OTA Catalogue: TCP Phase 1 (partial)

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Date: 4th January 2017

Summary of files from the Text Creation Partnership, in the public domain and available to download from the OTA. Note also that first tranche of ECCO TCP Phase 1 texts are not listed here, but are in the main OTA catalogue, numbered 3307-5693. Broken into five files to allow search engine indexers to cope.

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A confutation of some of the errors of Mr. Daniel Williams by the Reverend Mr. Vincent Alsop in a letter to the Reverend Mr. Daniel Burgesse.Alsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703.A25203EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Decus & tutamen, or, Practical godliness the ornament and muniment of all religion being the subject of several sermons preached at Westminster upon Titus ii, 10 / by V. Alsop ...Alsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703.A25204EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Duty and interest united in prayer and praise for kings and all that are in authority from I Tim. II. 1,2 : being a sermon preach'd at Westminster upon the late day of thanksgiving, Sept. 8, 1695 / by V.A.Alsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703.A25205EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exercitation on the historical relation, Matth. 15, 1--9, Mark 7, 1--13, concerning eating with unwashen hands by way of appendix or supplement to the discourse concerning indifferencies ...Alsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703.A25206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A faithful rebuke to a false report lately dispersed in a letter to a friend in the country Concerning certain differences in doctrinals, between some dissenting ministers in London.Alsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703.A25208EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon upon the wonderful deliverance by His Majesty from assassination, the nation from invasion by Vin. Alsop.Alsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703.A25209EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The humble address of the Presbyterians, presented to the King by Mr. Hurst, Mr. Chester, Mr. Slater, Mr. Cox, Mr. Roswell, Mr. Turner, Mr. Franklin, Mr. Deal, and Mr. Reynolds with His Majesties gracious answer.Alsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703.A25210EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Melius inquirendum, or, A sober inquirie into the reasonings of the Serious inquirie wherein the inquirers cavils against the principles, his calumnies against the preachings and practises of the non-conformists are examined, and refelled, and St. Augustine, the synod of Dort and the Articles of the Church of England in the Quinquarticular points, vindicated.Alsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703.A25212EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reply to the Reverend Dean of St. Pauls's reflections on the Rector of Sutton, &c. wherein the principles and practices of the non-conformists are not only vindicated by Scripture, but by Dr. Stillingsfleet's Rational account, as well as his Irenicum : as also by the writings of the Lord Faulkland, Mr. Hales, Mr. Chillingworth, &c. / by the same hand ; to which is added, St. Paul's work promoted, or, Proper materials drawn from The true and only way of concord, and, Pleas for peace and other late writings of Mr. Richard Baxter ...Alsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703.A25216EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd to the Societies for Reformation of Manners in the cities of London and Westminster at Salters-Hall, Aug 15, 1698 preached and published at the desire of the said Societies / by Vincent Alsop.Alsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703.A25217EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Alsop's speech to King James the II. at the presenting the Presbyterians address, in April, 1687. See London Gazette, no. 2238. Humbly inscribed to B.B.B.--- as a specimen of sincerity.Alsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703.A25219EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the faithful rebuke to a false report against the rude cavils of the pretended defenceAlsop, Vincent, 1629 or 30-1703.A25220EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The beloved city, or, The saints reign on earth a thovsand yeares asserted and illustrated from LXV places of Holy Scripture, besides the judgement of holy learned men both at home and abroad, and also reason it selfe : likewise XXXV objections against this truth are here answered / written in Latine by Ioan Henr. Alstedius ... ; faithfully Englished, with some occasionall notes and the judgement herein ... of some of our owne famous divines.Alsted, Johann Heinrich, 1588-1638.A25221EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Templum musicum, or, The musical synopsis of the learned and famous Johannes-Henricus-Alstedius being a compendium of the rudiments both of the mathematical and practical part of musick, of which subject not any book is extant in our English tongue / faithfully translated out of Latin by John Birchensha ...Alsted, Johann Heinrich, 1588-1638.A25223EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true copy of Mr. Roger Altham's recantation, for licensing Mr. Hill's book against the Bishop of SalisburyAltham, Roger, 1658-1730.A25230EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the general nursery, or colledg of infants, set up by the justices of peace for the county of Middlesex with the constitutions and ends thereof.A25231EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the great and glorious actions of Mr. Walker, the Protestant governor, at the siege of London-derryA25236EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the government of Venice wherein the policies, councils, magistrates, and laws of that state are fully related, and the use of the balloting box exactly described : written in the year 1675 / by the sieur Amelott de la Houssaie ...Amelot de La Houssaie, Abraham-Nicolas, Sieur 1634-1706.A25255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The bacchanalian sessions, or, The contention of liquors with a farewel to wine / by the author of the Search after claret, &c. ; to which is added, a satyrical poem on one who had injur'd his memory, by a friend.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25256EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Britannia victrix, or, The triumphs of the Royal Navy in the late victorious ingagement with the French fleet May, 1692 : a pindarick poem.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25257EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Chuse which you will, liberty or slavery: or, An impartial representation of the danger of being again subjected to a popish princeAmes, Richard, d. 1693.A25258EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The double descent a poem.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25259EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fatal friendship, or, The Drunkards misery being a satyr against hard drinking / by the author of The search after Claret.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25262EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The female fire-ships a satyr against whoring : in a letter to a friend, just come to town.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25263EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The folly of love, or, An essay upon satyr against womanAmes, Richard, d. 1693.A25265EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Islington-Wells, or, The threepenny-academy a poem.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25268EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jacobite conventicle a poem.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25269EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last search after claret in Southwark, or, A visitation of the vintners in the mint with the debates of a committee of that profession thither fled to avoid the cruel persecution of their unmerciful creditors : a poem / dedicated to the most ingenious author of the search after wit &c.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25270EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lawyerus bootatus & spurratus, or, The long vacation a poem / by a student of Lincolns-Inn.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25271EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pleasures of love and marriage a poem in praise of the fair sex, in requital for The folly of love, and some other late satyrs on women.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25272EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rake, or, The libertine's religion a poem.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25273EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The search after claret, or, A visitation of the vintners a poem in two canto's.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25274EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The siege and surrender of Mons a tragi-comedy, exposing the villany of the priests, and the intrigues of the French.Ames, Richard, d. 1693.A25278EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An analyticall exposition of both the epistles of the Apostle Peter illustrated by doctrines out of every text and applyed by their uses for a further progresse in holinesse / by ... William Ames ...Ames, William, 1576-1633.A25280EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The marrow of sacred divinity drawne out of the Holy Scriptures, and the interpreters thereof, and brought into method / by William Ames ... ; translated out of the Latine ... ; whereunto are annexed certaine tables representing the substance and heads of all in a short view ... as also a table opening the hard words therein contained.Ames, William, 1576-1633.A25291EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The substance of Christian religion, or, A plain and easie draught of the Christian catechisme in LII lectures on chosen texts of Scripture, for each Lords-day of the year, learnedly and perspicuously illustrated with doctrines, reasons, and uses / by that reverend and worthy laborer in the Lord's vineyard, William Ames ...Ames, William, 1576-1633.A25294EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Good counsell and advice to all the Friends of truth to be read throughout all their families by them whom the Lord hath called and is calling into his everlasting covenant / written from Amsterdam by William Ames.Ames, William, d. 1662.A25296EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The light upon the candlestick serving for observation of the principal things in the book called, The mysteries of the kingdom of God, &c., against several professors / treated of, and written by Will. Ames ; printed in Low-Dutch for the author, 1662, and translated into English by B.F.A25297EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sound out of Sion from the holy mountain which the Lord is establishing above all the mountains declaring the salvation of God which is near to be revealed to the captivated seed that waits for redemption : and the deceit of sinners laid open and witnessed against who make a profession of God, and yet cannot believe that they can be saved from sin while they live / by William Ames.Ames, William, d. 1662.A25298EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The saints security against seducing spirits, or, The anointing from the Holy One the best teaching : delivered in a sermon at Pauls before the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and commonalty of the city of London, upon the fifth of November, 1651 / by William Ames ...Ames, William, d. 1689.A25299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The amorous conquests of the great Alcander, or, The amours of the French king and Madam MontespanCourtilz de Sandras, Gatien, 1644-1712.A25305EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A præfatory discourse to a late pamphlet entituled, A memento for English Protestants, &c. being an answer to that part of the Compendium which reflects upon the Bishop of Lincoln's book : together with some occasional reflections on Mr. L'Estrange's writings.Amy, S.A25313EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An antidote against melancholy. Or, A treasury of 53. rare secrets & arts discovered, by an expert artist, Richard Amyas. Licensed, and entred according to orderAmyas, Richard.A25314EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning the divine dreams mention'd in Scripture together with the marks and characters by which they might be distinguish'd from vain delusions : in a letter to Monsieur Gaches / by Moses Amyraldus ; translated out of French by Ja. Lowde ...Amyraut, Moïse, 1596-1664.A25315EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The evidence of things not seen, or, Diverse scriptural and philosophical discourses, concerning the state of good and holy men after death ... by that eminently learned divine Moses Amyraldus ; translated out of the French tongue by a Minister of the Church of England.Amyraut, Moïse, 1596-1664.A25316EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Anacreon done into English out of the original GreekA25322EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Against Babylon and her merchants in England one groan more breathed forth from the grief of the spirit, for the sufferings of the saints ... / written by one that travels in spirit for Sions deliverance, John Anderdon.Anderdon, John, 1624?-1685.A25344EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the late design of buying up the wooll of Ireland in company in a letter to J.L.A25346EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the late dreadful fire at Northampton VVith the manner how it began, the time it lasted, and the lamentable destruction it made: as followeth. 1. St. Mary-Street. 2. The Horse-Market. 3. Kings-head-Lane. 4. Gold-Street. 5. Wool-monger-street. 6. Kings-well-street. [7.] Bridge-Street. 8. Cobs-Lane. 9. Crosby-Lane. 10. Cow-Lane. 11. Rotten-Row. 12. St. Gyle's-Street. 13. Farm-Lane. 14. Abbington-Street. 15. Cock-Lane. 16. Ditus-Lane. 17. New-Lane. 18. Ship-Street. 19. The Drapery. 20. Shoo-maker-Row. 21. The Butchers-shops called, The Guts. 22. Mercers-Row. 23. Market-Hill. 24. The Church of All-hollows burnt, and Bells melted.A25347EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A call to all bishops and others who are zealous for the Book of Common Prayer (for which I have been also sometimes zealous) by way of remembrance : now to come to the way of the Quakers to the grace of God ... / J.A.Anderdon, John, 1624?-1685.A25349EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
One blow at Babel in those of the people called Behmenites whose foundation is not upon that of the prophets ... but upon their own carnal conceptions begotten in their imaginations upon Jacob Behmen's writings &c. ... / by John Anderdon.Anderdon, John, 1624?-1685.A25351EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A word to the world.Anderdon, Mary.A25353EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copy of a letter from Colonell Francis Anderson to Sir Thomas Glemham, January 20, 1643, touching the invasion of Scotland the copy of a letter from the Marques of Argyle & Sir William Armyne, to Sir Thomas Glemham the 20, January 1643 : the copy of Sir Thomas Glemhams letter in answer to the Lord Marquesse of Argyl's, and Sir William Armyne's.Anderson, Francis, Sir, 1615-1679.A25354EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Scotch Counsellor. Communicating his advice to all that stand well-affected in England to King and Parliament. With a reprehension of all those who refuse to helpe the Lord against the mighty. Also shewing what shall be the event of these troubles. Written by reason of an eminent person in this kingdome diserting the cause, and flying: and now published for the common good. Imprimatur. Ia: Cranford.Anderson, George, 17th cent.A25356EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A loyal tear dropt on the vault of the High and Mighty Prince, Charles II, of glorious and happy memory by Henry Anderson ...Anderson, Henry, b. 1651 or 2.A25357EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached in the Cathedral Church at Winchester the xxix of May MDCLXXXI, being Trinity Sunday, and the day of His Majesties happy birth and restauration by Henry Anderson ...Anderson, Henry, b. 1651 or 2.A25359EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of a barons court newly translated by whats-you-call-him, clerk to the same.Anderson, Patrick, 1575-1624.A25360EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the late great and famous victory obtained over two thousand High-land rebels, in the north of Scotland, by His Majesty's forces, commanded by Sir Tho. Levistone with a particular relation of the killing five hundred of the enemy, and the taking of one huodred [sic] prisoners, of which number were several officers of note.A25361EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the late great victory, obtained at sea, against the French by Their Majesties fleet, commanded in chief by Admiral Russell, and the Dutch commanded by Admiral Allemond, near the Cape of Barsteur in May, 1692.A25362EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dary's miscellanies examined and some of his fundamental errors detected by authority of ancient and modern mathematicians ... : to which is added a task for Mr. Dary of his own setting / by Robert Anderson.Anderson, Robert, fl. 1668-1696.A25363EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gaging promoted an appendix to stereometrical propositions / by Robert Anderson.Anderson, Robert, fl. 1668-1696.A25364EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The making of rockets in two parts, the first containing the making of rockets for the meanest capacity, the other to make rockets by a duplicate proposition, to 1000 pound weight or higher / experimentally and mathematically demonstrated, by Robert Anderson.Anderson, Robert, fl. 1668-1696.A25366EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Stereometrical propositions variously applicable, but particularly intended for gageing by Robert Anderson.Anderson, Robert, fl. 1668-1696.A25367EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To cut the rigging and proposals for the improvement of great artillery / by Robert Anderson.Anderson, Robert, fl. 1668-1696.A25368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To hit a mark, as well upon ascents and descents, as upon the plain of the horizon experimentally and mathematically demonstrated / by Robert Anderson.Anderson, Robert, fl. 1668-1696.A25369EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English nvnne being a treatise wherein (by way of dialogue) the author endeauoureth to draw yong & vnmarried Catholike gentlewomen to imbrace a votary and religious life / written by N.N. Hereunto is annexed a short discourse (by way of conclusion) to the abbesses and religious women of all the English monasteries in the Low-countreys and France.Anderton, Lawrence.A25370EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remarks upon the present confederacy, and late revolution in England, &c.Anderton, William, d. 1693.A25373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
True copy of the paper delivered to the sheriffs of London and Middlesex by Mr. William Anderton at the place of execution, which he designed there to have spoken, but being frequently interrupted by the ordinary, Mr. Samuel Smith, desired the said sheriffs to publish or dispose of it as they should think fit, seeing a dying man was not suffered to speakAnderton, William, d. 1693.A25374EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The hermetick romance, or, The chymical wedding written in High Dutch by Christian Rosencreutz ; translated by E. Foxcroft ...Rosencreutz, Christian.A25376EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last speech of Col. Eusebius Andrews, sometimes a lawyer of Lincolns-Inne, at the time of his execution on the scaffold at Tower-hill, Thursday the 22 of August, 1650 with several questions propounded to him by Doctor Swadling, and his answer thereunto.Andrews, Eusebius, d. 1650.A25378EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the late hardships and violence inflicted upon certain persons called Quakers for their peaceable religious meetings in the city and county of GlocesterA25379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A gentle reflection on the modest account, and a vindication of the loyal abhorrers from the calumnies of a factious pen by the author of the Parallel.Northleigh, John, 1657-1705.A25380EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Andrewes Golden chaine to linke the penitent sinner unto Almighty God richly adorned with ornaments of Holy Scripture ... : newly made in a godly prayer taken out of the pure fountaine of Holy Scripture, very necessary to cure the sick soule of a sinner, and to draw him from desperation, if with a beleeving faith he will daily use it in prayer unto Almighty God.Andrewes, John, fl. 1615.A25381EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A golden trumpet sounding an alarum to judgement the sound whereof was never more needfull though evermore profitable : dedicated and directed unto all the elect children of God which truly repent / newly published by Iohn Andrewes.Andrewes, John, fl. 1615.A25382EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Holy devotions, with directions to pray also a brief exposition upon [brace] the Lords prayer, the creed, the Ten commandments, the 7 penitential psalms, the 7 psalms of thanksgiving : together with a letanie / by the Right Reverend Father in God Lancelot Andrews ...Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626.A25385EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the late horrid conspiracy to depose Their present Majesties, K. William and Q. Mary, to bring in the French and the late King James, and ruine the city of London ... also, some brief reflections on the trials of the Lord Preston, Major Ashton, and Mr. Elliot, who were chiefly concern'd therein, and found guilty / by a gentleman who was present at their trials.Gentleman who was present at their trials.A25386EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A manual of directions for the sick with many sweet meditations and devotions of the R. Reverend Father in God, Lancelot Andrews, late L. Bishop of Winchester : to which are added praiers for the morning, evening and H. communion / translated out of Greeke ms. of his private devotions by R. D. ...Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626.A25388EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A manuall of directions for the visitation of the sicke, with sweete meditations and prayers to be used in time of sicknesse whereunto is added a short confession of the faith, with a forme of thankesgiving, and prayers for morning and evening / by Lancelot Andrevves ...Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626.A25390EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of episcopacy three epistles of Peter Moulin ... / answered by ... Lancelot Andrews ... ; translated for the benefit of the publike.Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626.A25400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the right of tithes a divinity determination in the publike divinity schools of the University of Cambridg / by ... Lancelot Andrews ... ; translated for the benefit of the public.Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626.A25401EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pattern of catechistical doctrine at large, or, A learned and pious exposition of the Ten Commandments with an introduction, containing the use and benefit of catechizing, the generall grounds of religion, and the truth of Christian religion in particular, proved against atheists, pagans, Jews, and Turks / by the Right Reverend Father in God Lancelot Andrews ... ; perfected according to the authors own copy and thereby purged from many thousands of errours, defects, and corruptions, which were in a rude imperfect draught formerly published, as appears in the preface to the reader.Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626.A25404EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the late odious conspiracy against the reputation of Sir Humphrey Edwin, Kt. by a malicious indictment of perjury Together with his case, and a short account of the trial thereupon, before the Right Honourable Sir John Holt Kt. Lord Chief Justice of England; at Westminster the 13th of February, 1691.A25407EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the late persecution of the Protestants in the vallys of Piemont, by the Duke of Savoy and the French King, in the year 1686A25408EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The private devotions of the Right Reverend Father in God Lancelot Andrewes. Late Bishop of Winchester.Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626.A25409EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sacrilege a snare. A sermon preached, ad clerum, in the Vniversity of Cambridg, / by the R. Reverend Father in God Lancelot Andrews: late L. Bishop of Winchester. VVhen he proceeded Doctor in Divinity. Translated for the benefit of the publike.Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626.A25410EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A summarie view of the government both of the old and new testament whereby the episcopall government of Christs church is vindicated out of the rude draughts of Lancelot Andrewes, late Bishop of Winchester : whereunto is prefixed (as a preamble to the whole) a discovery of the causes of the continuance of these contentions touching church-government out of the fragments of Richard Hooker.Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626.A25413EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties resolution concerning the setting up of his standard together with the resolution of certain noblemen who were present with His Majestie at York : who when His Majestie resolved to set up his standard at York did disswade him from it : and rather then they would contenauce His Majestie in that resolution left His Majestie and would have come for London : also Sir John Bankes his perswasion for His Majesties return to London : His Majesties consent at the first but afterwards his refusall : together with an order from the House of Peers concerning the stopping of all kinds of ammunition.Andrews, Thomas, 17th/18th cent.A25414EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the late terrible earthquake in Sicily with most of its particulars / done from the Italian copy printed at Rome.A25418EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memoirs of the Right Honourable Arthur, Earl of Anglesey, late lord privy seal intermixt with moral, political and historical observations, by way of discourse in a letter : to which is prefixt a letter written by his Lordship during his retirement from court in the year 1683 / published by Sir Peter Pett, Knight ...Anglesey, Arthur Annesley, Earl of, 1614-1686.A25430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Animadversions on King James, his letter to the Pope publisht in the tryal of the Ld. Preston & Mr. Ashton.A25442EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Account of the manner of executing a writ of inquiry of damages between His Royal Highness James Duke of York &c. and Titus O[a]tes which was executed at the bar of the Court of Kings Bench at Westminster on Wednesday the 19th of June, 1684 in the presence of the high sheriff of Middlesex.A25448EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Animadversions vpon those notes which the late observator hath published upon the seven doctrines and positions which the King by way of recapitulation (hee saith) layes open so offensiveA25456EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Anne Askew, intituled, I am a vvoman poor and blindA25457EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dualitas, or, A two-fold subject displayed and opened conducible to godliness and peace in order, I. Lex loquens, the honour and dignity of magistracy with the duties thereupon depending and reverence thereunto due, II. Duorum unitas, the agreement of magistracy and ministry, at the election of the honourable magistrates of Edinburgh and the opening of a diocesan synod of the reverend clergy there / by Will. Annand.Annand, William, 1633-1689.A25459EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fides Catholica, or, The doctrine of the Catholick Church in eighteen grand ordinances referring to the Word, sacraments and prayer, in purity, number and nature, catholically maintained, and publickly taught against hereticks of all sorts : with the solutions of many proper and profitable questions sutable to to [sic] the nature of each ordinance treated of / by Wil. Annand ...Annand, William, 1633-1689.A25460EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mysterium pietatis or The mysterie of godlinesse wherein the mysteries contained in the incarnation circumcision wise-men passion resurrection ascension. Of the Son of God, and comeing of the Holy-Ghost, are unfolded and applied. At Edinburgh. By Will. Annand, M.A. one of the ministers of that city, late of University Coll. Oxon.Annand, William, 1633-1689.A25462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Panem quotidianum, or, A short discourse tending to prove the legality, decency, and expediency of set forms of prayer in the churches of Christ with a particular defence of the book of common prayer of the Church of England... / by William Annand ...Annand, William, 1633-1689.A25463EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pater noster, Our Father, or, The Lord's prayer explained the sense thereof and duties therein from Scripture, history, and fathers, methodically cleared and succinctly opened at Edinburgh / by Will Annand.Annand, William, 1633-1689.A25464EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Princess Anne of Denmark's letter to the QueenAnne, Queen of Great Britain, 1665-1714.A25465EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Another word to the wise, shewing that the delay of justice is great injustice by displaying heavier grievances in petitions from severall counties to the House of Commons and letters to Parl[i]ament men, from Mr. John Musgrave, Gentleman, one of the commissioners from Cumberland and Westmerland, for presenting their grievances to the Parliament, who, instead either of redressing those two counties grievances, or prosecuting the charge given in by him against Mr. Richard Barwis, a Parliament man ... did illegally commit the said Mr. John Musgrave to the Fleet, where he hath lain these 4. moneths without any justice on tryall of his businesse ...Musgrave, John, fl. 1654.A25494EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer in just vindication of some religious and worthy gentlemen of Pembrokeshire against a scandalous pamphlet published in print by one Iohn Poyer, late mayor of Pembroke set forth by such as have been eye-witnesses of of [sic] the affaires of that county, from the beginning of these unnaturall warres, who love truth and justice, hate oppression and falsehood ; as also the petition of Mr. Nathaniel Cradock, a very godly preacher to the honourable committee of the House of Commons in Parliament concerning plundered ministers, of intolerable abuses done him by the said John Poyer, with several orders, certificates, and letters concerning that businesse.A25497EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvver of a letter from an agitator in the city to an agitator in the armyAgitator in the city.A25499EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ansvver of Mr. Wallers painter, to his many new advisersA25503EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The answer of the Bermuda Company to the matters complained of in the petition of Mr. Perient Trott humbly offered to the consideration of the honourable the knights, citezens and burgisses assembled in Parliament.Somers Islands Company.A25505EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer to a book intituled, The doctrine and discipline of divorce, or, A plea for ladies and gentlewomen, and all other maried [sic] women against divorce wherein both sexes are vindicated from all bonadge [sic] of canon law, and other mistakes whatsoever ...A25513EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvver to a late ill-natur'd libel, entituled, A trip to Holland being a real description of the country, the bravery, wisdom and industry of its inhabitants, and the several vertues which have their growth and encouragement in the seven United Provinces / by a Dutch merchant.Dutch merchant.A25514EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvver to a letter from a freeholder of Buckingham-shire to a friend in London concerning the election of the knights of the said country.Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A25523EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer to a paper set forth by the coffee-men directed to the Honourable, the Commons in Parliament assembled being reflections upon some propositions that were exhibited to the Parliament for the changing the excise of coffee, tea, and chocolate into a custom upon the commodities.A25542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer (to a printed paper dispersed by Sir John Maynard entituled, The humble petition of the owners and commoners of the towne of Isleham in the county of Cambridge, and to the exceptions thereto annexed against the Act for the dreyning of the great level of the fennes) whereby the honour and justice of the late Parliament is vindicated, the scandals and untruths in the said printed paper discovered, some vaine objections answered, and the truth of the proceedings in the work of dreyning (so much conducing to the honour and profit of the Common-wealth) held forth to all sober and uninteressed [sic] persons.A25545EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to a printed paper, intituled The state of the case of Mr Henry Howard, son to the late Earl of Arrundell, Sir William Tirringham, Collonel Sandys, Collonel Phillipps and others, claiming 35000 acres in the fennes called Bedford LevellA25546EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the noble reception of His Grace the D. of Monmouth, by the citizens of the cit[y] of Chichester on the 15 of this instant February in a letter to a person of quality in London.A25550EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the present condition of the Protestants in the Palatinate in two letters to an English gentleman.A25556EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to Malice defeated, or, Some reflections upon Madame Cellier's caseFletcher, William, 17th cent.A25557EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the present miserable state of affairs in Ireland as also, a relation of a late bloody fight between the papists and Protestants in that kingdom : with the particular number of the Protestants and Irish papists that were slain : together with a true narrative of the late K. James's entry in Dublin, and of the three several proclamations issued by him there.A25561EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to Mr. Stephens's sermon preach'd before the Honorable House of Commons at St. Margaret's Church in Westminster, January the 30th 1699/1700 by a gentleman who took the said sermon in short-hand.Gentleman who took the said sermon in short-hand.A25563EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to old Doctor Wild's new poem to his old friend upon the new Parliament by Grand-Syre Gray-beard, the Younger.Grand-Syre Gray-Beard, the Younger.A25564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to Pereat Papa, or, A reply by way of letter from a gentlewoman to a person of quality commending to her consideration a paper entituled Pereat Papa, or, Reasons why popery should not inherit the crown.Gentlewoman.A25565EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to several remarks upon Dr. Henry More, his expositions of the Apocalypse and Daniel, as also upon his Apology written by S.E. Mennonite, and published in English by the answerer ; whereunto are annexed two small pieces, Arithmetica apocalyptica, and Appendicula apocalyptica ...S. E., Mennonite.A25568EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to some objections against returning and raising the exportaion [sic] duty on tinA25570EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer to some of the linnen-drapers objectionsA25571EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Answer to the appeal expoundedA25572EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer to the author of the Letter to a member of the conventionA25574EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the Bishop of Rochester's first letter to the Earl of Dorset, &c. concerning the late ecclesiastical commission by an Englishman.Englishman.A25575EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer to the Bishop of Rochester's second letter to the Earl of Dorset &c. by an English-man.A25576EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ansvver to the buxome virgin or, the farmer well-fitted, for slighting his first love honest Joan When men can be so false as he, and waver with the wind, I do protest, I do not jest, they're fitted in their kind. To the tuue of, The countrey-farmer, or, the buxome virgin.A25579EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rump rampant, or, The sweet old cause in sippits set out by Sir T.A., perfumer to His late Highnesse, to the tune of, Last Parliament sat as snugg as a cat.T. A., Sir, perfumer to his late Highnesse.A25585EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer to The forced marriage, or, The Old man's vindicationA25593EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer to the Geneva balladA25596EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer to the Lord George Digbies apology for himself published Jan 4, Anno Dom. 1642 put in the great court of equity otherwise called the court of conscience, upon the 28th of the same moneth / by Theophilus Philanax Gerusiphilus Philalethes Decius.Decius, Theophilus Philanax Gerusiphilus Philalethes.A25601EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer to the Mantuan, or, False character lately wrote against womankindA25603EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the pretended case, printed concerning the navigation of the river Wye in the county of Surrey, by shewing the true state thereof.A25610EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer to the pretended reasons of some drapers, mercers, haberdashers, grocers, and hosiers, &c. against pedlars, hawkers, & petty-chapmen humbly offered to the consideration of the High-Court of Parliament.A25612EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the reasons for continuing the Palace-CourtA25617EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the private league betwixt the late King James the Second, and the French king in a letter from a gentleman in London, to a gentleman in the countrey.Allix, Pierre, 1641-1717.A25618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the satyr upon the French KingA25621EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the severall petitions of late exhibited to the High Court of Parliament and to His Excellency the Lord General Cromwell by the poor husband-men, farmers and tenants in severall counties of England for the taking away of tithes paid to priests and impropriators.A25624EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the proceeding to judgment against Thomas Saxton, who received sentence at the King's Bench-Bar on Friday the 12th of February, 1685, upon a conviction of willful perjuryA25625EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Answer to two objections against a bill depending in the Honourable House of Lords for restraining East-India wrought silks, &c.A25631EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proposal for the erecting of county registers for free-hold lands shewing the great use and benefit of them. By E.B. Esquire.Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699.A25633EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the proceedings against Francis Charleton, Esq., at the Kings-Bench-Bar, Westminster, on Tuesday the 7th of May, 1689, upon an information of high-treason, of which he was acquitted, &c.A25640EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Answers to the reasons against passing the Earl of Clevelands bill as to the mannors of Stepney and Hackney in the county of MiddlesexA25641EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Answers to the reasons given against the bill for erecting courts of conscience within the weekly bills of mortalityA25642EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Practicall law, controlling and countermanding the common law, and the sword of vvarre the sword of iustice against all the late declarations and publications of the army, that they fight for the peoples liberties and lawes.Prynne, William, 1600-1669.A25647EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the proceedings against Nathaniel Thomson, upon his tryal at the Kings Bench-Bar Westminster who was tryed, and found guilty on Wednesday the 26th of November 1684. for printing a dangerous and seditious libel, intitled the Prodigal return'd home, asserting the Popes supremacy in ecclesiastical affaires, &c.Thompson, Nathaniel, d. 1687.A25656EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the proceedings against Samuel Johnson, who was tryed at the Kings-Bench-Bar, Westminster, for high misdemeanour, and found guilty of writing and publishing two seditious and scandalous libels against the government on Monday, the 21th of June, 1686A25668EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Antiquity reviv'd, or, The government of a certain island antiently call'd Astreada in reference to religion, policy, war and peace some hundreds of years before the coming of Christ.A25669EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the Roman Catholicks from the foul aspersions thrown upon them by John Tillotson ... in a sermon preached by him in November, 1687 ...Antoine.A25674EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copie of a letter from the Lord Antram in Ireland to the Right Honourable the Earle of Rutland bearing date the 25 day of Febr. Annos Dom. 1642 wherein is contained the description of two battells fought between the English and the Irish rebels : as also the number of those that were slaine on either side.Antrim, Randal MacDonnell, Earl of, 1609-1683.A25679EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The declaration of the Hungarian war lately set out by the most illustrious Michael Apafi, Prince of Transilvania, against the Emperour's S. Majesty : according to the Transylvanian copy, anno 1682.Transylvania (Principality). Sovereign (1661-1690 : Apafi Mihály I)A25682EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Apology and advice for some of the clergy, who suffer under false and scandalous reports written on the occasion of the second part of The rehearsal transpros'd, in a letter to a friend, and by him publish'd.A25692EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apology for lovers, or, A discourse of the antiquity and lawfulnesse of love by Erastophil, no proselyte, but a native of that religion.Erastophil.A25694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the proceedings at Guild-Hall, London, at the Tolke-moot, or Common-Hall, held 24th of June 1676 relating to the cities petitioning His Majesty for a new Parliament.A25699EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apology for the Protestants of France, in reference to the persecutions they are under at this day in six letters.A25703EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Apophthegmata aurea, regia, Carolina apophthegms, I. Theological, II. Moral, III. Political / collected out of the imcomparable Eikōn basilikē of His Most Glorious Majestie King Charls [sic] the First.A25708EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the proceedings at the Guild-Hall of the city of London on Saturday, September 12 [i.e. 13], 1679 with the substance of Sir Thomas Player's speech, and the Lord Mayor's answer thereunto.A25716EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Appian of Alexandria in two parts : the first consisting of the Punick, Syrian, Parthian, Mithridatick, Illyrian, Spanish, & Hannibalick wars, the second containing five books of the civil wars of Rome / made English by J.D.Appianus, of Alexandria.A25723EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An aproved [sic] ansvver to the partiall and vnlikt of Lord Digbies speech to the bill of attainder of the Earle of Strafford which was first torne in pieces and afterwards disgracefully burnt by the hangman in Smithfield, Cheapside, Westminster upon Fryday being the 15 day of July 1641 / written by a worthy Gentleman.Worthy gentleman.A25739EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Order and disorder, or, The world made and undone being meditations upon the creation and the fall : as it is recorded in the beginning of Genesis.Apsley, Allen, Sir, 1616-1683.A25742EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Algiers and it's slavery with many remarkable particularities of Africk / written by the Sieur Emanuel D'Aranda, sometime a slave there ; English'd by John Davies ...Aranda, Emanuel d', b. 1602.A25743EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the laws of chance, or, A method of calculation of the hazards of game plainly demonstrated and applied to games at present most in use : which may be easily extended to the most intricate cases of chance imaginable.Arbuthnot, John, 1667-1735.A25748EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Every man his own doctor in two parts, shewing I. how every one may know his own constitution by certain signs, also the nature and faculties of all food as well as meats as drinks ... : the second part shews the full knowledge and cure of the pox, running of the reins, gout, dropsie, scurvy, consumptions and obstructions, agues ... / written by John Archer.Archer, John, fl. 1660-1684.A25754EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Secrets disclosed of consumptions shewing [h]ow to distinguish between scurvy and venereal disease : also, how to prevent and cure the fistula by chymical drops without cutting, also piles, hæmorrhoids, and other diseases / by John Archer.Archer, John, fl. 1660-1684.A25757EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The personall reigne of Christ upon earth in a treatise wherein is fully and largely laid open and proved that Jesus Christ, together with the saints, shall visibly possesse a monarchicall state and kingdome in this world ... / by John Archer.Archer, John, 17th cent.A25762EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God, John Lord Bishop of Chester, at Chester by James Arderne ...Arderne, James, 1636-1691.A25771EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short history of Valentinus Gentilis, the tritheist tryed, condemned, and put to death by the Protestant reformed city and church of Bern in Switzerland, for asserting the three divine persons of the Trinity, to be [three distinct, eternal spirits, &c.] / wrote in Latin, by Benedictus Aretius, a divine of that church, and now translated into English for the use of Dr. Sherlock ...Aretius, Benedictus, d. 1574.A25775EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The argument against a standing army, discuss'd by a true lover of his country.Trenchard, John, 1662-1723.A25777EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the proceedings at West Minster-Hall on the 29th and 30th of June, 1688 relating to the tryal and discharge of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of S. Asaph, Bishop of Chichester, Bishop of Ely, Bishop of Bath and Wells, Bishop of Peterborough, and the Bishop of Bristol.A25782EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the proceedings at White-Hall, Guild-Hall, in the city of London, and at the Tower together with its surrender upon the surprising news of the King's secret departure, &c., on the 11th of December, 1688.A25785EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Marques of Argyll his defences against the grand indytement of high treason, exhibited against him to the Parliament in ScotlandArgyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661.A25786EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Instructions to a son by Archibald, late Marquis of Argyle ; written in the time of his confinement.Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661.A25788EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from the Marqves of Argile and Sir William Armyn in the name of themselves and their confederates, to Sir Thomas Glemham, dated at Barwicke, January 20 : with the answer of Sir Thomas Glemham and the commanders and gentry of Northumberland, dated at Newcastle, January 23.Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661.A25790EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Letters from the Marquesse of Argyle, the Earle of Lanerick, Lord Warriston, and others now at Edenburgh, to their friends at London intercepted by Sir Richard Willys ...Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661.A25791EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speech and plea of Archibald marquesse of Argyle to the Parliament of Scotland at Edinburgh on the 5, of this instant March, in answer to the Charge of high treason against him.Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661.A25792EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Marqvesse of Argyle, his speech concerning the King, the covenant, and peace or warre betweene both kingdomes also a letter to the Parliament of England from Mr. Marshall, some votes past in Scotland, and the particular parties which would engage against England, and who are against it.Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661.A25793EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speech of the late Marquiss of Argyll upon the scaffold, May 27, 1661 being a true and perfect copy.Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661.A25795EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Marques of Argyle's speech to a grand committee of both Houses of Parliament the 25th of this instant June, 1646 together with some papers of the commissioners for the kingdom of Scotland, wherein they do give their consent to the sending of the propositions of peace to His Majesty, and desire their armies to be supplyed, and the accounts between the kingdoms to be perfected, to the end all armies may be disbanded, &c. : also His Majesties letter to the Marques of Ormond discharging all further treaty with the Irish rebels : and a letter from General Major Monro concerning the state of affairs in Ireland.Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661.A25796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty the humble petition of Archibald Marquess of ArgyleArgyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661.A25797EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true copy of a speech delivered in the Parliament in Scotland, by the Earle of Argile concerning the government of the church : together with the Kings going to Parliament August 19, 1641.Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661.A25798EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speech of the Earl of Argyle at his trial on the 12th of December, 1681Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Earl of, 1629-1685.A25800EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ancient history of the Septuagint written in Greek by Aristeus near two thousand years ago ; being his voyage to Jerusalem, as ambassadour from Ptolomæus Philadelphus, unto Eleazar, then High Priest of the Jews, concerning the first translation of the Holy Bible by the seventy two interpreters with many other remarkable circumstances, no where else to be found ; first English'd from Greek, by the learned and reverend Dr. John Done ... now revised, and very much corrected from the original.A25805EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pleasant comedie, entituled Hey for honesty, down with knavery translated out of Aristophanes his Plutus by Tho. Randolph, augmented and published by F.J.Randolph, Thomas, 1605-1635.A25808EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The worlds idol, Plutus a comedy / written in Greek by Aristophanes ; translated by H.H.B. ; together with his notes, and a short discourse upon it.Aristophanes.A25809EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aristotle's master-piece, or, The secrets of generation displayed in all the parts thereof ... very necessary for all midwives, nurses, and young-married women.Aristotle, pseud.A25813EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aristotle's Rhetoric, or, The true grounds and principles of oratory shewing the right art of pleading and speaking in full assemblies and courts of judicature / made English by the translators of The art of thinking ...Aristotle.A25820EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A tryall of faith, or, The woman of Canaan on Math. 15, 21, 22, 23, 24 : together with the souls sure anchor-hold, on Heb. 6, 19 : with the wisdome of timely remembring our creator, on Eccles. 12, 1 : in severall sermons / by Timothy Armitage.Armitage, Timothy, d. 1655.A25829EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Archy's dream, sometimes iester to His Majestie, but exiled the court by Canterburies malice with a relation for whom an odd chaire stood voide in hell.Armstrong, Archie, d. 1672.A25833EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Secret and family prayers with brief helps for the more devout receiving of the Lords-Supper And better observation of the Lords-day, as also to further the needfull duties of catechizing, visiting the sick, and personal instruction. Fitted for the use and benefit of the inhabitants of Cartmel in Lancashire.Armstrong, John, 1634 or 5-1698.A25834EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The souls worth and danger, or A discourse exciting and directing to the due care of its eternal salvation upon the words of our blessed saviourArmstrong, John, 1634 or 5-1698.A25835EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Army brought to the barre, legally examined, arraigned, convicted and adjudged that they are not the self-denying army, nor the restorers of our laws, liberties and priviledges, but obstructors to the happinesse of the King and people.A25836EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The army for a treaty, and accomodation, or, Collections out of severall papers formerly published by the army conteining their desires ... of peace by accomodation with His Majesty and his party ... : whereunto is annexed a letter to His Excellency ...England and Wales. Army.A25838EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The armies letanie, imploring the blessing of God on the present proceedings of the armie by the author of Mercurius melancholicus.Author of Mercurius melancholicus.A25840EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The armies vindication ... in reply to Mr. William Sedgwick / published for the kingdomes satisfaction by Eleutherius Philodemius.Philodemius, Eleutherius.A25843EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Logic, or, The art of thinking in which, besides the common, are contain'd many excellent new rules, very profitable for directing of reason and acquiring of judgment in things as well relating to the instruction of for the excellency of the matter printed many times in French and Latin, and now for publick good translated into English by several hands.Arnauld, Antoine, 1612-1694.A25846EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mysteriou tes ayomias, that is, Another part of the mystery of Jesuitism or, The new heresie of the Jesuites, publickly maintained at Paris, in the College of Clermont, the XII of December MDCLXI ... according to the copy printed at Paris : together with The imaginary heresie, in three letters, with divers other particulars ... never before published in English.Arnauld, Antoine, 1612-1694.A25851EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nevv heresie of the Jesuits publickly maintain'd at Paris in the Colledge of Clermont, by conclusions, printed 12 Decemb., 1661, denounced to all the bishops of France / translated out of the French original.Arnauld, Antoine, 1612-1694.A25853EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
No peace 'till the king prosper a letter writ from a true lover of peace to one that is both modestly inquiring and discovering the true and false paths to a present peace : that if the Parliament prevaile against the king, peace cannot be, but if the king prevaile, it must be, and if neither prevaile, it will not be.A25857EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment and conviction of Sr VValter Rawleigh, at the Kings Bench-barre at Winchester. on the 17. of November. 1603. Before the right Honorable the Earle of Suffolke, Lord Chamberline, the Earle of Devon-shire, Lord Henry Howard, Lord Cecill, Lord Wotton, Sir John Stanhope Lord Chiefe Justice of the Common-pleas, Popham and Andrewes, Justice Gaudy, Justice Warberton, Sir William Wade, commissioners. / Coppied by Sir Tho: Overbury.A25867EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment and plea of Edw. Fitz-Harris, Esq. with all the arguments in law, and proceedings of the Court of Kings-Bench thereupon, in Easter term, 1681.Fitzharris, Edward, 1648?-1681, defendant.A25869EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment, tryal & condemnation of Algernon Sidney, Esq. for high-treason ... before the Right Honourable Sir George Jeffreys ... Lord Chief Justice of England at His Majesties Court of Kingsbench at Westminster on the 7th, 21th and 27th of November, 1683Sidney, Algernon, 1622-1683, defendant.A25871EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment, tryal, and condemnation of Ambrose Rookwood, for the horrid and execrable conspiracy to assassinate His Sacred Majesty King William, in order to a French invasion of this kingdom who upon full evidence was found guilty of high treason before His Majesty's justices of Oyer and Terminer, at Westminster on Tuesday the 21st of April 1696, and received sentence the day following, and was executed at Tyburn on the 29th day of the said month : in which tryal is contained all the learned arguments of the King's council and likewise the council for the prisoner, upon the new act of Parliament for regulating tryals in cases of treason.Rookwood, Ambrose, 1664-1696, defendant.A25872EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Arraignment tryal, and condemntion of Frost the broker who was condemned for clipping and filling His Majesties coyn : on Thursday, June 17th, 1675, to be hanged : vvith a character of his life and conversation, not onely before he was taken but since his imprisonment, in the Marshalses.A25873EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment, tryal, and condemnation of Peter Cooke, Gent. for high-treason, in endeavouring to procure forces from France to invade this kingdom, and conspiring to levy war in this realm for assisting and abetting the said invasion, in order to the deposing of His sacred Majesty, King William, and restoring the late King Who upon full evidence was found guilty at the Sessions-House in the Old-Baily, on Wednesday the 13th of May, 1696. And received sentence the same day. With the learned arguments both of the King's and prisoner's council upon the new Act of Parliament for regulating tryals in cases of treason. Perused by the Lord Chief Justice Treby, and the council present at the tryal.Cooke, Peter, d. 1696.A25874EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment, tryal and condemnation of Robert Earl of Essex and Henry Earl of Southampton, at Westminster the 19th of February, 1600 and in the 43 year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth for rebelliously conspiring and endeavouring the subversion of the government, by confederacy with Tyr-Owen, that popish traytor and his complices ... were the 5th of March ... arraigned, condemned, and executed ...Essex, Robert Devereux, Earl of, 1566-1601.A25875EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the publick affairs in Ireland, since the discovery of the late plotA25876EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment, tryal and condemnation of Stephen Colledge for high-treason in conspiring the death of the king, the levying of war, and the subversion of the government : before the Right Honourable Sr. Francis North, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common-Pleas, and other commissioners of Oyer and Terminer and Gaol Delivery held at the city of Oxon for the county of Oxon, the 17th and 18th of August 1681.Colledge, Stephen, 1635?-1681, defendant.A25877EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment, tryal and condemnation of Stephen Colledge for high-treason, in conspiring the death of the King, the levying of war, and the subversion of the government Before the Right Honourable Sir Francis North, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common-Pleas, and other commissioners of oyer and terminer and gaol-delivery held at the city of Oxon. for the county of Oxon. the 17th and 18th of August 1681. I do appoint Thomas Basset and John Fish to print the arraignment, tryal and condemnation of Stephen Colledge, and that no others presume to print the same. Fr. North.A25878EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Arraignment, tryal and condemnation of Thomas Harrison, late major general, and one of the pretended judges that sign'd the warrant for the murder of King Charles the First ... and appointed the place for that fatal execution to be at White-Hall Gate for which bloody, horrid and barbarous fact he was on Thursday, Octob. the 11, 1660 sentenced ... and now lyes in irons in the dungeon in Newgate untill execution : together with the inditement, names, and several pleas of the rest of that infamous crew.A25879EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment, tryal and examination of Mary Moders, otherwise Stedman, now Carleton, (stiled, the German Princess) at the sessions-house in the Old Bayly being brought prisoner from the Gatehouse Westminster, for having two husbands, viz. Tho. Stedman of Canterbury Shooemaker, and John Carleton of London, Gent. : who upon a full hearing was acquitted by the jury on Thursday, June 4, 1663.Carleton, Mary, 1642?-1673.A25880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment, tryal, conviction and condemnation of Henry Harrison, Gent. for the barbarous murther of Andrew Clenche, of Brownelowe-Street, in the parish of St. Andrew's Holborne, in the county of Middlesex, Doctor of physick at the sessions of the goal-delivery of Newgate, holden for the city of London, at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, on the 6th, 7th, and 9th days of April, 1692, in the fourth year of Their Majesties reign : and also the examination of the said Henry Harrison, taken the 6th day of January, 1691, before the Right Honourable Sir John Holt, Knight, Lord Chief Justice of Their Majesties Court of King's and Queen's Bench at Westminster : to which is also added, The tryal of John Cole, for the murther of the said Doctor Clenche.Harrison, Henry, d. 1692, defendant.A25881EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignments, tryals and condemnations of Charles Cranburne and Robert Lowick for the horrid and execrable conspiracy to assassinate His Sacred Majesty King William in order to a French invasion of this kingdom who upon full evidence were found guilty of high-treason before His Majesty's justices of Oyer and Terminer at Westminster, and received sentence the 22d. of April, 1696, and were executed at Tyburn the 29th of the said month : in which tryals are contained all the learned arguments of the King's councel, and likewise the councel for the prisoners, upon the new act of Parliament for regulating tryals in cases of treason.Cranburne, Charles, d. 1696.A25882EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment, trials, conviction and condemnation of Sir Rich. Grahme ... and John Ashton, Gent. for high treason against ... King William and Queen Mary ... at the sessions ... holden ... on the 16th, 17th and 19th days of January, 1690 ... : to which are added two letters taken at Dublin the 4th of July, 1690.Preston, Richard Graham, Viscount, 1648-1695, defendant.A25883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the purging and planting of the congregation of Dalkeith ... published for information and satisfaction of these who are willing and desirous to know the truth of the foresaid affair ... and particularly for the information of the members of the next General Assembly.A25884EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Arrival and welcome of Mr. George Walker, late governour of London-Derry in IrelandA25885EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands Eben-ezer, or, Stone of help set up in thankfull acknowledgment of the Lords having helped us hitherto : more especially for a memoriall of that help which the Parliaments forces lately received at Shrewsbury, Weymouth, and elsewhere : in a sermon preached to both the honourable Houses of Parliament, the lord mayor and aldermen of the citie of London being present, at Christ-Church, London, upon the late solemne day of thanksgiving, March 12 / by John Arrowsmith ...Arrowsmith, John, 1602-1659.A25886EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A great wonder in heaven, or, A lively picture of the militant church drawn by a divine pencill : Revel. 12, 1, 2 : discoursed on in a sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons, at Margarets, Westminster, on the last monethly fast-day, January 27, 1646/7 / by John Arrowsmith ...Arrowsmith, John, 1602-1659.A25887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the raising of the siege of EsseckA25890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reformation a comedy acted at the Dukes theater.Arrowsmith, Joseph, fl. 1673.A25891EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the reasons of the nobility and gentry's invitation of His Highness the Prince of Orange into England being a memorial from the English Protestants concerning their grievances : with a large account of the birth of the Prince of Wales, presented to Their Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Orange.A25899EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The interpretation of dreams digested into five books by that ancient and excellent philosopher, Artimedorus / compiled by him in Greek, and translated afterwards into the Latine, the Italian, the French, and Spanish tongues, and now more exactly rendered into English ...Artemidorus, Daldianus.A25906EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The articles and charge of the armie against fourscore of the Parliament men, who have acted contrary to the trust reposed in them by the people, and would have His Majesties late concessions to be a ground of peace with the names and number of those who were seized on by Col. Pride on Wednesday last at Westminster and committed to safe custody : likewise, the further demands of His Excellency and the Generall Councel of Officers, and their desires touching Major Generall Brown, sheriff of the city of London.England and Wales. Army.A25913EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles concerning the surrender of VVallingfordEngland and Wales. Army.A25917EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the seducing of Ann, the daughter of Edward Ketelbey, of Ludlow, Gent., to the popish religion with some very extraordinary passages relating thereto, particularly of the gross prevarications, and insolent boldness of the two popish bishops, Leyborn and Gifford, in the management of it ...A25921EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Articles of Exeter made on the rendition thereof : with the vote of the Honourable House of Commons in the approbation of them of the 6 of May, 1646 : with the order and ordinance of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled for the approbation, publication, and observation of them by all committees, judges, and officers, aud [sic] others concerned in them of the 4 of this instant Novemb, 1647.Exeter (England)A25927EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of impeachment against George Lord Digby by the Commons in this present Parliament assembled, in maintenance of their accusation whereby hee standeth accused with high treason in their names, and in the names of all the Common in England : whereunto is added a strange and unheard of oraison put by the papists ...England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons.A25934EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of impeachment and accusation, exhibited in Parliament against Colonell Nathaniel Fiennes touching his dishonorable surrender of the city and castle of Bristoll, by Clement Walker and William Prynne, Esquires : together with a letter from Mr. Prynne to Colonell Fiennes.Fiennes, Nathaniel, 1607 or 8-1669, defendant.A25937EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the sentence which past upon Titus Oates (upon conviction of horrid perjuries) at the Kings Bench-bar, Saturday, May 16th, 1685 : also a relation of his behavior in the Kings Bench-prison ever since his convictions (viz.) May 8 & 9.A25940EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of peace made and concluded with the Irish rebels and papists by James Earle of Ormond ... also, a letter sent by Ormond to Col. Jones, Governour of Dublin, with his answer thereunto : and a representation of the Scotch Presbytery at Belfast in Ireland : upon all which are added observations.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1641-1649 : Ormonde)A25942EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the several plots, conspiracies, and hellish attempts of the bloody-minded papists against the princes and kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland from the reformation to this present year 1678 as also their cruel practices in France against the Protestants in the massacre of Paris, &c. : with a more particular account of their plots in relation to the late civil war and their contrivances of the death of King Charles the First of blessed memory.A25946EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The articles of the svrrender of the city of Yorke to the Earle of Leven, Lord Fairefax, and Earle of Manchester, on Tuesday July 16, 1644 together with an explanation of some part of the articles.A25949EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of treason exhibitted in Parliament against Edward, Earl of ClarendonA25950EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the Siege of MonsA25951EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The articles, settlement, and offices of the Free Society of Traders in Pennsilvania agreed upon by divers merchants and others for the better improvement and government of trade in that province.Free Society of Traders in Pennsylvania.A25954EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the siege of the famous city of Dunkirk by the English forces, &c. together with the scituation, natural strength, and antient and modern fortifications of the said place.A25957EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems written by Henry Lord Arundel of Warder and Count of the Sacred Roman Cmpire [sic].Arundell of Wardour, Henry Arundell, Baron, 1606?-1694.A25961EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The confession and conversion of the chiefest and greatest of sinners, with his frequent communion with God, in Christ, by the spirit, or, A garden of spiritual fruits and flowersArundel, Thomas Howard, Earl of, 1585-1646.A25963EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ministration of publick baptism of infants to be used in the church, or, A disswasive from baptising children in private by Edm. Arwaker ...Arwaker, Edmund.A25966EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The apparition, or the genius of Ireland complaining of her present misery and imploring speedy relief from England : dedicated to Duke Schomberg / written by Edm. Arwaker.Arwaker, Edmund, d. 1730.A25969EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Thoughts well employ'd, or, The duty of self-observation in the care and regulation of life according to the royal pattern by Edm. Arwaker, Rector of Drumglass in Ireland.Arwaker, Edmund.A25970EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An elegy on Her Grace Elizabeth, Duchess of Ormond, who died July the 21st, 1684 by E.A., M.A. of Trinity Coll. Dubl.Arwaker, Edmund, d. 1730.A25971EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An elegy on His Excellency Lieutenant-General Tolmach by Edm. Arwaker.Arwaker, Edmund, d. 1730.A25972EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epistle to Monsieur Boileau inviting his muse to forsake the French interest and celebrate the King of England / by Edmund Arwaker.Arwaker, Edmund, d. 1730.A25973EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fons perennis, a poem on the excellent and useful invention of making sea-water fresh by Edm. Arwaker.Arwaker, Edmund, d. 1730.A25974EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pindaric ode upon the our late soveraign lady of blessed memory, Queen Mary by Edward Arwaker ...Arwaker, Edmund, d. 1730.A25976EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A poem humbly dedicated to the Queen on the occasion of Her Majesty's happy conception by Edm. Arwaker ...Arwaker, Edmund, d. 1730.A25977EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second part of The vision, a pindarick ode occasioned by Their Majesties happy coronation / by Edm. Arwaker ...Arwaker, Edmund, d. 1730.A25978EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vision a pindarick ode occasion'd by the death of our late gracious sovereign King Charles II / by Edm. Arwaker, M.A.Arwaker, Edmund, d. 1730.A25979EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A votive table, consecrated to the Church's deliverers, the present King and Queen by Edm. Arwaker ...Arwaker, Edmund, d. 1730.A25981EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the vindication of Doctor Hamond against the exceptions of Eutactus Philodemius vvherein is endeavored to be cleared what power man hath ... / the author E.P.Ascham, Antony, d. 1650.A25982EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reply to a paper of Dr. Sandersons, containing a censure of Mr. A.A. his booke Of the confusions and revolutions of goverment [sic]A25987EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay on a registry, for titles of lands by John Asgill ...Asgill, John, 1659-1738.A25990EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remarks on the proceedings of the commissioners for putting in execution the act past last sessions for establishing of a land-bankAsgill, John, 1659-1738.A25992EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reply to Some reflections on Mr. Asgill's Essay on a registry, for titles of lands by way of a letter to the author of the Reflections.Asgill, John, 1659-1738.A25993EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Several assertations proved in order to create another species of money than gold and silverAsgill, John, 1659-1738.A25994EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Carolina, or, A description of the present state of that country and the natural excellencies thereof viz. the healthfulness of the air, pleasantness of the place, advantage and usefulness of those rich commodities there plentifully abounding, which much encrease and flourish by the industry of the planters that daily enlarge that colony / published by T.A., Gent ...Amy, Thomas.A25996EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The account given by Sir John Ashby, Vice-Admiral, and Reere-Admiral Rooke to the Lords Commissioners of the engagement at sea between the English, Dutch, and French fleets, June the 30th, 1690 with a journal of the fleet since their departure from St. Hellens to their return to the Buoy-in-the-Nore, and other material passages relating to the said engagement.Ashby, John, Sir, d. 1693.A25997EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A svpport for the sinking heart in times of distresse, or, A sermon preached in London to uphold hope and allay feare Ianuary 4th which was a day of great trouble and deepe danger in the city / by Simeon Ash.Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662.A26011EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the surrender of Limerick, and the particulars of the French's retreat to Galloway with Monsieur Lauson's and Tyrconnell's going aboard the French galleys : likewise a particular relation of the Irish flying in scattered parties to the mountains of Kerry.A26013EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Ashes of the just smell sweet, and blossom in the dustA26017EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reasons against agreement with a late printed paper, intituled, Foundations of freedome, or, The agreement of the people vvhereby it doth appear, that the particulars proposed in the said paper are not foundations of freedome, but of tyrannie and slaverie to the people, being destructive to religion, laws, liberty, and government, against our Covenant and protestations, and very dangerous and unsafe for the kingdom / by William Ashhurst ...Ashhurst, William, 1617-1680.A26019EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The institution, laws & ceremonies of the most noble Order of the Garter collected and digested into one body by Elias Ashmole ...Ashmole, Elias, 1617-1692.A26024EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sol in ascendente, or, The glorious appearance of Charles the Second, upon the horizon of London, in her horoscopicall sign, GeminiAshmole, Elias, 1617-1692.A26026EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the taking of Captain Holland, who (it's said) is the very man by whose hands was the late Earl of Essex murtheredA26027EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copy of Mr. Ashton's paper, delivered to the sheriff at the place of execution, January 28, 1690/1Ashton, John, d. 1691.A26028EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true copy of part of that paper which Mr. Ashton left in a friend's hands together with the letter in which he sent it enclosed.Ashton, John, d. 1691.A26029EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Satan in Samuels mantle, or, The cruelty of Germany acted in Jersey containing the arbitrary, bloody, and tyrannical proceedings of John Mason ... against several officers and souldiers in that small place : as also his earnest endeavours to ... encourage the army in England, Jersey, and Garnzey in their rebellion against the Parliament ... / presented to the Parliament and published by Thomas Ashton.Aston, Thomas, Sir, 1600-1645.A26030EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fuller relation of the great victory obtained ... at Alsford, on Friday the 28 of March, 1644 by the Parliaments forces under the command of Sir William Waller, Sir William Balfore, and Maior Generall Browne, against the forces commanded by the Farl [i.e. Earl] of Forth, the L. by an eye witnesse.Eye-witnesse.A26036EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from His Majesties quarters at Newcastle containing the substance of the Kings answer to the Scots commissioners, and His Majesties desires to come to London to treate with the Parliament, and how M. Murry and divers malignants are received at court, with the proceedings of the Scots forces in the North : and another letter from Edenburgh in Scotland of Montrosses being shipt away, and the particulars thereof, and Generall Middletons marching against the Gourdons.A26037EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the taking of the fort of Ballymore within ten miles of Athlone, on Monday the eight of June, 1691.A26044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Speculum nauticum a looking glasse for sea-men : wherein they may behold a small instrument called the plain scale whereby all questions nautical and propositions astronomical are very easily and demonstratively wrought ... / by Iohn Aspley.Aspley, John.A26045EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the taking of the new-fort in Kinsale by the forces of the Earl of Malborough [sic]A26050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The asses complaint against Balaam; or, The cry of the country against ignorant and scandalous ministers.Griffin, Lewis.A26052EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The country-parson's admonition to his parishionersAssheton, William, 1641-1711.A26057EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The cry of royal innocent blood heard and answered being a true and impartial account of Gods extraordinary and signal judgments upon regicides : with an historical relation of the deposing, murthering, and assasinating of several kings of England, Scotland, France, &c. ...Assheton, William, 1641-1711.A26058EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the country parsons admonition against the exceptions of the plain-man's answer.Assheton, William, 1641-1711.A26060EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of The plain-man's reply to the Catholick missionaries being a further examination of the pretended infallibility of the Church of Rome / by the author of The plain-man's reply to the Catholick missionaries.Assheton, William, 1641-1711.A26061EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning a death-bed repentance by William Assheton ...Assheton, William, 1641-1711.A26064EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Evangelium armatum, A specimen, or short collection of several doctrines and positions destructive to our government, both civil and ecclesiastical preached and vented by the known leaders and abetters of the pretended reformation such as Mr. Calamy, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Case, Mr. Baxter, Mr. Caryll, Mr. Marshall, and others, &c.Assheton, William, 1641-1711.A26065EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the taking of the island of Martinego, in the West-Indies, from the French by the English forces and fleet, commanded by Sir Francis Wheeler also of the taking of two French ships, one of 22 guns, the other of 20 guns, belonging to Martinego and Guardialoope : in a letter to a merchant in London.A26071EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The association, agreement and protestation of the counties of Cornvvall and Devon, January 5, 1643Cornwall (England : County)A26083EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay in defence of the female sex in which are inserted the characters of a pedant, a squire, a beau, a vertuoso, a poetaster, a city-critick, &c. : in a letter to a lady / written by a lady.A26086EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the total defeat of the rebels in Scotland, by the King's forces at Crawford-John in a letter from a person of quality to his friend in London.Person of quality.A26089EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A serious proposal to the ladies, for the advancement of their true and greatest interest by a lover of her sex.Astell, Mary, 1668-1731.A26092EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Six familiar essays upon marriage, crosses in love, sickness, death, loyalty and friendship written by a lady.Astell, Mary, 1668-1731.A26096EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some reflections upon marriage occasion'd by the Duke & Dutchess of Mazarine's case, which is also considered.Astell, Mary, 1668-1731.A26097EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the town and castle of Charlemont in Ireland, besieg'd by a detached body of the Duke of Schombergs army under the command of Lieutenant General DouglasA26100EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of svndry petitions presented to the Kings Most Excellent Majestie as also to the two most honourable houses, now assembled in Parliament, and others, already signed, by most of the gentry, ministers, and free-holders of severall counties, in behalfe of episcopacie, liturgie, and supportation of church-revenues, and suppression of schismaticks / collected by a faithful lover of the church, for the comfort of the dejected clergy, and all moderately affected Protestants.Aston, Thomas, Sir, 1600-1645.A26103EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newes from the west of Ireland relating what hapned to Captain Weldon and Captain Aston after their passage from Bristol to the fort of Duncannon in the mouth of the river of Waterford : with many particular enterprises performed against the rebels in those parts to the terrour of our enemies, the glory of God, and the honour of all brave English commanders : with a letter sent fom the maior of Waterford to Captain Aston in excuse of his rebellious designes : with Captain Astons sharpe and worthy reply sent in a letter to the said maior.A26106EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true relation of a young man, about seventeen years of age, who was struck dumb for the space of twenty four hours because he would not believe what was said unto him by Thomas Astry.Astry, Thomas.A26111EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the travels, sufferings and persecutions of Barbara Blaugdone Given forth as a testimony to the Lord's power, and for the encouragement of Friends.Blaugdone, Barbara, 1608 or 9-1704.A26118EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
At the sign of the elephant within a door or two of Golden-Posts Tavern at Charing-Cross dwelleth a person that writes all the usual hands of England and teacheth to write a good hand in a months time ... .A26120EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the tryal and conviction of Sir John Friend for high-treason in conspiring the death of His Most Sacred Majesty, King William, and the subvertion of the government, &c. : at the Sessions-House in the Old-Baily on Monday the 23d of this instant March, 1696, before the Right Honourable the Lord Chief Justice Holt, the Lord Chief Justice Treby, &c.A26127EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hosanna, or, A song of thanks-giving sung by the children of Zion, and set forth in three notable speeches at Grocers Hall, on the late solemn day of thanksgiving, Thursday June 7, 1649 : the first was spoken by Alderman Atkins, the second by Alderman Isaac Pennington, the third by Hugh Peters (no alderman, but) clericus in cuerpo.Atkins, Thomas, Sir.A26129EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A seasonable speech made by Alderman Atkins in the Rump-ParliamentAtkins, Thomas, Sir.A26130EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse shewing the nature of the gout with directions to such remedies as will immediately take away the pain ... : and also helps for palsies, plurisies, cholick, convulsions in limbs ... : with receipts and directions for the cure of the king's evil and other diseases / by W. Atkins.Atkins, William.A26131EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Breif [sic] and plain discovery of the labourers in mistery, Babilon, generally called by the name of Quakers with a discription [sic] how the subtile serpent deceived them and made them proud boasters, calling the tower of Babel, which they are building in their imaginations, Mount Zion : with a desire of their return to him that hath confounded their language with a few words in love .../ [by] Elizabeth Atkinson.Atkinson, Elizabeth.A26132EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the tryal and examination gf [sic] Count Conningsmark with the names of the murtherers and persons suspected as accessaries in the death of T. Thynn, Esq. who are as follows, viz. Frederick Harder, chyrurgeon to the said Count, Dr. Nicholas Dubartin, doctor to the said Count, Peter Merckman, all three committed and suspected as accessaries to the said murther : Amien Berg, committed for want of sureties, to give evidence against the said persons, who was the Captains man, and discovered the gun, being left behind in his lodging till they came back : Captain Vratz, Geo. Boroski and John Sterne were the bloody murtherers, which they confessed : Boroski and Sterne were the said Captains men.A26133EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the tryal and examination of Joan Buts, for being a common witch and inchantress, before the Right Honourable Sir Francis Pemberton, Lord Chief Justice, at the assizes holden for the burrough of Southward and county of Surrey, on Monday, March 27, 1682A26134EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Kings grant of privilege for sole printing common-lavv-books defended and the legality thereof assertedAtkyns, Richard, 1615-1677.A26137EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The original and growth of printingA26138EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The original and growth of printing collected out of history, and the records of this kingdome : wherein is also demonstrated, that printing appertaineth to the prerogative royal, and is a flower of the crown of England / by Richard Atkyns.Atkyns, Richard, 1615-1677.A26139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the late Lord Russel's innocency by way of answer or confutation of a libellous pamphlet intituled, An antidote against poyson : with two letters of the author of this book, upon the subject of His Lordship's tryal : together with an argument in the great case concerning elections of members to Parliament, between Sr. Samuel Barnardiston bar. plaintiff, and Sr. Will. Soames, sheriff of Suffolk, defend., in the Court of Kings-Bench, in an action upon the case, and afterwards by error sued in the Exchequer-chamber / by Sir Robert Atkyns, Knight of the Honourable Order of the Bath ...Atkyns, Robert, Sir, 1621-1709.A26140EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An enquiry into the jurisdiction of the Chancery in causes of equity ... humbly submitted to the consideration of the House of Lords, to whom it belongeth to keep the inferiour courts within their bounds / by Sir Robert Atkyns, Knight ... ; to which is added, The case of the said Sir Robert Atkyns upon his appeal against a decree obtained by Mrs. Elizabeth Took and others, plaintiffs in Chancery, about a separate maintenance of 200£ per annum, &c.Atkyns, Robert, Sir, 1621-1709.A26141EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An enquiry into the power of dispensing with penal statutes together with some animadversions upon a book writ by Sir Edw. Herbert ... entituled, A short account of the authorities in law, upon which judgment was given in Sir Edward Hales's case / by Sir Robert Atkyns ...Atkyns, Robert, Sir, 1621-1709.A26142EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Russel's innocency further defended, by way of reply to an ansvver, entituled, The magistracy and government of England vindicated by Sir Robert Atkyns ...Atkyns, Robert, Sir, 1621-1709.A26143EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The power, jurisdiction and priviledge of Parliament and the antiquity of the House of Commons asserted occasion'd by an information in the Kings Bench by the attorney general against the Speaker of the House of Commons : as also A discourse concerning the ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the realm of England, occasion'd by the late commission in ecclesiastical causes / by Sir Robert Atkins, Knight ...Atkyns, Robert, Sir, 1621-1709.A26144EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Chief Baron Atkyns's speech to Sir William Ashhvrst, Lord-Mayor elect of the city of London, at the time of his being sworn in Their Majesties Court of Exchequer, Monday the thirtieth of October, 1693Atkyns, Robert, Sir, 1621-1709.A26145EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the true and ancient jurisdiction of the House of Peers by Sir Robert Atkyns ...Atkyns, Robert, Sir, 1621-1709.A26147EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to some considerations on the spirit of Martin Luther and the original of the Reformation lately printed at Oxford.Atterbury, Francis, 1662-1732.A26149EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian religion increas'd by miracle a sermon before the Queen at White-Hall, October 21, 1694 / by Francis Atterbury ...Atterbury, Francis, 1662-1732.A26150EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse occasion'd by the death of the Right Honourable the Lady Cutts by Francis Atterbury ...Atterbury, Francis, 1662-1732.A26152EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The power of charity to cover sin a sermon preach'd before the President and Governors of Bridewell and Bethlehem, in Bridewell-Chapel, August xvi, 1694, being the election-day / by Francis Atterbvry ...Atterbury, Francis, 1662-1732.A26153EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rights, powers, and priviledges, of an English convocation, stated and vindicated in answer to a late book of D. Wake's, entituled, The authority of Christian princes over their ecclesiastical synods asserted, &c. and to several other pieces.Atterbury, Francis, 1662-1732.A26154EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon before the queen at White-hall, May 29, 1692 by F. Atterbury ...Atterbury, Francis, 1662-1732.A26155EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the tryal of Charles Bateman, chirurgeon, for high treason in conspiring the death of the late King and the subversion of government, &c., who was tryed and found guilty, at Justice-Hall in the Old Bayly, on the 9th of December, 1685 : the tryals of John Holland and William Davis, for conspiring against, violently assaulting, and without any warrantable cause, imprisoning William Chancey ... who were tryed and found guilty at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bayly, on the 10th of December, 1685 : as also the tryals of John Holland, William Davis, and Agnes Wearing, for a notorious burglary and felony ... who were tryed and found guilty, at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bayly, on the 11th of December, 1685.A26159EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apology, or, Defence of the divine art of natural astrologie being an answer to a sermon preached in Cambridge, July 25, 1652. ... / written by the learned and ingenious mathematician, Mr. George Atwell ... ; and now published by a friend ... vvhose preface is hereunto annexed.Atwell, George.A26161EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The faithfull surveyour discovering divers errours in land measuring, and showing how to measure all manner of ground, and to plot it, and to prove the shutting by the chain onely ... / by George Atwell.Atwell, George.A26162EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Additions answering the omissions of our reverend authorAtwood, William, d. 1705?A26164EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to Mr. Molyneux his Case of Ireland's being bound by acts of Parliament in England, stated, and his dangerous notion of Ireland's being under no subordination to the parliamentary authority of England refuted, by reasoning from his own arguments and authorities.A26165EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The antiquity and justice of an oath of abjuration in answer to a treatise, entituled, The case of an oath of abjuration considered.Atwood, William, d. 1705?A26166EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apology for the East-India Company with an account of some large prerogatives of the crown of England, anciently exercised and allowed of in our law, in relation to foreign trade and foreign parts / by W.A. ...Atwood, William, d. 1705?A26167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history and reasons of the dependency of Ireland upon the imperial crown of the kingdom of England rectifying Mr. Molineux's state of The case of Ireland's being bound by acts of Parliament in England.Atwood, William, d. 1705?A26170EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jani Anglorum facies nova, or, Several monuments of antiquity touching the great councils of the kingdom and the court of the kings immediate tenants and officers from the first of William the First, to the forty ninth of Henry the third, reviv'd and clear'd : wherein the sense of the common-council of the kingdom mentioned in King John's charter, and of the laws ecclesiastical, or civil, concerning clergy-men's voting in capital cases is submitted to the judgement of the learned.Atwood, William, d. 1705?A26172EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jus Anglorum ab antiquo, or, A confutation of an impotent libel against the government by king, lords, and commons under pretence of answering Mr. Petyt, and the author of Jani Anglorum facies nova : with a speech, according to the answerer's principles, made for the Parliament at Oxford.Atwood, William, d. 1705?A26173EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Chief Justice Herbert's account examin'd by W.A., Barrister at Law, ... ; wherein it is shewn that those authorities in law, whereby he would excuse his judgment in Sir Edward Hales his case, are very unfairly cited and as ill applied.Atwood, William, d. 1705?A26174EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Proposals for printing the fundamental constitution of the English government Shewing the antiquity, nature, and excellence of the English monarchy; how the liberties of the nation have been preserv'd thro' the several revolutions in it: what the bounds set to the prerogrative of the Prince, and privileges of the subject; and what harmony the constitution has kept between 'em. By William Atwood of Grays-Inn, Esq;Atwood, William, d. 1705?A26176EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections upon a treasonable opinion, industriously promoted, against signing the National association and the entring into it prov'd to be the duty of all subjects of this kingdom.Atwood, William, d. 1705?A26178EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rights and authority of the Commons of the city of London in their Common-hall assembled, particularly in the choice and discharge of their sheriffs, asserted and cleared in answer to the vindication of the Lord-Mayor, Court of Aldermen, and Common-Council.Atwood, William, d. 1705?A26181EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A safe and easy method for supplying the want of coin and raising as many millions as the occasions of the publick may require. Humbly offered to the consideration of the present Parliament. With some remarks upon the Bank of England, Dr. Chamberlain's Bank, the Land-Bank, so called, and the National Land-Bank.Atwood, William, d. 1705?A26182EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A seasonable vindication of the truly catholick doctrine of the Church of England in reply to Dr. Sherlock's answer to Anonymus his three letters concerning church-communion.Atwood, William, d. 1705?A26183EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three letters to Dr. Sherlock concerning church-communion wherein 'tis enquired whether the doctor's notion of church communion be not too narrow and uncharitable, both to dissenters, and men of larger principles / by a lay-man of the Church of England ...Atwood, William, d. 1705?A26184EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true account of the unreasonableness of Mr. Fitton's pretences against the Earl of MacclesfieldAtwood, William, d. 1705?A26185EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lives of all the princes of Orange, from William the Great, founder of the Common-wealth of the United Provinces written in French by the Baron Maurier, in the year 1682, and published at Paris, by order of the French King ; to which is added the life of His present Majesty King William the Third, from his birth to his landing in England, by Mr. Thomas Brown ; together with all the princes heads taken from original draughts.Aubery du Maurier, Louis, 1609-1687.A26186EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The whole art of the stage containing not only the rules of the drammatick art, but many curious observations about it, which may be of great use to the authors, actors, and spectators of plays : together with much critical learning about the stage and plays of the antients / written in French by the command of Cardinal Richelieu by Monsieur Hedelin, Abbot of Aubignac, and now made English.Aubignac, François-Hédelin, abbé d', 1604-1676.A26187EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hell illuminated, or, Sancy's Roman Catholic confession wherein are such lessons, which if studiously practis'd, 'tis much to be fear'd, the Devil himself will turn Jesuit.Aubigné, Agrippa d', 1552-1630.A26189EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Miscellanies upon the following subjects collected by J. Aubrey, Esq.Aubrey, John, 1626-1697.A26190EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment of rebellion, or, The irresistibility of sovereign powers vindicated and maintain'd in a reply to a letter / by John Aucher ...Aucher, John, 1619-1701.A26195EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The schoolmaster disciplin'd, or, A reply to a lying paper, entitull'd, The gadding tribe reproved, put foeth [sic] under the name of George Willington ... also, An answer to a scandalous paper, put forth by William Prynne, entitulled The Quakers unmasked ... : whereunto is added A reply to an additional paper, put forth by William Prynne, in his lying, inlarged edition of his scandalous paper aforementioned ... / by John Audland.Audland, John, 1630-1664.A26198EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two letters one from John Audland, a Quaker, to William Prynne, the other, William Prynnes answer / by the author of Hudibras.Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A26200EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The way to be rich, according to the practice of the great Audley who begun with two hundred pound in the year 1605, and dyed worth four hundred thousand pound this instant November, 1662.G. B.A26201EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of a remarkable sea-fight between an English ketch and a French privateer from aboard the Breda frigate at the spit-head, April 19, 1690.Audley, John.A26202EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands common-wealth shewing the liberties of the people, the priviledges of Parliament, and the rights of souldiery : with epistles to the persons mentioned ... / written by John Audley ...Audley, John, Preacher of the Gospel.A26203EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Digitus dei or God appearing in his wonderfull works For the conuiction of nullifidians.Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo.A26209EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The judgment of the learned and pious St. Augustine concerning penal lavves against conventicles : and for vnity in religion : deliver'd in his 48th epistle to Vincentius.Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo.A26211EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The meditations, soliloquia and manuall of the glorious doctour S. Augustine translated into English.Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo.A26212EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The profit of believing very usefull both for all those that are not yet resolved what religion they ought to embrace, and for them that desire to know whither their religion be true or no / written by S. Augustine.Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo.A26214EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The memoirs of the Countess of Dunois author of The lady's travels into Spain / written by her self before her retirement, by way of answer to Monsieur St. Evremont ; containing withal a modest vindication of the female sex, more frequently injur'd by imprudence and misconstruction, then defect of vertue ; made English from the original.Aulnoy, Madame d' (Marie-Catherine), 1650 or 51-1705.A26218EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memoirs of the court of Spain in two parts / written by an ingenious French lady ; done into English by T. Brown.Aulnoy, Madame d' (Marie-Catherine), 1650 or 51-1705.A26221EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The novels of Elizabeth, Queen of England containing the history of Queen Ann of Bullen / faithfully rendered into English by S.H.Aulnoy, Madame d' (Marie-Catherine), 1650 or 51-1705.A26222EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations upon some part of Sr Francis Bacon's Naturall history as it concernes fruit-trees, fruits, and flowers especially the fifth, sixth, and seaventh centuries, improving the experiments mentioned, to the best advantage / by R.A. Austen, practiser in the art of planting.Austen, Ralph, d. 1676.A26232EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of fruit trees shewing the manner of planting, grafting, pruning, and ordering of them in all respects according to rules of experience gathered in the space of thirty seven years : whereunto is annexed observations upon Sr. Fran. Bacons Natural history, as it concerns fruit-trees, fruits and flowers : also, directions for planting of wood for building, fuel, and other uses, whereby the value of lands may be much improved in a short time with small cost and little labour / by Ra. Austen.Austen, Ralph, d. 1676.A26235EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Dutchess of York, their arrival and reception in Scotland, the 26. of Octob. 1680 In a letter from a gentleman of their Highnesses retinue, to a friend in London.A26240EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of, (together with) the writing it self that was found in the pocket of Lawrence Hill, at the time he and Green were executed, (Friday the 21st of February, 1678/9) for the murder of Sr. Edmond-Berry Godfrey kt.Hill, Lawrence, d. 1679.A26241EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A zealous sermon preached at Amsterdam by a Jew whose name is Not-Rvb it being a Hebrew word : you must read his name backward... : text hee that hath eares to heare let him heare / by Iohn Austin.Birchley, William, 1613-1669.A26244EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of a Quaker in his true and proper colours, or, The clownish hypocrite anatomizedR. H.A26245EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A panegyrick on His Sacred Majesties royal person, Charles IId by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France, & Ireland, defender of the faith, etc. : and corronation, aut Cæsar, aut nullus / by Samuel Austin ...Austin, Samuel, d. ca. 1665.A26246EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Atlas under Olympus an heroick poém / by William Austin of Grays-Inn, Esq.Austin, William, fl. 1662.A26247EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epiloimia epē, or, The anatomy of the pestilence a poem in three parts : describing the deplorable condition of the city of London under its merciless dominion, 1665 : what the plague is, together with the causes of it : as also, the prognosticks and most effectual means of safety, both preservative and curative / by William Austin ...Austin, William, fl. 1662.A26249EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A joyous welcome to the most serene and most illustrious queen of brides Catherin, the royal spouse and comfort of Charles the Second King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland presented to Her Maiesty upon the River of Thames at her first coming with the King to the city of London, August the 23, 1662 / by William Austin.Austin, William, fl. 1662.A26250EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Triumphus hymenæus, A panegyrick to the King and Queen's most Sacred Majestie, vpon their ever to be remembred most glorious passing upon the river of Thames, coming from Hampton-Court to White-Hall, August the 23d, 1662 ... as it was presented to both Their Majesties by William Austin, Esq.Austin, William, fl. 1662.A26251EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A memorial delivered to the States-General by the Marquess of Castell Moncayo, Envoy Extraordinary of Spain, at the Hague, May 9th, 1684.Avaux, comte d' (Jean-Antoine de Mesmes), 1640-1709.A26254EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of what English men of war have been taken, or otherwise lost, during the present war with some observations upon a late printed paper concerning that matter.A26257EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Scripture-prophecies opened which are to be accomplished in these last times, which do attend the second coming of Christ : in several letters written to Christian friends / by E. Avery.Avery, E. (Elizabeth)A26260EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Travels into divers parts of Europe and Asia, undertaken by the French King's order to discover a new way by land into China containing many curious remarks in natural philosophy, geography, hydrology and history : together with a description of Great Tartary and of the different people who inhabit there / by Father Avril of the Order of the Jesuits ; done out of French ; to which is added, A supplement extracted from Hakluyt and Purchas giving an account of several journeys over land from Russia, Persia, and the Moguls country to China, together with the roads and distances of the places.Avril, Philippe, 1654-1698.A26262EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The axe at the root of the innovation of singing in the worship of God lately sprung up to the trouble of many, and the defiling of others. Or, some brief queries; with an introduction proposed to the singers in the popular way of singing Psalms, as translated, and tunes as invented, and as now sung together by the professor and prophane, as an ordinance of God. Designed for the preservation of right worship, especially in the churches of Christ, that have upon the declaration of their faith been baptized. By a Baptist.Awdeley, Lewis.A26266EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A besome of truth, to sweep away the refuge of lies, or, Something in answer to one Francis Holdcraft (priest) a prisoner in Cambridge Castle ... also the ground of the difference shewed between the people (in scorn called Quakers) and some other separated people : with a few words of good councel unto all people into whose hands this may come / by a follower of the Lamb through the great tribulation, John Aynsloe.Aynsloe, John, d. 1693.A26272EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lyric poems, made in imitation of the Italians of which, many are translations from other languages / by Philip Ayres, Esq.Ayres, Philip, 1638-1712.A26293EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The revengeful mistress being an amorous adventure of an English gentleman in Spain : in which are also contain'd three other novels, viz. The wrong'd innocence clear'd, The generous imposter, and The unfortunate collonel / writ. by Ph. Ayres.Ayres, Philip, 1638-1712.A26294EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vox clamantis, or, An essay for the honour, happiness and prosperity of the English gentry, and the whole nation in the promoting religion and vertue, and the peace both of church and state. / by P.A. ...Ayres, Philip, 1638-1712.A26295EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The voyages and adventures of Capt. Barth. Sharp and others in the South Sea being a journal of the same : also Capt. Van Horn with his buccanieres surprizing of la Veracruz : to which is added the true relation of Sir Henry Morgan his expedition against the Spaniards in the West-Indies and his taking Panama : together with the president of Panama's [i.e. Juan Perez de Guzman] account of the same expedition, translated out of Spanish : and Col. Beeston's adjustment of the peace between the Spaniards and English in the West Indies / published by P.A., Esq.A26296EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of what passed at the execution of the late Duke of Monmouth on Wednesday the 15th of July, 1685, on Tower-Hill together with a paper signed by himself that morning in the Tower, in the presence of the Lords Bishops of Ely, and Bath and Wells, Dr. Tenison and Dr. Hooper : and also the copy of his letter to His Majesty after he was taken, dated at Ringwood in Hantshire, the 8th of July.A26299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of what past on Monday the 28th of October, 1689, in the House of Commons, and since at the King's-Bench-Bar at Westminster, in relation to the Earl of CastlemaineCastlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705.A26301EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Moon-shine, or, The restauration of jews-trumps and bagpipes being an answer to Dr. R. Wild's Letter &c. and his Poetica licentia, &c.Achard, J.A26302EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter in answer to certain quæries and objections made by a learned Galenist against the theorie and practice of chymical physick wherein the right method of curing of diseases is demonstrated, the possibility of universal medicine evinced, and chymical physick vindicated / by George Acton ...Acton, George.A26305EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The art of knowing one-self, or, An enquiry into the sources of morality written originally in French, by the Reverend Dr. Abbadie.Abbadie, Jacques, 1654-1727.A26306EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Physical reflections upon a letter written by J. Denis, professor of philosophy and mathematicks, to Monsieur de Montmor, counsellor to the French King, and Master of Requests concerning a new way of curing sundry diseases by transfusion of blood / by George Acton ...Acton, George.A26307EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new journal of Italy containing what is most remarkable of the antiquities of Rome, Savoy and Naples : with observations made upon the strength, beauty and scituation [sic] of some other towns and forts in by William Acton.Acton, William.A26310EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Actes of the General Assembly of the clergy of France, Anno Domini 1682, concerning religion translated into English for the satisfaction of curious inquisitors into the present French persecution of Protestants.Catholic Church. Assemblée générale du clergé de France.A26314EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Actual justification rightly stated containing a true narrative of a sad schism made in a church of Christ, at Kilby in Leicester-shire, proving, none of the elect are actually justified before faith.A26316EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ad populum phalerae, or, The twinn-shamsA26321EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Adam Bell, Clim of the Clough, and William of CloudesleA26322EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief relation of the surprizing several English merchants goods by Dvtch men of warre their carrying them into Zealand and there condemning them for prize upon no other force or account but that they were English mens / by Edward Adams.Adams, Edward.A26328EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The young soldier's desire answered, or, A piece of military discipline wherein is shewed, distances, facings, doublings, counter-marches, and wheelings : with some firings both offensive and defensive against an enemy / by Edward Adams.Adams, Edward.A26329EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay concerning self-murther wherein is endeavour'd to prove that it is unlawful according to natural principles : with some considerations upon what is pretended from the said principles, by the author of a treatise intituled, Biathanatos, and others / by J. Adams ...Adams, John, 1662-1720.A26335EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
