tale of Ralph the Collier0279legacyfreevisible
Epistulæ [Electronic resource] / ThemistoclesThemistocles, ca. 524-ca. 459 B.C.0280legacyrestrictedvisible
Major works [Electronic resource] / XenophonXenophon0282legacyfreevisible
The Chepman and Myllar prints [Electronic resource]0283legacyfreevisible
Asloan manuscriptAsloan, John, fl. 15150290legacyfreevisible
Fragments [Electronic resource]Africanus, Sextus Caecilius, 2nd cent.0306legacyfreevisible
SelectionsAmbrose, Saint, Bishop of Milan, d. 3970307legacyfreevisible
De rebus bellicis0309legacyfreevisible
De re coquinariaApicius0311legacyfreevisible
SelectionsAugustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo0315legacyfreevisible
Liber de Cæsaribus [Electronic resource]Victor, Sextus Aurelius0317legacyfreevisible
SelectionsBacon, Francis, 1561-16260318legacyfreevisible
[Fragments] [Electronic resource]Celsus, Publius Juventius0325legacyfreevisible
Ars rhetoricae [Electronic resource] [excerpts]Fortunatianus, Chirius0326legacyfreevisible
Major works [Electronic resource]Cicero, Marcus Tullius0327legacyrestrictedvisible
Ad Octavianum [Electronic resource]Cicero, Marcus Tullius0328legacyrestrictedvisible
Breviarium ab urbe condita [Electronic resource] / EutropiusEutropius, 4th cent.0330legacyfreevisible
Festi Breviarium rerum gestarum populi Romani [Electronic resource] / Rufius FestusRufus, Sextus0331legacyrestrictedvisible
Scriptores historiae Augustae0332legacyfreevisible
Palingenesia iuris civilis [Electronic resource] : iuris consultorum reliquiae quae iustianiani digesti continentur, ceteratque, iuris prudentiae civilis, fragmenta minora [supplementum] / Salvius JulianusJulianus, Lucius Salvius0336legacyrestrictedvisible
Ars grammatica, De definitione Col., [et], Explanationum in Ciceronis rhetoricam I [Electronic resource] : [seven five hundred word selections] / Marius VictorinusVictorinus, Marius0341legacyrestrictedvisible
[Eclogae] [Electronic resource]Modoinus0343legacyfreevisible
Nux [Electronic resource] / OvidOvid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D.0350legacyfreevisible
Amphitruo [Electronic resource]Plautus, Titus Maccius0353legacyfreevisible
Asinaria [Electronic resource]Plautus, Titus Maccius0354legacyfreevisible
Aulularia [Electronic resource]Plautus, Titus Maccius0355legacyfreevisible
Bacchides [Electronic resource]Plautus, Titus Maccius0356legacyfreevisible
Captivi [Electronic resource]Plautus, Titus Maccius0357legacyfreevisible
Pseudolus [Electronic resource]Plautus, Titus Maccius0358legacyfreevisible
Rudens [Electronic resource]Plautus, Titus Maccius0359legacyfreevisible
Stichus [Electronic resource]Plautus, Titus Maccius0360legacyfreevisible
Trinummus [Electronic resource]Plautus, Titus Maccius0361legacyfreevisible
Truculentus [Electronic resource]Plautus, Titus Maccius0362legacyfreevisible
C. Plini Caecili Secundi [Electronic resource] : Epistularum libri decem / Pliny the YoungerPliny, the Younger0363legacyrestrictedvisible
Dialogi. French and Latin.Gregory I, Pope0364legacyrestrictedvisible
Complete works [Electronic resource] / SallustSallust, 86-34 B.C.0365legacyrestrictedvisible
Relationes [Electronic resource] / SymmachusSymmachus, Quintus Aurelius, d. 4050369legacyrestrictedvisible
Cornelii Taciti Annalium [Electronic resource] / C. Cornelius TacitusTacitus, Cornelius0370legacyfreevisible
Epitoma rei militaris [Electronic resource] / Flavius Vegetius RenatusVegetius Renatus, Flavius0371legacyrestrictedvisible
Georgicon [Electronic resource] / VirgilVirgil0373legacyrestrictedvisible
Selected tales [Electronic resource] : [samples of narrative and dialogue] / N.S. LeskovLeskov, N.S. (Nikolai Semenovich), 1831-18950375legacyrestrictedvisible
The complaynt of Scotland [Electronic resource]Wedderburn, Robert, ca. 1510-ca. 15570388legacyfreevisible
The pleasures of imagination [Electronic resource]Akenside, Mark, 1721-17700392legacyfreevisible
Small is beautiful [Electronic resource] : a study of economics as if people mattered / Ernst Friedrich SchumacherSchumacher, E.F. (Ernst Friedrich), 1911-19770399legacyrestrictedvisible
