OTA Catalogue: TCP Phase 1 (partial)

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Date: 4th January 2017

Summary of files from the Text Creation Partnership, in the public domain and available to download from the OTA. Note also that first tranche of ECCO TCP Phase 1 texts are not listed here, but are in the main OTA catalogue, numbered 3307-5693. Broken into five files to allow search engine indexers to cope.

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The sacred method of saving humane souls by Jesus Christ by Henry Hallywell ...Hallywell, Henry, d. 1703?A45360EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of the last words and departure of that antient and honourable woman Loveday Hambly of Trigangeeues, in the parish of Austell in the County of Cornwal. With farther testimonies concerning her life and conversation.A45365EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A cordial for Christians traveling heavenward being the substance of some sermons upon the eight chapter of Paul's Epistle to the Romans / preached in the city of Edinburgh by a minister of the Gospel there.Hamilton, Alexander, d. 1696.A45368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The private Christian's witness for Christianity to the notional and erroneous apprehensions of the Arminian, Socinian, and Deist of the age : with the easy and true means leading the prophane, meer professor, and lazy Christian, to the same experience, as preservative against the infection of each, and against the ill example of the practical blemishes in lazy Christians conversation.Hamilton, David, Sir, 1663-1721.A45370EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A remonstrance of Sir Frederick Hammilton, knight and colonell To the right honourable the committee of both kingdoms.Hamilton, Frederick, Sir, fl. 1645.A45371EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some farther matter of fact relating to the administration of affairs in Scotland, under the Duke of Lauderdale. Humbly offered to His Majesties consideration, in obedience to his royal commands. That the Duke of Lauderdale was concerned in the designe of bringing in of popery and arbitrary government, may appear by these following particulars, &c.Hamilton, William Douglas, Duke of, 1635-1694.A45373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true copie of a paper delivered by the Duke of Hamilton to some of his servants at St James that morning before he suffred, in the presence of Doctor Sibbald.Hamilton, James Hamilton, Duke of, 1606-1649.A45375EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning zeal against immorality and prophaness deliver'd in two sermons in St. Michaels Church Dublin, October 29, and November 26. 1699.Hamilton, William, d. 1729.A45376EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some necessity of reformation of the publick doctrine of the Church of England. Or a modest and brief reply to Dr Pearson's modest and learned, No necessity of reformation of the publick doctrine of the Church of England. Directed to Dr Pearson himself. By William Hamilton gent.Hamilton, William, gent.A45377EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Divils cruelty to mankind being a true relation of the life and death of George Gibbs ... : to the tune of The two children in the wood.C. H.A45379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englnads [sic] alarum-bell to be rung in the eares of all true Christians, to awaken them out of dead sleep of sin and securitie, that they may arme themselves by prayer and repentance, and seek the Lord while he may be found, before the evill day commeth / written by Charles Hammond.Hammond, Charles, 17th cent.A45380EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The loyal indigent officer being a brief description of the truly loyal commissioned officers, which hath faithfully served His late Majesty, of ever blessed memory, and His Majesty that now is : with a discovery how to be known from the number of the pretended commission'd officers, which formerly hath appear'd, and hath participated of His Majesties gracious gifts and favours and, not contented, secretly contrived for more / written by Charles Hammond ...Hammond, Charles, 17th cent.A45382EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truth's discovery, or, The Cavaliers case clearly stated by conscience and plain-dealing presented to the honorable commissioners, and all the truly loyall and indigent officers, and souldiers ... / written by Capt. Charles Hammond ...Hammond, Charles, 17th cent.A45384EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A good minister of Jesus Christ a funeral sermon for the Reverend Richard Steel, a faithful and useful minister of the Gospel, delivered Novemb. 27, 1692 / by George Hamond ...Hamond, George, 1620-1705.A45388EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of Mr. Cawdry's triplex diatribe concerning superstition, wil-worship, and Christmass festivall by H. Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45394EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Alien alētheuein, or, A brief account of one suggestion of the Romanist against The dispatcher dispatched by Henry Hammond ...Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45395EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hagieā theoū krisis Iudgment worthy of God, or, An assertion of the existence and duration of hell torments, in two occasional letters, written several years since / by ... Henry Hammond ; to which is added an accordance of St. Paul with St. James, in the great point of faith and works by the same author.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45396EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The baptizing of infants revievved and defended from the exceptions of Mr. Tombes in his three last chapters of his book intituled Antipedobaptisme / by H. Hammond ...Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45397EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dr. Hammond's brief resolution of that grand case of conscience (necessary for these times) concerning the allegiance due to a prince ejected by force out of his kingdoms; and how far the subjects may comply with a present usurped power.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45399EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Charis kai eirēnē, or, A pacifick discourse of Gods grace and decrees in a letter of full accordance / written to the reverend and most learned Dr. Robert Sanderson by Henry Hammond ... ; to which are annexed the extracts of three letters concerning Gods prescience reconciled with liberty and contingency ; together with two sermons preached before these evil times, the one to the clergy, the other to the citizens of London.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations of present use, concerning the danger resulting from the change of our church-governmentHammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45405EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A continuation of the defence of Hvgo Grotivs, in an answer to the review of his annotations whereto is subjoyned a reply to some passages of the reviewer in his late book of schisme, concerning his charge of corruptions in the primitive church, and some other particulars / by H. Hammond ...Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45406EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copy of some papers past at Oxford, betwixt the author of the Practicall catechisme, and Mr. Ch.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45407EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The daily practice of devotion, or, The hours of prayer fitted to the main uses of a Christian life also lamentations and prayers for the peaceful re-settlement of this church and state / by the late pious and reverend H.H., D.D.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45408EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Deuterai phrontides, or, A review of the paraphrase & annotations on all the books of the New Testament with some additions & alterations / by H. Hammond ...Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45411EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last words of the reverend, pious, and learned Dr. Hammond. Being two prayers for the peaceful resettlement of this church and stateHammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45416EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of conscience by H. Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45417EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of fundamentals in a notion referring to practise by H. Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45419EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of idolatryHammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45420EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of resisting the lavvfull magistrate under colour of religion and appendant to it, of the word keima, rendred damnation, Rom. 13, reprinted : also, [brace] of zelots among the Jewes, of taking up the crosse, a vindication of Christs reprehending St. Peter, from the exceptions of Mr. Marshall.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45421EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of scandalHammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of schisme a defence of the Church of England against the exceptions of the Romanists / by H. Hammond ...Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45426EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of sinnes of vveaknesse, vvilfulnesse and appendant to it, a paraphrasticall explication of two difficult texts, Heb. 6 and Heb. 10 / by Henry Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45428EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of superstitionHammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45429EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the power of the keyes, or, Of binding and loosingHammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A cordial for the cavaliersHowell, James, 1594?-1666.A45431EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the reasonableness of Christian religion by H.H. D.D.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45434EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A paraphrase and annotations upon all the books of the New Testament briefly explaining all the difficult places thereof / by H. Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45436EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A practicall catechismeHammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45443EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dreadful news from Limerick being an account of the magazine of powder taking fire the 12th of this instant February, 1694, and the destroying and blowing up of a great part of the city, killing above one hundredJ. H.A45452EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reply to the Catholick gentlemans answer to the most materiall parts of the booke Of schisme whereto is annexed, an account of H.T. his appendix to his Manual of controversies, concerning the Abbot of Bangors answer to Augustine / by H. Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45460EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Scriptures plea for magistrates vvherein is shewed the unlawfulnesse of resisting the lawfull magistrate, under colour of religion.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45461EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second defence of the learned Hugo Grotius, or, A vindication of the digression concerning him from some fresh exceptions / by H. Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fables of young Æsop, with their morals with a moral history of his life and death, illustrated with forty curious cuts applicable to each fable.A45463EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An elegy on the much lamented death of Dr. Sanderson, late Lord Bishop of Lincolne, who deceased the latter end of January, 1662Ja. H.A45464EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sermons preached by ... Henry Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45465EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some profitable directions both for priest & people in two sermons preached before these evil times : the one to the clergy, the other to the citizens of London / by H. Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the right honourable, the Lord Fairfax, and his councell of warre the humble addresse of Henry Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45469EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
TractsHammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45470EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A view of some exceptions which have been made by a Romanist to the Ld Viscount Falkland's discourse Of the infallibility of the Church of Rome submitted to the censure of all sober Christians : together with the discourse itself of infallibility prefixt to it.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45471EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A view of some exceptions to the practical catechisme from the censures affixt on them by the ministers of London, in a book entituled A testimony to the truth of Jesus Christ, &c. / by H. Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45472EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of Dr. Hammonds addresse &c. from the exceptions of Eutactus Philodemius, in two particulars concerning [brace] the power supposed in the Jew over his owne freedom, the no-power over a mans own life ; together with a briefe reply to Mr. Iohn Goodwins Gbeisodikai, as far as concernes Dr. Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45473EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the ancient liturgie of the Church of England wherein the several pretended reasons for altering or abolishing the same, are answered and confuted / by Henry Hammond ... ; written by himself before his death.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45474EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the dissertations concerning episcopacie from the answers, or exceptions offered against them by the London ministers, in their Jus divinum ministerii evangelici / by H. Hammond.Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.A45476EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hammond versus Heamans, or, An answer to an audacious pamphlet, published by an impudent and ridiculous fellow, named Roger Heamans, calling himself Commander of the Ship Golden Lion wherein he endeavours by lies and holy expressions, to colour over his murthers and treacheries committed in the Province of Maryland, to the utter ruine of that florishing plantation : having a great sum sold himself to proceed in those cruelties, it being altogether answered out of the abstract of credible oaths taken here in England :in which is published His Highnesses absolute (though neglected) command to Richard Bennet Esq., late governour of Virginia and all others, not to disturbe the Lord Baltamores plantation in Maryland / by John Hammond ...Hammond, John, d. 1707.A45477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Know thy selfHammond, John, d. 1707.A45478EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Quakers house built upon the sand. Or, A discovery of the damnablenesse of their pernicious doctrines With a warning to the people of God, and all others that tender the salvation of their immortall soules, to build upon the rocke Christ Jesus, and his righteousnesse, to confirm the faith once delivered to the saints. In answer to a rayling pamphlet, lately put forth by George Whithead. This is published for the securing the saints, keeping others out of the snare, and (if possible) the reducing some of those that have been seduced by their destructive principles. By the unworthyest of the labourers in the Lords vineyard, and teacher to a church of Christ, Samuel Hammond.Hammond, Samuel, d. 1665.A45480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Madagascar, the richest and most frvitfvll island in the world wherein the temperature of the clymate, the nature of the inhabitants, the commodities of the countrie and the facility and benefit of a plantation by our people there are compendiously and truely described : dedicated to the Honourable Iohn Bond, governour of the island, whose proceeding is authorized for this expedition, both by the king and Parliament / by Walter Hamond.Hamond, Walter, fl. 1643.A45482EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discreet and learned speech, spoken in the Parliament, on Wednesday, the 4 of January, 1641, by Mr. Hampden, Burgesse for Buckingham concerning the accusation of high treason, preferred by His Majesty, against himselfe, the Lord Kimbolton, Sr. Arthur Haslerig, Mr. Pym, Mr. Strowd, Mr. Hollis, worthy members of the House of Commons : therein worthily declaring the difference betwixt a good subject and a bad, and referring his own triall to the iudgement of that honourable assembly.Hampden, John, 1594-1643.A45483EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Archaioskopia, or, A view of antiquity presented in a short but sufficient account of some of the fathers, men famous in their generations who lived within, or near the first three hundred years after Christ : serving as a light to the studious, that they may peruse with better judgment and improve to greater advantage the venerable monuments of those eminent worthies / by J.H.Hanmer, Jonathan, 1606-1687.A45496EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true account of the proceedings, sence and advice of the people called Quakers at the Yearly Meeting of faithful Friends and bretheren begun in London on the 28th day of the 3d month, 1694, and held by adjournment unto the 11th of the month following, in order to put an end to the divisions and differences among some of the people called Quakers in America : to which is added, an account of the proceedings of the Yearly Meeting at Burlington, relating to the said differences, shewing the dis-harmony of the two said meetings : as also, Some queries to that party of the Yearly Meeting at London, who gave the aforesaid judgment.Hannay, Robert.A45498EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aime for the archers of St. Georges Fields containing the names of all the marks in the same fields, with their true distances according to the dimensuration of the line / formerly gathered by Richard Hannis ; and now corrected by Thomas Bick, and others.Hannis, Richard.A45499EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The right way of seeking God a sermon preach'd at Great Yarmouth on the 11th of May, 1692, being the day of the monthly fast / by James Hannott ...Hannott, James.A45500EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Happiest newes from Ireland that ever came to England since their first rebellion being a trve and ekact [sic] relation of a great overthrovv given by the Earle of Clanrickards company, Decemb. 20 : being 500 foot and 100 horse, to the three great rebels, who rebelled lately : the Earle of Care, the great Lord Mackdavo, and the great Lord Donmadoffe : wherein is set dovvne the number of the cities and tovvns, which they have taken since the rebellion : also the bloody masscre which they have used to the Protestants in Clogham, three miles from the city of Carie with the Earle of Clanrickards speech to his souldiers, and the souldiers answer to the same.A45505EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The happy instruments of Englands preservationA45508EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Happy Lovers, or, Cælia won by Aminta's loyalty a new song in great request at court : to an excellent new tune or, Why are my eyes, &c.A45511EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Happy lovers pastime ... to a pleasant new tune called On the bank of a brook.A45512EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The key of sacred scripture, and, leading to it first, an answer to some objections given to the author, by a person of great learning and piety : wherein many mistakes, by which most professors wound themselves, and strengthen the hands of the churche's adversaries, are clearly discovered, and the more invincible weapons of truth inviolable (tending effectually to refel errors, and reform manners) are tendred to them / by Tho. Harby.Harby, Thomas.A45517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
What is truth. Or, the patern in the mount Wherein many places of scripture are (in pursuit of truth, and the churches peace) explained. Therein, most false opinions and heresies (both modern and ancient) are clearly detected and refelled. By Tho. Harby.Harby, Thomas.A45520EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The papists new-fashion'd allegiance a letter lately seiz'd in the house of an eminent Roman Catholick in Hereford-shire, and produced at the late assizes there held / written by Father Harcourt.Barrow, William, 1610-1679.A45528EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christian geography and arithmetick, or, A true survey of the world together with the right art of numbering our dayes therein being the substance of some sermons preached in Bristol / by Thomas Hardcastle.Hardcastle, Thomas, d. 1678?A45530EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prossō kai opissō a sermon eqvally pointing forvvard & backward, as it was deliver'd in the Vniversity Church of Saint Maries in Cambridge / by P.H., B. of Divinity, and sometime fellow of Queenes Colledge in Cambridge, in his forenoone course before that universitie, upon the 22 day of November, in the yeare 1640, being the beginning of this present parliament.P. H.A45536EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The apostolical liturgy revived a sermon preached at the assizes held at Chelmsford in the county of Essex, March 18, 1660 / by Nath. Hardy.Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment of licentious liberty, and oppressing tyranny in a sermon preached before the right honourable House of Peers, in the Abbey-church at Westminster, on the the day of their solemn monethly fast, Febr. 24. 1646 / by Nathanaell Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cardvvs benedictvs, the advantage of affliction, or, The reward of patience unfolded in a sermon preached at the funeralls of Mr. Thomas Bowyer, merchant, who died the 8th day of February 1659, and was buried the 22th of the same moneth, in the parish church of St. Olaves Jewry / by Nath. Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45544EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The choicest fruit of peace gathered from the tree of life presented to the Right Honourable the House of Peers, in a sermon preached before them at the Abbey church of Westminster, on April 30, 1660, being the day of their solemn humiliation / by Nath. Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45545EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Faiths victory over natvre, or, The unparallel'd president of an unnaturally religious father delivered in a sermon preached at the funerals of the hopefull young gentleman Master John Rushout : son and heire to Master John Rushout merchant and citizen of London / by Nathanael Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45546EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first general epistle of St. John the Apostle, unfolded and applied the first part in two and twenty lectures on the first chapter, and two verses of the second : delivered in St. Dyonis. Back-Church, An. Dom. 1654 / by Nath. Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45548EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The hierarchy exalted and its enemies humbled a sermon preached on the first Sunday in Advent, being the 2d day of Decemb. 1660 : after the consecration of the Right Reverend Fathers in God, John, Lord Bishop of Durham, William, Lord Bishop of St. Davids, Benjamin, Lord Bishop of Peterborough, Hugh, Lord Bishop of Landaff, Richard, Lord Bishop of Carlisle, Brian, Lord Bishop of Chester, and John, Lord Bishop of Exceter in the Abby Church of St. Peters Westminister / by Nathanael Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45549EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Justice triumphing, or, The spoylers spoyled laid forth in a gratulatory sermon for the miraculous discovery of, and our glorious delivery from the barbarous powder-plot / preached at Pauls, November the 5th, 1646 by Nathanael Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45550EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lamentation, mourning, and woe sighed forth in a sermon preached in the parish-church of St. Martin in the Fields, on the 9th day of September : being the next Lords-day after the dismal fire in the city of London / by Nath. Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45552EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A looking-glasse of hvmane frailty set before us in a sermon preached at the funerals of Mris. Anne Calquit, late wife of Mr. Nicholas Calquit, draper, who died on the 7. day of April 1659 and was interr'd the 19. of the said month, at the parish church of Alhallows the Less in Thames Street / by Nath. Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45553EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A loud call to great mourning in a sermon preached on the 30th of January 1661, being the anniversary fast for the execrable murther of our Late Soveraign Lord King Charles the First, of Glorious Memory, before the Honourable Knights, citizens, & burgesses of the Commons House of Parliament, in the parish-church of Saint Margarets Westminster / by Nath. Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45554EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Love and fear the inseparable twins of a blest matrimony : characterized in a sermon occasioned by the late nuptialls between Mr. William Christmas and Mrs. Elizabeth Adams / Preached by Nathanael Hardy.Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45556EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mans last journey to his long home a sermon preached at the funerals of the Right Honourable Robert Earl of Warwick, who died in London, May the 30th and was interr'd at Felstead in Essex, June the 9th 1659 / by Nath. Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45557EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The olive-branch presented to the native citizens of London in a sermon preached at S. Paul's Church, May 27, being the day of their yearly feast / by Nath. Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pilgrims wish, or, The saints longing discussed in a sermon preached in St. Bennet Grace Church at the funeral of Mrs. Anne Dudson ... who departed this life the 4th day of January, 1658 ... / by Nath. Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45559EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pious votary and prudent traveller characterized in a farewell-sermon, occasioned by the voyage of Nathanael Wych Esq. president to the East-Indies : preached in S. Dionys Back-church, Mar. 14. 1657 / by Nath. Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45562EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The royal common-wealth's man, or King David's picture represented in a sermon preached at the solemnity of the funeral of Sir Tho. Adams, knight and baronet, and alderman of London ; in St. Katherine Creechurch, on the 10th of March, 1667 / by Nath. Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45563EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sad prognostick of approaching judgement, or, The happy misery of good men in bad times set forth in a sermon preached at St. Gregories, June the 13th, 1658 / by Nathaniell Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The safest convoy, or, The strongest helper declared in a valedictory sermon before the Right Honourable Sr. Thomas Bendish, Baronet, His Majesties ambassadour ... / deliverd by Nathanaell Hardy.Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45566EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Safety in the midst of danger a sermon preached in the church of Alhallowes Barkin, Jan. 4, 1655 : upon the anniversary commemoration of the dismall fire which happened in the said parish, on Jan. 4, 1649 / by Nath. Hardy ...Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45567EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wisdomes character and counterfeit deliniated in two sermons : the one on the epistle of St. James, chap. 3.17 ; the other on the gospel of St. Matth., chap. 2.8 / by Nath. Hardy.Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670.A45570EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A guide to heaven from the Word, or, Good counsell how to close savingly with Christ with some short but serious questions to ask our hearts every morning and evening, whether we walk closely with him : and especially, rules for the strict and due observation of the Lords day.Hardy, Samuel, 1636-1691.A45572EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Posita dubitatione cartesiana certa veritatis norma habèri non potestHare, Francis, 1671-1740.A45574EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A charge given at the general quarter sessions of the peace for the county of Surrey holden at Dorking on Tuesday the 5th day of April 1692, and in the fourth year of Their Majesties reign / by Hugh Hare.Hare, Hugh, 1668-1707.A45577EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The marine mercury, or, A true relation of the strange appearance of a man-fish about three miles within the river of Thames, having a musket in one hand and a petition in the other credibly reported by six saylors who both saw and talkt with the monster : whos names here following are inserted : whereunto is added a relation how Sir Simon Heartley with his company gave battell to a company of rebels and slew 500, tooke 4 colours and routed 1500 more : this being performed on the 6 of Ianuary, 1641 ... / written by Iohn Hare, ...Hare, John, 17th cent.A45578EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A banquet of essayes, fetcht out of famous Owens confectionary, disht out, and served up at the table of Mecoenas by Henry Harflete ...Harflete, Henry, fl. 1653.A45579EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe view of the state of the Church of England as it stood in Q. Elizabeths and King James his reigne, to the yeere 1608 being a character and history of the bishops of those times ... / written ... by Sir John Harington ..., Knight.Harington, John, Sir, 1560-1612.A45581EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Polindor and Flostella, with other poems by I.H. Esq.J. H. (John Harington), 1627?-1700.A45583EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The condemnation of Monsieur Du Pin his history of ecclesiastical authors by the Archbishop of Paris ; together with his own retractation ; translated out of French.Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Paris (France). Archbishop (1671-1695 : Harlay de Champvallon)A45584EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Scriptural and rational account of the Christian religion particularly concerning justification only by the propitiation and redemption of the Lord Jesus Christ.Harley, Edward, Sir, 1624-1700.A45586EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A remonstrance of the present estate of the Kings armie being an exact discovery of His Maiesties strength with the number of his forces taken at the generall muster on Mervill-Heath the 6th day of October : with many remarkable passages contained therein : 1. the two princes troopes, 2. the earles in their order, 3. a list of the whole number presented to His Maiesty by the Lord Digby commissary generall for His Maiesties army which is 1950 horse and 6500 foot, 4. His Maiesties honouring Prince Robert, 5. the effect of two letters the one from Marquesse Hartford the other from the Lord Mahone touching Plimmouth and other forts thereabouts, 6. the releasement of Captaine VVingate upon 500l. ransome.J. H.A45588EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A detection or discovery of a notable fraud committed by R.B., a seminary priest of Rome, upon two of the articles of the Church of England in a booke imprinted in anno 1632, intituled, The judgment of the apostles and of those of the first age in all points of doctrine, questioned betweene the Catholikes and Protestants of England as they are set downe in the nine and thirty articles of their religion : with an appendix concerning Episcopacy / by a lay gentleman.Harlowe, Pedaell.A45589EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Æternitati sacrum serenissimus, potentissimus, auspicatissimus princeps, Olivarus, ejus nominis primus, ex nobili Cromwellorum familiâ oriundus, Britanniarum protector inauguratus 1653, Decembris 16 ...Harmar, John, 1594?-1670.A45590EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Serenissimo invictissimoq[ue] Olivero, Angliae, Scotiae & Hiberniae Protectori, Academiae Oxoniensis cancellario excellentissimo ...Harmar, John, 1594?-1670.A45601EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aphorisms political by James Harrington.Harrington, James, 1611-1677.A45610EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Brief directions shewing how a fit and perfect model of popular government may be made, found, or understoodHarrington, James, 1611-1677.A45611EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Censure of the Rota upon Mr Miltons book, entituled, The ready and easie way to establish a free common-wealth die lunæ 26, Martij, 1660 / ordered by the Rota that M. Harrington be desired to draw up a narrative of this dayes proceeding upon Mr. Miltons book, called, The ready and easie way, &c., and to cause the same to be forthwith printed and pu[b]lished, and a copy thereof to be sent to Mr. Milton, Trundle Wheeler, Clerk to the Rota.A45612EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The common-wealth of OceanaHarrington, James, 1611-1677.A45613EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Noah's dove, or, An epistle of peace directed to his intirely affected brethren, the Presbiterians and Independants as a probable means for their agreement and vnion / from Sir Iames Harington, Knight.Harrington, James, Sir, 1607-1680.A45617EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Oceana of James Harrington and his other works, som [sic] wherof are now first publish'd from his own manuscripts : the whole collected, methodiz'd, and review'd, with an exact account of his life prefix'd / by John Toland.Harrington, James, 1611-1677.A45618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Political discourses tending to the introduction of a free and equal commonwealth in England / by James Harrington, Esq.Harrington, James, 1611-1677.A45619EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The stumbling-block of disobedience & rebellion cunningly imputed by P.H. unto Calvin, removed in a letter to the said P.H. from I.H.Harrington, James, 1611-1677.A45622EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the proceedings of the Right Reverend Father in God Jonathan Lord Bishop of Exeter in his late visitation of Exeter college in OxfordHarrington, James, 1664-1693.A45624EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Horæ consecratæ, or, Spiritual pastime. concerning divine meditations upon the great mysteries of our faith and salvation : occasional meditations and gratulatory reflexions upon particular providences and deliverances, vouchsafed to the author and his family : also a scripture-catechisme dedicated to the service of his wife and children, and now published, together with other treatises mentioned in the following page for common use / by Sir James Harrington ...Harrington, James, Sir, 1607-1680.A45630EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some reflections upon a treatise call'd Pietas Romana & Parisiensis, lately printed at Oxford to which are added, I, A vindication of Protestant charity, in answer to some passages in Mr. E.M.'s Remarks on a late conference, II, A defence of the Oxford reply to two discourses there printed, A.D., 1687.Harrington, James, 1664-1693.A45632EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of Mr. James Colmar, Bachelor of Physick and Fellow of Exeter College in Oxford from the calumnies of three late pamphlets, 1. A paper publish'd by Dr. Bury, 1689, 2. The account examin'd, 3. The case of Exeter College related and vindicated : to which are annex'd the authentick copies of the affidavits relating to that affair.Harrington, James, 1664-1693.A45633EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The atheistical objections against the being of a God and his attributes fairly considered and fully refuted in eight sermons, preach'd in the cathedral-church of St. Paul, London, 1698 : being the seventh year of the lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by John Harris ...Harris, John, 1667?-1719.A45638EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The atheist's objection that we can have no idea of God refuted a sermon preach'd at the cathedral-church of St. Paul, February the 7th 1697/8 : being the second of the lecture for that year, founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by John Harris ...Harris, John, 1667?-1719.A45639EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The divine physician, prescribing rules for the prevention, and cure of most diseases, as well of the body, as the soul demonstrating by natural reason, and also divine and humane testimony, that, as vicious and irregular actions and affections prove often occasions of most bodily diseases, and shortness of life, so the contrary do conduce to the preservation of health, and prolongation of life : in two parts / by J.H ...Harris, John, 1667?-1719.A45640EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Immorality and pride, the great causes of atheism a sermon preach'd at the cathedral-church of St. Paul, January the 8th 1697/8 : the first of the lecture for that year, founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by John Harris ...Harris, John, 1667?-1719.A45642EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The notion of a God neither from fear nor policy a sermon preach'd at the cathedral-church of St. Paul, March the 7th 1697/8 : being the third of the lecture for that year, founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by John Harris ...Harris, John, 1667?-1719.A45644EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A refutation of the atheistical notion of fate, or absolute necessity in a sermon preach'd at the cathedral-church of St. Paul, November the seventh, 1698 : being the eighth of the lecture for that year, founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by John Harris ...Harris, John, 1667?-1719.A45645EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A refutation of the objections against moral good and evil in a sermon preach'd at the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul, October the third, 1698 : being the seventh of the lecture for that year, founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by John Harris.Harris, John, 1667?-1719.A45646EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A refutation of the objections against the attributes of God in general in a sermon preach'd at the cathedral-church of St. Paul, September the fifth, 1698 : being the sixth of the lecture for that year founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle Esq. / by John Harris ...Harris, John, 1667?-1719.A45647EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Pvritanes impvritie, or, The anatomie of a Puritane of Separatist by name and profession wherein is declared the differences betwixt a true Protestant and a Pvritane, made manifest by the sincerity of the one and hypocrisie of the other : likewise the comelinesse and necessity of reverence used in the performing of the service of God, especially at the receiving of the sacrament / by John Harris Gent.Harris, John, Gent.A45648EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The city bride, or, The merry cuckold a comedy acted at the new theatre in Little Lincolns Inn-Fields by His Majesty's servants.Harris, Joseph, ca. 1650-ca. 1715.A45649EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Love's a lottery and a woman the prize with a new masque call'd Love and riches reconcil'd : as it was acted by His Majesties servants at the theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields.Harris, Joseph, ca. 1650-ca. 1715.A45650EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mistakes, or, The false report a tragi-comedy, acted by their Majesties servants / written by Mr. Jos. Harris ; the prologue written by Mr. Dryden ; the epilogue by Mr. Tate.Harris, Joseph, ca. 1650-ca. 1715.A45651EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Renatus Harris, organ-maker, his challenge to Mr. Bernard Smith, organ-makerHarris, Renatus, 1640?-1715?A45652EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The defence of the Scots settlement at Darien answer'd paragraph by paragraph / by Philo-Britan.Harris, Walter, 17th/18th cent.A45661EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A description of the King's royal palace and gardens at Loo together with A short account of Holland in which there are some observations relating to their diseases / by Walter Harris ...Harris, Walter, 1647-1732.A45662EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exact enquiry into, and cure of the acute diseases of infants by Walter Harris ; Englished by W.C. M.S., with a preface in vindication of the work.Harris, Walter, 1647-1732.A45664EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A farewell to popery, in a letter to Dr. Nicholas, vice-chancellor of Oxford, and warden of New-College, from W. H., M. D., lately Fellow of the same college shewing, the true motives that with-drew him to the romish religion, and the reasons of his return to the Church of England : concluding with some short reflections concerning the great duty of charity.Harris, Walter, 1647-1732.A45665EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pharmacologia anti-empirica, or, A rational discourse of remedies both chymical and Galenical wherein chymistry is impartially represented, the goodness of natural remedies vincidated, and the most celebrated preparation of art proved uncapable of curing diseases without a judicious and methodical administration : together with some remarks on the causes and cure of the gout, the universal use of the Cortex, or Jesuits powder, and the most notorious impostures of divers empiricks and mountebanks / by Walter Harris ...Harris, Walter, 1647-1732.A45666EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remarks on the affairs and trade of England and Ireland wherein is set down 1. the antient charge of Ireland, and all the forces sent thither from 1170 until the compleat conquest thereof in 1602 ..., 2. the peculiar advantages which accrue to England by Ireland ..., 3. the state of trade, revenue, rents, manufactures, &c. of Ireland, with the causes of its poverty ..., 4. the only sure expedients for their advancement, with the necessity and utility of the repeal (as well as suspension) of the laws against dissenters, and the test, 5. how the reduction and settlement of Ireland may be improved to the advantage of England ... / by a hearty well-wisher to the Protestant religion, and the prosperity of these kingdoms.Harris, Walter, Sir.A45667EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Idea longitudinis being a brief definition of the best known axioms for finding the longitude, or a more rational discovery thereof, than hath been heretofore published / by Edward Harrison ...Harrison, Edward.A45668EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last words of a dying penitent being an exact account of the passages, proceedings, and reasons on which was grounded the first suspicion of his being concerned in the bloody, inhumane murder of Dr. Clinch, on the 4th of January 1691, between the hours of nine and eleven, with a brief observation on what was sworn by most of the witnesses against him, for which he was executed on the 15th on April 1692 ... / written with his own hand after condemnation, Hen. Harrison.Harrison, Henry, d. 1692.A45670EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true copy of a letter, Writen by Mr. Harrison, in Newgate, to a near relation, after his condemnation for the murther of Doctor Clinch.Harrison, Henry, d. 1692.A45671EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nahash redivivus in a letter from the Parliament of Scotland, directed to the Honorable William Lenthal, Speaker of the House of Commons examined and answered by John Harrison.Harrison, John, of the Inner Temple.A45672EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A thanksgiving sermon for discovery of the late phanatick plot, September 9, 1683 by John Harrison ...Harrison, John, d. 1698.A45673EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lamentable cry of oppression, or, The case of the poor, suffering & persecuted people called Quakers in and about Fakenham in Norfolk shewing the cruelty, injustice and inhumanity of several magistrates, officers and informers in those parts against the said people for these many years, in the great spoil and havock of their goods and estates ... / by ... Joseph Harrison.Harrison, Joseph.A45674EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Minster of Cirencester's address to the dissenters of his parish occasion'd by the death of their preacher : together with the answer that was made thereto and his reply to that answer : to which is prefixed a letter relating thereto from the Right Reverend Father in God Edward Lord Bishop of Gloucester.Harrison, Joseph.A45675EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christ's righteousness imputed, the Saint's surest plea for eternal life, or, The glorious doctrine of free-justification, by the imputation of the pure and spotless righteousness of Jesus Christ, stated, cleared, vindicated, and made plain to the meanest capacity being the substance of several sermons, on Isaiah XLV. 24, 25 / by Michael Harrison ...Harrison, Michael, Minister at Potters-Pury.A45680EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Infant baptism God's ordinance, or, Clear proof that all the children of believing parents are in the covenant of grace and have as much a right to baptism the now seal of the covenant, as the infant seed of the Jewes had to circumcision, the then seal of the covenant / by Michael Harrison ...Harrison, Michael, Minister at Potters-Pury.A45681EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A strange relation of the suddain and violent tempest, which happened at Oxford May 31, Anno Domini 1682 together with an enquiry into the probable cause and usual consequents of such like tempests and storms.Harrison, Robert, 17th cent.A45682EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two sermons lately preached at the Assizes in St. Maries Church in Leicester the former March 23, 1670, the latter July 27, 1671 / by Robert Harrison.Harrison, Robert, fl. 1648-1672.A45683EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A funeral sermon on Mordecai Abbott Esq. preach'd at Lorimers Hall, April the 7th, 1700 / by Thomas Harrison.Harrison, Thomas, fl. 1700.A45685EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A funeral sermon preached upon the death of Mrs. Rebecka Goddard, November the 13th. 1692 At Joyners-Hall. By Tho. Harrison.Harrison, Thomas, fl. 1700.A45686EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd at the funeral of Capt. John Briggs at Dunstable, March 23, 1694/5 by Thomas Harrison.Harrison, Thomas.A45688EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Old Jacobs accompt cast up and owned by one of his seed, a young lady &c., or, A sermon preached at Laurance Jury, Feb. 13, 1654 at the funerall of the honorable and most virtuous lady Susanna Reynolds wife to the Honorable Commiss. Gen. Reynolds / by Thomas Harrison.Harrison, Thomas, 1619-1682.A45689EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Threni Hybernici, or, Ireland sympathizing with England and Scotland in a sad lamentation for the loss of their Josiah represented in a sermon at Christ-Church in Dublin before His Excellency the Lord Deputy, with divers of the nobility, gentry, and commonality there assembled, to celebrate a funeral solemnity upon the death of the late Lord Protector / by Dr. Harrison ...Harrison, Thomas, 1619-1682.A45690EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Political aphorisms: or, The true maxims of government displayed Wherein is likewise proved, that paternal authority is no absolute authority, and that Adam had no such authority. That there neither is or can be any absolute government de jure, and that all such pretended government is void. That the children of Israel did often resist their evil princes without any appointment or foretelling thereof by God in scripture. That the primitive Christians did often resist their tyrannical emperors, and that Bishop Athanasius did approve of resistance. That the Protestants in all ages did resist their evil and destructive princes. Together with a historical account of the depriving of kings for their evil government, in Israel, France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, and in England before and since the conquest.A45694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The woolf under sheeps-clothing discovered, or, The spirit of Cain, appearing in the Bishop of Liechfield, reproved as hereafter is sufficiently manifested by the fruits of his sermon at Polesworth in Warwickshire ... / Charles Harris.Harriss, Charles.A45698EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christians blessed choice, or, The godly mans resolution to cleave fast to God and his truth, notwithstanding trials, troubles, and persecutions very seasonable for these times / by J.H.Hart, John, D.D.A45703EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse against purgatoryHartcliffe, John, 1651-1712.A45738EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Chymical, medicinal, and chyrurgical addresses made to Samuel Hartlib, Esquire. Viz. 1. Whether the vrim & thummim were given in the mount, or perfected by art. ... 9. The new postilions, pretended prophetical prognostication, of what shall happen to physitians, chyrurgeons, apothecaries, alchymists, and miners.Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662.A45747EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Clavis apocalyptica, or, A prophetical key by which the great mysteries in the revelation of St. John and the prophet Daniel are opened : it beeing made apparent that the prophetical numbers com to an end with the year of our Lord, 1655 : in two treatises: 1. Shewing what in these our times hath been fulfilled, 2. At this present is effectually brought to pass, 3. And henceforth is to bee expected in the year neer at hand : with an introductorie preface / written by a Germane D. ; and now translated out of High-Dutch.Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662.A45748EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cornu copia, a miscellanium of lucriferous and most fructiferous experiments, observations and discoveries immethodically distributed to be really demonstrated and communicated in all sincerity.Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662.A45749EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A description of the famous kingdome of Macaria, shewing its excellent government wherein the inhabitants live in great prosperity, health, and happiness : the king obeyed, the nobles honoured, and all good men respected, vice punished, and vertue rewarded : an example to other nations between a schollar and a traveller.Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662.A45750EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discoverie for division or setting out of land, as to the best form published by Samuel Hartlib esquire, for direction and more advantage and profit of the adventurers and planters in the fens and other waste and undisposed places in England and Ireland ; whereunto are added some other choice secrets of experiments of husbandry ; with a philosophical quere concerning the cause of fruitfulness, and an essay to shew how all lands may be improved in a new way to become the ground of the increase of trading and revenue to this common-wealth.Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662.A45751EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A faithfvll and seasonable advice, or, The necessity of a correspondencie for the advancement of the Protestant cause humbly suggested to the great councell of England assembled in Parliament.Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662.A45752EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A further discoverie of the office of publick addresse for accommodationsHartlib, Samuel, d. 1662.A45753EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ladies dictionary, being a general entertainment of the fair-sex a work never attempted before in English.N. H.A45754EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Samuel Hartlib, his legacy of husbandry wherein are bequeathed to the common-wealth of England, not onely Braband and Flanders, but also many more outlandish and domestick experiments and secrets (of Gabriel Plats and others) never heretofore divulged in reference to universal husbandry : with a table shewing the general contents or sections of the several augmentations and enriching enlargements in this third edition.Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662.A45756EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reformed Common-wealth of bees. Presented in severall letters and observations to Sammuel Hartlib Esq. With The reformed Virginian silk-worm. Containing many excellent and choice secrets, experiments, and discoveries for attaining of national and private profits and riches.Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662.A45759EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Now we the lord lieutenant and Council, in pursuance of His Majesties said letters, and by virtue of the said clause in the act explaining the Act of Settlement, do by this our act of Council, give and grant general licence and leave to all and every His Majesties Roman Catholic subjects ...Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1670-1672 : Berkeley)A45763EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we the lord lieutenant have lately received His Majesties letters dated the 28th of September 1672 which follow in these words ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A45764EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we the lord lieutenant and Council according to His Majesties pleasure, and commands signified unto us by the lords of His Majesties Most Honourable Privy Council of England, by their letters bearing date the twenty sixth day of September last ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A45765EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ireland's lamentation being a short, but perfect, full and true account of the scituation [sic], nature, constitution and product of Ireland : with an impartial historical relation of the most material transactions, revolutions, and miserable sufferings of the Protestants there, from the death of King Charles the second, to the latter end of April, 1689 : the time and manner of the late King's landing there : what men, monies, shipping, arms and ammunition he brought with him : the manner of his going up and into Dublin : his kneeling to the host : displacing all Protestants : the strength and defeat of his Army, and what else is of note : to which is added, a letter from a lieutenant in the Irish army, dated at Dublin, May 7. with an account of affairs to that time / written by an English Protestant that lately narrowly escaped with his life from thence.English Protestant that lately narrowly escaped with his life from thence.A45771EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Levamen infirmi: or, cordial counsel to the sick and diseased Containing I. Advice concerning physick, and what a physician ought to be; with an account of the author's remedies, and how to take them. II. Concerning melancholy, frensie, and madness; in which, amongst other things, is shew'd, how far they differ from a conscience opprest with the sense of sin, and likewise how they differ among themselves. III. A miscellany of pious discourses, concerning the attributes of God; with ejaculations and prayers, according to scripture rule. Likewise an account of many things which have happen'd since the creation. To which are added several predictions of what may happen to the end of the world. The whole being enrich'd with physical, pious, moral & historical observations, delightful to read, & necessary to know. By D. Irish, practitioner in physick and surgery, now dwelling at Stoke, near Guilford in Surry, where he is ready to serve any person, to the utmost of his skill.Irish, David.A45776EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
It has been observed, that nothing has been so destructive to the peace and repose of mankind, as those monstrous differences in matters of religion ...A45814EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iter boreale his country clown, or, The Country scourg'd for their barbarisme to the citizensA45819EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iter boreale, to the Presbyterian party, or, Doctor Wildes recantation from his reformed study, to Mr. Calamy in AldermanburyA45821EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iter Oxoniense, or, The going down of the asses to OxenfordA45822EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In commemoration of Mr. Christopher Love who was beheaded on Tower-hill the 22 of August, 1651A45825EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In Georgium Keithum Caledonium apostatam epigramma lucis triumphum, & Keithi cum conjutatis suis catastrophen prænuncians.A45826EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Carminvm proverbialium totius humanæ vitæ statum breviter delineantium, nec non utilem de moribus doctrinam jucundè proponentium, loci communes in gratiam juventutis selectiS. A. I.A45829EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sober request to the Quakers: published by Jer. Ives.Ives, Jeremiah, fl. 1653-1674.A45833EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In memory of His Highness George Duke of AlbemarleA45841EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In serenissimi Regis Jacobi Secundi exiliumA45845EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Inamorato and misogamos, or, A Love-song mock'dA45848EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Inchiquins queries to the Protestant clergy of the province of Munster, with theyr answer to the said queeres as also Sir Richard Blagues speech, chaireman to the Assembly of the Confederate Catholicks at Killkenny, made to His Excellence the Lord Marquis of Ormond upon signing of the articles of peace : and His Exellencies answer to Sr. Richard Blagues speech.Inchiquin, Murrough O'Brien, Earl of, 1614-1674.A45851EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a gentleman of the Insurance Office, concerning the Cities insuring housesI. W.A45883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning repentance by N. Ingelo ...Ingelo, Nathaniel, 1621?-1683.A45885EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ingenious braggadocia who thinks to obliege by boasting of his large possessions, yet was very unwilling to lose much time in wooing; but being married, was in a weeks time acquainted with an aching forehead. To the tune of, Cook Laurel.A45887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Inhumane, & cruel bloody news from Leeds in York-shire Being a true relation of a young man which intic't an other man's wife from London, down into the country; which after some time he most barbarously murthered in a most frightful manner, in a desart place, neer Leeds, cutting her tongue and her eyes out of her head, her throat being cutt from ear to ear; and after all this, being not satisfied, rips her open, and takes a child out of her womb, laying it down by her side: this being done, he took horse and was coming for London; but the murder being found he was pursued and taken, and sent to York Castle, where he must lye till the next Lent assizes, and then receive his due punishment. This being written in the mean time for a warning piece to all young-women, to be careful how they be trappan'd by false and deceitful young men. With allowance, Jan. 4. Ro. L'Estrange. The tune is, The bleeding heart, &c.A45890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Innkeeper's complaint, or, The Country victuallor's lamentation for the dearness of malt which hinder's their affording their shot-flaggons concluding with a hope of seeing happy days after this royal decent: to the tune of Let Mary live long.A45892EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Innocency cleared, or, The case and vindication of Col. George Gill wherein is made apparent how the sentence of Parliament was procured against him and by what meanes the re-hearing hath been delayed : humbly presented to the Parliament with desires of speedy justice.Gill, George.A45894EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The innocent cause of the people called Quakers in the north of Scotland, who are under great sufferings, laid open and presented to the King and his council in Scotland, and to all inferiour magistrates, judges, and rulers, who have a hand in our present sufferings.A45901EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Innocent love in triumph: or, the joys of wedlock made manifest Being a most delightful new play song. No love like that which innocence does crown, On which Hell's daughter Jealousie, can't frown; Nor is it like the smiles that harlots sell, But chast as those who in Elizium dwell; All joys attend it, and all blessings wait, To make fair Celia's long-wish'd joys compleat. To the tune of, The Oxfords bells.A45903EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Enquiry into the causes of the miscarriage of the Scots colony at Darien, or, An answer to a libel entituled, A defence of the Scots abdicating Darien submitted to the consideration of the good people of England.A45906EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
I A. B. do sincerely promise and swear, that I will be faithful, and bear true allegiance to his majesty King William. So help me GodEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1689-1694 : William and Mary)A45911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
I father a child that's none of my own being the seamans complaint, who took a whore instead of a saint ... : to the tune of, Cook Laurel, or, Give me the lass, &c.A45913EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Insignia prælustris Societatis Scoticanæ, ad Africam & Indias Mercaturam facientis, explicata.A45918EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Instability of the Quakers pretended infallibilityA45920EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Instructions for jury-men on the Commission of Sewers shewing, 1. what they are to surveigh and view, 2. what to enquire and present, 3. how, delivered in a charge to 3 several juries at a session of Sewers holden at Spalding in the county of Lincoln : to which is added two other charges, the one concerning Lovell's works the other touching the river of Glean in the said county.England and Wales. Court of Sewers (Lincolnshire, England)A45932EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A True and faithful account of the intire defeat of the rebbel Dundee by Major General Maccay with the number of the slain.A45933EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Inter Robertum Williamson, quer' et Mr. Attorney General, deft. Upon a writ of error in Parliament The case of the plaintiff, one of the assigns of Sir Robert Vyner. For 60 l. per annum, and the arrears thereof, out of the hereditary revenue of excise.Dodd, Sam.A45940EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Interrogatories, or, A dialogue between Whig and ToryA45949EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The intrigues of the conclave, at the choosing of a pope as also a particular relation of what past at the election of Sixtus V, and Clement VIII : to which is added an historical essay, to demonstrate that according to the principles of the Church of Rome, there has not been, nor can be, any true and lawful pope since the election of Sixtus V / written by a gentleman of Rome.Gentleman of Rome.A45953EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New remonstrance of Ireland, or, A continved diurnall of the most remarkeable passages from the fifth of May to this present by C.I. an eye-witnesse of them.C. J., eye-witnesse of them.A45965EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An act for granting an additional duty on tobacco and for continuing unto His Majesty, an aid, or additional custom on several goods and merchandizes : and also for continuing the additional duty on beer and ale, and other liquors, till the twenty fifth day of December, one thousand, seaven hundred and two.Ireland.A45969EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
VVilliam Idell obtained his Majesties Order in Council in consideration of his service in retaking his ship in the bay of Cadiz from the Dutch, and his great expence in attending to receive his Majesties reward, his Majesty in Council did order the said William Idell should have the office of registring sales, pawns and broaks, bought and sold in London and suburbs thereof, in lieu and recompence thereof, and referred the same to the Attorney General, who made his report as follows, ...A45998EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Idem iterum, or, The history of Q. Mary's big-belly from Mr. Fox's Acts and monuments and Dr. Heylin's Hist. res.A45999EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland all persons that shall have occasion to prefer any petitions to us are to take notice ...Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46001EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
At a general court martial held at the Inns in DublinEngland and Wales. Army.A46003EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Supreame Councell of the Confederat Catholicks of Ireland although wee find our selves much afflicted for the expressions wee are forced to make, of the Lord Nuncio his violent proceedings against the gouerment of the kingdome ...Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council.A46008EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Councell and congregation whereas such of the Roman Catholiques as reside within the English quarters feare to be plundered ...Confederate Catholics.A46009EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Generall Assembly of the Confederate Catholicks of Ireland whereas severall declarations and protestations are said to have been unlegally and unduely by secret, foule and sinister practices, and under-hand-working, lately obtained from some particular persons ...Confederate Catholics.A46010EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the right honourable the Commissioners for manangement of the several forfeited estates, goods and chattels of the rebells of IrelandIreland. Commissioners appointed to enquire in to Forfeited Estates.A46012EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Supreame Councell of the Confederate Catholicks of Ireland forasmuch as after a long and serious debate, a cessation of armes and all acts of hostilities, to beginne at twelve of the clocke the fifteenth day of September ...Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council.A46013EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Supreame Councell of the Confederate Catholiques of Ireland wee the Supreame Councell of the said Confederate Catholiques, hauing of a long tyme, with deepe sense of the sufferings of the people and the wayes taken to heape miseries on this afflicted kingdome ...Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council.A46014EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Complianc[e] having been made at this board, that divers of His Majesties good subjects have been very much grieved and molested, by reason of illegal warrants issued against them by some of His Majesties sheriffs and justices of peace in this kingdom ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46017EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of the General Convention of Ireland expressing their detestation of the unjust proceedings against the late King, in a pretended high court of justice in England.Ireland. General Convention.A46020EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of the General Convention of Ireland expressing their detestation of the unjust proceedings against the late King, in a pretended high court of justice in England.Ireland. General Convention.A46022EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of the Lords spiritual and Temporal, and the Commons in this present Parliament of Ireland assembled, concerning ecclesiastical government and the Book of common-prayerIreland. Parliament.A46024EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Forasmuch as for His Majesties service, we hold it fit that all officers of His Majesties army now in this kingdom, as well members of Parliament, as others, attend their duties at their several and respective quarters ...Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46026EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Forasmuch as we judge it fit, in order to His Majesties service, that all officers of His Majesties army in this kingdom (except such of them who are of His Majesties Privy Council) shall reside at their respective charges and commands ... by the Lord Lieutenant General and General Governour of Ireland, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46027EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Tou agiou Ignatiou epistolai. = Sancti Ignatii epistolæ]Ignatius, Saint, Bishop of Antioch, d. ca. 110.A46029EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Lord Lieutenant General and General Governour of Ireland for special reasons conducing to His Majesties service, we do hereby require and command all officers of His Majesties army ...Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1668 : Ormonde).A46030EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
For the more due and orderly preservation of His Majesties game of pheasants, partridges, crows and hares, and all other game whatsoever, for the recreation of the lord lieutenant and Council, especially near about the places where the lord lieutenant and state shall for the most part reside, we do hereby in His Majesties name strictly charge and command all persons whatsoever not to presume to kill or take, or attempt to kill or take any pheasant, partridge, crows, hares, or any prohibited game whatsoever ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46031EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Supreame Councell of the Confederat Catholick[s] of Ireland [it] cannot be expressed by what suttle practices such, as for their own ambitious ends ...Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council.A46038EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ignoramus, an excellent new song to the tune of, Lay by your pleading, law lies a bleeding.A46039EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
It having pleased Almighty God by his wonderful providence, and out of his unspeakable mercy, in a most extraordinary manner to deliver His Majesty from a late horrid and damnable conspiracy of bloody men, and His Majesty out of a deep sense thereof, having been pleased by his declaration dated the 28th of July 1683, to appoint a day of publick thanksgiving to be observed ... by the Lord Deputy and Council.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46040EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Generall Assembly of the Confederate Catholicks of Ireland it is ordered, that any commander or officer whatsoever, that shall ... refuse or decline the service for the present supply of His Majestie ...Confederate Catholics.A46041EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ordered upon the question (nemine contradicente) that this House do agree to the report of their committee, containing their several objections against the bill, intituled, An Act of Free and General Pardon, Indempnity and Oblivion ... by the knights, citizens, and burgesses assembled in Parliament.Ireland. Parliament.A46046EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation whereas by the death of our late soveraign Lord King Charls, of blessed memory, the imperial crowns of England, Scotland, France and Ireland did then immediately ... descend and come to His Most Excellent Majestie, Charls the Second ...Ireland. General Convention.A46047EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation of the General Convention of Ireland, for proclaiming His Sacred Royal Majesty King Charles the SecondIreland. General Convention.A46048EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ignoramus, an excellent new song to the tune of Lay by your pleading, law lies a bleeding.A46049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Ignoramus ballad to the tune of, Let Oliver now be forgotten.A46050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation by His Majesties commissioners for executing his gracious Declaration for the settlement of IrelandIreland. Commission of Lands and for the Settlement of Ireland.A46051EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ignoramus-justice, or, The English-law turn'd into gin to let knaves out and keep honest men in an excellent song to the tune of Sir Egledemore.A46053EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ill fortune of a younger brother and I wish no mans fall by such another ... : to the tune of, If I should marry a young wife / by L.W.L. W.A46055EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An heroick elegie upon the most lamentable death of the incomparable heroina, Madame Isabella Buggs the much loved wife of Col. William Buggs, formerly widow to that worthy gentleman Henry Lloyd of Cheam, in com. Surrey, Esquire, and daughter to that honourable person Sir George Parkins of Bunny in com. Nottinghamshire, Knight.H. I.A46062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Lord Lieutenant, a proclamation appointing the time for putting in of claimsIreland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46063EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the lord lieutenant and council, a proclamation concerning passes for shippsIreland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46066EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for a thanksgiving for the late victory by His Majesties naval forces by the Lord Deputy and Council, Ossory.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46068EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for the immediate fortifying of the citie of Dublin and the suburbs thereof by Lords Iustices and Councell, W. Parsons, Io. Burlase.Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.A46073EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An impartial account of some of the transactions in Scotland, concerning the Earl of Broadalban, Viscount and Master of Stair, Glenco-men, Bishop of Galloway, and Mr. Duncan Robertson in a letter from a friend.Friend.A46076EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the generall assemblie of the Confederate Catholiques of Ireland this assembly taking seriously into consideration that Owen Mac Arte O Neill, late generall of Ulster, & Emer Lord Bishop of Clogher, being traiterously disaffected ...Confederate Catholics.A46077EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Upon consideration of a petition presented unto us, by the officers of the receipt of His Majesties exchequer, and the answer of the farmers of His Majesties revenue thereunto ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46079EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Lord Lieutenant and councell upon consideration of the annexed instrument, whereby it is concluded and accorded that there shall be a further continuation of the cessation of armes ... untill the last day of Ianuary next ensuing ...Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1641-1649 : Ormonde)A46080EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An impartial account of some remarkable passages in the life of Arthur Earl of Torrington together with some modest remarks on his tryal and acquitment.A46081EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
We the Lord Lieutenant and Council considering the duty incumbent on us to give a right representation of His Majesties great care of, and indulgence to, his people, and to make the execution of the laws as easie and safe to his subjects, as the exegencie of the times and necessity of affairs may possibly admit ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Co.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46085EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
We the lord lieutenant and Council, do command and proclaim publick humiliation, fasting and prayers to be observed in all parts and parishes within this kingdom, on Wednesday the 17th of April next ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Jo. Berkeley.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1670-1672 : Berkeley)A46086EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
We the Lord Lieutenant and Council, do order, command and proclaim publick humiliation, fasting and prayers to be observed in all the parts and parishes within this kingdom, that is to say, in the city of Dublin and suburbs thereof on Wednesday the twentieth day of this moneth of June, and on Wednesday the seven and twentieth day of the said moneth, in and throughout the whole kingdom ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46087EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An impartial account of the arraignment trial & condemnation of Thomas late Earl of Strafford, and Lord Lievtanant of Ireland before the Parliament at Wesminster, Anno Dom, 1641.Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641, defendant.A46088EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
We hereby think fit to will and require all officers and souldiers, immediately to repair to their respective commands ... by the Lord Lieutenant General, and General Governour of Ireland, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46089EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
We judging it requisite for His Majesties service, that all officers and souldiers of the army in this kingdom, do according to their duty, constantly remain in their respective garrisons and quarters ... by the Lord Lieutenant General and General Governour of Ireland, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46091EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
We judging it requisite for the better government of His Majesties army, and the preservation of the peace of this kingdom, that all officers and souldiers under their command, should be, and continue in their respective garrisons ... by the Lord Lieutenant General and General Governour of Ireland, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46092EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
We the Lord Lieutenant and Council being informed, that both at the assizes and sessions held in several countyes of this kingdom, divers summes of mony have been of late years l[...]ned under pretence of presentments from the grand jury ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46093EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
We the lord lieutenant and Council do hereby think fit to declare and publish that whosoever shall make discovery of any officer or souldier of His Majesties horse and foot guards in this city and suburbs thereof, or of His Majesties army in this kingdom, who having formerly taken the Oathes of Allegiance and Supremacy, hath since been perverted, or hereafter shall be perverted to the popish religion ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46094EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas a most barbarous and outragious murder and robbery was committed, on Sunday the seventh day of this instant October in the evening, in the town of Radrom in the county of Wicklow ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormond.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46098EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas application hath been made to His Majestie by John Forth, and other the late farmers of His Majesties revenue in this kingdom, setting forth, that there are still due and owing to them several great arreares and other summs of mony ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46102EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas at the Parliament holden in this kingdom in the twelfth year of the reign of King Edward the Fourth ... by the Lords Justices and Council, Mau. Eustace canc., Orrery.Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.A46103EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas by a clause contained in the act, intituled, an Act for the Explaining of Some Doubts Arising upon an Act, intituled, an Act for the Better Execution of His Majesties Gracious Declaration for the Settlement of his Kingdome of Ireland ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46105EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Impartial account of the nature and tendency of the late addresses in a letter to a gentleman in the country.A46109EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Supreame Councell of the Confederate Catholicks of Ireland whereas by our late proclamation we have assured all and everie the inhabitants of the province of Ulster ...Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council.A46111EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas by our proclamation, bearing date the twenty sixth day of June last, all persons concerned in any of the transplanted lands in the province of Connaght, and county of Clare ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46113EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An impartial account of the present state of the Hudson-Bay Company, as they stand incorporated in a charter granted them by King Charles the SecondA46116EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas by proclamation, bearing date the nineteenth day of June last, it was declared and appointed, that the first payment of the years rent, payable by the Act of Explanation, out of all the lands in this kingdom, which were returned by the civil survey to belong to any Irish papist, popish recusant, or Roman Catholick ... by the Lord Deputy and Council, Ossory.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46117EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas by proclamation, dated the eighteenth of May, one thousand six hundred seventy four, we did for the reasons therein expressed, amongst other things therein set forth, inhibit the transportation of several sorts of corn and grain mentioned in the said proclamation ... by the Lord lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46118EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas by proclamation dated the fifth day of May, 1684, we the Lord Deputy and Council, did for the reasons therein exprest, restrain the transportation of all sorts of corn, meal and mault, out of this kingdom, unto any place whatsoever beyond the seas untill Michaelmas next ... by the Lord Deputy and Council, Arran.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46121EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas by some letters scattered about the streets of this city of Dublin, and by other informations, we have lately received notice of a conspiracy against the life of us the lord lieutenant ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46124EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas by the antient laws and statutes of this realm, great and heady penalties are inflicted upon all such as shall be found to be spreaders of false news, or promoters of any malicious slanders and calumnies in their ordinary and common discourses ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Jo. Berkeley.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1670-1672 : Berkeley)A46125EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Lord Lieutenant and Council. Ormonde. Whereas certain wicked persons of fanatick and disloyal principles disaffected to his Majesties just and gracious government, and to the peace and settlement of this kingdome, have lately most traiterously and disloyally conspired to raise rebellious disturbances in this realm, ...Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46129EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the generall assemblie of the Confederate Catholiques of Ireland whereas Colonell Owen O Neill, coming into this kingdome, under pretence of serving His Majestie and his faithfull subiects the Confederate Catholicks ...Confederate Catholics.A46130EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas divers disloyall persons, commonly called tories, have of late, very much infested severall counties of this kingdome, and have commited divers robberies, burglaries, and murthers ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46131EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An impartial account of the surrender of Charleroy with the several articles, etc.A46133EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas divers persons who had passed certificates from His Majesties late commissioners appointed for putting in execution the Acts of Setlement ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, J. Roberts.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1669-1670 : Radnor)A46135EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas divers persons, in all or most of the cities, and corporate and market towns in this kingdom, have taken a liberty without any restraint ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46136EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas Dualtagh alias Dudy Costelo, Edmund Nagle commonly called Cornet Nangle, Christopher Hill, Thomas Plunket, Cahel alias Charles MacCawell and Neil o Neil and their complices have in the counties of Meath, Tyrone, Monagham, Fermangah, Longford, Leitrim, Cavan and other places appeared in armes against His Majesties authority ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1641-1649 : Ormonde)A46137EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas for sundry good causes and considerations, we have thought it convenient and necessary to prorogue the present Parliament ... by the Lords Justices, Mau. Eustace canc., Orrery, Mountrath.Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.A46138EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An impartial account of the trial of the Lord Conwallis [sic]Cornwallis of Eye, Charles Cornwallis, Baron, 1655-1698.A46139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas His Majesty by his letters, bearing date the fourteenth day of this instant January, to us the lord lieutenant directed, taking notice of a malicious suggestion, diffused amongst his subjects of this kingdom, as if His Majesty did desire to infringe or weaken the late Acts of Settlement and Explanation passed in this kingdom ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46140EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas His Majesty, under his royal signet, and sign manual, bearing date at his court at Whitehall, the sixth day of September 1672, hath signified unto us the lord lieutenant and Council, that His Majestie by letters patents, under his great seal of England, bearing date the eighth day of May, in the thirteenth year of his reign, hav[e] nominated, constituted and ordained his trusty and well-beloved John Ogleby Esq., master of the revels and masques in this kingdom, and by his said letters patents impowered the said John Ogleby, or his lawful deputy or deputies, to ereu [sic] and keep an office, to be known and called by the name of the Revells Office ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46141EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas His Majesty hath been graciously pleased to grant a warrant under his royal sign manual, to prepare a bill to pass under the great seal of England, containing a grant or demise of all His Majesties revenue in this his kingdom of Ireland ... by the Lords Justices and Council of Ireland, Mich. Dublin, c., Art. Granard.Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.A46142EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas His Majestie was graciously pleased by a commission under the great seal of England, bearing date at Westminster on or about the tenth day of December last past, to constitute and appoint Sir Charles Meredith, Knight and chancellor of His Majesties Court of Exchequer in this kingdom ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46143EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas His Majestie by his gracious letters, bearing date the two and twentieth day of September last to us the lord lieutenant directed, taking notice, that the late commissioners for executing the Acts of Settlement & Explanation, did not by virtue of their commission proceed to the adjudication of any the claims of the transplanted persons to the province of Connaught ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46144EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas His Majesty out of his princely care for securing the true Protestant religion, and to satisfie the minds of all his loving subjects therein, for the more effectual discovery and suppression of the most horrid and execrable popish plot ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46146EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas in expectation of conformity to the laws of the land, concerning uniformity of common-prayer and service in the church and the administration of the sacraments ... by the Lords Justices and Council, Mau. Eustace canc., Orrery.Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.A46150EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas in the present treaty concerning the setling and establishing of a firme & perfect peace within this kingdome ...Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1641-1649 : Ormonde)A46151EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas in the twenty eighth year of the reign of King Henry the Sixth, there was one right wholesome law made in this realm for the suppressing, taking, and killing of notorious thieves and robbers, the tenor whereof is in these words following ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46153EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas information hath been given that many persons of the popish religion inhabiting within this kingdom have great store of arms now in their possession, and that of late they have generally taken the liberty to ride armed beyond what hath formerly been accustomed by them ... by the Lord Lieutenant General and General Governour of Ireland, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46154EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas information is given unto us the Lords Justices and Council, that divers great summes of money have been of late secretly conveyed, and transported out of this kingdom, contrary to the laws and statutes now in force prohibiting the same, to the great impoverishing of the realm, and final consumption to the treasure thereof, if not speedily prevented ... by the Lords Justices and Council, Mich. Dublin, c., Art. Forbese.Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.A46155EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas it appears by the examination of John Totty, one of the officers at mace in the city of Dublin, taken upon oath before the lord mayor of the said city, that on the first day of this instant April, the examinant being commanded, went with the magistrates and other officers, pursuant to an order of this board, to a mass house on the Merchants-Key in this city, where they found a priest & many people assembled together ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46156EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas on the seventh day of November last we did set out a proclamation whereby we did continue the respective collectors for the respective counties in the said proclamation mentioned, in the execution of the said imployment, as receivers of the quit-rents due to His Majesty ... by the Lords Justices and Council, Mau. Eustace, canc., Orrery.Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.A46159EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas our very good Lord Richard Lord Viscount Ranelagh and his partners by their contract with His Majesty passed under the great seal of England ... by the Lord Lieutenant General and General Governour of Ireland, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46160EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas Redmond O Hanlon of Tonderegee, in the county of Armagh, yeoman, Laughlin Mac Redmond O Hanlon of Killeany, yeoman, Daniel Mac Murphy Mac Thorlagh Roe O Murphy of the same, yeoman, Cormuck Raver O Murphy of the same, yeoman, Hugh Turr O Murphy of the same, yeoman [and 22 others] have of late committed several burglaries, robberies, and stealths in the said several counties of Armagh, Kerry, Cork, Limerick, Mayo, Sligoe, and else-where within this kingdom, besides divers other outrages ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46161EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas Robert Brown vicar of Castle-Lyons, Oliver Parr, Henry Parr, Edward Morly, Dennis Kearny, and John Patt, petitioned us in behalf of themselves, and several other inhabitants of the town of Castle-Lyons in the county of Cork, setting forth that on Wednesday the eleventh of June last, 1662 there hapned in the town of Castle-Lyons a sudden and violent fire ... by the Lords Justices and Council, Mau. Eustace, canc., Orrery.Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.A46164EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas Robert Robinson late of Clanculgg, in the county of Fermanagh, yeoman, John Irwin alias John Irwin Powshane of the same in the same county yeoman, Archibald Noble junior late of Lisnaskea in the same county yeoman, [and 19 others] have of late committed several burglaries, roberies and stealths, in several parts within this kingdom, besides divers other outrages ... by the Lord Deputy and Council, Arran.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46165EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas Rory Mac Randall Mac Donnell late of the barony of Dungannon in the county of Tyrone, Owen Doo Mac Donnell of the same, Toole Ballagh Mac Donnell late of Croskevenagh in the barony and county aforesaid, [and 16 others] and their complices had in the counties of Monoghan, Antrim, Downe, Tyrone and Londonderry, and other places appeared in armes against His Majesties authority, and several of them committed murders, burglaries, robberies and stealths, besides divers other out-rages to the terror and annoyance of His Majesties loyall and good subjests ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Jo. Berkeley.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1670-1672 : Berkeley)A46167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas several complaints have been made unto us by the farmers and commissioners of His Majesties excise upon beer, ale and strong-waters, and for granting licences for selling of beer and ale by retayle ... by the Lord Lieutenant General and General Governour of Ireland, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas several persons of wicked and restless spirits have industriously gone about to spread false news, and to promote malicious slanders and calumnies with an intention to raise divisions amongst His Majesties good and loyal subjects of this kingdom ... by the Lord Deputy and Council, Tyrconnell.Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.A46169EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An impartial relation of John Kelly's services in the Victualling-Office With an account of the great abuses he has met with from his opposers. Likewise his necessary vindication occasioned by their report to the Lords of the Admiralty.Kelly, John, biscuit-baker.A46171EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas several rolls inquisitions amd other matters of record which concern His Maiesties lordships, mannors, lands, tenements and hereditaments within this kingdom ... have been imbezelled ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, J. Roberts.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1669-1670 : Robartes)A46173EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Die Martis scilicet xvj die Novem[b]. anno Dom. 1641 annoq. regni regis dom. nostri Caroli, [xv]ij whereas sundrie persons have traiterously and rebel[liou]sly taken armes in Vlster ...Ireland. Parliament.A46174EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the commissioners appointed for rating and assessing the several subsidies granted to His Majestie by the Parliament, lately sitting in this kingdom, have in several counties neglected to make returnes of the estreates of the said subsidies into His Majesties Court of Exchequer ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, J. Roberts.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1669-1670 : Radnor)A46176EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the commissioners and chief governors of His Majesties revenue (being the persons and officers duly authorized by themselves, substitutes, agents or servants for the receiving, collecting and answering the duty arising by hearths, firing-places, stoves and publick ovens and kilns) have desired that all our due care may be taken, that no certificates be unduly granted by the justices of the peace unto such persons who by the acts for setting the said duty on His Majesty are uncapable thereof ... by the Lord Deputy and Council, Arran.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46177EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the farmers of His Majesties revenue (being the persons and officers duely authorised by themselves ... &c.) have complained to us ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46178EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the late farmers of His Majesties customs and other revenues of this kingdom, have convenanted with His Majesty, that they shall, and will pay and discharge all debentures for repayments of customs for foreign goods made within the time of their farm ... by the Lord Deputy and Council, Arran.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46181EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the late horrid plot & conspiracy of divers priests and Jesuits, and other papists, against His Majesties sacred person, and for the subversion of the Protestant religion and His Majesties government, hath been so far discovered, that the said effects thereof have by His Majesties care and the blessing of Almighty God been hitherto prevented, and the most notorious offenders therein brought to condigne punishment in England, or are secur'd, or fled from justice ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46182EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the Parliament stands prorogued untill the three and twentieth day of this instant September, and whereas for sundry causes and considerations we have thought fit and convenient and necessary further to prorogue the said Parliament untill the five and twentieth day of October next ... by the Lord Deputy, Ossory.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46183EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the Parliament stands prorogued untill the first day of December next, and whereas for sundry causes and considerations, we have thought it fit and convenient and necessary further to prorogue the said Parliament untill the seventeenth day of January next ... by the Lord Deputy, Ossory.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46184EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the Parliament stands prorogued untill the seventeenth day of January next, and whereas for sundry causes and considerations, we have thought it fit and convenient and necessary further to prorogue the said Parliament untill the twentieth day of February next ... by the Lord Deputy, Ossory.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46185EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the Parliament stands prorogued untill the twentieth day of this instant February ... by the Lord Deputy, Ossory.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46186EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the Parliament stands prorogued untill the tenth day of April next, and whereas for sundry causes and considerations, we have thought it fit and convenient and necessary further to prorogue the said Parliament untill the second day of May next ... by the Lord Deputy, Ossory.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46187EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the Parliament stands prorogued untill the fourth day of July next, and whereas for sundry causes and considerations, we have thought it fit and convenient and necessary further to prorogue the said Parliament untill the third day of August next ... by the Lord Deputy, Ossory.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46188EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the Parliament stands prorogued until the third day of August next, and whereas for sundry causes and considerations, we have thought it fit and convenient and necessary further to prorogue the said Parliament until l the seventh day of September next ... by the Lord Deputie, Ossory.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46189EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Lord Lieutenant. Ormonde. Whereas the present Parliament is adjourned until the five and twentieth day of this present May: ...Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46191EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the process of His Majesties Court of Exchequer are issued out to several sheriffs, collectors, and receivers of the respective counties, towns, and places of this kingdom, for divers arrears of rents, debts, and other sums of money due to the kings Majestie, at or before the twenty fifth day of December, one thousand six hundred sixty eight ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46192EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the sins of prophane swearing and cursing are offenses forbidden by the word of God, and do highly provoke his wrath, not onely against the persons that are guilty thereof but also against the place where such crimes are permitted to pass unpunished ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46193EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas there was an ordinance made by the late general convention of this kingdom, assembled by His Majesties authority, intituled, an Ordinance for the Speedy Raising of Moneys for His Majesties Service ... by the Lords Justices and Council, Mau. Eustace, canc., Orrery.Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.A46195EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas upon the French Kings declaring warr against His Majestie and his subjects, His Majestie hath issued his declaration against the French, which followeth in these words ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46196EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we are authorized and required by His Majesties letters, bearing date the 13th day of February, 1676, to give such further rules and directions for the better disposing and settling the remaining part of the security of the commissioned officers which served His Majestie in the wars of Ireland, before the fifth of June, 1649 ... by the Lord Lieutenant General and General Governour of Ireland, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46197EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we are highly sensible of the many and great inconveniences, which His Majesties good subjects in this kingdome are too frequently brought under by the multitude of causeless presentments and indictments, which are usually prosecuted at the assizes and sessions, rather out of malice or revenge than for the furtherance of justice ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Jo. Berkeley.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1670-1672 : Berkeley)A46198EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Lord Lieutenant General, and General Governour of Ireland Ormonde. Whereas we are informed, that divers officers of His Majesties army in this kingdom do absent themselves from their respective commands without our licence, ...Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46200EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we are informed, that to the disadvantage of His Majesties service, divers officers of His Majesties army in this kingdom do absent themselves from their respective quarters, without license of His Grace the Duke of Ormonde Lord Lieutenant General, or of us the lord deputy of this kingdom ... by the Lord Deputy General of Ireland, Ossory.