God's anger ; and, Man's comfort two sermons / preached and published by Tho. Adams.Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A26344EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The main principles of Christian religion in a 107 short articles or aphorisms, generally receiv'd as being prov'd from scripture : now further cleared and confirm'd by the consonant doctrine recorded in the articles and homilies of the Church of England ... / by Tho. Adams ...Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A26345EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
God's eye on the contrite, or, A discourse shewing that true poverty and contrition of spirit, and trembling at God's Word is the infallible and only way for the obtaining and retaining of divine acceptation as it was made in the audience of the General Assembly of the Massachusetts Colony at Boston in New England May 27, 1685, being the day of election there / by William Adams.Adams, William, 1650-1685.A26346EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Medico mastix, or, A pill for the doctor being a short reply to a late vindictive letter, sent to Mr. Vicars in the name of Doctor Bastwick, concerning Leiut. [sic] Coll. John Lilburn / by E.A., a she Presbiterian.E. A., she Presbiterian.A26348EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The duty of daily frequenting the publick service of the church recommended in a sermon preached in a chapel at Wragby in Lincoln-shire erected to that purpose by Sir Edmound Turnor, Kt., and consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln the 18th day of July, 1697 / by John Adamson.Adamson, John.A26350EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Persecution of them people they call Quakers in several places in LanchashireA26351EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of Dr. Martin Luther the passages whereof have bin taken out of his owne and other Godly and most learned, mens writings, who lived in his time.Adam, Melchior, d. 1622.A26353EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A poem to His Majesty, presented to the Lord Keeper by Mr. Addison, of Mag. Coll. Oxon.Addison, Joseph, 1672-1719.A26358EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the late conspiracy against the king and the nation with a particular account of the Lancashire Plot, and all the other attempts and machinations of the disaffected party since His Majesty's accession to the throne / extracted out of the original informations of the witnesses and other authentick papers.Abbadie, Jacques, 1654-1727.A26368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of Mahumed, the author of the Turkish religion being an account of his tribe, parents, birth, name, education, marriages, filthiness of life, Alcoran, first proselytes, wars, doctrines, miracles, advancement, &c. / by L. Addison ... author of The present state of the Jews.Addison, Lancelot, 1632-1703.A26370EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Moores baffled being a discourse concerning Tanger, especially when it was under the Earl of Teviot : by which you may find what methods and government is fittest to secure that place against the Moors : in a letter from a learned person (long resident in that place) at the desire of a person of quality.Addison, Lancelot, 1632-1703.A26372EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The present state of the Jews (more particularly relating to those in Barbary) wherein is contained an exact account of their customs, secular and religious : to which is annexed a summary discourse of the Misna, Talmud, and Gemara / by L. Addison ...Addison, Lancelot, 1632-1703.A26373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
West Barbary, or, A short narrative of the revolutions of the kingdoms of Fez and Morocco with an account of the present customs, sacred, civil, and domestick / by Lancelot Addison ...Addison, Lancelot, 1632-1703.A26378EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An addition to the case of the paper-sellers humbly offered to this present Parliament against the paper-billA26379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Address from earth to heaven, or, A defensative against the portentous significations of the late comets and blazing-stars that may concern London or Oxford.A26382EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Address of divers trades-men, apprentices, and others, to the Right Honourable Sir John Chapman, Kt., Lord Mayor of the city of LondonA26386EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The address of John Dryden, laureat to His Highness, the Prince of OrangeShadwell, Thomas, 1642?-1692.A26387EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Addresse of some ministers of Christ in the Isle of Wight & County of Southampton to the people of their respective charges, by way of exhortation, to discharge their parts of those two great and necessary duties, private conference and catechisingA26388EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Humble address of the officers in your excellencies army in the name of themselves and their brethren as it was presented to his excellency this 2d day of May, 1660 / by us whose names are subscribed.A26394EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An address presented to the King, August 7th, 1689 when those from the Massachuset's colony were, by that worthy citizen, Sir Henry Ashurst, Baronet : to Their Most Excellent Majesties, King William and Queen Mary of England, &c., the humble address and petition of the General Court of Your Majesties most ancient colony of New-Plymouth in New-England.New Plymouth Colony. General Court.A26395EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A panegyric on our late sovereign Lady Mary Queen of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, of glorious and immortal memory who died at Kensington, on the 28th of December, 1694 / by James Abbadie ...Abbadie, Jacques, 1654-1727.A26396EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An address to the Church of England: evidencing her obligations both of interest and conscience, to concurr with his gracious Majesty in the repeal of the penal laws and tests Allowed to be published this 1st of September, 1688.A26400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Address to the Lyon in the towerA26402EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of a small society of baptized believers, undergoing the name of Free-willers, about the city of LondonAdis, Henry.A26409EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fannaticks addresse humbly presented to the King and his peers, and also to his people in their representative, the Commons House of Parliament ... discovering to them, the innocency of his actings in the midst of the late revolutions of governments in this nation ... / by Henry Adis ...Adis, Henry.A26410EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fannaticks alarm, given to the mayor in his quarters, by one of the sons of Zion, become Boanerges to thunder out the judgements of God against oppression and oppressors, together with some flashings of pure gospel-lightnings, really intended for the enlightning the eyes of the understanding, even to the beholding of Him who is invisible / by Henry Adis ...Adis, Henry.A26411EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fannaticks mite cast into the Kings treasury being a sermon printed to the King because not preach'd before the King / by Henry Adis.Adis, Henry.A26412EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter sent from Syrranam, to His Excellency, the Lord Willoughby of Parham, General of the Western Islands, and of the continent of Guianah, &c. then residing at the Barbados together, with the Lord Willoughby's answer thereunto : with a commendable description of that country / by Henry Adis.Adis, Henry.A26414EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Admirable and notable things of note viz, 1. the royall letter sent from the French King to his brother the King of England : 2. a true coppy of the Lord George Digbies last letter to the Queenes Majesty : 3. the Queenes Majesties gracious answer to the same : 4. a horrible treason discovered from Holland which was plotted by a company of Iesuites and papists against the Lady Elizabeth at the Hague the seventh of March last, 1641.A26415EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Admirable, good, true and joyfull newes from Ireland being an exact relation of the last weekes passages in Ireland dated from Dublin May the 8, 1642 : wherein is shewed how by the undaunted valour and wisedom of Sir Charles Coot the town and castle of Trim was taken from the enemy : where in 4000 of the rebels were besides 4 lords of the Pale who were glad to fly with as many more as could : the rest were taken prisoners & about 200 or more killed : by which happy victory 40 Protestants obtained their freedome who were before kept prisoners by the rebels in that castle : likewise a relation of another great overthrow given to the Lord Muscry by the Lord president of Munster : with the names of some other forts and townes taken from the rebels by the protestant army.A26416EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Admirable newes from Ireland both good and true viz. first, a humble petition to the honourable Houses of Parliament, of divers lords, knights, and gentlemen of the kingdome of Ireland now resident in London : secondly, a true coppyA26417EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The admonisher admonished in, a modest and impartial narrative of the proceedings of the ecclesiastical court, against James Jones citizen of London, of the parish of St. Bartholomew Exchange : being a true account of matter of fact, from his citation to Doctors Commons, to their taking out the writ of excommunicato capiendo against him : and also an account of the several ways made use of for the taking off the said writ : with useful observations upon several particular passages and statutes : dedicated to the worshipful Doctor Pinfold.A26419EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Admonition by way of quere to all such as desire to be true to the KingA26420EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Admonition to all lying brethren, or, A cure for the times shewing the begining, folly, un-worthinesse and danger of lying.A26421EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Adventures of the Helvetian Hero, with the young Countess of Albania, or, The amours of Armadorus and Vicentina a novel.A26425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advertisement be [sic] Agnes Campbel relict of the deceast Master William Guthrie, minister of the Gospel, unto whose hands some printed papers called sermons, bearing the said Master William his name, may come.Campbel, Agnes.A26426EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advertisement by the sheriff deput of Aberdeen-shire undersubscryving in relation to the Lords of Councill their Proclamation against forstallers, and allowing importation of victuall. Whereas, I have received the said Proclamation of date the ninth day of Iune instant, and that the famen is of great import to be known generally to all in the countrey, there being few who may not be concerned therein; therefore I am advysed, and it is thought fit to cause re-print the same, to be read at each parish kirk within this shire, and whereof the tenor followes, Proclamation against regraiting of victual, and forestallers, and allowing the importation of victual free of publick burden.Fraser, Andrew, of Kinmundie.A26427EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An advertisement from the General Penny-Post-OfficeEngland and Wales. Post Office.A26429EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
From the Insurance-Office for Houses, on the back-side of the Royal-ExchangeInsurance Office for Houses (London, England)A26430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An advertisement from the Penny-Post-Office The names of the places of the six offices, from whence the country [illegible]England and Wales. Post Office.A26431EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An advertisement from the Society of Chymical Physitians, touching medicines by them prepared, in pursuance of his Majesties command, for the prevention, and for the cure of the plagueA26432EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An advertisement from their Majesties General Post-Office, London it being notorious, that many ill-minded persons, for some wicked designes against the Government, have dispersed in coffee-houses, and other publick places of meeting, divers most infamous scandals of their Majesties General Post-Office; ...England and Wales. Post Office.A26433EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Advertisement of the behalf of William Dockwra, mercht., concerning the penny-postA26434EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe description of the whole world wherein is particularly described all the monarchies, empires, and kingdoms of the same, with their academies, as also their severall titles and scituations thereunto adjoyning / written by the Reverend Father in God George Abbot ...Abbot, George, 1562-1633.A26435EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advertisement whereas divers people are at great expence in printing, publishing and dispersing of bills of advertisement : oberserving how practical and advantagious to trade and business, &c. this method is in parts beyond the seas : these are to give notice, that all persons in such cases concerned henceforth may have published in print in the Mercury, or Bills of advertisement, which shall come out every week on Thursday morning, and be delivered and dispersed in every house where the bills of mortallity are received, and elsewhere, the publications and advertisements of all the matters following, or any other matter or thing not herein mentioned, that shall relate to the advertisemtn of trade, or any other lawful business not granted in propriety to any other.A26436EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice for chusing Common-Council men The Common Council of London having a trust of so great concernment to the city, and in it to the nation, committed to them, it greatly concerns the electors, ...A26439EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice from a dissenter in the city to his friends in the countrey shewing it to be their duty and safety to concur with those who are for abolishing the penal laws and tests.A26440EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice of a father, or, Counsel to a child directing him to demean himself in the most important passages of this life.A26441EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to a painter in a poem to a friend.A26445EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to a painter being a satyr upon the French King, Admiral Tourvill, Irish camp at Havre de Grace, murmuring, Jacobites &c.A26446EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to a souldier in two letters, written to an officer in the late English army when the war with France was expected, and one to a commander in the fleet in the last Dutch war, proper to be exposed at the present time while the peace of Christendom (if not the liberty of it) seems to be very short-lived.A26448EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to English Protestants being a sermon preached November the fifth, 1689 / by a country-conformist.Country-conformist.A26452EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to high-sheriffs about taking the poll of clergy-men at county-electionsA26454EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to the army, on their going to France and IrelandA26457EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Brief notes upon the whole book of Psalms put forth for the help of such who desire to exercise themselves in them and cannot understand without a guide : being a pithie and clear opening of the scope and meaning of the text to the capacitie of the weakest / by George Abbot.Abbot, George, 1604-1649.A26458EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to the city, or, the Wiggs loyalty explainedA26460EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to the confuter of Bellarmin with some considerations upon the antiquity of the Church of England.A26461EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to the English youth relating to the present juncture of affairs.A26462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to the livery-men of London, in their choice of a lord-mayor, on Michaelmas Day, 1692A26464EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to the maidens of London to forsake their fantastical top-knots; since they are become so common with Billings-gate women, and the wenches that cryes kitchin-stuff: together with the wanton misses of the town. To the tune of, Ye ladies of London. This may be printed, R.P.A26465EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vindiciæ sabbathi, or, An answer to two treatises of Master Broads the one, concerning the Sabbath or seaventh day, the other, concerning the Lord's-day or first of the weeke : with a survey of all the rest which of late have written upon that subject / by George Abbot.Abbot, George, 1604-1649.A26468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to the painter's adviserA26471EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to young gentlemen, or, An answer to The ladies of London to the tune of, The ladies of London.A26474EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A candle in the dark shewing the divine cause of the distractions of the whole nation of England and of the Christian world ... / by Thomas Ady ...Ady, Thomas.A26476EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A perfect discovery of witches shewing the divine cause of the distractions of this kingdome, and also of the Christian world : very profitable to bee read by all sorts of people, especially judges of assizes, sheriffes, justices of the peace, and grand-jury-men, before they passe sentence on those that are condemned for witch-craft / by Thomas Ady.Ady, Thomas.A26477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A testimony of antiquity shewing the ancient faith in the Church of England, touching the sacrament of the body and blood of the Lord here publickly preached, and also received in the Saxons time, above 600 years agoe.Aelfric, Abbot of Eynsham.A26478EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Claudius Ælianus, his various historyAelian, Claudius.A26482EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aen syne koninghlijcke majesteyt de onderdanige bede van de edele heeren soo geestelijcke als wereldtlijcke wiens namen hier onder gespecificeert staen Gepresenteert door den Aertz-Bisschop van Cantelburry ... [et.al.] den 17 November 1688.Sancroft, William, 1617-1693.A26484EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Æsops fables, with the fables of Phaedrus moralized, translated verbatim, according to the Latine, for the use of grammar schooles, and for children ... / published by H.P.A26488EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter from a gentleman in Grayes-Inn, to a justice of the peace in the countrey explaining the Act of Uniformity in that part which doth concern unlicensed preachers.A26499EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fables of Æsop and other eminent mythologists with morals and reflexions / by Sir Roger L'Estrange, Kt.A26505EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aesop's fables English and Latin : every one whereof is divided into its distinct periods, marked with figures : so that little children being used to write and translate them may not only more exactly understand all the rules of grammar but also learn to imitate the right composition of words and the proper forms of speech belonging to both languages / by Charles Hoole.A26506EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mythologia ethica, or, Three centuries of Æsopian fables in English prose done from Æsop, Phædrus, Camerarius, and all other eminent authors on this subject : illustrated with moral, philosophical, and political precepts : also with aphorisms and proverbs in several languages, and adorned with many curious sculptures cut on copper plates / by Philip Ayres, Esq.Ayres, Philip, 1638-1712.A26524EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Æsop at Richmond, recovered of his late illness a poem in burlesque, dedicated to His Royal Highness the Duke.Dash, Jacob, fl. 1698.A26530EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aesop at Tunbridge, or, A few select fables in verse by no person of quality.No person of quality.A26532EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aesop at Westminster, or, A tale of the jack-dawsA26533EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Æsop from IslingtonA26534EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Æsop return'd from Tunbridge, or, Aesop out of his wits in a few select fables in verse.A26538EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Against marriage directed to that inconsiderable animal, called husband.A26542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Age of riddles, or, A true list of certain extraordinary positions formerly call'd contradictions, but now distinguished by no names at all / faithfully extracted from several modern doctrines and practises.A26544EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Painting illustrated in three diallogues containing some choice observations upon the art together with the lives of the most eminent painters from Cimabue to the time of Raphael and Michael Angelo : with an explanation of the difficult terms.Aglionby, William, d. 1705.A26548EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The present state of the United Provinces of the Low-Countries as to the government, laws, forces, riches, manners, customes, revenue, and territory of the Dutch in three books / collected by W.A., Fellow of the Royal Society.Aglionby, William, d. 1705.A26549EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Academia scientiarum, or, The academy of sciences being a short and easie introduction to the knowledge of the liberal arts and sciences, with the names of those famous authors that have written on every particular science : in English and Latine / by D. Abercromby ...Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2.A26553EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Agreement of the major, aldermen, and inhabitants of the towne of TenbyA26559EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Female pre-eminence, or, The dignity and excellency of that sex above the male an ingenious discourse / written orignally in Latine by Henry Cornelius Agrippa ... ; done into English with additional advantages by H. C.Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486?-1535.A26561EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Henry Cornelius Agrippa, his fourth book of occult philosophy of geomancy, magical elements of Peter de Abano, astronomical geomancy, the nature of spirits, arbatel of magick / translated into English by Robert Turner ...Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486?-1535.A26562EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Henry Cornelius Agrippa's fourth book of occult philosophy and geomancy magical elements of Peter de Abano : astronomical geomancy : the nature of spirits : and Arbatel of magick / translated into English by Robert Turner ...Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486?-1535.A26563EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Henry Cornelius Agrippa his fourth book of occult philosophy of geomancie, magical elements of Peter de Aban : astronomical geomancie ; the nature of spirits ; Arbatel of magick ; the species or several kindes of magick / translated into English by Robert Turner.Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486?-1535.A26564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three books of occult philosophy written by Henry Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim ... ; translated out of the Latin into the English tongue by J.F.Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486?-1535.A26565EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vanity of arts and sciences by Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Knight ...Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486?-1535.A26566EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A song set by Richard Elford ; sung by Mrs. Hodgson at the new theatre ; engraved by Tho. Cross.Elford, Richard, d. 1714.A26569EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A two part song by Tho. Ellway.Ellway, Thomas.A26570EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
No post from heaven, nor yet from hell but a true relation and animadversions, written and sent as an antidote to all unbelieving Brownists, prophane Anabaptists, schismaticall monsters, and such like incendiaries of the state : proving by histories, records, and examples that His Majestes taxations have not been unusuall, nor his government tyrannicall, though falsely so imputed, invented, divulged and scattered abroad / collected by Sir Robert Cotton ; and now put to presse and dedicated to His Sacred Maiestie, by G.A., Gent.A26573EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The art of logick; or, The entire body of logick in English. Unfolding to the meanest capacity the way to dispute well, and to refute all fallacies whatsoever. The second edition, corrected and amended. By Zachary Coke of Grays-Inn, Gent.Ainsworth, Henry, 1571-1622?A26578EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Covnterpoyson considerations touching the poynts in difference between the godly ministers and people of the Church of England, and the seduced brethren of the separation : argvments that the best assemblies of the present church of England are true visible churches : that the preachers in the best assemblies of Engl. are true ministers of Christ : Mr. Bernards book intituled The Separatists Schisme : Mr Crashawes questions propounded in his sermon preached at the crosse / examined and answered by Henry Ainsworth.Ainsworth, Henry, 1571-1622?A26579EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most natural and easie way of institution containing proposals for making a domestic education less chargeable to parents and more easie and beneficial to children : by which method, youth may not only make a very considerable progress in languages, but also in arts and sciences, in two years.Ainsworth, Robert, 1660-1743.A26583EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of wit by David Abercromby ...Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2.A26588EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Notable revolutions beeing a true relation of what hap'ned in the United Provinces of the Netherlands in the years MDCL and MDCLI somewhat before and after the death of the late Prince of Orange : according to the Dutch copie / collected and published at the Haghe 1652 by Lion Aitzema.Aitzema, Lieuwe van, 1600-1669.A26589EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A song set by Sam. Akeroyde ; engrav'd by Tho. Cross.Akeroyde, Samuel, ca. 1650-ca. 1706.A26590EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A moral discourse of the power of interest by David Abercromby ...Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2.A26596EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of several letters and declarations, sent by General Monck unto the Lord Lambert, the Lord Fleetwood, and the rest of the General Council of Officers in the army ...Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.A26601EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The commonwealth of England having used all means of tendernesse and affection towards the people of this nation, by receiving them (after a chargeable and bloody war) into union with England ...Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.A26602EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The declaration and speech of His Excellency the Lord Generall Monck to the right honourable the Lord Mayor, aldermen and common-councel of the city of London, on Saturday night at Guild-Hall with His Excellencies letter to the Parliament and the resolves and answer of the Hovse.Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.A26603EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of General Monck touching the King of Scots, and his proclamation published by sound of trumpet, at the head of each regiment, upon his marching with nine thousand horse and foot for Berwick : with the engagement taken, and subscribed by the Scottish lords, knights, and gentlemen, and the warrants and commissions, sent from Sir Arthur Haslerigg, and the rest of the Parliaments commissioners at Portsmouth, to the high sheriffs of the western counties.Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.A26604EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the Commander in Chief in Scotland and the officers under his command in vindication of the liberties of the people and priviledges of Parliament.Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.A26605EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
General Monck's last letter to His Excellency the Lord Fleetwood declaring his resolution to send Col. Wilkes, Lieut. Col. Clobery, Major Knight, by way of treaty, in order to a happy union between the two armies of England and Scotland : with two other letters from persons of honour, signifying great hopes of peace, and a prohibition of either armies proceeding any further in their march.Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.A26606EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from the Lord General Monck and the officers here to the several and respective regiments and other forces in England, Scotland, and Ireland.Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.A26609EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from his Excellencie the Lord General Monck, and the officers under his command, to the Parliament, in the name of themselves and the souldiers under themAlbemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.A26612EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from the Lord General Monck and the officers here, to the several and respective regiments and other forces in England, Scotland, and IrelandAlbemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.A26614EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Protestancy to be embrac'd, or, A new and infallible method to reduce Romanists from popery to Protestancy a treatise of great use to all His Majesties subjects, and necessary to prevent error and popery / by David Abercromby, D., lately converted, after he had profess'd near nineteen years Jesuitism and popery.Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2.A26615EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations upon military & political affairs written by the Most Honourable George, Duke of Albemarle, &c. ...Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.A26617EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Scolding no scholarship in the abyss, or, Groundless grounds of the Protestant religion as holden out by M. Menzeis in his brawlings against M. Dempster.Abercromby, David, d. 1701 or 2.A26620EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three letters from the Lord General Monck, Commander in Chief of the forces in Scotland and one of the commissioners by act of Parliament for the government of the army of this commonwealth viz. to Mr. Speaker, to the Lord Fleetwood, to the Lord Lambert.Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.A26621EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Reverend and Honourable, the Vice-Chancelour and the body of the Convocation in the University of OxfordAlbemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.A26622EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An appeal to God and the King together with a true narrative of unparallell'd grievances &c. wherein may be seen as a mirrour ... the surpassing miseries of the English nation above other nations for having the best and most wholesome laws in the whole world, yet being so excessively corrupted by covetousness of money in the law-practicers as now they are ... and unless some expedient be found out for a just and due administration of justice without fee or bride, 'tis impossible for this nation to be happy, but must remain the most miserable nation in the whole world / most humbly presented by Benjamin Albyn.Albyn, Benjamin.A26628EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An historical relation of the first discovery of the isle of Madera [sic] written originally in Portugueze by Don Francisco Alcafarado, who was one of the first discoverers, thence translated into French, and now made English.Alcoforado, Francisco.A26631EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Five love-letters from a nun to a cavalier done out of French into English.Guilleragues, Gabriel Joseph de Lavergne, vicomte de, 1628-1685.A26632EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Seven Portuguese letters being a second part to the five love-letters from a nun to a cavalier : one of the most passionate [p]ieces that possibly ever has been extant.Guilleragues, Gabriel Joseph de Lavergne, vicomte de, 1628-1685.A26635EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The certain predictions of the great Alcos, astrologer and mathematician in ordinary to the Duke of Parma upon the two comets which have appeared in our hemisphere 1681.Alcos.A26637EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Artis logicæ compendiumAldrich, Henry, 1647-1710.A26641EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reply to two discourses lately printed at Oxford concerning the adoration of our blessed Savior in the Holy EucharistAldrich, Henry, 1647-1710.A26644EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dr. Aldrich his service in G. te Deum.Aldrich, Henry, 1647-1710.A26646EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speech of this present pope in presence of the cardinals and foreign ambassadors, in his second conclave after his election to the papacy concerning the divisions amongst the Catholick princes, and the advantages the hereticks propose to themselves from it : of the continuance or discontinuance of the war with the Turks : of the war between His Imperial Majesty, His Catholick Majesty, and the Most Christian King : of the differences betwixt the Holy See and the Most Christian King : of the misfortunes of King James, and the assisting him / done from the Italian.Alexander VIII, Pope, 1610-1691.A26652EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
God's covenant displayed by John Alexander, a converted Jew ; with a proœmial discourse of the reasons of his conversion.Alexander, John, Converted Jew.A26654EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Medulla historiæ Scoticæ being a comprehensive history of the lives and reigns of the kings of Scotland, from Fergus the First, to Our Gracious Sovereign Charles the Second : containing the most remarkable transactions, and observable passages, ecclesiastical, civil, and military, with other observations proper for a chronicle, faithfully collected out of authors ancient and modern : to which is added, a brief account of the present state of Scotland, the names of the nobility, and principal ministers of church and state, the laws criminal : a description of that engine with which malefactors are tortured, called the boot.Alexander, William, fl. 1685-1704.A26656EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Alidor and Calista being an excellent new song, much in request at court, to an excellent new play-house tune.A26662EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short account, of the nature and use of maps as also some short discourses of the properties of the earth, and of the several inhabitants thereof : to which is subjoin'd, A catalogue of the factories and places now in possession of the English, French, Dutch, Spaniards, Portegueze and Danes, both in the East and West-Indies.Alingham, William, fl. 1694-1710.A26664EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Centrum naturæ concentratum, or, The salt of nature regenerated for the most part improperly called the philosopher's stone / written in Arabick by Alipili ... ; published in Low Dutch, 1694, and now done into English, 1696, by a lover of the hermetick science.Ali Puli.A26665EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
All is not gold that glisters: or, A warning-piece to England Being a prophecie, written by that famous and learned knight Sir Walter Rawleigh, the day before he was beheaded on Tower-Hill, in the raign of our late Soveraign Lord King James. Fore-telling the great and wonderful things that will befall the King of Scots, the people of this nation, the change of religion and law, and how long the government shall continue without a King, or House of Lords. Also, the landing of an English Army in France this summer, the taking of the city of Rome, and the beheading of the Pope, and seven of his cardinals. With other remarkable passages and presidents.A26666EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Allegiance and prerogative considered in a letter from a gentleman in the country to his friend, upon his being chosen a member of the meeting of states in Scotland.Gentleman in the country.A26677EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An alarme to unconverted sinners, in a serious treatise ... whereunto are annexed Divers practical cases of conscience judiciously resolved / by Joseph Alleine, late preacher of the Gospel at Taunton in Somerset-shire.Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668.A26682EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A call to Archippus, or, An humble and earnest motion to some ejected ministers (by way of letter) to take heed to their ministry that they fulfil it.Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668.A26686EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christian letters full of spiritual instructions tending to the promoting of the power of godliness, both in person and families.Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668.A26687EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Divers practical cases of conscience satisfactorily resolved ... to which are added some counsels & cordials / by Joseph Alleine ...Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668.A26689EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hyfforddwr cyfarwydd i'r nefoedd neu Wahawdd difrifol i bechaduriad i droi at Dduw er Jechydwriaeth ... / gan Joseph Alleine ...Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668.A26692EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most familiar explanation of the Assemblies shorter catechism wherein their larger answers are broken into lesser parcels, thereby to let in the light by degrees into the minds of the learners : to which is added in the close, a most brief help for the necessary but much neglected duty of self-examination to be daily perused : and to this is subjoined a letter of Christian counsel to a destitute flock / by Jos. Allaine.Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668.A26693EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remaines of that excellent minister of Jesus Christ, Mr. Joseph Alleine being a collection of sundry directions, sermons, sacrament-speeches, and letters, not heretofore published ...Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668.A26694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sure guide to heaven, or, An earnest invitation to sinners to turn to God in order to their eternal salvation shewing the thoughtful sinner what he must do to be saved / by Joseph Alleine.Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668.A26695EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
About mending the coyn.Neale, Thomas, d. 1699?A26698EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The way to true happiness in a serious treatise / by Joseph Alleine.Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668.A26701EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
About the 7th of March 1655, Master Whiting and Master Spelman came to Richard Hodgkinsonne to treat about the printing of Judge Crookes (or Sir George Crookes) reportsA26710EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Murderer punished and pardoned, or, A true relation of the wicked life and shameful-happy death of Thomas Savage imprisoned, justly condemned, and twice executed at Ratcliff for his bloody fact in killing his fellow-servant on Wednesday, Octob. 28, 1668 / by us who were often with him in the time of his imprisonment in Newgate and at his execution, Robert Franklin ... [et al.]. To which is annexed a sermon preached at his funeral.A26716EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The choice and flower of the old Psalms collected by Iohn Hopkins and others and now revised and amended by William Barton ...Barton, William, 1598?-1678.A26722EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Psalms and hymns composed and fitted for the present occasion of publick thanks-giving, October 24, 1651 by W. Barton ...Barton, William, 1598?-1678.A26724EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Six centuries of select hymns and spiritual songs collected out of the Holy Bible together with a catechism, the canticles, and a catalogue of vertuous women / by William Barton.Barton, William, 1598?-1678.A26725EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hieronikēs, or, The fight, victory, and triumph of S. Paul accommodated to the Right Reverend Father in God Thomas, late L. Bishop of Duresme, in a sermon preached at his funeral, in the parish church of St. Peter at Easton-Manduit in Northampton-shire, on Michaelmas-day, 1659 : together with the life of the said Bishop / by John Barwick ...Barwick, John, 1612-1664.A26728EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Querela Cantabrigiensis, or, A remonstrance by way of apologie for the banished members of the late flourishing University of Cambridge by some of the said sufferers.Barwick, John, 1612-1664.A26729EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of natural & supernatural things also of the first tincture, root, and spirit of metals and minerals, how the same are conceived, generated, brought forth, changed, and augmented / [by] Basilius Valentinus ; translated out of high Dutch by Daniel Cable ; whereunto is added Frier Roger Bacon, Of the medicine or tincture of antimony; Mr. John Isaac Holland, his Work of Saturn; and Alex. Van Suchten, Of the secrets of antimony.Basilius Valentinus.A26733EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triumphant chariot of antimony being a conscientious discovery of the many reall transcendent excellencies included in that minerall / written by Basil Valentine ... ; faithfully Englished and published for the common good by I.H. ...Basilius Valentinus.A26734EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of the Irish armie in Ulster sent to the Parlament in a letter from William Basill, Esquire, Atturney [sic] General of Ireland, which letter and declaration are ordered by the Parlament to bee [sic] printed, and were referred to the Council of State to see it don[e] accordingly : to which is added som[e] Remarques thereupon, by a private pen.Basill, William.A26736EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ancient liberty of the Britannick church, and the legitimate exemption thereof from the Roman patriarchate discoursed on four positions, and asserted / by Isaac Basier ... ; three chapters concerning the priviledges of the Britannick church, &c., selected out of a Latin manuscript, entituled, Catholico-romanus pacificus, written by F.I. Barnes ... ; translated, and published for vulgar instruction, by Ri. Watson.Basier, Isaac, 1607-1676.A26737EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exact catalogue of the common and statute law books of this realm, and some others relating thereuntoBassett, Thomas, bookseller.A26745EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the Brief history of the Unitarians, called also Socinians by William Basset ...Basset, William, 1644-1695.A26746EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A panegyrick on the coronation of King James the II and His Royal Consort Queen Mary on April 23, 1685 / by the author of the plea for succession, in opposition to popular exclusion.Basset, William, 1644-1695.A26748EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse on my Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury's and my Lord Bishop of London's letters to the clergy touching catechising, and the sacrament of the Supper with what is required of churchwardens and ministers in reference to obstinate recusants : also a defence of excommunication, as used by the Church of England against such : preached March the 9th and 16th in the parish church of St. Swithins / by William Basset ...Basset, William, 1644-1695.A26752EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Unity stated the only means to it assign'd and argu'd, together with the motives pressing it : in a sermon before the worshipful Company of Salters, Lond. in St. Swithin's Church, Sept. 1683 / by William Basset ...Basset, William, 1644-1695.A26754EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialogue between a modern courtier and an honest English gentleman to which is added the author's dedication to both Houses of Parliament, to whom he appeals for justice / by Samuel Baston.Baston, Samuel.A26755EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Baston's case vindicated, or, A brief account of some evil practices of the present commisioners for sick and wounded, &c. as they were proved before the Admiralty ...Baston, Samuel.A26756EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The utter routing of the whole army of all the Independents and Sectaries, with the totall overthrow of their hierarchy ..., or, Independency not Gods ordinance in which all the frontires of the Presbytery ... are defended ... / by John Bastvvick, captain in the Presbyterian army.Bastwick, John, 1593-1654.A26759EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Elenchus motuum nuperorum in Anglia, or, A short historical account of the rise and progress of the late troubles in England In two parts / written in Latin by Dr. George Bates. Motus compositi, or, The history of the composing the affairs of England by the restauration of K. Charles the second and the punishment of the regicides and other principal occurrents to the year 1669 / written in Latin by Tho. Skinner ; made English ; to which is added a preface by a person of quality ...Bate, George, 1608-1669.A26767EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The regall apology, or, The declaration of the Commons, Feb. 11, 1647, canvassed wherein every objection and their whole charge against His Majesty is cleared, and for the most part, retorted.Bate, George, 1608-1669.A26774EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to (vindicate the cause of the nick-named Quakers of such scandalls and untruths as is falsly cast upon them in a lying pamphlet, otherwise called) A discourse concerning the Quakers set out by T.L., or, as I understand the signification of the letters, Tho.? Ledger / by Geo. Baiteman.Baiteman, George.A26776EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
I matter not how I appear to man, ... but of a virgin pure conceiv'd is heBateman, Susanna.A26777EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the life and death of Mr. Philip Henry, minister of the gospel near Whitechurch in Shropshire, who dy'd June 24, 1696, in the sixty fifth year of his ageHenry, Matthew, 1662-1714.A26780EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations of the existence of God and of the immortality of the soul, with the recompences of the future state for the cure of infidelity, the hectick evil of the times / by William Bates ...Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26782EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The danger of prosperity discovered in several sermons upon Prov. I. 27 / by William Bates ...Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26784EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The divinity of the Christian religion, proved by the evidence of reason and divine revelation by William Bates ...Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26785EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The four last things viz. death, judgment, heaven, hell, practically considered and applied in several discourses / by William Bates.Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26786EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A funeral-sermon for the reverend, holy and excellent divine, Mr. Richard Baxter who deceased Decemb. 8, 1691 : with an account of his life / by William Bates ...Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26788EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A funeral sermon preached upon the death of the reverend and excellent divine Dr. Thomas Manton who deceas'd the 18th of October 1677 / by William Bates.Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26790EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great duty of resignation to the divine will in afflictions enforced from the example of our suffering Saviour / by William Bates ...Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26794EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The harmony of the divine attributes in the contrivance and accomplishment of man's redemption by the Lord Jesus Christ, or, Discourses wherein is shewed how the wisdom, mercy, justice, holiness, power, and truth of God are glorified in that great and blessed work / by William Bates.Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The peace-maker, or, Two farewel-sermons preached at St. Dunstans in the West, London, August the 17th, 1662, by William Bates.Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26799EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached upon the much lamented death of our late gracious sovereign Queen Mary to which is added The address of condolence to His Majesty by the dissenting ministers / by William Bates ...Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26800EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sermons preach'd on several occasions by William Bates.Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26804EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sermons upon death and eternal judgment by William Bates.Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26805EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sermons upon Psalm CXXX, ver. 4 but there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayst be feared / by William Bates.Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26806EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short description of the blessed place and state of the saints above in a discourse upon the words of Our Blessed Saviour, John XIV, 2, in my father's house are many mansions, if it were not so, I would have told you, I go to prepare a place for you / by William Bates.Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26807EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The soveraign and final happiness of man with the effectual means to obtain it by William Bates ...Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26808EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speedy coming of Christ to judgment represented in a funeral sermon on the death of Mr. Benjamin Ashurst, who deceased the 11th of September, 1687 / by William Bates ...Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26809EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Spiritual perfection, unfolded and enforced from 2 Cor. VII, 1 having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse our selves from all filthiness of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God / by William Bates ...Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26810EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sure trial of uprightness open'd in several sermons upon Psal. xviii, v. 23 ... / by William Bates.Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26811EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The upright Christian discovered by keeping himself from his iniquity, and resignation to the divine will. By way of question and answer. Gathered out of the judicious treatises of William Bates, D.D.Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26812EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vitæ selectorum aliquot virorum qui doctrinâ, dignitate, aut pietate inclaruereBates, William, 1625-1699.A26815EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The way to the highest honour a funeral sermon, on John XII, 26, preach'd upon the decease of the Rnd Tho. Jacomb ... April 3, 1687 / by William Bates ...Bates, William, 1625-1699.A26816EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The charter of Romney-Marsh, or, The laws and customs of Romney Marsh very useful for all professors of the law, and also for all lords of towns ... / framed and contrived by the Venerable Justice Henry de Bathe.Romney Marsh (England)A26817EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An expostulatory appeal to the professors of Christianity joyned in community with Samuel AnsleyBathurst, Elizabeth, d. 1691.A26818EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truth's vindication, or, A gentle stroke to wipe off the foul aspersions, false accusations, and misrepresentations cast upon the people of God called Quakers, both with respect to their principle and their way of proselyting people over to them also An epistle to such of the Friends of Christ that have lately been convinced of the truth as it is in Jesus.Bathurst, Elizabeth, d. 1691.A26821EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some particular animadversions of marke for satisfaction of the contumatious malignant with some other generall and remarkable observations, on the summons, of the late dissolved, and of this Parliament upon the Kings deserting the House, and his retreat to Yorke, 1642 ... : together with the severall fights ... betweene both armies, with the differences and divisions of the county of Pembrooke and the finall over-throw and beating out of Generall Gerrards last plundring army out of that county, and the miraculous reduction of all South Wales by Major Generall Laugherne ...A26825EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truth & innocency triumphing over falshood [and] envy, or Jasper Batt's vindication against William Roger's un-christian [sic] and false insinuations, in his book mis-called The Christian Quaker, &c.Batt, Jasper, d. 1702.A26826EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lawfulness and expediency of church-musick asserted in a sermon preached at St. Brides-Church upon the 22d. of November, 1693 being the anniversary meeting of gentlemen, lovers of musick / by Ralph Battell ...Battell, Ralph, 1649-1713.A26830EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of Sir William Batten, late Vice-Admirall for the Parliament concerning his departure from London, to His Highnesse the Prince of Wales.Batten, William, Sir, d. 1667.A26834EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The merchants remonstrance published in the time of the late warre, revived and inlarged : wherein is set forth the inevitable miseries which may suddenly befall this kingdome by want of trade and decay of manufactures : with copy of a letter to the Kings Majestie presented unto him at Hampton Court, October 30, 1647 : shewing, 1, the want of such a due regard as was fit for the preservation of trade in the time of the late warre, 2, some of the bad effects it hath since produced, 3, the offer of the authors opinion what may best bee done for remedy : also, a letter to the Right Honourable the two Houses of Parliament, to the army under the command of His Excellency Sir Tho. Fairfax, and to the rest of His Majesties subjects in generall : whereunto is annexed a discourse of the excellencie of wooll, manifested by the improvement in its manufactures, and the great good thence arising before the late warre / by John Battie ...Battie, John.A26836EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the Right Honourable Sir Francis Chaplin, Lord Mayor of London at Gvild-Hall Chapell, November the 18th, 1677 by William Battie ...Battie, William, 1634 or 5-1706.A26837EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Battel at seaA26838EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The expert phisician learnedly treating of all agues and feavers, whether simple or compound, shewing their different nature, causes, signes, and cure ... / written originally by that famous doctor in phisick, Bricius Bauderon ; and translated into English by B.W., licentiate in physick by the University of Oxford ...Bauderon, Brice, ca. 1540-1623.A26839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the administration of Cardinal Ximenes, great minister of state in Spain written originally in French, by the sieur Michael Baudier of Languedoc ... and translated into English By W. Vaughan.Baudier, Michel, 1589?-1645.A26840EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the court of the king of China out of French.Baudier, Michel, 1589?-1645.A26841EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The poets knavery discouered, in all their lying pamphlets wittily and very ingeniously composed, laying open the names of every lying lybel that was printed last yeare, and the authors who made them, being above three hundred lyes : shewing how impudently the poets have not onely presumed to make extream and incredible lyes, but dare also feigne false orders and proceedings from the Parliament with many fictitious speeches : well worth the reading and knowing of everyone that they may learn how to distinguish betwixt the lyes and reall books / written by J.B.J. B.A26843EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Baxter baptiz'd in bloud, or, A sad history of the unparallel'd cruelty of the Anabaptists in New-England faithfully relating the cruel, barbarous and bloudy murther of Mr. Baxter, an Orthodox minister, who was kill'd by the Anabaptists, and his skin most cruelly flead from his body : with an exact account of all the circumstances and particularities of this barbarous murther / published by his mournfull brother Benjamin Baxter.Baxter, Benjamin.A26844EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Non-conformity without controversie from Rom. chap. 12, ver. 2 : shewing that it is every Christian's duty to be a nonconformist to this world / by Benjamin Baxter, Preacher of the Gospel.Baxter, Benjamin, Preacher of the Gospel.A26845EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A posing question, put by the wise man, viz. Solomon, to the wisest men concerning making a judgment of the temporal conditions : wherein you have the ignorance of man (in knowing, what is good, or evil, for man in this life) discovered, together, with the mistakes that flow from it : and the great question resolved, viz. whether the knowledg of, what is good for a man in this life, be so hid from man, that no man can attain it / preached at the weekly lecture at Upton ... by Benjamin Baxter ...Baxter, Benjamin, Preacher of the Gospel.A26847EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An accompt of all the proceedings of the commissioners of both persvvasions appointed by His Sacred Majesty, according to letters patent, for the review of the Book of common prayer, &c.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26853EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Richard Baxter his account to his dearly beloved, the inhabitants of Kidderminster, of the causes of his being forbidden by the Bishop of Worcester to preach within his diocess with the Bishop of Worcester's letter in answer thereunto : and some short animadversions upon the said bishops letter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26854EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Additional notes on the life and death of Sir Matthew Hale, the late universally honoured and loved Lord Chief Justice of the Kings Bench written by Richard Baxter at the request of Edward Stephens, Esq. ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26855EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Additions to the poetical fragments of Rich. Baxter written for himself and communicated to such as are more for serious verse than smooth.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26856EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Against the revolt to a foreign jurisdiction, which would be to England its perjury, church-ruine, and slavery in two parts ... / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26858EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Richard Baxters answer to Dr. Edward Stillingfleet's charge of separation containing, I. some queries necessary for the understanding of his accusation, II. a reply to his letter which denyeth a solution, III. an answer to his printed sermon : humbly tendred, I. to himself, II. to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and the court of aldermen, III. to the readers of his accusation, the forum where we are accused.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26859EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to Mr. Dodwell and Dr. Sherlocke, confuting an universal humane church-supremacy aristocratical and monarchical, as church-tyranny and popery : and defending Dr. Isaac Barrow's treatise against it by Richard Baxter ; preparatory to a fuller treatise against such an universal soveraignty as contrary to reason, Christianity, the Protestant profession, and the Church of England, though the corrupters usurp that title.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26860EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aphorismes of justification, with their explication annexed wherein also is opened the nature of the covenants, satisfaction, righteousnesse, faith, works, &c. : published especially for the use of the church of Kederminster in Worcestershire / by their unworthy teacher Ri. Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26862EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rich. Baxters apology against the modest exceptions of Mr. T. Blake and the digression of Mr. G. Kendall whereunto is added animadversions on a late dissertation of Ludiomæus Colvinus, aliaà Ludovicus Molinæs̳, M. Dr. Oxon, and an admonition of Mr. W. Eyre of Salisbury : with Mr. Crandon's Anatomy for satisfaction of Mr. Caryl.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26864EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apology for the nonconformists ministry containing I. the reasons of their preaching, II. an answer to the accusations urged as reasons for the silencing of about 2000 by Bishop Morley ..., III. reasons proving it the duty and interest of the bishops and conformists to endeavour earnestly their restoration : with a postscript upon oral debates with Mr. H. Dodwell, against his reasons for their silence ... : written in 1668 and 1669, for the most of it, and now published as an addition to the defence against Dr. Stillingfleet, and as an account to the silencers of the reasons of our practice / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26865EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An appeal to the light, or, Richard Baxter's account of four accused passages of a sermon on Eph. I,3 published in hope either to procure the convincing instructions of the wise, or to humble and stop the erroneous resisters of the truth.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26868EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arrogancy of reason against divine revelations, repressed, or, Proud ignorance the cause of infidelity, and of mens quarrelling with the word of GodBaxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26869EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A breviate of the life of Margaret, the daughter of Francis Charlton ... and wife of Richard Baxter ... : there is also published the character of her mother, truly described in her published funeral sermon, reprinted at her daughters request, called, The last work of a believer, his passing-prayer recommending his departing spirit to Christ, to be received by him.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26870EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cain and Abel malignity that is, enmity to serious godliness, that is, to an holy and heavenly state of heart and life : lamented, described, detected, and unananswerably [sic] proved to be the devilish nature, and the militia of the devil against God and Christ and the church and kingdoms, and the surest sign of a state of damnation / by Richard Baxter, or, Gildas Salvianus ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26871EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A call to the unconverted to turn and live and accept of mercy while mercy may be had as ever they would find mercy in the day of their extremity from the living God / by his unworthy servant, Richard Baxter ; to be read in families where any are unconverted.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26872EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The catechizing of families a teacher of housholders how to teach their housholds : useful also to school-masters and tutors of youth : for those that are past the common small chatechisms [sic], and would grow to a more rooted faith, and to the fuller understanding of all that is commonly needful to a safe, holy comfortable and profitable life / written by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26879EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Catholick communion defended against both extreams, and unnecessary division confuted in five parts ... / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Catholick communion doubly defended by Dr. Owens, vindicator, and Richard Baxter and the state of that communion opened, and the questions discussed, whether there be any displeasure at sin, or repentance for it in Heaven : with a parallel of the case of using a faulty translation of Scripture, and a faulty lyturgy.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26882EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Richard Baxter's Catholick theologie plain, pure, peaceable, for pacification of the dogmatical word-warriours who, 1. by contending about things unrevealed or not understood, 2. and by taking verbal differences for real,Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Catholick vnity, or, The only way to bring us all to be of one religion by Rich. Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26885EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certain disputations of right to sacraments, and the true nature of visible Christianity defending them against several sorts of opponents, especially against the second assault of that pious, reverend and dear brother Mr. Thomas Blake / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26886EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The certainty of Christianity without popery, or, Whether the Catholick-Protestant or the papist have the surer faith being an answer to one of the oft canted questions and challenges of the papists, sent to one who desired this : published to direct the unskilful, how to defend their faith against papists and infidels, but especially against the temptations of the Devil, that by saving their faith, they may save their holiness, their comfort and their souls / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The certainty of the worlds of spirits and, consequently, of the immortality of souls of the malice and misery of the devils and the damned : and of the blessedness of the justified, fully evinced by the unquestionable histories of apparitions, operations, witchcrafts, voices &c. / written, as an addition to many other treatises for the conviction of Sadduces and infidels, by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26888EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Christian directory, or, A summ of practical theologie and cases of conscience directing Christians how to use their knowledge and faith, how to improve all helps and means, and to perform all duties, how to overcome temptations, and to escape or mortifie every sin : in four parts ... / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26892EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian religion expressed I, briefly in the ancient creeds, the Ten commandments, and the Lords prayer, and, II, more largely in a profession taken out of the Holy Scriptures, containing 1, the articles of the Christian belief, 2, our consent to the gospel covenant, 3, the sum of Christian duty, according to the primitive simplicity, purity, and practice, fitted to the right instruction of the ignorant, the promoting of holiness, and the charitable concord of all true believers ... / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26895EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christians converse with God, or, The insufficiency and uncertainty of human friendship and the improvement of solitude in converse with God with some of the author's breathings after him / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26896EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Church concord containing I. a disswasive from unnecessary division and separation, and the real concord of the moderate independents with the Presbyterians, instanced in ten seeming differences, II. by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26897EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Church-history of the government of bishops and their councils abbreviated including the chief part of the government of Christian princes and popes, and a true account of the most troubling controversies and heresies till the Reformation ... / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26898EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The church told of Mr. Ed. Bagshaw's scandals and warned of the dangerous snares of Satan now laid for them in his love-killing principles with a farther proof that it is our common duty to keep up the interest of the Christian religion and Protestant cause in the parish churches, and not to imprison them by a confinement to tolerated meetings alone / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26901EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Compassionate counsel to all young men especially I. London apprentices, II. students of divinity, physick, and law, III. the sons of magistrates and rich men / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26903EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The crucifying of the world by the cross of Christ with a preface to the nobles, gentlemen, and all the rich, directing them how they may be richer / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26905EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The cure of church-divisions, or, Directions for weak Christians to keep them from being dividers or troublers of the church with some directions to the pastors how to deal with such Christians / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26906EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dangerous schismatick clearly detected and fully confuted for the saving of a distracted nation from that which would destroy Christian love and unity : occasioned by a resolver of three cases about church-communion / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26909EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The defence of the nonconformists plea for peace, or, An account of the matter of their nonconformity against Mr. J. Cheney's answer called The conforming nonconformist, and The nonconforming conformist : to which is added the second part in answer to Mr. Cheney's Five undertakings / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the principles of love, which are necessary to the unity and concord of Christians and are delivered in a book called The cure of church-divisions ... / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26912EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The difference between the power of magistrates and church-pastors and the Roman kingdom & magistracy under the name of a church & church-government usurped by the Pope, or liberally given him by popish princes opened by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26914EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Directions and perswasions to a sound conversion for prevention of that deceit and damnation of souls, and of those scandals, heresies, and desperate apostasies that are the consequents of a counterfeit, or superficial change / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26915EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Directions for weak distempered Christians, to grow up to a confirmed state of grace with motives opening the lamentable effects of their weaknesses and distempers / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26917EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The divine appointment of the Lords day proved as a separated day for holy worship, especially in the church assemblies, and consequently the cessation of the seventh day Sabbath : written for the satisfaction of some religious persons who are lately drawn into error or doubting in both these points / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26918EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The divine life in three treatises ... by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26919EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The duty of heavenly meditation reviewed by Richard Baxter at the invitation of Mr. Giles Firmin's exceptions in his book entituled, The real Christian.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26920EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Richard Baxter's dying thoughts upon Phil. I, 23 written for his own life and the latter times of his corporal pains and weakness.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26921EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An end of doctrinal controversies which have lately troubled the churches by reconciling explication without much disputing. Written by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26923EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English nonconformity as under King Charles II and King James II truly stated and argued by Richard Baxter ; who earnestly beseecheth rulers and clergy not to divide and destroy the land and cast their own souls on the dreadful guilt and punishment of national perjury ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26924EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fair-warning, or, XXV reasons against toleration and indulgence of popery with the Arch-bishop of Canterbury's letter to the King and all the bishops of Irelands protestation to the Parliament to the same purpose : with an answer to the Roman-Catholicks reasons for indulgence : also the excellent reasons of the Honourable House of Commons against indulgence, with historical observations thereupon.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26927EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Faithful souls shall be with Christ the certainty proved and their Christianity described, and exemplified in the truely Christian life and death of that excellent saint, Henry Ashhurst, Esq ... : briefly and truly published for the conviction of hypocrites and the malignant, the strengthning of believers, and the imitation of all, especially the masters of families in London / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26928EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Richard Baxter's farewel sermon prepared to have been preached to his hearers at Kidderminster at his departure, but forbidden.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26929EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Full and easie satisfaction which is the true and safe religion in a conference between D. a doubter, P. a papist, and R. a reformed Catholick Christian : in four parts ... / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26931EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gildas Salvianus, the reformed pastor shewing the nature of the pastoral work, especially in private instruction and catechizing : with an open confession of our too open sins : prepared for a day of humiliation kept at Worcester, Decemb. 4, 1655 by the ministers of that county, who subscribed the agreement for catechizing and personal instruction at their entrance upon that work / by their unworthy fellow-servant, Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26932EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The glorious kingdom of Christ, described and clearly vindicated against the bold asserters of a future calling and reign of the Jews, and 1000 years before the conflagration and the asserters of the 1000 years kingdom after the conflagration : opening the promise of the new heaven and earth and the everlastingness of Christ's kingdom against their debasing it, who confine it to 1000 years ... : answering Mr. Tho. Beverley ... in his twelve principles and catechisms, &c. / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26934EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gods goodness vindicated for the help of such (especially in melancholy) as are tempted to deny it, and think him cruel, because of the present and future misery of mankind, with respect to the doctrine of reprobation and damnation / by Richard Baxter ... ; published and prefaced by a friend at whose desire it was written, and to whom it was committed.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26935EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The grand question resolved, what we must do to be saved instructions for a holy life / by the late Reverend Divine, Mr. Richard Baxter ; recommended to the bookseller a few days before his death to be immediately printed for the good of souls.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26936EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
How far holinesse is the design of Christianity where the nature of holiness and morality is opened, and the doctrine of justification, imputation of sin and righteousness, &c. partly cleared, and vindicated from abuse : in certain propositions, returned to an unknown person, referring to Mr. Fowlers treatise on this subject / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26938EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
How to do good to many, or, The publick good is the Christians life directions and motives to it, intended for an auditory of London citizens, and published for them, for want of leave to preach them / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26939EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The invaluable price of an immortal soul shewing the vanity of most people in taking care for the body, but neglect their duty as to the preservation of their never-dying souls : with advice to secure sinners to examine themselves before it be too late, that when death shall come to separate their souls from their bodies, they may be in a condition to welcome death for that happy change which all prepared Christians will ever rejoyce in : very necessary for all people to read and consider who would willingly be accounted true Christians : with large admonition to prayer as a duty most incumbant upon all who desire to obtain everlasting life through Christ Jesus.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26941EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The judgment and advice of the Assembly of the Associated Ministers of VVorcester-shire held at Worcester, Aug. 6th 1658 concerning the endeavours of ecclesiasticall peace, and the waies and meanes of Christian unity, which Mr. John Durey doth present, sent unto him in the name, and by the appointment of the aforesaid Assembly / by Richard Baxter ...Associated Ministers of Worcester-shire. Assembly (1658 : Worcester, Worcestershire)A26942EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Baxter's judgment and reasons against communicating with the parish-assemblies, as by law required, impartially stated and proposedBaxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26943EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The judgment of Mr. Baxter concerning ceremonies and conformity with a short reflection upon a scandalous pamphlet intituled, A proposition for the safety and happiness of the king and kingdom : in a letter to a gentleman of the House of Commons.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26945EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The judgment of non-conformists of the interest of reason in matters of religion in which it is proved against make-bates, that both conformists, and non-conformists, and all parties of true Protestants are herein really agreed, though unskilful speakers differ in words.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26946EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A key for Catholicks, to open the jugling of the Jesuits, and satisfie all that are but truly willing to understand, whether the cause of the Roman or reformed churches be of God ... containing some arguments by which the meanest may see the vanity of popery, and 40 detections of their fraud, with directions, and materials sufficient for the confutation of their voluminous deceits ... : the second part sheweth (especially against the French and Grotians) that the Catholick Church is not united in any meerly humane head, either Pope or council / by Richard Baxter, a Catholick Christian and Pastor of a church ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26947EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Richard Baxter's last legacy in select admonitions and directions to all sober dissenters.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26948EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life of faith in three parts, the first is a sermon on Heb. 11, 1, formerly preached before His Majesty, and published by his command, with another added for the fuller application : the second is instructions for confirming believers in the Christian faith : the third is directions how to live by faith, or how to exercise it upon all occasions / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26951EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Making light of Christ and salvation too oft the issue of gospel invitations manifested in a sermon preached at Lawrence-dury, in London, by Rich. Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26952EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memorables of the life of faith taken out of Mr. B's sermon preached before the King at Whitehall : published thus for the poor that want money and memory / by one desirous to promote the common salvation.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26953EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mischiefs of self-ignorance and the benefits of self-acquaintance opened in divers sermons at Dunstan's-West and published in answer to the accusations of some and the desires of others / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26955EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Young lovers guide, or, The unsuccessful amours of Philabius, a country lover ... writ by him to his beautious-unkind mistress ... ; with The answer of Helena to Paris, by a country shepherdess ; as also, The sixth Æneid and fourth eclogue of Virgil, both newly translated by J.B., Gent.A26956EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Monthly preparations for the Holy Communion by R.B. ; to which is added suitable meditations before, in, and after receiving ; with divine hymns in common tunes, fitted for publick congregations or private families.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26957EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A moral prognostication I. what shall befall the churches on Earth, till their concord, by the restitution of their primitive purity, simplicity, and charity, II. how that restitution is like to be made, (if ever) and what shall befall them thence-forth unto the end, in that golden-age of love / written by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26958EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
More proofs of infants church-membership and consequently their right to baptism, or, A second defence of our infant rights and mercies in three parts ... / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26959EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
More reasons for the Christian religion and no reason against it, or, A second appendix to the Reasons of the Christian religion being I. an answer to a letter from an unknown person charging the Holy Scriptures with contradictions, II. some animadversions on a tractate De Veritate, written by ... Edward Herbert, Baron of Cherbury ... / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26960EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Much in a little, or, An abstract of Mr. Baxters plain Scripture-proof for infants church-membership or baptism with a few notes upon the anti-queries of T.G. / by the same hand that wrote the Fifty queries.Barret, John, 1631-1713.A26961EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Naked popery, or, The naked falshood of a book called The Catholick naked truth, or, The Puritan convert to apostolical Christianity, written by W.H. opening their fundamental errour of unwritten tradition, and their unjust description of the Puritans, the prelatical Protestant, and the papist, and their differences, and better acquainting the ignorant of the same difference, especially what a Puritan and what a papist is / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26962EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nature and immortality of the soul proved in answer to one who professed perplexing doubtfulness / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26963EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nonconformists advocate, or, A farther account of their judgment in certain things in which they are misunderstood written principally in vindication of A letter from a minister to a person of quality, shewing some reasons for his nonconformity, modesty answering the exceptions of two violent opposers of the said reasons.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26964EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nonconformists plea for peace, or, An account of their judgment in certain things in which they are misunderstood written to reconcile and pacifie such as by mistaking them hinder love and concord / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26965EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Now or never the holy, serious, diligent believer justified, encouraged, excited and directed, and the opposers and neglecters convinced by the light of Scripture and reason / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26967EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of justification four disputations clearing and amicably defending the truth against the unnecessary oppositions of divers learned and reverend brethren / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26974EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of national churches their description, institution, use, preservation, danger, maladies and cure, partly applied to England / written by Richard Baxter for promoting peace ... and for the fuller explication of the Treaty for Concord in 1660 and 1661, and of the Kings gracious declaration about ecclesiastical affairs ... and for further explication of his treatise of episcopacy ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26975EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the immortality of mans soul, and the nature of it and other spirits. Two discourses, one in a letter to an unknown doubter, the other in a reply to Dr. Henry Moore's Animadversions on a private letter to him, which he published in his second edition of Mr. Joseph Glanvil's Sadducismus triumphatus, or, History of apparitions by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26976EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the imputation of Christ's righteousness to believers in what sence [sic] sound Protestants hold it and of the false divised sence by which libertines subvert the Gospel : with an answer to some common objections, especially of Dr. Thomas Tully whose Justif. Paulina occasioneth the publication of this / by Richard Baxter a compassionate lamenter of the Church's wounds caused by hasty judging ... and by the theological wars which are hereby raised and managed ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26977EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
One sheet against the Quakers by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26979EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