The Bannatyne ms. [Electronic resource]Bannatyne, George, 1545-1608?0403legacyfreevisible
Defixiones Latinæ [Electronic resource]0409legacyfreevisible
Dipinti on amphorae from Rome and Pompeii from Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum 4 and 15 [Electronic resource]0410legacyfreevisible
The Maitland folio [Electronic resource]0414legacyfreevisible
Early Arabic epistles0415legacyfreevisible
Bible. O.T. Job. Aramaic0422legacyfreevisible
Cartularium Saxonicum [Electronic resource] : a collection of charters relating to Anglo-Saxon history / by Walter de Gray BirchBirch, Walter de Gray, 1842-19240511legacyfreevisible
The passionate pilgrime [Electronic resource] / by Shakspeare, Marlowe, Barnfield, Griffin, and other writers unknownShakespeare, William, 1564-16160529legacyrestrictedvisible
Night and silence, who is here? an American comedy [Electronic resource] / by Pamela Hansford JohnsonJohnson, Pamela Hansford, 1912-0531legacyrestrictedvisible
Modern business correspondence [Electronic resource] / Anthony A. LyneLyne, Anthony A.0569legacyrestrictedvisible
Éden, Éden, Éden [Electronic resource] / Pierre GuyotatGuyotat, Pierre, 1940-0573legacyrestrictedvisible
The Dutch courtezan [Electronic resource]Marston, John, 1575?-16340629legacyfreevisible
In resurrectionem Domini [Electronic resource] / Saint John ChrysostomJohn Chrysostom, Saint, d. 4070638legacyrestrictedvisible
'Tis pity she's a whoreFord, John, 1586-ca. 16400639legacyfreevisible
In adorationem venerandæ crucis [Electronic resource] / Saint John ChrysostomJohn Chrysostom, Saint, d. 4070640legacyrestrictedvisible
Deux homélies anoméennes pour l'octave de paques [Electronic resource]John Chrysostom, Saint, d. 4070641legacyrestrictedvisible
Tarlton's Newes out of Purgatorie [Electronic resource]Tarlton, Richard, d. 15880665legacyfreevisible
The chances [Electronic resource] / by John Fletcher Fletcher, John 1579-16250688legacyfreevisible
The island princess [Electronic resource]Fletcher, John, 1579-16250689legacyfreevisible
The woman's prize [Electronic resource] / by John FletcherFletcher, John, 1579-16250690legacyfreevisible
The loyal subject [Electronic resource]Fletcher, John, 1579-16250691legacyfreevisible
ChroniquesFroissart, Jean, 1338?-1410?0698legacyrestrictedvisible
DecretumGratian, 12th cent.0699legacyfreevisible
Demetrius and Enanthe [Electronic resource]Fletcher, John, 1579-16250802legacyfreevisible
Soliloquia. Old EnglishAugustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo0813legacyfreevisible
[Excerpts from classical Latin texts] [Electronic resource]1012legacyfreevisible
Monsieur Thomas [Electronic resource] / by John FletcherFletcher, John, 1579-16251021legacyfreevisible
The tragedy of Valentinian [Electronic resource] / by John FletcherFletcher, John, 1579-16251022legacyfreevisible
Records of early English drama [Electronic resource] : selections / compiled by. . .Abigail Ann Young1024legacyrestrictedvisible
Three books of poetry by Brian Patten [Electronic resource] : Vanishing trick, The irrelevant song, and, Grave gossip / Brian PattenPatten, Brian, 1946-1042legacyrestrictedvisible
Poems. SelectionsClough, Arthur Hugh, 1819-18611045legacyfreevisible
Merry wives of WindsorShakespeare, William, 1564-16161057legacyfreevisible
HamletShakespeare, William, 1564-16161064legacyfreevisible
Micheál Ruadh [Electronic text]Máire1175legacyfreevisible
Poems [Electronic resource], and, A defence of rymeDaniel, Samuel, 1562-16191203legacyfreevisible
A pleasant comedie of the gentle craft [Electronic resource]Dekker, Thomas, ca. 1572-16321204duplicatefreevisible
The best man to die [Electronic resource] / Ruth RendellRendell, Ruth, 1930-1208legacyrestrictedvisible
The tragical history of Doctor Faustus [Electronic resource]Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-15931219legacyfreevisible
[Romeo and Juliet] [Electronic resource]Shakespeare, William, 1564-16161220legacyfreevisible
That was then, this is now [Electronic resource] / S.E. HintonHinton, S.E.1223legacyrestrictedvisible