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46201EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we are informed that to the disadvantage of His Majesties service, divers officers of His Majesties army in this kingdom do absent themselves from their several quarters without our license, and whereas upon the accompt of the last harvest ... by the Lord Deputy Generall of Ireland, Ossory.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46202EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we are informed, that in many cities and towns corporate within this kingdom, greater customers, tolls and duties than are really due, have been of late exacted in right of the said corporations, upon goods imported or exportd into or out of the said cities and towns corporate, to the great prejudice of His Majestie his customers, the decay of trade, and the discouragement of merchants ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46204EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we are informed, that the price of corn, and all sorts of grain and meal, is grown excessive great in severall parts of this kingdom, and the same doth arise (as is conceived) not so much from the scarcity of the store, as from the great quantities of corn that have been of late carried out of this countrey into foreign parts, and also from the ill disposed minds of the countrey-farmers and corn-masters at home ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46205EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas wee are informed, that divers merchants, strangers, & others, have lately brought into this kingdom several peices [sic] of Dutch coyne, commonly known by the name of new lyon dollars, stamped with a lyon rampant on the one side ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Essex.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1672-1677 : Essex)A46206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we are informed by John Stepney Esq., who is the only party to the Earl of Ranelagh ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46207EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we are informed by the Earl of Ranelagh, and his partners, that several sheriffs and collectors within the respective counties of this kingdom, have received by vertue of His Majesties process, divers considerable summs of money due to His Majestie, and which do belong to the Earl of Ranelagh and partners undertaking, some of whom have accompted lately in the Exchequer, but not paid in the money due from them ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46209EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we are informed that the price of corn, and all sorts of grain, meale and malt, is grown excessive high in several parts of this kingdom, which both arise as is conceived from the great quantities of corn which have been of late carried out of this kingdom, into foreign parts ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormonde.Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde)A46210EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we are informed that the price of corn, and all sorts of grain, meale and malt, is grown excessive high in several parts of this kingdom, which doth arise as is conceived from the great quantities of corn which have been of late carried out of this kingdom, into forreign parts ... by the Lord Deputy and Council, Arran.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46211EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we have by the blessing of God discovered and disappointed a traiterous conspiracy for surprizing and taking His Majesties castle of Dublin, (His Majesties principal fort in this his kingdom), which the said conspirators had designed to do on the 21th day of this present moneth of May ...Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1661-1669 : Ormonde)A46214EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the lords justices and councell. Jo. Borlase. Hen. Tichborne. Whereas we have lately seen a printed paper, intituled, a solemn League and Covenant for reformation and defence of religion the honour and happinesse of the king, and he peace and safety of the three kingdoms, of England, Scotland, and Ireland, which seems to have been printed at London, on the ninth day of October 1643. ...Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.A46216EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas we have received information, that Connor ô Dee, late of Arglin, in the county of Tipperary, yeoman, and Richard Power, late of Ballintotry in the said county yeoman, have of late committed several burglaries, robberies, and stealths ... by the Lord Deputy and Council, Arran.Ireland. Lord Deputy.A46218EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Work for a cooper being an answer to a libel, written by Thomas Wynne the cooper, the ale-man, the quack, and the speaking-Quaker : with a brief account how that dissembling people differ at this day from what at first they were / by one who abundantly pities their ignorance and folly.Jones, William, fl. 1679-1710.A46221EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The divell is an asse a comedie acted in the yeare 1616, by His Majesties servants / the author, Ben. Iohnson.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A46228EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Strange banquet, or, The Devils entertainment by Cook Laurel at the Peak in Devonshire with a true relation of the severall dishes : the tune is, Cook Laurel.A46229EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The widdow a comedie, as it was acted at the private house in Black-Fryers, with great applause, by His late Majesties servants / written by Ben. Johnson, John Fletcher, Tho. Middleton, Gent. ...Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A46230EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A description of the nature of four-footed beasts with their figures en[graven in brass] / written in Latin by Dr. John Johnston ; translated into English by J.P.Jonstonus, Joannes, 1603-1675.A46231EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An history of the constancy of nature wherein by comparing the latter age with the former, it is maintained that the world doth not decay universally in respect of it self, or the heavens, elements, mixt bodies, meteors, minerals, plants, animals, nor man in his age, stature, strength, or faculties of his minde, as relating to all arts and science / by John Jonston of Poland.Jonstonus, Joannes, 1603-1675.A46233EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An history of the wonderful things of nature set forth in ten severall classes wherein are contained I. The wonders of the heavens, II. Of the elements, III. Of meteors, IV. Of minerals, V. Of plants, VI. Of birds, VII. Of four-footed beasts, VIII. Of insects, and things wanting blood, IX. Of fishes, X. Of man / written by Johannes Jonstonus, and now rendred into English by a person of quality.Jonstonus, Joannes, 1603-1675.A46234EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jacobites exultation upon their conceiv'd hopes of the present plotA46237EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Claraphil and Clarinda in a forrest of fancies. By Tho: Jordan, Gent.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46239EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A cure for the tongue-evill, or, A receipt against vain oaths being a plain and profitable poem, shewing the hainousness of common swearing, with reasons against it, and remedies for it / by T.I., an hearty well-wisher to his king, church, and country.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46240EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The debtors apologie, or, A quaint paradox proving that it is good to be in debt, and, in this age, may be usefull for all men by T. J.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46241EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Divine raptvres; or, Piety in poesie digested into a queint diversity of sacred fancies / composed by Tho. Iordan ...Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46242EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Divinity and morality in robes of poetry composed for the recreations of the courteous and ingenious by the author Tho. Jordan.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46244EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fancy's festivals a masque, as it hath been privately presented by many civil persons of quality : and now at their requests newly printed with many various and delightful new songs, for the further illustration of every scene / written by Tho. Jordan ...Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46245EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The goldsmiths' jubile, or, Londons triumphs containing, a description of the several pageants, on which are represented, emblematical figures, artful pieces of architecture, and rural dancing : with the speeches spoken on each pageant : performed Octob. 29, 1674, for the entertainment of the Right Honourable and truly noble pattern of prudence and loyalty, Sir Robert Vyner, Kt. & Bar, Lord Mayor of the city of London : at the proper costs and charges of the worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, the Kings Most Sacred Majesty and His Royal Consort, Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Dutchess of York, Prince Rupert, the Duke of Monmouth, several foreign embassadours, chief nobility, and secretaries of state, honouring the city with their presence / composed by Tho. Jordan.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46246EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jevvels of ingenuity, set in a coronet of poetry by the industry of T.J.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46247EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London in its splendor consisting of triumphant pageants, whereon are represented many persons richly arrayed, properly habited, and significant to the design : with several speeches and a song, suitable to the solemnity : all prepared for the honour of the prudent magistrate, Sir William Hooker, Kt., Lord Mayor of the city of London, at the peculiar expences of the Worshipful Company of Grocers : as also, a description of His Majesties royal entertainment at Guildhall, by the city, in a plentiful feast, and a glorious banquet / written by Tho. Jordan.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46248EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London in luster projecting many bright beams of triumph disposed into several representations of scenes and pageants : performed with great splendor on Wednesday, October XXIX, 1679, at the initiation and instalment of the Right Honourable Sir Robert Clayton, Knight, Lord Mayor of the city of London ... : all set forth at the proper cost and charges of the worshipful Company of Drapers / devised and composed by Tho. Jordan, Gent.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46249EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London's ioyfull gratulation, and thankfull remembrance for their safeties presented to the Right Honourable their excellencies, the most noble Earle of Essex, and the most noble Robert, Earle of Warwick : both generals of the present forces raised for the defence of this kingdome, with the generall joy for their safe coming hither.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46253EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jacobites Hudibras containing the late King's declaration in travesty.A46254EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London's resurrection to joy and triumph expressed in sundry shews, shapes, scenes, speeches and songs in parts celebrious to the much-meriting magistrate Sir George Waterman, knight, Lord Mayor of the city of London : at the peculiar and proper expences of the worshipful Company of Skinners / written by Tho. Jordan.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londons triumphs express'd in sundry representations, pageants, and shows, performed on Monday, Octob. 30, 1676, at the inauguration and instalment of the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Davies, Kt., Lord Mayor of the city of London : containing a true description of the several scenes and habits of the representers, with the speeches spoken on each pageant / designed and composed by Tho. Jordan.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46257EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A medicine for the times, or, An antidote against faction written by T.J.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46259EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Money is an asse a comedy, as it hath been acted with good applause / written by Tho. Jordain ...Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46260EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The muses melody in a consort of poetrie with diverse occasionall and compendious epistles / composed by the author Tho. Jordan.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46261EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new droll, or, The counter-scuffle. The second part acted in the middle of High-Lent between the goalers and the prisoners : very pleasant and delghtful [sic] / by J. Jordan, gent.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46263EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pictures of passions, fancies, & affections poetically deciphered, in variety of characters / by Tho. Jordan, Gent.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46266EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Piety, and poesy. Contracted. By T. J.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46267EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A royal arbor of loyal poesie consisting of poems and songs digested into triumph, elegy, satyr, love & drollery / composed by Tho. Jordan.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46270EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Selfe, or, A riddle called the monster by T.J.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46272EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A speech spoken to His Excellency the Lord General Monck at Skinners-Hall on Wednesday, being the 4th. of April 1660 : at which time he was nobly entertained by that honourable company / written by Thomas Jorden.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46273EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A speech to the people, or, A briefe and reall discovery of the unhappy estate of these most distracted times with a necessary caution to all good subjects / vvritten by T. I. gent. ...Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46274EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tricks of youth, or, The walks of Islington and Hogsdon with the humours of Woodstreet-compter a comedy, as it was publickly acted nineteen dayes together with extraordinary applause / written by Tho. Jordan, Gent.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46275EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triumphs of London performed on Friday, Octob. 29, 1675, for the entertainment of the Right Honourable and truly noble pattern of prudence and loyalty, Sir Joseph Sheldon, Kt., Lord Mayor of the city of London : containing a true description of the several pageants, with the speeches spoken on each pageant : together with several songs sung at this solemnity : all set forth at the proper costs and charges of the worshipful company of drapers / designed and composed by Tho. Jordan ...Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46276EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triumphs of London performed on Tuesday, October XXIX, 1678, for the entertainment of the right honourable and truly noble pattern of prudence and loyalty, Sir James Edwards, knight, Lord Mayor of the city of London, containing a true description of the several pageants with the speeches spoken on each pageant, together with the songs sung in this solemnity, all set forth at the proper costs and charges of the worshipful company of grocers / designed and composed by Tho. Jordan, gent.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46278EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wit in a wildernesse of promiscuous poesie by the author Tho. Jordan.Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A46280EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of natural bathes, and mineral waters wherein, the original of fountains in general is declared, the nature and difference of minerals with examples of particular bathes, the generation of minerals in the earth, from whence both the actual heat of bathes, and their virtues proceed, by what means mineral waters are to be discover'd, and lastly, of the nature and uses of bathes, but especially of our bathes at Bathe, in Someerset-shire / by Edw. Jorden, Doctor in Physick.Jorden, Edward, 1569-1632.A46281EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The works of Josephus with great diligence revised and amended according to the excellent French translation of Monsieur Arnauld D'Andilly : also the Embassy of Philo Judæus to the Emperor Caius Caligula Josephus, Flavius.A46286EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wonderful, and most deplorable history of the latter times of the Jews with the destruction of the city of Jerusalem. Which history begins where the Holy Scriptures do end. By Josephus Ben Gorion whereunto is added a brief of the ten captivities; with the pourtrait of the Roman rams, and engines of battery, &c. As also of Jerusalem; with the fearful, and presaging apparitions that were seen in the air before her ruins. Moreover, there is a parallel of the late times and crimes in London, with those in Jerusalem.A46295EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New-Englands rarities discovered in birds, beasts, fishes, serpents, and plants of that country : together with the physical and chyrurgical remedies wherewith the natives constantly use to cure their distempers, wounds, and sores : also a perfect description of an Indian squa ... with a poem not improperly conferr'd upon her : lastly, a chronological table of the most remarkable passages in that country amongst the English : illustrated with cuts / by John Josselyn, Gent.Josselyn, John, fl. 1630-1675.A46303EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A journal of the late motions and actions of the confederate forces against the French in the United Provinces and the Spanish Netherlands with curious remarks on the situation, strength, and rarities of the most considerable cities, towns and fortifications in those countreys : together with an exact list of the army / written by an English officer who was there during the last campaign.English officer who was there during the last campaign.A46308EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jovial Tom of all trads [sic], or, The Various cries of London-city to the tune of A Begging we will go.A46318EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Innocency's complaint against tyrannical court faction in NewenglandJoy, George.A46319EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ioyfvll tydings to all true christians wherein is expressed His Maiesties reuniting himselfe with the Parliament according with them in what soever may be acceptable for the peace of this kingdome : with divers particulars inferted wherein His Maiesty doth explaine his royell intent and good meaning to further Parliamentary proceedings : his desire of the bishops tryall and the punishment of delinquents : with his intent to goe to Woodstocke and the reasons inducing him to the contrary : compacted that every true Christian perusing the same might reioyce at these so happy beginnings of reformation.A46330EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In obitum Mariæ Mag. Brit. &c. Reginæ.Joyner, Edward.A46332EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Judges opinions concerning petitions to the king in publick matters with a clause of a late act of Parliament concerning the same subject.A46340EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The judgment and doctrine of the Church of England concerning one special branch of the King's prerogative, viz. in dispencing with the penall laws / asserted by the most reverend father in God, the lords Arch-Bishops Bancroft, Laud and Usher, the right reverend fathers in God, the lords Bishops Sanderson and Cartwright, the reverend doctors, Sir Thomas Ridley L.L.D., Dr. Hevlin, Dr. Barrow, Dr. Sherlock master of the temple, Dr. Hicks, Dr. Nalson and Dr. Puller ; and by the anonymus, author of The harmony of divinity and law : together with the concurring resolutions of our reverend judges, as most consonant and agreeable thereunto ; in a letter from a gentleman of Oxford, to his friend at London.Gentleman of Oxford.A46343EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The judgment of God shewed upon one John [Faustus] doctor in divinity. Tune Fortune my foeA46348EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The] Judgment of the reformed churches that a man may lawfully not only put away his vvife for her adultery, but also marry another.A46350EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The strange and wonderfull visions and predictions of William Juniper of Gosfield in Essex relating to the troubles of England, as they were by him delivered to Dr. John Gauden then at Bocking, and now Lord Bishop of Exon.Gauden, John, 1605-1662.A46355EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A preservative against the change of religion, or, A just and true idea of the Roman Catholick religion, opposed to the flattering portraictures made thereof, and particularly to that of my Lord of Condom translated out of the French original, by Claudius Gilbert ...Jurieu, Pierre, 1637-1713.A46370EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jus divinum ministerii evangelici. Or The divine right of the Gospel-ministry: divided into two parts. The first part containing a justification of the Gospel-ministry in general. The necessity of ordination thereunto by imposition of hands. The unlawfulnesse of private mens assuming to themselves either the office or work of the ministry without a lawfull call and ordination. The second part containing a justification of the present ministers of England, both such as were ordained during the prevalency of episcopacy from the foul aspersion of anti-christianism: and those who have been ordained since its abolition, from the unjust imputation of novelty: proving that a bishop and presbyter are all one in Scripture; and that ordination by presbyters is most agreeable to the Scripture-patern. Together with an appendix, wherein the judgement and practice of antiquity about the whole matter of episcopacy, and especially about the ordination of ministers, is briefly discussed. Published by the Provincial Assembly of London.London (England). Provincial Assembly.A46373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Just request of the officers and souldiers of this army under the command of His Excellency Sr. Thomas Fairfax to their free elected councell agitatorsA46388EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The laws of Jamaica passed by the assembly, and confirmed by His majesty in council, Feb. 23. 1683 : to which is added, A short account of the island and government thereof, with an exact map of the island.Jamaica.A46390EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Justice in masquerade a poem.A46394EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A justification of the directors of the Netherlands East-India Company as it was delivered over unto the high and mighty lords the States General of the United Provinces, the 22d of July, 1686 : upon the subject and complaint of Mr. Skelton, Envoy Extraordinary from the King of Great Brittain, touching the affair of Bantam, and other controversies at Macassar, and on the coast of Mallabar and at Gamron, in the Gulf of Persia : likewise a justification in answer to the several memorials lately given unto the States General by the Marquess of Albeville, touching Meslepatam and other places in the Indies / translated out of Dutch by a good friend for the satisfaction of all such as are impartial judges of the matters now in dispute between the two companies.Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Compagnie.A46403EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
King James, his apopthegmes, or table-talke as they were by him delivered occasionally and by the publisher (his quondam servant) carefully received, and now humbly offered to publique view, as not impertinent to the present times / by B.A. gent.Agar, Ben, 17th cent.A46413EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Iustine taken out of the four and forty books of Trogus Pompeius contaning [sic] the affairs of all ages and countrys, both in peace and war, from the beginning of the world untill the time of the Roman emperors : together with the epitomie of the lives and manners of the Roman emperors from Octavius Augustus Cæsar to the Emperor Theodosius / translated into English by Robert Codrington ...Justinus, Marcus Junianus.A46415EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A modern essay on the tenth satyr of Juvenal by Henry Higden, Esquire.Juvenal.A46422EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A modern essay on the tenth satyr of Juvenal. By Henry Higden, Esquire. Licensed June 2d. 1686. Ro. L'EstrangeHigden, Henry.A46424EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A modern essay on the thirteenth satyr of Juvenal by Henry Higden.Higden, Henry.A46425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mores hominum = The manners of men / described in sixteen satyrs by Juvenal, as he is published in his most authentick copy, lately printed by command of the King of France ; whereunto is added the invention of seventeen designes in picture, with arguments to the satyrs ; as also explanations to the designes in English and Latine ; together with a large comment, clearing the author in every place wherein he seemed obscure, out of the laws and customes of the Romans, and the Latine and Greek histories, by Sir Robert Stapylton, Knight.Juvenal.A46427EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis translated into English verse by Mr. Dryden and several other eminent hands ; together with the satires of Aulus Persius Flaccus, made English by Mr. Dryden ; with explanatory notes at the end of each satire ; to which is prefix'd a discourse concerning the original and progress of satire ... by Mr. Dryden.Juvenal.A46439EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tenth satyr of Juvenal, English and Latin the English by Tho Shadwell ; with illustrations upon it.Juvenal.A46447EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
King Iames his iudgement by way of counsell and advice to all his loving subjects extracted out of his own speeches / by Doctor Willet ; concerning politique government in England and Scotland.England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I)A46451EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
King James his letter and directions to the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury concerning preaching and preachers with the Bishop of Canterburies letter to the Bishop of Lincolne, Lord Keeper, desiring him to put in practise the Kings desires that none should preach but in a religious forme : and not that every young man should take to himselfe an exorbitant liberty to preach what he listeth to the offence of His Majesty and the disturbance and disquiet of the church and common-wealth.England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I)A46453EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman in the country to his friend in the city, touching Sir William Petty's posthumous treatise entituled, Verbum sapienti, or, The method of raising taxes in the most equal manner, &c.H. J., Gentleman in the country.A46458EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jacobus Secundus, Dei gratiâ, magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ & Hiberniæ Rex, defensor fidei, omnibus regibus principibus, rebuspublicis &c. postqàm diuturno tamque funesto toti Christianæ reipublicæ bello Europa conflagravit ...James II, King of England, 1633-1701.A46459EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King a declaration.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46463EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a declaration whereas we have been informed that divers abuses have been committed in the quartering of officers and soldiers contrary to our declaration bearing date the twenty fifth day of August, in the first year of our reign ... no officer or soldier whatsoever shall be lodged in any private house, without the free and voluntary consent of the owner.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46464EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a declaration having already signified our pleasure to call a Parliament ... it is our royal purpose to endeavour a legal establishment of an universal liberty of conscience for all our subjects ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46465EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a declaration as we cannot consider this invitation of our kingdoms by the Prince of Orange without horror ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46467EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties gracious letter to the lord provost, bailzies, and remanent magistrates, and town council of the city of EdinburghScotland. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James VII)A46474EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties gracious letter to the Parliament of Scotland with the speeches of the Lord High Commissioner and the Lord High Chancellor : together with the Parliaments answer to His Majesties letter.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46475EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Late King James his letter to his Privy Council of Scotland, with their answer, in reference to his indulgence containing his absolute power without reserve His Majesties letter to His Honourable Privy Council of Scotland together with their answer, Edinburgh February 24, 1687.A46480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The King's letter to the general of his army with the general's letter to the Prince of Orange.James II, King of England, 1633-1701.A46482EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The King's letter to the great council of peersJames II, King of England, 1633-1701.A46483EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties letter to the Lords and others of his Privy CouncilJames II, King of England, 1633-1701.A46485EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties most gracious and free-pardon to several prisoners in Newgate at an adjournment of the Sessions of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, held for the city of London and county of Middlesex on Saturday the 21th day of March, 1684/5, and in the first year of His Majesties reign.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46488EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties most gracious and general pardonEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46490EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties most gracious and general pardonEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46491EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties most gracious pardon, pleaded at Justice Hall, in the Old-Bayly on Monday the 7th. of March, anno. Dom. 1687. And in the third year of His Majesties reign.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46496EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties most gracious pardon to the poor prisoners in Newgate, on Friday the 26th of February, 1685/6England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46497EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation forasmuch as it hath pleased Almighty God lately to call unto his infinite mercy the Most High and Mighty Prince, Charles the Second of most blessed memory ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46505EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation, whereas the Commissioners of the treasury of the late King James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46506EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation whereas we have received certain information, that James Duke of Monmouth, Ford Late Lord Gray, outlawed for high treason, with divers other traytors and outlaws, are lately landed in an hostile manner at Lyme ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46507EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation whereas an humble address hath been made unto us by our Commons assembled in Parliament ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46508EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation, whereas in the time of the late rebellion, we upon just grounds gave order for the apprehending of Henry Lord Delamere ... James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46509EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation, whereas upon information we have received against Charles Earl of Macclesfeild, we have thought fit to direct our warrant for apprehending the said Earl for high treason James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46510EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation, whereas the Parliament hath been prorogued until the tenth day of February next James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46511EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation ... whereas by our royal proclamation of the date the 12 day of February 1686/7 James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46515EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamationEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46516EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation, whereas our dearest brother of blessed memory, by his royal proclamation bearing date the fifteenth day of September, in the twelfth year of his reign, for preventing the exportation of wool James. R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation it having pleased almighty God of his great and continued mercy to His Majesty and his kingdoms, to bless him and his royal consort the Queen with a son ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46519EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
At the court at Whitehall, the 29th of June, 1688 present, the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, Lord Chancellor, Lord President, Lord Privy Seal, Lord Marquess of Powis, Lord Chamberlain, Earl of Huntingdon, Earl of Bathe, Earl of Craven, Earl of Berkeley, Earl of Melfort, Earl of Castlemain, Lord Bellasyse, Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Nicholas Butler, Mr. Petre : whereas by the late Act of Uniformity, which establisheth the liturgy of the Church of England ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46520EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation, amongst other the advantages of these our kingdoms, the staple commodities of wooll and cloth are peculiar thereunto James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46521EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation we have received undoubted advice, that a great and sudden invasion from Holland, with an armed force of foreigners, will be speedily be made in a hostile manner upon this our kingdom ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46523EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation forasmuch as the great preparations made to invade and conquer this our kingdom require utmost care in providing for the necessary safety and defence thereof ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46524EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation Whereas the Prince of Orange and his adherents, who design forthwith to invade Our kingdoms, in order thereunto have contrived and framed several treasonable papers ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46525EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation against all persons who have intrometted with the goods of forefaulted rebels and traitors, &c.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46532EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation against spreading of a traiterous declaration published by James Duke of MonmouthEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46533EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation appointing a time of publick thanksgiving and prayer throughout the kingdomEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46534EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
James the Seventh by the Grace of God, King of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46535EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation commanding the return of all His Majesties subjects, who have taken arms under, and now are in the service of the States General of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, by sea or landEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46536EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation, commanding the return of all His Majesties subjects, who have taken arms under, and now are in the service or pay of the States-General of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, by sea or landEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46537EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation containing His Majesties gracious and ample indemnityScotland. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James VII)A46539EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation containing His Majesties gracious and ample indemnity.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation containing His Majesties gracious indemnityEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation containing His Majesties gracious pardon and indemnity to the commoners within the shires of Argile and TarbatEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46543EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation, continuing the adjournment of the current Parliament, from the first Thursday of April next, to the twenty ninth of that month, 1686England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46544EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation declaring His Majesties pleasure touching His Royal Coronation, and the solemnity thereof James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46545EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation discharging forraign copper-coyn to be imported or made use of in this kingdomEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46546EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for a solemn and publick thanksgiving throughout the kingdom, for His Majesties late victories over the rebels James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46547EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation, for a thanksgiving throughout the kingdom of Scotland, for the late defeat of the Kings enemiesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46548EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation, for an anniversary thanksgiving, in commemoration of His Majesties happy birth-day, being the forteenth day of October, &c. James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46549EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for apprehending several traitors and fugitivesEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46550EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for continuing the collection of the customs and subsidies of tonnage and poundageEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46551EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for dissolving this present ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46554EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for further proroguing of the Parliament James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46556EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for further proroguing the Parliament James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46557EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for prizing of Canary wines by James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for prohibiting the transportation of frames for kniting and making of silk-stockings, and other wearing neccessaries James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46559EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for proroguing of the Parliament James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46560EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for protecting and securing patentees of the Royal Oak, and all other lotteries, prohibiting all others to use or exercise the sameEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46561EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for putting in execution the additional act for improvement of tillage James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46563EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for putting in execution the law against importation and selling of foreign buttons, and prohibiting all foreign buttons whatsoever James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for putting the Kingdom of Scotland in a posture of defence against the enemies of the King and governmentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46565EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for quieting the post-master general his deputies and assigns in the execution of his office James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46566EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for restraining all His Majesties subjects, but the members and agents of the East-India Company, to trade in the East-Indies, and recalling such as are there by James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46567EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for restraining the number and abuses of hackney coaches in and about the cities of London and Westminster, and the suburbs thereof, and parishes comprised within the Bills of MortalityEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46568EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation, for securing the peace of the High-landsEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46569EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for suppressing and preventing seditious and unlicenced books and pamphlets James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46570EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the better execution of the office of making and registring policys of assurances in LondonEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46571EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for the careful custody and well ordering of the new river brought from Chadwell and Amwell to the north parts of the city of London James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46573EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for the encouraging and better establishing of the manufacture of white paper in England James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46574EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the meeting of the ParliamentEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46575EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for the more effectual reducing and suppressing of pirates and privateers in America James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46576EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation for the putting in execution the laws and statutes of this realm, for the preventing the exportation of sheep, wooll, wooll-fells, woollen-yarn, mortlings, shorlings, wooll-stocks, fullers-earth, and fulling-clay out of this kingdomEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46577EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation, for the recalling all His Majesties subjects from the service of foreign princes in East IndiaEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46578EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King a proclamation for the speedy calling of a Parliament.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46579EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation for the speedy calling of a Parliament James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46580EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation inhibiting all persons after the four and twentieth day of June next to use the trade of a pedlar or petty chapman, unless they be licensed according to a course lately taken to us in that behalf James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46581EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation prohibiting His Majesties subjects to enter into the service of foreign Princes and lands James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46583EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation prohibiting His Majesties subjects to trade within the limits assigned to the Governour and Company of Adventurers of England, Trading into Hudson's Bay, except those of the company James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46584EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the King, a proclamation prohibiting the keeping of Exeter Fair, and other fairs thereabouts, for some timeEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46586EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation requiring all heretors and free-holders, and militia of the Kingdom of Scotland to be in a readiness to come out in their best arms and provided (upon advertisement) for His Majesties serviceEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46587EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation signifying His Majesties pleasure that all men being in office of government at the decease of the late King, His Majesties most dear and most entirely beloved brother, shall so continue, till His Majesties further direction / James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46588EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation to prohibit His Majesties subjects to trade within the limits assigned to the Royal African Company of England, expect those of the company James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46589EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation to summon in George Speake Esquire, Francis Charlton Esquire, John Wildman Esquire, Henry Danvers Esquire, commonly called Colonel Danvers, and John Trenchard Esquire James R.England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46590EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties reasons for with-drawing himself from Rochester writ with his own hand and ordered by him to be published.James II, King of England, 1633-1701.A46591EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties resolution for the calling of a free Parliament upon the humble motion and advice of a great council of his peers.James II, King of England, 1633-1701.A46593EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties royal letter to his Privy Council of Scotland, concerning his indulgenceScotland. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James VII)A46595EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Majesties royal letter to his Privy Council of Scotland, concerning his indulgenceEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46596EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Septima pars patentium de anno regni Regis Jacobi Secundi quartoEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46598EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A summary account of the proceedings upon the happy discovery of the Jacobite conspiracy in a second letter to a Devonshire gentleman.B. J.A46604EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas His Majesty hath been certainly informed of the killing and destroying of the game in and about his honour of Hampton-Court ...England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II)A46606EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The merry mans resolution or a Lonon [sic] frollick. He goes a wooing yet the matters so, he cares not much whether he speeds or no, cause city wives and wenches are so common he thinks it hard to find an honest woman ben't angry with this fellow I protest that many a true word hath been spoke in jest, by degrees he layes a wager money's scant vntil five shillings out, then ends his rant. The tune is much in request, Ile hold thee five shillings.T. J.A46607EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Nature, nobility, character, and complement of moneyT. J.A46608EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christ's kirk on the green composed (as is supposed) by King James the Fifth.James I, King of Scotland, 1394-1437.A46609EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christs Kirk on the green composed (as is supposed) by King James V ; newly corrected according to the original copy.James I, King of Scotland, 1394-1437.A46610EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case between a father and his children humbly represented to the Honourable Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen.James, Elinor.A46612EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An injured prince vindicated, or, A scurrilous and detracting pamphlet answer'd by Mrs. E.J. in Hartfordshire.James, Elinor.A46614EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
May it please Your Most Sacred Majesty seriously to consider my great zeal and love that I have always had for His Late Majesty and kingdoms and my fervent constancy to the Church of EnglandJames, Elinor.A46615EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
My Lord, I thought it my bound duty to return your Lordship thanksJames, Elinor.A46617EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
On the death of the Lord General MonckT. J.A46618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Honourable ConventionJames, Elinor.A46619EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the right honourable the House of LordsJames, Elinor.A46620EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen and all the rest of the loyal citizens.James, Elinor.A46621EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Quakers subterfuge or evasion over-turned In the vindication of the late narrative, concerning the memorable hand of God against a Quaker, and his family, in the county of Lincoln. Wherein the unchristianlike dealings of the Quakers in their late book, entituled The anabaptists lying wonder detected, with an admonition to all Christians to beware of their delusions: with some antiqueries to John Whitehead, about his pretence to the ministery, and the state of the Quakers congregations.James, Ralph, 17th cent.A46631EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of that part of Spira's despair revived which is challenged by the Anabaptists, and shamefully callumniated by John Wells, a Baptist preacher : wherein also some things are handled relating to infant baptism and dipping in baptism : particularly it is evinced that dipping is not essential to the sacrament of baptism / by Thomas James, author of Spira's despair revived.James, Thomas.A46634EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An explanation of the proposal lately given in to the Honourable House of Commons, signed William James. It is humbly proposed that guineas, and all other gold coins now currant, be brought into the Exchequer ...James, William, fl. 1689-1695.A46637EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nazianzeni querela et votum justum, The fundamentals of the hierarchy examin'd and disprov'd wherein the choicest arguments and defences of ... A.M. ... the author of An enquiry into the new opinions (chiefly) propagated by the Presbyterians in Scotland, the author of The fundamental charter of presbytry, examin'd & disprov'd, and ... the plea they bring from Ignatius's epistles more narrowly discuss'd.../ by William Jameson.Jameson, William, fl. 1689-1720.A46639EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Verus Patroclus, or, The weapons of Quakerism, the weakness of Quakerism being a discourse, wherein the choicest arguments for their chief tenets are enervat, and their best defences annihilat : several abominations, not heretofore so directly discovered, unmasked : with a digression explicative of the doctrine anent the necessity of the spirits operation, and an appendix, vindicating, Rom. 9. from the depravations of an Arminian / by William Jamison.Jameson, William, fl. 1689-1720.A46640EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Copia literarum Serenissimi Regis Poloniae ad Summum Pontificem A copy of a letter of the most serene King of Poland to His Holiness.John III Sobieski, King of Poland, 1629-1696.A46642EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Salmasius his dissection and confutation of the diabolical rebel Milton in his impious doctrines of falshood, maxims of policies, and destructive principles of hypocrisie, insolences, invectives, injustice, cruelties and calumnies, against His Gracious Soveraign King Charles I : made legible for the satisfaction of all loyal and obedient subjects, but by reason of the rigid inquisition after persons and presses by the late merciless tyrant Oliver Cromwel, durst not be sold publickly in this kingdom, under pain of imprisonment and other intollerable dammages.Jane, Joseph, fl. 1600-1660.A46647EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a friend, containing some quæries about the new commission for making alterations in the liturgy, canons, &c. of the Church of EnglandJane, William, 1645-1707.A46648EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of seven and fifty approved receipts good against the plague Taken out of the five books of that renowned Dr. Don Alexes secrets, for the benefit of the poorer sort of people of these nations. By W. J. gent.W. J.A46659EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Invisibles, realities, demonstrated in the holy life and triumphant death of Mr. John Janeway, Fellow of King's Collegde in Cambridge. By James Janeway, Minister of the GospelJaneway, James, 1636?-1674.A46661EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. James Janeway's legacy to his friends containing twenty seven famous instances of Gods providences in and about sea dangers and deliverances, with the names of several that were eye witnesses to many of them : whereunto is added a sermon on the same subject.Janeway, James, 1636?-1674.A46665EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A further discovery of the mystery of Jesuitisme In a collection of severall pieces, representing the humours, designs and practises of those who call themselves the Society of Jesus.A46678EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The jealous lover satisfy'd All you that do to love pretend, Come lend an ear unto my song, And say no more than you intend, For therein you your selves do wrong. Tune of, The gallant youth of Gravesend.A46695EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second part of The mixture of scholasticall divinity, with practical, in several tractates: wherein some of the most difficult knots in divinity are untyed, many dark places of Scripture cleared, sundry heresies and errors refuted ... Whereunto are annexed, several letters of the same author, and Dr. Jeremy Taylor, concerning Original Sin. Together with a reply unto Dr. Hammonds vindication of his grounds of uniformity from 1 Cor. 14.40. By Henry Jeanes, minister of Gods Word at Chedzoy in Somersetshire.Jeanes, Henry, 1611-1662.A46699EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The chancellor's address & confession to both houses of Parliament whereby his black crimes, illegal actings, damnable designs and wicked intentions are laid bare and open to satisfie the nation.Jeffreys, George Jeffreys, Baron, 1644 or 5-1689.A46716EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Argument of the Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench concerning the great case of monopolies, between the East-India Company, plantiff, and Thomas Sandys, defendant wherein their patent for trading to the East-Indies, exclusive of all others, is adjudged good.A46717EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The charge given by the Ld. Ch. Justice Jefferies at the city of Bristol, Monday, September 21, 1685, in his return from his western campaigneJeffreys, George Jeffreys, Baron, 1644 or 5-1689.A46718EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lord Chancellor's petition to His Highness the Prince of Orange on his entrance into London.Jeffreys, George Jeffreys, Baron, 1644 or 5-1689.A46719EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jemmy return'd, or, The Nations joy a pleasant new ballad : to the tune of Let traytors plot on.A46745EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of Mr. David Jenkins now prisoner in the Tower of London, one of His Majesties judges in Wales, for trials, murthers, felonies and all other capitall crimes that they ought only to be by juries and not otherwise unlesse it be by Act of Parliament.Jenkins, David, 1582-1663.A46770EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two letters written to a gentleman of note guilty of common swearing. By B.J.B. J.A46774EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Amorea, the lost lover, or, The idea of love and misfortune being poems, sonets, songs, odes, pastoral, elegies, lyrick poems, and epigrams, never before printed / written by Pathericke Jenkyn, Gent.Jenkyn, Pathericke.A46801EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Annotations upon the five books immediately following the historicall part of the Old Testament (commonly called the five doctrinall or poeticall books) to wit, the book of Iob, the Psalms, the Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon ... / by Arthur Jackson ...Jackson, Arthur, 1593?-1666.A46807EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The humble petition of William Jenkin sometimes minister at Christ-Church London, prisoner in the year, 1651. Presented to the Parliament.Jenkyn, William, 1613-1685.A46808EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ages of sin, or Sinnes birth & groweth With the stepps, and degrees of sin, from thought to finall impenitencie.A46819EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londons blame, if not its shame: manifested by the great neglect of the fishery, which affordeth to our neighbor nation yeerly, the revenue of many millions, which they take up at our doors, whilst with the sluggard, we fold our hands in our bosoms and will not stretch them forth to our mouths. Or the inestimable riches of the British seas, ... whereof this book doth give a plentiful account, the which we may in some measure thus accomplish: let every ward in London build a buss, and money to do it may be thus raised. ... / Dedicated by Thomas Jenner to the corporation of the poor, in the City of London, being a member thereof, ...Jenner, Thomas, fl. 1631-1656.A46820EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A help for the understanding of the Holy Scripture intended chiefly for the assistance and information of those that use constantly every day to reade some part of the Bible, and would gladly alwayes understand what they read if they had some man to help them : the first part : containing certain short notes of exposition upon the five books of Moses, to wit Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomie : wherein all such passages in the text are explained as were thought likely to be questioned by any reader of ordinary capacity ... / by Arthur Jackson ...Jackson, Arthur, 1593?-1666.A46823EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The exceeding riches of grace advanced by the spirit of grace, in an empty nothing creature, viz. Mris. Sarah Wight lately hopeles and restles, her soule dwelling far from peace or hopes thereof : now hopefull, and joyfull in the Lord, that hath caused light to shine out of darknes ... / published for the refreshing of poor souls, by an eye and ear-witness of a good part thereof, Henry Jesse ...Jessey, Henry, 1603-1663.A46836EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lords loud call to England: being a true relation of some late, various, and wonderful judgments, or handy-works of God, by earthquake, lightening, whirlewind, great multitudes of toads and flyes; and also the striking of divers persons with sudden death, in several places; for what causes let the man of wisdome judge, upon his serious perusal of the book it self. Also of the strange changes, and late alterations made in these three nations. As also of the odious sin of drinking healths, with a brief of Mr. Pryns solid arguments against it, and his epistle to the late King Charls, to redress it. Published by H.J. a servant of Jesus the Christ, and lover of peace and holiness.Jessey, Henry, 1603-1663.A46841EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the conversion of five thousand and nine hundred East-Indians, in the isle Formosa, neere China to the profession of the true God, in Jesus Christ : by meanes of M. Ro, Junius, a minister lately in Delph in Holland / related by ... M. C. Sibellius ... in a Latine letter ; translated ... by H. Jessei ... ; with a post-script of the Gospels good sucesse also amongst the VVest-Indians, in New England.Sibelius, Caspar, 1590-1658.A46842EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jesuit in the pound, or, Father Peters in disguise taken by Vice Admiral Herbert.A46848EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A visitation of love to the tender plants of Gods vineyard given forth by Henry Jackson ; also two generall epistles, given forth by William Caton.Jackson, Henry, fl. 1662-1700.A46850EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jesuites exaltation, or, A Preparation for a turn at Tyburn tune is, Hey boys up go we, or, Russels farewel.A46852EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jesuits Gospel according to Saint Ignatius Loiola wherein their impious doctrines against the Christian faith, their pernitious maxims against Christian princes, and their unjust practices destructive to all humane society, contrary to the Sacred Scriptures, the laws of God, and right reason are declared.A46856EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jesuites intrigues with the private instructions of that society to their emissaries : the first, translated out of a book privately printed at Paris : the second, lately found in manuscript in a Jesuites closet, after his death : both sent with a letter from a gentleman at Paris to his friend in London.A46857EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jesuits justification, proving they died as innocent as the child unbornOldham, John, 1653-1683.A46858EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The devil of a wife, or, A comical transformation as it is acted by Their Majesties servants at the Queens theatre in Dorset Garden.Jevon, Thomas, 1652-1688.A46869EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The apology of the Church of England, and an epistle to one Seignior Scipio a Venetian gentleman, concerning the Council of Trent written both in Latin / by ... John Jewel ... ; made English by a person of quality ; to which is added, The life of the said bishop ; collected and written by the same hand.Jewel, John, 1522-1571.A46876EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine frivolous obiections against the government of the Church of England answeared by John Jewel ...Jewel, John, 1522-1571.A46877EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before Q. Elizabeth by that learned and reverend man Iohn Iewel ... ; with an answer of the same authour to some frivolous objections against the government of the church.Jewel, John, 1522-1571.A46878EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The Manifesto of near 150 Knights and eminent merchants and citizens of London against the Jews now in England] [being a brief account of the Jews case (which is now become national) in relation to the customs, &c. / humbly presented to the King and Parliament by Samuel Hayne, Gent., sometime surveyor for the customs, and for the Act of Navigation in the counties of Devon and Cornwal]A46880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jewes high commondation of the metrapolitant [sic] cathedrall church of St. Paul having view'd the greatest effiges [sic] in the world : with Pauls complaint to His Sacred Majesty of all his sad losses and abuses in the time of his absence, and His Majesties gracious promise for the repairing of it to its former state & condition : to a delicate new tune, or, The Repairing of Pauls.A46881EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Joannis Scoti Erigenæ de divisione naturæ libri quinque, div desiderati / accedit appendix ex ambiguis S. Maximi Græce & Latine.Erigena, Johannes Scotus, ca. 810-ca. 877.A46887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Joan's ale is new, or, A New merry medly ... to a pleasant new northern tune.A46889EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Joans sorrowful lamentation to Roger who she thought was going to leave her and marry Kate, together with Rogers kind answer which gave her great satisfaction : tune is, The Spinning-wheel.A46890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Job for a joyner, or, A Good workman well imploy'd ... tune of, Over the water, fain would I pass, or Jig a jog-goo, &c.A46891EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The knowledge of medals, or, Instructions for those who apply themselves to the study of medals both ancient and modern from the French.Jobert, Louis, 1637-1719.A46892EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pedigree and perigrination of Israel Being an abridgement of the histories of the creation of Adam. Cain & Abel. Noah. Abraham. Issac. Jacob. Joseph. Joshuah. Deborah. Ruth. Hezekiah. Zedekiah. And the taking of the Arke. With meditations and prayers upon each historie. By John Jackson of Kilingraves in Com. Ebor. Gentleman.Jackson, John, of Kilingraves.A46894EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The booke of conscience opened and read in a sermon preached at the Spittle on Easter-Tuesday, being April 12, 1642 / by John Jackson.Jackson, John.A46895EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An examination of the essay, or, An answer to The fifth monarchy by Edward Iohnson ...Johnson, Edward, Gent.A46899EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The judge's authority or constitution a sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter in York, upon Monday the 7th day of March 1669/70, at the assizes holden for that county before the Right Honourable Baron Littleton, the Right WOrshipfull Sr. Philip Monckton, Knight, being High-sheriff of Yorkshire / by James Johnson ...Johnson, James, 1639 or 40-1704.A46904EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nature inverted, or, Judgement turned into gall delivered in a sermon at the Cathedral Church of St. Peter in York, upon Monday the 18th of July, 1670, being the summer assize held before the Right Honourable Baron Turner and Baron Littleton, the Right Worshipfull Sr. Philip Monckton, Knight, being then High-sheriff of Yorkshire / by James Johnson ...Johnson, James, 1639 or 40-1704.A46905EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Balsamum Britannicum, Brittains balm: or, The means of recovery for a languishing kingdom Preached in a sermon before the honourable judges for the Northern Circuite, at the generall assizes holden in the Citie of Yorke, 21. March, 1647. By John Johnson Mr. of A. and minister of Methley in Yorkeshire, [sic]Johnson, John, minister of Methley.A46909EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The academy of love describing the folly of young men and the fallacie of women / by Iohn Iohnson, Gent.Johnson, John, fl. 1641.A46910EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eklampsis tōn dikaiōn, or, The shining forth of the righteous a sermon preached partly upon the death of that reverend and excellent divine, Mr. Stephen Charnock, and in part at the funeral of a godly friend / by John Johnson.Johnson, John, M.A.A46911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ludgate, what it is, not what it was, or, A full and clear discovery and description of ... that prison also, an exact catalogue of the legacies now belonging to the said prison, the names of the several donors, and the persons appointed to pay them ... / humbly presented to the Right Honorable Thomas Allen, Lord Mayor of this honorable city by M. Johnson ...Johnson, Marmaduke, d. 1674.A46912EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Strength in Weakness or The burning bush not consumed Being an answer (formerly published under this title) to two letters written by James Naylor. To which is now added several other papers written since by the same hand (whereof one is intituled, The secret shootings of the wicked reproved.) With a reply thereunto, as also to the rest respectively. By J.J. Published at the request of some, for the satisfaction of others: and tendred to the serious perusall of the impartiall and un-prejudic'd reader.Jackson, John, fl. 1651-1657.A46916EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The famous history of the seven champions of Christendom St. George of England, St. Denis of France, St. James of Spain, St. Anthony of Italy, St. Andrew of Scotland, St. Patrick of Ireland, and St. David of Wales. Shewing their honourable battels by sea and land: their tilts, justs, turnaments, for ladies: their combats with gyants, monsters and dragons: their adventures in foreign nations: their enchantments in the Holy Land: their knighthoods, prowess, and chivalry, in Europe, Africa, and Asia; with their victories against the enemies of Christ. Also the true manner and places of their deaths, being seven tragedies: and how they came to be called, the seven saints of Christendom. The first part.Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659?A46926EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pleasant conceits of Old Hobson the merry Londoner Full of humorous discourses, and witt[y] merryments, whereat the quickest wits may laugh, and the wiser sort take pleasure.Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659?A46934EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Good and trve nevves from Ireland in a letter sent to Mr. Francis Clay in Lumber-street and by him received Ianuary 24, 1641 : vvith a confirmation of another letter to the same effect, by the relating the late exployts of the English forces there.Johnson, Richard, 17th cent.A46936EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last intelligence from Ireland received Febrvary the first, 1641.Johnson, Richard, 17th cent.A46937EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Dublin; of April the second Giving an account of the posture of affairs there; as also of the nnmbers [sic] of the French that are landed in that kingdom, and of the Irish that are sent over to France, with several other important matters. Liverpoole, April 12. 1690. Licensed, April 16. 1690.Johnson, Robert, 17th cent.A46938EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Enchiridion medicum, or, A manual of physick being a compendium of the whole art, in three parts ... : wherein is briefly shewed 1. the names, 2. the derivation, 3. the causes, 4. the signs, 5. the prognosticks, and 6. a rational method of cure ... / by Robert Johnson, Med. professor.Johnson, Robert, b. 1640?A46939EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Praxis medicinæ reformata: = or, The practice of physick reformed Being an epitome of the whole art: wherein is briefly shewed, the true causes, signs, prognosticks, and cure, of most diseases. Published for the benefit of all persons. By Robert Johnson, Med. Professor.Johnson, Robert, b. 1640?A46940EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The absolute impossibility of transubstantiation demonstratedJohnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46941EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An argument proving, that the abrogation of King James by the people of England from the regal throne, and the promotion of the Prince of Orange, one of the royal family, to throne of the kingdom in his stead, was according to the constitution of the English government, and prescribed by it in opposition to all the false and treacherous hypotheses, of usurpation, conquest, desertion, and of taking the powers that are upon content / by Samuel Johnson.Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46942EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A confutation of a late pamphlet intituled, A letter ballancing the necessity of keeping a land-force in time of peace, with the dangers that may follow on itJohnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46946EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay concerning Parliaments at a certainty, or, The kalends of May by Samvel Johnson.Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46947EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Julian the apostate being a short account of his life, the sense of the primitive Christians about his succession and their behaviour towards him : together with a comparison of popery and paganism.Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46951EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise concerning mans future eternity wherein the great doctrine of the eternity of all mankind in the world to come, either in happiness or misery is proved, explained, and applyed / by John Jackson.Jackson, John.A46952EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Julian's arts to undermine and extirpate Christianity together with answers to Constantius the Apostate, and Jovian / by Samuel Johnson.Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46955EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a freeholder, to the rest of the freeholders of England, and all others, who have votes in the choice of Parliament-menJohnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46956EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Notes upon the Phœnix edition of the Pastoral letter Part I / by Samvel Johnson.Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46957EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The opinion is this, that resistance may be vsed, in case our religion and rights should be invadedJohnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46958EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Purgatory prov'd by miracles collected out of Roman-Catholick authors : with some remarkable histories relating to British, English, and Irish saints : with a preface concerning the miracles.Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46959EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections on the History of passive obedience by Samuel Johnson.Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46960EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remarks upon Dr. Sherlock's book intituled The case of resistance of the supreme powers stated and resolved, according to the doctrine of the Holy Scriptures written in the year 1683, by Samuel Johnson.Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46961EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second part of The confutation of the Ballancing letter containing an occasional discourse in vindication of Magna Charta.Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46965EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the Lord Mayor and aldermen at Guildhall-Chappel, on Palm-Sunday, 1679 and now published as it was then delivered / by Samuel Johnson ...Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46966EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tryal and examination of a late libel, intituled, A new test of the Church of Englands loyalty with some reflections upon an additional libel, intituled, An instance of the Church of Englands loyalty.Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46967EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true mother church, or, A short practical discourse upon Acts II, concerning the first church at JerusalemJohnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A46968EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of several of Their Majesties loyal subjects very much oppressed, contrary to the laws of this land (as they are advised) humbly represented to the Honourable the Knights, Citizens and Burgesses in Parliament assembled.A46970EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A trve relation of Gods providence in the province of Mvnster in delivering them from the hands of ther enemies and giving them a great victory : related in a letter / sent from a gentleman, a voluntier in the Lord Dungarvans troope to a worthy friend of his in London.Johnson, Thomas, volunteer in the Lord Dungarvan's troope.A46972EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Victorious newes from Ireland brought over Aug. 24 wherein is declared three victorious battels, obtained by these worthies, namely, the Lord Moore, the Lord Inchqvid, and Colonell Vavasork neere the city of Trim and Dungarvan, wherein was slain above 200 of the rebels, and not above 200 of the Protestant partio : likewise another famous victory obtained by the Lord Moore against the rebels, with the number of those that were slain on both sides : which happy tidings was read in the House of Commons, and immediately ordered to be printed.Johnson, Thomas, volunteer in the Lord Dungarvan's troope.A46973EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Agyrto-mastix, or, Some brief animadversions upon two late treatises one of Master George Thomsons, entituled Galeno-pale, the other of Master Thomas O'Dowdes, called The poor mans physitian : with a short appendix relating to the Company of Apothecaries / by William Johnson, chymist to the Kings Colledge of Physitians in London.Johnson, William, fl. 1652-1678.A46974EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Deus nobiscum a sermon preached upon a great deliverance at sea : with the narrative of the dangers and deliverances : with the name of the master and those that suffered : together with the name of the ship and owners / by William Johnson, Dr. of Divinity.Johnson, William, D.D.A46978EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Novelty represt, in a reply to Mr. Baxter's answer to William Johnson wherein the oecumenical power of the four first General Councils is vindicated, the authority of bishops asserted, the compleat hierarcy of church government established, his novel succession evacuated, and professed hereticks demonstrated to be no true parts of the visible Church of Christ / by William Johnson.Johnson, William, 1583-1663.A46981EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of the works of that holy man and profound divine, Thomas Iackson ... containing his comments upon the Apostles Creed, &c. : with the life of the author and an index annexed.Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A46991EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Comfortable words to afflicted consciences together with a short advice to ministers how to handle them : and also Mansio Christiana, or, The Christians mansion-house, being a sermon preached on the Lords-day, 7th Feb., Anno Dom. 1668 at the funeral of Mrs. Martha Walmisley, the wife of Mr. Charles Walmisley, minister of Chesham magna in the county of Bucks / by William Jole ...Jole, William, d. ca. 1702.A46992EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vvarning to drunkards by the sad and suddain death of John Woolman, of Sarret, in the county of Hartford. With a letter of exhortation written to the people on that sorrowful occasion. By William Jole, minister of Sarret.Jole, William, d. ca. 1702.A46993EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exact collection of the works of Doctor Jackson ... such as were not published before : Christ exercising his everlasting priesthood ... or, a treatise of that knowledge of Christ which consists in the true estimate or experimental valuation of his death, resurrection, and exercise of his everlasting sacerdotal function ... : this estimate cannot rightly be made without a right understanding of the primeval state of Adam ...Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A46995EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jolly Welsh-woman who drinking at the sign of the Crown in London, found a spring in her mugg, for joy of which hur sung the praise of old England, resolving never to return to Wales again : tune of, Hey brave popery, &c.A46997EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Maran atha: or Dominus veniet Commentaries upon the articles of the Creed never heretofore printed. Viz. Of Christs session at the right hand of God and exaltation thereby. His being made Lord and Christ: of his coming to judge the quick and the dead. The resurredction of the body; and Life everlasting both in joy and torments. With divers sermons proper attendants upon the precedent tracts, and befitting these present times. By that holy man and profound divine, Thomas Jackson, D.D. President of Corpus Christi Coll. in Oxford.Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A47013EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A compleat history of Europe, or, A view of the affairs thereof, civil and military from the beginning of the Treaty of Nimeguen, 1676, to the conclusion of the peace with the Turks, 1699 including the articles of the former, and the several infringements of them, the Turkish Wars, the forming of the Grand Confederacy, the revolution in England, &c. : with a particular account of all the actions by sea and land on both sides, and the secret steps that have been made towards a peace, both before, as well as during the last negotiation : wherein are the several treaties at large, the whole intermix'd with divers original letters, declarations, papers and memoirs, never before published / written by a gentleman, who kept an exact journal of all transactions, for above these thirty years.Jones, D. (David), fl. 1676-1720.A47019EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A continuation of the secret history of White-hall from the abdication of the late K. James in 1688 to the year 1696 writ at the request of a noble lord ... : the whole consisting of secret memoirs ... : published from the original papers : together with The tragical history of the Stuarts ... / by D. Jones ...Jones, D. (David), fl. 1676-1720.A47020EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The secret history of White-Hall, from the restoration of Charles II down to the abdication of the late K. James writ at the request of a noble lord, and conveyed to him in letters, by ̲̲̲late secretary-interpreter to the Marquess of Louvois, who by that means had the perusal of all the private minutes between England and France for many years : the whole consisting of secret memoirs, which have hitherto lain conceal'd, as not being discoverable by any other hand / publish'd from the original papers, by D. Jones, gent.Jones, D. (David), fl. 1676-1720.A47022EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A theatre of wars between England and France in all the kings reigns, from the time of William the Conqueror to the conclusion of the peace, on the 10th of September, 1697 ... : with a map of England and France on a copper plate / by D. Jones.Jones, D. (David), fl. 1676-1720.A47023EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief vindication of the late farewell-sermon preached to the united parishes of St. Mary Woolnoth, and St. Mary Wool-church-Haw in Lombard-Street By David Jones, student of Christ-Church, Oxon.Jones, David, 1663-1724?A47024EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A farewel-sermon preached to the united parishes of St. Mary Woolnoth & St. Mary Woolchurch-Haw in Lombard-Street by David JonesJones, David, 1663-1724?A47026EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of the absolute necessity of family-duties preached to the united parishes of St. Mary Woolnoth & St. Mary Woolchurch-Haw in Lombard-Street / by David Jones ...Jones, David, 1663-1724?A47028EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Christ-Church, London, November the 2d, 1690 by David Jones ...Jones, David, 1663-1724?A47029EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the University of Oxford, upon Act-Sunday, at St. Mary's in Oxford, 1698 by David Jones ...Jones, David, 1663-1724?A47030EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon upon Ember-Week, preached before the University of Oxford, at Christ-Church in Oxford, 1698 by David Jones ...Jones, David, 1663-1724?A47031EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Deceivers made manifest There hath been a controversie in this nation of England, and dominion of Wales, and in many other nations, both far and near, between the people (by scorners) called Quakers, and the bishops, priests and clergy, and with others that went before them, concerning the right way and worship of the Lord.Jones, E. (Evan)A47034EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. David Jones's vindication against the Athenian Mercury concerning usuryJones, D. (David), fl. 1676-1720.A47041EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Saint Patricks purgatory containing the description, originall, progresse, and demolition of that superstitious place / by Henry Jones ...Jones, Henry, 1605-1682.A47042EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon at the funeral of James Margetson, D.D. late Arch-Bishop of Armagh, and Primate of all Ireland preached at Christ Church, Dublin, Aug. 30, 1678 / by the R.R. Father in God, Henry, Lord Bishop of Meath ; whereunto is added a funeral oration on that occasion, in the name of the University of Dublin, at the herse of him their Vice Chancellor.Jones, Henry, 1605-1682.A47043EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the consecration of the Right Reverend Father in God Ambrose Lord Bishop of Kildare in Christ-Church, Dublin, June 29, 1667 / by the right reverend father in God, Henry, Lord Bishop of Meath.Jones, Henry, 1605-1682.A47044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the rule of faith a sermon at the visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God, William Lord Bishop of Lincolne, holden at Bedford August 5, 1674 / by William Jackson ...Jackson, William, 1636 or 7-1680.A47046EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of antichrist preached at Christ-Church, Dublin, Novemb. 12, 1676 / by the Right Reverend Father in God, Henry, Lord Bishop of Meath.Jones, Henry, 1605-1682.A47047EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most notable antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly called Stone-Heng on Salisbvry plain restored by Inigo Jones ...Jones, Inigo, 1573-1652.A47049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christvs dei, or, A theologicall discourse wherein is proved that regall or monarchicall power is not of humane but of divine right and that God is the sole efficient cause thereof and not the people : also, that every monarch is above the whole common-wealth and is not onely major singislis, but major vniversis : written in answer to a late printed pamphlet intituled Observations upon some of His Majesties late answers and expresses.Jones, John, d. 1660.A47055EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De morbis hibernorum; speciatim vero de dysenteria hibernica exercitatio medica; apud Academiam Dubliniensem, (kalend. quintilis, MDCXCVII.) pro gradu doctoratus in medicina, recitata, a Johanne Jones, M. D. Accesserunt sub calcem nonnulla, De dysenteria epidemica.Jones, John, 1645-1709.A47062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mysteries of opium reveal'd by Dr. John Jones ... ; who, I. Gives an account of the name, make, choice, effects, &c. of opium, II. Proves all former opinions of its operation to be meer chimera's, III. Demonstrates what its true cause is, by which he easily, and mechanically explains all (even its most mysterious) effects, IV. Shews its noxious principle, and how to separate it, thereby rendering it a safe, and noble panacea, whereof, V. He shews the palliative, and curative use.Jones, John, 1645-1709.A47063EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Testûn testament newudd ein Harglwydd a'n Jachawdwr Jesu Grist yn benhillion cymraeg mewn egwyddoraidd drefn, a ofodwyd allau trwy lafûr / Ri. Jones ... yn Sir Drefaldwyn ... ; fo chwanegwyd atto epitome ô lyfr cyntaf Moses yr hwn a elwir Genesis ...Jones, Richard, 1603-1673.A47070EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
This is lights appearance in the truth to all the precious dear lambs of the life dark vanished, light shines forth: set forth by Sarah IonesJones, Sarah.A47072EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To Sions louers, being a golden egge to avoid infection, or, A short step into the doctrine of laying on of hands to provoke such as have time, hart, and parts to prosecute, resting upon the promise the tongue of the stutterers shall speake plaine, and out the mouthes of babes, Jehovah shall have praise : looke not to Scottish, nor Dutch, New-England, nor olde, behold the pattern, the Apostles fellowship and so goe up by the tents of the shepheards.Jones, Sarah.A47074EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The British language in its lustre, or, A copious dictionary of Welsh and English containing many more British words than are in Mr. Davies's Antiquae lingue Britannicae dictionarium duplex ... / compiled by the great pains and industry of Tho. Jones.Jones, Thomas, 1648-1713.A47085EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A trumpet blown in Zion, or, An allarm in God's holy mountain containing an exposition of that metaphorical Scripture, Matth. III, 12 : lately delivered in two sermons ... / by Benjamin Keach ...Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47086EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Zion in distress, or, The sad and lamentable complaint of Zion and her children wherein are demonstrated the causes of her miserable calamities, and her faith in God ... : also shewing the dreadful controversie God hath with the beast of Rome ...Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47095EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The genealogies of the high-born Prince & Princess, George and Anne of Denmark, &c. shewing the lineal descent of these two noble and illustrious families : with their matches, issue, times of death, places of sepulchre, impresses, devices, &c. from the year of grace M. to this present year, MDCLXXXIV ...H. K. (Henry Keepe), 1652-1688.A47110EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Monumenta Westmonasteriensia, or, An historical account of the original, increase, and present state of St. Peter's, or the Abby Church of Westminster with all the epitaphs, inscriptions, coats of arms, and atchievements of honor belonging to the tombs and grave-stones : together with the monuments themselves faithfully described and set forth : with the addition of three whole sheets / by H.K. of the Inner-Temple, Gent.H. K. (Henry Keepe), 1652-1688.A47111EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and perfect narrative of the strange and unexpected finding the crucifix & gold-chain of that pious prince, St. Edward, the King and Confessor which was found after 620 years interment and presented to His Most Sacred Majesty, King James the Second / by Charles Taylour, Gent.H. K. (Henry Keepe), 1652-1688.A47112EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An examination of Dr. Burnet's Theory of the earth together with some remarks on Mr. Whiston's New theory of the earth / by Jo. Keill ...Keill, John, 1671-1721.A47114EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. George Keith's account of a national church, and the clergy, &c. humbly presented to the Bishop of London : with some queries concerning the Sacrament.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47117EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the great divisions, amongst the Quakers, in Pensilvania, &c. as appears by their own book, here following, printed 1692, and lately came from thence, intituled, viz. The plea of the innocent, against the false judgment of the guilty : being a vindication of George Keith, and his friends, who are joined with him in this present testimony, from the false judgment, calumnies, false informations and defamations of Samuel Jenings, John Simcock, Thomas Lloyd, an others, joyned with them, being in number twenty eight : directed, by way of epistle, to faithful friends of truth, in Pensilvania, East and West-Jersey, and else-where, as occasion requireth.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47118EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An advertisement of an intended meeting to be held by George Keith and his friends, at their usual meeting-place, in Turners-Hall, in Philpot-Lane, the 29th. day of this instant and present month called April, 1697. to begin about the 9th. hour. To which meeting William Penn, Thomas Ellwood, George Whitehead, John Penington, and these of the second days weekly meeting at Lombard-street, are justly desired to be present, to hear themselves recharged and proved guilty of these vile and gross errors and heresies, wherewith they have been formerly charged by George Keith, and proved guilty off [sic], at a meeting held at Turners-Hall, on the 11th, of the month called June, 1696. ...Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47120EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The anti-Christs and Sadduces detected among a sort of Quakers, or, Caleb Pusie of Pensilvania and John Pennington, with his brethren of the second days meeting at London called Quakers, proved antichrists and Sadduces out of a said book lately published by them called A modest account of the principal differences in point of doctrine betwixt George Keith and those of the people called Quakers in Pensilvania &c. : being an answer to the said book ... : with some few remarks on John Pennington's late book entitled The people called Quakers cleared &c. and Geo. Whitehead his postscript ...: and a postscript ... / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47121EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An appeal from the twenty eight judges to the spirit of truth & true judgment in all faithful Friends, called Quakers, that meet at this Yearly Meeting at Burlington, the 7 month, 1692Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47123EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arguments of the Quakers, more particularly, of George Whitehead, William Penn, Robert Barclay, John Gratton, George Fox, Humphry Norton, and my own arguments against baptism and the Supper, examined and refuted also, some clear proofs from Scripture, shewing that they are institutions of Christ under the Gospel : with an appendix containing some observations upon some passages in a book of W. Penn called A caveat against Popery, and on some passages of a book of John Pennington, caled The fig leaf covering discovered / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47124EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment of worldly philosophy, or, The false wisdom its being a great hinderance to the Christian faith, and a great enemy to the true divine wisdom / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47125EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The benefit, advantage and glory of silent meetings both as it was found at the beginning, or first breaking forth of this clear manifestation of truth, and continues so to be found by all the faithful and upright in heart at this day / writ for the stirring up and encouraging of those more especially who are lately convinced unto the love of them, and diligent improving them unto those ends and uses for which they serve by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47127EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bristol Quakerism exposed shewing the fallacy, perversion, ignorance, and error of Benjamin Cool, the Quakers chief preacher at Bristol, and of his followers and abettors there, discovered in his and their late book falsely called Sophistry detected, or, An answer to George Keith's Synopsis : wherein also both his deisme and inconsistency with himself and his brethren, with respect to the peculiar principles of Christianity, are plainly demonstrated / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47128EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The causeless ground of surmises, jealousies and unjust offences removed, in a full clearing of faithful Friends, and a sober vindication of my innocency, and the Friends concerned with me in relation to the late religious differences and breaches among some of the people called Quakers in America.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47129EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Christian catechisme, for the instruction of youth, and others to whom it may be useful in the grounds of Christian religion, and practice of Christian piety wherein the twelve articles of the Christian creed, and the Godhead and manhood natures of Christ and his prophetical, priestly, and kingly office are briefly explained : and the true Christian doctrin, concerning Christ his being a sufficient saviour, as he is both God and man : and with respect to both the absolute necessity, and excellent consistencie of his outward coming in the flesh, and his inward coming, and spiritual appearance in our hearts, through faith in him, and love and obedience to him, in order to our eternal salvation, declared and demonstrated by testimonies of Holy Scripture : and the divine excellency of the light within, in distinction from humane reason, asserted and vindicated : and the question concerning its sufficiency to salvation, truly stated and resolved : where also many other Gospel doctrins, and practical Christian truths and duties are held forth / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47130EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian Quaker: or, George Keith's eyes opened Good news from Pensilvania. Containing a testimony against that false and absurd opinion which some hold, viz. that all true believers and saints, immediately after the bodily death attain to all the resurrection they expect, and enter into the fullest enjoyment of happiness. And also, that the wicked, immediately after death, are raised up to receive all the punishment they are to expect. Together with a scriptural account of the resurrection of the dead, day of judgment, and Christ's last coming and appearance without us. Also, where, and what those Heavens are into which the man Christ is gone, and entred into. By George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47131EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
George Keith's Complaint against the Quakers: or, An answer to the Quakers complaint against George Keith humbly presented to the clergy of the Church of England.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47132EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The deism of William Penn and his brethren destructive to the Christian religion, exposed and plainly laid open in the examination and refutation of his late reprinted book called, A discourse of the general rule of faith and practise and judge of controversie, wherein he contendeth that the Holy Scriptures are not the rule of faith and life, but that the light in the conscience of every man is that rule / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47133EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discovery of the mystery of iniquity & hypocrisie acting and ruling in Hugh DerboroughKeith, George, 1639?-1716.A47134EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Divine immediate revelation and inspiration, continued in the true church second part. In two treatises: the first being an answer to Jo. W. Bajer Doctor and Professor of Divinity, so called, at Jena in Germany, published first in Latine, and now in English. The second being an answer to George Hicks, stiled Doctor of Divinity, his sermon preached at Oxford, 1681. and printed with the title of, The spirit of enthusiasm exorcised; where this pretended exorcist is detected. Together, with some testimonies of truth, collected out of diverse ancient writers and fathers, so called. By G.K.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47136EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A poem on the coronation of James the II, King of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, &c., who was crowned at Westminster-Abey the 23th of April, 1685Ker, Patrick, fl. 1691.A47137EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay for the discovery of some new geometrical problems (judged by some learned men, impracticable) concerning angular sections, beginning with the geometrical trisection of any right lined angle, by plain geometry of right lines and arches of circles, with rule and compass only, with out all conick sections, and cubick æquations. Whether the following praxis, and apparent demonstration thereof doth not only make it practicable, but easie to the understanding of a tiro, who but understands a little in true geometrical learning. Which layeth a foundation of a plain method how to sect any angle into any other number of parts required, even as 4. 6. 8. 10; or uneven, as 5. 7. 9. 11. &c. As also to divide a circle into any number even, or uneven of equal parts. All which have great uses in the improvement of the mathematical sciences, some of which are here specified. Proposed and submitted to the impartial tryal and examination of the right reason of such artises, to whose hands it may come. By G.K.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exact narrative of the proceedings at Turners-Hall, the 11th of the month called June, 1696 together with the disputes and speeches there, between G. Keith and other Quakers, differing from him in some religious principles / the whole published and revised by Goerge Keith ; with an appendix containing some new passages to prove his opponents guilty of gross errors and self-contradictions.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47140EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exhortation & caution to Friends concerning buying or keeping of NegroesKeith, George, 1639?-1716.A47141EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
George Keith's explications of divers passages contained in his former books as also his free and open retractations of sundry other passages contained in the same, which may at present suffice for a reply to the late, as well as former books of Tho. Elwood, and John Penington, published against me, in respect of the most material things.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47142EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Farther account of the great divisions among the Quakers in Pensilvania, &c. as appears by another of their books lately come over from thence, intituled, Some reasons and causes of the late separation, that hath come to pass at Philadelphia, betwixt us, called by some of the seperate meeting, and others that meet apart from us : more particularly opened, to vindicate and clear us and our testimony in that repsect, viz. : that the seperation lieth at their door, and they, and not we, are justly chargeable with it : with an apology for the present publication of these things.A47144EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