One sheet for the ministry against the malignants of all sorts by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26980EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A paraphrase on the New Testament with notes, doctrinal and practical, by plainess and brevity fitted to the use of religious families, in their daily reading of the Scriptures : and of the younger and poorer sort of scholars and ministers, who want fuller helps : with an advertisement of difficulties in the Revelations / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26981EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Richard Baxter's penitent confession and his necessary vindication in answer to a book called The second part of the mischiefs of separation, written by an unnamed author with a preface to Mr. Cantianus D. Minimis, in answer to his letter which extorted this publication.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26982EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A petition for peace with the reformation of the liturgy, as it was presented to the right reverend bishops, by the divines appointed by His Majesties commission to treat with them about the alteration of it.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26983EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pneumatou diakonia, or, Gospel-churches a standing ordinance of Jesus Christ to continue to his next personal glorious coming, plainly proved : objections particularly answer'd / by an unworthy servant ... R.B.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26986EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poetical fragments heart-imployment with God and it self : the concordant discord of a broken-healed heart ... / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26987EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Protestant religion truely stated and justified by the late Reverend Mr. Richard Baxter ; prepared for the press some time before his death ; whereunto is added, by way of preface, some account of the learned author, by Mr. Danel Williams and Mr. Matthew Sylvester.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A26998EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Quakers catechism, or, The Quakers questioned, their questions answered, and both published for the sake of those of them that have not yet sinned unto death and of those ungrounded novices that are most in danger of their seduction / by R[i]chard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27001EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ready way of confuting Mr. Baxter a specimen of the present mode of controversie in England.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27003EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reasons of the Christian religion the first part, of godliness, proving by natural evidence the being of God ... : the second part, of Christianity, proving by evidence supernatural and natural, the certain truth of the Christian belief ... / by Richard Baxter ... ; also an appendix defending the soul's immortality against the Somatists or Epicureans and other pseudo-philosophers.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27004EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reliquiæ Baxterianæ, or, Mr. Richard Baxters narrative of the most memorable passages of his life and times faithfully publish'd from his own original manuscript by Matthew Sylvester.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27006EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reply to Mr. Tho. Beverley's answer to my reasons against his doctrine of the thousand years middle kingdom, and of the conversion of the Jews by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27007EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rich. Baxter's review of the state of Christian's infants whether they should be entered in covenant with God by baptism ... or whether Christ, the Saviour of the world, hath shut all mankind out of his visible kingdom ... 'till they come of age? : occasioned by the importunity of Mr. E. Hutchinson (and of Mr. Danvers and Mr. Tombes) who called him to this review in order to his retractation [sic] ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27008EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The right method for a settled peace of conscience, and spiritual comfort in 32 directions : written for the use of a troubled friend / and now published by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27009EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Roman tradition examined, as it is urged as infallible against all mens senses, reason, the Holy Scripture, the tradition and present judgment of the far greatst part of the Universal Church; in the point of transubstantiation; in answer to a book called A rational discourse of transubstantiation.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27011EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Baxters rules & directions for family duties shewing how every one ought to behave himself in a Christian behaviour, suitable to that relation in which God hath placed him : wherein is set forth the duty of parents (required of God) towards their children, likewise childrens duty to their parents, husbands to their wives, and wives to their husbands, masters to their servants, and servants duty to their masters ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27012EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Learne of a Turk, or, Instructions and advise sent from the Turkish Army at Constantinople, to the English Army at London faithfully and impartially communicated by M.B., one of the attendants of the English agents there.M. B., one of the attendants of the English agent there.A27013EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sacrilegious desertion of the holy ministery rebuked, and tolerated preaching of the gospel vindicated, against the reasonings of a confident questionist, in a book called Toleration not abused; with counsil to the nonconformists, and petition to the pious conformists / by one that is consecrated to the sacred ministry, and is resolved not to be a deserter of it ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27014EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The safe religion, or, Three disputations for the reformed catholike religion against popery proving that popery is against the Holy Scriptures, the unity of the catholike church, the consent of the antient doctors, the plainest reason, and common judgment of sense it self / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27015EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A saint or a brute the certain necessity and excellency of holiness, &c. ... / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27016EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The saints everlasting rest, or, A treatise of the blessed state of the saints in their enjoyment of God in glory wherein is shewed its excellency and certainty, the misery of those that lose it, the way to attain it, and assurance of it, and how to live in the continual delightful forecasts of it and now published by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27017EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Schism detected in both extreams, or, Two sorts of sinful separation the first part detecteth the schismatical principles of a resolver of three cases about church-communion, the second part confuteth the separation pleaded for in a book famed to be written by Mr. Raphson.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27028EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Scripture Gospel defended, and Christ, grace, and free justification vindicated against the libertines ... in two books : the first, a breviate of fifty controversies about justification ... : the second upon the sudden reviving of antinomianism ... and the re-printing of Dr. Crisp's sermons with additions ... / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27029EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A search for the English schismatick by the case and characters I. of the diocesan canoneers, II. of the present meer nonconformists : not as an accusation of the former, but a necessary defence of the later, so far as they are wrongfully accused and persecuted by them / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27030EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second admonition to Mr. Edward Bagshaw written to call him to repentance for many false doctrines, crimes, and specially fourscore palpable untruths in matter of fact ... : with a confutation of his reasons for separation ... / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27032EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second sheet for the ministry iustifying our calling against Quakers, seekers, and papists and all that deny us to be the ministers of Christ by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27034EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second true defence of the meer nonconformists against the untrue accusations, reasonings, and history of Dr. Edward Stillingfleet ... clearly proving that it is (not sin but) duty 1. not wilfully to commit the many sins of conformity, 2. not sacrilegiously to forsake the preaching of the Gospel, 3. not to cease publick worshipping of God, 4. to use needful pastoral helps for salvation ... / written by Richard Baxter ... ; with some notes on Mr. Joseph Glanviles Zealous and impartial Protestant, and Dr. L. Moulins character.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27035EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Select arguments and reasons against popery by R. Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27036EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
R. Baxter's sence of the subscribed articles of religionBaxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27037EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of iudgement preached at Pauls before the Honourable Lord Maior and aldermen of the city of London, Dec. 17, 1654 and now enlarged / Rich. Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27038EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of repentance preached before the honourable House of Commons, assembled in Parliament at Westminster, at their late solemn fast for the setling of these nations, April 30, 1660 / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27042EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of that faithful minister of Christ, Mr. John Corbet with his true and exemplary character / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The successive visibility of the church of which the Protestants are the soundest members I. defended against the opposition of Mr. William Johnson, II. proved by many arguments / by Richard Baxter ; whereunto is added 1. an account of my judgement to Mr. J. how far hereticks are or are not in the church, 2. Mr. Js. explication of the most used terms, with my queries thereupon, and his answer and my reply, 3. an appendix about successive ordination, 4. letters between me and T.S., a papist, with a narrative of the success.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27045EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A third defence of the cause of peace proving 1. the need of our concord, 2. the impossibility of it, on the terms of the present impositions against the accusations and storms of, viz., Mr. John Hinckley, a nameless impleader, a nameless reflector, or Speculum, &c., Mr. John Cheny's second accusation, Mr. Roger L'Strange, justice, &c., the Dialogue between the Pope and a fanatic, J. Varney's phanatic Prophesie / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27046EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three treatises tending to awaken secure sinners by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27047EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of death, the last enemy to be destroyed shewing wherein its enmity consisteth and how it is destroyed : part of it was preached at the funerals [sic] of Elizabeth, the late wife of Mr. Joseph Baker ... / by Rich. Baxter ; with some few passages of the life of the said Mrs. Baker observed.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27048EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of episcopacy confuting by Scripture, reason, and the churches testimony that sort of diocesan churches, prelacy and government, which casteth out the primitive church-species, episcopacy, ministry and discipline and confoundeth the Christian world by corruption, usurpation, schism and persecution : meditated in the year 1640, when the et cætera oath was imposed : written 1671 and cast by : published 1680 by the importunity of our superiours, who demand the reasons of our nonconformity / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of knowledge and love compared in two parts: I. of falsely pretended knowledge, II. of true saving knowledge and love ... / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27051EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of self-denial. By Richard Baxter, pastor of the church at KederminsterBaxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27053EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true and only way of concord of all the Christian churches the desirableness of it, and the detection of false dividing terms / opened by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27054EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true believer's choice and pleasure Instanced in the exemplary life of Mrs Mary Coxe, the late wife of Doctor Thomas Coxe. Preached for her funeral by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27055EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true history of councils enlarged and defended against the deceits of a pretended vindicator of the primitive church, but indeed of the tympanite & tyranny of some prelates many hundred years after Christ, with a detection of the false history of Edward Lord Bishop of Corke and Rosse in Ireland ... and a preface abbreviating much of Ludolphus's History of Habassta : written to shew their dangerous errour, who think that a general council, or colledge of bishops, is a supream governour of all the Christian world ... / by Richard Baxter ... ; to which is added by another hand, a defence of a book, entituled, No evidence for diocesan churches ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27058EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two disputations of original sin I. of original sin as from Adam, II. of original sin as from our neerer parents : written long ago for a more private use, and now published (with a preface) upon the invitation of Dr. T. Tullie / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27059EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two papers of proposals concerning the discipline and ceremonies of the Church of England humbly presented to His Majesty by the Reverend ministers of the Presbyterian perswasion.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27060EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two treatises the first of death, on I Cor. 15:26, the second of judgment on 2 Cor. 5:10, 11 / by Rich. Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27061EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two treatises tending to awaken secure sinners viz., 1. The terror of the day of judgment, from 2 Cor. 5. 10, 2. The danger of slighting Christ and his Gospel, from Matth. 22. 5 / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Universal concord the sufficient terms proposed for the use of those that have liberty to use them, and as the authors profession of his own religion, in contentious, dividing age / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27063EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Universal redemption of mankind, by the Lord Jesus Christ stated and cleared by the late learned Mr. Richard Barter [sic] ; whereunto is added a short account of Special redemption, by the same author.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27064EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vain religion of the formal hypocrite, and the mischief of an unbridled tongue (as against religion, rulers, or dissenters) described, in several sermons, preached at the Abby in Westminster, before many members of the Honourable House of Commons, 1660 ; and The fools prosperity, the occasion of his destruction : a sermon preached at Covent-Garden / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27065EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Baxter's vindication of the Church of England in her rites and ceremonies, discipline, and church-orders as faithfully taken out of his own writings, without either false citation, or fraudulent alteration : to which is prefixed his epistle to the non-conformists, being a just and true abstract of his book entituled, A defence of the principles of love.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27066EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whether parish congregations be true Christian churches and the capable consenting incumbents, be truly their pastors, or bishops over their flocks ... : written by Richard Baxter as an explication of some passages in his former writings, especially his Treatise of episcopacy, misunderstood and misapplied by some, and answering the strongest objections of some of them, especially a book called, Mr. Baxters judgment and reasons against communicating with the parish assemblies, as by law required, and another called, A theological dialogue, or, Catholick communion once more defended, upon mens necessitating importunity / by Richard Baxter.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27068EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Which is the true church? the whole Christian world, as headed only by Christ ... or, the Pope of Rome and his subjects as such? : in three parts ... / by Richard Baxter ...Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27069EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A journal of the late actions of the French at Canada with the manner of their being repuls'd by His Excellency, Benjamin Fletcher, Their Majesties governour of New-York / impartially related by Coll. Nicholas Reyard [sic], and Lieutenant Coll. Charles Lodowick, who attended His Excellency during the whole expedition ...Bayard, Nicholas, 1644-1707.A27071EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A narrative of an attempt made by the French of Canada upon the Mohaques country being Indians under the protection of Their Majesties government of New York : to which is added, 1. An account of the present state, and strength of Canada, given by two Dutch-men, who have been prisoner, 3. His Excellency Benjamin Fletcher's speech to the Indians, 4. The answer of the five nations of the Mohaques to His Excellency, 5. Proposals made by the four chief sachims of the five nations, to His Excellency, and His Excellency's reply thereto, 6. An address from the corporation of Albany to His Excellency, returning thanks for His Excellency's early assistance for their relief, &c. / a journal kept by Coll. Nicholas Beyard and Lieut. Coll. Charles Lodwick, who attended His Excellency in this expedition.Bayard, Nicholas, 1644-1707.A27073EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tes iatrikes kartos, or, A treatise de morborum capitis essentiis & pronosticis adorned with above three hundred choice and rare observations ... / by Robert Bayfield ...Bayfield, Robert, b. 1629.A27077EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tractatus de tumoribus praeter naturam, or, A treatise of preternatural tumors divided into four sections and adorned with many choice and rare observations / by Robert Bayfield ...Bayfield, Robert, b. 1629.A27078EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The practice of piety directing a Christian how to walk, that he may please God / amplified by the authorBayly, Lewis, d. 1631.A27107EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certamen religiosum, or, A conference between the late King of England and the late Lord Marquesse of Worcester concerning religion together with a vindication of the Protestant cause from the pretences of the Marquesse his last papers which the necessity of the King's affaires denyed him oportunity to answer.Bayly, Thomas, d. 1657?A27112EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The royal charter granted unto kings, by God himself and collected out of his Holy Word, in both Testaments / by T.B. ... ; whereunto is added by the same author, a short treatise, wherein Episcopacy is proved to be jure divino.Bayly, Thomas, d. 1657?A27115EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wall-flower as it grew out of the stone-chamber belonging to the metropolitan prison of London called Newgate : being a history which is partly true, partly romantick, morally divine : whereby a marriage between reality and fancy is solemnized by divinity / written by Thomas Bayly ... whilst he was prisoner there.Bayly, Thomas, d. 1657?A27117EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to the Earle of Pembroke from Sir Edvvard Baynton in Glocester shewing the true manner how himselfe and Captaine Edward Eyre were surprised at Malmsbury by two lieutenant collonels under the Earl of Stamfords command upon pretended ground and contrary to some scandalous relations in print ; with the reasons inducing him formerly to seize upon Sir Edward Hungerford.Baynton, Edward, Sir, 1618?-1679.A27150EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wonders if not miracles, or, A relation of the wonderful performances of Vanlentine Gertrux of Assance neer Youghall in Ireland who cureth all manner of diseases with a stroak of his hand and prayer as is testified by many eare and eye witnesses.Beacher, Lyonell.A27152EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The journal or diary of a thankful Christian presented in some meditations upon Numb. 33:2 / by J.B., Master of Arts, and Minister of the Gospel at Barnstone in Essex.Beadle, John, d. 1667.A27153EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Herefordshire orchards, a pattern for all England written in an epistolary address to Samuel Hartlib, Esq. / by I.B.Beale, John, 1603-1683?A27154EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A bloudy plot, brought to light by Gods providence wherein was intended a great insurrection, and rising of the papists in divers counties of this kingdome, on Thursday, October 18, 1641 : one Mr. Beale over-hearing their discourse, which is here related, according to the true copy by him presented to the Parliament, with number, and names of some papists that are committed about the said plot, and why : whereupon is added, a religious and grave speech spoken by Sir Robert Phillips in Parliament for the drawing up of the Remonstrance ready to the King.Beale, Thomas, 17th cent.A27155EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true discovery of a bloody plott intended to have been put in practice on Thursday the 18 of this present November, against some of the chiefe of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled by bloody minded papists : as also a relation of intended insurrections in six severall parts of this land on the same day, discovered by Thomas Beale and by him presented to the high court of Parliament in protestation against divers other libellous pamphlets printed already by false, scandalous, and lying copies.Beale, Thomas, 17th cent.A27156EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Resurrection founded on justice, or, A vindication of this great standing reason assigned by the ancients and modern wherein the objections of the learned Dr. Hody against it, are answered : some opinions of Tertullian about it, examined : the learned doctor's three reasons of the Resurrection, inquired into : and some considerations from reason and Scriptures, laid down for the establishment of it / by N.B. ...Beare, Nicholas.A27162EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The theatre of Gods judgements wherein is represented the admirable justice of God against all notorious sinners ... / collected out of sacred, ecclesiasticall, and pagan histories by two most reverend doctors in divinity, Thomas Beard ... and Tho. Taylor ...Beard, Thomas, d. 1632.A27163EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
No treason to say, Kings are Gods subjects, or, The supremacy of God, opened, asserted, applyed in some sermons preached at Lugarshal in Sussex by N.B. then rector there, accused of treason by James Thompson, Vicar of Shalford in Surry, and the author ejected out of the said rectory for preaching them : with a preface apologetical, vindicating the author and sermons from that false accusation, relating the manner of his ejection, and fully answering the narrative of the said Vicar, now also parson of Lurgarshal / by Nehemiah Beaton ...Beaton, Nehemiah, d. 1663.A27165EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Emblem of ingratitude a true relation of the unjust, cruel, and barbarous proceedings against the English at Amboyna in the East-Indies, by the Netherlandish governour & council there : also a farther account of the deceit, cruelty, and tyranny of the Dutch against the English, and several others, from their first to their present estate, with remarks upon the whole matter : faithfully collected from antient and modern records.A27176EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The beggars bush written by Francis Beavmont and John Fletcher.Fletcher, John, 1579-1625.A27179EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bonduca, or, The British heroine a tragedy, acted at the Theatre Royal by His Majesty's servants, with a new entertainment of musick, vocal and instrumental : never printed or acted before.Fletcher, John, 1579-1625.A27180EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Philaster, or, Love lies a bleeding a tragi-comedy, as it is now acted at His Majesty's Theatre Royal ...Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616.A27196EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The prophetess, or, The history of Dioclesian written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher ; with alterations and additions, after the manner of an opera ; represented at the Queen's Theatre, by Their Majesties servants.Betterton, Thomas, 1635?-1710.A27197EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rule a wife, and have a wife a comedy, as it is acted at the new theatre in Little Lincolns Inn-fields, by His Majesty's servants.Fletcher, John, 1579-1625.A27198EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A caveat for sinners, or, a warning for swearers, blasphemers, and adulterers. Shewing, the vengeance of the almighty, inflicted upon several, whose habital custom to the afore-mentioned and horrid sins, rendred them the objects of God's vvrath; as you may hear by the sequel. Very necessary to be placed up in the houses of every good Christian, that they may avoid the like crimes. Written by that reverend divine, Mr. R.B.R. B.A27200EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wild-goose chase a comedie as it hath been acted with singular applause at the Black-Friers : being the noble, last, and onely remaines of those incomparable drammatists, Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, Gent. : retriv'd for the publick delight of all the ingenious and private benefit of John Lowin and Joseph Taylor, servants to His late Majestie / by a person of honour.Fletcher, John, 1579-1625.A27203EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wit withovt money a comedie, as it hath been presented with good applause at the private house in Drury Lane, by Her Majesties servants / written by [brace] Francis Beamount [sic] and John Flecher ...Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616.A27204EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations on a book, entituled The theory of the earth, publisht some years since by the Dr. BurnetBeaumont, John, d. 1731.A27207EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A postscript to a book published last year entituled Considerations on Dr. Burnet's Theory of the earthBeaumont, John, d. 1731.A27209EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The present state of the universe, or, An account of I. The rise, births, names, matches, children, and near allies of all the present chief princes of the world, II. Their coats of arms, motto's, devises, liveries, religions, and languages, III. The names of their chief towns, with some computation of the houses and inhabitants ... IV. Their revenues to which are added some other curious remarks, as also an account of common-wealths, relating to the foregoing heads.Beaumont, John, d. 1731.A27210EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Psyche, or, Loves mysterie in XX canto's, displaying the intercourse betwixt Christ and the soule / by Joseph Beaumont ...Beaumont, Joseph, 1616-1699.A27212EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some observations upon the apologie of Dr. Henry More for his mystery of godliness by J. Beaumont ...Beaumont, Joseph, 1616-1699.A27214EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Magnalia naturæ, or, The philosophers-stone lately exposed to public sight and scale being a true and exact account of the manner how Wenceslaus Seilerus, the late famous projection-maker at the emperours court at Vienna, came by and made away with a very great quantity of pouder of projection by projecting with it before the emperour and a great many witnesses, selling it &c. for some years past / by John Joachim Becher : published at the request, and for the satisfaction of several curious, especially of Mr. Boyl &c.Becher, Johann Joachim, 1635-1682.A27223EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reward of oppression, tyranny, and injustice committed by the late kings and queens of England and others by the unlawful entry and unlawful deteiner of the dutchie lands of Lancaster : declared in the case of Samuel Beck, an infant, and directed to his Highness Oliver, Lord Protector of England &c. and to the Right Honorable his Privy Counsel / by Margaret Beck.Beck, Margaret.A27226EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A certain and true relation of the heavenly enjoyments and living testimonies of God's love unto her soul, participated of from the bountiful hand of the Lord, and communicated to her in the time of her weakness of body. Declared upon the dying-bed of Sarah, the wife of John Beck ... who departed this life the 13th day of the 6th moneth, 1679.Beck, Sarah, d. 1679.A27227EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The doctrine of a general resurrection wherein the identity of the rising body is asserted against the Socinians and scepticks : in a sermon preach'd before the University at St. Mary's in Oxford, on Easter-Monday, Apr. 5 / by Tho. Beconsall ...Becconsall, Thomas, d. 1709.A27234EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The excommunicated prince, or, The false relique a tragedy, as it was acted by His Holiness's servants, being the Popish plot in a play / by Capt. William Bedloe.Bedloe, William, 1650-1680.A27247EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A narrative and impartial discovery of the horrid Popish plot, carried on for the burning and destroying the cities of London and VVestminster, with their suburbs, &c. setting forth the several consults, orders and resolutions of the Jesuites, &c. concerning the same. ... / by Capt. William Bedloe ... one of the Popish Committee for carrying on such fires.Bedloe, William, 1650-1680.A27248EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Bee's answer to Mr. Poole's second vindication of his Design for printing A synopsis of criticall and other commentatorsBee, Cornelius.A27249EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An alarum to London, or, The famous London's blowing up by Londoners sounded, not to fire their buildings, but to quench their burnings : in a letter to Major Generall Browne.Beech, William.A27250EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new light-house at Milford for the great pilots of England, for their safety, as well to avoyd the unremovable rock, Eliot, from their doore here, as to beware of the bishop and his clerks neer their harbour there.Beech, William.A27251EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A view of Englands present distempers occasioned by the late revolution of government in this nation, wherein (amongst others) these following particulars are asserted : (viz) that the present powers are to be obeyed, that parliaments are the powers of God, that the generality of Gods enemies are the Parliaments enemies, et contra : together with some motives, ground, and instructions to the souldiery, how and wherefore they ought to subdue by arms the enemies of the Parliament in England &c.Beech, William.A27252EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the honourable the Commons of England assembled in Parliament proposals humbly offered to lay down a method which will totally prevent all robberies upon the highway, raise five hundred thousand pounds per annum to the government, and increase dealings of all kinds ...Beeckman, Daniel.A27255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Honourable the Commons of England assembled in Parliament proposals humbly offered to raise five hundred thousand pounds per annum, to make good the adulterated and defaced coin of this kingdom without hurting the subject, by drawing it from all parts of the kingdom, dominion of Wales, &c. ...Beeckman, Daniel.A27256EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems, divine and humane by Thomas Beedome.Beedome, Thomas, d. 1641?A27257EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Proposals humbly offered to the honourable house of commons first, for a way, or method, to procure bullion. Secondly, that His Majesty, and subject, will be gainers thereby. Thirdly, that it will highly tend to the good of trade, and commerce in general, during the time the moneys shall be re-coining. Which are as follows, (viz)R. B.A27258EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Beggars delight as it was sung at the Theatre-Royal.A27262EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Beginning of civil-warres in England, or, A skirmish between the Lord Strange and the inhabitants of Manchester in Lancashire, July 4 with the number of the men that were slain and wounded ou [sic] both sides, and a catalogue of the officers that were in this skirmish : the occasion whereof was through the Lord Stranges resolution to take away their magazine by force, having received many forces from Yorke : likewise a letter which the Lord Strange sent to the gentry of Manchester, July 5, with their answer to the said letter : together with the Parliaments declaration and order concerning the aforesaid lord.A27266EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
All the histories and novels written by the late ingenious Mrs. Behn entire in one volume : together with the history of the life and memoirs of Mrs. Behn never before printed / by one of the fair sex ; intermix'd with pleasant love-letters that pass'd betwixt her and Minheer Van Brun, a Dutch merchant, with her character of the countrey and lover : and her love-letters to a gentleman in England.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27276EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Abdelazer, or, The Moor's revenge a tragedy, as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's Theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27277EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The amorous prince, or, The curious husband a comedy / by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27279EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The city-heiress, or, Sir Timothy Treat-all a comedy : as it is acted at His Royal Highness his theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27280EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A congratulatory poem to Her Most Sacred Majesty, on the universal hopes of all loyal persons for a Prince of Wales by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27282EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A congratulatory poem to Her Sacred Majesty, Queen Mary upon her arrival in England by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27284EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A congratulatory poem to His Most Sacred Majesty on the happy birth of the Prince of Wales by Mrs A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27286EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Dutch lover a comedy acted at the Dvkes theatre / written by Mrs. A. Bhen [sic]Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27287EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The emperor of the moon a farce : as it is acted by Their Majesties servants at the Queens Theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27288EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fair jilt, or, The history of Prince Tarquin and Miranda written by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27290EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The false count, or, A new way to play an old game as it is acted at the Duke's Theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27291EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The feign'd curtizans, or, A nights intrigue a comedy : as it is acted at the Dukes Theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27293EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The forc'd marriage, or, The jealous bridegroom a tragi-comedy : as it is acted at His Highnesse the Duke of Yorks theatre / written by A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27294EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the nun, or, The fair vow-breaker written by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27297EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lady's looking-glass, to dress herself by, or, The whole art of charming by Mrs. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27298EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lives of sundry notorious villains, memorable for their base and abominable actions together with a novel as it really happened at Roan in France.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Love-letters between a noble-man and his sisterBehn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27301EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Love letters between Polydorus, the Gothick king, and Messalina, late Queen of AlbionA27302EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The luckey chance, or, An alderman's bargain a comedy as is acted by their Majesty's servants / by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27303EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lucky mistake a new novel / written by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27304EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Oroonoko, or, The royal slave : a true history / by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27305EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pindarick poem on the happy coronation of His Most Sacred Majesty James II and his illustrious consort Queen Mary by Mrs. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27308EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pindarick on the death of our late sovereign with an ancient prophecy on his present Majesty / written by A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27309EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Pindaric poem to the Reverend Doctor Burnet on the honour he did me of enquiring after me and my muse by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27311EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A poem humbly dedicated to the great patern [sic] of piety and virtue Catherine, Queen Dowager on the death of her dear lord and husband, King Charles II / by Mrs. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27313EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A poem to Sir Roger L'Estrange on his third part of the history of the times relating to the death of Sir Edmund Bury-Godfrey / by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27314EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems upon several occasions with, A voyage to the island of love / by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27315EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems upon several occasions with a voyage to the island of love : also The lover in fashion, being an account from Lydicus to Lysander of his voyage from the island of love / by Mrs. A. Behn ; to which is added a miscellany of new poems and songs, by several hands.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27316EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A prologue to her new play called Like father, like son, or, The mistaken brothers by Mrs. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27317EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prologue to Romulus spoken by Mrs. Butler / written by Mrs. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27319EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Roundheads, or, The good old cause a comedy as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Dukes Theatre / by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27320EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rover, or, The banish't cavaliers as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's theatre.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27322EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir Patient Fancy a comedy : as it is acted at the Duke's Theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn ...Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27324EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To poet Bavius occasion'd by his satyr he writ in his verses to the King upon the Queen's being deliver'd of a son.A27326EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the most illustrious Prince Christopher, Duke of Albemarle, on his voyage to his government of Jamaica a pindarick / by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27327EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The town-fopp, or, Sir Timothy Tawdrey a comedy : as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's theatre / written by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27328EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two congratulatory poems to Their Most Sacred Majesties the first, occasioned on the universal hopes of all loyal persons for a Prince of Wales : the second, on the happy birth of the Prince / by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27330EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The widdow Ranter, or, The history of Bacon in Virginia a tragi-comedy, acted by Their Majesties servants / written by Mrs. A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27331EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The young king, or, The mistake as 'tis acted at His Royal Highness, the Dukes Theatre / written by A. Behn.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A27332EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Animadversions on the medicinal observations of the Heidelberg, Palatinate, Dorchester practitioner of physick, Mr. Frederick Loss by Alius Medicus.Alius Medicus.A27335EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The countrey-mans rudiments, or, An advice to the farmers in East-Lothian, how to labour and improve their groundBelhaven, John Hamilton, Baron, 1656-1708.A27339EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Belinda's pretty, pretty, pleasing form does my happy, happy, happy, happy fancy charm a song / set by Mr. John Eccles ; sung by Mr. Gouge in the farce call'd women will have their wills ; exactly engrav'd by Tho. Cross.Eccles, John, d. 1735.A27342EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Christian admonition or friendly exhortation, sent to William Lawd, lace [i.e. late] Arch-bishop of Canterbury, now prisoner in the Tower ... by T.B.Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691.A27349EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nehemiah the Tirshatha, or, The character of a good commissioner to which is added Grapes in the wilderness / by Mr. Thomas Bell ...Bell, Thomas, fl. 1672-1692.A27353EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A iustification of The city remonstrance and its vindication, or, An answer to a book written by Mr. J.P. entituled, The city remonstrance remonstrated wherein the frequent falsifyings of the said Mr. J.P. are discovered, the many charges by him laid upon the remonstrance and its vindicator, disproved, and the parity and agreement of the remonstrance ... with the propositions, declarations, remonstrances, and votes, of both or either House of Parliament manifested / by John Bellamie.Bellamie, John, d. 1654.A27361EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Abrahams interment, or, The good old-mans buriall in a good old age opened in a sermon at Bartholomews Exchange, July 24, 1655, at the funerall of the worshipfull John Lamotte, Esq., sometimes alderman of the city of London / by Fulk Bellers ... ; unto which is added a short narrative of his life and death.Bellers, Fulk, b. 1605 or 6.A27364EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Essays about the poor, manufactures, trade, plantations, & immorality and of the excellency and divinity of inward light, demonstrated from the attributes of God and the nature of mans soul, as well as from the testimony of the Holy Scriptures / by John Bellers.Bellers, John, 1654-1725.A27365EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Proposals for raising a colledge of industry of all useful trades and husbandry with a profit for the rich, a plentiful living for the poor and a good education for youth : which will be advantage to the government by the increase of the people and their riches.Bellers, John, 1654-1725.A27366EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled a supplement to the Proposal for a colledge of industry, shewing a regular constant imploy for the poor, is the best foundation of trade, and the greatest improvement to the nation, and consequently support to the government ...Bellers, John, 1654-1725.A27368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman in Manchester to his friend concerning a notorious blasphemer who died in despair &c.Gentleman in Manchester.A27369EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Irish spaw, being a short discourse on mineral waters in general with a way of improving by art weakly impregnated mineral waters ... / by P. Bellon ...Belon, P. (Peter)A27372EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mock-duellist, or, The French vallet a comedy acted at the Theatre Royal by His Majesties servants / written by P.B., Gent.Belon, P. (Peter)A27373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The summary of vvisedome by Edward Benlowes, Esq.Benlowes, Edward, 1603?-1676.A27386EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Theophila, or, Loves sacrifice a divine poem / written by E.B., Esq., several parts thereof set to fit aires by Mr. J. Jenkins.Benlowes, Edward, 1603?-1676.A27387EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Constantius the Apostate being a short account of his life and the sense of the primitive Christians about his succession and their behaviour toward him : wherein is shown the unlawfulness of excluding the next heir upon the account of religion, and the necessity of passive obedience, as well to the unlawfull oppressour, as the legal persecutour : being a full answer to a late pamphlet intituled Julian the Apostate, &c.Bennet, John, d. 1686.A27390EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and impartial account of the most material passages in Ireland since December, 1688 with a particular relation of the forces of Londonderry / being taken from the notes of a gentleman who was eyewitness to most of the actions mention'd therein during his residing there, and now being in England is desired to publish the same for the further satisfaction of this nation ; to which is added a description and map of Londonderry as he took it upon the place.Bennet, Joseph.A27391EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the dissenters pleas for separation, or, An abridgment of the London cases wherein the substance of those books is digested into one short and plain discourse.Bennet, Thomas, 1673-1728.A27392EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
God only exalted in his own work, or, The works of God praiseth him in Sion, or, A song of deliverance from a great and sore captivity, thraldome, and bondage, under the King of Egyptian Darknesse ... witnessed unto and experienced in that vessel, whole earthly tabernacle bears the name of William Bennit ...Bennit, William, d. 1684.A27396EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the famous Edict of Nantes containing an account of all the persecutions that have been in France from its first publication to this present time : faithfully extracted from all the publick and private memoirs, that could possibly be procured / printed first in French, by the authority of the states of Holland and West-Friezland, and now translated into English.Benoist, Elie, 1640-1728.A27402EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvver to John Gilpin's book, published in his name, and subscribed by the priest of Kendal and an answer to an other false slaunder, as concerning buggery, which he and they slander the Quakers with, which was denyed before any such thing was acted : also, another slander which is cast upon them who are scornfully called Quakers ... / from them who are called Quakers by the scorners.Benson, Gervase, d. 1679.A27403EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The cry of the oppressed from under their oppressions, ascending up to Him, who will rebuke the oppressor and devourer, and deliver the innocent some of the sufferings of the people of God, called Quakers, concerning tythes and oaths, &c. : by the branches which are a new springing forth of the remainder of the bitter root of Episcopacy, which yet remaineth unplucked up in the rigid presbytery ...Benson, Gervase, d. 1679.A27405EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second testimony concerning oaths and swearing in answer to a book entituled The case of the Quakers relating to oathes stated by J.S., or, An appendix to a book written in the year 1668 in answer to Allan Smallwood ... wherein is fully cleared the command of Christ and practice of the apostles concerning swearing from the corrupt glosses, limited sense and meaning of J.S. / by Gervase Benson.Benson, Gervase, d. 1679.A27406EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true testimony concerning oaths & swearing &c. as also an answer to the subject matter contained in twelve arguments or reasons laid down in a sermon preached at Carlisle, Aug. 17, 1664 by Allan Smallwood ... to prove that our savior did not forbid all swearing : wherein is fully cleared the command of Christ and his apostle James swear not at all ... / by Ger. Benson.Benson, Gervase, d. 1679.A27407EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true tryall of the ministers and ministry of England as also a true discovery of their root and foundation, and of the called English Church ... / written forth by Gervase Benson ...Benson, Gervase, d. 1679.A27408EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The bloody assizes, or, A compleat history of the life of George Lord Jefferies, from his birth to this present time ... to which is added Major Holmes's excellent speech, with the dying speeches and prayers of many other eminent Protestants : none of which were ever before publish'd ...Bent, James.A27409EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An impartial history of the life and death of George Lord Jeffreys late Lord Chancellor of EnglandDunton, John, 1659-1733.A27410EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The compleat history of the warrs of Flanders written in Italian by the learned and famous Cardinall Bentivoglio ; Englished by the Right Honorable Henry, Earl of Monmouth ; the whole work illustrated with many figures of the chief personages mentioned in this history.Bentivoglio, Guido, 1577-1644.A27415EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Historicall relations of the United Provinces & of Flanders written originally in Italian by Cardinall Bentivoglio ; and now rendred into English by the Right Honourable Henry, Earle of Monmouth.Bentivoglio, Guido, 1577-1644.A27416EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dissertation upon the Epistles of Phalaris, Themistocles, Socrates, Euripides, and others, and the Fables of AEsop by Richard Bentley.Bentley, Richard, 1662-1742.A27425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The folly and unreasonableness of atheism demonstrated from the advantage and pleasure of a religious life, the faculties of humane souls, the structure of animate bodies, & the origin and frame of the world : in eight sermons preached at the lecture founded by ... Robert BOyle, Esquire, in the first year MDCXCII / by Richard Bentley ...Bentley, Richard, 1662-1742.A27428EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of revelation and the Messias a sermon preached at the publick commencement at Cambridge, July 5th, 1696 / by Richard Bentley ...Bentley, Richard, 1662-1742.A27438EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Church of England evidently proved the holy catholick church by Peter Berault ...Berault, Peter.A27442EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rome tyrannical, idolatrous and heretical the origine of her errors with an answer to her objections : also three short sermons of repentance against swearing and drunkenness preached to the ships company before Admiral Aylmer and several captains / by Peter Berault.Berault, Peter.A27449EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A lecture held forth at the calves-head feast before a society of Olivarians & Round-heads, at the white L---n in Cornhill, on the thirtieth of January, 1691/2 in contempt of the martyrdom of King Charles I / by Dan. Bergice.Bergice, Dan.A27453EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The original of kingly and ecclesiastical government by T.B. ...Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691.A27454EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Historical applications and occasional meditations upon several subjects written by a person of honour.Berkeley, George Berkeley, Earl of, 1628-1698.A27456EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A speech made by the Right Honourable George Earl of Berkeley to the Levant company at their annual election, February ix, MDCLXXX His Lordship being governour of that most loyal society.Berkeley, George Berkeley, Earl of, 1628-1698.A27460EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Earl of Berkeley's speech to the corporation of Trinity-House at Deptford, upon Trinity-Mundy, 1680 : when His Lordship was elected master by a general and unanamious vote, nemine contradicente.Berkeley, George Berkeley, Earl of, 1628-1698.A27461EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the assizes held at Leicester, July xxii. MDCLXXVI before the Right Honourable Sir Edward Atkins Lord Chief Baron, and Sir Christopher Milton, Baron of the Exchequer / by the Honourable George Berkeley ...Berkeley, George, 1651 or 2-1694.A27462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memoirs of Sir John Berkley containing an account of his negotiation with Lieutenant General Cromwel, Commissary General Ireton, and other officers of the army, for restoring King Charles the First to the exercise of the government of England.Berkeley, John, Sir, d. 1678.A27463EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Diatribæ discourses moral and theological delivered by several persons in a plain, practical and friendly conference / composed and collected by William Berkeley.Berkeley, William, 17th cent.A27465EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse and view of VirginiaBerkeley, William, Sir, 1608-1677.A27466EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speech of the Honourable Sr. VVilliam Berkeley governour and capt. generall of Virginea, to the burgesses in the Grand Assembly at James Towne on the 17 of March, 1651 : together with a declaration of the whole country, occasioned upon the sight of a printed paper from England, intituled An act, &c.Berkeley, William, Sir, 1608-1677.A27467EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Several informations and examinations taken concerning Lieutenant Colonell John Lilburn shewing his apostacy to the party of Charles Stewart, and what his intentions are in coming over into England out of Flanders.A27468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Andevers two speeches the one concerning the pacification the 6th of March, the other the Starre-Chamber.Berkshire, Charles Howard, Earl of, ca. 1615-1679.A27469EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Count of Amboise, or, The generous lover. Part I a novel / written originally in French by Madam ... and rendered into English by P.B., gent ...Bernard, Catherine, 1662-1712.A27473EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The female prince, or, Frederick of Sicily in three parts.Bernard, Catherine, 1662-1712.A27474EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Private devotion and a brief explication of the ten commandmentsBernard, Edward, 1638-1696.A27480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The acts and negotiations, together with the particular articles at large of the general peace, concluded at Ryswick, by the most illustrious confederates with the French king to which is premised, the negotiations and articles of the peace, concluded at Turin, between the same prince and the Duke of Savoy / translated from the original publish'd at the Hague.A27483EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A poem upon His Sacred Majesties distresses, and late happy restaurationBernard, James.A27484EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The anatomie of the service book, dedicated to the high court of Parliament wherein is remonstrated the unlawfulnesse of it, and that by five severall arguments, namely [brace] from the name of it, the rise, the matter, the manner, and, the evill effects of it : whereunto are added some motives, by all which we clearly evince the necessitie of the removeall of it : lastly, we have answered such objections as are commonly made in behalfe of it / by Dwalphintramis.Dwalphintramis.A27487EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Esoptron tes antimachias, or, A looking-glasse for rebellion being a sermon preached upon Sunday the 16 of Iune 1644, in Saint Maries Oxford, before the members of the two Houses of Parliament / by Nath. Bernard.Bernard, Nath. (Nathaniel)A27493EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Clavi trabales, or, Nailes fastned by some great masters of assemblyes confirming the Kings supremacy, the subjects duty, church government by bishops ... : unto which is added a sermon of regal power, and the novelty of the doctrine of resistance : also a preface by the right Reverend Father in God, the Lord Bishop of Lincolne / published by Nicholas Bernard ...Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661.A27494EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter sent from Dr. Barnard, a reverend divine, and parson of Tredagh to Sr. Simon Harcourts lady in Westminster, London March 18, 1641 and printed by the appointment of the right worshipfull Sr. Francis Knowles knight a member of the honourable House of Commons : wherein more particularly is contained divers very memorable passages twixt the Kings armies and the rebels in the towne of Tredagh and the countrey round about : which may give comfort and satisfaction to all His Maiesties good subiects here in England to see the powerfull finger of the Almighty in perserving and giving victory to, as it were, a handfull of men against a multitude of bloud-thirsty rebels.Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661.A27496EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The penitent death of a woefull sinner, or, The penitent death of John Atherton, late Bishop of Waterford in Ireland who was executed at Dublin the 5. of December, 1640 : with some annotations upon severall passages in it : as also the sermon, with some further enlargements, preached at his burial / by Nicolas Barnard ...Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661.A27497EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The still-borne nativitie, or, A copy of an incarnation sermon that should have been delivered at St. Margarets-Westminster, on Saturday, December the five and twenty, 1647, in the afternoone, by N.B., but prevented by the committee for plunder'd ministers, who sent and seized the preacher, carried him from the vestry of the said church, and committed him to the fleet, for his undertaking to preach without the license of Parliament ...Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661.A27499EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and perfect relation of all the severall skirmishes, brave exploits, and glorious victories obtained by the English Protestants, over the Irish rebels, when they raised the siege of Tredagh collected by Doctor Barnard, ... and presented to the honourable House of Commons, on Wednesday the 23 of March, 1641.Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661.A27500EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short vievv of the prælaticall Church of England wherein is set forth the horrible abuses in discipline and government, layd open in tenne sections by way of quære and petition, the severall heads whereof are set downe in the next page : whereunto is added a short draught of church-government.Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A27511EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the late revolution of the empire of the Great Mogol together with the most considerable passages for 5 years following in that empire : to which is added, a letter to the Lord Colbert, touching the extent to Indostan, the circulation of the gold and silver of the world, to discharge it self there, as also the riches, forces, and justice of the same and the principal cause of the decay of the states of Asia / by Mons. F. Bernier ... English'd out of French.Bernier, François, 1620-1688.A27515EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of James Arminius and Simon Episcopius, professors of divinity in the University of Leyden in Holland both of them famous defenders of the doctrine of Gods universal grace, and sufferers for it / now published in the English tongue.Bertius, Petrus, 1565-1629.A27518EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The present state of France containing a general description of that kingdom corrected and purged from the many gross mistakes in the French copy, enriched with additional observations and remarks of the new compiler, and digested into a method conformable to that of the state of England / by R.W. ...Wolley, Richard, fl. 1667-1694.A27526EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mysteries discovered, or, A mercuriall picture pointing out the way from Babylon to the holy city for the good of all such as during that night of generall errour and apostasie, 2 Thes. 2.3. Revel. 3.10 have been so long misted with Romes hobgoblin / by me Paul Best ...Best, Paul, 1590?-1657.A27527EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the French usurpation upon the trade of England and what great damage the English do yearly sustain by their commerce, and how the same may be retrenched, and England improved in riches and interest.Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697.A27535EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Slingsby Bethell, Esq., his enquiry after William Baly the only witness against him upon the tryal of the riot, at Guild-Hall, on the 8th of May, 1683.Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697.A27536EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The interest of princes and statesBethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697.A27537EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ludlow no lyar, or, A detection of Dr. Hollingworth's disingenuity in his Second defence of King Charles I and a further vindication of the Parliament of the 3d of Novemb. 1640 : with exact copies of the Pope's letter to King Charles the first, and of his answer to the Pope : in a letter from General Ludlow, to Dr. Hollingworth : together with a reply to the false and malicious assertions in the Doctor's lewd pamphlet, entituled, His defence of the King's holy and divine book, against the rude and undutiful assaults of the late Dr. Walker of Essex.Ludlow, Edmund, fl. 1691-1692.A27541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The present interest of England stated by a lover of his king and countrey.Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697.A27543EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The providences of God, observed through several ages, towards this nation, in introducing the true religion and then, in the defence of that, preserving the people in their rights and liberties, whilst other kingdoms are ravished of theirs, as our counsellors designed for us.Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697.A27544EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The world's mistake in Oliver Cromwell, or, A short political discourse shewing that Cromwell's mal-administration, during his four years and nine moneths pretended protectorship, layed the foundation of our present condition in the decay of trade.Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697.A27546EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dreadful account of a most terrible earthquake which lately happened in Italy wherein thirty seven great cities and towns were totally destroy'd, and one hundred and twenty thousand of men, women, and children perished, 8c. : in a letter / from the consul of Messina's secretary.W. B.A27548EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bethel and Smith, or, A sober answer to a tantivy pamphlet entitled How and Rich, &c. by one of the inhabitants of the burrough of Southwark, who is no Bromidgham Protestant.One of the inhabitants of the burrough of Southwark.A27549EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The revenge, or, A match in Newgate a comedy, as it was acted at the Dukes Theatre.Betterton, Thomas, 1635?-1710.A27551EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De ortu et natura sanguinis a Joanne Betto ...Betts, John, d. 1695.A27552EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the happiness of the saints in heaven a sermon preached before the Queen at Whitehall, October 12, 1690 / by William Beveridge.Beveridge, William, 1637-1708.A27558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon concerning the excellency and usefulness of the common prayer preached by William Beveridge ... 27th of November. 1681.Beveridge, William, 1637-1708.A27562EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the convocation of the Bishops and clergy of the province of Canterbury at Westminster, Novemb. the 18th, 1689 by William Beveridge ; printed in Latin by the Bishops command ; made English by J.G.Beveridge, William, 1637-1708.A27574EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the Queen at White-hall, October 12. 1690 by William Beveridge ...Beveridge, William, 1637-1708.A27575EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition of the divinely prophetick Song of Songs which is Solomons beginning with the reign of David and Solomon, ending in the glorious kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ / adjusted to the expositor's line of time, and illustrating it, and composed into verse by T. Beverley.Beverley, Thomas.A27602EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Confiding England vnder conflicts, triumphing in the middest of her terrors, or, Assured comforts that her present miseries will end in unspeakable lasting mercies to the whole nation first preached in Bengeo and Hitchin in Hartfordshire and now published for the common comfort of the nation / by Iohn Bevvick ...Bewick, John, d. 1671.A27638EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A learned treatise of the plague wherein the two questions, whether the plague be infectious or no, and , whether and how farr it may be shunned of Christians by going aside, are resolved / written in Latine by the famous Theodore Beza Vezelian.Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A27641EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The prologue and epilogue to the History of Bacon in Virginia. Written by Mr. DrydenDryden, John, 1631-1700.A27733EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A True copy of a letter sent from Vienna, September the 2d, 1683, N.S. by an eminent English officer under the Duke of Lorraine, to his friend in London ; declaring the rasing [sic] the seige and the total overthrow of all the Turkish army.A27746EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Psalms of David set forth in English meeter set forth by Francis Rous...Rous, Francis, 1579-1659.A27786EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Book of Psalms in metre close and proper to the Hebrew, smooth and pleasant for the metre, plain and easie for the tunes : with musical notes, arguments, annotations, and index : fitted for the ready use and understanding of all good Christians.Barton, William, 1598?-1678.A27789EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Psalter of David with titles and collects according to the matter of each psalm.A27790EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The psalter of David with titles and collects according to the matter of each Psalme : whereunto is added Devotions for the help and assistance of all Christian people, in all occasions and necessities.Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667.A27805EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Psalms of David in meeter with the prose interlined / by Mr. Zachary Boyd ...Boyd, Zacharie, 1585?-1653.A27810EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Babel and Bethel, or, The Pope in his colours the Church of Englands supplication to His Majesty our gracious Sovereign, the true defender of the faith, to protect her from all the machinations of Rome and its bloody emissaries.A27814EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Psalmes of David from the new translation of the Bible turned into meter to be sung after the old tunes used in the churches : unto which are newly added the Lord's prayer, the Creed, the Ten commandments, with some other ancient hymnes.King, Henry, 1592-1669.A27830EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Babes in the woodA27839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to grand jurors in cases of blood asserting from law and reason that at the King's suit in all cases (where a person by law is to be indicted for killing of another person) that the indictment ought to be drawn for murther, and that the grand jury ought to find it murther, where their evidence is that the party intended to be indicted had his hands in blood, and did kill the other person / by Zachary Babington, Gent.Babington, Zachary.A27848EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A paraphrase upon the Psalms of David by Sam. Woodford.Woodford, Samuel, 1636-1700.A27862EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Babylon blazon'd, or, The Jesuit jerk'd a satyr.A27878EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bacchus conculcatus, or, Sober reflections upon drinking an essay / by Philander Antiphiloinos ...Antiphiloinos, Philander.A27886EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A paraphrase upon the Psalms of David by George Sandys ; set to new tunes for private devotion and a thorough-base for voice or instrument by Henry Lawes ; and in this edition carefully revised and corrected from many errors which passed in former impressions by John Playford.Sandys, George, 1578-1644.A27888EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A few words in true love written to the old long sitting Parliament who are yet left alive, and do sit there now in the Parliament House at WestminsterBache, Humphrey.A27894EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Whole book of Psalms as they are now sung in the churches, with the singing notes of the time and tune set to every syllable, made plain and easie to the understandings of all that can read by the directions in the latter part of the preface, never before done in England.A27921EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Richard Baxter's paraphrase on the Psalms of David in metre with other hymns / left fitted for the press by his own hand.Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.A27939EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new version of the Psalms of David, fitted to the tunes used in churches by N. Tate and N. Brady.Tate, Nahum, 1652-1715.A27952EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Psalms of David in metre Newly translated With amendments. By William Barton, M.A. And sett to the best Psalm-tunes, in two parts, viz treble and bass; with brief instructions for the understanding of the same; together with a table of the Psalms, and names of the tunes to each Psalm. By Thomas Smith. The basses, with the table, are placed at the latter end of the book.A27970EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Psalms of David translated from the Vulgat.Caryll, John, 1625-1711.A27981EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A paraphrase vpon the Song of Solomon by G. S.Sandys, George, 1578-1644.A27982EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The canticles or song of Solomon, reduced into a decasyllable together with the song of Moses in meeter / by R.K.R. K.A27984EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Shir ha-shirim, or, Solomon's song paraphrased a pindarick poem.Lloyd, John, 1644-1682.A27987EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A paraphrase on the book of Job as likewise on the songs of Moses, Deborah, David, on four select psalms, some chapters of Isaiah, and the third chapter of Habakkuk / by Sir Richard Blackmore.Blackmore, Richard, Sir, d. 1729.A27998EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Baconiana, or, Certain genuine remains of Sr. Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, and Viscount of St. Albans in arguments civil and moral, natural, medical, theological, and bibliographical now for the first time faithfully published ...Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28024EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cases of treason written by Sir Francis Bacon, Knight ...Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28043EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bibliotheca Baconia, or, A collection of choice English books all in folio, curiously bound, gilt, and lettered on the back, consisting of various subjects but chiefly history, formerly belonging to Mr. Francis Bacon, lately deceased, will be exposed to sale ... on Wednesday next being the 19th of May, 1686 ...Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certain miscellany works of the Right Honourable Francis Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Alban published by VVilliam Ravvley ...Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28061EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A charge given by the most eminent and learned Sr. Francis Bacon, Kt., late Lord Chancellor of England, at a sessions holden for the verge, in the reign of the late King James declaring the latitude of the jurisdiction thereof, and the offences therein inquireable, as well by the common-law, as by several statutes herein particularly mentioned.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28070EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of apophthegms, new and old by Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulum, Viscount St. Alban.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28082EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A confession of faith penned by an orthodox man of the reformed religion ; dedicated to some eminent persons now assembled in Parliament.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28085EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The trumpet of the Lord sounded forth unto these three nations as a warning from the spirit of truth, especially unto thee, oh England, who art looked upon as the seat of justice, from whence righteous laws should proceed : likewise, unto thee, thou great and famous city of London, doth the Lord God of vengeance found one warning more into thine ear ... : with a word of wholsome counsel and advice unto thy kings, rulers, judges, bishops, and priests ... : together with a few words unto the royal seed ... / by one who is a sufferer for the testimony of Jesus, in Newgate, Esther Biddle.Biddle, Ester.A28133EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A warning from the Lord God of life and power unto thee o city of London, and to the suburbs round about thee : to call thee and them to repentance & amendment of life, without which you cannot see God : be ye separated from your priests, and from your idolatrous worship, and touch not the unclean thing, that the Lord may receive you ... and something also to the scattered seed of God, which hath been held in bondage under Pharaoh the Task-master : who am hated by the unwise, and foolish in heart, and am reproachfully call'd a Quaker / Ester Biddle.Biddle, Ester.A28134EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
XII arguments drawn out of the Scripture wherein the commonly-received opinion touching the deity of the Holy Spirit is clearly and fully refuted : to which is prefixed a letter tending to the same purpose, written to a member of the Parliament ... / by John Biddle.Biddle, John, 1615-1662.A28139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Matæotechnia medicinæ praxeōs, The vanity of the craft of physick, or, A new dispensatory wherein is dissected the errors, ignorance, impostures and supinities of the schools in their main pillars of purges, blood-letting, fontanels or issues, and diet, &c., and the particular medicines of the shops : with an humble motion for the reformation of the universities and the whole landscap [sic] of physick, and discovering the terra incognita of chymistrie : to the Parliament of England / by Noah Biggs ...Biggs, Noah.A28142EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A voyage of the late King of Sweden and another of mathematicians sent by him : in which are discover'd the refraction of the sun which sets not in the northern parts at the time of the solstice, varition [sic] of the needle, latitudes of places, seasons &c. of those countries : by command of the most serene and most mighty Prince, Charles XI, King of Swedes, Goths and Vandals / faithfully render'd into English.Bilberg, John, 1646-1717.A28143EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A bill of all that deceased with the several diseases they died of from the 18 of October to the 25, 1644.A28145EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A certaine sound, or, An alarm sounded to the persecuting episcopalians in and about the cities of London & Westminster those bloody cities in many whoredoms, and to the rest of that sect throughout the nations who prophanely, bloodily, or maliciously now have, or heretofore have had any hand in persecuting the innocent servants and prophets of the most high, for the exercise of their pure conscience to the Lord God their creator.Billing, Edward, 1623-1686.A28148EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Brachy-martyrologia, or, A breviary of all the greatest persecutions which have befallen the saints and people of God from the creation to our present times paraphras'd by Nicholas Billingsly ...Billingsley, Nicholas, 1633-1709.A28159EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The coppy of a certain large act (obligatory) of Tonker Lovis de Bils, Lord of Koppensdamme, Bonen, &c. touching the skill of a better way of anatomy of mans body.Bils, Lodewijk de, 1624-1670.A28162EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A lamentation over England and faithful warning to the inhabitants thereof by William Bingley.Bingley, William, 1651-1715.A28167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The common principiles of Christian religion clearly proved and singularly improved, or, A practical catechism wherein some of the most concerning-foundations of our faith are solidely laid down, and that doctrine, which is according to godliness, sweetly, yet pungently pressed home and most satisfyingly handled / by that worthy and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Hew Binning ...Binning, Hugh, 1627-1653.A28171EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fellowship with God, or, XXVIII sermons on the I Epistle of John, chap. 1 and 2 wherein the true ground and foundation of attaining, the spiritual way of intertaining fellowship with the Father and the Son, and the blessed condition of such as attain to it, are most succinctly and dilucidly explained / by ... Hugh Binning.Binning, Hugh, 1627-1653.A28172EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sinners sanctuary, or, A discovery made of those glorious priviledges offered unto the penitent and faithful under the Gospel unfolding their freedom from death, condemnation, and the law, in fourty sermons upon Romans, Chap. 8 / by that eminent preacher of the Gospel, Mr. Hugh Binning ...Binning, Hugh, 1627-1653.A28173EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An useful case of conscience learnedly and accuratly discussed and resolved concerning associations and confederacies with idolaters, infidels, hereticks, malignants, or any other knoun enemies of truth and godlinesse : useful for these times and therefore published for the benefit of all those who desire to know or retain the sworn to principles of the sometimes famous Church of Christ in Scotland / by Hugh Binning.Binning, Hugh, 1627-1653.A28174EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A light to the art of gunnery wherein is laid down the true weight of powder, both for proof and action, of all sorts of great ordnance : also the true ball and allowance for wind, with the most necessary conclusions for the practice of gunnery, either in sea or land-service : likewise the ingredients and making of most necessary fire-works, as also many compositions for the gunner's practice, both at sea and land / by Capt. Thomas Binning ...Binning, Thomas.A28175EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An history of the civill vvares of England betweene the two Houses of Lancaster and Yorke the originall whereof is set downe in the life of Richard the Second, their proceedings, in the lives of Henry the Fourth, the Fifth, and Sixth, Edward the Fourth and Fifth, Richard the Third, and Henry the Seventh, in whose dayes they had a happy period : written in Italian in three volumes / by Sir Francis Biondi, Knight ... ; Englished by the Right Honourable Henry, Earle of Mounmouth, in two volumes.Biondi, Giovanni Francesco, Sir, 1572-1644.A28178EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A cordiall for a heart-qualme, or, Severall heavenly comforts for all those who suffer any worldly crosse or calamity by Simon Birckbek ...Birckbek, Simon, 1584-1656.A28186EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ostenta Carolina, or, The late calamities of England with the authors of them the great happiness and happy government of K. Charles II ensuing, miraculously foreshewn by the finger of God in two wonderful diseases, the rekets and kings-evil : wherein is also shewen and proved (I.) that the rekets after a while shall seize on no more children but quite vanish through the mercy of God and by means of K. Charles II., (II.) that K. Charles II is the last of kings which shall so heal the kings-evil / discovered by the hand of the Lord upon his unworthy servant and His Majesties subject, John Bird ...Bird, John, 17th cent.A28194EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Helps for faith and patience in times of affliction In three parts. Viz. I. Sampson's riddle spiritualiz'd. II. Orthodox paradox: or, the greatest evil working the greatest eternal good. III. Heaven and earth epitomiz'd: or, invisibilities the greates realities. By James Burdwood late minister in Dartmouth. To which is added, A sure tryal of a Christian's state, by John Flavell, late minister (also) in Dartmouth.Burdwood, James.A28197EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The essays, or councils, civil and moral, of Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Alban with a table of the colours of good and evil, and a discourse of The wisdom of the ancients : to this edition is added The character of Queen Elizabeth, never before printed in English.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28200EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The assembly-manBirkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679.A28201EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cabala, or, An impartial account of the non-conformists private designs, actings and wayes from August 24, 1662 to December 25 in the same year.Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679.A28205EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fovr-legg'd elder, or, A horrible relation of a dog and an elders maid to the tune of The lady's fall.Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679.A28206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The four-legg'd elder, or, A true relation of a dog and an elder's maid to the tune of The lady's fall, or, Gather your rosebuds, and fourty other tunes.Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679.A28207EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new ballad of a famous German prince and a renowned English duke who on St. James's day, one thou[sand] fought with a beast with seven heads, call'd provinces, not by land, but by water, not to be said, but sung, not high English nor Low Dutch, but to a new French tune call'd Monsieur Ragou, or, The Dancing hobby-horses.Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679.A28209EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before his Majestie at Christ-Church in Oxford on the 3. of Novemb. 1644. after his returne from Cornwall. By John Berkenhead, fellow of All-Soules Colledge.Birkenhead, John, Sir, 1616-1679.A28212EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two sermons the first shewing the mischiefs of anarchy, the second the mischiefs of sedition, and both of them the mischiefs and treasons of conventicles : preached at the assizes held for the county of Suffolk, ann. 1682/3 : and published at the request of Tho. Waldegrave, Esq. ... / by Nath. Bisbie ...Bisbie, Nathaniel, 1635-1695.A28224EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epistle of love to all the saints scattered in these nations of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the dominions thereunto appertaining exhorting them all to stand fast in the day of tryal that now is come to try all the inhabitants of the earth, and them (chiefly) and in particular / written from the spirit of the Lord in Geo. Bishope, that all may be warned and all may be left without excuse.Bishop, George, d. 1668.A28230EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A manifesto declaring what George Bishope hath been to the city of Bristoll and the particular persons now in authority therein and what hee hath received from them in recompence occasioned by the late sentence of banishment pronounced upon him by them, 16th, 7th Mon., 1665, and other useages for his conscience to God / by George Bishope.Bishop, George, d. 1668.A28236EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the reigns of Henry the Seventh, Henry the Eighth, Edward the Sixth, and Queen Mary the first written by the Right Honourable Francis Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Alban ; the other three by the Right Honourable and Right Reverend Father in God, Francis Godwyn, Lord Bishop of Hereford.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28237EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New England judged, not by man's, but the spirit of the Lord: and the summe sealed up of New-England's persecutions being a brief relation of the sufferings of the people called Quakers in those parts of America from the beginning of the fifth moneth 1656 (the time of their first arrival at Boston from England) to the later end of the tenth moneth, 1660 ... / by George Bishope.Bishop, George, d. 1668.A28238EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the King and his both Houses of Parliament this is the word of the Lord.Bishop, George, d. 1668.A28243EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The learned reading of Sir Francis Bacon, one of Her Majesties learned counsell at law, upon the statute of uses being his double reading to the honourable society of Grayes Inne ...Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28244EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter of advice written by Sr. Francis Bacon to the Duke of Buckingham, when he became favourite to King JamesBacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Bishops potion, or, A dialogue betweene the Bishop of Canterbury and his phisitian wherein he desireth the doctor to have a care of his bodie and to preserve him from being let blood in the neck when the signe is in Taurus.A28264EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Black box of Roome [sic] opened from whence are revealed, the damnable bloody plots, practices, and behaviour of Iesuites, priests, papists, and other recusants in generall : against Christian princes, estates and the people in those places where they have lived, &c.A28269EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The black box of Rome, or, A true and short discourse shewing the blasphemous treacheries and conjurations of the wicked Iesuites when they intend and encourage any of their impious disciples to murther a king and overthrow a kingdomeRoss, Alexander, 1591-1654.A28270EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Black list of the names or reputed names of seven hundred fifty two lewd and scandalous persons who by the endeavours of a society set up for the promoting a reformation of manners in the city of London and suburbs thereof, have been legally prosecuted and convicted, as keepers of houses of bawdry and disorder, or as whores, night-walkers &c. ... : published for the satisfaction of such as are contributers towards the necessary charges of this undertaking and for the encouraging others to give further assistance for the more effectual carrying on so great and so hopeful a design.A28271EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Blackall's reasons for not replying to a book lately published entituled, Amyntor in a letter to a friend.Blackall, Offspring, 1654-1716.A28274EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The natural and experimental history of winds &c. written in Latine by the Right Honourable Francis Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Alban ; translated into English by R.G., gent.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28284EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Herein is held forth the gift and good-will of God to the world and how it is tendered.Blackborow, Sarah.A28286EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Clitie a novel / written by Rich. Blackbourn, Gent.Blackbourn, Richard.A28287EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The unreasonableness of anger a sermon preach'd before the Queen at White-hall, July 29, 1694 / by Lancelot Blackburne ...Blackburne, Lancelot, 1658-1743.A28289EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An historical account of making the penal laws by the papists against the Protestants, and by the Protestants against the papists wherein the true ground and reason of making the laws is given, the papists most barbarous usuage [sic] of the Protestants here in England under a colour of law set forth, and the Reformation vindicated from the imputation of being cruel and bloody, unjustly cast upon it by those of the Romish Communion / by Samuel Blackerby ...Blackerby, Samuel, d. 1714.A28290EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New Atlantis a work unfinished / written by the Right Honourable Francis, Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Alban.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28291EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prince Arthur an heroick poem in ten books / by Richard Blackmore ...Blackmore, Richard, Sir, d. 1729.A28298EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A satyr against witBlackmore, Richard, Sir, d. 1729.A28301EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short history of the last ParliamentBlackmore, Richard, Sir, d. 1729.A28302EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A caveat for magistrates in a sermon, preached at Pauls before the Right Honorable Thomas Atkin, Esquire, Lord Major of the city of London, November the third, 1644, being the first day of his coming thither after his entrance upon his majoralty / by Elidad Blackwell ...Blackwell, Elidad.A28303EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay towards carrying on the present war against France and other publick occasions as also for paying off all debts contracted in the same, or otherwise : and new-coyning of all our moneys, without charge to the great encrease of the honour, strength and wealth of the nation : humbly propos'd, for the Parliament's consideration and submitted to their great wisdom and love to their country, etc. / by John Blackwell ...Blackwell, John, fl. 1695.A28305EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The novum organum of Sir Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, Viscount St. Albans epitomiz'd, for a clearer understanding of his natural history / translated and taken out of the Latine by M.D.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28309EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and exact relation of the chiefe passages in Ireland, since the first rising of the rebels sent by an alderman of Dublin to his sonne, now resident in London, dated 14 of January, 1641, as also a letter of the rebels, subscribed with divers of their hands, written to the Lady Offalia, mother to the Lord Digby, to deliver up her castle of Geshel, she with the Lord Digby's children and others being therein, with her resolute and modest answer thereunto.A28312EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nature and mischief of envy a sermon preach'd before the Queen, Aug. 20, 1693 / by Jonathan Blagrave ...Blagrave, Jonathan, 1652-1698.A28313EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Blagraves astrological practice of physick discovering the true way to cure all kinds of diseases and infirmities ... being performed by such herbs and plants which grow within our own nation ... : also a discovery of some notable phylosophical secrets worthy our knowledge, relating to a discovery of all kinds of evils, whether natural or ... from sorcery or witchcraft, or by being possessed of an evil spirit, directing how to cast forth the said evil spirit out of any one which is possessed, with sundry examples thereof / by Joseph Blagrave of Reading, Gent. ...Blagrave, Joseph, 1610-1682.A28315EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The epitome of the whole art of husbandry comprising all necessary directions for the improvement of it ... : together with the gentlemans heroick exercise, discoursing of horses, their nature and use ... : to which is annexed by way of appendix, a new method of planting fruit trees and improving of an orchard / by J.B. Gent.Blagrave, Joseph, 1610-1682.A28318EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New additions to the art of husbandry comprizing a new way of enriching meadows, destroying of moles, making tulips of any colour : with an approved way for ordering of fish and fish-ponds ... with directions for breeding and ordering all sorts of singing-birds : with remedies for their several maladies not before publickly made known.Blagrave, Joseph, 1610-1682.A28324EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vision of Theodorus Verax by Bryce Blair.Blair, Bryce.A28327EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gods soveraignity, His Sacred Majesties supremacy, the subjects duty asserted in a sermon, preached before His Majesties high commissioner, and the honourable Parliament of the kingdom of Scotland, at Edinburgh, the 31. of March, 1661 / by Mr. Hugh Blair ...Blair, Hugh.A28328EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An earnest plea for peace and moderation in a sermon preached at Barnstaple in Devon, to the ministers and others occasionally there assembled, Octob. 17, 1660 / by Martin Blake.Blake, Martin, 1594 or 5-1673.A28333EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The compleat gardeners practice, directing the exact way of gardening in three parts : the garden of pleasure, physical garden, kitchin garden : how they are to be ordered for their best situation and improvement, with variety of artificial knots for the by Stephen Blake, gardener.Blake, Stephen, Gardener.A28337EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vindiciæ foederis, or, A treatise of the covenant of God enterd with man-kinde in the several kindes and degrees of it, in which the agreement and respective differences of the covenant of works and the covenant of grace, of the old and new covenant are discust ... / [by] Thomas Blake ... ; whereunto is annexed a sermon preached at his funeral by Mr. Anthony Burgesse, and a funeral oration made at his death by Mr. Samuel Shaw.Blake, Thomas, 1597?-1657.A28344EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The trial of the ladies Hide Park, May Day, or, The yellow books partnerW. B. (William Blake), fl. 1650-1670.A28348EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The yellow book, or, A serious letter sent by a private Christian to the Lady Consideration, the first day of May, 1659 which she is desired to communicate in Hide-Park to the gallants of the times a little after sun-set : also a brief account of the names of some vain persons that intend to be there, whose company the new ladies are desired to forbear.W. B. (William Blake), fl. 1650-1670.A28350EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An abstract of the grievances of trade which oppress our poor humbly offered to the Parliament.Blanch, John, b. 1649 or 50.A28351EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The discovery of Nevv Brittaine began August 27, Anno Dom. 1650 / by Edward Bland, merchant, Abraham Woode, captaine, Sackford Brewster, Elias Pennant, gentlemen from Fort Henry, at the head of Appamattuck River in Virginia, to the fals of Blandina, first river in New Brittaine, which runneth west, being 120. mile south-west, between 35. & 37. degrees (a pleasant country) of temperate ayre and fertile soyle.Bland, Edward, d. 1653.A28352EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The souldiers march to salvation wherein is shewn the lawfulness of voluntary serving upon the assured knowledge of a just cause, how it is lawful and necessary for prest souldiers to obey authority in case of doubting ...Bland, Francis.A28353EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty the humble remonstrance of John Blande of London, merchant, on the behalf of the inhabitants and planters in Virginia and Mariland.Bland, John.A28354EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Trade revived, or, A way proposed to restore, increase, inrich, strengthen and preserve the decayed and even dying trade of this our English nation, in its manufactories, coin, shiping and revenue whereby taxes may be lessened if not totally taken away, to the great content of the people : as also a way shewed how the duty of excise may be regulated for the ease and incouragement of this nations commerce, both for the outward exportation and inward consumption of all sorts of commodities : and likewise, certain ways propounded for the raising of considerable sums of money to maintain the charges of the government,without prejudice of the people, as also for the payment of all the souldiers just arrears, and the peoples just publique faith debts / set forth by a wel-wisher to the nation and its prosperity ...Bland, John.A28355EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ordinances made by the Right Honourable Sir Francis Bacon ... being then Lord Chancellor for the better and more regular administration of iustice in the Chancery, to be daily observed saving the prerogative of this court.England and Wales. Court of Chancery.A28357EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An argvment of ivstification of the five members accused by His Majesty vvherin is proved that the raising of this present army by authority of Parliament, is not treason : by which it likewise appeareth, that never any king of England received losse or damage by any Parliament, from the first that ever was called to this present Parliament / by Peter Bland of Grays-Inne, Gent.Bland, Peter, of Gray's Inne.A28358EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A royall position, whereby 'tis proved, that 'tis against the common laws of England to depose a king: or, An addition to a book, intituled, Resolved upon the question: or, A question resolved concerning the right which the King hath to Hull, or any other fort of place of strength for the defence of the kingdom. By Peter Bland of Grays-Inne, GentBland, Peter, of Gray's Inne.A28359EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Blanket-fair, or, The history of Temple Street being a relation of the merry pranks plaid on the River Thames during the great frost, to the tune of Packington's pound.A28365EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A preparatory to the history natural & experimental written originally in Latine, by the Right Honourable Francis, Lord Verulam, Lord High Chancellour of England ; and now faithfully rendred into English, by a well-wisher to his Lordships writings.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28366EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A remonstrance against the non-residents of Great Brittaine, or, Non-residency condemned by Scripture, by strength of arguments, by fathers, councels, canon-law, by the iudgement of reverend and learned divinesBlaxton, John.A28368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The remaines of the Right Honorable Francis, Lord Verulam, Viscount of St. Albanes, sometimes Lord Chancellour of England being essayes and severall letters to severall great personages, and other pieces of various and high concernment not heretofore published : a table whereof for the readers more ease is adjoyned.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28370EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New and curious observations on the art of curing the veneral disease and the accidents that it produces in all its degrees explicatd by natural and mechanical principles with the motions, actions, and effects of mercury and its other remedies : wherein are discovered on the same subject the errours of some authors ... / written in French by Monsieur de Blegny ; Englished by Walter Harris.Blégny, Monsieur de (Nicolas), 1652-1722.A28375EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true history of a child anatomized, which remained twenty five years in his mothers belly with all those reflections which the phænomena of the same may explain : very serviceable and useful for all, especially physicians, chirurgeons, and midwives / by Nicolas de Blegny ... ; translated according to the approved and priviledged copy of Paris ; with copper plates.Blégny, Monsieur de (Nicolas), 1652-1722.A28376EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Resuscitatio, or, Bringing into publick light severall pieces of the works, civil, historical, philosophical, & theological, hitherto sleeping, of the Right Honourable Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, Viscount Saint Alban according to the best corrected coppies : together with His Lordships life / by William Rawley ...Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28378EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English improver improved, or, The svrvey of hvsbandry svrveyed discovering the improueableness of all lands some to be under a double and treble, others under a five or six fould, and many under a tenn fould, yea, some under a twenty fould improvement / by Walter Blith ... ; all clearely demonstrated from principles of reason, ingenuity, and late but most real experiences and held forth at an inconsiderable charge to the profits accrewing thereby, under six peeces of improvement ...Blith, Walter, fl. 1649.A28382EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Synopsis of vocal musick containing the rudiments of singing rightly any harmonical song, delivered in a method so solid, short and plain, that this art may now be learned more exactly, speedily and easily, than ever heretofore : whereunto are added several psalms and songs of three parts, composed by English and Italian authors for the benefit of young beginners / by A.B., Philo-Mus.A. B., Philo-Mus.A28384EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Anatomia sambuci, or, The anatomy of the elder cutting out of it plain, approved, and specific remedies for most and chiefest maladies : confirmed and cleared by reason, experience, and history / collected in Latine by Dr. Martin Blochwich ...Blochwitz, Martin.A28386EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Description of the island of Jamaica with the other isles and territories in America, to which the English are related ... : taken from the notes of Sr. Thomas Linch, Knight, governour of Jamaica, and other experienced persons in the said places : illustrated with maps / published by Richard Blome.A28392EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The gentlemans recreation in two parts : the first being an encyclopedy of the arts and sciences ... the second part treats of horsmanship, hawking, hunting, fowling, fishing, and agriculture : with a short treatise of cock-fighting ... : all which are collected from the most authentick authors, and the many gross errors therein corrected, with great enlargements ... : and for the better explanation thereof, great variety of useful sculptures, as nets, traps, engines, &c. are added for the taking of beasts, fowl and fish : not hitherto published by any : the whole illustrated with about an hundred ornamental and useful sculptures engraven in copper, relating to the several subjects.Blome, Richard, d. 1705.A28396EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