Complete works [Electronic resource]Cicero, Marcus Tullius1253legacyrestrictedvisible
An anthology of Chancery English [Electronic resource] / John H. Fisher, Malcolm Richardson [and] Jane L. Fisher1284legacyrestrictedvisible
Every man in his humour [Electronic resource] : a comoedie ; acted in the yeere 1598 by the then Lord Chamberlaine his servants / the author B. I.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-16371286legacyfreevisible
The prologues and epilogues of the Restoration [Electronic resource]1325legacyfreevisible
How I built myself a house [Electronic resource] ; Destiny and a blue cloak ; The thieves who couldn't help sneezing ...Hardy, Thomas, 1840-19281326legacyfreevisible
An essay concerning human understanding [Electronic resource] / John LockeLocke, John, 1632-17041361legacyrestrictedvisible
CorrespondenceCicero, Marcus Tullius1391legacyrestrictedvisible
Joseph Andrews [Electronic resource] / Henry Fielding ; edited by Martin C. BattestinFielding, Henry, 1707-17541396legacyfreevisible
Helsinki corpus of English texts [Electronic resource]1477corpusrestrictedvisible
Henry VIII [Electronic resource] / by William Shakespeare and John FletcherShakespeare, William, 1564-16161482legacyfreevisible
Pride and prejudice [Electronic resource]Austen, Jane, 1775-18171504legacyfreevisible
Comedy of errors [Electronic resource] : [1793] / William ShakespeareShakespeare, William, 1564-16161510legacyfreevisible
An anthology of Chancery English [Electronic resource] / John H. Fisher, Malcolm Richardson [and] Jane L. Fisher1676legacyrestrictedvisible
The rape of the lock [Electronic resource]Pope, Alexander, 1688-17441690legacyfreevisible
Tou en agiois [Electronic resource] / Patros emon Kyrillou Ierosolymon archiepiskopouta ta sozomenaCyril, Saint, Bishop of Jerusalem, ca. 315-3861730legacyrestrictedvisible
Anglo-Saxon poetic records [Electronic resource]1936duplicatefreevisible
The Hong Kong South China Morning Post Corpus [Electronic resource]2036corpusrestrictedvisible
Poems. SelectionsHenryson, Robert, 1430?-1506?2230legacyfreevisible
[Orpheus and Eurydice] [Electronic resource]Henryson, Robert, 1430?-1506?2231legacyfreevisible
The testament of Cresseid [Electronic resource] / compylit be M. Robert HenrysoneHenryson, Robert, 1430?-1506?2232legacyfreevisible
Genji monogatari. EnglishMurasaki Shikibu, b. 978?2245legacyfreevisible
Genji monogatari [Electronic resource]Murasaki Shikibu, b. 978?2246legacyfreevisible
The Agamemnon of Aeschylus [Electronic resource]Aeschylus2255legacyfreevisible
The Choeforoi of Aeschylus [Electronic resource]Aeschylus2256legacyfreevisible
The Persai of Aeschylus [Electronic resource]Aeschylus2257legacyfreevisible
The Prometheus of Aeschylus [Electronic resource]Aeschylus2258legacyfreevisible
The Seven against Thebes of Aeschylus [Electronic resource]Aeschylus2259legacyfreevisible
The Supplices of Aeschylus [Electronic resource]Aeschylus2260legacyfreevisible
An exhortation to the electors of Great Britain [Electronic resource]Fielding, Henry, 1707-17542266legacyfreevisible
The female husband [Electronic resource], or, The surprising history of Mrs Mary, alias Mr George HamiltonFielding, Henry, 1707-17542267legacyfreevisible
A letter from the Hon. Thomas Hervey to Sir Thomas Hanmer [Electronic resource] : containing a letter from Lady Hanmer to Sir ThomasHervey, Thomas, 1699-17752268legacyfreevisible
An essay on the knowledge of the characters of men [Electronic resource]Fielding, Henry, 1707-17542269legacyfreevisible
An essay on conversation [Electronic resource]Fielding, Henry, 1707-17542270legacyfreevisible
Olynthiacs I. EnglishDemosthenes2271legacyfreevisible
A dialogue between Alexander the Great & Diogenes the Cynic [Electronic resource]Fielding, Henry, 1707-17542272legacyfreevisible
Of the remedy of affliction for the loss of our friends [Electronic resource]Fielding, Henry, 1707-17542273legacyfreevisible
Charge to the jury [Electronic resource], or, The sum of evidence in the trial of A.B., C.D. and E.F. ... before Sir Aesculapius DosemFielding, Henry, 1707-17542274legacyfreevisible
An essay on nothing [Electronic resource]Fielding, Henry, 1707-17542275legacyfreevisible
Henry Fielding's Preface to his Miscellanies of 1743 [Electronic resource]Fielding, Henry, 1707-17542276legacyfreevisible
Some papers proper to be read before the R-L Society concerning the Terrestrial Chrysipus, Golden-foot or Guinea [Electronic resource] : an insect, or vegetable, resembling the Polypus, which hath this surprising property, that being cut into several pieces, each piece becomes a perfect animal, or vegetable, as complete as that of which it was originally only a part / collected by Petrus Gualterus, but not published till after his deathFielding, Henry, 1707-17542277legacyfreevisible
A full vindication of the Dutchess Dow[a]ger of Marlborough [Electronic resource] : both with regard to the account lately published by Her Grace, and to her character in general : against the base and malicious invectives contained in a late scurrilous pamphlet entitled Remarks on the account, etc. in a letter to the noble author of those remarksFielding, Henry, 1707-17542278legacyfreevisible
A letter to a noble lord, to whom it belongs [Electronic resource] : occasioned by a representation at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane, of a farce, called Miss Lucy in townFielding, Henry, 1707-17542279legacyfreevisible
The preface to the second edition of Sarah Fielding's The Adventures of David Simple [Electronic resource]Fielding, Henry, 1707-17542280legacyfreevisible
An apology for the life of Mrs Shamela Andrews [Electronic resource] : in which the many notorious falshoods [sic] and misrepresentations of a book called Pamela are exposed and refuted : and all the matchless arts of that young politician set in a true and just light. Together with a full account of all that passed between her and Parson Arthur Williams whose character is represented in a manner something different from that which he bears in Pamela. The whole being exact copies of authentick papers delivered to the editor. Necessary to be had in all families / by Mr Conny KeyberFielding, Henry, 1707-17542281legacyfreevisible
The history of the present rebellion in Scotland / by Henry FieldingFielding, Henry, 1707-17542282legacyfreevisible
A serious address to the people of Great Britain [Electronic resource] : in which the certain consequences of the present rebellion are fully demonstrated. Necessary to be perused by every lover of his country at this junctureFielding, Henry, 1707-17542283legacyfreevisible
Demetrius and Enanthe [Electronic resource]Fletcher, John, 1579-16252284legacyfreevisible
The Alcestis of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides2404legacyfreevisible
The Andromache of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides2405legacyfreevisible
The Bacchae of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides2406legacyfreevisible
The Cyclops of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides2407legacyfreevisible
The Electra of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides2408legacyfreevisible
The Hecuba of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides2409legacyfreevisible
The Hippolytus of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides2410legacyfreevisible
The Ion of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides2411legacyfreevisible
The Iphigeneia in Aulis of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides2412legacyfreevisible
The Iphigenia in Tauris of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides2413legacyfreevisible
The Medea of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides2414legacyfreevisible
The Orestes of Euripides [Electronic resource]Euripides2415legacyfreevisible
The Rhesus [Electronic resource]Euripides2416legacyfreevisible
Corpus of Early English Correspondence Sampler (CEECS) [Electronic resource]2461corpusrestrictedvisible
The English language of the north-west in the late Modern English period: a Corpus of late 18c Prose [Electronic resource]2468corpusrestrictedvisible