George Keith's Fourth narrative of his proceedings at Turners-hall divided into three parts : detecting the Quakers gross errors, vile heresies, and antichristian principles, oppugning the fundamentals of Christianity, by clear and evident proofs (in above two hundred and fifty quotations) faithfully taken out of their books, and read at three several meetings, the 11th, the 18th, and 23d of Jan., 1699 before a great auditory of judicious persons, ministers, and others, more particularly discovering the fallacious and sophistical defences of George Whitehead, Joseph Wyeth, and seven Quakers of Colchester, in their late books on all the several heads contained in the printed advertisement : to which is prefix'd, the attestation of five ministers of the Church of England, to the truth of the said quotations, and a postcript [sic] / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47145EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fundamental truths of Christianity briefly hinted at by way of question and answer : to which is added a treatise of prayer in the same method / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47146EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A further discovery of the spirit of falshood & persecution in Sam. Jennings, and his party that joyned with him in Pensilvania, and some abettors that cloak and defend him here in England in answer to his scandalous book, called, The state of the case.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47147EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A general epistle to Friends by way of caution to take heed to the light, that they may be preserved from that lazy, idle spirit that veils the life.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47148EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gross error and hypocrisie detected in George Whitehead and some of his brethern as doth appear from the disingenuous and hypocritical answer he and some others have given to some queries sent to the last Yearly Meeting of the people call'd Quakers, in the third month, 1695, by comparing the said answer with the printed books of the said George Whitehead, William Pemn, and John Whitehead, leading men in the said Meeting, wherein the great inconistency and contradiction of their present late answer to the express words and sentiments of their printed books is discovered : with a further account of their vile and pernicious errours / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47149EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Help in time of need from the God of help to the people of the (so called) Church of Scotland, especially the once more zealous and professing, who have so shamefully degenerated and declined from that which their fathers the primitive Protestants attained unto ... / writ by George Keith, prisoner for the truth in Aberdeen in the latter end of the year 1664.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47150EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The heresie and hatred which was falsly charged upon the innocent justly returned upon the guilty giving some brief and impartial account of the most material passages of a late dispute in writing that hath passed at Philadelphia betwixt John Delavall and George Keith : with some intermixt remarks and observations on the whole.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47151EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Immediate revelation, or, Jesus Christ the eternall Son of God revealed in man and revealing the knowledge of God and the things of his kingdom immediately : or, the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit of promise, the spirit of prophecy poured forth and inspiring man and induing him with power from on high ... not ceased, but remaining a standing and perpetual ordinance in the Church of Christ and being of indispensible necessity as to the whole body in general ... / writ by George Keith, prisoner of the truth in the Tolbooth of Aberdein, the 29th of the third moneth, 1665.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47152EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A just vindication of my earnest expostulation, added to my book, called The Antichrists and Sadduces detected, &c. directed to the pious and learned, in the Church of England, and among the dissenters, against the trifling exceptions of Edward Pennington, which he calls Some observations, etc.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47155EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The light of truth triumphing over darkness and ignorance, error and envy manifested in Robert Gordoun's late pretended testimony to the true Saviour : wherein every one whose eye is open may see his seat, and who have salt in themselves may favour his words, work and spirit and discern his deceitful dealing by smitting the innocent in secret, yet not with that subtilty which is able to cover in this day wherein light is manifesting the works of darkness : so, the Devil was here deficient but envy slays the foolish man : given forth in the 2 moneth 1670 / by George Keith, & G. White-head.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47156EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A looking-glass for all those called Protestants in these three nations Wherein they may see, who are true Protestants, and who are degenerated and gone from the testimony and doctrine of the antient Protestants. And hereby it is made to appear, that the people, called in derision Quakers, are true (yea the truest) Protestants, because their testimony agreeth with the testimony of the antient Protestants in the most weighty things wherein the Lord called them forth in that day. Particularly, with the testimony and doctrine of William Tindal, who is called a worthy martyr, and principal teacher of the Church of England;faithfully collected out of his works. By George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47158EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
More divisions amongst the Quakers as appears by the following books of their own writing, viz. I. The Christian faith of New-England Quakers condemn'd by a meeting of Pensilvanian Quakers. II. The false judgment of a yearly meeting of Quakers in Maryland, condemn'd by George Keith, Thomas Budd, &c. all Quakers : to which is added, A discovery of this mystery of iniquity / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47159EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A narrative of the proceedings of George Keith at Coopers-Hall in the city of Bristol, the 14th day of August 1700, in detecting the errors of Benjamin Cool, and his brethren the Quakers at Bristol which were read before a great auditory of ministers and other citizens and inhabitants : and divers other memorable passages between him and the Quakers at Bristol, particularly a dialogue at Coopers-Hall between a Quaker cobler and G. Keith, and another dialogue between some Quakers and G. Keith at B. Cool's house in Bristol : together with some of the chiefest Quotations out of the books of B. Cool and W. Penn, read at the same place, the same day / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47160EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New England's spirit of persecution transmitted to Pennsilvania, and the pretended Quaker found persecuting the true Christian-Quaker in the tryal of Peter Boss, George Keith, Thomas Budd, and William Bradford, at the sessions held at Philadelphia the nineth, tenth and twelfth days of December, 1692 : giving an account of the most arbitrary procedure of that court.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47161EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The plea of the innocent against the false judgment of the guilty being a vindication of George Keith and his friends, who are joyned with him in this present testimony, from the false judgment, calumnies, false informations and defamations of Samuell Jenings, John Simcock, Thomas Lloyd, and others joyned with them, being in number twenty eight : directed by way of epistle to faithful friends of truth in Pennsilvania, East and West-Jersey, and else-where, as occasion requireth.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47162EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Presbyterian and independent visible churches in New-England and else-where brought to the test, and examined according to the doctrin of Holy Scriptures ... : more particulary directed to those in New-England, and more generally to those in old England, Scotland, Ireland, &c. : with a call and warning from the Lord to the people of Boston and New-England, to repent, &c. : and two letters to the preachers in Boston, and an answer to the gross abuses, lies and slanders of Increase Mather and Nath. Morton, &c. / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47164EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Quakerism no popery, or, A particular answere to that part of Iohn Menzeis, professor of divinity in Aberdeen, (as he is called) his book, intituled Roma mendax Wherein the people called Quakers are concerned, whom he doth accuse as holding many popish doctrins, and as if Quakerism, (so he nick-names our religion,) were but popery-disguised. In which treatise his alleadged grounds for this his assertion, are impartialy and fairly examined and confuted: and also his accusation of popery against us, justly retorted upon himself, and his bretheren. By George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47166EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A refutation of three opposers of truth by plain evidence of the holy Scripture, viz. I. Of Pardon Tillinghast, who pleadeth for water-baptism, its being a Gospel-precept, and opposeth Christ within, as a false Christ. To which is added, something concerning the Supper, &c. II. Of B. Keech, in his book called, A tutor for children, where he disputeth against the sufficiency of the light within, in order of salvation; and calleth Christ in the heart, a false Christ in the secret chamber. II. Of Cotton Mather, who in his appendix to his book, called, Memorable providences, relating to witchcrafts, &c. doth so weakly defend his father Increase Mather from being justly chargeable with abusing the honest people called Quakers, that he doth the more lay open his fathers nakedness; and beside the abuses and injuries that his father had cast upon that people, C. Mather, the son, addeth new abuses of his own. And a few words of a letter to John Cotton, called a minister, at Plymouth in New England. By George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Art's master-piece, or, A companion for the ingenious of either sex ... by C.K.C. K.A47168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A rod for Trepidantium Malleus, or A letter to Sam. ReconcileableKeith, George, 1639?-1716.A47170EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A salutation of dear and tender love to the seed of God arising in Aberdeen in two epistles : directed unto friends of truth in that place whom the Lord hath called ... to bear their testimony for his glorious truth (against an evil, adulterous, and persecuting generation) ... / writ by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47171EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A seasonable information and caveat against a scandalous book of Thomas Elwood, called An epistle to Friends, &c. by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47172EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A serious appeal to all the more sober, impartial & judicious people in New-England to whose hands this may come ... together with a vindication of our Christian faith ... / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47174EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A serious call to the Quakers inviting them to return to ChristianityKeith, George, 1639?-1716.A47175EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A serious dialogue betwixt a church-man and a QuakerKeith, George, 1639?-1716.A47176EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the meeting of Protestant dissenters called Quakers in Turners-Hall, London, on the 16th of the second month, 1696 : being the publick day of thanksgiving for the deliverance of the King and Kingdom : to which is added a testimony ... to King William the III from the aforesaid people ... / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47177EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd at the parish-church of St. Helen's, London, May the 19th, 1700 by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47178EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short Christian catechisme for the instruction of children in the grounds and practice of Christian religion being (for the most part) an abridgment of a larger, formerly printed, where many questions and answers that were in the larger, are omitted, and others shortened, to fit the capacity of children, and some new questions, with their answers inserted, on several heads, which were not in the larger / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47179EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some of the many fallacies of William Penn detected in a paper called Gospel truths signed by him and three more at Dublin, the 4th of the 3d month, 1698, and in his late book called A defence of Gospel truths, against the exceptions of the B. of Cork's testimony concerning that paper : with some remarks on W.P., his unfair and unjust treatment of him : to which is added a synopsis or short view of W. Penn's deism, collected out of his book called A defense of the general rule of faith, &c. / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47180EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A supplement to a late treatise, called An essay for the discovery of some new geometrical problems concerning angular sections, resolving what was there problematically proposed; and with some rectification made in the former essay, showing an easie method truly geometrical, without any conick section, or cubick æquation, to sect any angle or arch of a circle into 3. 5. 7. or any other uneven number of equal parts. By G. K.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47183EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A testimony against that false & absurd opinion which some hold viz. that all true believers and saints immediately after the bodily death attain to all the resurrection they expect, and enter into the fullest enjoyment of happiness : and also that the wicked, immediately after death, are raised up to receive all the punishment they are to expect : together with a Scriptural account of the resurrection of the dead, Day of Judgment, and Christ's last coming and appearance without us : also, where, and what those heavens are into which the man Christ is gone, and entered into / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47184EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true Christ owned as he is, true God and perfect man containing an answer to a late pamphlet having this title The Quakers creed concerning the man Christ Jesus &c. writ by a nameless author : which pamphlet containeth many gross lies and wilful perversions beside some other great mistakes occasioned by the author his ignorance and blindness / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47186EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true copy of a paper given in to the yearly meeting of the people called Quakers at their meeting-place in Grace-Church-street, Lonon, 15 day of the 3d. month 1695. By George Keith, which was read by him in the said meeting, by their allowance. With a brief narrative of the most material passages of discourse betwixt George White-head, Charles Marshal, and George Keith, the said day, and the day following, betwixt George White-head, William Penn, and Francis Canfield on the one side, and George Keith on the other; ... Together with a short list of some of the vile and gross errors of George Whitehead, John Whitehead, William Penn, their chief ministers, and now having the greatest sway among them (being of the same sort and nature with the gross errors charged on some in Pensilvania) most apparently opposite to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian religion ... And a proposition to VVilliam Penn, to prove his charge, that G.K. is an apostate.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47188EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true relation of a conference had betwixt G. Keith and T. Upsher, at Colchester the 6th of the fifth month, 1699 the truth of which is attested by three witnesses who took it from their mouths in short-hand and afterwards by joint consent writ it out at length : the question stated at the said conference was whether Thomas Upsher's preaching in the forenoon that faith in Christ, as he was born of the Virgin Mary, and dyed for our sins, &c. was absolutely necessary to salvation, ..., and in the afternoon his preaching that the light within ... is sufficient to salvation is a contradiction : and a brief account of the uncivil and illegal treatment used by some principal Quakers at Colchester and Bristol toward G Keith ... : and a postscript, containing some notes and observations on the assertions of T. Upsher and his brethren, detecting their self-contradictions : and a certificate from Parson Shelton of Colchester, to the truth of the case in debate ... and to the truth of the conference / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47189EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truth and innocency defended against calumny and defamation in a late report spread abroad concerning the revolution of humane souls : with a futher clearing of the truth by a plain explication of my sence, &c. / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47190EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truths defence, or, The pretended examination by John Alexander of Leith of the principles of those (called Quakers) falsly termed by him Jesuitico-Quakerism, re-examined and confuted : together with some animadversions on the dedication of his book to Sir Robert Clayton, then Mayor of London / by G.K.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47191EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The universall free grace of the Gospell asserted, or, The light of the glorious Gospell of Jesus Christ, shining forth universally, and enlightning every man that coms [sic] into the world, and therby giving unto every man, a day of visitation wherin it is possible for him to be saved, which is glad tydings unto all people, being witnessed and testifyed unto, by us the people called in derision Quakers : and in opposition to all denyers of it, of one sort and another proved by many infallible arguments, in the evidence and demonstration of the spirit of truth, according to Scripture testimonies and sound reason : with the objections of any seeming weight against it, answered it, answered / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47193EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
George Keith's vindication from the forgeries and abuses of T. Hick & W. Kiffin with the rest of his confederate brethren of the Barbican-Meeting held London the 28th of the 6th month, 1674.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47194EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vision concerning the mischievous seperation [sic] among Friends in Old EnglandKeith, George, 1639?-1716.A47196EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The way cast up, and the stumbling-blocks removed from before the feet of those who are seeking the way to Zion, with their faces thitherward containing an answere to a postcript, printed at the end of Sam Rutherford's letters, third edition, by a nameless author, indeed not without cause, considering the many lyes and falshoods therein, against the people, called Quakers, which are here disproved, and refuted / by George Keith ...Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47197EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The way to the city of God described, or, A plain declaration how any man may, within the day of visitation given him of God, pass out of the unrighteous into the righteous state as also how he may go forward in the way of holiness and righteousness, and so be fitted for the kingdom of God, and the beholding and enjoying thereof : wherein divers things, which occur to them, that enter into this way with respect to their inward trials, temptations, and difficulties are pointed at, and directions intimated, how to carry themselves therein ... / written by George Keith in the year 1669 ... : whereunto is added the way to discern the convictions, motions, &c of the spirit of God, and divine principle in us, from those of a man's own natural reason, &c.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47199EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The woman-preacher of Samaria a better preacher, and more sufficiently qualified to preach than any of the men-preachers of the man-made-ministry in these three nations / by George Keith.Keith, George, 1639?-1716.A47200EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A testimony against gaming, musick, dancing, singing, swearing and peoples calling upon God to damn them. As also against drinking to excess, whoring, lying, and cheating. Commended to the consciences of all people in the sight of God, but more especially to those, who keep publick houses.Kelsall, John.A47209EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Melchisedek. Concio de æterno Christi sacerdotio, in visitatione cathedrali tou makaritou Sethi Episcopi Sarisburiensis, habita. Per Josephum Kelsey ejusdem ecclesiæ præbendarium.Kelsey, Joseph, d. 1710.A47211EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A contemplation on Bassets-down-Hill by the most sacred adorer of the Muses, Mrs. A.K.A. K., Mrs.A47215EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief treatise of the nature, causes, signes, preservation from, and cure of the pestilence collected by W. Kemp ...Kemp, W. (William)A47218EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Directions for prayer, for the diocess of Bath and WellsKen, Thomas, 1637-1711.A47219EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition on the church-catechism, or, The practice of divine love composed for the Diocese of Bath & Wells.Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711.A47220EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to the author of a sermon entitled, A sermon preach'd at the funeral of Her Late Majesty Queen Mary, of ever blessed memoryKen, Thomas, 1637-1711.A47223EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A manual of prayers for the use of the scholars of Winchester CollegeKen, Thomas, 1637-1711.A47224EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
K. William or K. Lewis wherein is set forth the inevitable necessity these nations lye under : of submitting wholly to one or other of these kings, and that the matter in controversie is not now between K. William and K. James, but between K. William and K. Lewis of France, for the government of these nations / written out of Cheshire by a gentleman lately arriv'd there from Ireland.Gentleman lately arriv'd there from Ireland.A47227EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pastoral letter from the Bishop of Bath and Wells to his clergy, concerning their behaviour during LentKen, Thomas, 1637-1711.A47234EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prayers for the use of all persons who come to the baths for cure. By the author of the Manual of prayers, for the use of the scholars of Winchester Colledge.Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711.A47235EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The royal sufferer A manual of meditations and devotions. Written for the use of a royal, tho' afflicted family. By T- K- D.D.Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711.A47236EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of the Right Honourable the Lady Margaret Mainard, at Little Easton in Essex, on the 30th of June, 1682 by Tho. Ken ...Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711.A47237EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of the Right Honourable the Lady Margaret Mainard, at Little Easton in Essex, on the 30th of June, 1682 by ... Thomas, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells.Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711.A47239EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialogue between two friends occasioned by the late revolution of affairs, and the oath of allegiance by W.K. ...Kennett, White, 1660-1728.A47255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a student at Oxford to a friend in the country concerning the approaching Parliament, in vindication of His Majesty, the Church of England and University.Kennett, White, 1660-1728.A47256EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The righteous taken away from the evil to come applied to the death of the late excellent Queen, in a sermon preach'd at St. Martin's Church, on Sunday, January the twentieth, 1694/5, before the mayor, baliffs, and commonalty of the city of Oxford / by White Kennett ...Kennett, White, 1660-1728.A47257EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some remarks on the life, death, and burial of Mr. Henry Cornish, B.D., an eminent dissenting teacher who died on Sunday, Dec. 18, and was interr'd on Thursday, Dec. 22, 1698, in the church of Bisiter in the county of Oxford as received in a letter from a friend.Kennett, White, 1660-1728.A47258EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To Mr. E.L. on His Majesties dissolving the late Parliament at Oxford, March 28, 1681Kennett, White, 1660-1728.A47259EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An abstract of a proposal already laid before the Honourable the House of Commons assembled in Parliament, for employing our poor, and preventing the exportation of our coinKent, Dircy.A47261EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A choice manual of rare and select secrets in physick and chyrurgery collected and practised by the Right Honorable, the Countesse of Kent, late deceased ; as also most exquisite ways of preserving, conserving, candying, &c. ; published by W.I., Gent.Kent, Elizabeth Grey, Countess of, 1581-1651.A47264EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A choice manual, or Rare secrets in physick and chirurgery: collected, & practised by the Right Honourable the Countesse of Kent, late deceased. Whereto are added several experiments of the vertue of Gascon powder, and lapis contra yarvam by a professor of physick. As also most exquisite ways of preserving, conserving, candying &c.Kent, Elizabeth Grey, Countess of, 1581-1651.A47269EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true gentlewomans delight Wherein is contained all manner of cookery: together with preserving, conserving, drying and candying. Very necessary for all ladies and gentlewomen. Published by W. I. gent.Kent, Elizabeth Grey, Countess of, 1581-1651.A47270EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Kentish Dick, or, The Lusty coach-man of Westminster with an account how he tickled the young lasses, and caused their sad lamentation : tune of, Let Mary live long.A47272EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Medela pestilentiae wherein is contained several theological queries concerning the plague, with approved antidotes, signes and symptoms : also an exact method for curing that epidemicial distemper, humbly presented to the Right Honourable and Right Worshipful the lord mayor and sheriffs of the city of London.Kephale, Richard.A47273EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A mournful elegy, on the deplorable, and never enough to be lamented death, of the illustrious, and serene Charles the II. King of Great-Britain, France, and Ireland, &c. Defender of the true, and apostolick faith; who departed this life, (and changed his corruptible crown for an uncorruptible,) on Friday the 6th of February, between 11. and 12. of the clock, in the forenoon, being the 55th. year of his age. 1684/5Ker, Patrick, fl. 1691.A47276EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In Illustrissimum, ac Serenissimum, Jacobum II, Regem Magnae Britaniae, Franciae, & Hiberniae, &c. cum publice coronam regalem indueret carmen epiphōnētikon A panegyrick poem on the coronation of the Illustrious and Serene, James II, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, &c.Ker, Patrick, fl. 1691.A47279EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ichabod: or, Five groans of the church: Prudently foreseeing, and passionately bewailing her second fall: Threatened by these five dangerous, though undiscerned, miscarriages that caused her first: Viz. [bracket] 1. Undue ordination, 2. Loose prophaness, 3. Unconscionable symony, 4. Careless non-residence, 5. Encroaching pluralities. Humbly presented to her supreme head and governour, the kings most excellent majesty, and his great council, the Parliament of England.A47283EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Romanists best doctor who by one infallible remedy, perfectly cures all Popish-diseases whatsoever in a quarter of an hours time, or half an hour at utmost, by an approved dose which never yet failed his patients : which approved remedy may once a month be had at Tyburn, neer Paddington, of that eminent physitian of long practice, John Ketch, Esq., Physitian to the Pope : a small dose whereof being rightly applyed ... sends the patient bolt-upright to heaven in a string without calling at Purgatory by the way : it likewise perfectly cures these Popish distempers following, though of never so long continuance : viz. treason, murther, and rebellion ...Ketch, Jack, d. 1686.A47288EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christianity, a doctrine of the cross, or, Passive obedience, under any pretended invasion of legal rights and libertiesKettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47289EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A companion for the penitent, and for persons troubled in mind consisting of an office for the penitent, to carry on their reconciliation with God, and a tryal or judgment of the soul, for discovering the safety of their spiritual estate, and an office for persons troubled in mind, to settle them in peace and comfort / by John Kettlewell ...Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47291EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Death made comfortable, or, The way to dye well consisting of directions for an holy and an happy death : together with an office for the sick and for certain kinds of bodily illness, and for dying persons, and proper prayers upon the death of friends / by John Kettlewell ...Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47293EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse explaining the nature of edification both of particular persons in private graces, and of the church in unity and peace, and shewing that we must not break unity and publick peace, for supposed means of better edifying in private virtues : in a visitation sermon at Coventry, May 7, 1684 / by John Kettlewell ...Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47294EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The duty of allegiance settled upon its true grounds, according to Scripture, reason, and the opinion of the Church in answer to a late book of Dr. William Sherlock, master of the Temple, entituled, The case of the allegiance due to sovereign powers, stated, and resolved, according to Scripture, &c. : with a more particular respect to the oath lately injoyn'd.Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47295EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Five discourses on so many very important points of practical religion by John Kettlewell ... ; with a preface giving some account of the author's life.Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47296EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A funeral sermon for the Right Honourable, the Lady Frances Digby, who deceased at Coles-Hall in Warwickshire, on the 29th of September, 1684 by John Kettlewell ...Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47297EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An help and exhortation to worthy communicating, or, A treatise describing the meaning, worthy reception, duty, and benefits of the Holy Sacrament and answering the doubts of conscience, and other reasons, which most generally detain men from it together with suitable devotions added / by John Kettlewell ...Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47298EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The measures of Christian obedience, or, A discourse shewing what obedience is indispensably necessary to a regenerate state, and what defects are consistent with it, for the promotion of piety, and the peace of troubled consciences by John Kettlewell ...Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47301EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of Christian communion to be kept on in the unity of Christs church and among the professors of truth and holiness : and of the obligations, both of faithful pastors to administer orthodox and holy offices, and of faithful people to communicate in the same : fitted for persecuted or divided or corrupt states of churches when they are either born down by secular persecutions or broken with schisms or defiled with sinful offices and ministrations.Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47305EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of Christian prudence, or, Religious wisdom not degenerating into irreligious craftiness in trying timesKettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47306EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An office for prisoners for crimes, together with another for prisoners for debt containing both proper directions, and proper prayers and devotions, for each of their needs and circumstances / by John Kettlewell ...Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47307EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The practical believer, or, The articles of the Apostles Creed drawn out to form a true Christian's heart and practice in two parts.Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47309EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The religious loyalist, or, A good Christian taught how to be a faithful servant both to God and the King in a visitation-sermon preached at Coles-hill in Warwick-shire, Aug. 28, 1685 : at the triennial visitation of my Lords Grace of Canterbury, during the suspension of the Bp. of Litchfield and Coventry / by John Kettlewell ...Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47310EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Coles-hill in Warwickshire, January 24, 1685, on occasion of the death of the Right Honourable Simon Lord Digby, Baron Digby of Geashil in Ireland, who deceased at Coles-Hall, Jan. 19, 1685, on Heb. 6. 12 by John Kettlewell ...Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695.A47311EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lybeller carracterizd [sic], or a hue and cry sent after him. Some of his works made publick: with observations thereuponKey, Leonard.A47314EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Cleare and evident way for enriching the nations of England and Ireland and for setting very great numbers of poore on workA47317EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir Walter Raleigh's observations, touching trade & commerce with the Hollander, and other nations, as it was presented to K. James wherein is proved, that our sea and land commodities serve to inrich and strengthen other countries against our owne ...Raleigh, Walter, Sir, 1552?-1618.A47319EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Choice presidents upon all Acts of Parliament relating to the office and duty of a justice of peace. With necessary notes and instructions thereupon taken out of the said Acts of Parliament, and other particular cases in law adjudg'd therein. As also a more useful method of making up Court-Rolls than hath been hitherto known or published in print. By Rich. Kilburne, Esq; late one of His Majestie's Justices of the Peace for the county of Kent, and principal of Staple-Inn.Kilburne, Richard, 1605-1678.A47352EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A topographie or survey of the county of Kent with some chronological, historicall, and other matters touching the same, and the several parishes and places therein / by Richard Kilburne of Hawkherst, Esquire.Kilburne, Richard, 1605-1678.A47358EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to Mr. Marlow's Appendix Wherein his arguments to prove that singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, was performed in the primitive church by a special or an extraordinary gift, and therefore not to be practised in these days, are examined, and clearly detected. Also some reflections on what he speaks on the word hymnos, hymnos: and on his undue quotations of divers learned men. By a learned hand. By B. Keach.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47361EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Antichrist stormed, or, Mystery Babylon the great whore, and great city, proved to be the present Church of Rome wherein all objections are fully answered : to which is added, the time of the end, or a clear explanation of Scripture prophecies, with the judgment of divers learned men concerning the final ruine of the Romish Church, that it will be in this present age : together with an account of the two witnesses, who they are, with their killing, resurrection & ascention : also an examination and confutation of what Mr. Jurieu hath lately written concerning the effusion of the vials ... : likewise a brief review of D. Tho. Goodwins exposition of the 11th chapter of the Revelations, concerning the witnesses, and of that street in which they should lie slain, proving it to be meant of Great Brittain : and a brief collection of divers strange prophecies, some very antient / by Benj. Keach ... ; to which is annext, a short treatise in two parts : 1. The calculation of Scripture numbers by Scripture only, without the help of humane history, 2. Upon the witnesses, giving light to the whole book.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47362EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems by Mrs. Anne Killigrew.Killigrew, Anne, 1660-1685.A47363EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pallantus and Eudora a tragœdie / written by Mr. Henry Killigrew.Killigrew, Henry, 1613-1700.A47364EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the Kings Most Excellent Majesty at Oxford by H.K., D.D.Killigrew, Henry, 1613-1700.A47366EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the king the first Sunday of Advent, 1666 by Henry Killigrew ...Killigrew, Henry, 1613-1700.A47367EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before His Majesty at White-Hall, May 29th, 1668 by D.H. Killigrew ...Killigrew, Henry, 1613-1700.A47368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sermons, preached partly before His Majesty at White-Hall and partly before Anne Dutchess of York, at the chappel at St. James / by Henry Killigrew ...Killigrew, Henry, 1613-1700.A47369EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An appendix to the answer unto two Athenian Mercuries concerning pedo-baptism containing twenty seven syllogistical arguments proving infant-baptism a mere humane tradition : the gentlmen called the Athenian Society desiring in the last of the said Mercuries to have syllogism / by B. K.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47371EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Comedies and tragedies written by Thomas Killigrew ...Killigrew, Thomas, 1612-1683.A47372EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sr. VVilliam Killigrew his answer to the fenne mens objections against the Earle of Lindsey his drayning in LincolnshireKilligrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695.A47375EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to such objections as were made by some commoners of Lincoln-shire and presented to both houses at the first sitting of this Parliament against Robert, Earle of Lindesey, and his participants concerning the draining of those fenns which lye between Lincolne, Berne, & Boston / set forth by Sir Will. Killigrew, Knight.Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695.A47376EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Earle of Lindsey his title, by which himselfe and his participants doe claime 24000 acres of land in the fennes in LincolnshireKilligrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695.A47378EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fovr nevv playes viz : The seege of Vrbin, Selindra, Love and frienship, Tragy-comedies, Pandora, a comedy / written by Sr. William Killigrew ...Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695.A47379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The articles of the faith of the Church of Christ, or, Congregation meeting at Horsley-down Benjamin Keach, pastor, as asserted this 10th of the 6th month, 1697.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47381EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The imperial tragedy taken out of a Latin play, and very much altered / by a gentleman ...Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695.A47382EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mid-night and daily thoughts in prose and verse / by Sir William Killigrew.Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695.A47384EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mid-night thoughts, writ, as some think, by a London-Whigg, or, a Westminster-Tory, others think by a Quaker, or, a Jesuit: but call him what they please, they may find him a true penitent of the church of Christ.Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695.A47386EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pandora a comedy.Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695.A47387EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proposal, shewing how this nation may be vast gainers by all the sums of money, given to the Crown, without lessening the prerogative humbly offer'd to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and to the knights, citizens, and burgesses, assembled in Parliament / by William Killigrew ; to which is prefix'd the late Honourable Sir James Sheene's letter on the same subject and the proposer's answer.Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695.A47388EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short answer to a paper, intituled, Reasons humbly offered to the Honourable the Commons assembled in Parliament, against a bill brought in by Sir Robert Killigrew and others, undertakers and participants for the pretended dreining of Lindsey-Level in LincolnshireKilligrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695.A47389EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ax laid to the root, or, One blow more at the foundation of infant baptism, and church-membership. Part I containing an exposition of that metaphorical text of Holy Scripture, Mat. 3. 10. : being the substance of two sermons lately preached, with some additions, wherein is shewed that God made a two-fold covenant with Abraham, and that circumcision appertained not to the covenant of grace, but to the legal and external covenant God made with Abraham's natural seed, as such : together with an answer to Mr. John Flavel's last grand arguments in his Vindiciarum Vindex, in his last reply to Mr. Philip Cary, also to Mr. Rothwell's Pædo-baptisms vindicatur, as to what seems most material / by Benjamin Keach ...Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47391EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three playes written by Sir William Killigrew, vice-chamberlain to Her Majesty the Queen Consort, 1664, viz. [brace] Selindra, Pandora, Ormasdes.Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695.A47392EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The ax laid to the root, or, One blow more at the foundation of infant baptism and church-membership containing an exposition of that metaphorical text of Holy Scripture, Mat. 3, 10].Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47399EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The banquetting-house, or, A feast of fat things a divine poem, opening many sacred Scripture mysteries ... / written by Benjamin Keach, author of War with the Devil.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47401EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An elegy upon the most incomparable K. Charles the I. persecuted by two implacable factions, imprisoned by the one, and murthered by the other, January 30th 1648.King, Henry, 1592-1669.A47405EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some seasonable and modest thoughts, partly occasioned by, and partly concerning the Scots East-India Company humbly offered to R.H. Esq., a member of the present Parliament / by an unfeigned and hearty lover of England.C. K., Unfeigned and hearty lover of England.A47406EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The breach repaired in God's worship, or, Singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, proved to be an holy ordinance of Jesus Christ with an answer to all objections : as also, an examination of Mr. Isaac Marlow's two papers, one called, A discourse against singing, &c., the other, An appendix : wherein his arguments and cavils are detected and refuted / by Benjamin Keach ...Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47407EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A groane at the fvnerall of the incomparable and glorious monarch, Charles the First, King of Great Brittaine, France and Ireland, &c., on whose sacred person was acted that execrable, horrid and prodigious murther by a trayterous crew, and bloudy combination at Westminster, January 30, 1648 written by I.B.King, Henry, 1592-1669.A47408EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems, elegies, paradoxes, and sonetsKing, Henry, 1592-1669.A47409EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at White-Hall on the 29th of May being the happy day of His Majesties inauguration and birth / by Henry, L. Bp. of Chichester.King, Henry, 1592-1669.A47411EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Lewis in the diocess of Chichester by the Lord Bp. of Chichester, at his visitation held there, Octob. 8, 1662.King, Henry, 1592-1669.A47413EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached the 30th of January at White-Hall, 1664 being the anniversary commemoration of K. Charls the I, martyr'd on that day / by Henry King ...King, Henry, 1592-1669.A47414EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last speeches of the two ministers Mr. John King, and Mr. John Kid, [brace] at the place of execution at Edenburgh on the 14th day of August, 1679.King, John, d. 1679.A47415EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon on the 30th of January, being the day on which that sacred martyr, King Charles the First, was murdered by John King, D.D. ...King, John, D.D.A47416EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of Sir Willoughby Chamberlain, Kt. who died at his house at Chelsey, Dec. 6 and was interred at the parish church of St. James Garlick Hith, London, Dec. 12, 1697 / by John King, rector of Chelsey.King, John, D.D.A47417EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The examination and tryall of Old Father Christmas At the assizes held at the town of Difference, in the county of discontent. Written according to legal proceeding, by Josiah King.King, Josiah.A47419EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An enquiry into the constitution, discipline, unity & worship of the primitive church that flourished within the first three hundred years after Christ faithfully collected out of the extant writings of those ages / by an impartial hand.King, Peter King, Lord, 1669-1734.A47424EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The surfeit to A B CA47426EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An admonition to the dissenting inhabitants of the diocess of Derry concerning a book lately published by Mr. J. Boyse, entituled, Remarks on a late discourse of William, Lord Bishop of Derry, concerning the inventions of men in the worship of God / from William, Lord Bishop of the said diocess.King, William, 1650-1729.A47430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Animadversions on a pretended Account of DanmarkKing, William, 1663-1712.A47431EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the considerations which obliged Peter Manby, late Dean of London-Derry in Ireland, as he pretends, to embrace what he calls, the Catholick religion by William King ...King, William, 1650-1729.A47432EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning the inventions of men in the worship of God by William Lord Bishop of Derry ...King, William, 1650-1729.A47436EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christ alone the way to Heaven, or, Jacob's ladder improved containing four sermons lately preach'd on Genesis XXVIII, XII : wherein the doctrine of free-grace is display'd through Jesus Christ : also discovering the nature, office, and ministration of the holy angels : to which is added one sermon on Rom. 8, 1 : with some short reflections on Mr. Samuel Clark's new book intituled Scripture justification / by Benjamin Keach.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47437EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Europe's delivery from France and slavery a sermon preached at St. Patrick's Church, Dublin, on the 16th of November, 1690, before the right honourable the Lords Justices of Ireland : being the day of Thanksgiving for the preservation of His Majesty's person, his good success in our deliverance, and his safe and happy return into England / by William King ...King, William, 1650-1729.A47440EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second admonition to the dissenting inhabitants of the diocess of Derry concerning Mr. J. Boyse's Vindication of his Remarks on A discourse concerning the inventions of men in the worship of God : with an appendix containing an answer to Mr. B's objections against the sign of the cross / by William, Lord Bishop of Derry.King, William, 1650-1729.A47442EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at St. Patrick's Church Dublin on the 16th of Novemb. 1690 being the day of thanksgiving for the preservation of His Majesties person, his good success in our deliverance, and his safe and happy return into England : before the Right Honourable the Lords Justices of Ireland / by William King.King, William, 1650-1729.A47445EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The state of the Protestants of Ireland under the late King James's government in which their carriage towards him is justified, and the absolute necessity of their endeavouring to be freed from his government, and of submitting to their present Majesties is demonstrated.King, William, 1650-1729.A47446EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A counter-antidote, to purge out the malignant effects of a late counterfeit, prepared by Mr. Gyles Shute ... being an answer to his vindication of his pretended Antidote to prevent the prevalency of Anabaptism, shewing that Mr. Hercules Collins's reply to the said author remains unanswered : wherein the baptism of believers is evinced to be God's ordinance, and the baptized congregations proved true churches of Jesus Christ : with a further detection of the error of pedo-baptism : to which is added, An answer to Mr. Shute's reply to Mr. Collins's half-sheet / by Benjamin Keach.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47448EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems of Mr. Cowley and others composed into songs and ayres with a thorough basse to the theorbo, harpsecon, or base-violl by William King ...King, William, 1624-1680.A47450EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dialogues of the dead relating to the present controversy concerning the Epistles of Phalaris / by the author of the Journey to London.King, William, 1663-1712.A47451EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The furmetary a very innocent and harmless poem : in three cantos.King, William, 1663-1712.A47452EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The transactioneer, with some of his philosophical fancies in two dialogues.King, William, 1663-1712.A47453EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The counterfeit Christian, or, The danger of hypocrisy opened in two sermons : containing an exposition of that parabolical speech of our Blessed Saviour, Matth. XII, 43, 44, 45 ... / by Benjamin Keach ...Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47454EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The King and the Bishop, or, Unlearned men hard matters out can find when learned Bishops Princes eyes do blind to the tune of Chevy-Chase.A47455EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
King Charls his tryal at the high court of justice sitting in Westminster Hall, begun on Saturday, Jan. 20, ended Jan. 27, 1648 also His Majesties speech on the scaffold immediately before his execution on Tuesday, Ian. 30 : together with the several speeches of Duke Hamilton, the Earl of Holland, and the Lord Capel, immediately before their execution on Friday, March 9, 1649.Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.A47456EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The King of Poland's last speech to his country-menA47462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The display of glorious grace, or, The covenant of peace opened in fourteen sermons lately preached, in which the errors of the present day about reconciliation and justification are detected / by Benjamin Keach.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47465EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Kings letter intercepted coming from Oxford with a ioyful and true relation of th[e?] great victory obtained by Sir Thomas Fairfax, Sir William Brereton, and Sir VVilliam Fairfax, against the Irish at the raising of the siege at Nantwich on Friday last January 26, 1643 ...A47471EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Distressed Sion relieved, or, The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness wherein are discovered the grand causes of the churches trouble and misery under the late dismal dispensation : with a compleat history of, and lamentation for those renowned worthies that fell in England by popish rage and cruelty, from the year 1680 to 1688 ... / by Benjamin Keach ...Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47473EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The King's reasons (with some reflections upon them) for withdrawing himself from Rochester written with his own hand (or rather, copied from his own speech after the bawdy affidavit) and ordered by him to be published (by Henry Hills, but that he was out of the way).A47478EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An elegy on the death of that most laborious and painful minister of the gospel, Mr. John Norcot who fell asleep in the Lord the 24th day of this instant March, 1675/6.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The everlasting covenant, a sweet cordial for a drooping soul, or, The excellent nature of the covenant of grace opened in a sermon preached January the 29th, at the funeral of Mr. Henry Forty, late pastor of a Church of Christ, at Abingdon, in the county of Berks, who departed this life Jan. 25th 1692/3 and was interr'd at Southwark ... : to which is added, An elegy on the death of the said minister / by Benjamine Keach ...Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47489EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dreadful news from Wapping: being a further relation of the sad and miserable condition of Sarah Bower a young girl, of about fourteen years of age, who is unhappily, at present, posses'd with an evil spirit, by Wapping New-Stairs, near the Chappel. All faithfully related by Richard Kirby, student in physick and astrology, who hath visited her. Licensed according to order.Dirby, Richard, b. 1649.A47490EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The marrow of astrology in two books : wherein is contained the natures of the signes and planets, with their several governing angels, according to their respective hierarchies : also philosophical reasons for takeing the planets antiscions, and part of fortune, with the method of directions according to the Ægyptians and Chaldeans, with several other useful examples : also a new table of houses, exactly calculated for the latitude of London, with tables of the mundane aspects, and all that is requisite, for the rectifying and directing nativities, according to the true intent and meaning of Ptolomy : wherein is discovered the errors of Argol, Regiomontanus, and most of our modern authors, in several examples, never before done in English / by Richard Kirby and John Bishop ...Kirby, Richard, b. 1649.A47491EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Major-General Kirk in Ireland to his friend in London. From His Majesties camp near Dublin, July the 4th. 1690.Kirke, Percy, 1646?-1691.A47495EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Account from Colonel Kirk of the relieving of Londonderry brought by Mr. Beale the messenger, in an express to the court : together with an account of a great fight between the Duke of Berwicks's forces and the Protestants, with all the particulars.A47498EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A feast of fat things full of marrow containing several Scripture songs taken out of the Old and New Testaments, with others composed by t[he author] : together [with o]ne hundred of divine hymns, being the first century.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47500EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The glorious lover a divine poem upon the adorable mystery of sinners redemption / by B.K., author of War with the Devil.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47509EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new family-book, or, The true interest of families being directions to parents and children, and to those who are instead of parents : shewing them their several duties, and how they may be happy in one another : together with several prayers for families and children, and graces before and after meat : to which is annexed a discourse about the right way of improving our time / by James Kirkwood ... ; with a preface, by Dr. Horneck.Kirkwood, James, 1650?-1709.A47513EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The kitchin-maids answer to the London apprentice's Word to the wavering Levite, &c. being a vindication of the Reverend Dr. Sherlock ... for his taking the oaths.Kitchin-maid.A47520EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The glory of a true church, and its discipline display'd wherein a true gospel-church is described : together with the power of the keys, and who are to be let in, and who to be shut out / by Benjamin Keach.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47522EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
God acknowledged, or, The true interest of the nation and all that fear God opened in a sermon preached December the 11th, 1695 : being the day appointed by the king for publick prayer and humiliation / by Benjamin Keach.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47528EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gold refin'd, or, Baptism in its primitive purity proving baptism in water an holy institution of Jesus Christ ... : wherein it is clearly evinced that baptism ... is immersion, or dipping the whole body, &c : also that believers are only the true subjects (and not infants) of that holy sacrament : likewise Mr. Smythies arguments for infant-baptism in his late book entitled, The non-communicant ... fully answered / by Benj. Keach ...Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47535EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A golden mine opened, or, The glory of God's rich grace displayed in the mediator to believers, and his direful wrath against impenitent sinners containing the substance of near forty sermons upon several subjects / by Benjamin Keach.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Turkish history from the original of that nation, to the growth of the Ottoman empire with the lives and conquests of their princes and emperours / by Richard Knolles ... ; with a continuation to this present year MDCLXXXVII ; whereunto is added, The present state of the Ottoman empire, by Sir Paul Rycaut ...Knolles, Richard, 1550?-1610.A47555EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A glimpse of Sions glory, or, The churches beautie specified published for the good and benefit of all those whose hearts are raised up in the expectation of the glorious liberties of the saints.Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.A47560EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rudiments of the Hebrew grammar in English Published for the benefit of some friends, who being ignorant of the Latine, are desirous to understand the Bible in the originall tongue. By Hanserd Knollys.Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691.A47572EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jewish Sabbath abrogated, or, The Saturday Sabbatarians confuted in two parts : first, proving the abrogation of the old seventh-day Sabbath : secondly, that the Lord's-Day is of divine appointment : containing several sermons newly preach'd upon a special occasion, wherein are many new arguments not found in former authors / by Benjamin Keach.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47576EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of the reformation of the Church of Scotland containing five books : together with some treatises conducing to the history.Knox, John, ca. 1514-1572.A47584EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Laying on of hands upon baptized believers, as such, proved an ordinance of Christ in answer to Mr. Danvers's former book intituled, A treatise of laying on of hands : with a brief answer to a late book called, A treatise concerning laying on of hands, written by a nameless author / by B.K. ...Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47585EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An historical relation of the island Ceylon, in the East-Indies together, with an account of the detaining in captivity the author and divers other Englishmen now living there, and of the authors miraculous escape : illustrated with figures, and a map of the island / by Robert Knox.Knox, Robert, 1640?-1720.A47586EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Alcoran of Mahomet, translated out of Arabick into French, by the Sieur Du Ryer, Lord of Malezair, and resident for the French king, at Alexandria. And newly Englished, for the satisfaction of all that desire to look into the Turkish vanities. To which is prefixed, the life of Mahomet, the prophet of the Turks, and author of the Alcoran. With A needful caveat, or admonition, for them who desire to know what use may be made of, or if there be danger in reading the Alcoran.A47589EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Light broke forth in Wales, expelling darkness, or, The Englishman's love to the antient Britains [sic] being an answer to a book, iutituled [sic] Children's baptism from Heaven, published in the Welsh tongue by Mr. James Owen / by Benjamin Keach.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47591EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The general London epistle of Quirinus Kuhlman a Christian, to the Wiclef-Waldenses, Hussites, Zuinglians, Lutherans, and Calvinists being an explication of a vision and prophecy of John Kregel : wherein the reformation from popery is fundamentally asserted, and the union of Protestants convincingly urged : together with a postscript relating to the present popish plot : translated from the Latine copy printed at Rotterdam in May 1679.Kuhlmann, Quirin, 1651-1689.A47594EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Quirin Kuhlmanni Mysterium viginti unarum septimanarum Kotterianarum, quod vera clavis ad Danielem, Apocalypsin omnesque Scripturae numeros, Spiritus Sancti ope apertum, Smyrnae Anatoliae, mense Octobri, 1678Kuhlmann, Quirin, 1651-1689.A47595EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The marrow of true justification, or, Justification without works containing the substance of two sermons lately preached on Rom. 4:5 ... : wherein the nature of justification is opened, as it hath been formerly asserted by all sound Protestants, and the present prevailing errors against the said doctrine detected / by Benjamin Keach ...Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47599EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Leoline and Sydanis A romance of the amorous adventures of princes. Together, with sundry affectionate addresses to his mistresse, under the name of Cynthia. Written by Sir Fr. Kinnaston, knight, late one of the squires of the body to His Majesty.Kinnaston, Francis, Sir, 1587-1642.A47600EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A medium betwixt two extremes wherein it is proved that the whole first Adam was condemned and the whole second Adam justified : being a sermon lately preached on Rom. 8:1 and now published to prevent the further controversy (in one main point) about justification : to which are added reflections on some passages in Mr. Clark's new book called Scripture-Justification / by Benjamin Keach.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47601EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pedo-baptism disproved being an answer to two printed papers (put forth by some gentlemen called the Athenian Society, who pretend to answer all questions sent to them of what nature soever) called the Athenian Mercury, one put forth November 14, the other November 28, 1691 : in which papers they pretend to answer eight queries about the lawfulness of infant-baptism : likewise divers queries sent to them about the true subjects of baptism, &c.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47602EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The present great interest both of king and people in a letter written to one of the Lords of the Privy-Council / by a lover of his king and country.F. K.A47603EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rector rectified and corrected, or, Infant-baptism unlawful being a sober answer to a late pamphlet entituled An argumentative and practical discourse of infant-baptism, published by Mr. William Burkit, rector of Mildin in Suffolk : wherein all his arguments for pedo-baptism are refuted and the necessity of immersion, i.e. dipping, is evidenced, and the people falsly called Anabaptists are cleared from those unjust reproaches and calumnies cast upon them : together with a reply to the Athenian gazette added to their 5th volume about infant-baptism : with some remarks upon Mr. John Flavel's last book in answer to Mr. Philip Cary / by Benjamin Keach.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47605EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short confession of faith containing the substance of all the fundamental articles in the larger confession put forth by the elders of the Baptist churches, owning personal election and final perserverance.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47606EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sion in distress, or, The groans of the Protestant Chruch [sic]Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47607EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Spiritual melody, containing near three hundred sacred hymns. By Benjamin Keach, author of Trhopolgia, pastor of the Church of Christ meeting on Horsly-down, SouthwarkKeach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47611EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Spiritual songs being the marrow of Scripture in songs of praise to Almighty God from the Old and New Testament : with a hundred divine hymns on several occasions as now practised in several congregations in and about London : with a table of contents / by Benjamin Keach, author of the war with the devil.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47612EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A summons to the grave, or, The necessity of a timely preparation for death demonstrated in a sermon preached at the funeral of that most eminent and faithful servant of Jesus Christ Mr. John Norcot who departed this life March 24, 1675/6 / by Benjamin Keach.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47613EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The travels of true godliness, from the beginning of the world to this present day in an apt and pleasant allegory ... / by B.K., author of War with the Devil, and Sion in distress.Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.A47614EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Scots scovts discoveries by their London intelligencer, and presented to the Lords of the covenant of Scotland, 1639.D. L.A47616EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The saints encouragement in evil times: or Observations concerning the martyrs in generall with some memorable collections out of Foxes three volumes. Martin Luther. The covenant and promises. Living and dying by faith. By Edward Leigh Esquire.Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A47618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Second considerations concerning the High Court of Chancery, and the most excellent ordinance for the regulation and limitation of that court by Edw. Leigh, Gent.Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A47619EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Select and choyce observations, containing all the Romane emperours the first eighteen by Edward Leigh ... ; the others added by his son Henry Leigh ... ; certain choyce French proverbs, alphabetically disposed and Englished added also by the same Edward Leigh.Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A47620EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A systeme or body of divinity consisting of ten books : wherein the fundamentals and main grounds of religion are opened, the contrary errours refuted, most of the controversies between us, the papists, Arminians, and Socinians discussed and handled, several Scriptures explained and vindicated from corrupt glosses : a work seasonable for these times, wherein so many articles of our faith are questioned, and so many gross errours daily published / by Edward Leigh.Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A47625EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of divinity consisting of three bookes : The first of which handling the Scripture or Word of God, treateth of its divine authority, the canonicall bookes, the authenticall edition, and severall versions, the end, properties, and interpretation of Scripture : The second handling God sheweth that there is a God, and what he is, in his essence and several attributes, and likewise the distinction of persons in the divine essence : The third handleth the three principall works of God, decree, creation and providence / by Edward Leigh ...Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A47629EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of religion & learning and of religious and learned men consisting of six books, the two first treating of religion & learning, the four last of religious or learned men in an alphabetical order ... / by Edward Leigh ...Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A47630EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the divine promises in five bookes : in the first, a generall description of their nature, kinds, excellency, right use, properties, and the persons to whom they belong : in the foure last, a declaration of the covenant it selfe .../ by Edvvard Legh ...Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A47631EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The censure of the Rota on Mr. Driden's Conquest of Granada.Leigh, Richard, 1649 or 50-1728.A47633EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems upon several occasions, and, to several persons by the author of The censure of the Rota.Leigh, Richard, 1649 or 50-1728.A47634EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The transproser rehears'd, or, The fifth act of Mr. Bayes's play being a postscript to the animadversions on the preface to Bishop Bramhall's vindication, &c. : shewing what grounds there are of fears and jealousies of popery.Leigh, Richard 1649 or 50-1728.A47635EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A practical commentary, upon the two first chapters of the first epistle general of St. Peter. By the most reverend Dr. Robert Leighton, some-time arch-bishop of Glasgow. Published after his death, at the request of his friendsLeighton, Robert, 1611-1684.A47642EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A practical commentary upon the first epistle general of St. Peter. Vol. II containing the third, fourth and fifth chapters / by the most Reverend Robert Leighton ... ; published after his death at the request of his friends.Leighton, Robert, 1611-1684.A47643EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sermons preached by Dr. Robert Leighton, late archbishop of Glasgow published at the desire of his friends, after his death, from his papers written with his own hand.Leighton, Robert, 1611-1684.A47646EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A course of chemistry containing an easie method of preparing those chymical medicins which are used in physick : with curious remarks and useful discourses upon each preparation, for the benefit of such who desire to be instructed in the knowledge of this art / by Nicholas Lemery, M.D.Lémery, Nicolas, 1645-1715.A47656EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The characters, or, The manners of the age by Monsieur de la Bruyere ... made English by several hands ; with the characters of Theophrastus, translated from the Greek, and a prefatory discourse to them, by Monsieur de la Bruyere ; to which is added, a key to his Characters.La Bruyère, Jean de, 1645-1696.A47658EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The gallery of heroick women written in French by Peter Le Moyne of the Society of Jesus ; translated into English by the Marquesse of Winchester.Le Moyne, Pierre, 1602-1671.A47665EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the art both of writing & judging of history with reflections upon ancient as well as modern historians, shewing through what defects there are so few good, and that it is impossible there should be many so much as tolerable / by the Jesuit Father Le-Moyne.Le Moyne, Pierre, 1602-1671.A47666EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lent-preachers appointed to preach before His Majesty for the year 1679/80A47675EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lent-preachers appointed by the Lord Bishop of London to preach on Wednesdays and Fridays for the year 1685/6 at St. Michael's Cornhill. St. Lawrence's St. Dunstan's in the West. St. James's.A47678EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the right honourable the Commons in Parliament assembled, the humble petition of Sir John Lenthal, KnightLenthall, John, Sir, 1625-1681.A47680EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cassandra the fam'd romance : the whole work : in five parts / written originally in French ; now elegantly rendred into English by a person of quality.La Calprenède, Gaultier de Coste, seigneur de, d. 1663.A47682EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copy of the speakers letter to the vice-chancellour and the heads of houses of the Vniversity of Oxford together with the protestation and declaration with it.Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.A47684EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of Master William Lenthall Esquire, Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons wherein is contained the grounds and reasons that moved him to absent himselfe from the service of the House, on Friday July 30, 1647 : together with his resolution not to attend that service, till (by an effectuall prevention of the like tumults) the Parliament be inabled to proceed in a free and Parliamentary way without disturbance or enforcement.Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.A47686EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from the speaker of the House of Commons, to the gentry, freeholders and inhabitants of the county of Yorkshire in answer to their protestationLenthall, William, 1591-1662.A47687EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Master Speakers letter ordered by the honorable House of Commons to be sent to the high sheriffe and gentry of Yorkshire shewing their dislike of such as have endeavoured to perswade the countrey that their petition to the Parliament was ill relished : secondly, their dislike of such as have endevoured to perswade godly ministers that their exercises are not acceptable to the House : thirdly, their dislike of such as have endevoured to perswade the trained band from going in Hull upon the Parliament order : also shewing their great acceptation of the Yorkshire petition and how ready they are to take care for the discharging the billet-money in that county : likewise the Parliament wondring at the impudencie of those men who dare to hinder the advancement of the glory of God & of his worship and also to scandalize the piety of the house in so high a measure : likewise shewing how ready they are to propagate religion : also desiring and enjoyning the high sheriff to return the names of all those who have vented these untruths and disswaded the trained band in Holdernesse from entring into Hull.Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.A47688EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Speakers letter to the Kings most excellent Majestie, Febr. 16, 1641 concerning the great affayres, and state of the kingdome.Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.A47689EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reasons humbly offer'd why the name of William Lenthall should be left out of the exception in the Act of oblivionLenthall, William, 1591-1662.A47690EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Speakers speech before His Majestie and both Houses of Parliament, after his returne from Scotland, upon passing the Bill for Tunnage and Poundage, on Thursday the 2. of December, relating the present distempers of England and Ireland also, the King's most excellent Majestie's speech to the honourable House of Parliament the same Thursday Deceb. 2, 1641.Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.A47691EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Speakers speech before the King in the Lords House of Parliament July the third 1641 concerning the passing of three bills viz : poll-money, star-chamber and high commission.England and Wales. Parliament.A47693EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Speakers speech in the Lords House of Parliament, June 22, 1641Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.A47694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Speakers speech on Thursday the thirteenth of May 1641 as it was delivered to the Kings Majesty before the Lords in Parliament at the presenting of these three bills, viz : an act for the shortning of Michaelmas term, for the pressing of marriners for the kings ships, for the remainder of the six entire subsidies.Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.A47696EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The trve coppy of a letter sent by Mr. Speaker to the sheriffes of several counties namely, Worcester, Cambridge, Huntington, Lecester, North-hampton, Warwick, and Rutland, which have not as yet paid in the poll-money : with the copy of an order sent from the Lords and Commons now assembled in Parliament to these severall counties before-named, for the speedy transportation of that money to York for disbanding of His Majesties army, and they that are found faulty, shall incurre both the ill-opinion and severe punishment of both Houses of Parliament, August 24, 1641.Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.A47698EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true narrative of the particular profits and gaines made by me William Lenthall from 1648 during the time I was speaker.Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.A47699EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two letters of note the one master speakers letter ordered by the honorable House of Commons to the high sheriffe and gentry of Yorke-shire : the other from the lords of the counsell in Ireland to the high court of Parliament here in England, &c.Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.A47700EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epistle of Publius Lentulus written to the senat and people of Rome concerning the true description, and portraiture of Iesus Christ, gathered out of an old manuscript booke, in the library of the college of Brasennose in Oxford.Lentulus, Publius.A47703EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Publius Lentulus his report to the Senate of Rome concerning Jesus ChristLentulus, Publius.A47704EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the rites, customes, and manner of life, of the present Jews, throughout the world. VVritten in Italian, by Leo Modena, a rabbine of Venice. Translated into English, by Edmund Chilmead, Mr. of Arts, and chaplain of Christ-Church OxonModena, Leone, 1571-1648.A47706EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memorable accidents, and unheard of transactions containing an accout of several strange events: as the deposing of tyrants, lamentable shipwrecks, dismal misfortunes, stratagems of war, perilous adventures, happy deliverances, with other remarkable occurrences, and select historical events, which have happened in several countries in this last age. Translated from the French, printed at Brussels in 1691. and dedicated to his present Majesty William King of England, &c. Published in English by B.B.A47710EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The drudge, or The jealous extravagant a piece of gallantry.Le Pays, Monsieur, 1634-1690.A47730EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The new method of fortification, as practised by Monsieur de Vauban, Engineer General of France with an explication of all terms appertaining to that art / made English.Vauban, Sébastien Le Prestre de, 1633-1707.A47731EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hymen's præludia, or, Loves master-piece being the sixth part of that so much admir'd romance intituled Cleopatra / written originally in French and now rendred into English by I.C.La Calprenède, Gaultier de Coste, seigneur de, d. 1663.A47776EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and faithful accompt of the most material passages of a dispute betwixt some students of divinity (so called) of the University of Aberdene and the people called Quakers held in Aberdene ... before some hundreds of witnesses upon the fourteenth day of the second month called April, 1675 : there being opponents John Lesly, Alexander Shirreff, Paul Gellie and defendants upon the Quakers part Robert Barclay and George Keith ... / published for preventing misreports by Alexander Skein ... [et. al.] ; to which is added Robert Barclay's offer to the preachers of Aberdene, renewed and re inforced.Skene, Alexander.A47778EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The temperate man, or, The right way of preserving life and health, together with soundness of the senses, judgment and memory unto extream old age in three treatises / the first written by the learned Leonardus Lessius, the second by Lodowich Cornaro, a noble gentleman of Venice, the third by a famous Italian; faithfully Englished.Lessius, Leonardus, 1554-1623.A47787EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The alliance of divine offices, exhibiting all the liturgies of the Church of England since the Reformation as also the late Scotch service-book, with all their respective variations : and upon them all annotations, vindictating the Book of common-prayer from the main objections of its adversaries, explicating many parcels thereof hithereto not clearly understood, shewing the conformity it beareth with the primitive practice, and giving a faire prospect into the usages of the ancient church : to these is added at the end, The order of the communion set forth 2 Edward 6 / by Hamon L'Estrange ...L'Estrange, Hamon, 1605-1660.A47788EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
God's Sabbath before, under the law and under the Gospel briefly vindicated from novell and heterodox assertions / by Hamon L'Estrange ...L'Estrange, Hamon, 1605-1660.A47791EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reign of King Charles an history faithfully and impartially delivered and disposed into annals.L'Estrange, Hamon, 1605-1660.A47792EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hymen's præludia, or, Loves master-piece being the ninth, and tenth part of that so much admir'd romance intituled Cleopatra / written originally in French ; and now rendred into English, by J.D.La Calprenède, Gaultier de Coste, seigneur de, d. 1663.A47793EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the growth of knavery under the pretended fears of arbitrary government and popery with a parallel betwixt the reformers of 1677 and those of 1641 in their methods and designs : in a letter to a friend.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to a letter to a dissenter upon occasion of His Majesties late gracious declaration of indulgence / by Sir Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47798EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the Appeal from the country to the cityL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47801EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
L'Estrange his apology with a short view of some late and remarkable transactions leading to the happy settlement of these nations under the government of our lawfull and gracious soveraign Charles the II whom God preserve / by R. L. S.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47805EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
L'Estrange his appeal humbly submitted to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty and the three estates assembled in ParliamentL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47806EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief history of the times, &c. ...L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47807EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
L'Estrange's case in a civil dialogue betwixt 'Zekiel and EphraimL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47808EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case put, concerning the succession of His Royal Highness the Duke of YorkL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47810EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The casuist uncas'd, in a dialogue betwixt Richard and Baxter, with a moderator between them, for quietnesse sake by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47813EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A caveat to the cavaliers, or, An antidote against mistaken cordials dedicated to the author of A cordial for the cavaliers.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47818EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of a papist in masquerade, supported by authority and experience in answer to The character of a popish successor / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47819EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Citt and Bumpkin in a dialogue over a pot of ale concerning matters of religion and governmentL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47820EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Citt and Bumpkin, or, A learned discourse upon swearing and lying and other laudable qualities tending to a thorow reformation : the second part.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47824EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The committee, or, popery in masqueradeL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47829EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The committee; or popery in masqueradeL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47830EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A compendious history of the most remarkable passages of the last fourteen years with an account of the plot, as it was carried on both before and after the fire of London, to this present time.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47831EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations and proposals in order to the regulation of the press together with diverse instances of treasonous, and seditious pamphlets, proving the necessity thereof / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47832EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hymen's præludia, or Loves master-peice being that so much admired romance, intituled Cleopatra : in twelve parts / written originally in the French, and now elegantly rendred into English by Robert Loveday.La Calprenède, Gaultier de Coste, seigneur de, d. 1663.A47834EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations upon a printed sheet entituled the speech of the late Lord Russel to the sheriffs together, with the paper delivered by him to them, at the place of execution, on July 21. 1683.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47835EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Crack upon crack, or, Crack-fart whipt with his own rod by Citt and Bumpkin.A47839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialogue between Sir R.L. Knight, and T.O.DL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47840EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the fishery briefly laying open, not only the advantages, and facility of the undertaking, but likewise the absolute necessity of it, in order to the well-being, both of king, and people : asserted, and vindicated from all materiall objections / by R. L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47841EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Discovery upon discovery in defence of Doctor Oates against B.W.'s libellous vindication of him, in his additional discovery, and in justification of L'Estrange against the same libell : in a letter to Doctor Titus Oates / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47844EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dissenter's sayings, in requital for L'Estrange's sayings published in their own words for the information of the people / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47846EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dissenters sayings the second part : published in their own words, for the information of the people : and dedicated to the Grand-jury of London, August 29, 1681 / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47851EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The finall protest, and sence of the citieA47853EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The free-born subject, or, The Englishmans birthright asserted against all tyrannical vsurpations either in church or stateL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47854EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A further discovery of the Plot drawn from the narrative and depositions of Dr. Titus Oates, and fairly submitted to the consideration of all indifferent readers.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47862EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The growth of knavery and popery under the mask of presbyteryL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47866EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the Plot, or, A brief and historical account of the charge and defence of Edward Coleman, Esq., William Ireland, Thomas Pickering, John Grove : Robert Greene, Henry BerryL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47868EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the Plot anatomised: or the late sham fanatical-plot, briefly and plainly laid open Wherein, those worthy patriots who were charged therewith, are vindicated from the malicious and false aspersions cast upon them by a late author. In a letter to a friend.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47869EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Interest mistaken, or, the Holy cheat proving from the undeniable practises and positions of the Presbyterians, that the design of that party is to enslave both king and people under the masque of religion : by way of observation upon a treatise, intitutled, The interest of England in the matter of religion, &c. / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47873EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lawyer outlaw'd, or, A brief answer to Mr. Hunts defence of the charter with some useful remarks on the Commons proceedings in the last Parliament at Westminster, in a letter to a friend.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47876EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter out of Scotland from Mr. R.L.S. to his friend, H.B. in London.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47881EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A memento, directed to all those that truly reverence the memory of King Charles the martyr and as passionately wish the honour, safety, and happinesse of his royall successour, our most gratious sovereign Charles the II : the first part / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A memento treating of the rise, progress, and remedies of seditions with some historical reflections upon the series of our late troubles / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47884EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A modest plea both for the caveat, and the author of it with some notes upon Mr. James Howell, and his sober inspections / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47885EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lestrange's narrative of the plot set forth for the edification of His Majesties liege-people.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47888EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new dialogue between some body and no body, or, The Observator observedL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47891EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
No blinde guides, in answer to a seditious pamphlet of J. Milton's intituled Brief notes upon a late sermon titl'd, The fear of God and the King preached, and since published, by Matthevv Griffith, D. D., and chaplain to the late king, &c. addressed to the author.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47892EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The art how to know men originally written by the sieur de La Chambre ... ; rendred into English by John Davies ...La Chambre, Marin Cureau de, 1594-1669.A47893EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Notes upon Stephen College grounded principally upon his own declarations and confessions, and freely submitted to publique censure / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47895EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The observator defended by the author of the Observators : in a full answer to severall scandalls cast upon him, in matters of religion, government, and good manners.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47897EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Observator's observation how narrowly he scap'd hanging A piece of London-news from Oxford, people swallow shams, bones and all. Several objections answer'd, and the slanders clear'd. Christian religion does not pretend to destroy Christian charity. The danger of dividing.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47898EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The observator's observations upon the bill of exculsion Let every one mend one, and begin the reformation at home. Do as you would be done by, is no text for excluders.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47899EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The parallel, or, An account of the growth of knavery under the pretext of arbitrary government and popery with some observations upon a pamphlet entitled An account of the growth of popery etc.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47900EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plea for limited monarchy, as it was established in this nation, before the late war in an humble addresse to His Excellency, General Monck / by a zealot for the good old laws of his country, before any faction or caprice, with additions.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47901EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Presbyterian sham, or, A commentary upon the new old answer of the Assembly of divines to Dr. Stillingfleet's sermonL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47903EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reformation reform'd, or, A short history of new-fashion'd Christians occasioned by Franck Smith's Yesterdays paper of votes, September, 2. 1681.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47904EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reformed Catholique, or, The true ProtestantL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47906EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The relaps'd apostate, or, Notes upon a Presbyterian pamphlet, entituled, A petition for peace, &c. wherein the faction and design are laid as open as heart can wish by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47908EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remarks on the growth and progress of non-conformityL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reply to the reasons of the Oxford-clergy against addressingL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47912EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reply to the second part of The character of a popish successor by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47913EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A seasonable memorial in some historical notes upon the liberties of the presse and pulpit with the effects of popular petitions, tumults, associations, impostures, and disaffected common councils : to all good subjects and true Protestants.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47914EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The shammer shamm'd, in a plain discovery under young Tong's own hand, of a designe to trepann L'Estrange into a pretended subornation against the Popish plot by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47918EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short view of some remarkable transactions, leading to the happy settlement of these nations under the government of our lawfull and gracious soveraign, Charl[e]s the II, whom God preserve by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47919EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some queries concerning the election of members for the ensuing ParliamentL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47920EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The state and interest of the nation, with respect to His Royal Highness the Duke of York discours'd at large, in a letter to a member of the Honourable House of Commons.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47921EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
State-divinity, or, A supplement to The relaps'd apostate wherein is prosecuted the discovery of the present design against the King, the Parliament, and the publick peace, in notes upon some late Presbyterian pamphlets / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47922EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Theosebia, or, The churches advocate endeavouring the promotion of loyalty to our king, and fidelity to the Episcopal Church, by describing the rebellious principles of the enemies thereof, both in their words and actions to our late soveraign King Charles the First, with the most barbarous conspiracies and horrid machinations against King Charles the Second, and his royal brother James Duke of York, whom God preserve.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47924EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the reverend Dr. Thomas Ken, Feb. 1, New stile, 1680L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47925EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the right honorable Edward Earl of Clarenden, Lord High Chancellor of England, the humble apology of Roger L'EstrangeL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47926EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Toleration discuss'd by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47927EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Toleration discuss'd, in two dialogues I. betwixt a conformist, and a non-conformist ... II. betwixt a Presbyterian, and an Independent ...L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47928EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truth and loyalty vindicated from the reproches [sic] and clamours of Mr. Edward Bagshaw together with a further discovery of the libeller himself, and his seditious confederates / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47934EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tyranny and popery lording it over the consciences, lives, liberties, and estates both of King and peopleL'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47935EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