There is now in the press, a geographic description of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with the isles thereto belonging which in a compendious method treateth of such things that are most necessary to be known, and as yet hath not been treated of by any author.Blome, Richard, d. 1705.A28399EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the sibyls so highly celebrated, as well by the antient heathens, as the holy fathers of the church : giving an accompt of the names, and number of the sibyls, of their qualities, the form and matter of their verses : as also of the books now extant under their names, and the errours crept into Christian religion, from the impostures contained therein, particularly, concerning the state of the just, and unjust after death / written originally by David Blondel ; Englished by J.D.Blondel, David, 1591-1655.A28402EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The comparison of Pindar and Horace written in French by Monsieur Blondel ... ; English'd by Sir Edward Sherburn.Blondel, François, 1618-1686.A28403EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Bloody bed-roll, or, Treason displayed in its scarlet colours being a discovery of the most notorious plotters and grand conspirators of a company of rebellious subjects not to be parallel'd in all ages : with a list of the names of the chief actors and the sentence of terrour pronounced against them for their treasonable designs.A28407EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The bloody duke, or, The adventures for a crown a tragi-comedy, as it was acted at the courts at Alba Regalis by several persons of great quality / written by the author of The abdicated prince.Author of The abdicated prince.A28408EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bloody news from Chelmsford, or, A proper new ballad containing a true and perfect relation of a most barbarous murder committed upon the body of a country curate, who died of a great wound given him in the bottom of his belly by a most cruel country-fellow for being too familiar with his wife : to the tune of Chevy Chase.A28415EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The bloody siege of Vienna a song. Wherein the Turks have lost one hundred and sixty thousand men; being the greatest victory that ever was obtained over the Turks, since the foundation of the Ottoman Empire. Written by an English gentleman volunteer, that was at the garrison during the seige.A28427EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Anima mundi, or, An historical narration of the opinions of the ancients concerning man's soul after this life according to unenlight[e]ned nature / by Charles Blount, Gent.Blount, Charles, 1654-1693.A28430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An appeal from the country to the city, for the preservation of His Majesties person, liberty, property, and the Protestant religionBlount, Charles, 1654-1693.A28432EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Great is Diana of the Ephesians, or, The original of idolatry together with the politick institution of the gentiles sacrifices.Blount, Charles, 1654-1693.A28435EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A just vindication of learning, or, An humble address to the high court of Parliament in behalf of the liberty of the press by Philopatris.Blount, Charles, 1654-1693.A28439EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
King William and Queen Mary, conquerors, or, A discourse endeavouring to prove that Their Majesties have on their side, against the late king, the principal reasons that make conquest a good title shewing also how this is consistent with that declaration of Parliament, King James abdicated the government, &c. : written with an especial regard to such as have hitherto refused the oath, and yet incline to allow of the title of conquest, when consequent to a just war.Blount, Charles, 1654-1693.A28440EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Miracles, no violations of the lavvs of natureBlount, Charles, 1654-1693.A28442EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Dreyden vindicated in a reply to The friendly vindication of Mr. Dreyden : with reflections on the Rota.Blount, Charles, 1654-1693.A28443EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The oracles of reason ... in several letters to Mr. Hobbs and other persons of eminent quality and learning / by Char. Blount, Esq., Mr. Gildon and others.Blount, Charles, 1654-1693.A28444EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Religio laici written in a letter to John Dryden, Esq.Blount, Charles, 1654-1693.A28445EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Sale of Esau's birth-right, or, The New Buckingham ballad to the tune of the London gentlewoman, or Little Peggey Ramsey.A28446EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The academie of eloquence containing a compleat English rhetorique, exemplified with common-places and formes digested into an easie and methodical way to speak and write fluently according to the mode of the present times : together with letters both amorous and moral upon emergent occasions / by Tho. Blount, Gent.Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679.A28452EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Animadversions upon Sr. Richard Baker's Chronicle, and its continuation wherein many errors are discover'd, and some truths advanced / by T.B., Esq.Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679.A28457EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Boscobel, or, The history of His Sacred Majesties most miraculous preservation after the battle of Worcester, 3 Sept. 1651Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679.A28459EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fragmenta antiquitatis, antient tenures of land, and jocular customs of some mannors made publick for the diversion of some, and instruction of others / by T.B. of the Inner-Temple, Esquire.Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679.A28463EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Glossographia, or, A dictionary interpreting all such hard words of whatsoever language now used in our refined English tongue with etymologies, definitions and historical observations on the same : also the terms of divinity, law, physick, mathematicks and other arts and sciences explicated / by T.B.Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679.A28464EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nomo-lexikon, a law-dictionary interpreting such difficult and obscure words and terms as are found either in our common or statute, ancient or modern lawes : with references to the several statutes, records, registers, law-books, charters, ancient deeds, and manuscripts, wherein the words are used : and etymologies, where they properly occur / by Thomas Blount of the Inner Temple, Esq.Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679.A28468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The resolutions of the judges upon the several statutes of bankrupts as also, the like resolutions upon 13 Eliz. and 27 Eliz. touching fraudulent conveyances / by T.B., Esq.Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679.A28470EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A world of errors discovered in The new world of words, or, General English dictionary, and in Nomothetes, or, The interpreter of law-words and terms by Tho. Blount ... Esq.Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679.A28472EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Essays on several subjects written by Sir Tho. Pope Blount.Blount, Thomas Pope, Sir, 1649-1697.A28474EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A natural history containing many not common observations extracted out of the best modern writers / by Sir Thomas Pope Blount, Baronet.Blount, Thomas Pope, Sir, 1649-1697.A28477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Pindarick ode on New-Year's-Day perform'd by vocal and instrumental musick before Their Sacred Majesties, K. William and Q. Mary / set by Dr. John Blow, and written by Thomas D'Urfey.D'Urfey, Thomas, 1653-1723.A28480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three elegies upon the much lamented loss of our late most gracious Queen Mary the words of the two first by Mr. Herbert, the latter out of the Oxford verse ; and sett to musick by Dr. Blow and Mr. Henry Purcell.Blow, John, d. 1708.A28482EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Blundel, the Jesuit's letter of intelligence to his friends the Jesuites at Cambray, taken about him when he was apprehended at Lambeth on Monday the 23th of June 1679 to Madam Katherine Hall in Cambray.Blundell, Nicholas, 1640-1680.A28486EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Asse upon asse being a collection of several pamphlets written for and against the author of The asses complaint against Balaam, or, The cry of the country against ignorant and scandalous ministers : together with some choice observations upon them all / by Leonard Blunt ...Blunt, Leonard.A28487EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Irelands naturall history being a true and ample description of its situation, greatness, shape, and nature, of its hills, woods, heaths, bogs, of its fruitfull parts, and profitable grounds : with the severall ways of manuring and improving the same : with its heads or promontories, harbours, roads, and bays, of its springs, and fountains, brooks, rivers, loghs, of its metalls, mineralls, free-stone, marble, sea-coal, turf, and other things that are taken out of the ground : and lastly of the nature and temperature of its air and season, and what diseases it is free from or subject unto : conducing to the advancement of navigation, husbandry, and other profitable arts and professions / written by Gerald Boate ; and now published by Samuell Hartlib for the common good of Ireland and more especially for the benefit of the adventurers and planters therein.Boate, Gerard, 1604-1650.A28496EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and historical relation of the poysoning of Sir Thomas Overbury with the severall arraignments and speeches of those that were executed thereupon : also, all the passages concerning the divorce between Robert, late Earle of Essex, and the Lady Frances Howard : with King James's and other large speeches / collected out of the papers of Sir Francis Bacon ...Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28503EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
I ragguagli di Parnasso, or, Advertisements from Parnassus in two centuries : with the politick touch-stone / written originally in Italian by that famous Roman Trajano Bocalini ; and now put into English by the Right Honourable Henry, Earl of Monmouth.Boccalini, Traiano, 1556-1613.A28504EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Icones & descriptiones rariorum plantarum Siciliæ, Melitæ, Galliæ, & Italiæ quarum unaquæque proprio charactere signata, ab aliis ejusdem classis facile distinguitur / auctore Paulo Boccone ...Boccone, Paolo, 1633-1704.A28509EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
True peace, or, A moderate discourse to compose the unsettled consciences and greatest differences in ecclesiastical affaires written long since by the no less famous then learned Sir Francis Bacon ...Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28513EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An alarme beat vp in Sion, to vvar against Babylon, or, The svmme of a sermon upon Revelation 18 and the 6 preached at Knowle, before the Honourable the Committee of the county of Kent, on the 13 of Iune, anno 1664, and by the said Honourable Committee required to be published / by Joseph Boden ...Boden, Joseph, b. 1605 or 6.A28514EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aurora, that is, the day-spring, or dawning of the day in the Orient, or morning-rednesse in the rising of the sun, that is, the root or mother of philosophie, astrologie, & theologie from the true ground, or a description of nature ... all this set down diligently from a true ground in the knowledge of the spirit, and in the impulse of God / by Jacob Behme, Teutonick philosopher ...Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.A28515EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The union of the two kingdoms of Scotland and England, or, The elaborate papers of Sir Francis Bacon ...Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A28517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A consideration upon the book of Esaias Stiefel, of the threefold state of man, and his new birth written anno Christi 1621, by Jacob Behmen, otherwise called Teutonicus philosophus.Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.A28518EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A consolatory treatise of the four complexions, that is, an instruction in the time of temptation for a sad and assaulted heart shewing where-from sadness naturally ariseth, and how the assaulting happeneth : hereto are annexed some consolatory speeches exceeding profitable for the assaulted hearts & souls, written ... March 1621 / by the Teutonicall philosopher, Jacob Behmen.Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.A28519EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A description of the three principles of the divine essence viz., of the un-originall eternall birth of the Holy Trinity of God ... : of man, of what he was created and to what end, and how he fell from his first glory into the angry wrathfulnesse ... : what the anger of God, sinne, death the Devill, and hell are ... / written in the German language, anno 1619, by Jacob Beme.Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.A28520EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The epistles of Jacob Behmen, aliter, Teutonicus philosophus very usefull and necessary for those that read his vvritings, and are very full of excellent and plaine instructions how to attaine to the life of Christ / translated out of the German language.Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.A28521EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fifth book of the authour, in three parts the first, Of the becoming man or incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Sonne of God, that is, concerning the Virgin Mary ... and how the Eternal word is become man : the second part is of Christ's suffering, dying, death, and resurrection ... : the third part is of The tree of Christian faith ... / written through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, by Jacob Behme, the Teutonick philosopher ...Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.A28523EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first apologie to Balthazar Tylcken being an answer of the authour concerning his book the Aurora, opposed by an enemicitious pasquil or opprobrious libel, this answer written anno 1621 / by Jacob Behme, also called Teutonicus Philosophus ; Englished by John Sparrow.Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.A28524EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Forty questions of the soul concerning its original, essence, substance, nature or quality and property, what it is from eternity to eternity : framed by a lover of the great mysteries, Doctor Balthasar Walter, and answered in the year 1620 / by Jacob Behme, called Teutonicus Philosophus ; Englished by John Sparrow ...Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.A28525EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mysterium magnum, or An exposition of the first book of Moses called Genesis. Concerning the manifestation or revelation of the divine word through the three principles of the divine essence; also of the originall of the world and the creation. Wherein the kingdome of nature, & the kingdome of grace are expounded. For the better understanding of the Old and New Testament, and what Adam and Christ are. Also, how man should consider and may know himselfe in the light of nature, where he is, and where his temporall and eternall life, consist; also, where his eternall blessednesse, and damnation, consist. And is an exposition of the essence of all essences for the further consideration of the lovers, in the divine gift. Comprised in three parts: written anno 1623. By Jacob Behm. To which is added, The life of the author. And his Foure tables of divine revelation.Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.A28529EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second apologie to Balthazar Tylcken treating of the eternall predestination and election of God, and of the incarnation, or becoming man and person, of Christ, and concerning the Virgin Mary / written in the yeare 1621, finished the 3. of July by Jacob Behme, also called Teutonicus Philosophus ; Englished by John Sparrow.Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.A28531EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Signatura rerum, or, The signature of all things shewing the sign and signification of the severall forms and shapes in the creation, and what the beginning, ruin, and cure of every thing is ... / written in High Dutch, MDCXXII, by Jacob Behmen, aliàs Teutonicus Phylosophus.Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.A28534EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The way to Christ discovered by Iacob Behmen ... ; also, the discourse of illumination, the compendium of repentance, and the mixt world, &c.Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.A28541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A remonstrance of some fallacies and mistakes, whereof the informers who have hitherto attempted against the House of the Stillyard, suppressing the truth, and by false suggestions deceiving at one those who do not heed, and those who are ignorant of the matter, or at least those who are too credulous, have made use of With particular answers to all, and a conclusion and petition on every point.Boekell, Martin.A28542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Summum bonum, or, An explication of the divine goodness in the words of the most renowned Boetius translated by a lover of truth and virtue.Boethius, d. 524.A28549EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A view of the threats and punishments recorded in the Scriptures, alphabetically composed with some briefe observations upon severall texts / by Zachary Bogan ...Bogan, Zachary, 1625-1659.A28553EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologie for the Church of England against the clamours of the men of no-conscience, or, The Duke of Buckingham's seconds E. B. ...Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699.A28555EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of Queen Elizabeth, or, A full and clear account of her policies, and the methods of her government both in church and state her virtue and defects, together with the characters of her principal ministers of state, and the greatest part of the affairs and events that happened in her times / collected and faithfully represented by Edmund Bohun, Esquire.A28556EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of Sir Robert Filmer, against the mistakes and misrepresentations of Algernon Sidney, esq. in a paper delivered by him to the sheriffs upon the scaffold on Tower-Hill, on Fryday December the 7th 1683 before his execution there.Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699.A28558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The doctrine of non-resistance or passive obedience, no way concerned in the controversies now depending between the Williamites and the Jacobites by a lay gentleman of the communion of the Church of England, by law establish'd.Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699.A28559EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A geographical dictionary representing the present and ancient names of all the counties, provinces, remarkable cities, universities, ports, towns, mountains, seas, streights, fountains, and rivers of the whole world : their distances, longitudes, and latitudes : with a short historical account of the same, and their present state : to which is added an index of the ancient and Latin names : very necesary for the right understanding of all modern histories, and especially the divers accounts of the present transactions of Europe / begun by Edmund Bohun ... ; continued, corrected, and enlarged with great additions throughout, and particularly with whatever in the geographical part of the voluminous, Morey and Le Clerks occurs observable, by Mr. Bernard ; together with all the market-towns, corporations, and rivers, in England, wanting in both the former editions.Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699.A28561EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the desertion, or, An account of all the publick affairs in England, from the beginning of September 1688, to the twelfth of February following with an answer to a piece call'd The desertion discussed, in a letter to a country gentleman / by a person of quality.Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699.A28563EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The justice of peace, his calling and qualifications by Edmund Bohun, Esq.Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699.A28565EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections on a pamphlet stiled, A just and modest vindication of the proceedings of the two last Parliaments, or, A defence of His Majesties late declaration by the author of The address to the freemen and free-holders of the nation.Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699.A28566EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three charges delivered at the General Quarter Sessions holden at Ipswich, for the county of Suffolk, in the years 1691, 1692 to which is added the author's vindication for the calumnies and mistakes cast on him on account of his geographical dictionary / by Edmund Bohun ...Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699.A28568EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning the origine and properties of vvind with an historicall account of hurricanes and other tempestuous winds / by R. Bohun ...Bohun, R. (Ralph), d. 1716.A28569EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A just and seasonable reprehension of naked breasts and shoulders written by a grave and learned papist ; translated by Edward Cooke, Esquire ; with a preface by Mr. Richard Baxter.Boileau, Jacques, 1635-1716.A28570EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The art of poetry written in French by the Sieur de Boileau ; made English.Boileau Despréaux, Nicolas, 1636-1711.A28571EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ode de Mr. Boileau sur la prise de Namur avec une parodie de la mesme ode / par le Sieur P. Motteux ; et une parodie d'une seene du Cid, sur ce sujet par messieurs D'A. & H.Boileau Despréaux, Nicolas, 1636-1711.A28573EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Anniversary to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, Charles the II. on his birth-&-restauration-day, May 29, having resolv'd to marry with the Infanta of Portugall, May the 8th, 1661Bold, Henry, 1627-1683.A28576EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Elegy on the death of Her Highness Mary Princess Dowager of Aurange daughter to Charles the First, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, &c.Bold, Henry, 1627-1683.A28577EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Latine songs with their English, and poems by Henry Bold ... ; collected and perfected by Captain William Bold.Bold, Henry, 1627-1683.A28578EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems lyrique, macaronique, heroique, &c. by Henry Bold ...Bold, Henry, 1627-1683.A28579EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
VVit a sporting in a pleasant grove of new fancies by H.B.Bold, Henry, 1627-1683.A28580EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief account of the first rise of the name Protestant and what Protestantism is ... / by a professed enemy to persecution.Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737.A28581EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The continuation of An historicall discourse of the government of England, untill the end of the reigne of Queene Elizabeth with a preface, being a vindication of the ancient way of parliaments in England / by Nath. Bacon of Grais-Inne, Esquire.Bacon, Nathaniel, 1593-1660.A28585EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exhortation to charity (and a word of comfort) to the Irish Protestants being a sermon preached at Steeple in Dorsetshire, upon occasion of the collection for relief of the poor Protestants in this kingdom lately fled from Ireland / by Samuel Bold.Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737.A28586EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations on the animadversions (lately printed at Oxford) on a late book, entituled, The reasonableness of Christianity, as delivered in the Scriptures by S. Bold ...Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737.A28589EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plea for moderation towards dissenters occasioned by the grand-juries presenting the Sermon against persecution at the last assizes holden at Sherburn in Dorset-shire : to which is added An answer to the objections commonly made aganst that sermon / by Samuel Bolde ...Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737.A28590EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon against persecution preached March 26, 1682, being the 4th Sunday in Lent (on Gal. 4:29, part of the Epistle for that day) and the time when the brief for the persecuted Protestants in France was read in the parish church of Shapwicke ... / by Sa. Bolde ...Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737.A28594EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some considerations on the principal objections and arguments which have been publish'd against Mr. Lock's Essay of humane understanding by Samuel Bold ...Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737.A28600EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Abstract of the accusation of Robert Bolron and Lawrence Maybury, servants, against their late master, Sir Thomas Gascoigne, Kt. and Bart. of Barnbow in York-shire, for high-treason with his tryal and acquittal, 11 February 1679/80.A28605EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The narrative of Robert Bolron ... concerning the late horrid popish plot and conspiracy for the destruction of His Majesty and Protestant religion ... together with an account of the endeavors that were used by the popish party to stifle his evidence.Bolron, Robert, fl. 1674-1680.A28609EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The papists bloody oath of secrecy and letany of intercession for the carrying on of this present plot with the manner of taking the oath upon their entring into any grand conspiracy against the Protestants / as it was taken in the chappel belonging to Barmbow-Hall, the residence of Sir Thomas Gascoigne, from William Rushton, a popish priest, by me, Robert Bolron ; together with some further informations relating to the plot and murther of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey.Bolron, Robert, fl. 1674-1680.A28610EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The papists oath of secrecy administered to those who engage in the present plot / discovered by Mr. Robert Bolron ...Bolron, Robert, fl. 1674-1680.A28612EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The cities great concern in this case of question of honour and arms whether apprentiship extinguisheth gentry discoursed : with a clear refutation of the pernicious error that it doth.Bolton, Edmund, 1575?-1633?A28613EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Paracelsus, his Archidoxis comprised in ten books : disclosing the genuine way of making quintessences, arcanums, magisteries, elixirs, &c : together with his books of renovation & restauration, of the tincture of the philsophers, of the manual of the philosophical medicinal stone, of the virtues of the members, of the three principles, and finally his seven books of the degrees and compositions, of receipts and natural things / faithfully and plainly Englished, and published by J.H., Oxon.Paracelsus, 1493-1541.A28630EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Paracelsus his Aurora, & treasure of the philosophers· As also the water-stone of the wise men; describing the matter of, and manner how to attain the universal tincture. Faithfully Englished· And published by J. H. Oxon.Paracelsus, 1493-1541.A28633EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A guide to eternity extracted out of the writings of the Holy Fathers and ancient philosophers / written originally in Latine by John Bona ; and now done into English by Roger L'Estrange, Esq.Bona, Giovanni, 1609-1674.A28635EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Filli di Sciro, or, Phillis of Scyros an excellent pastorall / written in Italian by C. Guidubaldo de Bonarelli ; and translated into English by J.S., Gent.Bonarelli, Guidubaldo, conte de', 1563-1608.A28644EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Oneale and Colonell Brunslow chiefe of the rebells in Ireland their apprehension at Grohoyne in the province of Munster : with the terrible battell then fought : written in a letter directed to the Bishop of Armagh / from a Doctor of divinitie resident in Dublin ; as also a description of the taking of a ship upon the coasts of Barbary bound with letters of commendations to the King of Spaine; and to desire ayde against the Protestants.Bond, Edward, Doctor of Divinitie.A28648EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The boate swaines art, or, The compleat boat swaine by Henry Bond.Bond, Henry.A28649EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plain and easie rule to rigge any ship by the length of his masts, and yards, without any further troubleBond, Henry.A28654EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of the fearful estate of Francis Spira, in the year 1548 compiled by Natth. Bacon, Esq.Bacon, Nathaniel, 1593-1660.A28660EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands reioycing for the Parliaments retvrne declaring the kingdomes happiness in their councells, and their iustice in their consultations against papists, Arminiasme, and popish superstition / composed by Iohn Bond ...Bond, John, 1612-1676.A28662EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
King Charles his welcome home, or, A congratvlation of all his loving subiects in thankfulnesse to God for His Maiesties safe and happie returne from Scotland, 1641 by Iohn Bond ...Bond, John, 1612-1676.A28663EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Parliaments and Londons preparation for His Majesties retvrn with the manner how many Parliament men, with the Lord major and aldermen are to congratulate His Majesty : with the manner likewise how many petitions are to be delivered unto him, and the substance of the same : as also the true relation, how the 12 accused Bishops are devoted out of the House of Peers, and being called to their tryall, they expected the Kings either ascent or discent thereunto, which induces His Majesty to return : with the certain time prefixed when he doth return / composed and published by Iohn Bond.Bond, John, 1612-1676.A28665EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The poets recantation, having suffered in the pillory the 2 of April, 1642 with a penitent submission of all things that have beene written against the King and state : in an humble petitionary description obsequiously commended to the honorable and high court of Parliament / Iohn Bond.Bond, John, 1612-1676.A28666EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A publick tryal of the Quakers in Barmudas [sic] upon the first day of May, 1678 by Samson Bond, late the preacher of the Gospel in Barmudas.Bond, Samson.A28667EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A bond given to the captain of every ship by the seamen]A28670EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
La montre, or, The lover's watch by Mrs. A. Behn.Bonnecorse, Monsieur de (Balthasar), d. 1706.A28675EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French gardiner instructing how to cultivate all sorts of fruit-trees and herbs for the garden : together with directions to dry and conserve them in their natural / first written by R.D.C.D.W.B.D.N. ; and now transplanted into English by Phiocepos.Bonnefons, Nicolas de.A28676EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Llyfr gweddi gyffredin a gweinidogaeth y sacramentau a chynneddfau a ceremoniau eraill yr Eglwys yn ol arfer Eglwys Lorgr : ynghyd a'r Psallwyr neu Psalmau Dafydd.Church of England.A28700EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remarks upon the two years raign of the Dauphin of France, when King of England, in the time of King John submitted to the Commons of England in Parliament.B. B.A28771EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A book of dravving, limning, vvashing or colouring of maps and prints: and the art of painting, with the names and mixtures of colours used by the picture-drawers. Or, The young-mans time well spent. In which, he hath the ground-work to make him fit for doing anything by hand, when he is able to draw well. By the use of this work, you may draw all parts of a man, leggs, armes, hands and feet, severally, and together. And directions for birds, beasts, landskips, ships, and the like. Moreover, you may learn by this tract, to make all sorts of colours; and to grinde and lay them: and to make colours out of colours: and to make gold and silver to write with. How also to diaper and shadow things, and to heighthen them, to stand off: to deepen them, and make them glitter. In this book you have the necessary instruments for drawing, and the use of them, and how to make artificiall pastels to draw withall. Very usefull for all handicrafts, and ingenuous gentlemen and youths. By hammer and hand all arts doe stand.A28779EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Book of subscriptions for insuring of houses (by the City of London) in case of fire, is now openA28783EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The cure of old age and preservation of youth by Roger Bacon... ; translated out of Latin, with annotations and an account of his life and writings / by Richard Browne. Also, a physical account of the tree of life / by Edw. Madeira Arrais ; translated likewise out of Latin by the same hand.Bacon, Roger, 1214?-1294.A28790EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lieutenant Colonell John Booker being sent out of the Province of Munster by ... the Lord of Inchiquine ... and the councell of warre there and having delivered letters from his Lordship to the Honourable Speaker of the House of Commons to the Right Honourable the Committee of Lords and Commons for the Irish affaires ... doth humbly present the state and condition of the army in that province.A28792EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
No Mercurius aquaticus, but a cable-rope, double twisted for Iohn Tayler, the water-poet, who escaping drowning in a paper-wherry-voyage, is reserved for another day as followeth, viz by John Booker.Booker, John, 1603-1667.A28797EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Frier Bacon his discovery of the miracles of art, nature, and magick faithfully translated out of Dr. Dees own copy by T.M. and never before in English.Bacon, Roger, 1214?-1294.A28798EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exact and faithful account of the late bloody engagement between Captain Booth, commander of the Adventure and Hodge Allii captian of the Two lions and crown of Algier, otherwise called the Great Genoese ... on the 16th and 17th of September 1681, as it was communicated from the said captain to his friend at Cadiz : and thence by letter of the 18th of October, New-Stile, communicated to his friend in London.Booth, William, Sir, d. 1703.A28805EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A key to Helmont, or, A short introduction to the better understanding of the theory and method of the most profound chymical physiciansBacon, William.A28806EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The humble petition of Captain William Booth of Killingholme in the county of Lincoln with His Majesties answer thereunto.Booth, William.A28807EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Marcelia, or, The treacherous friend a tragicomedy : as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal by His Majesties servants / written by Mrs. F. Boothby.Boothby, F. (Frances), fl. 1670.A28808EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe discovery or description of the most famous island of Madagascar or St. Laurence in Asia neare unto East-India with relation of the healthfulnesse, pleasure, fertility and wealth of that conntrey [sic] ... also the condition of the natives ... also the excellent meanes and accommodation to fit the planters there ... / by R.B. and Francis Lloyd, merchants.Boothby, Richard.A28809EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true declaration of the intollerable wrongs done to Richard Boothby, merchant of India, by two lewd servants to the honorable East India Company, Richard Wylde and George Page as also a remonstrance of the partiall, ingratefull and unjust proceeds of the India Court at home against the said Richard Boothby ... with petition to ... King Charles and the ... Parliament for justice ...Boothby, Richard.A28810EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Polypharmakos kai chymistes, or, The English unparalell'd physitian and chyrurgian shewing the true vse of all manner of plants and minerals in which is explained the whole art and secresy of physick and chyrurgery ... / by D. Border ...Border, D. (Daniel)A28815EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The propositions of their excellencies the ambassadovrs of the high and mighty states generall of the united provinces in the Netherlands delivered by them, by word of mouth, in both Houses of the Parliament of England, the 22/12 of July, 1644 / translation in English, delivered to both Houses was subscribed W. Borell, Iohn Reede de Renswoude, Alb. Ioachimi.United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A28816EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new treatise proving a multiplicity of worlds that the planets are regions inhabited and the earth a star, and that it is out of the center of the world in a third heaven, and turns round before the sun which is fixed : and other most rare and curious things / by Peter Borell ...Borel, Pierre, 1620?-1671.A28817EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A summary or compendium of the life of the most famous philosopher Renatus Descartes written originally in Latin by Peter Borellus ... ; to which is also added an epitome of his life by Marcus Zurius Boxbornius ...Borel, Pierre, 1620?-1671.A28818EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The minister of Richmond's reasons for refusing to subscribe the association but under the following sense with reflections thereupon / by a minister of the Church of England in a letter to his friend.Borfet, Abiel, 1633?-1710.A28824EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Brief reflections on the Earl of Castlehaven's memoirs of his engagements and carriage in the wars of Ireland by which the government at that time, and the justice of the crown since, are vindicated from aspersions cast on both.Borlase, Edmund, d. 1682?A28826EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the execrable Irish rebellion trac'd from many preceding acts to the grand eruption the 23 of October, 1641, and thence pursued to the Act of Settlement, MDCLXII.Borlase, Edmund, d. 1682?A28828EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Latham Spaw in Lancashire with some remarkable cases and cures effected by it : together with a farther account of it as may conduce to the publick advantage with ease and little expence.Borlase, Edmund, d. 1682?A28830EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reduction of Ireland to the crown of England with the governours since the conquest by King Henry II, Anno MCLXXII, with some passages in their government : a brief account of the Rebellion, Anno Dom. MDCXLI ...Borlase, Edmund, d. 1682?A28831EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Burrhi impetus juveniles et quædam sedatioris aliquantulum animi epistolæ.Borough, John, Sir, d. 1643.A28832EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A conference with Mr. Claude, minister of Charenton, concerning the authority of the church by James Benigne Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux ... ; faithfully done into English out of the French original.Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704.A28837EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition of the doctrine of the Catholique Church in the points of controversie with those of the pretended reformation by James Benignus Bossüet, counseller in the King's counsels, Bishop and Lord of Condom, tutor to His Royal Hyghness the Dolphin of France ; translated into English by W.M.Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704.A28839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Maxims and reflections upon plays (In answer to a discourse, Of the lawfullness and vnlawfullness of plays. Printed before a late play entituled, Beauty in distress.) Written in French by the Bp. of Meaux. And now made English. The preface by another hand.Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704.A28844EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pastoral letter from the Lord Bishop of Meaux to the new Catholicks of his diocess exhorting them to keep their Easter, and giving them necessary advertisements against the false pastoral letters of their ministers : with reflections upon the pretended persecution / translated out of French, and publish'd with allowance.Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704.A28845EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Quakerism a-la-mode, or, A history of quietism particularly that of the Lord Arch-bishop of Cambray and Madam Guyone ... also an account of the management of that controversie (now depending at Rome) betwixt the Arch-bishop's book / writ by Messire Jacques Benignes Bossuel [sic] ... ; done into English from the original printed at Paris.Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704.A28847EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The chast and lost lovers living shadowed in the person of Arcadius and Sepha and illustrated with the several stories of Haemon and Antigone, Eramio and Amissa, Phaon and Sappho, Delithason and Verista ... : to which is added the contestation betwixt Bacchus and Diana, and certain sonnets of the author to Aurora / digested into three poems by Will. Bosworth.Bosworth, William, 1607-1650?A28854EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Boteler's case being an impartial narrative of the tryal, & penitent behaviour of Master UUilliam Boteler, executed September 10th at Chelmsford, about the murder of Capt. Wade : with the substance of a sermon preached on that occasion, and his last speech faithfully taken.A28857EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Master Geree's Case of conscience sifted Wherein is enquired, vvhether the King (considering his oath at coronation to protect the clergy and their priviledges) can with a safe conscience consent to the abrogation of episcopacy. By Edward Boughen. D.D.Boughen, Edward, 1587?-1660?A28864EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life of St. Francis Xavier, of the Society of Jesus, apostle of the Indies, and of Japan written in French by Father Dominick Bohours, of the same Society ; translated into English by Mr. Dryden.Bouhours, Dominique, 1628-1702.A28873EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life of St. Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus written in French by the Reverend Father Dominick Bouhours of the same society ; translated into English by a person of quality.Bouhours, Dominique, 1628-1702.A28874EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life of the renowned Peter D'Aubusson, Grand Master of Rhodes containing those two remarkable sieges of Rhodes by Mahomet the Great and Solyman the Magnificent, being lately added to compleat the story adorn'd with the choicest occurences in the Turkish Empire at that time.Bouhours, Dominique, 1628-1702.A28875EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A testimony for truth against all hireling priests and deceivers with a cry to the inhabitants of this nation to turn to the Lord before His dreadful judgments overtake them : also a testimony against all observers of times and dayes.Boulbie, Judith.A28876EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An examination of Mr. John Colbatch his books viz. I. Novum lumen chirurgicum, II. Essay of alkalies and acids, III. An appendix to that essay, IV. A treatise of the gout, V. The doctrin of acids further asserted &c. VI. A relation of a person bitten by a viper &c. : to which is added an answer to Dr. Leigh's remarks on a treatise concerning, the heat of the blood : together with remarks on Dr. Leigh's book intituled Exercitationes quinq. ... : as also a short view of Dr. Leigh's reply to Mr. Colbatch &c. / by Richard Boulton of Brazen-nose College in Oxford.Boulton, Richard, b. 1676 or 7.A28877EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case between Doctor John Badger and the College of Physicians in London who in July, August and September in the year 1683 presented himself to the president and censors to be examined ...Badger, John, fl. 1693.A28878EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to Dr. Charles Goodall, physician to the Charter-House occasioned by his late printed letter entituled A letter from the learned and reverend Dr. Charles Goodall to his honoured friend Dr. Leigh &c. : to which is annexed an answer to a sheet of paper entituled, A reply to Mr. Richard Boulton &c. writ by the aforesaid honoured Charles Leigh by name, M.D. resident in Manchester, not far from the well near Haigh and the well prope Boulton in Lancashire / by R. Boulton ...Boulton, Richard, b. 1676 or 7.A28880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise concerning the heat of the blood and also of the use of the lungs / by Richard Boulton.Boulton, Richard, b. 1676 or 7.A28881EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the reason of muscular motion, or, The efficient causes of the contraction of a muscle wherein most of the phaenomena about muscular motion are explained / by Richard Boulton.Boulton, Richard, b. 1676 or 7.A28882EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pride and avarice of the clergie, viz. parsons, vicars & curats, hindering the reformation discovered in a plain and familiar dialogue between Philalethes and presbyter / by Abraham Boun, gent.Boun, Abraham.A28884EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Die Lunæ 6 Junii, 1642. The copy of a letter sent from Sir Jo: Bourchier, to Sir Thomas Barrington Knight and baronet, from YorkBourchier, John, Sir, d. 1660.A28885EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An admirable treatise of solid virtue ... by Antonia Bourignon ; written in 24 letters to a young man, who sought after the perfection of his soul ... ; translated from the original French.Bourignon, Antoinette, 1616-1680.A28888EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The light of the world a most true relation of a pilgrimess, M. Antonia Bourignon travelling towards eternity ... : divided into three parts ... / written originally in French, and faithfully translated into English ; to which is added, a preface to the English reader.Bourignon, Antoinette, 1616-1680.A28890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The information of Hubert Bourk, Gent., touching the popish plot in Ireland, carried on by the conspiracies of the Earl of Tyrone ... delivered first by this informant before the Lord Lieutenant and council in Ireland in March, 1678, and to His Majesty and both Houses of Parliament in November, 1680.Bourk, Hubert.A28891EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to Doctor Good (so called) his Dialogue against those call'd Quakers wherein he hath forged the Quaker and confuted himself, which dialogue of Tho. Good's is in his book intituled Firmianus and Dubitantius, or certain dialogues concerning atheism, infidelity, popery, and other heresies and schisms, which trouble the peace of the Church &c. / by Edward Bourn.Bourne, Edward, d. 1708.A28893EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A warning from the Lord God to the inhabitants of the town and county of Warwick that they may repent and turn to the Lord with their whole hearts before it be too late.Bourne, Edward, d. 1708.A28898EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The contented cuckhold, or, The womans advocate a comedy.Bourne, Reuben, fl. 1692.A28902EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Cang-Hy, the present emperour of China pesented [sic] to the Most Christian King / by Father J. Bouvet, of the Society of Jesus and missionary into China.Bouvet, Joachim, 1656-1730.A28906EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pandaemonium, or, The devil's cloyster being a further blow to modern sadduceism, proving the existence of witches and spirits, in a discourse deduced from the fall of the angels, the propagation of Satans kingdom before the flood, the idolatry of the ages after greatly advancing diabolical confederacies, with an account of the lives and transactions of several notorious witches : also, a collection of several authentick relations of strange apparitions of dæmons and spectres, and fascinations of witches, never before printed / by Richard Bovet ...Bovet, Richard, b. ca. 1641.A28908EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A poem humbly presented to His Most Excellent Majesty King William the Third upon his most miraculuous and happy preservation from that barbarous Jacobitish conspiracy to assassinate His Royal Person, February anno 1695 / by R.B.Bovet, Richard, b. ca. 1641.A28909EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dutie and danger of swearing opened in a sermon preached at York, February 3, 1655, the day of swearing the lord maior / by Edward Bowles ...Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662.A28913EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Manifest truth, or, An inversion of truths manifest containing a narration of the proceedings of the Scottish army, and a vindication of the Parliament and kingdome of England from the false and injurious aspersions cast on them by the author of the said manifest.Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662.A28914EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mysterie of iniqvity yet working in the kingdomes of England, Scotland, and Ireland, for the destruction of religion truly Protestant discovered, as by other grounds apparant and probable, so especially by the late cessation in Ireland, no way so likely to be ballanced, as by a firme union of England and Scotland, in the late solemne covenant, and a religious pursuance of it.Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662.A28915EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Plaine English, or, A discourse concerning the accommodation, the armie, the associationBowles, Edward, 1613-1662.A28916EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Shall I? Shall I? No, no ... tune of The doubting virgin.A28920EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Parliament of the commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, assembled at Westminster the humble petition of Humphrey Bagaley.Bagaley, Humphrey.A28925EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The songs of the Old and New Testament in meeter by M. Zachary Boyd ...Boyd, Zacharie, 1585?-1653.A28926EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Characters of the virtues & vices of the age, or, Moral reflections, maxims, and thoughts upon men and manners translated from the most refined French wits ... and extracted from the most celebrated English writers ... : digested alphabetically under proper titles / by A. Boyer, Gent.Boyer, Abel, 1667-1729.A28927EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The compleat French-master for ladies and gentlemen being a new method, to learn with ease and delight the French tongue, as it is now spoken in the court of France, in three parts, I. A short and plain grammar, II. A vocabulary, familiar dialogues, the niceties of the French tongue, and twelve discourses ... III. Four collections ... / by A. Boyer ...Boyer, Abel, 1667-1729.A28928EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wise and ingenious companion, French and English, or, A collection of the wit of the illustrious persons, both ancient and modern containing their wise sayings, noble sentiments, witty repartees, jests and pleasant stories : calculated for the improvement and pleasure of the English and foreigners / by Mr. Boyer ...Boyer, Abel, 1667-1729.A28932EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the Vaudois. Wherein is shewn their original; how God has preserved the Christian religion among them in its purity, from the time of the Apostles to our days; the wonders he has done for their preservation, with the signal and miraculous victories that they have gained over their enemies; how they were dispersed, and their churches ruined; and how at last they were re-established, beyond the expectation and hope of all the world. / By Peter Boyer ... ; and newly translated out of French by a person of quality.Boyer, P. (Pierre), 1619-ca. 1700.A28933EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Negotiations of the embassadors sent to the Duke of Savoy by the Protestant Swiss-Cantons, in favour of the distressed Vaudois wherein there are many things very curious, and some letters never before published / translated out of French.A28934EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advertisements about the experiments and notes relating to chymical qualitiesBoyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28937EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The aerial noctiluca, or, Some new phœnomena, and a process of a factitious self-shining substance imparted in a letter to a friend living in the country / by the honourable Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28938EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Animadversions upon Mr. Hobbes's Problemata de vacuo by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28939EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certain physiological essays and other tracts written at distant times, and on several occasions by the honourable Robert Boyle ; wherein some of the tracts are enlarged by experiments and the work is increased by the addition of a discourse about the absolute rest in bodies.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28944EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian virtuoso shewing that by being addicted to experimental philosophy, a man is rather assisted than indisposed to be a good Christian / by T.H.R.B., Fellow of the Royal Society ; to which are subjoyn'd, I. a discourse about the distinction that represents some things as above reason, but not contrary to reason, II. the first chapters of a discourse entituled, Greatness of mind promoted by Christianity, by the same author.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28945EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A continuation of new experiments physico-mechanical, touching the spring and weight of the air and their effects. The I. part whereto is annext a short discourse of the atmospheres of consistent bodies / written by way of letter to the right honourable the Lord Clifford and Dungarvan by the honourable Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28949EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the doctrine touching the spring and weight of the air propos'd by Mr. R. Boyle in his new physico-mechanical experiments, against the objections of Franciscus Linus ; wherewith the objector's funicular hypothesis is also examin'd, by the author of those experiments.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28956EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of things above reason· Inquiring whether a philosopher should admit there are any such. By a Fellow of the Royal Society· To which are annexed by the publisher (for the affinity of the subjects) some advices about judging of things said to transcend reason. Written by a Fellow of the same Society.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28958EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Essay about the origine & virtues of gems wherein are propos'd and historically illustrated some conjectures about the consistence of the matter of precious stones, and the subjects wherein their chiefest virtues reside / by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28959EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay of the great effects of even languid and unheeded motion whereunto is annexed An experimental discourse of some little observed causes of the insalubrity and salubrity of the air and its effects / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28961EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Essays of the strange subtilty great efficacy determinate nature of effluviums. To which are annext New experiments to make fire and flame ponderable. : Together with A discovery of the perviousness of glass. : Also An essay, about the origine and virtue of gems. / By the Honourable Robert Boyle ... ; To which is added The prodromus to a dissertation concerning solids naturally contained within solids giving an account of the Earth, and its productions. By Nicholas Steno. ; Englished by H.O.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28965EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The excellency of theology compar'd with natural philosophy (as both are objects of men's study) / discours'd of in a letter to a friend by T.H.R.B.E. ... ; to which are annex'd some occasional thouhts about the excellency and grounds of the mechanical hypothesis / by the same author.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28966EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Experimenta & observationes physicæ wherein are briefly treated of several subjects relating to natural philosophy in an experimental way : to which is added, a small collection of strange reports / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28968EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Experiments and considerations about the porosity of bodies in two essays / by the honourable Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28974EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Experiments and considerations touching colours first occasionally written, among some other essays to a friend, and now suffer'd to come abroad as the beginning of an experimental history of colours / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28975EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Experiments, notes, &c. about the mechanical origine or production of divers particular qualities among which is inferred a discourse of the imperfection of the chymist's doctrine of qualities : together with some reflections upon the hypothesis of alcali and acidum / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28980EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A free discourse against customary swearing ; and, A dissuasive from cursing by Robert Boyle ; published by John Williams.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28981EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A free enquiry into the vulgarly receiv'd notion of nature made in an essay address'd to a friend / by R.B., Fellow of the Royal Society.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28982EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
General heads for the natural history of a country great or small drawn out for the use of travellers and navigators / imparted by ... Robert Boyle ...; to which is added, other directions for navigators, etc. with particular observations of the most noted countries in the world ; by another hand.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28984EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The general history of the air designed and begun by the Honble. Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28985EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of a degradation of gold made by an anti-elixir, a strange chymical narative.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28988EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hydrostatical paradoxes made out by new experiments, for the most physical and easie / by Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28989EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The martyrdom of Theodora and of Didymus by a person of honour.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28990EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Medicina hydrostatica, or, Hydrostaticks applyed to the materia medica shewing how by the weight that divers bodies, us'd in physick, have in water : one may discover whether they be genuine or adulterate : to which is subjoyn'd a previous hydrostatical way of estimating ores / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28991EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Medicinal experiments, or, A collection of choice remedies for the most part simple, and easily prepared by ... R. Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28992EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Medicinal experiments, or, A collection of choice and safe remedies for the most part simple and easily prepared, useful in families, and very serviceable to country people / by R. Boyle ; to which is annexed a catalogue of his theological and philosophical books and tracts.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28994EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Medicinal experiments, or, A collection of choice and safe remedies, for the most part simple and easily prepared very useful in families and fitted for the service of country people : the third and last volume, published from the author's original manuscripts : whereunto is added several other useful notes explicatory of the same / by ... R. Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28996EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memoirs for the natural history of humane blood, especially the spirit of that liquor by Robert Boyle.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A28998EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New experiments and observations touching cold, or, An experimental history of cold begun to which are added an examen of antiperistasis and an examen of Mr. Hobs's doctrine about cold / by the Honorable Robert Boyle ... ; whereunto is annexed An account of freezing, brought in to the Royal Society by the learned Dr. C. Merret ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A29001EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air, and its effects (made, for the most part, in a new pneumatical engine) : written by way of letter to the Right Honorable Charles, Lord Vicount of Dungarvan, eldest son to the Earl of Corke / by the Honorable Robert Boyle, Esq.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A29003EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A speech made by Master Bagshawe in Parliament concerning the triall of the twelve bishops on Munday the seventeenth of January, anno 1641 : as also the articles now in agitation objected against them.Bagshaw, Edward, d. 1662.A29006EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New experiments physico-mechanical, touching the airBoyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A29007EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Occasional reflections upon several subiects, whereto is premis'd a discourse about such kind of thoughtsBoyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A29010EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the cause of attraction by suction a paradox / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A29012EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the high veneration man's intellect owes to God, peculiarly for his wisedom and power by a Fellow of the Royal Society.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A29013EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the reconcileableness of specifick medicines to the corpuscular philosophy to which is annexed a discourse about the advantages of the use of simple medicines / by Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A29016EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The origine of formes and qualities, (according to the corpuscular philosophy) illustrated by considerations and experiments (written formerly by way of notes upon an essay about nitre) by ... Robert Boyle ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A29017EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Short memoirs for the natural experimental history of mineral waters addressed by way of letter to a friend / by Robert Boyle.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A29026EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some considerations touching the vsefulnesse of experimental naturall philosophy propos'd in familiar discourses to a friend, by way of invitation to the study of it.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A29031EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An antidote against Mr. Baxters palliated cure of church divisions, or, An account of several weighty and just exceptions against that bookBagshaw, Edward, 1629-1671.A29032EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tentamen porologicum, sive, Ad porositatem corporum tum solidorum, detegendam authore Rob. Boylio nobili Anglo, Societatis Regiæ Socio.Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A29046EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tracts containing I. suspicions about some hidden qualities of the air : with an appendix touching celestial magnets and some other particulars : II. animadversions upon Mr. Hobbes's Problemata de vacuo : III. a discourse of the cause of attraction by suction / by the honourable Robert Boyle Esq. ...Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.A29052EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The case & usage of Mr. Edw. Bagshaw, drawn up by himself, the night before he was to have been sent away, being March 10. 1663/4. With an account of his examination before the King.]Bagshaw, Edward, 1629-1671.A29056EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Inquisitio in fidem Christianorum hujus sæculi. Authore Rogero Boyle, S.T.D. Dec. CorcBoyle, Roger, 1617?-1687.A29060EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The narrative of Mr. William Boys, citizen of London faithfully relating what came to his knowledge concerning the late horrid Popish plot, and the death of Sir Edmund-Bury Godfrey, by his acquaintance with, and attendance upon Mr. MilesBoys, William.A29064EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of The antidote against Mr. Baxter's palliated cure of church divisions wherein Mr. Baxter's contradictions and inconsistences ... are clearly discovered, and the great question about conformity briefly stated in a letter to Mr. Richard Baxter / by Edward Bagshaw.Bagshaw, Edward, 1629-1671.A29066EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the Reverend Mr. Alexander Osborn, in reference to the affairs of the north of Ireland in which some mistakes concerning him (in the printed account of the siege of Derry, the observations on it, and Mr. Walker's vindication of it) are rectified : and a brief relation of those affairs is given so far as Mr. Osborn, and other n.c. ministers in the north, were concern'd in 'em / written at Mr. Osborn's request by his friend Mr. J. Boyse.Boyse, J. (Joseph), 1660-1728.A29076EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The victory of truth for the peace of the Church to the king of Great Britain to invite him to embrace the Roman-Catholick faith / by Monsieur de la Militiere, counsellour in ordinary to the King of France ; with an answer thereunto, written by the right reverend John Bramhall, D.D. and Lord Bishop of London-Derry.La Milletière, Théophile Brachet, sieur de, ca. 1596-1665.A29086EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Murther will outBraddon, Laurence, d. 1724.A29093EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The godly exhortation of holy Father Bradford which he gave to his wife, children and friends a little before his death, who dyed a martyr for the Gospel in Q. Maries days : wherein is plainly shown the excellency of the Protestant religion and the happiness of those that profess and live the same : as also the damnableness of the Romish religion with their bloody and rebellious crimes laid open : with the relation of the murder of that just justice Sir Edmund-bury Godfrey.Bradford, John, 1510?-1555.A29095EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The good old way, or, An excellent and profitable treatise of repentance made by John Bradford in the yeare 1553. Now published with two prefaces relating the life of the author, and the excellencey of the worke.Bradford, John, 1510?-1555.A29096EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Appello [sic] Cæsarem, or, An appeal to Cæsar in vindication of a little book printed some years since the time of our troubles and intituled A præsent for Cæsar / both done by Tho. Bradley.Bradley, Thomas, 1597-1670.A29113EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A præsent for Cæsar of 100,000 l. in hand and 50,000 l. a year / by Thomas Bradley ...Bradley, Thomas, 1597-1670.A29120EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mrs. Sarah Bradmores prophecy of the wonders that will happen, anno Dom. 1687 Also what will be the effects of the whales comeing up the river of Thames, and continued the 4th. and 5th. of August, anno Dom. 1686.Bradmore, Sarah.A29124EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An husbandmans harrow to pull down the ridges of the presbyteriall government and to smooth, a little, the independent ... containing divers new and unanswerable arguments ... / written by Ellis Bradshavv ...Bradshaw, Ellis.A29130EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Quakers vvhitest divell unvailed, and their sheeps cloathing pulled off, that their woolvish inside may be easily discerned in answer to a letter subscribed Iames Naylor, a professed Quaker / written by Ellis Bradshavv.Bradshaw, Ellis.A29131EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last conflicts and death of Mr. Thomas Peacock, batchelour of divinity, and fellow of Brasen-nose Colledge in Oxford published by E.B. from the copy of that famous divine Mr Robert Bolton, late minister of Broughton in Northhampton-shire.Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631.A29132EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true relation of the proceedings, examination, tryal, and horrid murder of Col. Eusebius Andrewe by John Bradshaw, President of the pretended High Court of Justice, and others of the same court published by Francis Buckley ...Buckley, Francis, Gent.A29139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bradshaw's ghost being a dialogue between the said ghost, and an apparition of the late King Charles : wherein are laid down severall transactions that did occur in the many passages of his life, never known before.Bradshaw, William, 1571-1618.A29147EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Several poems compiled with great variety of wit and learning, full of delight wherein especially is contained a compleat discourse, and description of the four elements, constitutions, ages of man, seasons of the year, together with an exact epitome of the three by a gentlewoman in New-England.Bradstreet, Anne, 1612?-1672.A29149EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Church-musick vindicated a sermon preach'd at St. Bride's church, on Monday, November 22, 1697, being St. Caecilia's day, the anniversary feast of the Lovers of musick / by Nicholas Brady.Brady, Nicholas, 1659-1726.A29150EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rape, or, The innocent impostors a tragedy acted at the Theatre-Royal by Their Majesties servants.Brady, Nicholas, 1659-1726.A29152EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A song for New-Years-DayBrady, Nicholas, 1659-1726.A29165EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
'Tis natures voice a song set by Mr. Henry Purcell, and sung by himself at St. Cæcelia's feast ; and exactly engrav'd by Tho. Cross.Purcell, Henry, 1659-1695.A29167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A complete history of England from the first entrance of the Romans under the conduct of Julius Cæsar unto the end of the reign of King Henry III ... : wherein is shewed the original of our English laws, the differences and disagreements between the secular and ecclesiastic powers ... and likewise an account of our foreign wars with France, the conquest of Ireland, and the actions between the English, Scots and Welsh ... : all delivered in plain matter of fact, without any reflections or remarques by Robert Brady ...Brady, Robert, 1627?-1700.A29168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A continuation of the Complete history of England containing the lives and reigns of Edward I, II & III and Richard the Second / by Robert Brady ...Brady, Robert, 1627?-1700.A29169EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and exact history of the succession of the crown of England collected out of records, and the best historians, written for the information of such as have been deluded and seduced by the pamphlet, called, The brief history of the succession, &c., pretended to have been written for the satisfaction of the Earl of H.Brady, Robert, 1627?-1700.A29176EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To all those that observe dayes, moneths, times and years this is written, that they may see whether they follow the example and doctrine of the Apostle, or whether they are such as the Apostle testified against.Braithwaite, John, fl. 1660.A29187EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The poor man's help being, I. An abridgement of Bishop Pearson on the Creed; shewing what he is to believe. II. A short exposition of the Lord's Prayer, directing him what to beg of God. III. The Ten Commandments explain'd; teaching him his duty both to God and man. With some additional helps for his private devotion.Bralesford, Humphrey, 1658-1733.A29188EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to two letters of T.B. by the author of The vindication of the clergy.Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29192EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Castigations of Mr. Hobbes his last animadversions in the case concerning liberty and universal necessity wherein all his exceptions about that controversie are fully satisfied.Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29193EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The consecration and succession, of Protestant bishops justified, the Bishop of Duresme vindicated, and that infamous fable of the ordination at the Nagges head clearly confuted by John Bramhall ...Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29194EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fair warning for England to take heed of the Presbyterian government of Scotland as being of all others the most injurious to the civil magistrates, most oppressive to the subject, most pernicious to both : as also the sinfulnesse and wickednesse of the covenant to introduce that government upon the Church of England / by Dr. John Brumhall [sic], Lord Arch-Bishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland.Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29197EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fair vvarning, or, The burnt child dreads the fire to the true hearted nobility, the loyal gentry, and commonalty of this poor distracted and divided kingdom of England, &c.A29198EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A just vindication of the Church of England, from the unjust aspersion of criminal schisme wherein the nature of criminal schisme, the divers sorts of schismaticks, the liberties and priviledges of national churches, the rights of sovereign magistrates, the tyranny, extortion and schisme of the Roman Communion of old, and at this very day, are manifested to the view of the world / by ... John Bramhall ...Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29199EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A replication to the Bishop of Chalcedon his Survey of the Vindication of the Church of England from criminous schism clearing the English laws from the aspertion of cruelty : with an appendix in answer to the exceptions of S.W. / by the Right Reverend John Bramhall ...Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29201EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The right way to safety after ship-wrack in a sermon preached to the honourable House of Commons, in St. Patrick's Church, Dublin : at their solemn receiving of the blessed sacrament / by John, Lord Bishop of Armagh.Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29204EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Schisme garded and beaten back upon the right owners shewing that our great controversy about Papall power is not a quaestion of faith but of interest and profit, not with the Church of Rome, but with the Court of Rome : wherein the true controversy doth consist, who were the first innovators, when and where these Papall innovations first began in England : with the opposition that was made against them / by John Bramhall.Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29205EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached in the cathedrall church of York before Hi[s] Excellence the Earle of Newcastle and many of the prime nobility and gentry of the northerne covnties : at the publick thanksgiving to Almighty God for the late great victory upon Fryday, June 30, 1643, and the reducement of the west parts of Yorkeshire to obedience.Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached in Yorke Minster, before his Excellence the Marques of Newcastle, being then ready to meet the Scotch Army, January, 28. 1643. By the Bishop of Derry. Published by speciall commandBramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29207EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Dublin upon the 23 of Aprill, 1661 being the day appointed for His Majesties coronation : with two speeches made in the House of Peers the 11th of May, 1661, when the House of Commons presented their speaker / by John Lord Archbishop of Armagh, Primate and Metropolitan of all Ireland.Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29208EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The serpent salve, or, A remedie for the biting of an aspe wherein the observators grounds are discussed and plainly discovered to be unsound, seditious, not warranted by the laws of God, of nature, or of nations, and most repugnant to the known laws and customs of this realm : for the reducing of such of His Majesties well-meaning subjects into the right way who have been mis-led by that ignis fatuus.Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29209EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bishop Bramhall's vindication of himself and the episcopal clergy, from the Presbyterian charge of popery, as it is managed by Mr. Baxter in his treatise of the Grotian religion together with a preface shewing what grounds there are of fears and jealousies of popery.Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.A29210EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A journal of the embassy from their Majesties John and Peter Alexievitz, emperors of Muscovy &c. over land into China through the provinces of Ustiugha, Siberia, Dauri, and the great Tartary to Peking the capital city of the Chinese empire by Everard Isbrand, their ambassador in the years 1693, 1694, and 1695 written by Adam Brand, secretary of the embassy ; translated from the original High-Dutch printed in Hamburgh, 1698 ; to which is added Curious observations concerning the products of Russia by H.W. Ludolf.Brand, Adam, d. 1713.A29216EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Confession of Richard Brandon the hangman (upon his death bed) concerning his beheading His Late Majesty, Charles the First, King of Great Brittain, and his protestation and vow touching the same, the manner how he was terrified in conscience, theA29220EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last will and testament of Richard Brandon, Esquire, heads-man and hang-man to the pretended Parliament with his severall legacies to the Parliament and Counsell of State ... : with divers instructions left to his executors, William Lowe and Sheeps-head Rafe : justifyed by one Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Carpenter, and divers of his neighbors.Brandon, Richard, d. 1649.A29221EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Astraea's tears an elegie vpon the death of that reverend, learned and honest judge, Sir Richard Hutton, Knight.Brathwaite, Richard, 1588?-1673.A29223EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Capitall hereticks, or, The evill angels embattel'd against St. Michael being a collection according to the order of time ... of the chief of the antient hereticks, with their tenets, such as were condemned by general councels / by R.B.Brathwaite, Richard, 1588?-1673.A29224EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The captive-captain, or, The restrain'd cavalier drawn to his full bodie in these characters ... presented and acted to life in a suit of durance, an habit suiting best with his place of residence.Brathwaite, Richard, 1588?-1673.A29225EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The chimneys scuffleA29226EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A comment upon the two tales of our ancient, renovvned, and ever-living poet Sr Jeffray Chaucer, Knight who for his rich fancy, pregnant invention and present composure deserved the countenance of a prince and his laureat honor : the Miller's tale and the Wife of Bath : addressed and published by special authority.Brathwaite, Richard, 1588?-1673.A29229EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of moderation, or, The life, death and resurrection of moderation together with her nativity, country, pedigree, kinred [sic], character, friends and also her enemies / written by Hesychius Pamphilus ; and now faithfully translated out of the original.Brathwaite, Richard, 1588?-1673.A29232EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The honest ghost, or, A voice from the vaultBrathwaite, Richard, 1588?-1673.A29235EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mercurius Britanicus, or, The English intelligencer a tragic-comedy at Paris : acted with great applause.Brathwaite, Richard, 1588?-1673.A29238EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The penitent pilgrimBrathwaite, Richard, 1588?-1673.A29239EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Times treasury, or, Academy for gentry laying downe excellent grounds, both divine and humane, in relation to sexes of both kindes : for their accomplishment in arguments of discourse, habit, fashion and happy progresse in their spirituall conversation : revised, corrected and inlarged with A ladies love-lecture : and a supplement entituled The turtles triumph : summing up all in an exquisite Character of honour / by R. Brathwait, Esq.Brathwaite, Richard, 1588?-1673.A29240EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The acts of Dr. Bray's visitation held at Annapolis in Maryland May 23, 24, 25 anno 1700Bray, Thomas, 1658-1730.A29244EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A circular letter to the clergy of Mary-land subsequent to the late visitation.Bray, Thomas, 1658-1730.A29255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the right honourable, the supreme authority of this nation, the Commons assembled in Parliament an appeal in the humble chain of justice against Tho. Lord Fairfax, general of the English army, raised, and declared to be raised, for the propogation and defence of impartial justice, and just liberty in the nation / by Captain William Bray ...Bray, William, 17th cent.A29267EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plea for the peoples fundamentall liberties and parliaments, or, Eighteen questions questioned & answered which questions were lateley propounded by Mr. Jeremy Jves, pretending thereby to put the great question between the army and their dissenting brethren in the Parliament of the commonwealth of England out of question / by Capt. William Bray.Bray, William, 17th cent.A29269EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Astrologie proved to be the old doctrine of demons, professed by the worshippers of Saturne, Jupiter, Mars, sunne and moon in which is proved that the planetary and fixed starres are the powers of the ayre, which by Gods permission are directed by Satan ... / written by an unworthy witnesse of the truth of God, John Brayne.Brayne, John.A29273EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The churches going in and coming out of the wildnernes opened by the unworthiest of the gospel-ministers, John Brayn.Brayne, John.A29275EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition upon the Canticles, or Solomons song of songs written by an unworthy witnesse of the truth of the most high God, John Brayne.Brayne, John.A29278EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vision which one Mr. Brayne (one of the ministers of Winchester) had in September, 1647.Brayne, John.A29284EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The break-neck of presumptuousnesse in sinning applyable unto the occasions of these times.A29287EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The amorous abbess, or, Love in a nunnery a novel / translated from the French by a woman of quality.Brémond, Gabriel de.A29288EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The apology, or, The genuine memoires of Madam Maria Manchini, Constabless of Colonna, eldest sister to the Duchess of Mazarin written in Spanish by her own hand ; and afterwards made into English by a Person of Quality.Mancini, Maria, 1639-1715?A29289EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The cheating gallant, or, The false Count Brion a pleasant novel / translated from the French.Brémond, Gabriel de.A29290EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Happy slave a novel in three parts compleat / translated from the French by a person of quality.A29294EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hattige: or The amours of the king of Tamaran A novel.Brémond, Gabriel de.A29295EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pilgrim a pleasant piece of gallantry / written in French by M.S. Bremond ; translated into English by P. Belon.Brémond, Gabriel de.A29297EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The princess of Montserrat a novel containing her history and the amours of the Count of Saluces.Brémond, Gabriel de.A29299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The victory of Catalonia, or, The double cuckold made English by James Morgan.Brémond, Gabriel de.A29301EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A loving salutation to all Friends every where, in this great day of tryal, to stand faithful unto God, over all sufferings whatsoeverBrend, William, d. 1676.A29302EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A tender visitation and friendly exhortation to all the children of truth to be valiant in this day of trialBrend, William, d. 1676.A29305EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse upon the nature of eternitie, and the condition of a separated soule, according to the grounds of reason, and principles of Christian religion by William Brent, of Grayes Inne, Esquire ...Brent, William, d. 1691.A29306EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The successes of our Cheshire forces, as they came related by Sir William Breretons own pen to a minister of note and eminency in the city, in which victory we may observe ... to which is added late good newes from Lancashire, of the taking of an hundred and forty horse and their riders neere Latham house.Brereton, William, Sir, 1604-1661.A29309EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two intercepted letters from Sr. William Brereton to the Earle of Essex and M. Pym concerning the rebels affaires in the North : the originalls whereof were sent by an expresse to the Earle of Essex according to His Majesties direction this 8. of July, 1643.Brereton, William, Sir, 1604-1661.A29310EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A narrative of the proceedings of a great councel of Jews assembled in the plain of Ageda in Hungaria ... to examine the Scriptures concerning Christ, on the 12th of October 1650 / by Samuel Brett, there present ; also a relation of some other observations in his travels beyond the seas ...Brett, Samuel.A29331EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A breviate of the establishment of the Friendly Society for securing houses from loss by fire by mutual contribution agreed by the trustees inrolled in Chancery, and to be seen at large at the office.Friendly Society (London, England)A29338EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The covntrie girle a comedie, as it hath beene often acted with much applause / by T.B.Brewer, Anthony, fl. 1630-1655.A29349EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The love-sick king, an English tragical history with the life and death of Cartesmunda, the fair nun of Winchester / written by Anth. Brewer.Brewer, Anthony, fl. 1630-1655.A29350EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Essays on trade and navigation in five parts / by Sir Francis Brewster, Kt.Brewster, Francis, Sir, d. 1704.A29354EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the mayor, aldermen, majestrates and officers of the military force in the city of London and county of Middlesex for you to receive and in patience to consider.Brewster, Humphrey.A29355EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The declaration of Francis Briber, Gent. which he publickly made before the Lord Bishop of Waterford, in the cathedral-church of Waterford, in the kingdom of Ireland, June the 17th, 1688 : containing the reasons for his renouncing the Roman-Catholic, and embracing the Protestant religion : together with what the Lord Bishop of Waterford return'd upon that occasion.Briber, Francis.A29359EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The spightful sister a new comedy / written by Abraham Bailey.Bailey, Abraham, fl. 1667.A29360EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new description of Paris containing a particular account of all the churches, palaces, monasteries ... with all other remarkable matters in that great and famous city / translated out of French.Brice, Germain, 1652-1727.A29361EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Babylons downfall a sermon lately preached at Westminster before sundry of the honourable House of Commons / by William Bridge ...Bridge, William, 1600?-1670.A29365EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached unto the voluntiers of the city of Norwich and also to the voluntiers of Great Yarmovth in Norfolke by William Bridge ...Bridge, William, 1600?-1670.A29373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The truth of the times vindicated whereby the lawfulnesse of Parliamentary procedings in taking up of arms, is justified, Doctor Fernes reply answered, and the case in question more fully resolved / by William Bridge ...Bridge, William, 1600?-1670.A29375EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The humble petition of many thousands, gentlemen, free-holders, and others, of the county of Worcester to the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England, in behalf of the able, faithful, godly ministry of this nation / delivered by Colonel Jeff Bridges, and M. Thomas Foly, December 22, 1652 ; with the Parliaments answers thereunto.England and Wales. Parliament.A29382EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A poem upon the death of Her late Majesty, Queen Mary, of blessed memory occasioned by an epistle to the author, from Mr. J. Tutchin / by Ben. Bridgewater.Bridgewater, Benjamin.A29387EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The judgment of Sir Orlando Bridgman declared in his charge to the jury at the arraignment of the twenty nine regicides (the murtherers of King Charles the First, of Most Glorious Memory) began at Hicks-Hall on Tuesday the ninth of October, 1660, and continued at the sessions-house in the Old-Baily, until Friday the ninteenth of the same month.Bridgeman, Orlando, Sir, 1608-1674.A29394EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some reasons why Robert Bridgman, and his wife, and some others in Hvntington-shire, have left the society of the people called Quakers, and have join'd in communion with the Church of England and some passages contained in a letter of George Whitehead to R.J., and R. Bridgman's reply to the same / by Robert Bridgman.Bridgman, Robert.A29395EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Brief account of a great engagement which hapned [sic] between the English squadron, under the command of Vice-Admiral Herbert, and the whole French fleet, near the coast of Ireland, on the first of May, 1689A29398EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Brief account of the evidence given on behalf of Edmund Warner at a tryal had at the Bar the 24th of November, 1693 before the four barons of the Exchequer, relating to a parcel of potters clay seized by the Custom-House officers under the pretence of its being fullers earthA29403EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief account of the indictment, tryal, conviction and execution of Mr. Robert Bailzie of Jeresswood upon the 22th, 23th and 24th of December 1684 : at His Majesties capital city of Edinburgh in his ancient kingdom of Scotland : where the said Mr. Robert Bailzie was hanged and afterwards quartered for high treason.Baillie, Robert, d. 1684.A29404EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Brief account of the province of East-Jersey in America published by the present proprietors thereof, viz, William Penn ... [et al.], for information of all such persons who are or may be inclined to setle themselves, families and servants in that country.A29409EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life of Monsieur Des Cartes containing the history of his philosophy and works : as also the most remarkable things that befell him during the whole course of his life / translated from the French by S.R.Baillet, Adrien, 1649-1706.A29412EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A breif and full account of Mr. Tate's and Mr. Brady's new version of the Psalms by a true son of the Church of England.True son of the Church of England.A29417EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief and summary narrative of the many mischiefs and inconveniencies in former times as well as of late years, occasioned by naturalizing of aliens.A29420EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Brief and true remonstrance of the illegal proceedings of Roger Osburn (an Irish man born) governour of Mount Serrat, one of the Caribba islands, with his Irish complices against Samuel Waad the younger, of Topsham in the county of Devon, gent. and of his barbarous and inhuman murthering of the said Waad in the said island upon the first day of May, 1654.A29425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief character of the Protector Oliver Cromwel with an account of the slavery he left the nation under at his death, comprehended in a seasonable speech concerning the upper house / made by a worthy member of Parliament in the House of Commons, March 1659.Titus, Silius, 1623?-1704.A29430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dissuasive from the errours of the time wherein the tenets of the principall sects, especially of the Independents, are drawn together in one map, for the most part in the words of their own authours, and their maine principles are examined by the touch-stone of the Holy Scriptures / by Robert Baylie ...Baillie, Robert, 1599-1662.A29432EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Briefue declaration du royaume d'Escosse pour l'information & satisfaction de leurs freres d'Angleterre, touchant la presente expedition en Angleterre.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A29433EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Brief deduction of the case between George Carew Esqr. administrator of the goods and chattels, rights, debts and credits of Sr. William Courten, knight deceased unadministred with his will annexed, plaintiff and [I]acob Pergens, bewinthebber of the West-India Company at their chamber in Amsterdam, defendant : as it was delivered in low-Dutch to the scheepens and iudges in Amsterdam, in the month of October 1676.A29436EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief dialogve between Zelotopit one of the daughters of a zealous Round-head, and Superstition a holy fryer newly come out of France shewing the zeal of good motions of the one and the idolatry of the other : as also the passages of their holy ones when that they be in their conventicles each one condoling with his holy sister / composed by Owen Dogerell.Dogerell, Owen.A29440EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief discovery of a threshold estate of Antichrist now extant in the world viz., a description of 1. the true and false temple, 2. the false ministery, and 3. the false churches : whereunto is added the trial of one George Fox in Lancashire, with his answer to eight articles exhibited against him, being sent in a letter from Keller to some friends in York-shire : also, certain queries upon a petition lately presented to the Parliament from divers gentlemen and others in Worcester-shire : necessary to be answered by the petitioners who are said to be 6000 in number.Buttivant, Samuel.A29447EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief examination and consideration of the unsound princples upon which the armies plea (lately committed to publick view) is grounded wherein the repentance of those army-men and the conversion of all other persons from the error of their ways who have (in what capacity so-ever) acted by the said principles is most earnestly desired and specially aimed at / by a friend to the truth.Friend to the truth.A29451EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