L'Estrange his vindication from the calumnies of a malitious party in Kent (relating to a commotion there in May, 1648) which hee [sic] addresses to the authours and promoters of them.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47938EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A whipp a whipp, for the schismaticall animadverter upon the Bishop of Worcester's letter by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47939EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A whipp for the animadverter in return to his second libell. By R. L'S.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47940EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A word concerning libels and libellers humbly presented to the Right Honorable Sir John Moor, Lord-Mayor of London, and the Right Worshipfull the aldermen his bretheren / by Roger L'Estrange.L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.A47942EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Il cardinalismo di Santa Chiesa, or, The history of the cardinals of the Roman Church from the time of their first creation, to the election of the present Pope, Clement the Ninth, with a full account of his conclave, in three parts / written in Italian by the author of the Nipotismo di Roma ; and faithfully Englished by G.H.Leti, Gregorio, 1630-1701.A47947EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Il nipotismo di Roma, or, The history of the popes nephews from the time of Sixtus the IV to the death of the last Pope Alexander the VII in two parts / written originally in Italian in the year 1667 ; and Englished by W.A.Leti, Gregorio, 1630-1701.A47954EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter agreed unto, and subscribed by the gentlemen, ministers, freeholders and seamen of the county of Suffolk, presented to His Excellency, the Lord Generall MonckA47962EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter and declaration of the gentry of the county of Norfolk and the county of the city of Norwich, to his excellency the Lord General MonkA47963EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter concerning the matter of the present excommunicationsOwen, John, 1616-1683.A47967EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter concerning the tryal at Oxford of Stephen College, August 17. 1681A47968EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter formerly sent to Dr. Tillotson, and for want of an answer made publick, and now reprinted with the said doctor's letter to the Lord Russel a little before his execution.A47971EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a clergy-man in the country, to a minister in the city, concerning ministers intermedling with state-affairs in their sermons & discourseClergy-man in the country.A47973EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a country curate to Mr. Henry Care, in defence of the seven bishops Licensed July 18. 1688.Country Curate.A47977EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a freeholder of Buckinghamshire, to a friend in London, concerning the election of the knights of the said countyJohnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.A47979EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman at London, to his friend in the countrey, &c.Gentleman at London.A47986EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman at London to his friend at EdinburghGentleman at London.A47988EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman at St. Germains, to his friend in LondonGentleman at St. Germains.A47990EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman in Flanders to a Lord in the ParliamentA47991EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman in the city to a clergy-man in the countryGentleman in the city.A47994EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman in the city to one in the country concerning the bill for disabling the Duke of York to inherit the imperial crown of this realmGentleman in the city.A47998EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter from a gentleman in the country, to a person of honour in London in vindication of the Church of England, from certain scandalous aspersions cast upon them.Gentleman in the country.A47999EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman in the country to his correspondent in the city, concerning the coronation medal, distributed April 11, 1689Gentleman in the country.A48000EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman in Yorkshire, to his country-man in London, concerning the Duke of Leeds with an answer to the said letter.Gentleman in Yorkshire.A48005EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman of the city of New-York, to another, concerning the troubles which happen'd in that province in the time of the late happy revolutionGentleman of the city of New York.A48006EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman of the Isle of Ely in Cambridgeshire, to Colonel Roderick Mansel containing an account of the first discovery of the pretended Presbyterian plot at the assizes at Wisbich in the Isle of Ely, upon the 23 day of September 1679.Gentleman of the Isle of Ely in Cambridgeshire.A48007EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman of the Romish religion, to his brother, a person of quality of the same religion, perswading him to go to church, and take those oaths the law directs proving the lawfulness thereof by arguments not disagreeable to doctrines of the Roman Church.Gentleman of the Romish religion.A48008EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman to his friend Concerning the second edition of the declaration against Antinomian errors, &c. lately published by Geo. Griffith, Matthew Mead, Stev. Lobb, Richard Taylor, John Nesbitt.Gentleman in the city.A48010EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter from a minister of the Church of England communicated to the right honourable the lord mayor, relating to Thomas White, alias Whitebread, who was lately executed for high-treason.A48020EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a minister to his friend concerning the game of chesseA48023EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of the death of the primitive persecutors written originally in Latin by L.C.F. Lactantius ; Englished by Gilbert Burnet, D.D., to which he hath made a large preface concerning persecution.Lactantius, ca. 240-ca. 320.A48024EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dumb lady, or, The farriar made physician as it was acted at the Theatre-Royal / by John Lacy, Gent.Lacy, John, d. 1681.A48031EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a scholar in Oxford to his friend in the country shewing what progresse the visitors have made in the reformation of that university, and what it is that obstructs it.Brathwaite, Richard, 1588?-1673.A48034EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The old troop, or, Monsieur Raggou as it was acted at the Theatre-Royal / by John Lacy ...Lacy, John, d. 1681.A48039EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from an English merchant, who left Holland, and came to take a prospect of our future settlement to his friend in Rotterdam, which being intercepted, is thought fit to be published.English merchant.A48043EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Artemiza in the town, to Chloe in the country by a person of honour.Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680.A48048EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter from Chester of the twenty second instant, giving an account of some affairs in Ireland and of the arrival and reception of the general, the Duke of Schomberg, and of the forces there.A48049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sauny the Scott, or, The taming of the shrew a comedy : as it is now acted at the Theatre-Royal / written by J. Lacey ...Lacy, John, d. 1681.A48052EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Edinburgh, containing a true and perfite relation of all the passages and proceedings of the late army, raised in Scotland by order of Parliament: for the prosecuting of the ends of the League and Covenant, concerning religion, libertie, and His Majesties lawfull authority, by the well-affected subjects of that kingdom, showing the progresse thereof, from the beginning of the engagement: unto the end of that unfortunate expedition. Written by an eye-witness, who was both an actor, and inspector of all mens carriages, in the march untill the deroute of the army. To a friend at London, for the better information of all those who desire to know the plain truth.Eye witness.A48055EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Letter from Father La Chaise, confessor to the French King, to Father Peters, confessor to the King of England in which is contained the project and designe of that faction to introduce the Prince of Wales : with some observations on his conception and birth : to which added a letter from Will Penn to Father La Chaise about the affaires of that babe and the ensueing progress of the popish design.A48056EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter from Feversham giving a true account of several persons who were taken, being embark'd with His Majestie in a vessel which lay in a creek near Feversham in Kent.A48057EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sr. Hercules Buffoon, or, The poetical squire a comedy, as it was acted at the Duke's Theatre / written by John Lacy ...Lacy, John, d. 1681.A48059EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter from Ireland giving an account of a bloody engagement between the Protestants at London-Derry and the Irish papists near that place : with the particulars of the routing of the whole popish army.A48061EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Jamaica, to a friend in London, concerning kid-napping.A48063EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter from Liverpool giving an account of the arrival of the Bonaventure frigat from Major General Kirk : and of what has been done for the relief of Londonderry, and for the encouragement of the men of Inniskillin : as also the recovery of the two ships that were taken by the French men of war ...A48065EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Major General Ludlow to Sir E.S. [i.e. Sir Edward Seymour] comparing the tyranny of the first four years of King Charles the martyr, with the tyranny of the four years reign of the late abdicated King : occasioned by the reading Doctor Pelling's lewd harangues upon the 30th of January, being the anniversary or General Madding-day.Ludlow, Edmund, fl. 1691-1692.A48068EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of Monsieur Claude, the famous minister of Charenton in France done out of French by G.P.Ladevèze, Abel-Rodolphe de.A48069EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from on board the York-Frigat now with Admiral Herbert dated from Cape-Cleare the fourth of this instant May : giving a true and large account of the great flight between the English and the French at Bantry-Bay near Crouck-Haven in the west of Ireland.Feud, C.A48073EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter from Scotland written occasionally upon the speech made by a noble peer of this realm by a better Protestant than the author of it (though a servant to His R.H).Roscommon, Wentworth Dillon, Earl of, 1633?-1685.A48078EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from the Lady Creswell to Madam C., the midwife, on the publishing her late vindication, &c. also, A whip for impudence, or, A lashing repartee to the snarling midwifes matchless rogue, being an answer to the rayling libel.Creswell, Lady.A48089EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Ladies Invention, being a thousand pounds for six-pence, to the fortunate, and the Triple Adventure made into one lotteryA48105EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter humbly addrest to the most excellent father of his country, the wise and victorious prince, King William III by a dutiful and well-meaning subject.Dutiful and well meaning subject.A48106EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter humbly offer'd to the consideration of all gentlemen, yeomen, citizens, freeholders, &c. that have right to elect members to serve in ParliamentA48107EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter intercepted from the popish-printer in Fetter-Lane to his friend HeraclitusA48112EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter of advice from a Protestant out of Ireland to the masters of apprentices in the cities of London and Westminster.A48115EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter of religion to the Protestant-dissenters from the Church of England, of what denomination soever in the county of Kent wherein is reported the ground of their dissent, their worship, way of instruction, and behaviour towards laws and government : to which is added a perswasive to conformity, at least an acquiescence in the religion established / by a curate of the same county.Curate of the same county.A48122EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter of several French ministers fled into Germany upon the account of the persecution in France to such of their brethren in England as approved the Kings declaration touching liberty of conscience : translated from the original in French.Jurieu, Pierre, 1637-1713.A48123EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir, this day was published an act for continuing several duties granted by former acts upon wine, vinegar, tobacoo, East-Indian goods, and other merchandise (imported) untill the 29th day of September 1701 wherein is a clause for preventing the further encrease of the rate of coyned gold, which enacts.A48129EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter sent from a gentleman in Oxford, to his friend in London concerning the iustice of the King's cause, and the unequall proceedings of those against him, who are now found to be the enemies of our peace and happinesse : or a short character of the actions of our new state-reformers, in which the seduced people may see to whom to impute the beginning of these miserable distractions, and the continuance thereof.Gentleman in Oxford.A48136EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter sent from a worthy divine to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of the city of London being a true relation of the battaile fought betweene His Majesty and His Excellence the Earle of Essex : from Warwicke castle the 24 of October 1642, at two a clock in the morning : together with a prayer for the happy uniting of the King and Parliament, fit to be used by all good Christians daily in their houses.Byfield, Adoniram, d. 1660.A48137EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter sent from the Lord Goring directed to the Lord Maior, aldermen, and commonalty of the city of London, and what was agreed upon, at the receipt thereof also Rochester surrendred to the Lord Fairfax, and his further proceedings in Kent, and Lieutenant Generall Cromwells comming [sic] up with his forces : as also the Lord Gorings passing over the River of Thames into Essex, and the proceedings of the Essex men at Bow, and other places.A48142EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter sent to the Right Honourable William Lenthal Esq., speaker of the Parliament of the commonwealth of England concerning the securing of Windsor Castle for the Parliament and a declaration of the officers and souldiers of the Regiment of Foot belonging to the Tower of London, December 24, 1659 : read in Parliament, December the 28, 1659.A48147EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lady Alimony, or, The alimony lady an excellent, pleasant, new comedy, duly authorized, daily acted and frequently followed.A48148EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lady Bark, or, New upstart-lady in a very merry and pleasant dialogue, betwixt a skipper, a new-lady, a young scholar, and a tapster-lass.A48149EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a friend concerning a postscript to the Defense of Dr. Sherlock's notion of the Trinity in unity, relating to the Calm and sober enquiry upon the same subjectHowe, John, 1630-1705.A48160EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a friend concerning the next Parliament's sitting at OxfordPhilanglus.A48165EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a friend, concerning the present state of the Army in Ireland which bating the relation of Charlemont, (which is since taken) contains several things which will not be altogether unacceptable to you.A48166EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a lawyer containing an essay to prove the compassing and imagination of the death of the King's brother and heir to be high-treason within 25 Ed. 3 / written by a gentleman in the country, and one of His Majesties justices of the peace for the county of -----.Gentleman in the country and one of His Majesties justices of the peace.A48183EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a member of Parliament concerning clandestine trade. Shewing how far the evil practices at the custom-house at London tend to the encouragement of such a trade. Written by a Fair Merchant.Fair merchant.A48185EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a member of Parliament on the account of some present transactions.Lightfoot, John, 1602-1675.A48195EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a member of Parliament, shewing, that a restraint on the press is inconsistent with the Protestant religion, and dangerous to the liberties of the nationA48197EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a member of Parliament with two discourses enclosed in it : I. the one shewing the reason why a law should pass to punish adultery with death, II. the other shewing the reasons why the writ, De hæretico comburendo, should be abolish'd.A48198EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a member of the convention of states in Scotland by a lover of his religion and country.Sherlock, William, 1641?-1707.A48200EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Princess of Cleves the most famed romance / written in French by the greatest wits of France ; rendred into English by a person of quality, at the request of some friends.La Fayette, Madame de (Marie-Madeleine Pioche de La Vergne), 1634-1693.A48205EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter to a noble lord at London from a friend at Oxford upon occasion of the late covenant taken by both Houses.Friend at Oxford.A48206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to the author of The Dutch design, anatomized written by a citizen of London, for the promoting of His Majesties service.Citizen of London.A48225EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to the authors of the answers to The case of allegiance due to sovereign princes, stated and resolved, by Dr. William Sherlock by a gentleman of the communion of the Church of England.Gentleman of the communion of the Church of England.A48228EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to the Earl of Shaftsbury this 9th of July, 1680 from Tom Tell-Troth, a downright Englishman.Tel-Troth, Tom.A48232EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to the three absolvers, Mr. Cook, Mr. Collier and Mr. Snett being reflections on the papers delivered by Sir John Friend, and Sir William Parkyns, to the sheriffs of London and Middlesex, at Tyburn, the place of execution, April 3, 1696, which said papers are printed at length, and answered paragraph by paragraph.A48238EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The letter writ by the last Assembly General of the Clergy of France to the Protestants, inviting them to return to their communion together with the methods proposed by them for their conviction / translated into English, and examined by Gilbert Burnet.Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.A48243EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter written to the French King, by the lords spiritual the arch-bishops and the bishops, together with the other ecclesiasticks, appointed by the clergy of France, assembled at St. Germains en Laye About the last breve of the Pope, upon the subject of the regale.Catholic Church. Assemblée générale du clergé de France.A48250EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Letters and poems in honour of the incomparable princess, Margaret, Dutchess of Newcastle.A48252EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mathematicall recreations. Or, A collection of many problemes, extracted out of the ancient and modern philosophers as secrets and experiments in arithmetick, geometry, cosmographie, horologiographie, astronomie, navigation, musick, opticks, architecture, statick, mechanicks, chemistry, water-works, fire-works, &c. Not vulgarly manifest till now. Written first in Greeke and Latin, lately compi'ld in French, by Henry Van Etten, and now in English, with the examinations and augmentations of divers modern mathematicians whereunto is added the description and use of the generall horologicall ring: and the double horizontall diall. Invented and written by William Oughtred.A48262EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Irelands sad lamentation discovering its present danger in some remarkable passages which have happened since the discovery of the horrid Popish Plot : in a letter from a person of honour to his friend in London, upon the dissolution of the late Parliament.F. L.A48271EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of the letter sent from Generall Lesley to the Lord Generall the Earle of Holland and read in the House of Commons the 7th. of July 1641.Leven, Alexander Leslie, Earl of, 1580?-1661.A48273EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter from Generall Leven, the Lord Fairfax, and the Earl of Manchester, to the committee of both kingdoms, and by them communicated to the Parliament concerning the great victory it hath pleased God to give them over the forces under the command of Prince Rupert and the Marquesse of Newcastle, at Marstam-moor, neer York, July the second, 1644 : signed thus : Leven, Lindsey, F. Fairfax, Tho. Hatcher, Manchester : expressing also what number of the enemy are slain, what number taken prisoners, and what ordnance, arms and ammunition the enemy lost : also an order of the Commons assembled in Parliament, for Thursday the 18 of this present July, for a day of publike thanksgiving throughout the whole kingdom ...A48276EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief character of Englands distraction being the copy of a letter sent into the country by a gentleman of the Middle-Temple / by Th. Le. Wh.Le White, Thomas.A48287EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eyaggeloigrapha. Or, Some seasonable and modest thoughts, in order to the furtherance and promoting the affairs of religion, and the gospel, especially in Wales Mainly tending to the discovery of the evills of extreams, and the spirit of errour and dissention, that hinders the success, and the begetting of a due temper and moderation of judgement, with an universall love and peace amongst us. All, rationally, materially, and very moderately handled. By J.L. Esquire.Lewis, John, Esquire.A48289EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Something by way of testimony concerning Clement Lake of Crediton in Devonshire with something he wrote in his life time by way of answer unto John Flavell, independent preacher of Dartmouth.Lake, CLement, d. 1689.A48300EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lex talionis, or, An enquiry into the most proper ways to prevent the persecution of the Protestants in FranceDefoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731.A48302EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A comparison of the Parliamentary protestation with the late canonicall oath and the difference betwixt them as also the opposition betwixt the doctrine of the Church of England and that of Rome : so cleared that they who made scruple of the oath may cheerfully and without doubt addresse themselves to take the protestation : as also a fvrther discvssion of the case of conscience touching receiving the sacrament of the Lords Supper, when either bread or wine is wanting or when by antipathy or impotence the party that desires it cannot take it : wherein the impiety, injury and absurdity of the popish halfe communion is more fully declared and confuted : both which discourses were occasioned by a letter of a lay-gentle-man, lately written to the authour for his satisfaction touching the matters fore-mentioned / by John Ley ...Ley, John, 1583-1662.A48307EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discovrse concerning Puritans tending to a vindication of those, who unjustly suffer by the mistake, abuse, and misapplication of that name.A48309EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to Dr. E. Hyde in answer to one of his occasioned by the late insurrection at Salisbury.Ley, John, 1583-1662.A48313EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reply to the Answer made upon the three royal papersA48362EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A design of a British dictionary, historical and geographical with an essay, entituled, Archælogia Britannica: and a natural history of Wales. By Edward Lhwyd, keeper of the Ashmolean repository, Oxon.Lhuyd, Edward, 1660-1709.A48366EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Parochial queries in order to a geographical dictionary, a natural history &c. of Wales by E.L.Lhuyd, Edward, 1660-1709.A48368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Liberty of conscience asserted and several reasons rendred why no outward force nor imposition ought to be used in matters of faith and religion with several sayings collected from the speeches and writings of King James and King Charles the First / John Crook, Samuel Fisher, Francis Howgill, Richard Hubberthorne.A48373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of Charles the First King of Great Britain, France and Ireland: containing an account of his sufferings; his tryal, sentence, and dying words on the scaffold; and his sorrowful farewel and advice to his children, and the whole nation in general.A48390EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Life and death of Sir Hugh of the GrimeA48404EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Life of Boetius recommended to the author of the life of JulianA48411EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Life of that incomparable princess, Mary, our late sovereign lady, of ever blessed memory who departed this life, at her royal pallace at Kensington, the 28th of December, 1694.A48420EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The works of the Reverend and learned John Lightfoot D. D., late Master of Katherine Hall in Cambridge such as were, and such as never before were printed : in two volumes : with the authors life and large and useful tables to each volume : also three maps : one of the temple drawn by the author himself, the others of Jervsalem and the Holy Land drawn according to the author's chorography, with a description collected out of his writings.Lightfoot, John, 1602-1675.A48431EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A commentary upon the Acts of the Apostles, chronicall and criticall the difficulties of the text explained, and the times of the story cast into annals : the first part, from the beginning of the Booke, to the end of the twelfth chapter : with a briefe survey of the contemporary story of the Jews and Romans / by John Lightfoot ...Lightfoot, John, 1602-1675.A48432EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An handfull of gleanings out of the Book of Exodus probable solution of some of the mainest scruples, and explanation of the hardest places of that Booke ... / by John Lightfoot ...Lightfoot, John, 1602-1675.A48433EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The harmony, chronicle and order of the New Testament the text of the four evangelists methodized, story of the acts of the apostles analyzed, order of the epistles manifested, times of the revelation observed : all illustrated, with variety of observations upon the chiefest difficulties textuall & talmudicall, for clearing of their sense and language : with an additional discourse concerning the fall of Jerusalem and the condition of the Jews in that land afterward / John Lightfoot ...Lightfoot, John, 1602-1675.A48434EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A funeral sermon after the interment of Mrs. Sarah Lye. The late wife of Mr. Thomas Lye of Clapham. By Phil. Lamb, minister of the Word. Together with the scriptual evidence and experiences of the grace of God towards, and in her, left under her own handLamb, Philip, d. 1689.A48438EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some genuine remains of the late pious and learned John Lightfoot, D.D. consisting of three tracts ... : together with a large preface concerning the author, his learned debates in the assembly of divines, his peculiar opinions, his Christian piety, and the faithful discharge of his ministry.Lightfoot, John, 1602-1675.A48445EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true & exact history of the island of Barbados illustrated with a mapp of the island, as also the principall trees and plants there, set forth in their due proportions and shapes, drawne out by their severall and respective scales : together with the ingenio that makes the sugar, with the plots of the severall houses, roomes, and other places that are used in the whole processe of sugar-making ... / by Richard Ligon, Gent.Ligon, Richard.A48447EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian mans triall, or, A trve relation of the first apprehension and severall examinations of Iohn Lilbvrne with his censure in Star-chamber, and the manner of his cruell whipping through the streets : whereunto is annexed his speech in the pillory, and their gagging of him : also the severeLilburne, John, 1614?-1657.A48454EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Something in answer to Thomas Curtis and B.C.'s reasons why the meeting-house doors were shut up at ReadingLamboll, William.A48466EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Circular letter to the clergy of Essex to stir them up to double-diligence for the choice of members of their party for the ensuing parliament ; with some queries offered to the consideration of the honest free-holders.A48489EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A divine horn-book, or, The first form in the true theosophick school wherein is taught the knowledge of Gods great name, Jeova in the House of Letters, as a good help to know God in nature and creature through the chief of sinners, the unworthiest of all Gods servants, His Majesties loyal subject, and every mans brother / by H.L.H. L.A48490EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Commander in Chief of all the forces in Scotland. Whereas (amongst other things) by Proclamation of the 27. of Sept. 1653 all magistrates and officers of burghs and parishes and all other persons whatsoever, are required to secure, or give intelligence of all suspected persons, travelling through, or abiding within their bounds or jurisdictions, ...Lilburne, Robert, 1613-1665.A48492EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Anima astrologiae: or, A guide for astrologers. Being the considerations of the famous Guido Bonatus, faithfully rendred into English. As also the choicest aphorisms of Cardans seaven segments, translated and methodically digested under their proper heads. With a new table of the fixed stars, rectified for several years to come, and divers other necessary illustrations ... / by William Lilly ...Lilly, William, 1602-1681.A48494EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great and wonderful predictions of that late famous astrologer Mr. Lilly; and Mr. Partridg and Mr. Coley, concerning this present year 1683 To which is added a true and faithful account of the famous prophecies of the three German prophets; predicting and foretelling, some years since, this present invasion of the Turks into the empire of Germany and Hungary, with the events of the same, to the admiration of all that shall hear or read the same. Also their strange and wonderful predictions concerning the Pope, and the King of France: with the total and sudden destruction of the papal power; and the miraculous conversion of the Turks and Jews to the Christian faith. As also presaging the uniting of all religions into one visible church. Which prophecies have been had in esteem by many famous and illustrious persons of these times.Lilly, William, 1602-1681.A48501EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lily, improved, corrected, and explained with the etymological part of the common accidence. By W. T. Master of a boarding-school at Fulham, near London, for above two and twenty years.W. T.A48527EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prosodia construed and the meaning of the most difficult words therein contained plainly illustrated being an addition to the construction of Lilies rules and of like necessary use / by Barnab. Hampton.Hampton, Barnabas, 17th cent.A48528EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short introduction of grammar compiled and set forth for the bringing up of all those that intend to attaine to the knowledge of the Latine tongue.Lily, William, 1468?-1522.A48545EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short introduction of grammar generally to be used compiled and set forth for the bringing up of all those that intend to attain to the knowledge of the Latine tongue.Lily, William, 1468?-1522.A48562EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A prophesie of a countryman called Michel Lindeman, being 86 years of age, living in the dukedom of Hagen, done in the harvest-time of our Lord, 1699.Lindeman, Michel, b. ca. 1613.A48580EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Earles of Lindsey and Cumberland's petition to the King at Yorke in behalfe of the Parliament, June 2. 1642. And his Majesties gracious assent thereunto. With his Majesties commission for the confirmation of truce, made between his Majesty and the King of Casteele, the two Kings of East-India, D. Michael de Loronha, Conde de Linhares, Viceroy of Goa, and William Methwold President of the English in East-India. In all the lands, places, castles, ports, and coasts of Affrica, Guyne, Bine, the island of Saint Thome, &c. and beyond Gape bona Speranza in the dominions of the King of Portugall.Crawford-Lindsay, John Lindsay, Earl of, 1596-1678.A48593EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Earle of Craford his speech before the Parliament in Scotland October the 25, 1641 upon his examination by the Lords concerning the late conspiracie against the Marquise Hamilton, Earle of Argile, Lord Lowden and divers others of the nobility in Scotland.Crawford-Lindsay, John Lindsay, Earl of, 1596-1678.A48594EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Itur Mediteranium a true accompt given of the proceedings of the Right Honourable, Lord Glin, The Lord Chief Justice of England, and the Honourable Barron Hill, one of the Barrons for the Exchequer, in their Summer circuit in the counties of Berks, Oxford, Gloucester, Monmouth, Hereford, Worcester, Salope and Stafford.Lineall, John.A48599EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The linnen and woollen manufactory discoursed with the nature of companies and trade in general: and particularly, that of the company's for the linnen manufactory of England and Ireland. With some reflections how the trade of Ireland hath formerly, and may now affect England. Printed at the request of a peer of this realm.A48600EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lions elegy, or, Verses on the death of the three lions in the TowerA48618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of constancy in two books chiefly containing consolations against publick evils written in Latin by Justus Lipsius, and translated into English by Nathaniel Wanley ...Lipsius, Justus, 1547-1606.A48621EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Lambert's letter to the Right Honorable the speaker of the Parliament, concerning the victory which it hath pleased God to give the forces of this commonwealth once the rebels under Sir George Booth in Cheshire read in Parliament Monday Aug. 22 : to which is added a list of the officers which are prisoners, with the number of soldiers and colours taken : according to the relation made by Captain Brown who was present in the fight.Lambert, John, 1619-1683.A48628EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations on the letter written to Sir Thomas Osborn, upon the reading of a book called The present interest of England stated written in a letter to a friend.Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697.A48636EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A list of abhorrors, or, The names of such persons as were lately under custody of the Serjeant at Arms for abhorring, and other misdemeanorsG. T.A48637EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A List of His Majesties navie that is now setting forth for the guarding and scowring of the seas containing the names of the ships, both the kings and merchants and the Captains and Lieutenants that go commanders in the same, anno dom. 1641.A48645EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A list of the adventurers of England trading into Hudson's Bay and of their respective shares in the general stock, November 1, 1675Hudson's Bay Company.A48651EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A list of the chaplains appointed by the Right Honourable, the Lord Chamberlain, to be waiting on Their Majesties the several months in the yearA48652EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A List of the conventicles or unlawful meetings within the city of London and bills of mortality, with the places where they are to be found as also, the names of divers of the preachers and the several factions they profess.A48654EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A List of the earls and lords that were present in the House of Peers on Friday, April the 27th, 1660A48657EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A list of the fellovvs of the Royal Society, out of which ten are to be chosen into the Council, November 30th, 1663Royal Society (Great Britain). Council.A48658EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A list of the French kings fleet now at sea with the commanders names, number of men and guns : as also, the names of the ships in French and English.France. Marine.A48662EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A List of the Irish killed in the battaile the 8th of August, 1647, within three miles of Trimme at the Linche of the KnockeA48663EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A list of the lent-preachers appointed to preach before His Majesty, for the year 1680/81Royal Chapel of Whitehall (London, England)A48665EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A list of the lodgers, together with the horses and arms of Mr. Loyal in Crown Court in Chancery LaneA48666EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A list of the names and stocks of the Governour and Company of the Adventurers of England Trading to Hudsons-BayHudson's Bay Company.A48670EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A list of the names of the field-officers, captains, lieutenants, and ensigns in the auxiliaries of the City of London, as they are now commissioned by Their Majesties prresent [sic] Commissioners of Lieutenancy for the said city, August, 1690City of London (England). Commissioners of Lieutenancy.A48676EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lambeth Faire's ended, or, A description of the Bishops holy ghost lately set to sale at Lambeth FaireA48681EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A List of the preachers appointed by the Lord Bishop of London to preach in the city and suburbs of London, in Lent, 1689, on Wednesdays and Fridays, in the churches of St. Peter Cornhill, Christ-Church, St. Andrew Holborne, St. Clement Danes.A48685EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A List of Their Majesties royal fleet and the squadron of Dutch joyned with it as drawn up in a line of battel.A48691EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Letters and divers other mixt discourses in natural philosophy many of which were formerly published in the Philosophical transactions of Mr. Oldenburg, and part in the Philosophical collections of Mr. Hooke and else where : all which are now revised, augmented, and to them are added very many other matters of the same nature, not before published : also an intire treatis of the nature and use of colours in oyl. painting / written by M. Lister, F. of the R.S.Lister, Martin, 1638?-1712.A48704EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A litany for the fastA48710EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A litany from Geneva, in answer to that from St. OmersA48711EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Litany of the D. of B. [i.e. Duke of Buckingham]A48712EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The present surveigh of London and Englands state Containing a topographicall description of all the particular forts, redoubts, breast-works, and trenches newly erected round about the citie on both sides of the river, with the severall fortifications thereof. And a perfect relation of some fatall accidents, and other disasters, which fell out in the city and countrey, during the Authors abode there. Intermingled also with certaine severall observations worthie of light and memorie. By William Lithgow.Lithgow, William, 1582-1645?A48714EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The little infant Titus, or, Oates exalted above his brethern [sic] who recieved [sic] at the Kings-Bench-Bar, at Westminster the 16th day of May, 1685.A48715EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Little true forraine newes better than a great deale of domestick spurious false newes, published daily without feare or wit to the shame of the nation and beyond the liberty of Paris pasquils : vnto which is added a letter written by the lieutenant of the Tower to the Parliament in defence of himselfe and may give satisfaction to all men.A48718EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A lamentable ballad of little Musgrove, and the Lady Barnet To an excellent new tune.A48722EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The churches peace asserted upon a civil account as it was (great part of it) deliver'd in a sermon before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor in Guild-Hall-Chappel July 4 / by Ad. Littleton, presbyter.Littleton, Adam, 1627-1694.A48723EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hezekiah's return of praise for his recovery by A.L.Littleton, Adam, 1627-1694.A48725EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon at a solemn meeting of the natives of the city and county of Worcester, in the church of St. Mary le Bow, June 24, 1680 by Adam Littleton ...Littleton, Adam, 1627-1694.A48731EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon at the funeral of the Right Honourable the Lady Jane eldest daughter to His Grace, William, Duke of Newcastle, and wife to the Honourable Charles Cheyne, Esq, at Chelsey, Novemb. I, being All-Saints day by Adam Littleton ...Littleton, Adam, 1627-1694.A48732EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of Mrs. Mary Alston, wife to Joseph Alston Esq; who dyed, Jan. 25. and was interred at Chelsey, Feb. 7. 1670. By Adam Littleton, D.D. Recton of Chelsey.Littleton, Adam, 1627-1694.A48733EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached in Lent-assizes, holden for the county of Bucks, at Alesbury, March 8th 1671/2 being Ash-Wednesday by Ad. Littleton ...Littleton, Adam, 1627-1694.A48734EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and the Right Worshipful the Aldermen of the city of London, preached on Febr. 29, 1679/80, at Guildhall-Chappel by Adam Littleton ...Littleton, Adam, 1627-1694.A48735EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Solomons gate, or, An entrance into the church being a familiar explanation of the grounds of religion conteined in the fowr [sic] heads of catechism, viz. the Lords prayer, the Apostles creed, the Ten commandments, the sacraments / fitted to vulgar understanding by A.L.Littleton, Adam, 1627-1694.A48737EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A lively picture of Lewis du Moulin drawn by the incomparable hand of Monsieur Daille, late minister of Charenton.Daillé, Jean, 1594-1670.A48755EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wickham wakened, or, The Quakers madrigall in rime dogrellLluelyn, Martin, 1616-1682.A48782EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The legend of Captaine Jones relating his adventure to sea, his first landing, and strange combat with a mighty beare : his furious battell with his six and thirty men, against the army of eleven kings, with their overthtow [sic] and deaths, his relieving of Kemper Castle, his strange and admirable sea-fight with six huge gallies of Spain, and nine thousand soldiers, his taking prisoner and hard usage : lastly, his setting at liberty by the Kings command, and returne for England.Lloyd, David, 1597-1663.A48783EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The legend of Captain Iones continued from his first part to his end wherein is delivered his incredible adventures and atchievements by sea and land : particularly, his miraculous deliverance from a wrack at sea by the support of a dolphin, his severall desperate duels, his combate with Bahader Cham, a gyant of the race of Og, his loves, his deep imployments and happy successe in businesse of state : all which and more is but the tithe of his owne relation, which he continued untill he grew speechlesse, and died.Lloyd, David, 1597-1663.A48786EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cabala, or, The mystery of conventicles unvail'd in an historical account of the principles and practices of the nonconformists, against church and state : from the first reformation under King Edward the VI. anno 1558. to this present year, 1664 : with an appendix of an CXX. plots against the present govenment, that have been defeated / by Oliver Foulis ...Lloyd, David, 1635-1692.A48787EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dying and dead mens living words published by Da. Lloyd.Lloyd, David, 1635-1692.A48788EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memoires of the lives, actions, sufferings & deaths of those noble, reverend and excellent personages that suffered by death, sequestration, decimation, or otherwise, for the Protestant religion and the great principle thereof, allegiance to their soveraigne, in our late intestine wars, from the year 1637 to the year 1660, and from thence continued to 1666 with the life and martyrdom of King Charles I / by Da. Lloyd ...Lloyd, David, 1635-1692.A48790EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Modern policy compleated, or, The publick actions and councels both civill and military of His Excellency the Lord Generall Monck under the generall revolutions since 1639, to 1660 / by David Lloyd.Lloyd, David, 1635-1692.A48792EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
State-worthies, or, The states-men and favourites of England since the reformation their prudence and policies, successes and miscarriages, advancements and falls, during the reigns of King Henry VIII, King Edward VI, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James, King Charles I.Lloyd, David, 1635-1692.A48794EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The states-men and favourites of England since the reformation their prudence and policies, successes and miscarriages, advancements and falls; during the reigns of King Henry VIII. King Edward VI. Queen Mary. Queen Elizabeth King James. King Charles I.Lloyd, David, 1635-1692.A48796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wonders no miracles, or, Mr. Valentine Greatrates gift of healing examined upon occasion of a sad effect of his stroaking, March the 7, 1665, at one Mr. Cressets house in Charter-house-yard : in a letter to a reverend divine, living near that place.Lloyd, David, 1635-1692.A48797EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Latine grammar. Or, A guide teaching a compendious way to attaine exact skill in the Latine tongue for a proper congruity and elegant variety of phrases in prose and verse. Published for the common good in continuation of a former guide, teaching to read English rightly, and write accordingly. By Richard Lloyd.Lloyd, Richard, 1594 or 5-1659.A48810EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The schoole-masters auxiliaries, to remove the barbarians siege from Athens; advanced under two guides The first, leading by rule and reason to read and write English dexterously. The second, asserting the Latine tongue in prose and verse, to its just inlargement, splendor, and elegancy.Lloyd, Richard, 1594 or 5-1659.A48812EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to the Bishop of Oxford's reasons for abrogating the test impos'd on all members of Parliament anno 1678, Octob. 30 in these words, I, A.B., do solemnly and sincerely, in the presence of God, profess, testifie, and declare, that I do believe that in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper there is not any transubstantiation of the elements of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ at, or after the consecration thereof by any person whatsoever, and that the invocation of adoration of the Virgin Mary, or any other saint, and the sacrifice of the Dais, as they are now used in the Church of Rome, are superstitious and idolatrous / by a person of quality.Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48813EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A chronological account of the life of Pythagoras, and of other famous men his contemporaries with an epistle to the Rd. Dr. Bently, about Porphyry's and Jamblicus's lives of Pythagoras / by the Right Reverand Father in God, William, Ld. Bp. of Coventry and Lichfield.Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48814EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A conference between two Protestants and a papist, occasion'd by the late seasonable discourseLloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48815EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations touching the true way to suppress popery in this kingdom by making a distinction between men of loyal and disloyal principles in that communion : on occasion whereof is inserted an historical account of the Reformation here in England.Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48816EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The difference between the Church and Court of Rome, considered in some reflections on a dialogue entituled, A conference between two Protestants and a Papist / by the author of the late seasonable discourse.Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48817EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of God's ways of disposing of kingdoms. Part 1 by the Bishop of S. Asaph, Lord Almoner to Their Majesties.Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48818EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition of the prophecy of seventy weeks, which God sent to Daniel by the angel Gabriel Dan. IX. 24-----27.Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48821EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The late apology in behalf of the papists reprinted and answered in behalf of the royallistsLloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48822EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Papists no Catholicks, and popery no ChristianityLloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48824EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pretences of the French invasion examined for the information of the people of EnglandLloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48827EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A seasonable discourse shewing the necessity of maintaining the established religion, in opposition to poperyLloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48829EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon at the funeral of Sr. Edmund-Bury Godfrey, one of His Majesties justices of the peace, who was barbarously murthered preached on Thursday the last day of October 1678, in the parish church of St. Martin in the Fields / by William Lloyd ...Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48835EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall, on Decemb. 1, M.DC.LXVII, being the first Sunday in Advent by William Lloyd ...Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48836EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. Francis Mitchel, who dyed the 19th, and was buried the 24th of July, 1671Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48837EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of the Right Reverend Father in God John late Lord Bishop of Chester, at the Guildhal Chappel London, on Thursday the 12 of December, 1672 by William Lloyd ...Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall, March 6, 1673/4 by William Lloyd ...Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48847EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at St. Martins in the Fields, on November the fifth, 1678 by William Lloyd ...Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48848EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall The 24th. of Novemb. 1678. By William Lloyd, D.D. Dean of Bangor, and Chaplain in ordinary to His Majesty. Published by his Majesties Command.Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48849EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the House of Lords, on November 5, 1680 by ... William Lord Bishop of St. Asaph.Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48851EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before Their Majesties at Whitehall, on the fifth day of November, 1689 being the anniversary-day of thanksgiving for that great deliverance from the gunpowder-treason, and also the day of His Majesties happy landing in England / by the Bishop of St. Asaph, Lord Almoner to Their Majesties.Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48852EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the King & Queen at White-Hall, March the twelfth, 1689/90, being the fast-day by the Bishop of St. Asaph, Lord Almoner to Their Majesties.Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48853EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the Queen at White-Hall, January the 30th being the day of the martyrdom of King Charles the First by the Bishop of St. Asaph, Lord Almoner to Their Majesties.Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48854EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before Her Majesty, on May 29, being the anniversary of the restauration of the King and royal family by the Bishop of S. Asaph, Lord Almoner to Their Majesties.Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48855EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the House of Lords at the Abbey-Church of St. Peter's-Westminster, on Saturday the 30th of January, 1696/7 being the anniversary of the death of King Charles I of Glorious Memory / by ... William, Lord Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield ...Lloyd, William, 1627-1717.A48856EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second letter to a dissenter, upon occasion of His Majesties late gracious Declaration of indulgenceLobb, Stephen, d. 1699.A48867EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An abridgment of Mr. Locke's Essay concerning humane [sic] understandingLocke, John, 1632-1704.A48871EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A common-place book to the Holy Bible or, The scriptures sufficiency practically demonstrated wherein whatsoever is contain'd in scripture, respecting doctrine, worship, or manners, is reduced to its proper head, weighty cases resolved, truths confirmed, difficult texts illustrated, and explained by others more plain.Locke, John, 1632-1704.A48873EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay concerning humane understanding microformLocke, John, 1632-1704.A48874EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fundamental constitutions of CarolinaA48880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Further considerations concerning raising the value of money wherein Mr. Lowndes's arguments for it in his late Report concerning an essay for the amendment of the silver coins, are particularly examined.Locke, John, 1632-1704.A48882EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter concerning toleration humbly submitted, etc.Locke, John, 1632-1704.A48884EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reason and religion in some useful reflections on the most eminent hypotheses concerning the first principles, and nature of things : with advice suitable to the subject, and seasonable for these times.Locke, John, 1632-1704.A48887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reasonableness of Christianity as delivered in the ScripturesLocke, John, 1632-1704.A48888EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Locke's reply to the right reverend the Lord Bishop of Worcester's answer to his second letter wherein, besides other incident matters, what his lordship has said concerning certainty by reason, certainty by ideas, and certainty of faith, the resurrection of the same body, the immateriality of the soul, the inconsistency of Mr. Locke's notions with the articles of the Christian faith and their tendency to sceptism [sic], is examined.Locke, John, 1632-1704.A48890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second letter concerning tolerationLocke, John, 1632-1704.A48891EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second vindication of The reasonableness of Christianity, &c, by the author of The reasonableness of Christinaity, &c.Locke, John, 1632-1704.A48892EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Short observations on a printed paper, intituled, For encouraging the coining silver money in England, and after for keeping it hereLocke, John, 1632-1704.A48893EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lamentable newes from Ireland being a true, perfect, and exact relation of the landing of 10000 men in that kingdom who are rumor'd to be under the command of the Lord George Digby who hath joyn'd himself to the rebels : who in their march toward Dublin, have fir'd two towns Racool and Sword : put both man, woman and child to the sword : also the sending forth of forces under Sir Thomas Moor to oppose the rebels proceeding his happy fight and joyfull victory : wherby their bloody proceedings were prohibited : also a strange apparition fo two stars which all the time during the skirmish appeared in a most glorious manner over the Protestant army.A48894EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some considerations of the consequences of the lowering of interest, and raising the value of money in a letter to a member of Parliament.Locke, John, 1632-1704.A48895EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some thoughts concerning educationLocke, John, 1632-1704.A48896EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A third letter for toleration, to the author of the Third letter concerning tolerationLocke, John, 1632-1704.A48900EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two treatises of government in the former, the false principles and foundation of Sir Robert Filmer and his followers are detected and overthrown, the latter is an essay concerning the true original, extent, and end of civil government.Locke, John, 1632-1704.A48901EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of The reasonableness of Christianity, &c. from Mr. Edwards's reflectionsLocke, John, 1632-1704.A48904EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lamentatio civitatis, or, Londons complaint against her children in the countrey shewing her weaknesse, poverty, and desolatenesse ... : as also a brief account how many died in the years 1529 [i.e. 1592], 1603, 1625, 1630, 1636,1637, 1638, 1646,1647 1648, with this present year 1665 : likewise several preservatives against the infection.A48905EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English opera, or, The vocal musick in Psyche with the instrumental therein intermix'd : to which is adjoyned the instrumental musick in The tempest / by Matthew Lock ...Locke, Matthew, 1621 or 2-1677.A48906EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations upon a late book, entituled, An essay to the advancement of musick, &c., written by Thomas Salmon ... by Matthew Locke ...Locke, Matthew, 1621 or 2-1677.A48910EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The present practice of musick vindicated against the exceptions and new way of attaining musick lately publish'd by Thomas Salmon, M.A. &c. by Matthew Locke ... ; to which is added Duelium musicum, by John Phillips, Gent. ; together with a letter from John Playford to Mr. T. Salmon by way of confutation of his essay, &c.Locke, Matthew, 1621 or 2-1677.A48911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lamentationA48912EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lamentation.A48923EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Lambeth, April 21, 1645, at the funerall of that learned and polemicall divine, Daniel Featley, Doctor in Divinity, late preacher there with a short relation of his life and death / by William Leo [sic] ...Loe, William, d. 1645.A48948EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ioyfull nevves from Ireland, or, A trve relation of the great overthrow which the English gave the rebels before Drogheda sent in a letter bearing the date the 27 of February, to Sir Robert King Knight at Cecil House in the Strand.Loftus, Edward, 17th cent.A48958EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Analogia honorum, or, A treatise of honour and nobility, according to the laws and customes of England collected out of the most authentick authors, both ancient and modern : in two parts : the first containing honour military, and relateth to war, the second, honour civil, and relatethLogan, John, 17th cent.A48960EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Commissioners of Lieutenancy for the said cityCity of London (England). Commissioners of Lieutenancy.A48972EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Commissioners for Sewers, Pavements, &c. in London it is ordered, that the clerk do forthwith send to the deputies and common council-men of the several wards, a note of the names of the pavier or paviers designed for each ward ...City of London (England).A48974EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
September 29. 1642. The persons to whom the militia of the Citie of London is committed, for the safetie of the said Citie, have thought fit, and hereby declare.City of London (England). Committee for the Militia of London.A48975EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the Committee for the Militia of London, taking into consideration that not withstanding their commission, directed to their Sub-Committee sitting at Salters Hall in Breadstreet for the listing of all persons fit for the warres, and forming them into several regimentsCommittee for the Militia of London.A48976EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Committee of the Militia of the City of London and parts adjacent within the lines of communication and parishes within the weekly bils of mortality having taken knowledge that many persons within the limits aforesaid (out of a pious zeale and good affection to the publique cause) have of late freely and voluntarily subscribed divers summes of money towards the maintaining of forces to bee sent forth by the said committee ...Committee for the Militia of London.A48977EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
At the sub-committee at Salters Hall in Breadstreet whereas by ordinance of Parliament of the 26 of March last, the collectors for the weekly meale within this city of London and the liberties, are after assessement of each person within the limits, to make demand thereof, of the person so assessed ...City of London (England).A48978EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Common Councell of the City of London (having taken knowledge that many persons within the said city and liberties (out of a pious zeale and good affection to the publique cause) have of late freely and voluntarily subscribed divers summes of money towards the maintaining of forces to bee sent forth by the committee of the militia ...City of London (England). Court of Common Council.A48980EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Commune Concilium tent. vicesimo septimo die Iulii, 1648 forasmuch as this court did apprehend the great danger the Parliament and city is in, in regard of the many commotions in this kingdom, and the distractions thereof ...City of London (England). Court of Common Council.A48981EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Common Councell holden in the chamber of the Guild-hall of the city of London, the eighth day of July, in the yeare of our Lord 1657 ...City of London (England).A48983EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Martis primo die Septembris 1668, annoque regni Regis Caroli Secundi, Dei gratia Angliæ &c. XX[o] whereas by an order of His Majesty in council, made the 22 of July last, indicating that divers scandalous and seditious pamphlets tending very much to the disturbance of the peace and quiet of this kingdom, are daily sold and dispersed about the cities of London and Westminster ...City of London (England). Court of Common Council.A48992EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Commune Concilium tentum in Camera Guihald' civitas London die Jovis, vicesimo quarto die Martii, anno Dom' millesimo sexcentesimo sexagesimo nono ... an Act Appointing the Exchange-Hours.City of London (England).A48995EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Martis vicesimo primo die Octobr. 1684 annoq, regni Regis Caroli Secundi, Angliæ &c. tricesimo sexto it is ordered by this court that the order hereafter following (against servants being retained without a testimonial) made at the last quarter sessions held for this city, shall be forthwith printed and published ... / Lond. ss. ad General Quarterial' Sessionem pacis Domini Regis, tent' pro Civitat' London, per adjournament' apud Justice-Hall in le Old-Baily, London, die Mercurii, scilicet Octavo die Octobris, anno regni Regis Caroli secundi, nunc Angl' &c. tricesimo sexto.England and Wales. Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace (London)A49000EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The address of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the city of London in Common-Council assembled presented to Her Majesty at Whitehall, August 17. 1693.City of London (England). Court of Common Council.A49011EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wednesday, the 5th day of August, 1696, at a committee of Common Council, held for the publick markets of the city of LondonCity of London (England).A49017EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders set downe by the court of Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the city of London concerning the rates of carriages with carrs within this city and the liberties thereof to continue untill further order be taken in that behalf.City of London (England).A49034EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas against divers lawes, orders and provisions, great numbers of men and women and their children and servants doe daily on the weeke daies, all the day long, sit in the high-street of Cheape, with multitudes of baskets, tubbs and other vessels of fruit, roots, hearbs, plants, flowers and other garden commodities to sell ...City of London (England).A49036EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
My lord mayor and this Court of Aldermen taking into consideration the wants and necessities of the honest and laborious poore inhabitants (especially of the out parishes) of this city ...City of London (England).A49037EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the fish-market at Billingsgate, by reason of the dismal fire and other accidents, hath for some late years been in much disorder, and yet continues without that due regulation ...City of London (England).A49039EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas in and by the additional act of Parliament for rebuilding the city of London, it is enacted, that the Lord Maior and Court of Aldermen shall be and are thereby impowered and required to cause all and every the sheds, shops and other buildings ... to be taken down and removed ...City of London (England).A49040EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
This court taking into their consideration, that the utmost time appointed for taking down and removing all such sheds, shops, and other like buildings, which have been erected since the late dismal fire ...City of London (England).A49041EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jovis duodecimo die Maii 1698, annoque regni Regis Willielmi ... this day an order and report made by the Committee for Letting the Cities Lands, touching several duties taken by several officers and others at Billingsgate ...City of London (England).A49043EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jovis decimo quinto die Junij, 1699, annoque regni Regis Willielmi Tertij ... whereas by the ancient laws and statutes of this realm, there ought to be but one weight and measure used throughout this kingdom ...City of London (England).A49044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jovis decimo quarto die Decembris, 1699, annoque regni Regis Willielmi Tertij ... whereas not withstanding several good and wholsom orders of this court heretofore made for the prevention of forestalling, regrating and other abuses in the fish-market of Billingsgate ...City of London (England).A49045EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Martis vicesimo quinto die Junij 1700, annoq. regni Regis Willielmi Tertij ... the King's Most Excellent Majesty, and His late religious and gracious Queen, as also the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, having frequently express'd their great sense of the deplorable increase of prophaeness, vice and debauchery in this kingdom ...City of London (England).A49046EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jovis decimo die Octobris, 1700, annoq. regni Regis Willielmi Tertii ... upon reading the humble petition of the inhabitants and shopkeepers in and about Exchange-alley in Cornhill ... it is ordered that none of the Exchange-brokers do for the future agitate any business between merchant and merchant, or others in the open alley ...City of London (England).A49047EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lamentation of seven journeymen-taylors being sent up in a letter from York-shire and written in verse by a wit. Giving a true account of a wench, who being with-child, laid it to seven journey-men taylors, who at length was forc'd to contribute each man his penny a day to defray this extraordinary charge; with other circumstances which this had like to have incurred upon the seven distressed journey-men taylors: this being published for the good of all journey-men taylors, lest they unhappily do fall in the like distress. To the tune of, I am the Duke of Norfolk. Entred according to order.A49048EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Severall propositions tendered by the Corporation for the imploying the poor of London and libertiesCity of London (England).A49049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Report of the governours of the corporation for improving and releiving the poor of this city of London, and liberties thereofCity of London (England).A49050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Novem. 12. 1642 yov are to give notice in your pulpit tomorrow, that all such in your parish as have listed themselves to go for souldiers ...City of London (England).A49051EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Apill [sic] 15, 1643 you are required to commend to God in your prayers ...City of London (England).A49052EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Mayor, to every minister within the city of London, liberties, line of communication, and bils of mortalityCity of London (England). Lord Mayor.A49053EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Guild Hall, London, December the 11th, 1688 by the Commissioners of Lieutenancy for the city, ordered, that Sir Robert Clayton Knt., Sir William Russel Knt., Sir Basil Firebrace Knt., and Charles Duncomb Esq. be a committee from the said Lieutenancy to attend His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange, and to present to His Highness the address agreed by the Lieutenancy for that purpose ...City of London (England). Commissioners of Lieutenancy.A49054EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the major forasmuch as it is conceived and apprehended by the Common-councell, that the city at the present is in great danger ...City of London (England).A49055EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the major for as much as the gathering together of persons old and young ... on the Lord's Day ... when they should be exercised publicly or privately in the duties of religion ...City of London (England).A49056EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the mayor whereas by neglect of executing the good lawes and statutes against rogues, vagabonds, and sturdy beggars ...City of London (England).A49057EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the mayor to all constables, beadles, and other His Majesties officers and loving subjects within the city of London, and every of them.City of London (England). Lord Mayor.A49062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Mayor, Martis nono die Martij 1668, annoq, Regis Caroli Secundi dei gratia Angliæ &c. decimo nonoCity of London (England).A49063EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the maior the Right Honourable the Lord Maior ... doth hereby think fit to publish and declare, that all manner of persons within this city and the liberties thereof, do from time to time duly observe and conform themselves to the laws and ordinances established for the suppression of abuses, disorders and misdemeanours ...City of London (England). Lord Mayor.A49065EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the maior whereas divers persons rudely disposed, within this city, have of late years been observed to behave themselves in an uncivil and insolent manner towards persons of quality ...City of London (England). Lord Mayor.A49066EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the maior whereas divers rude and disordered young-men, apprentices and others, do now of late presume and take to themselves a liberty ... to throw about squibs and fireworks in the streets ...City of London (England). Lord Mayor.A49068EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the mayor, to the alderman of the ward of [blank] whereas I have received a rule made yesterday by His Majesties Court of Kings-Bench, whereby (upon great complaint made to the said court, that squibs and crackers are frequently thrown into coaches passing the streets of this city ...)City of London (England). Lord Mayor.A49072EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the mayor, to the alderman of the ward of [blank] whereas divers good laws have been made, and are still in force, for the suppressing and punishing of vagrants, vagabonds, and other idle persons ...City of London (England). Lord Mayor.A49073EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the mayor. To the alderman of the ward of [blank] Whereas His Highness the Prince of Orange, hath been pleased to signifie to me this day, that divers persons (pretending themselves to be citizens of London) in a tumultuous and disorderly manner have lately disturbed the present convention of the Lords and Commons at Westminster ...City of London (England). Lord Mayor.A49075EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the mayor. To the alderman of the ward of [blank] Whereas His Highness the Prince of Orange, hath been pleased to signifie to me this day, that divers persons (pretending themselves to be citizens of London) in a tumultuous and disorderly manner have lately disturbed the present convention of the Lords and Commons at Westminster ...City of London (England). Lord Mayor.A49076EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London ff. ad generalem session' pacis dom' regis, tent' pro civit' London' per adjornament' apud Justice-Hall in le Old-Baily, London', die Mercurii, scil. Octavo die Maii anno regni domini nostri Willielmi Tertii, nunc regis Angl', &c. septimo coram Thoma Lane, milite, majore civitat' Lond', Roberto Clayton, mil', Patien' Ward, mil', Roberto Jeffery, mil', Thoma Stampe, mil', & Willielmo Ashhurst, milit', aldermannis civitat' prædict', & Salathiel Lovell, mil' servien' ad legem ac recordatore ejusdem civit', ac al' sociis suis justic' dicti dom' regis ad pacem in civitat' præd' conservand'; necnon ad diversas felon', transgr' & al' malefact' infro eandem civitat' perpertrat' audiend' & terminand' assign'.City of London (England). Court of Aldermen.A49080EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The London cuckolds an excellent new song to an old tune, &c.A49082EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The London lasses folly, or, The maiden beguil'd to the tune of The iourney-man shooe-maker.A49087EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londons defiance to Rome a perfect narrative of the magnificent procession and solemn burning of the Pope at Temple-Barr, Nov. 17th, 1679 (being the coronation-day of that never-to-be-forgotten Princess, Queen Elizabeth) with a description of the order, rich habits, extraordinary fire-works, songs, and general tryumphs attending that illustrious ceremony.Settle, Elkanah, 1648-1724.A49092EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London's flames being an exact and impartial account of divers informations given in to the committee of Parliament, by divers members of Parliament, and many other persons of quality (whose names are inserted in this book) concerning the dreadful fire of London in the year 1666, and the many other strange fires which have happened since : together with what was said by M. Langhorn, now a prisoner, and condemned for the horrid Popish Plot, concerning the great fire : wherein is plainly proved, that the papists were the contrivers and actors in the burning of that great and noble city.England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. Committee to Enquire into the Burning of London.A49094EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londons joy and tryumph on the installment of Sir William Pritchard Lord Mayor for the ensuing year to the tune of Tangier march.A49097EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londons lamentation, or, A fit admonishment for city and countrey wherein is described certaine causes of this affliction and visitation of the plague, yeare 1641, which the Lord hath been pleased to inflict upon us : and withall what meanes must be used to the Lord to gaine his mercy and favor : with an excellent spirituall medicine to be used for the preservative both of body and soule.A49098EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londons lamentation, or, An excellent new song on the loss of London's Charter to the tune of Packington's pound.A49099EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lamenting ladies last farewel to the wor.ld [sic]. Who being in a strange exile bewales her own misery, complains upon fortune and destiny, describeth the manner of her breeding, deplores the loss of her parents wishing peace and happinesse to England, which was her native country, and withall resolved for death, chearfully commendeth her soul to heaven, and her body to the earth, and quietly departed this life: anno 1650. To an excelent new tune, O hone, o hone.A49105EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London's sighs for her worthy patriot an elegie offered to the never-dying memory of the Honourable Sir Richard Ford, Kt., some years since lord mayor, who died Aug. 31, 1678.A49106EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exercitation concerning the frequent use of our Lords Prayer in the publick worship of God and a view of what hath been said by Mr. Owen concerning that subject / by Thomas Long ...Long, Thomas, 1621-1707.A49114EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Hales's treatise of schism examined and censured by Thomas Long ... ; to which are added, Mr. Baxter's arguments for conformity, wherein the most material passages of the treatise of schism are answered.Long, Thomas, 1621-1707.A49123EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Notitia historicorum selectorum, or, Animadversions upon the antient and famous Greek and Latin historians written in French by ... Francis La Mothe le Vayer ... ; translated into English, with some additions by W.D. ...La Mothe Le Vayer, François de, 1583-1672.A49146EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of liberty and servitude translated out of the French into the English tongue, and dedicated to Geo. Evelyn, Esquire.La Mothe Le Vayer, François de, 1583-1672.A49151EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Looking-glas for maids, or, The Downfal of two most desperate lovers Henry Hartlove and William Martin, both late living in the Isle of Wight, who for love of Ann Scarborow, a beautiful virgin, she having made her self sure to one of them and afterwards fell off to the other : they challenged the field, where after a cruel fight, they were both mortally wounded, and found dead on the place by the forementioned maiden, who bestowed many tears on their bodies, and buried them in one grave.A49153EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Looking-glass for the Lord Chancellor, or, A Brief summary of some of his notorious crimesA49155EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A lookinglass for the Whigs: or, Down with Common-Wealths-MenA49158EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Baltemores case concerning the province of Maryland, adjoyning to Virginia in America. With full and clear answers to all material objections, touching his rights, jurisdiction, and proceedings there. And certaine reasons of state, why the Parliament should not impeach the same. Unto which is also annexed, a true copy of a commission from the late King's eldest son, to Mr. William Davenant, to dispossess the Lord Baltemore of the said province, because of his adherence to this Common-wealth.A49161EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord chancellors villanies discovered, or, His rise and fall in the four last years tune of Hey brave popery, &c.A49163EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Russels last farewel to the VVorld a song.A49170EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lords and Commons reasons and justifications for the deprivation and deposal of James II. from the imperial throne of England Being in full satisfaction to all the princes of Europe, and in answer to all objections, domestick and foraign. Allowed to be printed.A49175EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Academical discourses upon several choice and pleasant subjects / written by the learned and famous Loredano ; Englished by J.B.Loredano, Giovanni Francesco, 1607-1661.A49177EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
LampoonsA49181EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A direct method of ordering and curing people of that loathsome disease, the small-pox teaching the common sort of people (to whom the care of the sick is for the most part committed) how to go thorow their business with much more safety ... : as also how to prevent the usual deformity of marks and scars ... for the benefit of all, but especially the poor / being the twenty years practical experience and observations of John Lamport, alias, Lampard ...Lamport, John.A49182EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lancashire cuckold: or, The country parish-clark betray'd by a conjurer's inchanted chamber-pot To the tune of, Fond boy, &c. Licensed according to order,A49196EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of agreement concluded between His Most Christian Majesty, and the republik of GenevaFrance. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49204EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of peace between the two crowns of France and Spain concluded at Aix-la-Chapelle, the second of May, 1668 : translated out of French.France.A49205EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copy of the French King's declaration to the confederate princes addressed to the chapter of Liege, and communicated by Cardinal Bovillon.France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French King's declaration for settling the general poll-tax together with his edict ordering all communities both regular and secular, and all particular persons, (who have any water from rivers, brooks, springs and fountains, or otherwise, whether for the ornament of their houses, or the improving to their estates) to pay such sums as shall be impos'd upon them in council, in order to have the benefit of the said waters confirm'd to them for the future.France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49207EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The declaration of the most Christian King of France and Navarre against the most horrid proceedings of a rebellious party of Parliament-men and souldiers in England, against their king and countrey / translated out of the French, by P. B.France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49208EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lancashire sham-plotA49209EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of the most Christian King, shewing the reasons for recalling his plenipotentiaries from the treaty at CologneFrance. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49211EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French Kings declaration of a vvar against England published in the manner expressed therein at Paris, 27 Jan. 1666 / translated out of French ...France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49213EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French King's declaration of war by sea and land against the Spaniards revoking the passports, safeguards, and safe conducts, and making prohibition against having any commerce, and enjoyning his subjects to fall upon the Spaniards.France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49214EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most Christian kings declaration of war against the States General of the United Provinces. Done out of the French, according to the copy printed at Paris. Published by authority.France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49216EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French King's declaration of vvar against the crown of Spain translated out of French.France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49218EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French King's declaration, that the children of those of the pretended reformed religion may change their religion at the age of seven years with a prohibition that those of the said religion may not send their children to be bred in forreign countries : registred in Parliament the 8th day of July new stile, 1681. and printed at Paris.France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49219EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French king's decree against Protestants, prohibiting them the exercise of their religion, &c. to which is added a brief and true account of the cruel persecution and inhumane oppressions of those of the reformed religion to make them abjure and apostatize : together with the form of abjuration the revolting Protestants are to subscribe and swear to, and a declaration of his Electoral Highness of Brandenburgh ... : also a letter from Father La Chese ... to Father Petre ... / newly translated from the French.France.A49221EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An edict of the French King prohibiting all publick exercise of the pretended reformed religion in his kingdom wherein he recalls and totally annuls the perpetual and irrevocable edict of King Henry the IV, his grandfather, given at Nantes, full of most gracious concessions to protestants : together with a brief and true account of the persecution carried on against those of the foresaid religion for to make them abjure and apostatize : to which is added to form of abjuration the revolting protestants are to subscribe and swear to : with a declaration of his Electoral Highness of Brandenburg, in favour of those of the reformed religion, who shall think fit to settle themselves in any of his dominions / translated out of French.France.A49222EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An edict of the French king prohibiting all publick exercise of the pretended reformed religion in his kingdom wherein he recalls and totally annuls the perpetual and irrevocable edict of King Henry the IV, his grandfather, given at Nantes, full of most gracious concessions to Protestants : to which is added, the French king's letter to the Elector of Brandenburg, containing several passages relating to the foregoing edict : as also, a brief and true account of the persecution carried on against those of the foresaid religion ... : together with the form of abjuration the revolting Protestants are to subscribe and swear to, and a declaration of His Electoral Highness of Brandenburg ... / translated out of French.France.A49223EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most Christian Kings edict or proclamation concerning English, Scotish, and Irish ships that shall be met at sea by his said Majesties ships, or by privateers acting by his commission / translated out of the French ...France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49224EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French king's letter to the Pope concerning the present affairs in England. With allowance.France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49228EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French King's memorial to the Emperor of GermanyFrance. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49229EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French King's new declaration importing that such of his subjects as have left France upon the recalling the Edict of Nants [sic] and shall serve in the King of Denmark's troops or retire to Hamburgh, shall enjoy the moiety of the revenues arising from the estates they have in His Majesty's dominions.France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV)A49231EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The treaty betwixt the Most Christian King, the King of Great Britain, and the States General of the United Provinces for settling the succession of the crown of Spain and the dominions thereunto belonging in case his Catholick Majesty die without issue in English and French.France.A49235EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Treaty made between Lewis XIV of France and the States General about the exchange and ransom of the prisoner of war together with the rates of prices of ransom from a general to a private soldier.France.A49236EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The treaty of peace called the Pyrenaean Treaty, between the crowns of France and Spain concluded and signed by His Eminency Cardinal Mazarin and Dom Lewis Mendez de Haro, plenipotentiaries of their most Christian and G[C]atholick Majesties, the Seventh of November, 1659 / printed in Paris by His Majesties command, and now faithfully rendred English.France.A49237EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christians combat: or, His true spiritual warfare wherein is laid down the nature, power, and cunning deceit of Satan, the great enemy of our salvation. With the means whereby every good Christian may withstand his dreadful assaults. By C. L. late preacher of Gods word in the City of London.Love, Christopher, 1618-1651.A49240EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dejected soules cure tending to support poor drooping sinners. With rules, comforts, and cautions in severall cases. In divers sermons, by Mr. Christopher Love, late minister of Laurence Jury. To which is added, I. The ministry of the angels to the heirs of salvation. II. Gods omnipresence. III. The sinners legacy to their posterity.Love, Christopher, 1618-1651.A49242EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Grace: the truth and growth and different degrees thereof. The summe and substance of XV. sermons. Preached by that faithful and painful servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Christopher Love, late minister of Lawrence Jury, London. They being his last sermons. To which is added a funerall sermon, being the very last sermon he ever preached.Love, Christopher, 1618-1651.A49244EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The naturall mans case stated, or, An exact map of the little world man considered in both his capacities, either in the state of nature or grace / as is laid down in XVII sermons by that late truely orthodox divine, Mr. Christopher Love ... ; whereunto is annexed The saints triumph over death, being his funeral sermon, by that painful labourer in the Lords vineyard, Mr. Tho. Manton ...Love, Christopher, 1618-1651.A49252EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The penitent pardoned a treatise wherein is handled the duty of confession of sin and the priviledge of the pardon of sin : together with a discourse of Christs ascension into heaven and of his coming again from heaven : wherein the opinion of the Chiliasts is considered and solidly confuted / being the sum and substance of several sermons preached by that faithful servant of Christ, Mr. Christopher Love ...Love, Christopher, 1618-1651.A49255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Short and plaine animadversions on some passages in Mr. Dels sermon first preached before the Honourable House of Commons on Novemb. 25. 1646. But since printed without their order Setting forth the many dangerous and destructive assertions therein both to church and state, the covenant, and the reformation so much desired. Together, with an answer to an unlicensed pamphlet annext to the sermon, entituled, A reply to Master Loves contradictions. By Christopher Love minister of Anne Aldersgate, London. The second edition. Imprimatur Ja. Cranford. Decemb. 17. 1646.Love, Christopher, 1618-1651.A49256EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The strange and wonderful predictions of Mr. Christopher Love, minister of the Gospel at Laurence Jury, London who was beheaded on Tower-hill, in the time of Oliver Cromwell's government of England. Giving an account of Babylon's fall, and in that glorious event, a general reformation over all the world. With a most extraordinary prophecy, of the late revolution in France, and the downfall of the antichristian kingdom, in that country. By M. Peter Jurieu. Also, Nixon's Chesire prophecy.Love, Christopher, 1618-1651.A49257EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of effectual calling and election In XVI. sermons, on 2 Peter 1.10. Wherein a Christian may discern, whether yet he be effectually called and elected. And what course he ought to take that he may attain the assurance thereof. Preached by that faithfull servant of Christ, Mr. Christopher Love, late minister of Laurence Jury, London.Love, Christopher, 1618-1651.A49258EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of Mr. Christopher Love from divers scandalous reproaches cast upon him by the malignant party. Who charge him to be a hinderer of the Treaty at Uxbridge, and a disturber of the peace of this Common-wealth. Wherein he cleereth himself from those aspersions; and sheweth that he alwayes constantly endeavoured that peace with truth might be established; to the glory of God, and the comfort of this nation. Written with his own hand, before his death, and now published for general satisfaction.Love, Christopher, 1618-1651.A49261EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The zealovs Christian taking heaven by holy violence in severall sermons, tending to direct men how to hear with zeal, [how] to pray with importunity / preached by ... Mr. Christopher Love ...Love, Christopher, 1618-1651.A49262EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dvblin, Febr. 7, 1641, or, The last true newes from Ireland written in a letter sent from Thomas Lancton, chief clarke unto Sir Charles Coote, chiefe commander of His Majesties infantry in Dublin.Lancton, Thomas.A49267EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Love and honour: or, The lovers farevvel to Calista Being sent from sea in the late engagement against the Dutch, to his mistris, under the name of Calista. With the ladies deploring and ingenious answer. To a sad new air much in request; or, tune of, Now the tyrant hath stolen.A49273EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Love and loyalty well metA49275EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Love crownd with victory. A merry dialogue betwixt an old rich countrey batchellour, and a young witty London virgin. With allowance. To the tune, Ile crown thee my dearest &c. Digby's farwel, or Packingtons poundA49276EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Love in a maze; or, The young-man put to his dumps Here in this song you may behold and see a gallant girl obtain'd by wit and honesty; all you that hear my song, and mark it but aright, will say true love's vvorth gold, and breeds delight. To a pleasant new tune, called, the true lovers delight; or, the Cambridge horn.A49277EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Love is the cause of my mourning, or, The Despairing lover sung with its own proper tune.A49278EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The information of Thomas Lander of Shutborrow in the county of Stafford another of the witnesses in the tryal of the late Lord Stafford, as it was taken upon oath by Edmund Warcup, Esquire, one of His Majesties justices of the peace for the county of Middlesex, and city and liberties of Westminster, on the 24th day of December, 1680.Lander, Thomas.A49279EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lucasta posthume poems of Richard Lovelace, Esq.Lovelace, Richard, 1618-1658.A49294EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A summary of material heads which may be enlarged and improved into a compleat answer to Dr. Burnet's Theory of the earth digested into an essay by a pensioner of the Charter-House.Lovell, Archibald.A49295EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loves empire, or, The amours of the French courtBussy, Roger de Rabutin, comte de, 1618-1693.A49300EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Loves of Hero and Leander a mock poem : with marginall notes, and other choice pieces of drollery ...A49304EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loves victory obtained, or, A pleasant sportful joyful meeting, between a young man and his sweeting at first they met, and then they kist, and afterwards did what they list : 'twas all within a garden green, where pretty sport was to be seen, then listen to my song a while, I'm sure here's that will make you smile.A49309EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Low-country soldier: or, his humble petition at his return into England, after his bold adventures in bloody battelsA49313EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning the nature of man both in his natural and political capacity, both as he is a rational creature and member of a civil society : with an examination of Mr. Hobbs's opinions relating hereunto / by Ja. Lowde ...Lowde, James.A49314EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from an English reformed Quaker, to his friend in Scotland of the same perswasion: with the answer and reply thereto.J. L.A49315EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Moral essays wherein some of Mr. Locks and Monsir. Malbranch's opinions are briefly examin'd : together with an answer to some chapters in the oracles of reason concerning deism / by Ja. Lowde ...Lowde, James.A49317EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reasonableness of the Christian religion a sermon preached at the visitation held at Stoakesly in Cleveland, in Yorkshire : being the first visitation of the Reverend Mr. Long, B.D. and Arch-Deacon of Cleveland / by Ja. Lowde ...Lowde, James.A49318EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A funeral elegy on Her Illustrious Highnesse the Princess Royal of Orange who departed this life the 3d. of January, new stile, 1661.Lower, William, Sir, 1600?-1662.A49327EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three new playes, Viz. The noble ingratitude. A pastoral-tragi-comedy. The enchanted lovers. A pastoral. The amorous fantasme. A tragi-comedy. All written by Sir Wil. Lower KnightLower, William, Sir, 1600?-1662.A49328EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A further essay for the amendment of the gold and silver coins. With the opinion of Mr. Gerrard de Malynes, who was an eminent merchant in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, concerning the standard of England.Lowndes, William, 1652-1724.A49332EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A report containing an essay for the amendment of the silver coinsLowndes, William, 1652-1724.A49333EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Loyal address of the eminent town of Lynn-Regis, in the county of NorfolkA49342EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Loyal apprentices protestationA49343EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Loyal bumper, or, England's comfort being a health to King William and Queen Mary, and the prince of Denmark : to an excellent new tune.A49344EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Loyal caution to all the Kings friends, or, Parson Faringtons misfortune in getting his landlady to rub his back a song.A49345EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The loyal city of Bristol vindicated from Amsterdamism, or Devil's-borough, two appellatives occasioned by the over credulous, who have taken it for granted, that the schismaticks and hereticks of all sorts were more numerous than the truly loyal, orthodox, and liege people there. But at a late tryal of skill, managed by the more vigilant, and worthy angel-guardian of that city, the point has been lately clear'd, and the church-men for an Earl have out voted the fanaticks for a knight, though to little purpose: for they have rallied again, since the dissolution, to fetch in the same persons. But who? or what? and how equipp'd this ensuing letter (to an utopian prelate) will fully inform you.A49346EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Loyal congratulation to the Right Honourable Anthony, Earl of Shaftsbury upon the disappointment of his, the King and kingdoms enemies by the loyal grand juries finding the bill against him ignoramus : in a short poem.A49347EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loyal constancy; or, the seamans love-letter written by John Blay on board the Henry and Elizabeth riding at Leghorn, to his dear mistris Mary Foart, now living near Wapping, exhorting her to continue in her wonted love and constancy according to their mutual promises past between them, in order to their happy union and marriage, as soon as he shall return from this voyage to England. Tune of, Cloris full of harmless thoughts; Jenny Gin. The fair one let me in.A49348EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Loyal London prentice being his constant resolution to hazard his life and fortune for his king : with his defiance to popery and faction ... : to a pleasant old tune called The royal rose.A49351EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The loyal maids good counsel to all her fellow-maids To be careful of wanton young men, They'll promise they love you again and again: But if they get theirwill [sic] of you before you are wed You may look a new sweetheart and a new maiden-head: And beileve no false youngmen [sic] that will dissemble and lye, Lest they send you away with salt tears in your eye. To the tune of, Come hither my own sweet duck. This may be printed, R.P.A49352EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The loyal martyr vindicatedFowler, Edward, Bishop of Gloucester, 1632-1714.A49353EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Loyal New-Years gift, or, An Acrostick on the prayer of every true subject God bless King James the Second and let him live long and hapily.A49355EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Loyal Protestants associationA49357EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Divinitas Christi probatur ab ejus cultu baptismus non est ritus indifferens.Lane, Erasmus.A49359EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The loyal Protestants vindication, fairly offered to all those sober minds who have the art of using reason, and the power of suppressing passion by a Queen Elizabeth Protestant.Queen Elizabeth Protestant.A49360EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A loyal satyr against WhiggismA49362EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Loyal Scot an excellent new song : to an excellent new Scotch tune.A49363EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Loyal sherifs of London and Middlesex upon their election : to the tune of, now at last the riddle is expounded.A49364EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Alarum to poetsLane, John, 16th/17th cent.A49365EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The loyal soldiers courtship or, Constant Peggy's kind answer. Being her resolution to forsake her friends, and venture to the wars with her beloved souldier. To a pleasant new tune. Licensed according to order.A49366EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Loyal subjects littanyA49367EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loyal tears poured on the herse of that Most Excellent Prince, Henry Duke of GloucesterA49368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A loyal vote for the happy birth and prosperity of the expected royal issueA49369EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Loyalist setting forth the VVhigg in his own colours a new song, to the tune of Sawny and Jockey.A49370EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Loyalty and glory of the city of Bath being a true and perfect relation of the wonderful ceremony, and transactions, that were lately performed there.A49371EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Persecution detected in all his new forms: or, A dialogue between Nimrod policy, and Nathanael innocency Wherein persecution is followed and detected in his chiefest tabernacles; being packing apace out of his old g[...]bs of presbytery into his swept and garnisht forms of independency and the water-way: wherein is shewed the originall, and name, and interest of policy, with many of his assistants; and also of innocency: with the epitome of a true Christian: also several considerable queres touching God, his word, his essence; and Christ, and his works in man; as touching heaven, and hell, and sin, and the sabbath &c. of Moses; touching the true rest and centre of a Christian. By John Lane, late quartermaster to Sir Hardresse Wallers regiment.Lane, John, quartermaster.A49373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loyalty rewarded, or, A poem upon the brace of bucks bestowed upon the loyal apprentices by His Majesty written by an apprentice.Apprentice.A49374EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loyalty vindicated being an answer to a late false, seditious & scandalous pamphlet entituled A letter from a gentleman of the City of New York to another concerning the troubles which happen'd in that province in the time of the late happy revolution : published for the sake of truth & justice / by a hearty lover of King William and the Protestant religion.Hearty lover of King William and the Protestant religion.A49375EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Five sermons, preached before His Majesty at Whitehall, published severally by command, and now printed together, tending all to give satisfaction in certain points to such who have thereupon endeavoured to unsettle the state and government of the church by B. Lord Bishop of Ely.Laney, Benjamin, 1591-1675.A49408EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter about liberty and necessity written to the Duke of Newcastle / by Thomas Hobbes. With observations upon it by a learned Prelate of the Church of England lately deceased.Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679.A49423EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Part of Lucian made English from the originall, in the yeare 1638 by Jasper Mayne ..., to which are adjoyned those other dialogues of Lucian as they were formerly translated by Mr. Francis Hicks.Lucian, of Samosata.A49426EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lucretius his six books of epicurean philosophy and Manilius his five books containing a system of the ancient astronomy and astrology together with The philosophy of the Stoicks / both translated into English verse with notes by Mr. Tho. Creech; To which is added the several parts of Lucretius, English'd by Mr. Dryden.Lucretius Carus, Titus.A49437EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Luctus britannici, or, The tears of the British muses for the death of John Dryden, Esq., late poet laureat to Their Majesties, K. Charles and K. James the Second written by the most eminent hands in the two famous universities, and by several others.A49438EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to Mr. Hobbs his Leviathan with observations, censures, and confutations of divers errours, beginning at the seventeenth chapter of that book / by William Lucy ...Lucy, William, 1594-1677.A49439EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations, censures, and confutations of notorious errours in Mr. Hobbes his Leviathan and other his bookes to which are annexed occasionall anim-adversions on some writings of the Socinians and such hæreticks of the same opinion with him / by William Lucy ...Lucy, William, 1594-1677.A49440EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the nature of a minister in all its offices to which is annexed an answer to Doctor Forbes concerning the necessity of bishops to ordain, which is an answer to a question, proposed in these late unhappy times, to the author, What is a minister?Lucy, William, 1594-1677.A49441EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow Esq; Lieutenant General of the Horse, Commander in Chief of the forces in Ireland, one of the Council of State, and a Member of the Parliament which began on November 3, 1640. In two volumes. Vol. 1.Ludlow, Edmund, 1617?