William and Mary ... whereas we are credibly informed ... that on Monday, the eleventh day of September last the greatest part of the parish church of Towyn ... fell down and sunk ... we ... have given and granted ... full power, licence and authority to ask, gather ... and take the alms and charitable benevolence of our loving subjects ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1689-1694 : William and Mary)A29453EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Brief memorial of what hath been done in former times, concerning the making and repairing of Dover harbour, and the present state thereofA29459EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Brief narrative of a strange and wonderful old woman that hath a pair of horns growing upon her head giving a true account how they have several times after being shed, grown again : declaring the place of her birth, her education and conversation with the first occasion of their growth, the time of their continuance and where she is now to be seen, viz. at the sign of the Swan near Charing Cross.A29465EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief narrative of that stupendious [sic] tragedie late intended to be acted by the satanical saints of these reforming times humbly presented to the king's most excellent majesty : also, an impartial account of the indictment, arraignment, tryal [sic], and condemnation of Thomas Tonge, George Phillips, Francis Stubbs, James Hind, John Sallers, and Nathaniel Gibbs, at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bailey, London, Decemb. 11, 1662 ; together with the confessions, speeches, and prayers of George Phillips, Thomas Tonge, Nathaniel Gibbs, Francis Stubbs, at the place of execution, on Munday, Decemb. 22, 1662. / exactly taken in short-hand characters, by the same person that wrote the late king's judges tryals.Hill, William, fl. 1662.A29466EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Brief narrative of the late treacherous and horrid designe which by the great blessing and especiall providence of God hath been lately discovered and for which publike thanksgiving is by order of both Houses of Parliament appointed on Thursday the 15 of June, 1643 : together with a true copie of the commission under the great seal sent from Oxford to severall persons in the citie of London.A29468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief relation of the persecutions and cruelties that have been acted upon the people called Quakers in and about the city of London since the beginning of the 7th month last, til this present time : with a general relation of affairs, signifying the state of the people through the land.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A29476EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief survey (historical and political) of the life and reign of Henry the III, King of England dedicated to His Most Sacred Majesty.Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631.A29484EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The living words of a dying child Being a true relation of some part of the words that came forth, and were spoken by Joseph Briggins on his death-bed. Being on the 26th day of the 4th moneth called June, 1675. Aged 11 years, five moneths, and 15 dayes.Briggins, Joseph, 1663 or 4-1675.A29490EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of some of the travels and sufferings of that faithful servant of the Lord, Thomas Briggs and also several testimonies concerning his faithfulness to the Lord and diligence in his service till death.Briggs, Thomas, ca. 1610-1685?A29494EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A commentary on the Canticles or the Song of Salomon wherein the text is analised, the native signification of the words declared, the allegories explained, and the order of the times whereunto they relate observed / by Thomas Brightman ; unto which is added brief notes out of severall expositors of the Revelation touching the rising and fall, progresse and finall destruction of the enemies of the church with some other observations out of divers writers.Brightman, Thomas, 1562-1607.A29507EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reverend Mr. Brightmans iudgement or prophesies, what shall befall Germany, Scotland, Holland, and the churches adhering to them likewise what shall befall England, and the hierarchy therein : collected out of his exposition on the Revelations, printed above forty yeares since ...Brightman, Thomas, 1562-1607.A29508EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Brightmans predictions and prophecies vvritten 46 yeares since : concerning the three churches of Germanie, England, and Scotland : fore-telling the miserie of Germanie, the fall of the pride of bishops in England by the assistance of the Scottish Kirk : all which should happen, as he foretold, between the yeares of 36 and 41, &c.A29512EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Brimigham ballad on Their Royal Highnesses return from Scotland to the tune of, Monk's march.A29514EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discovery of the impostures of witches and astrologers by John Brinley.Brinley, John.A29517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A breviate of saving knowledge, or, The principles of Christian religion methodically digested into short questions and answers purposely composed and published, for the use and benefit of such as have good desires but weake memories, by I.B.Brinsley, John, 1600-1665.A29522EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christians cabala, or, Sure tradition necessary to be known and believed by all that will be saved : a doctrine holding forth good tidings of great joy, to the greatest of penitent sinners : with a character of one that is by John Brinsley ...Brinsley, John, fl. 1581-1624.A29523EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The spirituall vertigo, or, Turning sickensse of soul-unsettlednesse in matters of religious concernment the nature of it opened, the causes assigned, the danger discovered, and remedy prescribed ... / by John Brinsley.Brinsley, John, fl. 1581-1624.A29526EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prayer and praise, a two-fold tribute to be payed by all loyal subjects to their supream and subordinate soveraign a subject entred upon April 23, 1661, being the day of the solemn inauguration of King Charles the II and finished the Lord's Day following / as it was delivered to the Church of God at Great Yarmouth by John Brinsley ...Brinsley, John, 1600-1665.A29527EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The saints solemne covenant vvith their God as it was opened in a sermon preached at Beccles in the countie of Suffolk, at the taking of the Nationall Covenant there, by the ministers and other officers of that division / by Ioh. Brinsley ...Brinsley, John, 1600-1665.A29528EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Stand still: Or, A bridle for the times A discourse tending to still the murmuring, to settle the wavering, to stay the wandring, to strengthen the fainting. As it was delivered to the Church of God at Great Yarmouth, Anno 1643. By John Brinsley, Minister of the Word there, and now published as a proper antidote against the present epidemicall distempers of the times.Brinsley, John, 1600-1665.A29529EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three links of a golden chain, or, Three of the principal causes of mans salvation viz, God giving his elect unto Christ, their coming unto Him, His receiving of them, doctrinally opened and practically applied as it was lately delivered unto the Church of God at Great Yarmouth / by John Brinsley.Brinsley, John, 1600-1665.A29532EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two treatises both lately delivered to the Church of God at Great Yarmouth, and now published as useful and seasonable by John Brinsley ...Brinsley, John, 1600-1665.A29533EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An abstract of the Discourse on the late funds of the Million-act, Lottery-act, and Bank of England Together with proposals for the supplying their Majesties with money on easy terms, exempting the nobility and gentry, &c. from taxes, enlarging their yearly estates, and enriching all the subjects in the kingdom. Humbly offered and submitted to the consideration of the Lords spiritual and temporal, and Commons in Parliament assembled. By J. B.Briscoe, John, fl. 1695.A29534EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Seasonable reflections on a late pamphlet entituled A history of passive obedience since the Reformation wherein the true notion of passive obedience is settled and secured from the malicious interpretations of ill-designing men.Bainbrigg, Thomas, 1636-1703.A29535EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the value of the estates in the several counties subscribed towards the fund for a national land-bank from Thursday the 11th of June, to Saturday the 13th of July, 1695.Briscoe, John, fl. 1695.A29536EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse on the late funds of the Million-act, and Bank of England shewing that they are injurious to the nobility and gentry, and ruinous to the trade of the nation : together with proposals for the supplying Their Majesties with money on easy terms, exempting the nobility, gentry &c. from taxes, enlarging their yearly estates, and enriching all the subjects in the kingdom ... / by J.B.Briscoe, John, fl. 1695.A29540EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Balm from Gilead, or, The differences about the indulgence stated and impleaded in a sober and serious letter to ministers and Christians in Scotland / by an healing hand.Bairdy, John.A29544EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The freehold estates of England, or, England itself the best fund or securityBriscoe, John, fl. 1695.A29546EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the knights, citizens, and burgesses in Parliament assembledBriscoe, John, fl. 1695.A29551EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord George Digbies apologie for himselfe, published the fourth of January, Anno Dom. 1642Bristol, George Digby, Earl of, 1612-1677.A29555EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Elvira, or, The worst not always true a comedy / written by a person of quality.Bristol, George Digby, Earl of, 1612-1677.A29556EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Digby his last speech against the Earle of Strafford occasioned upon the reading the bill of attainder touching the point of treason.Bristol, George Digby, Earl of, 1612-1677.A29558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blazing-star, or, Nolls nose newly revived, and taken out of his tomb ... by Collonel Baker.Baker, Colonel.A29559EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Earle of Bristoll his speech in the House of Lords the XX day of July 1660 upon the bill of indempnityBristol, George Digby, Earl of, 1612-1677.A29560EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The third speech of the Lord George Digby to the House of Commons concerning bishops and the citie petition the 9th of Febr. 1640Bristol, George Digby, Earl of, 1612-1677.A29561EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two letters of note the one from the Lord Digby to the Qveene : the other of a late overthrovv which the English gave the rebells in Ireland.Bristol, George Digby, Earl of, 1612-1677.A29566EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
August. 5. Two letters, the one from the Lord Digby, to the Queens Majestie: the other from Mr. Thomas Elliot, to the Lord Digby, with observations upon the same letters. Also a noat [sic] of such armes as were sent for by His Maiestie out of Amsterdam, under his owne hand. Die Lune 1. August. 1642. Ordered that these two letters with the observations upon the same, be forthwith published in print. Hen. Elsinge Cler. Parl. D. Com.Bristol, George Digby, Earl of, 1612-1677.A29570EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two speeches of George, Earl of Bristol, with some observations upon them by which it may appear whether or no the said Earl and others of the same principles, deserve to be involved in the common calamity brought upon Roman Catholicks, by the folly and presumption of some few factious papists.Bristol, George Digby, Earl of, 1612-1677.A29572EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologie of John, Earl of Bristol consisting of two tracts : in the first, he setteth down those motives and tyes of religion, oaths, laws, loyalty, and gratitude, which obliged him to adhere unto the King in the late unhappy wars in England : in the second, he vindicateth his honour and innocency from having in any kind deserved that injurious and merciless censure, of being excepted from pardon or mercy, either in life or fortunes.Bristol, John Digby, Earl of, 1580-1654.A29573EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The holy practises of a devine lover, or, The sainctly [sic] Ideots Deuotions the contents of the booke are contained in the ensuinge page.More, Gertrude, 1606-1633.A29574EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles drawn up by the now Iohn Earle of Bristoll and presented to the Parliament against George late Duke of Buckingham in the yeare 1626 containing these particulars following : concerning the death of King James on which articles the Parliament was dissolved &c ...Bristol, John Digby, Earl of, 1580-1654.A29576EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A speech made by the Right Honourable Iohn Earle of Bristoll in the high court of Parliament May 20, 1642 concerning an accommodationBristol, John Digby, Earl of, 1580-1654.A29577EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Bristol address, to the Right Worshipful Sir Richard Hart, kt. and Thomas Earle, esq., now chosen representatives in Parliament for this city of BristolA29581EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Bristol garland in four parts.A29584EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bristols second address, as it was presented to their late members in Parliament, at their return from Oxford to the right worshipful Sir Richard Hart, Knight, Mayor of the city of Bristol, and Thomas Earl, Esquire, our late representatives in Parliament of for the said city and county of Bistol.A29585EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Dvtch vsurpation, or, A brief view of the behaviours of the States-General of the United Provinces, towards the kings of Great Britain with some of their cruelties and injustices exercised upon the subjects of the English nation; as also, a discovery of what arts they have used to arrive at their late grandeur, &c. / by William De Britaine.De Britaine, William.A29589EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Humane prudence, or, The art by which a man may raise himself and fortune to grandeur by A.B.De Britaine, William.A29590EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The interest of England in the present war with Holland by the author of The Dutch usurpation.De Britaine, William.A29595EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sober enquiry, whether it be lawful for subjects without royal authority to take up arms in defence of the Protestant religion, to prevent poperyDe Britaine, William.A29596EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Britaines honour in the two valiant Welchmen who fought against fifteen thousand Scots at their now comming to England passing over Tyne, wherof one was kill'd manfully fighting against his foe, and the other being taken prisoner in now (upon relaxation) come to Yorke to His Majesty : the tune is, How now Mars, &c.A29597EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Oh! the day, the dreadful and terrible day of GodD. B. (Daniel Baker), fl. 1650-1660.A29608EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Broad-side more for the Dutch, or, The Belgick lion couchantA29609EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Francis Broccard (secretary to Pope Clement the Eighth) his alarm to all Protestant princes with a discovery of popish plots and conspiracies, after his co[n]version from popery to the Protestant religion / translated out of the Latin copy printed in Holland.Brocardo, Francisco.A29610EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sr St. John Brodrick's vindication of himself from the aspersions cast on him in a pamphlet written by Sir Rich. Buckley entituled, The proposal for sending back the nobility and gentry of Ireland, together with a vindication of the sameBrodrick, St. John, Sir, 1658 or 9-1707.A29611EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A perswasive to reformation and union as the best security against the designs of our popish enemiesA29616EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Canterbury tale translated out of Chaucers old English into our now vsvall langvage whereunto is added the Scots pedler / newly enlarged by A.B.Brome, Alexander, 1620-1666.A29617EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The cunning lovers a comedy : as it was acted with great applause, by their Majesties servants at the private house in Drury Lane / vvritten by Alexander Brome ...Brome, Alexander, 1620-1666.A29620EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rump, or, An exact collection of the choycest poems and songs relating to the late times by the most eminent wits from anno 1639 to anno 1661.Brome, Alexander, 1620-1666.A29621EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Songs and other poems by Alex. Brome ...Brome, Alexander, 1620-1666.A29623EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the memory of Mr. Dryden a poem.Brome, Charles, fl. 1687-1700.A29625EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An historical account of Mr. Rogers's three years travels over England and Wales giving a true and exact description of all the chiefest cities, towns and corporations in England, Dominion of Wales, and town of Berwick upon Twede : together with the antiquities, and places of admiration, cathedrals, churches of note in any city, town or place in each county, the gentleman above-mentioned having made it his whole business (during the aforesaid time) to compleat the same in his travelling, : to which is annexed a new map of England and Wales, with the adjacent parts, containing all the cities and market towns bound in just before the title.Brome, James, d. 1719.A29627EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The original of plotts, or, Some seasonable reflections upon the late horrid fanatick conspiracy in a sermon preached at St. Maries in Dover, on Sunday September 23, 1683 / by James Brome ...Brome, James, d. 1719.A29628EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached in St. Maries Church in Dover, June the first, 1694 before the right honourable Henry Earl of Romney, being the day in which he entered upon the office of constable of Dover-Castle and Lord Warden of Cinque-ports / by James Brome ...Brome, James, d. 1719.A29630EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Travels over England, Scotland and Wales giving a true and exact description of the chiefest cities, towns, and corporations, together with the antiquities of divers other places, with the most famous cathedrals and other eminent structures, of several remarkable caves and wells, with many other divertive passages never before published / by James Brome ... ; the design of the said travels being for the information of the two eldest sons, of that eminent merchant Mr. Van-Ackar.Brome, James, d. 1719.A29631EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The beggars chorus in the jovial crewBrome, Richard, d. 1652?A29632EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The court begger a comedie acted at the Cock-pit by His Majesties servants, anno 1632 / written by Richard Brome.Brome, Richard, d. 1652?A29634EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The damoiselle, or, The new ordinary a comedy.Brome, Richard, d. 1652?A29635EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The debauchee, or, The credulous cuckold a comedy acted at His Highness the Duke of York's Theatre.Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689.A29636EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A joviall crew, or, The merry beggars presented in a comedie at Drury-Lane, in the yeer 1641 / written by Richard Brome.Brome, Richard, d. 1652?A29637EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lachrymæ musarum The tears of the muses : exprest in elegies / written by divers persons of nobility and worth upon the death of the most hopefull, Henry Lord Hastings ... ; collected and set forth by R.B.A29640EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The queenes exchange a comedy acted with generall applause at the Black-friers by His Majesties servants / written by Richard Brome.Brome, Richard, d. 1652?A29644EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief discovery of the chief causes, signs, and effects, of that most reigning disease, the scurvy together with the causes, symptoms, & effects, of several other dangerous diseases most usually afflicting mankind. Whereunto is added, a short account of that imcomparable, and most highly approved medicine called Bromfield's pill. Being the only remedy this age hath produced against the scurvy, and most other curable distempers. Formerly prepared and set forth for the publick benefit, by M. Bromfield; and now wholly assigned by him to Mr. Joseph Stent.Bromfield, M.A29646EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of Richard Bromley as to his being concern'd in city affairs / humbly offered to the consideration of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Common-council in answer to the reflections of Colonel Pierce.Bromley, Richard.A29648EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The way to the Sabbath of rest, or, The souls progress in the work of regeneration being a brief experimental discourse of the new-birth in which many of the serpents wiles are detected, the mysteries of the Cross unvailed, the death of the old man, the life of the new man, the angelical dispensation, with the entrance to the divine / clearly laid open and discovered by Mr. Thomas Bromley.Bromley, Thomas, 1629-1691.A29649EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The spoiles of the forest of Deane asserted in answer to a scurrilous libell lately set forth to blast the justice and proceedings of some commissioners of Parliament in that behalfe / by Isaac Bromwich, esq., a well willer to the preservation of that forest, and a joynt-commissioner.Bromwich, Isaac.A29653EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reading of M. Robert Brook ... upon the stat. of Magna Charta, chap. 16Brooke, Robert, Sir, d. 1558.A29654EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reading of that famous lawyer, Sr. Robert Brook, Kt. upon the statute of limitations, 32.H.8. Cap. 2Brooke, Robert, Sir, d. 1558.A29655EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some new cases of the years and time of King Hen. 8. Edw. 6. and Qu: Mary; written out of the great abridgement, composed by Sir Robert Brook, Knight, &c. There dispersed in the titles, but here collected under years. And now translated into English by John March of Grays-Inn, Barrister. All which said cases are hy [sic]the translator methodised, and reduced alphabetically under their proper heads and titles. With an exact table of the principall matter contained therein.Brooke, Robert, Sir, d. 1558.A29656EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems upon several occasions by Daniel Baker ...Baker, Daniel, 1653 or 4-1723.A29657EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The remains of Sir Fulk Grevill Lord Brooke being poems of monarchy and religion : never before printed.Greville, Fulke, Baron Brooke, 1554-1628.A29659EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedy of that famous Roman oratour Marcus Tullius CiceroGreville, Fulke, Baron Brooke, 1554-1628.A29660EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discovrse opening the natvre of that episcopacie, which is exercised in England wherein with all humility, are represented some considerations tending to the much desired peace, and long expected reformation, of this our mother church / by the Right Honourable Robert Lord Brooke.Brooke, Robert Greville, Baron, 1607-1643.A29665EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nature of truth, its union and unity with the soule which is one in its essence, faculties, acts, one with truth / discussed by the Right Honorable Robert Lord Brook, in a letter to a private friend ; by whom it is now published for the publick good.Brooke, Robert Greville, Baron, 1607-1643.A29667EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three speeches spoken in Gvild-Hall concerning His Majesties refusall of a treaty of peace and what is to be done thereupon / two of them spoken by the Lord Brook and one by Sir Henry Vane on Tuesday the 8 of Novem. 1642 ; also votes of the Houses of Parliament made on Munday the 7 of Novem. and read in Guild-hall on Tuesday the 8 of Novem. 1642.Brooke, Robert Greville, Baron, 1607-1643.A29668EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Catalogus librorum bibliothecæ reverend. & eruditi viri D. Samuelis Brooke, aulæ Catharinæ quondam socius. Quorum auctio habenda est Londini, ad insigne Pelicani in vico vulgo dicto Little-Britain vicessimo primo Martii 1680/81. Per Gulielmi Cooper bibliopolam.Brooke, Samuel, d. 1631.A29669EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Exceeding happy newes from Ireland being a true relation of many passages of great consequence very joyfull and delectable to all true hearted Protestants : wherein is declared five severall matters of great consequences : 1. That the Earle of Corke is gone into the north of Ireland, putting all to fire and sword, 2. That information is given by certaine Frenchmen who declared that the rebels had received certaine armes from France by stealth, but at this present there was no fleet at sea of any nation that way bound, 3. A true declaration of what victories have lately been obtained by the Lord Don Luce, Earle of Antrim, 4. An information that Philomy Oneale is secretly fled, 5. That the Earle of Astry is desirous to lay downe his armes and yeeld to the Kings mercy, and curses those that advised him first to rise in rebellion / being the copies of two letters sent from Ireland,the one from Mr. William Brookes ... to his wife ... the other letter sent to Mr. Hunt now resident in London ...Brookes, William.A29670EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter sent to Mr. Speaker, from the commissioners in the county of Essex, concerning the militia together with a relation of diverse passages in Ireland, sent over in a letter.Barrington, Thomas, Sir.A29710EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The temple opened, or, The great mystery of the millennium and the first resurrection revealed and found to be different from all the accounts that have been given thereof by any who have hitherto wrote on the same subject : more fully and plainly opening the nature of the death humbly presented to the King and Parliament by Thomas Brookhouse.Brookhouse, Thomas.A29711EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Barbarian cruelty being a true history of the distressed condition of the Christian captives under the tyranny of Mully Ishmael, Emperor of Morocco, and King of Fez and Macqueness in Barbary : in which is likewise given a particular account of his late wars with the Algerines, the manner of his pirates taking the Christians and others, his breach of faith with Christian princes, a description of his castles and guards, and the places where he keeps his women, his slaves and negroes : with a particular relation of the dangerous escape of the author and two English men more from thence, after a miserable slavery of ten years / by Francis Brooks.Brooks, Francis.A29712EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dissuasive from popery sent in a letter from A.B. to C.D.A. B.A29730EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologie for lay-mens writing in divinity with a short meditation upon the fall of Lucifer / written by Sr. Richard Baker, Knight.Baker, Richard, Sir, 1568-1645.A29731EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To His Excellencie the Lord General Monck, the humble gratulation and acknowledgement of Colonel Robert Broughton, and several others his counrrey-men [sic]A29733EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The epilogue to the five papers lately past betwixt the two physicians Dr. O. and Dr. E. containing some remarks, pleasant and profitable, concerning that debate, and the usefulness of vomiting and purging in fevers / by And. Brown, M.D.Brown, Andrew, M.D.A29736EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A chronicle of the Kings of England, from the time of the Romans goverment [sic] unto the raigne of our soveraigne lord, King Charles containing all passages of state or church, with all other observations proper for a chronicle / faithfully collected out of authours ancient and moderne, & digested into a new method ; by Sr. R. Baker, Knight.Baker, Richard, Sir, 1568-1645.A29737EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindicatory schedule concerning the cure of fevers containing a disquisition theoretical and practical, of the new and most effectual method of curing continual fevers, first invented and delivered by the sagacious Dr. Tho. Sydenham : also shewing by way of preliminary, the indispensible charge lying on physicians to improve themselves and the art ... : with an appendix of Sanctorius his Medicina statica ... / by Andrew Broun, M.D.Brown, Andrew.A29738EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two conferences between some of those that are called Separatists & Independents, concerning their different tenents one whereof, was appointed with Mr. Burton and a number of his church, and the other with Mr. John Goodwin and some of his church ... / now published by D.B. ...Brown, David, fl. 1650-1652.A29739EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief remonstrance of the grand grievances and oppressions suffered by Sir William Courten and Sir Paul Pyndar, knts., deceased as also by their heirs, executors, administrators, and creditors : humbly represented to both Houses of Parliament, prorogued to 21 October 1680 : faithfully collected out of several courts of record, orders of counsel, and treaties of peace and common alliance : with several remarks thereupon for the improvement of naviagation, trade, and commerce / by John Brown.Brown, John, of London.A29745EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologeticall relation of the particular sufferings of the faithfull ministers & professours of the Church of Scotland, since August, 1660 wherein severall questions, usefull for the time, are discussed : the King's preroragative over parliaments & people soberly enquired into, the lawfulness of defensive war cleared, the by a well wisher to the good old cause.Brown, John, 1610?-1679.A29746EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christ in believers the hope of glory being the substance of several sermons / preached by John Brown.Brown, John, 1610?-1679.A29747EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christ the way and the truth and the life, or, A short discourse pointing forth the way of making use of Christ for justification and especially and more particularly for sanctification in all its parts, from Johan. XIV, vers. VI : wherein several cases of conscience are briefly answered, chiefly touching sanctification / by John Brown.Brown, John, 1610?-1679.A29748EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the indulgence shewing its rise, conveyance, progress, and acceptance : together with a demonstration of the unlawfulness thereof and an answere to contrary objections : as also, a vindication of such as scruple to hear the indulged / by a Presbyterian.Brown, John, 1610?-1679.A29750EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life of justification opened, or, A treatise grounded upon Gal. 2, II wherein the orthodox doctrine of justification by faith, & imputation of Christ's righteousness is clearly expounded, solidly confirmed, & learnedly vindicated from the various objections of its adversaries, whereunto are subjoined some arguments against universal redemption / by that faithful and learned servant of Jesus Christ Mr. John Broun ...Brown, John, 1610?-1679.A29752EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Quakerisme the path-way to paganisme, or, A vieu of the Quakers religion being an examination of the theses and apologie of Robert Barclay, one of their number, published lately in Latine, to discover to the world, what that is, which they hold and owne for the only true Christian religion / by John Brown ...Brown, John, 1610?-1679.A29753EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of centers and useful proportions on the line of numbers by John Brown ...Brown, John, philomath.A29754EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A description of a mathematical instrument] made by John Browne.Brown, John, philomath.A29755EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The description and use of a joynt-rule fitted with lines for the finding the hour of the day and azimuth of the sun, to any particular latitude, or, to apply the same generally to any latitude : together with all the uses of Gunters quadrant applyed thereunto ... / contriv'd & written by J. Brown, philomath.Brown, John, philomath.A29756EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The description and use of the carpenters-rule together with The use of the line of numbers commonly called Gunters-line : applyed to the measuring of all superficies and solids, as board, glass, plaistering, wainscoat, tyling, paving, flooring, &c., timber, stone, square on round, gauging of vessels, &c. : also military orders, simple and compound interest, and tables of reduction, with the way of working by arithmatick in most of them : together with the use of the glasiers and Mr. White's sliding-rules, rendred plain and easie for ordinary capacities / by John Brown.Brown, John, philomath.A29760EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The description and use of the trianguler quadrant being a particular and general instrument, useful at land or sea, both for observation and operation : more universally useful, portable and convenient, than any other yet discovered, with its uses in arithmetick, geometry, superficial and solid, astronomy, dyalling, three wayes, gaging, navigation, in a method not before used / by John Brown, philomath.Brown, John, philomath.A29761EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Horologiographia, or, The art of dyalling being the second book of the use of the trianguler-quadrant : shewing the natural, artificial, and instrumental way, of making of sun-dials, on any flat superficies, with plain and easie directions, to discover their nature and affections, by the horizontal projection : with the way of drawing the usual ornaments on any plain : also, a familiar easie way to draw those lines on the ceiling of a room, by the trianguler quadrant : also, the use of the same instrument in navigation, both for observation, and operation : performing the use of several sea-instruments still in use / by John Brown, philomath.Brown, John, philomath.A29762EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triangular quadrant, or, The quadrant on a sector being a general instrument for land or sea observations : performing all the uses of the ordinary sea instruments, as Davis quadrant, forestaff, crosstaff, bow, with more ease, profitableness, and conveniency, and as much exactness as any or all of them : moreover, it may be made a particular and a general quadrant for all latitudes, and have the sector lines also : to which is added a rectifying table to find the suns true declination to a minute or two, any day or hour of the 4 years : whereby to find the latitude of a place by meridian, or any two other altitudes of the sun or stars / first thus contrived and made by John Brown ...Brown, John, philomath.A29764EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A scotch song written and compos'd by Mr. Richard Brown.Brown, Richard.A29765EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Amusements serious and comical, calculated for the meridian of London by Mr. Brown.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29768EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of miscellany poems, letters, &c. by Mr. Brown, &c. ; to which is added, A character of a latitudinarian.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29769EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A congratulatory poem on His Majesty's happy return from Holland written by Mr. Browne.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29771EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A description of Mr. D-n's funeral a poem.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29774EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Heraclitus ridens redivivus, or, A dialogue between Harry and Roger concerning the timesBrown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29778EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The late converts exposed, or, The reasons of Mr. Bays's changing his religion considered in a dialogue : part the second : with reflections on the life of St. Xavier, Don Sebastian King of Portugal, as also the fable of the bat and the birds.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29779EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Miracles, work's above and contrary to nature, or, An answer to a late translation out of Spinoza's Tractatus theologico-politicus, Mr. Hobbs's Leviathan, &c. published to undermine the truth and authority of miracles, Scripture, and religion, in a treatise entituled, Miracles no violation of the laws of nature.Browne, Thomas, 1654?-1741.A29780EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The moralist, or, A satyr upon the sects shewing some disputing passages by way of dialogue, between a well-principled lay-man, and a professor of theology : with reflections upon some modern writings and actions, particularly the late absconding of a certain B--- / by the author of the Weesils.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29781EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nature's cabinet unlock'd wherein is discovered the natural causes of metals, stones, precious earths, juyces, humors, and spirits, the nature of plants in general, their affections, parts, and kinds in particular : together with a description of the individual parts and species of all animate bodies ... : with a compendious anatomy of the body of man, as also the manner of his formation in the womb / by Tho. Browne ...A29782EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Novus reformator vapulans, or, The Welch Levite tossed in a blanket in a dialogue between Hick-- of Colchester, David J--nes and the ghost of Wil. Pryn.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29784EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Physick lies a bleeding, or, The apothecary turned doctor a comedy, acted every day in most apothecaries shops in London : and more especially to be seen by those who are willing to be cheated, the first of April, every year : absolutely necessary for all persons that are sick, or may be sick / by Tho. Brown.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29785EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reasons of Mr. Bays changing his religion considered in a dialogue between Crites, Eugenius, and Mr. Bays.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29786EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reasons of Mr. Joseph Hains the player's conversion & re-conversion being the third and last part to the dialogue of Mr. Bays.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29789EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reasons of the new converts taking the oaths to the present government in a dialogue / by the author of the Reasons of Mr. Bay's conversion.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29790EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Salamanca wedding, or, A true account of a swearing doctor's marriage with a Muggletonian widow in Breadstreet London, August 18th, 1693 : in a letter to a gentleman in the country.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29791EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The weesil trap'd a poem : being a reflection on the late satyrical fable.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29792EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The weesils a satyrical fable, giving an account of some argumental passages happening in the Lion's Court about Weesilion's taking the oaths.Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.A29793EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Arthur Browne, a seminary priest, his confession after he was condemned to be hanged at the assizes holden at Dorchester, the sixteenth day of August after which sentence of death pronounced, he fell upon his knees asking God forgivenesse, rayling upon the Iesuits, for, said he, they, and none but they, are the plotters of mischiefes and seducers of His Majesties subjects and have brought him to this confusion, humbly praying this Honourable Bench to pardon him, and he would unfold a great part of their villany, which in secret he hath bin sworne unto.Browne, Arthur, d. 1642?A29819EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A compendious and patheticall retractation for book-making very usefull for these distracted times / by Edward Browne.Browne, Edward.A29820EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief account of some travels in divers parts of Europe viz Hungaria, Servia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Thessaly, Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, and Friuli : through a great part of Germany, and the Low-Countries : through Marca Trevisana, and Lombardy on both sides of the Po : with some observations on the gold, silver, copper, quick-silver mines, and the baths and mineral waters in those parts : as also, the description of many antiquities, habits, fortifications and remarkable places / by Edward Brown.Brown, Edward, 1644-1708.A29826EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The confession of John Browne, a Iesvite, in the gate-house twice examined by a committee from the honourable House of Commons wherein is discovered the late plots of the Pope and papacy against these kingdomes, England, Scotland, and Ireland : and the manner how he poceeds in his intents to intrude himselfe into the temporall monarchy hereof : with the copy of the Popes Breve, & the fansinesse of his Nuntio with the English ladies : and the event that may preoceed by stopping such proceedings.Browne, John, Jesuit.A29831EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discovery of the notorious proceedings of William Lavd Archbishop of Canterbury in bringing innovations into the church and raising up troubles in the state his pride in riding in his coach when the King himselfe went along on foot and being reproved would not alight : with his tyrannicall government both in himselfe and his agents / confessed by John Browne a prisoner in the gatehouse, twice examined by a committee of six from the honourable House of Commons ; and now brought to the view of the world, October 15, 1641.Browne, John, Jesuit.A29832EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A worthie speech spoken in the honourable Hovse of Commons Ianuarie the XVIJ, MDCXLJ by Mr. John Browne, Esquire and knight of the shire for the county of Dorset wherein he explains and layes open to the said House the manifold eminent dangers which are like to fall upon that county by reason of Digbies escape and assistance which is to be feared will joyn with him in his intentions by reason divers and the most part of Sherborn, evill Brunswick and other towns of which he is lord over for the most part consists of papists, recusnts and other of his confiderates : with relation of divers of the reccusants [sic] houses that bee furnished with store of ammunition for a sudden service.Browne, John, 1580-1659.A29833EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Adenochoiradelogia, or, An anatomick-chirurgical treatise of glandules & strumaes or, Kings-evil-swellings : together with the royal gift of healing, or cure thereof by contact or imposition of hands, performed for above 640 years by our Kings of England continued with their admirable effects, and miraculous events, and concluded with many wonderful examples of cures by their sacred touch / all which are succinctly described by John Browne.Browne, John, 1642-ca. 1700.A29835EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A compleat discourse of wounds, both in general and particular whereunto are added the severall fractures of the skull, with their variety of figures : as also a treatise of gunshot-wounds in general / collected and reduced into a new method by John Brown ...Browne, John, 1642-ca. 1700.A29836EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A compleat treatise of preternatural tumours both general and particular as they appear in the human body from head to foot : to which also are added many excellent and modern historical observations concluding most chapters in the whole discourse / collected from the learned labours both of ancient and modern physicians and chirurgions, composed and digested into this new method by the care and industry of John Brown.Browne, John, 1642-ca. 1700.A29837EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A compleat treatise of the muscles as they appear in humane body, and arise in dissection with diverse anatomical observations not yet discover'd : illustrated by near fourty copper-plates, accurately delineated and engraven / by John Browne ...Browne, John, 1642-ca. 1700.A29838EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Myographia nova sive musculorum omnium (in corpore humano hactenus repertorum) accuratissima descriptio, in sex praælectiones distributa Nomina singulorum in suo quæque loco, situque naturali, in æneis musculorum iconibus exarantur: eorum item origines, insertiones, & usus, graphice describuntur, additis insuper ipsius authoris, & aliorum nuperrimis observationibus & inventis. Opera & studio Joannis Browne, serenissimi caroli secundi, britanniarum regis, nec-non nosocomii regalis, quod est ad D. Thomæ, chirurgi ordinarii.Browne, John, 1642-ca. 1700.A29839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Proposals by way of contribution for writing a natural history of Yorkshire. By Jo. Browne, Dr. of Laws and Physick.Browne, John, 1642-ca. 1700.A29841EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Theatrum redivivum, or, The theatre vindicated by Sir Richard Baker, in answer to Mr. Pryn's Histrio-mastix ...Baker, Richard, Sir, 1568-1645.A29842EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter in answer to a book entitled, Christianity not mysterious as also, to all those who set up for reason and evidence in opposition to revelation & mysteries / by Peter Browne ...Browne, Peter, ca. 1666-1735.A29845EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Digbies designe to betray Abingdon carryed on for divers vveeks by an intercourse of letters. Which are here published for the satisfaction of all men, by Sergeant Major Generall Brown. Together with the cipher which the Lord Digby sent him for that purpose.Browne, Richard, Sir, 1602?-1669.A29852EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cursus osteologicus being a compleat doctrine of the bones according to the newest and most refin'd notions of anatomy : shewing their nature, substance, composition, manner of ossification, nourishment, &c. ... : to which is annex'd by way of appendix, an excellent method of whitening, cleansing, preparing, and uniting the bones, to form a movable skeleton ... / by Robert Baker, Chirurgeon.Baker, Robert, Chirurgeon.A29856EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certain miscellany tracts written by Thomas Brown.Browne, Thomas, Sir, 1605-1682.A29858EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hydriotaphia, urn-burial, or, A discours of the sepulchral urns lately found in Norfolk together with the Garden of Cyrus, or, The quincuncial lozenge, or network of plantations of the ancients, artificially, naturally, mystically considered : with sundry observations / by Thomas Browne.Browne, Thomas, Sir, 1605-1682.A29860EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pseudodoxia epidemica, or, Enquiries into very many received tenents and commonly presumed truths by Thomas Browne.Browne, Thomas, Sir, 1605-1682.A29861EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Religio MediciBrowne, Thomas, Sir, 1605-1682.A29868EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Religio mediciBrowne, Thomas, Sir, 1605-1682.A29880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The head of Nile, or, The turnings and windings of the factious since sixty in a dialogue between Whigg and Barnaby.Baker, Thomas, 1652 or 3-1702.A29882EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of allegiance to a king in possessionBrowne, Thomas, 1654?-1741.A29884EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Brownists synagogue or A late discovery of their conventicles, assemblies; and places of meeting, where they preach, and the manner of their praying and preaching. With a relation of the names, places; and doctrines of those which doe commonly preach. The chiefe of which are these. Greene, the feltmaker. Marler, the buttonmaker. Spencer, the coachman. Rogers the glover. Which sect is much increased of late within this city.A29892EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reports of diverse choice cases in law taken by those late and most judicious prothonotaries of the Common Pleas, Richard Brownlow & John Goldesborough ; with directions how to proceed in many intricate actions both reall and personall ... ; also a most perfect and exact table, shewing appositely the contents of the whole book.Brownlow, Richard, 1553-1638.A29898EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections upon learning wherein is shewn the insufficiency thereof, in its several particulars, in order to evince the usefulness and necessity of revelation / by a gentleman.Baker, Thomas, 1656-1740.A29901EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd on the coronation day of K. Charles I March 27, 1644, in S. Mary's in Cambridge / by Bishop Brownrigg when he was vice-chancellor of the vniversity, for which he was cast into prison.Brownrig, Ralph, 1592-1659.A29910EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Twenty five sermons. The second volume by the Right Reverend Father in God, Ralph Brownrig, late Lord Bishop of Exeter ; published by William Martyn, M.A., sometimes preacher at the Rolls.Brownrig, Ralph, 1592-1659.A29912EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The unspotted high-court of justice erected and discovered in three sermons preached in London and other places by Thomas Baker.Baker, Thomas, 1624 or 5-1690.A29923EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A journey into SpainBrunel, Antoine de, 1622-1696.A29924EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the case relating to the greenwax fines shewing how the rights and prerogative of the Crown are diminished, officers enriched, and the subjects oppressed by the mismanagement of that revenue : also, disproving the allegations used to hinder a reformation thereof, as contradictory to the reports and resolutions of the judges and lawyers, and the experience of persons of all ranks and degrees in all ages.Brunskell, Percivall, 17th cent.A29929EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wicked mans plot defeated, or, The wicked man laughed out of countenance as it was represented in a sermon preached in St. Mary Wool-Church, London, May 11, 1656, by Thomas Baker.Baker, Thomas, Rector of St. Mary the More.A29931EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dwelling with God, the interest and duty of believers in opposition to the complemental, heartless, and reserved religion of the hypocrite / opened in eight sermons by John Bryan ...Bryan, John, d. 1676.A29932EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A prophetick demonstration of many remarkable passages ... as they were found in a manuscript intitled, The mistery of observable predictions upon the present state of Reynelus & Romulus, or, The unrid[d]led] hyraglip of a she fox nurs'd by a she wolf in a stile answerable to Miltons heroick verses on lost Paradise ...Bryan, Robert, 17th cent.A29937EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mutations of the seas: or, A manifest reason given for all the mutations observed in the seas And this by ways so natural, plain, and easie, that every man may understand the manner, and must conclude it to be so. By John Bryantson.Bryantson, John.A29938EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The absurdity of that new devised state-principle, (viz.) that in a monarchy, the legislative power is communicable to the subject, and is not radically in soveraignty in one, but in more in a letter to a friend.Brydall, John, b. 1635?A29939EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Camera regis, or, A short view of London containing the antiquity, fame, walls, bridge, river, gates, tower, cathedral, officers, courts, customs, franchises, &c. of that renowned city / collected out of law & history and methodized for the benefit of the present inhabitants by John Brydall ...Brydall, John, b. 1635?A29941EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A compendious collection of the laws of England, touching matters criminal faithfully collected and methodically digested, not only for the use of sheriffs, justices of the peace, coroners, clerks of the peace, and others within that verge, but of all the people in general, by J.B. Esq.England and Wales.A29944EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jus primogeniti, or, The dignity, right, and priviledge of the first-born inquisited and defended against the impious practice of some fathers in disinheriting their first-begotten son in a letter to a friend in the country / by B.J., Esq.Brydall, John, b. 1635?A29948EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Non compos mentis, or, The law relating to natural fools, mad-folks, and lunatick persons inquisited and explained for common benefit / by John Brydall, Esq.Brydall, John, b. 1635?A29951EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The white rose, or, A word for the House of York, vindicating the right of succession in a letter from Scotland to a peer of this realm.W. B.A29953EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An explanation of some truths, of the carriage of things about this great workBuchanan, David, 1595?-1652?A29956EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short and true relation of some main passages of things (wherein the Scots are particularly concerned (from the very first beginning of these unhappy troubles to this dayBuchanan, David, 1595?-1652?A29957EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De jure regni apud Scotos, or, A dialogue, concerning the due priviledge of government in the kingdom of Scotland, betwixt George Buchanan and Thomas Maitland by the said George Buchanan ; and translated out of the original Latine into English by Philalethes.Buchanan, George, 1506-1582.A29958EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Scotland written in Latin by George Buchanan ; faithfully rendered into English.Buchanan, George, 1506-1582.A29962EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tyrannicall-government anatomized, or, A discovrse concerning evil-councellors being the life and death of John the Baptist : and presented to the Kings most excellent Majesty by the Author.Buchanan, George, 1506-1582.A29968EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history and life and reigne of Richard the Third composed in five bookes by Geo. Buck.Buck, George, Sir, d. 1623.A29975EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Chorus poetarum, or, Poems on several occasions by the Duke of Buckingham, the late Lord Rochester, Sir John Denham, Sir Geo. Etheridge, Andrew Marvel, Esq., the famous Spencer, Madam Behn, and several other eminent poets of this age.A29976EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epitaph upon Thomas, late Lord Fairfax written by a person of honour.Buckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687.A29977EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to Sir Thomas Osborn, one of His Majesties Privy Council upon the reading of a book called The present interest of England stated.Buckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687.A29978EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Duke of Buckingham His Grace's letter to the unknown author of a paper, entituled, A short answer to his Grace the Duke of Buckingham's paper concerning religion, toleration and liberty of conscienceBuckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687.A29980EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems on several occasions by the Duke of Buckingham, The late Lord Rochester, Sir John Denham, Sir George Etheridge, Andrew Marvel, Esq., the famous Spencer, Madam Behn, and several other poets of this age.A29982EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poetical reflections on a late poem entituled Absalom and Achitophel by a person of honour.Buckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687.A29983EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A prophetick lampoon, made anno 1659. By his grace George Duke of Buckingham: relating to what would happen to the government under King Charles II. To the tune which no body can denyBuckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687.A29986EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rehearsalBuckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687.A29987EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short discourse upon the reasonableness of men's having a religion, or worship of God by His Grace, George, Duke of Buckingham.Buckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687.A29993EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Duke of Buckingham's speech in a late conferenceBuckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687.A29995EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Duke of Buckingham's speech, spoken in the House of Lords, Feb. 15th, 1676, proving that the Parliament is dissolvedBuckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687.A29997EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of Charles II, King of England, with a short account of his being poyson'd / written by a person of honour ; with an introduction exhibiting the different characters given him by the several different parties of Roman Catholicks, churchmen, and dissenters, &c., by another hand.Buckingham, John Sheffield, Duke of, 1648-1720 or 21.A29999EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay on poetry; written by the Marquis of Normanby, and the same render'd into Latin by another hand. With several other poems, viz. An epistle to the Lord Chamberlain, on His Majesty's victory in Ireland; by the honourable Mr. Montague. An epistle to the honourable Mr. Montague, on His Majesty's voyage to Holland; by Mr. Stepny. An epistle to Monsieur Boileau; by Mr. Arwaker. A poem on the promotion of several eminent persons in church and state; by Mr. Tate. To which are added the following poems, never before in print, viz. An ode in memory of the late Queen; by a person of quality. A poem on the late horrid conspiracy; by Mr. StepnyBuckingham, John Sheffield, Duke of, 1648-1720 or 21.A30001EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay upon poetryBuckingham, John Sheffield, Duke of, 1648-1720 or 21.A30002EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true copy of a letter from the Right Honourable the Earl of Mulgrave, to Doctor Tillotson, Dean of CanterburyBuckingham, John Sheffield, Duke of, 1648-1720 or 21.A30007EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Salus populi, or, A nations happinesse a sermon preached at the assises holden at Winchester, Iuly 22, 1658 / by Edward Buckler.Buckler, Edward, 1610-1706.A30009EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The proposal for sending back the nobility and gentry of Ireland together with a vindication of the same, and an answer to the objections made against it in a letter to a gentleman of Ireland.Buckley, Richard, Sir.A30010EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief answer to two papers procured from Friends in Maryland the one concerning Thomas Budds favouring John Lynam &c., the other concerning his owning George Keith's principles and doctrines.Budd, Thomas, 1648-1699.A30011EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An expostulation with Thomas Lloyd, Samuell Jenings, and the rest of the twenty eight unjust judges and signers of the paper of condemnation against George Keith and the rest of his Friends, and complaint for a publick hearing and tryal before all impartial peopleBudd, Thomas, 1648-1699.A30013EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Good order established in Pennsilvania & New-Jersey in America being a true account of the country; with its produce and commodities there made. And the great improvements that may be made by means of publick store-houses for hemp, flax and linnen-cloth; also, the advantages of a publick school, the profits of a publick-bank, and the probability of its arising, if those directions here laid down are followed. With the advantages of publick granaries. ... By Thomas Budd.Budd, Thomas, 1648-1699.A30014EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A just rebuke to several calumnies, lyes & slanders reported against Thomas BuddBudd, Thomas, 1648-1699.A30015EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A testimony and caution to such as do make a profession of truth who are in scorn called Quakers and more especially such who profess to be ministers of the gospel of peace, that they should not be concerned in worldly government.Budd, Thomas, 1648-1699.A30016EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Itinerarium totius Sacræ Scripturæ, or, The travels of the holy patriarchs, prophets, judges, kings, our Saviour Christ and his apostles, as they are related in the Old and New Testaments with a description of the towns and places to which they travelled, and how many English miles they stood from Jerusalem : also, a short treatise of the weights, monies, and measures mentioned in the Scriptures, reduced to our English valuations, quantity, and weight / collected out of the works of Henry Bunting ; and done into English by R.B.Bünting, Heinrich, 1545-1606.A30018EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Discourses and essays on several subjects, relating chiefly to the controversies of these times, especially with the Socinians, deists, enthusiasts, and scepticks by Ja. Buerdsell ...Buerdsell, James, 1669 or 70-1700.A30019EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse against unequal marriages viz, against old persons marrying with young, against persons marrying without the parents or friends consent, against persons marrying without their own consent.Bufford, Samuel.A30020EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief history of the rise, growth, and progress of Quakerism setting forth that the principles and practices of the Quakers are antichristian, antiscriptural, antimagistratical, blasphemous, and idolatrous from plain matter of fact, out of their most approved authors, &c. ... / by Francis Bugg, Senior.Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724?A30022EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New Rome arraigned And out of her own mouth condemned. Containing a farther discovery of the dangerous errors, and pernicious principles of the leaders and teachers of the Foxonian Quakers: which tend to overthrow the Christian faith, to obstruct the Jews conversion, to encourage Mahumetism, and to pervert the right way of the Lord; which whether so or no, deserves the examination and consideration of the Christian ministry of all Protestant Churches, as they tender God's glory, and the good of souls. To which is added, Ten articles of the Christian faith, wrote by Geo. Keith, who was persecuted by the Quakers in Pensilvania for his Christian testimony. The second edition, with some alteration and additions, by Francis Bugg. Licensed, June 18th. 1694.Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724?A30031EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
William Penn, the pretended Quaker discovered to hold a correspondence with the Jesuite's at Rome to which is added A winding sheet for Ann Docwra / by Francis Bugg.Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724?A30049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Bugle-bovv, or, A Merry match of shooting the tune is, My husband is a carpenter, or, The oyl of care.A30052EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The people's right to election, or, Alteration of goverment [sic] in Connecticut argued in a letter / by Gershom Bulkeley ...; together with a letter to the said Bulkeley from a friend of his in the Bay ; to which is added, The writing delivered to James Russell of Charlestown Esq. warning him and others concerned not to meet to hold a court at Cambridge within the county of Middlesex by Thomas Greaves ... ; and also his answer to Mr. Broadstreete and the gentlemen mett at the Town-house in Boston concerning the same.Bulkeley, Gershom, 1636-1713.A30053EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some seasonable considerations for the good people of ConnecticutBulkeley, Gershom, 1636-1713.A30054EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A testimony to the power of God being greater than the power of Satan contrary to all those who hold no perfection here, no freedom from sin on this side of the grave / which doleful doctrine is here testified against by Richard Baker.Baker, Richard, d. 1697.A30068EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A bvll from Rome, consisting of 15 pardons for delinquents in these kingdomes vvith a declaration of the Popes election in the chaire at Rome where the cardinalls, with their stript-up armes, doe use to feele, before his consecration, whether he bee a man or woman : whereunto is occasionally related by them the orginall cause of womens vailes and of their wicked tongues.A30070EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Virginia impartially examined, and left to publick view, to be considered by all iudicious and honest men under which title is comprehended the degrees from 34 to 39, wherein lyes the rich and healthfull countries of Roanock, the now plantations of Virginia and Mary-land ... / by William Bullock, Gent.Bullock, William, b. 1617?A30076EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Bully Whig, or, The poor whores lamentation for the apprehending of Sir Thomas Armstrong to the tune of, Ah! cruel, bloody fate! &c.A30087EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay of transmigration, in defence of Pythagoras, or, A discourse of natural philosophyBulstrode, Whitelocke, 1650-1724.A30096EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of the troubles of the three forraign churches in Kent, caused by the injunctions of William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, Anno Dom. 1634 &c. written by J.B., Minister of the word of God.J. B. (John Bulteel), d. 1669.A30098EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Birinthea, a romance / written by J.B. gent.Bulteel, John, fl. 1683.A30100EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Chirologia, or, The naturall language of the hand composed of the speaking motions, and discoursing gestures thereof : whereunto is added Chironomia, or, The art of manuall rhetoricke, consisting of the naturall expressions, digested by art in the hand, as the chiefest instrument of eloquence, by historicall manifesto's exemplified out of the authentique registers of common life and civill conversation : with types, or chyrograms, a long-wish'd for illustration of this argument / by J.B. ...J. B. (John Bulwer), fl. 1648-1654.A30105EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pathomyotamia, or, A dissection of the significative muscles of the affections of the minde being an essay to a new method of observing the most important movings of the muscles of the head, as they are the neerest and immediate organs of the voluntarie or impetuous motions of the mind : with the proposall of a new nomenclature of the muscles / by J.B., sirnamed the Chirosopher.J. B. (John Bulwer), fl. 1648-1654.A30107EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bumm-foder, or, Waste-paper proper to wipe the nation's rump with or your ownBrome, Alexander, 1620-1666.A30111EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new discovery of the French disease and running of the reins their causes, signs, with plain and easie direction of perfect curing the same / by R. Bunworth.Bunworth, Richard.A30115EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The acceptable sacrifice, or, The excellency of a broken heart shewing the nature, signs and proper effects of a contrite spirit / being the last works of that eminent preacher and faithful minister of Jesus Christ, Mr. John Bunyan of Bedford ; with a preface ... by a eminent minister of the Gospel in London.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30118EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The advocateship of Jesus Christ clearly explained, and largely improved, for the benefit of all believers by John Bunyan ...Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30121EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The barren fig tree, or, The doom and downfall of the fruitless professor shewing that the day of grace may be past with him long before his life is ended : the signs also by which such miserable mortals may be known / by John Bunyan ; to which is added his Exhortation to peace and unity among all that fear God.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30122EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A book for boys and girls, or, Country rhimes for children by J.B.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30125EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A case of conscience resolved viz. whether, where a church of Christ is situate, it is the duty of the women of that congregation, ordinarily, and by appointment, to separate themselves from their brethren, and so to assemble together to perform some parts of divine worship, as prayer, &c. without their men? : And the arguments made use of for that practice examined / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30127EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christian behaviour, or, The fruits of true Christianity shewing the ground from whence they flow in their godlike order in the duty of relations, as husbands, wives, parents, children, masters, servants &c. : with a word of direction to all backsliders / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30128EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Come & welcome to Jesus Christ, or, A plain and profitable discourse upon the sixth of John, 37 vers shewing the cause, truth and manner of the coming of a sinner to Jesus Christ, with his happy reception and blessed entertainment / written by J. Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30130EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Strange and wonderful news of the birth of a monstrous child with two heads, and three arms which was lately born at Attenree, in the county of Meath, in Ireland.E. B.A30133EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A confession of my faith and a reason of my practice, or, With who, and who not, I can hold church-fellowship, or the communion of saintsBunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30136EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the doctrine of justification, by faith in Jesus Christ: shewing, true Gospel-holiness flows from thence. Or, Mr. Fowler's pretended design of Christianity, proved to be nothing more then to trample under foot the blood of the Son of God and the idolizing of man's own righteousness. As also, how while he pretends to be a minister of the Church of England, he overthroweth the wholesom doctrine contained in the 10th. 11th. and 13th. of the Thirty Nine Articles of the same, and that he falleth in with the Quaker, and Romanist, against them. By John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30137EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Differences in judgment about vvater-baptism, no bar to communion, or, To communicate with saints, as saints, proved lawful in answer to a book written by the Baptists, and published by Mr. T.P. and Mr. W.K. entituled, Some serious reflections on that part of Mr. Bunyan's confession of faith, touching church-communion with unbaptized believers : wherein, their objections and arguments are answered, and the doctrine of communion still asserted and vindicated : here is also Mr. Henry's Jesse's judgment in the case, fully declaring the doctrine I have asserted / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30138EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the building, nature, excellency, and government of the house of God With counsels and directions to the inhabitants thereof. By John Bunyan of Bedford.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The doctrine of the law and grace unfolded, or, A discourse touching the law and grace the nature of the one and the nature of the other, shewing what they are as they are the two covenants ... wherein for the better understanding of the reader there is several questions answered touching the law and grace ... : also several titles set over the several truths contained in this book, for thy sooner finding of them, which are those following the epistle / published by that poor and contemptible creature, John Bunyan of Bedford.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30141EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Letters write [sic] to a friend by the learned and judicious Sir Andrew Balfour ... containing excellent directions and advices for travelling thro' France and Italy, with many curious and judicious remarks and observations made by himself, in his voyages thro' these countreys, published from the author's original m.s.Balfour, Andrew, Sir, 1630-1694.A30142EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Grace abounding to the chief of sinners, or, A brief and faithful relation of the exceeding mercy of God in Christ, to his poor servant John Bvnyan wherein is particularly shewed, the manner of his conversion, his fight and trouble for sin, his dreadful temptations, also how he despaired of Gods mercy, and how the Lord at length thorow [sic] Christ did deliver him from all the guilt and terrour that lay upon him : whereunto is added, a brief relation of his call to the work of the ministry, of his temptations therein, as also what he hath met with in prison : all which was written by his own hand there, and now published for the support of the the weak and tempted people of God.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30143EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The greatness of the soul and unspeakableness of the loss thereof with the causes of the losing it : first preached at Pinners-Hall, and now enlarged and published for good / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30150EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The holy citie, or, The new-Jerusalem wherein its goodly light walls, gates, angels, and the manner of their standing, are expounded : also, her length and breadth, together with the golden measuring-reed, explained, and the glory of all unfolded : as also, the numerousness of its inhabitants, and what the tree and water of life are, by which they are sustained / by John Bunyan ...Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30152EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A holy life, the beauty of Christianity, or, An exhortation to Christians to be holy by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30153EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also, or, A discourse touching prayer, from I Cor. 14.15 wherein is briefly discovered 1. What prayer is, 2. What it is to pray with the spirit, 3. What it is to pray with the spirit and with the understanding also / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30158EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jerusalem-sinner saved, or, Good news for the vilest of men being a help for despairing souls, shewing that Jesus Christ would have mercy in the first place offered to the biggest sinners / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30160EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of Mr. Badman presented to the world in a familiar dialogue between Mr. Wiseman and Mr. Attentive / by John Bunyan ...Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30164EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Light for them that sit in darkness, or, A discourse of Jesus Christ, and that he undertook to accomplish by himself the eternal redemption of sinners also, that the Lord Jesus addressed himself to this work, with undeniable demonstrations that he performed the same : objections to the contrary answered / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
One thing is needful, or, Serious meditations upon the four last things, death, judgment [brace] and [brace] heaven, hell unto which is added Ebal and Gerizzim, or, The blessing and the curse : with prison meditations and a catalogue of all this author's books / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come delivered under the similitude of a dream, wherein is discovered the manner of his setting out, his dangerous journey, and safe arrival at the desired countrey / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30170EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Another happy victorie obtained by His Excellencie the Earle of Essex, Decemb. 21 with 7000 men consisting of five regiments of foot commanded by these worthies, viz. the Lord Rochford, the Lord Roberts, Sir Iohn Meldrum, Sir William Constable : together with 17 troopes of horse commanded by the Lord Fielding, Sr. Philip Stapleton and Sir William Balfore : against 9000 of the Kings army, who were comming from Oxford towards Wellingford and Reading to relieve the rest of their forces that lay thereabouts : declaring also how His Excellencie obtained the victory in slaying and taking prisoners two of His Maiesties foot regiments and putting to flight the greatest part of the horse, taking from them 5 piece of ordnance and store of ammunition.Balfour, William, Sir, d. 1660.A30173EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Questions about the nature and perpetunity of the seventh-day Sabbath and proof that the first day of the week is the true Christian-sabbath / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30197EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reprobation asserted, or, The doctrine of eternal election & reprobation promiscuously handled in eleven chapters wherein the most material objections made by the opposers of this doctrine are fully answered, several doubts removed, and sundry cases of conscience resolved / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30198EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The resurrection of the dead and eternall judgement, or, The truth of the resurrection of the bodies both of good and bad at the last day asserted and proved by Gods word : also, the manner and order of their coming forth of their graves, as also, with what bodies they do arise : together with a discourse of the last judgement, and the finall conclusion of the whole world / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30200EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Scriptural poems being several portions of Scripture digested into English verse / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30201EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Seasonable counsel, or, Advice to sufferers by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30202EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sighs from hell, or, The groans of a damned soul discovering from the 16th of Luke the lamentable state of the damned : and may fitly serve as a warning-word to sinners, both old and young, by faith in Jesus Christ, to avoid the same place of torment : with a discovery of the usefulness of the Scriptures as our safe conduct for avoiding the torments of hell / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30203EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Solomon's temple spiritualiz'd, or, Gospel-light fetcht out of the temple at Jerusalem, to let us more easily into the glory of New-Testament-truths by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some gospel-truths opened according to the Scriptures, or, The divine and humane nature of Christ Jesus, his coming into the world, his righteousness, death, resurrection, ascension, intercession, and second comming to judgment, plainly demonstrated and proved and also answers to severall questions, with profitable directions to stand fast in the doctrine of Jesus the son of Mary, against those blustring storms of the Devils temptations, which do at this day, like so many scorpions, break loose from the bottomless pit, to bite and torment those that have not tasted the vertue of Jesus by the revelation of the spirit of God / published for the good of Gods chosen ones by that unworthy servant of Christ John Bunnyan ...Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30208EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The strait gate, or, Great difficulty of going to Heaven plainly proving by the Scriptures that not only the rude and profane, but many great professors will come short of that Kingdom / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30209EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the fear of God shewing what it is, and how distinguished from that what is not so : also whence it comes, who has it, what are the effects, and what the priviledges of those that have it in their hearts / by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30211EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and impartial narrative of some illegal and arbitrary proceedings by certain justices of the peace and others, against several innocent and peaceable nonconformists in and near the town of Bedford, upon pretence of putting in execution the late Act against conventicles together with a brief account of the late sudden and strange death of the Grand Informer, and one of the most violent malicious prosecutors against these poor people.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30212EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The water of life, or, A discourse shewing the richness and glory of the grace and spirit of the gospel, as set forth in Scripture by this term, The water of life by John Bunyan.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30213EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The work of Jesus Christ as an advocate clearly explained and largely improved for the benefit of all believers ... / by John Bunyan, author of The pilgrims progress.Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.A30214EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of a journey of the Right Honourable My Lord Henry Howard from London to Vienna, and thence to Constantinople, in the company of His Excellency Count Lesley, Knight of the order of the Golden Fleece, councellour of state to His Imperial Majesty, &c. and extraordinary ambassadour from Leopoldus Emperour of Germany to the Grand Signior, Sultan Mahomet ... / written by John Banbury ...Burbury, John.A30215EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The difficulty of and the encouragements to a reformation a sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons at the publick fast, Septem. 27, 1643 / by Mr. Anthony Burges ...Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.A30235EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An expository comment, doctrinal, controversal, and practical upon the whole first chapter to the second epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians by Anthony Burgesse ...Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.A30238EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
CXLV expository sermons upon the whole 17th chapter of the Gospel according to St. John, or, Christs prayer before his passion explicated, and both practically and polemically improved by Anthony Burgess ...Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.A30241EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Scripture directory for church-officers and people, or, A practical commentary upon the whole third chapter of the first Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians to which is annexed The godly and the natural mans choice, upon Psal. 4, vers. 6, 7, 8 / by Anthony Burgesse ...Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.A30242EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Spiritual refining: or A treatise of grace and assurance Wherein are handled, the doctrine of assurance. The use of signs in self-examination. How true graces may be distinguished from counterfeit. Several true signs of grace, and many false ones. The nature of grace under divers Scripture notions or titles, as regeneration, the new-creature, the heart of flesh, vocation, sanctification, &c. Many chief questions (occasionally) controverted between the orthodox and the Arminians. As also many cases of conscience. Tending to comfort and confirm saints. Undeceive and convert sinners. Being CXX sermons preached and now published by Anthony Burgess sometime fellow of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and now pastor of the church of Sutton-Coldfield in Warwickshire.Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.A30243EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of original sin ... proving that it is, by pregnant texts of Scripture vindicated from false glosses / by Anthony Burgess.Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.A30247EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true doctrine of justification asserted and vindicated, from the errours of Papists, Arminians, Socinians, and more especially Antinomians in XXX lectures preached at Lawrence-Iury, London / by Anthony Burgess ...Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.A30248EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vindiciae legis, or, A vindication of the morall law and the covenants, from the errours of Papists, Arminians, Socinians, and more especially, Antinomians in XXX lectures, preached at Laurence-Jury, London / by Anthony Burgess ...Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.A30249EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
No sacrilege nor sin to alienate or purchase cathedral lands, as such: or, A vindication of, not onely the late purchasers; but, of the antient nobility and gentry; yea, of the Crown it self, all deeply wounded by the false charge of sacrilege upon new purchasers. By C. Burges, D.D.Burges, Cornelius, 1589?-1665.A30255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two sermons preached to the Honorable House of Commons assembled in Parliament at their pvbliqve fast, Novem. 17, 1640 by Cornelius Burges ... and Stephen Marshall ...Burges, Cornelius, 1589?-1665.A30262EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Foolish talking and jesting described and condemned In a discourse on Ephes. 5.4. neither foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient. By Daniel Burgess.Burgess, Daniel, 1645-1713.A30279EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the late King James His Majesty at Greenwich the 19 of Iuly 1604 together with two letters in way of apology for his sermon : the one to the late King Iames His Majesty : the other to the Lords of His Majesties then Privie Councell / by John Burges ...Burges, John, 1561?-1635.A30293EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The three worthy butchers of the north I weep, I wail, and travel much in pain, now all my youthful days are past, they'l never come again; once I was a man, but now alas I am none, for all my companions are from me fled and gone. To a pleasant new tune.Burges, Paul.A30294EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of a letter sent ovt of England to an ambassadour in France for the King of Spaine declaring the state of England contrary to the opinion of Don Bernardin and of all his partizans Spaniards and others : wherunto are adioyned certain advertisements concerning the losses and distresses happened to the Spanish navy as well in fight with the English navie in the narrow seas of England : as also by tempests and contrary winds upon the west and north coasts of Ireland in their returne from the northerne isles beyond Scotland.Leigh, Richard, 1561?-1588.A30295EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Victorious newes from Ireland being a battail fought by the Lord of Ormond, the nineteenth day of June, to the losse of two thousand of the rebels, ten miles beyond Limbrick, sent in letter to Master Thomas Flinge,Burgine, Darby.A30299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A tragedy of Cola's furie, or, Lirenda's miserie written by Henry Burkhead, 1645.Burkhead, Henry, fl. 1641-1645.A30300EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The King of France, his message to the Queene of England: presented to Her Majesty by Colonell Goring, at the Hague in Holland, in answer to her letter sent to the French King at Paris by the foresaid Colonell Goring. Wherein is declared what forces are raising in Flanders, Artoys, Normandy, and S. Mallo, for the assistance of the malignant party against the Parliament in England: / the copie whereof was sent from M. Burlacey at the Hague in Holland, to a merchant in London, Novemb. 29. 1642. ; Also the Parliaments instructions to Sir Edward Rodes and Captain Hotham, with power to pardon such as shall submit within ten dayes.Burlacey, Miles.A30306EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two proposals, humbly offer'd to the Honourable House of Commons, now assembled in Parliament I. That a duty be laid on malt, in the stead of the present duty on beer and ale, and likewise, that the several engagements that revenue lies under, be transferr'd on that of malt, II. That a duty be laid on malt, and the present duty on beer and ale be continued : to which is annex'd an accompt, what in all probability the frauds of brewers do amount to, and wherin such frauds are prejudicial to the King, to the subject, and to the trade itself : likewise by what means such grievances are most properly redress'd / by A. Burnaby ...Burnaby, A. (Anthony)A30311EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reform'd wife a comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane.A30312EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Animadversions on the Reflections upon Dr. B's travelsBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30320EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to a letter to Dr. Burnet, occasioned by his letter to Mr. LowthBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30321EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to Mr. Henry Payne's letter concerning His Majesty's declaration of indulgence, writ to the author of the Letter to a dissenterBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30323EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the Animadversions on the History of the rights of princes, &c. by Gilbert Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30324EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apology for the Church of England, with relation to the spirit of persecution for which she is accusedBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30325EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of compulsion in matters of religion stated by G.B. ; addressed to the serious consideration of the members of the Church of England, in this present juncture.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30326EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Charitable reproof a sermon preached at the Church of St. Mary-le-Bow to the Societies for Reformation of Manners, the 25th of March, 1700 / by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30327EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of papers against popery and arbitrary government written by G. Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30329EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of several tracts and discourses written in the years 1678, 1679, 1680, 1681, 1682, 1683, 1684, 1685 by Gilbert Burnet ; to which are added, a letter written to Dr. Burnet, giving an account of Cardinal Pool's secret power, the history of the power treason, with a vindication of the proceedings thereupon, an impartial consideration of the five Jesuits dying speeches, who were executed for the Popish Plot, 1679.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30330EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A continuation of reflections on Mr. Varillas's History of heresies particularly on that which relates to English affairs in his third and fourth tomes / by G. Burnet ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30331EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The conversion & persecutions of Eve Cohan, now called Elizabeth Verboon a person of quality of the Jewish religion, who was baptized the 10th of October, 1680, at St. Martins in the Fields, by the Right Reverend Father in God, William, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30333EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defense of the reflections on the ninth book of the first volum [sic] of Mr. Varillas's History of heresies being a reply to his answer / by G. Burnet ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30334EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning transubstantiation and idolatry being an answer to the Bishop of Oxford's plea relating to those two points.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30335EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the pastoral care written by Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30336EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse on the memory of that rare and truely virtuous person Sir Robert Fletcher of Saltoun who died the 13 of January last, in the thirty ninth year of his age / written by a gentleman of his acquaintance.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30337EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay on the memory of the late Queen by Gilbert, Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30340EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exhortation to peace and union in a sermon preached at St. Lawrence-Jury, on Tuesday the 26th of Novemb. 1689 / by ... Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30343EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The expedition of His Highness, the Prince of Orange, for England giving an account of the most remarkable passages thereof, from the day of his setting sail from Holland, to the first day of this instant December, 1688 : in a letter to a person of quality.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30346EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition of the Thirty-nine articles of the Church of England written by Gilbert Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30349EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Four discourses delivered to the clergy of the Diocess of Sarum ... by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30350EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the persecution of the valleys of Piedmont containing an account of what hath passed in the dissipation of the churches and the inhabitants of the valleys, which happened in the year 1686.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30351EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the reformation of the Church of England. The first part of the progess made in it during the reign of K. Henry the VIII / by Gilbert Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30352EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations and proposals presented to his late Highnesse Oliver, Lord Protector of England touching the not warring with Spain, or the more advantagious prosecuting thereof, after it was begun / by F.B.F. B.A30355EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ill effects of animosities among Protestants in England detected and the necessity of love unto, and confidence in one another, in order to withstand the designs of their common enemies, laid open and enforced.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30357EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The infallibility of the Church of Rome examined and confuted in a letter to a Roman priest / by Gilbert Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30359EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Injunctions for the arch-deacons of the diocess of Sarum to be delivered by them to the clergy in their Easter-visitations, 1690 : together with a letter from their diocesan, Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30360EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An enquiry into the measures of submission to the supream [sic] authority and of the grounds upon which it may be lawful or necessary for subjects to defend their religion.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30362EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An enquiry into the present state of affairs, and in particular, whether we owe allegiance to the King in these circumstances? and whether we are bound to treat with him, and to call him back again, or not?Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30366EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An enquiry into the reasons for abrogating the test imposed on all members of Parliament offered by Sa. Oxon.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter, containing some reflections on His Majesties Declaration for liberty of conscience dated the fourth of April, 1687Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30370EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Gilbert Bvrnet, D.D. to Mr. Simon Lowth, vicar of Cosmus-Blene in the diocess of Canterbury, occasioned, by his late book of the subject of church-powerBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30372EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter occasioned by the second letter to Dr. Burnet, written to a friendBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a lord upon his happy conversion from popery to the Protestant religion by G. Burnett ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30375EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dr. Burnet's letter to his friend in London. Being an answer to a late scurrilous pamphlet entituled His farewel.G. B.A30376EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to Mr. Thevenot containing a censure of Mr. Le Grand's History of King Henry the Eighth's divorce : to which is added, a censure of Mr. de Meaux's History of the variations of the Protestant churches : together with some further reflections on Mr. Le Grand / both written by Gilbert Burnet ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30377EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter writ by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury, to the Lord Bishop of Cov. and Litchfield, concerning a book lately published, called, A specimen of some errors and defects in the History of the reformation of the Church of England, by Anthony HarmerBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30378EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter written upon the discovery of the late plotBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The libertine overthrown, or, A mirror for atheists wherein they may clearly see their prodigious follies, vast extravagancies, notorious impieties and absurdities : containing a compendious account of the ... life and ... death of that the whole ... abstracted from the remarks of the Right Reverend D. Gilbert Burnet ... and the Reverend Mr. Parsons ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30380EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of Sir Matthew Hale, kt sometime Lord Chief Justice of His Majesties Court of Kings Bench. Written by Gilbert Burnett, D.D.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30381EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life of William Bedell D.D., Lord Bishop of Killmore in Ireland written by Gilbert Burnet. To which are subjoyned certain letters which passed betwixt Spain and England in matter of religion, concerning the general motives to the Roman obedience, between Mr. James Waddesworth ... and the said William Bedell ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30388EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The memoires of the lives and actions of James and William, Dukes of Hamilton and Castleherald, &c. in which an account is given of the rise and progress of the civil wars of Scotland, with other great transactions both in England and Germany, from the year 1625, to the year 1652 : together with many letters, instructions, and other papers, written by King Charles the I : never before published : all drawn out of, or copied from the originals / by Gilbert Burnet ; in seven books.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30389EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A modest and free conference betwixt a conformist and a non-conformist about the present distempers of Scotland now in seven dialogues / by a lover of peace.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30390EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A modest survey of the most considerable things in a discourse lately published, entituled Naked truth written in a letter to a friend.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30391EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mystery of iniquity unvailed in a discourse wherein is held forth the opposition of the doctrine, worship, and practices of the Roman Church to the nature, designs and characters of the Christian faith / by Gilbert Burnet ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30394EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from France in a letter giving a relation of the present state of the difference between the French king and the court of Rome : to which is added the Popes brief to the assembly of the clergy, and the protestation made by them in Latin : together with an English translation of them.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30395EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations on the first and second of the canons, commonly ascribed to the holy apostles wherein an account of the primitive constitution and government of churches, is contained : drawn from ancient and acknowledged writings.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30396EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of charity to the houshold of faith a sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, the aldermen, and governors of the several hospitals of the city, at St. Bridget's Church on Easter-Monday, 1698 : being one of the anniversary spittal-sermons / by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30397EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pastoral letter writ by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum, to the clergy of his diocess, concerning the oaths of allegiance and supremacy to K. William and Q. MaryBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30398EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Protestant's companion, or, An impartial survey and comparison of the Protestant religion as by law established, with the main doctrines of popery wherein is shewn that popery is contrary to scripture, primitive fathers and councils ... / by a true son of the Protestant Church of England as established by law.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30399EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A rational method for proving the truth of the Christian religion, as it is professed in the Church of England in answer to A rational compendious way to convince without dispute all persons whatsoever dissenting from the true religion, by J.K. / by Gilbert Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections on a book entituled (The rights, powers, and privileges of an English convocation, stated and vindicated) by Gilbert, Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30402EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two books of elegies in imitation of the first books of Ovid de Tristibus, with part of the third to which is added verses upon several occasions with some translations out of the Latin and Greek poets / by Thomas Ball.Ball, Thomas.A30403EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections on a paper, intituled, His Majesty's reasons for withdrawing himself from RochesterBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30404EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections on Mr. Varillas's history of the revolutions that have happned in Europe in matters of religion and more particularly on his ninth book that relates to England / by G. Burnet ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30405EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections on The relation of the English reformation, lately printed at OxfordBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30406EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe treatise concerning the regulating of printing humbly presented to the Parliament of England / by William Ball, Esq.Ball, William.A30409EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections upon a pamphlet entituled, Some discourses upon Dr. Burnet and Dr. Tillotson, occasioned by the late funeral-sermon of the former upon the later by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30410EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of a conference held about religion at London, the third of April, 1676 by Edw. Stillingfleet ... and Gilbert Burnet, with some gentlemen of the Church of Rome.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30411EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of a conference held about religion at London by Edw. Stillingfleet ... with some gentlemen of the Church of Rome.Stillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699.A30412EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Romes glory, or, A collection of divers miracles wrought by popish saints, both during their lives and after their deaths collected out of their own authors for information of all true-hearted Protestants ; together with a prefatory discourse declaring the impossibility and folly of such vain impostures.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30413EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The royal martyr, and the dutiful subject in two sermons / by G. Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30414EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at St. Dunstans in the West at the funeral of Mrs. Anne Seile, the 18th of July, 1678 by Gilbert Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30416EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and aldermen of the city of London, at Bow-Church, September 2, 1680 being the anniversary fast for the burning of London / by Gilbert Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30417EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached on the fast-day, Decemb. 22, 1680 at St. Margarets Westminster before the Honourable House of Commons / by Gilbert Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30419EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the Aldermen of the city of London, at St. Lawrence-church, Jan 30. 1680/1 being the day of the martyrdome of K. Charles I. / by Gilbert Burnet ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30420EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. James Houblon who was buried at St. Mary Wolnoth Church in Lombard-Street June 28, 1682 / by Gilbert Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30422EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the Chappel of the Rolls on the fifth of November, 1684 being Gun-Powder-Treason day / by Gilbert Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30424EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached in the chappel of St. James's, before His Highness the Prince of Orange, the 23d of December, 1688 by Gilbert Burnet ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the House of Commons, on the 31st of January, 1688 being the thanksgiving-day for the deliverance of this kingdom from popery and arbitrary power, by His Highness the Prince of Orange's means / by Gilbert Burnet ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30428EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the coronation of William III and Mary II, King and Queen of England, ---- France, and Ireland, defenders of the faith in the Abby-Church of Westminster, April 11, 1689 / by Gilbert Lord Bishop of Salisbury.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30429EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the House of Peers in the Abbey of Westminster, on the 5th of November, 1689, being Gun-Powder Treason-Day, as likewise the day of His Majesties landing in England by the Right Reverend Father in God Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the King & Queen at White-Hall, on Christmas-Day, 1689 by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30432EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Bow-Church, before the court of aldermen, on March 12, 1689/90 being the fast-day appointed by Their Majesties / by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30433EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the Queen, at White-Hall, on the 16th day of July, 1690, being the monthly-fast by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30434EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the King and Queen at White-Hall on the 19th day of October, 1690, being the day of thanksgiving for His Majesties preservation and success in Ireland by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30435EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of the Right Honourable Anne, Lady-Dowager Brook, who was buried at Breamor, the 19th day of February, 1690/1 by the Right Reverend Father in God Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30437EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at White-Hall before the King and Queen on the 29th of April, 1691, being the fast-day by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30438EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at White-hall, on the 26th of Novemb. 1691 being the thanksgiving-day for the preservation of the King, and the reduction of Ireland / by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30439EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of the Honourable Robert Boyle at St. Martins in the Fields, January 7, 1691/2 by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30441EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A free but modest censure on the late controversial writings and debates of the Lord Bishop of Worcester and Mr. Locke, Mr. Edwards and Mr. Locke, the Hon[ora]ble Charles Boyle, Esq., and Dr. Bently together with brief remarks on Monsieur Le Clerc's Ars critica / by F.B., M.A. of Cambridg.F. B.A30442EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the Queen, at White-Hall, on the 11th of March, 1693/4 being the third Sunday in Lent / by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30443EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the Queen at White-Hall on the 29th of May, 1694, being the anniversary of King Charles II, his birth and restauration by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30444EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of the most reverend Father in God, John, by the divine providence, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, primate and metropolitan of all England, who died at Lambeth the 22nd day of November, in the 65th year of his age, and was buried at St. Lawrence Jewry, in London, on the 30th of that month, Anno Dom. 1694 by ... Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30445EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the King, at St. James-Chapel on the 10th of February 1694/5, being the first Sunday in Lent / by Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30448EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the King at Whitehall, on Christmas-Day, 1696 by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30449EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the King in the chappel at Whitehall on the third Sunday in Lent, being the 7th day of March, 1696/7 by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30450EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the King, at Whitehall, on the second of December, 1697. Being the day of thanksgiving for the peace. / By the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30451EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the King at Whitehall, on the second of December, 1697 being the day of thanksgiving for the peace / by Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30452EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Six papers by Gilbert Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30455EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some letters, containing an account of what seemed most remarkable in Switzerland, Italy, some parts of Germany, &c. in the years 1685 and 1686 written by G. Burnet, D.D. to the Hoble. R.B. ; to which is added, An appendix, containing some remarks on Switzerland and Italy, writ by a person of quality, and communicated to the author ; together with a table of the contents of each letter.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30463EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some passages of the life and death of the right honourable John, Earl of Rochester who died the 26th of July, 1680 / written by his own direction on his death-bed by Gilbert Burnet ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30466EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The story of Jetzer, taken out of Dr. G. Burnet's letters with a collection of miracles wrought by popish saints, during their lives, and after their deaths, out of their own authours, for information of all true-hearted Protestants : with a prefatory discourse, declaring the impossibility and folly of such vain impostures.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30470EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three letters concerning the present state of Italy written in the year 1687 ... : being a supplement to Dr. Burnet's letters.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30473EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The unreasonableness and impiety of popery: in a second letter written upon the discovery of the late plot..Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the authority, constitution, and laws of the church and state of Scotland in four conferences, wherein the answer to the dialogues betwixt the Conformist and Non-conformist is examined / by Gilbert Burnet ...Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30478EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the ordinations of the Church of England in which it is demonstrated that all the essentials of ordination, according to the practice of the primitive and Greek churches, are still retained in our Church : in answer to a paper written by one of the Church of Rome to prove the nullity of our orders and given to a Person of Quality / by Gilbert Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A30479EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the late exceptions made by Mr. Erasmus Warren against The theory of the earthBurnet, Thomas, 1635?-1715.A30481EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remarks upon An essay concerning humane understanding in a letter address'd to the author.Burnet, Thomas, 1635?-1715.A30483EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A review of The theory of the earth and of its proofs, especially in reference to ScriptureBurnet, Thomas, 1635?-1715.A30484EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Second remarks upon An essay concerning humane understanding in a letter address'd to the author, being a vindication of the first remarks against the answer of Mr. Lock, at the end of his reply to the Lord Bishop of Worcester.Burnet, Thomas, 1635?-1715.A30485EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short consideration of Mr. Erasmus Warren's defence of his exceptions against the theory of the earth in a letter to a friend.Burnet, Thomas, 1635?-1715.A30486EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The theory of the earth containing an account of the original of the earth, and of all the general changes which it hath already undergone, or is to undergo till the consummation of all things.Burnet, Thomas, 1635?-1715.A30490EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Third remarks upon An essay concerning humane understanding in a letter address'd to the author.Burnet, Thomas, 1635?-1715.A30491EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Thesaurus medicinæ practicæ expræstantissimorum tum veterum tum recentiorum medicorum observationibus, consultationibus, consiliis & epistolis : summa diligentia collectus ordineq, alphabetico dispositus / studio & opera Thomæ Bvrnet ...Burnet, Thomas, 1635?-1715.A30492EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd at Barbican upon the sixteenth of April, 1696 being a day of thanksgiving unto Almighty God for discovering and disappointing an horrid and barbarous conspiracy of papists and other traiterous persons to assassinate and murder His Most Gracious Majesty's royal person, and for delivering this kingdom from an invasion intended by the French / by Andrew Burnett ...Burnett, Andrew, minister of the Gospel.A30495EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Burning shame, or, Covent-Garden morning frolick being an account of some odd and humorous pranks which were play'd off yesterday morning between three persons of fortune and Peg Tear'em a washerwoman.A30497EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The holy truth and its professors defended in an answer to a letter writ by Lawrence Potts, priest of Staplestown near Catherlough, unto Robert Lacky, a parishioner and formerly hearer of the said priest, occassioned by his forsaking his ministry and embracing the blessed truth herein vindicated / by John Burnyeat [and] John Watson.Burnyeat, John, 1631-1690.A30498EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The truth exalted in the writings of that eminent and faithful servant of Christ, John Burnyeat collected into this ensuing volume as a memorial to his faithful labours in and for the truth.Burnyeat, John, 1631-1690.A30499EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe relation discovering plainely the true causes why the great levell of fenns in the severall counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Huntington, Northampton, and Lincolne shires, being three hundred and seven thousand acres of low-lands, have been drowned and made unfruitfull for many yeares past and as briefly how they may be drained, and preserved from inundation in the times to come : humbly presented to the honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament / by Andrewes Burrell, gent.Burrell, Andrewes.A30500EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An explanation of the drayning workes which have beene lately made for the Kings Maiestie in Cambridge shire by the direction of Sir Cornelius Virmuden wherein is discovered how the said Sir Cornelius hath abused the Kings Maiestie and many of his loving subjects / written by Andrewes Burrell.Burrell, Andrewes.A30503EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The apostate prince, or, A satyr against the present King of Poland by Richard Burridge.Burridge, Richard, b. 1670.A30506EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The shoemaker beyond his last, or, A satyr upon scurrilous poets especially Ned W----d, author of a poem intituled A journey to hell, or, A visit paid to the Devil.Burridge, Richard, b. 1670.A30508EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of Sir Bouchier Wrey Baronet, an infant, by John Burrington Esq; his guardian; and of Charles Allanson Esq; John Evans and Hugh Evans gentlemen: lately referred to the Committee of Privileges and elections of the Honourable House of CommonsBurrington, John, b. 1648 or 9.A30509EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The memorable works of a son of thunder and consolation namely that true prophet and faithful servant of God and sufferer for the testimony of Jesus, Edward Burroughs, who dyed a prisoner for the word of God in the city of London, the fourteenth of the twelfth moneth, 1662.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30510EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of free liberty of conscience in the exercise of faith and religion presented unto the King and both Houses of Parliament ... / by ... Edward Burroughs.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30511EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of the people called Quakers (once more) stated, and published to the world with the accusations charged upon them, and their answers.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30512EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration from the people called Quakers, to the present distracted nation of England with mourning and lamentation over it, because of its breaches ...Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30514EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A BalladA30515EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration to all the world of our faith, and what we believe and this is written that all people upon earth may know by whome, and how we are saved, and hopes for eternal life, & what we believe concerning God, Christ, & the Spirit, and of the things that are eternal : appertaining to all mankind to know & believe.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discovery of divine mysteries wherein is unfoulded secret things of the kingdom of God, being a testimony ... : all which are published for the edification of such as desire to know the truth / by a servant of truth, Edward Burroughs.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30519EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discovery of some part of the war between the kingdom of the Lamb and the kingdom of Anti-Christ held forth in this account of several disputes and queries between a Minister of Christ (really so) and one that hath the name of a Minister, but is proved to be a Minister and member of Anti-Christ by evident testimonies : and is a short account of the covetousnesse, ignorance, envy, and the fruits of darkness brought forth by C. Fowler ... / by Edw. Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30520EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epistle to friends of truth in and about London written by Edward Burroughs, in the year, 1661 ...Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30521EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The everlasting gospel of repentance and remission of sins ... by ... Edward Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30522EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A faithful testimony concerning the true worship of God what it is in it self, and who are the true vvorshippers : in opposition to all the false worship in this nation, which is idolatry, which is discovered in its foundation, and in its manifestation, not to be ever commanded of God, or practised by his apostles and saints, but it is declared to consist chiefly of such things and practises as had their first beginning and ordination in the Church of Rome ... and this is written for a general good to all such as are worshipping in temples made with hands / by E.B.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30523EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A generall epistle, and greeting of the Fathers love, to all the saints called and chosen to faithfulness in Christ Iesus ... : and this is to all such as are found worthy to suffer, and is an exhortation to the strengthning of their faith ... : and this is a true testimony of the Father and of the Son ...Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30524EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A general epistle to all the saints being a visitation of the Fathers love unto the whole flock of God ... : to be read in all the assemblies, of them, that meet together to worship the Father in the spirit and truth ... / E.B.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30525EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Good counsel and advice rejected by disobedient men and the dayes of Oliver Cromwells visitation passed over, and also of Richard Cromwel his son ...Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30526EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A hue and cry after the false prophets and deceivers of our age and a discovery of them by their works and fruits and who they are in this age that follow the same spirit, and act the same things as did the false prophets in former generations.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30527EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Another ballad called the libertines lampoone, or, The curvets of conscience to the tune of Thomas Varner, or 60 / written by the authour of the Geneva Ballad.Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A30529EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A just and lawful tryal of the teachers and professed ministers of his age and generation by a perfect proceeding against them, and hereby they are righteously examined ... : whereunto is added, A short description of the true ministry of Christ ... justified by the people of God called Quakers, in England / by ... Edward Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30530EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A just and righteous plea presented unto the King of England, and his council, &c. being the true state of the present case of the people, called Quakers, truly demonstrated, and justly pleaded, on their behalf : and this is laid down in six particulars ... / by ... Edw. Burroughs.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30531EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Many strong reasons confounded, which would hinder any reasonable man from being a Quaker and offences taken out of the way, but particularly foure and twenty arguments overturned and confuted, put forth and sent into the world by Richard Baxter, a professed minister, but a frequent contenter against the ways of God ... / ... by ... E.B.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30532EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A message for instruction to all the rulers, judges, and magistrates to whom the law is committed shewing what just government is, and how far the magisrates power reacheth, and what the sword of justice is to cut down, and what it is to defend ... / E.B.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30533EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A message proclaimed. By divine authority from the chosen assembly of the redeemed people in England, to the Pope (chief bishop) of Rome, and to his cardinals, Jesuits, and priests, and all other the officers of the Romish Church, where it shall meet with them through the world: that they may appear, and come forth to triall, and shew if they have the same faith, power, spirit, and authoritie, and government, as had the Apostles and true churches, before the apostacie: and this is a full invitation and challenge to the whole Church of Rome, and the beginning of controversie with her, for the perfect manifestation of the long hidden truth; betwixt them that are in the truth it self, and such as have the form, but not the power; that all things may be brought to light and true judgement. Written by an embassador for the true and living God, E.B.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30534EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A message to all kings and rulers in ChristendomBurrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30535EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A message to the present rulers of England whether committee of safety, (so called) councell of officers, or others whatsoever : delivered unto them by an ambassadour from the only right heire of the government, whose right alone it is to rule : and by special authority and commission from him, this is sent unto them, that they may hear, and fear, and learn wisdom, and may deliver up the proper right of the only King unto him, that they may be blessed, but on the conrray dependeth their destruction / by Edward Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30536EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The principles of truth being a declaration of our faith, who are call'd Quakers: whereby all that wants peace with God, may return into their first estate, through the operation of the Light and power of God in the great work of regeneration. Written by E.B. J.C. W.D. H.S. I.P. and A.P.A30537EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A returne to the ministers of London by way of answer to their seasonable exhortations, (so called) directed to their congregations : with sober reproof sent unto them, because of their secret smitings against the despised people called Quakers, whom they have secretly reproached in their said exhortation ... / by E.B.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30538EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Satans designs defeated ...Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30539EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A seasonable word of advice unto all that are or may through the subtlety of the enemy, backslide from the truth Edward Burroughs.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30540EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some false principles and errors discovered and refuted in a short answer to a catechism book, which is said to contain the principles of religion, put forth by a namelesse authour, but is supposed to be the work of one Samuel Eaton ... but upon true examination he is found to be teaching the traditions of men for the commandments of Christ ... / by E.B.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some of the principles of the Quakers (scornfully so called by men) vindicated and proved sound and true and according to the Scriptures in oposition to the false charges and lying reports given forth against the truth in two printed books put forth by one Philip Taverner, a supposed minister of the Gospel in Middlesex near Vxbridge ... / by Edw. Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Something of truth made manifest (in relation to a dispute at Draton in the county of Middlesex in the first moneth last) in opposition to the false account given of it by one Philip Traverner, in his book styled the Quakers-rounds, or, A faithfull account, &c. / and this is written ... by E.B.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30543EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An excellent ballad of the mercers son of Midhurst, and the cloathiers daughter of Guilford To the tune of, Dainty come thou to me.A30544EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A standard lifted up, and an ensigne held forth, to all nations shewing unto the whole world, and to all people to whom it shall come, by open proclamation, what the testimony of God is ... / ... Edward Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30545EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A tender salutation of perfect love unto the elect of God the royal seed, the saints of the most high, who have believed the testimony of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and walks in the light that hath enlightened every man that comes into the world.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30546EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A testimony against a great idolatry committed and a true mourning of the Lords servant upon the many considerations of his heart upon that occasion ... / by E.B.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30547EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To Charles Fleetvvood, steward, Robert Hatton, recorder, Sackford Gunstone, Henry Wilcock, baliffs being judges in the Court of Kingstone upon Thames : the state of the old controversie ... between Richard Mayo, plaintiffe, and Edward Burrough, defendant / by Edward Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30548EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the beloved and chosen of God in the seed elected particularly in London and elsewhere, who have seen the day of Christ, and received the message of peace and reconciliation in these last dayes of his glorious appearance.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30549EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Parliament of the common-wealth of England who are in place of authority to do justice, and in present power to ease the oppressed nation from its bonds : councel and advice unto you / from a friend that seeks after truth and righteousness from you ...Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30550EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Ballad of the cloak, or, The Cloaks knavery to the tune of From hunger and cold, or, Packington's pound.A30551EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the rulers and to such as are in authority a true and faithful testimony concerning religion, and the establishment thereof, and how it may be established in persons and in nations / by Edward Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30552EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To you that are called Anabaptists in the nation of Ireland teachers and people, who profess your selves to be the Church of Christ; this is the word of the Lord God unto you.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30553EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true Christian religion again discovered after the long and dark night of apostacy, which hath overshadowed the whole world for many ages ... by a friend to all people, especially them that feares God, and loves righteousness.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30554EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true description of my manner of life of what I have been in my profession of religion, and what I am at present, by the grace of God / this was given forth some time before that faithful servant of God laid down his body, who was known amongst many, by the name of Edward Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30555EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true state of Christianity, truly discribed, and also discovered unto all people what it was in its beginning and purity, and what it now is in its apostacy and degeneration ... / written by ... Edward Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30556EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A trumpet of the Lord sounded out of Sion which gives a certaine sound in the eares of all nations and is a true noyse of a fearfull earthquake at hand which shall shake the whole fabrick of the earth ... with a salutation to the seed who are gathered into the fold and with the children of the king ... / by one whose name is truly known by the children of the same birth ... Edward Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30557EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truth defended, or, Certain accusations answered cast upon us who are called Quakers by the teachers of the world, and the people of this generation with a clear discovery who are the false prophets and when they came in, and how they may bee known, and who they are that deny Christ and that preach another gospel ... / by one who is a labourer in the vineyard ... Edward Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two general epistles, or, The breathings of love uttered from the pure life, to the wholeflock of God in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and all other places whersoever this shall come, greeting : being a wholesome exhortation ... / given forth by by that faithful servant of God, who, though he hath lately laid down the earthly body, yet he lives with his Maker forever, Edvvard Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30559EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the people of God, called Quakers ... being an ansvver to a book, dedicated to them, by one George Pressick of Dublin : in which book many lyes and calumnies are presented against the innocent people of God ... / by E.B.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30560EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A visitation and presentation of love unto the King, and those call'd RoyallistsBurrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30561EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A visitation & vvarning proclamed and an alarm sounded in the popes borders ... being the account of a journey to Dunkirk, and the proceedings there among the Jesuites, and friars and papists, with some particular quæries, and also some propositions sent unto them : which may be satisfaction to many who may behold the difference in part between th papists and the people of God, and between the idolaters and the true worshippers / by one that travells in the labour of the Gospel of Christ for the elect seeds sake, Edw. Burrough.Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.A30562EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe answer to Doctor Fernes booke tending to resolve conscience about the subjects taking up of arms / by Jer. Burroughes.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christ inviting sinners to come to him for rest by Jeremiah Burroughes.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30566EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The difference between the spots of the godly and of the wicked preached by Mr. Jeremiah Burroughs at Cripple Gate.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30567EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The excellency of holy courage in evil times by Jeremiah Burroughs ; published by Thomas Goodwin ... [et al.]Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30570EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition of the prophesie of Hosea begun in divers lectures vpon the first three chapters, at Michaels Cornhill, London / by Jer. Burroughes.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30572EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Balmerino's speech in the High Court of Parliament in Scotland spoken Novem. 4, 1641 concerning the levying of an army against the papists in Ireland : describing their conspiracies which have a long time insulted and continued against these two kingdomes of England and Scotland.Balmerino, John Elphinstone, Baron, d. 1649.A30573EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition with practical observations continued upon the eighth, ninth, & tenth chapters of the prophesy of Hosea being first delivered in several lectures at Michaels Cornhil, London / by Jeremiah Burroughs ; being the seventh book published by Thomas Goodwin ... [et al.]Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30574EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition with practical observations continued upon the eleventh, twelfth, & thirteenth chapters of the prophesy of Hosea being first delivered in several lectures at Michaels Cornhil, London / by Jeremiah Burroughs ; being the seventh book published by Thomas Goodwin ... [et al.]Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30575EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Four usefull discourses viz. ... / by Jer. Burroughs ...Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30576EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The glorious name of God, The Lord of Hosts opened in two sermons, at Michaels Cornhill, London, vindicating the Commission from this Lord of Hosts, to subjects, in some case, to take up arms : with a post-script, briefly answering a late treatise by Henry Ferne, D.D. / by Jer. Burroughes.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30577EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gospel-conversation: wherein is shewed, I. How the conversation of believers must be above what could be by the light of nature. II. Beyond those that lived under the law. III. And suitable to what truths the Gospel holds forth. By Jeremiah Burroughs, preacher of the Gospel to Stepney and Criplegate, London. Being the third book published by Thomas Goodwyn, William Greenhil, Sydrach Simpson, Philip Nye, William Bridge, John Yates, William Adderly.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30579EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gospel remission, or, A treatise shewing that true blessedness consists in pardon of sin wherein is discovered the many Gospel mysteries therein contained, the glorious effects proceeding from it, the great mistakes made about it, the true signs and symptomes of it, the way and means to obtain it / by Jeremiah Burroughs ; being several sermons preached immediately after those of The evil of sin by the same author, and now published by Philip Nye ... [et al.]Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30582EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gospel-worship, or, The right manner of sanctifying the name of God in general and particularly in these three great ordinances, viz. [brace] 1. hearing of the Word, 2. receiving the Lords Supper, 3. prayer / by Jeremiah Burroughs ; being the second of the seven volumns lately published by Thomas Goodwin ... [et al.]Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30585EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Irenicum, to the lovers of truth and peace heart-divisions opened in the causes and evils of them : with cautions that we may not be hurt by them, and endeavours to heal them / by Jeremiah Burroughes.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30587EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jerusalems glory breaking forth into the world being a Scripture-discovery of the New-Testament Church in the latter dayes, immediately before the Second Coming of Christ.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30589EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Moses his choice with his eye fixed upon Heaven, discovering the happy condition of a self-denying heart, delivered in a treatise upon Hebrews II, 25, 26 / by Jeremiah Burroughs.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30592EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Moses his self-denyall delivered in a treatise upon Hebrewes 11, the 24. verse, by Ieremy Burroughs.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30594EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The straights voyage, or, St. Davids poem being a description of the most remarkable passages that happened in her first expedition against the Turkes of Argeir, Sir John Harman, commander, Rere-Admiral of His Majesty's fleet, beginning May 1669, ending April 1671 / by John Baltharpe, belonging to the foresaid ship.Baltharpe, John.A30597EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rare jewel of Christian contentment wherein is shewed, I. What contentment is, II. The holy art or mystery of it, III. Several lessons that Christ teacheth, to work the heart to contentment, IV. The excellencies of it, V. The evils of murmuring, VII. The aggravations of the sin of murmuring / by Jeremiah Burroughs.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30598EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The answer to Tom-Tell-Troth the practise of princes and the lamentations of the kirke / written by the Lord Baltismore, late secretary of state.Baltimore, George Calvert, Baron, 1580?-1632.A30606EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The saints inheritance and the worldlings portion representing the glorious condition of a child of God and the misery of having ones portion in this world, unfolding the state of true happiness with the marks, means, and members thereof / by Ier. Burroughs.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30608EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The saints treasury being sundry sermons preached in London / by the late reverend and painfull minister of the gospel, Jeremiah Burroughes.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30609EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aristippus, or, Monsr. de Balsac's masterpiece being a discourse concerning the court : with an exact table of the principall matter / Englished by R.W.Balzac, Jean-Louis Guez, seigneur de, 1597-1654.A30612EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two treatises of Mr. Jeremiah Burroughs. The first of earthly-mindedness, wherein is shewed, 1. What earthly-mindedness is. ... 6. Directions how to get our hearts free from earthly-mindedness. The second treatise. Of conversing in heaven, and walking with God. Wherein is shewed, 1. How the Saints have their conversation in heaven. ... 9. Rules for our walking with God. The fourth volumn [sic] published by Thomas Goodwyn. William Greenhil. Sydrach Simpson. Philip Nye. William Bridge. John Yates. William Adderley.Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.A30615EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A narrative of the conversion of Thomas Mackernesse, late of March, in the Ille of Ely who was condemn'd for robbery, &c. and executed at Wisbech, Aug. 19, 1694 : with an account of his penitential behaviour, and discourses with the ministers who came to visit him / publish'd by J. Burroughs.Burroughs, J.A30616EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The soveraignty of the British seas proved by records, history, and the municipall lawes of this kingdome / written in the yeare 1633, by that learned knight, Sr John Boroughs ...Borough, John, Sir, d. 1643.A30617EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A soverain remedy for all kinds of grief opened and applyed in a sermon at the funeral of Mr. John Langham, the eldest son of Sr. James Langham, knight, a child of five years and an half old, who dyed at Cottesbrook in Northhamptonshire, July 29, 1657 : with a narrative of sundry remarkable passages concerning him before and in the time of his sickness / by Thomas Burroughes.Burroughes, Thomas, b. 1611 or 12.A30620EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Good instrvctions for all youngmen and maids being the substance of an excellent sermon preached at St. Stevens Colmanstreet the 8 day of March 1641 : at the earnest request of divers youngmen and apprentices at a solemne thanksgiving and celebration of a fast / by Samuel Burrowes.Burrowes, Samuel, 17th cent.A30623EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of schism address'd to those dissenters who conform'd before the toleration, and have since withdrawn themselves from the communion of the Church of England / by Robert Burscough ...Burscough, Robert, 1651-1709.A30624EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of church-government occasion'd by some letters lately printed concerning the same subject / by Robert Burscough ...Burscough, Robert, 1651-1709.A30625EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An argument for infants baptisme deduced from the analogy of faith, and [of the] harmony of the [Scr]iptures : in which in a method wholly new, and upon grounds not commonly observed bo[th the] doctrine (of infants baptism) is fully asserted, and the objections against it are obviated / by Richard Burthogge.Burthogge, Richard, 1638?-ca. 1700.A30628EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cavsa dei, or, An apology for God wherein the perpetuity of infernal torments is evidenced and divine both goodness and justice, that notwithstanding, defended : the nature of punishments in general, and of infernal ones in particular displayed : the evangelical righteousness explicated and setled : the divinity of the Gentiles both as to things to be believed, and things to be practised, adumbrated, and the wayes whereby it was communicated, plainly discover'd / by Richard Burthogge ...Burthogge, Richard, 1638?-ca. 1700.A30629EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nature of church-government freely discussed and set out in three letters.Burthogge, Richard, 1638?-ca. 1700.A30632EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the soul of the world and of particular souls in a letter to Mr. Lock, occasioned by Mr. Keil's reflections upon an essay lately published concerning reason / by the author of that essay.Burthogge, Richard, 1638?-ca. 1700.A30633EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Organum vetus & novum, or, A discourse of reason and truth wherein the natural logick common to mankinde is briefly and plainly described / by Richard Burthogge ... in a letter to the most Honourable Andrew Trevill, Esq. ...Burthogge, Richard, 1638?-ca. 1700.A30634EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prudential reasons for repealing the penal laws against all recusants and for a general toleration penn'd by a Protestant person of quality.Burthogge, Richard, 1638?-ca. 1700.A30635EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tagathon, or, Divine goodness explicated and vindicated from the exceptions of the atheist wherein also the consent of the gravest philosophers with the holy and inspired penmen in many of the most important points of Christian doctrine is fully evinced / by Richard Burthogge.Burthogge, Richard, 1638?-ca. 1700.A30636EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vindiciæ pædo-baptismi, or, A confirmation of an argument lately emitted for infants baptism in a letter to a reverend divine of the Church of England / by R.B. ...Burthogge, Richard, 1638?-ca. 1700.A30637EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands bondage and hope of deliverance a sermon preached before the honourable House of Parliament at St. Margarets in Westminster / by Mr. Henry Burton ... Iune 20, 1641.Burton, Henry, 1578-1648.A30640EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The humble petitions of Mr. Burton and Dr. Bastwicke presented to the honovrable the knights, citizens, and burgesses of the Commons House of Parliament.Burton, Henry, 1578-1648.A30641EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jesu-vvorship confuted, or, Certain arguments against bowing at the name Jesus proving it to be idolatrous and superstitious and so utterly unlawful : with objections to the contrary fully answered / by H.B.Burton, Henry, 1578-1648.A30643EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most godly sermon preached at St. Albons in Woodstreet on Sunday last being the 10 of October, 1641 : shewing the necessity of selfe-denyall and humiliation by prayer and fasting before the Lord in regard of the present plague we now lye under : which God in his good time remove from amongst us / by ... Henry Burton.Burton, Henry, 1578-1648.A30644EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Roman the conversation of the Romans and Mæcenas, in three excellent discourses / written in French by Monsieur de Balsac ; translated into English.Balzac, Jean-Louis Guez, seigneur de, 1597-1654.A30645EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The protestation protested, or, A short remonstrance shewing what is principally required of all those that have or doe take the last Parliamentary protestationBurton, Henry, 1578-1648.A30646EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindicaton of churches, commonly called Independent, or, A briefe answer to two books the one, intituled, Twelve considerable serious questions, touching church-government, the other, Independency examined, unmasked, refuted, &c. : both lately published by William Prinne ... / Henry Burton ...Burton, Henry, 1578-1648.A30650EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Colonel Joseph Bamfield's Apologie written by himself and printed at his desire.Bampfield, Joseph, fl. 1639-1685.A30652EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Eriander composed by John Burton.Burton, John, 1629 or 30-1699.A30653EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A commentary on Antoninus, his Itinerary, or, Journies of the Romane Empire, so far as it concerneth Britain wherein the first foundation of our cities, lawes, and government, according to the Roman policy, are clearly discovered ... / by VVilliam Burton ... ; with a chorographicall map of the severall stations, and index's to the whole work.Burton, William, 1609-1657.A30658EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The bow, or, The lamentation of David over Saul and Jonathan, applyed to the royal and blessed martyr, K. Charles the I in a sermon preached the 30th of January, at the Cathedral Church of S. Peter in Exon / by Arth. Bury ...Bury, Arthur, 1624-1713.A30660EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
All in one, all useful sciences and profitable arts in one book of Jehovah Aelohim, copied out and commented upon in created beings, comprehended and discovered in the fulness and perfection of scr[i]pture-knowledges / by Francis Bampfield ...Bampfield, Francis, 1615 or 16-1683.A30661EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of Exeter-Colledge in the University of Oxford related and vindicatedBury, Arthur, 1624-1713.A30662EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Not fear, but love a sermon preached before the governors of the Charity for Relief of Poor Widows and Orphans of Clergy-men, at St. Mary le Bow, on the 7th day of Decemb., 1682 / by Ar. Bury ...Bury, Arthur, 1624-1713.A30672EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
England's bane, or, The deadly danger of drunkenness described in a letter to a friend wherein are many convincing arguments against it and many aggravations of it in professors of religion, and many other things tending to a reformation of that beastly sin / by Edward Bury.Bury, Edward, 1616-1700.A30674EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true narrative of the late design of the papists to charge their horrid plot upon the Protestants by endeavouring to corrupt Captain Bury and Alderman Brooks of Dublin, and to take off the evidence of Mr. Oats and Mr. Bedlow, &c. as appears by the depositions taken before the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Williamson, knight ... and the several examinations before Sir William Waller ...Bury, John, Capt.A30681EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The four epistles of A.G. Busbequius concerning his embassy into Turkey being remarks upon the religion, customs, riches, strength and government of that people : as also a description of their chief cities, and places of trade and commerce : to which is added, his advice how to manage war against the Turks / done into English.Busbecq, Ogier Ghislain de, 1522-1592.A30685EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short institution of grammarBusby, Richard, 1606-1695.A30694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A prospective of the naval triumph of the Venetians over the Turk to Signor Pietro Liberi, that renowned and famous painter / by Gio. Francesco Busenello.Busenello, Giovanni Francesco, 1598-1659.A30695EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The poor mans friend, or A narrative of what progresse many worthy citi- [sic] of London have made in that godly work of providing for the poor With an Ordinance of Parliament for the better carrying on of the work. Published for the information and encouragement of those, both in city and countrey, that wish well to so pious a work.Bush, Rice.A30697EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of Edward Bushel, John Hammond, Charles Milson and John Baily, citizens and free-men of London, stated and humbly presented to the honourable House of Commons assemb'ed in ParliamentA30699EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and perfect narrative of the late dreadful fire which happened at Bridge-Town in the Barbadoes, April 18, 1668 as the same was communicated in two letters from Mr. John Bushel, and Mr. Francis Bond, two eminent merchants there, to Mr. Edward Bushel, citizen and merchant of London : containing the beginning, progress, and event of that dreadful fire, with the estimation of the loss accrewing thereby, as it was delivered to His Majesty by several eminent merchants concerned in that loss.Bushel, John.A30700EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The judgment of Mr. Francis Bampfield late minister of Sherborne in Dorsetshire for the observation of the Jewish, or seventh day Sabboth with his reasons and Scriptures for the same, sent in a letter to Mr. Ben of Dorchester : together with Mr. Ben's sober answer to the same and a vindication of the Christian Sabboth against the Jewish : published for the satisfaction of divers friends in the west of England.Bampfield, Francis, 1615 or 16-1683.A30704EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A just and true remonstrance of His Maiesties mines-royall in the principality of Wales presented by Thomas Bushell, Esquire, farmer of the said mines-royall to His Majestie.Bushell, Thomas, 1594-1674.A30705EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The compleat ship-wright plainly and demonstratively teaching the proportions used by experienced ship-wrights according to their custome of building, both geometrically and arithmetically performed : to which by Edmund Bushnell, ship-wright.Bushnell, Edmund.A30706EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A narrative of the proceedings of the commissioners appointed by O. Cromwell, for ejecting scandalous and ignorant ministers, in the case of Walter Bushnell, clerk, Vicar of Box in the county of Wilts wherein is shewed that both commissioners, ministers, clerk, witnesses have acted as unjustly even as was possible for men to do by such a power, and all under the pretence of godliness and reformation.Bushnell, Walter, 1609-1667.A30710EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two treatises the one medical, Of the gout and its nature more narrowly search'd into than hitherto, together with a new way of discharging the same / by Herman Busschof ; the other partly chirurgical, partly medical containing Some observations and practices relating both to some extraordinary cases of women in travel, and to some other uncommon cases of diseases in both sexes by Henry Van Roonhuysen ... ; Englished out of Dutch by a careful hand.A30711EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lords free prisonerBampfield, Francis, 1615 or 16-1683.A30713EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The survey and antiquitie of the towne of Stamford in the county of Lincolne with its ancient foundation, grants, priviledges, and severall donations thereunto belonging : also a list of the aldermens names, and the time when they were chosen : with the names of 10 Lord Majors (of the Hon. city of London) borne in the foresaid county of Lincolne / written by Richard Butcher, Gent. ...Butcher, Richard, 1583-1665?A30714EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true case of John Butler, B.D., a minister of the true Church of England in answer to the libel of Martha his sometimes wife : treating of a marriage dissolved and made null by desertion and of a lawful concubinage in a case of necessity, wherein lawful marriage conveniently or possibly cannot be obtained.J. B. (John Butler)A30726EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sabbatikh ʻhmepa ʻhmepa ʻimepa, Septima dies, dies desiderabilis, sabbatum Jehovae the seventh-day-sabbath the desirable day, the closing completing day of that first created week, which was, is, and will be, the just measure of all succeeding weeks in their successive courses, both for working in the six foregoing days, and for rest in the seventh, which is the last day, by an unchangeable law of well-established order, both in the revealed word and in created nature. The second part / by Francis Bampfield.Bampfield, Francis, 1615 or 16-1683.A30730EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Serious advice to the citizens of London by some ministers of the Gospel in the said city upon occasion of the horrid murder and dreadful death of Nathaniel Butler, an high malefactor.A30736EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Six dialogues about sea-services between an high-admiral and a captain at sea ... / by Nathaniel Boteler, Esq. ...Boteler, Nathaniel.A30738EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The acts and monuments of our late Parliament, or, A collection of the acts, orders, votes, and resolves that hath passed in the House by J. Canne Intelligencer Generall.Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A30740EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Geneva ballad To the tune of 48.Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A30741EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hudibras written in the time of the late wars.Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A30743EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The office of the good house-wife with necessary directions for the ordering of her family and dairy, and the keeping of all such cattle as to her particular charge the over-sight belongs : also the manner of keeping and governing of silk-wormes and honey-bees, both very delightsome and profitable / by F.B.F. B.A30748EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hudibras the second part.Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A30756EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hudibras, the second partButler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A30759EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hudibras in three parts.Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A30770EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Mercvrivs Civicvs to Mercurius Rusticus, or, Londons confession but not repentance shewing that the beginning and the obstinate pursuance of this accursed horrid rebellion is principally to be ascribed to that rebellious city.Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A30774EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The plagiary exposed, or, An old answer to a newly revived calumny against the memory of King Charles I being a reply to a book intitled King Charles's case, formerly written by John Cook of Grays Inn, Barrister, and since copied out under the title of Collonel Ludlow's letter / written by Mr. Butler, the author of Hudibras.Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A30775EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The priviledge of our saints in the business of perjury useful for grandjuries / by the author of Hudibras.Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A30776EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proposall humbly offered for the farming of liberty of conscienceButler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A30777EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the memory of the most renowned Du-Vall a pindarick ode / by the author of Hudibras ; where it is to be had, the memories of Monsieur Du-Vall, containing the history of his life and death ; with his last speech and epitaph.Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680.A30780EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Henry the Second, King of England, with the death of Rosamond a tragedy, acted at the Theatre-Royal, by Their Majesties servants.A30781EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jewish synagogue, or, An historical narration of the state of the Jewes at this day dispersed over the face of the whole earth ... / translated out of the learned Buxtorfius ... by A.B., Mr. A. of Q. Col. in Oxford.Buxtorf, Johann, 1599-1664.A30785EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
King Edward the Third, with the fall of Mortimer, Earl of March an historicall play, as it is acted at the Theatre-Royall by Their Majesties servants.Bancroft, John, d. 1696.A30788EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedy of Sertorius acted at the Theatre-Royal by Their Majesties servants / by John Bancroft, Gent.Bancroft, John, d. 1696.A30789EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the late Parliament dissolving themselves and resigning their powers and authorities, the government of the Common-wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, by a Lord Protector, and successive triennial parliaments, is now established ...England and Wales. Privy Council.A30790EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exact relation of the most execrable attempts of John Allin committed on the person of His Excellency Francis Lord Willoughby of Parham, Captain General of the continent of Guiana and of all the Caribby-Islands, and our Lord ProprietorByam, William, 1623-1670.A30794EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the late revolution in New-England together with the declaration of the gentlemen, merchants, and inhabitants of Boston and the country adjacent : April 18, 1689 / written by Mr. Nathanael Byfield ...Byfield, Nathanael, 1653-1733.A30796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The artificial spaw, or, Mineral-waters to drink imitating the German spaw-water in its delightful and medicinal operations on humane bodies, &c. / by T. Byfield.Byfield, T. (Timothy)A30805EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Horæ subsecivæ, or, Some long-vacation hours redeem'd for the discovery of the true sal volatile oleosum of the ancient philosophers now happily regain'd to the materia medica : and distinguish'd from all other preparations, partly by the senses, but more effectually by its medicinal performances, totally extirpating the saline stem of acids (the root of most diseases) and inferring the volatile oleose temper, the standard of health in humane bodies / by T. Byfield ...Byfield, T. (Timothy)A30806EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short and plain account of the late-found Balsamick Wells at Hoxdon, and of their excellent virtues above other mineral waters, which make 'em effectually cure most diseases, both inward and outward with directions how to use 'em / by T. Byfield, M.D.Byfield, T. (Timothy)A30807EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short discourse on the rise, nature, and management of the small-pox, and all putrid fevers occasioned by the death of our late incomparable queen : together with a philosophical account of an excellent remedy for these and many other diseases / by T. Byfield ...Byfield, T. (Timothy)A30809EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Parthenia, or The mayden-head of the first musicke that ever vvas printed for the virginalls. Composed by three famous masters: William Byrd, Dr: John Bull, & Orlando Gibbons, gentlemen of his Majesties chappell. Dedicated to all the masters and lovers of musickByrd, William, 1542 or 3-1623.A30812EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Several instances of the wrongs and oppressions by Q's and R's, suffered by the sailers of the English navy from the beginning of the late war most humbly presented to the fountain of justice, the Parliament of England.Byrne, Gerrald.A30815EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The necessity of subjection asserted in an assise-sermon preached in the Cathedral Church at Sarum, July 17, 1681 / by John Byrom ...Byrom, John.A30816EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Byrons First articles presented to Sir William Brereton before the surrender of the city of Chester vvherein the great ambition of that party doth appear ...Byron, John Byron, Baron, 1598 or 9-1652.A30817EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir John Byrons Relation to the secretary, of the last westerne action between the Lord Willmott and Sir William Waller on Thirsday, July 13, 1643 with a list of both their forces, and of their losses.Byron, John Byron, Baron, 1598 or 9-1652.A30818EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two letters from the Lord Byron to His Excellence the Marques of Newcastle, the one dated the 2. of January, and the other the 5. of January, 1643. Also, a letter from Sir Richard Byron, governour of Newarke, to the Lord Widdrinton, dated the 7. of January, 1643.Byron, John Byron, Baron, 1598 or 9-1652.A30819EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The heroical lover, or, Antheon and Fidelta a poem / written by Thomas Bancroft.Bancroft, Thomas, fl. 1633-1658.A30820EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Time's out of tune, plaid upon however in XX satyres / by Thomas Bancroft.Bancroft, Thomas, fl. 1633-1658.A30828EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Banishment of poverty by J.D. of Albany to the tune of The last good night.A30831EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vercingetorixa, or, The Germane princess reduc'd to an English habit by F. B.F. B., Gent.A30833EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blessed effects of true and saving faith with good counsel, vvholsome advice, and also encouragement to all Friends every where, that suffer for truth and righteousness sake / given forth by a servant of the Lord ... John Banckes.Banks, John, 1637-1710.A30834EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epistle to Friends shewing the great difference between a convinced estate and a converted estate, and between the profession of the truth, and the possession thereof : with the comfort and sweetness to the soul it affordeth : with a few words of good counsel and wholesome advice both to parents and their children / by one that travails for Sion's prosperity, known by the name of John Banks.Banks, John, 1637-1710.A30835EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A general epistle to the flock of God, but more particularly in CumberlandBanks, John, 1637-1710.A30837EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cyrus the Great, or, The tragedy of love as it is acted at the theatre in Little-Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, by His Majesty's servants / written by John Banks.Banks, John, d. 1706.A30838EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The destruction of Troy a tragedy, acted at His Royal Highness, the Duke's Theatre / written by John Bankes.Banks, John, d. 1706.A30839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The innocent usurper, or, The death of the Lady Jane Gray a tragedy / written by J.B.Banks, John, d. 1706.A30840EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The island queens, or, The death of Mary, Queen of Scotland a tragedy : publish'd only in defence of the author and the play, against some mistaken censures, occasion'd by its being prohibited the stage / by Jo. Banks.Banks, John, d. 1706.A30841EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rival kings, or, The loves of Oroondates and Statira a tragædy, acted at the Theatre-Royal / written by Mr. Bankes.Banks, John, d. 1706.A30845EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The unhappy favourite, or, The Earl of Essex a tragedy : acted at the Theatre Royal by Their Majesty's servants / written by John Bankes.Banks, John, d. 1706.A30847EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vertue betray'd, or, Anna Bullen a tragedy : acted at His Royal Highness, the Duke's Theatre / written by John Banks.Banks, John, d. 1706.A30851EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The late travels of S. Giacomo Baratti, an Italian gentleman, into the remote countries of the Abissins, or of Ethiopia interior wherein you shall find an exact account of the laws, government, religion, discipline, customs, &c. of the Christian people that do inhabit there with many observations which some may improve to the advantage and increase of Trade with them : together with a confirmation of this relation drawn from the writings of Damianus de Goes and Jo. Scaliger, who agree with the author in many particulars / translated by G.D.Baratti, Giacomo.A30860EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A panegyrick on His Most Excellent Majesty King William IIId occasioned by the happy conclusion of the general peace, September the 20th, 1697.G. B.A30862EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The art of metals in which is declared the manner of their generation and the concomitants of them : in two books / written in Spanish by Albaro Alonso Barba ... curate of St. Bernards parish in the imperial city of Potosi, in the kingdom of Peru in the West-Indies, in the year 1640 ; translated in the year 1669 by the R. H. Edward, Earl of Sandwich.Barba, Alvaro Alonso, b. 1569.A30864EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French perfumer teaching the several ways of extracting the odours of drugs and flowers and making all the compositions of perfumes for powder, wash-balls, essences, oyls, wax, pomatum, paste, Queen of Hungary's Rosa Solis, and other sweet waters ... : also how to colour and scent gloves and fans, together with the secret of cleansing tobacco and perfuming it for all sorts of snuff, Spanish, Roman, &c. / done into English from the original printed at Paris.Barbe, Simon.A30869EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The storming and totall routing of tythes wherein is shewed the unlawfullnesse of claiming them by the now pretended tribe of Levy, and both takers and payers therein denying Christ to be come in the flesh / by Edward Barber.Barber, Edward, d. 1674?A30871EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Thesaurus chirurgiae : the chirurgical and anatomical works of Paul Barbette ... composed according to the doctrine of the circulation of the blood, and other new inventions of the moderns : together with a treatise of the plague, illustrated with observations / translated out of Low-Dutch into English ... ; to which is added the surgeon's chest, furnished both with instruments and medicines ... and to make it more compleat, is adjoyned a treatise of diseases that for the most part attend camps and fleets ; written in High-Dutch by Raymundus Minderius.Barbette, Paul, d. 1666?A30877EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apology for the builder, or, A discourse shewing the cause and effects of the increase of buildingBarbon, Nicholas, d. 1698.A30880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning coining the new money lighter in answer to Mr. Lock's Considerations about raising the value of money / by Nicholas Barbon, Esq.Barbon, Nicholas, d. 1698.A30882EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of trade by N.B. ...Barbon, Nicholas, d. 1698.A30883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a gentleman in the country, giving an account of the two insurance-offices, the Fire-Office & Friendly-SocietyBarbon, Nicholas, d. 1698.A30884EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Shepheards kalender newly augmented and corrected.A30887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
John Barclay his defence of the most holy sacrament of the Eucharist to the sectaries of the times book II, chap. II / Englished by a person of quality.Barclay, John, 1582-1621.A30889EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
John Barclay his vindication of the intercession of saints, the veneration of relicks and miracles, against the sectaries of the times Book II. Chap. VII. Englished by a person of quality. With allowance.Barclay, John, 1582-1621.A30890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A description of the Roman Catholick Church wherein the pretentions of it's [sic] head, the manners of his court, and principles, and doctrines, the worship and service, the religious orders and houses, the designs and practises of that Church, are represented in a vision / by Iohn Barclay, minister at Cruden ; written in the year 1679.Barclay, John, d. 1691.A30891EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The anarchy of the Ranters and other libertines, the hierarchy of the Romanists, and other pretended churches, equally refused and refuted in a two-fold apology for the church and people of God called in derision Quakers : wherein they are vindicated from those that accuse them of disorder and confusion on the one hand, and from such as calumniate them with tyranny and imposition on the other ... / by Robert Barclay.Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.A30892EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the excellent and elegant speech made by Sir Thomas Player, the worthy chamberlain of London, to the Right Honble [sic] the Lord mayor, etc. on Friday the 12th of September, 1679 / by H. B. ...H. B., Citizen of London.A30893EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apology for the true Christian divinity, as the same is held forth, and preached by the people, called, in scorn, Quakers being a full explanation and vindication of their principles and doctrines, by many arguments, deduced from Scripture and right reason, and the testimony of famous authors, both ancient and modern, with a full answer to the strongest objections usually made against them, presented to the King / written and published in Latine, for the information of strangers, by Robert Barclay ; and now put into our own language, for the benefit of his country-men.Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.A30895EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Robert Barclay's apology for the true Christian divinity vindicated from John Brown's examination and pretended confutation thereof in his book called Quakerisme the pathway to paganisme in which vindication I.B. his many gross perversions and abuses are discovered, and his furious and violent railings and revilings soberly rebuked / by R.B. Whereunto is added a Christian and friendly expostulation with Robert Macquare, touching his postscript to the said book of J.B. / written to him by Lillias Skein ...Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.A30896EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The possibility and necessity of the inward immediate revelation of the spirit of God towards the foundation and ground of true faith, proved in a letter write [sic] in Latine, to a person of quality in Holland; and now also put into English. By R.B.Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.A30898EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Quakerism confirmed, or, A vindication of the chief doctrines and principles of the people called Qvakers from the arguments and objections of the students of divinity (so called) of Aberdeen in their book entituled Quakerism convassed [sic] by Robert Barclay and George Keith.Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.A30899EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A seasonable warning and serious exhortation to, and expostulation with, the inhabitants of Aberdene concerning this present dispensation and day of Gods living visitation towards them.Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.A30900EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some things of weighty concernment proposed in meekness and love by way of queries to the serious consideration of the inhabitants of Aberdeen which also may be of use to such as are of the same mind with them, elce where in this nation, added by way of appendix to a book intituled Truth cleared of calumnies.Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.A30901EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Theses theologicæ: or The theological propositions, which are defended by Robert Barclay, in his apology for the true Christian divinity as the same is held forth and preached, by the people called Quakers. First printed about the year, 1675. And since then, reprinted several times, to prevent mistakes concerning that people.Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.A30903EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truth cleared of calumnies wherein a book intituled, A dialogue betwixt a Quaker and a stable Christian (printed at Aberdeen, and upon good ground judged to be writ by William Mitchell ...) is examined, and the disingenuity of the author, in his representing the Quakers is discovered : here is also their case truly stated, cleared, demonstrated, and the objections of their opposers answered according to truth, Scripture, and right reason / by Robert Barclay.Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.A30904EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truth triumphant through the spiritual warfare, Christian labours, and writings of that able and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Robert Barclay, who deceased at his own house at Urie in the kingdom of Scotland, the 3 day of the 8 month 1690.Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.A30905EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Universal love considered and established upon its right foundation being a serious enquiry how far charity may and ought to be extended towards persons of different judgments in matters of religion and whose principles among the several sects of Christians do most naturally lead to that due moderation required ... / Robert Barclay.Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.A30906EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
William Michel unmasqued, or, The staggering instability of the pretended stable Christian discovered his omissions observed, and weakness unvailed : in his late faint and feeble animadversions by way of reply to a book intituled Truth cleared of calumnies : wherein the integrity of the Quakers doctrine is the second time justified and cleared from the reiterate, clamorous but causeless calumnies of this cavilling cetechist [sic] / by Robert Barclay.Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.A30907EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mantle thrown off, or, The Irishman dissected in a letter from a gentleman to his friend in London.H. B.A30911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A petition presented by Praise-god Barebone &c. to the Parliament of the Common-wealth of EnglandBarbon, Praisegod, 1596?-1679.A30914EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the right honorable, the high court of Parliament, sitting at Westminister the illegal and immodest petition of Praise-God Barbone, Anabaptist and leather-seller of London.Barbon, Praisegod, 1596?-1679.A30915EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mephibosheth and Ziba, or, The appeal of the Protestants of Ireland to the King concerning the settlement of that kingdom by the author of The mantle thrown off, or, The Irish-man dissected.H. B.A30918EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reply to the excellent and elegant speech made by Sir Thomas Player, the worthy Chamberlain of London, to the Right Honble the Lord Mayor &c. on Friday the 12th of September, 1679 by H.B.H. B.A30922EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts / part I, occasionally written by Mrs. Jane Barker, part II, by several gentlemen of the universities, and others.Barker, Jane.A30923EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Natural theology, or, The knowledge of God from the works of creation accommodated and improved, to the service of Christianity / by Matthew Barker ...Barker, Matthew, 1619-1698.A30929EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Consilium anti-pestilentiale, or, Seasonable advice concerning sure, safe, specifick, and experimented medicines both for the preservation from, and cure of, this present plague offered for the publick benefit of this afflicted nation by Richard Barker.Barker, Richard, Sir.A30931EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great preservative of mankind or, The transcendent vertue of the true spirit of salt long look'd for and now philosophically prepar'd and purified from all hurtfull or corroding qualities far beyond anything yet known to the world being both safe and pleasant for the use of all men, women and children in a physicall laboratory in London where all manner of chymicall preparations are carried on ...Barker, Richard, Sir.A30933EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sudorificum regale, or, The royal sudoforickBarker, Richard, Sir.A30934EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The art of angling wherein are discovered many rare secrets, very necessary to be knowne by all that delight in that recreation.Barker, Thomas, fl. 1651.A30936EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nassau a poem occasion'd by the peace / by Thomas Barker ...Barker, Thomas, b. 1664 or 5.A30937EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A poem, dedicated to the memory of Dr Joseph Beaumont, Regius Professor of Divinity in Cambridge by Thomas Barker ...Barker, Thomas, b. 1664 or 5.A30938EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A remembrancer of excellent men ...Barksdale, Clement, 1609-1687.A30956EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Colonel Barkestead, Colonel Okey, and Miles Corbet, to their friends in the congregated churches in London with the manner of their apprehension.Barkstead, John, d. 1662.A30963EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speeches, discourses, and prayers, of Col. John Barkstead, Col. John Okey, and Mr. Miles Corbet, upon the 19th of April being the day of their suffering at Tyburn : together with an account of the occasion and manner of their taking in Holland : as also of their several occasional speeches, discourses, and letters, both before, and in the time of their late imprisonment : faithfully and impartially collected for a general satisfaction.Barkstead, John, d. 1662.A30965EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
White-Hall fayre, or, Who buys good penniworths of Barkstead the fayre proclamed.Barkstead, John, d. 1662.A30966EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Autoschediasmata, De studio theologiae, or, Directions for the choice of books in the study of divinity written by ... Dr. Thomas Barlow ... ; publish'd from the original manuscript, by William Offley ...Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691.A30972EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning the laws ecclesiastical and civil made against hereticks by popes, emperors and kings, provincial and general councils, approved by the church of Rome with a preface against persecuting and destroying hereticks / by a cordial friend to the Protestant religion now by law established in these realms.Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691.A30973EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Discourse of the peerage & jurisdiction of the Lords spirituall in Parliament proving from the fundamental laws of the land, the testimony of the most renowned authors, and the practice of all ages : that have no right in claiming any jurisdiction in capital matters.Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691.A30974EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A few plain reasons why a Protestant of the Church of England should not turn Roman Catholick by a real Catholick of the Church of England.Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691.A30976EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Gunpowder-treason with a discourse of the manner of its discovery, and a perfect relation of the proceedings against those horrid conspirators, wherein is contained their examinations, tryals, and condemnations : likewise King James's speech to both houses of Parliament on that occasion, now reprinted : a preface touching that horrid conspiracy, by the Right Reverend Father in God, Thomas, Lord Bishop of Lincoln : and by the way of appendix, several papers or letters of Sir Everard Digby, chiefly relating to the gunpowder-plot, never before printed.A30978EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter concerning invocations of saints, and adoration of the cross writ ten years since, to John Evelyn of Depthford, esq. / by Dr. Barlow ...Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691.A30979EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pegasus, or, The flying horse from Oxford bringing the proceedings of the visitours and other Bedlamites there, by command of the Earle of Mongomery.Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691.A30982EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Several miscellaneous and weighty cases of conscience learnedly and judiciously resolved / by the Right Reverend Father in God, Dr. Thomas Barlow ...Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691.A30985EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
That the bishops in England may and ought to vote in cases of blood written in the late times upon occasion of the Earl of Straffords case / by [a] learned pen ; with some answers to the objections of the then Bishop of Lincoln, against bishops voting in Parliament.Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691.A30986EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Theologo-Historicus, or, The true life of the most reverend divine, and excellent historian, Peter Heylyn ... written by his son in law, John Barnard ... to correct the errors, supply the defects, and confute the calumnies of a late writer ; also an answer to Mr. Baxters false accusations of Dr. Heylyn.Barnard, John, d. 1683.A30989EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A testimony against Jeffrey Bullock, his antichristian and foolish pamphlet stiled Antichrist's transformation within discovered by the light within wherein his perverse spirit, darkness and whimsical conceits are reprehended by the true light.Barnadiston, G. (Giles), d. 1680.A30991EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The authority of church-guides asserted in a sermon preach'd before our Late Gracious Sovereign King Charles II, at Whitehall, Octob. 17, 1675 / by Miles Barne ...Barne, Miles, d. 1709?A30992EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning the nature of Christ's Kingdom with relation to the kingdoms of this world in two sermons preach'd at St. Maries before the University of Cambridge by Miles Barne.Barne, Miles, d. 1709?A30994EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the King at White-hall, October 17, 1675 by Miles Barne ...Barne, Miles, d. 1709?A30995EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the King at Newmarket April 24, 1670 by Miles Barne ...Barne, Miles, d. 1709?A30997EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the University of Cambridge on the 9th of September being the day of publick thanksgiving for the delivery of His Majesties Sacred Person, his royal brother, and the government, from the late hellish fanatick conspiracy / by Miles Barne ...Barne, Miles, d. 1709?A30998EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd at the assizes at Hertford, July 10th, 1684 by Miles Barne.Barne, Miles, d. 1709?A31000EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd June 1, 1699, at Feckenham in Worcester-shire, before the trustees appointed by Sir Thomas Cookes, Kt. Bart. to manage his charity given to that place by John Baron ...Baron, John, 1669 or 70-1722.A31012EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the original, nature, preparation, vertues, and use of the Vatican pill famous for many years past, unto this day throughout Europe, and particularly in this kingdom, for the many great and remarkable cures wrought by it / prepared exactly according to the most correct process, and recommended to publick use, by J.B. ...J. B.A31013EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rob. Baronii, theologi ac philosophi celeberrimi, Metaphysica generalis accedunt nunc primum quæ supererant ex parte speciali : omnia ad usum theologia accommodata, opus postumum, ex muséo Antonii Clememtii Zirizæi.Baron, Robert, 1593?-1639.A31015EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologie for Paris for rejecting of Juno and Pallas, and presenting of Ate's golden ball to Venus with a discussion of the reasons that might induce him to favour either of the three : occasioned by a private discourse, wherein the Trojans judgment was carped at by some and defended / by R.B., Gent.Baron, Robert, b. 1630.A31020EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Erotopaignion, or, The Cyprian academy by Robert Baron of Grayes-Inne, Gent.Baron, Robert, b. 1630.A31021EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mirza a tragedie, really acted in Persia, in the last age : illustrated with historicall annotations / the author, R.B., Esq.Baron, Robert, b. 1630.A31023EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Demetrius and the crafts-men a sermon preach'd at the Berkshire assizes held in Abingdon, August the 7th, 1683 / by William Baron ...Baron, William, b. 1636.A31024EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Dutch way of toleration, most proper for our English dissentersBaron, William, b. 1636.A31025EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A just defence of the royal martyr, K. Charles I, from the many false and malicious aspersions in Ludlow's Memoirs and some other virulent libels of that kind.Baron, William, b. 1636.A31027EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Regicides, no saints nor martyrs freely expostulated with the publishers of Ludlow's third volume, as to the truth of things and characters : with a touch at Amyntor's cavils against our king's curing the evil, and the thirtieth of January fast : a supplement to the Just defence of the royal martyr / by the same author.Baron, William, b. 1636.A31028EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vignola, or, The compleat architect shewing in a plain and easie way the rules of the five orders of architecture, viz. Tuscan, Dorick, Ionick, Corinthian, and Composite : whereby any that can but read and understand English may readily learn the proportious [sic] that all members in a building have one unto another / set forth by Mr. James Barozzio of Vignola ; translated into English by Joseph Moxon.Vignola, 1507-1573.A31035EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A companion for midwives, child-bearing women, and nurses directing them how to perform their respective offices : together with an essay, endeavouring to shew the influence of moral abuses upon the health of children / by Robert Barret ...Barret, Robert, Brother of Surgeons Hall.A31042EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The painters voyage of Italy in which all the famous paintings of the most eminent masters are particularised, as they are preserved in the several cities of Italy ... / written originally in Italian by Giacomo Barri ... ; Englished by W.L. of Lincolns-Inne, Gent.Barri, Giacomo, ca. 1630-ca. 1690.A31044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The monk unvail'd: or, A facetious dialogue, discovering the several intrigues, and subtil practises, together with the lewd and scandalous lives of monks, fryers, and other pretended religious votaries of the Church of Rome. Written by an eminent Papist in French. Faithfully translated by C.V. Gent.Barrin, Jean, ca. 1640-1718.A31050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The relief of the poore and advancement of learning proposed by Humphrey Barrow.Barrow, Humphrey.A31054EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief exposition of the Lord's prayer and the Decalogue to which is added the doctrine of the sacraments / by Isaac Barrow ...Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.A31058EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Bill and answer, betwixt Jack Catch plaintiff, and Slingsby Bethel, & al. defendants, of the year, 1681 published for the satisfaction of all true lovers of conscience and equity.Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697.A31060EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief state of the Socinian controversy concerning a trinity in unity by Isaac Barrow ...Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.A31061EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The duty and reward of bounty to the poor in a sermon preached at the spittal upon Wednesday in Easter week, Anno Dom. MDCLXXI / by Isaac Barrow ...Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.A31062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of contentment, patience and resignation to the will of God several sermons / by Isaac Barrow.Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.A31073EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of industry, in five discourses viz. in general, in our general calling as Christians, in our particular calling as gentlemen, in our particular calling as scholars / by Isaac Barrow ...Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.A31076EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the love of God and our neighbour, in several sermons : the third volume by Isaac Barrow ...Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.A31078EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Practical discourses upon the consideration of our latter end, and the danger and mischief of delaying repentance by Isaac Barrow ...Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.A31080EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached on the fifth of November, MDCLXXIII by Isaac Barrow ...Barrow, John, 1650 or 51-1684.A31082EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon upon the passion of Our Blessed Saviour preached at Guild-Hall Chappel on Good Friday, the 13th day of April, 1677 / by Isaac Barrow ...Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.A31083EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sermons preached upon several occasions by Isaac Barrow ...Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.A31085EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Several sermons against evil-speaking by Isaac Barrow ...Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.A31086EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Spiritus sanctus est persona distincta patri filioque coëssentualis & ab utrique procedensBarrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.A31088EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the Pope's supremacy to which is added A discourse concerning the unity of the church / by Isaac Barrow ...Barrow, Isaac, 1630-1677.A31089EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord's arm stretched ovt in an answer of prayer, or, A true relation of the wonderful deliverance of James Barrow, the son of John Barrow of Olaves Southwark, who was possessed with evil spirits near two years the diversity of means used, with the way in which he was delivered / published by me, John Barrow.Barrow, John, 17th cent.A31092EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the triennial visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God, Seth, Lord Bishop of Sarum, held at Reading, Sept. 6, 1683 by John Barrow ...Barrow, John, 1650 or 51-1684.A31093EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe answer to A discourse, lately written by one P.B., to prove baptisme under the defection of Antichrist, to be the ordinance of Iesus Christ, and the baptizing of infants to be agreeable to the word of God wherein is declared ... that true baptisme and a false church are inconsistent, and cannot stand together : and also maintained, that the baptizing of infants hath no authority from the Scriptures / by R. Barrow.Barrow, Robert, d. 1697.A31094EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reviving cordial for a sin-sick despairing soul in the time of temptation the same being an extract of the unworthy authors experience of the particular following ... / by Ja. Barry ...Barry, James.A31097EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Caspari Bartholini Thom. F. Specimen philosophiæ naturalis præcipua physices capita exponens ... : accedit De fontium fluviorumque origine ex pluviis, dissertatio physica.Bartholin, Caspar, 1655-1738.A31100EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bartholinus anatomy made from the precepts of his father, and from the observations of all modern anatomists, together with his own ... / published by Nich. Culpeper and Abdiah Cole.Bartholin, Thomas, 1616-1680.A31102EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The learned man defended and reform'd a discourse of singular politeness and elocution, seasonably asserting the right of the muses, in opposition to the many enemies which in this age Learning meets with, and more especially those two, Ignorance and Vice : in two parts / written in Italian by the happy pen of P. Daniel Bartolus, S.J. ; Englished by Thomas Salusbury ; with two tables, one general, the other alphabetical.Bartoli, Daniello, 1608-1685.A31106EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mercy in the midst of judgment by a gracious discovery of a certain remedy for London's languishing trade : in a sermon preached before the right honourable, the lord mayor and the citizens of London, on September 12, 1669, at the new repaired chappel at Guild-Hall / by D. Barton ...Barton, William, 1598?-1678.A31107EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The representation or defence of Collonel Nathaniell Barton (a member of this present Parliament) occasioned by the petition of Sir Samuel Sleigh, knight, which representation is humbly tendered to the consideration of this honourable assembly of Parliament.Barton, Nathaniel, b. 1616.A31108EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Antiteichisma], or, A counter-scarfe prepared anno 1642 for the eviction of those zealots that in their workes defie all externall bowing at the name of Jesus, or, The exaltation of his person and name by God and us in ten tracts against Jewes, Turkes, pagans, heretickes, schismatickes, &c. that oppose both or either by Tho. Barton ... ; wherein is added A tryall thereof.Barton, Thomas, 1599 or 1600-1682 or 3.A31115EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of Sir William BassetBasset, William, Sir, fl. 1674.A31118EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of Sir William Drake, knight concerning his election and return as burgess for the burrough of Agmondisham in the county of Bucks.A31119EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of Sir William Glynne, Baronet in opposition to a bill intended for an act of Parliament to restore the Earl of Derby to the manner of Hawarden.A31120EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of the assignees of the goldsmiths, for their interest granted to be paid out of the hereditary revenue of exciseA31122EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the bayliffs and burgesses of the borough of Droytwich in the county of WorcesterA31123EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the booksellers and printers stated with answers to the objections of the patentee.A31124EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the brewers, inn-keepers, and victualers touching the grievances of several clauses contained in several acts of Parliament for excise.A31125EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the burrough of BuckinghamA31127EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the city of ExonA31131EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of the city of London in reference to the debt to the orphans and othersA31132EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of the City of London, in reference to their debts due by them to the orphans of the said City and others.A31134EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the city of Londonderry in IrelandA31135EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the clothiers, weavers, hosiers, merchants, drapers, mercers, and other dealers in the woollen manufactures with relation to the bill now depending, for the transfering the collection of the duty of aulnage to the custome-house, and giveing a recompence to the crown for the same.A31138EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the common brewers keeping publick brewing-houses in the country, now petitioners before the Honourable House of Commons, and their objections against several clauses contained in a bill brought into the said house for an additional excise upon beer and ale humbly offered to the members of the same.A31140EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire, and elsewhere within the county of York, and others of the cutlers and smiths in Warwickshire and Darbyshire humbly offered to the consideration of the honourable knights, citizens and burgesses in Parliament assembled.A31141EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An elegie on the death of the Right Honourable and most noble heroe, Robert Blake, late generall of the English fleet at sea together with a commemoration of the most victories by him heretofore ob[t]ained against the Hollanders : and his remarkable successes, to the glory of the English nation, afterwards against the Spaniard and Turkish pirats, in cleering the seas and taking and drowning their ships, and burning of many of the best of them in their strongest and most fenced havens : who departed this life on Friday, August the 7, 1657.R. C.A31142EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Harmony of the muses, or, The gentlemans and ladies choisest recreation full of various, pure and transcendent wit : containing severall excellent poems, some fancies of love, some of disdain, and all the subjects incident to the passionate affections either of men or women / heretofore written by those unimitable masters of learning and invention, Dr. Joh. Donn, Dr. Hen. King, Dr. W. Stroad [et al].A31143EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the country common brewers humbly offered to the consideration of Parliament.A31145EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the distressed orphans of the city of LondonA31147EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the Duke of Norfolk represented to the supreme judicature of the kingdome, the lords in Parliament.A31149EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the East India CompanyA31150EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the election for the city of BristolA31151EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the English-Company trading to the East-Indies erected in pursuance of an act of Parliament for raising two millions, and for settling the said trade.A31152EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the English weavers and French merchants truly statedA31153EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the exported coalesA31154EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the fann-makers who have petitioned the honorable House of Commons, against the importation of fanns from the East-Indies.A31155EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the free-men and free-holders of the city of Bristoll concerning their election of citizens to represent them in this present Parliament humbly offered to the consideration of the honourable the knights, citizens and burgesses in Parliament assembled.A31158EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the goldsmiths of the city of London who in obedience to the laws make all their works both of gold and silver up to the standard goodness humbly offered to the consideration of both Houses of Parliament.A31161EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the Hudsons-Bay-CompanyA31162EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the makers and wholesale traders in the manufacture of English bone-laceA31167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of the orphans of the City of LondonA31169EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of poor widows and orphans of the city of LondonA31177EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the rope-makers of London, and other ports in the kingdom of EnglandA31182EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of the sitting members that serve for the burrough of SouthwarkA31184EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of Tho. Dangerfield with some remarkable passages that happened at the tryals of Elizabeth Cellier, the popish midwife, and the Earl of Castlemain, at the Kings-bench bar at Westminster, before Sir Will. Scroggs Kt, Lord Chief Justice, &c. in the month of June, 1680 : together with divers informations never yet publisht, John Gadbury his testimony, with all its evasions, some points of law insisted upon by the king & prisoners counsel; and the chief justice his opinion given therein, the manner and occasion of Dangerfield's commitment to prison, and also of his being discharged again and some animadversions upon the L.C.J. words / written by the hand of an indifferent person.Dangerfield, Thomas, 1650?-1685.A31192EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of Thomas Bulkley, late of New Providence, merchant briefly represented to the Right Honourable the Lords of His Majesties Councel of Trade.A31193EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of Thomas Hawles Esq. humbly presented to the consideration of the Right Honourable the Lords spiritual and temporal in Parliament assembled.A31194EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of Thomas Sherley Esq. one of His Majesties physitians in ordinary, Plaintiff, against Sir John Fagg, Baronet, defendantSherley, Thomas, 1638-1678, plaintiff.A31197EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Case of William Eyre, Gent., bayliff of the burrough of SouthwarkA31200EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case stated between England and the United Provinces in this present juncture together with a short view of those Netherlanders in their late practises as to religion, liberty, leagues, treaties, amities / publish'd by a friend to this commonwealth.Friend to this commonwealth.A31203EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A moral treatise upon valour divided into two books / translated from the French.Cassagnes, Jacques de, 1635-1679.A31206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the mensuration of running waters an excellent piece written in Italian by Don Benedetto Castelli ... ; Englished from the third and best edition ; with the addition of a second book not before extant / by Thomas Salusbury.Castelli, Benedetto, 1577 or 8-1643.A31214EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short discoverie of the coasts and continent of America, from the equinoctiall northward, and the adjacent isles by William Castell ... ; whereunto is prefixed the authors petition to this present Parliament for the propagation of the Gospell in America, attested by many eminent English and Scottish divines ... ; together with Sir Benjamin Rudyers speech in Parliament, 21 Jan. concerning America.Castell, William, d. 1645.A31221EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