-1692.A49445EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ludus Scacchiæ a satyr against unjust wars : representing the intemperate lust of a wanton and never satisfied ambition.Gould, Robert, d. 1709?A49456EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief account of the proceedings against the six popish priests, condemned for high-treason on the 17th day of this instant January, 1679/80 viz. Lionel Anderson, alias Munson, William Russell, George Parry, Henry Starkey, James Corker, and Will. Marshal, two Benedictine monks, formerly tryed with Wakeman : with whom was likewise tryed Alexander Lumsdell : who though he appeared to be a priest, yet being born in Scotland, he continues upon a special verdict : the heads of the evidence against each of them, and their defences and behaviour.A49468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Flanders, or, An exact and compendious description of that fair, great, and fat countrey of Flanders wherein the inhabitants, bounds, length, breadth, division, riches, rivers, forrests, cities, towns, and villages, castles, principalities, sea-ports, courts of justice, abbeys, with the chief estates are observed : as also a distinct relation of some battels fought and towns won unto the now victorious proceedings of the English and French armies therein, with the taking Mardike, Dunkerk, Winnoxbergh, Vuern, and Dixmude, to the present besieging of Graveling.Lupton, Donald, d. 1676.A49472EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A warre-like treatise of the pike, or, Some experimentall resolves, for lessening the number, and disabling the use of the pike in warre with the praise of the musquet and halfe-pike, as also the testimony of Brancatio, concerning the disability of the pike / penn'd for the generall good of our nation, by a well wisher to the compleat musquetier.Lupton, Donald, d. 1676.A49473EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lusts dominion, or, The lascivious queen a tragedie / written by Christofer Marloe, Gent.A49479EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Citty prophisier, or, The countrey fortuneteller by Tho. Lanfiere.Lanfiere, Thomas.A49500EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The galant seamans return from the Indies, or the happy meeting of two faithful lovers Wherein is shewed the loyal constancy of a seaman to his love, with her kind salutation unto him for his welcome home. Observe this song which is both neat and pretty Tis on a seaman in his praise of Betty. Tune of Five sail of frigots, or Shrewsbury By T.L. With allowance.Lanfiere, Thomas.A49519EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some dialogues between Mr. G. and others with reflections upon a book called Pax vobis.Lynford, Thomas, 1650-1724.A49520EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Warning-piece for all wicked livers, or, A caveat for all people to remember their latter endLanfiere, Thomas.A49525EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The answer of the chancellor, masters and scholars of the Vniversity of Oxford, to the petition, articles of grievance, and reasons of the city of Oxon presented to the honorable committee for regulating the University of Oxford the 24. of July, 1649.University of Oxford.A49526EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the rights and priviledges of the University of Oxford containing, 1. An answer to the petition of the city of Oxford. 1649. : 2. The case of the University of Oxford, presented to the Honourable House of Commons, Jan. 24. 1689/90.University of Oxford.A49528EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Episcopall inheritance, or, A reply to the humble examination of a printed abstract of the answers to nine reasons of the Hovse of Commons against the votes of bishops in Parliament also a determination of the learned and reverend bishop of Sarum Englished.Langbaine, Gerard, 1609-1658.A49529EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the English dramatick poets, or, Some observations and remarks on the lives and writings of all those that have publish'd either comedies, tragedies, tragi-comedies, pastorals, masques, interludes, farces or opera's in the English tongue by Gerard Langbaine.Langbaine, Gerard, 1656-1692.A49533EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exact catalogue of all the comedies, tragedies, tragi-comedies, opera's [sic], masks, pastorals and interludes that were ever yet printed and published till this present year 1680Cox, Nicholas, fl. 1673-1721.A49534EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The hunter a discourse of horsemanship directing the right way to breed, keep, and train a horse, for ordinary hunting and plates.Langbaine, Gerard, 1656-1692.A49535EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lives and characters of the English dramatick poets also an exact account of all the plays that were ever yet printed in the English tongue, their double titles, the places where acted, the dates when printed, and the persons to whom dedicated, with remarks and observations on most of the said plays / first begun by Mr. Langbain ; improv'd and continued down to this time, by a careful hand.Langbaine, Gerard, 1656-1692.A49536EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new catalogue of English plays containing all the comedies, tragedies, tragi-comedies, opera's, masques, pastorals, interludes, farces, &c. both ancient and modern, that have ever yet been printed, to this present year 1688 : to which are added the volumes and best editions, with divers remarks of the originals of most plays, and the plagiaries of several authors / by Gerard Langbaine, Gent.Langbaine, Gerard, 1656-1692.A49539EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Elenchus antiquitatum Albionensium, Britannorum, Scotorum, Danorum, Anglosaxonum &c. : origines & gesta usque ad annum 449 quo Angli in Brittanniam immigrârunt explicans : una cum brevi regum picticorum chronico / per Danielem Langhornium.Langhorne, Daniel, d. 1681.A49550EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two letters sent to the Honoble [sic] William Lenthal Esq., Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons the one, concerning the great victory obtained at Cardiffe by the Parliaments forces under the command of Major General Laughorn wherein were slain about two hundred and fifty, eight hundred taken prisoners whereof two lieut. colonels, two majors, ten captains, ten lieutenants, divers ensigns, with other inferior officers : the other, concerning Sir Tho. Fairfax's march into Cornwal.Laugharne, Rowland, d. 1676.A49559EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations humbly tendred, concerning the East-India company.Langhorne, William, Sir, 1629-1715.A49560EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Heroick love a tragedy : as it is acted at the theatre in Little Lincolns-Inn-Fields / written by the Honourable George Granville, Esq.Lansdowne, George Granville, Baron, 1667-1735.A49572EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The she-gallants, a comedy as it is acted at the theatre in Little-Lincoln-Inn-Fields, by His Majesty's servants.Lansdowne, George Granville, Baron, 1667-1735.A49573EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Scotland against popery being a particular account of the late revolutions in Edenborough, and other parts of that kingdom, the defacing popish chappels, and palace of Holy-Rood-House; the levelling to the ground of the chancellor's chappel and house, &c. and all other popish chappels; with the opposition, which occasioned the loss of five hundred men on each side; with the Duke of Gourdon's seizing the Castle of Edenborough for the papist interest, and the protestant nobility and citizens beseiging it. In a letter from a merchant in Edenburgh, to his friend in London.A49575EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The compleat gard'ner, or, Directions for cultivating and right ordering of fruit-gardens and kitchen-gardens with divers reflections on several parts of husbandry, in six books : to which is added, his treatise of orange-trees, with the raising of melons, omitted in the French editions / by the famous Monsr De La Quintinye ... ; made English by John Evelyn ... ; illustrated with copper plates.La Quintinie, Jean de, 1626-1688.A49578EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A compendium of the art of logick and rhetorick in the English tongue Containing all that Peter Ramus, Aristotle, and others have writ thereon: with plaine directions for the more easie understanding and practice of the same.Ramus, Petrus, 1515-1572.A49581EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Almanzor and Almanzaida a novel / written by Sir Philip Sidney, and found since his death amongst his papers.La Roche-Guihen, Mlle de (Anne), 1644-1707.A49592EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Asteria and Tamberlain, or, The distressed lovers a novel / written in French by a person of quality ; and rendred into English by E.C., Esq.La Roche-Guilhen, Mlle. de (Anne), 1644-1707.A49593EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epictetus junior, or, Maximes of modern morality in two centuries / collected by J.D. of Kidwelly.La Rochefoucauld, François, duc de, 1613-1680.A49597EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The memoirs of the Duke de La Rochefoucault containing the private intrigues for obtaining the regency after the death of Louis the Thirteenth, King of France, the wars of Paris and Guienne, the imprisonment of the princes, Cardinal Mazarin's letter to Monsieur de Brienne, articles agreed upon by His Royal-Highness and Monsieur le Prince for the expulsion of Cardinal Mazarin, an apologie for the Duke de Beaufort, memoirs of Monsieur de la Chastre.La Rochefoucauld, François, duc de, 1613-1680.A49598EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Moral maxims and reflections in four parts / written in French by the Duke of Rochefoucault ; now made English.La Rochefoucauld, François, duc de, 1613-1680.A49601EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The voyage of Italy, or, A compleat journey through Italy in two parts : with the characters of the people, and the description of the chief towns, churches, monasteries, tombs, libraries, pallaces, villas, gardens, pictures, statues, and antiquities : as also of the interest, government, riches, force, &c. of all the princes : with instructions concerning travel / by Richard Lassels, Gent. who travelled through Italy five times as tutor to several of the English nobility and gentry ; never before extant.Lassels, Richard, 1603?-1668.A49620EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last, best, and truest nevves from Ireland, that came since the rebellion sent from a Gentleman in Dublin to his friend, a divine, in London.Gentleman in Dublin.A49629EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a friend, touching Dr. Jeremy Taylor's Disswasive from Popery. Discovering above an hundred and fifty false, or wretched quotations, in it.A. L.A49644EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last speech and confession of Sarah Elestone at the place of execution who was burned for killing her husband, April 24. 1678. With her deportment in prison since her condemnation. With allowance.Elestone, Sarah, d. 1678.A49649EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last speech, and confession of the whore of Babylon, at her place of execution, on the fifth of November last whereunto is added, the famous story of the Bell, used by the Irish papists, taken out of the Bishop of Down and Conner's epistle to his perswasive against popery.A49650EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Last Sundays night frollick being a very true account of three eminent citizens of London, who, by a strange mistake, unfortunately pickt up their own wives, last Sunday evening, in St. James's Park, whom they treated with a supper very splendidly, at an eminent tavern, near Charing-Cross : vvith the manner of their discovery, and of the great confusion of the whole company thereupon : being indeed, not only a very pleasant, but also a true relation.A49655EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Last will and testament of Father Petre'sA49659EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The late Duke of Monmouth's lamentation the tune of, On the Bank of a River, or, Now now the fights done.A49677EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The late famous tryal of Mr. Hickeringill, rector of the rectory of All-Saints in Colchester, and author of The naked truth, the second part with an information exhibited against him for barretry, in XXIV articles : to make good the charge against him at the suit of the King, as in course, but really, prosecuted by one Maltcher, and one Morris, a proctor in the spriritual courts : at the assizes in Nisi Prius held at Chelmsford, March 3, 1680 before Mr. Baron Weston : where and when he was accused, amongst other things, for writing the said book called The naked truth, the second part.Hickeringill, Edmund, 1631-1708, defendant.A49678EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A late voyage to Holland, with brief relations of the transactions at the Hague, also remarks on the manners and customs, nature, and commical humours of the people; their religion, government, habitations, way of living, and manner of treating stangers, especially to the English. Written by an English gentleman, attending the court of the King of Great Britain.English gentleman, attending the court of the King of Great Britain.A49689EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The preaching bishop reproving unpreaching prelates Being a brief, but faithful collection of observeable passages, in several sermons preached by the reverend father in God, Mr Hugh Latimer, Bish. of Worcester, (one of our first reformers, and a glorious martyr of Jesus Christ) before K. Edw. the sixth; before the convocation of the clergy, and before the citizens of London, at Pauls. Wherein, many things, relating to the honour and happiness of the king (our most gracious soveraign) the honourable lords, the reverend judges, the citizens of London, and commons of all sorts, but especially, the bishops and clergy are most plainly, piously and pithily represented.Latimer, Hugh, 1485?-1555.A49701EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Latin prophecyA49702EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speech of the President de la Tour, envoy extraordinary from His Royal Highness the Duke of Savoy to His Majesty at his first publick audience Novemb. 2, 1690.La Tour, Filliberto Sallier de.A49703EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A commemoration of King Charles his inauguration, or, A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse by William Laud ...Laud, William, 1573-1645.A49704EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of a letter sent from VVilliam Lavd, Archbishop of Canterbury, the 28 of June, MDCXLI, unto the Universitie of Oxford specifying his willingnesse to resigne his chancellor-ship, and withall deploring his sad estate now in the time of his imprisonship.Laud, William, 1573-1645.A49707EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The daily office of a Christian being the devotions of the most Reverend Father in God Dr. William Laud, late archbishop of Canterbury : wherein several catechetical paraphrases ...Laud, William, 1573-1645.A49708EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter sent by William Lavvd Archbishop of Canterburie with divers manuscripts to the Vniversity of Oxford : which letter in respect it hath relation to this present Parliament is here inserted : together with the answer which the Vniversitie sent him wherein is specified their integrity as he is their chancellor : the tenor whereof ensues.Laud, William, 1573-1645.A49711EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Officium quotidianum: or, A manual of private devotions By the most reverend father in God Dr. William Laud late Lord Arch-bishop of Canterbury.Laud, William, 1573-1645.A49713EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of the conference between William Laud, late Lord Arch-bishop of Canterbury, and Mr. Fisher the Jesuite by the command of King James, of ever-blessed memory : with an answer to such exceptions as A.C. takes against it.Laud, William, 1573-1645.A49714EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Arch-bishop of Canterburie his speech, or, His funeral sermon preached by himself on the scaffold on Tower-hill on Friday the tenth of January, 1645, upon Hebrews 12, 1, 2 also, the prayers which he used at the same time and place before his execution / all faithfully written by Iohn Hinde, whom the archbishop beseeched that hee would not let any wrong be done him by any phrase in false copies.Laud, William, 1573-1645.A49716EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A summarie of devotions compiled and used by Dr William Laud, sometime Ld Arch-bishop of Canterbvry now published according to the copy written with his own hand and reserved in the archives of St. John Baptist's Colledge Library in Oxon.Laud, William, 1573-1645.A49717EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true copy of certain passages of the Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, his speech spoken on the scaffold on Tower-Hill immediatly before his death Jan. 10, 1644Laud, William, 1573-1645.A49719EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A prayer ordered to be used by the Earle of Ormonde, Feb. 28th]Bulkeley, Lancelot, 1568?-1650.A49732EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The laurel a poem on the poet-laureat.Gould, Robert, d. 1709?A49735EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Law against cuckoldom, or, The Tryal of adulteryA49743EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Law of ejectments, or, A treatise shewing the nature of ejectione firme the difference between it and trespass, and how to be brought or removed where the lands lie in franchises ... as also who are good witnesses or not in the trial of ejectment ... together with the learning of special verdicts at large ... very necessary for all lawyers, attornies, and other persons, especially at the assizes &c.A49745EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Law unknown, or, Judgement unjust wherein is shewed, that some persons were indicted, judged, and condemned at the sessions in the Old Bailey, London, by an unknown Law, neither printed nor published, nor any ways knowable by the common people, whereby the inhabitants of this nation may perceive what unavoidable bondage and slavery they are going into : with a brief relation of the killing of John Townesend, by Major Crosby at St. Albones, and the proceedings of court thereupon, in quitting the said Crosby, and punishing the peaceable standers by, and some remarkable passages of Sir Harbottle Grimston in the said tryal : together also with certain queries, grounded upon the Act of Indempnity, especially recommended to the serious consideration of the said Sir Harbottle, and all the members of that Parliament whereof he was speaker.A49746EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Choice Psalmes put into musick, for three voices the most of which may properly enough be sung by any three, with a thorough base / compos'd by Henry and William Lawes, brothers and servants to His Majestie ; with divers elegies, set in musick by sev'rall friends, upon the death of William Lawes ; and at the end of the thorough base are added nine canons of three and foure voices, made by William Lawes.Lawes, Henry, 1596-1662.A49748EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nurseries, orchards, profitable gardens, and vineyards encouraged the present obstructions removed, and probable expedients for the better progress proposed, for the general benefit of His Majesties dominions, and more particularly of Cambridge and the champain-countries and northern parts of England : in several letters out of the country directed to Henry Oldenburg, Esq. ... / the first letter from Anthony Lawrence, all the rest from John Beale ...Lawrence, Anthony, 17th cent.A49755EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christ's power over bodily diseases Preached in several sermons on Mat. 8. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. And published for the instruction especially of the more ignorant people in the great dutie of preparation for sickness and death. By Edward Lawrence, M.A. minister of the gospel at Baschurch in the county of Salop.Lawrence, Edward, 1623-1695.A49757EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An history of angells being a theologicall treatise of our communion and warre with them : handled on the 6th chapter of the Ephesians, the 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 verses / by Henry Lawrence ...Lawrence, Henry, 1600-1664.A49761EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epithalamium, or, A nuptial song, with a narrative of loves progress consecrated to the honoured fame of his much valued friends Mr. Abraham Cullen and Mrs. Abigail Rushout ...Lawrence, Leonard.A49767EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mercurius centralis, or, A discourse of subterraneal cockle, muscle and oyster-shels found in the digging of a well at Sir William Doylie's in Norfolk many foot under ground and at considerable distance from the sea / sent in a letter to Thomas Brown by Tho. Lawrence.Lawrence, Thomas, A.M.A49776EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lawes against vvitches, and conivration And some brief notes and observations for the discovery of witches. Being very usefull for these times, wherein the Devil reignes and prevailes over the soules of poore creatures, in drawing them to that crying sin of witch-craft. Also, the confession of Mother Lakeland, who was arraigned and condemned for a witch, at Ipswich in Suffolke. Published by authority.A49785EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief and true narrative of some remarkable passages relating to sundry persons afflicted by witchcraft at Salem village, which happened from the nineteenth of March to the fifth of April, 1692 collected by Deodat Lawson.Lawson, Deodat.A49794EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrewes wherein the text is cleared, Theopolitica improved, the Socinian comment examined / by George Lawson ...Lawson, George, d. 1678.A49796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Magna Charta ecclesiæ universalis the grand charter issued out and granted by Jesus Christ for the plantation of the Christian faith in all nations ... / by George Lawson ...Lawson, George, d. 1678.A49797EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Politica sacra & civilis, or, A model of civil and ecclesiastical government wherein, besides the positive doctrine concerning state and church in general, are debated the principal controversies of the times concerning the constitution of the state and Church of England, tending to righteousness, truth, and peace / by George Lawson ...Lawson, George, d. 1678.A49800EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Theo-politica, or, A body of divinity containing the rules of the special government of God, according to which, he orders the immortal and intellectual creatures, angels, and men, to their final and eternal estate : being a method of those saving truths, which are contained in the Canon of the Holy Scripture, and abridged in those words of our Saviour Jesus Christ, which were the ground and foundation of those apostolical creeds and forms of confessions, related by the ancients, and, in particular, by Irenæus, and Tertullian / by George Lawson ...Lawson, George, d. 1678.A49801EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of Vice-Admiral John Lavvson commander of the fleet in the narrow seas by authority of Parliament with the commanders of the several ships now with him in the Downes, in order to the removal of the interruption that is put upon the Parliament, the 13th of October last.Lawson, John, Sir, d. 1665.A49803EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two letters from Vice-Admiral John Lawson and the commanders of the fleet to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Common-councilmen of the city of London, dated the 13th of December, 1659 from the Downes : the other the 21 instant from Gravesend.Lawson, John, Sir, d. 1665.A49806EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lawyers demurrer argued by the loyall addressers (the gentlemen) of Grays-Inne against an order made by the bench of the said Society : to the tune of Packingtons pound, or, The Round-head reviv'd.A49828EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sober vvarning to people that they may regard the work of the Lord. The 28th day of the 7th month, 1696Laythes, Thomas, d. 1701.A49837EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some questions and answers concerning religion and the worship of God.Laythes, Thomas, d. 1701.A49838EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to the Right Honourable William Lenthall, Esq., Speaker of the Parliament of England giving a true relation of a late great victory obtained by the Parliaments forces against the Scots neere Dundee, the taking the old Generall Lesley, Lord Chancellour Louden, Lord Crauford Linsey, Lord Ogleby, and 300 more, whereof divers of quality : as also A true relation (with the particulars) of a great victory by our forces neer Worcester against the King of Scots army, 5000 of the enemy kild and taken, and the taking of the royall fort in Worcester.T. L.A49847EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The down-fall of the vnjust lawyers, with the monopolizing officers, who have devoured much of the wealth of this nation, and the rising of the just written and proposed in order to the abolishing the chargeablenesse of proceedings in law-suits / by Edmund Leach of London, merchant.Leach, Edmund, of London.A49855EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ascent to the mount of vision where many things were shewn, concerning I. The first resurrection; II. The state of separated souls; III. The patriarchal life; IV. The kingdom of Christ: with an account of the approaching blessed state of this nation.Lead, Jane, 1623-1704.A49864EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Enochian walks with God found out by a spiritual-traveller, whose face towards Mount-Sion above was set ... : with an experimental account of what was known, seen, and met withal there, as to an essay to a further revelation of an immense and infinite latitude of God's love ... / written by Jane Lead, in this year 1694.Lead, Jane, 1623-1704.A49865EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fountain of gardens watered by the rivers of divine pleasure, and springing up in all the variety of spiritual plants; blown up the pure breath into a paradise, sending forth their sweet savours, and strong odours, for soul-refreshing. By Jane Lead.Lead, Jane, 1623-1704.A49866EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fountain of gardens Vol. II. Being a continuation of the process of a life according to faith, of the divinely magical knowledge, and of the new creation. In mutual entertainments betwixt the essential wisdom, and the soul in her progress through paradise, to Mount Sion, and to the new Jerusalem. By J. Lead.Lead, Jane, 1623-1704.A49867EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The heavenly cloud now breaking the Lord Christ's ascension-ladder sent down to shew the way to reach the ascension and glorification through the death and resurrection / by J. Leade.Lead, Jane, 1623-1704.A49869EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The laws of paradise, given forth by wisdom to a translated spirit.Lead, Jane, 1623-1704.A49870EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A message to the Philadelphian Society whithersoever dispersed over the whole earth. Together with, a call to the several gathered churches among Protestants in this nation of England. By J. Lead.Lead, Jane, 1623-1704.A49871EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The revelation of revelations particularly as an essay towards the unsealing, opening and discovering the seven seals, the seven thunders, and the New-Jerusalem state ... / published by J.L. ...Lead, Jane, 1623-1704.A49872EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wonders of God's creation manifested, in the variety of eight vvorlds as they were made known experimentally to the author J. Lead.Lead, Jane, 1623-1704.A49873EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The counterfeits a comedy as it is acted at the Duke's Theatre.Leanerd, John, fl. 1679.A49875EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rambling justice, or, The jealous husbands with the humours of Sir John Twiford : as it is acted at the Theatre Royal / by John Leanerd.Leanerd, John, fl. 1679.A49877EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The world surveyed, or The famous voyages & travailes of Vincent le Blanc, or White, of Marseilles ... containing a more exact description of several parts of the world, then hath hitherto been done by any other authour : the whole work enriched with many authentick histories / originally written in French ; and faithfully rendred into English by F.B., Gent.Leblanc, Vincent, 1554-ca. 1640.A49883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Monsieur Bossu's treatise of the epick poem containing many curious reflexions, very useful and necessary for the right understanding and judging of the excellencies of Homer and Virgil / done into English from the French, with a new original preface upon the same subject, by W.J. ; to which are added, An essay upon satyr, by Monsieur D'Acier ; and A treatise upon pastorals, by Monsieur Fontanelle.Le Bossu, René, 1631-1680.A49887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Leacherous anabaptist, or, The dipper dipt a new Protestant ballad.A49889EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Plain dealing, or, Nevves from New-England a short view of New-Englands present government, both ecclesiasticall and civil, compared with the anciently-received and established government of England in some materiall points : fit for the gravest consideratin in these times / by Thomas Lechford ...Lechford, Thomas, ca. 1590-1644?A49890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Five letters concerning the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures translated out of French.Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736.A49895EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A supplement to Dr. Hammond's paraphrase and annotations on the New Testament in which his interpretation of many important passages is freely and impartially examin'd, and confirm'd or refuted : and the sacred text further explain'd by new remarks upon every chapter / by Monsieur Le Clerc ; English'd by W. P. ; to which is prefix'd a letter from the author to a friend in England, occasion'd by this translation.Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736.A49907EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memoirs and observations typographical, physical, mathematical, mechanical, natural, civil, and ecclesiastical, made in a late journey through the empire of China, and published in several letters particularly upon the Chinese pottery and varnishing, the silk and other manufactures, the pearl fishing, the history of plants and animals, description of their cities and publick works, number of people, their language, manners and commerce, their habits, oeconomy, and government, the philosophy of Confucius, the state of Christianity : with many other curious and useful remarks / by Louis Le Compte ... ; translated from the Paris edition, and illustrated with figures.Le Comte, Louis, 1655-1728.A49911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The labouring persons remembrancer, or, A practical discource of the labour of the body with suitable devotions.Lee, Francis, 1661-1719.A49921EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cæsar Borgia, son of Pope Alexander the sixth a tragedy acted at the Duke's Theatre by their Royal Highnesses servants / written by Nat. Lee.Lee, Nathaniel, 1653?-1692.A49922EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Constantine the great, a tragedy acted at the Theatre-Royal, by their majesties servants / written by Nat. Lee ...Lee, Nathaniel, 1653?-1692.A49924EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gloriana, or, The court of Augustus Cæsar acted at the Theatre-Royal, by Their Majesties servants / by Nat. Lee.Lee, Nathaniel, 1653?-1692.A49925EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lucius Junius Brutus, father of his country a tragedy : acted at the Duke's Theater, by their royal highnesses servants / written by Nath. Lee.Lee, Nathaniel, 1653?-1692.A49928EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The massacre of Paris a tragedy : as it is acted at the Theatre Royal by their majesties servants / written by Nat. Lee ...Lee, Nathaniel, 1653?-1692.A49929EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mithridates, King of Pontus a tragedy : acted at the Theatre Royal by Their Majestie's servants / written by Nat. Lee.Lee, Nathaniel, 1653?-1692.A49930EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Princess of Cleve, as it was acted at the Queens Theatre in Dorset-Garden / by Nath. Lee ...Lee, Nathaniel, 1653?-1692.A49933EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rival queens, or, The death of Alexander the Great acted at the Theater-Royal by their majesties servants / by Nat. Lee ...Lee, Nathaniel, 1653?-1692.A49935EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sophonisba, or, Hannibal's overthrow a tragedy, acted at the Theatre-Royall, by their majesties servants / written by Nathaniel Lee.Lee, Nathaniel, 1653?-1692.A49940EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Theodosius, or, The force of love a tragedy, acted by Their Royal Highnesses servants, at the Duke's Theatre / written by Nat. Lee ; with the musick betwixt the acts.Lee, Nathaniel, 1653?-1692.A49947EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Duke on his return written by Nat. Lee.Lee, Nathaniel, 1653?-1692.A49951EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedy of Nero, emperor of Rome as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal, by His Majesties servants / by Nathaniel Lee ...Lee, Nathaniel, 1653?-1692.A49952EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true coppy of a second letter, from a friend in Utrecht, to a friend in London giving an account, not only of some remarkable passages relating to His Grace, James Duke of Monmouth, but likewise to the present concerns at Hamburgh.B. L.A49964EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The temple of vvisdom for the little world in two parts. The first philosophically divine, treating of the being of all beeings, and whence everything hath its origins as heaven, hell, angels, men and devils, earth, stars and elements. And particularly of all mysteries concerning the soul, and of Adam before and after the fall. Also, a treatise of the four complexions, and the causes of spiritual sadness, &c. To which is added, a postscript to all students in arts and sciences. Second part, morally divine, containing abuses stript and whipt, by Geo. Wither, with his description of fair virtue. Secondly. A collection of divine poems from ... Essayes and religious meditations of Sir Francis Bacon, Knight. Collected, published and intended for a general good. By D.L.Leeds, Daniel, 1652-1720.A49980EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse upon Sr Walter Rawleigh's great cordial by N. le Febure ... ; rendred into English by Peter Belon ...Le Fèvre, Nicaise, 1610-1669.A49991EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newes from Tvrkie, or, A true relation of the passages of the Right Honourable Sir Tho. Bendish, baronet, Lord Ambassadour, with the Grand Signieur at Constantinople, his entertainment and reception there also, a true discourse of the unjust proceedings of Sir Sackville Crow, former ambassadour there, against the English merchants, his contest with the present Lord Ambassador, and Sir Sackville Crow, former ambassadour there, against the English merchants, his contest with the present Lord Ambassador, and Sir Sackviles imprisonment, and in his returne, his wretched betraying the captain of the ship and some English merchants at Alicant in Spain, to the Inquisition : lastly his commitment to the Tower of London, where now he is.A50000EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The manner of ordering fruit-trees by the Sieur Le Gendre ... ; wherein is treated of nurseries, wall-fruits, hedges of fruit-trees, dwarf-trees, high-standers, &c. ; written originally in French and translated faithfully into English at the request of severall persons of honour.Arnauld d'Andilly, Monsieur (Robert), 1588-1674.A50005EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The divine Epicurus, or, The empire of pleasure over the vertues compos'd by A. LeGrand ; and rendred into English by Edward Cooke.Le Grand, Antoine, d. 1699.A50012EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An entire body of philosophy according to the principles of the famous Renate Des Cartes in three books, (I) the institution ... (II) the history of nature ... (III) a dissertation of the want of sense and knowledge in brute animals ... / written originally in Latin by the learned Anthony Le Grand ; now carefully translated from the last corrections, alterations, and large additions of the author, never yet published ... by Richard Blome.Le Grand, Antoine, d. 1699.A50014EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Man without passion, or, The wife stoick, according to the sentiments of Seneca written originally in French, by ... Anthony Le Grand ; Englished by G.R.Le Grand, Antoine, d. 1699.A50023EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An armie for Ireland conducted by the Lord Lithe [Lisle], son to the right honourable, the Earle of Licester, Lord Deputy of Ireland being a vote of both houses in Parliament for the sending of a speedy ayd into Ireland consisting both of the Scottish and English army : speaking of the great feare that the city of Dublin hath been in and in what danger to be taken sundry times, but now most valiantly defended by the Scottish volunteers and the English army with an excellent copy of a letter sent from the Lord Moore to Sir William Baker in England : speaking of all the greevances and meseries of the Protestants whatsoever as also of all the bloody designes that the rebels intended to take the castle.Leicester, Philip Sidney, Earl of, 1619-1698.A50028EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Leicester's common-wealth conceived, spoken and published with most earnest protestation of dutifull goodwill and affection towards this realme / by Robert Parsons Jesuite ; whereunto is added Leicesters-ghost.A50030EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Leycesters ghostRogers, Thomas, 1573 or 4-1609 or 10.A50034EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Leicester-shire frolick; or, The valiant cook-maid Being a merry composed jest of five taylors that had been at work till their wages came to 5 pounds; likewise a merry conceited cook-maid that lived in the house, went to her master and desired him to lend her a horse, and she would venture her skill to take the 5-pound from these five taylors, without either sword or pistol, in a jesting way, to make her master some sport and to show her valour: her master loving mirth more then sadness, agreed to it: so a horse was sadled, and other things to disguise her self, because she might not be known: away she went (it being in the evening) and met them before they got home, with nothing in her hand but a black pudding, the faint-hearted taylors delivered her their money very quietly, for fear they should a been shot through with a black pudding, and what followed after is expressed in this following ditty. Tune is, Ragged and torn. With allowance.A50035EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The natural history of Lancashire, Cheshire, and the Peak in Derbyshire with an account of the British, Phœnician, Armenian, Gr. and Rom. antiquities in those parts / by Charles Leigh ...Leigh, Charles, 1662-1701?A50038EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Analecta Caesarum Romanorum, or, Select observations of all the Roman emperors illustrated with their several effigies according to their coins / the first eighteen by Edward Leigh ... ; the others added by his son Henry Leigh ... : also certain choice French proverbs ; alphabetically disposed and Englished, added by the same Edward Leigh.Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A50048EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Annotations on five poetical books of the Old Testament (viz.) Job, Psalmes, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Canticles / by Edward Leigh ...Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A50049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Annotations upon all the New Testament philologicall and theologicall wherein the emphasis and elegancie of the Greeke is observed, some imperfections in our translation are discovered, divers Jewish rites and customes tending to illustrate the text are mentioned, many antilogies and seeming contradictions reconciled, severall darke and obscure places opened, sundry passages vindicated from the false glosses of papists and hereticks / by Edward Leigh ...Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A50050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Choice observations of all the kings of England from the Saxons to the death of King Charles the First collected out of the best Latine and English writers, who have treated of that argument / by Edward Leigh ...Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A50052EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fœlix consortium, or, A fit conjuncture of religion and learning in one entire volume, consisting of six books : the first treating of religion in general ... the second of learning ... the third, fourth, fifth and sixth books particularizing the men eminent for religion or learning ... : in an alphabetical order / by Edward Leigh ...Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A50062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A philologicall commentary, or, An illustration of the most obvious and useful words in the lavv with their distinctions and divers acceptations, as they are found as well in reports antient and modern as in records and memorials never printed : usefull for all young students of the law / by Edward Leigh ...Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671.A50063EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of the General Court of the Massachusets holden at Boston in New-England, October, 1659, concerning the execution of two Quakers.Massachusetts. General Court.A50066EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation by the President and Council of His Majestiy's [sic]Territory & Dominion of New-England in AmericaTerritory and Dominion of New-England.A50070EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remarks upon the dream of the late abdicated Queen of England and upon that of madam the Dutchess of La Valiere, late mistress to the French king, and now nun of the order of Bare-Footed-Carmelites at Paris / by the author of the Harmony of prophesies, &c. ; being the paper the publisher whereof was condemned last month to be broken alive on the wheel, by the Parliament of Roan ; done from the French copy printed in Amsterdam.Massard, Jaques.A50078EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Maj. General Massey to an honourable person in LondonA50082EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The city-madam a comedie, as it was acted at the private house in Black Friers with great applause / written by Phillip Massinger, Gent.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A50090EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The excellent comedy called, The old law, or, A new way to please you by Phil. Massinger, Tho. Middleton, William Rowley ... ; together with an exact and perfect catalogue of all the playes, with the authors names, and what are comedies, tragedies, histories, pastoralls, masks, interludes, more exactly printed than ever before.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A50091EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three new playes; viz. The [brace] bashful lover, Guardian, Very woman. As they have been often acted at the private-house in Black-Friers, by His late Majesties Servants, with great applause. / Written by Philip Massenger, Gent. Never printed before.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A50093EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Drops of myrrhe, or, Meditations and prayers, fitted to divers of the preceding arguments.Master, William, 1627-1684.A50098EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mensa lubrica Mongom. illustrissimo domino dno. Edwardo Baroni de Cherbury [by] T.M.T. M.A50107EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Matchless murder giving an account of the most horrible and bloody murthering of the most worthy gentleman Thomas Thin, Esq., who was on Sunday, February the twelfth, 1682 barbarously killed in his own coach ... : and the names of the murtherers now lying in Newgate, who have confessed the same, are as followeth, Capt. Christopher Furatz, a German, George Boroskie, a Polander, John Stern a German, Fredrick Harder, and Amien Berg, accessaries : to the tune of Troy town.A50110EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The declaration of the gentlemen, merchants, and inhabitants of Boston, and the countrey adjacent, April 18th, 1689Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.A50116EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memorable providences relating to witchcrafts and possessions a faithful account of many wonderful and surprising things that have befallen several bewitched and possesed person in New-England, particularly a narrative of the marvellous trouble and releef experienced by a pious family in Boston, very lately and sadly molested with evil spirits : whereunto is added a discourse delivered unto a congregation in Boston on the occasion of that illustrious providence : as also a discourse delivered unto the same congregation on the occasion of an horrible self-murder committed in the town : with an appendix in vindication of a chapter in a late book of remarkable providences from the calumnies of a Quaker at Pen-silvania / written by Cotton Mather ... and recommended by the ministers of Boston and Charleston.Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.A50139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Military duties recommended to an artillery company; at their election of officers, in Charls-town, 13. d. 7. m. 1686. By Cotton Mather, pastor of a church in Boston.Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.A50142EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A poem dedicated to the memory of the Reverend and excellent Mr. Urian Oakes, the late pastor to Christ's flock and præsident of Harvard Colledge in Cambridge ...Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.A50154EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Right thoughts in sad hours representing the comforts and the duties of good men under all their afflictions; and particularly, that one, the untimely death of children: in a sermon delivered at Charls-town, New England; under a fresh experience of that calamity.Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.A50157EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Small offers towards the service of the tabernacle in the wilderness four discourses accommodated unto the designs of practical godliness : preached partly at Boston, partly at Charleston / by Cotton Mather ; published by a gentleman lately restored from threatening sickness as a humble essay to serve the interest of religion, in gratitude unto God for his recovery.Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.A50162EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Souldiers counselled and comforted a discourse delivered unto some part of the forces engaged in the just war of New-England against the northern & eastern Indians, Sept. 1, 1689 / by Cotton Mather ...Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.A50163EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Speedy repentance urged a sermon preached at Boston, December 29, 1689 : in the hearing and at the request of one Hugh Stone, [a mis]erable man [under a just sen]tence of [death] for a [tragical and] hor[rible murder : together with some account concerning the character, carriage, and execution of that unhappy malefactor : to which are added certain memorable providences relating to some other murders, & some great instances of repentance which have been seen amonst us / by Cotton Mather.]Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.A50164EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The way to prosperity a sermon / preached to the honourable convention of the governour, council, and representatives of the Massachuset-Colony in New-England on May 23, 1690 by Cotton Mather.Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.A50172EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wonderful works of God commemorated praises bespoke for the God of heaven in a thanksgiving sermon delivered on Decemb. 19, 1689 : containing reflections upon the excellent things done by the great God ... : to which is added A sermon preached unto a convention of the Massachuset-colony in New-England ... / by Cotton Mather.Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.A50176EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wonders of the invisible world observations as well historical as theological upon the nature, the number and the operations of the devils : accompany'd with I. Some accounts of the greievous [sic] molestations by daemons and witchcrafts ... and the trials of some eminent malefactors ... II. Some councils directing a due improvement of the terrible things lately done by the unusual and amazing range of evil spirits ... III. Some conjectures upon the great events likely to befall the world in general and New England in particular ... IV. A short narrative of a late outrage committed by a knot of witches in Swedeland ... V. The devil discovered, in a brief discourse upon those temptations which are the more ordinary devices of the wicked one / by Cotton Mather.Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.A50177EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Musick's monument, or, A remembrancer of the best practical musick, both divine and civil, that has ever been known to have been in the world divided into three parts ... / by Tho. Mace ...Mace, Thomas, d. 1709?A50198EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay for the recording of illustrious providences wherein an account is given of many remarkable and very memorable events which have hapned this last age, especially in New-England / by Increase Mather, teacher of a church at Boston in New-England.Mather, Increase, 1639-1723.A50202EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Scrinium Divi Augustini in quo arcana illius de Adjutorio sine quo non sensa continentur Addita libra cum æquemento Augustini inter Calvinianos et Arminianos. Authore P. Fr. Francisco à S. Augustino Macedo Franciscano Observante Provinciæ Portugalliæ Lusitano, Conimbricensi, Magistro Artium & Theologiæ Professore Christianissimorum Galliæ Regum Annæ Matris Regentis, & Ludovici XIV. Concionatore, & Consiliario, & Serenissimi Lusitaniæ Regis Joannis IV. Historiographo Latino.Macedo, Francisco de, 1596-1681.A50230EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologie of the churches in New-England for church-covenant, or, A discourse touching the covenant between God and men, and especially concerning church-covenant ... sent over in answer to Master Bernard, in the yeare 1639 ...Mather, Richard, 1596-1669.A50245EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A catechisme, or, The grounds and principles of Christian religion set forth by way of question and answer wherein the summe of the doctrine of religion is comprised, familiarly opened, and clearly confirmed from the Holy Scriptures / by Richard Mather, teacher to the church at Dorchester in New England.Mather, Richard, 1596-1669.A50246EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the answer and arguments of the synod met at Boston in the year 1662 concerning the subject of Baptism and consociation of churches against the reply made thereto, by the Reverend Mr. John Davenport, pastor of the church at New-Haven, in his treatise entituled Another essay for investigation of the truth &c. : together with an answer to the apologetical preface set before that essay, by some of the elders who were members of the Synod above-mentioned.Mather, Richard, 1596-1669.A50248EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A disputation concerning church-members and their children in answer to XXI questions wherein the state of such children when adult, together with their duty towards the church, and the churches duty towards them is discussed by an assembly of divines meeting at Boston in New England, June 4th, 1657 / now published by a lover of truth.Mather, Richard, 1596-1669.A50249EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An heart-melting exhortation together with a cordiall consolation presented in a letter from New-England to their dear countrymen of Lancashire : which may as well concern all others in these suffering times / by Richard Mather ... and William Tompson ...Mather, Richard, 1596-1669.A50250EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The summe of certain sermons upon Genes. 15.6 vvherein not only the doctrine of justification by faith is asserted and cleared, and sundry arguments for justification before faith, discussed and answered : but also the nature and the meanes of faith, with the imputation of our sins to Christ, and of Christs righteousness to us are briefly explained and confirmed / preached at Dorchester in New-England by Richard Mather ... ; and now by him published at the earnest request of sundry well-affected and Godly Christians.Mather, Richard, 1596-1669.A50251EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A p[i]ndarique elegie upon the death of the R.R. Father in God Jeremy, late Lord Bishop of Doune, Connor, and Dromore by Le. Mathews ...Mathews, Lemuel, fl. 1661-1705.A50273EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The works of the famous Nicholas Machiavel, citizen and secretary of Florence written originally in Italian, and from thence newly and faithfully translated into English.Machiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527.A50274EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Matrimonii pensitatio, or, No joynture but the hugg-ruralFlatman, Thomas, 1637-1688.A50280EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Matters of great consequence, and worthy of note to all England first the royall embassage from the Prince of Orange, to the well affected subjects of England : secondly, a message from a committee of both Houses of Parliament, to the Spanish embassador to make stay of the ships at Dunkerk, which were intended for the supply of the rebels in Ireland : thirdly, the true and humble petition of the Lords and Commons now assembled in Parliament, to the Kings most Excellent Majesty : concerning the Lord Kimbolton, M. Hollis, and the rest of the gentlemen that were accused of high treason : fourthly, an order of the House of the Lords for suppressing of the Arch-bishop of Armaghs sermon, which was falsely put upon him : fiftly, articles against Sir Edward Herbert Knight, His Majesties attorney generall, by the House of Commons : sixtly, an ordinance from His Majesty, and both Houses of Parliament, for the ordering of the militia of the kingdome of England, and also of the dominion of Wales : lastly, the names of all the lievtenants of every country, which are approved by the Kings Majesty.A50287EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Matters of great note and consequence 1 divers questions upon His Majesties last answer concerning the militia resolved upon by both Houses of Parliament to be of dangerous consequence : 2 a true relation of the strange and unitmely deathes which hath successively befalen all the nobility and others which have beene the possessors of Shirborne Castle in Dorset-shire since that it was unlawfully usurped and taken from the church by King Stephen in Anno Dom. 1100 : which castle is now in the possession of George Lord Digby : and how the case stands with him I leave to the courteous reader to censure : whereunto is added certaine articles of high treason against the said Lord Digby.A50288EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Machiavil's advice to his son newly translated out of Italian into English verse by R. L., Esq.Machiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527.A50294EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new treatise of architecture, according to Vitruvius wherein is discoursed of the five orders of columns, viz. : the Tuscan, Dorick, Ionick, Corinthian, and Composite : divided into seven chapters : vvhich declare their different proportions, measures, and proper names, according to the practice of the antient architects, both Greeks and Romans : as also of all their parts general and particular necessary in ... the beautifying of buildings in cities, as for necessary fortifications of them / designed by Julian Mauclerc ... ; whereunto are added the several measures and proportions of the famous architects, Scamozzi, Palladio, and Vignola : with some rules of perspective ; the whole represented in fifty large prints ...; so set forth in English by Robert Pricke.Mauclerc, Julien.A50299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Machivael's [sic] discourses upon the first decade of T. Livius, translated out of the Italian. To which is added his Prince. With some marginal animadversions noting and taxing his errors. By E.D.Machiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527.A50322EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevv-England pesecutors [sic] mauled vvith their own vveapons giving some account of the bloody laws made at Boston against the kings subjects that dissented from their way of worship : together with a brief account of the imprisonment and tryal of Thomas Maule of Salem, for publishing a book entituled Truth held forth and maintained, &c. / by Tho. Philathes.Maule, Thomas, 1645-1724.A50324EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remarks from the country, upon the two letters relating to the convocation and alterations in the liturgyMaurice, Henry, 1648-1691.A50340EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copy of verses presented to all my vvorthy masters and mistresses in the parish of Lambeth by Andrew Maxsey, belman.Maxsey, Andrew.A50347EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Episcopacie not abivred in His Maiesties realme of Scotland containing many remarkable passages newly pvblished, the contents of the severall chapters follow in the next page.Maxwell, John, 1590?-1647.A50348EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sacro-sancta regum majestas, or, The sacred and royal prerogative of Christian kings. Wherein sovereignty is by Holy Scriptures, reverend antiquity, and sound reason asserted, by discussing of five questions. And the Puritanical, Jesuitical, antimonarchical grounds are disproved, and the untruth and weakness of their new-devised-state-principles are discovered. Dei gratia mea lux.Maxwell, John, 1590?-1647.A50351EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A breviary of the history of the Parliament of England expressed in three parts, 1. The causes and beginnings of the civil war of England, 2. A short mention of the progress of that civil war, 3. A compendious relation of the original and progress of the second civil war / first written in Latine, & after into English by Thomas May.May, Thomas, 1595-1650.A50359EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discovrse concerning the svccesse of former ParliamentsMay, Thomas, 1595-1650.A50364EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true copy of a letter written by N. Machiavill in defence of himself and his religion translated from an original copy.Neville, Henry, 1620-1694.A50367EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the Parliament of England, which began November the third, MDCXL with a short and necessary view of some precedent yeares / written by Thomas May, Esquire ...May, Thomas, 1595-1650.A50368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The observator, upon the successe of former Parliaments: being by way of parralell compared with this present Parliament. Published to un-deceive the people.May, Thomas, 1595-1650.A50369EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The old couple a comedy / by Thomas May, Esq.May, Thomas, 1595-1650.A50370EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epitomy of English history wherein arbitrary government is display'd to the life, in the illegal transactions of the late times under the tyrannick usurpation of Oliver Cromwell; being a paralell to the four years reign of the late King James, whose government was popery, slavery, and arbitrary power, but now happily delivered by the instrumental means of King William & Queen Mary. Illustrated with copper plates. By Tho. May Esq; a late Member of Parliament.May, Thomas, ca. 1645-1718.A50375EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
May we say, honoured Sir, that what Solomon said to the young man may be spoke to you ...A50376EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Medicinal councels, or advices written originally in French by Dr. Theodor Turquet de Mayerne ... ; put out in Latine at Gevena by Theoph. Bonetus ; Englished by Tho. Sherley ...Mayerne, Théodore Turquet de, Sir, 1573-1655.A50385EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the gout Written originally in the French tongue, by Theodor Turquet, De Mayerne, knight, Baron of Aubonne, councellor, and chief physitian to the late King and Queen of England. Englished for the general benefit, by Thomas Sherley, M.D. physitian in ordinary to his present Majesty Charles the II. Whereunto is added, advice about hypochondriacal-fits, by the same author.Mayerne, Théodore Turquet de, Sir, 1573-1655.A50389EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Upon the death of his late highness, Oliver lord protector of the Common-Wealth of England, Scotland and Ireland, and the dominions and territories thereunto belongingMayhew, Thomas.A50399EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The beauty and order of the creation together with natural and allegorical meditations on the six dayes works of the creation : with the addition of two compendious discourses : I. of the creation of man after the image of God, II. of the creation of angels, with a description of their several properties / by ... Mr. John Maynard ... ; published by William Gearing ...Maynard, John, 1600-1665.A50400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The law of God ratified by the gospel of Christ, or, The harmony of the doctrine of faith with the law of righteousness wherein many of the types and rites of the ceremonial law are unfolded, and the moral law adjusted a rule of holy living to all, though justified by faith / as it was delivered in several sermons preacht to the parochial congregation of Mayfield in Sussex by Mr. Mainard late rector thereof, publisht since his death.Maynard, John, 1600-1665.A50402EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A memento to young and old: or, The young man's remembrancer, and the old man's monitor. By that eminent and judicious divine, Mr. John Maynard, late of Mayfield in Sussex. Published by William Gearing, minister of the GospelMaynard, John, 1600-1665.A50403EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Maynards speech before both Houses in Parliament upon Wednesday the xxiiijth of March in reply upon the Earle of Straffords answer to his articles at the barre.Maynard, John, Sir, 1602-1690.A50406EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The amorous warre a tragi-comœdy.Mayne, Jasper, 1604-1672.A50407EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certain sermons and letters of defence and resolution to some of the late controversies of our times by Jas. Mayne.Mayne, Jasper, 1604-1672.A50410EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon against false prophets preached in St. Maries Church in Oxford, shortly after the surrender of that garrison / by Iasper Maine ...Mayne, Jasper, 1604-1672.A50414EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon against schisme, or, The seperations of these times preacht in the church of Wattlington in Oxford-shire, with some interruption, September 11, 1652 : at a publick dispute held there between Jasper Mayne, D.D. and one ----- ...Mayne, Jasper, 1604-1672.A50415EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon concerning unity & agreement preached at Carfax Church in Oxford, August 9, 1646 / by Iasper Maine ...Mayne, Jasper, 1604-1672.A50417EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the consecration of the Right Reverend Father in God, Herbert, Lord Bishop of Hereford by Jasper Mayne ...Mayne, Jasper, 1604-1672.A50418EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To His Royall Highnesse, the Duke of Yorke on our late sea-fight.Mayne, Jasper, 1604-1672.A50419EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Arithmetick vulgar, decimal, & algebraical. In a most plain and facile method for common capacities. Together with a treatise of simple and compound interest and rebate; with two tables for the calculation of the value of leases and annuities, payable quarterly; the one for simple, the other for compound interest, at 6. per cent. per annum; with rules for making the like for any other rate. To which is added a new, and most practical way of gauging of tunns. As also the art of cask-gauging, for the use of His Majesties Officers of the Excise.Mayne, John, fl. 1673-1675.A50423EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The practical gauger, being a plain and easie method of gauging all sorts of brewing vessels whereunto is added, a short synopsis of the laws of excise / by John Mayne.Mayne, John, fl. 1673-1675.A50424EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Socius mercatoris: or The merchant's companion: in three parts. The first, being a plain and easie introduction to arithmetick, vulgur and decimal, the extraction of the square and cube roots, with a table of 200 square roots, and their use in the resolution of square equations. The second, a treatise of simple and compound interest and rebate, with two tables for the calculation of the value of leases or annuities, payable quarterly, the one for simple, the other compound interest, at 6 per cent. per annum, with rules for making the like for any other rate. The third, a new and exact way of measuring solids in the form of a prismoid and cylindroid, with the frustums of pyramids and of a cone: whereunto is added, some practical rules and examples for cask-gauging. By John Mayne, philo-accomptant.Mayne, John, fl. 1673-1675.A50425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An achrostickal epitaph on Sir Edward SpragueE. M.A50440EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief answer unto the Cambridge moddel which is to go to the two universities to be read by all the doctors and students, vice-chancellor, and fellows, as they will answer it to God : and likewise this is to go to all those they call gentlemen to the countreys to whom this moddel is directed, from the doctors, for money to maintaine the students : and is to go amongst all the priests that are, and have been heretofore made ministers by the same doctors of colledges, now planted themselves in the countreys, and this is to go amongst all the country-men, that they may see the fruits of the learning from the doctors, which fruits is persecution ... / by E.M.E. M.A50441EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The antiquity of the royal line of Scotland farther cleared and defended, against the exceptions lately offer'd by Dr. Stillingfleet, in his vindication of the Bishop of St. Asaph by Sir George Mackenzie ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50442EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aretina; or, The serious romance Written originally in English. Part first.Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50450EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The test and tryal of medicines and the different modes of medical practice. Shewing what hopes of help, from physick and physicians. By E.M. Med. D.Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699?A50455EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The maze: contrived, digested, and couched in these distinct subjects: representatives for these present times to admire: presidents for future ages to decline. 1. The traitors tryall. 2. The plaintiffs appeal. 3. The state-monkey, or, The disloyall favourite. 4. Pembrokes plea. 5. A cordiall for Britannicus, &c. 6. The old father lasher to the moderate. The senates ansvver to the Scotch chancelor. A funerall oration delivered at Darby-House. Animadversions upon the fourth section. Orderly marshall'd with these poems: 1. Castles catastrophes; or, Garrisons gaol-delivery. 2. Three state-tarriers coupled up with three tart satires.A50475EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Parthenopoeia, or, The history of the most noble and renowned kingdom of Naples with the dominions therunto annexed and the lives of all their kings : the first part / by that famous antiquary Scipio Mazzella ; made English by Mr. Samson Lennard ... ; the second part compil'd by James Howell, Esq., who, besides som [sic] supplements to the first part, drawes on the threed [sic] of the story to these present times, 1654 ; illustrated with the figures of the kings and arms of all the provinces.Mazzella, Scipione.A50476EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Solomon's prescription for the removal of the pestilence, or, The discovery of the plague of our hearts, in order to the healing of that in our flesh by M.M.Mead, Matthew, 1630?-1699.A50491EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the antiquity of the royal line of Scotland with a true account when the Scots were govern'd by kings in the isle of Britain / by Sir George Mackenzie ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50493EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief account of the most material passages between those called Quakers and Baptists at the Barbican-meeting, London, the 9th of the 8th moneth, 1674 / published for information by W. Mead ... [et.al.] citizens there present, from the best collection they could make by writing and memory ; also a copy of the charges against Thomas Hicks ; with a letter from a sober Baptist-preacher to Jeremy Ives upon the account of that meeting.A50496EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A narrative of the principal actions occurring in the wars betwixt Sueden and Denmark before and after the Roschild Treaty with the counsels and measures by which those actions were directed : together with a view of the Suedish and other affairs, as they stood in Germany in the year 1675, with relation to England : occasionally communicated by the author to the Right Honourable George, late Earl of Bristol, and since his decease found among his papers.Meadows, Philip, Sir, 1626-1718.A50498EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The institutions of the law of Scotland by Sir George Mackenzie ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50514EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The works of the pious and profoundly-learned Joseph Mede, B.D., sometime fellow of Christ's Colledge in CambridgeMede, Joseph, 1586-1638.A50522EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The apostasy of the latter times in which, according to divine prediction, the world should wonder after the beast the mystery of iniquity should so farre prevaile over the mystery of godlinesse, whorish Babylon over the virgin-Church of Christ, as that the visible glory of the true church should be much clouded the true unstained Christian faith corrupted the purity of true worship polluted, or, The gentiles theology of dæmons i.e. inferiour divine powers, supposed to be mediatours between God and man : revived in the latter times amongst Christians in worshipping of angels, deifying and invocating of saints, adoring and templing of reliques, bowing downe to images, worshipping of crosses, &c : all which together with a true discovery of the nature, originall, progresse, of the great, fatall and solemn apotisy are cleared : delivered in publique some years since upon I Tim. 4. 1,2,3 / by Joseph Mede ...Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638.A50525EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Diatribae discovrses on on divers texts of Scriptvre / delivered upon severall occasions by Joseph Mede ...Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638.A50529EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dissertationum ecclesiasticarum triga De sanctitate relativa De veneratione sacra, De sortitione & alea : quibus accednnt [sic] fragmenta sacra / a Josepho Medo ...Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638.A50530EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copy of a letter sent from a person that was present at the apprehension of Mr. Meade and five moreE. M.A50531EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A paraphrase and exposition of the prophesie of Saint Peter concerning the day of Christs second comming described in the third chapter of his second epistle as also how the conflagration or destruction of the world by fire, whereof Saint Peter speaks, and especially of the heavens is to be understood / by Ioseph Mede ...Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638.A50535EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Meeting accidently at a coffee-house with a scandalous paper, reflecting on two eminent and worthy physitians, Dr. Morton and Dr. Goodall ...A50538EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jus regium, or, The just, and solid foundations of monarchy in general, and more especially of the monarchy of Scotland : maintain'd against Buchannan, Naphthali, Dolman, Milton, &c. / by Sir George Mackenzie ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
XII visions of Stephen Melish a Germane being such as concern the affairs now in agitation between the French King & the Pope. Translated by Albertus Otto Faber.Melish, Stephen.A50563EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Winchester Prison the 21th day of the 1 month, 59 If the measure of my sufferings under the creuel hands of unreasonale men, be finished in this noysome prison by the laying down of my life, ...Mellidge, Anthony.A50566EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The memoires of Sir James Melvil of Hal-hill containing an impartial account of the most remarkable affairs of state during the last age, not mention'd by other historians, more particularly relating to the kingdoms of England and Scotland, under the reigns of Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots, and King James : in all which transactions the author was personally and publickly concern'd : now published from the original manuscript / by George Scott, Gent.Melville, James, Sir, 1535-1617.A50572EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The laws and customes of Scotland, in matters criminal wherein is to be seen how the civil law, and the laws and customs of other nations do agree with, and supply ours / by Sir George Mackenzie ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50574EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memoir's for a natural history of animals containing the anatomical descriptions of several creatures dissected by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris / Englished by Alexander Pitfeild ... ; to which is added an account of the measure of a degree of a great circle of the earth, published by the same Academy and Englished by Richard Waller ...Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688.A50576EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memoriable song on the unhappy hunting in Chevy Chase between Earle Piercy of England and Earle Dowglas of Scotland. To the tune of the Flying FameA50587EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memorare novissima.A50591EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memoriae sacrum Lanceloti Davves S:T:D: Collegii Reginæ apud Oxonienses olim Socii, & Bartonianæ post ecclesiæ (ubi & Christo primùm nomen dederat) in agro Westmorlandiæ per annos 48 pastoris, Carleolensis præbendarii, toū panu, qui anno partæ per Christum salutis 1654, Ætatis Suæ 77, mense Martio, præsenti seculo malo (spe multo melioris) valedixit.A50592EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memoriæ sacrum. Resiste viator, paucis te volo: Robertus Chester filius ungenitus Henrici Chester de Litlington, in comitatu Bedfordiensi, armigeri; quem, fero partu, decimo quarto quàm nupserat anno, sat habuit mater, si eniteretur. ...A50593EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memorial in behalf of the purchasers of forfeited lands in IrelandA50597EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A memorial for His Highness the Prince of Orange in relation to the affairs of Scotland together with the address of the Presbyterian-party in that kingdom to his Highness : and some observations on that address / by two persons of quality.Cromarty, George Mackenzie, Earl of, 1630-1714.A50598EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A memorial of the Protestants of the Church of England presented to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Orange, contains as followethA50601EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A moral essay, preferring solitude to publick employment, and all it's appanages, such as fame, command, riches, pleasures, conversation, &c.Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50604EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memories of the life of famous Madam Charlton, commonly stiled the German Princess setting forth the whole series of her actions, with all their intrigues and subtile contrivances from her cradle to the fatal period of her raign at Tiburn : being an account of her penitent behavior, in her absteining from food and rest, in the prison of Newgate, from the time of her condemnation to her execution, January 23, 1672 / taken from her own relation, whilst she was prisoner in the Marshalses, and other certain information ; with her nativity astrologically handled, and an epitaph on her tomb.A50605EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The voyages and adventures of Fernand Mendez Pinto, a Portugal, during his travels for the space of one and twenty years in the Kingdoms of Ethiopia, China, Tartaria, Cauchinchina, Calaminham, Siam, Pegu, Japan, and a great part of the East-Indiaes with a relation and description of most of the places thereof, their religion, laws, riches, customs, and government in time of peace and war : where he five times suffered shipwrack, was sixteen times sold, and thirteen times made a slave / written originally by himself in the Portugal tongue and dedicated to the Majesty of Philip King of Spain ; done into English by H.C. Gent.Pinto, Fernão Mendes, d. 1583.A50610EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Mending of a clause in the bill relating to Irish forfeitures that cuts off remainders and reversions expectant on forfeited estates intail, humbly offered to the consideration of the honourable the House of Commons.A50613EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Recreation for ingenious head-peeces, or, A pleasant grove for their wits to walk in of epigrams 700, epitaphs 200, fancies a number, fantasticks abundance : with their addition, multiplication, and division.Mennes, John, Sir, 1599-1671.A50616EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The merchants daughter of Bristow The tune is, the maidens joy.A50631EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mercuries message, or, The coppy of a letter sent to William Laud, late Archbishop of Canterbury, now prisoner in the TowerA50633EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Moral gallantry a discourse, wherein the author endeavours to prove, that point of honour (abstracting from all other tyes) obliges men to be vertuous and that there is nothing so mean (or unworthy of a gentleman) as vice / by Sir George Mackenzie.Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50634EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mercurius venereus wherein he relates what hapned to him in his severall shapes and transmigrations, and communicates intelligence from all places except the head quarters / by Borealis de la Garde.De la Garde, Borealis.A50641EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The moral history of frugality vvith its opposite vices, covetousness, niggardliness, prodigality and luxury / written by the Honourable Sir George Mackenzie ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50650EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A moral paradox maintaining, that it is much easier to be vertuous then vitious / by Sir George Mackeinzie.Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50672EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pecuniæ obediunt omnia Money masters all things, or, Satyrical poems, shewing the power and influence of money over all men, of what profession or trade soever they be : to which are added, A Lenten litany, by Mr. C____d, A satyr on Mr. Dryden, and several other modern translators : also A satyr on women in general : together with Mr. Oldham's Character of a certain ugly old p----Menton, L.A50685EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Love and war a tragedy / written by Tho. Meriton.Meriton, Thomas, b. 1638.A50686EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wandring lover a tragy-comedie being acted severall times privately at sundry places by the author and his friends with great applause / written by T.M. Gent.Meriton, Thomas, b. 1638.A50687EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Merits of the election of Richard Williams, Esq., Burgess of Parliament for the borough of New Radnor appointed to be heard on Wednesday the third of April upon the petition of William Probert ...A50688EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Merlin reviv'd, or, An old prophecy found in a manuscript in Pontefract castle in York-shireA50689EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Merlin reviv'd, or, An Old prophecy lately found in a manuscript in Pontefract-Castle in York-shireA50691EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The accomplisht physician, the honest apothecary, and the skilful chyrurgeon detecting their necessary connexion and dependence on each other : withall a discovery of the frauds of the quacking empirick, the praescribing surgeon, and the practicing apothecary Merret, Christopher, 1614-1695.A50694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations on the acts of Parliament, made by King James the First, King James the Second, King James the Third, King James the Fourth, King James the Fifth, Queen Mary, King James the Sixth, King Charles the First, King Charles the Second wherein 1. It is observ'd if they be in desuetude, abrogated, limited, or enlarged, 2. The decisions relating to these acts are mention'd, 3. Some new doubts not yet decided are hinted at, 4. Parallel citations from the civil, canon, feudal and municipal laws, and the laws of other nations are adduc'd for clearing these statutes / by Sir George Mackenzie ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50697EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A merry and pleasant discourse betwixt Simple-wit, the tennant, and Mr. Money-love, the landlord. To the tune of, I am in love, and cannot tell with whom.A50704EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Merry countrey maids answer to the countrey lovers conquest ... the tune is, Once I lov'd a lass with a rowling eye.A50707EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Merry dialogue between a maid and her master, or, All covet, all loose ... to a delightful new tune called, Fill her belly full, full.A50709EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A merry dialogue between Band, Cuff, and Ruff done by an excellent wit, and lately acted in a shew in the famous Vniversity of Cambridge.Excellent wit.A50710EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Merry discourse between two lovers, or, The Joyful meeting betwixt John and Betty ... to a new tune, or Dighby's farewell.A50711EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations upon the laws and customs of nations, as to precedency by Sir George Mackenzie ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50712EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Merry life and a short, or, The VVay to bring a noble to nine-pence ... tune of The new corant ...A50717EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
the merry maid of Middlesex. Or, A pretty song made by a pretty maid, which had seven suitors, she her self so said, And yet (poor soul) she hath been strangely crost, and through her mothers means, her sweet.heart's [sic] lost: but yet she is resolved in this sonnet, to have a husband, whatsoer'e comes on it. To a dilicate northern tune: or, The maid that lost her way.A50718EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations upon the 28. (i.e. 18.) Act, 23. Parl. K. James VI. against dispositions made in defraud of creditors, &c. by Sir George Mckenzie ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50719EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The merry milk-maids, or, The country damosels pleasure in their rural labours together with the second part, containing the plow-man's praise, concluding with the London gallants prodigality : to the tune of, The milking-pail.A50720EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Merry nevv dialogue between a courteous young knight, and a gallant milk-maid ... to the tune called Adams fall, or Jocky and Jenny, or Where art thou going my pritty maid.A50721EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Merry plow-man and loving milk-maidA50724EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Merry wives of Wapping, or, The Seaman's wives clubb each one her husbands absence doth bemoan, complaining they are forc'd to lye alone, and that they want what other women have, although they married are to seamen brave, at length being flasht with brisk reviving brandy, their sorrows melt away like sugar candy : to the tune of The country m[i]ss, or, The plowmans prophesie.A50725EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two speeches the one spoken by Sir Audley Mervin, speaker of the honourable House of Commons, upon the reception and return of James, Duke of Ormond, Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, July 27, 1662 : the other at His Graces entrance into the Castle of Dublin by Mr. Norris Jephson.Mervyn, Audley, Sir, d. 1675.A50739EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The present danger of Tangier, or, An account of its being attempted by a great army of the Moors by land, and under some apprehensions of the French at sea in a letter from Cadiz dated the 29th of July (old stile) 1679, to a friend in England.E. M.A50741EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A message from the King of Scots, to his sister the Princess of Orange printed at The Hague : and a letter to the Lord General Cromwel, concerning the Earl of Cleveland, Col. Blague and divers other officers, the raising of a new army in Scotland, for their King, by the Marquess of Argyle : with a letter from the Earl of Newcastle, ordered to be burned : also, a true relation of the sad and wonderfull inundation of waters that befel the famous town of Bilbo in Spain, shewing the manner how it rained for 24 hours together, the water powring down the mountains with such a strong torrent, that it broke down the houses, drowned all their mules, sheep and cattel, fill'd their iron-mines, over-turn'd their mills, brake down the wharf and carryed all their ships into the sea, dismanted whole woods, leaving not a tree standing, beat down the fowl in the air, and destroyed many families : sent to Mr. Jacob a merchant, living in Fleet-street.A50743EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pleadings in some remarkable cases before the Supreme Courts of Scotland since the year 1661 to which the decisions are subjoyn'd.Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50746EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reason an essay / by Sir George Mackenzie.Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50752EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A method concerning the relief and employment of the poor humbly offer'd to the consideration of the king and both Houses of Parliament / taken out of Sir Josiah Child's writings ; with somewhat added which the late renowned judge Sir Mathew Hale, writ in his book intituled, A discourse touching provision for the poor.Child, Josiah, Sir, 1630-1699.A50763EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Religio stoiciMackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50771EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The robbing and spoiling of Jacob and Israel considered and bewailed, in a sermon preached at Westminster before the Honourable House of Commons, at the late solemn fast, Nov. 29, 1643 / by William Mevve ...Mewe, William, ca. 1603-1669.A50772EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new treatise of natural philosophy, free'd from the intricacies of the schools adorned with many curious experiments both medicinal and chymical : as also with several observations useful for the health of the body.Midgley, Robert, 1655?-1723.A50778EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Michaelmas term the citizens kind welcome to country-men, that from all parts of the land come hither about their needless occasions (needful I mean), with a description of the seasons and manners of the people therein imployed : to the tune of The rambling clerk.A50780EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ad general. quarterial. sessionem pacis Domini Regis tent. per adjornament pro com. Midd. apud Hick's-Hall in St. John-street in com. predicto die Martis, scilicet decimo octavo die Octobris anno regni regis Caroli Secundi nunc Angliæ, &c. tricesimo tertio.A50782EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Any thing for a quiet life a comedy, formerly acted at Black-Fryers, by His late Majesties servants ... / written by Tho. Middleton, Gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A50787EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The changeling as it was acted (with great applause) at the Privat house in Drury-Lane, and Salisbury Court / written by Thomas Midleton, and William Rowley, Gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A50789EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The counterfeit bridegroom, or, The defeated widow a comedy, as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's Theatre.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A50792EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Mayor of Quinborough as it hath often acted with much applause at Black-Fryars by His Majesties servants / written by Tho. Middleton.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A50793EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
No wit, [no] help like a womans a comedy / by Tho. Middleton, Gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A50795EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Spanish gipsie as it was acted (with great applause) at the Privat House in Drury-Lane, and Salisbury Court / written by Thomas Midleton, and William Rowley, Gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A50796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two new playes ... written by Tho. Middleton, Gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A50799EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An appendix to the history of the Church of Scotland containing the succession of the archbishops and bishops in their several sees from the reformation of the religion until the year 1676, as also the several orders of monks and friers &c. in Scotland before the Reformation : with the foundation of the universities and colledges, their benefactours, principals, professours of divinity and present masters : and an account of the government, laws and constitution of the Kingdom.Middleton, Thomas, 17th cent.A50800EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration published by Sir Thomas Middleton, Knight, Serjeant-Major-Generall, and Vice-Admirall for the sixe counties of North-Wales setting forth the illegallity and incongruity of a pernicious oath and protestation, imposed upon many peaceable subjects within the said counties (who to avoid plundering or imprisonment) were inforced to take the same : whereby the imposers of the said oath endeavour under the paine of perjury, to make the people to renounce their owne just liberties, and the benefit and protection of the knowne lawes, and to submit to a tyranicall, arbitrary, and slavish government, excerised by the commissioners of array : and likewise, setting forth the use and intentions of the forces raised for the service of the King and Parliament, under the command of the said Sir Thomas Middleton the benefit that the country shall receive by their protection, and what they are to expect that contemne their power.Middleton, Thomas, Sir, 1586-1666.A50801EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The midwi]ves ghost ... to the tune of When Troy town, &c.A50808EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to A.H. Esq., concerning the stageA50839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Notes on Dryden's Virgil in a letter to a friend : with an essay on the same poet / by Mr. Milbourne.Milbourne, Luke, 1649-1720.A50841EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last farewel of three bould traytorsMiles, Abraham.A50848EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mirth for citizens. Or, a comedy for the country Shewing a young farmer his unfortunate marriage, his wife is so churlish & currish in carriage he married her for beauty, for's own delight now he repents it both day and night. By physiognomy adviseth young men that at: to be sure to look before that they leap, to leap at a venture, & catch a fall, raising the forehead break horns and all. Tune of, Ragged, torn, and true.Miles, Abraham.A50849EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
VVonder of vvonders being a true relation of the strange and invisible beating of a drum, at the house of John Mompesson, Esquire, at Tidcomb, in the county of Wilt-shire ... : to the tune of Bragandary / by Abraham Miles.Miles, Abraham.A50850EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second part of The nights search, discovering the condition of the various fowles of night, or, The second great mystery of iniquity exactly revealed with the projects of these times : in a poem / by Humphrey Mill, author of The nights search.Mill, Humphrey, fl. 1646.A50854EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached on the Feast of the Annunciation of the B. Virgin Mary, at St. Martins in the Fields, Westminster by John Mill ...Mill, John, 1645-1707.A50855EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
That the lawful successor cannot be debarr'd from succeeding to the crown maintain'd against Dolman, Buchannan, and others / by George Mackenzie ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50856EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tryal and process of high-treason and doom of forfaulture against Mr. Robert Baillie of Jerviswood traitor by His Majesties special command ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50863EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of Mr. Lock's religion, out of his own writings, and in his own words together with some observations upon it, and a twofold appendix : I. a specimen of Mr. Lock's way of answering authors ..., II. a brief enquiry whether Socinianism be justly charged upon Mr. Lock.Milner, John, 1628-1702.A50867EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief examination of some passages in the chronological part of a letter, written to Dr. Sherlock in his vindication in a letter to a friend.Milner, John, 1628-1702.A50868EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of the church-history of Palestine, from the birth of Christ to the beginning of the empire of Diocletian by J.M., B.D.Milner, John, 1628-1702.A50869EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tryal and process of high-treason and doom of forfaulture against Mr. Robert Baillie of Jerviswood traitor ...Baillie, Robert, d. 1684.A50871EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of Arch-bishop Usher against Dr. Cary and Dr. Isaac Vossius together with an introduction concerning the uncertainty of chronology ... / by John Milner.Milner, John, 1628-1702.A50872EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short dissertation concerning the four last kings of Judah occasioned by a small tract intituled Josephi Scaligeri judicium de thesi quadam chronologica and more especially by some passages in Lud. Cappellus's Notes upon the twelfth table of his Chronologia sacra.Milner, John, 1628-1702.A50873EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A view of the dissertation upon the epistles of Phalaris, Themistocles, &c lately publish'd by the Reverend Dr. Bentley ; also of the examination of that dissertation by the Honourable Mr. Boyle, in order to the manifesting the incertitude of heathen chronology.Milner, John, 1628-1702.A50874EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A few words to the King and both Houses of Parliament vvorthy their consideration in a weighty concern; to wit, the effect of the execution of the late act, made against meetings and conventicles, so called; through which very many of the innocent people of God have, and do deeply suffer.Milner, Richard, fl. 1675.A50875EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Accedence commenc't grammar, supply'd with sufficient rules for the use of such (younger or elder) as are desirous, without more trouble than needs to attain the Latin tongue the elder sort especially, with little teaching and their own industry / by John Milton.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Areopagitica; a speech of Mr. John Milton for the liberty of vnlicens'd printing, to the Parlament of England.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief history of Moscovia and of other less-known countries lying eastward of Russia as far as Cathay, gather'd from the writings of several eye-witnesses / by John Milton.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50886EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Brief notes upon a late sermon, titl'd, The fear of God and the King preach'd, and since publish'd by Matthew Griffith ... wherin many notorious wrestings of Scripture, and other falsities are observed / by J.M.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A narrative of the causes and events of civil-war between princes and people together with the manner how the people of Rome and of the Netherlands rejected and abjured their king and kingly government, with the form of their oaths of abjuration : extracted out of the Roman and Netherlands history : as likewise some objections now in contest concerning the taking of the like oath in this Common-Wealth examined and answered, if not for satisfaction at least for information of such as are concerned / by F.M.F. M.A50889EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and plain account of the discoveries made in Scotland, of the late conspiracies against His Majesty and the government extracted from the proofs lying in the records of His Majesties Privy Council, and the high justice court of the nation : together with an authentick extract of the criminal process and sentence against Mr. Robert Baillie of Jerviswood / extracted by command of His Majesties most honourable Privy Council of Scotland ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations touching the likeliest means to remove hirelings out of the church wherein is also discourc'd of tithes, church-fees, church-revenues, and whether any maintenance of ministers can be settl'd by law / the author J.M.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50892EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the people of England by John Milton ; in answer to Salmasius's Defence of the king.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50893EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Discourse shewing in what state the three kingdomes are in at this presentA50896EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of His Majesties government and judicatures in Scotland from some aspersions thrown on them by scandalous pamphlets and news-books, and especially with relation to the late Earl of Argiles Process.Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50897EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eikonoklestēs in answer to a book intitl'd Eikōn basilikē the portrature His Sacred Majesty in his solitudes and sufferings the author J.M.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50898EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Britain, that part especially now call'd England from the first traditional beginning, continu'd to the Norman conquest / collected out of the antientest and best authours thereof by John Milton.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50902EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Letters of state written by Mr. John Milton, to most of the sovereign princes and republicks of Europe, from the year 1649, till the year 1659 ; to which is added, an account of his life ; together with several of his poems, and a catalogue of his works, never before printed.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50909EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and reigne of King Charls, or, The pseudo-martyr discovered with a late reply to an invective remonstrance against the Parliament and present government : together with some animadversions on the strange contrariety between the late Kings publick declarations ... compared with his private letters, and other of his expresses not hitherto taken into common observation.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50910EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the government in Scotland during the reign of King Charles II against mis-representations made in several scandalous pamphlets to which is added the method of proceeding against criminals, as also some of the phanatical covenants, as they were printed and published by themselves in that reign / by Sir George Mackenzie ...Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691.A50913EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevvs from hell, Rome and the Innes of court wherein is set forth the coppy of a letter written from the devill to the pope : the true coppy of the petition delivered to the King at Yorke : the coppy of certaine articles of agreement betweene the devill, the pope, and divers others : the description of a feast, sent from the devill to the pope : together with a short advertisement to the high court of Parliament with sundry other particulars / by J. M.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50914EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of prelatical episcopacy, and vvhither it may be deduc'd from the apostolical times by vertue of those testimonies which are alledg'd to that purpose in some late treatises one whereof goes under the name of Iames, Arch-bishop of Armagh.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50915EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of reformation touching chvrch-discipline in England, and the cavses that hitherto have hindred it two bookes, written to a freind [sic]Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50916EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of true religion, hæresie, schism, toleration, and what best means may be us'd against the growth of popery the author J.M.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50917EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Paradise lost a poem written in ten books / by John Milton.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50919EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Paradise regain'd a poem in IV books : to which is added Samson Agonistes / the author John Milton.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50931EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Paraphrasis Latina, in duo poemata (quorum alterum a Miltono, alterum a Clievelando Anglice scriptum suit) quibus deploratur mors juvenis præclari & eruditi, D. Edvardi King, qui nave, qua vectabatur, saxo illisa, in Oceano Hybernico submersus est, autore Gulielmo Hogæo = Two poems : (the one whereof was penn'd by Milton, and the other by Clieveland) upon the death of a worthy and learned young gentleman, Mr. Edward King, who was drown'd in the Irish seas ; to which is added a Latin paraphrase on both, which was penn'd by W.H.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50935EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems, &c. upon several occasions both English and Latin, &c. / composed at several times by Mr. John Milton ; with a small tractate of education to Mr. Hartlib.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50938EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pro populo adversus tyrannos, or, The sovereign right and power of the people over tyrants, clearly stated, and plainly proved with some reflections on the late posture of affairs / by a true Protestant English-man, and well-wisher to posterity.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50940EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The readie and easie vvay to establish a free commonwealth and the excellence therof compar'd with the inconveniences and dangers of readmitting kingship in this nation / the author J.M.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50948EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reason of church-government urg'd against prelaty by Mr. John Milton ; in two books.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50949EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reply to the Answer (printed by His Majesties command at Oxford) to a printed booke intituled Observations upon some of His Maiesties late answers and expresses by J.M.J. M.A50950EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Miltons republican-letters or a collection of such as were written by command of the late Commonwealth of England from the year 1648 to the year 1659 / originally writ by the learned John Milton, secretary to those times ; and now translated into English by a wel-wisher of England's honour.England and Wales. Council of State.A50952EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A supplement to Dr. Du Moulin, treating of the likeliest means to remove hirelings out of the Church of England With a brief vindication of Mr. Rich. Baxter. By J.M.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50954EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tenure of kings and magistrates proving that it is lawfull, and hath been held so through all ages, for any who have the power, to call to account a tyrant, or wicked king, and after due conviction, to depose and put the author, J.M.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50955EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of civil power in ecclesiastical causes shewing that it is not lawfull for any power on earth to compell in matters of religion / the author, J.M.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A50959EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The minister's reasons for his not reading the kings declaration, friendly debated by a dissenter.Dissenter.A50967EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Miracles upon miracles, or, Great news from the Kings-Bench prison in Southwark, of a monster called by name of Titus upon Oates being a strange and wonderful relation of ten miraculous miracles lately made known, the like not having been heard of in many ages.A50978EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The miraculous fasting of the naked-man being a strange and true account how Mr. Joseph Wright, (who, for ten or twelve years last past, went naked through the streets of the city and suburbs of London) has liv'd in the Poultrey-Compter thirty five days without eating or drinking, notwithstanding he had lost twelve ounces of blood the day before his confinement.A50981EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A miscellaneous catalog of mean, vulgar, cheap and simple experimentsA50988EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Miscellany poemsA50992EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Miser mump'd of his gold, or, The Merry frolick of a lady of pleasure in Bartholomew-fair shewing how she fed the usurer with pig but made him pay for the sawce : to the tune of Let Cæsar live long.A50997EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Misery to bee lamented, or, A Doleful relation of the sad accident which befell Lawrence Cawthorn a journey-man- butcher, belonging to the shambles in Newgate-Market, who being supposed to be dead, was caused to be presently buried by his lanlady [sic] Mris. Co[o?]k ... and how he came to himself again ... it being also certainly reported, that he was heard to utter many grievous shrieks and groans ... from Friday night, June 21 to Monday morning June 24, 1661 : to the tune of Troy town.A51002EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Mistaken mid-vvife, or, Mother Mid-night finely brought to bed relating how a midwife in London ... to take off the scandal of barreness ... wore a pillow under her cloaths to deceive her neighbours ... : tune of I am a jovial batchelor, &c.A51012EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Cowley's verses in praise of Mr. Hobbes, oppos'd by a lover of truth and virtue.Lover of truth and virtue.A51015EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Croftons case soberly considered, plainly stated, and humbly submitted to the consideration of just and prudent men made publique to silence clamor, correct mistake, and acquit him from the charge of high treason vrged by Tho. Tomkins, fellow of All-Souls, Oxon. and others in their frivolous, scurillous and invective pamphlets.A51017EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Duckets case Wherein he humbly, by petition, appeals to the right honourable, the Lords spiritual and temporal, in the high court of Parliament assembled; for relief against a decree pronounced against him by this present lord chancellor.Duckett, Thomas.A51020EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Duncomb's caseA51021EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. George Keiths reasons for renouncing Quakerism, and entering into communion with the Church of England with other remarkable occurrences that will be acceptable to all orthodox Christians, of every persuasion.A51023EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Rotherham's case at the committee of elections and priviledges, the eighth of December concerning the election of St. Edmunds-bury.A51028EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Smyth's discovery of the Popish sham-plot in Ireland, contrived to correspond with their sham-plot in England by which it appears that it has been the joynt design of the papists in both kingdoms, to make people believe their real plot to be a sham-plot, and their sham-plot a real plot : necessary for the information of all His Majesties Protestant subjects.Smith, William, 17th cent.A51030EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The way to true honour and happiness A friendly address to all parents, masters of families, and landlords, the persons most capable to honour ... , and to gain honour to themselves, by beginning and carrying on a rational reformation. To which is added, [A] memorandum for mothers. By John Mitchell, M.A.Mitchell, John, fl. 1697.A51033EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the glory to which God hath called believers by Jesus Christ delivered in some sermons out of the I Pet. 5 Chap. 10 ver. : together with an annexed letter / both by that eminent and worthy minister of the Gospel, Mr. Jonathan Mitchil, late pastor to the church at Cambridge in New-England.Mitchel, Jonathan, 1624-1668.A51034EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Mite from a mourner upon the loss of that faithful and able minister of the gospel, Mr. Richard Kentish, who departed this life Jan. 31, 1676.A51038EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mock expedition or, The women in breeches A new ballad.A51039EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The citizens complaint for want of trade, or The trades-mans outcry for lack of money By G. M.G. M., fl. 1663.A51042EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The banders disbanded, or, An accurat discourse solidly and plainly demonstrating how inconvenient, scandalous & sinfull it is, in the present circumstances of the Church of Scotland, for ministers of Christ there that they may obtain a pretended liberty to preach and administer the Sacraments ... to give bond to their present rulers, that they shall live peaceably ... and so discovering clearly the great unfaithfulness of the affirmative vote of the late meeting of ministers at Edinburgh (anno 1679), concerning the lawfullness of giving the bond then presented by the councill ...McWard, Robert, 1633?-1687.A51043EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mock songs and joking poems, all novel consisting of mocks to several late songs about the town : with other new songs and ingenious poems much in use at court, and both theaters / by the author of Westminster drollery.Author of Westminster drollery.A51044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of the accommodation lately proposed by the Bishop of Dumblane to the non-conforming ministers examined wherein also the antient Prostasia, or, Episcopus Præses is considered, and the Solemne League and Covenant occasionally vindicat : together with a copy of the two letters herein reviewed : vvhereunto also is subjoined an appendix in ansvver to a narrative of the issue of the treaty anent accommodation.McWard, Robert, 1633?-1687.A51052EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English ballance weighing the reasons of Englands present conjunction with France against the Dutch vvith some observes upon His Majesties declaration of liberty to tender consciences.McWard, Robert, 1633?-1687.A51057EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A moderate and most proper reply to a declaration, printed and published under His Maiesties name, December 8 intended against an ordinance of Parliament for assessing, but indeed animating and encouraging the malignants, and delinquents, in their violent courses, for the maintenance of themselves, and their malignant army.Prynne, William, 1600-1669.A51058EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The poor man's cup of cold-water ministred to the saints and sufferers for Christ in Scotland who are admidst the scorching flames of the fiery trial.McWard, Robert, 1633?-1687.A51064EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true non-conformist in answere to the modest and free conference betwixt a conformist and a non-conformist about the present distempers of Scotland / by a lover of truth ...McWard, Robert, 1633?-1687.A51082EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Modest answer to a printed pamphlet, intituled, A speech lately made by a noble peer of the realmA51086EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Modest vindication of Oliver Cromwell from the unjust accusations of Lieutenant-General Ludlow in his Memoirs together with some observations on the Memoirs in general.A51104EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Modest vindication of the petition of the Lords spiritual and temporal for the calling of a free parliamentA51107EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Modish London life, or, The Merry meeting to an excellent new tune, or, My life and my death, or, Now, now, the fight's done.A51110EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cochlearia curiosa: or The curiosities of scurvygrass. Being an exact scrutiny and careful description of the nature and medicinal vertue of scurvygrass. In which is exhibited to publick use the most and best preparations of medicines, both Galenical and chymical; either for internal or external use, in which that plant, or any part thereof is imployed. Written in Latine by Dr. Andreas Valentinus Molimbrochius of Lipswick. Englished by Tho. Sherley, M.D. and physitian in ordinary to His present Majesty.Moellenbrock, Valentin Andreas, d. 1675.A51111EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of Denmark, as it was in the year 1692Molesworth, Robert Molesworth, Viscount, 1656-1725.A51114EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The citizen turn'd gentleman a comedy acted at the Dvke's theatre / by Edw. Ravenscroft.Ravenscroft, Edward, 1654?-1707.A51115EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Etat present de Danemarc par lequel on voit le fort, & le foible de cette couronne, avec des remarques treś utiles, sur son gouvernement despotique , & la conduite qu'elle tient aujourd'hui. Traduit de l'Anglois.Molesworth, Robert Molesworth, Viscount, 1656-1725.A51116EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De jure maritimo et navali, or, A treatise of affairs maritime and of commerce in three books / by Charles Molloy.Molloy, Charles, 1646-1690.A51124EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hollands ingratitude, or, A serious expostulation with the Dutch shewing their ingratitude to this nation, and their inevitable ruine, without a speedy compliance and submission to His Sacred Majesty of Britain / by Charles Molloy of Lincolns-Inn, Gent.Molloy, Charles, 1646-1690.A51130EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of Ireland's being bound by acts of Parliament in England stated by William Molyneux.Molyneux, William, 1656-1698.A51131EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dioptrica nova, A treatise of dioptricks in two parts : wherein the various effects and appearances of spherick glasses, both convex and concave, single and combined, in telescopes and microscopes, together with their usefulness in many concerns of humane life, are explained / by William Molyneux of Dublin, Esq. ...Molyneux, William, 1656-1698.A51133EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas there is an accurate account and description of Ireland designed to be made publick in the English Atlas undertaken by Moses Pitt of London, and in order thereto, some gentlemen in Dublin have agreed to meet weekly for reviewing such an account, as shall from time to time come from under the pen of Mr. William Molyneux, as also to bring in some materials to the said description; this is earnestly to entreat all persons that they would be pleased freely to communicate their answers to these following quæries, or any of them, directing them to Mr. William Molyneux nigh Ormonds Gate in Dublin, or to any other of their acquaintance in Dublin that may communicate to them the said Mr. Molyneux, not forgetting to specifie in their letters the place of their habitation that they may be again written to if occasion requires.Molyneux, William, 1656-1698.A51134EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Money well bestowed, or, A New-fashion spitA51139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A speech made in the House of Peeres by the Right Honourable the Earl of Monmouth on Thursday the 13 of Ianuary 1641 upon the occasion of the present distractions and of His Majesties removall from White- hall.Monmouth, Henry Carey, Earl of, 1596-1661.A51145EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The declaration of James Duke of Monmouth, & the noblemen, gentlemen & others, now in arms, for defence & vindication of the Protestant religion, & the laws, rights, & privilieges of England, from the invasion made upon them, & for delivering the kingdom from the usurpation & tyranny of James Duke of YorkMonmouth, James Scott, Duke of, 1649-1685.A51146EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Madam Gwins ansvver to the Dutches of Portsmouths letterGwyn, Nell, 1650-1687.A51147EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Monmouth and Bucleugh's welcome from the north, or, The loyal Protestants joy for his happy return to the tune of York and Albany's welcome to England.A51148EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Monmouth degraded, or, James Scot, the little king on Lyme a song, to the tune of Hark, hark, the thundering cannons roar, &c.A51149EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Monmouth routed, and taken prisoner, with his pimp the Lord Gray. A song to the tune of King James's figg.A51150EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Monmouth's downfal, or, The Royal victory to the tune of Hark I hear the cannons roar.A51151EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apology for the clergy of Scotland chiefly oppos'd to the censures, calumnies, and accusations of a late Presbyterian vindicator, in a letter to a friend : wherein his vanity, partiality and sophistry are modestly reproved, and the legal establishment of episcopacy in that kingdom, from the beginning of the Reformation, is made evident from history and the records of Parliament : together with a postscript, relating to a scandalous pamphlet intituled, An answer to The Scotch Presbyterian eloquence.Monro, Alexander, d. 1715?A51154EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An enquiry into the new opinions, chiefly propagated by the Presbyterians of Scotland together with some animadversions on a late book, entitled, A defence of The vindication of the kirk : in a letter to a friend at Edinburgh / by A.M., D.D.Monro, Alexander, d. 1715?A51155EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a friend giving an account of all the treatises that have been publish'd with relation to the present persecution against the Church of ScotlandMonro, Alexander, d. 1715?A51157EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to the Honourable Sir Robert Howard, occasioned by a late book entituled, A two-fold vindication of the late Archbishop of Canterbury, and of the author of The history of religion by Al. Monro ...Monro, Alexander, d. 1715?A51158EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sermons preached upon several occasions (most of them) before the magistrates and judges in the Northeast-auditory of S. Giles's Church Edinburgh / by Al. Monro ...Monro, Alexander, d. 1715?A51159EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The spirit of calumny and slander, examin'd, chastis'd, and expos'd, in a letter to a malicious libeller more particularly address'd to Mr. George Ridpath, newsmonger, near St. Martins in the Fields : containing some animadversions on his scurrilous pamphlets, published by him against the kings, Parliaments, laws, nobility and clergy of Scotland : together with a short account of Presbyterian principles and consequential practices.Monro, Alexander, d. 1715?A51160EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Monsieur in a mouse-trap, or, The parable of the shark & herring-pond by the author of The magpies.Author of The magpies.A51167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Megalopsychy, being a particular and exact account of the last XVII years of Q. Elizabeths reign, both military and civil the first written by Sir William Monson ..., the second written by Heywood Townsend, Esq. ; wherein is a true and faithful relation ... of the English and Spanish wars, from the year 1585, to the Queens death ; with a full account of the eminent speeches and debates, &c., in the said time ; to which is added Dr. Parry's tryal in the year 1584 ; all written at the time of the actions, by persons eminently acting therein.Monson, William, Sir, 1569-1643.A51173EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and exact account of the wars with Spain, in the reign of Q. Elizabeth (of famous memory) being the particulars of what happened between the English and Spanish fleets, from the years 1585 to 1602, shewing the expeditions, attempts, fights, designs, escapes, successes, errors, &c. on both sides : with the names of Her Majesty's ships and commanders in every fleet : being a patern and warning to future ages : never printed before / written by Sir William Monson ...Monson, William, Sir, 1569-1643.A51174EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new history of China containing a description of the most considerable particulars of that vast empire / written by Gabriel Magaillans, of the Society of Jesus ... ; done out of French.Magalhães, Gabriel de, 1609-1677.A51176EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The coppy of a letter sent from France by Mr. Walter Mountagu to his father the Lord Privie Seale, with his answere thereunto also a second answere to the same letter by the Faukland.Montagu, Walter, 1603?-1677.A51177EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Essays of Michael, seigneur de Montaigne in three books, with marginal notes and quotations of the cited authors, and an account of the author's life / new rendered into English by Charles Cotton, Esq.Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592.A51181EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Don Juan Lamberto: or, a comical history of the late times. The first part. By Montelion Knight of the Oracle, &c.Flatman, Thomas, 1637-1688.A51187EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Distressed oppressed condition of the inhabitants of South-Wales for many years last past, briefly and impartially stated 1. in reference to their spiritual concernments, 2. in relation to their civil rights and freedomes : with several proposals tending to the discovery of above 150000Ł unaccompted for the Common-wealth ...A51193EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Magical vision, or, A perfect discovery of the fallacies of witchcraft as it was lately represented in a pleasant sweet dream / to a holy sweet sister ... for preservation of the saints from being tainted with the heresies of the congregations of the Doe-Littles.A51194EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The commentaries of Messire Blaize de Montluc, mareschal of France wherein are describ'd all the combats, rencounters, skirmishes, battels, sieges, assaults, scalado's, the taking and surprizes of towns and fortresses, as also the defences of the assaulted and besieg'd : with several other signal and remarkable feats of war, wherein this great and renowned warriour was personally engag'd, in the space of fifty or threescore years that he bore arms under several kings of France : together with divers instructions, that such ought not to be ignorant of, as propose to themselves by the practice of arms to arrive at any eminent degree of honor, and prudently to carry on all the exploits of war.Monluc, Blaise, seigneur de, 1500?-1577.A51199EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine instrvctions given by the L. Montrose, L. Nappier laerd of Keer and Blackhall with a trve report of the committee for this new treason that they had a three-fold design.Montrose, James Graham, Marquis of, 1612-1650.A51201EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The declaration of His Excellencie James Marquis of Montrosse, Earle of Kilcairn, Lord Greme, Baron of Mont-Dieu, Lievtenant Governour of Scotland, and Captaine Generall of all His Majesties forces by sea or land, for that kingdomeMontrose, James Graham, Marquis of, 1612-1650.A51203EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bread for the poor, and advancement of the English nation promised by enclosure of the wastes and common grounds of England / by Adam Moore ...Moore, Adam.A51210EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The banner of Corah, Dathan, and Abiram, display'd, and their sin discover'd in several sermons, preach'd at Bristol / by John Moore ...Moore, John, b. 1621.A51220EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of patience and submission to authority a sermon preach'd before the Lord Mayor and the Court of Aldermen at Guild-Hall Chapel on the 27th of January, 1683/4 / by John Moore ...Moore, John, 1646-1714.A51221EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of religious melancholy a sermon preach'd before the Queen at White-Hall March the 6th, 1691/2 / by the Right Reverend Father in God John, Lord Bishop of Norwich.Moore, John, 1646-1714.A51223EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the immortality of the soul a sermon preached before the King and Queen at White-Hall upon Palm-Sunday, 1694 / by the Right Reverend Father in God, John Bishop of Norwich.Moore, John, 1646-1714.A51225EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the vvisdom and goodness of Providence two sermons preached before the Queen, at White-Hall, on August 17, 24, MDCXC / by John Moore ...Moore, John, 1646-1714.A51226EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the Lord Mayor, and the Court of Aldermen, at Guild-Hall Chappel, on the 28th of May, 1682 by John Moore ...Moore, John, 1646-1714.A51227EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached on the 28th of June, at St. Andrew's Holborn by John Moore ...Moore, John, 1646-1714.A51228EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the King at St. James's, April 16, 1696 being a day of publick thanksgiving for the discovery of a horrid design to assassinate His Majesty's person, and for the deliverance of the Nation from a French invasion / by ... John, Lord Bishop of Norwich.Moore, John, 1646-1714.A51229EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the House of Lords in the abby-church at Westminster, upon Monday January 31, 1697 / by John Lord Bishop of Norwich.Moore, John, 1646-1714.A51230EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speech of the Right Honourable Sir John Moore, Kt., Lord Mayor Elect, at Guild-Hall, Sept. 29, 1681Moore, John, Sir, 1620-1702.A51231EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Scripture-vvord against inclosure, viz. such as doe un-people townes, and un-corne fields as also against all such that daub over this black sinne with untempered morter / by John Moore ...Moore, John, 1595?-1657.A51233EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Caledons complaint against infamous libells, &c.Mure, William, Sir, 1594-1657.A51264EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The cry of blood and of a broken covenant written out at first upon the sad relation of our late Soveraignes most treacherous and inhumane murther : most humbly dedicated and then proposed to have been published and presented to the Kings most excellent Majestie if so Providence had dispensed, and now, how late soever, all obstructions being removed, adventured upon His Majesties gracious acceptance and favor of all herein concerned to remain at least as a standing testamonie to posteritie, of the authors conceived sense of duety, in conscience to God and alleagiance to lawfull soveraignty / by Sir William Moore ...Mure, William, Sir, 1594-1657.A51265EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A moral essay concerning the nature and unreasonableness of pride in which the most plausible pretences of this vice are examined, in a conference between Philotimus and Philalethes. Licensed August 17. 1689.Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726.A51272EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of Sr. Thomas Moore, who was Lord Chancelor of England to King Henry the EightMore, Cresacre, 1572-1649.A51279EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The spiritval exercises of the most vertvovs and religious D. Gertrvde More of the holy order of S. Bennet and English congregation of Our Ladies of Comfort in Cambray she called them Amor ordinem nescit and Ideots deuotions, her only spiritual father and director the ven. Fa. Baker stiled them Confessiones amantis, A lovers confessions.More, Gertrude, 1606-1633.A51280EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Annotations upon the two foregoing treatises, Lux orientalis, or, An enquiry into the opinion of the Eastern sages concerning the prae-existence of souls, and the Discourse of truth written for the more fully clearing and further confirming the main doctrines in each treatise / by one not unexercized in these kinds of speculation.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51283EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An antidote against atheisme, or, An appeal to the natural faculties of the minde of man, whether there be not a God by Henry More ...More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51284EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Apocalypsis Apocalypseos, or, The revelation of St. John the Divine unveiled containing a brief but perspicuous and continued exposition from chapter to chapter, and from verse to verse, of the whole book of the Apocalypse / by Henry More ...More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51286EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An appendix to the late antidote against idolatry Wherein the true and adequate notion or definition of idolatry is proposed. Most instances of idolatry in the Roman Church thereby examined. Sundry uses in the Church of England cleared. With some serious monitions touching spiritual idolatry thereunto annexed.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51287EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief discourse of the real presence of the body and blood of Christ in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist wherein the witty artifices of the Bishop of Meaux and of Monsieur Maimbourg are obviated, whereby they would draw in the Protestants to imbrace the doctrine of transubstantiation.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51288EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief reply to a late answer to Dr. Henry More his Antidote against idolatry Shewing that there is nothing in the said answer that does any ways weaken his proofs of idolatry against the Church of Rome, and therefore all are bound to take heed how they enter into, or continue in the communion of that church as they tender their own salvation.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51289EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Democritus Platonissans, or, An essay upon the infinity of worlds out of Platonick principles hereunto is annexed Cupids conflict, together with the Philosophers devotion, and a particular interpretation appertaining to the three last books of the Song of the soul / by H. More ...More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51291EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Discourses on several texts of Scripture by Henry More.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51292EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Divine dialogues containing sundry disquisitions & instructions concerning the attributes and providence of God : the three first dialogues treating of the attributes of God and his providence at large / collected and compiled by the care and industry of F.P.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51294EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Enthusiasmus triumphatus, or, A discourse of the nature, causes, kinds, and cure, of enthusiasme; written by Philophilus Parresiastes, and prefixed to Alazonomastix his observations and reply: whereunto is added a letter of his to a private friend, wherein certain passages in his reply are vindicated, and severall matters relating to enthusiasme more fully cleared.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51300EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An explanation of the grand mystery of godliness, or, A true and faithfull representation of the everlasting Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the onely begotten Son of God and sovereign over men and angels by H. More ...More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51302EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition of the seven epistles to the seven churches together with a brief discourse of idolatry, with application to the Church of Rome / by Henry More ...More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51303EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The immortality of the soul, so farre forth as it is demonstrable from the knowledge of nature and the light of reason by Henry More ...More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51304EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Letters on several subjects with several other letters : to which is added by the publisher two letters, one to the Reverend Dr. Sherlock, Dean of St. Paul's, and the other to the Reverend Mr. Bentley : with other discourses / by Henry More ; publish'd by E. Elys.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51305EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and doctrine of ovr Savior Iesvs Christ. The first part with short reflections for the help of such as desire to use mentall prayer : also 24 intertaynments of our Blessed Saviour in the most blessed sacrament : with certaine aspirations tending to the encrease of the love of God / by H.M. ...More, Henry, 1586-1661.A51306EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A modest enquiry into the mystery of iniquity by H. More.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51307EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations upon Anthroposophia theomagica, and Anima magica abscondita by Alazonomastix Philalethes.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51308EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plain and continued exposition of the several prophecies or divine visions of the prophet Daniel which have or may concern the people of God, whether Jew or Christian : whereunto is annexed a threefold appendage touching three main points, the first relating to Daniel, the other two to the Apocalypse / by Henry More ...More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51311EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Psychodia platonica, or, A platonicall song of the soul consisting of foure severall poems ... : hereto is added a paraphrasticall interpretation of the answer of Apollo consulted by Amelius, about Plotinus soul departed this life / by H.M., Master of Arts and Fellow at Christs Colledge in Cambridge.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51312EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remarks upon two late ingenious discourses the one, an essay touching the gravitation and non-gravitation of fluid bodies, the other, observations touching the Torricellian experiment, so far forth as they may concern any passages in his Enchiridium Metaphysicum / D. Henry More.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51313EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second lash of Alazonomastix, laid on in mercie upon that stubborn youth Eugenius Philalethes, or, A sober reply to a very uncivill answer to certain observations upon Anthroposophia theomagica, and Anima magica absconditaMore, Henry, 1614-1687.A51316EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tetractys anti-astrologica, or, The four chapters in the explanation of the grand mystery of holiness which contain a brief but solid confutation of judiciary astrology, with annotations upon each chapter : wherein the wondrous weaknesses of John Butler, ... his answer called A vindication of astrology, &c. are laid open ... / by Hen. More.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51317EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The two last dialogues treating of the kingdome of God within us and without us, and of his special providence through Christ over his church from the beginning to the end of all things : whereunto is annexed a brief discourse of the true grounds of the certainty of faith in points of religion, together with some few plain songs of divine hymns on the chief holy-days of the year.More, Henry, 1614-1687.A51319EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Doctor More with passages out of several letters from persons of good credit relating to the state and improvement of the province of Pennsilvania : published to prevent false reports.More, Nicholas, d. 1689.A51321EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of the pitifull life, and unfortunate death of Edward the Fifth, and the then Duke of Yorke, his brother with the troublesome and tyrannical government of usurping Richard the Third, and his miserable end / written by the Right Honorable Sir Thomas Moore ...More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A51324EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Utopia written in Latin by Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England ; translated into English.More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A51327EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
For her highness the most illustrious incomparabley virtuous and religious lady Elizabeth Princess Dowager. Given by a loyall true old friend, and most affectionately devoted servant. A funerall oration; or in a truth, a most just plain wrought panegyrick of the most mighty Lord Oliver Cromwell Protector of England, &c from the love of the most illustrious Lord Thomas de la More, Knight of the Banner, and Garter Royall. And of Great Brittany, France, and Ireland, &c. the most unconquered and thrice adorned standard bearer.More, Thomas, d. 1685.A51329EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir William More's caseA51331EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A More exact and necessary catalogu[e] of pensioners in the Long Parliament, than is yet extant together with their several gratuities, rewards and salaries, bestowed upon themsel[ves] out of the ruines of k[ing and] kingdom, (not for secret but) for publick service, (if you will believe them), as Mr. William [Pri]nn, (a member in the same Parliament and a restless stickler in all those revolutions) and the history of independency, (printed in the y[ea]r [1]648) informs us.A51335EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A more exact and necessary catalogue of pensioners in the Long Parliament, than is yet extant together with their several gratuities, rewards, and sallaries, bestowed upon themselves out of the ruins of King, and Kingdom, (not for secret, but) for publick service, (if you will believe them) as Mr. William Prinn, (a member in the same Parliament, and a restless stickler in all those revolutions) : and The history of independency, (printed in the year 1648.), inform us.England and Wales. Parliament.A51336EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
More haste than good speed, or, The Devil's got a horse-back being a winding-sheet for weathercocks and the turn-coats of the times : with the tryal of the Lord Kill-devil ... with divers others, and the arraignment and conviction of several malefactors.A51341EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
More lampoons The hierogliphick ; To the respective judges.A51343EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
More news from the fleet being a brief and true account of the late noble and heroick exploit, performed against the Dutch, on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of this present month of August, by Captain Sr. Robert Holmes, Sr. Philip Howard, and Sr. William Jennings ... tune is The King enjoyes his own again.A51346EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Account of the present persecution of the Church in Scotland in several letters.A51353EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A general treatise of artillery, or, Great ordnance writ in Italian by Tomaso Morretii ... ; translated into English, with notes thereupon, and some additions out of French for sea-gunners, by Sir Jonas Moore, Kt. ; with an appendix of artificial fire-works for war and delight, by Sir Abraham Dager ...Moretti, Tomaso, d. 1675.A51359EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Heraldry epitomiz'd and its reason essay'd / by Silvanus Morgan...Morgan, Sylvanus, 1620-1693.A51370EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Welchmens ivbilee to the honovr of St. David shewing the manner of that solemn celebration which the Welshmen annually hold in honovr of St. David : describing likewise the trve and rea[sonable] cause why they wear that day a Leek on their hans : with an excellent merry sonnet annexed unto it / composed by T. Morgan ...Morgan, T., Gent.A51372EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Proposals by William Morgan His Majesties cosmographer, for vending Mr. Ogilby's works in a standing lottery to enable him to finish Britannia, with the second part of Asia, and Europe. By His Majesties authority under the Great Seal, &c.Morgan, William.A51373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Plantarum historiæ universalis Oxoniensis. Pars secunda seu herbarum distributio nova, per tabulas congnationis & affinitatis ex libro naturæ observata & detecta / authore Roberto Morison ...Morison, Robert, 1620-1683.A51379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The description and use of two arithmetick instruments together with a short treatise, explaining and demonstrating the ordinary operations of arithmetick, as likewise a perpetual almanack and several useful tables : presented to His most excellent Majesty Charles II ... / by S. Morland.Morland, Samuel, Sir, 1625-1695.A51382EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The doctrine of interest, both simple & compound explained in a more exact and satisfactory method then [sic] has hitherto been published : discovering the errors of the ordinary tables of rebate for annuities at simple interest, and containing tables for the interest and rebate of money for days, months, and years, both at simple and compound interest, also tables for the forbearance, discomps, and purchase of annulites : as likewise, equation of payments made practicable and useful for all merchants and others : together with divers other useful reflections / ... Sir S. Morland.Morland, Samuel, Sir, 1625-1695.A51383EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The poor man's dyal· With an instrument to set it. Made applicable to any place in England, Scotland, Ireland, &c. By Sir Samuel Morland knight and baronet. 1689.Morland, Samuel, Sir, 1625-1695.A51385EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tuba stentoro-phonica an instrument of excellent use as well at sea as at land / invented ... in the year 1670 and humbly presented to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty Charles II in the year 1671 by S. Morland.Morland, Samuel, Sir, 1625-1695.A51386EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Urim of conscience to which the author has had recourse for plain answers, in his own particular case (as every man living ought to do in his) to four questions of great weight and importance, viz. 1. who and what art thou? 2. where hast thous been? 3. where art thou now going? 4. whither art thou going? : together with three select prayers for private families / by Sir Samuel Morland.Morland, Samuel, Sir, 1625-1695.A51388EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epistola apologetica et parænetica ad theologum quendam Belgam scriptaMorley, George, 1597-1684.A51390EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Bishop of VVorcester's letter to a friend for vindication of himself from Mr. Baxter's calumnyMorley, George, 1597-1684.A51391EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to Her Highness the Duchess of York some few months before her death written by the Bishop of Winchester.Morley, George, 1597-1684.A51392EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A modest advertisement concerning the present controversie about church-government wherein the maine grounds of that booke, intituled The unlawfulnesse and danger of limited prelacie, are calmly examined.Morley, George, 1597-1684.A51393EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the magnificent coronation of the most high and mighty King Charles the IId King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. : at the Collegiate Church of S. Peter Westminster the 23d of April, being S. George's Day, 1661 / by George Lord Bishop of Worcester.Morley, George, 1597-1684.A51394EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Bishop of Winchester's vindication of himself from divers false, scandalous and injurious reflexions made upon him by Mr. Richard Baxter in several of his writings ...Morley, George, 1597-1684.A51395EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A congratulatory poem on the sitting of the great convention in the Parliament house at Westminster, January 22. 1688/9.Morley, Thomas, fl. 1689.A51397EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Mornings ramble, or, Islington Wells burlesq'tA51400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Countess of Morton's daily exercise: or, A book of prayers, and rules how to spend the time in the service and pleasure of Almighty God.Morton, Anne Douglas, Countess of, d. 1700.A51405EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The spirit of man, or, Some meditations (by way of essay) on the sense of that scripture, 1 Thes. 1:23 ... by Charles Morton ...Morton, Charles, 1627-1698.A51412EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sacris ordinibus non-rite intiati tenentur ad eos rite ineundos ; Non datur purgatorium pontificium aut Platonicum respondente Mr. Morton.Morton, David.A51413EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Confessions and proofes of Protestant divines of reformed churches that episcopacy is in respect of the office according to the word of God, and in respect of the use the best : together with a brief treatise touching the originall of bishops and metropolitans.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A51419EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Episkopos apostolikos, or, The episcopacy of the Church of England justified to be apostolical from the authority of the antient primitive church, and from the confessions of the most famous divines of the reformed churches beyond the seas : being a full satisfaction in this cause, as well for the necessity, as for the just right thereof, as consonant to the word of God / by ... Thomas Morton ... ; before which is prefixed a preface to the reader concerning this subject, by Sir Henry Yelverton, Baronet.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A51420EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The loving enemies a comedy : as it was acted at His Highness the Duke of York's Theatre / written by L. Maidwell.Maidwell, Lewis, 1650-1715.A51422EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lords Supper or, A vindication of the sacrament of the blessed body and blood of Christ according to its primitive institution. In eight books; discovering the superstitious, sacrilegious, and idolatrous abomination of the Romish Master. Together with the consequent obstinacies, overtures of perjuries, and the heresies discernable in the defenders thereof. By Thomas Morton B.D. Bp. of Duresme.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A51424EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The necessity of Christian subjection demonstrated, and proved by the doctrine of Christ, and the apostles, the practice of primitive Christians, the rules of religion, cases of conscience, and consent of latter Orthodox divines, that the power of the King is not of humane, but of divine right, and that God onely is the efficient cause thereof : whereunto is added, an appendix of all the chief objections that malice is selfe could lay upon His Majestie, with a full answer to every particular objection : also a tract intituled, Christvs Dei : wherein is proved that our Soveraign Lord the King is not onely major singulis, but major universis.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A51425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The presentment of a schismaticke by Thomas, Lord Bishop of Dvrham ; in his sermon preached at the cathedrall church of Saint Pauls the 19 of Iune, 1642.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A51427EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the Bishop of Dvrham from the vile and scandalovs calvmnies of a libell intitvled The downfall of hierarchie, &c.A51428EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lusus serius, or, Serious passe-time a philosophicall discourse concerning the superiority of creatures under man / written by Michael Mayerus ...Maier, Michael, 1568?-1622.A51439EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most acceptable and faithful account of the capitulation the Irish Governor of Charlemont made to D. Schonbergh's forces, to surrender that important garison with the tenor of the articles, the number of men therein, with other agreeable relations of the present condition of the late King James's army in Ireland.A51445EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most blessed and truest newes from Ireland, shewing, the fortunate successe of the Protestants, and Gods just vengance on the rebels. With a list of the Protestant commanders, and the chief of the rebels commanders, and the townes that the Protestants have relieved. With the humble petition of the baronets, esquires, ministers, gentlemen, freeholders, and others peacably affected in the County Palatine of Lancaster, to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. With His Majesties answer thereunto.Barry, John, 17th cent.A51446EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Themis avrea the laws of the fraternity of the Rosie Crosse / written in Latin by Count Michael Maierus, and now in English for the information of those who seek after the knowledge of that honourable and mysterious society of wise and renowned philosophers ; whereto is annexed an epistle to the fraternity in Latine, from some here in England.Maier, Michael, 1568?-1622.A51447EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Most excellent ballad of S. George for England and the kings daughter of Ægypt, whom he delivered from death, and how he slew a mighty dragon the tune is Flying fame.A51453EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Most excellent song of the love of young Palmus and fair Sheldra to the tune of, Shackley-hey.A51456EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Most fearefull and strange nevves from the bishoppricke of Dvrham being a true relation of one Margret Hooper of Edenbyres neere the river Darwent in the said bishoppricke : who was most fearfully possessed and tormented with the devill as also in what ugley shape he first appeared unto her how lamentabley she was handled with this evill spirit and at last how wonderfully the Lord delivered her : affirmed by these cridible witnesses there present November the fifteenth 1641, Stephen Hooper, Iohn Hooper, Iohn Gley, Alexander Eglestone, Anthony Westgarth, Alice Egleston and divers others.A51459EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to a person of honour in London concerning the papists from an old cavalier in Yorkshire.H. M.A51462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most lamentable and deplorable history of the two children in the wood: containing the unhappy loves and lives of their parents, the treachery and barbarous villany of their unkle, the duel between the murdering ruffians, and the unhappy and deplorable death of the two innocent children. As also an account of the justice of God that overtook the unnatural unkle; and of the deserved death of the two murdering ruffians. To which is annex'd, the old song upon the same.A51466EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most remarkable trials of Nathaniel Thompson, William Paine, John Farwell, at the Kings-Bench Bar in Guild-Hall, on the 20th of this instant June, 1682 for trespass and misbehaviours, in writing, printing, and publishing letters, importing, that Sir Edmund Bury Godfrey murthered himself : also several scandalous reflections upon the government, and arraigning the justice of the nation : with all the material circumstances that attended their trial, wherein they were all three found guilty.A51472EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the League written in French by Monsieur Maimbourg ; translated into English by His Majesty's command by Mr. Dryden.Maimbourg, Louis, 1610-1686.A51475EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most strange and wonderful predictions of Cleombrotus, an heathen Jew prophesied in the year one thousand two hundred seventy and two, upon the reigns of twenty nine kings of England, from Edward the first to Charles the fifth, one thousand seven hundred ninety nine : found in the College of Wittenburgh in Germany.Cleombrotus.A51477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Most sweet song of an English merchant-man born in Chichester to an excellent new tune.A51480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Most wonderful and sad judgment of God upon one Dorothy Mattley, late of Ashover in the county of Darby, within fourteen miles of the said town of Darby ... the tune is, Fortune my foe.A51489EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Beauty in distress as it is acted at the theatre in Little Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majesties servants / written by Mr. Motteux ; with a discourse of the lawfulness & unlawfulness of plays, lately written by the learned Father Caffaro, divinity-professor at Paris, sent in a letter to the author by a divine of the Church of England.Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718.A51496EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The epilogue in the Island princess set by Mr. Clarke ; sung by Mrs. Lindsey and the boy ; and exactly engraved by Tho. Cross.Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718.A51497EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The island princess, or, The generous Portuguese made into an opera, as it is performed at the Theatre Royal / all the musical entertainments and the greatest part of the play new, and written by Mr. Motteux.Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718.A51499EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Love's a jest a comedy as it is acted at the new theatre in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majesties servants / written by Mr. Motteux.Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718.A51501EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The loves of Mars & Venus a play set to music, as it is acted at the New Theatre, in Little Lincolns Inn-Fields, by His Majesty's servants / written by Mr. Motteux.Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718.A51502EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Maria a poem occasioned by the death of Her Majesty, addrest to three persons of honour / by Mr. Mottevx.Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718.A51503EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The novelty every act a play : being a short pastoral, comedy, masque, tragedy, and farce, after the Italian manner : as it is acted at the new-theatre in Little Lincolns Inn-Fields, by His Majesties servants / written by Mr. Motteux and other hands.Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718.A51504EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The king of heartsMaynwaring, Arthur, 1668-1712.A51505EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A song in the opera call'd The island princess set by Mr. Leveridge ; sung by Mrs. Camption ; and exactly engraved by Tho. Cross.Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718.A51510EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Words for an entertainment at the music-feast on St. Ceceila's Day being the 22d of November, 1695 / set to music by Dr. John Blow ; written by Mr. Motteux ; perform'd by two choirs.Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718.A51511EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mount Ætna's flames, or, The Sicilian wonder ... tune of, Troy town.A51513EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greenwich-park a comedy acted at the Theatre-Royal, by Their Majesties servants / written by William Mountfort.Mountfort, William, 1664?-1692.A51516EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The injur'd lovers, or, The ambitious father a tragedy acted by Their Majesty's servants at the Theatre Royal / by W. Mountfort ...Mountfort, William, 1664?-1692.A51517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of Doctor Faustus made into a farce by Mr. Mountford ; with the humours of Harlequin and Scaramouche, as they were several times acted ... at the Queens Theatre in Dorset Garden ...Mountfort, William, 1664?-1692.A51518EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The successfull straingers a tragi-comedy : acted by Their Majesties servants, at the Theatre Royal / written by William Mountfort.Mountfort, William, 1664?-1692.A51520EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Mourning court, or, The Solemn representation of the royal funeral of that most illustrious Princess Mar[y], late Queen of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, &c. who changed this earthly crown for a more glorious and celestial diadem on the 28th of December, 1694, and was interred in King Hen[ry's] chappel at Westminster, on the 5th of March 1695 ...A51528EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mourning-cross: or, England's Lord have mercy upon us Containing the certain causes of pestilential diseases; with an accompt of several modern plagues or visitation in times past, as well in other countries as in the city of London; as also, the number of those that then died, not onely on the plague, but of all diseases, Continued down to this present day, August 29. 1665. To which is likewise added, a necessary prayer for this present time.A51529EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief discourse of a passage by the North-pole to Japan, China, &c. pleaded by three experiments, and answers to all objections that can be urged against a passage that way ... with a map of all the discovered lands neerest to the pole / by Jospeh Moxon ...Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691.A51536EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of some attempts made to the North-East, and North-West, for the finding a passage to Japan, China, &c. As also somewhat relating to the satisfaction of all inquirers into Captain John Wood's present search of a passage by the North-Pole, &c. By Joesph Moxon, Hydroprapher to the King's most excellent Majesty.Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691.A51539EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epitome of the whole art of war In two parts. The first of military discipline, containing the whole exercise of the pike and musquet, &c. with plain directions for the various postures. Also the drawing up of battalions, and way of forming them; with the art of doubling, wheeling, forming and drawing up an army into any figure. The way of conducting armies in hilly, woody or plain countries: of encampings, besiegings, giving of battle, &c. The second of fortification and gunnery, which shews the principles and practices of fortification, as now used, as well by the English, as several other European nations, (especially by Their Majesties army) at the late siege of Athlone, Galoway, Limerick, &c. ... Of casements, cittadels, crownworks, ravelins, &c. Of gunnery, ... morters, demy-cannon, &c. with the manner of batteries, &c. All illustrated and further explained by 18 copper-plates, curiously designed and engraven.Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691.A51540EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mathematicks made easy, or, A mathematical dictionary explaining the terms of art and difficult phrases used in arithmetick, geometry, astronomy, astrology, and other mathematical sciences wherein the true meaning of the word is rendred, the nature of things signified discussed, and (where need requires) illustrated with apt figures and diagrams : with an appendix exactly containing the quantities of all sorts of weights and measures, the characters and meaning of the marks, symbols, or abbreviations commonly used in algebra and sundry other observables / by Joseph Moxon.Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691.A51541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mechanick dyalling teaching any man, though of an ordinary capacity and unlearned in the mathematicks, to draw a true sun-dyal on any given plane, however scituated : only with the help of a straight ruler and a pair of compasses, and without any arithmetical calculation / by Joseph Moxon ...Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691.A51544EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mechanick exercises, or, The doctrine of handy-works by Joseph Moxon.Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691.A51548EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Practical perspective, or, Perspective made easie teaching [brace] by the opticks, how to delineate all bodies, buildings, or landskips, &c., by the catoptricks, how to delineate confused appearences, so as when seen in a mirror or pollisht body of any intended shape, the reflection shall shew a designe, by the dioptircks [sic], how to draw parts of many figures into one, when seen through a glass or christal cut into many faces : usefull for all painters, engravers, architects, &c., and all others that are any waies inclined to speculatory ingenuity / by Joseph Moxon ...Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691.A51551EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Regulæ trium ordinum literarum typographicarum, or, The rules of the three orders of print letters viz. the Roman, Italick, English capitals and small : shewing how they are compounded of geometrick figures, and mostly made by rule and compass, useful for writing masters, painters, carvers, masons, and others that are lovers of curiosity / by Joseph Moxon ...Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691.A51552EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A tutor to astronomie and geographie, or, An easie and speedy way to know the use of both the globes, coelestial and terrestrial in six books : the first teaching the rudiments of astronomy and geography, the 2. shewing by the globes the solution of astronomical & geographical probl., the 3. shewing by the globes the solution of problems in navigation, the 4. shewing by the globes the solution of astrological problemes, the 5. shewing by the globes the solution of gnomonical problemes, the 6. shewing by the globes the solution of of [sic] spherical triangles : more fully and amply then hath ever been set forth either by Gemma Frisius, Metius, Hues, Wright, Blaew, or any others that have taught the use of the globes : and that so plainly and methodically that the meanest capacity may at first reading apprehend it, and with a little practise grow expert in these divine sciences / by Joseph Moxon ; whereunto is added Antient poetical stories of the stars, shewing reasons why the several shapes and forms are pictured on the coelestial globe, collected from Dr. Hood ; as also a Discourse of the antiquity, progress and augmentation of astronomie.Moxon, Joseph, 1627-1691.A51553EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The use of the astronomical playing-cards teaching any ordinary capacity by them to be acquainted with all the stars in heaven, to know their place in heaven, colour, nature, and bigness. As also the poetical reasons for every constellation, very useful, and pleasant, and delightful for all lovers of ingeniety. By Joseph Moxon hydrographer to the Kings most Excellent Majesty.Moxon, Joseph.A51558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Much a-do about nothing a song made of nothing, the newest in print, he that seriously minds it, shall find all- things in't : to the tune of, Which nobody can deny.A51564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Messias of the Christians and the Jewes held forth in a discourse between a Christian, and a Iew obstinately adhering to his strange opinions, & the forced interpretations of scripture, wherein Christ the true savior of the whole world is described from the prophets and likewise that false and counterfeited Messias of the Jewes, who in vaine is expected by that nation to this very day, is discovered / written first in Hebrew, but now rendered into English by Paul Isaiah, a Jew born, but now a converted and baptized Christian.Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552.A51572EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
England's treasure by forraign trade, or, The ballance of our forraign trade is the rule of our treasure written by Thomas Mun ; and now published for the common good by his son John Mun.Mun, Thomas, 1571-1641.A51598EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Murther, murther, or, A bloody relation how Anne Hamton dwelling in Westminster nigh London by poyson murthered her deare husband Sept. 1641 being assisted and counselled thereunto by Margeret Harwood for which both committed to gaole and at this time wait for a tryall.A51606EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Murder out at last, in a ballad on the new plot to the tune of, Hey boys up go weA51607EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Murder out at last. In a ballad on the new plot. To the tune of, Hey boys up go we.A51608EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Murder will out being a relation of the late Earl of Essex's ghost appearing to my Lord Chancellor in the Tower.A51612EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Murther will out: or, an unrighteous discharge, no security to the murtherer Demonstrating, that notwithstanding those great endeavours, which Sir Harbotle Grimstone, (with the rest of his brethren) used in the second tryal of Mr. Crosby, to secure him from the stroke of justice: and to repair the ruines of their own decayed reputations; yet these two grand designs have altogether failed under their hands; and their projects in this respect have sustained a great frustration and disappointment. Presented to the serious consideration of the said Sir Harbotle, and the rest of the justices who sat with him at the said tryal, Octob. 10. 1662.A51613EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rites of funeral ancient and modern in use through the known world written originally in French by Monsieur Muret ; and translated into English by P. Lorrain.Muret, Pierre, ca. 1630-ca. 1690.A51618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Murmurers a poem.A51622EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Egyptian history, treating of the pyramids, the inundation of the Nile, and other prodigies of Egypt, according to the opinions and traditions of the Arabians written originally in the Arabian tongue by Murtadi, the son of Gaphiphus, rendered into French by Monsieur Vattier ... and thence faithfully done into English by J. Davies ...Murtaḍā ibn al-ʻAfīf, 1154 or 5-1237.A51638EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mus rusticusA51639EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Erotopaignion] The loves of Hero and Leander : a Greeke poem / written by Musæus ; translated by Sir Robert Stapylton ...Musaeus, Grammaticus.A51643EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lusus amatorius, sive, Musæi poema de Herone & Leandro e Græcâ in Latinam linguam translatum : cui aliæ (tres scilicèt) accedunt nugæ poëticæ / authore C.B. è Coll. Di. Jo. Bapt. Soc.Blake, Charles, 1664-1730.A51644EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Musarum Anglicanarum analecta, sive, Poemata quaedam melioris notae seu hactenus inedita seu sparsim edita : in unum volumen congesta.A51646EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Motives and reasons for dissevering from the Church of Rome and her doctrine wherein after the declaration of his conversion, he openeth divers absurdities practised in that Church, being not matters of report, but such things whereof he was an eye and ear witness / by Chr. Musgrave, after he had lived a Carthusian monk for twenty years.Musgrave, Christopher, fl. 1621A51652EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The humble addresse of John Musgrave to the supreme authority, the Parliament of the common wealth of EnglandMusgrave, John, fl. 1654.A51656EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The Lamentation of] John Musgrave who was execued [sic] at Kendal for robbing the King's receiver, and taking away from him great store of treasure : to the tune of, Wharton.Musgrave, John, fl. 1654.A51657EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
My dog and I. We write no flights of Dutch or French, no courting of a hansome wench, no monsters, wonders in the air, no persons dying in despair; nor any thing under the sky, but onely of my dog and I. Tune is, My dog and I: or, Bobbing Ione.A51663EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
My lord, we the commons of London, in Common-Hall assembled, being deeply sensible that many of the mischiefs and grievances that we at present groan under are occasioned by the misbehaviour and irregular carriages of some of the principle officers of this city, particularly of Sir George Jefferies, Knight, our present record ...A51665EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
My wife will be my master. Or, The married-man's complaint against his unruly wife. The tune is, A taylor is a man.A51667EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proposal for raising the annual sum of 520 000 l. and not touch the prime cost of wrought goods above one farthing in the shilling, nor be at any more charge than two pence in the pound collecting. ... By Samuel Myhill, weaver ...Mayhill, Samuel.A51670EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Thesaurus & armamentarium medico-chymicum, or, A treasury of physick with the most secret way of preparing remedies against all diseases : obtained by labour, confirmed by practice, and published out of good will to mankind : being a work of great use for the publick / written originally in Latine by ... Hadrianus à Mynsicht ...; and faithfully rendred into English by John Partridge ...Mynsicht, Adrian von, 1603-1638.A51671EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Father Malebranche his treatise concerning the search after truth The whole work complete. To which is added the author's Treatise of nature and grace: being a consequence of the principles contained in the search. Together with his answer to the animadversions upon the first volume: his defence against the accusations of Monsieur De la Ville, &c. relating to the same subject. All translated by T. Taylor, M.A. late of Magdalen College in Oxford.Malebranche, Nicolas, 1638-1715.A51674EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Mystery of godlinesse and no cabala, or, A sincere account of the non-conformists conversation ... occasioned by a bitter and malitions [sic] paper called the Cabala.A51680EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exact description of the famous cittie of Bristoll and suburbs thereof composed by a scale and tchnographically [sic] described by I.M. 1671.Individuell människohjälp (Organization)A51687EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A malicious man makes reasons To the honourable knights, citizens, and burgesses, in Parliament assembled. The humble petition of Prince Butler prays ...Butler, Prince.A51690EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A malicious rich man makes acceptable pleasant reasons, and most people for money, take the rich villain by the hand. ... The humble petition of Prince Butler ...Butler, Prince.A51692EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The humble proposal of Gilbert Malkin and P. B. for making England flourishing and happyMalkin, G. (Gilbert)A51695EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proposal humbly presented to the Right Honourable the House of Commons, by which it is reasonable to suppose a million may be raised (and as it is hoped much more) without oppressing any person, every one being at their liberty to pay, or not to payMalkin, G. (Gilbert)A51696EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A cloud of witnesses, or, The sufferers mirrour made up of the swanlike-songs, and other choice passages of several martyrs and confessors to the sixteenth century, in their treatises, speeches, letters, prayers, &c. in their prisons, or exiles, at the bar, or stake, &c. / collected out of the ecclesiastical histories of Eusebius, Fox, Fuller, Petrie, Scotland, and Mr. Samuel Ward's Life of faith in death, &c. and alphabetically disposed by T.M., M.A.Mall, Thomas, b. 1629 or 30.A51699EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Brittains glory: or, The history of the life and death of K. Arthur, and the adventures of the knights of the Round Table : giving a relation of their heroick exploits and victories in many lands ... pleasant and delightful, altogether worthy the perusal of the ingenious reader.A51707EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations upon the lives of Alcibiades and Coriolanus by Marques Virgilio Malvezzi, one of the supreme councell of warre, to his Catholick Majestie ; dedicated to the King, his master ; englished by Robert Gentilis, gent.Malvezzi, Virgilio, marchese, 1595-1653.A51723EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Il Davide perseguitato David persecuted / vvritten in Italian by the Marquesse Virgilio Malvezzi ; and done into English by Robert Ashley, Gent.Malvezzi, Virgilio, marchese, 1595-1653.A51724EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Discourses upon Cornelius Tacitus written in Italian by the learned Marquesse Virgilio Malvezzi ; dedicated to the Serenissimo Ferdinand the Second, Great Duke of Thuscany ; and translated into English by Sir Richard Baker, Knight.Malvezzi, Virgilio, marchese, 1595-1653.A51725EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pourtract of the politicke Christian-favourite originally drawn from some of the actions of the Lord Duke of St. Lucar : written to the Catholick Majesty of Philip the Great, and the fourth of that name : a piece worthy to be read by all gentlemen, who desire to know the secrets of state, and mysteries of government / by Marquesse Virgilio Malvezzi ; to this translation is annexed, the chiefe state maxims, political and historical observations, in a brief and sententious way, upon the same story of Count Olivares, Duke of St. Lucar.Malvezzi, Virgilio, marchese, 1595-1653.A51726EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A man in favour, or, The way to preferment To the tune of, Would you be a man of fashion.A51732EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a friend in Shropshire to his country-man Mr. Richard Baxter at his meeting-house in LondonJ. M.A51737EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Murther unparalel'd, or, An account of the bloudy murther of Thomas Thyn, Esq. on Sunday the 12th of February 1682J. M.A51757EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The voyages & travels of Sir John Mandevile, Knight wherein is set down the way to the Holy Land, and to Hierusalem, as also to the lands of the great Caan, and of Prestor John, to Inde, and divers other countries : together with many strange marvels therein.Mandeville, John, Sir.A51759EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Manes presbyteriani, or, The monuments of the Kirk the covenants confession : Argyle's reliques : Guthrey and Giffan's passions : and Gillespy's recantation : all compiled and laid together.A51762EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A manifesto, or, An account of the state of the present differences between the most serene and potent King of Denmark and Norway Christian the V., and the most serene Duke of Sleswick and Holstein-Gottorp Christian Albert together with some letters of the King of Great Britain, the King of Denmark, and the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, concerning a mediation in these differences, which the king of Great Britain most generously offer'd, and the king of Denmark refused and slighted : as also some other letters of the Dukes of Brunswick-Lunenbourgh, the emperor, &c., whereby the calumnies of a certain Danish minister are plainly detected.Christian Albrecht, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, 1641-1695.A51765EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The five books of Mr. Manilius containing a system of the ancient astronomy and astrology : together with the philosophy of the Stoicks / done into English verse with notes by Mr. Tho. Creech.Manilius, Marcus.A51767EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sphere of Marcus Manilius made an English poem with annotations and an astronomical appendix / by Edward Sherburne, Esquire.Manilius, Marcus.A51768EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
On the never too much lamented death of the Most Illustrious Princess Henrietta Maria, Dutchess of Orleans, &c. an elegy.J. M.A51775EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The manner of the barbarous murther of James, late Lord Arch-Bishop of St. Andrews, Primate and Metropolitan of all Scotland, and one of His Majesties Most Honourable Privy-Council of that Kingdom, May 3, 1679A51790EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The manner of the coronation of the present Pope Alexander VIII and the ceremonies thereunto belonging together with the order of the procession in a letter from a gentleman, then residing in Rome, to his friend at London.Gentleman then residing in Rome.A51791EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The manner of the impeachment of the XII bishops accused of high treason for prefering a petition, and making a protestation to the subverting the fundamentall laws and being of Parliaments whereunto is added the said petition and remonstrance of the said bishops.A51796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Manner of the King's tryal at Westminster-hall, by the High Court of Justice, from January the 24th to January the 27th, 1648 also the manner of his being put to death at White-hall, near the Banquetting-house, on the 30th day of January, 1648, with his speech made upon the scaffold before he was beheaded : to the tune of Aim not too high, &c.A51797EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The manner of the proclaiming of King William, and Queen Mary, at White-Hall, and in the city of London, Feb. 13, 1688/9A51799EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Manner of the proclaiming King William & Queen Mary at the city of Oxford on Saturday, being the 16th of February, 1688/9 [i.e. 1689]A51800EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The manner of the solemnity of the coronation of His most Sacred Majesty King CharlesA51801EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sports and pastimes, or, Sport for the city and pastime for the country with a touch of hocus pocus, or leger-demain / fitted for the delight and recreation of youth by J.M.J. M.A51802EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to mourners under the loss of dear relations in a funeral sermon long since preach'd / by the late Reverand Dr. Thomas Manton ... And now occasionally published on the much lamented death of Mrs. Ann Terry, who died the 9th of November, 1693. With a short account of some passages of her life, and papers left under her own hand.Manton, Thomas, 1620-1677.A51833EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blessed estate of them that die in the Lord opened in a sermon at the funerals of Mistres Jane Blackwel, wife of Master Elidad Blackwel, pastor of Andrew Undershaft, London / by Tho. Manton.Manton, Thomas, 1620-1677.A51834EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Catalogus variorum & insignium librorum instructissimæ bibliothecæ clarissimi doctissimiq; Viri Thomæ Manton, S.T.D. Quorum auctio habebitur Londini in in ædibus defuncti in vico regio prope Covent-Garden, Martis 25. Per Gulielmum Cooper, bibliopolamA51835EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christs eternal existence, and the dignity of his person asserted and proved in opposition to the doctrine of the Socinians : in several sermons on Col. I, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 verses / by the Reverend Tho. Manton.Manton, Thomas, 1620-1677.A51837EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christs temptation and transfiguration practically explained and improved in several sermons / by the late Reverend Tho. Manton ...Manton, Thomas, 1620-1677.A51838EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
XVIII sermons on the second chapter of the 2d Epistle to the Thessalonians containing the description, rise, growth, and fall of Antichrist : with divers cautions and arguments to establish Christians against the apostacy of the Church of Rome : very necessary for these times / by that late reverend and learned divine, Thomas Manton ...Manton, Thomas, 1620-1677.A51839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fourth volume containing one hundred and fifty sermons on several texts of Scripture in two parts : part the first containing LXXIV sermons : part the second containing LXXVI sermons : with an alphabetical table to the whole / by ... Thomas Manton ...Manton, Thomas, 1620-1677.A51840EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
One hundred and ninety sermons on the hundred and nineteenth Psalm preached by the late reverend and learned Thomas Manton, D.D. ; with a perfect alphabetical table directing to the principal matters contained therein.Manton, Thomas, 1620-1677.A51842EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A practical exposition of the Lord's-Prayer by ... Thomas Manton.Manton, Thomas, 1620-1677.A51845EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second volume of sermons preached by the late reverend and learned Thomas Manton in two parts : the first containing XXVII sermons on the twenty fifth chapter of St. Matthew, XLV on the seventeenth chapter of St. John, and XXIV on the sixth chapter of the Epistle of the Romans : Part II, containing XLV sermons on the eighth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans, and XL on the fifth chapter of the second Epistle to the Corinthians : with alphabetical tables to each chapter, of the principal matters therein contained.Manton, Thomas, 1620-1677.A51846EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sermons preached by the late reverend and learned divine, Thomas Manton ...Manton, Thomas, 1620-1677.A51847EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Several discourses tending to promote peace & holiness among Christians to which are added, three other distinct sermons / by Dr. Manton.Manton, Thomas, 1620-1677.A51848EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A map or groundplott of the citty of London with the suburbes thereof so farr as the Lord Mayors iurisdication doeth extend by which is exactly demonstrated the present condition of it since the last sad accident of fire. The blanke space signifyng [sic] the burnt part & where the houses be those places yet standing. A⁰ 1666.A51877EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Actions for slaunder, or, A methodicall collection under certain grounds and heads of what words are actionable in the law and what not a treatise of very great use and consequence to all men, especially in these times wherein actions for slaunder are more common and do much more abound then in times past, and when the malice of men so much increases, well may their tongue want a directory : to which is added awards or arbitrements methodified under severall grounds and heads collected out of our year-books and other private authentick authorities ... / by Jo. March.March, John, 1612-1657.A51909EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reports, or, new cases with divers resolutions and judgements given upon solemn arguments, and with great deliberation, and the reasons and causes of the said resolutions and judgements / collected by John March ...England and Wales. Court of King's Bench.A51911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Th' encænia of St. Ann's Chappel in Sandgate, or, A sermon preached May 3, 1682 before the right worshipful, the mayor, aldermen, sheriff &c. of the town and county of Newcastle Upon Tyne upon their erecting a school and a catechetical lecture for the instruction of poor children and such as are ignorant / by John March.March, John, 1640-1692.A51914EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the Right Worshipful the mayor, recorder, aldermen, sheriff, &c. of the town and county of Newcastle upon Tyne, on the 30th of January 1676/7, at St. Nicholas their parish church by John March ...March, John, 1640-1692.A51915EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sermons preach'd on several occasions by John March ..., the last of which was preach'd the twenty seventh of November, 1692, being the Sunday before he died ; with a preface by Dr. John Scot ; to which is added, A sermon preach'd at the assizes, in New-Castle upon Tine, in the reign of the late King James.March, John, 1640-1692.A51916EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speech of Patrick Earl of Marchmont, &c., Lord High Chancellor to the Parliament of Scotland on Tuesday 21 May 1700.Marchmont, Patrick Hume, Earl of, 1641-1724.A51917EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The memorialls of Margaret de Valoys, first wife to Henry the fourth, King of France and Navarre compiled in French by her owne most delicate and royall hand : and translated into English by Robert Codrington ...Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry IV, King of France, 1553-1615.A51922EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The general history of Spain from the first peopling of it by Tubal, till the death of King Ferdinand, who united the crowns of Castile and Aragon : with a continuation to the death of King Philip III / written in Spanish by the R.F.F. John de Mariana ; to which are added, two supplements, the first by F. Ferdinand Camargo y Salcedo, the other by F. Basil Varen de Soto, bringing it down to the present reign ; the whole translated from the Spanish by Capt. John Stevens.Mariana, Juan de, 1535-1624.A51926EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The perfect horseman, or, The experienced secrets of Mr. Markham's fifty years practice shewing how a man may come to be a general horseman, by the knowledge of these seven offices, viz. the breeder, feeder, ambler, rider, keeper, buyer, farrier / and now published by Lancelot Thetford, practitioner in the same art for the space of forty years.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A51971EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fair warnings to a careless world in the pious letter written by the Right Honourable James Earl of Marleburgh, a little before his death, to the Right Honourable Sir Hugh Pollard, comptroller of his Maties houshold. With the last words of CXL and upwards, of the most learned and honourable persons of England, and other parts of the world.A51986EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The two noble converts, or, The Earl of Marlborough and the Earl of Rochester their dying requests and remonstrance to the atheists and debauchees of this age.A51989EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord Churchill's letter to the KingMarlborough, John Churchill, Duke of, 1650-1722.A51991EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Entertainments of the cours: or, Academical conversations. Held upon the cours at Paris, by a cabal of the principal wits of that court. / Compiled by that eminent and now celebrated author, Monsieur de Marmet, Lord of Valcroissant. And rendered into English by Thomas Saintserf, Gent.Marmet, Melchior de, seigneur de Valcroissant.A52003EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The married-mans best potion: or, A new song plainly setting forth the excellency, and incomparable worth of a good wife, as also how much happiness doth continually attend upon that man that enjoys her. To the tune of, Fancies Phœnix.A52010EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Married wives [sic] complaint of her unkind husband, or, A Caution for maids to beware how they marry ... to a very pleasant new tune, O Jenny Armstrong, or, True love rewarded with loyalty.A52012EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wit restor'd in several select poems not formerly publish't.Mennes, John, Sir, 1599-1671.A52015EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mars and Venus, or, The Amorous combatantsA52017EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The confession of the new married couple, being the second part of the ten pleasures of marriage relating the further delights and contentments that ly mask'd under the bands of wedlock / written by A. Marsh. Typogr.Marsh, A.A52019EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ten pleasures of marriage relating all the delights and contentments that are mask'd under the bands of matrimony / written by A. Marsh, typogr.Marsh, A.A52020EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvorks of Mr Stephen Marshall, late minister of the Gospel at Finching-Field in Essex. And since at Ipswitch in Suffolk. The first part. Viz. I. Of Christ's intercession. And of sins of infirmity. II. The high priviledge of beleevers. They are the sons of God. III. Faith the only means spiritually to feed on Christ. IV. Of self-denial. V. The saints duty to keep their heart in a good frame, etc. VI. The mystery of spiritual life. Attested by Ralph Venning. Thomas Lye. Thomas Jacomb.Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52035EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to a booke entitvled An hvmble remonstrance in which the originall of liturgy, episcopacy is discussed : and quares propounded concerning both : the parity of bishops and presbyters in Scripture demonstrated : the occasion of their imparity in antiquity discovered : the disparity of the ancient and our moderne bishops manifested : the antiquity of ruling elders in the church vindicated : the prelaticall church bownded / written by Smectymnvvs.Smectymnuus.A52036EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An expedient to preserve peace and amity, among dissenting brethren. By a brother in ChristMarshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52038EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Mr. Marshall and Mr. Nye, appointed assistants to the commissioners of Scotland to their brethren in England, concerning the successe of their affaires there, partly concerning the covenant.Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52039EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter of spirituall advice written to Mr. Stephen Marshall in his sicknesse by one of his brethren in the clergy, Mart. I, M DC XLIII.One of his brethren in the clergy.A52041EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Meroz curse for not helping the Lord against the mightie being the substance of a sermon, preached on a day of humiliation, at St. Sepulchers, London, Decemb. 2. 1641 / by that powerfull and Godly divine, Mr. Stephen Marshall ; published in one sheet of paper, (not by the author) but by a lover of the truth, for their good especially, that are not able to buy bigger bookes ; being a very seasonable subject, wherein all that either out of policie or sloth, rfuse to helpe the Lord, may see their danger, and they that are willing are called, and directions given to them both what manner of persons they ought to be, and what they ought to doe to help the Lord ; wherein also every true Christian may see, that though they be never so weake or poore, yet they may, and ought to helpe the Lord, and by what meanes.Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52042EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Meroz cursed, or, A sermon preached to the honourable House of Commons, at their late solemn fast, Febr. 23, 1641 by Stephen Marshall ...Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52043EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A peace-offering to God a sermon preached to the honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament at their publique thanksgiving, September 7, 1641 : for the peace concluded between England and Scotland / by Stephen Marshall ...Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52045EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plea for defensive armes, or, A copy of a letter written by Mr. Stephen Marshall to a friend of his in the city, for the necessary vindication of himself and his ministerie, against that altogether groundlesse, most unjust and ungodly aspersion cast upon him by certain malignants in the city, and lately printed at Oxford, in their Mendacium aulicum, otherwise called, Mercurius Aulicus, and sent abroad into other nations to his perpetual infamie in which letter the accusation is fully answered, and together with that, the lawfulnesse of the Parliaments taking up defensive arms is briefly and learnedly asserted and demonstrated, texts of Scripture cleared, all objections to the contrary answered, to the full satisfaction of all those that desire to have their consciences informed in this great controversie.Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52047EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The power of the civil magistrate in matters of religion vindicated the extent of his power determined in a sermon preached before the first Parliament on a monthly fast day / by ... Mr. Stephen Marshall ... / published by G. Firmin ... with notes upon the sermon.Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52048EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reformation and desolation, or, A sermon tending to the discovery of the symptomes of a people to whom God will by no meanes be reconciled preached to the Honourable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, Decemb. 22, 1641 / by Stephen Marshall ...Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The right vnderstanding of the times opened in a sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons, December 30, 1646, at Margaret Westminster, being the day of their solemne monethly fast / by Stephen Marshall ...Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of the baptizing of infants preached in the Abbey-Church at Westminster at the morning lecture, appointed by the honorable House of Commons / by Stephen Marshall ...Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52051EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, and Court of Aldermen of the city of London, at their anniversary meeting on Easter Monday April 1652, at the Spittle wherein the unity of the saints with Christ, the head, and especially with the church, the body, with the duties thence arising, are endeavoured to be cleared : tending to heale our rents and divisions / by Stephen Marshal ...Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52054EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Smectymnuus redivivus Being an answer to a book, entituled, An humble remonstrance. In which, the original of liturgy episcopacy is discussed, and quæries propounded concerning both. The parity of bishops and presbyters in scripture demonstrated. The occasion of the imparity in antiquity discovered. The disparity of the ancient and our moderne bishops manifested. The antiquity of ruling elders in the church vindicated. The prelaticall church bounded.Smectymnuus.A52055EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true copy of the letter which was sent from divers ministers by Mr. Marshall, and Mr. Nye to the Generall Assembly of ScotlandMarshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.A52060EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the answer to the humble remonstrance from the unjust imputation of frivolousnesse and falshood Wherein, the cause of liturgy and episcopacy is further debated. By the same Smectymnuus.Smectymnuus.A52063EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Answers upon several heads in philosophy first drawn up for the private satisfaction of some friends : now exposed to publick view and examination / by William Marshall, Dr. of physick of the colledge of physicians in London.Marshall, William, 17th cent.A52075EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Diatriba chronologica Johannis MarshamiMarsham, John, Sir, 1602-1685.A52079EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at St. Margaretts in VVestminster on Sunday the sixt of February last, before many of the worthy members of the Honorable House of Commons in this present Parliament / by John Marston...Marston, John, Master of Arts.A52087EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Coll. Henry Marten's familiar letters to his lady of delight Also her kind returnes. With his rival R. Pettingalls heroicall epistles. Published by Edm: Gayton, according to the original papers under their own hands: with an answer to that letter, intituled, A copy of H. Marten's letter in justification of the murther of the late King Charles.Marten, Henry, 1602-1680.A52089EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epigrams of Martial, Englished with some other pieces, ancient and modern.Martial.A52102EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Oxford elegie, ek thanatou athanasia, or, A fallacy put upon death by our Most Gracious Prince and Soveraign Oliver Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the dominions belonging thereuntoT. M.A52106EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Huntsman's delight, or, The Forresetr's [sic] pleasant pastime to the tune of, Amongst the leaves so green a, etc.A52111EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The country-survey-book: or Land-meters vade-mecum Wherein the principles and practical rules for surveying of land, are so plainly (though briefly) delivered, that any one of ordinary parts (understanding how to add, substract, multiply and divide,) may by the help of this small treatise alone and a few cheap instruments easy to be procured, measure a parcel of land, and with judgment and expedition plot it, and give up the content thereof. With an appendix, containing twelve problems touching compound interest and annuities; and a method to contract the work of fellowship and alligation alternate, very considerably in many cases. Illustrated with copper plates. By Adam Martindale, a friend to mathematical learning.Martindale, Adam, 1623-1686.A52120EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the growth of popery and arbitrary government in England more particularly, from the long prorogation of November, 1675, ending the 15th of February, 1676, till the last meeting of Parliament, the 16th of July, 1677.Marvell, Andrew, 1621-1678.A52125EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of HollandMarvell, Andrew, 1621-1678.A52128EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Common-place-book out of The rehearsal transpros'd digested under these several heads, viz. his logick, chronology, wit, geography, anatomy, history, loyalty : with useful notes.A52130EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The young accomptants remembrancer directing him to find the proper debitors and creditors in the most usual transactions and occurrences of trade with the method of ballancing accompts and transferring them into a new liedger [sic].T. M.A52131EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An elegy vpon the death of my Lord Francis VilliersMarvell, Andrew, 1621-1678.A52132EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Miscellaneous poems by Andrew Marvell, Esq. ...Marvell, Andrew, 1621-1678.A52133EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Smirke; or, The divine in mode: being certain annotations upon the animadversions on The naked truth : together with a short historical essay, concerning general councils, creeds, and impositions, in matters of religion / by Andreas Rivetus, Junior, anagr. Res Nuda Veritas.Marvell, Andrew, 1621-1678.A52134EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Plain-dealing, or, A full and particular examination of a late treatise, entituled, Humane reason by A.M., a countrey gentleman.Marvell, Andrew, 1621-1678.A52138EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rehearsal transpros'd, or, Animadversions upon a late book intituled, A preface, shewing what grounds there are of fears and jealousies of poperyMarvell, Andrew, 1621-1678.A52139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remarks upon a late disingenuous discourse, writ by one T.D. under the pretence de causa Dei, and of answering Mr. John Howe's letter and postscript of God's prescience, &c., affirming, as the Protestant docrine, that GOd doth by efficacious influence universally move and determine men to all their actions, even to those that are most wicked by a Protestant.Marvell, Andrew, 1621-1678.A52145EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A seasonable argument to perswade all the grand juries in England to petition for a new Parliament, or, A list of the principal labourers in the great design of popery and arbitrary power who have betrayed their country to the conspirators, and bargain'd with them to maintain a standing army in England ...Marvell, Andrew, 1621-1678.A52146EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second and third advice to a painter, for drawing the history of our navall actions, the two last years, 1665 and 1666 in answer to Mr. Waller.A52147EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short historical essay touching general councils, creeds, and impositions in matters of religion ... written by that ingenious and worthy gentleman, Andrew Marvell ...Marvell, Andrew, 1621-1678.A52148EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
S'too him, Bayes, or, Some observations upon the humour of writing Rehearsals transpros'dA52150EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A marvelous medicine to cure a great pain, if a maiden-head be lost to get it againA52151EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Marvellous medicine to cure a great painA52152EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An historical relation of the conspiracy of John Lewis, Count de Fieschi, against the city and republic of Genoua, in the year 1547 written in Italian by Augustin Mascardi, Gentleman of the Bed-chamber to Pope Urban the Eighth ; done into English by the Honourable Hugh Hare, Esq.Mascardi, Agostino, 1591-1640.A52161EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The covenant acknowledged by an English Covenanter, and the manifested wants of the common prayer, or divine service, formerly used, thought the fittest for publique worship by one vvhose hearty desires are presented to all the lovers of peace and truth in these nations, and shall be the prayers of a wel-wisher to both, and a very much obliged servant to all the promoters of this just cause, E.M., Mason.E. M., Mason.A52167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mentis humanæ metamorphosis, sive conversio, The history of the young converted gallant, or, Directions to the readers of that divine poem written by Benjamin Keach, intituled Warre with the devil here shewing the readers thereof how to read the same poem aright in these four respects, viz. I. in reference to the substance or history thereof, II. in reference to the intent or mystery thereof, III. in reference to the consequent doctrine thereof, IV. in reference to practical application thereof / compiled in a poem by J. Mason, Gent. ...Mason, John, fl. 1676-1683.A52171EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The midnight cry a sermon preached on the parable of the ten virgins / by J.M ...Mason, John, 1646?-1694.A52172EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Spiritual songs, or, Songs of praise to Almighty God upon several occasions Together with the Song of Songs which is Solomons: [F]irst turn'd, then par[ap]hrased in English verse. To which may be added, Penitential cries.Mason, John, 1646?-1694.A52174EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The waters of Marah sweetned A sermon preached at the funeral of Mrs. Clare Wittewronge, eldest daughter to Joseph Alston Esq; and late wife to John Wittewronge Esq;: who was interred at Stantonbury in the county of Bucks. Octob. 22. 1669. By Mr. John Mason, minister.Mason, John, 1646?-1694.A52175EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Love and good-will to all, the author sends, but specially to Zion and her friendsMason, Martin, fl. 1650-1676.A52178EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The middle way of predetermination asserted. Between the Dominicans and Jesuites, Calvinists and Arminians, or, A scriptural enquiry into the influence and causation of God in and unto humane actions; expecially such as are sinfull.Humfrey, John, 1621-1719.A52204EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