La picara, or, The triumphs of female subtilty display'd in the artifices and impostures of a beautiful woman, who trapann'd the most experienc'd rogues, and made all those unhappy who thought her handsome : originally a Spanish relation, enriched with three pleasant novels / render'd into English with some alterations and additions by John Davies ...Castillo Solórzano, Alonso de, 1584-1648?A31224EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The memoirs of James, Lord Audley, Earl of Castlehaven, his engagement and carriage in the wars of Ireland from the year 1642 to the year 1651 written by himself.Castlehaven, James Touchet, Earl of, 1617?-1684.A31226EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the present war between the Venetians & Turk with the state of Candie (in a letter to the king, from Venice) / by the Earl of Castlemaine.Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705.A31229EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The compendium, or, A short view of the late tryals in relation to the present plot against His Majesty and government with the speeches of those that have been executed : as also an humble address, at the close, to all the worthy patriots of this once flourishing and happy kingdom.Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705.A31231EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English globe being a stabil and immobil one, performing what the ordinary globes do, and much more / invented and described by the Right Honorable, the Earl of Castlemaine ; and now publish't by Joseph Moxon ...Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705.A31232EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reply to the ansvver of the Catholiqve apology, or, A cleere vindication of the Catholiques of England from all matter of fact charg'd against them by their enemyesCastlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705.A31234EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To all the Royalists that suffered for His Majesty, and to the rest of the good people of England the humble apology of the English Catholicks.Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705.A31237EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Catalogue of a remainder of several sorts of Bibles, Testaments, Common Prayers, singing Psalms, Book of Homilies &c. lately expos'd to sale by way of auction which books may be had at the Leg and Star in Cornhil, for the prizes following, at any time before the twentieth of this instant December.A31250EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Catalogue of ancient and modern musick books, both vocal and instrumental with divers treatises about the same, and several musical instruments : as also of a small collection of books, in history, divinity, and physick, which will be sold at Dowing's Coffee-House in Popes-Head Alley near the Royal Exchange, on Thursday, December the 17th, 1691.A31255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Catalogue of the divines approved of by the House of Commons for the severall counties underwritten ...A31292EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Min Heer T. van C's answer to Min Heer H. van L's letter of the 15th of March, 1689 representing the true interests of Holland, and what they have already gained by our losses.T. van C.A31295EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Catalogue of the names of such persons as are, or are reputed to be of the Romish religion (not as yet convicted) being inhabitants within the county of Middlesex, cities of London and Westminster, and weekly bills of mortality, exactly as they are ordered to be incerted in the several commissions appointed for the more speedy convicting of such as shall be found of that religion.A31299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Catalogue of the nobility and principal gentry (said to be) in arms with the Prince of Orange, and in several other parts of EnglandA31304EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Catalogue of the prelates and clergie of the province of Canterbury, in the lower House of Convocation now sitting at WestminsterA31306EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A True and exact relation of the proceedings of His Majesties army in Cheshire, Shropshire and Worstershire together with what hath happened to the late Lord Strange now Earl of Derby, before Manchester : with the resolution of the town to oppose him and the number of men which were slain.A31312EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of some of the most material matters that passed in a publick dispute at Thriploe in Cambridgeshire the 15th day of the 2d month 1676 between Francis Holdcraft and Joseph Odde his assistant, both Presbyterian priests, on the one party, and Samuel Cater with some others of the Friends of truth called QuakersCater, Samuel, d. 1711.A31340EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Catholick gamesters, or, A dubble match of bowleing with an account of a sharp conference held on the eve of St. Jago between His Holiness and the Mahometan dons in St. Katherines Bastile ... : to the tune of The plot in the meal-tub, or, Tan-ta-ra-ra-ra make shift / published by a by-stander to prevent false reports.By-stander.A31346EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The souldiers alarum bell to awaken all such who are lull'd asleep in the supposed security of a Parliamentary conventicle unlawfully sitting at Westminster / by B.C.B. C.A31350EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
1. Catonis disticha de moribus, 2. Dicta insignia septem sapientum Græciæ, 3. Mimi publiani, sive, Senecæ proverbia, Anglo-Latina Cato item grammaticè interpretatus, Latinis & vernaculis vocibus, pari ordine, sed diversis lineis alternatis, quò sc. Ætatula puerilis præcepta vitæ communis ita legant ut intelligant / a Carolo Hoolo ... = 1. Cato's distichs concerning manners, 2. Excellent sayings of the seven wise men of Greece, 3. Publius's stage-verses, or, Seneca's proverbs in Latine and English : likewise Cato construed grammatically, with one row Latine and the other English, whereby little children may understandingly learn the rules of common behaviour / by Charles Hoole ...A31357EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epistle to King Charles the II sent from Amsterdam in Holland, the 28 of the 10 month, 1660 wherein is contained certain orders and laws there, concerning the liberty granted to those which cannot take up arms, nor swear, which laws there do yet continue : as also several arguments shewing that the people called Quakers are no popish recusants, who are cast into prison for not swearing : with advice & direction to King Charles, that his tendernesse may appear likewise to tender consciences, who keep to their yea and nay, that if they break their yea and nay, they may be punished as for breaking an oath / William Caton.Caton, William, 1636-1665.A31361EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The moderate enquirer resolved in a plain description of several objections which are summed up together and treated upon by way of conference, concerning the contemned [sic] people commonly called Quakers who are the royal seed of God and whose innocency is here cleared in the answers to the many objections that are frequently produced by their opponents : which may be profitable for them to read that have any thing against them, and useful for all such as desire to know the certainty of those things which are most commonly reported of them / written in behalf of the brethren, in vindication of the truth, by VV. C.Caton, William, 1636-1665.A31362EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The testimony of a cloud of witnesses who in their generation have testified against that horrible evil of forcing of conscience, and persecution about matters of religion ... / composed together, and translated into English, by ... William Caton.Caton, William, 1636-1665.A31366EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truths caracter of professors and their teachers which by looking through may bring to their remembrance the dayes of old, and how it was then with them, which may evidently shew unto them what hath befallen them since they degenerated from the measure of God, which some of them had in them, and it may also put them in mind of Gods justice and severity towards them ... / by William Caton.Caton, William, 1636-1665.A31367EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Self-conflict, or, The powerful motions between the flesh & spirit represented in the person and upon the occasion of Joseph when by Potiphar's wife he was enticed to adultery : a divine poem / written originally in low-Dutch by Jacob Catts ... ; and from thence translated.Cats, Jacob, 1577-1660.A31368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New and rare inventions of water-works shewing the easiest waies to raise water higher then the spring by which invention the perpetual motion is proposed : many hard labours performed : and varieties of notions and sounds produced : a work both usefull profitable and delightfull for all sorts of people / first written in French by Isaak de Caus ... ; and now translated into English by John Leak.Caus, Isaac de, 1590-1648.A31370EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A caution against tumultuous petitions from a gentleman in the countrey to his friend in London, December. 30. 1679.Gentleman in the countrey.A31390EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Cavaliers litanyA31397EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short account of the life and death of Pope Alexander the VII with a description of his funeral machin, and elegies erected in St. Peter's Church in Rome : together with an exact relation of the particular ceremonies performed at the creation and translated out of the Italian copies printed at Rome by P.A., Gent.Ayres, Philip, 1638-1712.A31399EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Antiquitates apoitolicæ, or, The history of the lives, acts and martyrdoms of the holy apostles of our Saviour and the two evangelists SS. Mark and Lvke to which is added an introductory discourse concerning the three great dispensations of the church, patriarchal, Mosiacal and evangelical : being a continuation of Antiquitates christianæ or the life and death of the holy Jesus / by William Cave ...Cave, William, 1637-1713.A31408EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning the unity of the Catholick Church maintained in the Church of EnglandCave, William, 1637-1713.A31418EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dissertation concerning the government of the ancient church by bishops, metropolitans, and patriarchs more particularly concerning the ancient power and jurisdiction of the bishops of Rome and the encroachments of that upon other sees, especially the See of Constantinople / by William Cave ...Cave, William, 1637-1713.A31419EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Primitive Christianity, or, The religion of the ancient Christians in the first ages of the Gospel in three parts / by William Cave.Cave, William, 1637-1713.A31421EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A serious exhortation, with some important advices, relating to the late cases about conformity recommended to the present dissenters from the Church of England.Cave, William, 1637-1713.A31425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A preparation for martyrdom a discourse about the cause, the temper, the assistances and rewards of a martyr of Jesus Christ : in a dialogue betwixt a minister, and a gentlemanhis [sic] parishioner.Cawdrey, Zachary, 1616-1684.A31454EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of the founders kinsmen with relation to the statutes of ---------- College, in the University of ----------- / humbly proposed and submitted to better judgments.Cawley, J. (John), 1632?-1709.A31455EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nature and kinds of simony discussed wherein it is argued whether letting and ecclesiastical jurisdiction to a lay-surrogate , under a yearly pension reserved out of the profits, be reducible to that head : and a sentence in a cause depending about it near six years in the court of arches, is examined / by J. Cawley ...Cawley, J. (John), 1632?-1709.A31457EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of that holy and reverend man of God, Mr. Thomas Cawton ... with severall of his speeches and letters, while in exile, for his loyalty to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty : to which is annexed a sermon preach'd by him at Mercers Chappel, Febr. 25. 1648 ... : published with the approbation of several of his brethren, ministers of the Word in London.Cawton, Thomas, 1637-1677.A31459EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Celia's triumph, or, Venus dethron'dA31461EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Malice defeated, or, A brief relation of the accusation and deliverance of Elizabeth Cellier wherein her proceedings both before and during her confinement are particularly related and the Mystery of the meal-tub fully discovered : together with an abstract of her arraignment and tryal, written by her self, for the satisfaction of all lovers of undisguised truth.Cellier, Elizabeth, fl. 1680.A31465EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To Dr. ------ an answer to his queries concerning the Colledg of MidwivesCellier, Elizabeth, fl. 1680.A31466EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The perjur'd husband, or, The adventures of Venice a tragedy : as 'twas acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by His Majesty's servants / written by S. Carroll.Centlivre, Susanna, 1667?-1723.A31469EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Europe a slave, unless England break her chains discovering the grand designs of the French-Popish party in England for several years past.Cerdan, Jean-Paul, comte de.A31471EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ceremonies of the vacant see, or, A true relation of what passes at Rome upon the pope's death with the proceedings in the conclave, for the election of a new pope, according to the constitutions and ceremonials, as also the coronation and cavalcade / out of the French by J. Davies of Kidwelly.Leti, Gregorio, 1630-1701.A31475EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The innocent lady, or, The illustrious innocence being an excellent true history, and of modern times carried with handsome conceptions all along / written originally in French by the learned Father de Ceriziers of the Company of Jesus ; and now rendered into English by Sir William Lower, Knight.Cerisiers, René de, 1609-1662.A31477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certain considerations propos'd by the city to the souldiery in and about London touching the peace and welfare of the nation.A31485EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certain disquisitions and considerations representing to the conscience the unlawfulnesse of the oath, entituled, A solemn League and Covenant for reformation &c. As also the insufficiency of the arguments used in the exhortation for taking the said Covenant. Published by command.A31491EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certain meditations upon justification by Christ alone.A31493EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine necessary resolutions of the most considerable scruples now possessing the mindes of the major part of this kingdome, now obstructing the intended obedience which ought to be rendered to whatever supreame authoritie is instantly or shall futurely be ordained over us wherein is likewise manifested and maintained the necessity of our submission thereunto, as to the ordinance of God, against all the sophisticall reservations and alterations of the Devill, or humane policy : directed to the due consideration of all who have, or may have, any affection to the tranquility hoped for in our languishing kingdome / by an earnest endeavourer for peace and truth.Earnest endeavourer for peace and truth.A31497EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine observations upon the tryall of Leiut. Col. John LilburneA31499EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine queries of some tender conscienced christians about the late protestation commended to them by the House of Commons now assembled in the high and honourable court of Paliament [sic] : wherein they desire to bee resolved concerning written by a Learned Divine.Learned divine.A31514EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine quæres propounded, and sent by the divines of Oxford to the synod now assembled at Westminster desiring their resolutions upon them, concerning the oath published now to be taken.A31516EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine queries propounded, to the standing English army by an unfeigned frien[d of] piety and publique liberty.Unfeigned friend of piety and publique liberty.A31517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Certificate of the deputy lieutenants for county of Warwick of their endeavours in execution of the militia, with the cheerfulnesse and obedience of the trained bands, and number of voluntiers : together with the petition of the deputy lieutenants, captains, officers, and souldiers of the trained bands, and voluntiers of the said county to the Right Honorable Robert Lord Brook, Lord Lieutenant of the said county, to present their thankfulnesse for providing the ordinance of the militia for the safety of this kingdom : with the Lords answer thereunto.A31529EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the valorous and vvitty-knight-errant, Don-Quixote, of the Mancha tr. out of the Spanish.Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616.A31538EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Spanish decameron, or, Ten novels ... made English by R.L.A31542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Thealma and Clearchus a pastoral history, in smooth and easie verse / written long since, by John Chalkhill, Esq., an acquaintant and friend of Edward Spencer.Chalkhill, John, fl. 1600.A31552EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sylla's ghost a satyr against ambition and the last horrid plot.C. C.A31555EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the Scotch papers delivered in the House of Commons in reply to the votes of both houses of the Parliament of England, concerning the disposall of the Kings person, as it was spoken when the said papers were read in the House / by Thomas Chaloner.Chaloner, Thomas, 1595-1661.A31558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A speech made in the House of Commons the 26th day of October, 1646 (upon the reading of the Scotish papers the same day, in reply to the votes of both houses of Parliament of the 24th of Sept. concerning the disposall of the kings person) / spoken by Thomas Chaloner, Esquier [sic], a member of the said house.Chaloner, Thomas, 1595-1661.A31559EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Honourable, the knights, citizens, and burgesses, in Parliament assembled proposals humbly offered, for passing an act to prevent clipping and counterfeiting of mony [sic].Chaloner, William.A31561EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Chamberlain's Arithmetick being a plain and easie explanation of the most useful and necessary art of arithmetick in whole numbers and fractions, that the meanest capacity may obtain the knowledge thereof in a very short time : whereunto are added many rules and tables of interest, rebate, purchases, gaging of cask, and extraction of the square and cube roots / composed by Robert Chamberlain, accomptant and practitioner in the mathematicks.Chamberlain, Robert, fl. 1678-1679.A31565EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An academy or colledge, wherein young ladies and gentlewomen may at a very moderate expence be duly instructed in the true Protestant religion, and in all vertuous qualities that may adorn that sex also be carefully preserved and secured till the day of their marriage ...Chamberlayne, Edward, 1616-1703.A31569EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Angliæ notitia, or The present state of England together with divers reflections upon the antient state thereof.Chamberlayne, Edward, 1616-1703.A31570EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The converted Presbyterian, or, The Church of England justified in a serious discourse between George, a devout English Protestant, and Andrew, a zealous Scotch Presbyterian, touching some practices in the Church of England.Chamberlayne, Edward, 1616-1703.A31590EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands wants, or, Several proposals probably beneficial for England humbly offered to the consideration of all good patriots in both houses of Parliament / by a true lover of his country.Chamberlayne, Edward, 1616-1703.A31591EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The present state of England. Part III. and Part IV. containing I. an account of the riches, strength, magnificence, natural production, manufactures of this island, with an exact catalogue of the nobility, and their seats, &c., II. the trade and commerce within it self, and with all countries traded to by the English, as at this day established, and all other matters relating to inland and marine affairs : supplying what is omitted in the two former parts ...Chamberlayne, Edward, 1616-1703.A31596EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The present vvarre parallel'd, or, A briefe relation of the five yeares civil warres of Henry the Third, King of England with the event and issue of that unnaturall warre, and by what course the kingdome was then setled againe / extracted out of the most authenticke historians and records.Chamberlayne, Edward, 1616-1703.A31597EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second part of the present state of England together with divers reflections upon the antient state thereof / by Edward Chamberlayne ...Chamberlayne, Edward, 1616-1703.A31599EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Compendium geographicum, or, A more exact, plain, and easie introduction into all geography ... after the latest discoveries, or alterations, very useful, especially for young noblemen and gentlemen, the like not printed in English / by Peregrin Clifford Chamberlayne ...Chamberlayne, Peregrine Clifford.A31608EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lithobolia, or, The stone-throwing devil being an exact and true account (by way of journal) of the various actions of infernal spirits, or (devils incarnate) witches, or both, and the great disturbance and amazement they gave to George Waltons family, at a place call'd Great Island in the province of New-Hantshire in New-England ... / by R.C., Esq., who was a sojourner in the same family the whole time, and an ocular witness of these diabolick inventions ...R. C. (Richard Chamberlayne)A31609EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands iubile, or, A poem of the happy return of His Sacred Majesty Charles the IIChamberlayne, William, 1619-1689.A31610EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eromena, or, The noble stranger a novel.Chamberlayne, William, 1619-1689.A31611EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loves victory a tragi-comedy / by William Chamberlaine ...Chamberlayne, William, 1619-1689.A31612EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pharonnida a heroick poem / by William Chamberlayne ...Chamberlayne, William, 1619-1689.A31613EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wits led by the nose, or, A poets revenge a tragi-comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre Royal.Chamberlayne, William, 1619-1689.A31614EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief narrative of the nature & advantages of the land-bank as proposed by Dr. Hugh Chamberlen, the first author of founding a bank on an annual revenue.Chamberlen, Hugh.A31616EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of some papers writ upon several occasions concerning clipt and counterfeit money, and trade, so far as it relates to the exportation of bullion / by Dr. Hugh Chamberlain.Chamberlen, Hugh.A31618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Constitution of the Office of Land-Credit, declared in a deed by Hugh Chamberlen, Senior ... and others ... ; inrolled in chancery, Anno Dom. 1696.A31619EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fund for supplying and preserving our coin, or, An essay on the project of new-coining our silverChamberlen, Hugh.A31622EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proposal for encouraging of persons to subscribe towards a common stock of ... for the erecting and managing of a trade by a general fishery to be with all possible moral security of a great gain to the adventurers, and of no less honour and advantage to the publick, and is a benefit not to be attained by any other methods, as is strongly presumed from arguments that have all the appearing force of demonstration.Chamberlen, Hugh.A31628EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A rod for the fool's-back, or, Dr. Chamberlin and his proposal vindicated from the foul aspersions of a dirty, scurrilous scribler, who pretends to answer the paper of the comparison, between the doctor's proposal and Mr. Briscoe's.Chamberlen, Hugh.A31630EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Several objections sometimes made against the office of credit fully answeredA31634EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some few considerations, supposed useful, concerning the vote of the House of Commons, Friday the 24, February, upon the bill for the hindring the exportation of gold and silver, and the melting down of the coin of this realm humbly proposed by Dr. Hugh Chamberlain, to the wisdom of the Honourable House of Commons.Chamberlen, Hugh.A31635EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The declaration and proclamation of the army of God, owned by the Lord of Hosts in many victories, to all the good people of God throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland, &c. whereunto is annexed 17 necessary proposals for the enthro[ning] of Gods laws ...Chamberlen, Peter, 1601-1683.A31638EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To my beloved friends and neighbours of the Black-FryersChamberlen, Peter, 1601-1683.A31645EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the two lights of England, the two universities of this kingdom and to all their most worthy heads and members, truth, wisdom, and honour from God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.Chamberlen, Peter, 1601-1683.A31646EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of publick artificiall baths & bath-stoves from the objections and scandalls obtruded on them, by those that do not, or will not, know their great benefit to the publick, by way of answer to som fellowes of our Colledge of Physitians in London, and others / by Peter Chamberlen, docter in physick and fellow of the said colledge.Chamberlen, Peter, 1601-1683.A31647EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer of Humphrey Chambers, D. D. rector of Pewsey, in the county of Wilts, to the charge of Walter Bvshnel, vicar of Box, in the same county published in a book of his entituled, A narrative of the proceedings of the commissioners appointed by O. Cromwel for ejecting scandalous and ignorant ministers, in the case of Walter Bushnel, &c. : with a vindication of the said commissioners annexed : humbly submitted to publick censure.Chambers, Humphrey, 1598 or 9-1662.A31649EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An idea of the perfection of painting demonstrated from the principles of art, and by examples conformable to the observations which Pliny and Quintilian have made upon the most celebrated pieces of the antient painters, parallel'd with some works of the most famous modern painters, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Julio Romano, and N. Poussin / written in French by Roland Freart, sieur de Cambray ; and rendred English by J.E., Esquire, Fellow of the Royal Society.Fréart, Roland, sieur de Chambray, 1606-1676.A31652EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A parallel of the antient architecture with the modern in a collection of ten principal authors who have written upon the five orders ... : the three Greek orders, Dorique, Ionique, and Corinthian, comprise the first part of this treatise, and the two Latine, Tuscan and Composita, the latter / written in French by Roland Freart, sieur de Chambray ; made English for the benefit of builders ; to which is added An account of architects and architecture, in an historical and etymological explanation of certain tearms particularly affected by architects ; with Leon Baptista Alberti's treatise Of statues, by John Evelyn, Esq.Fréart, Roland, sieur de Chambray, 1606-1676.A31653EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Chancellor turned Tarpaulin, Dr. Jeffries caseA31655EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An effort against bigotry, and for Christian catholocism being a discourse on Rom. 14, 17 / delivered at Andover in Hampshire by Henry Chandler.Chandler, Henry.A31656EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true relation of the unjust proceedings, verdict (so called) & sentence of the Court of Sessions ... against divers of the Lord's people called Quakers, on the 30th day of the 8th month, 1662 / published for the honour of God, the vindication of the innocent, and the information of people, by John Chandler.Chandler, John, 17th cent.A31659EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The country's concurrence with the London united ministers in their late heads of agreement shewing the nature and advantages of a general union among Protestants : in two discourses ... / by Samuel Chandler ...Chandler, Samuel.A31660EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialogue between a pædo-baptist and an anti-pædo-baptist containing the strength of arguments offered on both sides at the Portsmouth disputation, with the addition of a few more arguments then ready to be offered in vindication of infant baptism / by Samuel Chandler and William Leigh.Chandler, Samuel.A31661EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An impartial account of the Portsmouth disputation with some just reflections on Dr. Russel's pretended narrative : with an abrigdment of those discourses that were the innocent occasion of that disputation / by Samuel Chandler, William Leigh, Benjamin Robinson.Chandler, Samuel.A31663EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of magistracyJohnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A31665EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Revenge for honour a tragedie / by George Chapman.A31672EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedy of Alphonsus, Emperour of Germany as it hath been [v]ery often a[cte]d (with great appl[ause]) at the privat house in Black-Friers by His Maiesties servants / by George Chapman, Gent.Chapman, George, 1559?-1634.A31675EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Thermæ redivivæ, the city of Bath described with some observations on those soveraign waters, both as to the bathing in, and drinking of them, now so much in use / by Henry Chapman ...Chapman, Henry, fl. 1673.A31676EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached September 9th, 1683 being the day of thanksgiving for God's wonderful providence and mercy in discovering and defeating the late treasonable conspiracy against His Sacred Majesty's person and government / by John Chapman.Chapman, John, fl. 1684.A31677EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of jewels, and of the principal riches of the East and West taken from the relation of divers of the most famous travellers of our age : attended with fair discoveries conducing to the knowledge of the universe and trade.Chappuzeau, Samuel, 1625-1701.A31680EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Earle of Bedfords passage to the highest court of Parliament May the ninth, 1641 about tenne a clocke in the morning observed by his Lordships physitian Doctor Cademan.Cademan, Thomas, Sir, 1590?-1651.A31681EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of a church papistA31683EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of a church-trimmer by Heraclitus his ghost.Heraclitus his ghost.A31684EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of a coffee-house wherein is contained a description of the persons usually frequenting it, with their discourse and humors, as also the admirable vertues of coffee / by an eye and ear witness.Eye and ear witness.A31685EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of a coffee-house with the symptomes of a town-wit.A31686EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of a disbanded courtierA31687EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of a fanatick by a person of quality.Person of quality.A31688EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of a good man, neither Whig nor ToryA31690EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of a Gumbletonian, or, The New malcontentA31691EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of a Jacobite by what name or title soever dignifyed or distinguish'd / written by a Person of quality.Person of quality.A31692EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of a JesuitA31693EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of a pilfering taylor, or, A True anatomy of Monsieur Stich in all his tricks and qualitiesA31700EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of a quack doctor, or, The Abusive practices of impudent illiterate pretenders to physick exposedA31704EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The commentaries of C. Julius Cæsar of his warres in Gallia, and the civil warres betwixt him and Pompey / translated into English with many excellent and judicious observations thereupon ; as also The art of our modern training, or, Tactick practise, by Clement Edmonds Esquire, ... ; where unto is adjoyned the eighth commentary of the warres in Gallia, with some short observations upon it ; together with the life of Cæsar, and an account of his medalls ; revised, corrected, and enlarged.Caesar, Julius.A31706EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of a town misseA31710EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of a true and false shepherd with a general admonition to ministers : being very seasonable for the present times.A31714EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of a true English souldier written by a gentleman of the new-rais'd troops.Gentleman of the new-rais'd troops.A31716EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of an English-manA31724EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of an ill-court-favourite representing the mischiefs that flow from ministers of state when they are more great than good ... / translated out of French.A31728EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A character of London-village by a countrey-poet.Countrey-poet.A31735EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Character of the true blue Protestant poet, or, The pretended author of The character of a popish successorA31741EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Character of those two Protestants in masquerade Heraclitus and the ObservatorA31742EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Numerus infaustus a short view of the unfortunate reigns of William the Second, Henry the Second, Edward the Second, Richard the Second, Charles the Second, James the Second.Caesar, Charles, 1636-1707.A31743EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Character Sir, in answer to your last, wherein you desire me to give a character of our Prince, I shall, as well as I can, satisfie you.A31746EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New experiments upon vipers containing also an exact description of all the parts of a viper, the seat of its poyson, and the several effects thereof, together with the exquisite remedies, that by the skilful may be drawn from vipers, as well for the cure of their bitings, as for that of other maladies / originally written in French by M. Charas of Paris ; now rendred English.Charas, Moyse, 1619-1698.A31747EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last speech and confession of Peter Cæsar, a Portugal, at the place of execution together with his confession at Justice-Hall in the Old Bailey ... likewise the tryal of the Frenchmen for ravishing a gentlewoman near Holborn ... as also a true relation concerning Mary Smith, who cut off her childs' head, with her examination and confession before Justice Swallow ...Caesar, Peter.A31750EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The royal pharmacopœea, galenical and chymical according to the practice of the most eminent and learned physitians of France : and publish'd with their several approbations / by Moses Charras, th Kings chief operator in his royal garden of plants ; faithfully Englished ; illustrated with several copper plates.Charas, Moyse, 1619-1698.A31751EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The travels of Sir John Chardin into Persia and the East-Indies the first volume, containing the author's voyage from Paris to Ispahan : to which is added, The coronation of this present King of Persia, Solyman the Third.Chardin, John, Sir, 1643-1713.A31753EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Charge of a Tory plot maintain'd in a dialogue between the Observator, Heraclitus, and an inferior clergy-man at the Towzer-Tavern : wherein the first discourse publish'd under that title is vindicated from the trifling animadversions of the Observator, and the accusation justified / by the same author.A31759EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The charge of subduing the Irish-rebellion in 1641. An account of what the subduing the rebellion of Ireland, begune the 23d of October, 1641. hath cost, and what damage the Protestants there have sustained thereby, and what lands have been forfeited and disopsed of to adventurers, souldiers, and other English, and what to the Irish, and now in their possession: abstracted out of the accounts of moneys in the exchequer, during such time as any regular accounts were made up, and by probable and rational estimates, for the time in which no accounts were kept, by reason of the general rebellion and confusion, and out of the surveys, deccrees, [sic] and settlements, made by His Majesty's commissioners, for executing the acts of settlement and explanation in Ireland.A31760EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The charge of the Scottish Commissioners against Canterburie and the Lieutenant of Ireland together with their demand concerning the sixt article of the treaty : whereunto is added the Parliaments resolution about the proportion of the Scottish charges and the Scottish Commissioners thankfull acceptance thereof.Scotland. Parliament.A31762EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Charitable Samaritan, or, A short and impartial account of that eminent and publick-spirited citizen Mr. Tho. Firmin who departed this life on Monday Dec. 20, 1697 / by a gentleman of his acquaintance.Gentleman of his acquaintance.A31765EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Basiliká the works of King Charles the martyr : with a collection of declarations, treaties, and other papers concerning the differences betwixt His said Majesty and his two houses of Parliament : with the history of his life : as also of his tryal and martyrdome.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A31771EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An act which His Maiesty hath promised his royall word to passe for justifying the proceedings of Parliament in the late war, and for declaring all oathes, declarations, proclamations, and other proceedings against it to be void.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31773EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Caines bloudy race known by their fruits, or, A true declaration of the innocent sufferings of the servants of the living God, by the magistrates, priests and people in the city of Westchester, who lives in a profession of God, Christ, and the Scriptures, as their forefathers did, who slew the prophets, persecuted Christ and the apostles, as is declared in the scriptures of truth, &c.Hutchins, Anthony.A31781EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties answer to a book, intituled, The declaration, or remonstrance of the Lords and Commons, the 19 of May, 1642.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A31787EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Maiesties answer to the declaration of both Hovses of Parliament concerning the Commission of Array of the 1 of July 1642.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A31803EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Maiesties answer to the last message and resolution of both Houses of Parliament concerning the militia and the Prince, 2 March 1641England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31805EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse about a scrupulous conscience preached at the parish-church of St. Mary Aldermanbury, London / by Benjamin Calamy ...Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686.A31806EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Kings Maiesties answer to the petition of the House of Commons sent on Saturday last, the nine and twentieth of this instant Jan. 1642.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31817EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties answer to the petition of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled presented to His Majestie at York, June 17, 1642 : together with a catalogue of the names of the Lords that subscribed to levie horse to assist His Majestie in defence of his royall person, the two Houses of Parliament, and the Protestant religion.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A31819EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Kings answer to the propositions for peace as was pretended in the club-mens petition to His Majesty with the copie of a letter from Sir Lewis Dives, and another from Colonell Butler, governour of Wareham, sent to them and read in their quarters : also a copie of articles and directions, and divers other passages of their proceedings and intentions, and a list of their chiefe leaders names and which of them are taken and who not : with other papers brought by our scouts from the army.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A31823EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
At the court at York, 28 Martii, 1642 His Majestie hath given me expresse command to give you this his answer to your petition.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31827EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at St. Lawrence-Jury, London, upon the 9th of September being the day of thanksgiving for the deliverance of the King & kingdom from the late treasonable conspiracy / by Benjamin Calamy ...Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686.A31832EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration by the Kings Majestie concerning His Majesties going away from Hampton-Court written by his own hand and left upon the table in His Majesties bed-chamber, dated at Hampton-Court Novemb. 11, 1647 : presented to the Parliament ... Friday Nov. 12, 1647, with His Majesties propositions for satisfying of the Presbyterians and Independents, the Army, and all His Majesties subjects of England and Scotland.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A31845EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties declaration, directed to all persons of what degree and qualitie soever, in the Christian world with a letter from divers godly ministers of the Church of England to the assembly of the Kirk of Scotland, shewing the cause of these troubles : and a list of the popish vicker-generalls, Jesuites, priests and fryers in England, and their names and places to them assigned, in the severall provinces of England and Wales, to exstinguish the Protestant clergie and religion and bring in and settle popery instead thereof.A31851EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A faithful account, of the present state of affairs, in England, Scotland, and Ireland, or, The remarkable transactions and proceedings that have happened in these kingdoms, since the discovery of the horrid Popish Plot, anno 1678 to this present year, 1689/90 plainly shewing the state of affairs, from time to time, in peace and war : but more particularly what has happened under the government and reign of their present Majesties, King William and Queen Mary, and of our wonderful deliverance from popery and slavery, &c. / by E.C.E. C.A31852EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties declaration for the relief of the poor miners within the county of DerbyEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31855EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some considerations about the case of scandal, or, Giving offence to weak brethrenCalamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686.A31873EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvver to the articles against Master Calamy, Master Martiall, Master Burton, Master Peters, Master Moleigne, Master Case, M. Sedgwicke, M. Evans, &c. and many other painfull divines who were impeached of high treason by His Majesty : first answering particularly the articles themselves, then shewing the mis-information of His Majestie by the bishops, concerning the same : expressing the great care and vigilancy of those theologians which they have and doe daily undertake with great zeale for the rooting out of popery the confounding of Rome and for the erecting the pious truth and sincerity of the holy gospel of Christ.Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A31885EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The art of divine meditation, or, A discourse of the nature, necessity, and excellency thereof with motives to, and rules for the better performance of that most important Christian duty : in several sermons on Gen. 24:63 / by Edmund Calamy ...Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A31893EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties declaration to the ministers, free-holders, farmers, and substantiall copy-holders of the county of York assembled by His Majesties speciall summons at Haworth-Moor, near the city of York, on Friday the 3 of June, 1642.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31898EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A full and final proof of the plot from the Revelations whereby the testimony of Dr. Titus Oates and Mr. Will. Bedloe is demonstrated to be jure divino, and all colours and pretences taken away that might hinder the obstinate from assenting to the truth and sincerity of their evidence : dedicated to all Roman-Catholicks and infidels / by E.C., Doctor of the civil law.E. C., Doctor of the civil law.A31907EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eli trembling for fear of the ark a sermon preached at St. Mary Aldermanbury, December 28, 1662 / by Edmund Calamy ... upon the preaching of which he was committed prisoner to the gaol of Newgate, Jan. 6, 1662 ; together with the mittimus and manner of his imprisonment, annexed hereunto.Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A31910EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Five severall papers delivered by the King to the commissioners at the treaty and six papers presented by them to His Majesty with an exact journall of the most remarkable passages of each day since the treaty began.A31911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Maiesties gratiovs message and summons to the city of Glocester Aug. 10, 1643 with their answer thereunto.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31921EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands antidote against the plague of civill warre presented in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons on their late extraordinary solemn fast, October 22, 1644 / by Edmund Calamy ...Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A31927EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, His Majesties gratious offer of pardon to the rebells now in armes against him, under the command of Robert Earle of EssexEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31928EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties gracious proclamation to the cittyes of London and Westminster by the King.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31929EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Kings cabinet opened: or, certain packets of secret letters & papers, written with the Kings own hand, and taken in his cabinet at Nasby-Field, June 14. 1645 By victorious Sr. Thomas Fairfax; wherein many mysteries of state, tending to the justification of that cause, for which Sir Thomas Fairfax joyned battell that memorable day are clearly laid open; together, with some annotations thereupon. Published by speciall order of the Parliament·England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31932EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands looking-glasse presented in a sermon preached before the Honorable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, December 22, 1641 / by Edmund Calamy ...Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A31933EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Maiesties last message, Septemb. 12. 1642 directed to his right trusty and wel-beloved, the Speaker of the House of Peeres with a declaration of the Lords and Commons in Parliament, concerning an insolent letter sent to Mr. Clarke at Craughton neere Brackley in Northamptonshire, from Sir John Biron, Knight, since the inhabitants of that county apprehended divers rebels under his command : whereunto is annexed a coppy of the said letter.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31937EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties late gratious message and summons to the city of Glocester Aug. 1643 with their answer thereunto.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31944EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Maiesties letter for the speaker of the Lords pro tempore to be communicated unto the Lords and Commons in the Parliament of England at Westminster, and the commissioners of the Parliament of Scotland and to all my other subjects of what degree, condition or calling whatsoever.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31946EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties letter of instrvction directed and sent to the iudges of assize of the severall circuits at the last summer assize.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A31948EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Evidence for heaven containing infallible signs and reall demonstrations of our union with Christ and assurance of salvation : with an appendix of laying down certain rules to be observed for preserving our assurance once obtained / published by Ed. Calamy ...Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A31952EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties letter to the gentry of Yorkshire May, the sixteenth, 1642. To our right trusty and well beloved the gentry of York, and others of this our County of York, whom it doth or may concern.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31955EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Exact collection of farewel sermons preached by the late London-ministers viz. Mr. Calamy, Mr. Watson, Mr. Jacomb, Mr. Case, Mr. Sclater, Mr. Baxter, Mr. Jenkin, Dr. Manton, Mr. Lye, Mr. Collins : to which is added their prayers before and after sermon as also Mr. Calamy's sermon for which he was imprisoned in Newgate : his sermon at Mr. Ashe's funeral and Dr. Horton's and Mr. Nalton's funeral.A31961EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties letter to the major, aldermen, sheriffes, and the rest of the Common-Councell of the citty of BristollEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31963EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The letters from His Maiesty, and from the officers of His Majesties army, to the Earle of Essex at Lestithen, inviting him to peace and his refusall thereofEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31965EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Majesty in misery, or, An imploration to the King of kings written by His late Majesty King Charles the First in his durance at Carisbrook Castle, 1648.A31966EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A message from the royall prisoner at Windsor to the kingdome of Scotland and His Majesties resolution, concerning the ordnance and impeachment of high treason against his royal person, by the Parliament and army, and His Majesties speech and prayer, upon receipt of the intelligence, of their chusing commissioners, for bringing him to a speedy tryall, dated from Windsor the 3. of January, 1648 ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31972EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties message sent to both Houses of Parliament January 20. 1641.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31974EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fixed saint held forth in a farwell sermon preached at Mary-Aldermanbury, London, August 17, 1662 / Mr. Edmond Calamy.Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A31975EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties message to both Houses of Parliament upon his removall to the city of YorkEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31983EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties message to both Houses of Parliament, upon his removall to the city of YorkEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31993EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties message to both Houses of Parliament, upon his removall to the city of YorkeEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31994EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Godly mans ark, or, City of refuge, in the day of his distresse discovered in divers sermons, the first of which was preached at the funerall of Mistresse Elizabeth Moore : the other four were afterwards preached, and are all of them now made publick, for the supportation and consolation of the saints of God in the hour of tribulation : hereunto are annexed Mris. [sic] Moores evidences for heaven, composed and collected by her in the time of her health, for her comfort in the time of sickness / by Ed. Calamy ...Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A31997EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties message to the House of Peeres, Aprill 22, 1642 whereunto is added His Majesties answer to both Houses of Parliament concerning the petition and reasons to forbeare his intended iourney to Ireland, presented the 18 of Aprill (by the Earle of Stamford, Sir Iohn Culpepper, Chancellour of the Exchequer and Anthony Hungerford, Esquire) and returned the 22 of the same, 1642.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A31999EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Maiesties most gratiovs answer to the proposition of both Houses of Parliament, for Ireland, sent the twenty fourth of February, 1642England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32006EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The King His Majesties most gracious speech made to the lord maior the recorder and the rest of the aldermen of this honourable and reknown city of London upon Thursday November the 25, 1641. And his message to the Lords concerning the trayned bands with theirs and the House of Commons petition to His Majesty and his royal answer by the Earle of Warwicke and the Earle of Bristow : with the examination of divers of the Irish apprehended as suspitious persons : and orders from the High Court of Parliament concerning the suppressing of papists : as also another order for the recalling of the trayned bands to their daily attendance as formerly, Nov. 27, 1641.A32009EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevv matters of high and great consequence, printed the twelfth of March, anno 1642 ...A32011EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newes from Scotland, His Maiesties manifest touching the Palatine cause and act of Parliament concerning the same : read, voiced, and past in the Parliament of Scotland, the 6 day of September, 1641.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32012EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders and institvtions of vvar, made and ordained by His Maiesty and by him delivered to his generall His Excellence the Earle of Nevvcastle with the said Earles speech to the army at the delivery and publishing the said orders prefixt.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32013EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gods free mercy to England presented as a pretious and powerfull motive to humiliation : in a sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, Feb. 23, 1641 / by Edmvnd Calamy ...Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A32016EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation against the oppression of the clergy by the intrusion of factious and schismaticall persons into their cures, and inverting and detaining their tithes and possessions by orders of one or both Houses of Parliament, contrary to all law and justice.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32017EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation against the spoyling and loosing of armes by the souldiers of His Majesties army, for the keeping of them fixt, and bringing all armes hereafter into His Majesties magazinesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32019EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The happinesse of those who sleep in Jesus, or, The benefit that comes to the dead bodies of the saints even while they are in the grave, sleeping in Jesus delivered in a sermon preached at the funeral of ... Lady Anne Waller, at the new church in Westminst[er], Oct. 31, 1661 : together with the testimony then given unto her / by Edm. Calamy ...Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A32022EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation commanding all His Majesties subjects and servants that have any office, place, or fee, of his guift or grant, forthwith to give their attendance upon his personEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32024EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation commanding the due execution and observance of certaine orders lately published concerning contributionsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32025EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation commanding the due observation of the desires of the commissioners for the contribution of the county of Oxford, and for punishing all stragling souldiers and others, robbing, and plundering the countryEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32026EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A proclamation commanding the muster master generall ...]England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32027EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation of His Majesties grace, favour, and pardon to the inhabitants of his counties of Stafford and DerbyEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32029EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation concerning some illegall warrants lately issued into severall places in our counties of Buckingham and Bedford, and other counties, under the name of the Earle of Essex, or by his pretended authorityEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32030EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, His Majesties proclamation concerning the bringing in of armes to his magazine in the citty of WorcesterEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32031EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A just and necessary apology against an unjust invective published by Mr. Henry Burton in a late book of his entituled, Truth still truth, though shut out of doors by Edmund Calamy ...Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A32033EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation declaring His Majesties resolution for settling a speedy peace by a good accommodation, and an invitation to all his loyall subjects to joyne together for his assistance thereinEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32037EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A proclamation declaring our purpose]England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32038EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Master Edmund Calamies leading caseCalamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A32039EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for preventing of disorders in the night-time, in the garrison of OxfordEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32040EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The monster of sinful self-seeking, anatomizd together with a description of the heavenly and blessed selfe-seeking : in a sermon preached at Pauls the 10. of December, 1654 / by Edm. Calamy, B.D. ...Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A32041EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for preventing the plundring, spoyling, or robbing of any His Majesties subjects, and for restraining of stragling and idle people from following the army, as likewise for supplying His Majesties army with necessary provisions during their marchEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32042EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation for the adjournment of part of Michaelmas terme.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the assembling the members of both Houses at Oxford, upon occasion of the invasion by the ScotsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32045EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The noble-mans patterne of true and reall thankfulnesse presented in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable House of Lords, at their late solemne day of Thanksgiving, June 15, 1643 : for the discovery of a dangerous, desperate and bloody designe tending to the utter subversion of the Parliament and of the famous city of London / by Edmund Calamy ...Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A32047EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation for the further restraint of prophane swearing and cursing, and the better observing of prayer and preaching in His Majesties armies, and the City of Oxford, and in all other parts of the kingdome.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation for the redresse of certaine grievances complained of by the inhabitants of the county of OxfordEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation for the removing of the courts of Kings-bench and of the Exchequer, from Westminster to OxfordEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32051EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Saints memorials, or, Words fitly spoken, like apples of gold in pictures of silver being a collection of divine sentences / written and delivered by those late reverend and eminent ministers of the gospel, Mr. Edmund Calamy, Mr. Joseph Caryl, Mr. Ralph Venning, Mr. James Janeway.Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A32052EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation for the speedy calling in of all sheriffes, escheators, receivers, fee-farmers, farmers of recusants lands, and all other tenants who hold of the King in capite by knights-service, to pay His Majesties duties at his exchequer at Oxford.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32053EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation for the speedy payment of the monies assessed by Parliament for disbanding the armiesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32054EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, His Majesties proclamation forbidding all his loving subjects of the counties of Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Hampshire, to raise any forces without His Majesties consent, or to enter into any association or protestation for the assistance of the rebellion against His MajestyEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32057EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The saints transfiguration, or, The body of vilenesse changed into a body of glory a sermon preached at Martins Ludgate, October 19, 1654, at the funerall of that reverend and faithfull minister of Jesus Christ, Dr. Samuel Bolton, late master of Christs College in Cambridg : with a short account of his death / by Edmund Calamy ... ; to which are annexed verses upon his death, composed by divers of his friends and acquaintance.Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A32058EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached by Mr. Edmund Calamy at Aldermanbury, London, Aug. 24, 1651 being a funeral sermon for Mr. Love on the Sabbath-day following after he was executed ... also four excellent doctrines and proposition to the Presbyterians and others to be by them practiced and meditated upon both morning and evening.Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A32062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation of His Majesties grace, favour, and pardon to the inhabitants of his county of ChesterEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32064EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Aldermanberry Church, Dec. 28, 1662 in the fore-noon by Edm. Calamy.Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666.A32065EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation of His Majesties grace, favour, and pardon to the inhabitants of his county of HertfordEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32066EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation of His Majesties grace, favour, and pardon to the inhabitants of his county of LancasterEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32067EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation of His Majesties grace, favour, and pardon to the inhabitants of his county of Lincolne, and of his citty of Lincolne, and county of the same cittyEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32068EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation of His Majesties grace, favour, and pardon to the inhabitants of his counties of Stafford and DerbyEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32070EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation proclaimedin [sic] London the ninth of IuneEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32071EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King a proclamation prohibiting from henceforth all entercourse of trade between our city of London and other parts of our kingdome untill other direction given by vs.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32072EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation prohibiting from henceforth all entercourse of trade betweene our city of London and other parts of our kingdome untill other direction is given by usEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32073EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning the rise and antiquity of cathedral worship in a letter to a friend.Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686.A32074EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation prohibiting the assessing collecting or paying any weekly taxes, and seizing or sequestring the rents or estates of our good subjects, by colour of any orders or pretended ordinances of one or both Houses of ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32075EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation prohibiting the payment and receipt of customes, and other maritime duties upon the late pretended ordinance of both Houses of ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32076EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation prohibiting the payment and receipt of tonnage and ponndage [sic], and other impositions upon merchandises, under colour of the late pretended ordinance of both Houses of ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32077EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation requiring all His Majesties tenants within the counties of Oxford and Berks to pay their severall rents, and other yearely payments, at the citty of OxfordEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32078EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation to declare, that the procez of green waxe may be sealed at Oxford as well as at London, for the Courts of Kings-Bench, Common-Pleas and Exchequer during these times of this unhappy distraction.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32080EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation to give assurance unto all His Majesties subjects in the islands and continent of America, of His Majesties royall care over them, and to preserve them in their due obedience.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32081EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation touching the adjourning of part of Hillary termeEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32082EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A funeral sermon preach'd at the internment of Mr. Samuel Stephens for some time employ'd in the work of the ministry, in this city : who departed life the fifth of January, 1693/4 in the twenty eighth year of his age / by Edmund Calamy.Calamy, Edmund, 1671-1732.A32083EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A funeral sermon preached upon occasion of the decease of the eminently pious Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, late wife of Mr. Daniel Williams, who departed this life, June the 10th, 1698, Ætat 62 with some account of her exemplary character taken for the most part out of her own papers / by Edmund Calamy.Calamy, Edmund, 1671-1732.A32087EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A practical discourse concerning vows with a special reference to baptism and the Lord's Supper / by Edmund Calamy.Calamy, Edmund, 1671-1732.A32091EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Maiesties royall declaration and protestation to all his loving subjects in England being a full satisfaction to all the whole world against all aspersions which have lately been cast upon His Majesty, that he is popishly affected, to the great dishonour of His Majesty and the withdrawing his loving subjects from him : together with his gracious resolution for the maintenance of the true Protestant religion the laws and liberties of the subject with the just priviledges of Parliament.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A32105EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a non-conformist minister of the kirk shewing the nullity of the Presbyterian mission or authority to preach the Gospel.Calder, Robert, 1658-1723.A32107EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Maiesties speciall command under the great seale of England to the Lord Major of the honourable city of London dated Decemb. 9, 1641 : for the speedy sending of precepts into severall wards of the city : to suppresse the tumultuous and unlawfull assemblies and riotous disorders both in the city of London and VVestminster : vvith a relation of the riotous assemblies, mutinous vproares and disorders made and committed by a company of Brownists or Seperatists within the city of London and VVestminster : also in what manner they entred into St. Georges church where one of them made a sermon on Sunday Decemb. 12 : vvhereunto is added the riotous insurrection and rebellion of some prisoners in New-gate condemned to dye on Munday December 13, 1641.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32109EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Ma'ties speech, [brace] & [brace] the Queenes speechEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32110EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Kings Maiesties speech, as it was delivered the second of November before the vniversity and city of Oxford together with a gratulatory replication expressed by that learned man Doctor William Strode, orator for the famou [sic] Vniversity of Oxford.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32111EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Maiesties speech at Leicester, to the gentlemen, free-holders, and inhabitants of that county, July 20England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32113EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties speech on the scaffold at White-Hall on Tuesday last Jan. 30 before the time of his coming to the block of execution and a declaration of the deportment of the said Charles Stuart before he was executed to the great admiration of the people : and a proclamation of the Commons of England assembled in Parliament to be published throughout the Kingdoms prohibiting the proclaiming of any person to be King of England, Ireland or the dominions thereof : also A letter from the north to a member of the Army containing the declaration and resolutions of the Northern Army touching the late King of England and the lofty cedars of the city of London.A32120EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Maiesties speech to both houses of Parliament, July the 5th 1641 with Mr. Speakers speech, before the King, in the vpper house of Parliament, July the 3, 1641, concerning the passing of three bills, 1. poll-money, 2. Star-chamber, 3. high commission.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32124EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties speech to both Houses of Parliament December the second 1641England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32125EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties speech to the committee the 9th of March 1641 when they presented the declaration of both Houses of Parliament at New-market.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32128EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties speech to the gentlemen at Yorke on Thursday last, being the 12. of May, 1642.England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32131EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Kings Majesties speech to the sixe heads, concerning the Queens going into HollandEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32136EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Maiesties speech with Mr. Speakers speech to both Houses of Parliament, at the passing of the bill for tonnage and poundage : being an answer to Mr. Speakers speech at the presenting thereof, 22 June, 1641.Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.A32137EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the inhabitants of the county of Cornwall a letter of thanks from King Charles I of ever blessed memory, dated Sept. 10, 1643 from Sudly Castle.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A32143EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Trusty and well belo[ved]England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32146EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two letters of His Majesties left upon the table at Hampton-Court the 11 of November, 1647 the one to Colonell Whaley, the other to Lord Mountague : also a letter of advice to His Majestie, subscribed by E.R.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A32147EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties two speeches one to the knights, gentlemen, and freeholders of the county of Nottingham at Newark ; the other to the knights gentlemen and freeholders of the county of Lincoln at Lincoln.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A32155EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
More wonders of the invisible world, or, The wonders of the invisible world display'd in five parts ... : to which is added a postscript relating to a book intitled, The life of Sir William Phips / collected by Robert Calef, merchant of Boston in New England.Calef, Robert, 1648-1719.A32160EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King whereas, upon summons from vs, divers gentlemen of this our county of York did attend vs upon Thursday the twelfth of this instant May ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A32161EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
At the court at Hampton Court, the thirteenth of June 1683 present, the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Keeper, Lord President, Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Ormond, Duke of Albemarle, Earl of Huntingdon, Earl of Sunderland, Earl of Clarendon, Earl of Bathe, Earl of Craven, Earl of Rochester, Lord Bishop of London, Lord Dartmouth, Mr. Secretary Jenkins, Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Chancellor of the Dutchy, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. Master Godolphin.A32188EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By commission under the great seal of England, directed to all arch-bishops, barons, baronets, knights, esquires and gentlemen within England and VVales, (reciting.) That whereas his Majesties servants the Kings heralds and pursuivands of Armesby their humble petition had represented to his Majesty, that their late colledge of arms in London (given to their corporation in perpetuity for their residence and place of meeting, and for keeping the records roll and books of their faculty) was consumed by the late fire there, ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32193EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Copies of two papers written by the late King Charles II together with a copy of a paper written by the late Duchess of York : to which is added an answer to the aforesaid papers all printed together.Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.A32204EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties declaration whereas upon complaint of the several injuries, affronts and spoils done by the East and West-India Companies, and other the subjects of the United Provinces ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties declaration Charles R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32207EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Kings Most Excellent Majestie a declaration to all His Maiesties loving subiects in his Kngdoms [sic] of England, Scotland, and Ireland, &c.Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.A32232EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case and argument against Sir Ignoramvs of Cambridg by Robert Callis.Callis, Robert, fl. 1634.A32245EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reading of that famous and learned genrleman, Robert Callis ... upon the statute of 23 H.8, Cap. 5, of Sewers, as it was delivered by him at Grays-Inn in August, 1622.Callis, Robert, fl. 1634.A32252EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties gracious speech to both Houses of Parliament together with the Lord Chancellor's, delivered in Christ Church Hall in Oxford, the 10th of October, 1665.Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.A32263EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Charles R. His Majesty in his princely compassion and very tender care taking into consideration the distressed condition of many his good subjects, whom the late dreadful and dismal fire hath made destitute ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32288EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two letters the one from a Dutchman to his correspondent in England, the other an answer from the said correspondent : in which most things of note (that relate to, or have been transacted in this in this hostility) are very fully handled : with the present condition of both countries.F. C.A32293EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties letter to His Excellency the Lord General Monck, to be communicated to the officers of the army brought to His Excellency from His Majesties Court at the Hague, by Sir Thomas Clarges.Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.A32294EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reports of special cases touching several customes and liberties of the city of London collected by Sir H. Calthrop ... ; whereunto is annexed divers ancient customes and usages of the said city of London.Calthrop, Henry, Sir, 1586-1637.A32296EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Kings Majesties letter to the Lord Mayor and Court of Alderman, of the city of London, concerning the choice of Common-Council men, 1661England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32301EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Divine passions piously and pathetically expressed in three severall bookes / written and composed for private consolation ... by Edward Calver.Calver, Edward, fl. 1649.A32308EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Passion and discretion, in youth and age ...Calver, Edward, fl. 1649.A32323EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties most gracious speech, together with the Lord Chancellors, to the two Houses of Parliament at their prorogation, on Monday the nineteenth of May, 1662Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.A32326EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Most Reverend Father in God, our right trusty and entirely beloved counsellor, we greet you well ... Charles R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32335EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Most Reverend Father in God we greet you wellCharles II, King of England, 1630-1685.A32337EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Most reverend father in God, we greet you wellCharles II, King of England, 1630-1685.A32338EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New propositions from the King of Scotland to the Parliament of that kingdom with his last promise and condescensions and the proclaiming of a new proclamation for His Highness ; also another bloudy fight in Ireland .. the routing of Generall Oneal's army by the Lord of Ards, the raising of the siege at London-Derry and the rallying of the Marq. of Ormond's forces and advancing within 12 miles of Dublin.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32340EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, a proclamationEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32343EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Envy and folly detected by way of a reply to a scandalous pamphlet, lately published by Robert Bridgeman (a grocer in London) intituled, Folly and envy detected, &c. : being a vindication of the true Christian Quakers : also something to a paper signed by J. Vaughton, J. Field, Ch. Marshall, W. Bingly, and others, being in number 24, and pretended Quakers, lately published in the City mercury, &c. : to which is added, nineteen queries to R.B. and his 24 brethren, &c. / by G.C. and E.N., lovers of all men.G. C., Lover of all men.A32344EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from the chancellour of Mary-land to Col. Henry Meese, merchant in London concerning the late troublesin Mary-land.Calvert, Philip, 1626-1682.A32345EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamationEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32347EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation whereas we have fully resolved to use our utmost endeavours for the preservation of the true religion established in this kingdom, to which we ... have thought fit to command all popish priests and jesuites ... to depart out of, and not return or come into this our kingdom ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32348EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blessed Jew of Marocco: or, A Blackmoor made white. being a demonstration of the true Messias out of the law and prophets / by Rabbi Samuel, a Iew turned Christian ; written first in the Arabick, after translated into Latin, and now Englished ; to which are annexed a diatriba of the Jews sins and their miserie all over the world, annotations to the book ... with other things for profit in knowledge and undertanding, by Tho. Calvert ...Samuel, Marochitanus.A32350EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A prolamation [sic] about dissolving this present Parliament, and the speedy calling a new oneEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32351EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation against duelsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32352EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation against exportation, and buying and selling of gold and silver at higher rates then in our mint as also against culling, washing, or otherwise diminishing our current moneys.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32353EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation against fighting of duelsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32354EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation against new buildingsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32355EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation against the deceitful winding and folding of woollsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32357EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King a proclamation against the rebels in Ireland.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32358EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation against the resetting of tenents or servants without testificatsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32359EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation against the resset of the rebels, and for delivering them up to justiceEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32360EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation against tumultuous petitions Charles R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32361EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation anent pedagogues, chaplains and othersEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32363EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation appointing the general fast which according to former order falleth out to be on Wednesday the first of November, being All Saints Day, to be kept on the Wednesday following, being the eighth of that moneth.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32365EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation commanding all masters and owners of ships, to stay for their convoy before they put to seaEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32367EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation commanding all masters and owners of ships to stay for their convoy before they put to seaEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation commanding all papists, or reputed papists, forthwith to depart from the cities of London and Westminster, and from within ten miles of the sameEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32369EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation commanding all papists or reputed papists, forthwith to depart from the cities of London and Westminster, and from within ten miles of the sameEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32371EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation commanding all seamen and mariners to repair to the ships on which they are listedEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation commanding the immediate return of all His Majesties subjects who have gone into the service of the French King as souldiers, since the late treaty of peace with the States General of the United Provinces, and prohibiting all His Majesties subjects to enter into the said service for the time to comeEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32374EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation commanding the immediate return of all His Majesties subjects who are in any foreign seminaries, and forbidding relief to be sent to themEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32375EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation concerning building in, and about London and WestminsterEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32377EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation concerning passes for shipsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation concerning the act for the revenue on fire-hearths and stovesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32380EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation concerning the granting of licenses for selling and retailing of winesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32385EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation concerning the President and Council of Wales, and marches of the sameEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32387EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation concerning the prorogation of the ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32388EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation concerning the sale of fee-farm rentsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32389EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the king. A proclamation. Containing his Majesties gracious pardon and indemnityScotland. Sovereign (1649-1685 : Charles II)A32392EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation declaring and enjoyning observance of the articles of peace, commerce and alliance, between His Majesty and the King of Spain.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32395EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation declaring His Majesties pleasure to settle and establish a free port at his city of Tanger in AfricaEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32397EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation declaring the cessation of hostility and preserving an entire amity between His Majesty and the King of SpainEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32399EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation declaring the confirmation of the treaties and continuance of the amity and commerce between the crowns of England and PortugalEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation declaring the letters of mart formerly granted to George Carew Esq., to be recalledEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32401EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation declaring the Parliament shall be prorogued until the first day of October nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32403EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation declaring the Parliament shall be prorogued until the thirtieth of October nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32404EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation declaring the Parliament shall sit the one and twentieth day of OctoberEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32405EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for a general fast throughout the realm of EnglandEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32409EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for a general fast throughout the realm of EnglandEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32410EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for a generall fast throughout this realm of EnglandEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32412EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for a general fast throughout the realm of EnglandEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32414EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for a generall fastEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32416EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for a general fastEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32417EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for a general fastEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32418EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for a general fastEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32420EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King a proclamation for a thanksgiving for the late victory by His Majesties naval forces.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32421EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for calling home such of His Majesties subjects as are now abroad in the dominions or service of His Majesties enemiesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for calling in and suppressing of two books written by John Milton the one intituled, Johannis Miltoni Angli pro populo Anglicano defensio, contra Claudii Anonymi aliàs Salmasii, defensionem regiam, and the other in answer to a book intituled, The p by the King.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32426EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for commanding the magistrates and officers of His Majesties customs in all the ports of his dominions to give notice to all His Majesties subjects whom it may concern, that they may have passes for their ships from His Majesties respective high admirals or commissioners for executing that office.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32428EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for disarming and securing of popish recusantsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32429EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for discovering and preventing the many fraudulent practices of under-officers, and others in stealing His Majesties customsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for discovery and apprehension of several traiterous conspiritors herein namedEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32431EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for discovery of robberies and burglaries, and for a reward to the discoverersEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32433EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for dissolving this present Parliament and declaring the speedy calling of a new oneEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32435EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for due execution of the late act of Parliament against importing cattel from Ireland, and other parts beyond the seasEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32436EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for incouragement of the further discovery of the popish plotEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32437EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for inforcing the laws against conventicles and for preservation of the publick peace against unlawful assemblies of papists and non-conformistsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32441EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for further proroguing the ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32442EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for further proroguing the ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32443EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for further proroguing the ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32444EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for further proroguing the ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32445EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for further proroguing the ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32446EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for making currant His Majesties farthings & half-pence of copper and forbidding all others to be usedEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32447EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for observation of the thirtieth day of January as a day of fast and humiliation according to the late act of Parliament for that purposeEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32449EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for preventing the fears and dangers that may arise from the concourse of papists or reputed papists in or near the cities of London or Westminster during this present sitting of ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32451EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for preventing the importation of foreign corn in time of plentyEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32452EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for prevention of disorders which may be committed by souldiersEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32453EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for prizing winesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32454EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for prising winesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for prising winesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32464EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for prising winesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32465EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for prising of winesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32467EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation for prising of wines.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for prising of winesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32469EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for prising of winesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32470EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation prohibiting dirt-boats and bum-boats upon the river of ThamesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32471EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for prohibiting the exportation of iron ordnance and all great gunsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32473EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for prohibiting the importation or retailing of any commodities of the growth or manufacture of the states of the United ProvincesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32475EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for proroguing the Parliament until the nineteenth day of October nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for proroguing the Parliament until Tuesday the thirteenth of April nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32478EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Kings Most Excellent Majesty in Council, a proclamation for proroguing the Parliament till the eleventh of November nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32479EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for publishing the peace between His Majesty and the King of DenmarkEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for publishing the peace between His Majesty, and the French KingEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32481EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for publishing the peace between His Majesty and the States General of the United NetherlandsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32483EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for putting off the fair to be held the thirteenth of October next ensuing, in the fields and grounds neer GravesendEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32484EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for quieting possessionsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32485EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for reassembling the ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32489EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for recalling and prohibiting sea-men from the service of foreign princes and states and that no prizes taken from the Dutch by vertue of Portugal commissions be brought into His Majesties ports.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32490EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for recalling and prohibiting sea-men from the services of forreign princes and statesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32491EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for recalling and prohibiting seamen from the service of forreign princes and statesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32492EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for recalling dispensations, with some clauses in the Acts for Encouragement and Increasing of Shipping and Navigation, and of TradeEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32494EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for recalling dispensations with some clauses in the acts for encouragement and increasing of shipping and navigation, and of tradeEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32495EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for recalling private commissions, or letters of marqueEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32497EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for recalling proclamations and orders not agreeable to the acts of navigation and for encouragement of trade.