At a general court held at Boston May the 3d, 1676 by the court, Edward Rawson, secretary.Massachusetts. General Court.A52205EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Queens closet opened incomparable secrets in physick, chyrurgery, preserving, and candying &c. which were presented unto the queen / by the most experienced persons of the times, many whereof were had in esteem when she pleased to descend to private recreations.A52209EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevvs from Sir John Svckin being a relation of his conversion from a papist to a Protestant also what torments he endured by those of the inquisition in Spaine : and how the Lord Lekeux his accuser was strucken dumbe hee going to have the sentence of death passe upon him / sent in a letter to the Lord Conway, now being in London.A52215EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from the coast of Spain, Feb. 13 a true relation of a brisk and bloody encounter which happened upon the 13th of February, between the Tyger frigot, Captain Harman, commander, and the Schaherleas of Holland, vice-admiral of young Evertson's squadron, Pasqual DeWit, captain, near Cadize in Spain ... : tune of, Digby's farewell.A52217EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from the North a poem on the late most horrible conspiracy against His sacred Majesty, herein is given an account of James, Duke of Monmouth who lately was seen in Ireland ... Lord Gray who was surmiz'd at Wrexam, together with a true relation of R. Rumbold and R. Nelthorp's passages on the Irish Seas ... / by an embroyan fancy of Anti-Jack Presbyter.Embroyan fancy of anti-Jack Presbyter.A52222EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from the river of Thames to a pleasant new tune.A52225EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from the sessions-house the tryal, conviction, condemnation and execution of Popery for high-treason : for betraying the kingdom and conspiring the ruin, subversion, and death of the Protestant religion : with her last speech and confession at Tyburn.A52226EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevvs from the sessions, or, A true relation of all the proceedings at the sessions in the Old-Bayly, Sep. 9th, 1674 where there were twenty one persons cast : with the number and particular crimes of the persons to be executed, and all other things there transacted, and especially the tryal & behaviour of Iohn Randal that lately kill'd the vvoman in Houlbourn.A52227EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevvs from the sessions, or, The whole tryal of George Allen the butcher vvho murthered his vvife in the fields behind Islington, on Friday the 5th of this instant February, and the manner how the same came to be discovered : as also the full tryal of John Harter the oastler, for stealing au [sic] horse, and an hundred and twenty pounds of money, for which he is convicted of felony : with the tryals of several other malefactors for divers notorious crimes, and other remarkable passages at the sessions begun at Justice-hall in the Old Bayly, the 19th of Febr. 1674/5.A52228EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from the sessions house in the Old-Bayly being a true account of the notorious principles and wicked practices of that Grand Impostor Lodowick Muggleton, who has the impudence to stile himself one of the two last commissioned witnesses and prophets of the Most High God, Jesus Christ : collected out of his own writings, for which damnable heresies being bound over, he made his appearance at the sessions this 14th of Decemb. and gave fresh security in order to his future tryal.A52229EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from the west; or, A pleasant relation of what lately happened in that part of the world. To a new tune, or, The delights of the bottle, or, Would you know how we drink, &c.A52234EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. Joseph Aleine by George Newton ...Newton, George, 1602-1681.A52250EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Philosophiæ naturalis principia mathematica autore Js. Newton ...Newton, Isaac, Sir, 1642-1727.A52251EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Astronomia Britannica exhibiting the doctrine of the sphere, and theory of the planets decimally by trigonometry, and by tables : fitted for the meridian of London ... / by John Newton ...Newton, John, 1622-1678.A52255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The compleat arithmetician, or, The whole art of arithmetick, vulgar and decimal in a plain and easie method, suitable to the meanest capacity : in which the multiplication and division of numbers of several denominations, and the rule of alligation are more fully explained than in any treatise of this nature, yet extant / by J.N., Philomath.Newton, John, 1622-1678.A52256EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cosmographia, or, A view of the terrestrial and cœlestial globes in a brief explanation of the principles of plain and solid geometry applied to surveying and gauging of cask : the doctrine of primum mobile : with an account of the Juilan & Gregorian calendars, and the computation of the places of the sun, moon, and fixed stars ... : to which is added an introduction unto geography / by John Newton ...Newton, John, 1622-1678.A52257EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English academy, or, A brief introduction to the seven liberal arts grammar, arithmetick, geometrie, musick, astronomie, rhetorick & logic : to which is added the necessary arts and mysteries of navigation, dyaling, surveying, mensuration, gauging & fortification, practically laid down in all their material points and particulars, highly approved to be known by the ingenious, and as such are desirous to profit, or render themselves accomplished : chiefly intended for the instruction of young scholars, who are acquainted with no other than their native language, but may also be very useful to other persons that have made some progress in the studies of the said arts / by John Newton.Newton, John, 1622-1678.A52260EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Geometrical trigonometry, or, The explanation of such geometrical problems as are most useful & necessary, either for the construction of the canons of triangles, or for the solution of them together with the proportions themselves suteable unto every case both in plain and spherical triangles ... / by J. Newton ...Newton, John, 1622-1678.A52262EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Institutio mathematica, or, A mathematical institution shewing the construction and use of the naturall and artificiall sines, tangents, and secants in decimal numbers, and also of the table of logarithms in the general solution of any triangle, whether plain or spherical, with their more particular application in astronomie, dialling, and navigation / by John Newton.Newton, John, 1622-1678.A52264EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An introduction to the art of logick composed for the use of English schools, and all such who having no opportunity of being instructed in the Latine tongue ... / by John Newton ...Newton, John, 1622-1678.A52266EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An introduction to the art of rhetorick composed for the benefit of young schollars and others, who have not opportunity of being instructed in the Latine tongue ... / by John Newton ...Newton, John, 1622-1678.A52267EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The penitent recognition of Joseph's brethren a sermon occasion'd by Elizabeth Ridgeway, who for the petit treason of poysoning her husband, was, on March 24, 1683/4, according to the sentence of the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Street ... burnt at Leicester ... : to which is prefixed a full relation of the womans fact, tryal, carriage, and death / by John Newton ...Newton, John, 1637 or 8-1711.A52275EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The unreasonableness of a separation from the new bishops, or, A treatise out of ecclesiastical history shewing that although a bishop was unjustly deprived, neither he nor the church ever made a separation, if the successor was not a heretick / translated out of an ancient Greek manuscript in the publick library at Oxford, by Humfrey Hody ...A52277EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir, I do most earnestly desire you to assist me in removing the neglect of wearing the university habits at solemn meetings according to the statutes: ...University of Oxford. Vice-chancellor (1677-1679 : Nicholas)A52282EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to an heretical book called The naked Gospel which was condemned and ordered to be publickly burnt by the convocation of the University of Oxford, Aug. 19, 1690 : with some reflections on Dr. Bury's new edition of that book : to which is added a short history of Socinianism / by William Nicholls.Nicholls, William, 1664-1712.A52291EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a Jesuit at Paris, to his correspondent in London; shewing the most effectual way to ruine the government and Protestant religion.Nalson, John, 1638?-1686.A52301EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Evangelium regni = A joyful message of the kingdom : published by the holy Spirit of the love of Jesus Christ, and sent forth unto all nations of people which love the truth in Jesus Christ / set forth by H.N. ... ; translated out of Base-Almayn.Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580?A52314EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pernicious consequences of the new heresie of the Jesuites against the King and the state by an advocate of Parliament.Nicole, Pierre, 1625-1695.A52328EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections upon Coll. Sidney's Arcadia, the old cause being some observations upon his last paper, given to the sheriffs at his execution.Nalson, John, 1638?-1686.A52330EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English historical library, or, A short view and character of most of the writers now extant, either in print or manuscript which may be serviceable to the undertakers of a general history of this kingdom / by William Nicholson ...Nicolson, William, 1655-1727.A52335EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the medals and coins of ScotlandNicolson, William, 1655-1727.A52339EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An embassy from the East-India Company of the United Provinces, to the Grand Tartar Cham, Emperor of China deliver'd by their excellencies, Peter de Goyer and Jacob de Keyzer, at his imperial city of Peking : wherein the cities, towns, villages, ports, rivers, &c. in their passages from Canton to Peking are ingeniously describ'd / by Mr. John Nieuhoff ... ; also an epistle of Father John Adams their antagonist, concerning the whole negotiation ; with an appendix of several remarks taken out of Father Athanasius Kircher ; English'd, and set forth with their several sculptures, by John Ogilby Esq. ...Nieuhof, Johannes, 1618-1672.A52346EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Night-walker of Bloomsbury being the result of several late consultations between a vintner, Judge Tallow-Chandler, a brace of fishmongers, and a printer, &c. : in a dialogue between Ralph and Will.A52347EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Nightingaless song, or, The Souldiers rare musick, and maids recreation this song adviseth maidens to have a care, and of souldiers snap-s[a]cks to beware : the tune is, No, no, no, not I, or, Pegg and the souldier.A52348EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
No money, no friendA52368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
No Protestant plot, or, The Whigs loyalty with the doctor's new discovery.A52373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Noble fisher-man, or, Robin Hood's preferment shewing how he won a prize on the sea, and how he gave one half to his dame, and the other to the building of alms-houses : tune of, In summer time.A52378EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The noble funera[l] of the renowned champion the Duke of Grafton vvho was slain at the siege of Cork, and royally interred in VVestminster-Abby. To the tune of, Fond boy: or, Loves sweet passion. Licensed according to or[der.]A52379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Noble gallant, or, An Answer to long days of absence &c. to a pleasant new tune called The German princesses farwell.A52380EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The noble gallant, or; An answer to, Long days of absence, &c. He all those jealous doubts of hers removes, and now unto this fair one constant proves, he tells her he is hers, none shall possess him, but her self, such love he doth express; he gives her all content that can be spoken, and chears her heart, which once was almost broken; vvhat e're she asks she has, beauty rules all, it can a lovers heart make rise or fall. To a pleasant new tune: called, the German princesses farewel.A52381EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The noble progresse or, a true relation of the lord generall Monks politicall proceedings with the Rump, the calling in the secluded members, their transcendent vote for his sacred Majesty, with his reception at Dover, and Royall conduct through the city of London, to his famous palace at Whitehall. The tune is, when first the Scotish warrs began.A52383EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Grace the Duke of Norfolk's charge against the Dutchess before the House of Lords, and the Dutchesses answer with the depositions at large of the witnesses that were examined on both sides.Norfolk, Henry Howard, Duke of, 1655-1701.A52398EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Duke of Norfolk's order about the habit the ladies are to be in that attend the Queen at her CoronationNorfolk, Henry Howard, Duke of, 1655-1701.A52399EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders to be observed at the coronation of the King and Queen Published by order of the Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England, &c.Norfolk, Henry Howard, Duke of, 1655-1701.A52400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders to be observed on the day of the royal coronation of King William and Queen Mary the eleventh of this instant April.Norfolk, Henry Howard, Duke of, 1655-1701.A52401EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas His Majesty hath been pleased to command me to take care that this present mourning may be performed with that decency that becomes so great an occasion by Henry Duke of Norfolk, Earl-Marshall of England.Norfolk, Henry Howard, Duke of, 1655-1701.A52402EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The trve coppy of a letter sent from Thomas, Earle of Arundell, Lord Marshall from Middleborough in Zealand to Mr. Pym and read before the committee the 18 of September, 1641 : whereunto is added the coppy of another letter sent to Mr. Pym also from the committee in Scotland, Sep. 13, 1641 : with the names of the committees that sat there for that day.Arundel, Thomas Howard, Earl of, 1585-1646.A52403EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Norfolke gentleman his last vvill and testament and how he committed the keeping of his children to his brother, who dealt most wicke ly [sic] by them: and how God plagued him for it. To the tune of Rogero.A52404EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of reason & faith in relation to the mysteries of Christianity / by John Norris.Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52412EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The charge of schism continued being a justification of the author of Christian blessedness for his charging the separatists with schism, not withstanding the toleration : in a letter to a city-friend.Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52414EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christian blessedness, or, Discourses upon the beatitudes of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ written by John Norris ... ; to which is added, reflections upon a late essay concerning human understanding, by the same author.Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52415EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of miscellanies consisting of poems, essays, discourses, and letters occasionally written / by John Norris ...Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52417EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning the pretended religious assembling in private conventicles wherein the unlawfullness and unreasonableness of it is fully evinced by several arguments / by John Norris ...Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52421EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An idea of happiness, in a letter to a friend enquiring wherein the greatest happiness attainable by man in this life does consist / by John Norris ...Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52422EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Letters concerning the love of God between the author of the Proposal to the ladies and Mr. John Norris, wherein his late discourse, shewing that it ought to be intire and exclusive of all other loves, is further cleared and justified / published by J. Norris.Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52424EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A murnival of knaves, or, Whiggism plainly display'd, and (if not grown shameless) burlesqu't out of countenanceNorris, John, 1657-1711.A52425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Practical discourses upon several divine subjects written by John Norris.Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52426EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Practical discourses upon the Beatitudes of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Vol. I written by John Norris, M.A., Rector of Bemerton near Sarum ; to which are added, Reflections upon a late Essay concerning human understanding ; with a reply to the remarks made upon them by the Athenian Society.Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52427EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reason and religion, or, The grounds and measures of devotion, consider'd from the nature of God, and the nature of man in several contemplations : with exercises of devotion applied to every contemplation / by John Norris ...Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52431EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections upon the conduct of human life with reference to the study of learning and knowledge : in a letter to the excellent lady, the Lady Masham / by John Norris ... ; to which is annex'd a visitation sermon, by the same author.Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52433EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preach'd before the University of Oxford at St. Peters Church in the East on Mid-Lent Sunday, March 29, 1685 by John Norris ...Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52435EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The theory and regulation of love a moral essay, in two parts : to which are added letters philosophical and moral between the author and Dr. Henry More / by John Norris ...Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52437EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two treatises concerning the divine light the first, being an answer to a letter of a learned Quaker, which he is pleased to call, A just reprehension to John Norris for his unjust reflections on the Quakers, in his book entituled, Reflections upon the conduct of human life, &c., the second, being a discourse concerning the grossness of the Quakers notion of the light within, with their confusion and inconsistency in explaining it / by John Norris ...Norris, John, 1657-1711.A52440EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Elegie vpon the death of the renowned Sir Iohn SvtlinA52442EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Discourses upon trade, principally directed to the cases of the interest, coynage, clipping, increase of moneyNorth, Dudley, Sir, 1641-1691.A52443EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A forest of varieties ...North, Dudley North, Baron, 1581-1666.A52444EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A narrative of some passages in or relating to the Long Parliament by a person of honor.North, Dudley North, Baron, 1602-1677.A52446EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations and advices oeconomicalNorth, Dudley North, Baron, 1602-1677.A52447EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The names of such members of the Commons House of Parliament as have already subscribed in persuance of the act of Parliament, for the speedy reducing of the rebels, and the future peace and safety of this kingdome (a worke tending much to the glory of Almighty God, and the succour and reliefe of our distressed brethen in Ireland) : together with the summes they have severally under-written, viz. : also, a special order of the House of Commons, concerning the free offer of the county of Buckingham, shewing their great exceptance thereof, with their exceptance of such shires as shall doe the like, also shewing by what meanes they shall be repaid againe / ordered forthwith to be printed, H. Elsing-Clerc. Parl. Com.England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons.A52450EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The north country-taylor caught in a trap or, A fool and his money soon parted. Being a merry composed ditty of a taylor that went up to London to seek his fortune, but he meeting with one of the city mobs, who made him believe she was a maid, but two of her companions gul'd him of thirty pound, and got all his cloaths, and gave him a few rags in their room: and like a fool he went home as he came. To the tune of Dun Vaul's delight, or, Love without measure.A52453EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Northampton in flames, or, Poem on the dreadful fire that happened there on Monday the 20th Septemb. 1675.A52454EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dr. Burnett's reflections upon a book entituled Parliamentum pacificum. The first part answered by the author.Northleigh, John, 1657-1705.A52455EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Exercitationes philologicæ tres prima, Infanticidium, poema credulam experimens matrem delirantibus astrologorum insomniis, & piâ quâdam crudelitate deceptam, prolem suam intersecisse : secunda, Spes extatica, sive sperantis animæ plausus, & ovatio : tertia, Philosophia vindicata, sive pauperis philosophi contra divitem superbe calumniantem defensio / authore Jo. Northleigh ...Northleigh, John, 1657-1705.A52456EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The names of the fellows of the King's College of Physicians in London, and others authorized by them to practise in the said city, and within seven miles compass thereof.Royal College of Physicians of London.A52474EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pausanias, the betrayer of his country a tragedy, acted at the Theatre Royal by His Majesties servants / written by a person of quality.Norton, Richard, 1666-1732.A52477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Names of the field officers, captains, lieutenants and ensigns, as they are now in commissions in His Majesties militia within the city of London by commission from the honourable His Majesties commissioners of lieutenancy for the city of London and liberties thereof, May the 29th, 1680.A52480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The names of the gentlemen elected by the petitioners for the county of Surrey, to treat with the Earl of Northumberland, their lord lieutenant, and the members of the House of Commons which serve for the same county, at St. James the 25. day of May, 1648 ...A52481EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of his excellency, George Lord Goring Earl of Norwich with the gentry and freeholders of the county of Essex, in armes for the prosecution and just defense of their generall petition, and solemne ingagement, and their offer unto all such officers and souldiers as shall repair unto them.Norwich, George Goring, Earl of, 1583?-1663.A52482EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Norwich loyal litanyA52485EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Predictions of Nostradamus, before the year 1558, foretelling the trial and death of Charles I, the parliamentary and Protectorian government, the burning of London in sixty six, the great plague & Dutch War at the same time, King James departure, King William and Qu. Maries reign, the humiliation of the King of France by the Confederacy, the reformation of that kingdom, and the return of the French Protestants considered in a letter to a friend.A52515EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Names of the lords of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy-CouncilA52518EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londons destroyer detected: and destruction lamented: or, some serious ruminations, and profitable reflections upon the late dreadful, dismal, and never-to-be-forgotten conflagration Wherein is briefly comprehended several things considerable, in order to Londons present recovery, and future prosperity.E. N.A52519EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London's plague-sore discovered. or, Some serious notes and suitable considerations upon the present visitation at London wherein is something by way of lamentation, information, expostulation, exhortation and caution : whereunto is annexed, A never-failing antidote against the plague.E. N.A52520EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wonderful predictions of Nostredamus, Grebner, David Pareus, and Antonius Torquatus wherein the grandeur of Their present Majesties, the happiness of England, and downfall of France and Rome, are plainly delineated : with a large preface, shewing, that the crown of England has been not obscurely foretold to Their Majesties William III and Mary, late Prince and Princess of Orange, and that the people of this ancient monarchy have duly contributed thereunto, in the present assembly of Lords and Commons, notwithstanding the objections of men and different extremes.Atwood, William, d. 1705?A52522EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arguments of the Right Honourable, the late Lord Chancellor Nottingham upon which he made the decree in the cause between the Honourable Charles Howard esq., plaintiff : Henry, late Duke of Norfolk, Henry Lord Mowbrey his son, Henry Marquess of Dorchester and Richard Marriott, esq.: defendants : wherein the several wayes and methods of limiting the trust of a term for years, are fully debated.England and Wales. Court of Chancery.A52524EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exact and most impartial accompt of the indictment, arraignment, trial, and judgment (according to law) of twenty nine regicides, the murtherers of His Late Sacred Majesty of most glorious memory begun at Hicks-Hall on Tuesday, the 9th of October, 1660, and continued (at the Sessions-House in the Old-Bayley) until Friday, the nineteenth of the same moneth : together with a summary of the dark and horrid decrees of the caballists, preperatory to that hellish fact exposed to view for the reader's satisfaction, and information of posterity.Nottingham, Heneage Finch, Earl of, 1621-1682.A52526EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The names of the Lords spiritual and temporal who deserted, (not protested) against the vote in the House of Peers, the sixth instant, against the word abducated, and the throne vacant, in the same method as they entred their names in the journal bookEngland and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords.A52529EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Primatus in sacris ab ecclesia Anglicani Regi tribunes non pugnat cum authoritate ecclesia a Christo commissia.University of Cambridge.A52532EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The names of the members of the Fishing Society, anno 1670Fishing Society (Scotland)A52542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Now is the timeA52545EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Now the bill is past, wooden shoes at lastA52547EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Names of the persons to be a nevv Council of State appointed by the Parliament sitting at Westminster, on Thursday February 23, 1659A52555EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Names of those divines that are nominated by the knights and burgesses of each county, for the consultation, or assemblyA52556EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The plaintiffs case upon an appeal brought in the House of Lords againstNoy, William, Captain.A52558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the principal grounds and maximes of the lawes of this nation very usefull and commodious for all students and such others as desire the knowledge and understandings of the laws / written by that most excellent and learned expositor of the law, W.N.Noy, William, 1577-1634.A52567EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nugæ venales, sive, Thesaurus ridendi & jocandi Ad gravissimos severissimosque viros, patres melancholicorum conscriptos opus plane novum & necessarium; in quo quid contineator, quævis pagina docebit.A52575EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Number of hands for each candidate for Lord-Mayor, as they were cast up by the pollA52582EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Declaration of the faith and order owned and practiced in the Congregational churches in England agreed upon and consented unto by their elders and messengers in their meeting at the Savoy, October 12, 1658.A52591EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London's sins reproved and sorrows lamented, or, A sober check, together with a friendly admonition, to the wilfull, wicked, and wofull city of London under the consideration of her present grievous sins and growing sufferings.E. N.A52599EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two speeches delivered before the subscribing of the Covenant, the 25. of September, at St. Margarets in Westminster the one by Mr. Philip Nye, the other by Mr. Alexander Henderson.Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672.A52601EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to Dr. Wallis's three letters concerning the Doctrine of the TrinityNye, Stephen, 1648?-1719.A52605EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief history of the Unitarians, called also Socinians in four letters, written to a friend.Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719.A52606EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations on the explications of the doctrine of the Trinity by Dr. Wallis, Dr. Sherlock, Dr. S-th, Dr. Cudworth, and Mr. Hooker as also on the account given by those that say the Trinity is an unconceivable and inexplicable mystery / written to a person of quality.Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719.A52608EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of several late voyages & discoveries to the south and north towards the Streights of Magellan, the South Seas, the vast tracts of land beyond Hollandia Nova &c. : also towards Nova Zembla, Greenland or Spitsberg, Groynland or Engrondland, &c. / by Sir John Narborough, Captain Jasmen Tasman, Captain John Wood, and Frederick Marten of Hamburgh ; to which are annexed a large introduction and supplement, giving an account of other navigations to those regions of the globe, the whole illustrated with charts and figures.A52618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The NarrativeA52623EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A geographicall description of the kingdom of Ireland according to the 5 provinces and 32 counties : together with the stations, creeks and harbours belonging thereto : fit for gentlemen, souldiers, and sea-men to acquaint themselves withall : as also declaring the right and titles of the kings of England unto that kingdom : likewise setting down a brief relation of the former rebellions and of their suppression : especially that in Q. Elizabeths time by Tyrone : whence many matters worth observing may be collected usefull for this present service / by a well-willer to the peace of both kingdoms.G. N., well-willer to the peace of both kingdoms.A52629EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Narrative of the dreyning of the Great Level of the fenns, extending into the counties of Northampton, Norfolke, Suffolke, Lincolne, Cambridge and Huntington, and the Isle of Ely, containing about three hundred thousand acresA52632EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter concerning Sir William Whitlock's bill for the trials in cases of treason written Oct. 1693 upon the request of a friend who is an honest member of the House of Commons, and now committed to the press upon the solicitation of several who think it may be of publick use to let it come abroad before the next meeting of the Parliament.H. N.A52636EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A narrative of the proceedings of His Excellencie the Lord General Fairfax in the reducing of the revolted troops Appointed by his Excellency, and his Councell of Warre, to be printed and published, and signed by their order, May 21. 1649. Ri. Hatter Secret.England and Wales. Army. Council.A52648EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A narrative of the process against Madam Brinvilliers, and her condemnation and execution for having poisoned her father and two brothers : translated out of French ...Brinvilliers, Marie-Madeleine Gobelin, marquise de, 1630-1676.A52649EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The narrative of the sessions, February 26. 1678/9. With a particular account of the tryal of the notorious coiners, that received sentence for treason: and all other malefactors condemned, burnt in the hand, or to be whipt, and their respective crimes. Licensed, February 27. 1678/9.A52652EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A narrative wherein is faithfully set forth the sufferings of John Canne, Wentworth Day, John Clarke, John Belcher, John Richard, Robert Boggis, Petter Kidd, Richard Bryenton, and George Strange, called, as their news book saith, Fift Monarchy Men that is, how eight of them were taken in Coleman Street, moneth second, called Aprill, day first, 1658, as they were in the solemn worship of God, and by the Lord Mayor sent prisoners to the counter in the Poultrey : also of the arraignment of Wentworth Day and John Clarke at the sessions in the Old Baily, and how the rest after three weeks imprisonment and more were discharged in their court / published by a friend to the prisoners and the good old cause they suffered for.Friend to the prisoners and the good old cause they suffered for.A52658EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Natives an answer to The foreigners.A52667EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Natura lugens, or, An Elegy on the death of the honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. who left this life December the 30th, 1691.A52669EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Instructions concerning erecting of a library presented to my lord, the President De Mesme / by Gabriel Naudeus ... ; and now interpreted by Jo. Evelyn, Esquire.Naudé, Gabriel, 1600-1653.A52671EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the late proposals of the Archbishop of Canterbury with some other bishops to his Majesty, in a letter to M.B., Esq.M. B., Esq.A52672EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fragmenta regalia, or, Observations on the late Queen Elizabeth, her times and favorits written by Sir Robert Naunton ...Naunton, Robert, Sir, 1563-1635.A52673EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account from the children of light (to them that askes) in several particulars why we have been kept from joyning to, or worshipping in those formes at law, and formes of worships, that have been imposed upon us against our consciences, in these late years, for denying whereof, we have so deeply suffered, with our lives, liberties, and estates. : Also what we owne as to those things, and can be obedient to for conscience sake, according to truth, and the practise of the church of Christ, and the Scriptures.Naylor, James, 1617?-1660.A52677EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blatant beast muzzl'd, or, Reflexions on a late libel entituled, The secret history of the reigns of K. Charles II and K. James IIN. N.A52689EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Grand impostor examined, or, The life, tryal and examination of James Nayler the seduced and seducing Quaker : with the manner of his riding into Bristol.A52692EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Milk for babes: and meat for strong men A feast of fat things; wine well refined on the lees. O come young men and maidens, old men and babes, and drink abundantly of the streams that run from the fountain, that you may feel a well-spring of living water in yourselves, springing up to eternal life; that as he lives (even Christ Jesus) from whence all the springs do come, so you may live also, and partake of his glory that is ascended at the right hand of the Father, far above principalities and powers. Being the breathings of the Spirit through his servant James Naylor, written by him in the time of the confinement of his outward man in prison, but not published till now.Naylor, James, 1617?-1660.A52705EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from a gentleman in the city to a gentleman in the country, about the odiousness of persecution wherein the rise and end of the penal laws for religion in this kingdom, are consider'd : occasioned by the late rigorous proceedings against sober dissenters, by certain angry justices in the country.A. N.A52706EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A psalm of thanksgiving to God for his mercies, by James Naylor, published by him after his fall, 1659Naylor, James, 1617?-1660.A52712EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The best way of disposing of hammer'd money and plate as well for the advantage of the owners thereof, as for raising one million of money, in (and for the service of) the year 1697. By way of a lottery.Neale, Thomas, d. 1699?A52728EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fourteen hundred thousand pound, made into one hundred forty thousand bills, of ten pound apiece, to be given out for so much, as occasion requires, and to be paid as chance shall determine in course, out of 1515000 l. to be raised on a duty on malt, the odd 115000 l. being left to be only made use of to pay interest, premium and chargeNeale, Thomas, d. 1699?A52729EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The national land-bank, together with money so composed, as not only to be easie understood, and easily practiced, but more capable also of supplying the government with any sum of money in proportion to what fund shall be settled: as likewise, the free-holder with money at a more moderate interest, than if such bank did consist of money alone without land.Neale, Thomas, d. 1699?A52730EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A profitable adventure to the fortunate, and can be unfortunate to none. Being a proposal for raising one million of money, by setling a fund of one hundred and forty thousand pounds per annum for fifteen years only for it.Neale, Thomas, d. 1699?A52731EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proposal concerning the coinNeale, Thomas, d. 1699?A52732EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proposal for amending the silver coins of England, and the possibility of it, without any great charge to the nation. Demonstrated in two different ways.Neale, Thomas, d. 1699?A52733EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proposal for raising a million on a fund of interest by setling one hundred thousand pounds yearly, to pay 8 per cent. for one million two hundred thousand pounds, of which the King to have a million.Neale, Thomas, d. 1699?A52734EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To preserve the East-India tradeNeale, Thomas, d. 1699?A52735EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A translation of the articles established by the most excellent magistracy of revisors and regulators of the publick revenue in the exchequer at Venice and approved by the Senate the 5th of March, 1693 in matter of erecting a profitable adventure for the fortunate of one hundred and fifty thousand tickets or bolletines of two ducats each : March the 9th, 1693.Neale, Thomas, d. 1699?A52736EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Near Charing Cross, over against Northumberland (alias Suffolk) House, at a turners house, nigh the Golden Lyon Tavern, is to be seen the wonder of this present ageA52741EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of the Common-wealth of England stated, or, The equity, utility, and necessity of a submission to the present government cleared out of monuments both sacred and civill, against all the scruples and pretences of the opposite parties, viz. royallists, Scots, Presbyterians, Levellers : wherein is discovered severally the vanity of their designes, together with the improbability of their successe and inconveniences which must follow (should either of them take effect) to the extreme prejudice of the nation : two parts : with a discourse of the excellencie of a free-state above a kingly-government / by Marchamont Nedham, Gent.Nedham, Marchamont, 1620-1678.A52748EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great accuser cast down, or, A publick trial of Mr. John Goodwin of Coleman-street, London, at the bar of religion & right reason it being a full answer to a certain scandalous book of his lately published, entituled, The triers tried and cast, &c. whereupon being found guilty of high scandal and malediction both against the present authority, and the commissioners for approbation and ejection, he is here sentenced and brought forth to the deserved execution of the press / by Marchamont Nedham, Gent.Nedham, Marchamont, 1620-1678.A52757EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most pithy exhortation delivered in an eloquent oration to the watry generation aboard their admirall at Graves-End, by the Right Reverend, Mr. Hugh Peters, doctor of the chair for the famous university of Whitehall, and Chaplain in Ordinary to the high and mighty K. Oliver, the first of that name as it was took, verbatim, in short hand (when he delivered it) / by Mercurius Pragmaticus.Nedham, Marchamont, 1620-1678.A52761EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter from Oxford concerning Mr. Samuel Johnson's late bookA52764EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Neighbours farewel to his friendsA52776EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lives of illustrious men written in Latin by Cor. Nepos and done into English by several hands.Nepos, Cornelius.A52789EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A key (with the whip) to open the mystery & iniquity of the poem called, Absalom & Achitophel shewing its scurrilous reflections upon both king and kingdom.Ness, Christopher, 1621-1705.A52813EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of war by the States-General against the French, Hague, March 12, 1689United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A52829EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An extract of the registers of the resolutions of the high and mighty Lords, the States General of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, Thursday the 14th, October, 1688United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A52832EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Extract of the States General their resolution Thursday, 28th October, 1688.United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A52833EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The letter sent by the States-General of the United Provinces of the Low Countreys to His Majesty, by their Trumpeter together with His Majesties answer to the said letter / translated out of French into English.United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A52836EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lords Ambassadours of the States Gernerall of the Netherlands their propositions unto the honourable Houses of Parliament; as they were in French presented unto the right honourable the Lord Grey of Warke, &c. Speaker of the Lords House, and the right worshipfull William Lenthall esquire, Speaker of the House of Commons the fourteenth of this instant March, 1643.A52839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reply of the States Generall of the United Provinces of the Low Countrys, to the letter of the King of Great BrittainUnited Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A52842EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Isle of Pines, or, A late discovery of a fourth island near Terra Australis Incognita by Henry Cornelius van Sloetten.Neville, Henry, 1620-1694.A52852EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A parliament of ladies with their lawes newly enacted.Neville, Henry, 1620-1694.A52854EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Plato redivivus, or, A dialogue concerning government wherein, by observations drawn from other kingdoms and states both ancient and modern, an endeavour is used to discover the present politick distemper of our own, with the causes and remedies ...Neville, Henry, 1620-1694.A52855EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The New academy of complements erected for ladies, gentlewomen, courtiers, gentlemen, scholars, souldiers, citizens, country-men, and all persons, of what degree soever, of both sexes : stored with variety of courtly and civil complements, eloquent letters of love and friendship : with an exact collection of the newest and choicest songs à la mode, both amorous and jovial / compiled by the most refined wits of this age.A52865EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New advice to a painter poetical essay describing the last sea-engagement with the Dutch, May the 28th, 1673 / by an eye-witness.Eye witness.A52869EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The new and better art of agriculture This humble and faithful memorial I do most humbly and faithfully dedicate and present to his most sacred Majesty Charles the second, King of England, &c. ...Dymock, Cressy.A52870EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The New and strange imprisonment of the people called Quakers in the city of Bristol, by nailing them up in their meeting-house the 7th of the third month, called May, 1682 and the result of the tryal, upon the pretence of a riot against them : signified by persons of credit, and immediate sufferers in the said city : to be added to their late distressed case.A52873EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The New art of thriving, or, The Way to get and keep money being a seasonable caution against the extravagoncies of these times : containing sixteen excellent rules and observations for promoting good husbandry, and banishing idleness and profuseness, the certain parents of poverty, with a table of expences : principally intended for an admonition to youth, but necessary to be practised by all persons in these hard times, and to be set up in every family.A52879EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new ballad, being a comparison between one that cut off his own nose, and another that cut his own throat to gain renown tune of Hang sorrow, cast away care, &c.A52881EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new ballad from Whigg-Land to the tune of Heigh boys up go we.A52882EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new ballad, intituled, a warning to youth shewing the lewd life of a merchants son of London, and the misery that at the last he sustained by hes riotousnesse. The tune is, the Lady Darcy.A52883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New ballad of the souldier and Peggy to a new northern tune.A52884EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A rich treasure at an easie rate: or, The ready way to true content A short and pleasant discourse manifestly shewing how inconsistent riches is with piety usually, and how opposite poverty is often. Together with the happy agrement and conjunction of honest labour, real godliness, and soul-content. By N. D.Parsons, Robert, 1546-1610.A52885EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New ballad shewing how a Prince of England loved the Kings daughter of France and how the Prince was disasterously slain, and how the aforesaid Princess was afterwards married to a forester : the tune is Crimson velvet.A52887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new ballad to the praise of James D. of Monmouth He once was great, and to this land did bring triumphant bays and lautel [sic] to his King.A52888EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New ballad to the tune of I'll tell thee, Dick, &c.A52889EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New ballad upon Dr. Oates his retreat from White-Hall into the city to the tune of I'le tell thee Dick where I have been.A52890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New ballad upon the land-bank, or, Credit restored to the tune of All for love and no money.A52891EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New ballad upon the present conspiracy of the papists sung by Belzebub, at a merry-meeting of the devils.A52892EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New ballad, with the definition of the word ToryA52893EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The new Catholick ballad, to the tune of Chivy-chaceA52901EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jesuita vapulans, or, A whip for the fools back and a gag for his foul mouth in a just vindication of sixteen noble peers of the realm petitioning His Majesty.C. N.A52904EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New copy of verses call'd The heiress's lamentation, or, Pity too late to the tune of The torments of a long dispair.A52906EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New engagement, or, Manifesto wherein is declared the sence and resolution of many thousands of well-affected people in and about London, and some adjacent counties (viz. Kent, Hartford, Buckingham, and Berks, &c.)A52920EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New-England's ensigne it being the account of cruelty, the professors pride, and the articles of their faith, signified in characters written in blood, wickedly begun, barbarously continued, and inhumanly finished (so far as they have gone) by the present power of darkness possest in the priests and rulers in New-England ... : this being an account of the sufferings sustained by is in New-England (with the Dutch) the most part of it in these two last yeers, 1657, 1658 : with a letter to Iohn Indicot, Iohn Norton, Governor, and chief priest of Boston, and another to the town of Boston : also, the several late conditions of a friend upon the Road-Iland, before, in, and after distraction : with some quæries unto all sorts of people, who want that which we have, &c. / vvritten at sea, by us whom the vvicked in scorn calls Quakers, in the second month of the yeer 1659 ; this being a confirmation of so much as Francis Howgill truly published in his book titled, The Popish inquisition newly erected in New-England, &c.A52921EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A new-fashioned marigold.] Or, a dainty new-fashion devised for Tom Stitch the tailorA52925EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new letter from London-Derry giving a farther account of the late good success, obtain'd by the protestants in Ireland, against the French and Irish papists: with the speech of that reverend divine, and protestant champion, Mr. VValker, to the soldiers of that garrison, before they made that last great sally upon the enemy.A52931EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new narrative of a gent. of Grays Inn, relating to Mr. Turbervill's last narrative concerning the horrid Popish-PlotGent. of Grays Inn.A52939EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New narrative of the old plot. A song: to the tune of Russels Farewel.A52940EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The figure of six containing these six things : wit, mirth, pleasure, pretty observations, new conceits, and merry jests : When dayes are long, this figure may help you to passe the time away, and it wil breed you much delight to passe away the winters night.D. N.A52951EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new petition to the Kings most Excellent Majesty the humble petition of the knights, gentry, free-holders, of the county of Yorke who have subscribed hereto : presented to His Majesty at Yorke, April 30, 1642, desiring a happy union betwixt the King and Parliament.A52952EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New play called Canterburie his change of diot which sheweth variety of wit and mirth : privately acted neare the Palace-yard at Westminster : [w]ith 1. act, the Bishop of Canterbury having variety of dainties, is not satisfied till he be fed with tippets of mens eares : 2. act, he hath his nose held to the grinde-stone : 3. act, he is put into a bird cage with the confessor : 4. act, the jester tells the King the story.A52953EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New plots discovered against the Parliament and the peace of the kingdome in two letters, the one sent from the Marquis of Hartford to Sir Ralph Hopton the other sent from Sir Ralph Hopton to the said Marquis : also an exact relation of the treachery of Master Mountague kinsman to the Lord Privie Seale who, notwithstanding His Excellence had commanded the contrary, delivered Banbury to the cavaliers without resistance : also declaring how the Kings Maiesty in his owne person caused the inhabitants to be disarmed, imprisoning the baylisse and other well-affected persons.Somerset, William Seymour, Duke of, 1588-1660.A52957EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new poem on the dreadful death of the Earl of Essex, who cut his own throat in the Tower by the Embroyan-fancy of anti-Jack Presbyter.Embroyan-fancy of anti-Jack Presbyter.A52959EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New poems upon the death of that eminent servant of God and truly pious and learned minister of the Gospel, Mr. Stephen Charnock who departed this life July 27, 1680 / by a lover of all those who are lovers of the truth.Lover of all those who are lovers of the truth.A52960EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New Presbiterian ballad to the old tune of The clean contrary wayA52966EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New prophecy of several strange and wonderful revolutions that shall happen to the kingdom of England in or about an hundred years hence to a new playhouse tune.A52968EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New propositions propounded at the Kings royall court at Holmby, betwixt the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, and Mr. Marshall and Mr. Caryll concerning the presbyteriall government, the Booke of Common-Prayer, and the directory : also His Majesties severall reasons, concerning episcopacy, and Mr. Marshalls reply for the cleering His Majesties objections : together with divers remarkable passages of the Commissioners of the kingdome of Scotland, propounded to His Majesty for his royall assent to the propositions, and signing the Covenant : with another message from His Majesty at Holmby, to both Houses of Parliament.A52970EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New Scotch ballad call'd Bothwell-Bridge, or, Hamilton's hero, to the tune of Fortune my foe.A52976EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The new Scotch-jigg: or, The bonny cravat Johnny wooed Jenny to tye his cravat; but Jenny perceiving what he would be at, with delayes put him off, till she found out his mind; and then afterwards she proved more kind: at length both parties were well agreed, and went to the kirck to be wed with all speed. Tune of, Jenny come tye my, &c.A52977EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New Scotch whimA52978EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new session of the poets occasion'd by the death of Mr. Dryden / by a person of honour.Person of honour.A52979EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New song being a second part to the same tune of Lillibulero &c.A52980EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New song, being the Tories imploration for protection against the Whiggs to an excellent new Scotch tune.A52981EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new song, being the Tories imploration for protection against the Whiggs To an excellent new Scotch tune.A52982EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New song between Whig and Tory to the tune, Some say the papists had a plot.A52983EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New song called The lover's tragedy, or, Parents cruelty to the tune of Charon make hast and carry me over.A52985EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New song lately come from Ireland to the tune of Cavaleiro-man.A52986EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new song of a new wonder in the northA52987EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New song of an orange, to that excellent old tune of A pudding, &c.A52989EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New song on King William & Queen Mary to the tune of Joy to great Cæsar.A52990EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new song of the misfortunes of an old whore and her bratsA52991EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New song on the arrival of Prince George and his intermarriage with the Lady Ann : to the tune of, Old Jenny.A52992EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New song on the strange and wonderful groaning boardA52994EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New song to the tune of A beggar I will be &c.A52995EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new song, to the tune of, the granadeers marchA52996EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new systeme of the Apocalypse, or, Plain and methodical illustrations of all the visions in the Revelation of St. Iohn written by a French minister in the year 1685. and finisht but two days before the dragoons plunderd him of all, except this treatise ; to which is added, this author's Defence of his illustrations, concerning the non-effusion of the vials, in answer to Mr. Jurieu ; faithfully Englished.French minister.A52999EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Nevv-thing of nothing, or, A Song made of nothing, the newest in print he that seriously mindes it will find something in't.A53002EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New-years gift being a poem dedicated to the lasting memory of that worthy and learned Dr. Titus Oats, the first discoverer of the Popish Plott to destroy the sacred person of His Majesty, and to extirpate the Protestant religion.A53007EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New-years-gift for the rumpA53015EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new-years-gift for the tories, alias rapperrees, alias petitioners of London Representing, in a few particulars, a comparison of the administration of some publick affairs (especially in the City) in the mayoralty of Sir Thomas Pilkington, the present lord mayor, with the administration in the mayoralty of Sir John Moore, Sir William Pritchard, &c in the latter end of the reign of K. Charles II., and in the late K. James's reign.A53016EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New-years guift to the Templers on that eminent lawyer Sir Edmund Saunders his being chosen Lord Chief-Justice of England, when ploting knaves from justice fly away, then loyal templers shall come into play, when rogues, and traytors, dare not shew their face, then honest men again shall come in place, to the tune of, Joy to the bridegroom.A53020EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new-years-gift to the Tories, or, A few sober queries concerning them by an honest trimmer.Honest trimmer.A53021EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An act for restraining and punishing privateers and pyratesNew York (State)A53026EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Coppy of Generall Lesley's letter to Sir Iohn Svckling with Sir Iohn Sucklings answer to his letter.A53037EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter to Dr. Fowler vicar of St. Giles Cripplegate in answer to his late vindicatory preface by William Newbery & William Edmvnds.Newbery, William.A53040EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De vita et rebus gestis nobilissimi illustrissimique principis, Guilielmi ducis Novo-Castrensis, commentarii ab excellentissima principe, Margareta, ipsius uxore sanctissima conscripti ; et ex Anglico in Latinum conversi.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53042EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The description of a new world, called the blazing-world written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princesse, the Duchess of Newcastle.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ground of natural philosophy divided into thirteen parts : with an appendix containing five parts / written by the ... Dvchess of Newcastle.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53045EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life of the thrice noble, high and puissant prince William Cavendishe, Duke, Marquess and Earl of Newcastle ... written by the thrice noble, illustrious and excellent princess, Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle, his wife.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53046EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Natures picture drawn by fancies pencil to the life being several feigned stories, comical, tragical, tragi-comical, poetical, romanicical, philosophical, historical, and moral : some in verse, some in prose, some mixt, and some by dialogues / written by ... the Duchess of Newcastle.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53048EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations upon experimental philosophy to which is added The description of a new blazing world / written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princesse, the Duchess of Newcastle.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orations of divers sorts accommodated to divers places written by the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53051EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The naked truth, in an essay upon trade with some proposals for bringing the ballance on our side : humbly offered to the Parliament.Blanch, John, b. 1649 or 50.A53052EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The philosphical and physical opinions written by Her Excellency the Lady Marchionesse of Newcastle.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53055EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Philosophicall fancies. Written by the Right Honourable, the Lady Newcastle.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53057EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Philosophical letters, or, Modest reflections upon some opinions in natural philosophy maintained by several famous and learned authors of this age, expressed by way of letters / by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princess the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53058EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Playes written by the thrice noble, illustrious and excellent princess, the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53060EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems, and fancies written by the Right Honourable, the Lady Margaret Newcastle.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53061EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The naked truth of the distillers case humbly offered to the consideration of the honourable House of Commons, by a well=wisher to the distillers and the nation.Well-Wisher to the Distillers and the Nation.A53062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
CCXI sociable letters written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princess, the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53064EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The worlds olio written by the Right Honorable, the Lady Margaret Newcastle.Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.A53065EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The answer of His Excellency the Earle of Newcastle, to a late declaration of the Lord Fairefax dated the 8. of June, 1643.Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676.A53067EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer of the Right Honourable Earle of Newcastle, his excellency &c. to the six groundless aspersions cast upon him by the Lord Fairefax in his late warrant (here inserted) bearing date Feb. 2, 1642 by the Earl himselfe.Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676.A53069EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The country captaine and the Varietie, two comedies written by a person of honor ; lately presented by His Majesties servants at the Black-Fryars.Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676.A53070EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration made by the Earle of New-Castle, Governour of the towne and county of New-Castle, and generall of all His Majesties forces raised in the northerne parts of this kingdome, for the defence of the same for his resolution of marching into Yorkshire : as also a just vindication of himselfe from that unjust aspersion laid upon him for eutertaining [sic] some popish recusants in his forces : with other passages of consequence.Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676.A53072EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new method, and extraordinary invention, to dress horses, and work them according to nature as also, to perfect nature by the subtility of art, which was never found out, but by ... William Cavendishe ...Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676.A53074EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newcastle associators, or, The Trimmers loyalty being a true relation how several sanctified brethren were apprehended and found signing the association (several others having made their escapes) at the assizes at Newcastle, August 2, 1684 : to the tune of Ignoramus, or, Lay by your pleading.A53075EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from an old Common-Council-man to one of the new Common-Council for this present year 1682, for this honourable city of LondonD. N., Old Common-Council-man.A53079EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Newgate salutation, or, A dialogue between Sir W. W. and Mrs. CellierA53099EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Farewell myter, or, Canterbwies meditations and Wrenn's syllogismes also the divels moane for the discontent of his servants and assistants, and his epitaphs upon each of their burials : together with his chronicles for their hereafter memories, inserted the 13 day of the moneth Tridemiter, according to the infernall collateration ... / by Richard Newrobe.Newrobe, Richard.A53119EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from Dunkirk-House, or, Clarendon's farewell to England in his address to the right honourable the House of Peers, Decemb. 3, 1667 : which was afterwards, according to the sentence and judgement of both houses of Parliament, burnt by the hand of the common hangman, in the presence of the two sheriffs, with a great and signal applause of the people, Decemb. 12, 1667.A53130EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from Frost-Fair upon the river of Thames : being a description of the boths, tents, accomodations, frollicks, sports and humours of those innumerable crowd's of resorters, the like never before published : to the tune of Come from the temple to the bed, &c.A53133EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from Ireland, touching the damnable design of the papists in that kingdom to forge a sham-plott upon the Presbyterians being the declaration of William Smith Gent. maintaining his late evidence against St. Lawrence, a Popish priest, who would have suborn'd him to have sworn the same.Smith, William, 17th cent.A53145EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from Morefields, or, Wanton wag, or, Ione go to'tA53148EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevvs from Ostend, or, The Souldiers loving letter to his sweet- heart in London with her kind answer to the same ... : tune of, The Seamans adieu to his dear, or, Ile [sic] go to the captain, &c.A53152EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from Pannier-alley, or, A True relation of some pranks the devil hath play'd with a plaster-pot thereA53153EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevvs from St. John Street, being a strange and true relation of a monstrous creature vvhich was brought forth by a sovv, the like was never seen before. The skin of this monstrous creature is smooth, like the skin of a child, and hath a round scull, and the face of it is like the face of a monky, with the feet like a goat, with several other monstrosities throughout all the rest of the members. It is to be seen at the signe of the White-Hart the upper end of St. John's Street.A53159EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newes from Sally of a strange delivery of foure English captives from the slavery of the Turkes.A53160EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
News from sea or, the takeing of the cruel pirate, being a full and true relation how Captain Cewsicke, alias Dixon, alias Smith, an Irish-Pyrate took an English ship of 500. Tuns culled the Saint Anne, laden with deals from Norway belonging to Captain Shorter, and putting 18. Men that they found aboard into a small boat without food, compass or tackling, barbarously exposed them to the mercy of the sea, where they must certainly have perisht, had not a Dutch ship by Gods providence taken them up, and set them on shore in Norfolk, as also how they carried the said ship into Aberdeen in Scotland, and borrowed 219. pound on her ladeing where she was soon after seized, and the said pirate, and 13. of his men since taken neer Lee, and brought up to the Marshalseas in South-warke, where they now remain prisoners.A53162EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Letter of advice sent to the lord chancellors lady concerning His Lordships being taken at Rope and Anchor Ally in Wapping.A. O.A53164EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the Lady Wentworth gives out ... that she is ready and willing to ... go to a tryal at law, with the Lady Poole her sister, and the Countess of Newbrough, for and concerning a debt of 6000 l. due and owing to them ...A53168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations on the late famous tryal of Sir. G.W., Father Corker &c. together with the behaviour, confession, and execution of the six prisoners that suffered at Tyburn on Wednesday the 23th of this instant July, 1679.A53169EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations upon a paper intituled, Reasons humbly offered to this honourable House why a Bill pretended to give further powers to the Corporation for setting the poor of the city of London and liberties thereof to work, should not pass into a law.A53174EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gvlielmi Occhami, doctoris invincibilis et nominalium principis, Summa totius logicæWilliam, of Ockham, ca. 1285-ca. 1349.A53187EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialogue of polygamy, written orginally in Italian rendred into English by a person of quality ; and dedicated to the author of that well-known treatise call'd, Advice to a son.Ochino, Bernardino, 1487-1564.A53190EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pope's farwel, or, Queen Ann's dream containing a true prognostick of her own death : together with the extirpation of popery out of these realms by King Edward the 6th, but especially by Queen Elizabeth of ever-blessed memory : being translated out of a book written in her reign, and by her allowed to be printed / written originally in Latine verse by Mr. Christopher Ockland, and printed in the year 1582 ; together with some few remarques upon the late plot, or non-con-conspiracy.Ocland, Christopher, d. 1590?A53191EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ode upon the glorious and successful expedition of His Highness the Prince of Orange, now King of England, who landed Novemb. 5, 1688A53201EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Odes and elogies upon divine and moral subjectsA53202EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The poor mans physician the true art of medicine as it is prepared and administred for the healing of all diseases incident to mankind, by Thomas O Dowde Esq; one of the grooms of the chamber to his sacred Majesty King Charles the Second.O'Dowde, Thomas.A53204EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Warning or lanthorn to London, by the doleful destruction of faire Jerusalem whose misery and unspeakable plague doth most justly declare Gods heavy wrath and judgement for the sinns and wickedness of the people, except by repentance we call to God for mercy : to the tune of Brigandary. Of the horrible and woful destruction of Jerusalem, and the signes and tokens that were seen before it was destroyed, which destruction was after Christs ascension xlii years : to the tune of The Queens almaineA53206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Offertory presented at the funerals of the Right Honourable Edvvard Popham, admirall, &c.A53208EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
O rara show, a rara shight [sic]! a strange monster, (the like not in Europe) to be seen near Tower-hill, a few doors beyond the Lions Den.A53219EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Queries in order to the description of BritanniaOgilby, John, 1600-1676.A53237EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Queries in order to the description of BritanniaOgilby, John, 1600-1676.A53238EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A standing lottery of his own books design'd to be erected by the author, John Ogilby Esq., who hath in several years last past, printed and published at his own charge, several volumes of great value and beauty ...Ogilby, John, 1600-1676.A53240EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The translation of Homers Works into English verse being undertaken by John Ogilby translator of Virgil and paraphrasor on Æsop which work will be of greater charge then [sic] can be expected to be born by him; it being found by computation to amount to neer [sic] 5000 l. He herefore being desirous to spend his time and pains to bring that great and ancient poem into our English version; doth humbly propose to all honorable personages, encouragers of art and learning, an expedient for the publishing of the said work, as followeth.Homer.A53243EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Oglin of traytors including the illegal tryall of His Late Maiesty : with a catalogue of their names that sat as judges and consented to the judgment : with His Majesties reasons against their usurped power and his late speech : to which is now added the severall depositions of the pretended witnesses as it is printed in the French coppy : with the whole proceedings against Colonel J. Penruddock of Compton in Wilts and his speech before he dyed : as also the speech of the resolved gentleman, Mr. Hugo Grove of Chissenbury, Esquire, who was beheaded the same day, not before printed.A53246EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Viro admodum colendo quia doctissimo ac æque eruditissimo, tamque perantiquis majorum ceris, & imaginibus quam sua juxta virtute valde generoso Richardo Busbæo, S.T.B. et celeberrimæ per Britanniam Scholæ Westmonasteriensis archididascalo & philopono dignissimo Gulielmus Ogstonus SS. TD. hoc illi epitaphium successori & discipulo dudum Lamberti Osbolstoni consecrari voluit.Ogston, William.A53247EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Oh! how I sigh, when I think on the man, &c. Or, the amorous virgin; VVho never till this time, did fancy a man, but now she must love; let her do what she can. To a dainty new tune, much sung in the Duke of York's Play-house.A53248EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eben-ezer, or, A small monument of great mercy appearing in the miraculous deliverance of William Okeley, Williams Adams [brace] John Anthony, John Jephs, John ----, carpenter, from the miserable slavery of Algiers, with the wonderful means of their escape in a boat of canvas ... / by me William Okeley.Okeley, William.A53252EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and particular relation of the late victory obtained by Colonel Horton & Colonel Okey, against the VVelsh forces under Major Generall Langhorn expressed in a letter from Colonel Okey to a friend of his in London.Okey, John, d. 1662.A53255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Old cavalier to an excellent new tune.A53258EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Old Jemmy an excellent new ballad, to an excellent new tune, called Young Jemmy.A53261EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The old leaven purged out, or, The apostacy of this day further opened being a true and faithfull narrative of the orderly prooceedings [sic] and dealings of the lesser part of the congregation formerly walking with Mr. John Sympson, with and against severall souldiers of the army, who (being fallen in with the apostacy of this day, contrary to professed and declared principles, and the many out-goings of the Lord thereupon) are withdrawn and separated from, together with Mr. Sympson their chief abettor, and others, after neer two years labouring whilest while we were in the congregation, and neer two years more since : as also the true coppies of seven of the letters which Mr. Sympson wrote with his own hand, and sent to the congregation an answer to several objections that have been, or may be raised against printing and published the whole : all humbly presented to publique view, not in strife, vain-glory, or to be seen of men, but we hope out of conscience, to endeavor a recovering of the name of the Lord ...Hathorn, Humphrey.A53263EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The old maid mad for a husband or, The journey-man shooe-maker's favours turn'd to misfortunes At first she shew'd him much respect, likewise silver and gold; at length she did him quite neglect, because he kiss'd and told. To the tune of, A touch of the times. This may be printed, R.P.A53264EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New-England pleaded with, and pressed to consider the things which concern her peace at least in this her day, or, A seasonable and serious word of faithful advice to the churches and people of God, primarily those in the Massachusets Colony, musingly to ponder, and bethink themselves, what is the tendency, and what will cetainly be the sad issue, of sundry unchristian and crooked wayes which too too [sic] many have been turning aside unto, if persisted and gone on in delivered in a sermon preached at Boston in New-England, May 7, 1673, being the day of election there / by Urian Oakes ...Oakes, Urian, 1631-1681.A53265EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Old new true blew Protestant-plot, or, Five years sham-plots discovered in one true one to the tune of I told young-Jenny I lov'd her well.A53266EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Old nevves newly revived, or, The discovery of all occurences happened since the beginning of the Parliament as the confusion of patent the deputies death Canterburies imprisonment, secretary Windebank L. Finob, doctor Roane, Sir Iohn Sucklin and his associates flight the fall of wines, the desolation of doctors commons the misery of the papists, Judge Barckleyes imprisonment and the ruine of Alderman Abels monopoly : most exactly compiled in a short discourse between Mr. Inquiseive a countrey gentleman and Master Intelligencer a newes monger.Taylor, John, 1580-1653.A53267EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Old pudding-pye woman set forth in her colours, &c. ... to a rare new tune much in use, or, There was an old wife.A53269EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A seasonable discourse wherein sincerity & delight in the service of God is earnestly pressed upon professors of religion delivered on a publick fast at Cambridge in New-England, by the reverend and learned Urian Oakes, late pastor of the church there, and president of Harvard Colledge.Oakes, Urian, 1631-1681.A53273EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A table of silver weight Cast us at the rates of 5 s. 8 d. 5. s 4 d. and 5 s. 2 d. from half a quarter of an ounce, to an hundred thousand ounces. By Tho. Oldfield, at the Exchequer, Westminster. 1696.Oldfield, Thomas.A53276EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The works of Mr. John Oldham, together with his RemainsOldham, John, 1653-1683.A53278EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The soveraign efficacy of divine providence ... as delivered in a sermon preached in Cambridge on Sept. 10, 1677, being the day of artillery election there, by Mr. Urian Oakes...Oakes, Urian, 1631-1681.A53283EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The clarret drinkers song, or, The good fellows design by a person of quality.Oldham, John, 1653-1683.A53286EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Garnets ghost, addressing to the Jesuits, met in private Caball, just after the murther of Sir Edmund-Bury Godfrey written by the author of The satyr against virtue (not yet printed).Oldham, John, 1653-1683.A53287EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems, and translations by the author of the Satyrs upon the Jesuits.Oldham, John, 1653-1683.A53288EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The unconquerable, all-conquering, & more-then-conquering souldier, or, The successful warre which a believer wageth with the enemies of his soul as also, the absolute and unparalleld victory that he obtains finally over them through the love of God in Jesus Christ : as it was discussed in a sermon preached at Boston in New-England, on the day of the artillery-election there, June 3d., 1692 / by Urian Oakes ...Oakes, Urian, 1631-1681.A53292EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A satyr against vertueOldham, John, 1653-1683.A53297EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Satyrs upon the Jesuits written in the year 1679, upon occasion of the plot, together with the Satyr against vertue, and some other pieces by the same hand.Oldham, John, 1653-1683.A53298EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some new pieces never before publish'd by the author of the Satyrs upon the Jesuites.Oldham, John, 1653-1683.A53302EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Upon the marriage of the Prince of Orange with the Lady Mary.Oldham, John, 1653-1683.A53303EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In eruditissimos sacrorum bibliorum polyglottorum compilatores poema.Oldisworth, Giles, 1619-1678.A53306EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The voyages and travells of the ambassadors sent by Frederick, Duke of Holstein, to the Great Duke of Muscovy and the King of Persia begun in the year M.DC.XXXIII. and finish'd in M.DC.XXXIX : containing a compleat history of Muscovy, Tartary, Persia, and other adjacent countries : with several publick transactions reaching near the present times : in VII. books. Whereto are added the Travels of John Albert de Mandelslo (a gentleman belonging to the embassy) from Persia into the East-Indies ... in III. books ... / written originally by Adam Olearius, secretary to the embassy ; faithfully rendered into English, by John Davies.Olearius, Adam, 1603-1671.A53322EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of high misdemeanours humbly offer'd and presented to the consideration of His Most Sacred Majesty, and His Most Honourable Privy Councel, against Sir William Scrogs, Lord Chief-Justice of the Kings Bench, exhibited by Dr. Oats, and Captain Bedlow, together with His Lordships answer thereunto.Scroggs, William, Sir, 1623?-1683, defendant.A53337EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
July 18, 1671 on a tryal before the Lord Chief Justice Hales, between Nathaniel and John Letten, plaintiffs, and Leonar Moresco, widow defendant ...A53343EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
On the Most High and Mighty Monarch King James the II his exaltation on the throne of England : being an excellent new song : to the tune of Hark! the thundering cannons roar.A53357EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The only design of the Company of Fishermen, by the bill depending in the Honourable House of Commons, as far as relates to themselves is as follows ...A53377EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The only way of subscribing land so as to make it really useful, as well as for the supply of money to be now raised for the publick, as for the advantange of the subscribers of it, is to let it be enacted,A53379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The opinion of the judges upon the clause in the Act of 22 & 23 Car. II. Regis cap. 9. for giving no more costs than damages, delivered at Serjeants-Inn in Chancery-lane, London, in Trinity term. Anno 23. Ejusdem regisA53384EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The opinions of certaine reverend and learned divines concerning the fundamentall points of the true Protestant religion, and the right government of reformed churches Wherein is declared the plaine path-way to a godly and religious life. Published by authoritie.A53386EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The oracles for war: or, Great Britain admonish'd to maintain our ancient rights by dint of sword To a new play-house tune.A53389EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders conceived and published by the Lord Major and aldermen of the city of London, concerning the infection of the plagueCity of London (England). Court of Aldermen.A53403EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders to be observed at the coronation of the King and Queen, published by order of the Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England, &c.A53412EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Proposals to the Honourable House of Commons, humbly offered and presented; for the laying a tax upon raw hides, &c. By Richard Organ.Organ, Richard, fl. 1696.A53424EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from His Grace James, Duke of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in answer to the Right Honourable Arthur, Earl of Anglesey, Lord Privy-Seal, his observations and reflections upon the Earl of Castlehaven's Memoires concerning the rebellion of Ireland : printed from the original, with an answer to it by the Right Honourable the Earl of Anglesey.Ormonde, James Butler, Duke of, 1610-1688.A53438EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Lord [Li]eutenant Generall of Ireland. Ormonde. Whereas wee haue graunted our commissions of sequestrations of all the lands, tenements, goods and chattles of such persons as are now absent, ...Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1641-1649 : Ormonde)A53446EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Orphans caseA53449EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dr. Bentley's Dissertations on the Epistles of Phalaris, and the fables of Æsop, examin'd by the Honourable Charles Boyle, Esq.Orrery, Charles Boyle, Earl of, 1676-1731.A53450EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The answer of a person of quality to a scandalous letter lately printed and subscribed by P.W. intituled, A letter desiring a just and merciful regard of the Roman Catholicks of IrelandOrrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679.A53453EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
English adventures by a person of honour.Orrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679.A53456EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Guzman a comedy : acted at the Theatre-Royal / written by the ... Earl of Orrery.Orrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679.A53458EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Herod the Great a tragedy / written by the Right Honourable the Earl of Orrery.Orrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679.A53459EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Henry the Fifth ; and, The tragedy of Mustapha, son of Solyman the Magnificent as they were acted at His Highness the Duke of York's Theater / written by the Right Honourable the Earl of Orrery.Orrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679.A53462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Irish colours displayed in a reply of an English Protestant to a late letter of an Irish Roman Catholique : both address'd to His Grace the Duke of Ormond ...Orrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679.A53467EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Anthony a comedy, as it is acted by Their Majesty's servants / written by the Right Honourable the Earl of Orrery.Orrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679.A53468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Parthenissa, that most fam'd romance the six volumes compleat / composed by ... the Earl of Orrery.Orrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679.A53472EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems on most of the festivals of the church composed by the Right Honourable Roger, Earl of Orrery.Orrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679.A53475EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedy of Mustapha, the son of Solyman the Magnificent written by the Right Honourable the Earl of Orrery.Orrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679.A53477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the art of war dedicated to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty / and written by the Right Honourable Roger, Earl of Orrery.Orrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679.A53478EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two new tragedies ... both written by the Right Honourable the Earl of Orrery.Orrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679.A53480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Historical memoires on the reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King JamesOsborne, Francis, 1593-1659.A53490EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A miscellany of sundry essayes, paradoxes, and problematicall discourses, letters and characters; together with politicall deductions from the history of the Earl of Essex, executed under Queen Elizabeth. / By Francis Osborn Esquire.Osborne, Francis, 1593-1659.A53491EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Politicall reflections upon the government of the Turks ... by the author of the late Advice to a son.Osborne, Francis, 1593-1659.A53493EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ottoman gallantries, or, The life of the Bassa of Buda done out of French.A53505EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Alcibiades a tragedy, acted at the Duke's Theatre / written by Tho. Otway.Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685.A53507EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The atheist, or, The second part of The souldiers fortune acted at the Duke's Theatre / written by Tho. Otway.Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685.A53510EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Don Carlos Prince of Spain a tragedy, acted at the Duke's Theatre / written by Tho. Otway.Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685.A53511EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epilogue to Her Royal Highness, on her return from Scotland written by Mr. Otway.Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685.A53515EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The epilogue written by Mr. Otway to his play call'd Venice preserv'd or, A plot discover'd, spoken upon His Royal Highness the Duke of York's coming to the theatre, Friday, April 21. 1682.Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685.A53516EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history and fall of Caius Marius a tragedy, as it is acted at the Duke's Theatre / by Thomas Otway.Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685.A53517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The orphan, or, The unhappy-marriage a tragedy, as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's Theatre / written by Tho. Otway.Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685.A53521EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The poet's complaint of his muse, or, A satyr against libells a poem / by Thomas Otway.Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685.A53525EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The souldiers fortune a comedy, acted by Their Royal Highnesses servants at the Duke's Theatre / written by Thomas Otway.Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685.A53530EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Titus and Berenice, a tragedy acted at the Duke's Theatre : with a farce called The cheats of Scapin / by Tho. Otway.Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685.A53534EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Venice preserv'd, or, A plot discover'd a tragedy as it is acted at the Duke's Theatre / written by Thomas Otway.Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685.A53535EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Right Honourable the Lords spiritual and temporal, and to the Honourable the knights, citizens, and burgesses in this present Parliament assembled, the humble petition of Titvs Oates, D.D.Oates, Titus, 1649-1705.A53539EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Windsor castle, in a monument to our late-sovereign K. Charles II of ever blessed memory a poem / by Tho. Otway.Otway, Thomas, 1652-1685.A53540EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The extravagant poet. A comical novel, wherein is described his many pleasant follies. Translated out of French, by G.R. Gent.Oudin, César, d. 1625.A53541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copy of verses: presented to all my worthy masters and mistrisses in the town of Lambeth. By Thomas Ouldman, bell-man for that part of the parish.Ouldman, Thomas.A53556EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copy of verses, presented to all my loving masters and mistrisses, in the town of Lambeth. By Thomas Ouldman, bel-man for that part of the parish.Ouldman, Thomas.A53557EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copy of verses presented to all his loving masters and mistrisses, in the town of Lambeth, by Thomas Ouldman, bel-man.Ouldman, Thomas.A53558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copy of verses, humbly presented to all his worthy masters and mistrisses in the town of Lambeth. By Thomas Ouldman, belman.Ouldman, Thomas.A53559EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A copy of verses, humbly presented to all his worthy masters and mistrisses in the town of Lambeth. By Thomas Ouldman, bell-man.Ouldman, Thomas.A53560EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An out-cry of poets; or, a catalogue of wits to be sold by inch of can.dle [sic], or otherways The sale begining next Tuesday in the Piazza in Covent Garden, about nine of the clock in the morning, and will last till seven at night.Ouldman, Thomas.A53563EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ratiocinium vernaculum, or, A reply to Ataxiae obstaculum being a pretended answer to certain queries dispersed in some parts of Gloucester-shire.Overbury, Thomas, Sir, d. 1684.A53575EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and perfect account of the examination, confession, trial, condemnation and execution of Joan Perry, and her two sons, John and Richard Perry, for the supposed murder of Will. Harrison, Gent Being one of the most remarkable occurrences which hath happened in the memory of man. Sent in a letter (by Sir Thomas Overbury, of Burton, in the county of Gloucester, Knt. and one of His Majesty's justices of the peace) to Thomas Shirly, Doctor of physick, in London. Also Mr. Harrison's own account how he was conveyed to Turky, and there made a slave above 2 years, when his master (who bought him there) dying, he return'd to England; in the mean while, supposed to be murdered by his man-servant, who falsly accused his own mother and brother as guilty of the same, and were all three executed for it on Broadway-Hills, in Gloucestershire.Overbury, Thomas, Sir, d. 1684.A53577EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The witch of Endor, or, The witchcrafts of the Roman Jesebel in which you have an account of the exorcisms or conjurations of the papists, as they be set forth in their agends, benedictionals, manuals, missals, journals, portasses, which they use in their churches concerning the hallowing of the water, salt, bread, candles, boughs, fire, ashes, incense, pascal lamb, eggs, herbs, milk, honey, apples, wine, cheese, butter, new baked bread, flesh, font, marrying ring, pilgrims wallet, staff, cross, sword, &c. : proposed and offered to the consideration of all sober Protestants / by Titus Otes.Oates, Titus, 1649-1705.A53579EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Man wholly mortal, or, A treatise wherein 'tis proved, both theologically and philosophically, that as whole man sinned, so whole man died ... with doubts and objections answered and resolved, both by Scripture and reason ... : also, divers other mysteries, as of heaven, hell, the extent of the resurrection, the new-creation, &c. opened, and presented to the trial of better judgment. / by R.O.Overton, Richard, fl. 1646.A53583EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Chaucer's ghoast, or, A piece of antiquity containing twelve pleasant fables of Ovid penn'd after the ancient manner of writing in England, which makes them prove mock-poems to the present poetry : with the history of Prince Corniger and his champion Sir Crucifrag, that run a tilt likewise at the present historiographers / by a lover of antiquity.A53594EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ots's lamentation and a vision that appeared to him since his tryal over heard by one of his keepers in his chamber at the Kings Bench, a song to the tune of State and ambition.A53596EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ovid's epistles translated by several hands.Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D.A53606EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ovid's heroical epistles Englished by W.S.Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D.A53615EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Oath of allegianceA53645EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The oath of a free-man of the Company of Apothecaries, LondonSociety of Apothecaries, London.A53646EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An essay upon the nature and qualities of tea ... by J. Ovington ...Ovington, J. (John), 1653-1731.A53648EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bedydd plant or nefoedd, neu, Draethawd am natur a diben bedydd yn profi trwy ddeuddeg o resymmau scrythuraidd y dylid bedyddio plant y ffyddloniaid / o waith James Owen ......Owen, James, 1654-1706.A53657EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plea for Scripture ordination, or, Ten arguments from Scripture and antiquity proving ordination by presbyters without bishops to be valid by J.O. ... ; to which is prefixt an epistle by the Reverend Mr. Daniel Williams.Owen, James, 1654-1706.A53660EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Animadversions on a treatise intituled Fiat lux, or, A guide in differences of religion, between papist and Protestant, Presbyterian and independent by a Protestant.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53665EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief and impartial account of the nature of the Protestant religion its present state in the world, its strength and weakness, with the wayes and indications of the ruine or continuance of its publick national profession / by a Protestant.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53667EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief declaration and vindication of the doctrine of the Trinity as also of the person and satisfaction of Christ / accommodated to the capacity and use of such as may be in danger to be seduced, and the establishment of the truth by J. Owen.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53669EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief instruction in the worship of God, and discipline of the churches of the New Testament, by way of question and answer with an explication and confirmation of those answers.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53671EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief vindication of the non-conformists from the charge of schisme as it was managed against them in a sermon preached before the Lord Mayor by Dr. Stillingfleet, Dean of St. Pauls.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53674EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The church of Rome, no safe guide, or, Reasons to prove that no rational man, who takes due care of his own eternal salvation, can give himself up unto the conduct of that church in matters of religion by John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53677EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A continuation of the exposition of the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews viz, on the sixth, seventh, eight, ninth, and tenth chapters : wherein together with the explication of the text and context, the priesthood of Christ ... are declared, explained and confirmed : as also, the pleas of the Jews for the continuance and perpetuity of their legal worship, with the doctrine of the principal writers of the Socinians about these things, are examined and disproved / by J. Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53678EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning evangelical love, church-peace and unity with the occasions and reasons of present differences and divisions about things sacred and religious, written in the vindication of the principles and practise of some ministers and others.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53681EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning liturgies, and their impositionOwen, John, 1616-1683.A53684EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the work of the Holy Spirit in prayer with a brief enquiry into the nature and use of mental prayer and forms / by John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53685EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The doctrine of justification by faith through the imputation of the righteousness of Christ, explained, confirmed, & vindicated by John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53686EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The oath of every free-man of the city of LondonCity of London (England).A53687EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The doctrine of the saints perseverance, explained and confirmed, or, The certain permanency of their 1. acceptation with God & 2. sanctification from God manifested & proved from the 1. eternal principles 2. effectuall causes 3. externall meanes thereof ... vindicated in a full answer to the discourse of Mr. John Goodwin against it, in his book entituled Redemption redeemed : with some degressions concerning 1. the immediate effects of the death of Christ ... : with a discourse touching the epistles of Ignatius, the Episcopacy in them asserted, and some animadversions on Dr. H.H. his dissertations on that subject / by John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53688EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eshcol: a cluster of the fruit of Canaan; brought to the borders, for the encouragement of the saints, travelling thither-ward, with their faces towards Syon. Or, Rules of direction, for the walking of the saints in fellowship, according to the order of the Gospel. Collected and explained for the use of the Church at Coggeshall, by John Owen their pastor.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53689EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Exercitations concerning the name, original, nature, use, and continuance of a day of sacred rest wherein the original of the Sabbath from the foundation of the world, the morality of the Fourth commandment with the change of the Seventh day are enquired into : together with an assertion of the divine institution of the Lord's Day, and practical directions for its due observation / by John Owen.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Exercitations on the Epistle to the Hebrews also concerning the Messiah wherein the promises concerning him to be a spiritual redeemer of mankind are explained and vindicated, his coming and accomplishment of his work according to the promises is proved and confirmed, the person, or who he is, is declared, the whole oeconomy of the mosaical law, rites, worship, and sacrifice is explained : and in all the doctrine of the person, office, and work of the Messiah is opened, the nature and demerit of the first sin is unfolded, the opinions and traditions of the antient and modern Jews are examined, their objections against the Lord Christ and the Gospel are answered, the time of the coming of the Messiah is stated, and the great fundamental truths of the Gospel vindicated : with an exposition and discourses on the two first chapters of the said epistle to the Hebrews / by J. Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53696EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The glory and interest of nations professing the Gospel preached at a private fast, to the Commons assembled in Parliament / published by their command, by J. Owen.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53699EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gospel grounds and evidences of the faith of God's elect shewing : I. The nature of true saving faith, in securing of the spiritual comfort of believers in this life, is of the highest importance, II. The way wherein true faith doth evidence it self in the soul and consciences of believers, unto their supportment and comfort, under all their conflicts with sin, in all their tryals and temptations, III. Faith will evidence it self, by a diligent, constant endeavour to keep it self and all grace in due exercise, in all ordinances of divine worship, private and publick, IV. A peculiar way whereby true faith will evidence it self, by bringing the soul into a state of repentance / by John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53700EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A guide to church-fellowship and order according to the gospel-institution wherein these following particulars are distinctly handled, I. The necessity of believers to joyn themselves in church-order, II. The subject matter of the church, III. The continuation of a church-state, and of the administration of evangelical ordinances of worship, briefly vindicated, IV. What sort of churches the disciples of Christ may and ought to joyn themselves unto as unto entire communion / by ... John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53701EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An humble testimony unto the goodness and severity of God in his dealing with sinful churches and nations, or, The only way to deliver a sinful nation from utter ruine by impendent judgments, in a discourse on the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, Luk. 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 / by John Owen.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53702EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Indulgence and toleration considered in a letter unto a person of honour.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53703EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An enquiry into the original, nature, institution, power, order and communion of evangelical churches. The first part with an answer to the discourse of the unreasonableness of separation written by Dr. Edward Stillingfleet, Dean of Pauls, and in defence of the vindication of non-conformists from the guilt of schisme / by John Owen.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53704EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Meditations and discourses concerning the glory of Christ applyed unto unconverted sinners, and saints under spiritual decayes : in two chapters, from John XVII, xxiv / by the late Reverend John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53707EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Meditations and discourses on the glory of Christ, in his person, office, and grace with the differences between faith and sight applied unto the use of them that believe / by the late Reverend John Owen, D.D.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53708EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nature, power, deceit, and prevalency of the remainders of indwelling-sin in believers together with the wayes of its working and means of prevention opened, evinced, and applyed with a resolution of sundry cases of conscience thereunto appertaining.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53712EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of communion with God the Father, Sonne, and Holy Ghost, each person distinctly in love, grace, and consolation, or, The saints fellowship with the Father, Sonne, and Holy Ghost, unfolded by John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53713EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the mortification of sin in believers: the 1. Necessity, 2. Nature, and 3. Means of it. With a resolution of sundry cases of conscience thereunto belonging. By John Owen, D.D. a servant of Jesus Christ in the work of the Gospel.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53715EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ouranōn Ourania, the shaking and translating of heaven and earth a sermon preached to the Honourable House of Commons in Parliament assembled on April 19, a day set apart for extraordinary humiliation / by John Owen.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53716EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A peace-offering in an apology and humble plea for indulgence and liberty of conscience by sundry Protestants differing in some things from the present establishment about the worship of God.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53717EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Phronēma tou pneumatou, or, The grace and duty of being spiritually-minded declared and practically improved / by John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53719EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pneumatologia, or, A discourse concerning the Holy Spirit wherein an account is given of his name, nature, personality, dispensation, operations, and effects : his whole work in the old and new creation is explained, the doctrine concering it vindicated from oppositions and reproaches : the nature also and necessity of Gospel-holiness the difference between grace and morality, or a spiritual life unto God in evangelical obedience and a course of moral vertues, are stated and declared / by John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53720EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A practical exposition on the 130th Psalm wherein the nature of the forgiveness of sin is declared, the truth and reality of it asserted, and the case of a soul distressed with the guilt of sin and relieved by a discovery of forgiveness with God is at large discoursed / by John Owen.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53721EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The principles of the doctrine of Christ: unfolded in two short catechismes, wherein those principles of religion are explained, the knowledge whereof is required by the late ordinance of Parliament, before any person bee admitted to the sacrament of the Lords Supper. For the use of the congregation at Fordham, in the county of Essex. By John Owen pastor there.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53723EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reason of faith, or, An answer unto that enquiry, wherefore we believe the scripture to be the word of God with the causes and nature of that faith wherewith we do so : wherein the grounds whereon the Holy Scripture is believed to be the word of God with faith divine and supernatural, are declared and vindicated / by John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53726EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short and plain answer to two questions: I. Where was your religion before Luther? II. How know you the Scriuptures to be the word of God? By a Protestant.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53727EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some considerations about union among Protestants, and the preservation of the interest of the Protestant religion in this nationOwen, John, 1616-1683.A53728EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the dominion of sin and grace wherein sin's reign is discovered, in whom it is, and in whom it is not : how the law supports it, how grace delivers from it, by setting up its dominion the heart / by John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53731EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true nature of a Gospel church and its government ... by the late pious and learned minister of the Gospel, John Owen ...Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53732EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truth and innocence vindicated in a survey of a discourse concerning ecclesiastical polity, and the authority of the civil magistrate over the consciences of subjects in matters of religion.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53733EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two discourses concerning the Holy Spirit, and His work the one, Of the Spirit as a comforter, the other, As He is the author of spiritual gifts ... / by ... John Owen.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53734EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dr. John Owen's two short catechisms wherein the principles of the doctine of Christ are unfolded and explained : proper for all persons to learn before they be admitted to the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, and composed by him for the use of all congregations in general.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53735EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of some passages in a discourse concerning communion with God from the exceptions of William Sherlock, rector of St. George Buttolph-Lane / by the author of the said discourse, John Owen.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53736EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vindication of the Animadversions on Fiat lux wherein the principles of the Roman church, as to moderation, unity and truth are examined and sundry important controversies concerning the rule of faith, papal supremacy, the mass, images, &c. discussed / by John Owen.Owen, John, 1616-1683.A53737EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true way to loyalty a sermon preached by John Owen, chaplain to the Right Honourable Henry, Lord Grey of Ruthin.Owen, John, chaplain to Lord Grey of Ruthin.A53738EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
John Owen's Latine epigrams Englished by Tho. Harvey, Gent. ; dedicated by the author Mr. John Owen unto the Lady Mary Nevil, daughter of the Earl of Dorset.Owen, John, 1560?-1622.A53744EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Carol o gyngor yn galennig ir Cymru, 1658Owen, Matthew.A53747EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The oaths of allegiance & supremacy.A53749EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last trve intelligence from Ireland being a letter sent from Chester : dated the second of Aprill 1642 / from Mr. William Owen to a friend of his in London; in which is related the taking of Carreggmayne-Castle, seven miles south-east from Dublin from the rebels where Sir Simon Harcott was slaine being shott from the castle in the side, with a shanker bullet out of a long peeice; also Sergent Major Berry is mortally vvounded in the flank.Owen, William, 17th cent.A53754EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Oxforde as it now lyeth fortified by his Maties forces an. 1644A53764EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Civitas Oxon. A bill of all the burials from Friday the VIth of August to Satterday the XIVth anno Dom. 1641.Oxford (England : City)A53766EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The oath of every free-man of the City of Oxford.Oxford (England : City)A53767EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advertisements from the delegates of convocation for His Majesties reception for the leads of houses to deliver with great charge unto their companiesUniversity of Oxford.A53771EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advertisements from the delegates of convocation for his Majesties reception, for the heads of houses to deliver with great charge unto their companies.University of Oxford.A53772EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
At a meeting of the heads of houses. Mar. 22. 1688. Whereas the gowns, capps, and habits of all members of this University, are by the statutes of the same to be made and fashioned with all exactness possible, ...University of Oxford.A53775EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
At a meeting of the Vice-Chancellor of the heads of colleges and halls of the University of Oxford on the 25. day of November in the year of our Lord 1695University of Oxford.A53776EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the vice-chancellour and heads of houses whereas by the rude carriage of severall schollars in this university ... severall tumultuous disorders have been lately committed ... / signed in the name, and by the consent of the heads of houses, by Dan. Greenwood, vice-can.University of Oxford.A53777EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By order from Mr. Vice-Chancellour. These are to give notice that whereas Thomas Dye and John Fosset hath without licence from mee, and in contempt of the Chancellor, Masters and scholars of this University (to whom the ordering and governing of all carriers of what kind soever tradeing to or with the University and City of Oxford doth of right belong) ...University of Oxford.A53778EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By order from Mr. Vice-Chancellor. VVhereas complaint has been brought to me of several disorders committed in and about the new tenis-court, where His Royall Highness the Duke of York's servants now act; ...University of Oxford.A53779EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By order from Mr. Vice-Chancellor. VVhereas Thomas Dye and John Fosset, have without licence from mee, and in contempt of the Chancellor, Masters and scholars of this University (to whom the ordering and governing of all carriers of what king soever, trading to or with the University and City of Oxford, doth of right belong) ...University of Oxford.A53781EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By order from Mr. Vice-Chancellor. VVhereas Thomas Dye and John Fosset, have without licence from mee, and in contempt of the Chancellor, Masters and scholars of this University (to whom the ordering and governing of all carriers of what king soever, trading to or with the University and City of Oxford, doth of right belong) ...University of Oxford.A53782EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A certificat in order to the collecting and reporting the state of the present English free-schools.University of Oxford.A53788EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Doctors in all faculty's appointed to meet the KingUniversity of Oxford.A53794EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
John Nicholas, Doctor in Divinity, and Vice-Chancellour of the University of Oxford, to all persons, whom it may concern, greeting. ...University of Oxford. Vice-chancellor (1677-1679 : Nicholas)A53806EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Marmora Oxoniensia ex Arundellianis, Seldenianis, aliisque conflata recensuit & perpetuo commentario explicavit Humphridus Prideaux ... ; appositis ad eorum nonnulla Seldeni & Lydiati annotationibus accessit Sertorii Ursati Patavini De notis Romanorum commentarius.Prideaux, Humphrey, 1648-1724.A53812EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vice-chancellour and heads of houses, with the rest of the delegates, reflecting upon, and taking into consideration the disturbances, disorderly carriages, and incivilities of many younger scholars of this university in publike meetings ...University of Oxford.A53815EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ordered by the lord chancellour and visitours of this university, that no fellow, demy, scholler, chaplaine, clerke, chorister, officer, servant or member of Magdalen Colledge shall enjoy any benefit of their respective places or any of them, untill they give satisfaction to the visitours of this universityUniversity of Oxford.A53816EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders agreed upon by the heads of houses for the preventing and quenching of fireUniversity of Oxford.A53817EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders concerning the rates and demands of carriers and their porters, for goods brought and conveyed betwixt the University of Oxford, and city of LondonUniversity of Oxford.A53818EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders for the reception of the most illustrious James, Duke of Ormond, &c. and chancellor of the University of Oxford agreed upon by the vice-chancellor and delegates to be communicated to the heads of houses, and by them to their respective companies.University of Oxford.A53819EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders to be observed while His Majestie, or the two Houses of Parliament continue in Oxford agreed upon by the vice-chancellor and delegates, to be communicated to the heads of houses, and by them to their respective companies.University of Oxford.A53821EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Octob: 21. 1667. Prizes of wines set and appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, according to which they are to be sold rateably in all measures. ...University of Oxford.A53856EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prizes of wines set and appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, according to which they are to be sold rateably in all measures, from and after the twenty seventh day of this instant February 1673.University of Oxford.A53857EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir, I do most earnestly desire you to assist me in removing the neglect of wearing the University habits at solemn meetings according to the statutes ...University of Oxford.A53865EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Univers. Oxon ss. These are in His Majesties name to require you and of you to make your peronal appearance before us whose names are hereunto subscribed ...University of Oxford.A53874EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To [ ] being by us approved and appointed collectors of the moneys due to His Majesty by virtue of a late act of Parliament, intituled, An act for the raising money by a poll, and otherwise to enable His Majesty to enter into an actual war against the French King, and for prohibiting several French commodities.University of Oxford.A53875EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Verses by the University of Oxford on the death of the most noble and right valiant Sir Bevill Grenvill, alias Granvill, Kt. who was slain by the rebells at the battle on Lansdown-Hill near Bathe, July the 5, 1643.University of Oxford.A53879EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
August 24, 1661. The vice-chancellour and major, respectively, in His Majesties name, doe streightly charge and command ...University of Oxford.A53881EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Letter from a gentleman in London to his friend in the countrey, on the occasion of the late tryal of Stephen ColledgeA53892EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
No necessity of reformation of the publick doctrine of the Church of England. By John Pearson, D.D.Pearson, John, 1613-1686.A53894EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
V. cl. Johannis Pearsonii, S. T. P. Cestriensis nuper Episcopi, Opera posthuma chronologica, &c. viz., De serie et successione primorum Romæ episcoporum dissertationes duæ : quibus præfiguntur Annales Paulini et Lectiones in Acta Apostolorum : singula prælo tradidit edenda curavit & dissertationis novis additionibus auxit H. Dodwellus ... : cujus etiam accessit De eadem successione usque ad annales cl. Cestriensis Cyprianicos dissertation singularis.Pearson, John, 1613-1686.A53895EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The patriarchal funeral, or, A sermon preached before the Right Honourable George Lord Berkeley upon the death of his father by John Pearson.Pearson, John, 1613-1686.A53897EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Promiscuous ordinations are destructive to the honour & safety of the Church of England (if they should be allowed in it). Written in a letter to a person of quality.Pearson, John, 1613-1686.A53898EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached November V, MDCLXXIII, at the Abbey-Church in Westminster by John, Lord Bishop of Chester.Pearson, John, 1613-1686.A53899EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vindiciae epistolarum S. Ignatii autore Joanne Pearson ... ; accesserunt Isaaci Vossii Epistolae duae adversus David Blondellum.Pearson, John, 1613-1686.A53901EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of chronical diseases viz. the colick, the bilious colick, hysterick diseases, the gout, and the bloody urine from the stone in the kidnies / by J. Pechey ...Pechey, John, 1655-1716.A53910EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The compleat herbal of physical plants containing all such English and foreign herbs, shrubs and trees as are used in physick and surgery ... : the doses or quantities of such as are prescribed by the London-physicians and others are proportioned : also directions for making compound-waters, syrups simple and compound, electuaries ... : moreover the gums, balsams, oyls, juices, and the like, which are sold by apothecaries and druggists are added to this herbal, and their irtues and uses are fully described / by John Pechey ...Pechey, John, 1655-1716.A53912EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The compleat midwife's practice enlarged in the most weighty and high concernments of the birth of man containing a perfect directory or rules for midwives and nurses : as also a guide for women in their conception, bearing and nursing of children from the experience of our English authors, viz., Sir Theodore Mayern, Dr. Chamberlain, Mr. Nich. Culpeper ... : with instructions of the Queen of France's midwife to her daughter ... / by John Pechey ... ; the whole illustrated with copper plates.Pechey, John, 1655-1716.A53913EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A general treatise of the diseases of infants and children collected from the best practical authors by John Pechey ...Pechey, John, 1655-1716.A53914EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A general treatise of the diseases of maids, bigbellied women, child-bed-women, and widows together with the best methods of preventing or curing the same / by J. Pechey ...Pechey, John, 1655-1716.A53915EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The London dispensatory, reduced to the practice of the London physicians wherein are contain'd the medicines, both Galenical and chymical, that are now in use ... / by John Pechey ...Pechey, John, 1655-1716.A53916EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plain and short treatise of an apoplexy, convulsions, colick, twisting of the guts, mother fits, bleeding at nose ... and several other violent and dangerous diseases ... : shewing the sick or by-standers what ought presently to be done : together with proper remedies for each disease and plain directions for the use of them / by J. Pechey ...Pechey, John, 1655-1716.A53917EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The store-house of physical practice being a general treatise of the causes and signs of all diseases afflicting human bodies : together with the shortest, plainest and safest way of curing them, by method, medicine and diet : to which is added, for the benefit of young practicers, several choice forms of medicines used by the London physicians / by John Pechey ...Pechey, John, 1655-1716.A53921EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The kernell of Christianity containing a short, yet full summe of our communion with Christ. By Francis Peck Mr of Arts, minister of the Word and pastor at Hartford. Imprimatur Iohn Downame.Peck, Francis, d. 1651.A53922EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the funeral of Sir Henry Johnson, Kt. who was interr'd in the chappel at Popler, November the 19th. 1683 / by Samuel Peck ...Peck, Samuel.A53926EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to Balam's ass, or, Momus catechised in answer to a certaine scurrilous and abusive scribler, one John Heydon, author of Advice to a daughter / by T.P., Gent.Pecke, Thomas, b. 1637.A53929EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Most High and Mighty Monarch, Charles the II, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defender of the faith Thomas Pecke of the Inner Temple, Esq. wisheth an affluence of both temporal and eternal felicity, and most humbly devoteth this heroick poem in honour of His Majesties establishment in the throne of his ancestours.Pecke, Thomas, b. 1637.A53930EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise proving Scripture to be the rule of faith writ by Reginald Peacock ... before the Reformation, about the year MCDL.Pecock, Reginald, 1395?-1460?A53931EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sound doctrine, or, The doctrine of the Gospel about the extent of the death of Christ being a reply to Mr. Paul Hobson's pretended answer to the author's Fourteen queries and ten absurdities : with a brief and methodicall compendium of the doctrine of the Holy Scriptures ... : also of election and reprobation ... : whereunto is added the fourteen queries and ten absurdities pretended to be answered by Mr. Paul Hobson, but are wholly omitted in his book.W. P. (William Pedelsden)A53932EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Pedigree of popery, or, The genealogie of AntichristA53933EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Heart-sick, wounded England and Ireland healed and saved now, not too good news to be true, by the appearance of an old man, a state-physitian, discovering all (or at least, very many) of its epidemical diseases, by prescribing and applying, not hurtful, poysonous, dear, forreign, French, fraudulent drugs, but wholesome, sound, cheap, faithful, domestick, English simples.Peisley, Jeremiah.A53939EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The apostate Protestant a letter to a friend, occasioned by the late reprinting of a Jesuites book about succession to the crown of England, pretended to have been written by R. Doleman.Pelling, Edward, d. 1718.A53949EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sheepherd's new kalender: or, The citizens & country man's daily companion treating of most things that are useful, profitable, delightful, and advantageous to mankind. Being the thirty years study, and experience, of a learned sheepherd in the west of England.C.P.A53977EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New propositions propounded by the Earle of Pembrook, the Earle of Northumberland, the Earle of Essex, and the Earle of Holland ; to the lord major, aldermen, and common councell of the city in Guild Hall, on Saturday being the 11 day of June, 1642 ; in the behalfe of all the Commons in England ; whereunto is annexed many remarkeable passages with the numbers of horse that they have underwrit ; together with the substance of a letter sent from Holland ; wherein is declared that there are many hundreds of carbines, 3000 great saddles, 300 barrels of powder, 8 pieces of ordnance which is conceived to be bought with part of the money borrowed upon the jewels of the crowne, and to be transported to England ; also a declaration from both Houses of Parliament concerning the ordering of the militia, directed to the deputy lievtenants of the respective counties throughout all England and Dominion of Wales.A54000EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tvvo speeches made in the House of Peeres, on Munday the 19th. of December, for, and against accomodation. The one by the Earl of Pembroke, the other by the Lord Brooke. The latter printed by the desire of the House of CommonsClarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674.A54001EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A just rebuke to one & twenty learned and reverend divines (so called) being an answer to an abusive epistle against the people call'd Quakers subscrib'd by : Thoman Manton, Thomas Jacomb, John Yates, John Sheffield, Anthony Palmer, Thomas Cole, Thomas Doelittel, Richard Baxter, William Cooper, George Griffith, Matthew Barker, John Singleton, Andrew Parsons, Richard Mayo, Thomas Gouge, William Jenkyn, Thomas Watson, Benjamin Needler, William Carslake, Stephen Ford, Samuel Smith / by William Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54003EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pendragon, or, The carpet knight his kalendarA54012EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A modest detection of George Keith's (miscalled) Just vindication of his earnest expostulation published by him as a pretended answer to a late book of mine, entituled, Some brief observations, &c. By E.P.Penington, Edward, 1667-1701.A54015EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ancient principle of truth, or, The light within asserted and held forth according to true experience and the faithful testimony of the Scriptures also an appeal to the witness of God in all consciences which is the more sure word of prophesie, the testimony of the Scriptures without, or the voice and testimony of the light and Spirit of God within in the heart / by Isaac Pennington.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54022EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to that common objection against the Quakers, that they condemn all but themselves with a loving and faithful advertisement to the nation and powers thereof.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54023EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The axe laid to the root of the old corrupt-tree, and the spirit of deceit struck at in its nature from whence all the error from the life, among both papists and Protestants hath arisen, and by which it is nourished and fed at this day, in a distinction between the faith which is of man, and the faith which is of God ... / by ... Isaac Penington the younger.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54024EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Concerning God's seeking out his Israel likewise concerning the principle of lief [i.e. life] whereby he seekth them and the way of their closing with his spirit therein : as also concerning the two covenants under one whereof he pleaseth to exercise and prepare them for the life and inheritance which he hath treasured up for them in the other : with a postscript relating some things necessary for lost man to be acquainted with in his travels from his lost estate / by Isaac Penington.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54025EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Concerning persecution: which is, the afflicting or punishing that which is good, under the pretence of its being evil. Which practice is contrary to the very nature of mankind (so far as it is drawn out of the corruption and depravation) which would be good and do good, and have good cherished, and evil suppressed, both in it self and others. ... Yet this unhappy error will always be committed in nations and governments, until the proper right and just liberty of men's consciences be discerned, acknowledged and allowed. Likewise, there are some answers given to that common objection, against affording conscience in its due liberty, because evil persons may pretend conscience to escape the just punishment of their evil deeds. With a brief account of that supposed stubbornes, which by man is objected against the people called Quakers. ... By Isaac Penington the younger.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54026EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Concerning the sum or substance of our religion, who are called Quakers, and the exercises and travels of our spirits thereinPenington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54028EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Concerning the worship of the living God which he teacheth Israel his people who know him to be the only true God, and the worship which he teacheth them, to be the only true spiritual worship with some questions and answers relating to conversion, and to tenderness of conscience.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54029EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Divine essays, or, Considerations about several things in religion of very deep and weighty concernment both in reference to the state of the present times, as also of the truth itself : with a lamenting and pleading postscript / by Isaac Penington (Junior) Esq.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54032EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The everlasting Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the blessed effects thereof testified to by experience : with a few words to England, my native country / by Isaac Penington.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54033EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The flesh & blood of Christ, both in the mystery and in the outward briefly, plainly, and uprightly acknowledged and testified to, for the satisfaction and benefit of the tender-hearted, who desire to experience the quickning, healing, and cleansing vertue of it : with A brief account concerning the people called Quakers in reference both to principle and doctrine : whereunto are added some few other things which by the blessing of God may be experimentally found useful to the true pilgrim and faithful travellers out of the nature & spirit of this world / written in true love and tenderness of spirit by Isaac Penington.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54035EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great and sole troubler of the times represented in a mapp of miserie, or, A glimpse of the heart of man which is the fountain from whence all misery flows, and the source into which it runs back. Drawn with a dark pencill, by a dark hand, in the midst of darkness.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54037EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great question concerning the lawfulnes or unlawfulnes of swearing under the gospel stated and considered of for the satisfaction of such as desire to scan the thing in the weight of God's spirit and to see the true and clear determination of it in his un-erring light / by Isaac Penington the younger.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54038EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An enquiry after truth and righteousness, and after the people whom the Lord establisheth and will establish therein in some queries on Isa. 58, and also on chapter 54.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54040EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Jew outward being a glasse for the professors of this age : wherein if they read with meekness... such of them as have not overslipt the day of their visitation, may see their own spirits to their own everlasting advantage and comfort by learning subjection to that which hath power in it to destroy this evil spirit in them : containing some exceptions and arguments of the Jews against Christs appearance in that fleshly form of his in their dayes which the present professors may view and compare with their exceptions and arguments against his appearance in spirit in this age, that they may see and consider which of them are the more and the more weighty / by Isaac Penington, the younger.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54041EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Many deep considerations have been upon my heart concerning the state of Israel both past, present, and to come, some of which I find drawings to communicate : together with some questions and answers concerning unity.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54042EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The New-Covenant of the gospel distingnished [sic] from the Old Covenant of the law and the rest or sabbath of believers, from the rest or sabbath of the Jews, which differ as much from each other, as the sign and shadow doth from the thing signified and shadowed out : in answer to some queries of W. Salters, tending to enforce upon Christians the observation of the Jewish sabbath ... whereto are added Some considerations propounded to the Jews, tending towards their conversion to that which is the life and spirit of the law / by Isaac Penington ...Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations on some passages of Lodowick Muggleton, in his interpretation of the 11th chapter of the Revelations as also on some passages in that book of his stiled, The neck of the Quakers broken, and in his letter to Thomas Taylor : whereby it may appear what spirit he is of, and what god his commission is from : whereunto is added A brief account of my souls travel towards the Holy Land, with a few words concerning the way of knowing and receiving the truth / written ... by Isaac Pennington.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54045EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A question propounded to the rulers, teachers, and people of the nations of England, for them singly to answer in their hearts and consciences in the fear and dread of the Almighty God ...Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54047EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The root of popery struck at, and the true ancient apostolick foundation discovered, in some propositions to the papists concerning fallibility and infallibility, which cut down the uncertain, and manifest the certain way of receiving and growing up into the truth : also, some considerations concerning the true and false church and ministry, with the state of each since the dayes of the apostles : held forth in true love and pity to the souls of the papists, that they may hear and consider, and not mistake and stumble at the rock of ages, whereupon the prophets, apostles, and whole flock of God throughout all generations have been built : there is likewise somewhat added concerning the ground of error, and the way to truth and unity, for the sake of such as are more spiritual, and have been more inwardly exercised in searching after truth / by Isaac Penington, the younger.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A salutation of love and tender good-vvill to the commissioners of the peace for the county of Bucks, and such others in that county, and also throughout the nation, as are concerned in the contents hereof.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some considerations proposed to the City of London, and the Nation of England to calm their spirits and prepare them to wait for what the Lord is bringing about, that they may not run readily into their own ruin and destruction, and by this extraordinary heat of their spirits kindle that fire, which will soon devour them. With a short exhortation to them, relating to their true settlement, and the removal of that which hinders it.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54054EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some considerations proposed to this distracted nation of England concerning the present design and work of God therein, upon their submitting whereto doth their settlement alone depend, and not upon any form of government, or change of governors, as that spirit which seeketh their ruin, tempteth them to believe.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54055EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some considerations propounded to the Jewes that they may hear and consider, and their hearts at length may be turned towards that which alone is able to convert them to God, that they may once more become His people, and enter into an everlasting covenant with Him that may not be broken, that so they may abide in His love and covenant of life, and remain His people for ever.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54056EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some observations, upon that portion of scripture, Romans 14.20 For the service of such in this present age, whose eyes, and hearts the Lord shall please to open to see and consider the weight of the truth thereof. With some few weighty words of advice to several sorts of people, according to their different states. By Isaac Penington.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54057EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some principles of the elect people of God in scorn called QuakersPenington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54059EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some queries concerning the order and government of the church of ChristPenington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54060EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Madam Semphronia's farewel, or, An elegy written by D. P.D. P.A54061EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some queries concerning the work of God in the world which is to be expected in the latter ages thereof with a few plain words to the nation of England, tending towards stopping the future breakings forth of Gods wrath, both upon the people and powers thereof : with an advertisement relating to the present state of things.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some questions and answers for the opening of the eyes of the Jews natural that they may see the hope of Israel which hath so long been hid from them : with some questions and answers for the direction, comfort, help and furtherance of God's spiritual Israel in their travels in spirit from spiritual Egypt through the spiritual wilderness to spiritual Canaan ... / by Isaac Penington, the younger.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54063EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some sensible, weighty queries, concerning some things very sweet and necessary to be experienced in the truly-Christian state whereunto is added A postscript, containing some queries on Isa. 50. 10, 11. A scripture of deep counsel & concern to the darkned and distressed states, of some among those that fear & obey the Lord. Written by one, who hath been sorely darkned and distressed, for a long season, but at length mercifnlly [sic] enlightned & comforted by the hand which afflicted & distressed him, Isaac Penington.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54064EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some things of great weight and concernment to all briefly opened, and held forth from a true sense and understanding, for the healing of the ruines and breaches, which the enemy of mankind hath made in mans souls, as 1. Some assertions concerning the principle and way of life, 2. Some further directions to Christ, the principle and fountain of life, 3. The end of Christ's manifestation, His Salvation, and whom He saves, 4. Three questions answered concerning justification, 5. Of the pure, constant, eternal, unchangeable nature of God's Truth / written in the time of my confinement in Alisbury when love was working in me, and the life of God in me travelling and wrestling with the Lord for the salvation of others, Isaac Penington.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54065EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some things relating to religion, proposed to the consideration of the Royal Society, (so termed) to wit, concerning the right ground of certainty therein, concerning tenderness of spirit, and persecution, a query concerning separation, concerning washing away sin from the conscience, and the garment of salvation, and what it is that is covered therewith : likewise, some questions and answers concerning the church of the New-Covenant, the rock of foundation whereon it is built, and its preservation by and upon the rock : with some queries concerning the scattered and hidden estate of the church, and concerning that church which got up in the view of the world, instead thereof, and was acknowledged by the world as if she had been the true church, though indeed and truth she was not so : whereunto are added, some queries to professors, who speak of high attainments, &c. / written by ... Isaac Penington.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54066EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three queries propounded to the King and Parliament, in the fear of the Most High, and in the tender love of my soul to themPenington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54068EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To all such as complain that they want power, not applying themselves to yeild [sic] subjection to what of God is made manifest in them, upon a pretence of waiting for power so to doPenington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54069EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To friends in England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, New-England, Barbado's, or any where else where the Lord God shall order this to come, in the tender spirit of life and love, greetingPenington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54070EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To such as are not satisfied with a profession without the true life and power but have sincere desires in their hearts after the Lord himself, and a willingness to be acquainted with his pure living truth, and with the souls true guide and leader, this experience is in my heart to express unto you, which we have all-along witnessed in our travels out of the dark corrupt land, into the land of life and purity.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54071EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Jews natural, and to the Jews spiritual with a few words ro [sic] England my native country, &c. : some sensible, weighty queries, concerning some things very sweet and necessary to be experienced in the truly-Christian state : whereunto is added a postscript, containing some queries on Isa. 50, 10, 11 ... / by Isaac Penington.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54072EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A touchstone or tryall of faith by the originall from whence it springs and the root out of which it grows : held out by way of expositions of the 12 and 13 verses of the first chapter of Iohn's gospel and of the six former verses of the third chapter which treat expressly about this point ... : to which is added The spirituall practice of Christians in primitive times.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54073EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A warning of love from the bowels of life, to the several generations of professors of this age that they may awaken and turn towards the life, to be truly cleansed & saved by its powerful living virtue, before the storm of wrath break forth and the over-flowing scourge overtake them, which will sweep away the strongest and most wel-built refuge of lies, and sink those souls (even into the pit of misery) which are there found, when the storm comes : held forth in four propositions, assertions, or considerations concerning man in his lost estate, and his recovery out of it.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54074EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The way of life and death made manifest and set before men whereby the many paths of death are impleaded, and the one path of life propounded and pleaded for in some positions concerning the apostacy from the Christian spirit and life, with some principles guiding out of it : as also in answers to some objections whereby the simplicity in some may be entangled : held forth in tender good will both Papists and Protestants who have generally erred from the faith for these many generations, since the dayes of the apostles, and with that which they have erred from are they comprehended / by Isac Pennington the younger.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54075EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A weighty question, proposed to the King, and both Houses of Parliament together, with some queries about religion, for the good of mens souls, that they may seek after, and be established in that which gives life / by Isaac Penington.Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679.A54077EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
John Penington's Complaint against William Rogers relating to the memory of his worthy father Isaac Penington in mis-representing and perverting some of his writings in his book entituled The Christian Quaker distinguished from the apostate and innovator &c. : whereunto is subjoined somewhat to manifest his mother Mary Penington's not shunning sufferings for truth &c. occassioned by W.R.'s suggesting the contrary.Penington, John, 1655-1710.A54081EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Exceptions against Will. Rogers's cavills at J.P.'s complaint &c, taken out of his sixth part of his Christian-Quaker.Penington, John, 1655-1710.A54082EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fig-leaf covering discovered, or, Geo. Keith's explications and retractions of divers passages out of his former books, proved insincere, defective and evasive by John Penington.Penington, John, 1655-1710.A54083EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Keith against Keith, or, Some more of George Keith's contradictions and absurdities collected out of his own books (not yet retracted) upon a review : together with a reply to George Keith's late book, entituled, The Antichrists and Sadduces detected among a sort of Quakers, &c. / by John Penington.Penington, John, 1655-1710.A54084EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The people called Quakers cleared by Geo. Keith from the false doctrines charged upon them by G. Keith and his self-contradictions laid open in the ensuing citations out of his books / by John Penington.Penington, John, 1655-1710.A54085EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reflections upon George Keith's late advertisement of a meeting to be held by him and his friends, at Turner's-Hall on the eleventh of the fourth month, 1696 to which he saith, William Penn, Thomas Ellwood, George Whitehead, John Penington, and the second days weekly meeting at London, called Quakers, are justly desired to be present, to hear themselves charged, &c.Penington, John, 1655-1710.A54088EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The penitent murderer, or, An exact and true relation taken from the mouth of Mr. William Ivy (lately executed) concerning the murder by him committed upon the body of William Pew, servant to Sir Robert Long in Westminster, upon Monday the 28th of April 1673 with the reasons inducing him to that horrid crime, his resolution likewise to have killed the maid, his taking away seven hundred-pound bags, and his manner of disposing them : as also, his tryal, conviction, and condemnation : with his confession of the whole fact, and his contrition for the same, as it was delivered from his own mouth to a particular friend, and by him published, to prevent all false reports.A54089EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The penitent prisoner his character, carriage upon his commitment, letany, proper prayers, serious meditations, sighs, occasional ejaculations, devotion going to execution, and at the place of execution / by a friend to the souls in prison.Friend to the souls in prison.A54090EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Penitential cries, in thirty--two hymns Begun by the author of the Songs of praise and Midnight cry; and carried on by another hand. Licensed Sept. 12th. 1693.Mason, John, 1646?-1694.A54092EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of the blessed end of Gulielma Maria Penn, and of Springet Penn, the beloved wife and eldest son of William PennPenn, William, 1644-1718.A54094EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An account of W. Penn's travails in Holland and Germany, anno MDCLXXVII, for the service of the Gospel of Christ, by way of journal containing also divers letters and epistles writ to several great and eminent persons whilst there.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54095EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An address to Protestants upon the present conjuncture in II parts / by a Protestant, William Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54098EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advice to freeholders and other electors of members to serve in Parliament in relation to the penal laws and the tests : in a letter to a friend in the conntry [sic].Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54101EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Annimadversions on the apology of the clamorous squire against the Duke of Buckinghams seconds, as men of no consciencePenn, William, 1644-1718.A54102EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
William Penn's Ansvver to John Faldo's printed ChallengePenn, William, 1644-1718.A54103EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief account of the province of Pennsylvania, lately granted by the King, under the great seal of England to William Penn and his heirs and assignsPenn, William, 1644-1718.A54104EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief account of the rise and progress of the people called Quakers in which their fundamental principle, doctrines, worship, ministry and discipline are plainly declared to prevent the mistakes and perversions that ignorance and prejudice may make to abuse the credulous : with a summary relation of the former dispensations of God in the world by way of introduction / by W. Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54107EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief answer to a false and foolish libel called The Quakers opinions for their sakes that writ it and read it / by W.P.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54109EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief examination and state of liberty spiritual both with respect to persons in their private capacity and in their church society and communion / written ... by a lover of true liberty, as it is in Jesus, William Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54111EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A call to Christendom in an earnest expostulation with her to prepare for the great and notable day of the Lord, that is at the door / by William Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54114EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Caution humbly offer'd about passing the bill against blasphemyPenn, William, 1644-1718.A54117EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christian liberty as it was soberly desired in a letter to certain forreign states upon occasion of their late severity to several of their inhabitants, meerly for their different perswasion and practice in point of faith and worship towards God / made publick on the behalf of the present suffering dissenters within this kingdom.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54118EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian-Quaker and his divine testimony vindicated by Scripture, reason, and authorities against the injurious attempts that have been lately made by several adversaries, with manifest design to rendor him odiously inconsistent with Christianity and civil society : in II parts. / The first more general by William Penn ; the second more particular by George Whitehead.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54120EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A commentary upon the present condition of the kingdom and its meliorationPenn, William, 1644-1718.A54122EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations moving to a toleration and liberty of conscience with arguments inducing to a cessation of the penal statues against all dissenters whatever, upon the account of religion : occasioned by an excellent discourse upon that subject publish'd by His Grace the Duke of Buckingham / humbly offered to the Parliament at their next sitting at Westminster.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54123EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The continued cry of the oppressed for justice being a farther account of the late unjust and cruel proceedings of unreasonable men against the persons and estates of many of the people call'd Quakers, only for their peaceable meetings to worship God : presented to the serious consideration of the King and both Houses of Parliament : with a postscript of the nature, difference and limits of civil and ecclesiastical authority, and the inconsistency of such severities with both, recommended and submitted to the perusal of Cæsar's true friends / by the author of England's present interest, &c.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54125EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The counterfeit Christian detected; and the real Quaker justified Of God and Scripture, reason & antiquity. against the vile forgeries, gross perversions, black slanders, plain contradictions & scurrilous language of T. Hicks an Anabaptist preacher, in his third dialogue between a Christian and a Quaker, call'd, The Quaker condemned, &c. By way of an appeal to all sober people, especially those called Anabaptists in and about the City of London. By a lover of truth and peace W. P.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54126EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration or test to distinguish Protestant dissenters, from papists, and popish recusantsA54127EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration or test to distinguish Protestant-dissenters from papists and popish recusants as it was given to the Parliament in the year 1680. by the people called Quakers, and now re-printed.A54128EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of a paper, entituled, Gospel-truths against the exceptions of the Bishop of Cork's testimony by W. PennPenn, William, 1644-1718.A54129EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the Duke of Buckingham's book of religion and worship from the exceptions of a nameless author by the Pensilvanian.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54130EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the general rule of faith and practice and judge of controversie greatly importing all those who desire to take right measures of faith and to determine (at least to themselves) the numerous controversies now on foot in the world / by W. Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54131EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
England's present interest discover'd with honour to the prince and safety to the people in answer to this one question, What is most fit ... at this juncture of affairs to be done for composing ... the heat of contrary interests & making them subservient to the interest of the government, and consistent with the prosperity of the kingdom? : presented and submitted to the consideration of superiours.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54132EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epistle containing a salutation to all faithful friends, a reproof to the unfaithful, and a visitation to the enquiring in a solemn farewell to them all in the land of my nativity.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54136EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epistle of farewell to the people of God called Quakers where ever scattered or gathered in England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Germany, or in any other parts of Europe.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54137EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The frame of the government of the province of Pennsilvania in America together with certain laws agreed upon in England by the governour and divers free-men of the aforesaid province : to be further explained and confirmed there by the first provincial council and General Assembly that shall be held, if they see meet.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A further account of the province of Pennsylvania and its improvements for the satisfaction of those that are adventurers, and enclined to be so.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54140EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Good advice to the Church of England, Roman Catholick and Protestant dissenter, in which it is endeavoured to be made appear that it is their duty, principle & interest to abolish the penal laws and testsPenn, William, 1644-1718.A54142EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great case of liberty of conscience once more briefly debated & defended ... which may serve the place of a general reply to such late discourses as have oppos'd a tolleration / the authour W.P.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54146EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great question to be considered by the King and this approaching Parliament, briefly proposed, and modestly discussed, (to wit); how far religion is concerned in policy or civil government and policy in religion? ... / by one who desires to give unto Cæsar the things that are Gods.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54150EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The guide mistaken, and temporizing rebuked, or, A brief reply to Jonathan Clapham's book intituled, A guide to the true religion in which his religion is confuted, his hypocrisie is detected, his aspersions are reprehended, his contradictions are compared / by W.P., a friend to the true religion.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54151EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Information and direction to such persons as are inclined to America, more especially those related to the province of PensilvaniaPenn, William, 1644-1718.A54152EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Innocency with her open face presented by way of apology for the book entituled The sandy foundation shaken, to all serious and enquiring persons, particularly the inhabitants of the city of London / by W.P., j.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54153EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The invalidity of John Faldo's vindication of his book, called Quakerism no Christianity being a rejoynder in defence of the answer, intituled, Quakerism a new nick-name for old Christianity : wherein many weighty Gospel-truths are handled, and the disingenuous carriage of by W.P.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54154EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Judas and the Jews combined against Christ and his followers being a re-joynder to the late nameless reply, called, Tyranny and hypocrisie detected, made against a book, entituled The spirit of Alexander the Coppersmith rebuked, &c. which was an answer to a pamphlet, called, The spirit of the hat, in which truth is cleared from scandals, and the Church of Christ, in her faith, doctrine, and just power and authority in discipline is clearly and fully vindicated against the malicious endeavours of a confederacy of some envious professors and vagabond, apostate Quakers / by ... William Penn ; to which are added several testimonies of persons concern'd.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54155EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A just censure of Francis Bugg's address to the Parliament against the Quakers published by and in behalf of the said people.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54156EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Just measures in an epistle of peace & love to such professors of truth as are under any dissatisfaction about the present order practis'd in the church of Christ / by a lover of the truth and them, G.P.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54159EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A key opening a way to every common understanding, how to discern the difference betwixt the religion professed by the people called Quakers and the perversions, misrepresentations and calumnies of their several adversaries : published in great good will to all, but more especially for their sakes that are actually under prejudice from vulgar abuses.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54161EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
William Penn's last farewel to England being an epistle containing a salutation to all faithful friends, a reproof to the unfaithful, and a visitation to the enquiring, in a solemn farewel to them all in the land of my nativity.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54165EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter form [sic] a gentleman in the country to his friends in London upon the subject of the penal laws and testsPenn, William, 1644-1718.A54166EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from William Penn, poprietary and governour of Pennsylvania in America, to the Committee of the Free Society of Traders of that province residing in London containing a general description of the said province, its soil, air, water, seasons, and produce ... of the natives, or, aborigines, their language, customs, and manners ... of the first planters, the Dutch &c. ... to which is added an account of the city of Philadelphia ...Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54171EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Ireland to an honourable citizen of London communicated to the lord mayor.W. P.A54172EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter of love to the young-convinced of that blessed everlasting way of truth and righteousness, now testified unto by the people of the Lord (called Quakers) of what sex, age and ranck soever, in the nations of England, Ireland and Scotland, with the isles abroad, but more particularly those of that great city of London : spiritual refreshments, holy courage and perfect victory from God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54175EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Naked truth needs no shift: or, an answer to a libellous sheet, entituled, The Quakers last shift found outPenn, William, 1644-1718.A54176EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The new witnesses proved old hereticks, or, Information to the ignorant in which the doctrines of John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton, which they stile, mysteries never before known, revealed, or heard of from the foundation of the world, are proved to be mostly ancient whimsies, blasphemies and heresies, from the evidence of Scripture, reason and several historians : also an account of some discoourse betwixt L.M. and my self, by which his blasphemous, ignorant and unsavory spirit is clearly and truly manifested, in love to the immortal souls of those few, who are concern'd in the belief of his impostures / by a living true witness to that one eternal way of God, revealed in the light of righteousness W.P.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54177EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
No cross, no crown, or, Several sober reasons against hat-honour, titular-respects, you to a single person, with the apparel and recreations of the times being inconsistant with Scripture, reason, and practice, as well of the best heathens, as the holy men and women of all generations, and consequently fantastick, impertinent and sinfull : with sixty eight testimonies of the most famous persons of both former and latter ages for further confirmation : in defence of the poor despised Quakers, against the practice and objections of their adversaries / by W. Penn ...Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54178EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The oaths of Irish papists no evidence against Protestants, or, A warning piece to jurors in a letter to a friend.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54184EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
One project for the good of England that is, our civil union is our civil safety : humbly dedicated to the great council, the Parliament of England.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54185EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The peoples ancient and just liberties asserted in the tryal of William Penn, and William Mead, at the sessions held at the Old-Baily in London, the first, third, fourth and fifth of Sept. 70. against the most arbitrary procedure of that court.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54186EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A perswasive to moderation to dissenting Christians in prudence and conscience humbly submitted to the King and his great council by one of the humblest and most dutiful of his dissenting subjects.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54191EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Plain-dealing with a traducing Anabaptist, or, Three letters writ upon occasion of some slanderous reflections given and promoted against William Penn by one John Morse published for common benefit that all impartial people may be better acquainted with the invective spirit of some so called, and their ungodly sly way of defaming such as dissents from them, especially in their restless indeavours against the poor Quakers / by W.P.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54193EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
One sheet, or, If you will a winding sheet for the good old cause in order to a decent funerall, in case of a second death / by W.P., philopolites.W. P.A54194EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The preface, being a summary account of the divers dispensations of God to men from the beginning of the world to that of our present age, by the ministry and testimony of his faithful servant George Fox, as an introduction to the ensuing journal.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54195EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Primitive Christianity revived in the faith and practice of the people called Quakers written, in testimony to the present dispensation of God, through them, to the world, that prejudices may be removed, the simple informed, the well-enclined encouraged, and the truth and its innocent Friends, rightly represented / by William Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54196EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Protestants remonstrance against Pope and Presbyter in an impartial essay upon the times or plea for moderation / by Philanglus.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54198EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Quakerism, a new nick-name for old Christianity being an answer to a book entituled Quakerism no Christianity, subscribed by J. Faldo : in which the rise, doctrine and practice of the abused Quakers are truly, briefly and fully declared and vindicated from the false charges ... made by that adversary with a key opening the true meaning of some of their doctrine ... / by one of them and a sufferer with them in all their sufferings, William Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54199EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Quakers elegy on the death of Charles late King of England written by W.P., a sincere lover of Charles and James.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54201EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reason against railing, and truth against fiction being an answer to those two late pamphlets intituled A dialogue between a Christian and a Quaker, and the Continuation of the dialogue &c. by one Thomas Hicks, an Anabaptist teacher : by W. Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54202EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reasonableness of toleration, and the unreasonableness of penal laws and tests wherein is prov'd by Scripture, reason and antiquity, that liberty of conscience is the undoubted right of every man, and tends to the flourishing of kingdoms and commonwealths, and that persecution for meer religion is unwarrantable, unjust, and destructive to humane society, with examples of both kinds.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54203EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reasons why the oaths should not be made a part of the test to Protestant dissentersPenn, William, 1644-1718.A54204EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
William Penn's return to John Faldo's reply, called A curb for William Penn's confidence, &c. writ in defence of his answer to John Faldo's printed challenge.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54205EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sandy foundation shaken, or, Those so generally believed and applauded doctrines ... refuted from the authority of Scripture testimonies, and right reason / by W.P. ...Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Saul smitten to the ground being a brief, but faithful narrative of the dying remorse of a late living enemy (to the people called Quakers, and their faith and worship), Matthew Hide : attested by eye and ear-witnesses, whereof his widdow is one ... : with an appendix both to foes and friends on this occasion / by William Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54208EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second letter from a gentleman in the country to his friends in London upon the subject of the penal laws and tests.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54211EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second part of The continued cry of the oppressed for justice being an additional account of the present and late cruelty, oppression & spoil inflicted upon the persons and estates of many of the peaceable people called Quakers, in divers counties, cities and towns in this nation of England and Wales (chiefly upon the late act made against conventicles) for the peaceable exercise of their tender consciences towards God in matters of worship and religion.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54212EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The skirmisher defeated and truth defended being an answer to a pamphlet, entituled, A skirmish made upon Quakerism / by William Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54213EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Som free reflections upon occasion of the public discourse about liberty of conscience and the consequences thereof in this present conjuncture in a letter to a friend / by one who cordially imbraces whatsoever there is of tru religion in al professions, and hates every thing which makes any of them hate or hurt one another.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54215EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some fruits of solitude in reflections and maxims relating to the conduct of human life. Licens'd, May 24. 1693.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54216EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some sober and weighty reasons against prosecuting Protestant dissenters for difference of opinion in matters of religion humbly offered to the consideration of all in authority.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54221EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speech of William Penn to His Majesty upon his delivering the Quakers address.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54222EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The spirit of Alexander the copper-smith lately revived, now justly rebuk'd, or, An answer to a late pamphlet, intituled, The spirit of the hat, or the government of the Quakers in which the confederacy is broken, and the devil's champions defeated / by a true witness of the one way of God, W.P. ; to which are added the testimonies of those persons whose names are chiefly quoted by the author of that pamphlet.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54223EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The spirit of truth vindicated, against that of error & envy unseasonably manifested : in a late malicious libel, intituled, The spirit of the Quakers tryed, &c. / by a friend to righteousness and peace, W.P.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54224EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tender counsel and advice by way of epistle to all those who are sensible of their day of visitation and who have received the call of the Lord by the light and spirit of His Son in their hearts to partake of the great salvation, wherever scattered throughout the world : faith, hope and charity which overcome the world be multiplied among you / by William Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54225EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A testimony to the truth of God, as held by the people, called, Quakers being a short vindication of them, from the abuses and misrepresentations often put upon them by envious apostates, and mercenary adversaries.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54228EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A third letter from a gentleman in the country, to his friends in London, upon the subject of the penal laws and testsPenn, William, 1644-1718.A54229EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three letters tending to demonstrate how the security of this nation against al future persecution for religion lys in the abolishment of the present penal laws and tests, and in the establishment of a new law for universal liberty of consciencePenn, William, 1644-1718.A54230EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the churches of Jesus throughout the world gathered and setled in His eternal light, power, and spirit, to be one holy flock, family, and houshold to the Lord : who hath redeemed them from among all the kindreds of the earth : Godly zeal, wisdom, power, perseverance, and victory, with all heavenly blessings, be multiplied among you in the name of the Lord / William Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54234EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truth exalted, in a short, but sure testimony against all those religions, faiths, and vvorships that have been formed and followed in the darkness of apostacy ... by William Penn the Younger ...Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54235EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truth further clear'd from mistakes being two chapters out of the book entituled, Primitive Christianity reviv'd : plainly acknowledging the benefit accruing by the death and suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of mankind, together with a comparison of the principles of the people called Quakers, and the perversions of their opposers, by way of postscript / by W.P.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54243EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Truth rescued from imposture, or, A brief reply to a meer rapsodie of lies, folly, and slander but a pretended answer to the tryal of W. Penn and W. Meade &c. writ and subscribed S.S. / by a profest enemy to oppression, W.P.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54244EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Urim and thummim, or, The apostolical doctrines of light and perfection maintained against the opposite plea of Samuel Grevill (a pretended minister of the Gospel) in his ungospel-like discourse against a book entituled A testimony of the light within, anciently writ by Alexander Parker / by W.P.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54245EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A winding-sheet for controversie endedPenn, William, 1644-1718.A54246EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wisdom justified of her children from the ignorance and calumny of H. Hallywell in his book called, An account of familism as it is revived and propagated by the Quakers / by William Penn.Penn, William, 1644-1718.A54247EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true primitive state of civill and ecclesiasticall government discussed and cleared also a vvay briefly propounded to reconcile the saints, by what names (now) soever distinguished, in unity of doctrine and discipline, according to our covenant in a government neerest to the word of God.D. P.A54249EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
For the preachers and leaders of the people called Quakers ... the Lord, whose ambassador I am, both sent me hither at this time; and His message to you is this : that your long prayers, as well as your long preachinge, are an abomination unto Him / John Pennyman.Pennyman, John, 1628-1706.A54256EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lord required mee the last week to print a copy of a letter which I had writ to George Fox and at the lower end to print these following words ... / subscribed and published by ... John Pennyman.Pennyman, John, 1628-1706.A54258EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The people called Quakers having printed and published a paper against me or rather against the Lord, whose servant I am ... with a few words added at the lower end, which the Lord required mee to send to several of the said people / J.P.Pennyman, John, 1628-1706.A54259EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A seasonable paper presented to the consideration of all that profess Christianity ... / J.P.Pennyman, John, 1628-1706.A54264EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A solemn call to true humiliationPennyman, John, 1628-1706.A54265EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Some grounds and reasons from the law of God, and this nation to manifest the unlawfulnesse of the practice of those magistrates, and others, who commit men to prison, or fine them for not putting off the hat, or not standing bare before them, to convince them of their errour therein : and also to remove prejudices and stumbling-blocks out of the way of the honest-hearted, and to satisfie all that are moderate therein.Pennyman, John, 1628-1706.A54266EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
These following words the Lord required a servant of his to write this very day and about the same hour the people called Quakers were debating their paper against mee [by] J.P.Pennyman, John, 1628-1706.A54272EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
This following is a copy of a letter I sent to George Fox, the 3d day of the month called August, 1671 only the words in the margent, and at the lower end I have added, who are required thus to publish it.Pennyman, John, 1628-1706.A54274EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the King, the humble address of John Pennyman the blessing and peace of God, which passeth all understanding, be with the King for evermore.Pennyman, John, 1628-1706.A54276EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Upon the 28th day of the month called July 1670 I being required by the Lord to pack up all the books of what kind or sort soever that I had ... / [by] J. Pennyman.Pennyman, John, 1628-1706.A54277EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the honourable, the knights, citizens, and burgesses of the Commons House, now assembled in Parliament. The humble petition of Arundell Penruddock, widdow, late wife of John Penruddock, esquire, deceasedPenruddock, Arundell.A54282EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Pepys to the Lord Mayor upon the present state of Christ-Hospital. To the Right Honourable Sir Humphry Edwin, Lord MayorPepys, Samuel, 1633-1703.A54295EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Pepys to the President and Governours of Christ-Hospital upon the present state of the said hospital To the Honour'd Sir John Moor, Kt. and President, and the rest of my honour'd friends, the Governours of Christ-Hospital.Pepys, Samuel, 1633-1703.A54296EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Pepys to the President, and Governours of Christ-Hospital, upon the present state of the said hospital To the Honour'd Sir John Moor, Kt. and President, and the rest of my honour'd friends, the Governours of Christ-Hospital.Pepys, Samuel, 1633-1703.A54297EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Pepys to the Right Honourable Sir Francis Child, Kt. Lord Mayor, and to the Court of Aldermen upon the present state of Christ-Hospital.Pepys, Samuel, 1633-1703.A54298EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Portugal history, or, A relation of the troubles that happened in the court of Portugal in the years 1667 and 1668 in which is to be seen that great transaction of the renunciation of the crown by Alphonso the Sixth, the dissolution of his marriage with the Princess Maria Frances Isabella of Savoy : the marriage of the same princess to the Prince Don Pedro, regent of the realm of Portugal, and the reasons alledged at Rome for the dispensation thereof / by S.P., Esq.Pepys, Samuel, 1633-1703.A54299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Rye-house travestie, or, A true account and declaration of the horrid and execrable conspiracy against His Majesty King William and the government collected out of original papers and unquestionable records, whereby the whole narration has undeniable clearness and strength / in a letter to the Right Reverend Father in God, Dr. Thomas Sprat ... from his Lordship's most humble servant, Thomas Percival.Percival, Thomas, fl. 1696-1697.A54302EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An affidavit made by James Percy claimant to the Earldom of Northumberland Whereas Adlard Welby gent is attourny for John Blackston Esq;Percy, James, 1619-1690?A54305EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To His Grace, Henry, Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England Humbly presented.Percy, James, 1619-1690?A54309EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the honourable, the knights, citizens, and burgesses in Parliament assembled the humble petition of James Percy, of the family of the Earls of Northumberland.Percy, James, 1619-1690?A54311EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Kings most excellent Majesty, in Parliament. The humble petition of James PercyPercy, James, 1619-1690?A54313EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the King's most excellent Majesty the humble petition of James Percy, Esq., right heir-male unto, and lawfully claiming the earldom of Northumberland.Percy, James, 1619-1690?A54314EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Kings most excellent Majesty, the humble petition of James Percy sheweth that this is the 11th, year of your petitioners claim to the title and earldom of Northumberland.Percy, James, 1619-1690?A54315EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The astrologer anatomiz'd, or, The vanity of star-gazing art discovered by Benedictus Pererius ; and rendered into English by Percy Enderbie, Gent.Pererius, Benedictus, 1535-1610.A54321EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Henry IV. surnamed the Great, King of France and Navarre Written originally in French, by the Bishop of Rodez, once tutor to his now most Christian Majesty; and made English by J. D.Péréfixe de Beaumont, Hardouin de, b. 1605.A54323EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Perfect narrative of the apprehension, tryal, and confession of the five several persons that were confederates in stealing the mace and the two privy purses from the Lord High-Chancellor of England as it was attested at the sessions held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bayly, the seventh and eigth of March, anno. 1676/7.A54343EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Perfect narrative of the robbery and murder committed near Dame Annis so Cleer, on Friday night the second of July, 1669, upon the person of Mr. John Talbot quondam preacher to a regiment of His Majesties forces in Portugal and lately ... curate of Laindon in Essex, who ... was stripped ... stabbed into the throat by six men and a bloody woman ... together with their examinations, tryal, and confessions.A54344EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A perfect relation of the beginning and continuation of the Irish-rebellion, from May last, to this present 12th , of January, 1641 with the place where and persons who did plot, contrive, and put in execution that Romish damnable designe : as also their inhumane cruelties which they have and still execute with divellish hatred upon the Protestants / written by a worthy Gentleman and sent over by a merchant now dwelling in Dublin ; whereunto is annexed the merchants letter who sent the copy of this relation : with another letter wherein is truely related the battell fought betwixt our English and the Rebels on the tenth of January as a town called Swords eight miles from Dublin.Jones, Henry, 1605-1682.A54346EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An abridgement of the whole body of divinity extracted from the learned works of that ever-famous and reverend divine, Mr. William Perkins / by Tho. Nicols.Perkins, William, 1558-1602.A54381EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nova et expedita via comparandæ linguæ Latinæ authore Guilielmo Perkinso ...Perkins, William, 1558-1602.A54390EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The whole duty of man, containing a practical table of the Ten commandments wherein the sins forbidden, and the duties commanded, or implied are clearly discovered / by famous Mr. Will. Perkins.Perkins, William, 1558-1602.A54391EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Perkin's passing-bell, or, The traytors funeral being a new poem on the rebells overthrow, on Monday, July the 6th, three miles from Bridgewater.A54394EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The devill of Mascon, or, A true relation of the chiefe things which an unclean spirit did, and said at Mascon in Burgundy in the house of Mr. Francis Pereaud, minister of the Reformed Church in the same towne / published in French lately by himselfe ; and now made English by one that hath a particular knowledge of the truth of this story.Perrault, François, 1577-1657.A54396EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Advertisement of two booksA54399EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ariadne, or, The marriage of Bacchus an opera or a vocal representation / first compos'd by Monsieur P.P., now put into musick by Monsieur Grabut ... and acted by the Royall Academy of Musick at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden.Grabu, Louis, d. 1694.A54404EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Packingtons poundA54411EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The six secondary causes of the spinning out of this vnnaturall warre by D.P.P.D. P. P.A54412EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
John Perrot's answer to the pope's feigned nameless helper, or, A reply to the tract entituled, Perrot against the PopeJ. P. (John Perrot), d. 1671?A54423EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A visitation of love, and gentle greeting of the Turk and tender tryal of his thoughts for God, and proof of the hearts of his court, and the spirits of the people round about him, in his own dominion, and the inhabitants of the earth that are borderers upon his skirts, in their declared religious wayes : and is a warning to all men that are in the corrupted wayes of sin and iniquity, to repent and turn to the living God ... : to which is annexed a book, intituled, Immanuel, the salvation of Israel / written in the will and countenance of God, by ... John Perrot.J. P. (John Perrot), d. 1671?A54452EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Persecvtion inconsistant with Christianity, humane society, and the honor of princes from the testimonies of themselves, and approved authors, and martyrs, herein impartially collected : whereunto is added certain solid reasons why no outward force, nor imposition ought to be used in matters of faith, &c. / by those faithfull witnesses who died under suffering for the testimony of Jesus, viz: Richard Hubberthorn, Samuel Fisher, Francis Howgill.A54470EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dr. Peter's judgment of Dullidge or Lewisham waterPeter, John.A54495EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dying fathers last legacy to an onely child, or, Mr. Hugh Peter's advice to his daughter written by his own hand, during his late imprisonment in the Tower of London, and given her a little before his death.Peters, Hugh, 1598-1660.A54501EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A religious scrutiny concerning unequall marriage to be represented to the Generall Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland : together with a postscript to the Commissioners of the Kirk : whereunto is subjoyned an appendix humbly tendred to the Parliament of England in reference to the late transactions of state, and now lastly is added a faithfull and conscientious account for subscribing the engagement / by Thomas Paget ...Paget, Thomas, d. 1660.A54505EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dialogue betwixt Cit and Bumpkin answered in another betwixt Tom the Cheshire piper, and Captain Crackbrains dedicated to Right Worshipful the Mayor of Quinborough.E. P.A54506EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hugh Peters figaries: or, His merry tales, and witty jests both in city, town & countreys. In a pleasant and historical discourse; shewing, 1. His merry pranks and conjurations, betwixt the miller and his wife, and the parson of the town in a kneading trough; with their several speeches. 2. How Mr. Peters was [illegible] by the butchers wife; and how he lighted the blind harper. With the rare conceits upon the citizens wives. 3. How he pretended to cloath Christ in a biff-coat; his opening of heaven gates to a committee-man; and how he looked for that monster Oliver Cromwel, but could not find him. With many other delightful stories. Licensed according to order.Peters, Hugh, 1598-1660.A54508EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gods doings, and mans duty opened in a sermon preached before both Houses of Parliament, the Lord Major and aldermen of the city of London, and the assembly of divines at the last thanksgiving day, April 2, for the recovering of the West, and disbanding 5000 of the Kings horse, &c., 1645 /1645 / by Hugh Peters ...Peters, Hugh, 1598-1660.A54509EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr. Peters last report of the English vvars occasioned by the importunity of a friend pressing an answer to seven quæres, viz. I. why he was silent at the surrender of Oxford, II. what he observed at Worcester it being the last towne in the kings hand, III. what were best to doe with the army, IV. if he had any expedient for the present difference, V. what his thoughts were in relation to forreigne states, VI. how these late mercies and conquests might be preserved and improved, VII. why his name appeares in so many bookes not without blots, and he never wipe them off.Peters, Hugh, 1598-1660.A54511EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tales and jests of Mr. Hugh Peters collected into one volume / published by one that hath formerly been conversant with the author in his life time ... ; together with his sentence and the manner of his execution.Peters, Hugh, 1598-1660.A54514EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A way propounded to make the poor in these and other nations happy, by bringing together a fit, suitable, and well qualified people unto one houshold-government, or little-common-wealth ... whereunto is also annexed an invitation to this society, or little common-wealth / by Peter Cornelius, Van-zurik-zee.Plockhoy, Pieter Corneliszoon, fl. 1659.A54515EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Heresiography, or, A discription of the hereticks and sectaries of these latter times by E. Pagitt.Pagitt, Ephraim, 1574 or 5-1647.A54528EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A petition of the major, aldermen, and common-councell of the citie of London, to His Majestie together with His Majesties gracious answer thereunto.City of London (England). Court of Common Council.A54552EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation, for an anniversary thanksgiving, in commemoration of his Majesties happy birth-day, being the fourteenth day of October, &c.Scotland. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James VII)A54556EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the honourable the knights, citizens, and burgesses in the Commons Hovse of Parliament now assembled, the humble petition of 15000 poore laboring men known by the name of porters, and the lowest members of the citie of London.A54564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse concerning liberty of conscience In which are contain'd proposalls, about what liberty in this kind is now politically expedient to be given, and severall reasons to shew how much the peace and welfare of the nation is concern'd therein. By R.T.Pett, Peter, Sir, 1630-1699.A54578EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The happy future state of England, or, A discourse by way of a letter to the late Earl of Anglesey vindicating him from the reflections of an affidavit published by the House of Commons, ao. 1680, by occasion whereof observations are made concerning infamous witnesses : the said discourse likewise contains various political remarks and calculations referring to many parts of Christendom, with observations of the number of the people of England, and of its growth in populousness and trade, the vanity of the late fears and jealousies being shewn, the author doth on the grounds of nature predict the happy future state of the realm : at the end of the discourse there is a casuistical discussion of the obligation to the king, his heirs and successors, wherein many of the moral offices of absolution and unconditional loyalty are asserted : before the discourse is a large preface, giving an account of the whole work, with an index of the principal matters : also, The obligation resulting from the Oath of supremacy to assist and defend the preheminence or prerogative of the dispensative power belonging to the king ...Pett, Peter, Sir, 1630-1699.A54580EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The obligation resulting from the Oath of Supremacy to assist and defend the pre-eminence or prerogative of the dispensative power belonging to the King, his heirs and successors. In the asserting of that power various historical passages occurring in the usurpation after the year 1641. are occasionally mentioned; and an account is given at large of the progress of the power of dispensing as to acts of Parliament about religion since the reformation; and of divers judgments of Parliaments declaring their approbation of the exercise of such power, and particularly in what concerns the punishment of disability, or incapacity.Pett, Peter, Sir, 1630-1699.A54581EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A faithful narrative of the wonderful and extraordinary fits which Mr. Tho. Spatchet (late of Dunwich and Cookly) was under by witchcraft, or, A mysterious providence in his even unparallel'd fits with an account of his first falling into, behaviour under, and (in part) deliverance out of them : wherein are several remarkable instances of the gracious effects of fervent prayer / the whole drawn up and written by Samuel Petto ... who was an eye-witness of a great part ; with a necessary preface.Petto, Samuel, 1624?-1711.A54590EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fleta minor the laws of art and nature, in knowing, judging, assaying, fining, refining and inlarging the bodies of confin'd metals : in two parts : the first contains assays of Lazarus Erckern, chief prover, or assay-master general of the empire of Germany, in V. books, orinally written by him in the Teutonick language and now translated into English ; the second contains essays on metallick words, as a dictionary to many pleasing discourses, by Sir John Pettus ... ; illustrated with 44 sculptures.Ercker, Lazarus, d. 1594.A54597EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Katherine Pettus, plaintiffe, Margaret Bancroft, defendant [brace] in chanceryPettus, Katherine.A54604EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The advice of W.P. to Mr. Samuel Hartlib for the advancement of some particular parts of learningPetty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54605EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Another essay in political arithmetick, concerning the growth of the city of London with the measures, periods, causes, and consequences thereof, 1682 / by Sir William Petty ...Petty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54607EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief of proceedings between Sr. Hierom Sankey and Dr. VVilliam Petty with the state of the controversy between them tendered to all indifferent persons.Petty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54608EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Deux essays d'arithmetique politique, touchant les villes et hospitaux de Londres et Paris. Dedie's au Roy, par le chevalier Petty, de la Société RoyalePetty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54610EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The discourse made before the Royal Society the 26. of November, 1674, concerning the use of duplicate proportion in sundry important particulars together with a new hypothesis of springing or elastique motions / by Sir William Petty, Kt. ...Petty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54611EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A further assertion of the propositions concerning the magnitude, &c. of London contained in two essays in political arithmetick mentioned in Philos. transact. numb. 183 : together with a vindication of the said essays from the objections of some learned persons of the French nation / by Sr. W. Petty, Knt. ...Petty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54615EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations upon the Dublin-bills of mortality, MDCLXXXI, and the state of that city by the observator on the London bills of mortality.Petty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Observations upon the cities of London and Rome Sir William Petty ...Petty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54619EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The political anatomy of Ireland with the establishment for that kingdom when the late Duke of Ormond was Lord Lieutenant ... : to which is added Verbum sapienti, or, An account of the wealth and expences of England, and the method of raising taxes in the most equal manner ... / by Sir William Petty ...Petty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54620EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Political arithmetick, or, A discourse concerning the extent and value of lands, people, buildings ... as the same relates to every country in general, but more particularly to the territories of His Majesty of Great Britain, and his neighbours of Holland, Zealand, and France / by Sir William Petty ...Petty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54621EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir William Petty his Quantulumcunque concerning money to the Lord Marquess of Halyfax, anno 1682.Petty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54623EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of taxes and contributions shewing the nature and measures of [brace] crown-lands, assessments, customs, poll-moneys, lotteries, benevolence, penalties, monopolies, offices, tythes, raising of coins, harth-money, excize, &c. : with several intersperst discourses and digressions concerning [brace] warres, the church, universities, rents and purchases, usury and exchange, banks and lombards, registries for conveyances, beggars, ensurance, exportation of money/wool, free-ports, coins, housing, liberty of conscience, &c. : the same being frequently applied to the present state and affairs of Ireland.Petty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54625EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two essays in political arithmetick concerning the people, housing, hospitals, &c. of London and Paris / by Sir William Petty ...Petty, William, Sir, 1623-1687.A54629EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The antient right of the Commons of England asserted, or, A discourse proving by records and the best historians that the Commons of England were ever an essential part of Parliament by William Petyt of the Inner-Temple, Esq.Petyt, William, 1636-1707.A54633EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Britannia languens: or, A discourse of trade shewing, that the present management of trade in England, is the true reason of the decay of our manufactures, and the late great fall of land-rents; and that the increase of trade, in the method it now stands in, must proportionably decay England. Wherein is particularly demonstrated, that the East-India Company, as now managed, has already near destroyed our trade in those parts, as well as that with Turky, and in short time must necessarily beggar the nation. Humbly offered to the consideration of this present Parliament.Petyt, William, 1636-1707.A54635EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Miscellanea parliamentaria containing presidents 1. of freedom from arrests, 2. of censures : 1. upon such as have wrote books to the dishonour of the Lords or Commons, or t