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32498EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation for registring knightsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32499EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for regulating the colours to be worn on merchants shipsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32500EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation for removing the receipt of His Majesties exchequer from Westminster to NonsuchEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32502EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for removing the receipt of His Majesties exchequer from Non-such to WestminsterEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32503EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for suppressing the printing and publishing unlicensed news-books and pamphlets of newsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32510EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for suppression of poperyEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32511EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for suspending the execution of a commission of reprizal granted unto Sir Edmond Turner and George Carew, on behalf of themselves and othersEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32513EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for suspending the prosecution upon that part of the late act of Parliament for enlarging and repairing of common high-ways, as concerneth the breadth of the tyre of wheelsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32514EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for taking off the late restraint laid upon the ships of merchants and others from going to seaEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32515EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the apprehending certain offenders therein named and for the better security of His Majesty and his government from dangers arising from popish recusantsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32516EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the apprehending certain persons therein named, accused of high treasonEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the apprehending of Aron SmithEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32518EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the apprehending of certain persons therein named, accused of high treasonEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32519EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the apprehending of Colonel John Rumsey, Richard Rumbold, maltster, Richard Nelthorp, Esq., Edward Wade, Gent., Richard Goodenough, Gent., Captain Walcot, William Thompson, James Burton, and William Hone, joynerEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32520EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the apprehending of James, Duke of Monmouth, Ford, Lord Grey, Sir Thomas Armestrong, Knight, and Robert FergusonEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32522EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the apprehending of robbers or highway-men, and for a reward to the apprehendersEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32523EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the apprehending of robbers or high-way-men, and for a reward to the apprehendersEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32524EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the apprehending of robbers or highway-men and for a reward to the apprehendersEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32525EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the better collecting and answering His Majesties revenue arising by fire-hearths and stovesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32528EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the better ordering of those who repair to the court for their cure of the disease called the Kings-evilEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32530EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the better regulating lotteries within the kingdoms of Great Britain and IrelandEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32535EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for the calling in all moneys of gold and silver coyned or stamped with the cross and harp, and the circumscription, the commonwealth of England, and for making the same to be current onely to the first of December next, and no longerEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32536EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the discovery and apprehending all popish priests and JesuitsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32540EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the discovery and apprehending of several persons justly suspected to have contrived and acted in the felonious burning of houses in and about the city of LondonEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the discovery and apprehension of Don Philip Hellen, alias Fitz-geraldEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32543EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for the discovery and apprehension of of George, Duke of BuckinghamEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32544EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the discovery and apprehension of Jesuites, seminary priests and others that have taken orders from the Church and See of RomeEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32545EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the discovery and apprehension of John Lockier, Timothy Butler, Thomas Blood, commonly called Captain Blood, John Mason, and othersEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32547EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the discovery and apprehension of the Earl of BristolEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32549EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the discovery of the death of John Powell, late of London, merchantEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32550EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the further discovery of the late horrid design against His Majesties sacred person and governmentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32551EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the discovery of the murtherers of Sir Edmund-Bury GodfreyEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32552EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the due observation of certain statutes made for the suppressing of rogues, vagabonds, beggers, and other idle disorderly persons and for relief of the poore.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32554EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the effectual prosecution of His Majesties commission for the providing and making of salt-peter and gun-powderEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32555EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for the encouraging of planters in His Majesties island of Jamaica in the West-IndiesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32556EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for the entring and putting in of claims in Ireland, pursuant to His Majesties gracious declaration of the 30th of November 1660, and the instructions for execution thereofEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32557EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the free exportation of woollen manufactures of this kingdom from the twentieth day of May until the five and twentieth day of December next.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the free exportation of woolen manufacturers until the 25th day of December nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32559EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation for the free exportation of woollen manufactures, until the twenty fifth day of December nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32560EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the further adjourning the ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32561EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the further adjournment of the two Houses of ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32562EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the further adjournment of the two Houses of ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32563EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the further discovery of the late horrid design against His Majesties sacred person and governmentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation for the further proroguing the ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32566EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King a proclamation for the keeping of markets to supply the city of London with provisions, and also for prevention of alarms and tumults, and for appointing the meeting of merchants.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32567EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the more effectual and speedy discovery and prosecution of the Popish PlotEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32568EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the more effectual discovery of Jesuits, and of all estates belonging to them, or to any popish priest, colledge, seminary, or other popish and superstitious foundationEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32569EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for the observation of the nine and twentieth day of May instant, as a day of publick thanksgiving, according to the late act of Parliament for that purposeEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32574EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Plots, conspiracies and attempts of domestick and forraigne enemies, of the Romish religion against the princes and kingdomes of England, Scotland and Ireland : beginning with the reformation of religion under Qu. Elizabeth, unto this present yeare, 1642 / briefly collected by G.B.C. ; whereunto is added, the present rebellion in Ireland, the civell practises in France against the Protestants, the murthers of Henry the 3d. and Henry the 4th, by the popish French faction.G. B. C.A32576EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Honourable the Lords and Commons now assembled in the high court of Parliament the humble petition of the University of Cambridge.University of Cambridge.A32577EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King a proclamation for the prizes of victuals within the verge of His Majesties household.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32580EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the prohibiting the importation of blue paperEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32581EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the re-printing, publishing, and using of a book, intituled, God and the KingEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32585EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation for the restraining all his Majesties subjects but the East-India company, to trade to the East-IndiesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32586EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for suppression of poperyEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32590EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King a proclamation for the suppression of riots.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32591EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for the well-ordering the making of white-starch within this realm, and for restraint of the importation thereof from foreign partsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32592EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation forbidding foreign trade and commerceEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32593EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation forbidding His Majesties subjects to give assistance to any the subjects of the King of Spain now in rebellion against himEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32594EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation of general pardon to all seamen, mariners and others imployed at seaEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32595EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation of grace, for the inlargement of prisoners called QuakersEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32596EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation prohibiting His Majesties subjects to take commissions, set out ships, or serve at sea against any foreign prince or state in amity with His MajestyEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32598EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation prohibiting the exportation of saltpeterEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32599EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation prohibiting the importation of divers foreign wares and merchandizes into this realm of England and the dominion of Wales, and sale thereof and to repress the excess gilding of coaches and chariots.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32604EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King a proclamation prohibiting the importation of earthen ware.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32606EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation prohibiting the keeping of Bartholomew Fair, and Sturbridge FairEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32613EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation prohibiting the keeping of the fair at Bristol, commonly called St. Paul's FairEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32616EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation prohibiting the keeping of the mart at Boston, in the county of LincolnEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32620EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation recalling former proclamations prohibiting trade into the Canary IslandsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32621EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation requiring all officers or souldiers that served under the armies of the late usurped powers and have been disbanded, cashiered or turned out, to depart the cities of London and Westminster before the fourth of December nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32624EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation requiring all officers or souldiers that served in the armies of any the late usurped powers, and have been disbanded, cashiered, or turned out, to depart the cities of London and Westminster, before the twentieth day of this instant November.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32628EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation requiring the members of both Houses of Parliament to attend at the time prefixed by the prorogation, being the fourteenth day of February nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32635EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation requiring the members of both Houses of Parliament to attend at the time prefixed by the adjournment, being the twenty fourth day of October nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32636EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation requiring the members of both Houses of Parliament to attend at the time prefixed by the prorogation being the seventh day of January next.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32638EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation requiring the members of both Houses of Parliament to give their attendance upon the fifteenth day of February nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32639EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation requiring the members of both houses of Parliament to give their attendance upon the 21th day of May instantEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32640EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation requiring the members of both Houses of Parliament to give their attendance upon the fifteenth day of January nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32641EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation requiring the putting in execution the several statutes made against the importation of iron-wyer, wooll-cards, and other manufactures made of iron-wyer and for the encouragement of the manufactures of iron-wyer in this kingdom.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32643EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation that the moneys lately called in, may nevertheless be currant in all payments to, or for the use of, His Majesty until the first day of May nextEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32644EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation to restrain the excessive carriages in wagons and four-wheeled carts to the destruction of high-waysEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32646EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation touching the charitable collections for relief of the poor distressed by the late dismal fire in the city of LondonEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32652EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King. A proclamation touching the transportation of corn.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32655EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamationEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32659EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Right trusty and welbeloved we greet you & wellCharles II, King of England, 1630-1685.A32662EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treaty of friendship and commerce, between His Majesty of Great Britain, etc. and the most serene prince, the Duke of Savoy concluded at Florence the 19th day of September, 1669.England and Wales.A32675EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The two charters granted by King Charles IId to the proprietors of Carolina with the first and last fundamental constitutions of that colony.England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32677EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas complaint hath often been made to us that divers persons do rudely press and with evil language and blows force their way into our theatres ... at the time of their public representations and actings, without paying the price established ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32678EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas His Majesty hath received information that some persons who can discover the manner and circumstances of the murder of Sir Edmund-Bury Godfrey, are withheld from so doing out of a fear that their persons may be in danger ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32679EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamationEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)A32683EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, Charles by the grace of God, king of Great Brittain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, to all and sundry his lieges and subjects, greeting whereas the Lord hath been pleased in his gracious goodness and tender mercy to discover unto his Maiesty the great evill of the wayes wherein he hath been formerly led by wicked Cromwell ...Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.A32684EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief discourse concerning the different wits of men written at the request of a gentleman, eminent in virtue, learning, fortune, in the year 1664, and now published with consent of the author.Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707.A32689EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A character of His Most Sacred Majesty, Charles the Second, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. written by Dr. Charleton, physician in ordinary to His Maiestie.Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707.A32690EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Ephesian and Cimmerian matrons two notable examples of the power of love & wit.Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707.A32693EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The harmony of natural and positive divine lawsCharleton, Walter, 1619-1707.A32695EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The immortality of the human soul, demonstrated by the light of nature in two dialogues.Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707.A32696EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Enquiries into human nature in VI. anatomic prælections in the new theatre of the Royal Colledge of Physicians in London / by Walter Charleton ...Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707.A32698EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Natural history of nutrition, life, and voluntary motion containing all the new discoveries of anatomist's and most probable opinions of physicians, concerning the oeconomie of human nature : methodically delivered in exercitations physico-anatomical / by Walt. Charlton ...Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707.A32704EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Oeconomia animalis novis in medicina hypothesibus superstructa, & mechanice explicata / autore Gualtero Charleton, & Caroli Magnae Britanniae Regis. olian medico.Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707.A32705EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Physiologia Epicuro-Gassendo-Charltoniana, or, A fabrick of science natural, upon the hypothesis of atoms founded by Epicurus repaired [by] Petrus Gassendus ; augmented [by] Walter Charleton ...Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707.A32712EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three anatomic lectures concerning 1. the motion of the bloud through the veins and arteries, 2. the organic structure of the heart, 3. the efficient causes of the hearts pulsation : read on the 19, 20 and 21 by Walter Charleton ...Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707.A32714EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two discoursesCharleton, Walter, 1619-1707.A32715EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of an honest lawyer by H.C. ...H. C.A32719EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise touching the East-Indian trade, or, A discourse (turned out of French into English) concerning the establishment of a French company for the commerce of the East-Indies to which are annexed the articles and conditions, whereupon the said company for the commerce of the East-Indies is established.Charpentier, M. (François), 1620-1702.A32727EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The declaration of Captain Alexander Charters brother of the house of Aimsfield / written and subscribed by himself in prison, and delivered, and read publickly at his execution at Edinburgh, the 21. of June, 1650 ...Charters, Alexander, d. 1650.A32739EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the grand visiers, Mahomet and Achmet Coprogli, of the three last grand signiors, their Sultana's and chief favourites, with the most secret intrigues of the seraglio besides several other particulars of the wars of Dalmatia, Transylvania, Hungary, Candia, and Poland / Englished by John Evelyn, Junior.Chassepol, François de, 17th cent.A32740EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Chastities conquest, or, No trusting before marriage a new song, you virgins that your fame and honour prize, learn here by saving both, how to be wise, secure your treasure till you have secur'd, the purchaser and then you are insur'd a thing that forehand freeness ne'r procur'd.A32745EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The works of our ancient, learned, & excellent English poet, Jeffrey Chaucer as they have lately been compar'd with the best manuscripts, and several things added, never before in print : to which is adjoyn'd The story of the siege of Thebes, by John Lidgate ... : together with The life of Chaucer, shewing his countrey, parentage, education, marriage, children, revenues, service, reward, friends, books, death : also a table, wherein the old and obscure words in Chaucer are explained, and such words ... that either are, by nature or derivation, Arabick, Greek, Latine, Italian, French, Dutch, or Saxon, mark'd with particular notes for the better understanding of their original.Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400.A32749EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Canterbury tales composed for the entertainment of all ingenious young men at their merry meetings upon Christmas, Easter, Whitsontide, or any other time, especially in long winter evenings to keep good wits imply'd : intermixt with pleasant stories, witty jests and delightful songs very proper for either city, town, or country with an epistle dedicated to the bakers, smiths and millers by Chaucer junior.Chaucer, Junior.A32750EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new letter concerning the Jevves written by the French ambassador, at Constantinople, to his brother the French resident at Venice ; being a true relation of the proceedings of the Israelites, the wonderful miracles wrought by their prophet, with the terrible judgments that have fallen upon the Turks.Chaumont, Alexandre, chevalier de, d. 1710.A32751EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of the late embassy of Monsr. de Chaumont, Knt. to the court of the King of Siam with an account of the government, state, manners, religion and commerce of that kingdom.Chaumont, Alexandre, chevalier de, d. 1710.A32752EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The retraction of Mr. Charles Chancy formerly minister of Ware in Harfordshire wherein is proved the unlawfulnesse and danger of rayling in altars or communion tables : written with his own hand before his going to New England, in the yeer, 1637 : published by his own direction for the satisfaction of all such who either are, or justly might bee offended with his scandalous submission, made before the high commission court Feb. 11. anno, 1635.Chauncy, Charles, 1592-1672.A32754EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second edition of Camden's description of Scotland containing a supplement of these peers, or Lords of Parliament, who were mentioned in the first edition, and an account of these since raised to, and further advanced in the degrees of peerage, until the year 1694.Camden, William, 1551-1623.A32776EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true subiect to the rebell, or, The hurt of sedition, how greivous it is to a common-wealth written by Sir Iohn Cheeke ... ; whereunto is newly added by way of preface a briefe discourse of those times, as they may relate to the present, with the authors life.Cheke, John, Sir, 1514-1557.A32784EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached in Saint Pavles chvrch the tenth of October, 1641 by Mr. Thomas Chisheare ... ; vvherein are many memorable passages most worthy of serious observations in these times.Cheshire, Thomas, b. 1600 or 1601.A32786EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Persecutio undecima, or, The churches eleventh persecution being a brief of the fanatick persecution of the Protestant clergy of the Church of England, more particularly within the city of London : begun in Parliament, Anno Dom. 1641, and printed in the year 1648.Chestlin.A32788EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eben-ezer, a thankful memorial of God's mercy in preserving England from the gunpowder-treason, 1605 being a sermon on 1 Sam. 7:12, prepared for Novemb. 5th to be preacht at the cathedral, but preacht for the most part of it at the parish-church of Temple, in the city of Bristol, on the 6th of Novem. being the Lord's day / by John Chetwynd ...Chetwynd, John, 1623-1692.A32794EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ode in imitation of Pindar on the death of the Right Honourable Thomas, Earl of Ossory by K.C.Chetwood, Knightly, 1650-1720.A32796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the original, countrey, manners, government and religion of the Cossacks with another of the Precopian Tartars : and the history of the wars of the Cossacks against Poland.Chevalier, Pierre, 17th cent.A32797EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great Scanderberg a novel / done out of French.Chevreau, Urbain, 1613-1701.A32798EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account given to the Parliament by the ministers sent by them to Oxford in which you have the most remarkable passages which have fallen out in the six moneths service there ... particulary ... two conferences in which the ministers ... have suffered by reproaches and falshoods in print and otherwise : the chief points insisted on in those conferences are 1. whether private men may lawfully preach, 2. whether the ministers of the Church of England were antichristian ... 3. and lastly divers of Mr. Erbury's dangerous errours. ...Cheynell, Francis, 1608-1665.A32799EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The divine trinunity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or, The blessed doctrine of the three coessentiall subsistents in the eternall Godhead without any confusion or division of the distinct subsistences or multiplication of the most single and entire Godhead acknowledged, beleeved, adored by Christians, in opposition to pagans, Jewes, Mahumetans, blasphemous and antichristian hereticks, who say they are Christians, but are not / declared and published for the edification and satisfaction of all such as worship the only true God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all three as one and the self same God blessed for ever, by Francis Cheynell ...Cheynell, Francis, 1608-1665.A32801EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rise, growth, and danger of Socinianisme together with a plaine discovery of a desperate designe of corrupting the Protestant religion, whereby it appeares that the religion which hath been so violently contended for (by the Archbishop of Canterbury and his adherents) is not the true pure Protestant religion, but an hotchpotch of Arminianisme, Socinianisme and popery : it is likewise made evident, that the atheists, Anabaptists, and sectaries so much complained of, have been raised or encouraged by the doctrines and practises of the Arminian, Socinian and popish party / by Fr. Cheynell ...Cheynell, Francis, 1608-1665.A32802EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ivstification of the independant chvrches of Christ being an answer to Mr. Edvvards his booke, which hee hath written against the government of Christ's chvrch and toleration of Christs, publike worship : briefely declaring that the congregations of the saints ought not to have dependancie in government upon any other : or direction in worship from any other than Christ their head and lavv-giver / by Katherine Chidley.Chidley, Katherine.A32820EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
All those wel-affected creditors of the commonwealth and bodies politique and corporate who have any sum or summes of money due unto them from the state which hath been due and owing before the first of December, 1647Chidley, Samuel.A32821EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Retsah, a cry against a crying sinne, or, A just complaint to the magistrates, against them who have broken the statute laws of God, by killing of men meerly for theft manifested in a petition long since presented to the Common Councel of the city of London, on the behalfe of transgressours : together with certaine proposals, presented by Col. Pride to the Right Honourable the Generall Counsell for the Army, and the Committee appointed by the Parliament of England, to consider of the inconveniences, mischiefes, chargeablenesse, and irregularities in their law.Chidley, Samuel.A32823EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A practical treatise concerning evil thoughts wherein are some things more especially useful for melancholy persons / by William Chilcot.Chilcot, William, 1663 or 4-1711.A32824EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the right honourable the knights, citizens, and burgesses in Parliament assembled the great grievances and oppressions of James Child, late of the parish of Amersham in the county of Bucks, occasioned by the proceedings in the late times.A32825EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse about trade wherein the reduction of interest in money to 4 l. per centum, is recommended : methods for the employment and maintenance of the poor are proposed : several weighty points relating to companies of merchants, the act of navigation, naturalization of strangers, our woollen manufactures, the ballance of trade, and the nature of plantations, and their consequences in relation to the kingdom are seriously discussed : and some arguments for erecting a court of merchants for determining controversies, relating to maritime affairs, and for a law for transferrance of bills of debts, are humbly offered.Child, Josiah, Sir, 1630-1699.A32827EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the nature, use and advantages of trade Proposing some considerations for the promotion and advancement thereof, by a registry of lands. Preventing the exportation of coyn. Lowering the interest of money. Inviting foreign families into England.Child, Josiah, Sir, 1630-1699.A32828EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay on wool and wollen manufacture for the improvement of trade, to the benefit of landlords, feeders of sheep, clothiers, and merchands, in a letter to a member of Parliament.Child, Josiah, Sir, 1630-1699.A32829EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great honor and advantage of the East-India trade to the kingdom, asserted.Child, Josiah, Sir, 1630-1699.A32830EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new discourse of trade wherein is recommended several weighty points relating to companies of merchants : the act of navigation, naturalization of strangers, and our woollen manufactures, the balance of trade, and the nature of plantations, and their consequences in relation to the kingdom, are seriously discussed and some proposals for erecting a court of merchants for determining controversies, relating to maritime affairs, and for a law for transferrance of bills of depts, are humbly offered / by Josiah Child.Child, Josiah, Sir, 1630-1699.A32833EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir Josiah Child's proposals for the relief and employment of the poorChild, Josiah, Sir, 1630-1699.A32836EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short addition to the observations concerning trade and interest of money by the same hand.Child, Josiah, Sir, 1630-1699.A32837EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A supplement, 1689 to a former treatise concerning the East-India trade, printed 1681.Child, Josiah, Sir, 1630-1699.A32838EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise wherein is demonstrated, I. That the East-India trade is the most national of all foreign trades, II. That the clamors, aspersions, and objections made against the present East-India company, are sinister, selfish, or groundless, III. That since the discovery of the East-Indies, the dominion of the sea depends much upon the wane or increase of that trade, and consequently the security of the liberty, property, and protestant religion of this kingdom, IV. That the trade of the East-Indies cannot be carried on to national advantage, in any other way than by a general joynt stock, V. That the East-India trade is more profitable and necessary to the kingdom of England, than to any other kingdom or nation in Europe by Philopatris.Child, Josiah, Sir, 1630-1699.A32839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Britannia Baconica: or, The natural rarities of England, Scotland, & Wales. According as they are to be found in every shire. Historically related, according to the precepts of the Lord Bacon; methodically digested; and the causes of may of them philosophically attempted. With observations upon them, and deductions from them, whereby divers secrets in nature are discovered, and some things hitherto reckoned prodigies, are fain to confess the cause whence they proceed. Usefull for all ingenious men of what profession of quality soever. / By J. Childrey.Childrey, J. (Joshua), 1623-1670.A32843EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A theological discourse of angels and their ministries wherein their existence, nature, number, order and offices are modestly treated of : with the character of those for whose benefit especially they are commissioned, and such practical inferences deduced as are most proper to the premises : also an appendix containing some reflections upon Mr. Webster's displaying supposed witchcraft / by Benjamin Camfield ...Camfield, Benjamin, 1638-1693.A32847EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Petition of the most substantiall inhabitants of the citty of London, and the liberties thereof, to the Lords and Commons for peace together with the answer to the same, and the replye of the petitioners.A32848EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Additional discourses of Mr. Chillingworth never before printedChillingworth, William, 1602-1644.A32849EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The apostolical institution of episcopacy demonstrated by Will. Chillingworth ...Chillingworth, William, 1602-1644.A32851EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Chillingworth's judgment of the religion of Protestants of Scripture the only rule, of differences among Protestants, of using force in matters of religion &c. : with a preface to the reader giving the reason of publishing these passages.Chillingworth, William, 1602-1644.A32852EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Chillingworths letter touching infallibilityChillingworth, William, 1602-1644.A32854EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reasons against popery in a letter from Mr. William Chillingworth, to his friend Mr. Lewger, persuading him to return to his mother, the Church of England, from the corrupt Church of Rome.Chillingworth, William, 1602-1644.A32855EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Camiltons discoverie of the devilish designes and killing projects of the Society of Jesuites of late years projected and by them hitherto acted in Germany : intended but graciously prevented in England / translated out of the Latine copie ... by W. F. X. B. ...Camilton, John.A32856EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached preached before His Majesty at Reading by William Chillingworth.Chillingworth, William, 1602-1644.A32860EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Chimney-sweepers sad complaint, and humble petition to the city of London for erecting a new crosse in the room of that stately and beautiful monument voted down by the long-liv'd Parliament, defaced and utterly demolished by the hands of a tumultuous multitude of factious sectaries : also the learned conference between the master, wardens and assistants of the company, upon several occasions at their private meeting at Chimney-sweepers-hall in Old-street, with the declaration and resolution of the maidens and merry lasses of London to stand and stick to them in all things that shall be advantagious to their occupation.A32861EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The memory of the righteous revived being a brief collection of the books and written epistles of John Camm & John Audland, those two faithful and honourable servants of the Lord, who were called to the work of the ministry in the morning of Gods blessed day dawned in this generation, and, with other brethren, bore the heat and burden of the day faithfully, to the end and finishing of their course, being entered into the joy of their Lord : together with several testimonies relating to those two faithful labourers / published for the service of truth and friends, by Thomas Camm & Charles Marshal.Camm, John, 1604?-1656.A32862EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the honourable company of merchants trading to the Levant-seas, at St. Hellen's, January 16, being Sunday, 1697/8 by Edm. Chishull ...Chishull, Edmund, 1671-1733.A32864EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Short account of the progress of the mole at TangierA32878EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Notes upon the Lord Bishop of Salisbury's four late discourses to the clergy of his diocess particularly upon the last, relating to the dissenters, in a letter to a friend.Chorlton, John, 1666-1705.A32880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The King of Denmarks resolvtion concerning Charles, King of Great Britain wherin is declared his determination for the setting forth of a fleet towards England, wherein the Lord Digbie, M. Piercy and Secretary Windebank are present being now ready to lance forth : read in the audience of both Houses of Parliament, June 29 : with the copy of a letter which was read in the Dutch church on Sunday last being the 3 of Iuly, concerning the escape which the Queen would have made from Holland to Yorke, unknown to the states and the Parliaments resolution concerning the L. Strange.England and Wales. Parliament.A32885EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The admirable and glorious appearance of the eternal God, in his glorious power, in and through a child of the age of betwixt eight and nine years, upon her dying bed, opening her mouth to speak forth his praise, and extol his reverent holy name and power: a short relation whereof, together with her exercise throughout her sickness, is hereafter collected, or so much thereof as was by us certainly remembred.Camm, Thomas, 1641-1707.A32887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Christian beleefe concerning bishopsA32888EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian belief wherein is asserted and proved, that as there is nothing in the Gospel contrary to reason, yet there are some doctrines in it above reason, and these being necessarily enjoyn'd us to believe, are properly call'd mysteries : in answer to a book intituled, Christianity not mysterious.A32889EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian's Nevv-Years-gift: or the transcendent privileges of the incarnation of Christ manifested in a divine poem.A32897EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lusiad, or, Portugals historicall poem written in the Portingall language by Luis de Camoens ; and now newly put into English by Richard Fanshaw, Esq.Camões, Luís de, 1524?-1580.A32903EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The golden book of St. John Chrysostom, concerning the education of children translated out of the Greek by J.E., Esq.John Chrysostom, Saint, d. 407.A32905EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Exceter, sent to the deputy-lievtenants of Sommersetshire subscribed George Chudley, and Nich. Martin ; shewing how Colonell Ruthen sallyed out of Plymouth, and hath taken Sir Edward Fortescue, Sir Edward Seymore, and divers other gentlemen of note prisoners ; with the covenant entred into by the mayor, deputy-lievtenants, and common-councell of the city and county of Exceter ; also the true copy of a letter sent from Bristoll declaring the manner and means how that city was secured from the cavaliers.Chudleigh, George, Sir, ca. 1578-1657.A32908EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Serjeant Major Iames Chvdleigh his declaration to his country-menChudleigh, James, d. 1643.A32909EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The female advocate; or, A plea for the just liberty of the tender sex, and particularly of married women. Being reflections on a late rude and disingenuous discourse, delivered by Mr. John Sprint, in a sermon at a wedding, May 11th, at Sherburn in Dorsetshire, 1699. / By a Lady of Quality.Chudleigh, Mary Lee, Lady, 1656-1710.A32910EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Church & crown's felicity consumated, or, Englands happiness compleat in the joyful reception of the Princess of OrangeA32914EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Church in no danger a new song.A32915EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Church-lurcher unkennelled, or, The true stating of the case betwixt sequestred ministers and those that dispossessed themA32916EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An extract out of a letter from a gentleman of quality, wherein this addresse was sent up to be printedH. C.A32921EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Thomas Campanella, an Italian friar and second Machiavel, his advice to the King of Spain for attaining the universal monarchy of the world particularly concerning England, Scotland and Ireland, how to raise division between king and Parliament, to alter the government from a kingdome to a commonwealth, thereby embroiling England in civil war to divert the English from disturbing the Spaniard in bringing the Indian treasure into Spain : also for reducing Holland by procuring war betwixt England, Holland, and other sea-faring countries ... / translated into English by Ed. Chilmead, and published for awakening the English to prevent the approaching ruine of their nation ; with an admonitorie preface by William Prynne, of Lincolnes-Inne, Esquire.Campanella, Tommaso, 1568-1639.A32922EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of visitation and enquiry concerning matters ecclesiastical, exhibited to the ministers, church-wardens & side-men of every parish within the diocess of Canterbury, in the ordinary visitation of the Most Reverend Father in God, William, by divine providence Lord Archbishop of Canterbury His Grace, Primate of all England, and MetropolitanChurch of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1678-1690 : Sancroft)A32937EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of visitation and enquiry within the diocess of Chichester, in the first episcopal visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God, Peter, by divine permission, Lord Bishop of Chichester in the second year of his consecration.Church of England. Diocese of Chichester. Bishop (1669-1675 : Gunning)A32941EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of visitation and enquiry within the diocess of Ely in the second episcopal visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God Peter by divine permission Lord Bishop of Ely in the fifth year of his translation.Church of England. Diocese of Ely. Bishop (1675-1684 : Turner)A32947EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of within the diocese of Lincoln in the generall and trienniall visitation of the right Reverend Father in God, John, by Gods providence, Lord Bishop of Lincoln, to be held in the year of our Lord God 1641.Church of England. Diocese of Lincoln. Bishop (1621-1641 : Williams)A32955EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of visitation and enquiry concerning matters ecclesiastical exhibited to the ministers, church-wardens, and side-men of every parish within the Diocess of Lincoln, in the first episcopal visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God, Robert ... Lord Bishop of Lincoln.Church of England. Diocese of Lincoln. Bishop (1660-1663 : Sanderson)A32956EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reasons of a challenge sent to the universities of England, in matters of religion by Edmund Campion ; faithfully translated into English.Campion, Edmund, Saint, 1540-1581.A32964EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of in the Diocesse of Norwich in the first visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God, Edward, Lord Bishop of Norwich.Church of England. Diocese of Norwich. Bishop (1661-1676 : Reynolds)A32965EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of visitation & enquiry exhibited to the ministers, churchwardens, and sidemen of every parish in the primary episcopal visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God John by divine permission lord bishop of OxfordChurch of England. Diocese of Oxford. Bishop (1676-1686 : Fell)A32969EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of visitation and enquiry concerning matters ecclesiasticall according to the laws and canons of the Church of England, exhibited to the ministers, church-wardens, and side-men of every parish within the diocese of Worcester / by the right Reverend Father in God, John, Lord Bishop of Worcester.Church of England. Diocese of Worcester. Bishop (1662 : Gauden)A32972EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of prayers and thanksgivings, used in His Majesties chappel, and in his armies. Vpon occasion of the late victories against the rebells, and for the future successe of the forces. Published by His Maiesties command, to be duly read in all other churches and chappels within this his kingdome, and dominion of Wales.A32980EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fairing for young-men, or, The careless loverC. H.A32987EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Constitutions and canons ecclesiastical treated upon by the Bishop of London, president of the convocation for the province of Canterbury, and the rest of the bishops and clergy of the said province, and agreed upon with the King's Majesty's licence in their synod begun at London Anno Domini 1603, and in the year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord James, by the grace of God, King of England, France, and Ireland the first, and of Scotland the thirty seventh : and now published for the due observation of them, by His Majesty's authority, under the great seal of England.Church of England.A32989EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copie of the proceedings of some worthy and learned divines, appointed by the Lords to meet at the Bishop of Lincolnes in Westminster touching innovations in the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England. Together with considerations upon the Common prayer book.Church of England.A32992EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God for the preservation of Their Majesties, the success of their forces in the reducing of Ireland ... to be used on Thursday the six and twentieth of November ...Church of England.A33011EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God to be used throughout the cities of London and Westminster and elsewhere within the weekly Bill of Mortality on Thursday the 27th day of this instant October and in all other places throughout this kingdom of England, dominion of Wales, and town of Berwick on Tweed, on Thursday the 10th day of November next ensuing.Church of England.A33013EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God to be used throughout the cities of London and Westminster, and elsewhere within the weekly bills of mortality, on Sunday the second day of December next ensuing ... : for the preservation of His Majesty from the dangers to which His Royal Person was exposed during his late expedition : and for his safe return to his people : and for the success of his forces by sea and land.Church of England.A33017EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The loving enemy or A famous true history written orignally in the French tongue, by the most incomparable pen-man of this age, J. P. Camus B. of Belley. Made English by Maior Wright, as his recreation, during his imprisonment.Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652.A33041EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A form of thanksgiving, to be used the seventh of September throvvout the diocese of Lincoln, and in the jurisdiction of VVestminsterWilliams, John, 1582-1650.A33061EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Kings most Excellent Majesty and the lords and peeres now assembled Parliament the humble petition and protestation of all the bishops and prelates now called by His Majesties writts to attend the Parliament, and present about London and Westminster, for that service.A33072EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Church of England truly represented according to Dr. Heylins history of the Reformation : in justification of Her Royal Highness the late Dutchess [sic] of Yorks paper.A33074EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Causes of a publike fast and humiliation appointed by the commission of the General Assembly to be kept in all the congregations of this Kirk upon the third Sabbath of September, in this yeer 1646.Church of Scotland. General Assembly.A33083EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Causes of an humiliation appointed by the commission of the General Assembly to be observed through this whole Kirk on the last Sabbath of March, and first Sabbath of Aprile, 1653.Church of Scotland. General Assembly.A33084EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rome's additions to Christianity shewn to be inconsistent with the true design of so spiritual a religion in a sermon preached at Edinburgh, in the east-church of St. Giles. Feb. 14. 1686 : to which is prefixt a letter, vindicating it from the misrepresentations of some of the Romish-Church / by James Canaries ...Canaries, James.A33089EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preacht at Selkirk upon the 29th of May, 1685 being the anniversary of the restoration of the royal family to the throne of these kingdoms / by James Canaries ...Canaries, James.A33094EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Edinburgh, in the East-Church of St. Giles, upon the 30th of January, 1689 being the anniversary of the martyrdome of King Charles the first / by James Canaries ...Canaries, James.A33098EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Churches victory in a message from heaven to the saints on early / by a fat, pious and learned divine, immediately before his death, to incourage all those who are now in armes for the defence of Christ and his gospell.Fat, pious and learned divine.A33135EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Chutes case upon the Lady Dacres appeal in, 1685A33138EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Chutes petition of appeal consists of these nine pointsA33140EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loves last shift, or, The fool in fashion a comedy : as it is acted at the Theatre Royal by His Majestys servants / written by C. Cibber.Cibber, Colley, 1671-1757.A33143EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A poem on the death of our late soveraign lady Queen Mary by C. Cibber.Cibber, Colley, 1671-1757.A33144EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Xerxes, a tragedy as it is acted at the new theatre in Little Lincoln's-Inn Fields / written by C. Cibber ...Cibber, Colley, 1671-1757.A33146EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cicero against Catiline, in IV invective orations containing the whole manner of discovering that notorious conspiracy / done into English by Christopher Wase.Cicero, Marcus Tullius.A33148EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cato major, or, The book of old age first written by M.T. Cicero ; and now excellently Englished by William Austin of Lincolns Inne, Esquire ; with annotations upon the names of the men and places.Cicero, Marcus Tullius.A33149EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The five days debate at Cicero's house in Tusculum between master and sophister.Cicero, Marcus Tullius.A33161EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tullys offices in three books / turned out of Latin into English by Ro. L'EstrangeCicero, Marcus Tullius.A33163EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The oration of Cicero for M. Marcellus done into English ; with an appendix relating to the Prince of Orange.Cicero, Marcus Tullius.A33168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cicero's prince the reasons and counsels for settlement and good government of a kingdom, collected out of Cicero's works / by T. R., esq.Cicero, Marcus Tullius.A33174EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tully's three books of offices, in English with notes explaining the method and meaning of the author.Cicero, Marcus Tullius.A33176EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A continvation of the Irish rebels proceedings, with our victories over them declaring the falsehood and perfidiousnesse of those rogues in the taking of Bellturbet, and their inhumanities there by sacking, and pillaging, throwing children into the river with pitchforks, striping 1500 starke naked driving them towards Dublin, the drowning, and killing many of them by the way, cutting of Protestant ministers in peices, and searching womens privites &c. : with a charme that was found in a rebels pocket, and a prayer the friers doe teach the poore rebells to Our Lady, which as they tell them secures them in their holy warre : penned in a letter / by Alderman Cillard of Dublin .. and sent to Master Keneday his nephew now resident at Lincolnes Inne on Feb. 28.Cillard, Alderman.A33178EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Citizens lamentation for the Lord Chancellor's loss of the purseA33183EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the triumvirates, the first that of Julius Cæsar, Pompey and Crassus, the second that of Augustus, Anthony and Lepidus being a faithfull collection from the best historians and other authours, concerning that revolution of the Roman government which hapned [sic] under their authority / written originally in French, and made English by Tho. Otway ...Broë, S. de, seigneur de Citry et de La Guette, 17th cent.A33186EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three letters declaring the strange odd preceedings of Protestant divines when they write against Catholicks : by the example of Dr Taylor's Dissuasive against popery, Mr Whitbies Reply in the behalf of Dr Pierce against Cressy, and Dr Owens Animadversions on Fiat lux / written by J.V.C. ; the one of them to a friend, the other to a foe, the third to a person indifferent.J. V. C. (John Vincent Canes), d. 1672.A33192EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Civil Orange, or, The United hearts of England being the couragious Protestant boys resolutions against the enemies of the church and state : to the tune of, Now, now the fight's done.A33199EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Difference of the case, between the separation of Protestants from the Church of Rome, and the separation of Dissenters from the Church of EnglandA33206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning the operations of the Holy Spirit together with a confutation of some part of Dr. Owen's book upon that subject.Clagett, William, 1646-1688.A33207EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration to the English nation, from Fardinando the IVth Emperour of Germany, &c., Lewis the 14th, King of France and Navarre, Philip the 5th King of Spain & Arragon, &c., Christiern the third King of Denmark, Zealand, & Lodowick Duke of Lorain, and Adolphina Queen of Sweden, in detestation of the present proceedings of the Parliament and Army, and of their intentions of coming over into England in behalf of King Charls the second being translated out of the true copy.Clare, Ralph, Sir, 1587-1670.A33229EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Animadversions upon a book intituled, Fanaticism fanatically imputed to the Catholick Church, by Dr. Stillingfleet, and the imputation refuted and retorted by S.C. by a person of honour.Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674.A33231EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Hides argvment before the Lords in the Vpper Hovse of Parliament, April 1641Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674.A33234EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief view and survey of the dangerous and pernicious errors to church and state, in Mr. Hobbes's book, entitled Leviathan by Edward Earl of Clarendon.Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674.A33236EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Second thoughts, or, The case of a limited toleration, stated according to the present exigence of affairs in church and stateClarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674.A33237EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Edvvard Hydes speech at a conference betweene both Houses on Tewsday the 6th of July 1641 at the transmission of the severall impeachments against the Lord Chiefe Barron Damport, Mr. Barron Trevor, and Mr. Barron Weston.Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674.A33238EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Right Honourable, the Lords spiritual and temporal, in Parliament assembled, the hvmble petition and address of Edward, Earl of ClarendonClarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674.A33239EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two letters written by the Right Honourable Edward, Earl of Clarendon, late Lord High Chancellour of England one to His Royal Highness the Duke of York, the other to the Dutchess, occasioned by her embracing the Roman Catholick religion.Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674.A33240EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The snare is broken wherein is proved by Scripture, law and reason, that the Nationall covenant and oath was unlawfully given and taken ... : here also is vindicated the Parliaments later proceedings, shewing the grounds and principles of the London ministers to be weak and unsound ... : moreover something is said against violence in religion, and the duty of the civill magistrate about worship and church-government / by John Canne.Canne, John, d. 1667?A33241EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The time of the end shewing first, until the three years and an half are come (which are the last of the 1260 dayes) the prophecies of the Scripture will not be understood, concerning the duration and period of the fourth monarchy and kingdom of the beast : then secondly, when that time shall come ... the knowledge of the end ... will be revealed, by the rise of a little horn, the last apostacy, and the beast slaying the witnesses ... / by John Canne.Canne, John, d. 1667?A33243EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the present government under King William and Queen Mary shewing the miseries of England under the arbitrary reign of the late King James II, the reasonableness of the proceedings against him, and the happiness that will certainly follow a peaceable submission to, and standing by King William and Queen Mary / by a divine of the Church of England.Claridge, Richard, 1649-1723.A33246EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second defense of the present government under K. William and Q. Mary delivered in a sermon preached October the 6th 1689 at St. Swithin's in Worcester ... by R. Claridge.Claridge, Richard, 1649-1723.A33249EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gesta Grayorum, or, The history of the high and mighty prince, Henry Prince of Purpoole ... who reigned and died, A.D. 1594 : together with a masque, as it was presented (by His Highness's command) for the entertainment of Q. Elizabeth, who, with the nobels of both courts, was present thereat.Canning, William, fl. 1686-1690.A33253EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Proposals for printing by subscription, Clarke's Praxis, in one volume, in octavo consisting of two parts, I. The practice of the ecclesiastical courts, II. The practice of the admiralty court : containing the compleat proceedings in both of them, being a book very necessary and useful for all persons that have, or may have, any concerns in either of the said courts, as likewise, for all gentlemen belonging to the common-law, or courts of equity ... / collated, corrected, and enlarg'd from divers choice manuscripts, by William King ...Clerke, Francis, fl. 1594.A33257EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of wool and the manufacture of it in a letter to a friend, occasion'd upon a discourse concerning the great abatements of rents and low value of lands ... : together with the presentment of the grand jury of the county of Somerset at the general quarter sessions begun at Brewton the thirteenth day of January, 1684.Clarke, George, fl. 1677-1685.A33258EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His grace the Duke of Monmouth honoured in his progress in the west of England in an account of a most extraordinary cure of the kings evil given in a letter from Crookhorn in the county of Somerset from the minister of the parish and many others.Clark, Henry, 17th cent.A33265EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. John Mackenzyes Narrative of the siege of London-Derry a false libel, in defence of Dr. George Walker written by a friend in his absence.Clark, Joseph Wilkinson.A33268EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the Kirk of Auldhamstocks, September the 28, 1690 on the occasion of the intimation of a sentence of deposition passed upon Mr. John Gibson ... according to the order ... of the presbyteries of Dumbar and Haddingtown / by Mr. J.C.Clark, James, 1660-1723.A33269EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ill newes from New-England, or, A nar[r]ative of New-Englands persecution wherin is declared that while old England is becoming new, New-England is become old : also four proposals to the Honoured Parliament and Councel of State, touching the way to propagate the Gospel of Christ ... : also four conclusions touching the faith and order of the Gospel of Christ out of his last will and testament, confirmed and justified / by John Clark ...Clarke, John, 1609-1676.A33276EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true confession of Margret Clark, who consented to the burning of her masters Mr. Peter Delanoy's house in Southwark delivered in prison to many witnesses a little before her death, and confirmed by her self at the place of execution, by answering all the questions then put to her by the reverend and worthy divine, Dr. Martin ...Clark, Margaret, d. 1680.A33284EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Warning for servants, and a caution to Protestants, or, The case of Margret Clark, lately executed for firing her masters house in Southwark faithfully relating the manner (as she affirmed to the last moment of her life) how she was drawn in to that wicked act, set forth under her own hand after condemnation, her penitent behaviour in prison, her Christian advice to visiters, discourses with several ministers, and last words at execution / impartially published, with the attestations of persons of worth, and many substantial eye and ear witnesses, whose names are inserted in this narrative.Clark, Margaret, d. 1680.A33285EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at a general meeting in the Gray-Friar-Church of Edinburgh, upon the 13 day of June, 1638 by that eminent, faithful, and zealous servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Andrew Cant ...Cant, Andrew, 1590?-1663.A33295EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blessed life and meritorious death of Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, from His conception to His cross, and from His cross to His crown together with the series, and order of His ministery, and miracles, as they are recorded by the four Evangelists, wherein what is wanting in one is supplied out of the other / by Sam. Clarke ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33297EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe and yet exact and accurate description of the present state of the great & mighty empire of Germany both touching the formes of their civil government and profession in religion / taken by a diligent and faithfull surveyor of it, with much paines travelled over that whole country to informe himself and others of these things ; now published by Sa. Clarke ... for the publick good.Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christian good-fellowship, or, Love and good works held forth in a sermon preached at Michael's Cornhill London before the gentlemen natives of Warwickshire at their feast November the 30, 1654 / by Samuell Clarke.Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33300EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of the lives of ten eminent divines famous in their generations for learning, prudence, piety, and painfulness in the work of the ministry : whereunto is added the life of Gustavus Ericson, King of Sueden, who first reformed religion in that kingdome, and of some other eminent Christians / by Sa. Clarke ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33301EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A description of the seaventeen provinces commonly called the Low-Countries (the present stage of action) as also of the rivers, cities, commodities, strong towns, forts, and other things remarkable therein.Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33302EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands covenant proved lawful and necessary also at this time both by Scripture and reason together with sundry answers to the usual objections made against it / by S.C.Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33303EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
England's remembrancer a true and full narrative of those two never to be forgotten deliverances : one from the Spanish invasion in 88, the other from the hellish Powder Plot, November 5, 1605 : whereunto is added the like narrative of that signal judgment of God upon the papists by the fall of the house in Black-Fryers London upon their fifth of November, 1623 / collected for the information and benefit of each family by Sam. Clark.Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33307EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A generall martyrologie containing a collection of all the greatest persecutions which have befallen the church of Christ from the creation to our present times, both in England and other nations : whereunto are added two and twenty lives of English modern divines ... : as also the life of the heroical Admiral of France slain in the partisan massacre and of Joane Queen of Navar poisoned a little before / by Sa. Clarke.Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33309EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A geographicall description of all the countries in the known vvorld as also of the greatest and famousest cities and fabricks which have been, or are now remaining : together with the greatest rivers, the strangest fountains, the various minerals, stones, trees ... which are to be found in every country : unto which is added, a description of the rarest beasts, fowls ... which are least known amongst us / collected out of the most approved authors ... by Sa. Clarke ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33311EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the glorious life, reign, and death of the illustrious Queen Elizabeth containing an account by what means the Reformation was promoted and established, and what obstructions it met with, the assistance she gave to all Protestants abroad, the several attempts of the papists upon her life, the excommunications of Rome, Bishop Jewel's challenge to the papists, the several victories she gained, and more particularly that in 1588 ... / by S. Clark ; illustrated with pictures of some considerable matters, curiously ingraven in copper plates.Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33316EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life & death of Alexander the Great, the first founder of the Grecian empire ... as also, The life and death of Charles the Great, commonly called Charlemagne, the first founder of the French empire / by Sa. Clarke ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33319EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life & death of Hannibal, the great captain of the Carthaginians who maintained wars against all the power of Rome for eighteen years together in Italy : as also The life and death of Epaminondas, the great captain of the Thebans ... / by Sa. Clarke ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33320EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life & death of Julius Cæsar, the first founder of the Roman empire as also, The life and death of Augustus Cæsar, in whose raign [sic] Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Chri[s]t was borne / by Sa. Clarke ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33321EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life & death of Nebuchadnezzar, the Great, the first founder of the Babylonian Empire, represented by the golden head of that image, Dan. 2. 32., and by the lion with eagles wings, Dan. 7. 4. as also of Cyrus, the Great, the first founder of the Empire of the Medes and Persians, represented by the breast, and arms of silver in that image, Dan. 2. 32., and by a bear, Dan. 7. by Sa. Clarke ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33322EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of Pompey the Great with all his glorious victories and triumphs : as also the Life and death of Artaxerxes Mnemon, one of the great Persian emperours / by Sa. Clarke, sometime pastor in St. Bennet Finck London.Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33324EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of the thrice noble and illustrious Edvvard, surnamed the Black Prince son to our victorious King Edward the Third, by whom he was made the First Knight of the most honourable Order of the Garter / by Samuel Clark ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33325EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life & death of the valiant and renowned Sir Francis Drake his voyages and discoveries in the West-Indies, and about the world, with his noble and heroick acts / by Samuel Clark ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33326EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life & death of William, surnamed the Conqueror, King of England and Duke of Normandy, who dyed Anno Christi, 1087 by Samuel Clarke ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33327EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life of Tamerlane the Great with his wars against the great Duke of Moso, the King of China, Bajazet the Great Turk, the Sultan of Egypt, the King of Persia, and some others ... : wherein are rare examples of heathenish piety, prudence, magnanimity, mercy, liberality, humility, justice, temperance, and valour.Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33328EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lives & deaths of most of those eminent persons who by their virtue and valour obtained the sirnames of Magni,or the Great whereof divers of them give much light to the understanding of the prophecies in Esay, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel, concerning the three first monarchies : and to other Scriptures concerning the captivity, and restauration of the Jews / by Samuel Clark ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33329EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lives of two and twenty English divines eminent in their generations for learning, piety, and painfulnesse in the work of the ministry, and for their sufferings in the cause of Christ : whereunto are annexed the lives of Gaspar Coligni, that famous admirall of France, slain in the Parisian massacre, and of Joane Queen of Navarr, who died a little before / by Samuel Clarke ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33332EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A looking-glass for persecutors containing multitudes of examples of God's severe, but righteous judgments, upon bloody and merciless haters of His children in all times, from the beginning of the world to this present age : collected out of the sacred Scriptures, and other ecclesiastical writers, both ancient and modern / by Sam. Clarke ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33333EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The marrow of ecclesiastical history contained in the lives of one hundred forty eight fathers, schoolmen, first reformers and modern divines which have flourished in the Church since Christ's time to this present age : faithfully collected and orderly disposed according to the centuries wherein they lived, together with the lively effigies of most of the eminentest of them cut in copper / by Samuel Clark.Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33335EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Medulla theologiæ, or, The marrow of divinity contained in sundry questions and cases of conscience, both speculative and practical : the greatest part of them collected out of the works of our most judicious, experienced and orthodox English divines, the rest are supplied by the authour / by Sa. Clarke ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33338EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A mirrour or looking-glasse both for saints and sinners held forth in about two thousand examples wherein is presented as Gods wonderful mercies to the one, so his severe judgments against the other collected out of the most classique authors both ancient and modern with some late examples observed by my self : whereunto are added the wonders of nature and the rare ... / by Sa. Clark ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33339EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new description of the world, or, A compendious treatise of the empires, kingdoms, states, provinces, countries, islands, cities, and towns of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America in their scituation, product, manufactures, and commodities, geographical and historical : with an account of the natures of the people in their habits, customes, warrs, religions, and policies &c. : as also of the rarities, wonders, and curiosities of fishes, beasts, birds, rivers, mountains, plants, &c., with several remarkable revolutions and delightful histories / faithfully collected from the best authors by S. Clark.Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33342EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The saints nosegay, or, A posie of 741 spirituall flowers both fragrant and fruitfull, pleasant and profitable / collected and composed by Samuel Clark.Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33343EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, the humble and grateful acknowledgement of many ministers of the Gospel in ... London to His Royal Majesty for his gracious concessions in His Majesties late declaration concerning ecclesiastical affairs.A33344EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and faithful account of the four chiefest plantations of the English in America to wit, of Virginia, New-England, Bermudus, Barbados : with the temperature of the air, the nature of the soil, the rivers, mountains, beasts, fowls, birds, fishes, trees, plants, fruits, &c. : as also, of the natives of Virginia, and New-England, their religion, customs, fishing, hunting, &c. / collected by Samuel Clarke ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33345EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and full narrative of those two never to be forgotten deliverances one from the Spanish Invasion in 88, the other from the hellish Powder Plot, November 5, 1605 : whereunto is added the like narrative of that signal judgment of God upon the papists, by the fall of the House in Black-Friers, London, upon their fifth of November, 1623 / collected for the information and benefit of each family, by Sam. Clark ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33346EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three practical essays ... containing instructions for a holy life, with earnest exhortations, especially to young persons, drawn from the consideration of the severity of the discipline of the primitive church / by Samuel Clark ...Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682.A33349EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Marciano, or, The discovery a tragi-comedy, acted with great applause before His Majesties High Commissioner, and others of the nobility, at the Abby of Holyrud-house, on St. Johns night, by a company of gentlemen.Clark, William, advocate.A33351EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The grand tryal, or, Poetical exercitations upon the book of Job wherein suitable to each text of that sacred book, a modest explanation, and continuation of the several discourses contained in it, is attempted / by William Clark.Clark, William, advocate.A33354EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of Protestants in England under a popish prince if any shall happen to wear the imperial crown.Clarkson, David, 1622-1686.A33356EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Canterburies conscience convicted, or, His dangerous projects and evill intents tending to the subversion of religion detected as also some particulars of those treasons whereof he is now attainted, lying prisoner in the tower this present, 1641.A33357EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Canterbvries dreame in which the apparition of Cardinall Wolsey did present himselfe unto him on the fourtenth of May last past : it being the third night after my Lord of Strafford had taken his fare-well to the world.A33368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the persecutions and oppressions of the Protestants in FranceClaude, Jean, 1619-1687.A33374EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Claude's answer to Monsieur de Meaux's book, intituled, A conference with Mr. Claude with his letter to a friend, wherein he answers a discourse of M. de Condom, now Bishop of Meaux, concerning the Church.Claude, Jean, 1619-1687.A33377EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An historical defence of the Reformation in answer to a book intituled, Just-prejudices against the Calvinists / written in French by the reverend and learned Monsieur Claude ... ; and now faithfully translated into English by T.B., M.A.Claude, Jean, 1619-1687.A33380EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties propriety and dominion on the Brittish seas asserted together with a true account of the Neatherlanders insupportable insolencies and injuries they have committed, and the inestimable benefits they have gained in their fishing on the English seas : as also their prodigious and horrid cruelties in the East and West-Indies, and other places : to which is added an exact mapp, containing the isles of Great Brittain and Ireland, with the several coastings, and the adjacent parts of our neighbours / by an experienced hand.Codrington, Robert, 1601-1665.A33387EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Canterbury's vvill with a serious conference betweene his scrivener and him : also a loving admonition to his brethren the bishops.A33390EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speech of Sir Robert Clayton, Kt., Lord Mayor elect for the city of London, at the Guild-Hall of the said city, to the citizens there assembled on the 29th of September 1679, for the electing of a lord mayor for the year ensuingClayton, Robert, Sir, 1629-1707.A33393EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A serious and brief discourse touching the Sabbath-Day intended to decide and determine all controversies respecting that subject / by Thomas Cleadon ...Cleadon, Thomas.A33397EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The songs of Moses and Deborah paraphras'd with poems on several occasions : never before publish'd : to which is added, a Pindarick on Mr. L'Estrange.Cleeve, Charles, b. 1661.A33398EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of several poems and verses composed upon various occasions by Mr. William Cleland.Cleland, William, 1661?-1689.A33400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from the Pope to his distressed sons the Catholicks in England. As it was intercepted, and now published by S.V.Catholic Church. Pope (1667-1669 : Clement IX)A33406EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Dialogue between a countrey gentleman and a merchant concerning the falling of guinea's wherein the whole agrument relating to our money is discuss'd.A33407EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the general notions of money, trade & exchanges, as they stand in relation to each other attempted by way of aphorism : with a letter to a minister of state, further explaining the aphorisms, and applying them to the present circumstances of this nation : wherein also some thoughts are suggested for the remedying the abuses of our money / by a merchant.Clement, Simon.A33408EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The interest of England, as it stands, with relation to the trade of Ireland, considered the arguments against the bill for prohibiting the exportation of woollen manufactures from Ireland to forreign parts fairly discusst ...Clement, Simon.A33409EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certain letters written to severall personsCapel of Hadham, Arthur Capel, Baron, 1610?-1649.A33417EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The works of Mr. John Cleveland containing his poems, orations, epistles, collected into one volume, with the life of the author.Cleveland, John, 1613-1658.A33421EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of a London diurnallCleveland, John, 1613-1658.A33423EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of a London-diurnall with severall select poems / by the same author.Cleveland, John, 1613-1658.A33429EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Clievelandi Vindiciæ, or, Clieveland's genuine poems, orations, epistles, &c. purged from the many false and spurious ones which had usurped his name, and from innumerable errours and corruptions in the true copies : to which are added many never printed before, with an account of the author's life.Cleveland, John, 1613-1658.A33433EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The idol of the clovvnes, or, Insurrection of Wat the Tyler with his priests Baal and Straw together with his fellow kings of the commons against the English church, the king, the laws, nobility and royal family and gentry, in the fourth year of K. Richard the 2d, an. 1381.Cleveland, John, 1613-1658.A33434EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
J. Cleaveland revived poems, orations, epistles, and other of his genuine incomparable pieces never before publisht : with some other exquisite remains of the most eminent wits ... that were his contemporaries.Cleveland, John, 1613-1658.A33435EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Midsummer-moone, or, Lvnacy rampant being a character of Master Cheynell the arch visitor of Oxford and mungrell-president of Saint John Baptist's Colledge : with a survey of the three renegado-fellowes Web, Inkersell and Lownds.Cleveland, John, 1613-1658.A33438EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems by J.C. ; with additions.Cleveland, John, 1613-1658.A33439EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Methodus Evangelica, or, The gospel method of Gods saving sinners by Jesus Christ practically explained in XII propositions / by Abraham Clifford ; to which is prefixed a preface by Dr. Manton, and Rich. Baxter.Clifford, Abraham.A33454EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Notes upon Mr. Dryden's poems in four letters / by M. Clifford .... ; to which are annexed some Reflections upon the Hind and panther, by another hand.Clifford, M. (Martin), d. 1677.A33458EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of humane reasonClifford, M. (Martin), d. 1677.A33459EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Capel's remains being an useful appendix to his excellent Treatise of tentations, concerning the translations of the Holy Scriptures : left written with his own hand / by that incomparably learned and jucicious divine, Mr. Richard Capel, sometimes fellow of Magdalen-Colledge in Oxford ; with a preface prefixed, wherein is contained an abridgement of the authors life, by his friend Valentine Marshall.Capel, Richard, 1586-1656.A33462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The power of kings, particularly the British monarchy asserted and vindicated, in a sermon preached at Wakefield in the county of York, Sunday, October the 30th, 1681 by William Clifford.Clifford, William, A.M.A33467EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true relation of the persecution of Samuel Clift by Samuel Hierne, priest of Minchin-hampton and Iohn Stevens one who is set to do justiceClift, Samuel.A33468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Clippers execution, or, Treason justly rewarded manifested in the fearful example of two women who were notorious offenders, and tryed at the Old-Bayly the 13th of this present April, 1678, for clipping and defacing His Majesties coyn ... : to the tune of In summer time.A33469EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A cloak for knavery, or, The Scottish religion worn outA33471EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Clothiers reasons for establishing the Company of Merchant Adventurers of EnglandA33483EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The converted capuchin, or, The recantation of Father Basil after he had continued nigh forty yeares a fryer of that order and perswaded many Protestants to the Romish-beliefe : with his answers to those reports framed against him since he left his convent at Roüen to be one of the reformed church at Sedan / English according to the French copy.Basile, de Rouen, d. 1648?A33486EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of several hackney-coachmen in and about the cities of London and Westminster and the suburbs, occasioned by one Robert Murrey and his adherents, to the utter ruin of many families, for his and his accomplices private interestCadman, Thomas.A33493EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A song of the judgments and mercies of the Lord wherein the things seen in secret are declared openly : being a brief demonstration of the secret work of the Almighty in me, his servant, given forth at the movings of the spirit of the Lord and is to go throughout the world ... / by Josiah Cole.Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668.A33503EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The whore unvailed, or, The mistery of the deceit of the Church of Rome revealed being a brief answer to a book entituled, the reconciler of religions, or, A decider of all controversies in matters of faith, written by a professed Roman Catholick who subscribes his name A.S. in which he endeavoured to prove the Church of Rome to be the true church ... / by a servant of the Lord, Josiah Coale ; whereunto is added the 14th Chap. of A.S. his book in which he declares the Protestant ... not to be true preachers ...Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668.A33507EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Coat of arms of N.T. J.F. & R.L. an answer to Thomson's ballad call'd The loyal feast.A33512EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Coat of arms of Sir John PresbyterA33513EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bersaba, or, The love of David a poem / written by Samuel Cobb ...Cobb, Samuel, 1675-1713.A33515EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pax redux a pindarick ode on the return of His Majesty and the happy conclusion of the peace / by Samuel Cobb.Cobb, Samuel, 1675-1713.A33516EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Pindarique ode, humbly offer'd to the ever-blessed memory of our late Gracious Sovereign Lady, Queen Mary written by J.D., Gent.Cobb, Samuel, 1675-1713.A33517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poetæ Britannici a poem satyrical and panegyrical.Cobb, Samuel, 1675-1713.A33519EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Caping trade a new song, much in request.A33524EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The coblers end, or his (last) sermon being a true relation of that sermon, which was preached in St. Georges Church in Southwark by a cobler last Sabbath day, being the 12. of December, 1641 : who most impudently and insolently stept up into the pulpit and broached his Brownisticall and erroneous opinions to his auditors.Cobler.A33528EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hygieinē, or, A plain and practical discourse upon the first of the six non-naturals, viz, air with cautionary rules and directions for the preservation of people in this time of sickness, very necessary for the gentry and citizens that are now in the country to peruse before they come into London / by Tho. Cock.Cock, Thomas.A33533EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Kitchin-physick, or, Advice to the poor by way of dialogue betwixt Philanthropos, physician, Eugenius, apthecary [sic], Lazarus, patient. With rules and directions, how to prevent sickness, and cure diseases by diet ...Cock, Thomas.A33534EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Meteorologia, or, The true way of foreseeing and judging the inclination of the air and alteration of the weather in several regions ... by William Cock ...].Cock, William.A33536EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Cock-crowing at the approach of a free-parliament, or, Good newes in a ballat more sweet to your palat, then figge, raison or stewed prune is a countrey wit made it who ne'r got by th' trade yet, and Mad Tom of Bedlam the tune is.Countrey wit.A33537EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Agnes de Castro a tragedy, as it is acted at the Theatre Royal by His Majesty's servants / written by a young lady.Trotter, Catharine, 1679-1749.A33540EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fatal friendship a tragedy, as it is acted at the New-Theatre in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields.Trotter, Catharine, 1679-1749.A33541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bourignianism detected, or, The delusions and errors of Antonia Bourignon, and her growing sect which may also serve for a discovery of all other enthusiastical impostures / by John Cockburn.Cockburn, John, 1652-1729.A33542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A continuation of the historical relation of the late General Assembly in Scotland with an account of the commissions of that assembly, and other particulars concerning the present state of the church in that kingdom.Cockburn, John, 1652-1729.A33543EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dignity and duty of a married state in a sermon preach'd at the celebration of a marriage in the English Episcopal Church at Amsterdam / by John Cockburn.Cockburn, John, 1652-1729.A33544EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fifteen sermons preach'd upon several occassions, and on various subjects by John Cockburn ...Cockburn, John, 1652-1729.A33545EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An enquiry into the nature, necessity, and evidence of Christian faith. Part I. Of faith in general, and of the belief of a deity by J.C.Cockburn, John, 1652-1729.A33547EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jacob's vow, or, Man's felicity and duty in two parts / by John Cockburn ...Cockburn, John, 1652-1729.A33548EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from John Cockburn, D.D., to his friend in London giving an account why the other narratives about Bourignianism are not yet publish'd, and answering some reflections pass'd upon the first.Cockburn, John, 1652-1729.A33549EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the nature, causes, symptoms, and cure of the distempers that are incident to seafaring people with observations on the diet of the sea-men in His Majesty's navy : illustrated with some remarkable instances of the sickness of the fleet during the last summer, historically related / by W.C.Cockburn, W. (William), 1669-1739.A33550EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A continuation of the account of the nature causes, symptoms and cure of the distempers that are incident to seafaring people illustrated with some remarkable instances of the sicknesses of the fleet during the last summer, historically related : to which is prefix'd an essay concerning the quantity of blood that is to be evacuated in fevers : being the third part of the work / by William Cockburn ...Cockburn, W. (William), 1669-1739.A33551EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cockers arithmetick being a plain and familiar method suitable to the meanest capacity for the full understanding of that incomparable art as it is now taught by the ablest school-masters in city and countrey / composed by Edward Cocker ... ; perused and published by John Hawkins ...Cocker, Edward, 1631-1675.A33553EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the wars of Italy from the year MDCXIII to MDCXLIV in XVIII books / written originally in Italian, by Pietro Giovanni Capriata ... ; and rendred in English by Henry Earl of Monmouth.Capriata, Pier Giovanni.A33560EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The clerk's tutor for writing Written and engraved by Edw. Cocker.Hawkins, John, 17th cent.A33563EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cocker's decimal arithmetick wherein is shewed the nature and use of decimal fractions ... together with tables of interest and rebate ... : whereunto is added, his Artificial arithmetick, shewing the genesis ... of the logarithmes ... : also, his Algebraical arithmetick, containing the doctrine of composing and resolving an equation, with all other rules requisite for the understanding of that mysterious art according to the method used by Mr. John Kerley in his incomparable treatise of algebra / composed by Edward Cocker ... ; perused, corrected, and published by John Hawkins ...Cocker, Edward, 1631-1675.A33564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvver to a book set forth by Sir Edward Peyton, knight and baronet carrying this title A discourse concerning the fitnesse of the posture necessary to be used in taking the bread and wine at the Sacrament / by Rodger Cocks ...Cocks, Roger, fl. 1630-1642.A33596EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A demonstration of true love unto you the rulers of the colony of the Massachusets in Nevv-England shewing to you that are now in authority the unjust paths that your predecessors walked in, and of the Lord's dealings with them in his severe judgments, for persecuting his saints and children ... / written by ... William Coddington of Road-Island [sic].Coddington, William, 1601-1678.A33597EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the Queen Dowager in Her Majesties chappel at Somerset-house on Quinquagesima Sunday February the 6th. 1686/7 : being also the anniversary day of His Late Majesty King Charles the II. of blessed memory / by Thomas Codrington ...Codrington, Thomas, d. 1691?A33603EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Philosophia maturata an exact piece of philosophy containing the practick and operative part thereof in gaining the philosophers stone : with the wayes how to make the mineral stone and the calcinations of mettals : whereunto is added a work compiled by St. Dunstan concerning the philosophers stone : and the experiments of Rumelius and preparations of Angelo Sala, all most famous chymists in their time / published by Lancelot Colson.Coelson, Lancelot, 1627-ca 1687.A33604EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Coffee-houses vindicated in ansvver to the late published Character of a coffee-house asserting from reason, experience, and good authours, the excellent use and physical vertues of that liquor : with the grand conveniency of such civil places of resort and ingenious conversation.A33605EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Timber-measure by a line of more ease, dispatch and exactness, then any other way now in use, by a double scale after the countrey-measure, by the length and quarter of the circumference in round timber, and by the length and side of the square in squared timber, and square equal in flat timber : as also stone-measure and gauging of vessels by the same near and exact way, likewise a diagonal scale of 100 parts in a quarter of an inch, very easie both to make and use / by Hen. Coggeshall.Coggeshall, Henry, 1623-1690.A33609EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A chain of golden poems embellished with wit, mirth, and eloquence : together with two most excellent comedies, (viz.) The obstinate lady, and Trappolin suppos'd a prince / written by Sr Aston Cokayn.Cokain, Aston, Sir, 1608-1684.A33611EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A duke and no duke as it is acted by Their Majesties servants : to which is now added, a preface concerning farce : with an account of the personæ and larvæ, &c. of the ancient theatre / by N. Tate ...Tate, Nahum, 1652-1715.A33613EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedy of Ovid written by Sir Aston Cokain, Baronet.Cokain, Aston, Sir, 1608-1684.A33619EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Argumentum anti-normannicum, or, An argument proving, from ancient histories and records, that William, Duke of Normandy, made no absolute conquest of England by the Sword, in the sense of our modern writers being an answer to these four questions, viz. I. Whether William the First made an absolute conquest of this nation at his first entrance?, II. Whether he cancelled and abolished all the confessor's laws?, III. Whether he divided all our estates and fortunes between himself and his nobles?, IV. Whether it be not a grand error to affirm, that there were no English-men in the Common Council of the whole Kingdom?A33624EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A detection of the court and state of England during the four last reigns and the inter-regnum consisting of private memoirs, &c., with observations and reflections, and an appendix, discovering the present state of the nation : wherein are many secrets never before made publick : as also, a more impartiall account of the civil wars in England, than has yet been given : in two volumes / by Roger Coke ...Coke, Roger, fl. 1696.A33686EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
England's improvements in two parts : in the former is discoursed how the kingdom of England may be improved ... : in the latter is discoursed how the navigation of England may be increased and the soveraignty of the British seas more secured to the crown of England ... / by Roger Coke.Coke, Roger, fl. 1696.A33688EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Complementum fortunatarum insularum, p. II, Sive, Galathea vaticinans being part of an epithalamium upon the auspicious match of the most puissant and most serene Charles II and the most illustrious Catharina Infanta of Portugal : with a description of the fortunate islands / written originally in French by P.D.C. Gent. and since translated by him into Latin and English ; with the translations also of The description of S. James's Park, and the late fight at S. Lucar by Mr. Ed. Waller ; The panegyrick of Charles II by Mr. Dreyden ; and other peeces relating to the present times.Cardonnel, P. de (Pierre), d. 1667.A33689EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections upon the East-Indy and Royal African Companies with animadversions, concerning the naturalizing of foreigners / by Roger Coke.Coke, Roger, fl. 1696.A33690EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the court of Portugal, under the reign of the present king, Dom Pedro II with some discourses on the interests of Portugal, with regard to other sovereigns : containing a relation of the most considerable transactions that have pass'd of late between that court, and those of Rome, Spain, France, Vienna, England, &c.Colbatch, John, 1664-1748.A33698EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Novum lumen chirurgicum vindicatum, or, The new light of chirurgery vindicated from the many unjust aspersions of some unknown calumniators : with the addition of some few experiments made this winter in England / by Jo. Colbatch ...Colbatch, John, Sir, 1670-1729.A33708EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of a very sudden and extraordinary cure of a person bitten by a viper, by the means of acids together with some remarks upon Dr. Tuthill's vindication of his objections against the doctrine of acids : wherein are contained several things in order to the further clearing of the said doctrine / by John Colbatch.Colbatch, John, Sir, 1670-1729.A33710EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The prologve and epilogve to a comedie presented at the entertainment of the Prince, His Highnesse, by the schollars of Trinity Colledge in Cambridge in March last, 1641 / by Francis Cole.Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667.A33714EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A full and more particular account of the late fire with several losses at Newmarket : in a letter from thence of the 24th instant. 1683.Cole, John, 17th cent.A33715EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last trve intelligence from Ireland, dated in Dublin 16 March, and received in London 28 March 1642Cole, Robert, 17th cent.A33716EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
More good and true news from Ireland sent from Dublin by Master Robert Cole merchant, to his brother Iohn Cole here resident in London ; likewise a new plot discovered against our kingdome by the Danes; which was sent in a letter to the Lord Burrows, by Sir Henry Waddam; and by the Parliament ordered to be printed; together with a letter of great consequence from the Hage in Holland, written by Charles de la Fin, page to the young Prince of Orange, concerning a difference between the old Prince of Orange and the high and mighty states.Cole, Robert, 17th cent.A33717EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevves from Ireland. VVherein is related these particulars following. ... Sent in 2 letters, one to Mr. Roger Cole ... from his brother, M. Cole, marchant [i.e. merchant] in Dublin, and the other from a Scotch gentlewoman to her husband ...Cole, Robert, 17th cent.A33718EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue