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Date: 16th December 2016

Summary of files from the Text Creation Partnership, in the public domain and available to download from the OTA. Note also that first tranche of ECCO TCP Phase 1 texts are not listed here, but are in the main OTA catalogue, numbered 3307-5693.

Title Author ID Class Status Visibility
The brides ornaments viz. fiue meditations, morall and diuine. 1. Knowledge, 2. zeale, 3. temperance, 4. bountie, 5. ioy.Aylett, Robert, 1583-1655?A00002EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a shorte and abreue table on the Cronycles ...A00005EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Cronycles of Englonde with the dedes of popes and emperours, and also the descripcyon of EnglondeA00007EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Considerations vpon the treaty of marriage between England and SpainA00008EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands complaint to Iesus Christ, against the bishops canons of the late sinfull synod, a seditious conuenticle, a packe of hypocrites, a sworne confederacy, a traiterous conspiracy ... In this complaint are specified those impieties and insolencies, which are most notorious, scattered through the canons and constitutions of the said sinfull synod. And confuted by arguments annexed hereunto.A00011EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ioseph, or, Pharoah's fauouriteAylett, Robert, 1583-1655?A00012EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greate Brittaines noble and worthy councell of warrA00014EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gods vvarning to his people of England By the great ouer-flowing of the vvaters or floudes lately hapned in South-wales and many other places. Wherein is described the great losses, and wonderfull damages, that hapned thereby: by the drowning of many townes and villages, to the vtter vndooing of many thousandes of people.Jones, William, of Usk.A00015EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lame[n]tacion of EnglandA00018EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter vvritten out of England to an English gentleman remaining at Padua containing a true report of a strange conspiracie, contriued betweene Edward Squire, lately executed for the same treason as actor, and Richard Walpoole a Iesuite, as deuiser and suborner against the person of the Queenes Maiestie.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A00021EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Peace with her foure garders Viz. fiue morall meditations: of concord, chastitie, constancie. Courtesie. Grauitie. Eschew euill, and doe good, seeke peace and ensue it.Aylett, Robert, 1583-1655?A00024EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Royall line of kings, queenes, and princes, from the vniting of the two royall houses, Yorke and LancasterA00025EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Table of the cheiffest citties, and townes in England, as they ly [sic] from London and the distance of miles, howe a man may travill from London to any of them or from any of them to London.A00026EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A True chronologi of all the kings of England from Brute, the first king vnto our most sacred King Charles mo[n]arke of ye whole yies.A00028EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aduertisments partly for due order in the publique administration of common prayers and vsinge the holy sacramentes, and partly for the apparrell of all persons ecclesiasticall by vertue of the Queenes Maiesties letters commaunding the same, the xxv. day of January, in the seuenth yeare of the raigne of Oure Soueraigne Lady Elyzabeth, by the grace of God, of Englande, Fraunce and Irelande Queene, defender of the fayth, &c.A00033EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Susanna: or, the arraignment of the two vniust eldersAylett, Robert, 1583-1655?A00034EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of certaine principall articles of religion set out by the order of both archbishops metropolitans, and the rest of the byshops, for the vnitie of doctrine to be taught and holden by all parsons, vicars, and curates aswell in testification of their common consent in the sayde doctrin, to the stopping of the mouthes of them that go about to slaunder the ministers of the church for diuersitie of iudgement, as necessarie for the instruction of their people, to be read by the syd parsons, vicars and curates, at their possession taking or first entrie into their cures, and also after that yeerely at two several times, that is to say, the Sundayes next following Easter day and Saint Michael tharchangell, or on some other Sunday within one moneth after those feastes, immediatly after the gospell.Church of England.A00044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Thrifts equipage Viz. fiue diuine and morall meditations, of 1. Frugalitie. 2. Prouidence. 3. Diligence. 4. Labour and care. 5. Death.Aylett, Robert, 1583-1655?A00049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Capitula siue constitutiones ecclesiasticæ per Archiepiscopum, episcopos, & reliquum clerum Cantuariensis prouinciæ in synodo inchoata Londini vicesimo quinto die mensis Octobris, anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo nonagesimo septimo ... congregatos tractatæ, ac posteà per ipsam Regiam Maiestatem approbatæ & confirmatæ, & vtríque prouinciæ tam Cantuariensi quàm Eboracensi vt diligentiùs obseruentur, eadem regia authoritate sub magno Sigillo Angliæ promulgatæ.Church of England.A00075EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Constitutions and canons ecclesiasticall; treated upon by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, presidents of the convocations for the respective provinces of Canterbury and York, and the rest of the bishops and clergie of those provinces; and agreed upon with the Kings Majesties licence in their severall synods begun at London and York. 1640 ...Church of England.A00089EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iniunctions gyuen by th [sic] auctoritie of the kynges highnes to the clergie of this his realmeChurch of England.A00091EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iniunctions for the clerge Exhibite [blank] die mensis [blank] Anno d[omi]ni M.CCCCC.xxxviii.Church of England.A00092EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iniunctions geven by the Quenes Maiestie anno Domini MD.LIX., the fyrst yeare of the raigne of our Soueraigne Lady Quene Elizabeth.England and Wales. Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I)A00102EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In obitum Thomæ Rhædi viri vndequaque meritissimi, et serenissimo regi ab epistolis Latinis epicedium.Aytoun, Robert, Sir, 1570-1638.A00156EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of in the visitation of the moste Reuerend father in God, Matthew, by the sufferaunce of God Archebyshop of Canterbury, Primate of all Englande, and Metropolitane in the yeare of oure Lorde God, M, D. LXIII.Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1559-1575 : Parker)A00157EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of, within the prouince of Canterburie, in the metropoliticall visitation of the Moste Reuerende Father in God, Edmonde, Archbishop of Canterburie, primate of all Englande, and metropolitane in the xviij yeare of the reygne of our most gracious souereygne Ladie Elizabeth, by the grace of God, Queene of Englande, Fraunce, and Irelande, defender of the fayth, &c.Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1575-1583 : Grindal)A00158EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of within the prouince of Canterburie in the metropoliticall visitation of the most reuerend father in God, Edmond Archbishop of Canterburie, primate of all England and metropolitane in the xxii yeere of the reigne of our most gracious souereigne Ladie Elizabeth, by the grace of God, Queene of England, Fraunce and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c.Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1575-1583 : Grindal)A00159EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lessus in funere Raphaelis Thorii medici et poetæ præstantissimi, qui Londini peste extinctus bonis et doctis omnibus triste sui desiderium reliquit, Anno 1625.Aytoun, Robert, Sir, 1570-1638.A00164EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of, throughout the whole diocesse of Chichester ministred and giuen in charge to the church-wardens and sidemen within the same diocesse by the reuerend father in God Richard by Gods prouidence Bishop of Chichester, in his generall visitation holden anno Domini 1631.Church of England. Diocese of Chichester. Bishop (1628-1638 : Montagu)A00171EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Merie tales of the made men of Gotam gathered to gether by A.B. of phisike doctour.A00179EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of, in the ordinarie visitation of the most reuerend father in God, George by Gods providence, Lord Arch-bishop of Canterbury ... holden in the yeere of our Lord God, 1632, and in the two and twenty yeere of His Graces translation.Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1611-1633 : Abbot)A00190EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be inquired of the clergie set foorth by the reuerend father in God, Thomas Bishop of Lincoln, in his first visitation for his diocesse, anno Domini 1571.Church of England. Diocese of Lincoln. Bishop (1570-1584 : Cooper)A00191EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Interrogatories to bee enquyred of by the churche-wardens and sworne-menne within the diocesse of Lincolne, and the trueth thereof to be by them vpon their othes duly prese[n]ted vnto the Bishop there or his deputies, at his visitation, nowe to be holden this present yeare of our Lord, 1580 with particular answere to euery interrogatorie.Church of England. Diocese of Lincoln. Bishop (1570-1584 : Cooper)A00193EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of in the generall visitation of Edmonde Bisshoppe of London exercised by him the yeare of oure Lorde. in the citie and diocese of London ...Church of England. Diocese of London. Bishop (1539-1549, 1553-1559 : Bonner)A00198EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of in the visitation of the Dioces of London, by the reuerende father in God, Edwyn Bishop of London In the thirtenth yeare of the raigne of our soueraigne ladie Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queene of Englande, Fraunce and Irelande defender of the fayth. &c. 1571.Church of England. Diocese of London. Bishop (1570-1577 : Sandys)A00201EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be inquired of in the metropoliticall visitation of the most reverend father, VVilliam, by Gods providence, Lord Arch-bishop of Canterbury, primate of all England, and metropolitan in and for the dioces of London, in the yeere of our Lord God 163[blank], and in the [blank] yeere of His Graces translation.Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1633-1645 : Laud)A00211EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of vvithin the diocesse of London In the third trienniall visitation of the Right Honourable, and Right Reverend Father in God, William, Lord Bishop of London, Lord High Treasurer of England. Holden in the yeare of our Lord God, 1640Church of England. Diocese of London. Bishop (1633-1660 : Juxon)A00214EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be inquired of by the minister, churchwardens, and sidemen of euery parish, and precinct, within the archdeaconrie of London according to the speciall direction of certaine letters heretofore sent to the Lord Bishop of London, from the right honourable lords of the Privie Councell.Church of England. Archdeaconry of London.A00215EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be inquired of in the visitation to be had in the byshopricke of Norwyche, now vacant in the fourth yere of our most drad souerayn lorde Edwarde the sixte ... by the moste Reuerend father in God, Thomas Archebyshop of Cantorbery, prymate of all England and metropolitan.Church of England. Diocese of Norwich.A00227EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of within the dioces of Norwiche, in the metropoliticall visitation of the moste Reuerend father in God, Mathew, by the prouidence of God, Archebyshop of Canterbury Primate of all Englande, and Metropolitane, in the yeare of our Lorde God, M. D. LXVII.Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1559-1575 : Parker)A00229EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be inquired of, in the first metropoliticall visitation, of the most reuerend father, Richarde by Gods prouidence, archbushop [sic] of Canterbury, and primat of all Englande in, and for the dioces of Noruuich, in the yeare of our Lorde God 1605, and in the first yeare of His Graces translation.Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1604-1610 : Bancroft)A00230EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be inquired of vvithin the dioces of Norwich in the first visitation of the R. Reverend Father in God, Matthevv, Lord Bishop of Norwich.Church of England. Diocese of Norwich. Bishop (1635-1638 : Wren)A00233EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newes out of France for the gentlemen of England a stratagem most ventrously attempted, and valiantly atchiued by the French King, the 27. day of Iuly. anno Domini 1591 : wherein is desciphered, what trust His Royall Maiestie reposeth on the valour of the English, and their duetifull seruice vnto him at all assayes : newes also touching 16. shippes taken nigh the hauen of deepe, and the discomfiture of the Popes forces transported into France towards the ayde of the leaguers, both concurring on the 28. of Iuly last past : vvith a report of the princely meeting, and honorable conioyning of the whole power of the French King the sixt day of this present moneth of August, consisting of English, Germane, and his owne people.G. B.A00234EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new song, called Jacke Doues resolution by which he doth show, that he cares not a rush how ere the world goe. To the tune of, To driue the cold winter away.G. B., fl. 1592-1597.A00235EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A consolatory letter to all the afflicted Catholikes in EnglandH. B., fl. 1588.A00249EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iniunctions giuen by the Reuerend Father in Christ John by Gods prouidence, Bishop of Sarisburie [sic], aswel to the cleargie, as to the churche wardens and enquirers of euerye seueral parish, aswel of his peculiar as general iurisdiction within and of the diocesse of Sarum to be obserued and kept of euery of them in their offices and callings, as to them shal appertaine, for the aduauncement of Gods honor, thincrease of vertue, and good order to be continued within his sayd diocesse, and the same to be enquired of and put in vse by all the Archdeacons, commissaries, and other officers excercising ecclesiastical iurisdiction vnder the sayde Bishop according to the limittes of their seueral offices and iurisdictions, in their synodes, visitations, inquiries, and courts.Church of England. Diocese of Salisbury. Bishop (1559-1571 : Jewel)A00254EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of, vvithin the Diocesse of Sarisbury, in the first visitation of the right reuerend father in God, Martin, by the prouidence of God, Lord Bishoppe of Sarum holden in the yeere of our Lord God, 1619.Church of England. Diocese of Salisbury. Bishop (1618-1619 : Fotherby)A00256EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true discripcion of a childe with ruffes borne in the parish of Micheham in the cou[n]tie of Surrey in the yeere of our Lord. M.D.LXviH. B., fl. 1566.A00257EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Moriemini. A verie profitable sermon preached before her Maiestie at the court, about xiij. yeares since: by H.B.H. B., fl. 1593.A00259EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of, by the church-vvardens, and sworne-men, in the visitation of the right worshipfull, the Archdeacon of SurreyChurch of England. Archdeaconry of Surrey.A00260EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A bryefe and plaine declaracion of certayne sente[n]ces in this litle boke folowing to satisfie the consciences of them that haue iudged me therby to be a fauourer of the Anabaptistes.I. B., fl. 1547.A00261EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of by the church-wardens and sworne-men, within the diocesse of Winchester in the visitation of the Reuerend Father in God, Thomas Bishop of Winton, in his triennall visitation, holden 1603 in the first yeere of the raigne of Our Most Gracious Soueraigne Lord, Iames by the grace of God King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c.Church of England. Diocese of Winchester. Bishop (1597-1616 : Bilson)A00263EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be inquired of, by the churchwardens and sworne men within the Archdea[c]onrie of Worcester in the visitation of the R. Worshipful M. Iohn Iohnson Doctor of Divinitie, Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry of Worcester aforesaide, in this present yeare of our Lorde God, 1609.Church of England. Archdeaconry of Worcester.A00265EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iniunctions giuen by the most reuerende father in Christ, Edmonde by the prouidence of God, Archbishop of Yorke primate of England, and Metropolitane, in his Metropoliticall visitation of the prouince of Yorke, aswell to the clergie, as to the laytie of the same prouince. Anno do. 1571.Church of England. Province of York. Archbishop (1570-1576 : Grindal)A00267EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired off, within the prouince of Yorke, in the Metropoliticall visitation of the most reuerend father in God Edwin Archbishoppe of Yorke, primate of England and Metropolitane. In the .xix. and .xx. yeare, of the raigne of our most gratious souereigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God of England, Fraunce and Ireland Queene, defendor of the fayth, &c. 1577. &. 1578.Church of England. Province of York. Archbishop (1576-1588 : Sandys)A00268EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copy of a letter lately vvritten by a Spanishe gentleman, to his freind in England in refutation of sundry calumnies, there falsly bruited, and spred emonge the people. The originall vvhereof vvas vvritten in Spanish, since the authors being in England, vvho by reason of a ship of those that miscaried of the late Armado, vvas taken, and there detained prisoner, vntill his deliuery by ransome. Now newly translated into Englishe, for the benefite of those (of that nation) that vnderstand not the Spanishe tounge.Verstegan, Richard, ca. 1550-1640.A00271EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To my faythfull bretheren now affycted ...A00275EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To my louynge brethren that is troublyd abowt the popishe aparrell, two short and comfortable epistels. Be ye constant: for the Lorde shall fyght for yow, yowrs in ChristA00277EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defense of the ecclesiasticall regiment in Englande defaced by T. C. in his replie agaynst D. VVhitgifte. Seene and allowed according to the order appoynted in the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.Northampton, Henry Howard, Earl of, 1540-1614.A00281EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe and plaine declaration, concerning the desires of all those faithfull ministers, that haue and do seeke for the discipline and reformation of the Church of Englande which may serue for a iust apologie, against the false accusations and slaunders of their aduersaries.A00283EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Instructions for the clergieChurch of England.A00285EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The effect of a bill exhibited in Parliament by Sir Francis Englefield, BarronetA00287EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A very lively portrayture, of the most reverend arch-bishops, the right reverend bs. of the Church of England set forth in XX. irrefragable positions, concerning their authority, power, and practise, as they onely are our diocesan lord bishops, so grounded upon Scripture, reason, and experience, by evident demonstrative practises, as their troublesome opposites, may cleerely see, how greatly they are deceived in all these. A labour undertaken for the peace of all Gods people, and for a just condemnation of al those, that cause division, and offences, contrary to the doctrine and discipline of Christs Church.A00289EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most sweet song of an English merchant, borne at Chichester To an excellent new tune.A00293EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The manuell of Epictetus, translated out of Greeke into French, and now into English, conferred with two Latine translations. Herevnto are annexed annotations, and also the apothegs of the same author. By Ia. SanfordEpictetus.A00301EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epictetus his manuall. And Cebes his table. Out of the Greeke originall, by Io: HealeyEpictetus.A00303EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Adagia in Latine and English containing five hundred proverbs : very profitable for the vse of those who aspire to further perfection in the Latine tongue.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00313EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Apophthegmes that is to saie, prompte, quicke, wittie and sentencious saiynges, of certain emperours, kynges, capitaines, philosophiers and oratours, aswell Grekes, as Romaines, bothe veraye pleasaunt [et] profitable to reade, partely for all maner of persones, [et] especially gentlemen. First gathered and compiled in Latine by the ryght famous clerke Maister Erasmus of Roterodame. And now translated into Englyshe by Nicolas Vdall.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00316EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bellum Erasmi· Translated into englysheErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00320EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The psalme of mercy, or, A meditation vpon the 51. psalme by a true penitent.I. B.A00321EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Familiarium colloquiorum formulae. Et alia quedam per Erasmu[m] recognitaErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00325EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The censure and iudgement of the famous clark Erasmus of Roterodam: whyther dyuorsemente betwene man and wyfe stondeth with the lawe of God With diuers causes wherfore it is permitted, with the mynde of the olde doctours, wrytten by the said Erasmus in the booke of his Annotations, vpon these wordes of Paule. i. cor, vii. She is delyuered fro[m] the bond of the lawe, let her marry to whom she wyll, translated by Nycolas Lesse.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00327EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Ye dyaloge called Funus]Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00329EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialoge or communication of two persons deuysyd and set forthe in the late[n] tonge, by the noble and famose clarke. Desiderius Erasmus intituled [the] pylgremage of pure deuotyon. Newly tra[n]slatyd into Englishe.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00331EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A mery dialogue, declaringe the propertyes of shrowde shrewes, and honest wyues not onelie verie pleasaunte, but also not a lytle profitable: made by ye famous clerke D. Erasmus Roterodamus. Translated into Englyshe.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00332EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Seven dialogues both pithie and profitable The 1 is of the right vse of things indifferent. 2 sheweth what comfort poperie affordeth in time of daunger. 3 is betweene a good woman and a shrew. 4 is of the conversion of a harlot. 5 is of putting forth children to nurse. 6 is of a popish pilgrimage. 7 is of a popish funerall. By W.B.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00333EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A very pleasaunt [and] fruitful diologe called the Epicure, made by that famous clerke Erasmus of Roterodame, newly translated. 1545Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00338EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The comparation of a vyrgin and a martyrErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00341EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The complaint of peace. Wryten in Latyn, by the famous clerke, Erasimus [sic] Roterodamus. And nuely translated into Englyshe by Thomas Paynell.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00342EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De ciuilitate morun [sic] puerilium per Des. Erasmum Roterodamum, libellus nunc primum & conditus & æditus. Roberto VVhitintoni interprete. = A lytell booke of good maners for chyldren, nowe lately compyled and put forth by Erasmus Roterodam in latyne tonge, with interpretacion of the same in to the vulgare englysshe tonge, by Robert whytyngton laureate poete. Cum priuilegioErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00344EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De co[n]temptu mundi The dispisyng of the worlde / co[m]piled in Latyn by Erasmus Rot. ; and translated in to Englyshe by Thomas Paynell ...Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00350EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Declamatio in laudem nobilissimæ artis medicinæ. = A declamacion in the prayse and co[m]me[n]dation of the most hygh and excellent science of phisyke, made by the ryght famous clerke doctour Erasmus of Rotherdam, and newly translated out of Latyn into Englyshe. Cum priuilegio regaliErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00354EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De immensa dei misericordia. A sermon of the excedynge great mercy of god, / made by ye moste famous doctour maister Eras. Rot. Translated out of Latine into Englisshe, at the request of the moste honorable and vertuous lady, the lady Margaret Countese of Salisbury.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00356EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise perswadynge a man patientlye to suffre the deth of his frendeErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00358EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A deuoute treatise vpon the Pater noster, made fyrst in latyn by the moost famous doctour mayster Erasmus Roterodamus, and tourned in to englisshe by a yong vertuous and well lerned gentylwoman of. xix. yere of ageErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00361EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A booke called in latyn Enchiridion militis christiani, and in englysshe the manuell of the christen knyght replenysshed with moste holsome preceptes, made by the famous clerke Erasmus of Roterdame, to the whiche is added a newe and meruaylous profytable preface.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00363EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter sent by I.B. Gentleman vnto his very frende Maystet [sic] R.C. Esquire vvherin is conteined a large discourse of the peopling & inhabiting the cuntrie called the Ardes, and other adiacent in the north of Ireland, and taken in hand by Sir Thomas Smith one of the Queenes Maiesties priuie Counsel, and Thomas Smith Esquire, his sonne.I. B., gentleman.A00364EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A shorte recapitulacion or abrigement of Erasmus Enchiridion brefely comprehendinge the summe and contents therof. Very profitable and necessary to be rede of all trew Christen men. Drawne out by M. Couerdale Anno. 1545Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00374EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epystell of ye famous doctor Erasm[us] of Roterdam vnto the reuerende father & excellent prince, Christofer bysshop of Basyle, co[n]cernyng the forbedynge of eatynge of flesshe, and lyke constitutyons of men. &c.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00375EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epistle of the famous clerke Erasmus of Roterodame, concernynge the veryte of the sacrament of Christes body and bloude whyche epistle is set before the excellent boke, intytuled D. Algeri De veritate corporis et sanguinis dominici in Eucharistia.)[sic] which boke was made by the sayd Algerus aboute fyue hondred yeared passed. And nowe of late yeares, hath agayne ben ouer seen and reuysyted, by the sayde famous clerke Erasmus of Roterodame, and dedycated by hym, unto the Reuerende father Balthasar bysshop of Hyldesyn. This present epistle of Erasmus makynge is to be founde oute, in the great volume of all his epistles, pagina, 1577. Hauynge this lytell wrytynge ouer it. In Algerum.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00376EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A ryght frutefull epystle, deuysed by the moste excellent clerke Erasmns [sic], in laude and prayse of matrymony, translated in to Englyshe, by Rychard Tauernour, which translation he hathe dedicate to the ryght honorable Mayster Thomas Cromwel most worthy counseloure to our souerayne lorde kyng Henry the eyght. Cum priuilegio regaliErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00377EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exhortation to the diligent studye of scripture, made by Erasmus Roterodamus. And tra[n]slated in to inglissh. An exposition in to the seventh chaptre of the first pistle to the CorinthiansErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00378EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposicyon of the .xv. psalme made by mayster Erasmus of Rotherdame in whiche is full purely declared the pure and clene behauoure that ought to be in the pure churche of Chryst which is the multytude of all trewe chrysten peopleErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00380EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A lytle treatise of the maner and forme of confession, made by the most excellent and famous clerke, M. Eras. of RoterdameErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00381EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The praise of folie. = Moriæ encomium a booke made in latine by that great clerke Erasmus Roterodame. Englisshed by sir Thomas Chaloner knight.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00384EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The paraphrase of Erasm[us] Roterdame vpon [the] epistle of sai[n]t Paule vnto his discyple Titus lately tra[n]slated into englysshe and fyrste a goodly prologueErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00386EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A playne and godly exposytion or declaratio[n] of the co[m]mune crede (which in the Latin tonge is called Symbolum Apostolorum) and of the. x. co[m]maundementes of goddes law, newly made and put forth by the famouse clarke, Mayster. Erasmus of Roterdame, at the requeste of the moste honorable lorde, Thomas Erle of wyltshyre: father to the moste gratious and vertuous Quene Anne wyf to our most gracyous soueraygne lorde kynge Henry the. viii. Cum priuilegio.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00387EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Preparation to deathe A booke as deuout as eloquent, compiled by Erasmus Roterodame.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00389EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here folowith a scorneful image or monstrus shape of a maruelous stra[n]ge fygure called, Sileni alcibiadis presentyng ye state [and] condicio[n] of this present world, [and] inespeciall of the spiritualite how farre they be from ye perfite trade and lyfe of Criste, wryte[n] in the laten tonge, by that famous clarke Erasmus, [and] lately translated in to Englyshe.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00391EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon made: by the famous doctor Erasmus of RoterodameErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00392EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A ryght excellent sermon and full of frute and edificacyon of the chylde Jesus.]Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00393EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great mystery of godliness Jesus Christ our Lord God and man, and man with God; one in Jesus Christ our Lord. By Mr. Erbury minister of the word.Erbery, William, 1604-1654.A00395EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration and catholick exhortation to all Christian princes to succour the Church of God and realme of France. Written by Peter Erondelle, natife of Normandie. Faithfully translated out of the FrenchErondelle, Pierre, fl. 1586-1609.A00397EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the nauigation which the Portugales doe make to the realmes and prouinces of the east partes of the worlde and of the knowledge that growes by them of the great thinges, which are in the dominions of China. Written by Barnardine of Escalanta, of the realme of Galisia priest. Translated out of Spanish into English, by Iohn Frampton.Escalante, Bernardino de, 16th cent.A00400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triall of true friendship or perfit mirror, wherby to discerne a trustie friend from a flattering parasite. Otherwise, A knacke to know a knaue from an honest man: by a perfit mirrour of both: soothly to say; trie ere you trust; beleeue no man rashly. No lesse profitable in obseruing, then pleasant in reading. By M.B.M. B., fl. 1596.A00401EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wonderfull newes of the death of Paule the. iii. last byshop of Rome [and] of diuerse thynges that after his death haue happened, wherein is trulye set ... the abominable actes of his most mischeuous life. Written in Latin by. P. Esquillus, and Englyshed by W. B. Londoner.Flacius Illyricus, Matthias, 1520-1575.A00402EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
At a generall asse[m]blie of the iustices of the pea[ce] ...Essex (England)A00403EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sathans sowing season. By William Est minister and preacher of Gods word in Bydeford.Est, William, 1546 or 7-1625.A00405EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triall of true teares. Or the summons to repentance whereby the secure sinner is taught how to escape the terrible sentence of the supreame iudge. Meditated vpon Christes weeping ouer Ierusalem, very necessarie for these present times. By William Est, Maister of Arts, and preacher of Gods Word.Est, William, 1546 or 7-1625.A00408EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The contempte of the vvorld, and the vanitie thereof, written by the reuerent F. Diego de Stella, of the order of S. Fr. deuided into three bookes, and of late translated out of Italian into Englishe, vvith conuenient tables in the end of the bookeEstella, Diego de, 1524-1578.A00412EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A methode vnto mortification: called heretofore, the contempt of the world, and the vanitie thereof Written at the first in the Spanish, afterward translated into the Italian, English, and Latine tongues: now last of all perused at the request of some of his godly friends, and as may bee most for the benefite of this Church, reformed and published by Thomas Rogers. Allowed by authoritie.Estella, Diego de, 1524-1578.A00414EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Maison rustique, or The countrey farme· Compyled in the French tongue by Charles Steuens, and Iohn Liebault, Doctors of Physicke. And translated into English by Richard Surflet, practitioner in physicke. Now newly reuiewed, corrected, and augmented, with diuers large additions, out of the works of Serres his Agriculture, Vinet his Maison champestre, French. Albyterio in Spanish, Grilli in Italian; and other authors. And the husbandrie of France, Italie, and Spaine, reconciled and made to agree with ours here in England: by Geruase Markham. The whole contents are in the page followingEstienne, Charles, 1504-ca. 1564.A00419EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The stage of popish toyes conteining both tragicall and comicall partes: played by the Romishe roysters of former age: notably describing them by degrees in their colours. Collected out of H. Stephanus in his Apologie vpon Herodot. With a friendlie forewarning to our Catelin Catholikes: and a brief admonition, of the sundrie benefites we receiue by hir Ma: blessed gouernement ouer vs. Compyled by G.N.Estienne, Henri, 1531-1598.A00423EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A learned and godly sermon preached on the XIX. day of December, anno Dom. MDCXXXI. at the funerall of Mr. Robert Bolton Batchelour in Divinity and minister of Broughton in Northampton-Shire. By Mr. Nicolas Estvvick, Batchelour in Divinity, and sometimes fellow of Christs College in Cambridge, and now minister of Warkton in Northampton-Shire. Revised and somewhat enlarged by the author, and now at the importunity of some friends publishedEstwick, Nicolas.A00426EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The elements of geometrie of the most auncient philosopher Euclide of Megara. Faithfully (now first) translated into the Englishe toung, by H. Billingsley, citizen of London. Whereunto are annexed certaine scholies, annotations, and inuentions, of the best mathematiciens, both of time past, and in this our age. With a very fruitfull præface made by M. I. Dee, specifying the chiefe mathematicall scie[n]ces, what they are, and wherunto commodious: where, also, are disclosed certaine new secrets mathematicall and mechanicall, vntill these our daies, greatly missedEuclid.A00429EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Catholique traditions. Or A treatise of the beliefe of the Christians of Asia, Europa, and Africa, in the principall controuersies of our time In fauour of the louers of the catholicke trueth, and the peace of the Church. Written in French by Th. A.I.C. and translated into English, by L.O.Eudes, Morton.A00430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lyves, of philosophers and oratours: vvritten in Greeke, by Eunapius, of the cittie of Sardeis in Lydia. Brought into light, translated into Latine, and dedicated to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie, our moste gracious princesse and soueraigne, Queene Elizabeth. By the great learned man, Hadrianus Iunius Hornanus. 1568. And now set foorth in English, at his request: and dedicated to the right Honourable, the Lord Chauncellour of England. 1579Eunapius, ca. 345-ca. 420.A00437EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Querimonia Europæ diuisa in libros duos, quorum jam exit primus.A00439EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The auncient ecclesiasticall histories of the first six hundred yeares after Christ, wrytten in the Greeke tongue by three learned historiographers, Eusebius, Socrates, and Euagrius. Eusebius Pamphilus Bishop of Cæsarea in Palæstina vvrote 10 bookes. Socrates Scholasticus of Constantinople vvrote 7 bookes. Euagrius Scholasticus of Antioch vvrote 6 bookes. VVhereunto is annexed Dorotheus Bishop of Tyrus, of the liues of the prophetes, apostles and 70 disciples. All which authors are faithfully translated out of the Greeke tongue by Meredith Hanmer, Maister of Arte and student in diuinitie. Last of all herein is contayned a profitable chronographie collected by the sayd translator, the title whereof is to be seene in the ende of this volume, with a copious index of the principall matters throughout all the historiesEusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea, ca. 260-ca. 340.A00440EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe chronicle, where in are described shortlye the originall, and the successiue estate of the Romaine weale publique the alteratyon and chaunge of sondrye offices in the same: the order and successyon of the kinges, consuls and emperoures therof, together wyth sondry gestes & actes of many famous princes and valiaunt captaines, from the first foundatyon of the city of Rome, vnto the. M.C. and. xix. yeare there of consequently: ryght plesant and profitable to be red, marked and folowed of all men. Collected and gathered first by Eutropius, and Englished by Nicolas Havvard, studiente of Thauies In. Anno. 1564.Eutropius, 4th cent.A00446EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Verba dierum, or, The dayes report of Gods glory As it hath beene delivered some yeeres since, at foure sermons, or lectures vpon one text, in the famous University of Oxford; and since that time somewhat augmented; and is now commended vnto all times to be augmented and amended. By Edward Evans, priest and minister of the Lord our God.Evans, Edward, b. 1573.A00448EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sacrifice of a contrite heart in teares, meditations, and prayers. Penned by Iohn Euans minister of Gods word.Evans, John, minister of Gods word.A00452EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The abridgement of logique]Evans, Lewis, fl. 1574.A00454EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brieue admonition vnto the nowe made ministers of Englande wherein is shewed some of the fruicte of this theyr late framed fayth: made by Lewys Euans student in Louain. 24. Aug. 1565.Evans, Lewis, fl. 1574.A00455EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The castle of Christianitie detecting the long erring estate, asvvell of the Romaine Church, as of the Byshop of Rome: together with the defence of the catholique faith: set forth, by Lewys Euans.Evans, Lewis, fl. 1574.A00457EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The hatefull hypocrisie, and rebellion of the Romishe prelacie. By Lewys EuansEvans, Lewis, fl. 1574.A00458EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian conflict and conquest set forth in a sermon at Pauls-crosse, upon Sunday the 19th of Iuly, 1635. By W.E.B.D. of St Mary Hall in OxfordEvans, William, b. 1598 or 9.A00459EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pietatis lachrymæ. = Teares of deuotionEvans, William, poet.A00460EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arriereban a sermon preached to the company of the military yarde, at St. Andrewes Church in Holborne at St. Iames his day last. By Iohn Everarde student in Diuinity, and lecturer at Saint Martins in the fields.Everard, John, 1575?-1650?A00461EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Somewhat vvritten by occasion of three sunnes seene at Tregnie in Cornewall, the 22. of December last. With other memorable occurents in other places.Everard, John, 1575?-1650?A00462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Britanno-Romanus, siue Angligenarum in Collegio Romano vitæ ratio. Autore, Iohanne EuerardoEverard, John, b. 1587.A00465EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The duetie of a faithfull and wise magistrate, in preseruing and deliuering of the eommon [sic] wealth from infection, in the time of the plague or pestilence two bookes. Written in Latine by Iohn Ewich, ordinary phisition of the woorthie common wealth of Breame, and newlie turned into English by Iohn Stockwood schoolemaister of Tunbridge. ...Ewich, Johann von, 1525-1588.A00472EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most notable example of an vngracious son, who in the pride of his heart denyed his owne father and how God for his offence, turned his meat into loathsome toades. To the tune of Lord Darley.A00475EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most notable and worthy example of an vngratious sonne, who in the pride of his hart denied his owne father and how God for his offence turned his meate into loathsome toades. To the tune of Lord Darley.A00476EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most rare, strange and wonderfull example of Almightie God, shewed in the citie of Telonne in Prouence, on a cruell Papisticall bishop with the preseruation of the ladie Deormoga, whose life he vowed to haue, his miserable and lamentable ende, and may serue for a most strange example. Also the burning of the church at Argere, with diuers hurts done by lightning, buring a ship of bread and corne, arrested by the gouernour, bound for the reliefe of Telonne, With the great plague of rattes, that filled the whole cittie, a warning to let vs all know our heauenly Father and redeemer, and to repent vs of our sinnes. Witnesse these whose names are here set downe: Iacob Iohnson of Dort in Holland. Peter van Haget of Ancusa marchant. Martin Philips pilot of Dort.Johnson, Jacob, of Dort in Holland.A00477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A worthy example of a vertuous wife who fed her father with her own milk, being condemned to be famished to death and after was pardoned by the Emperor. To the tune of Flying fame.A00478EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exhortation vnto prayer thought mete by the kinges maiestie, and his clergy, to be read to the people in euery church afore processyions. Also a letanie with suffrages to be said or song in the tyme of the said processyons.Church of England.A00483EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A good exhortation to euery man what he should doo when he goeth to bed and when he riseth To a new northen tune.A00489EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An extract translated out of the French copie and taken out of the registers of the French kings priuie councell.France. Conseil du roi.A00499EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discouery of the great subtiltie and wonderful wisedome of the Italians whereby they beare sway ouer the most part of Christendome, and cunninglie behaue themselues to fetch the quintescence out of the peoples purses: discoursing at large the meanes, howe they prosecute and continue the same: and last of all, conuenient remedies to preuent all their pollicies herein.G. B. A. F.A00505EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The difference betwene the auncient phisicke, first taught by the godly forefathers, consisting in vnitie peace and concord: and the latter phisicke proceeding from idolaters, ethnickes, and heathen: as Gallen, and such other consisting in dualitie, discorde, and contrarietie And wherein the naturall philosophie of Aristotle doth differ from the trueth of Gods worde, and is iniurious to Christianitie and sounde doctrine. By R.B. Esquire.Bostocke, Richard.A00508EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Ashby De-la-zouch in the countie of Leicester at the funerall of the truely noble and vertuous lady Elizabeth Stanley one of the daughters and coheires of the Right Honourable Ferdinand late Earle of Derby, and late wife to Henrie Earle of Huntingdon the fifth earle of that familie. The 9. of February. Anno Dom. 1633. By I.F.I. F., fl. 1633.A00510EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The yong mans gleanings Gathered out of diuers most zealous and deuout fathers, and now published for the benefit of euerie Christian man, which wisheth good successe to his soule at the later day. Containing these foure subiects. 1 Of the mortality of man. 2 The poore mans harbour. 3 The mirror of vaine-glory. 4 Saint Barnards sermon on the passion of Christ. Whereunto is adioyned a most sweete and comfortable hymne, expressing the euerlasting ioy of a glorified soule. By R.B. gent.R. B., Gent.A00514EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of a letter sent from sea by a gentleman who was employed in discouerie on the coast of Spaine by appointment of the generals of our English fleete, to a worshipfull friend of his. Aduertising him of such things as he came to knowledge of in the same discouerie.T. F.A00518EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fooles bolt is soone shot Good friends beware, I'me like to hit yee, what ere you be heer's that will fit yee; which way soeuer that you goe, at you I ayme my bolt and bowe. To the tune of, Oh no no no not yet.T. F., fl. 1630.A00519EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An oration of Ihon Fabritius Montanus VVherby he teacheth that Christian men cannot resorte to the Councel of Trent, without committing an haynous offence. Englyshed by L.A.Fabricius, Joannes, Montanus, 1527-1566.A00522EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fabyans cronycle newly prynted, wyth the cronycle, actes, and dedes done in the tyme of the reygne of the moste excellent prynce kynge Henry the vii. father vnto our most drad souerayne lord kynge Henry the .viii. To whom be all honour, reuere[n]ce, and ioyfull contynaunce of his prosperous reygne, to the pleasure of god and weale of this his realme amenFabyan, Robert, d. 1513.A00525EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Speculum ægrotorum. The sicke-mens glasse or, A plaine introduction wherby one may giue a true, and infallible iudgement, of the life or death of a sicke bodie, the originall cause of the griefe, how he is tormented and afflicted, what thinges are medicinable to the diseased person: and the day and houre in which he shall recouer, or surrender his vitall breath. Whereunto is annexed a treatise of the foure humors, and how they are ingendered and distributed in our humane bodies: with certaine and manifest signes to discerne of what complexion any man is: and the operation that eating, drinking rest and exercise, worketh in euery person: with certaine speciall preseruatiues for the eye-sight. Composed by Iohn Fage, student in phisicke, and practitioner in astrologie.Fage, John, student in phisicke.A00527EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe refutation of Iohn Traskes iudaical and nouel fancyes Stiling himselfe Minister of Gods Word, imprisoned for the lawes eternall perfection, or God's lawes perfect eternity. By B. D. Catholike Deuine.Falconer, John, 1577-1656.A00535EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Horologiographia The art of dialling: teaching an easie and perfect way to make all kinds of dials vpon any plaine plat howsoeuer placed: vvith the drawing of the twelue signes, and houres vnequall in them all. Whereunto is annexed the making and vse of other dials and instruments, whereby the houre of the day and night is knowne. Of speciall vse and delight not onely for students of the arts mathematicall, but also for diuers artificers, architects, surueyours of buildings, free-Masons and others. By T. Fale.Fale, Thomas, fl. 1604.A00538EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The right way to goe to worke: or, a sermon seasonable and vsefull in these stirring times containing matter of direction in all actions, and presenting meanes of supportation vnder the weight either of publike or priuate, dangerous or difficult seruices and employments. Vpon Proverbs 16. 3.Balmford, Samuel, d. 1659?A00541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An East-India colation; or a discourse of travels set forth in sundry obseruations, briefe and delightfull; collected by the author in a voyage he made unto the East-Indies, of almost foure yeares continuance. Written by C.F.Farewell, Christopher.A00549EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Portland-stone in Paules-Church-yard Their birth, their mirth, their thankefulnesse, their aduertisement. Written by Hen: Farley, a free-man of London: who hath done as freely for free-stone, within these eight yeares, as most men, and knowes as much of their mindes as any man. Buy, or goe by.Farley, Henry.A00552EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first set of English madrigals to foure voices: newly composed by Iohn Farmer, practicioner in the art of musicque.Farmer, John, fl. 1591-1601.A00562EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Diuers & sundry waies of two parts in one, to the number of fortie, vppon one playnsong]Farmer, John, fl. 1591-1601.A00563EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blacke devil or the apostate Together with the wolfe worrying the lambes. And the spiritual navigator, bound for the Holy Land. In three sermons. By Thomas Adams.Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A00564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Historia de donne famose. Or The Romaine iubile which happened in the yeare 855. Disputed lately, that there vvas a woman pope named Ione the eight, against all the Iesuites, by a Germaine, but especially against Rob. Bellarmine father of all controuersies, his treatise De Romano pontifico. lib. 3. cap. 24. Newly translated into EnglishGerman.A00565EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Canzonets to fowre voyces, with a song of eight parts. Compiled by Giles Farnaby Bachilar of Musicke.Farnaby, Giles, ca. 1565-1640.A00566EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Phrases oratoriæ elegantiores Editio septima; cui accesserunt phrases aliquot poëtica. Curâ & operâ Tho. Farnabii.Farnaby, Thomas, 1575?-1647.A00573EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The theater of honour and knight-hood. Or A compendious chronicle and historie of the whole Christian vvorld Containing the originall of all monarchies, kingdomes, and estates, with their emperours, kings, princes, and gouernours; their beginnings, continuance, and successions, to this present time. The first institution of armes, emblazons, kings, heralds, and pursuiuants of armes: with all the ancient and moderne military orders of knight-hood in euery kingdome. Of duelloes or single combates ... Likewise of ioustes, tourneyes, and tournaments, and orders belonging to them. Lastly of funerall pompe, for emperours, kings, princes, and meaner persons, with all the rites and ceremonies fitting for them. VVritten in French, by Andrew Fauine, Parisian: and aduocate in the High Court of Parliament. M.DC.XX.Favyn, André.A00580EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nicodemus for Christ, or The religious moote of an honest lawyer: deliuered in a sermon, preached at the assises at Okeham, in the county of Rutland, March. 10. 1627. By Antony Favvkner, Master of Arts, and late student in Iesus Colledge in OxfordFawkner, Antony, b. 1601 or 2.A00584EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The widowes petition delivered in a sermon before the iudges at the assises held at Northampton, Iuly 25. 1633. by Antony Fawkner, parson of Saltry All-Saints, alias Moygne in Huntingtonshire.Fawkner, Antony, b. 1601 or 2.A00586EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ancilla pietatis: or, The hand-maid to priuate deuotion presenting a manuell to furnish her with necessary principles of faith. Forcible motiues to a holy life. Vsefull formes of hymnes and prayers. ... By Daniel Featly, D. in Diuinity.Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645.A00587EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cygnea cantio: or, Learned decisions, and most prudent and pious directions for students in divinitie; delivered by our late soveraigne of happie memorie, King Iames, at White Hall a few weekes before his death.Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645.A00594EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Fisher catched in his owne netFeatley, Daniel, 1582-1645.A00596EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The grand sacrilege of the Church of Rome, in taking away the sacred cup from the laiety at the Lords Table: detected, and conuinced by the euidence of holy Scripture, and testimonies of all ages successiuely from the first propagation of the catholike Christian faith to this present: together with two conferences; the former at Paris with D. Smith, now stiled by the Romanists B of Calcedon; the later at London with M Euerard, priest: by Dan. Featly, Doctor in Diuinity.Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645.A00597EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A parallel: of nevv-old Pelgiarminian errorFeatley, Daniel, 1582-1645.A00599EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A second parallel together with a vvrit of error sued against the appealer.Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645.A00601EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Romish Fisher caught and held in his owne net. Or, A true relation of the Protestant conference and popish difference A iustification of the one, and refutation of the other. In matter of fact. faith. By Daniel Featly, Doctor in Diuinity.Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645.A00602EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Transubstantiation exploded: or An encounter vvith Richard the titularie Bishop of Chalcedon concerning Christ his presence at his holy table Faithfully related in a letter sent to D. Smith the Sorbonist, stiled by the Pope Ordinarie of England and Scotland. By Daniel Featley D.D. Whereunto is annexed a publique and solemne disputation held at Paris with Christopher Bagshaw D. in Theologie, and rector of Ave Marie Colledge.Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645.A00604EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The voyage and trauaile of M. Cæsar Frederick, merchant of Venice, into the East India, the Indies, and beyond the Indies. Wherein are contained very pleasant and rare matters, with the customes and rites of those countries. Also, heerein are discovered the merchandises and commodities of those countreyes, aswell the aboundaunce of goulde and siluer, as spices, drugges, pearles, and other jewelles. Written at sea in the Hercules of London: comming from Turkie, the 25. of March. 1588. For the profitabvle instruction of merchants and all other trauellers for their better direction and knowledge of those countreyes. Out of Italian, by T H.Federici, Cesare.A00611EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The conspiracie of Catiline, written by Constancius, Felicius, Durantinus, and translated bi Thomas Paynell: with the historye of Iugurth, writen by the famous Romaine Salust, and translated into Englyshe by Alexander BarcklayeFelice, Costanzo.A00616EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The counseller a treatise of counsels and counsellers of princes, written in Spanish by Bartholomew Phillip, Doctor of the ciuill and cannon lawe. Englished by I.T. graduate in Oxford.Filippe, Bartholomeu.A00617EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Resolues, diuine, morall, politicall b Owin FellthamFelltham, Owen, 1602?-1668.A00619EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The prayer and confession of Mr. Felton, word for word as hee spake it immediately before his execution. Novem. 29. 1628Felton, John, 1595?-1628.A00626EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fennes frutes vvhich vvorke is deuided into three seuerall parts; the first, a dialogue betweene fame and the scholler ... The second, intreateth of the lamentable ruines which attend on vvarre ... The third, that it is not requisite to deriue our pedegree from the vnfaithfull Troians, who were chiefe causes of their owne destruction: whereunto is added Hecubaes mishaps, discoursed by way of apparition.Fenne, Thomas.A00627EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The artes of logike and rethorike [sic] plainelie set foorth in the English tounge, easie to be learned and practised : togither vvith examples for the practise of the same for methode, in the gouernement of the familie, prescribed in the word of God, and for the whole in the resolution or opening of certayne partes of Scripture, according to the same.Fenner, Dudley, 1558?-1587.A00630EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An antiquodlibet, or An aduertisement to beware of secular priestsA00631EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief treatise vpon the first table of the lavve orderly disposing the principles of religion, whereby we may examine our selues. Written by Maister Dudley Fenner, Minister of the Gospell.Fenner, Dudley, 1558?-1587.A00634EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certain godly and learned treatises written by that worthie minister of Christe, M. Dudley Fenner; for the behoofe and edification of al those, that desire to grovv and increase in true godlines. The titles whereof, are set downe in the page followingFenner, Dudley, 1558?-1587.A00635EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A counter-poyson modestly written for the time, to make aunswere to the obiections and reproches, wherewith the aunswerer to the Abstract, would disgrace the holy discipline of Christ.A00637EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the reasons of the counter-poyson, for maintenance of the eldership against an aunsvvere made to them by Doctor Copequot, in a publike sermon at Pawles Crosse, vpon Psal. 84. 1584. VVherein also according to his demaunde is proued syllogisticallie for the learned, and plainlie for all men, the perpetuitie of the elders office in the church.A00639EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short and profitable treatise, of lavvfull and vnlavvfull recreations and of the right vse and abuse of those that are lavvefull. Written by M. Dudley Fenner, Preacher of the Word of God in Midlebrugh [sic]. 1587.Fenner, Dudley, 1558?-1587.A00641EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvhole doctrine of the Sacramentes plainlie and fullie set dovvne and declared out of the word of God. Written by Maister Dudley Fenner, and nowe published for the vse of the Church of God.Fenner, Dudley, 1558?-1587.A00642EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The compters common-wealth, or A voiage made to an infernall iland long since discouered by many captaines, seafaring-men, gentlemen, marchants, and other tradesmen but the conditions, natures, and qualities of the people there inhabiting, and of those that trafficke with them, were neuer so truly expressed or liuely set foorth as by William Fennor His Maiesties servant.Fennor, William.A00646EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fennors defence: or, I am your first man VVherein the VVater-man, Iohn Taylor, is dasht, sowst, and finally fallen into the Thames: With his slanderous taxations, base imputations, scandalous accusations and foule abhominations, against his maiesties ryming poet: who hath answered him without vexatione, or [...] bling recantations. The reason of my not meeting at the Hope with Taylor, is truly demonstrated in the induction to the [...] udger. Thy hastie gallop my milde muse shall checke, that if thou sit not sure, will breake thy necke.Fennor, William.A00648EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fennors descriptions, or A true relation of certaine and diuers speeches spoken before the King and Queenes most excellent Maiestie, the Prince his highnesse, and the Lady Elizabeth's Grace. By William Fennor, His Maiesties seruant.Fennor, William.A00649EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pluto his trauailes, or, The Diuels pilgrimage to the Colledge of Iesuites. Lately discouered by an English gentlemanFennor, William.A00650EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
So shorte a catechisme that whosoeuer cannot, or wil not learne, are not in any wise to be admitted to the Lords Supper / Edward Fenton.Fenton, Edward.A00652EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Golden epistles contayning varietie of discourse both morall, philosophicall, and diuine: gathered as well out of the remaynder of Gueuaraes workes, as other authors, Latine, French, and Italian. By Geffray Fenton.A00659EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Monophylo, Drawne into English by Geffray Fenton. A philosophicall discourse, and diuision of louePasquier, Etienne, 1529-1615.A00662EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
King Iames his welcome to London With Elizaes tombe and epitaph, and our Kings triumph and epitimie. Lamenting the ones decease, and reioycing at the others accesse. Written by I.F.I. F.A00663EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvvere to VVilliam Alablaster [sic] his motiues. By Roger Fenton preacher of Grayes InneFenton, Roger, 1565-1616.A00664EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of vsurie diuided into three bookes: the first defineth what is vsurie. The second determineth that to be vnlawfull. The third remoueth such motiues as perswade men in this age that it may be lawfull. By Robert Fenton Bachelar of Diuinitie.Fenton, Roger, 1565-1616.A00671EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The supplicacion: that the nobles and comons of Osteryke made lately by their messaungers, vnto kyng Ferdinandus, in the cause of the Christen religion Item. The kynges answere to the same. Vvherpon foloweth the wordes that the messaungers spake vnto the kyng agayne at their departing.A00673EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter written by a French Gent: of the King of Bohemia his army: concerning the Emperour Ferdinand his embassage into France. Translated out of the French coppieFrench Gent.A00678EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plaine demonstration of the vnlawful succession of the now emperour Ferdinand the Second, because of the incestuous marriage of his parents Translated out of the Latine printed copie.French Gent.A00680EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ane answer to ane epistle written by Renat Benedict the Frenche doctor, profesor of Gods worde (as the translator of this epistle calleth him) to Iohn Knox, and the rest of his brethren ministers of the word of God: made by Dauid Feargussone minister of the same word at this present in Dumfermling.Fergusson, David, d. 1598.A00685EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe conference betwixt mans frailtie and faith wherein is declared the true vse, and comfort of those blessings pronounced by Christ in the fifth of Matthew, that euery Christian man and woman ought to make and take hold of in their seuerall tentations and conflicts: laide downe in this plaine order of dialogue, to helpe, if it please God, the conceit and feeling of the simplest. By Geruase Babington.Babington, Gervase, 1550-1610.A00686EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ane sermon preichit befoir the Regent and nobilitie vpon a part of the thrid chapter of the prophet Malachi, in the kirk of Leith, at the tyme of the Generall Assemblie on Sonday the 13. of Ianuarie. Anno. Do. 1571. Be Dauid Fergussone minister of the Euangell at Dunfermlyne.Fergusson, David, d. 1598.A00687EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe description of the portes, creekes, bayes, and hauens, of the Weast India: translated out of the Castlin tongue by I.F. The originall whereof was directed to the mightie Prince Don Charles, King of Castile, &c.Enciso, Martin Fernández de, d. 1525.A00689EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lessons for 1.2. and 3. viols. By Alfonso FerraboscoFerrabosco, Alfonso, ca. 1575-1628.A00694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Erōtomania or A treatise discoursing of the essence, causes, symptomes, prognosticks, and cure of love, or erotique melancholy. Written by Iames Ferrand Dr. of PhysickFerrand, Jacques, médecin.A00695EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vvoorke of Ioannes Ferrarius Montanus, touchynge the good orderynge of a common weale wherein aswell magistrates, as priuate persones, bee put in remembraunce of their dueties, not as the philosophers in their vaine tradicions haue deuised, but according to the godlie institutions and sounde doctrine of christianitie. Englished by william Bauande.Ferrarius, Johannes, 1485 or 6-1558.A00698EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The worth of womenFerrers, Richard.A00699EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A learned astronomical discourse, of the iudgement of natiuities Deuided into three bookes, and dedicated first to Katherin the French Queene, by Oger Ferrier her physition. Translated by Thomas Kelway Gentleman.Ferrier, Auger, 1513-1588.A00700EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most dangerous and memorable aduenture of Richard Ferris one of the fiue ordinarie messengers of her Maiesties chamber, who departed from Tower Wharfe on midsommer day last past, with Andrew Hill and William Thomas, who vndertooke in a small wherry boate, to rowe by sea to the citie of Bristowe, and are now safely returned. Wherein is particularly expressed their perils sustained in the saide voyage, and the great entertainement they had at seuerall places vpon the coast of England, as they went, but especially at the said citie of Bristow. Published by the sayd Richard Ferris.Ferris, Richard, fl. 1590.A00702EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialogue agaynst light, lewde, and lasciuious dauncing wherin are refuted all those reasons, which the common people vse to bring in defence thereof. Compiled and made by Christopher Fetherston.Fetherston, Christopher.A00703EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a lytel treatyse called the co[n]traverse bytwene a louer and a jaye lately compyled.Feylde, Thomas.A00705EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In obitum Mariae Fetherstone Henrici Fetherstone, bibliopolæ Londinensis, mæstissimi mariti vxoris optimæ.A00706EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exact and curious suruey of all the East Indies, euen to Canton, the chiefe cittie of China all duly performed by land, by Monsieur de Monfart, the like whereof was neuer hetherto, brought to an end. VVherein also are described the huge dominions of the great Mogor, to whom that honorable knight, Sir Thomas Roe, was lately sent ambassador from the King. Newly translated out of the trauailers manuscript.Feynes, Henri de.A00709EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newes from Scotland, declaring the damnable life and death of Doctor Fian a notable sorcerer, who was burned at Edenbrough in Ianuary last. 1591. Which doctor was regester to the diuell that sundry times preached at North Barrick Kirke, to a number of notorious witches. With the true examination of the saide doctor and witches, as they vttered them in the presence of the Scottish king. Discouering how they pretended to bewitch and drowne his Maiestie in the sea comming from Denmarke, with such other wonderfull matters as the like hath not been heard of at any time. Published according to the Scottish coppie.A00710EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fidelitas. A distinct declaratio[n] of the requiring of the Lorde and of the godlie testimonies of the holie spirit of the loue of Iesu Christ. Set-fourth by Fidelitas, a fellowe-elder with HN, in the famelie of the loue. Translated out of Base-almayneFidelitas.A00712EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A caueat for Parsons Hovvlet concerning his vntimely flighte, and seriching in the cleare day lighte of the Gospell, necessarie for him and all the rest of that darke broode, and vncleane cage of papistes, vvho vvith their vntimely bookes, seeke the discredite of the trueth, and the disquiet of this Church of England. VVritten by Iohn Fielde, student in Diuinitie.Fielde, John, d. 1588.A00714EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An admonition to the ParliamentA00718EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Amends for ladies VVith the humour of roring. A comedie. As it was acted at the Blacke Fryers, both by the Princes seruants, and the Lady Elizabeths. By Nat. Field.Field, Nathan, 1587-1620?A00723EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vvoman is a vveather-cocke A new comedy, as it was acted before the King in White-Hall. And diuers times priuately at the White-Friers, by the Children of her Maiesties Reuels. Written by Nat: Field.Field, Nathan, 1587-1620?A00725EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A learned sermon preached before the King at VVhitehall, on Friday the 16 of March: by M. Doctor Field: Chaplaine to his MaiestieField, Richard, 1561-1616.A00726EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the Church fiue bookes. By Richard Field Doctor of Diuinity and sometimes Deane of Glocester.Field, Richard, 1561-1616.A00728EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine plaine, briefe, and comfortable notes vpon euerie chapter of Genesis Gathered and laid downe for the good of them that are not able to vse better helpes, and yet carefull to read the worde, and right heartilie desirous to taste the sweete of it. By the Reuerend Father Geruase Babington, Bishop of Landaph.Babington, Gervase, 1550-1610.A00730EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Spaniards monarchie, and Leaguers olygarchie. Layd open in an aduerisement [sic], written by Signor Vasco Figueiro a gentleman of Portingale to the rebellious French: wherein is discouered the tyrannie of the one ouer the kingdome of Portingale, and the treacherous rebellion of the other in the kingdome of France, with a patheticall persuasion to the French to returne to the obedience of their naturall and legitimate king. Englished by H.O.Figueiro, Vasco, gentleman of Portingale.A00734EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Finch his alphabet, or, A godly direction, fit to be perused of each true ChristianFinch, Mr.A00737EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sacred doctrine of diuinitie gathered out of the worde of God. Togither with an explication of the Lordes prayer.Finch, Henry, Sir, d. 1625.A00742EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The calling of the Ievves A present to Iudah and the children of Israel that ioyned with him, and to Ioseph (the valiant tribe of Ephraim) and all the house of Israel that ioyned with him. The Lord giue them grace, that they may returne and seeke Iehovah their God, and Dauid their King, in these latter dayes. There is prefixed an epistle vnto them, written for their sake in the Hebrue tongue, and translated into English. Published by William Gouge, B. of D. and preacher of Gods word in Blackefryers. London.Finch, Henry, Sir, d. 1625.A00746EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The epiphanie of the church gathered out of the Holy Scriptures, declaring and plainly shevving, both the church that cannot but erre, and also the church that cannot erre : vvith so evident notes and manifest signes of either of them, that no man reading it, needeth be in doubt which he should beleue / written by R.P. in the yeare of our Lord God 1550 ; and now published in this yeare 1590 for the benefite of all such as desire the trueth concerning the church.Finch, Richard, minister of East Ham.A00748EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
On wings of feare, Finch flies away One paire of legges is worth two paire of hands: whirre. Alas poore Will, hee's forc'd to stay. Ide try the conclusion, were I out of these bands. Heigh-ho.A00749EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rules and righte ample documentes, touchinge the vse and practise of the common almanackes, which are named ephemerides A briefe and shorte introduction vpon the iudiciall astrologie, for to prognosticate of thinges to come, by the helpe of the sayde ephemerides. With a treatise added hereunto, touchinge the coniunction of the planets, in euery one of the. 12. signes, and of their prognostications and reuolutions of yeres. The hole faithfully, and clerely translated into Englyshe by Humfrey Baker.Fine, Oronce, 1494-1555.A00750EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Comfortable notes vpon the bookes of Exodus and Leuiticus, as before vpon Genesis Gathered and laid downe still in this plaine manner, for the good of them that cannot vse better helpes, and yet are carefull to read the Scriptures, and verie desirous to finde the comfort in them. By the Reuerend Father in God Geruase Babington ... With a table of the principall matters contained in this booke.Babington, Gervase, 1550-1610.A00753EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short discours of the excellent doctour and knight, maister Leonardo Phiorauanti Bolognese vppon chirurgerie VVith a declaration of many thinges, necessarie to be knowne, neuer written before in this order: whervnto is added a number of notable secretes, found out by the saide author. Translated out of Italyan into English, by Iohn Hester, practicioner in the arte of distillation.Fioravanti, Leonardo, 1518-1588.A00755EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A supplication of the poore commons Whereunto is added the supplication of beggers.A00758EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fuimus Troes Æneid. 2. The true Troianes, being a story of the Britaines valour at the Romanes first inuasion: Publikely represented by the gentlemen students of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford.Fisher, Jasper, b. 1591.A00760EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The priest's duty & dignity. Preached at the trienniall visitation in Ampthill 1635. August 18. by Jasper Fisher Presbyter, and Rector of Willden in Bedford-shire. And published by commandFisher, Jasper, b. 1591.A00761EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Godlie treatisse declaryng the benefites, fruites, and great commodities of prayer and also the true vse therof. Written in Latin, fourtie yeres past, by an Englyshe man, of great vertue [and] learnyng. And lately translated into Englyshe. 1560.Fisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535.A00762EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here after foloweth a mornynge remembrau[n]ce had at the moneth mynde of the noble prynces Margarete countesse of Rychemonde [et] Darbye moder vnto kynge Henry the. vii. [et] grandame to oure souerayne lorde that nowe is, vppon whose soule almyghty god haue mercyFisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535.A00766EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon had at Paulis by the co[m]mandment of the most reuerend father in god my lorde legate, and sayd by Ioh[a]n the bysshop of Rochester, vpo[n] qui[n]quagesom sonday, concernynge certayne heretickes, whiche tha[n] were abiured for holdynge the heresies of Martyn Luther that famous hereticke, and for ye kepyng and reteynyng of his bokes agaynst the ordinance of the bulle of pope Leo the tenthe.Fisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535.A00769EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sermon of Ioh[a]n the bysshop of Rochester made agayn the p[er]nicious doctryn of Martin luther w[i]t[h]in the octaues of the asce[n]syon by the assigneme[n]t of the most reuerend fader i[n] god the lord Thomas Cardinal of Yorke [and] legate ex latere from our holy father the pope.Fisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535.A00771EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A spirituall consolation, written by Iohn Fyssher Bishoppe of Rochester, to hys sister Elizabeth, at suche tyme as hee was prisoner in the Tower of London. Uery necessary, and commodious for all those that mynde to leade a vertuous lyfe: also to admonishe them, to be at all tymes prepared to dye, and seemeth to bee spoken in the person of one that was sodainly preue[n]ted by deathFisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535.A00776EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Diseases of the soule a discourse diuine, morall, and physicall. By Tho. Adams.Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A00777EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A profitable exposition of the Lords prayer, by way of questions and answers for most playnnes together with many fruitfull applications to the life and soule, aswell for the terror of the dull and dead, as for the sweet comfort of the tender harted. By Geruase Babington. With a table of the principall matters conteyned in this booke.Babington, Gervase, 1550-1610.A00778EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
This sermon folowynge was compyled [and] sayd in the cathedrall chyrche of saynt Poule within ye cyte of London by the ryght reuerende fader in god Iohn̄ bysshop of Rochester, the body beyinge present of the moost famouse prynce kynge Henry the. vij. the. x. day of Maye, the yere of our lorde god. M.CCCCC.ix. whiche sermon was enprynted at the specyall request of ye ryght excellent pryncesse Margarete moder vnto the sayd noble prynce and Countesse of Rychemonde and DerbyFisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535.A00779EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here after ensueth two fruytfull sermons, made [and] compyled by the ryght Reuerende father in god Iohn̄ Fyssher, Doctour of Dyuynyte and Bysshop of RochesterFisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535.A00789EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to a pamphlet, intituled: The Fisher catched in his owne net In vvhich, by the vvay, is shevved, that the Protestant Church was not so visible, in al ages, as the true Church ought to be: and consequently, is not the true Church. Of which, men may learne infallible faith, necessarie to saluation. By A.C.A. C.A00791EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copy of a letter describing the wonderful woorke of God in deliuering a mayden within the city of Chester, from an horrible kinde of torment and sicknes 16. of february 1564Fisher, John, of Chester.A00792EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The answere vnto the nine points of controuersy, proposed by our late soueraygne (of famous memory) vnto M. Fisher of the Society of Iesus And the reioynder vnto the reply of D. Francis VVhite minister. With the picture of the sayd minister, or censure of his writings prefixed.Fisher, John, 1569-1641.A00793EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A catalogue of diuers visible professors of the Catholike faith Which sheweth, that the Roman Church hath byn (as the true Church must be) continually visible, in all ages since Christ. Taken out of the appendix to the Reply of A.D. vnto M. Ant. Wotton, and M. Ioh. White ministers.Fisher, John, 1569-1641.A00794EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of faith wherin is briefely, and planly [sic] shewed, a direct way, by which every man may resolue, and settle his minde, in all doubtes, questions, or controuersies, concerning matters of faith.Fisher, John, 1569-1641.A00796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
True relations of sundry conferences had between certaine Protestant doctours and a Iesuite called M. Fisher (then prisoner in London for the Catholique fayth:) togeather with defences of the same. In which is shewed, that there hath alwayes beene, since Christ, a visible church, and in it a visible succession of doctours & pastours, teaching the vnchanged doctrine of fayth, left by Christ and his apostles, in all points necessary to saluation and that not Protestants, but only Roman Catholiques haue had, and can shew such a visible church, and in it such a succesion of pastours and doctours, of whome men may securely learne what pointe of fayth are necessary to saluation. / By A.C.A. C.A00797EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[3 dialogues in verse, between Gelasimus and Spudaeus, Eda and Agna, and Wisdom and Wyll]Fisher, John, student in Oxford.A00799EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A godly sermon preached at Paules Crosse the 31. day of October 1591. By VVilliam Fisher, Master and keeper of the hospitall of Ilford in Essex. ... Seene and allowedFisher, William, student of diuinitie.A00800EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the second Sunday in Mychaelmas tearme last. 1590. By Geruase Babington D. of Diuinitie. Not printed before this 23. of August. 1591Babington, Gervase, 1550-1610.A00801EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A diamonde most precious, worthy to be marked instructing all maysters and seruauntes, how they ought to leade their lyues, in that uocation which is fruitfull, and necessary, as well for the maysters, as also for the seruants, agreeable vnto the holy Scriptures. Reade me ouer, and then iudge, if I be not well, then grudge: thinke well of him that mee made, for Gods worde shall neuer fade.Fit John, John.A00808EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Compassion towards captives chiefly towards our brethren and country-men who are in miserable bondage in Barbarie. Vrged and pressed in three sermons on Heb. 13.3. Preached in Plymouth, in October 1636. By Charles Fitz-Geffry.Fitz-Geffry, Charles, 1575?-1638.A00816EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The curse of corne-horders with the blessing of seasonable selling. In three sermons, on Pro. II.26. Begun at the general sessions for the county of Cornwall, held at Bodmyn, and continued at Fowy. By Charles Fitz-Geffrie.Fitz-Geffry, Charles, 1575?-1638.A00818EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the Court at Greenewich the XXIIII. of May, 1591. By Geruase Babington Doctor of DiuinitieBabington, Gervase, 1550-1610.A00819EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir Francis Drake his honorable lifes commendation, and his tragicall deathes lamentation.Fitz-Geffry, Charles, 1575?-1638.A00823EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certain elegies, done by sundrie excellent wits With satyres and epigrames.Fitzgeffrey, Henry.A00825EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Satyres: and satyricall epigrams with certaine obseruations at Black-Fryers? By H:F: of Lincolnes-Inne gentFitzgeffrey, Henry.A00826EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A very fruitfull exposition of the Commaundements by way of questions and answeres for greater plainnesse together with an application of euery one to the soule and conscience of man, profitable for all, and especially for them that (beeing not otherwise furnished) are yet desirous both to see themselues, and to deliuer to others some larger speech of euery point that is but briefly named in the shorter catechismes. By Geruase Babington.Babington, Gervase, 1550-1610.A00831EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In this booke is contayned the offices of shyriffes, bayliffes of lybertyes, escheatours, constables, and coroners and shewed what euerye one of them may doe by vertue of their offices, drawen out of bookes of the common lawe and of the statutes.Fitzherbert, Anthony, Sir, 1470-1538.A00880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a newe tracte or treatyse moost p[ro]fytable for all husba[n]de men and very frutefull for all other persones to rede, newly correcte [sic] [and] amended by the auctour, with dyuerse other thynges added thervnto.Fitzherbert, John, d. 1531.A00883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The boke of husbandry·Fitzherbert, John, d. 1531.A00884EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The deuills banket described in foure sermons [brace], 1. The banket propounded, begunne, 2. The second seruice, 3. The breaking vp of the feast, 4. The shot or reckoning, [and] The sinners passing-bell, together with Phisicke from heauen / published by Thomas Adams ...Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A00888EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a ryght frutefull mater: and hath to name the boke of surueyeng and improume[n]tesFitzherbert, John, d. 1531.A00895EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the Catholyke cause contayning a treatise in confutation of sundry vntruthes and slanders, published by the heretykes, as wel in infamous lybels as otherwyse, against all english Catholyks in general, & some in particular, not only concerning matter of state, but also matter of religion: by occasion whereof diuers poynts of the Catholyke faith now in controuersy, are debated and discussed. VVritten by T.F. With an apology, or defence, of his innocency in a fayned conspiracy against her Maiesties person, for the which one Edward Squyre was wrongfully condemned and executed in Nouember ... 1598. wherewith the author and other Catholykes were also falsly charged. Written by him the yeare folowing, and not published vntil now, for the reasons declared in the preface of this treatyse.Fitzherbert, Thomas, 1552-1640.A00908EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An adioynder to the supplement of Father Robert Persons his discussion of M. Doctor Barlowes ansvvere &c. Contayning a discouery, and confutation of very many foule absurdityes, falsities, and lyes in M. D. Andrewes his Latin booke intituled, Responsio ad apologiam Cardinalis Bellarmini &c. An answere to the apology of Card. Bellarmine. Written by F.T. ... Also an appendix touching a register alleaged by M. Franc. Mason for the lawfull ordayning of Protestant bishops in Q. Elizabeths raigne.Fitzherbert, Thomas, 1552-1640.A00916EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sermo die lune in ebdomada PascheFitzjames, Richard, d. 1522.A00918EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newes from Flaunders A new ballad of the great ouerthrow that the valliant Captaine Graue Maurice, Sir Frances Veere, and other of the Queene of Englands friends: gaue to the Archduke, and his army of Spaniards, vpon Sunday being the 22 of Iune last past, 1600. To the tune of lusty gallant.A00923EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of that which happened in the battell fought betweene the two navies of Spaine and Portugall, at the Ilands of the Azores. Anno Dom. 1582Bazan, Álvaro de, marquês de Santa Cruz, 1526-1588.A00924EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The affections of a pious soule, unto our Saviour-Christ Expressed in a mixt treatise of verse and prose. By Richard Flecknoe.Flecknoe, Richard, d. 1678?A00926EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hierothelamium. Or, The heauenly nuptialls of our blessed Sauiour vvith a pious soule. Written by Richard Flecknoe.Flecknoe, Richard, d. 1678?A00927EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The conduit of comfort Containing sundrie comfortable prayers, to the strengthening of the faith of a weak Christian. By Abr. Fleming.Fleming, Abraham, 1552?-1607.A00930EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A bright burning beacon forewarning all wise virgins to trim their lampes against the comming of the Bridegroome. Conteining a generall doctrine of sundrie signes and wonders, specially earthquakes both particular and generall: a discourse of the end of this world: a commemoration of our late earthquake, the 6. of April, about 6. of the clocke in the euening 1580. And a praier for the appeasing of Gods wrath and indignation. Newly translated and collected by Abraham Fleming. The summe of the whole booke followeth in fit place orderly diuided into chapters.Nausea, Friedrich, d. 1552.A00931EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epitaph, or funerall inscription, vpon the godlie life and death of the right worshipfull Maister William Lambe Esquire founder of the new conduit in Holborne, &c. Deceased the one and twentith of April, and intumbed in S. Faiths Church vnder Povvles, the sixt of Maie next and immediatly follovving. Anno. 1580. Deuised by Abraham Fleming.Fleming, Abraham, 1552?-1607.A00932EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Relation of the expongnable attempt and conquest of the yland of Tercera, and all the ylands thereto adioyning: don by Don Albaro de Bacan, Marques of Santa crnz [sic], the cheefe comme[n]dador of Leon, and captayne generall of his Maiestie. And of all the enemies that were in the sayd ylande, and of the bulwarkes, artilerie, and munitions of the citie of Angra, and townes and vilages thereto belonging: and of the dwellers therin, and of all the punishment that was done vpon them. Done in An. 1583Bazan, Álvaro de, marquês de Santa Cruz, 1526-1588.A00933EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The diamond of deuotion cut and squared into sixe seuerall points: namelie, 1 The footpath to felicitie. 1 2 A guide to godlines. 81 3 The schoole of skill. 181 4 A swarme of bees. 209 5 A plant of pleasure. 245 6 A groue of graces. 283 Full of manie fruitfull lessons, auaileable to the leading of a godlie and reformed life: by Abraham Fleming.Fleming, Abraham, 1552?-1607.A00935EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A memoriall of the famous monuments and charitable almesdeedes of the right worshipfull Maister William Lambe esquire somtime gentleman of the chappell, in the reigne of the most renowmed [sic] King Henrie the eight, &c. and late citizen of London, and free of the right worshipfull companie of clothworkers: deceased the 21. of April. An. 1580. Recorded in print, according to the various and trueth of his last will and testament by Abraham Fleming.Fleming, Abraham, 1552?-1607.A00939EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A monomachie of motiues in the mind of man: or a battell betweene vertues and vices of contrarie qualitie Wherein the imperfections and weaknesses of nature appeare so naked, that anie reasonable soule may soone see by what spirit he is lead: herevnto also, besides sundrie deuout praiers necessarilie interlaced, diuers golden sentences of S. Barnard are annexed: and also a briefe conclusion of his vpon this theame, that victorie is obtained by resisting temptation. Newlie englished by Abraham Fleming.Autpertus, Ambrosius, d. 784.A00940EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A panoplie of epistles, or, a looking glasse for the vnlearned Conteyning a perfecte plattforme of inditing letters of all sorts, to persons of al estates and degrees, as well our superiours, as also our equalls and inferiours: vsed of the best and the eloquentest rhetoricians that haue liued in all ages, and haue beene famous in that facultie. Gathered and translated out of Latine into English, by Abraham Flemming.A00941EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Batchelers resolution, or, Have among you now, widowes or maydes ... to the tune of The blazing torch.A00942EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A straunge and terrible wunder wrought very late in the the parish church of Bongay, a tovvn of no great distance from the citie of Norwich, namely the fourth of this August, in ye yeere of our Lord 1577 in a great tempest of violent raine, lightning, and thunder, the like wherof hath been seldome seene. With the appeerance of an horrible shaped thing, sensibly perceiued of the the people then and there assembled. Drawen into a plain method according to the written copye. by Abraham Fleming.Fleming, Abraham, 1552?-1607.A00943EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine very proper, and most profitable similies wherein sundrie, and very many, most foule vices, and dangerous sinnes, of all sorts, are so plainly laid open, and displaied in their kindes, and so pointed at with the finger of God, ... Collected by Anthonie Fletcher, minister of the word of God, ... This present yeere of our happines 1595.Fletcher, Anthonie.A00945EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Licia, or Poemes of loue in honour of the admirable and singular vertues of his lady, to the imitation of the best Latin poets, and others. Whereunto is added the rising to the crowne of Richard the third.Fletcher, Giles, 1549?-1611.A00946EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the Russe common wealth. Or, Maner of gouernement of the Russe emperour, (commonly called the Emperour of Moskouia) with the manners, and fashions of the people of that countrey.Fletcher, Giles, 1549?-1611.A00947EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christs victorie, and triumph in Heauen, and earth, ouer, and after deathFletcher, Giles, 1588?-1623.A00948EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The revvard of the faithfull. The labour of the faithfull. The grounds of our faithFletcher, Giles, 1588?-1623.A00954EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The bloody brother A tragedy. By B.J.F.Fletcher, John, 1579-1625.A00958EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragœdy of Rollo Duke of Normandy Acted by His Majesties Servants. Written by John Fletcher Gent.Fletcher, John, 1579-1625.A00959EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The elder brother a comedie. Acted at the Blacke Friers, by his Maiesties Servants. Printed according to the true copie. Written by Iohn Fletcher Gent.Fletcher, John, 1579-1625.A00960EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The faithfull shepheardesse. By Iohn FletcherFletcher, John, 1579-1625.A00962EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The night-vvalker, or The little theife A comedy, as it vvas presented by her Majesties Servants, at the Private House in Drury Lane. Written by Iohn Fletcher. Gent.Fletcher, John, 1579-1625.A00966EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rule a vvife and have a wife A comoedy. Acted by His Majesties Servants. Written by John Fletcher Gent.Fletcher, John, 1579-1625.A00967EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedy of Thierry King of France, and his brother Theodoret As it was diuerse times acted at the Blacke-Friers by the Kings Maiesties Seruants.Fletcher, John, 1579-1625.A00968EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The two noble kinsmen presented at the Blackfriers by the Kings Maiesties servants, with great applause: written by the memorable worthies of their time; Mr. Iohn Fletcher, and Mr. William Shakspeare. Gent.Fletcher, John, 1579-1625.A00969EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christes bloodie sweat, or the Sonne of God in his agonie. By I.F.A00970EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of the perfect-cursed-blessed man setting forth mans excellency by his generation, miserie [by his] degeneration, felicitie [by his] regeneration. By I.F. Master of Arts, preacher of Gods word, and rector of Wilbie in Suff.Fletcher, Joseph, 1577?-1637.A00972EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Brittain's Ida. Written by that renowned poët, Edmond SpencerFletcher, Phineas, 1582-1650.A00973EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ioy in tribulation. Or, Consolations for the afflicted spirits. By Phinees Fletcher, B.D. and minister of Gods Word at Hilgay in NorfolkeFletcher, Phineas, 1582-1650.A00975EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The purple island, or, The isle of man together with Piscatorie eclogs and other poeticall miscellanies / by P.F.Fletcher, Phineas, 1582-1650.A00977EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sicelides a piscatory, as it hath beene acted in Kings Colledge, in Cambridge.Fletcher, Phineas, 1582-1650.A00979EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The way to blessednes a treatise or commentary, on the first Psalme. By Phinees Fletcher, B. in D. and minister of Gods Word at Hilgay, in Norfolke.Fletcher, Phineas, 1582-1650.A00980EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe and familiar epistle shevving His Maiesties most lawfull, honourable and iust title to all his kingdomes VVith an epitaph or briefe lamentation for the late Maiestie Royall of most famous, godly, and honourable memory: with a reioycing after sorrow for the same. And lastly a prayer for his Maiesties most happy succession, and for the Queene and their children. By Robert Fletcher.Fletcher, Robert, purveyor of carriages to Queen Elizabeth.A00981EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nine English worthies: or, Famous and worthy princes of England being all of one name; beginning with King Henrie the first, and concluding with Prince Henry, eldest sonne to our Soueraigne Lord the King.Fletcher, Robert, purveyor of carriages to Queen Elizabeth.A00982EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The fleur de luce.]A00983EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Florio his firste fruites which yeelde familiar speech, merie prouerbes, wittie sentences, and golden sayings. Also a perfect induction to the Italian, and English tongues, as in the table appeareth. The like heretofore, neuer by any man published.Florio, John, 1553?-1625.A00990EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vvorlde of wordes, or Most copious, and exact dictionarie in Italian and English, collected by Iohn FlorioFlorio, John, 1553?-1625.A00991EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A divine herball together with a forrest of thornes In five sermons. ... By Tho. Adams.Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A00993EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Roman histories of Lucius Iulius Florus from the foundation of Rome, till Cæsar Augustus, for aboue DCC. yeares, & from thence to Traian near CC. yeares, divided by Flor[us] into IV. ages. Translated into English.Florus, Lucius Annaeus.A00997EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wonderful discouerie of the vvitchcrafts of Margaret and Phillip Flower, daughters of Ioan Flower neere Beuer Castle: executed at Lincolne, March 11. 1618 Who were specially arraigned and condemned before Sir Henry Hobart, and Sir Edward Bromley, iudges of assise, for confessing themselues actors in the destruction of Henry L. Rosse, with their damnable practises against others the children of the Right Honourable Francis Earle of Rutland. Together with the seuerall examinations and confessions of Anne Baker, Ioan Willimot, and Ellen Greene, witches in Leicestershire.A01001EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the king of hearolds of this province, from the river of Trent, North East and VVestvvardFlower, William, ca. 1498-1588.A01002EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir Francis Bacon his apologie, in certaine imputations concerning the late Earle of Essex VVritten to the right Honorable his very good Lord, the Earle of Deuonshire, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01003EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
God and the king. Or a dialogue wherein is treated of allegiance due to our most gracious Lord, King Iames, within his dominions Which (by remouing all controuersies, and causes of dissentions and suspitions) bindeth subiects, by an inuiolable band of loue and duty, to their soueraigne. Translated out of Latin into English.Floyd, John, 1572-1649.A01004EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The totall summe. Or No danger of damnation vnto Roman Catholiques for any errour in faith nor any hope of saluation for any sectary vvhatsoeuer that doth knovvingly oppose the doctrine of the Roman Church. This is proued by the confessions, and sayings of M. William Chillingvvorth his booke.Floyd, John, 1572-1649.A01011EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The picture of a perfit common wealth describing aswell the offices of princes and inferiour magistrates ouer their subiects, as also the duties of subiects towards their gouernours. Gathered forth of many authors, aswel humane, as diuine, by Thomas Floyd master in the Artes.Floyd, Thomas, M.A., of Jesus College, Oxford.A01013EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Doctor Fludds answer vnto M· Foster or, The squeesing of Parson Fosters sponge, ordained by him for the wiping away of the weapon-salue VVherein the sponge-bearers immodest carriage and behauiour towards his bretheren is detected ...Fludd, Robert, 1574-1637.A01014EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Feudigraphia The synopsis or epitome of surueying methodized. Anatomizing the whole corps of the facultie; viz. The materiall, mathematicall, mechanicall and legall parts, intimating all the incidents to fees and possessions, and whatsoeuer may be comprized vnder their matter, forme, proprietie, and valuation. Very pertinent to be perused of all those, whom the right, reuenewe, estimation, farming, occupation, manurance, subduing, preparing and imploying of arable, medow, pasture, and all other plots doe concerne. And no lesse remarkable for all vnder-takers in the plantation of Ireland or Virginia ... Composed in a compendious digest by W. Folkingham. G.Folkingham, W. (William)A01017EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Deuout contemplations expressed in two and fortie sermons vpon all ye quadragesimall Gospells written in Spanish by Fr. Ch. de Fonseca Englished by. I. M. of Magdalen Colledge in OxfordFonseca, Cristóbal de, 1550?-1621.A01020EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from Sarient Maior Forbes from the King of Swethens army to his reverend father Mr. Iohn Forbes, minister to the Worshipful Company of Marchant Adventurers residing in Delft touching the great battle fought by Lypsick betweene the King of Swethen, the Duke of Saxons army, and the Emperours army, and that commanded by Generall Tilly, of the Catholique League the 7. of September, 1631.Forbes, John, Captain.A01023EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Four sermons which doe manifest the true sence of the 1. Epistle to Timothie 6. Chaper 13. 14. 15. [and] 16. verses of that chapter. Preached by the reverend divine Mr. Iohn Forbes late preacher to the Companie of Merchant-Adventurers in Delft. Published by S.O.Forbes, John, 1568?-1634.A01025EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fruitfull sermon made by the reverend and learned Mr. Iohn Forbes. Pastour of the English company of merchants adventures at Delft. Published by some of his flock out of sincere affection for common goodForbes, John, 1568?-1634.A01027EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter first written and sent by Io. Forbes, pastour of the English Church at Middelburgh vnto certen of the companie of marchands adventurers at Stoade, at their earnest desire, for resolving this question: how a Christian man may discerne the testimonie of Gods spirit, from the testimonie of his owne spirit, in witnessing his adoption. And now againe renewed and enlarged by the authour, at the desire of divers good Christians, for the comfort of their troubled co[n]sciences, and published by those of his flocke, to whom he did dedicate it for the publike vse of the Church.Forbes, John, 1568?-1634.A01028EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A preparatiue sermon, to the Lords table, preached by the Reuerend Mr. Iohn Forbes, pastour to the Companie of Marchant Aduentureres residing in DelffForbes, John, 1568?-1634.A01030EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon discursing the true meaning of these vvords: The I. epistle of Timothy, the 2. chapt. vers. the 4. VVho will haue all men to be saued, and to come to the knowledge of the truth, &c. Preached by the reuerend Mr. Iohn Forbes, pastour to the company of marchant adventurers residing in Delph. Anno 1632Forbes, John, 1568?-1634.A01032EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise tending to cleare the doctrine of iustification. Written by Io. Forbes, pastour of the English Church at Middelburgh, for the instruction of his flocke: and now published by some of them for the good of othersForbes, John, 1568?-1634.A01033EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A peaceable vvarning, to the subjects in Scotland given in the yeare of God 1638.Forbes, John, 1593-1648.A01038EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvvere to M. I. Forbes of Corse, his peaceable warningCalderwood, David, 1575-1650.A01039EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the lavvful calling of the ministers of reformed churches, against the cavillations of Romanists Whereto is subioined, an epistle to a recusant, for clearing and maintaining some points of the former treatise of defence, challenged by a Roman Elymas Bar-Iesus-it. With a short discovery of the adversarie his dottage in his impertinent and rediculously deceitfull demands. By Patrik Forbes, of Coirse.Forbes, Patrick, 1564-1635.A01041EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eubulus, or A dialogue, where-in a rugged Romish rhyme, (inscrybed, Catholicke questions, to the Protestaut [sic]) is confuted, and the questions there-of answered. By P.A.Forbes, Patrick, 1564-1635.A01042EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Apophthegmes new and old. Collected by the Right Honourable, Francis Lo. Verulam, Viscount St. AlbanBacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01043EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Panegyrick to the high and mightie monarch, Charles by the grace of God, King of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. by Walter Forbes.Forbes, Walter, 17th century.A01044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Funerals of a right reuerend father in God Patrick Forbes of Corse, Bishop of Aberdfne [sic]. Tou en hagiois reuenderendissimi in Christo patris, Patricii Forbesii a Corse, episcopi Abredoniensis, tumulus. A multis omnium ordinum collachrymantibus variegato opere exornatus.A01045EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The broken heart A tragedy. Acted by the Kings Majesties Seruants at the priuate House in the Black-Friers.Ford, John, 1586-ca. 1640.A01046EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The chronicle historie of Perkin VVarbeck A strange truth. Acted (some-times) by the Queenes Maiesties Servants at the Phænix in Drurie lane.Ford, John, 1586-ca. 1640.A01047EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fames memoriall, or The Earle of Deuonshire deceased with his honourable life, peacefull end, and solemne funerall.Ford, John, 1586-ca. 1640.A01048EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fancies, chast and noble presented by the Queenes Maiesties Servants, at the Phoenix in Drury-lane.Ford, John, 1586-ca. 1640.A01049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ladies triall Acted by both their Majesties Servants at the private house in Drury Lane.Ford, John, 1586-ca. 1640.A01052EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A line of life Pointing at the immortalitie of a vertuous name.Ford, John, 1586-ca. 1640.A01053EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The louers melancholy Acted at the Priuate House in the Blacke Friers, and publikely at the Globe by the Kings Maiesties Seruants.Ford, John, 1586-ca. 1640.A01055EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loues sacrifice A tragedie receiued generally well. Acted by the Queenes Majesties Seruants at the Phœnix in Drury-lane.Ford, John, 1586-ca. 1640.A01056EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
'Tis pitty shee's a whore Acted by the Queenes Maiesties Seruants, at the Phænix in Drury-Lane.Ford, John, 1586-ca. 1640.A01057EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Musicke of sundrie kindes set forth in two bookes. The first whereof are, aries [sic] for 4. voices to the lute, orphorion, or basse. viol, with a dialogue for two voices, and two basse viols in parts, tunde the lute way. The second are pauens, galiards, almaines, toies, igges, thumpes and such like, for two basse-viols, the lierway, so made as the greatest number may serue to play alone, very easie to be performde. Composed by Thomas Ford.Ford, Thomas, d. 1648.A01058EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The famous historie of Montelyon, Knight of the Oracle, and sonne to the renowned Persicles King of Assyria Shewing his strange birth, vnfortunate love, perilous adventures in armes, and how he came to the knowledge of his parents. Interlaced, with much variety of pleasant and delightfull discourse.Ford, Emanuel.A01059EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most pleasant historie of Ornatus and Artesia Wherein is contained the vniust raigne of Thaeon King of Phrygia. Who with his sonne Lenon, (intending Ornatus death,) right heire to the crowne, was afterwardes slaine by his owne seruants, and Ornatus after many extreame miseries, crowned King.Ford, Emanuel.A01062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe discourse, touching the happie vnion of the kingdomes of England, and Scotland Dedicated in priuate to his Maiestie.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01064EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first part of Parismus, the renovvmed Prince of Bohemia His most famous, delectable, and pleasant historie. Containing his noble battails fought against the Persians. His loue to Laurana, the Kings daughter of Thessalie: and of his strange aduentures in the desolate iland.Ford, Emanuel.A01066EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The groundes of the longitude with an admonition to all those that are incredulous and beleeue not the trueth of the same. VVritten by Simon Forman, student in Astronomie and Phisique. 1591.Forman, Simon, 1552-1611.A01073EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A comparatiue discourse of the bodies natural and politique VVherein out of the principles of nature, is set forth the true forme of a commonweale, with the dutie of subiects, and right of soueraigne: together with many good points of politicall learning, mentioned in a briefe after the preface. By Edvvard Forset.Forset, Edward, 1553?-1630.A01075EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the right of kings Wherein the power of the papacie ouer princes, is refuted; and the Oath of Allegeance iustified. Written for the vse of all English romanists; more especially, for the information of those priests, or Iesuits, which are by proclamation commanded to conforme themselues, or depart the kingdome. By Edvvard Forset, Esquire.Forset, Edward, 1553?-1630.A01076EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The bitter vvaters of Babylon, or The miserable estate of the citizens of Sion considered by the confusion of all things in this world.Forsyth, James, fl. 1615-1619.A01077EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A learned commendation of the politique lawes of Englande vvherin by moste pitthy reasons & euident demonstrations they are plainelye proued farre to excell aswell the ciuile lawes of the Empiere, as also all other lawes of the world, with a large discourse of the difference betwene the. ii. gouernements of kingdomes: whereof the one is onely regall, and the other consisteth of regall and polityque administration conioyned. written in latine aboue an hundred yeares past, by the learned and right honorable maister Fortescue knight ... And newly translated into Englishe by Robert Mulcaster.Fortescue, John, Sir, 1394?-1476?A01080EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De laudibus legum Angliæ writen by Sir Iohn Fortescue L. Ch. Iustice, and after L. Chancellor to K. Henry VI. Hereto are ioind the two Summes of Sir Ralph de Hengham L. Ch. Iustice to K. Edward I. commonly calld Hengham magna, and Hengham parua. Neuer before publisht. Notes both on Fortescue and Hengham are addedFortescue, John, Sir, 1394?-1476?A01083EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fortunes tennis-ball a warning to all that are nursers of pride, for justice is knowne to be eagle-ey'd .... Or, A proviso for all those that are elevated, to take heed of falling, for fortune spights more the mightie then the poore: according to the poet: qui cadit in terram non habet unde cadit.A01084EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eirenopolis: = the citie of peace Surueyed and commended to all Christians. By Tho. Adams.Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A01085EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine considerations touching the better pacification, and edification of the Church of England dedicated to His most excellent Maiestie.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01086EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The art of dialling by a new, easie, and most speedy way. Shewing, how to describe the houre-lines upon all sorts of plaines, howsoever, or in what latitude soever scituated: as also, to find the suns azimuth, whereby the sight of any plaine is examined. Performed by a quadrant, fitted with lines necessary to the purpose. Invented and published by Samuel Foster, professor of astronomie in Gresham Colledge.Foster, Samuel, d. 1652.A01089EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Plouto-mastix: the scourge of covetousnesse: or, An apologie for the publike good, against privacie A sermon preached at the assises in Deuon, at the command of the Lord Byshop of Exon, anno, 1630. By Thomas Foster, Master of Arts and rector of Farway.Foster, Thomas, b. 1590 or 91.A01090EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hoplocrisma-spongus: or, A sponge to vvipe avvay the weapon-salve A treatise, wherein is proved, that the cure late-taken up amongst us, by applying the salve to the weapon, is magicall and unlawfull By William Foster Mr. of Arts, and parson of Hedgley in the county of Buckingham.Foster, William, 1591-1643.A01091EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The means to keepe sinne from reigning in our mortall body A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse, May 26. 1629. By William Foster, Master of Arts, and parson of Hedgeley in the county of Buckingham.Foster, William, 1591-1643.A01092EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Atheomastix clearing foure truthes, against atheists and infidels: 1. That, there is a God. 2. That, there is but one God. 3. That, Iehouah, our God, is that one God. 4. That, the Holy Scripture is the Word of that God. All of them proued, by naturall reasons, and secular authorities; for the reducing of infidels: and, by Scriptures, and Fathers, for the confirming of Christians. By the R. Reuerend Father in God, Martin Fotherby, late Bishop of Salisbury. The contents followes, next after the preface.Fotherby, Martin, 1549 or 50-1620.A01093EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Foure sermons, lately preached, by Martin Fotherby Doctor in Diuinity, and chaplain vnto the Kings Maiestie. The first at Cambridge, at the Masters Commencement. Iuly 7. anno 1607. The second at Canterbury, at the Lord Archbishops visitation. Septemb. 14. anno 1607. The third at Paules Crosse, vpon the day of our deliuerance from the gun-powder treason. Nouemb. 5. anno 1607. The fourth at the court, before the Kings Maiestie. Nouemb. 15. anno 1607. Whereunto is added, an answere vnto certaine obiections of one vnresolued, as concerning the vse of the Crosse in baptisme: written by him in anno 1604. and now commanded to be published by authoritieFotherby, Martin, 1549 or 50-1620.A01094EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The generall historie of the magnificent state of Venice From the first foundation thereof vntill this present. Collected by Thomas de Fougasses, gentleman of Auignon, out of all authors, both ancient and moderne, that haue written of that subiect. Englished by VV. Shute. Gent.Fougasses, Thomas de.A01095EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vvonderfull, strange and miraculous astrologicall prognostication for this yeere 1591 Discouering such wonders to happen this yeere, an neuer chaunced since Noes floud. Wherein if there be found one lye, the author will loose his credit for euer. Newly corrected. By Adam Fouleweather, student in astronomy.Foulweather, Adam.A01097EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Which of these fower, that here you see, in greatest daunger you thinke to beA01098EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A shield of defence against the arrovves of schisme shot abroad by Iean de L'escluse in his advertisment against Mr. Brightman Here vnto is prefixed a declaration touching a booke intituled, The profane schisme of the Brovvnists. By Iohn Fovvler. Clement Saunders. Robert Bulvvarde.Fowler, John, Brownist.A01099EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvver to the calumnious letter and erroneous propositions of an apostat named M. Io. Hammiltoun. Composed by M. VVilliam FoulerFowler, William, 1560?-1612.A01100EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true reportarie of the most triumphant, and royal accomplishment of the baptisme of the most excellent, right high, and mightie prince, Frederik Henry; by the grace of God, Prince of Scotland Solemnized the 30. day of August. 1594.Fowler, William, 1560?-1612.A01101EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
North-vvest Fox, or, Fox from the North-west passage Beginning vvith King Arthur, Malga, Octhur, the two Zeni's of Iseland, Estotiland, and Dorgia; following with briefe abstracts of the voyages of Cabot, Frobisher, Davis, Waymouth, Knight, Hudson, Button, Gibbons, Bylot, Baffin, Hawkridge ... Mr. Iames Hall's three voyages to Groynland, with a topographicall description of the countries, the salvages lives and treacheries, how our men have beene slayne by them there, with the commodities of all those parts ... demonstrated in a polar card, wherein are all the maines, seas, and ilands, herein mentioned. With the author his owne voyage, being the XVIth. with the opinions and collections of the most famous mathematicians, and cosmographers ... By Captaine Luke Foxe of Kingstone vpon Hull, capt. and pylot for the voyage, in his Majesties Pinnace the Charles. Printed by his Majesties command.Foxe, Luke, 1586-1635.A01108EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christ Iesus triumphant A fruitefull treatise, wherin is described the most glorious triumph, and conquest of Christ Iesus our sauiour, ouer sinne, death, the law, the strength and pride of Sathan, and the world, with all other enemyes whatsoeuer agaynst the poore soule of man: made too be read for spirituall comfort, by Iohn Foxe, and from Latin translated intoo English by the printer.Foxe, John, 1516-1587.A01118EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most breefe manner of instruction, to the principles of Christian religion. By J.F.J. F., fl. 1587.A01125EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Papa confutatus Sanctæ & apostolicæ Ecclesiae in confutationem Papæ. Actio prima.Foxe, John, 1516-1587.A01129EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Pope confuted The holy and apostolique Church confuting the Pope. The first action. Translated out of Latine into English, by Iames Bell.Foxe, John, 1516-1587.A01130EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the christening of a certaine Iew at London by Iohn Foxe. Conteining an exposition of the xi. chapter of S. Paul to the Romanes. Translated out of Latine into English by Iames Bell.Foxe, John, 1516-1587.A01136EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The charge of Sir Francis Bacon Knight, his Maiesties Attourney generall, touching duells vpon an information in the Star-chamber against Priest and Wright. With the decree of the Star-chamber in the same cause.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01138EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The groanes of the spirit, or the triall of the truth of prayerFoxle, George.A01139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The maidens blush: or, Ioseph mirror of modesty, map of pietie, maze of destinie, or rather diuine prouidence. From the Latin of Fracastorius, translated; & dedicated to the high-hopefull Charles, Prince of Wales. By Iosuah Syluester.Fracastoro, Girolamo, 1478-1553.A01141EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aduise giuen by a Catholike gentleman, to the nobilitie & commons of France, to ioyne together, and take armes speedily (by commandement of the King) against theeues and robbers, which are now abroade ruining the poore people setting downe an order and policie how they should take armes, to auoide all disorder and confusion amongst them. Whereunto is adioyned, a declaration published by the Duke de Mont-pencier for the reclaiming of the cleargie and nobilitie of Normandie, vnto his Maiesties obedience, &c. With certaine newes of the ouerthrow of the Gautiers, and diuerse other rebels against the French King, by the said Duke of Mont-pencier, on the sixt, and on the twentieth daie of Aprill. 1589. Translated out of the French into English, by I. Eliote.A01143EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The association of the princes of France with the protestations and declarations of their allegeance to the King. Also a discourse vpon the surrendry of the seales into the Kings hands by M. du Vaiz [sic].A01144EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A caueat for France, vpon the present euils that it now suffereth Together with the remedies necessarie for the same. Translated out of French into English by E. Aggas.A01145EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The conuersion of a most noble lady of Fraunce In Iune last past, 1608. Madame Gratiana, wife to the high and mightie lord; Claudius, Lord of Tremoille; Duke of Thouars; peere of Fraunce, and Prince of Talmonde. A most Christian epistle, written by her, to the ladyes of Fraunce, to resolue them in the cause of her conuersion from popery, to the the profession of Gods Gospell: and aduising them to imitate her religious example. Truely translated out of French.Tremoille, Charlotte Brabantina, Duchess of, 1580-1631.A01148EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of the French kings priuie councells sentence geuen at Moulyns in Bourbonnois betwene the Lordes of Guyse, and the Lord Admirall of Fraunce the 29. of Ianuary. 1566. Translated out of French into Englishe, by Iohn de Hennot Normand, at the request of certaine gentlemen.A01149EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epitome of all the lives of the kings of France From Pharamond the first, to the now most Christian King Levvis the thirteenth. With a relation of the famous battailes of the two kings of England, who were the first victorious princes that conquered France. Translated out of the French coppy by R.B. Esq.A01158EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of France the foure first bookes.La Popelinière, Lancelot-Voisin, sieur de, 1541-1608.A01161EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A iournall, wherein is truely sette downe from day to day, what was doone, and worthy of noting in both the armies, from the last comming of the D. of Parma into Fraunce, vntill the eighteenth of May 1592, according to the French computation Wherevnto is added other newes from Genes, the which are confirmed by sondry letters of credite. Translated out of French by E. A.A01162EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Practises touching the state of France, discouered by an Italian, a gentleman of FlorenceGentleman of Florence.A01173EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The apologie of the Reformed Churches of France VVherein are expressed the reasons, why they haue ioyned their armies; to those of the King of Great Britaine. Translated according to the French coppie.Eglises réformées de France.A01180EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvisedome of the ancients, written in Latine by the Right Honourable Sir Francis Bacon Knight, Baron of Verulam, and Lord Chancelor or England. Done into English by Sir Arthur Gorges KnightBacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01185EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration made by the Reformed Churches of France and the Principalitie of Bearn Concerning their vniust persecution by the enemies of the estate and of their religion. Together with their lawfull and necessarie defence. Acording to the French copie printed in Rochell.Eglises réformées de France.A01186EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the most auspicatious marriage: betwixt, the high and mightie Prince, Frederick; Count Palatine of Rheine, chiefe sewer to the sacred Roman Empire, Prince Elector, and Duke of Bauaria, &. and the most illustrious Princesse, the Ladie Elizabeth her Grace, sole daughter to the high and mightie Iames, King of great Brittaine, &c. In III. bookes: composed in Latine by M. Ioannes Maria, de Franchis. And translated into English.Franchis, Joannes Maria de.A01194EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ioyful and royal entertainment of the ryght high and mightie Prince, Frauncis the Frenche Kings only brother by the grace of God Duke of Brabande, Aniow, Aláunson, &c. Into his noble citie of Antwerpe. 1582. Translated out of Frenche by Arthur Golding, according to the copie printed by Plantine at Antwerpe, his highnesse printer.A01196EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The alcaron of the barefote friers, that is to say, an heape or numbre of the blasphemous and trifling doctrines of the wounded idole Saint Frances taken out of the boke of his rules, called in latin, Liber conformitatum.Alber, Erasmus, ca. 1500-1553.A01199EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The chronicle and institution of the Order of the seraphicall father S. Francis conteyning his life, his death, and his miracles, and of all his holie disciples and companions / set foorth first in the Portugall, next in the Spanish, then in the Italian, lastlie in the French, and now in the English tongue.Marcos, de Lisboa, Bishop of Porto, 1511-1591.A01200EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The forbidden fruit· or A treatise of the tree of knovvledge of good & evill of which Adam at first, & as yet all mankind doe eate death. Moreover, how at this day it is forbidden to every one as well as to Adam; and how this tree, that is the wisedome of the serpent planted in Adam, is that great image, and that many headed beast, mentioned in Daniel and the Apocalyps, whom the whole world doth worship. Lastly, here is shewed what is the tree of life, contrary to the wisdome, righteousnesse, and knowledge of all mankind: with a description of the majestie and nature of Gods Word. By August: Eluthenius [sic]. Translated out of Latine into English.Franck, Sebastian, 1499-1542.A01210EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of the practises & treasons attempted and committed by Robert late Earle of Essex and his complices, against her Maiestie and her kingdoms and of the proceedings as well at the arraignments & conuictions of the said late Earle, and his adherents, as after: together with the very confessions and other parts of the euidences themselues, word for word taken out of the originals.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01216EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iames Franklin, a Kentish man of Maidstone his ovvne arraignment , confession, condemnation, and iudgement of himselfe, whilst hee lay prisoner in the Kings Bench for the poisoning of Sir Thomas Overbury.A01217EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Franklins farevvell to the vvorld, vvith his Christian contrition in prison, before his deathFranklin, James, d. 1615.A01218EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An oration against the vnlawfull insurrections of the protestantes of our time, vnder pretence to refourme religion Made and pronounced in Latin, in the Schole of Artes at Louaine, the .xiij. of December. Anno. 1565. By Peter Frarin of Andwerp, M. of Arte, and Bacheler of both lawes. And now translated [by John Fowler] into English, with the aduise of the author.Frarinus, Petrus.A01219EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A lerned epistle of M. Iohn Fraser: Bachler of Diuinitie to the ministers of Great Britanie Wherin he sheweth that no man ought to subscribe to their confession of faith. And that their presumed authorite to excommunicate anie man, especially Catholiques, is vaine and foolish.Fraser, John, d. 1605.A01221EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Offer maid to a gentilman of qualitie by Iohn Fraser, to subscribe and embrace the ministers of Scotlands religion, if they can sufficientlie proue, that they haue the true kirk and lawful calling. VVhereto ar[e] adioyned certaine reasons and considerations concerning theis tvva heades and foundaments, vvithout the light of vvhi [...] others can not be cleared, nor assured ground in religion in thir dayis establishedFraser, John, d. 1605.A01222EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Arcadian rhetorike: or The præcepts of rhetorike made plaine by examples Greeke, Latin, English, Italian, French, Spanish, out of Homers Ilias, and Odissea, Virgils Aeglogs, [...] and Aeneis, Sir Philip Sydnieis Arcadia, songs and sonets [...] By A. Fraunce.Fraunce, Abraham, fl. 1587-1633.A01224EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Countesse of Pembrokes Emanuel Conteining the natiuity, passion, buriall, and resurrection of Christ: togeather with certaine Psalmes of Dauid. All in English hexameters. By Abraham Fraunce.Fraunce, Abraham, fl. 1587-1633.A01225EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Countesse of Pembrokes Yuychurch Conteining the affectionate life, and vnfortunate death of Phillis and Amyntas: that in a pastorall; this in a funerall; both in English hexameters. By Abraham Fraunce.Fraunce, Abraham, fl. 1587-1633.A01227EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The third part of the Countesse of Pembrokes Yuychurch Entituled, Amintas dale. Wherein are the most conceited tales of the pagan gods in English hexameters together with their auncient descriptions and philosophicall explications. By Abraham Fraunce.Fraunce, Abraham, fl. 1587-1633.A01228EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lavviers logike exemplifying the præcepts of logike by the practise of the common lawe, by Abraham Fraunce.Fraunce, Abraham, fl. 1587-1633.A01231EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tvvo spare keyes to the Iesuites cabinet· dropped accidentally by some Father of that societie and fallen into the hands of a Protestant. The first wherof, discovers their domestick doctrines for education of their novices. The second, openeth their atheisticall practises touching the present warres of Germany. Projected by them in the yeare 1608. and now so farre as their power could stretch, effected, till the comming of the most victorious King of Sweden into Germany. Both serving as a most necessary warning for these present times.Francke, Christian, b. 1549.A01233EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ezras pulpit. Or, A sermon lately preached in Southwarke, before a worshipfull assembly Very necessary for these times. By William Freake, minister.Freake, William.A01234EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation made by the high and mighty Fredericke by the grace of God King of Bohemia, &c. Commanding all those his subiects which are now in the seruice of his majesties enemies, to repaire home within the space of 14. dayes, vpon paine of his highnes displeasure, and confiscation of goods and lands. Translated out of the Dutch coppie.Bohemia (Kingdom). Sovereign (1619-1620 : Frederick I)A01239EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles agreed vpon and concluded between the victorious, excellent, high and mighty prince and lord, Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, Count of Nassaw, &c. on the one part, and the vanquished towne of S'hertogenbosh on the other side And also, how the towne, and the Pettler-Sconce was deliuered, on the fourth of September, into the hands of His said Excellence: and how his garrison entred into the said towne, there to keepe the walles and gates. Worthy of reading.Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, 1584-1647.A01247EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Imperiale a tragedie.Freeman, Ralph, Sir, fl. 1610-1655.A01253EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Essayes Religious meditations. Places of perswasion and disswasion. Seene and allowed.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rubbe, and a great cast Epigrams. By Thomas Freeman, Gent.Freeman, Thomas, b. 1590 or 91.A01256EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reformed politicke. That is, An apologie for the generall cause of reformation, written against the sclaunders of the Pope and the League VVith most profitable aduises for the appeasing of schisme, by abolishing superstition, and preseruing the state of the clergie. Whereto is adioyned a discourse vpon the death of the Duke of Guise, prosecuting the argument of the booke. Dedicated to the King by Iohn Fregeuille of Gaut.Frégeville, Jean de.A01258EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Two faithfull friends the pleasant history of Alexander and Lodwicke, who were so like one another, that none could know them asunder ... : to the tune of Flying fame.A01267EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A boke made by Iohn Frith prisoner in the tower of London answeringe vnto M mores lettur which he wrote agenst the first litle treatyse that Iohn̄ Frith made concerninge the sacramente of the body and bloude of, christ vnto which boke are added in the ende the articles of his examinacion before the bishoppes ... for which Iohn Frith was condempned a[n]d after bur[n]et ... the fourth daye of Iuli. Anno. 1533.Frith, John, 1503-1533.A01268EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An other boke against Rastel named the subsedye or bulwark to his fyrst boke, made by Ihon Frithe preso[n]ner in the TowerFrith, John, 1503-1533.A01272EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A disputacio[n] of purgatorye made by Ioh[a]n Frith which is deuided in to thre bokes. The first boke is an answere vnto Rastell, which goeth aboute to proue purgatorye by naturall phylosophye. The seconde boke answereth vnto Sir Thomas More, which laboureth to proue purgatorye by scripture. The thirde boke maketh answere vnto my lorde of Rochestre which most leaneth vnto the doctouresFrith, John, 1503-1533.A01273EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands sicknes, comparatively conferred with Israels Diuided into two sermons, by Tho: Adams.Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A01281EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The strategemes, sleyghtes, and policies of warre, gathered togyther, by S. Iulius Frontinus, and translated into Englyshe, by Rycharde MorysineFrontinus, Sextus Julius.A01283EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A booke of christian ethicks or moral philosophie containing, the true difference and opposition, of the two incompatible qualities, vertue, and voluptuousnesse. Made by William Fulbecke, maister of Artes, and student of the lawes of England.Fulbeck, William, 1560-1603?A01286EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A direction or preparatiue to the study of the lawe wherein is shewed, what things ought to be obserued and vsed of them that are addicted to the study of the law, and what on the contrary part ought to be eschued and auoyded.Fulbecke, William, 1560-1603?.A01287EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An historicall collection of the continuall factions, tumults, and massacres of the Romans and Italians during the space of one hundred and twentie yeares next before the peaceable empire of Augustus Cæsar Selected and deriued out of the best writers and reporters of these accidents, and reduced into the forme of one entire historie, handled in three bookes. Beginning where the historie of T. Liuius doth end, and ending where Cornelius Tacitus doth begin.Fulbecke, William, 1560-1603?.A01289EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Antiprognosticon that is to saye, an inuectiue agaynst the vayne and vnprofitable predictions of the astrologians as Nostrodame, [et]c. Translated out of Latine into Englishe. Whervnto is added by the author a shorte treatise in Englyshe, as well for the vtter subuersion of that fained arte, as also for the better vnderstandynge of the common people, vnto whom the fyrst labour seemeth not sufficientFulke, William, 1538-1589.A01297EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe confutation, of a popish discourse: lately set forth, and presumptuously dedicated to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie: by Iohn Howlet, or some other birde of the night, vnder that name Contayning certaine reasons, why papistes refuse to come to church, which reasons are here inserted and set downe at large, with their seuerall answeres. By D. Fulke, Maister of Penbroke Hall, in Cambridge. Seene and allowed.Fulke, William, 1538-1589.A01299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A comfortable sermon of faith, in temptations and afflictions Preached at S. Botulphes wythout Aldersgate in London, the .xv. of Februarye. 1573. By Maister VVilliam Fulke, Doctor of Diuinitie.Fulke, William, 1538-1589.A01300EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvoman of Canaan A comfortable sermon of faith in temptations and afflictions. Preached at Saint Buttolphes without Aldersgate in London, the 15. of February. 1573. By Maister William Fulke Doctor of Diuinity and Maister of Pembrooke Hall in Cambridge.Fulke, William, 1538-1589.A01303EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A confutation of a popishe, and sclaunderous libelle in forme of an apologie: geuen out into the courte, and spread abrode in diuerse other places of the realme. VVritten by VVilliam Fulke, Bacheler in Diuinitie, and felowe of S. Ihons Colledge in Cambridge.Fulke, William, 1538-1589.A01304EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defense of the sincere and true translations of the holie Scriptures into the English tong against the manifolde cauils, friuolous quarels, and impudent slaunders of Gregorie Martin, one of the readers of popish diuinitie in the trayterous Seminarie of Rhemes. By William Fvlke D. in Diuinitie, and M. of Pembroke haule in Cambridge. Wherevnto is added a briefe confutation of all such quarrels & cauils, as haue bene of late vttered by diuerse papistes in their English pamphlets, against the writings of the saide William Fvlke.Fulke, William, 1538-1589.A01309EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A godly and learned sermon, preached before an honourable auditorie the 26. day of Februarie. 1580Fulke, William, 1538-1589.A01312EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A goodly gallerye with a most pleasaunt prospect, into the garden of naturall contemplation, to behold the naturall causes of all kynde of meteors, as wel fyery and ayery, as watry and earthly, of whiche sort be blasing sterres, shooting starres, flames in the ayre &c. tho[n]der, lightning, earthquakes, &c. rayne dewe, snowe, cloudes, springes &c. stones, metalles, earthes &c. to the glory of God, and the profit of his creaturs.Fulke, William, 1538-1589.A01313EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prælections vpon the sacred and holy Reuelation of S. Iohn, written in latine by William Fulke Doctor of Diuinitie, and translated into English by George GyffardFulke, William, 1538-1589.A01320EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reioynder to Bristows replie in defence of Allens scroll of articles and booke of purgatorie Also the cauils of Nicholas Sander D. in Diuinitie about the supper of our Lord, and the apologie of the Church of England, touching the doctrine thereof, confuted by William Fulke, Doctor in Diuinitie, and master of Pembroke Hall in Cambridge. Seene and allowed.Fulke, William, 1538-1589.A01324EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A retentiue, to stay good Christians, in true faith and religion, against the motiues of Richard Bristow Also a discouerie of the daungerous rocke of the popish Church, commended by Nicholas Sander D. of Diuinitie. Done by VVilliam Fulke Doctor of diuinitie, and Maister of Pembroke hall in Cambridge.Fulke, William, 1538-1589.A01325EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Hampton Court on Sonday being the 12. day of Nouember, in the yeare of our Lord. 1570. VVherein is plainly proued Babylon to be Rome, both by Scriptures and doctors. Preached by VVilliam Fulke Bacheler of Diuinity, and fellow of S. Iohns Colledge in Cambridge.Fulke, William, 1538-1589.A01327EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached on Sundaye, being the .17. of March Anno. 1577. at S. Alpheges Church within Creplegate in London, by William Fulke doctor in diuinitie. Seene and allowed, accordyng to the order appoynted in the Queenes Maiesties IniunctionsFulke, William, 1538-1589.A01331EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached vpon Sunday, beeing the twelfth of March. Anno. 1581, within the Tower of London in the hearing of such obstinate Papistes as then were prisoners there: by William Fulke Doctor in Diuinitie, and M. of Penbroke Hall in Cambridge.Fulke, William, 1538-1589.A01332EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
T. Stapleton and Martiall (two popish heretikes) confuted, and of their particular heresies detected. By D. Fulke, Master of Pembrooke hall in Cambridge. Done and directed to all those that loue the truth, and hate superstitious vanities. Seene and allowedFulke, William, 1538-1589.A01333EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tvvo treatises written against the papistes the one being an answere of the Christian Protestant to the proud challenge of a popish Catholicke: the other a confutation of the popish churches doctrine touching purgatory & prayers for the dead: by William Fulke Doctor in diuinitie.Fulke, William, 1538-1589.A01335EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The argument of Master Nicholas Fuller, in the case of Thomas Lad, and Richard Maunsell, his clients Wherein it is plainely proved, that the Ecclesiasticall Commissioners haue no power, by vertue of their commission, to imprison, to put to the Oath ex officio, or to fine any of his Maiesties subiects.Fuller, Nicholas, 1543-1620.A01338EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Davids hainous sinne. Heartie repentance. Heavie punishment. By Thomas Fuller Master of Arts of Sidnye Colledge in CambridgeFuller, Thomas, 1608-1661.A01341EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of the holy vvarre; by Thomas Fuller, B.D. prebendarie of Sarum, late of Sidney Colledge in CambridgeFuller, Thomas, 1608-1661.A01342EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ioseph's partie-colored coat containing, a comment on part of the 11. chapter of the 1. epistle of S. Paul to the Corinthians : together with severall sermons, namely, [brace] 1. Growth in grace, 2. How farre examples may be followed, 3. An ill match well broken off, 4. Good from bad friends, 5. A glasse for gluttons, 6. How farre grace may be entayled, 7. A christning sermon, 8. Faction confuted / by T.F.Fuller, Thomas, 1608-1661.A01344EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon intended for Paul's Crosse, but preached in the Church of St. Paul's, London, the III. of December, M.DC.XXV. Vpon the late decrease and withdrawing of Gods heauie visitation of the plague of pestilence from the said citie. By Tho: Fuller, Master of Arts in Pembroke-Hall in CambridgeFuller, Thomas, Master of Arts.A01346EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mourning of Mount Libanon: or, The temples teares A sermon preached at Hodsocke, the 20. day of December, anno Domini, 1627. In commemoration of the right honourable and religious lady, the Lady Frances Clifton, daughter to the Right Honourable the Earle of Cumberland: and wife to the truly noble Sir Geruas Clifton of Clifton, in the county of Nottingham, Knight and Baronet, who deceased the 20. Nouember, 1627. By William Fuller Doctor of Diuinity, one of his Maiesties chapleines in ordinary.Fuller, William, 1579 or 80-1659.A01347EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A myrrour or glasse for them that be syke [and] in payne. Translated out of Dutche in EnglishGnaphaeus, Gulielmus, 1493-1568.A01348EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ioannis Palsgraui Londoniensis, ecphrasis Anglica in comoediam Acolasti The comedye of Acolastus translated into oure englysshe tongue, after suche maner as chylderne are taught in the grammer schole, fyrst worde for worde, as the latyne lyeth, and afterwarde accordynge to the sence and meanyng of the latin sentences ... with admonitions set forth in the margyn ... and afore the second sceane of the fyrst acte, is a brefe introductory to haue some general knowledge of the duyers sortes of meters vsed of our auctour in this comedy. And afore Acolastus balade is shewed of what kyndes of meters his balade is made of. And afore the syxte sceane of the fourthe acte, is a monition of the rhetorycall composytion vsed in that sceane ... Interpreted by Iohn Palsgraue.Gnaphaeus, Gulielmus, 1493-1568.A01349EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first parte, of the eyghth liberall science: entituled, Ars adulandi, the arte of flatterie with the confutation therof, both very pleasaunt and profitable, deuised and compiled, by Vlpian Fulwell.Fulwell, Ulpian, fl. 1586.A01351EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pleasant enterlude, intituled, Like will to like quoth the Deuill to the collier Wherin is declared what punishments followe those that will rather liue licentiously: then esteeme and followe good councell. And what benefits they receiue that apply them selues to vertuous liuing and good exercises. Made by Vlpian Fulwel. Fiue may easily play this enterlude. ...Fulwell, Ulpian, fl. 1586.A01353EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The flovver of fame Containing the bright renowne, & moste fortunate raigne of King Henry the viii. Wherein is mentioned of matters, by the rest of our cronographers ouerpassed. Compyled by Vlpian Fulwell. Hereunto is annexed (by the aucthor) a short treatice of iii. noble and vertuous queenes. And a discourse of the worthie seruice that was done at Hadington in Scotlande, the seconde yere of the raigne of king Edward the sixt.Fulwell, Ulpian, fl. 1586.A01354EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A spectacle fo[r] pe[r]iu[r]e[r]s 27. Die Nouemb. 1589. / [by] W. Fulwood.Fullwood, William, fl. 1562.A01362EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A supplication to Eldertonne, for Leaches vnlewdnes desiring him to pardone, his manifest vnrudenes.Fulwood, William.A01363EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of the troubles of Hungarie containing the pitifull losse and ruine of that kingdome, and the warres happened there, in that time, betweene the Christians and Turkes. By Mart. Fumée Lord of Genillé, Knight of the Kings order. Newly translated out of French into English, by R.C. Gentleman.Fumée, Martin, ca. 1540-ca. 1590.A01364EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A very briefe and profitable treatise declaring hovve many counsells, and vvhat maner of counselers a prince that will gouerne well ought to haue The book speaketh. ...Furio Ceriol, Fadrique, d. 1592.A01365EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Agaynst the possessyons of the clergye Harkyn what great auctorytes shall nowe folowe, for proffe thereof.Fyloll, Jasper.A01366EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The minte of deformitiesC. G., Gent.A01369EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A watch-vvorde for warre Not so new as necessary: published by reason of the disperced rumors amongst vs, and the suspected comming of the Spanyard against vs. Wherein we may learne how to prepare our selues to repell the enemie, and to behaue our selues all the tyme of that trouble. Compendious for the memorie, comfortable for the matter, profitable for the matter, profitable for the tyme.Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604.A01371EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The end and confession of Iohn Felton who suffred in Paules Churcheyeard in London, the. viii. of August, for high treason. 1570.F. G., fl. 1570.A01373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mirrour of maiestie: or, The badges of honour conceitedly emblazoned with emblemes annexed, poetically vnfolded.H. G., fl. 1618.A01375EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Here begynneth a lytell treatyse called, the (myrrour or lokynge glasse of lyfe) for co[m]fortyng of the soule]A01378EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fiue sermons preached vpon sundry especiall occasions Viz. 1 The sinners mourning habit: in Whitehall, March 29. being the first Tuesday after the departure of King Iames into blessednesse. 2 A visitation sermon: in Christs Church, at the trienniall visitation of the right reuerend father in God the lord bishop of London. 3 The holy choice: in the chappell by Guildhall, at the solemne election of the right honorable the lord maior of London. 4 The barren tree: at Pauls-Crosse, Octob. 26. 5 The temple: at Pauls-Crosse. August 5. By Tho: Adams.Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A01379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A godlie exhortation, and fruitfull admonition to vertuous parents and modest matrons Describing the holie vse, and blessed institution of that most honorable state of matrimonie, and the encrease of godlie and happy children, in training them vp in godly education, and houshold discipline. R.G.Greenham, Richard.A01383EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Salutem in ChristoR. G., fl. 1571.A01387EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to VVithers motto Without a frontispice. Wherein, Nec habeo, nec careo, nec curo, are neither approued, nor confuted: but modestly controuled, or qualified.T. G., Esquire.A01389EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The friers chronicle: or, The true legend of priests and monkes liuesT. G., fl. 1623.A01391EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The glory of England, or A true description of many excellent prerogatiues and remarkeable blessings, whereby she triumpheth ouer all the nations of the world vvith a iustifiable comparison betweene the eminent kingdomes of the earth, and herselfe: plainely manifesting the defects of them all in regard of her sufficiencie and fulnesse of happinesse. By T.G.Gainsford, Thomas, d. 1624?A01395EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of Trebizond in foure bookes / by Tho. Gainsforde ...Gainsford, Thomas, d. 1624?A01401EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rich cabinet furnished with varietie of excellent discriptions, exquisite charracters, witty discourses, and delightfull histories, deuine and morrall. Together with inuectiues against many abuses of the time: digested alphabetically into common places. Wherevnto is annexed the epitome of good manners, exttracted from Mr. Iohn de la Casa, Arch-bishop of Beneuenta.T. G., fl. 1616.A01402EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The secretaries studie containing new familiar epistles: or directions, for the formall, orderly, and iudicious inditing of letters. ... By Thomas Gainsford, Esq.Gainsford, Thomas, d. 1624?A01403EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true exemplary, and remarkable history of the Earle of Tirone vvherein the manner of his first presumption, affrighting both England and Ireland with his owne and the King of Spaines forces, and the misery of his ensuing deiection, downefall, and vtter banishment is truely related: not from the report of others, or collection of authors, but by him who was an eye witnesse of his fearefull wretchednes, and finall extirpation. Written by T.G. Esquire.Gainsford, Thomas, d. 1624?A01404EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true and vvonderfull history of Perkin VVarbeck, proclaiming himselfe Richard the fourthGainsford, Thomas, d. 1624?A01405EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vision and discourse of Henry the seuenth Concerning the vnitie of Great Brittaine. Diuided into foure chapters. 1. Containing an introduction. 2. Inducements to vnitie. 3. The policy, deceit, and mischieuous spite of the vnderminers hereof. 4. The danger of diuision. Related by T.G.Gainsford, Thomas, d. 1624?A01406EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pyramus and ThisbeGale, Dunstan.A01407EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
VVine, beere, ale, and tobacco. Contending for superiority A dialogue.Gallobelgicus.A01425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The discoueries of the world from their first originall vnto the yeere of our Lord 1555. Briefly written in the Portugall tongue by Antonie Galuano, gouernour of Ternate, the chiefe island of the Malucos: corrected, quoted, and now published in English by Richard Hakluyt, sometimes student of Christ church in OxfordGalvão, António, d. 1557.A01426EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Linsi-woolsie. Or Two centuries of epigrammes. Written by William Gamage Batchelour in the ArtesGamage, William.A01428EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Novum et solenne decretum à Synodo Gapensis apud Delphinates proclamatum & publicæ confessioni ecclesiarum Gallicarum ascriptumA01429EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Solenne decretum a nationali ecclesiarum Gallicarum Synodo (celebrata Gapinci apud Delphinates) proclamatum & publicæ confessioni earumdem adscriptum A solemn decree of the nationall synod of Gap, in the province of Delphine, in France, publikely proclaimed, and ascribed to the publique confession of the Church.Synod of Gap.A01430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sonne of the rogue, or, The politick theefe with the antiquitie of theeves : a worke no lesse curious then delectable / first written in Spanish by Don Garcia ; afterwards translated into Dutch, and then into French by S.D. ; now Englished by W.M.García, Carlos, doctor.A01433EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rutter of the see, with the hauons, rodes, soundynges, kennynges wyndes flodes and ebbes, daungers and coostes of dyuers regyons with the lawes of the yele of Auleton, and the iudgementes of the see. With a rutter of the northe added to the same.Garcie, Pierre, called Ferrande, ca. 1435-ca. 1520.A01436EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Phisicall and approved medicines, aswell in meere simples, as compound obseruations With a true and direct iudgement of the seuerall complexions of men, & how to minister both phisicke and medicine, to euery seuerall complexion. With the making of many excellent vnguents, and oyles, as also their applications, both for gargarismes & inflamations of the face, and other diseases incident to the body of man, aswell chiurugicall as phisicall. With the true vse of taking that excellent hearbe tabacco, aswell in the pipe by sume, as also in phisicke, medicine and chirurgerie.Gardiner, Edmund.A01443EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triall of tabacco Wherein, his worth is most worthily expressed: as, in the name, nature, and qualitie of the sayd hearb; his speciall vse in all physicke, with the true and right vse of taking it, aswell for the seasons, and times, as also the complexions, dispositions, and constitutions, of such bodies, & persons, as are fittest: and to whom it is most profitable to take it. By E.G. Gent. and practicioner in physicke.Gardiner, Edmund.A01444EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of life and death With observations naturall and experimentall for the prolonging of life. Written by the Right Honorable Francis Lord Verulam, Viscount S. Alban.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01446EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Profitable insructions [sic] for the manuring, sowing, and planting of kitchin gardens Very profitable for the common wealth and greatly for the helpe and comfort of poore people. Gathered by Richard Gardiner of Shrewsberie.Gardiner, Richard, of Shrewsbury.A01448EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Doomes-Day booke: or, An alarum for atheistes, a vvatchword for vvorldlinges, a caueat for Christians. By Samuel Gardnier [sic] Doctor of Diuinitie. The contentes the following page shewethGardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4.A01451EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Historie naturall and experimentall, of life and death. Or of the prolongation of life. Written in Latine by the Right Honorable Francis Lo. Verulam, Vis-count St. AlbanBacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01454EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The communication betwene my Lord Chauncelor and iudge Hales being among other iudges to take his oth in VVestminster hall. Anno. M.D.Liii. Vi. of October.Gardiner, Stephen, 1483?-1555.A01457EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De vera obedientia An oration made in Latine, by the right Reuere[n]de father in God Stepha[n] bishop of Wi[n]chestre, now Lorde Chau[n]celour of Englande. With the preface of Edmonde Bonner ... touching true obedience, printed at Ha[m]burgh in Latine, in officina Fra[n]cisci Rhodi mense Ianuario, 1536. And now translated in to Englishe, and printed eftsones, in Rome, before ye castle of. S. Angel, at the signe of. S. Peter. In nouembre, anno do. M.D.Liij.Gardiner, Stephen, 1483?-1555.A01461EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of suche true articles as George Ioye hath gone about to confute as falseGardiner, Stephen, 1483?-1555.A01463EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A detection of the Deuils sophistrie wherwith he robbeth the vnlearned people, of the true byleef, in the most blessed sacrament of the aulter.Gardiner, Stephen, 1483?-1555.A01464EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An explicatio[n] and assertion of the true Catholique fayth, touchyng the moost blessed sacrament of the aulter with confutacion of a booke written agaynst the same / made by Steuen Byshop of Wynchester ; and exhibited by his owne hande for his defence to the Kynges Maiesties commissioners at Lambeth.Gardiner, Stephen, 1483?-1555.A01466EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Theyr dedes in effecte my lyfe wolde haue Stephen Wynton. Your dedes in effecte that made your lyfe braue / H.S.Gardiner, Stephen, 1483?-1555.A01467EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An admonishion to the bishoppes of VVinchester, London and others &c.A01468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter of a yonge gentylman named mayster Germen Gardynare, wryten to a frend of his, wherin men may se the demeanour [and] heresy of Ioh[a]n Fryth late burned, [and] also the dyspycyo[n]s [and] reasonynge vpon the same, had betwene the same mayster Germen and hym.Gardynare, Germen.A01469EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Characters and essayes, by Alexander GardenBreton, Nicholas, 1545?-1626?A01470EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A garden of graue and godlie flovvres sonets, elegies, and epitaphs. Planted, polished, and perfected by Mr. Alexander Gardyne.Garden, Alexander, 1585?-1634?A01471EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Great Brittans little calendar: or, Triple diarie, in remembrance of three daies Diuided into three treatises. 1. Britanniæ vota: or God saue the King: for the 24. day of March, the day of his Maiesties happy proclamation. 2. Cæsaris hostes: or, the tragedy of traytors: for the fift of August: the day of the bloudy Gowries treason, and of his Highnes blessed preseruation. 3. Amphitheatrum scelerum: or, the transcendent of treason: the day of a most admirable deliuerance of our King ... from that most horrible and hellish proiect of the Gun-Powder Treason Nouemb. 5. Whereunto is annexed a short disswasiue from poperie. By Samuel Garey, preacher of Gods Word at Wynfarthing in Norff.Garey, Samuel, 1582 or 3-1646.A01472EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Multo[rum] vocabuloru[m] equiuocoru[m] intepretatio, Magistri Ioha[n]nis de Garlandia grammatico [et] latini cupido p[er]maxime necessaria, incipitJohn, of Garland, ca. 1195-ca. 1272.A01476EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of the reigne of King Henry the Seuenth VVritten by the Right Hon: Francis Lo: Virulam, Viscount S. Alban. Whereunto is now added a very vsefull and necessary table.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01483EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
CorneliaGarnier, Robert, 1544-1590.A01500EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedie of Antonie. Doone into English by the Countesse of PembrokeGarnier, Robert, 1544-1590.A01502EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arte of vvarre Beeing the onely rare booke of myllitarie profession: drawne out of all our late and forraine seruices, by William Garrard Gentleman, who serued the King of Spayne in his warres fourteene yeeres, and died anno. Domini. 1587. Which may be called, the true steppes of warre, the perfect path of knowledge, and the playne plot of warlike exercised: as the reader heereof shall plainly see expressed. Corrected and finished by Captaine Hichcock. Anno. 1591.Garrard, William, d. 1587.A01504EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dittie in the worthie praise of an high and mightie princeB. G. (Bernard Garter)A01505EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ioyfull receyuing of the Queenes most excellent Maiestie into hir Highnesse citie of Norvvich the things done in the time of hir abode there: and the dolor of the citie at hir departure. Wherein are set downe diuers orations in Latine, pronounced to hir Highnesse by Sir Robert Wood Knight, now Maior of the same citie, and others: and certaine also deliuered to hir Maiestie in vvriting: euery of the[m] turned into English.B. G. (Bernard Garter)A01506EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A newyeares gifte dedicated to the Popes Holinesse, and all Catholikes addicted to the Sea of Rome: preferred the first day of Ianuarie, in the yeare of our Lorde God, after the course and computation of the Romanistes, one thousand, fiue hundreth, seauentie and nine, by B.G. citizen of London: in recompence of diuers singular and inestimable reliques, of late sent by the said Popes Holinesse into England, the true figures and representations whereof, are heereafter in their places dilated.B. G. (Bernard Garter)A01507EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The commody of the moste vertuous and godlye Susanna neuer before this tyme printed. Compiled by Thomas Garter. Eyght persons may easyly play it. 1. The Prologue and the Saylour for one. 2. Ioachim and Iudex for another, 3. Sathan and Uoluptas another, 4. Sensualitas alone. 5 Susanna alone. 6. Helchia, True Report, Ancilla, another, 7. Ill Reporte the uyce, and Cryer, another. 8. Helchias wyfe, Danyell, Seruus, Serua, for another.Garter, Thomas.A01509EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The hospitall of incurable fooles: erected in English, as neer the first Italian modell and platforme, as the vnskilfull hand of an ignorant architect could deuiseGarzoni, Tomaso, 1549?-1589.A01512EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A hundreth sundrie flowres bounde vp in one small poesie Gathered partely (by translation) in the fyne outlandish gardins of Euripides, Ouid, Petrarke, Ariosto, and others: and partly by inuention, out of our owne fruitefull orchardes in Englande: yelding sundrie svveete sauours of tragical, comical, and morall discourses ...Gascoigne, George, 1542?-1577.A01513EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tvvoo bookes of Francis Bacon. Of the proficience and aduancement of learning, diuine and humane To the King.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01516EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A delicate diet, for daintiemouthde droonkardes Wherein the fowle abuse of common carowsing, and quaffing with hartie draughtes, is honestlie admonished. By George Gascoyne Esquier.Gascoigne, George, 1542?-1577.A01517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The droomme of Doomes day VVherin the frailties and miseries of mans lyfe, are lyuely portrayed, and learnedly set forth. Deuided, as appeareth in the page next following. Translated and collected by George Gascoigne Esquyer.Gascoigne, George, 1542?-1577.A01518EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The glasse of gouernement A tragicall comedie so entituled, bycause therein are handled aswell the rewardes for vertues, as also the punishment for vices. Done by George Gascoigne Esquier. 1575. Seen and allowed, according to the order appointed in the Queenes maiesties iniunctions.Gascoigne, George, 1542?-1577.A01520EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The spoyle of Antwerpe. Faithfully reported, by a true Englishman, who was present at the same. Nouem. 1576. Seene and allowedGascoigne, George, 1542?-1577.A01521EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The steele glas A satyre co[m]piled by George Gascoigne Esquire. Togither with The complainte of Phylomene. An elegie deuised by the same author.Gascoigne, George, 1542?-1577.A01522EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Abrahams decease A meditation on Genesis 25.8. Deliuered at the funerall of that worthy seruant of Christ, Mr. Richard Stock, late pastor of All-Hallowes Bread-street: together with the testimonie then giuen vnto him. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01523EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An anniuersarie memoriall of Englands deliuery from the Spanish inuasion deliuered in a sermon on Psal. 48. 7,8. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01524EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christian constancy crovvned by Christ A funerall sermon on Apocalyps 2.10. preached at the buriall of M. VVilliam Winter, citizen of London; together with the testimonie then giuen vnto him. By Thomas Gataker, B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01528EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian mans care A sermon on Matth. 6. 33. Together with a short catechisme for the simpler sort. By Thomas Gataker, B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01529EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Maskil le-David = Dauids instructer A sermon preached at the visitation of the Free-Schole at Tunbridge in Kent, by the wardens of the Worshipfull Companie of Skinners; by Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01530EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The decease of Lazarus Christ's friend A funerall sermon on Iohn. chap. 11. vers. 11. preached at the buriall of Mr. John Parker merchant and citizen of London. By Tho. Gataker B. of D. and rector of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01531EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discussion of the popish doctrine of transubstantiation vvherein the same is declared, by the confession of their owne writers, to haue no necessary ground in Gods Word: as also it is further demonstrated to be against Scripture, nature, sense, reason, religion, and the iudgement of t5xxauncients, and the faith of our auncestours: written by Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01532EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gods parley vvith princes with an appeale from them to him. The summe of two sermons on the 3. last verses of the 82. Psalme; preached at Sergeants-Inne in Fleet-Streete. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01533EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A good vvife Gods gift and, a vvife indeed. Tvvo mariage sermons. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01534EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iacobs thankfulnesse to God, for Gods goodnesse to Iacob A meditation on Genesis 32. 10. VVherein by the way also the popish doctrine of mans merite is discussed. By Thomas Gataker, B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01537EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ieroboams sonnes decease a funerall sermon on part of 1 Kings 14. 17. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01538EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
the ioy of the iust vvith the signes of such. A discourse tending to the comfort of the deiected and afflicted; and to the triall of sinceritie. Being the enlargement of a sermon preached at Black-Friers London; on Psal. 95. 11. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01539EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A iust defence of certaine passages in a former treatise concerning the nature and vse of lots, against such exceptions and oppositions as have beene made thereunto to Mr. I.B. Wherein the insufficiencie of his answers giuen to the arguments brought in defence of a lusorious lot is manifested; the imbecillitie of his arguments produced against the same further discouered; and the point it selfe in controuersie more fully cleared; by Thomas Gataker B. of D. and author of the former treatise.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01540EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Marriage duties briefely couched togither out of Colossians, 3. 18, 19. By Thomas Gataker Bachelar of Diuinitie and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the nature and vse of lots a treatise historicall and theologicall; written by Thomas Gataker B. of D. sometime preacher at Lincolnes Inne, and now pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01545EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Saint Stevens last will and testament A funerall sermon on Acts 7. ver. 59. preached at the enterrement of the remaines of Mris Joice Featly. Together with the testimonie then given unto her by Tho. Gataker, B. of D. and rector of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01547EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sparke tovvard the kindling of sorrow for Sion A meditation on Amos 6. 6. Being the summe of a sermon preached at Sergeants Inne in Fleet-Street. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01548EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The spirituall vvatch, or Christs generall watch-word A meditation on Mark. 13. 37. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01550EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
True contentment in the gaine of godlines, with its self-sufficiencie A meditation on 1. Timoth. 6. 6. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01551EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sylua syluarum: or A naturall historie In ten centuries. VVritten by the Right Honourable Francis Lo. Verulam Viscount St. Alban. Published after the authors death, by VVilliam Rawley Doctor of Diuinitie, late his Lordships chaplaine.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01552EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tvvo mariage sermons the former on Prov. 19. 14. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith. The latter on Iohn 2. 1--12. By that learned and judicious divine Mr William Bradshaw some time fellow of Sidney Colledge in Cambridge.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01553EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two sermons tending to direction for Christian cariage [sic] both in afflictions incumbent, and in judgements imminent : the former on Psalm 13.1, the latter on Hebr. 11.7 / by Thomas Gataker, B. in D. and pastor of Rotherhith.Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.A01554EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The defence of militarie profession Wherein is eloquently shewed the due commendation of martiall prowesse, and plainly prooued how necessary the exercise of armes is for this our age.Gates, Geffrey.A01555EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of Levvis Gaufredy a priest of the Church of the Accoules in Marceilles in France, (who after hee had giuen him selfe soule and bodie to the Diuell) committed many most abhominable sorceries, but chiefly vpon two very faire young gentle-women, Mistris Magdalene of the Marish, and Mistris Victoire Corbier, whose horrible life being made manifest, hee was arraigned and condemned by the Court of Parliament of Aix in Prouince, to be burnt aliue, which was performed the last day of April. 1611. Together with the 53. articles of his confession. To which is annexed, a true discourse of a most inhumaine murther, committed by foure women witches, vpon a young gyrle, of about tenne yeares olde, who were all executed the 28. of Iune last past. Translated and faithfully collected out of two French copies, the one printed at Paris, the other at Roane. Anno. 1612.A01558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rodomontados. Or, Brauadoes and bragardismes. Collected out of the commentaries of the most dreadfull, terrible, and inuincible capitaine; Mattamores, Crocodillo, RaiabroquelosGaultier, Jacques.A01565EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration made by the Archbishop of Collen, vpon the deede of his mariage, sent to the states of his archbishoprike VVith the letter of Pope Gregorie the. 13 against the celebration of the same mariage, and the Bishops aunswer therevnto. According to the coppie imprinted at Collen. 1583.Gebhard, Truchsess von Waldburg, Archbishop and Elector of Cologne, 1547-1601.A01567EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A booke of sundry draughtes principaly serving for glasiers: and not impertinent for plasterers, and gardiners: be sides sundry other professions. Whereunto is annexed the manner how to anniel in glas: and also the true forme of the fornace, and the secretes thereof.Gedde, Walter.A01569EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The gallants burden A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the twentie nine of March, being the fift Sunday in Lent. 1612. By Tho. Adams ...Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A01573EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fearfull fansies of the Florentine couper: written in Toscane, by Iohn Baptista Gelli, one of the free studie of Florence, and for recreation translated into English by W. Barker. Pensoso d'altrui. Sene & allowed according to the order apointedGelli, Giovanni Battista, 1498-1563.A01584EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse mathematical on the variation of the magneticall needle Together with its admirable diminution lately discovered. By Henry Gellibrand professor of astronomie in Gresham College.Gellibrand, Henry, 1597-1636.A01586EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lavves and statutes of Geneua as well concerning ecclesiastical discipline, as ciuill regiment, with certeine proclamations duly executed, whereby Gods religion is most purelie mainteined, and their common wealth quietli gouerned: translated out of Frenche into Englishe by Robert Fills.Geneva (Switzerland)A01594EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Historia ænigmatica, de gemellis Genoæ connatis, anno salutis nostræ, MDCXX in unum coalescentibus, quorum major Lazaz, minor Joh. Baptista, ad sacrum fontem nominatis : vivis hodie, & mercede Londini monstratis An. MDCXXXVII.A01598EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of Mr. Edmund Geninges priest, crowned with martyrdome at London, the 10. day of Nouember, in the yeare M.D.XCI.Geninges, John, d. 1660.A01600EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The translation of certaine psalmes into English verse by the Right Honourable, Francis Lo. Verulam, Viscount St. Alban.Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01612EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands vvay to vvin vvealth, and to employ ships and marriners: or, A plaine description of what great profite, it will bring vnto the common-wealth of England, by the erecting, building, and aduenturing of busses, to sea, a fishing With a true relation of the inestimable wealth that is yearely taken out of his Maiesties seas, by the Hollanders, by their great numbers of busses, pinkes, and line-boates: and also a discourse of the sea-coast townes of England, and the most fit and commodious places, and harbours that wee haue for busses, and of the small number of our fishermen, and also the true valuation, and whole charge, of building, and furnishing, to sea, busses, and pinks, after the Holland manner. By Tobias Gentleman, fisherman and marriner.Gentleman, Tobias.A01617EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ofspring of the house of Ottomanno and officers pertaining to the greate Turkes court. Whereunto is added Bartholomeus Georgieuiz Epitome, of the customes rytes, ceremonies, and religion of the Turkes: with the miserbale affliction of those Christians, whiche liue vnder their captiuitie and bondage. In the ende also is adioyned the maner hovv Mustapha, oldest sonne of Soltan Soliman, twelfth Emperour of the Turkes, was murthered by his father, in the yere of our Lorde 1553. al Englished by Hugh Goughe.Georgijević, Bartolomej, d. ca. 1566.A01618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The herball or Generall historie of plantes. Gathered by Iohn Gerarde of London Master in Chirurgerie very much enlarged and amended by Thomas Iohnson citizen and apothecarye of LondonGerard, John, 1545-1612.A01622EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true tryall and examination of a mans owne selfe wherein euery faithfull Christian, by looking into his conscience, may most plainely behold his spirituall deformity by nature, described, his actuall rebellion by disobedience detected, his promise breach at baptisme, by ordinary transgression apparantly proued, his lamentable estate through sinne discouered, his wilfull obstinacie by dayly disorder displayed, and lastly howe by earnest repentaunce, and faith in Christ Iesu, he is from all the same clearely pardoned, forgiuen, released and reconciled / done in Englishe by Tho. Newton.Hyperius, Andreas, 1511-1564.A01629EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A golden chaine of divine aphorismes written by John Gerhard Doctor of Divinitie and superintendent of Heldburg. Translated by Ralph Winterton fellow of Kings Colledge in CambridgeGerhard, Johann, 1582-1637.A01638EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Memoriæ honoratissimi domini Francisci, Baronis de Verulamio, Vice-Comitis Sancti Albani sacrumA01639EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gerards meditations written originally in the Latine tongue by Iohn Gerard Doctour in Divinitie, and superintendant of Heidelberg. Translated and revised by Ralph Winterton fellow of Kings Colledge in Cambridge.Gerhard, Johann, 1582-1637.A01645EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of the fearefull estate of Francis Spira in the yeare, 1548.Bacon, Nathaniel, 1593-1660.A01647EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gerards prayers; or, a daylie practice of pietie: divided into foure parts. 1 of Confession of sinnes. 2 of Thanksgiving, for benefits. 3 of Petitions for our selues 4 of Supplicatio[n]s for our neighbours. Written (originally) in the Latine tongue, by Iohn Gerard; Doctor in Divinitie, and Superintendent of Heldeburg. Translated and revised by Ralph Winterton, Fellow of Kinges Colledge in Cambridge. Wherevnto is added a morning and euening prayer, for a familieGerhard, Johann, 1582-1637.A01648EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The invasions of Germanie with all the civill, and bloody warres therin, since the first beginning of them in anno 1618 and continued to this present yeare 1638 : wherein are described the severall battles, encounters, conflicts, and assaults, of cities, townes, and castles ... with a new and exact map of Germany ... : together with the progresse of every army, marked with severall markes or lines, with the pictures of the chiefe commanders on both sides / faithfully collected out of good and credible originalls by a Gentleman well deserving that hath suffered much in those warres.Gentleman well deserving that hath suffered much in those warres.A01653EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The newe iewell of health wherein is contayned the most excellent secretes of phisicke and philosophie, deuided into fower bookes. In the which are the best approued remedies for the diseases as well inwarde as outwarde, of all the partes of mans bodie: treating very amplye of all dystillations of waters, of oyles, balmes, quintessences, with the extraction of artificiall saltes, the vse and preparation of antimonie, and potable gold. Gathered out of the best and most approued authors, by that excellent doctor Gesnerus. Also the pictures, and maner to make the vessels, furnaces, and other instrumentes therevnto belonging. Faithfully corrected and published in Englishe, by George Baker, chirurgian.Gesner, Konrad, 1516-1565.A01658EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
This boke doth create all of the beste waters artyfycialles and the vertues and properties of the same, moche profytable for the poore sycke, set forth, by syr Roger Becon Freere.Bacon, Roger, 1214?-1294.A01661EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The treasure of Euonymus conteyninge the vvonderfull hid secretes of nature, touchinge the most apte formes to prepare and destyl medicines, for the conseruation of helth: as quintesse[n]ce, aurum potabile, hippocras, aromatical wynes, balmes, oyles perfumes, garnishyng waters, and other manifold excellent confections. Wherunto are ioyned the formes of sondry apt fornaces, and vessels, required in this art. Translated (with great diligence, et laboure) out of Latin, by Peter Morvvying felow of Magdaline Colleadge in Oxford.Gesner, Konrad, 1516-1565.A01662EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the ende of this world, the seconde commyng of Christ a comfortable and necessary discourse, for these miserable and daungerous dayes.Geveren, Sheltco à.A01666EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The order of equalitie Contriued and diuulged as a generall directorie for common sessements. Seruing for the indifferent defraying, taxing, and rating of common impositions and charges, lyable to citties, townes, or villages, that they may be done in some equall and proportionable order, for the benefit of the common-wealth. Very necessarie for all persons, to whome the execution and apprehension of this businesse appertaine.Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604.A01679EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A premonition for euery disposition published for the profit of all if it be well applied / by Charles Gybbon.Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604.A01681EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mirror of alchimy, composed by the thrice-famous and learned fryer, Roger Bachon, sometimes fellow of Martin Colledge: and afterwards of Brasen-nose Colledge in Oxenforde. Also a most excellent and learned discourse of the admirable force and efficacie of art and nature, written by the same author. With certaine other treatises of the like argumentBacon, Roger, 1214?-1294.A01683EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vvork vvorth the reading VVherein is contayned, fiue profitable and pithy questions, very expedient, aswell for parents to perceiue howe to bestowe their children in marriage, and to dispose their goods at their death: as for all other persons to receiue great profit by the rest of the matters herein expressed. Newly published by Charles Gibbon.Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604.A01685EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first set of madrigals and mottets of 5. parts apt for viols and voyces. Newly composed by Orlando Gibbons, Batcheler of Musicke, and organist of his Maiesties honourable chappell in ordinarie.Gibbons, Orlando, 1583-1625.A01689EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christiana-Polemica, or A preparatiue to warre Shewing the lawfull vse thereof. The iust causes that may moue thereunto. The necessitie of preparation for it. The duties of those that wage it. Together with diuers instructions concerning it. A sermon preached at Wooll-Church in London, before the captaines and gentlemen that exercise in the artillerie-garden vpon occasion of their solemne and generall meeting. Aprill 14. 1618. By Abraham Gibson, Bachelour of Diuinity, and then preacher to the temples.Gibson, Abraham, b. 1586 or 7.A01690EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The famous historie of Fryer Bacon Containing the wonderfull things that he did in his life: also the manner of his death; with the liues and deaths of the two coniurors, Bungye and Vandermast. Very pleasant and delightfull to be read.A01692EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vvomans vvoorth, defended against all the men in the world Proouing them to be more perfect, excellent, and absolute in all vertuous actions, then any man of what qualitie soeuer. Written by one that hath heard much, seene much, but knowes a great deale more.Pontaymeri, Alexandre de, d. 1618.A01694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An easie entrance into the principall points of Christian religion verie short and plaine for the simpler sorte, and may soone be learned of them, if they haue any care (as all ought to haue) of their saluation. By I.G.Gibson, John, fl. 1579-1599.A01695EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A very proper dittie: to the tune of lightie loue Leaue lightie loue ladies, for feare of yll name: and true loue embrace ye, to purchace your fame.Gibson, Leonard.A01697EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of ecclesiastical benediction preached at Oundle at a visitation, Apr. 14. 1619. by Master Samuel Gibson, minister at Burleigh in Rutland.Gibson, Samuel.A01700EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fruitful sermon preached at Occham, in the countie of Rutland, the second of Nouember. 1583. By Thomas Gybson.Gibson, Thomas, M.A.A01701EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fruitful sermon preached at Occham in the county of Rutland, the second of Nouember, 1583 by Thomas Gybson.Gybson, Thomas, fl. 1583.A01703EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blessing of a good king Deliuered in eight sermons vpon the storie of the Queene of the south, her words to Salomon, magnifying the gouernment of his familie and kingdome. By Thomas Gibson, minister.Gibson, Thomas, M.A.A01704EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A breve cronycle of the Bysshope of Romes blessynge and of his prelates beneficiall and charitable rewardes. from the tyme of Kynge Heralde vnto this daye.Gybson, Thomas, d. 1562.A01706EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discription of Nortons falcehod of Yorke shyre, and of his fatall farewel The fatal fine of traitours loe: by iustice due, deseruyng soe.Gibson, William, ballad writer.A01707EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialogue concerning witches and witchcraftes In which is laide open how craftely the Diuell deceiueth not onely the witches but many other and so leadeth them awrie into many great errours. By George Giffard minister of Gods word in Maldon.Gifford, George, d. 1620.A01716EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the subtill practises of deuilles by vvitches and sorcerers By which men are and haue bin greatly deluded: the antiquitie of them: their diuers sorts and names. With an aunswer vnto diuers friuolous reasons which some doe make to prooue that the deuils did not make those aperations in any bodily shape. By G. Gyfford.Gifford, George, d. 1620.A01718EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eight sermons, vpon the first foure chapters, and part of the fift, of Ecclesiastes Preached at Mauldon, by G. Giffard.Gifford, George, d. 1620.A01719EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A godlie, zealous, and profitable sermon vpon the second chapter of Saint Iames. Preached at London, by Master George Gifford, and published at the request of sundry godly and well disposed personsGifford, George, d. 1620.A01727EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plaine declaration that our Brownists be full Donatists by comparing them together from point to point out of the writings of Augustine. Also a replie to Master Greenwood touching read prayer, wherein his grosse ignorance is detected, which labouring to purge himselfe from former absurdities, doth plunge himselfe deeper into the mire. By George Gyffard minister of Gods word in Maldon.Gifford, George, d. 1620.A01730EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short treatise against the Donatists of England, whome we call Brownists Wherein, by the answeres vnto certayne writings of theyrs, diuers of their heresies are noted, with sundry fantasticall opinions. By George Giffard, Minister of Gods holy Word in Maldon.Gifford, George, d. 1620.A01736EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of true fortitude. By M. George Gyffard, Preacher of the worde of God, at Maldon in EssexGifford, George, d. 1620.A01738EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A posie of gilloflowers eche differing from other in colour and odour, yet all sweete. By Humfrey Gifford gent.Gifford, Humphrey.A01740EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The new starre of the north, shining vpon the victorious King of SuuedenGill, Alexander, 1597-1642.A01744EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise concerning the trinitie of persons in vnitie of the deitie Written to Thomas Mannering an Anabaptist, who denyed that Iesus is very God of very God: but man onely, yet endued with the infinite power of God.Gill, Alexander, 1565-1635.A01747EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true relation of the faction begun at VVisbich by Fa. Edmonds, alias VVeston, a Iesuite, 1595. and continued since by Fa. Walley, alias Garnet, the prouincall of the Iesuits in England, and by Fa. Parsons in Rome, with their adherents: against vs the secular priests their bretheren and fellow prisoners, that disliked of nouelties, and thought it dishonourable to the auncient ecclesiasticall discipline of the Catholike Church, that secular priests should be gouerned by Iesuits.Bagshaw, Christopher, d. 1625?A01748EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of a discouerie for a new passage to Cataia. VVritten by Sir Humfrey Gilbert, KnightGilbert, Humphrey, Sir, 1539?-1583.A01749EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Architectonice consolationis: or, The art of building comfort occasioned by the death of that religious gentlewoman, Iane Gilbert; to be studied: and with all a platforme of comfort to be raised up by her husband William Gilbert Doctor in Divinity.Gilbert, William, 1597?-1640.A01750EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvver to the deuillish detection of Stephane Gardiner, Bishoppe of Wynchester published to the intent that such as be desirous of the truth should not be seduced by hys errours, nor the blind [et] obstinate excused by ignorance Compiled by. A.G.Gilby, Anthony, ca. 1510-1585.A01752EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe treatice of election and reprobation with certen ansvvers to the obiections of the aduersaries of thys doctrine: vvritten by Anthonie Gylbie.Gilby, Anthony, ca. 1510-1585.A01753EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The epistle of Gildas, the most ancient British author who flourished in the yeere of our Lord, 546. And who by his great erudition, sanctitie, and wisedome, acquired the name of sapiens. Faithfully translated out of the originall Latine.Gildas, 516?-570?A01759EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dispute against the English-popish ceremonies, obtruded vpon the Church of Scotland Wherein not only our ovvne argumemts [sic] against the same are strongly confirmed, but likewise the ansvveres and defences of our opposites, such as Hooker, Mortoune ... Forbesse, &c. particularly confuted.Gillespie, George, 1613-1648.A01760EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A godly sermon preached in the court at Greenwich the firste Sonday after the Epiphanie, Anno Domini. 1552. And in the sixt yere of ye raigne of king Edward the sixt, the right godly and vertuous king of famous and blessed memory. By. B.G.Gilpin, Bernard, 1517-1583.A01761EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvorthy tract of Paulus Iouius, contayning a discourse of rare inuentions, both militarie and amorous called imprese VVhereunto is added a preface contayning the arte of composing them, with many other notable deuises. By Samuell Daniell late student in Oxenforde.Giovio, Paolo, 1483-1552.A01764EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The xliiij. sermon of M. Giulio of Milane, touchyng the Lordes supper[Giulio, da Milano].A01765EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copies of two speeches in Parliament The one by Iohn Glanvill Esquire. The other by Sir Henry Martin Knight. At a generall committee of both houses, the 22. of May. 1628.Glanville, John, Sir, 1586-1661.A01768EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tractatus de legibus et consuetudinibus regni Anglie, tempore Regis Henrici secundi compositus, Iusticie gubernacula tenente illustri viro Ranulpho de Glanuilla iuris regni & antiquarum consuetudinu[m] eo tempore peritissimo. Et illas solu[m] leges continet et consuetudines secundum quas placitatur in Curia Regis ad scaccarium et coram Iusticiis vbicunque fuerint. Huic adiectæ sunt a quodam legum studioso adnotationes aliquot marginales non inutilesGlanville, Ranulf de, 1130-1190.A01769EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Argalus and Parthenia· as it hath been acted at the court before their Maiesties: and at the Private-House in Drury-Lane, by their Maiesties Servants. By Hen. Glapthorne.Glapthorne, Henry.A01772EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Hollander A comedy written 1635. The author Henry Glapthorne. And now printed as it was then acted at the Cock-pit in Drury lane, by their Majesties Servants, with good allowance. And at the court before both their Majesties.Glapthorne, Henry.A01773EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe discours of certain bathes or medicinall waters in the Countie of Warwicke neere vnto a village called Newnam RegisBaley, Walter, 1529-1592.A01774EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ladies priviledge As it was acted with good allowance at the Cock-pit in Drury-lane, and before their Majesties at White-Hall twice. By their Maiesties Servants. The author Henry Glapthorne.Glapthorne, Henry.A01775EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poëms, by Henry GlapthornGlapthorne, Henry.A01776EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedy of Albertus VVallenstein late Duke of Fridland, and generall to the Emperor Ferdinand the second. Written by Henry Glapthorne. The scene, Egers. And acted with good allowance at the Globe on the Banke-side, by his Majesties Servants.Glapthorne, Henry.A01777EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wit in a constable A comedy written 1639. The author Henry Glapthorne. And now printed as it was lately acted at the Cock-pit in Drury lane, by their Majesties Servants, with good allowance.Glapthorne, Henry.A01779EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A glasse of the trutheHenry VIII, King of England, 1491-1547.A01784EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A knowledge for kings, and a warning for subiects conteyning the moste excellent and worthy history of the Raellyans peruerted state, and gouernment of their common wealth: no lesse rare, then strange ... First written in Latine, by Iames Glaucus a Germaine: and now translated into enlgish by VVilliam Cleuer scholemaster. By speciall recorde, this monument was two thousande yeares of antiquity: and so dusked and forworne with age, that being in a plaine writte[n] letter, could scarce be read ... I with my painefull indeuour haue now renewed it into fresh memorye.Glaucus, James.A01786EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the great crueltie of a widowe towardes a yong gentleman, and by what meanes he requited the same. Set forth in English verse by Iohn GodGod, John.A01792EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A mastif vvhelp and other ruff-island-lik currs fetcht from amongst the Antipedes Which bite and barke at the fantasticall humorists and abusers of the time.Goddard, William, fl. 1615.A01793EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A neaste of vvaspes latelie found out and discouered in the Law-Countreys, yealding as sweete hony as some of our English beesGoddard, William, fl. 1615.A01794EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A satirycall dialogue or a sharplye-invectiue conference, betweene Allexander the great, and that truelye woman-hater DiogynesGoddard, William, fl. 1615.A01795EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arke of noah for the Londoners that remaine in the cittie to enter in, with their families, to be preserued from the deluge of the plague. Item, an exercise for the Londoners that are departed out of the cittie into the coutnrey, to spend their time till they returne. Whereunto is annexed an epistle sent out of the countrey, to the afflicted cittie of London. Made and written by Iames Godskall the yonger, preacher of the word.Godskall, James.A01800EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A catalogue of the bishops of England, since the first planting of Christian religion in this island together with a briefe history of their liues and memorable actions, so neere as can be gathered out of antiquity. By F.G. subdeane of Exceter.Godwin, Francis, 1562-1633.A01802EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The succession of the bishops of England since the first planting of Christian religion in this island together with the historie of their liues and memorable actions faithfully gathered out of the monuments of antiquity. VVhereunto is prefixed a discourse concerning the first conuersion of our Britaine vnto Christian religion. By Francis Godwin now Bishop of Hereford.Godwin, Francis, 1562-1633.A01804EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nuncius inanimatusGodwin, Francis, 1562-1633.A01809EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rerum Anglicarum Henrico VIII· Edvvardo VI. et Maria regnantibus, annalesGodwin, Francis, 1562-1633.A01810EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Annales of England Containing the reignes of Henry the Eighth. Edward the Sixt. Queene Mary. Written in Latin by the Right Honorable and Right Reverend Father in God, Francis Lord Bishop of Hereford. Thus Englished, corrected and inlarged with the author's consent, by Morgan Godwyn.Godwin, Francis, 1562-1633.A01811EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the parson, vicar or curate, of [blank] and to everie of themGodwin, Francis, 1562-1633.A01812EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe treatise touching the preservation of the eie sight consisting partly in good order of diet, and partly in vse of medicines.Baley, Walter, 1529-1592.A01813EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Romanæ historiæ anthologia An English exposition of the Romane antiquities, wherein many Romane and English offices are paralleld and divers obscure phrases explained. By Thomas Godwyn Master of Arts: for the vse of Abingdon Schoole.Goodwin, Thomas, 1586 or 7-1642.A01818EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two treatises concerning the preseruation of eie-sight. The first written by Doctor Baily sometimes of Oxford: the other collected out of those two famous phisicions Fernelius and RiolanusBaley, Walter, 1529-1592.A01822EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The legacye or embassate of the great emperour of Inde prester Iohn, vnto Emanuell kynge of Portyngale, in the yere of our lorde M. v.C.xiii. Of the fayth of the Indyans, ceremonyes, relygyons [&]c. Of the patryarche [and] his offyce. Of the realme, state, power, maiesty, and order of the courte of prester IohnGóis, Damião de, 1502-1574.A01828EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The regiment of life, whereunto is added a treatise of the pestilence, with the boke of children, newly corrected and enlarged by T. PhayreGoeurot, Jean.A01831EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The couragious Turke, or, Amurath the First A tragedie. Written by Thomas Goffe Master of Arts, and student of Christ-Church in Oxford, and acted by the students of the same house.Goffe, Thomas, 1591-1629.A01836EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Deliuerance from the graue A sermon preached at Saint Maries Spittle in London, on Wednesday in Easter weeke last, March 28. 1627. By Tho. Goffe, Batchelor of Diuinitie, lately student of Christ-Church in Oxford.Goffe, Thomas, 1591-1629.A01837EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The raging Turke, or, Baiazet the Second A tragedie vvritten by Thomas Goffe, Master of Arts, and student of Christ-Church in Oxford, and acted by the students of the same house.Goffe, Thomas, 1591-1629.A01839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedy of Orestes, vvritten by Thomas Goffe Master of Arts, and student of Christs Church in Oxford: and acted by the students of the same houseGoffe, Thomas, 1591-1629.A01840EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe discourse of the late murther of master George Saunders, a worshipfull citizen of London and of the apprehension, arreignement, and execution of the principall and accessaries of the same.Golding, Arthur, 1536-1606.A01843EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse vpon the earthquake that hapned throughe this realme of Englande, and other places of Christendom, the first of Aprill. 1580. betwene the houres of fiue and six in the euening. Written by Arthur Golding, gentlemanGolding, Arthur, 1536-1606.A01845EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short discourse of the three kindes of peppers in common vse and certaine special medicines made of the same, tending to the preseruation of health.Baley, Walter, 1529-1592.A01847EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe declaratio[n] of the shews, deuices, speeches, and inuentions, done & performed before the Queenes Maiestie, & the French ambassadours, at the most valiaunt and worthye triumph, attempted and executed on the Munday and Tuesday in VVhitson weeke last, anno 1581 Collected, gathered, penned & published, by Henry Goldvvel, Gen.Goldwel, Henry.A01848EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Endimion· An excellent fancy first composed in French by Monsieur Gombauld. And now elegantly interpreted, by Richard Hurst Gentleman.Gombauld, Jean Ogier de, d. 1666.A01849EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Leuites reuenge containing poeticall meditations vpon the 19. and 20. chapters of Iudges. By R. Gomersall.Gomersall, Robert, 1602-1646?A01850EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems. By Robert GomersallGomersall, Robert, 1602-1646?A01851EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sermons on St Peter. By Robert Gomersall Bachelar in DivinitieGomersall, Robert, 1602-1646?A01852EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedie of Lodouick Sforza Duke of Millan. By Robert GomersallGomersall, Robert, 1602-1646?A01853EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A full, ample and punctuall discouery of the barbarous, bloudy, and inhumane practises of the Spanish Inquisition, against Protestants with the originall thereof. Manifested in their proceedings against sundry particular persons, aswell English as others, upon whom they have executed their diabolicall tyrannie. A worke fit for these times, serving to withdraw the affections of all good Christians from that religion, which cannot be maintayned without those props of Hell. First written in Latin by Reginaldus Gonsaluius Montanus, and after translated into English.González de Montes, R. (Raimundo), 16th cent.A01857EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of the great and mightie kingdome of China, and the situation thereof togither with the great riches, huge citties, politike gouernement, and rare inuentions in the same. Translated out of Spanish by R. Parke.González de Mendoza, Juan, 1545-1618.A01864EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tryall of trauell, or, [brace] 1. The wonders in trauell, 2. The worthes of trauell, 3. The way to trauell in three bookes epitemizd / by Baptist Goodall, merchant.Goodall, Baptist.A01867EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The adultresses funerall day in flaming, scorching, and consuming fire, or, The burning downe to ashes of Alice Clarke, late of Vxbridge in the county of Middlesex, in West-smith-field on Wensday the 20 of May, 1635 for the unnaturall poisoning of Fortune Clarke her husband a breviary of whose confession taken from her owne mouth is here unto annexed, as also what she sayd at the place of her execution / by her daily visiter H.G. in life and death ; and now published by authority and commaund.Goodcole, Henry, 1586-1641.A01868EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Natures cruell step-dames: or, Matchlesse monsters of the female sex; Elizabeth Barnes, and Anne Willis Who were executed the 26. day of April, 1637. at Tyburne, for the unnaturall murthering of their owne children. Also, herein is contained their severall confessions, and the courts just proceedings against other notorious malefactors, with their severall offences this sessions. Further, a relation of the wicked life and impenitent death of Iohn Flood, who raped his owne childe.Goodcole, Henry, 1586-1641.A01872EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true declaration of the happy conuersion, contrition, and Christian preparation of Francis Robinson, gentleman Who for counterfetting the great seale of England, was drawen, hang'd, and quartered at Charing-Crosse, on Friday last, being the thirteenth day of Nouember, 1618. Written by Henry Goodcole preacher of the Word of God, and his daily visiter, during his imprisonment in the gaole of Newgate.Goodcole, Henry, 1586-1641.A01873EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wonderfull discouerie of Elizabeth Savvyer a witch late of Edmonton, her conuiction and condemnation and death. Together with the relation of the Diuels accesse to her, and their conference together. Written by Henry Goodcole minister of the Word of God, and her continuall visiter in the gaole of Newgate. Published by authority.Goodcole, Henry, 1586-1641.A01874EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mad-merry prankes of Robbin Good-fellow To the tune of Dulcina.A01877EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A newe ballade intytuled, Good fellowes must go learne to daunceA01878EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
How superior powers oght to be obeyd of their subiects and wherin they may lawfully by Gods Worde be disobeyed and resisted. Wherin also is declared the cause of all this present miserie in England, and the onely way to remedy the same. By Christopher Goodman.Goodman, Christopher, 1520?-1603.A01880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The creatures praysing God: or, The religion of dumbe creatures An example and argument for the stirring vp of our deuotion and for the confusion of atheisme. Benedicite omnia opera Domini Domino; laudate & superexaltate eum in secula. G.G.Goodman, Godfrey, 1583-1656.A01881EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fall of man, or the corruption of nature, proued by the light of our naturall reason Which being the first ground and occasion of our Christian faith and religion, may likewise serue for the first step and degree of the naturall mans conuersion. First preached in a sermon, since enlarged, reduced to the forme of a treatise, and dedicated to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie. By Godfrey Goodman ...Goodman, Godfrey, 1583-1656.A01883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hollands leaguer: or, An historical discourse of the life and actions of Dona Britanica Hollandia the arch-mistris of the wicked women of Eutopia VVherein is detected the notorious sinne of panderisme, and the execrable life of the luxurious impudent.Goodman, Nicholas.A01886EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Babels balm: or The honey-combe of Romes religion With a neate draining and straining-out of the rammish honey thereof. Sung in tenne most elegant elegies in Latine, by that most worthy Christian satyrist, Master George Good-vvinne. And translated into tenne English satyres, by the Muses most vnworthy Eccho, Iohn Vicars.Goodwin, George, fl. 1607-1620.A01890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Aggravation of sinne and sinning against knowledge. Mercie. Delivered in severall sermons upon divers occasions. By Tho: Goodvvin B.D.Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.A01894EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The returne of prayers A treatise wherein this case how to discerne Gods answers to our prayers is briefly resolved, with other observations vpon Psal. 85.8. concerning Gods speaking peace, &c. By Tho: Goodvvin. B.D.Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.A01902EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a lytell prosses or matter called the Chauc̃e of the dolorous louer newely cõpyled or made by Crystofer Goodwyn the yere of our Lorde God, a. M.ccccc.xx.Goodwin, Christopher.A01907EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The maydens dreme compyled and made by Chrystofer Goodwyn, in the yere of our Lorde. M.CCCCC.xlijA01908EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eglogs epytaphes, and sonettes. Newly written by Barnabe Googe: 1563. 15. MarcheGooge, Barnabe, 1540-1594.A01909EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A newe booke called the shippe of safegard, wrytten by G.B. Anno. 1569Googe, Barnabe, 1540-1594.A01910EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir Gyles Goosecappe Knight A comedie presented by the Chil: of the Chappell.Chapman, George, 1559?-1634.A01911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eirenokoinonia. The peace of the communion of the Church of England. Or, The conformitie of the ceremonies of the communion of the Church of England with the ensamples and doctrine of the holy Scriptures, and primitiue Church, established by the Apostles of Christ, and the holy martyrs, and bishops, their successors. By Io: Gordon, Doctor of Diuinitie, and Deane of Salisbury.Gordon, John, 1544-1619.A01917EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In effigiem Mariæ Reginæ, Jacob. Magni. Reg. matris I. Gordonius.Gordon, John, 1544-1619.A01919EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Enōtikon or A sermon of the vnion of Great Brittannie, in antiquitie of language, name, religion, and kingdome: preached by Iohn Gordoun Deane of Sarum, the 28 day of October 1604, in presence of the the Kings Maiestie at WhitehallGordon, John, 1544-1619.A01920EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A panegyrique of congratulation for the concord of the realmes of Great Britaine in vnitie of religion, and vnder one king To the most high, most puissant and magnanimous, Iames King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland. / Written in French by Iohn Gordon Scottish-man, Lord of Long-Orme, and one of the gentlemen of the French Kings chamber. Translated into English by E.G.Gordon, John, 1544-1619.A01923EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
England and Scotlands happinesse in being reduced to vnitie of religion, vnder our invincible monarke King Iames. Written by I: Gordon.Gordon, John, 1544-1619.A01924EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The famous historie of the renouned and valiant Prince Robert surnamed the Bruce King of Scotland e&. [sic] & of sundrie other valiant knights both Scots and English. Enlarged with an addition of the Scottishe kinges lineallie descended from him to Charles now Prince, together with a note of the beginninges of the most parte of the antie[n]t and famous nobilitie of Scotland. A historye both pleasant and profitable set forthe and done in heroik verse by Patrick Gordon Gentleman.Gordon, Patrick, fl. 1615-1650.A01929EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first booke of the famous historye of Penardo and Laissa other ways callid the warres, of love and ambitione. Wherein is described Penardo his most admirable deeds of arms, his ambition of glore his contempt of loue, with loves mightie assalts & ammorus temptations: Laissas feareful inchantment hir releif hir trauells and lastly loves admirabel force, in hir releiving Penardo from ye fire, doone in heroik verse, by Patrik Gordon.Gordon, Patrick, fl. 1615-1650.A01930EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Encouragements. For such as shall have intention to bee vnder-takers in the new plantation of Cape Briton, now New Galloway in America, by mee Lochinvar·Gordon, Robert, Sir, d. 1627?A01932EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An astronomicall description of the late comet from the 18. of Nouemb. 1618. to the 16. of December following. With certaine morall progosticks or applications drawne from the comets motion and irradiation amongst the celestiall hierglyphicks. By vigilant and diligent obseruations of Iohn Bainbridge Doctor of Physicke, and louer of the mathematicks.Bainbridge, John, 1582-1643.A01933EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine sermons preached upon severall occasions viz. The vvay to prosper. The vvay to be content. The vvay to vvell-doing. A summer sermon. A vvinter sermon. Vnknowne kindnesse. The poore mans hope. By Iohn Gore Rector of Wenden-lofts in Essex.Gore, John, Rector of Wendenlofts, Essex.A01935EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The God of heaven A sermon appointed for the Crosse, but preached in the Cathedrall Church of St. Pauls in London, upon Sunday the 23. of September, anno Domini. 1638. By Iohn Gore, rector of Wendenlofts in Essex, and preacher at St. Peters Corne-Hill in London.Gore, John, Rector of Wendenlofts, Essex.A01936EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The man for heaven A sermon preached at the court to his Majesties houshold, anno Domini, 1637. By Iohn Gore, rector of Wendenlofts, and preacher of S. Peters in Cornhill, London.Gore, John, Rector of Wendenlofts, Essex.A01937EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The gospelles of dystauesA01945EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The maner and order of proceeding against Christ by the iudges which held a counsell at Ierusalem at the instance of Caiphas ... : and the sentence of death pronounced agaynst him by Pilate ...Gossenius, Gerardus.A01947EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The state-mysteries of the Iesuites, by way of questions and answers. Faithfully extracted out of their owne writings by themselues published. And a catalogue prefixed of the authors names which are cited in this booke. Written for a premonition in these times both to the publike and particular. Translated out of FrenchRivet, André, 1572-1651.A01948EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Playes confuted in fiue actions prouing that they are not to be suffred in a Christian common weale, by the waye both the cauils of Thomas Lodge, and the play of playes, written in their defence, and other obiections of players frendes, are truely set downe and directlye aunsweared. By Steph. Gosson, stud. Oxon.Gosson, Stephen, 1554-1624.A01951EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pleasant quippes for vpstart nevvfangled gentle-vvomenA01952EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The schoole of abuse conteining a plesaunt [sic] inuectiue against poets, pipers, plaiers, iesters, and such like caterpillers of a co[m]monwelth; setting vp the hagge of defiance to their mischieuous exercise, [and] ouerthrowing their bulwarkes, by prophane writers, naturall reason, and common experience: a discourse as pleasaunt for gentlemen that fauour learning, as profitable for all that wyll follow virtue. By Stephan Gosson. Stud. Oxon.Gosson, Stephen, 1554-1624.A01953EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The trumpet of vvarre A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the seuenth of Maie 1598. By M. Steph. Gosson parson of great Wigborow in Essex.Gosson, Stephen, 1554-1624.A01955EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The happines of the church, or, A description of those spirituall prerogatiues vvherewith Christ hath endowed her considered in some contemplations vpon part of the 12. chapter of the Hebrewes : together with certain other meditations and discourses vpon other portions of Holy Scriptures, the titles wherof immediately precede the booke : being the summe of diuerse sermons preached in S. Gregories London / by Thomas Adams ...Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A01956EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvell spryng of sciences whiche teacheth the perfecte woorke and practise of arithmeticke, bothe in whole nombers and fractions, with suche easie and compendious instruction into the said arte, as hath not heretofore been by any sette out nor laboured. Beautified with moste necessary rules and questions, not onely profitable for marchauntes, but also for all artificers, as in the table doeth partlie appere: set forthe by Humfrey Baker citezeine of Lo[n]don.Baker, Humfrey, fl. 1557-1587.A01957EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The anatomie of Ananias: or, Gods censure against sacriledge With a breife scholie vpon Psalm. 83. concerning the same subiect. By Roger Gostvvyke Batchelour of Diuinitie, and minister of Sampford Courtnie in the countie of Deuonsh.Gostwick, Roger, b. 1567 or 8.A01958EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The prayse of all women, called Mulieru[m] pean Very fruytfull and delectable vnto all the reders. Loke [et] rede who that can. This boke is prayse to eche woman.Gosynhyll, Edward.A01960EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a lytle boke named the Schole house of women wherin euery man may rede a goodly prayse of the condicyons of women.A01962EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dignitie of chiualrie set forth in a sermon preached before the Artillery Company of London, Iune xiij. 1626. By William Gouge, B. of Diuinity and preacher of Gods Word, in Black-friers London.Gouge, William, 1578-1653.A01970EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition of the Song of Solomon: called Canticles Together with profitable obseruations, collected out of the same. Perused and published by William Gouge, preacher of Gods Word in Black-Friers, London.Finch, Henry, Sir, d. 1625.A01971EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition on the vvhole fifth chapter of S. Iohns Gospell also notes on other choice places of Scripture, taken by a reuerend diuine, now with God, and found in his study after his death, written with his owne hand ...Gouge, William, 1578-1653.A01972EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gods three arrovves plague, famine, svvord, in three treatises. I. A plaister for the plague. II. Dearths death. III. The Churches conquest over the sword. By William Gouge Doctor in Divinity, and preacher of Gods Word in Black-Friers, London.Gouge, William, 1578-1653.A01974EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A guide to goe to God: or, An explanation of the perfect patterne of prayer, the Lords prayer. By William Gouge, B. in D. and minister of Gods Word in Black-Friers LondonGouge, William, 1578-1653.A01975EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvhole-armor of God: or A Christians spiritual furniture, to keepe him safe from all the assaults of Satan First preached, and now the second time published and enlarged for the good of all such as well vse it:whereunto is also added a treatise of the sinne against the Holy Ghost. By VVilliam Gouge B.D. and preacher of Gods Word in Blacke Fryers London. ...Gouge, William, 1578-1653.A01979EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A recovery from apostacy Set out in a sermon preached in Stepny Church neere London at the receiving of a penitent renegado into the Church, Octob. 21. 1638. By William Gouge D.D. and min. in Black-Friers London Herein is the history of the surprizall and admirable escape of the said penitent.Gouge, William, 1578-1653.A01980EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The saints sacrifice: or, a commentarie on the CXVI. Psalme Which is, a gratulatory psalme, for deliverance from deadly distresse. By William Gouge, D.D.Gouge, William, 1578-1653.A01981EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short catechisme wherein are briefely laid downe the fundamentall principles of Christian religion. Needfull to be knowne of all such as come to the Lords Table. Whereunto is added morning and euening prayer for a family.Gouge, William, 1578-1653.A01982EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The aunswer of Iohn Gough preacher, to Maister Fecknams obiections against his sermon, lately preached in the Tower of London. 15. Ianurie. 1570.Gough, John, fl. 1561-1570.A01987EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A godly boke wherein is contayned certayne fruitefull, godlye, and necessarye rules, to bee exercised [et] put in practise by all Christes souldiers lyuynge in the campe of this worldeA01988EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The strange discovery a tragi-comedy. Written by I.G. Gent.J. G. (John Gough), fl. 1640.A01989EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Admirable and memorable histories containing the wonders of our time. Collected into French out of the best authors. By I. [sic] Goulart. And out of French into English. By Ed. Grimeston. The contents of this booke followe the authors aduertisement to the readerGoulart, Simon, 1543-1628.A01991EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wise vieillard, or old man. Translated out of French into English by an obscure Englishman, a friend and fauourer of all wise old-menGoulart, Simon, 1543-1628.A01992EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In this tretyse that is cleped Gouernayle of helthe what is to be sayd wyth crystis helpe of some thynges that longen to bodily helthe, ...A01993EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a lytell treatyse called the gouernall of helthe with ye medecyne of ye stomackeA01994EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pyrgomachia; vel potius, Pygomachia Or, in cleane English, The castle-combat. Performed; by Iames Fencer, and William Wrastler. At nine of the clock of the night of the ninth day of the ninth moneth of the ninth yeare of the reigne of our Soveraigne Lord King Charles. Recorded by the ninth of the nine Muses, in the ninth part of nine weekes: and devided into nine files.Gower, John, Master of Arts.A01996EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
tHis book is intituled confessio amantis, that is to saye in englysshe the confessyon of the louer maad and compyled by Iohan Gower squyer ...Gower, John, 1325?-1408.A01997EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Galateo espagnol, or, The Spanish gallant instructing thee in that which thou must doe, and take heed of in thyusuall cariage, to be well esteemed, and loved of the people. Written in Spanish by Lucas Gracian de Antisco servant to his Majesty. And done into English by W.S. of the Inner Temple Esquire. Full of variety, and delight, and very necessary to be perused, not only of the generous youth of this kingdom, but also of all such as are exercised in their gentile education.Gracián Dantisco, Lucas.A02000EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A litle treatise, conteyning many proper tables and rules very necessary for the vse of al men, the contentes wherof appere in the next page folowing. Collected and set forthe by Richard Grafton. 1571.Grafton, Richard, d. 1572?A02008EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The anatomie of humors: vvritten by Simion GrahameGrahame, Simion, ca. 1570-1614.A02021EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Little Timothe his lesson: or, A summary relation of the historicall part of holy scripture plainely and familiarly comprized in meeter, for the helpe of memory, and instruction of the ignorant in the writings of God. By E.G. Mr. in Arts, and practitioner in physicke for the Kings hospitall of St. Bartholomew, in the city of Glocester.Graile, Edmond, b. ca. 1577.A02024EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Grammaire angloise pour facilement et promptement apprendre la langue angloise : qui peut aussi aider aux anglois pour apprendre la langue françoise.Mason, George, fl. 1620.A02026EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The golden Aphroditis a pleasant discourse, penned by Iohn Grange Gentleman, student in the common lavve of Englande. Wherevnto be annexed by the same authour asvvell certayne metres vpon sundry poyntes, as also diuers pamphlets in prose, which he entituleth his Garden: pleasant to the eare, and delightful to the reader, if he abuse not the scente of the floures.Grange, John, fl. 1577.A02027EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blinde-mans sermon: or confutation of the blinde Pharises. By Thomas Granger, preacher of the word, at Botterwike nere Boston in LincolnshireGranger, Thomas, b. 1578.A02029EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The bread of life, or Foode of the regenerate A sermon preached at Botterwike in Holland, neere Boston, in Lincolnshire. By Thomas Granger, preacher of Gods word there.Granger, Thomas, b. 1578.A02030EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A familiar exposition or commentarie on Ecclesiastes VVherein the worlds vanity, and the true felicitie are plainely deciphered. By Thomas Granger, preacher of the Word at Butterwike in East-holland, Lincolne.Granger, Thomas, b. 1578.A02031EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The light of the world A sermon preached at Botterwike in Holland, neere Boston, in Lincolnshire. By Thomas Granger, preacher of Gods word there.Granger, Thomas, b. 1578.A02032EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pauls crovvne of reioycing. Or The maner how to heare the word with profit. By Thomas Granger preacher of the word at Botterwike in Holland, neere Boston in LincolnshireGranger, Thomas, b. 1578.A02036EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A moste true and marueilous straunge wonder, the lyke hath seldom ben seene, of. XVII. monstrous fishes, taken in Suffolke, at Downham brydge, within a myle of Ipswiche The .XI. daye of October. in the yeare of our Lorde God. M.D.LX.VIII.Granger, Timothy.A02040EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The .xxv. orders of fooles.Granger, Timothy.A02041EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lectures of I.B. vpon the xii. Articles of our Christian faith briefely set forth for the comfort of the godly, and the better instruction of the simple and ignorant. Also hereunto is annexed a briefe and cleare confession of the Christian faith, conteining an hundreth articles, according to the order of the Creede of the Apostles. Written by that learned [and] godly martyr I.H. sometime Bishop of Glocester in his life time.Baker, John, minister.A02043EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Giacomo di Grassi his True arte of defence plainlie teaching by infallable demonstrations, apt figures and perfect rules the manner and forme how a man without other teacher or master may safelie handle all sortes of weapons aswell offensiue as defensiue: vvith a treatise of disceit or falsinge: and with a waie or meane by priuate industrie to obtaine strength, iudgement and actiuitie. First written in Italian by the foresaid author, and Englished by I.G. gentleman.Grassi, Giacomo di.A02044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The castel of memorie wherein is conteyned the restoring, augmenting, and conseruing of the memorye and remembraunce, with the safest remedies, and best preceptes therevnto in any wise apperteyning: made by Gulielmus Gratarolus Bergomatis Doctor of Artes and Phisike. Englished by Willyam Fulvvod. The contentes whereof appeare in the page next folovvynge.Gratarolo, Guglielmo, 1516?-1568?A02045EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A direction for the health of magistrates and studentes Namely suche as bee in their consistent age, or neere thereunto: drawen aswell out of sundry good and commendable authours, as also vpon reason and faithfull experience otherwise certaynely grounded. Written in Latin by Guilielmus Gratarolus, and Englished, by T.N.Gratarolo, Guglielmo, 1516?-1568?A02048EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true discourse of all the sallyes which the soldiers of the citie of Graue haue made since the siedge and in what manner the admirant, with a great hoast of horse and foote, with dyuers waggons laden with ladders, powder, shot, and other necessaries of reliefe, came to relieue the citye, the 22. of August, stilo nouo in the night: but was (by Gods Prouidence, and his Excellencyes valour) driuen backe, and forced (in the night) to fire his owne tents, and to take a shamefull flight. Translated according to the copie, printed at Delfe, by Iacob Cornelison Vennecod.A02050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevves from Graues-end sent to nobody.Dekker, Thomas, ca. 1572-1632.A02053EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Heauen and earth reconcil'd A sermon preached at Saint Paules church in Bedford, October. 3. 1612. At the visitation of the right Wor. M. Eland, Archdeacon of Bedford. By Tho. Adams ...Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A02054EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The iudges scripture, or, Gods charge to charge-givers A sermon preached in St. Nicholas Church of Newcastle upon Tyne, before the judges, justices, and gentlemen of the towne and countrey, at the assises holden there the three and twentieth day of July. 1635. By Francis Gray, Master of Arts, and one of the preachers in the same towne.Gray, Francis.A02057EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An alarum to England sounding the most fearefull and terrible example of Gods vengeance, that euer was inflicted in this world vpon mankind for sinne: seruing generally as a warning for all people to eschew sinne, lest they partake of the like vengeance. By Robert Gray, preacher of the Word of God.Gray, Robert, 16th/17th cent.A02058EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A good speed to VirginiaGray, Robert, 16th/17th cent.A02059EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answere to maister Smyth seruaunt to the kynges most royall maiestye, and clerke of the Quenes graces councell though most unworthy / [by me a poore man ... W.G.]Gray, William.A02062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ret[ur]ne of M. Smythes enuoy ...Gray, William.A02063EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true reporte of the forme and shape of a monstrous childe, borne at Muche Horkesleye a village three myles from Colchester, in the countye of Essex, the .xxi. daye of Apryll in this yeare. 1562.A02065EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pleasant conceyted comedie of George a Greene, the pinner of VVakefield As it was sundry times acted by the seruants of the right Honourable the Earle of Sussex.A02070EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Alcida Greenes metamorphosis, vvherein is discouered, a pleasant transformation of bodies into sundrie shapes, shewing that as vertues beautifie the mind, so vanities giue greater staines, than the perfection of any quality can rase out: the discourse confirmed with diuerse merry and delightfull histories; full of graue principles to content age, and sawsed with pleasant parlees, and witty answeres, to satisfie youth: profitable for both, and not offensiue to any. By R.G.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02073EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Arbasto The anatomie of fortune. Wherein is discoursed by a pithie and pleasant discourse, that the highest state of prosperitie, is oft times the first steppe to mishappe, and that to stay vpon fortunes lotte, is to treade on brittle glasse. VVherein also gentlemen may finde pleasant conceits to purge melancholie, and perfit counsell to preuent misfortune. By Robert Greene Master of Arte.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02074EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Arbasto King of Denmarke Describing the anatomy of fortune, his loue to faire Doralicia. Wherein gentlemen may finde pleasant conceits to purge melancholy, and perfect counsell to preuent mis-fortune. By Robert Green, Master of Art. Wherevnto is added a louely poem of Pyramus and Thisbe.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02077EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blacke bookes messenger Laying open the life and death of Ned Browne one of the most notable cutpurses, crosbiters, and conny-catchers, that euer liued in England. Heerein hee telleth verie pleasantly in his owne person such strange prancks and monstrous villanies by him and his consorte performed, as the like was yet neuer heard of in any of the former bookes of conny-catching. By R.G.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02079EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ciceronis amor· = Tullies loue VVherein is discoursed the prime of Ciceroes youth, setting out in liuely portraitures how young gentlemen that ayme at honour should leuell the end of their affections, holding the loue of countrie and friends in more esteeme then those fading blossomes of beautie, that onely feede the curious suruey of the eye. A worke full of pleasure as following Ciceroes vaine, who was as conceipted in his youth as graue in his age, profitable as conteining precepts worthie so famous an orator. By Robert Greene in Artibus magister.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02080EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Meditations and disquisitions upon the Lords prayer. By Sr. Richard Baker, KnightBaker, Richard, Sir, 1568-1645.A02087EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The comicall historie of Alphonsus, King of Aragon As it hath bene sundrie times acted. Made by R.G.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02091EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A disputation, betweene a hee conny-catcher, and a shee conny-catcher whether a theefe or a whoore, is most hurtfull in cousonage, to the common-wealth. Discouering the secret villanies of alluring strumpets. With the conuersion of an English courtizen, reformed this present yeare, 1592. R.G.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02092EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Theeues falling out, true-men come by their goods: or, The belman wanted a clapper A peale of new villanies rung out; the sound being musicall to all gentlemen, lawyers, farmers, and all sorts of people that come vp to the tearme: shewing that the villanies of leawd women, excell those of men.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02093EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Euphues his censure to Philautus wherein is presented a philosophicall combat betweene Hector and Achylles, discouering in foure discourses, interlaced with diuerse delightfull tragedies, the vertues necessary to be incident in euery gentleman: had in question at the siege of Troy betwixt sondry Grecian and Troian lords: especially debated to discouer the perfection of a souldier. ... Robertus Greene, in artibus magister.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02096EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greenes farewell to folly Sent to courtiers and schollers as a president to warne them from the vaine delights that drawes youth on to repentance. Robert Greene vtriusque Academiæ in Artibus magister.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02099EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greenes ghost haunting conie-catchers wherein is set downe, the arte of humouring. The arte of carrying stones. Will. St. lift. Ia. Fost. law. Ned Bro. catch. and Blacke Robins kindnesse. With the conceits of Doctor Pinch-backe a notable makeshift. Ten times more pleasant than anything yet published of this matter.Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630?A02101EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greenes, groats-vvorth of witte, bought with a million of repentance Describing the follie of youth, the falshoode of makeshifte flatterers, the miserie of the negligent, and mischiefes of deceiuing courtezans. Written before his death, and published at his dyeing request.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02103EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greenes mourning garment giuen him by repentance at the funerals of loue, which he presentes for a fauour to all young gentlemen that wish to weane themselues from wanton desires. R. Greene. Vtriusq[ue] academia in artibus magister. Sero sed serio.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02110EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greenes neuer too late. Or, A powder of experience: sent to all youthfull gentlemen to roote out the infectious follies, that ouer-reaching conceits foster in the spring time of their youth. Decyphering in a true English historie, those particular vanities, that with their frostie vapours nip the blossoms of euery ripe braine, from atteining to his intended perfection. As pleasant, as profitable, being a right pumice stone, apt to race out idlenesse with delight, and follie with admonition. Rob. Greene in artibus Magister.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02111EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greenes newes both from heauen and hell Prohibited the first for writing of bookes, and banished out of the last for displaying of conny-catchers. Commended to the presse by B.R.Rich, Barnabe, 1540?-1617.A02117EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greenes Orpharion VVherin is discouered a musicall concorde of pleasant histories, many sweet moodes graced vvith such harmonius discords, as agreeing in a delightfull closse, they sound both pleasure and profit to the eare. Heerein also as in a diateheron, the branches of vertue, ascending and descending by degrees: are covnited in the glorious praise of women-kind. VVith diuers tragicall and comicall histories presented by Orpheus and Arion, beeing as full of profit as of pleasure. Robertus Greene, in Artibus Magister.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02120EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greenes vision vvritten at the instant of his death. Conteyning a penitent passion for the folly of his pen.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02121EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gvvydonius The carde of fancie wherein the folly of those carpet knights is decyphered, which guyding their course by the compasse of Cupid, either dash their ship against most daungerous rocks, or els attaine the hauen with paine and perill. Wherein also is described in the person of Gwydonius, a cruell combat betvveene nature and necessitie. By Robert Greene Master of Arte, in Cambridge.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02122EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greenes carde of fancie Wherein the folly of those carpet knights is deciphered, which guiding their course by the compass of Cupid, either dash their ship against most dangerous rocks, or else attaine the haven with pain and perill. Wherein also is described in the person of Gwydonius a cruell combate between nature and necessitie. By Robert Green, Master of Art, in Cambridge.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02124EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of Orlando Furioso, one of the twelue pieres of France As it was plaid before the Queenes Maiestie.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02125EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The honorable historie of frier Bacon, and frier Bongay As it was plaid by her Maiesties seruants. Made by Robert Greene Master of Arts.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02127EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The honorable historie of Frier Bacon, and Frier Bongay As it was lately plaid by the Prince Palatine his Seruants. Made by Robert Greene, Master of Arts.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02128EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mamillia A mirrour or looking-glasse for the ladies of Englande. Wherein is disciphered, howe gentlemen vnder the perfect substaunce of pure loue, are oft inueigled with the shadowe of lewde lust: and their firme faith, brought a sleepe by fading fancie: vntil with ioyned with wisedome, doth awake it by the helpe of reason. By Robert Greene graduate in Cambridge.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02129EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A maidens dreame vpon the death of the Right Honorable Sir Christopher Hatton knight, late Lord Chancelor of England / by Robert Green ...Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02132EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Menaphon Camillas alarum to slumbering Euphues, in his melancholie cell at Silexedra. VVherein are deciphered the variable effects of fortune, the wonders of loue, the triumphes of inconstant time. Displaying in sundrie conceipted passions (figured in a continuate historie) the trophees that vertue carrieth triumphant, maugre the wrath of enuie, or the resolution of fortune. A worke worthie the youngest eares for pleasure, or the grauest censures for principles. Robertus Greene in Artibus Magister.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02133EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greenes Arcadia, or Menaphon: Camillaes alarum to slumber Euphues in his melancholy cell at Silexedra Wherein are decyphered, the variable effects of fortune, the wonders of loue, the triumphs of inconstant time. A worke, worthy the yongest eares for pleasure, or, the grauest censures for principles. By Robertus Greene, in Artibus Magister.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02135EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Morando the tritameron of loue wherein certaine pleasaunt conceites, vttered by diuers woorthy personages, are perfectly dyscoursed, and three doubtfull questyons of loue, most pithely and pleasauntly discussed: shewing to the wyse howe to vse loue, and to the fonde, howe to eschew lust: and yeelding to all both pleasure and profitt. By Robert Greene, Maister of Artes in Cambridge.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02136EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The myrrour of modestie wherein appeareth as in a perfect glasse howe the Lorde deliuereth the innocent from all imminent perils, and plagueth the bloudthirstie hypocrites with deserued punishments. Shewing that the graie heades of dooting adulterers shall not go with peace into the graue, neither shall the righteous be forsaken in the daie of trouble. By R.G. Maister of Artes.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02138EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A notable discouery of coosenage Now daily practised by sundry lewd persons, called connie-catchers, and crosse-byters. Plainely laying open those pernitious sleights that hath brought many ignorant men to confusion. ... With a delightfull discourse of the coosenage of colliers. By R. Greene, Maister of Arts.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02140EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second part of conny-catching Contayning the discouery of certaine wondrous coosenages, either superficiallie past ouer, or vtterlie vntoucht in the first. ... R.G.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02141EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pandosto the triumph of time. VVherein is discouered by a pleasant historie, that although by the meanes of sinister fortune truth may be concealed, yet by time in spight of fortune it is most manifestlie reuealed. Pleasant for age to auoyde drowsie thoughtes, profitable for youth to eschue other wanton pastimes, and bringing to both a desired content. Temporis filia veritas. By Robert Greene Maister of Artes in Cambridge.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02143EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Meditations and disquisitions upon the first Psalme of Dauid Blessed is the man. By Sr. Richard Baker, Knight.Baker, Richard, Sir, 1568-1645.A02148EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pleasant historie of Dorastus and Fawnia VVherein is discovered, that although by the meanes of sinister fortune, truth may be concealed; yet by time, in spight of fortune, it is manifestly revealed. ... By Robert Greene, Master of Arts in Cambridge.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02151EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Penelopes vveb VVhere, in a christall mirror of feminine perfection represents to the view of euery one those vertues and graces, which more curiously beautifies the mind of women, then eyther sumptuous apparell, or iewels of inestimable value: the one buying fame with honour, the other breeding a kinde of delight, but with repentance. In three seuerall discourses also are three speciall vertues, necessary to be incident in euery vertuous woman, pithely discussed: namely obedience, chastity, and sylence: interlaced with three seuerall and comicall histories. By Robert Greene Master of Artes in Cambridge.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02152EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Perimedes the blacke-smith a golden methode, how to vse the minde in pleasant and profitable exercise: wherein is contained speciall principles fit for the highest to imitate, and the meanest to put in practise, how best to spend the wearie winters nights, or the longest summers euenings, in honest and delightfull recreation: wherein we may learne to auoide idlenesse and wanton scurrilitie, vvhich diuers appoint as the end of their pastimes. Heerein are interlaced three merrie and necessarie discourses fit for our time: with certaine pleasant histories and tragicall tales, which may breed delight to all, and offence to none.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02153EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Philomela The Lady Fitzvvaters nightingale. By Robert Greene. Vtriusque Academiæ in Artibus magister.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02154EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Planetomachia: or the first parte of the generall opposition of the seuen planets wherein is astronomically described their essence, nature, and influence: diuersly discouering in their pleasaunt and tragicall histories, the inward affections of the mindes ... Conteyning also a briefe apologie of the sacred and misticall science of astronomie: by Robert Greene, Master of Arts and student in phisicke. 1585.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02157EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A quip for an vpstart courtier: or, A quaint dispute betvveen veluet breeches and clothbreeches Wherein is plainely set downe the disorders in all estates and trades.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02159EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A quip for an vpstart courtier: or, A quaint dispute betvveen veluet breeches and cloth-breeches Wherein is plainely set downe the disorders in all estates and trades.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02160EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The repentance of Robert Greene Maister of Artes. Wherein by himselfe is laid open his loose life, with the manner of his deathGreene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02166EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Royal Exchange Contayning sundry aphorismes of phylosophie, and golden principles of morrall and naturall quadruplicities. Vnder pleasant and effectuall sentences, dyscouering such strange definitions, deuisions, and distinctions of vertue and vice, as may please the grauest cittizens, or youngest courtiers. Fyrst written in Italian, and dedicated to the Signorie of Venice, nowe translated into English, and offered to the cittie of London. Rob. Greene, in Artibus Magister.Rinaldi, Oraziofin id s105920/upd.A02167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Scottish historie of Iames the fourth, slaine at Flodden Entermixed with a pleasant comedie, presented by Oboram King of Fayeries: as it hath bene sundrie times publikely plaide. Written by Robert Greene, Maister of Arts.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Meditations and disquisitions upon the one and fiftieth Psalme of Dauid Miserere mei Deus. By Sr. Richard Baker, Knight.Baker, Richard, Sir, 1568-1645.A02170EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Spanish masquerado VVherein vnder a pleasant deuise, is discouered effectuallie, in certaine breefe sentences and mottos, the pride and insolencie of the Spanish estate: with the disgrace conceiued by their losse, and the dismaied confusion of their tronbled [sic] thoughtes. Whereunto by the author, for the better vnderstanding of his deuice, is added a breefe glosse. By Robert Greene, in Artibus Magister. ...Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02171EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A poets vision, and a princes glorie Dedicated to the high and mightie prince, Iames, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland. Written by Thomas Greene Gentleman.Greene, Thomas, Town clerk of Stratford upon Avon.A02172EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The workes of the reuerend and faithfull seruant af Iesus Christ M. Richard Greenham, minister and preacher of the Word of God collected into one volume: reuised, corrected, and published, for the further building of all such as loue the truth, and desire to know the power of godlinesse. By H.H.Greenham, Richard.A02178EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most sweete and assured comfort for all those that are afflicted in consciscience [sic], or troubled in minde. Written by that godly & zealous preacher, M. Richard Greenham. With two comfortable letters to his especiall friends that way greeued.Greenham, Richard.A02180EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Paramythion tvvo treatises of the comforting of an afflicted conscience, written by M. Richard Greenham, with certaine epistles of the same argument. Heereunto are added two sermons, with certaine graue and wise counsells and answeres of the same author and argument.Greenham, Richard.A02181EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Propositions containing answers to certaine demaunds in divers spirituall matters specially concerning the conscience oppressed with the griefe of sinne. With an epistle against hardnes of heat, made by that woorthie preacher of the Gospell of Christ, M. R. Greenham pastor of DraytonGreenham, Richard.A02182EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Short rules sent by Maister Richard Greenham to a gentlewoman troubled in minde for her direction and consolation, also very necessary for euery Christian to be exercised withall: vvith directions for a Christian life.A02183EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two learned and godly sermons, preached by that reuerende and zelous man M. Richard Greenham: on these partes of scripture folowing. The first sermon on this text. A good name is to be desired aboue great riches, and louing fauour aboue siluer and golde. Pro. 22, I. The second sermon on this text. Quench not the spirit. I. Thessa. 5, 19Greenham, Richard.A02184EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newes from Italy of a second Moses or, the life of Galeacius Caracciolus the noble Marquesse of Vico Containing the story of his admirable conuersion from popery, and his forsaking of a rich marquessedome for the Gospels sake. Written first in Italian, thence translated into latin by reuerend Beza, and for the benefit of our people put into English: and now published by W. Crashavv ...Balbani, Niccolo, d. 1587.A02187EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The iaylers iayl-deliuery. Preached at Great Saint Maries in Cambridge, the 6. of February. 1619. By Henry Greenvvood, Master of Art, and preacher of the Word of GodGreenwood, Henry, b. 1544 or 5.A02189EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Markes and no markes, of the Kingdome of Heauen: or, A treatise of things neccessary, vnnecessary, to the Kingdome of God. By Henry Greenewood Master of Art, and preacher of the word of GodGreenwood, Henry, b. 1544 or 5.A02190EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tormenting Tophet: or A terrible description of Hel able to breake the hardest heart, and cause it quake and tremble. Preached at Paules Crosse the 14. of Iune 1614. By Henry Greenvvood, Master of Arts, and preacher of the word of God.Greenwood, Henry, b. 1544 or 5.A02192EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the great and generall daye of iudgement necessarie for euerie Christian that wisheth good successe to his soule, at that great and terirble day. By Henrie Greenwood, Master of Arts, and preacher of the word of God. With an addition of certaine godly prayers the contents appeare in the next page.Greenwood, Henry, b. 1544 or 5.A02194EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An aunsvver to George Giffords pretended defence of read prayers and devised leitourgies with the vngodly cauils and vvicked sclanders comprised in the first part of his book entituled, A short treatise against the Donatists of England. By Iohn Greenwood Christs poore afflicted prisoner in the Fleete at London, for the trueth of the gospel.Greenwood, John, d. 1593.A02198EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
More vvorke for priests: or An answere to George Giffords pretended defence of read prayers and devised leitourgies comprised in the first part of his booke; intituled A short treatise against the Donatists of England: wherein is proved that the serving of God in such away [sic] and manner is a superstitious and vaine worship. Written by John Greenwood Christs faythfull martyr: here-unto is added by another man, many other argumers [sic] against stinted service and booke-prayer.Greenwood, John, d. 1593.A02199EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
M. Some laid open in his coulers VVherein the indifferent reader may easily see, hovve vvretchedly and loosely he hath handeled the cause against M. Penri. Done by an Oxford man, to his friend in Cambridge.Throckmorton, Job, 1545-1601.A02200EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true and perfecte newes of the woorthy and valiaunt exploytes, performed and doone by that valiant knight Syr Frauncis Drake not onely at Sancto Domingo, and Carthagena, but also nowe at Cales, and vppon the coast of Spayne. 1587.Greepe, Thomas.A02201EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epigrams and sentences spirituall in vers, of Gregori Nazanzen, an auncient & famous bishop in the Greke churche Englished by Tho. Drant.Gregory, of Nazianzus, Saint.A02203EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Oration or funerall sermon vttered at Roome, at the buriall of the holy Father Gregorie the 13. who departed in Iesus Christ the 11. of Aprill, 1585 conteyning his maners, life, deedes, and last wordes at his death concerning the affayres of this present time : together with the lamentations of the cardinalles and whole clergie / faithfully translated out of the French copie, printed at Paris for Peter Iobert, dwelling in Harpe streate 1585 with the Kings priuiledge ; otherwise to be intituled, a sermon full of papisticall adulation and matter sufficient to procure the wise and vertuous minded to contemne such grosse and palpable blindnesse, and all persons to laugh at their absurde and erronious follies.A02216EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Popes pittiful lamentation, for the death of his deere darling Don Ioan of Austria and deaths aunswer to the same. With an epitaphe vpon the death of the said Don Ioan. Translated after the French printed coppy. by H.C.A02218EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The burthen of tyre A sermon preach'd at Pauls Crosse, by Iohn Grent, then fellow of New Colledge in Oxford.Grent, John.A02225EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine learned and elegant vvorkes of the Right Honorable Fulke Lord Brooke written in his youth, and familiar exercise with Sir Philip Sidney. The seuerall names of which workes the following page doth declare.Greville, Fulke, Baron Brooke, 1554-1628.A02226EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedy of MustaphaGreville, Fulke, Baron Brooke, 1554-1628.A02227EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A notable and marueilous epistle of the famous doctour, Matthewe Gribalde, Professor of the lawe, in the Vniuersitie of Padua: co[n]cernyng the terrible iudgemente of God, vpon hym that for feare of men, denieth Christ and the knowne veritie: with a preface of Doctor CaluineGribaldi, Matteo, d. 1564.A02229EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fidessa, more chaste then kinde. By B. Griffin, gentGriffin, B., gent.A02230EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The honour of Christian churches and the necessitie of frequenting of divine service and publike prayers in them. Delivered in a sermon at VVite-Hall before the Kings most excellent Majestie on the eight day of December last being Sunday, by Walter Bancanquall ...Balcanquhall, Walter, 1586?-1645.A02233EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bethel, or, A forme for families in which all sorts of both sexes, are soe squarde and framde [sic] by the word, as they may best serue in theire seuerall places, for usefull peices in Gods buildinge / by Mathew Griffith.Griffith, Matthew, 1599?-1665.A02235EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The counsellor Exactly pourtraited in two bookes. VVherein the offices of magistrates, the happie life of subiectes, and the felicitie of common-weales is pleasantly and pithilie discoursed. A golden worke, replenished with the chiefe learning of the most excellent philosophers and lawgiuers, and not onely profitable, but verie necessarie for all those that be admitted to the administration of a well-gouerned common-weale. Written in Latin by Laurentius Grimaldus, and consecrated to the honour of the Polonian empyre. Newlie translated into English.Goślicki, Wawrzyniec, 1530-1607.A02237EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A generall historie of the Netherlands VVith the genealogie and memorable acts of the Earls of Holland, Zeeland, and west-Friseland, from Thierry of Aquitaine the first Earle, successiuely vnto Philip the third King of Spaine: continued vnto this present yeare of our Lord 1608, out of the best authors that haue written of that subiect: by Ed. Grimeston.Le Petit, Jean François, 1546-ca. 1615.A02239EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon, at the funeral solemnitie of the most high and mighty Prince Ferdinandus, the late Emperour of most famous memorye holden in the Cathedrall Churche of saint Paule in London, the third of October. 1564. Made by the reuerend father in God, Edmund Grindall, bishop of London.Grindal, Edmund, 1519?-1583.A02242EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The castell of laboureGringore, Pierre, ca. 1475-1538?A02248EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most pleasant ballad of patient Grissell To the tune of the brides good morrovv.Deloney, Thomas, 1543?-1600.A02251EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A ioynt attestation, avowing that the discipline of the Church of England was not impeached by the Synode of DortA02253EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greuous grones for the poore Done by a well-willer, who wisheth, that the poore of England might be so prouided for, as none should neede to go a begging within this realme.A02255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The groome-porters lawes at Mawe, to be obserued in fulfilling the due orders of the gameA02257EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christs passion a tragedie, with annotations.Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645.A02262EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mystical bedlam, or the vvorld of mad-men. By Tho: AdamsAdams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A02265EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at St. Maries Spittle on Munday in Easter weeke the fourteenth day of Aprill, anno Dom. 1623. By Walter Bancanqual ...Balcanquhall, Walter, 1586?-1645.A02266EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
True religion explained and defended against ye archenemies thereof in these times In six bookes. Published by authority for the co[m]mon good.Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645.A02267EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Oll synnwyr pen kembero ygyd vvedy r gynnull, ei gynnwys ae gyfansoddi mewn crynodab ddosparthus a threfn odidawc drwy ddyual ystryw. Gruffyd Hiraethor prydydd o wynedd is Conwy.Gruffudd Hiraethog, d. 1564.A02272EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most famous and tragicall historie of Pelops and Hippodamia Whereunto are adioyned sundrie pleasant deuises, epigrams, songes and sonnettes. Written by Mathewe Groue.Grove, Mathew.A02273EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Y Diarebion CamberaëcGruffudd Hiraethog, d. 1564.A02274EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The honest and plaine dealing fa[r]rier or, A present remedy for curing diseases and hurts in horses Gathered and written as well for the good [o]f any that will practise it, as for my self, there being nothing contained therein but what is of my owne experience and practise. By Thomas Grymes.Grymes, Thomas.A02275EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Miscelanea. Meditations. Memoratiues. By Elizabeth Grymeston.Grymeston, Elizabeth.A02277EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Havvking, hunting, fouling, and fishing, with the true measures of blowing A vvorke right pleasant and profitable for all estates, vvhoso loueth it to practise, and exceeding delightfull, to refresh the irksomnesse of tedious time. Whereunto is annexed the maner and order in keeping of hawkes, their diseases, and cures: and all such speciall poynts, as any wise apperraine to so gentlemanlike qualitie. now newly collected by W.G. faulkener. Pulblicum comodum priuato preferendum.Berners, Juliana, b. 1388?A02281EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Il pastor fido: or The faithfull shepheard. Translated out of Italian into EnglishGuarini, Battista, 1538-1612.A02284EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ciuile conuersation of M. Steeuen Guazzo written first in Italian, and nowe translated out of French by George Pettie, deuided into foure bookes. In the first is conteined in generall, the fruites that may bee reaped by conuersation ... In the second, the manner of conuersation ... In the third is perticularly set foorth the orders to bee obserued in conuersation within doores, betwéene the husband and the wife ... In the fourth, the report of a banquetGuazzo, Stefano, 1530-1593.A02291EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A booke of the inuention of the art of nauigation and of the greate trauelles whiche they passe that saile in Gallies: compiled by the famous Sir Anthonie of Gueuara, bishop of Mondonnedo, preacher, chronicler, and counseller vnto the Emperour Charles the fift. Dedicated by the said authour, vnto the famous Sir Frances de la Cobos, great comptroller of Leon, and counseller vnto the said Emperour Charles the fift. Wherein are touched most excellent antiquities, and notable aduertisements for such as saile in Gallies.Guevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545?A02293EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A chronicle, conteyning the liues of tenne emperours of Rome Wherin are discouered, their beginnings, procéedings, and endings, worthie to be read, marked, and remembred. Wherein are also conteyned lawes of speciall profite and policie. ... Compiled by the most famous Syr Anthonie of Gueuara, Bishop of Mondonnedo, preacher, chronicler, and counsellour to the Emperour Charles the fift: and translated out of Spanish into English, by Edward Hellowes, Groome of her Maiesties Leashe. Hereunto is also annexed a table, recapitulating such particularities, as are in this booke mentioned.Guevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545?A02294EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The funeralles of King Edward the sixt VVherin are declared the causers and causes of his death.Baldwin, William, ca. 1518-1563?A02298EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Archontorologion, or The diall of princes containing the golden and famous booke of Marcus Aurelius, sometime Emperour of Rome. Declaring what excellcncy [sic] consisteth in a prince that is a good Christian: and what euils attend on him that is a cruell tirant. Written by the Reuerend Father in God, Don Antonio of Gueuara, Lord Bishop of Guadix; preacher and chronicler to the late mighty Emperour Charles the fift. First translated out of French by Thomas North, sonne to Sir Edward North, Lord North of Kirthling: and lately reperused, and corrected from many grosse imperfections. With addition of a fourth booke, stiled by the name of The fauoured courtier.Guevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545?A02299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dispraise of the life of a courtier, and a commendacion of the life of the labouryng manGuevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545?A02300EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The golden boke of Marcus Aurelius Emperour and eloquent oratourGuevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545?A02303EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A maruelous hystory intitulede, beware the cat Conteyning diuers wounderfull and incredible matters. Very pleasant and mery to read.Baldwin, William, ca. 1518-1563?A02306EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The letters of Mounsieur de Balzac. Translated into English, according to the last edition. By W.T. EsqBalzac, Jean-Louis Guez, seigneur de, 1597-1654.A02320EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevv epistles of Mounsieur de Balzac. Translated out of French into English, by Sr. Richard Baker Knight. Being the second and third volumesBalzac, Jean-Louis Guez, seigneur de, 1597-1654.A02322EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of some modern epistles of Monsieur de Balzac. Carefully translated out of French. Being the fourth and last volumeBalzac, Jean-Louis Guez, seigneur de, 1597-1654.A02324EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A publication of Guiana's plantation Newly undertaken by the Right Honble. the Earle of Barkshire (Knight of the most noble Order of the Garter) and company for that most famous river of the Amazones in America. Wherein is briefly shewed the lawfulnesse of plantations in forraine countries; hope of the natives conversion; nature of the river; qualitie of the land, climate, and people of Guiana; with the provisions for mans sustenance, and commodities therein growing for the trade of merchandise and manner of the adventure. With an answer to some objections touching feare of the enemie.A02325EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The charitable physitian with the Charitable apothecary. Written in French by Philbert Guibert Esquire, and physitian regent in Paris: and by him after many severall editions, reviewed, corrected, amended, and augmented. And now faithfully translated into English, for the benefit of this kingdome, by I. W.Guybert, Philbert, d. 1633.A02327EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of Guicciardin conteining the vvarres of Italie and other partes, continued for many yeares vnder sundry kings and princes, together with the variations and accidents of the same, deuided into twenty bookes: and also the argumentes, vvith a table at large expressing the principall matters through the vvhole historie. Reduced into English by Geffray Fenton.Guicciardini, Francesco, 1483-1540.A02329EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A memorial of suche princes, as since the tyme of king Richard the seconde, haue been vnfortunate in the realme of EnglandA02331EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two guides to a good life The genealogy of vertue and the nathomy of sinne. Liuely displaying the worth of one, and the vanity of the other.A02339EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The questyonary of cyrurgyens with the formulary of lytell Guydo in cyrurgie, with the spectacles of cyrurgyens newly added, with the fourth boke of the Terapentyke [sic], or methode curatyfe of Claude Galyen prynce of physyciens, with a synguler treaty of the cure of vlceres, newely enprynted at London, by me Robert wyer, and be for to sell in Poules Churcheyarde, at the sygne of Judyth. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.Guy, de Chauliac, ca. 1300-1368.A02340EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A myrroure for magistrates Wherein may be seen by example of other, with howe greuous plages vices are punished: and howe frayle and vnstable worldly prosperitie is founde, even of those, whom fortune seemeth most highly to fauour. Anno. 1559.A02342EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The humble addresse both of church and poore, to the sacred maiestie of Great Britaines monarch For a just redresse of the uniting of churches, and the ruine of hospitalls. By William Guild, minister of Aberdene.Guild, William, 1586-1657.A02351EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ignis fatuus. Or, The elf-fire of purgatorie Wherein Bellarmine is confuted by arguments both out of the Old and New Testament, and by his owne proofes out of Scriptures and Fathers. Also an annexe to this treatise of purgatorie, concerning the distinction of sinne in mortall and veniall. By M. William Guild, Minister at King-Edvvard.Guild, William, 1586-1657.A02352EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Moses vnuailed: or Those figures which serued vnto the patterne and shaddow of heauenly things, pointing out the Messiah Christ Iesus, briefly explained Wherevnto is added the harmony of all the prophets, breathing with one mouth the mysterie of his comming, and of that redemption which by his death he was to accomplish ... By William Guild, minister of Gods Word at King-Edward in Scotland.Guild, William, 1586-1657.A02353EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Popish glorying in antiquity turned to their shame Whereby is shewed, how they wrong, villifie, and disgrace, that whereunto they pretend to carry greateste reuerence: and are most guilty of that which they vpbraide vnto others. Collected and proued out of themselues, for the singular profit both of pastors and professors. By William Guild, minister at King Edward.Guild, William, 1586-1657.A02358EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three rare monuments of antiquitie, or Bertram, priest, a French-man, of the body and blood of Christ, (written 800 yeares agoe) with the late Romish purging thereof: Ælfricus, Arch-bishop of Canterburie, an English-man, his sermon of the sacrament, (preached 627 yeares agoe:) and Maurus, abbot, a Scots-man, his discourse of the same (820 yeares agoe:) all stronglie convincing that grosse errour of transubstantiation. Translated and compacted by M. VVilliam Guild, minister at King-EdwardRatramnus, monk of Corbie, d. ca. 868.A02359EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A yong mans inquisition, or triall VVhereby all young men (as of all ages) may know how to redresse and direct their waies, according to Gods word, and if they bee in the way of life to saluation, or in the way of death, to condemnation. Together with a godly and most comfortable meditation and praier ioyned thereunto. By William Guilde.Guild, William, 1586-1657.A02360EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A combat betwixt man and death: or A discourse against the immoderate apprehension and feare of death. Written in French by I. Guillemard of Champdenier in Poictou. And translated into English by Edw. Grimeston Sargeant at Armes, attending the Commons House in ParliamentGuillemard, Jean.A02361EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Child-birth or, The happy deliuerie of vvomen VVherein is set downe the gouernment of women. In the time of their breeding childe: of their trauaile, both naturall, and contrary to nature: and of their lying in. Together with the diseases, which happen to women in those times, and the meanes to helpe them. To which is added, a treatise of the diseases of infants, and young children: with the cure of them. Written in French by Iames Guillimeau the French Kings chirurgion.Guillemeau, Jacques, 1550?-1613.A02362EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Frenche chirurgerye, or all the manualle operations of chirurgerye , vvith divers, & sundrye figures, and amongst the rest, certayne nuefovvnde instrumentes, verye necessarye to all the operationes of chirurgerye. Through Iaques Guillemeau, of Orleans ordinarye chirurgiane to the Kinge, and sworen in the citye of Paris. And novv truelye translated out of Dutch into Englishe by A.M.Guillemeau, Jacques, 1550?-1613.A02364EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A worthy treatise of the eyes contayning the knowledge and cure of one hundred and thirtene diseases, incident vnto them: first gathered & written in French, by Iacques Guillemeau, chyrurgion to the French King, and now translated into English, togeather with a profitable treatise of the scorbie; & another of the cancer by A.H. Also next to the treatise of the eies is adoiyned a work touching the preseruation of the sight, set forth by VV. Bailey. D. of PhisickGuillemeau, Jacques, 1550?-1613.A02366EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sacrifice of thankefulnesse A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse, the third of December, being the first Aduentuall Sunday, anno 1615. By Tho. Adams. Whereunto are annexed fiue other of his sermons preached in London, and else-where; neuer before printed. ...Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A02367EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A necessary discourse concerning the right which the house of Guyze pretendeth to the crowne of France. Faithfully translated out of the FrenchMornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A02376EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Disputatio inter clericum et miletem super potestate prelatis ecclesiæ atq[us] principibus terrarum commissa sub forma dialogiA02379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialogue betwene a knyght and a clerke concernynge the power spiritual and temporall.A02381EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last part of the Mirour for magistrates wherein may be seene by examples passed in this realme, vvith howe greenous [sic] plagues, vyces are punished in great princes & magistrats, and hovv frayle and vnstable vvorldly prosperity is founde, where fortune seemeth most highly to fauour.A02389EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Corpus Christi: by Edmund GurnayGurnay, Edmund, d. 1648.A02396EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The demonstration of Antichrist. By Edmund Gurnay, Bach. Theol. p. of Harpley NorfolkeGurnay, Edmund, d. 1648.A02398EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of morall phylosophie contaynyng the sayinges of the wyse. Gathered and Englyshed by Wyl[lia]m Baldwyn.Baldwin, William, ca. 1518-1563?A02399EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Romish chaine. By Edmund Gurnay, parson of HarpleyGurnay, Edmund, d. 1648.A02400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A doleful discourse and ruthfull reporte of the greate spoyle and lamentable losse, by fire, in the towne of East Dearham, in the countie of Norfolke vpon Tuesday the. 18. of Iulie, this present yere .1581.Gurney, Arthur.A02401EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Most true and more admirable newes expressing the miraculous preseruation of a young maiden of the towne of Glabbich in the dukedome of Gulische, and the strange yet worthy excecution of Iohn Honaver of Brunholf at Wittenberg, this present yeere 1597.Gurth, Alexander.A02402EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A firme aliance & agreement made betvveene his Ma[ies]tie the King of Svvethland on the one side: and his grace the Duke of Statin and Pomerland on the other side VVherein is shovvne the cause, vvhich moued the King of Swethland to take vp armes to defend the said distressed Duke, and his countries against the horrible oppression, and violence of the Emperours souldiers. Translated out of Dutch into English Anno 1631.Sweden.A02404EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gutta podrica: a treatise of the gout The severall sorts thereof. VVhat diet is good for such as are troubled therewith. And some approved medicines and remedies for the same. Perused by P.H. Dr. in Physick.A02409EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The country-mans new care away To the tune of, Loue will find out the way.Guy, Richard, writer of ballads.A02413EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pieties pillar: or, A sermon preached at the funerall of mistresse Elizabeth Gouge, late wife of Mr. William Gouge, of Black-friers, London With a true narration of her life and death. By Nicholas Guy, pastor of the church at Edge-ware in Middlesex.Guy, Nicholas, b. 1587 or 8.A02414EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The new-found Northerne deedle: or, Mirth and wit according to the times, fancies to fit, are in these following rimes To the tune of This is my grannams deedle.Guy, Richard, writer of ballads.A02415EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine English verses penned by Dauid Gwyn, who for the space of eleuen yeeres and ten moneths was in most grieuous seruitude in the gallies vnder the King of Spaine, and nowe lately by the wonderfull prouidence of God, deliuered from captiuitie, to the ouerthrow of many of the Spaniards, and the great reioycing of all true hearted English men. Presented to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie in the Parke at Saint Iames on Sunday the xviii. of August 1588. by Dauid Gwyn, as folowethGwyn, David, fl. 1588.A02421EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A manifeste detection of the notable falshed of that part of Iohn Frithes boke whiche he calleth his foundacion, and bosteth it to be inuincible: newly set foorthe by Iohn Gwinneth clerke.Gwynneth, John.A02424EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A playne demonstration of Iohn Frithes lacke of witte and learnynge in his vnderstandynge of holie scripture and of the olde holy doctours, in the blessed sacrament of the aulter, newly set foorthe by Iohn Gwynneth clerke.Gwynneth, John.A02426EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Another godly letter, lately written to the same H.H. by his owne sister out of the countrey, about eighty miles from LondonA. H.A02427EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English phlebotomy: or, Method and way of healing by letting of blood Very profitable in this spring time for the preseruatiue intention, and most needful al the whole yeare beside, for the curatiue intention of phisick. Collected out of good & approued authors at times of leasure from his other studies, and compiled in that order that it is: by N.G.Gyer, Nicholas.A02428EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A consultorie for all Christians Most godly and ernestly warnyng al people, to beware least they beare the name of christians in vayne. Now first imprinted, the. xxx day of Ianuarie.Hart, Henry, fl. 1549.A02432EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The diuell of the vault. Or, The vnmasking of murther in a briefe declaration of the Cacolicke-complotted [sic] treason, lately discouerd: I.H.I. H., fl. 1616.A02436EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
VVork for chimny-sweepers: or A warning for tabacconists Describing the pernicious vse of tabacco, no lesse pleasant then profitable for all sorts to reade.Philaretes, fl. 1602.A02440EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The house of correction: or, Certayne satyricall epigrams. Written by I.H. Gent. Together with a few characters, called Par pari: or, Like to like, quoth the deuill to the collierI. H.A02441EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A prayer for assistance against the Armada]H. R. (Henry Roberts), fl. 1585-1616.A02443EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A nevv treatise of the pestilence, containing the causes, signes, preseruatiues and cure thereof The like not before this time pubished [sic]. And therefore necessarie for all manner of persons, in this time of contagion. S. H. Studious in phisicke.Hobbes, Stephen.A02444EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The enimie of securitie or A dailie exercise of godly meditations drawne out of the pure fountaines of the holie Scriptures, and published for the profite of al persons of any state or calling, in the German and Latine tonges, by the right reuerende Maister Iohn Auenar, publike professor of the Hebrue tonge, in the famous Vniuersitie of VViteberge; In Englishe by Thomas Rogers Maister of Artes and student in Diuinitie.Habermann, Johann, 1516-1590.A02448EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Castara the third edition. Corrected and augmented.Habington, William, 1605-1654.A02453EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of Edvvard the Fourth, King of England. By Wm. Habington EsquireHabington, William, 1605-1654.A02454EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Queene of Arragon A tragi-comedie.Habington, William, 1605-1654.A02455EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A learned sermon handling the question of ceremonies, controuerted in our church: by Roger Hacket Doctor in DiuinitieHacket, Roger, 1559-1621.A02456EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon needfull for theese [sic] times wherein is shewed, the insolencies of Naash King of Ammon, against the men of Iabesh Gilead, and the succors of Saule, and his people sent for their reliefe. Preached at Paules Crosse the 14 of Feb. 1590. by R.H. fellow of the New Colledge in Oxford.Hacket, Roger, 1559-1621.A02457EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Nevvport-Paignell in the Countie of Buckingham. By R.H.Hacket, Roger, 1559-1621.A02460EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon principally entreating of the crosse in Baptisme wherein also it is proued, against the vnaduised reprouers, that it is no popish error, to say; that Austine sent from Gregorie the Great, was the conuerter of the English in this iland: and further that the Britaines did not receiue their first faith from the Church of Rome. By R. H. D.Hacket, Roger, 1559-1621.A02461EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Against Ierome Osorius Byshopp of Siluane in Portingall and against his slaunderous inuectiues An aunswere apologeticall: for the necessary defence of the euangelicall doctrine and veritie. First taken in hand by M. Walter Haddon, then undertaken and continued by M. Iohn Foxe, and now Englished by Iames Bell.Haddon, Walter, 1516-1572.A02464EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sight of the Portugall pearle, that is, the aunsvvere of D. Haddon maister of the requests vnto our soueraigne lady Elizabeth by the grace of God quene of England Fraunce and Irelande, defendour of the faith. &c. against the epistle of Hieronimus Osorius a Portugall, entitled Pearle for a Prince. Translated out of lattyn into englishe by Abraham Hartwell, student in the kynges colledge in CambridgeHaddon, Walter, 1516-1572.A02469EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Diuine meditations, and elegies. By Iohn Hagthorpe GentlemanHagthorpe, John.A02473EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Visiones rerum. = The visions of things. Or Foure poems 1. Principium & mutabilitas rerum. Or, the beginning and mutabilitie of all things. 2. Cursus & ordo rerum. Or, art and nature. 3. Opineo & ratione rerum. Or, wealth and pouertie. 4. Malum & finis rerum. Or, sinne and vertue, concluding with the last Iudgement and end of all things. Wherein the author expresseth his inuention by way of dreame. By Iohn Hagthorpe Gent.Hagthorpe, John.A02475EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A commemoration of the most prosperous and peaceable raigne of our gratious and deere soueraigne lady Elizabeth by the grace of God of England, Fraunce and Irelande, Queene &c. Now newly set foorth this. xvii. day of Nouember, beyng the first day of the. xviii. yeere of her Maiesties sayd raigne. By Edw. Hake. Gent.Hake, Edward, fl. 1560-1604.A02476EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newes out of Powles Churchyarde now newly renued and amplifyed according to the accidents of the present time. 1579. and otherwise entituled, syr Nummus. Written in English satyrs. Wherein is reprooued excessiue and vnlawfull seeking after riches, and the euill spending of the same. Compyled by E.H. Gent. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed.Hake, Edward, fl. 1560-1604.A02477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of golds kingdome, and this vnhelping age Described in sundry poems intermixedly placed after certaine other poems of more speciall respect: and before the same is an oration or speech intended to haue bene deliuered by the author hereof vnto the Kings Maiesty.Hake, Edward, fl. 1560-1604.A02478EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An oration conteyning an expostulation as well with the Queenes Highnesse faithfull subiects for their want of due consideration of Gods blessings enioyed by meanes of her Maiestie: as also with the vnnaturall english for their disloyaltie and vnkindnesse towards the same their soueraygne. At the first pronounced vpon the Queenes Maiesties birthday in the Guyldhall of the burrowe of Newe Windsore, by Edward Hake of Grayes Inne Gent. then Mayer of the same burrowe: and now newly imprinted this xvij. day of Nouember, in the xxx. yeere of the Queenes Highnesse most happie raigne.Hake, Edward, fl. 1560-1604.A02479EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A touchestone for this time present expresly declaring such ruines, enormities, and abuses as trouble the Churche of God and our Christian common wealth at this daye. VVherevnto is annexed a perfect rule to be obserued of all parents and scholemaisters, in the trayning vp of their schollers and children in learning. Newly set foorth by E.H.Hake, Edward, fl. 1560-1604.A02480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvvere to a treatise vvritten by Dr. Carier, by way of a letter to his Maiestie vvherein he layeth downe sundry politike considerations; by which hee pretendeth himselfe was moued, and endeuoureth to moue others to be reconciled to the Church of Rome, and imbrace that religion, which he calleth catholike. By George Hakewil, Doctour of Diuinity, and chapleine to the Prince his Highnesse.Hakewill, George, 1578-1649.A02483EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologie of the povver and prouidence of God in the gouernment of the world. Or An examination and censure of the common errour touching natures perpetuall and vniuersall decay diuided into foure bookes: whereof the first treates of this pretended decay in generall, together with some preparatiues thereunto. The second of the pretended decay of the heauens and elements, together with that of the elementary bodies, man only excepted. The third of the pretended decay of mankinde in regard of age and duration, of strength and stature, of arts and wits. The fourth of this pretended decay in matter of manners, together with a large proofe of the future consummation of the world from the testimony of the gentiles, and the vses which we are to draw from the consideration thereof. By G.H. D.D.Hakewill, George, 1578-1649.A02484EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The auncient ecclesiasticall practise of confirmation Confirmed by arguments drawne from Scripture, reason, councels, Fathers, and later writers. VVritten, vpon occasion of the confirmation of the Prince his Highnesse, performed on Munday in Easter-weeke, 1613. in the chappell at White-hall, by the right Reuerend Father in God, the Bishop of Bath and Wels, Deane of his Maiesties Chappell. By George Hakevvill, Doctor of Diuinitie, his Highnesse chaplaine in ordinarie. Published by authoritie.Hakewill, George, 1578-1649.A02486EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A comparison betvveene the dayes of Purim and that of the Powder treason for the better continuance of the memory of it, and the stirring vp of mens affections to a more zealous observation thereof. Written by G.H. D.D.Hakewill, George, 1578-1649.A02487EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
King Dauids vow for reformation of himselfe. his family. his kingdome Deliuered in twelue sermons before the Prince his Highnesse vpon Psalm 101. By George Hakewill Dr. in Diuinity.Hakewill, George, 1578-1649.A02488EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Barstaple vpon occasion of the late happy success of Gods Church in forraine parts. By G.H. D.D.Hakewill, George, 1578-1649.A02492EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vanitie of the eye first beganne for the comfort of a gentlewoman bereaved of her sight, and since vpon occasion enlarged & published for the common good. By George Hakewill Master of Arts, and fellow of Exeter Coll. in Oxford.Hakewill, George, 1578-1649.A02493EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The principal nauigations, voyages, traffiques and discoueries of the English nation. [vols. 1-3] made by sea or ouer-land, to the remote and farthest distant quarters of the earth, at any time within the compasse of these 1600. yeres: deuided into three seuerall volumes, according to the positions of the regions, whereunto they were directed. The first volume containeth the worthy discoueries, &c. of the English ... The second volume comprehendeth the principall nauigations ... to the south and south-east parts of the world ... By Richard Hakluyt preacher, and sometime student of Christ-Church in Oxford.A02495EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The priuate schoole of defence. Or The defects of publique teachers, exactly discouered, by way of obiection and resolution Together vvith the true practise of the science, set downe in iudicious rules and obseruances; in a method neuer before expressed. By G.H. Gent.Hale, George, fl. 1614.A02496EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at St Maries in Oxford vpon Tuesday in Easter vveeke, 1617 Concerning the abuses of obscure and difficult places of holy Scripture, and remedies against them. By Iohn Hales, Fellow of Eton Colledge, and Regius Professour of the Greeke tongue in the Vniversitie of Oxford.Hales, John, 1584-1656.A02497EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter sent by F.A. touchyng the proceedings in a priuate quarell and vnkindnesse betweene Arthur Hall, and Melchisedech Mallerie gentleman, to his very friende L.B. being in Italie. VVith an admonition to the father of F.A. to him being a burgesse of the Parliament, for his better behauiour therein.Hall, Arthur, 1539?-1605.A02498EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The courte of vertue.]Hall, John, b. 1529 or 30.A02503EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arte of diuine meditation profitable for all Christians to knowe and practise; exemplified with a large meditation of eternall life. By Ioseph Hall.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02513EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The best bargaine A sermon preached to the Court at Theobalds. on Sunday, Sept. 21. 1623. By Ios. Hall D.D.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine irrefragable propositions worthy of serious consideration. By I.H. B. of ExonHall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02518EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The character of man laid forth in a sermon preach't at the court, March, 1⁰. 1634. By the L. Bishop of Exceter.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02519EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christian moderation In two books. By Jos: Exon.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02520EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A common apologie of the Church of England against the vniust challenges of the ouer-iust sect, commonly called Brownists. Wherein the grounds and defences, of the separation are largely discussed: occasioned, by a late pamphlet published vnder the name, of an answer to a censorious epistle, which the reader shall finde in the margent. By I.H.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02522EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Contemplations vpon the principall passages of the holy storie. The first volume, in foure bookes by J.H. ...Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02525EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Contemplations vpon the principal passages of the holy story. The second volume; in foure books. By I. Hall, Dr. of DiuinityHall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02526EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Contemplations vpon the principal passages of the holie historie. The third volume: in three bookes. By I. Hall, Doctor of DiuinitieHall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02527EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Contemplations vpon the principall passages of the holy story. The fourth volume. By Ios. HallHall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02528EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Contemplations, the sixth volume. By Ios. Hall D. of D.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02531EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Contemplations vpon the historicall part of the Old Testament. The eighth and last volume. In two bookes. By I.H. deane of WorcesterHall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02532EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epistles the first volume: Containing II. decads. By Ioseph HallHall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02534EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epistles. The third and last volume containing two decades / by Ioseph Hall ...Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02536EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great impostor laid open in a sermon at Grayes Inne, Febr. 2.1623. By Ios. Hall D.D.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02537EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Heauen vpon earth, or Of true peace, and tranquillitie of minde. By Ios. Hall.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02538EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Holy obseruations. Lib. 1. Also some fewe of Dauids Psalmes metaphrased, for a taste of the rest. By Ios. HallHall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02545EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An holy panegyrick a sermon preached at Paules Crosse vpon the anniuersarie solemnitie of the happie inauguration of our dread soueraigne Lord King James, Mar. 24, 1613 / by J.H.D.D.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02547EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The honor of the married clergie, maintayned against the malicious challenges of C.E. Masse-priest: or. The apologie written some yeeres since for the marriage of persons ecclesiasticall made good against the cauils of C.E. pseudo-Catholik priest. In three books. By Ios. Hall, D. of Diuin. Deane of Worcest.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02548EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An humble remonstrance to the High Court of Parliament, by a dutifull sonne of the ChurchHall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02549EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The hypocrite Set forth in a sermon at the court; February, 28. 1629. Being the third Sunday in Lent. By Ios: Exon.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02551EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Kings prophecie: or VVeeping ioy Expressed in a poeme, to the honor of Englands too great solemnities. Ios. Hall.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02552EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Meditations and vowes, diuine and morall. Seruing for direction in Christian and ciuill practise. Deuided into two bookes. By Ios. Hall.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02553EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The olde religion a treatise, wherin is laid downe the true state of the difference betwixt the reformed, and Romane Church; and the blame of this schisme is cast vpon the true authors. Seruing for the vindication of our innocence, for the setling of wauering minds for a preseruatiue against Popish insinuations. By Ios. Hall, B. of Exon.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02563EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
One of the sermons preacht at Westminster, on the day of the publike fast (April 5. 1628) to the Lords of the High Court of Parliament and by their appointment published. By the B. of Exceter.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02565EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
One of the sermons preach't to the Lords of the High Court of Parliament, in their solemne fast held on Ashwednesday, Feb. 18 And by their appointment published: by Ios: Exon.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02566EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Passion sermon preached at Paules Crosse, on Good-Friday. Apr. 14. 1609. By I.H.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02567EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The peace of Rome Proclaimed to all the world, by her famous Cardinall Bellarmine, and the no lesse famous casuist Nauarre. Whereof the one acknowledgeth, and numbers vp aboue three hundred differences of opinion, maintained in the popish church. The other confesses neere threescore differences amongst their owne doctors in one onely point of their religion. Gathered faithfully out of their writings in their own words, and diuided into foure bookes, and those into seuerall decads. Whereto is prefixed a serious disswasiue from poperie. By I.H.A02568EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pharisaisme and Christianity compared and set forth in a sermon at Pauls Crosse, May 1. 1608. By I.H. Vpon Matth. 5.20.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02571EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The souldiers honour Wherein by diuers inferences and gradations it is euinced, that the profession is iust, necessarie, and honourable: to be practised of some men, praised of all men. Together with a short admonition concerning munition, to this honour'd citie. Preached to the worthy companie of gentlemen, that exercise in the artillerie garden: and now on thier second request, published to further vse. By Tho. Adams.Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A02572EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The actes of Englysh votaryes comprehendynge their vnchast practyses and examples by all ages, from the worldes begynnynge to thys present yeare, collected out of their owne legendes and chronycles by Iohan Bale. ...Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02573EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Quo vadis? A iust censure of travell as it is commonly vndertaken by the gentlemen of our nation. By Ios. Hall D. of Diuinitie.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02578EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reconciler: or An epistle pacificatorie of the seeming differences of opinion concerning the true being and visibilitie of the Roman Church Enlarged with the addition of letters of resolution, for that purpose, from some famous divines of our Church. By Ios: Exon.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02584EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The righteous mammon an hospitall-sermon preach't in the solemne assembly of the city on Munday in Easter-weeke 1618 / by Ios. Hall ...Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02585EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The remedy of prophanenesse. Or, Of the true sight and feare of the Almighty A needful tractate. In two bookes. By Ios. Exon.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02586EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Salomons diuine arts, of 1. Ethickes, 2. Politickes, 3. Oeconomicks that is; the gouernment of 1. Behauiour, 2. Common-vvealth, 3. Familie. Drawne into method, out of his Prouerbs & Ecclesiastes. With an open and plaine paraphrase, vpon the Song of songs. By Ioseph Hall.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02588EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of publike thanksgiuing for the wonderfull mitigation of the late mortalitie preacht before his Matie; vpon his gracious command, at his court of Whitehall, Ian. 29. 1625. And vpon the same command published by Ios. Hall deane of Worcester.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02589EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at the happily-restored and reedified chappell of the Right Honorable the Earle of Exceter in his house, of S. Iohns On Saint Stephens day. 1623 By Ios. Hall, Deane of Worcester.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02590EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true peace-maker laid forth in a sermon before his Maiesty at Theobalds. September 19, 1624. By Ios. Hall deane of Worcester.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02591EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mortalities meditation: or, A description of sinne VVith a definition and plaine setting forth of mans three chiefest and greatest enemies; to wit, the world, the flesh, and the Diuell. Written by William Hall.Hall, William, fl. 1624.A02593EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vnion of the two noble and illustre famelies of Lancastre [and] Yorke, beeyng long in continual discension for the croune of this noble realme with all the actes done in bothe the tymes of the princes, bothe of the one linage and of the other, beginnyng at the tyme of kyng Henry the fowerth, the first aucthor of this deuision, and so successiuely proceadyng to the reigne of the high and prudent prince kyng Henry the eight, the vndubitate flower and very heire of both the sayd linages.Hall, Edward, d. 1547.A02595EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
King Iames his encomium· Or A poeme, in memorie and commendation of the high and mightie monarch Iames; King of great Britaine. France, and Ireland &c. our late soveraigne, who deceased at Theobalds. vpon Sunday the 27. of March. 1625. By Francis Hamiltoun, of Silvertown-hillHamilton, Francis, of Silvertown-hill.A02597EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first two partes of the actes or vnchast examples of the Englysh votaryes gathered out of their owne legenades and chronycles by Johan Bale ...Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02599EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dyuers frutful gatherynges of scripture and declarynge of fayth and workes of the laweHamilton, Patrick, 1504?-1528.A02601EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The catechisme that is to say, ane co[m]mon and catholik instructioun of the christin people in materis of our catholik faith and religioun, quhilk na gud christin man or woman suld misknaw: set furth be ye maist reuerend father in God Iohne aschbischop of sanct Androus legatuit and primat of ye kirk of Scotland, in his prouincial counsale haldin at Edinburgh the xxvi. day of Ianuarie, the yeir of our Lord 1551. with the aduise and counsale of the bischoippis and uthir prelatis with doctours of theologie and canon law of the said realme of Scotland present for the tyme.Catholic Church. Diocese of St. Andrews. Archbishop (1546-1571 : Hamilton)A02602EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most excelent and fruitful treatise, called Patericks Places concerning the doctrine of fayth, and the doctrine of the law: which being knowen, you haue the pith of all diuinitie. With a briefe collection or exposition of a summe of S. Pauls doctrine touching iustification by fayth, in Iesus Christ: which is the only marke to shoote at, and the only meanes to obtaine saluation. Selected and reduced into this volume by I.D. 1598.Hamilton, Patrick, 1504?-1528.A02604EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A paradox Prooving that the inhabitants of the isle called Madagascar, or St. Laurence, (in temporall things) are the happiest people in the world. Whereunto is prefixed, a briefe and true description of that island: the nature of the climate, and condition of the inhabitants, and their speciall affection to the English above other nations. With most probable arguments of a hopefull and fit plantation of a colony there, in respect of the fruitfulnesse of the soyle, the benignity of the ayre, and the relieving of our English ships, both to and from the East-Indies. By Wa: Hamond.Hamond, Walter, fl. 1643.A02605EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true discourse of the present estate of Virginia and the successe of the affaires there till the 18 of Iune. 1614. Together with a relation of the seuerall English townes and forts, the assured hopes of that countrie and the peace concluded with the Indians. The christening of Powhatans daughter and her mariage with an English-man. Written by Raphe Hamor the yonger, late secretarie in that colony.Hamor, Ralph, d. 1626.A02606EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An inquisition of the true church, and those that revolt from it being a sermon pronounced at the second session of the Parliament / by Christopher Lo. Archbishop of Armagh, and Primate of all Ireland.Hampton, Christopher, 1552-1625.A02607EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie in the Church of Beauly in Hampshire, the thirtieth of Iuly. M.DC.IX. By Christopher Hampton, Doctor in Diuinitie, and one of his Ma[jes]ties chapleines.Hampton, Christopher, 1552-1625.A02608EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The threefold state of man vpon earth conteyning [brace] the glorie of his Creation, the miserie of his Fall, and the sweete mysterie of his reparation : discussed in three seuerall sermons at the Court / by Christopher Hampton ...Hampton, Christopher, 1552-1625.A02609EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached in the cittie of Glasco in Scotland, on the tenth day of Iune, 1610 At the holding of a generall assembly there. By Christopher Hampton, Doctor in Diuinitie, and chaplaine to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie.Hampton, Christopher, 1552-1625.A02610EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tvvo sermons preached before the Kings most excellent Maiesty in the church of Beauly in Hampshire The first, the last of August. The second, the 9. of August. By Christopher Hampton Doctor of Diuinitie.Hampton, Christopher, 1552-1625.A02611EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation of vvarre from the Lord of Hosts. Or Englands warning by Israels ruine shewing the miseries like to ensue vpon vs by reason of sinne and securitie. Deliuered in a sermon at Pauls Crosse Iuly the 23. 1626. By William Hampton Master of arts, and preacher of Gods word.Hampton, William, 1599 or 1600-1677.A02612EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ensamples of vertue and vice, gathered oute of holye scripture. By Nicolas Hanape patriarch of Ierusalem. Very necessarye for all christen men and women to loke vpon. And Englyshed by Thomas PaynellHannapes, Nicolas de, patriarch of Jerusalem, 1225-1291?A02613EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The baptizing of a Turke A sermon preached at the Hospitall of Saint Katherin, adioyning vnto her Maiesties Towre the 2. of October 1586. at the baptizing of one Chinano a Turke, borne at Nigropontus: by Meredith Hanmer, D. of Diuinitie.Hanmer, Meredith, 1543-1604.A02614EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great bragge and challenge of M. Champion a Jesuite co[m]monlye called Edmunde Campion, latelye arriued in Englande, contayninge nyne articles here seuerallye laide downe, directed by him to the lordes of the Counsail, / co[n]futed & aunswered by Meredith Hanmer ...Campion, Edmund, Saint, 1540-1581.A02616EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Iesuites banner Displaying their original and successe: their vow and othe: their hypocrisie and superstition: their doctrine and positions: with a confutation of a late pamphlet secretly imprinted and entituled: A briefe censure vpon two bookes written in answeare to M. Campions offer of disputation. &c. Compiled by Meredith Hanmer M. of Arte, and student in diuinity.Hanmer, Meredith, 1543-1604.A02617EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A happy husband or, Directions for a maide to choose her mate As also, a wiues behauiour towards her husband after marriage. By Patricke Hannay, Gent. To which is adioyned the Good wife, together with an exquisite discourse of epitaphs, including the choysest thereof, ancient or moderne. By R.B. Gent.Hannay, Patrick, d. 1629?A02618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two elegies, on the late death of our soueraigne Queene Anne With epitaphes. Written by Patrick Hannay Mr. of Arts.Hannay, Patrick, d. 1629?A02619EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answere to a papystycall exhortacyon pretendynge to auoyde false doctryne, vnder that colour to maynteyne the same.Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02620EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The apology of Iohan Bale agaynste a ranke papyst anuswering both hym and hys doctours, that neyther their vowes nor yet their priesthode areof the Gospell, but of Antichrist. Anno Do. M.CCCCC.L. A brefe exposycyon also upo[n] the .xxx chaptre of Numerii, which was the first occasion of thys present varyaunce. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02621EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Time is a turne-coate. Or Englands three-fold metamorphosis VVherin is acted the pensiue mans epilogomena, to Londons late lamentable heroicall comi-tragedie. Also a panegyricall pageant-speech or idylion pronounced to the citie of London, vpon the entrance of her long expected comfort. Written by Iohn Hanson.Hanson, John, fl. 1604.A02622EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epicedium, a funerall song, vpon the vertuous life, and godly death, of the right vvorshipfull the Lady Helen BranchHervey of Kidbrooke, William Hervey, Baron, d. 1642.A02623EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A prophesie of Cadvvallader, last king of the Britaines containing a comparison of the English kings, with many worthy Romanes, from William Rufus, till Henry the fift. Henry the fift, his life and death. Foure battels betweene the two houses of Yorke and Lancaster. The field of Banbery. The losse of Elizabeth. The praise of King Iames. And lastly a poeme to the yong Prince.Herbert, William, fl. 1604.A02624EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of a voyage to Guiana Describing the climat, scituation, fertilitie, prouisions and commodities of that country, containing seuen prouinces, and other signiories within that territory: together, with the manners, customes, behauiors, and dispositions of the people. Performed by Robert Harcourt, of Stanton Harcourt Esquire. The pattent for the plantation of which country, his Maiestie hath granted to the said Robert Harcourt vnder the Great Seale.Harcourt, Robert, 1574?-1631.A02626EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe answere of Thomas Harding Doctor of Diuinitie touching certaine vntruthes with which Maister Iohn Iuell charged him in his late sermon at Paules Crosse the VIII of Iuly, anno 1565.Harding, Thomas, 1516-1572.A02631EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brefe chronycle concernynge the examinacyon and death of the blessed martyr of Christ syr Iohan Oldecastell the lorde Cobham, collected togyther by Iohan Bale ...Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02633EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reioindre to M. Iewels replie against the sacrifice of the Masse. In which the doctrine of the answere to the .xvij. article of his Chalenge is defended, and further proued, and al that his replie conteineth against the sacrifice, is clearely confuted, and disproued. By Thomas Harding Doctor of Diuinitie.Harding, Thomas, 1516-1572.A02635EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The chronicle of Ihon Hardyng in metre, fro[m] the first begynnyng of Engla[n]de, vnto ye reigne of Edwarde ye fourth where he made an end of his chronicle. And from yt time is added with a co[n]tinuacion of the storie in prose to this our tyme, now first emprinted, gathered out of diuerse and sondrie autours of moste certain knowelage [et] substanciall credit, yt either in latin orels in our mother toungue haue writen of ye affaires of Englande.Hardyng, John, 1378-1465?A02638EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The repentance of Iohn Haren priest and his returne to the Church of God; publickly by him recited in the French Church at Wezell, in the presence of the senate, conposed of the ministers and the people assembled togeather vpon the 7. day of March, Anno. 1610. Likewise, the recantation of Martine Bartox, at Rochell, sometimes Doctor of Diuinitie in Spaine, vicar prouinciall and visitor of the order of the holy Trinitie for the redemption of prisoners in the Kingdomes and Crowne of Arragon. Translated out of the Latine and French, into English.Haren, Jean.A02641EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The hunting of the fox: or, Flattery displayed The flatterers devise; a water-man looking one way, and rowing another, with this motto mel in ore, fel in corde. By H. H. Grayens.Harflete, Henry, fl. 1653.A02643EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An anatomie of the metamorpho-sed Aiax Wherein by a tripartite method is plainly, openly, and demonstratiuely, declared, explaned, and eliquidated, by pen, plot, & precept, how vnsauerie places may be made sweet, noysome places made wholesome, filthy places made cleanly. Published for the common benefite of builders, house-keepers, and house-owners. By T.C. traueller, aprentice in poetrie, practiser in musicke, professor of painting, the mother, daughter, and handmayd of all Muses artes and sciences.Harington, John, Sir, 1560-1612.A02644EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologie 1. Or rather a retractation, 2. Or rather a recantation, 3. Or rather a recapitulation, 4. Or rather a replication, 5. Or rather an examination, 6. Or rather an accusation, 7. Or rather an explication, 8. Or rather an exhortation, 9. Or rather a consideration, 10. Or rather a confirmation, 11. Or rather all of them, 12. Or rather none of them.Harington, John, Sir, 1560-1612.A02645EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most elegant and witty epigrams of Sir Iohn Harrington, Knight digested into foure bookes: three vvhereof neuer before published.Harington, John, Sir, 1560-1612.A02647EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A nevv discourse of a stale subiect, called the metamorphosis of Aiax: vvritten by Misacmos, to his friend and cosin PhilostilpnosHarington, John, Sir, 1560-1612.A02649EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vlysses vpon Aiax. Written by Misodiaboles to his friend PhilaretesMisodiaboles.A02652EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia of the commodities and of the nature and manners of the naturall inhabitants. Discouered by the English colon there seated by Sir Richard Greinuile Knight in the eere 1585. Which remained vnder the gouernement of twelue monethes, at the speciall charge and direction of the Honourable Sir Walter Raleigh Knight lord Warden of the stanneries who therein hath beene fauoured and authorised b her Maiestie :and her letters patents: This fore booke is made in English by Thomas Hariot seruant to the abouenamed Sir Walter, a member of the Colon, and there imploed in discouering Cum gratia et priuilegio Caes. Matis SpecialiHariot, Thomas, 1560-1621.A02655EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A caueat o[r warening, for [?]] common cursetor[s vulgarely called [?]] vagabones, set forth by Tho[mas Harman, Esquier, for the [?]] vtilitie and profit of his natur[all countrey. Newly augmented and [?] en]larged by the first author [...] the tale of the second ta[...] crank, with the true [...]or, and also his puni[...] dissembling, most [...] hearer or reader [...]Harman, Thomas, fl. 1567.A02657EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brefe comedy or enterlude concernynge the temptacyon of our lorde and sauer Iesus Christ, by Sathan in the desart. Compyled by Iohan Bale, Anno M. D. XXXVIII. Interlocutores. Iesus Christus, Angelus primus, Satan tentator, Angelus alter. Baleus ProlocutorBale, John, 1495-1563.A02658EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Concio quædam admodum elegans, docta, salubris, & pia magistri Iohannis Harpesfeldi, sacre Theologiæ baccalaurei, habita coram patribus & clero in Ecclesia Paulina Londini .26. Octobris. 1553. Cui accedunt & sequintia, videlicet VVilhelmi pij Decani Cicestrensis, & Iohannis VVymslei Archidiaconi Londini, oratios nes laudatoriæ. Item magistri Hugonis VVestoni, decani VVestmonasterij, uiri longè doctissimi & eloquentissimi, ac cleri referendarij. Oratio coram patribus & clero habita, mirè elegans ac valde docta, cum responso et exhortatione reuerendi patris, domini Edmundi Loninensis episcopiHarpsfield, John, 1516-1578.A02662EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A famous dittie of the ioyful receauing of the Queens moste excellent maiestie, by the worthy citizens of London the xij day of Nouember, 1584. at her graces comming to Saint Iames. To the tune of Wigmores Galliard.Harrington, Richard, ballad-writer.A02665EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Christen exhortacion vnto customable swearers What a ryght [and] lawfull othe is: whan, and before whom, it owght to be. Item. The maner of sayinge grace, or geuynge thankes vnto God.Coverdale, Miles, 1488-1568.A02668EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The liues, apprehensions, arraignments, and executions, of the 19. late pyrates Namely: Capt. Harris. Iennings. Longcastle. Downes. Haulsey. and their companies. As they were seuerally indited on St. Margrets Hill in Southwarke, on the 22. of December last, and executed the Fryday following.A02673EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The destruction of Sodome a sermon preached at a publicke fast, before the honourable assembly of the Commons House of Parliament, at St. Margarets Church in Westminster. By Iohn Harris, preacher there. Feb. 18. 1628.Harris, John, preacher at St. Margarets Church in Westminster.A02674EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The excommunication published by the L. archbishop of Dublin Thomas Flemming aliàs Barnwell friar of the Order of S. Francis, against the inhabitants of the diocesse of Dublin, for hearing the masses of Peter Caddell D. of Divinity, and Paul Harris priests, is proved not onely injust, but of no validity, and consequently binding to no obedience. In which treatise is also discovered that impious plot and policy of the aforesaid archbishop and his friars in supplanting the pastors and priests of the clergy, thereby to bring all into the hands of the friars, of whose disorders and foule abuses (especially in this kingdome) something is noted. The second edition, enlarged. By me Paul Harris priest.Harris, Paul, 1573-1635?A02679EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Exile exiled Occasioned by a mandat from Rome, procured by Tho. Flemming alias Barnwell, archb. of Dublin, and friar of the Order of S. Francis, from the Congregation of Cardinalls De propagandâ fide, for the banishment of Paul Harris out of the Diocesse of Dublin. By Paul Harris Priest.Harris, Paul, 1573-1635?A02680EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fratres sobrii estote. I. Pet. 5. 8. Or, An admonition to the fryars of this Kingdome of Ireland to abandon such hereticall doctrines as they daylie publish to the corruption of our holy faith, the ruine of soules, and their owne damnation which sleepeth not, by Paul Harris priest.Harris, Paul, 1573-1635?A02681EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Absaloms funerall: preached at Banbyrie by a neighbour minister. Or, The lamentation of a louing father for a rebellious childHarris, Robert, 1581-1658.A02685EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hezekiahs recovery. Or, A sermon, shevving what use Hezekiah did, and all should make of their deliverance from sicknesse. First preached, and now published by Robert Harris, pastor of HanwellHarris, Robert, 1581-1658.A02702EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tvvo sermons vvherein we are taught, 1. Hovv to get, 2. How to keepe, 3. How to vse a good conscience. Preached in Alldermanbury Church, London. Not heretofore published. By Robert Harris.Harris, Robert, 1581-1658.A02722EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Late nevves out of Barbary In a letter written of late from a merchant there, to a gentl. not long since imployed into that countrie from his Maiestie. Containing some strange particulars, of this new Saintish Kings proceedings: as they haue been very credibly related from such as were eye-witnesses.R. S., fl. 1613.A02724EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nevv prophetical King of Barbary Or The last newes from thence in a letter vvritten of late from a merchant there, to a gentl. not long since imployed into that countrie from his Maiestie. Containing some strange particulars, of this newe saintish Kings proceedings: and how hee hath ouerthrowne Mulley Sidan twice in battell, as hath been very credibly related from such as were eye-witnesses.R. S., fl. 1613.A02725EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exhortacion to the Scottes to conforme them selfes to the honorable, expedie[n]t, and godly vnion, betwene the twoo realmes of Englande and Scotlande.Harrison, James, fl. 1547.A02726EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Messiah already come. Or Profes [sic] of Christianitie both out of the Scriptures, and auncient rabbins, to convince the Iewes, of their palpable, and more then miserable blindnesse (if more may be) for their long, vaine, and endlesse expectation of their Messiah (as they dreame) yet for to come. Written in Barbarie, in the yeare 1610, and for that cause directed to the dispersed Iewes of that countrie, and in them to all others now groaning under the heavy yoake of this their long and intollerable captivitie, which yet one day shall have an end ...Harrison, John, fl. 1610-1638.A02727EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short relation of the departure of the high and mightie Prince Frederick King Elect of Bohemia: with his royall & vertuous Ladie Elizabeth; and the thryse hopefull yong Prince Henrie, from Heydelberg towards Prague, to receiue the crowne of that kingdome Whearvnto is annexed the solempnitie or maner of the coronation. Translated out of dutch. And now both togither published ... to giue satisfaction to the world, as touching the ground, and truth, of his Maties. proceedings, & vndertaking of that kingdome ... As also to encourage all other noble & heroicall spirits (especiallie our owne nation, whom in hônour it first and chieffelie concerneth) by prerogative of that high, and soveraigne title, hæreditarie to our kings & princes: defendees [sic] of the faith) to the lyke Christian resolution, against Antichrist and his adhærents.Harrison, John, fl. 1610-1638.A02728EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragicall life and death of Muley Abdala Melek the late King of Barbarie With a proposition, or petition to all Christian princes, annexed therevnto: VVritten by a gentleman imployed into those parts.Harrison, John, fl. 1610-1638.A02730EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A little treatise vppon the firste verse of the 122. Psalm stirring vp vnto carefull desiring a dutifull labouring for true church gouernement ... R.H.Harrison, Robert, d. 1585?A02731EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arch's of triumph erected in honor of the high and mighty prince. Iames. the first of that name. King, of England. and the sixt of Scotland at his Maiesties entrance and passage through his honorable citty & chamber of London. vpon the 15th. day of march 1603. Invented and published by Stephen Harrison ioyner and architect: and graven by William Kip.Harrison, Stephen, joiner and architect.A02732EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The christian life and death, of Mistris Katherin Brettergh late wife of Master William Brettergh, of Bretterghoult, in the countie of Lancaster gentleman. With the manner of a bitter conflict shee had with Satan, and blessed conquest by Christ, before her death, to the great glory of God, and comfort of all beholders.Harrison, William, d. 1625.A02734EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Deaths aduantage little regarded, and The soules solace against sorrow Preached in two funerall sermons at Childwal in Lancashire at the buriall of Mistris Katherin Brettergh the third of Iune. 1601. The one by William Harrison, one of the preachers appointed by her. Maiestie for the countie palatine of Lancaster, the other by William Leygh, Bachelor of Diuinitie, and pastor of Standish. Whereunto is annexed, the Christian life and godly death of the said gentlevvoman.Harrison, William, d. 1625.A02735EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A comedy concernynge thre lawes, of nature Moses, & Christ, corrupted by the sodomytes. Pharysees and Papystes Compyled by Iohan Bale. Anno M. D.XXXVIII.]Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02738EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plaine and profitable exposition, of the parable of the sower and the seede wherein is plainly set forth, the difference of hearers, both good and bad. To which is added a learned answer to the Papists, in diuers points of controuersie betweene vs and them, the heads whereof are set downe in the pages following.Harrison, William, d. 1625.A02739EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tvvo treatises I. The purchase of Grace, shewing the excellency of Christ, and the graces of his spirit. II. The soules delight in Gods tabernacles, shewing the excellency of time, spent in duties of God's solemne service. Instances in the chiefe, viz. prayer, word, and sacraments. Motives and directions for right performance. Lastly, the chiefe usurpers of time discovered, with apt remedies against each of them. The contents of the booke are methodically exprest in the margent, which to the diligent reader may serve instead of a table. By William Harrison, Mr. of Arts, and minister of the Gospell at Canwicke neare Lincolne.Harrison, William, minister at Canwick.A02741EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A cordiall for the afflicted Touching the necessitie and utilitie of afflictions. Proving unto us the happinesse of those that thankfully receive them: and the misery of all that want them, or profit not by them. By A. Harsnet, B.D. and Minister of Gods word at Cranham in Essex.Harsnett, Adam, 1579 or 80-1639.A02744EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A touch-stone of grace Discouering the differences betweene true and counterfeit grace: laying downe infallible euidences and markes of true grace: seruing for the triall of a mans spirituall estate. By A.H. Bachelor in Diuinitie, and Minister of Gods Word at Cranham in Essex.Harsnett, Adam, 1579 or 80-1639.A02746EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A nevve comedy or enterlude, concernyng thre lawes of nature, Moises, and Christe, corrupted by the sodomytes, Pharysies, and papistes: compyled by Iohn Bale: and nowe newly imprynted.Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02749EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of egregious popish impostures to with-draw the harts of her Maiesties subiects from their allegeance, and from the truth of Christian religion professed in England, vnder the pretence of casting out deuils. Practised by Edmunds, alias Weston a Iesuit, and diuers Romish priestes his wicked associates. Where-vnto are annexed the copies of the confessions, and examinations of the parties themselues, which were pretended to be possessed, and dispossessed, taken vpon oath before her Maiesties commissioners, for causes ecclesiasticall.Harsnett, Samuel, 1561-1631.A02750EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discouery of the fraudulent practises of Iohn Darrel Bacheler of Artes in his proceedings concerning the pretended possession and dispossession of William Somers at Nottingham: of Thomas Darling, the boy of Burton at Caldwall: and of Katherine Wright at Mansfield, & Whittington: and of his dealings with one Mary Couper at Nottingham, detecting in some sort the deceitfull trade in these latter dayes of casting out deuils.Harsnett, Samuel, 1561-1631.A02753EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders set downe by the most Reuerend Father in God, Samuel, by the prouidence of God Archbishop of Yorke his Grace, Metropolitane of England to bee presently published and affixed in all the parish churches within his said Graces iurisdiction, for the better reforming of certaine abuses within the same.Church of England. Province of York. Archbishop (1628-1631 : Harsnett)A02754EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragi-comicall history of Alexto and Angelica Containing the progresse of a zealous Candide, and masculine love. With a various mutability of a feminine affection. Together with loves iustice thereupon. Written by Alex: Hart Esq.Hart, Alexander, fl. 1640.A02755EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Klinike, or The diet of the diseased· Divided into three bookes. VVherein is set downe at length the whole matter and nature of diet for those in health, but especially for the sicke; the aire, and other elements; meat and drinke, with divers other things; various controversies concerning this subject are discussed: besides many pleasant practicall and historicall relations, both of the authours owne and other mens, &c. as by the argument of each booke, the contents of the chapters, and a large table, may easily appeare. Colellected [sic] as well out of the writings of ancient philosophers, Greeke, Latine, and Arabian, and other moderne writers; as out of divers other authours. Newly published by Iames Hart, Doctor in Physicke.Hart, James, of Northampton.A02758EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The burning bush not consumed wherein (either vnder all deepe sense of wrath; or hardnesse of heart, one may iudge, whether he be the childe of God, or not, &c. Chiefly receyuing satisfaction concerning the sinne against the Holy Ghost. Perused by I.D. and diuers other diuines.A02762EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The examinations, arraignment & conuiction of George Sprot, notary in Aye-mouth together with his constant and extraordinarie behauiour at his death, in Edenborough, Aug. 12. 1608. Written & set forth by Sir William Hart, Knight, L. Iustice of Scotland. Whereby appeareth the treasonable deuice betwixt Iohn late Earle of Gowry and Robert Logane of Restalrig (commonly called Lesterig) plotted by them for the cruell murthering of our most gracious Souereigne. Before which treatise is prefixed also a preface, written by G. Abbot Doctour of Diuinitie, and Deane of Winchester, who was present at the sayd Sprots execution.Hart, William, Sir, Lord Justice of Scotland.A02764EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The synagogue, or, The shadow of the temple Sacred poems, and private ejaculations. In imitation of Mr. George Herbert.Harvey, Christopher, 1597-1663.A02769EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialoge or communycacyon to be had at a table betwene two chyldren, gathered out of the holy scriptures, by Iohan Bale, for his .ij. yonge sonnes Iohan and PauleBale, John, 1495-1563.A02772EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A nevv letter of notable contents With a straunge sonet, intituled Gorgon, or the wonderfull yeare.Harvey, Gabriel, 1550?-1631.A02774EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pierces supererogation or A new prayse of the old asse A preparatiue to certaine larger discourses, intituled Nashes s. fame. Gabriell Haruey.Harvey, Gabriel, 1550?-1631.A02775EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The trimming of Thomas Nashe Gentleman, by the high-tituled patron Don Richardo de Medico campo, barber chirurgion to Trinitie Colledge in CambridgeA02777EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An astrologicall addition, or supplement to be annexed to the late discourse vpon the great coniunction of Saturne, and Iupiter Wherin are particularly declared certaine especiall points before omitted, as well touching the eleuation of one plannet aboue another, with theyr seuerall significations: as touching oeconomical and houshold prouision: with some other iudicials, no lesse profitable. Made and written this last March, by Iohn Haruey, student in Phisicke. Whereunto is adioyned his translation of the learned worke, of Hermes Trismegistus, intituled, Iatromathematica: a booke of especiall great vse for all studentes in astrologie, and phisicke.Harvey, John, 1564-1592.A02778EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discoursiue probleme concerning prophesies how far they are to be valued, or credited, according to the surest rules, and directions in diuinitie, philosophie, astrologie, and other learning: deuised especially in abatement of the terrible threatenings, and menaces, peremptorily denounced against the kingdoms, and states of the world, this present famous yeere, 1588, supposed the greatwonderfull, and fatall yeere of our age. By I.H. physition.Harvey, John, 1564-1592.A02779EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Plaine Perceuall the peace-maker of England Sweetly indeuoring with his blunt persuasions to botch vp a reconciliation between Mar-ton and Mar-tother. Compiled by lawfull art, that is to say, without witch craft, or sorcery: and referred specially to the meridian and pole artichoke of Nomans Land: but may serue generally without any great error, for more countries then Ile speake of.Harvey, Richard, 1560-1623?A02783EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The danger of discontentment intreated of in a sermon preached at Crowhurst in Surrey the ninth of Iuly 1598. By Simon Harward.Harward, Simon, fl. 1572-1614.A02784EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the seuerall kinds and causes of lightnings Written by occasion of a feareful lightning which on the 17. day of this instant Nouember, anno Domini 1606. did in a very short time burne vp the spire steeple of Blechingley in Surrey, and in the same melt into infinite fragments a goodly ring of bells. By Simon Harward.Harward, Simon, fl. 1572-1614.A02786EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The epistle exhortatorye of an Englyshe Christyane vnto his derelye beloued co[n]treye of Englande against the pompouse popyshe bysshoppes therof, as yet the true members of theyr fylthye father the great Antichrist of Rome, Henry Stalbrydge.Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02788EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Harvvards phlebotomy: or, A treatise of letting of bloud fitly seruing, as well for an aduertisement and remembrance to well minded chirurgians, as also to giue a caueat generally to all men to beware of the manifold dangers, which may ensue vpon rash and vnaduised letting of bloud. Comprehended in two bookes: written by Simon Harvvard.Harward, Simon, fl. 1572-1614.A02791EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The solace for the souldier and saylour contayning a discourse and apologie out of the heauenly word of God, how we are to allow, and what we are to esteeme of the valiant attempts of those noblemen and gentlemen of England, which incurre so many daungers on the seas, to cut off or abridge the proude and haughtie power of Spayne. By Simon Harward.Harward, Simon, fl. 1572-1614.A02792EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Strange and wonderfull things. Happened to Richard Hasleton, borne at Braintree in Essex, in his ten yeares trauailes in many forraine countries. Penned as he deliuered it from his ovvne mouthHasleton, Richard.A02794EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevves out of the coast of Spaine The true report of the honourable seruice for England, perfourmed by Sir Frauncis Drake in the moneths of Aprill and May last past, 1587. Vpon Cales, and also since that in the Cape S. Vincent and Cape Saker: discoursed at large with euerie seuerall exploit of their fortunate successe, according to their owne letters, which likewise is confirmed by those that came from thence.A02795EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A watch-word to all religious, and true hearted English-men. By Sir Francis Hastings, knightHastings, Francis, Sir, d. 1610.A02796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologie or defence of the watch-vvord, against the virulent and seditious ward-vvord published by an English-Spaniard, lurking vnder the title of N.D. Devided into eight seuerall resistances according to his so many encounters, written by Sir Francis Hastings KnightHastings, Francis, Sir, d. 1610.A02797EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The crie of the poore for the death of the Right Honourable Earle of Huntington To the tune of the Earle of Bedford.A02798EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An antidote against the plague. Or Panchrestōn: a salue for all sores which applied and practised, will soone awaken the Lords mercy, and suddenly cause the storms of his iust iudgements to vanish away. Deliuered in a sermon, preached within the Cathedrall Church of Saint Paules, London.Hastler, Thomas.A02799EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
English-men for my money: or, A pleasant comedy, called, A woman will haue her willHaughton, William, d. 1605.A02800EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The line of liberalitie dulie directinge the wel bestowing of benefites and reprehending the comonly vsed vice of ingratitude. Anno. 1569.Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, ca. 4 B.C.-65 A.D.A02806EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An expostulation or complaynte agaynste the blasphemyes of a franticke papyst of Hamshyre. Co[m]piled by Iohan BaleBale, John, 1495-1563.A02807EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The co[n]uercyon of swerersHawes, Stephen, d. 1523?A02811EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth the boke called the example of vertuHawes, Stephen, d. 1523?A02813EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of graunde Amoure and la bell Pucel, called the Pastime of plesure co[n]teining the knowledge of the seue[n] sciences, [and] the course of mans life in this worlde. Iuuented [sic] by Stephen Hawes, grome of kyng Henry the seuenth his chamber.Hawes, Stephen, d. 1523?A02817EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A ioyfull medytacyon to all Englonde of the coronacyon of our moost naturall souerayne lorde kynge Henry the eyghtHawes, Stephen, d. 1523?A02820EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of S. Elizabeth daughter of the King of Hungary According to sundry authours who haue authentically written her life, distributed into three bookes. By H.A. Permissu superiorum.Hawkins, Henry, 1571?-1646.A02822EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Partheneia sacra. Or The mysterious and delicious garden of the sacred Parthenes symbolically set forth and enriched with pious deuises and emblemes for the entertainement of deuout soules; contriued al to the honour of the incomparable Virgin Marie mother of God; for the pleasure and deuotion especially of the Parthenian sodalitie of her Immaculate Conception. By H.A.Hawkins, Henry, 1571?-1646.A02823EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The image of bothe churches after reulacion of saynt Iohan the euangelyst]Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02825EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The observations of Sir Richard Havvkins Knight, in his voiage into the South Sea. Anno Domini 1593Hawkins, Richard, Sir, 1562?-1622.A02826EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Apollo shrouing composed for the schollars of the free-schoole of Hadleigh in Suffolke. And acted by them on Shrouetuesday, being the sixt of February, 1626.Hawkins, William, d. 1637.A02827EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The confutation of the abbote of Crosraguels masse, set furth by Maister George Hay ...Hay, George, d. 1588.A02831EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A speach, deliuered to the Kings most excellent Maiestie at his entrie into his good-towne of Edinburgh, vpon the xvi. of May, anno Domini 1617. In the name of the magistrates and citizens of the saide towne. By Master Iohn Hay, their clerke deputie.Hay, John, Sir, 1578-1654.A02832EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An aduertiseme[nt] to the subjects of Scotland of the fearfull dangers threatned to Christian states; and namely, to Great Britane, by the ambition of Spayne: with a contemplation, of the truest meanes, to oppose it. Also, diverse other treatises, touching the present estate of the kingdome of Scotland; verie necessarie to bee knowne, and considered, in this tyme: called, The first blast of the trumpet. Written by Peter Hay, of Naughton, in North-Britane.Hay, Peter, gentleman of North-Britaine.A02833EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vision of Balaams asse VVherein hee did perfectly see the present estate of the Church of Rome. Written by Peter Hay Gentleman of North-Britaine, for the reformation of his countrymen. Specially of that truly noble and sincere lord, Francis Earle of Errol, Lord Hay, and great Constable of Scotland.Hay, Peter, gentleman of North-Britaine.A02834EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Quodlibets lately come ouer from New Britaniola, old Newfound-land Epigrams and other small parcels, both morall and diuine. The first foure bookes being the authors owne: the rest translated out of that excellent epigrammatist, Mr. Iohn Owen, and other rare authors: with two epistles of that excellently wittie doctor, Francis Rablais: translated out of his French at large. All of them composed and done at Harbor-Grace in Britaniola, anciently called Newfound-Land. / By R.H. sometimes Gouernour of the plantation there.Hayman, Robert, 1578 or 9-1631?.A02836EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The equall vvayes of God tending to the rectifying of the crooked wayes of man. The passages whereof are briefly and clearly drawne from the sacred Scriptures. By T.H.Hayne, Thomas, 1582-1645.A02837EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The times, places, and persons of the holie Scripture. Otherwise entituled, The generall vievv of the Holy ScripturesA02841EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of the stewards danger preached at Paules Crosse the 15. of August by Iohn Hayward ; and now published at the earnest request of diuers well disposed.Hayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627.A02843EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gods vniuersal right proclaimed A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the 27. of March 1603. being the next Sunday after her Maiesties departure. By I.H.Hayward, John, D.D.A02844EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The strong helper, offering to beare euery mans burthen. Or, A treatise, teaching in all troubles how to cast our burden vpon God but chiefly deliuering infallible grounds of comfort for quieting of troubled consciences. By Iohn Haivvard.Hayward, John, D.D.A02846EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvver to the first part of a certaine conference, concerning succession, published not long since vnder the name of R. DolmanHayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627.A02848EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christs prayer vpon the Crosse for his enemies Father forgiue them, for they know not what they doe / by Sir Io. Hayward ...Hayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627.A02849EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dauids teares by Sr. John Hayward ...Hayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627.A02852EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first part of the life and raigne of King Henrie the IIII. Extending to the end of the first yeare of his raigne. Written by I.H.Hayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627.A02855EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life, and raigne of King Edward the Sixt Written by Sr. Iohn Hayward Kt. Dr. of Lawe.Hayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627.A02858EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The liues of the III. Normans, Kings of England William the first. William the second. Henrie the first. Written by I.H.Hayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627.A02861EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reporte of a discourse concerning supreme power in affaires of religion Manifesting that this power is a right of regalitie, inseparably annexed to the soueraigntie of euery state: and that it is a thing both extreamely dangerous, and contrarie to the vse of all auncient empires and commonwealths, to acknowledge the same in a forraine prince.Hayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627.A02862EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sanctuarie of a troubled soule written by I.H.Hayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627.A02864EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The image of both Churches after the most wonderfull and heauenly Reuelation of sainct Iohn the Euangelist, contayning a very fruitfull exposition or paraphrase vpon the same. Wherin it is conferred vvith the other scriptures, and most auctorised histories. Compyled by Iohn Bale an exyle also in thys lyfe, for the faithfull testimony of Iesu.Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02872EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of vnion of the two realmes of England and Scotland. By I.H.Hayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627.A02874EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A health to all good-fellowes: or, The good companions arithmaticke To the tune of, To drive the cold winter away.A02878EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition of the whole eight chapiter to the Romaines, expounded by Ihon Hedlambe, preacher and minister to the congregation at Braughin, and student of Diuinitie in Peterhouse at Cambridge, before Maister Doctour Squire, and the whole ministerie assembled at the laste synode, holden at Ware in Lent laste past 1579. Wherein is perfectly proued our iustification to bee by faithe onely, to the beatyng doune and ouerthrowyng of all erronious and false opinions to the contrarie. Seen and allowedHedlambe, John.A02881EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Domestycal or housholde sermons for a godly housholder, to his children and famyly, compiled by the godlye learned man Christopher Hegendorffyne, doctor, moste necessarye for all faythfull housholders: nowe fyrste translated oute of laten into Englysshe: by Henry Reiginalde.Hegendorph, Christoph, 1500-1540.A02882EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The seconde parte of the Domesticall or housholde sermons for a godly housholder, to his childre[n] and familie: compyled by the godly learned man Christopher Hegendorffine, doctor most necessarye for all faythefull housholders: now first translated out of laten in to English by Henry Reginalde.Hegendorph, Christoph, 1500-1540.A02883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A mysterye of inyquyte contayned within the heretycall genealogye of Ponce Pantolabus, is here both dysclosed & confuted by Iohan Bale. An, M.D.xlii. Marke in the capytall letters of this boke, the .A.B.C. with the name of the authorBale, John, 1495-1563.A02886EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mirrour of humilitie: or Two eloquent and acute discourses vpon the natiuitie and passion of Christ full of diuine and excellent meditations and sentences. Published first in Latine by the worthy author Daniel Heinsius, and since done into English, by I.H. Master of Arts in Mag. Coll. Oxon.Heinsius, Daniel, 1580-1655.A02894EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pageant of popes contayninge the lyues of all the bishops of Rome, from the beginninge of them to the yeare of Grace 1555. Deuided into iii. sortes bishops, archbishops, and popes, vvhereof the two first are contayned in two bookes, and the third sort in fiue. In the vvhich is manifestlye shevved the beginning of Antichriste and increasing to his fulnesse, and also the vvayning of his povver againe, accordinge to the prophecye of Iohn in the Apocalips. ... Written in Latin by Maister Bale, and now Englished with sondrye additions by I.S.Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02895EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Æthiopian historie written in Greeke by Heliodorus: very vvittie and pleasaunt, Englished by Thomas Vnderdoune. With the argumente of euery booke, sette before the whole vvoorkeHeliodorus, of Emesa.A02897EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The faire Æthiopian Dedicated to the King and Queene. By their Maiesties most humble subiect and seruant, William L'isle.Lisle, William, 1579?-1637.A02903EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hels torments, and heavens glorieA02904EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A tragedye or enterlude manyfestyng the chefe promyses of God unto man by all ages in the olde lawe from the fall of Adam to the incarnacyon of the lorde Iesus Christ. Compyled by Johan Bale ...]Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02906EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A maruell, decipheredHelwys, Edward.A02908EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Helpe to memory and discourse with table- talke as musicke to a banquet of wine : being a compendium of witty, and vsefull propositions, problemes, and sentences / extracted from the larger volumes of physicians, philosophers, orators and poets, distilled in their assiduous and learned obseruations, and which for method, manner, and referent handling may be fitly tearmed, A Second misselany, or helpe to discourse.A02909EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pore helpe The buklar [and] defence of mother holy kyrke and weape[n] to driue he[n]ce al the against here wircke.Shepherd, Luke, fl. 1548.A02911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Obiections: answered by way of dialogue wherein is proved by the Law of God: by the law of our land: and by his Maties many testimonies that no man ought to be persecuted for his religion, so he testifie his allegeance by the Oath, appointed by law.A02913EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short and plaine proofe by the word, and workes off God, that Gods decree is not the cause off anye mans sinne or condemnation And that all men are redeamed by Christ. As also. That no infants are condemned.Helwys, Thomas, 1550?-1616?A02914EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The epistle of the blessed apostle Saint Paule which he, in the time of his trouble and imprisonment, sent in writting from Rome to the Ephesians. Faithfully expounded, both for the benefite of the learned and vnlearned, by Nicholas Hemming ... Familiarlie translated out of Latine into English, by Abraham Fleming. Heerein are handled the high mysteries of our saluation, as maie appeare by the table of commonplaces necessarilie annexed by the same A.F. Perused and authorised.Hemmingsen, Niels, 1513-1600.A02916EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The faith of the church militant moste effectualie described in this exposition of the 84. Psalme, by that reuerend pastor, and publike professor of Gods word, in the famous vniuersitie of Hassine in Denmarke, Nicholas Hemmingius. A treatise written as to the instruction of the ignorant in the groundes of religion, so to the confutation of the Iewes, the Turkes, atheists, Papists, heretiks, and al other aduersaries of the trueth whatsoeuer. Translated out of Latine into English, &c. by Thomas Rogers.Hemmingsen, Niels, 1513-1600.A02919EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A learned and fruitefull commentarie vpon the Epistle of Iames the Apostle vvherein are diligently and profitably entreated all such matters and chiefe common places of religion as are touched in the same epistle: written in Latine by the learned clerke Nicholas Hemminge, professour of diuinitie in the Vniuersitie of Hafnie, and nevvly translated into English by VV.G.Hemmingsen, Niels, 1513-1600.A02921EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Postill, or, Exposition of the Gospels that are usually red in the churches of God, vpon the Sundayes and feast dayes of Saincts written by Nicholas Hemminge a Dane, a Preacher of the Gospell, in the Vniuersitie of Hafnie ; and translated into English by Arthur Golding. ; before which Postill is sette a warning of the same Nicholas Heminge too the Ministers of Gods vvorde, concerning the co[n]tinuall agreement of Chrystes Church in the doctrine and true worshipping of God ...Hemmingsen, Niels, 1513-1600.A02923EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The preacher, or Methode of preachinge, vvrytten in Latine by Nich[olas] Hemminge, and translated into Englishe by I.H. Very necessarye for all those that by the true preaching of the Worde of God, labour to pull down the Synagoge of Sathair, and to buyide vp the Temple of GodHemmingsen, Niels, 1513-1600.A02926EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvay of lyfe A Christian, and catholique institution comprehending principal poincts of Christian religion, which are necessary to bee knowne of all men, to the atteyning of saluation. First delyuered, in the Danish language for the instruction of those people, by Doctor Nicolas Hemmingius, preacher of the Gospell, and professor of diuinitie, for the Kynge of Denmarcke, in his Uniuersitie of Hafnia: and about three yeares past, (for the commoditie of others) translated into Latine, by Andrew Seurinus Velleius: and now first, and newly Englished, for the commodity of English readers: by N. Denham, this yeare of our redemption. 1578.Hemmingsen, Niels, 1513-1600.A02928EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Elegy on the death of Henry VII]A02934EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A lamentation of the death of the moost victorious Prynce Henry the eyght late kynge of thys noble royalme of EnglandeA02945EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Yet a course at the Romyshe foxe A dysclosynge or openynge of the Manne of synne, co[n]tayned in the late declaratyon of the Popes olde faythe made by Edmonde Boner bysshopp of London. wherby wyllyam Tolwyn was than newlye professed at paules crosse openlye into Antichristes Romyshe relygyon agayne by a newe solempne othe of obedyence, notwythsta[n]dynge the othe made to hys prynce afore to the contrarye. An alphabetycall dyrectorye or table also in the ende thereof ... Compyled by Iohan Harryson.Bale, John, 1495-1563.A02947EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of the publication of the trewse made betwene the most Cristien [sic] Kynge Henry second of that name themperour, and the kyng of Ingland his sonne published at Roan [sic] on Thursday the xx daye of Februarry [sic] ; translated out of Frenche into Inglishe.France.A02948EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The edict or proclamation set forthe by the Frenche Kinge vpon the pacifying of the troubles in Fraunce, with the articles of the same pacification. Read and published in the presence of the sayd King, sitting in his Parlament, the xiij. day of May, 1576. Translated out of Frenche by Arthur Golding. Cum priuilegioFrance. Sovereign (1574-1589 : Henry III)A02949EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration set forth by the Frenche kinge, shewing his pleasure concerning the new troubles in his realme. Translated out of French into English by E.A.France. Sovereign (1574-1589 : Henry III)A02951EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of the kings pleasure published after his departure from Paris, importing the cause of his sudden going away. Translated according to the originall printed at Chartres. 1588.France. Sovereign (1574-1589 : Henry III)A02952EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French kinges declaration vpon the riot, felonie, and rebellion of the duke of Mayenne & the duke and knight of Aumalle, and all their assistants. Whereunto is adioyned another declaration of the same king, against the tovvnes of Paris, Orleance, Amyens, and Abbeuille and their adherentes. Faithfully translated out of the French.France. Sovereign (1574-1589 : Henry III)A02955EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The declarations as vvell of the French King, as of the King of Nauarre Concerning the truce agreed vpon betwene their Maiesties: and touching the passage of the riuer of Loire.France. Sovereign (1574-1589 : Henry III)A02956EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter from the king, to his court of Parliament of Burdeaux, touching the death of the duke of Guyse At Burdeaux by S. Milanges, ordinary printer vnto the king. 1589. By commaundement of the said court. Newly translated according to the French coppie.France. Sovereign (1574-1589 : Henry III)A02957EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The white deuil, or The hypocrite vncased in a sermon preached at Pauls Crosse, March 7. 1612. By Thomas Adams ...Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A02959EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration exhibited to the French king, by hys Court of Parlyament concerning the holy League Whereunto is adioyned: an aduertisement to the three estates of Fraunce, comprehending a true report of such occurrences as haue passed betweene the house of Guize, in fauour of the holy League: and the king of Nauarre & his adherents for their necessarie defence. Faithfully translated out of French.France. Parlement (Paris)A02961EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter written by the King of Nauarre vnto the French King concerning his innocencie against the sclaunders of his aduersaries. Truely translated out of French. Anno 1585.Navarre (Kingdom). Sovereign (1572-1610 : Henry III)A02967EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration and protestation, published by the King of Nauarre, the L. Prince of Conde, and the L. Duke of Montmorency, concerning the peace concluded with the house of Lorrayn, the captaines and chiefe aucthors of the league, to the preiudice of the house of Fraunce. Also two letters written by the sayd King of Nauarre. The one to the Parliament, the other to the maisters of Sorbonne. More an epistle written by Phillipp de Morney to the French King: hereunto, for the playner declaration of the innocencie of the sayd princes, are inserted the articles agreed vpon betweene the King and the Lordes of Guyze. All faithfully translated out of FrenchHenry IV, King of France, 1553-1610.A02968EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three letters written by the King of Nauarre first Prince of the bloud and chiefe peere of France to the states of the cleargie, noblitie and third estate of France. More: a letter from the sayd King ot the Gouernors and communaltie of the towne of Paris. All faithfully translated out of the French.Navarre (Kingdom). Sovereign (1572-1610 : Henry III)A02970EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter written by the king of Nauarr, to the three estates of Fraunce containing a most liuely description of the discommodities and dangers of ciuill warre: and a very forcible perswasion to obedience, vnitie, and peace. Together with a breefe declaration vpon the matters happened in Fraunce sithence the 23. day of December. 1588. Translated out of French, by G.R.Navarre (Kingdom). Sovereign (1572-1610 : Henry III)A02971EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The oration and declaration of the French King, Henrie the fourth of that name and by the grace of God, King of Nauarre. Vttered out of his owne mouth, to the lords and gentlemen of his armie, before the citie of Paris, the eight day of this present moneth of August 1590.Henry IV, King of France, 1553-1610.A02973EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ordinances set foorth by the King for the rule and gouernement of his Maiesties men of warre. Read and published at Caen the 30. of March. 1591. Faithfully translated out of the French coppie printed at Caen by E.A.France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV)A02974EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French kings edict vpon the reducing of the citie of Paris vnder his obedience Published the 28. of March 1594. VVhereto is adioyned the said kinges letters patents for the reestablishment of the Court of Parliament at Paris. Also a decree of the saide Court of Parliament of the 30. of March, concerning a reuocation of whatsoeuer hath bene committed in preiudice of the kinges authoritie, and the lawes of the land. All faithfully translated out of the French copies printed at Paris by Frederick Morell, by E.A.France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV)A02975EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of a letter sent by the French king to the people of Artoys and Henault requesting them to remooue the forces gathered by the king of Spaine, from the borders of France, otherwise denouncing open warre. Also a declaration of the French kings proclaiming open warre against the king of Spaine and his adherents, and the causes him mouing therto.France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV)A02976EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ouerthrovv of the gout written in Latin verse, by Doctor Christopher BalistaBallista, Christopher.A02977EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An abstract of the proceedings of the French King The defeating of the Duke of Parmas forces. The preparation of his Maiestie for the reducing of his townes in Normandie. The request of the Leaguers of Roane to the Gouernor of Diep. And the wofull estate of the citie of Paris. VVwritten by a French gentleman to his friend.French gentleman, fl. 1590.A02983EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A friendly triall of the grounds tending to separation in a plain and modest dispute touching the lawfulnesse of a stinted liturgie and set form of prayer, Communion in mixed assemblies, and the primitive subject and first receptacle of the power of the Keyes: tending to satisfie the doubtfull, recall the wandering, and to strengthen the weak: by John Ball.Ball, John, 1585-1640.A02990EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An excellent ditty made vpon the great victory, vvhich the French king obtayned against the Duke de Maine, and the Romish rebels in his kingdome, vpon Ashwednesday being the fourth day of March last past. 1590 To the tune of the new Tantara.A02995EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The order of ceremonies obserued in the annointing and coronation of the most Christian King of France & Nauarre, Henry the IIII. of that name, celebrated in our Lady Church, in the cittie of Chartres vppon Sonday the 27. of February 1594. Faithfully translated out of the French coppy printed at Roan, by commaundement of the said Lord. by E.A.A02997EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three precious teares of blood, flowing from the wounded harts of three great French ladies In memory, of the vertues, complaint of the losse, and execration of the murther, of that thrice-worthy monarch, Henry the Great. Now shed againe in English. To three of the most excellent among the excellentest ladies of this little world, and of the greatest.A03002EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The actis and deidis of the illuster and vailzeand campioun, Schir William Wallace, knicht of EllerslieHenry, the Minstrel, fl. 1470-1492.A03007EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londons loue, to the Royal Prince Henrie meeting him on the riuer of Thames, at his returne from Richmonde, with a worthie fleete of her cittizens, on Thursday the last of May, 1610. With a breife reporte of the water fight, and fire workes.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A03019EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The order and solemnitie of the creation of the High and mightie Prince Henrie, eldest sonne to our sacred soueraigne, Prince of VVales, Duke of Cornewall, Earle of Chester, &c. As it was celebrated in the Parliament House, on Munday the fourth of Iunne last past. Together with the ceremonies of the Knights of the Bath, and other matters of speciall regard, incident to the same. Whereunto is annexed the royall maske, presented by the Queene and her ladies, on Wednesday at night following.A03022EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The testament of Cresseid, compylit be M. Robert Henrysone, sculemaister in DunsermelingHenryson, Robert, 1430?-1506?A03023EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Heire begynnis the traitie of Orpheus kyng and how he yeid to hewyn: to hel to seik his quene and ane othir ballad in the lattir end.Henryson, Robert, 1430?-1506?A03024EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Horæ succisivæ, or, Spare-houres of meditations upon our duty to [brace] God, others, our selves / by Ios. Henshaw.Henshaw, Joseph, 1603-1679.A03025EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Meditations miscellaneous, holy and humaneHenshaw, Joseph, 1603-1679.A03030EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The riddles of Heraclitus and DemocritusA03032EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A boke of the propreties of herbes called an herball wherunto is added the time [the] herbes, floures and sedes shold be gathered to be kept the whole yere, wyth the vertue of [the] herbes when they are stilled. Also a generall rule of all maner of herbes drawen out of an auncyent booke of phisyck by W.C.A03040EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth the boke intituled Eracles, and also of Godefrey of Boloyne the whiche speketh of the conquest of the holy londe of Iherusalem ...A03047EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De veritate, prout distinguitur a revelatione, a verisimili, a possibili, et a falso hoc opus condidit Edoardus Baro Herbert de Cherbury ... ; et lectori cuiuis, integri & illibati iudicii dicavit.Herbert of Cherbury, Edward Herbert, Baron, 1583-1648.A03054EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Oratio quâ auspicatissimum serenissimi principis Caroli, reditum ex Hispanijs celebrauit Georgius Herbert Academiæ Cantabrigiensis oratorHerbert, George, 1593-1633.A03056EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Outlandish proverbs, selected by Mr. G.H.A03057EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The temple Sacred poems and private ejaculations. By Mr. George Herbert.Herbert, George, 1593-1633.A03058EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of some yeares trauaile begunne anno 1626. Into Afrique and the greater Asia, especially the territories of the Persian monarchie: and some parts of the orientall Indies, and iles adiacent. Of their religion, language, habit, discent, ceremonies, and other matters concerning them. Together with the proceedings and death of the three late ambassadours: Sir D.C. Sir R.S. and the Persian Nogdi-Beg: as also the two great monarchs, the King of Persia, and the Great Mogol. By T.H. Esquier·Herbert, Thomas, Sir, 1606-1682.A03065EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Magnifico ac strenuo viro D. Francisco Draco Anglo equiti auratoHercusanus, Joannes.A03067EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mariæ Scotorum reginæ epitaphiumHercusanus, Joannes.A03068EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Foure bookes of husbandry, collected by M. Conradus Heresbachius, counseller to the hygh and mighty prince, the Duke of Cleue: conteyning the whole arte and trade of husbandry, vvith the antiquitie, and commendation thereof. Nevvely Englished, and increased, by Barnabe Googe, EsquireHeresbach, Conrad, 1496-1576.A03069EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brefe and a playne declaratyon of the dewty of maried folkes gathered out of the holy scriptures, and set forth in the almayne tonge by Hermon archbyshop of Colayne, whiche wylled all the housholdes of his flocke to haue the same in their bedchambers as a mirror or glasse dayly to loke in, wherby they might know and do their dewties eche vnto others, and lede a godly, quiet and louing life togethers, and newly translated into ye Englishe tonge by Hans Dekyn.Wied, Hermann von.A03083EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ros cœli. Or, A miscellany of ejaculations, divine, morall, &c. Being an extract out of divers worthy authors, antient and moderne. Which may enrich the mean capacity, and adde somewhat to the most knowing iudgement.A03092EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Herodian, a Greeke authour treating of the Romayne emperors, after Marcus, translated oute of Greeke into Latin, by Angelus Politianus, and out of Latin into Englyshe, by Nicholas Smyth. Whereunto are annexed, the argumentes of euery booke, at the begynning therof, with annotacions for the better vnderstandynge of the same historye.Herodian.A03094EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The famous hystory of Herodotus Conteyning the discourse of dyuers countreys, the succession of theyr kyngs: the actes and exploytes atchieued by them: the lavves and customes of euery nation: with the true description and antiquitie of the same. Deuided into nine bookes, entituled vvith the names of the nine Muses.Herodotus.A03097EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Balade agaynst malycyous sclaunderersA03103EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most strange and wonderfull herring taken on the 26. day of Nouember 1597, neere vnto Drenton sometime the old and chiefe cittie of the kingdome of Norway. Hauing on the one side the picture of two armed men fighting, and on the other most strange characters, as in the picture is here expressed. First printed in Dutch at Roterdam by Ian van Doetecam. And now translated into English.A03109EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A balade of a preist that loste his nose for sayinge of masse as I supposeA03110EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine rules, directions, or advertisements for this time of pestilentiall contagion With a caveat to those that weare about their neckes impoisoned amulets as a preservative from the plague. First published for the behoofe of the citie of London, in the two visitations, 1603 & 1625. And reprinted for the benefit of the said citie now visited, and all other parts of the land that may or shall hereafter be: by Francis Herring ... Whereunto is added certaine directions, for the poorer sort of people when they shall be visited.Herring, Francis, d. 1628.A03111EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Popish pietie, or The first part of the historie of that horrible and barbarous conspiracie, commonly called the powder-treason nefariously plotted against Iames King of great Britaine, Prince Henrie, and the whole state of that realme assembled in Parliament; and happily disc[ou]ered, disappointed, and frustrated by the powerfull and sole arme of the Almightie, the fifth of Nouember, anno 1605. Written first in Latin verse by F. H. [...] in physicke: and translated into [En]glish by A.P.Herring, Francis, d. 1628.A03115EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mischeefes mysterie: or, Treasons master-peece, the Powder-plot Inuented by hellish malice, preuented by heauenly mercy: truely related. And from the Latine of the learned and reuerend Doctour Herring translated, and very much dilated. By Iohn Vicars.Herring, Francis, d. 1628.A03116EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A modest defence of the caueat giuen to the wearers of impoisoned amulets, as preseruatiues from the plague wherein that point is somewhat more lergely reasoned and debated with an ancient physician, who hath mainteined them by publicke writing: as likewise that vnlearned and dangerous opinion, that the plague is not infectious, lately broched in London, is briefly glansed at, and refuted by way of preface, by Fr. Hering D. in Physicke. Reade without preiudice; iudge without partialitie.Herring, Francis, d. 1628.A03119EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The georgicks of Hesiod, by George Chapman; translated elaborately out of the Greek: containing doctrine of husbandrie, moralitie, and pietie; with a perpetuall calendar of good and bad daies; not superstitious, but necessarie (as farre as naturall causes compell) for all men to obserue, and difference in following their affairesHesiod.A03120EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
These oiles, vvaters, extractions, or essence[s,] saltes, and other compositions; are at Paules wharfe ready made to be solde, by Iohn Hester, practisioner in the arte of distillation; who will also be ready for a reasonable stipend, to instruct any that are desirous to learne the secrets of the same in few dayes, &c.Hester, John, d. 1593.A03124EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a lytell cronycle translated [and] imprinted at the cost [and] charges of Rycharde Pynson. by the co[m]maundement of the ryght high and mighty prince, Edwarde duke of Buckingham, yerle of Gloucestre, Staffarde, and of Northamton.Hayton, Frère, ca. 1235-ca. 1314.A03126EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three excellent points of Christian doctrine I. The nativity of our Lord Iesus Christ. II. His bitter sufferings for the sinnes of his people. III. The fruites flowing therefrom, to those that by faith apprehend him. All prophecied by Zachariah in the 8. 9. and 10. verses of the third chapter of his prophecie, and explained in three sermons, preached at Edinburgh by Master Peter Hewat being minister there.Hewat, Peter, d. 1645.A03128EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A ballad reioycinge the sodaine fall, of rebels that thought to deuower vs allA03130EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A historicall relation of the famous siege of the Busse, and the suprising of Wesell Together with the articles, and points of composition graunted by his Excellencie the Prince of Orange to those of the towne. And a supposition of the state, and order of their garrison marching out of the city. and some other additions herevnto annexed. Written by H.H. ... .Hexham, Henry, 1585?-1650?A03133EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A iournall, of the taking in of Venlo, Roermont, Strale, the memorable seige of Mastricht, the towne & castle of Limburch vnder the able, and wise conduct of his Excie: the Prince of Orange, anno 1632 VVith an exact card drawne first by Charles Floyd (nowe ensigne) and since lessened and cutt by Henricus and Willihelmus Hondius dwelling by the Gevangen Port in the Hagh. Compiled together by Capt. Henry Hexham quartermaster to the regiment of the Lord Generall Vere. As also a list of the officers, voluntiers, gentlemen, and souldiers slayne, and hurt in this seige. With the articles of composition.Hexham, Henry, 1585?-1650?A03134EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and briefe relation of the famous seige of Breda beseiged, and taken in vnder the able and victorious conduct of his Highnesse the Prince of Orange, captaine generall of the States armie, and admirall of the seas, &c. Composed by Henry Hexham quartermaster to the regiment of the honorable Coronell Goring.Hexham, Henry, 1585?-1650?A03136EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Antidotum Lincolniense· or An answer to a book entituled, The holy table, name, & thing, &c. said to be written long agoe by a minister in Lincolnshire, and printed for the diocese of Lincolne, a⁰. 1637 VVritten and inscribed to the grave, learned, and religious clergie of the diocese of Lincoln. By Pet: Heylyn chapleine in ordinary to his Matie.Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662.A03139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Come buy this new ballad, before you doe goe: If you raile at the author, I know what I know To the tune of, Ile tell you but so.A03140EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A coale from the altar. Or An ansvver to a letter not long since written to the Vicar of Gr. against the placing of the Communion table at the east end of the chancell; and now of late dispersed abroad to the disturbance of the Church. First sent by a iudicious and learned divine for the satisfaction of his private friend; and by him commended to the presse, for the benefit of othersHeylyn, Peter, 1600-1662.A03141EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of that most famous saint and souldier of Christ Iesus; St. George of Cappadocia asserted from the fictions, in the middle ages of the Church; and opposition, of the present. The institution of the most noble Order of St. George, named the Garter. A catalogue of all the knights thereof untill this present. By Pet. Heylyn.Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662.A03144EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the Sabbath In two bookes. By Pet. Heylyn.Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662.A03146EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mikrokosmos A little description of the great world. Augmented and reuised. By Peter Heylyn.Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662.A03149EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Merry ballad of a rich maid that had 18 seuerall suitors of seuerall countries otherwise called The scornefull maid : to the tune of Hoop do me no harm good man.A03153EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Comfortable new ballad of a dreame of a sinner ...A03154EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most excellent new ballad, of an olde man and his wife which in their olde age and misery sought to their owne children for succour, by whom they were disdained & scornfully sent away succourlesse, and how the vengeancc [sic] of God was iustly shewed vpon them for the same. To the tune of Prissilla.A03164EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A balade specifienge partly the maner, partly the matter, in the most excellent meetyng and lyke mariage betwene our soueraigne Lord, and our soueraigne Lady, the Kynges and Queenes highnes pende by John Heywood.Heywood, John, 1497?-1580?A03165EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A breefe balet touching the traytorous takynge of Scarborow CastellHeywood, John, 1497?-1580?A03166EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A ballad against slander and detractionHeywood, John, 1497?-1580?A03167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialogue conteinyng the nomber in effect of all the prouerbes in the englishe tongue compacte in a matter concernyng two maner of mariages, made and set foorth by Iohn̄ Heywood.Heywood, John, 1497?-1580?A03168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An hundred epigrammes. Inuented and made by Iohn HeywoodHeywood, John, 1497?-1580?A03171EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two hundred epigrammes, vpon two hundred prouerbes with a thyrde hundred newely added and made by Iohn Heywood.Heywood, John, 1497?-1580?A03173EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fourth hundred of epygrams, newly inuented and made by Iohn HeywoodHeywood, John, 1497?-1580?A03174EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A mery play betwene the pardoner and the frere, the curate and neybour PratteHeywood, John, 1497?-1580?A03175EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The playe called the foure PP. A newe and a very mery enterlude of A palmer. A pardoner. A potycary. A pedler. Made by Ioh[a]n HeewoodHeywood, John, 1497?-1580?A03177EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A play of loue a newe and a mery enterlude concernyng pleasure and payne in loue, made by Iho[a]n Heywood. The players names. A man a louer not beloued. A woman beloued not louyng. A man a louer and beloued. The vyse nother louer nor beloued.Heywood, John, 1497?-1580?A03179EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The play of the wether. A newe and very mery enterlude of all maner wethers made by Iohn Heywood. The players names. Iupiter a god. Mery reporte the vyce. The gentylman. The marchant. The ranger. The water myller. The wynde myller. The gentylwoman. The launder. A boy the left that can playHeywood, John, 1497?-1580?A03181EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The spider and the flie A parable of the spider and the flie, made by Iohn Heywood.Heywood, John, 1497?-1580?A03184EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apology for actors Containing three briefe treatises. 1 Their antiquity. 2 Their ancient dignity. 3 The true vse of their quality. Written by Thomas Heywood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03185EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New ballad intituled, I have fresh cheese and creame to a new tune.A03186EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New merry ballad I haue here to shew, come pence a peece for them, I tell you but so to an old tune, nevvly furbusht, You'd doe so, would you not, Yes I warrant you.A03187EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new ballad, containing a communication between the carefull wife, and the comfortable husb[and] touching the common cares and charges of house-holdA03188EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The brazen age the first act containing, the death of the centaure Nessus, the second, the tragedy of Meleager: the third the tragedy of Iason and Medea. The fourth. Vulcans net the fifth. The labours and death of Hercules: written by Thomas Heywood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03189EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A challenge for beautie· as it hath beene sundry times acted, by the Kings Majesties Servants: at the Blacke-friers, and at the Globe on the Banke-side. Written by Thomas Heywood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03190EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A curtaine lecture as it is read by a countrey farmers wife to her good man. By a countrey gentlewoman or lady to her esquire or knight. By a souldiers wife to her captain or lievtenant. By a citizens or tradesmans wife to her husband. By a court lady to her lord. Concluding with an imitable lecture read by a queene to her soveraigne lord and king.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03192EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands Elizabeth her life and troubles, during her minoritie, from the cradle to the crowne. Historically laid open and interwouen with such eminent passages of state, as happened vnder the reigne of Henry the Eight, Edvvard the Sixt, Q. Mary; all of them aptly introducing to the present relation. By Tho: Heywood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03193EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English traueller As it hath beene publikely acted at the Cock-pit in Drury-lane: by Her Maiesties seruants. Written by Thomas Heyvvood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03195EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The exemplary lives and memorable acts of nine the most worthy women in the vvorld three Iewes. Three gentiles. Three Christians. Written by the author of the History of women.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03196EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fayre mayde of the Exchange with the pleasant humours of the cripple of Fanchurch. Very delectable, and full of mirth.A03197EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pleasant new ballad you here may behold, how the devill, though subtle, was guld by a scold To the tune of, The seminary priest.A03200EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fair maid of the vvest. Or, A girle worth gold. The first part. As it was lately acted before the King and Queen, with approved liking. By the Queens Majesties Comedians. Written by T.H.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03201EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The foure prentises of London VVith the conquest of Ierusalem. As it hath bene diuerse times acted, at the Red Bull, by the Queenes Maiesties Seruants. Written by Thomas Heyvvood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03202EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A funerall elegie vpon the death of the late most hopefull and illustrious prince, Henry, Prince of Wales / vvritten by Thomas Heyvvood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03203EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A funeral elegie, vpon the much lamented death of the trespuissant and vnmatchable king, King Iames, King of Great Brittaine, France and Ireland, defender of the faith Who to the vniuersall sorrow of the princes his allies, his owne kingdomes and people, expired the 27. of March, anno 1625. in the yeere of his reigne 23. Written by Thom. Heywood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03204EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The golden age. Or The liues of Iupiter and Saturne, with the deifying of the heathen gods As it hath beene sundry times acted at the Red Bull, by the Queenes Maiesties Seruants. Written by Thomas Heyvvood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03205EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gynaikeion: or, Nine bookes of various history. Concerninge women inscribed by ye names of ye nine Muses. Written by Thom: Heywoode.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The hierarchie of the blessed angells Their names, orders and offices the fall of Lucifer with his angells written by Tho: HeywoodHeywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03207EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
If you knovv not me, you know no bodie: or, The troubles of Queene ElizabethHeywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03208EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Susanna Compiled according to the Prophet Daniel, amplified with convenient meditations; sung by the devoted honourer of the divine muses, George Ballard.Ballard, George, writer of verse.A03210EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second part of, If you know not me, you know no bodie VVith the building of the Royall Exchange: and the famous victorie of Queene Elizabeth, in the yeare 1588.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03217EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The iron age contayning the rape of Hellen: the siege of Troy: the combate between Hector and Aiax: Hector and Troilus slayne by Achilles: Achilles slaine by Paris: Aiax and Vlisses contend for the armour of Achilles: the death of Aiax, &c. Written by Thomas Heyvvood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03223EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first and second partes of King Edward the Fourth Containing his mery pastime with the tanner of Tamworth, as also his loue to faire Mistrisse Shoare, her great promotion, fall and miserie, and lastly the lamentable death of both her and her husband. Likewise the besieging of London, by the bastard Falconbridge, and the valiant defence of the same by the Lord Maior and the citizens. As it hath diuers times beene publikely played by the Right Honorable the Earle of Derbie his seruants.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03224EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londini artium & scientiarum scaturigo. Or, Londons fountaine of arts and sciences Exprest in sundry triumphs, pageants, and showes, at the initiation of the Right Honorable Nicholas Raynton into the Maiorty of the famous and farre renowned city London. All the charge and expence of the laborious proiects both by water and land, being the sole vndertaking of the Right Worshipfull Company of the Haberdashers. Written by Thomas Hayvvood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03228EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londini emporia, or Londons mercatura Exprest in sundry triumphs, pageants and showes, at the inauguration of the Right Honorable Ralph Freeman into the Maiorty of the famous and farre renowned citty London. All the charge and expence of the laborious proiects, both by water and land, being the sole vndertaking of the Right Worshipfull Company of the Cloath-Workers, written by Thomas Heyvvood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03229EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londini speculum: or, Londons mirror exprest in sundry triumphs, pageants, and showes, at the initiation of the right Honorable Richard Fenn, into the Mairolty [sic] of the famous and farre renowned city London. All the charge and expence of these laborious projects both by water and land, being the sole undertaking of the Right Worshipful Company of the Habberdashers. Written by Tho. Heywood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03230EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the maior, aldermen, and inhabitants of N. That whiche heretofore I haue propounded to you (right worshipfull and beloued) in teaching, I do now publish to all men by printing, to wit, mine opinion of the vnlawfulnesse of games consisting in chance ...Balmford, James, b. 1556.A03231EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londini status pacatus: or, Londons peaceable estate Exprest in sundry triumphs, pageants, and shewes, at the innitiation of the right Honourable Henry Garvvay, into the Majoralty of the famous and farre renowned city London. All the charge and expence, of the laborious projects both by water and land, being the sole undertakings of the Right Worshipfull Society of Drapers. Written by Thomas Heyvvood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03233EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London ius honorarium Exprest in sundry triumphs, pagiants, and shewes: at the initiation or entrance of the Right Honourable George Whitmore, into the Maioralty of the famous and farre renouned city of London. All the charge and expence of the laborious proiects, and obiects both by water and land, being the sole vndertaking of the Right Worshipfull, the society of the Habburdashers.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03234EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loves maistresse: or, The Queens masque As it was three times presented before their two Excellent Maiesties, within the space of eight dayes; in the presence of sundry forraigne ambassadors. Publikely acted by the Queens Comœdians, at the Phœnix in Drury-Lane. Written by Thomas Heywood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03235EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A marriage triumphe Solemnized in an epithalamium, in memorie of the happie nuptials betwixt the high and mightie Prince Count Palatine. And the most excellent princesse the Lady Elizabeth. Written by Thomas Heywood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03238EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Philocothonista, or, The drunkard, opened, dissected, and anatomizedHeywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03239EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pleasant comedy, called A mayden-head well lost As it hath beene publickly acted at the Cocke-pit in Drury-lane, with much applause: by her Maiesties Seruants. Written by Thomas Heyvvood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03240EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pleasant dialogues and dramma's, selected out of Lucian, Erasmus, Textor, Ovid, &c. With sundry emblems extracted from the most elegant Iacobus Catsius. As also certaine elegies, epitaphs, and epithalamions or nuptiall songs; anagrams and acrosticks; with divers speeches (upon severall occasions) spoken to their most excellent Majesties, King Charles, and Queene Mary. With other fancies translated from Beza, Bucanan, and sundry Italian poets. By Thomas HeywoodHeywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03241EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Porta pietatis, or, The port or harbour of piety Exprest in sundry triumphes, pageants, and showes, at the initiation of the Right Honourable Sir Maurice Abbot Knight, into the Majoralty of the famous and farre renowned city London. All the charge and expence of the laborious projects both by water and land, being the sole undertaking of the Right Worshipfull Company of the Drapers. Written by Thomas Heywood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03242EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A modest reply to certaine answeres, which Mr. Gataker B.D. in his treatise of the nature, & vse of lotts, giveth to arguments in a dialogue concerning the vnlawfulnes of games consisting in chance And aunsweres to his reasons allowing lusorious lotts, as not evill in themselves. By Iames Balmford, minister of Iesus Christ.Balmford, James, b. 1556.A03243EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rape of Lucrece a true Roman tragedie. With the seuerall songes in their apt places, by Valerius, the merrie lord amongst the Roman peeres. Acted by her Majesties Seruants at the Red-Bull, neere Clarken-well. Written by Thomas Heywood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03244EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The royall king, and the loyall subject As it hath beene acted with great applause by the Queenes Maiesties Servants. Written by Thomas Heywood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03248EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Troia Britanica: or, Great Britaines Troy A poem deuided into XVII. seuerall cantons, intermixed with many pleasant poeticall tales. Concluding with an vniuersall chronicle from the Creation, vntill these present times. Written by Tho: Heywood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03250EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true description of His Majesties royall ship, built this yeare 1637. at Wooll-witch in Kent To the great glory of our English nation, and not paraleld in the whole Christian world. Published by authoritie.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03251EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true discourse of the two infamous upstart prophets, Richard Farnham weaver of White-Chappell, and Iohn Bull weaver of Saint Butolphs Algate, now prisoners, the one in Newgate, and the other in Bridewell with their examinations and opinions taken from their owne mouthes April 16. anno 1636. As also of Margaret Tennis now prisoner in Old Bridewell, with the hereticall opinions held by her, at the same time examined. Written by T.H.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03253EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvise-woman of Hogsdon A comedie. As it hath been sundry times acted with great applause. Written by Tho: Heyvvood.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A woman kilde with kindnesse. Written by Tho. HeywoodHeywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03256EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The late Lancashire vvitches A well received comedy, lately acted at the Globe on the Banke-side, by the Kings Majesties Actors. Written, by Thom. Heyvvood, and Richard Broome.Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641.A03258EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short dialogue concerning the plagues infection Published to preserue bloud, through the blessing of God.Balmford, James, b. 1556.A03264EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The baptizing of the eunuch in three sermons vpon Act. 8. 36. 37. 38. By Samuel Hieron.Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03272EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The confession of faith contending how the troubled man should seeke refuge at his God, thereto led by faith: with the declaratio[n] of the article of iustification at length. ... Compiled by M. Henry Balnaues of Halhill, & one of the Lords of session, and Counsell of Scotland, being as prisoner within the old pallaice of Roane: in the yeare of our Lord. 1548. Direct to his faithfull brethren, being in like trouble or more ...Balnaves, Henry, Sir, d. 1579.A03284EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The doctrines triall shewing both the necessity and the way of trying what is taught, in a sermon vpon 1 Thess.5.21. By Sam. Hieron.Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03292EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The preachers plea: or, A treatise in forme of a plain dialogue making known the worth and necessary vse of preaching: shewing also how a man may profit by it, both for the informing of his iudgement, and the reforming of his life. By Samuel Hieron minister of the gospell at Modbury in the countie of Deuon.Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03304EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The spirituall fishing. A sermon preached in Cambridge by that reuerend and iudicious diuine, Mr Samuel Hieron. Printed by the true copie written with his owne hands a little before his decease. Luke 5. vers. 10. The last words of the verseHieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03306EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The noblenesse of the asse A worke rare, learned, and excellent. By A.B.Banchieri, Adriano, d. 1634.A03312EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The noble experyence of the vertuous handy warke of surgeri, practysyd [and] compyled by the moost experte mayster Iherome of Bruynswyke, borne in Straesborowe in Almayne ... Item there after he hath authorysed and done it to vnderstande thrugh the trewe sentences of the olde doctours and maysters very experte in the scyence of surgery, as Galienus, Ipocras, Auicenna, Gwydo, Haly abbas, Lancfrancus of mylen, Iamericus, Rogerius, Albucasis, Place[n]tinus, Brunus, Gwilhelmus de saliceto, [and] by many other maysters whose names be wryten in this same boke. ... Item yf ye fynde ony names of herbes or of other thynges wherof ye haue no knowlege, yt shall ye knowe playnly by the potecarys. Item here shall you fynde also for to make salues, plasters, powders, oyles, and drynkes for woundes. Item who so desyreth of this science ye playne knowlege let hym oftentymes rede this boke, and than he shall gette perfyte vnderstandynge of the noble surgeryBrunschwig, Hieronymus, ca. 1450-ca. 1512.A03315EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vertuose boke of distyllacyon of the waters of all maner of herbes with the fygures of the styllatoryes, fyrst made and compyled by the thyrte yeres study and labour of the moste co[n]nynge and famous mayster of phisyke, Master Iherom bruynswyke. And now newly translate[d] out of Duyche into Englysshe Nat only to the synguler helpe and profyte of the surgyens, phisycyens, and pothecaryes, but also of all maner of people, parfytely and in dewe tyme and ordre to lerne to dystyll all maner of herbes, to the profyte, cure, and remedy of all maner dysseases and infirmytees apparant and nat apparant. And ye shall vnderstande that the waters be better than the herbes, as Auicenna testefyeth in his fourthe conon saynge that all maner medicynes vsed with theyr substance, febleth and maketh aged, and weke. Cum gratia et preuilegio regali.Brunschwig, Hieronymus, ca. 1450-ca. 1512.A03318EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prolicionycion [sic]Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364.A03319EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Daungerous positions and proceedings published and practised within the iland of Brytaine, vnder pretence of reformation, and for the presbiteriall discipline.Bancroft, Richard, 1544-1610.A03321EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvvere to master William Perkins, concerning Christs descension into Hell: By John HiginsHigins, John, controversialist.A03325EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first parte of the Mirour for magistrates containing the falles of the first infortunate princes of this lande: from the comming of Brute to the incarnation of our sauiour and redemer Iesu Christe.Higgins, John, fl. 1570-1602.A03326EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Falles of vnfortunate princes being a true chronicle historie of the vntimely death of such vnfortunate princes and men of note as haue happened since the first entrance of Brute into this iland vntill this our latter age : whereunto is added the famous life and death of Queene Elizabeth, with a declaration of all the warres, battels and sea-fights, wherein at large is described the battell of 88 with the particular seruice of all such ships and men of note in that action.A03327EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevv-Englands plantation. Or, A short and true description of the commodities and discommodities of that countrey. Written by Mr. Higgeson, a reuerend diuine now there resident. Whereunto is added a letter, sent by Mr. Graues an enginere, out of New-EnglandHigginson, Francis, 1587-1630.A03330EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mystical babylon, or Papall Rome A treatise vpon those words, Apocal. 18.2. It is fallen, it is fallen Babylon, &c. In which the wicked, and miserable condition of Rome, as shee now is in her present Babylonian estate, and as she shall be in her future ineuitable ruine, is fully discouered: and sundry controuersiall points of religion, betwixt the Protestants, and the Papists, are briefly discussed. By Theophilus Higgons, rector of the parochiall Church of Hunton, neere Maidstone in Kent.Higgons, Theophilus, 1578?-1659.A03335EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The resurreccion of the masse with the wonderful vertues of the same, newly set forth vnto the greate hartes ease, ioye and comforte of all the catholykes, by Hughe Hilarie. (?)Hilarie, Hughe.A03337EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The doctrine of fasting and praier, and humiliation for sinne Delivered in sundry sermons at the fast appointed by publique authority, in the yeere 1625. By that late faithfull and worthy minister of Iesus Christ. Arth. Hildersam.Hildersam, Arthur, 1563-1632.A03339EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
CVIII lectures vpon the fourth of Iohn Preached at Ashby-Delazouch in Leicester-shire. By that late faithfull and worthy minister of Iesus Christ. Arthur Hildersam.Hildersam, Arthur, 1563-1632.A03342EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
CLII lectures vpon Psalme LI preached at Ashby-Delazouch in Leicester-shire / by that late faithfull and worthy minister of Iesus Christ, Mr. Arthur Hildersam.Hildersam, Arthur, 1563-1632.A03343EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The defence of the article: Christ descended into Hell VVith arguments obiected against the truth of the same doctrine: of one Alexander Humes. All which reasons are confuted, and the same doctrine cleerely defended. By Adam Hyll, D. of Diuinity.Hill, Adam, d. 1595.A03345EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the 9. of Februarie being the first Sunday in the Parleament, Anno. 1588. by Richard Bancroft D. of Divinitie, and chaplaine to the right honorable Sir Christopher Hatson Knight L. chancelor of England. Wherein some things are now added, which then were omitted, either through want of time, or default in memorie.Bancroft, Richard, 1544-1610.A03349EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe and pleasaunt treatise, intituled, Naturall and artificiall conclusions: written first by sundrie scholers of the Vniuersitie of Padua in Italie, at the instant request of one Barthelmewe a Tuscane: and now Englished by Thomas Hill Londoned [sic], as well for the commoditie of sundrie artificers, as for the matters of pleasure, to recreate wittes at vacant tymesA03361EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pleasant history declaring the whole art of phisiognomy orderly vttering all the speciall parts of man, from the head to the foot / written by Thomas Hill.Hill, Thomas, b. ca. 1528.A03362EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A contemplation of mysteries contayning the rare effectes and significations of certayne comets, and a briefe rehersall of sundrie hystoricall examples, as well diuine, as prophane, verie fruitfull to be reade in this our age: with matter delectable both for the sayler, and husbandman, yea and all traueylers by sea and lande, in knowing aforehande, howe daungerous a tempest will succeede by the sight of the clowd coming ouer the head, and other matters fruitful to be read as shal appere in the table next after the preface. Gathered and englished, by Thomas Hyll.Hill, Thomas, b. ca. 1528.A03363EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The gardeners labyrinth containing a discourse of the gardeners life, in the yearly trauels to be bestovved on his plot of earth, for the vse of a garden: with instructions for the choise of seedes, apte times for sowing, setting, planting, [and] watering, and the vessels and instruments seruing to that vse and purpose: wherein are set forth diuers herbers, knottes and mazes, cunningly handled for the beautifying of gardens. Also the physike benefit of eche herbe, plant, and floure, with the vertues of the distilled waters of euery of them, as by the sequele may further appeare. Gathered out of the best approued writers of gardening, husbandrie, and physicke: by Dydymus Mountaine.Hill, Thomas, b. ca. 1528.A03364EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The moste pleasuante arte of the interpretacion of dreames whereunto is annexed sundry problemes with apte aunsweares neare agreeing to the m atter, and very rare examples, not like the extant in the English tongue. Gathered by the former auctour Thomas Hill Londoner: and now newly imp rinted.Hill, Thomas, b. ca. 1528.A03378EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The muses threnodie, or, mirthfull mournings, on the death of Master Gall Containing varietie of pleasant poëticall descriptions, morall instructions, historiall narrations, and divine observations, with the most remarkable antiquities of Scotland, especially at Perth By Mr. H. Adamson.Adamson, Henry.A03379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The schoole of skil containing two bookes: the first, of the sphere, of heauen, of the starres, of their orbes, and of the earth, &c. The second, of the sphericall elements, of the celestiall circles, and of their vses, &c. Orderly set forth according to art, with apt figures and proportions in their proper places, by Tho. Hill.Hill, Thomas, b. ca. 1528.A03380EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Eliosto libidinoso described in two bookes: vvherein their imminent dangers are declared, who guiding the course of their life by the compasse of affection, either dash their ship against most dangerous shelues, or else attaine the hauen with extreame preiudice. Written by Iohn Hynd.Hind, John, fl. 1596-1606.A03388EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most excellent historie of Lysimachus and Varrona, daughter to Syllanus, Duke of Hypata, in Thessalia Wherin are contained the effects of fortune, the wonders of affection, and the conquests of incertaine time. By I.H. R.Hind, John, fl. 1596-1606.A03389EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true history of the tragicke loves of Hipolito and Isabella Neapolitans. EnglishedMeslier, fl. 1610.A03395EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A suruay of the pretended holy discipline. Contayning the beginninges, successe, parts, proceedings, authority, and doctrine of it: with some of the manifold, and materiall repugnances, varieties and vncertaineties, in that behalfeBancroft, Richard, 1544-1610.A03398EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The whole aphorismes of great Hippocrates, prince of physicians translated into English for the benefit of such as are ignorant of the Greek & Latine tongs ; vvhereunto is annexed a short discourse of the nature & substance of the eye, with many excellent & approued remedies for the cure of most the diseases thereof ; with an exact table shewing the substance of every aphorism.Hippocrates.A03400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Histoire des larrons, or The history of theeves. Written in French, and translated out of the originall, by Paul GodwinCalvi, François de.A03402EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two remarkable and true histories, which hapned this present yeare, 1619 The one relating how God most miraculously restored to health Elizabeth Goossens Taets, dwelling in the Long street neere St. Georges Church in Amers-ford by Vtrecht in the Low-countries, the 29. of August last, after fiue and twenty yeares great inabilitie and weaknesse of body. The other shewing how a maruellous deformed monster was found in the belly of a cow which was killed by Iohn Vandel malt-man of Amers-ford aforesaid, the first day of October last. 1619. Both which may serue to inuite vs to serious repentance and vnfained amendment of life, in this wicked and decaying age.A03403EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
This gallant caualiero Dicke Bovvyer newly acted.A03404EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Histrio-mastix· Or, The player vvhiptMarston, John, 1575?-1634.A03405EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The gluttons feauer. VVritten by Thomas BancroftBancroft, Thomas, fl. 1633-1658.A03406EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pollitique platt for the honour of the Prince, the greate profite of the publique state, relief of the poore, preseruation of the riche, reformation of roges and idle persones, and the wealthe of thousandes that knowes not howe to liue. Written for an Newyeres gift to Englande, and the inhabitantes thereof: by Robert Hitchcok late of Cauersfeelde in the countie of Buckyngham GentlemanHitchcock, Robert, Captain.A03408EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tvvo bookes of epigrammes, and epitaphs Dedicated to two top-branches of gentry: Sir Charles Shirley, Baronet, and William Davenport, Esquire. Written by Thomas Bancroft.Bancroft, Thomas, fl. 1633-1658.A03415EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hocus Pocus Junior The anatomy of legerdemain. Or, The art of iugling set forth in his proper colours, fully, plainly, and exactly; so that an ignorant person may thereby learn the full perfection of the same, after a little practise. Unto each trick is added the figure, where it is needfull for instruction.A03420EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The divine cosmographer; or, A brief survey of the whole world delineated in a tractate on the VIII Psalme: by W.H. sometimes of S. Peters Colledge in Cambridge.Hodson, William, fl. 1625-1640.A03429EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The assault of the sacrame[n]t of the altar containyng aswell sixe seuerall assaultes made from tyme to tyme against the sayd blessed sacrament: as also the names [et] opinions of all the heretical captaines of the same assaultes: written in the yere of oure Lorde 1549. by Myles Huggarde, and dedicated to the Quenes moste excellent maiestie, beyng then ladie Marie: in which tyme (heresie then raigning) it could take no place.Huggarde, Miles.A03430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A mirrour of loue, which such light doth giue, that all men may learne, how to loue and liue. Compiled and set furth by Myles Hogarde seruaunt to the quenes highnesseHuggarde, Miles.A03431EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine tragicall discourses written out of Frenche and Latin, by Geffraie Fenton, no lesse profitable then pleasaunt, and of like necessitye to al degrees that take pleasure in antiquityes or forreine reapportesBandello, Matteo, 1485-1561.A03432EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Straunge, lamentable, and tragicall hystories translated out of French into Englishe by R.S.Bandello, Matteo, 1485-1561.A03434EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragicall historye of Romeus and Iuliet written first in Italian by Bandell, and nowe in Englishe by Ar. Br.Brooke, Arthur, d. 1563.A03435EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new treatyse in maner of a dialoge, whiche sheweth the excellency of man[n]es nature in that he is made to the image of God, and wherein it restyth, and by howe many wayes a man dothe blotte, and defyle the same image.Huggarde, Miles.A03439EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise entitled the path waye to the towre of perfection. Compiled by Myles Huggarde, seruant to the Quenes most excellent maiestieHuggarde, Miles.A03440EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the antient company of Black-smiths in S. Marie Magdalens Church in London on Saint Iohn Baptist day last. 1611. By William HolbrookHolbrooke, William.A03445EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The firste [laste] volume of the chronicles of England, Scotlande, and Irelande conteyning the description and chronicles of England, from the first inhabiting vnto the conquest : the description and chronicles of Scotland, from the first original of the Scottes nation till the yeare of our Lorde 1571 : the description and chronicles of Yrelande, likewise from the first originall of that nation untill the yeare 1571 / faithfully gathered and set forth by Raphaell Holinshed.Holinshed, Raphael, d. 1580?A03448EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Obseruations concerning the present affaires of Holland and the Vnited Prouinces, made by an English gentleman there lately resident, & since written by himselfe from Paris, to his friend in EnglandVerstegan, Richard, ca. 1550-1640.A03452EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An antidotarie chyrurgicall containing great varietie and choice of all sorts of medicines that commonly fal into the chyrurgions vse: partlie taken out of authors, olde and new, printed or written: partlie obtained by free gifte of sundrie worthie men of this profession within this land. By Iohn Banester master of chirurgerie.Banister, John, 1540-1610.A03456EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of man sucked from the sappe of the most approued anathomistes, in this present age, compiled in most compendious fourme, and now published in English, for the vtilitie of all godly chirurgians, within this realme, by Iohn Banister, Master in Chirurgerie, and practitioner in phisicke.Banister, John, 1540-1610.A03467EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise against vvitchcraft: or A dialogue, wherein the greatest doubts concerning that sinne, are briefly answered a Sathanicall operation in the witchcraft of all times is truly prooued: the moste precious preseruatiues against such euils are shewed: very needful to be knowen of all men, but chiefly of the masters and fathers of families, that they may learn the best meanes to purge their houses of all vnclean spirits, and wisely to auoide the dreadfull impieties and greate daungers which come by such abhominations. Hereunto is also added a short discourse, containing the most certen meanes ordained of God, to discouer, expell, and to confound all the Sathanicall inuentions of witchcraft and sorcerie.Holland, Henry, 1555 or 6-1603.A03468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A cypres garland For the sacred forehead of our late soueraigne King Iames. / By Hugh Holland.Holland, Hugh, d. 1633.A03469EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pancharis the first booke. Containing the preparation of the loue betweene Ovven Tudyr, and the Queene, long since intended to her maiden Maiestie: and now dedicated to the inuincible Iames, second and greater Monarch of great Britaine, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, with the islands adiacent.Holland, Hugh, d. 1633.A03470EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The holie historie of our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christs natiuitie, life, actes, miracles, doctrine, death, passion, resurrection and ascension gathered into English meeter, and published to withdraw vaine wits from all vnsauerie and wicked rimes and fables, to some loue and liking of spirituall songs and holy scriptures. By Robert Holland maister of Arts, and minister of the Church of Prendergast.Holland, Robert, 1557-ca. 1622.A03472EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Hollanders declaration of the affaires of the East Indies. Or A true relation of that which passed in the Ilands of Banda, in the East Indies: in the yeare of our Lord God, 1621. and before. Faithfully translated according to the Dutch copieA03476EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answere to the Hollanders declaration, concerning the occurrents of the East-India. The first part. Written by certaine marriners, lately returned from thence into EnglandA03477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A needefull, new, and necessarie treatise of chyrurgerie briefly comprehending the generall and particuler curation of vlcers, drawen foorth of sundrie worthy wryters, but especially of Antonius Calmeteus Vergesatus, and Ioannes Tagaltius, by Iohn Banister ... Hereunto is anexed certaine experiments of mine ovvne inuention, truely tried, and daily of me practised.Banister, John, 1540-1610.A03479EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fall and euill successe of rebellion from time to time wherein is contained matter, moste meete for all estates to vewe. Written in old Englishe verse, by VVilfride Holme.Holme, Wilfrid.A03482EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lac puero[rum]. M. holti mylke for chyldrenHolte, John, grammarian.A03484EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The abbaye of the Holy Ghost]A03489EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three sermons vpon the Passion, Resurrection and Ascension of Our Sauior preached at Oxford, by Barten Holyday, now archdeacon of Oxford.Holyday, Barten, 1593-1661.A03497EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The strange, vvonderfull, and bloudy battell betweene frogs and mise the occasion of their falling out: their preparation, munition, and resolution for the warres: the seuerall combats of euery person of worth; with many other memorable accidents. Interlaced with diuers pithy and morall sentences, no lesse pleasant to be read, then profitable to be obserued. Couertly decyphering the estate of these times. Paraphrastically done into English heroycall verse by W.F. C.C.C.A03504EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The crowne of all Homers workes Batrachomyomachia or the battaile of frogs and mise. His hymn's - and - epigrams translated according to ye. originall by George ChapmanA03505EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ten books of Homers Iliades, translated out of French, by Arthur Hall EsquireHomer.A03508EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Iliads of Homer prince of poets· Neuer before in any languag truely translated. With a co[m]ment vppon some of his chiefe places; donne according to the Greeke by Geo: Chapman.Homer.A03512EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Achilles shield Translated as the other seuen bookes of Homer, out of his eighteenth booke of Iliades. By George Chapman Gent.Homer.A03513EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Homer's Odysses. Translated according to ye Greeke by. Geo: ChapmanHomer.A03515EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certayne sermons, or homelies appoynted by the kynges Maiestie, to be declared and redde, by all persones, vicars, or curates, euery Sondaye in their churches, where they haue cure. Anno 1547.A03519EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second tome of homilees of such matters as were promised, and intituled in the former part of homilees. Set out by the aucthoritie of the Queenes Maiestie: and to be read in euery parishe church agreeably.A03549EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a lytell treatyse called the LucydaryeHonorius, of Autun, ca. 1080-ca. 1156.A03564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ansvvere of Mr. Richard Hooker to a supplication preferred by Mr Walter Travers to the HH. Lords of the Privie CounsellHooker, Richard, 1553 or 4-1600.A03584EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A learned and comfortable sermon of the certaintie and perpetuitie of faith in the elect especially of the prophet Habakkuks faith. By Richard Hooker, sometimes fellow of Corpus Christi College in Oxford.Hooker, Richard, 1553 or 4-1600.A03585EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A learned discourse of iustification, workes, and how the foundation of faith is overthrowne. By Richard Hooker, sometimes fellow of Corpus Christi College in OxfordHooker, Richard, 1553 or 4-1600.A03586EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A learned sermon of the nature of pride, by Richard Hooker, sometimes fellow of Corpus Christi College in OxfordHooker, Richard, 1553 or 4-1600.A03589EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the lavves of ecclesiasticall politie eight bookes. By Richard Hooker.Hooker, Richard, 1553 or 4-1600.A03590EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A remedie against sorrow and feare, delivered in a funerall sermon, by Richard Hooker, sometimes fellow of Corpus Christi College in OxfordHooker, Richard, 1553 or 4-1600.A03597EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tvvo sermons vpon part of S. Judes Epistle, by Richard Hooker sometimes Fellow of Corpus Christie College in OxfordHooker, Richard, 1553 or 4-1600.A03598EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The soules preparation for Christ. Or, A treatise of contrition Wherein is discovered how God breaks the heart and wounds the soule, in the conversion of a sinner to Himselfe.Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647.A03611EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer vnto my lord of wynthesters [sic] booke intytlyd a detection of the deuyls sophistrye wherwith he robith the vnlernyd people of the trew byleef in the moost blessyd sacrament of the aulter made by Johann Hoper.Hooper, John, d. 1555.A03618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologye made by the reuerende father and constante martyr of Christe Iohn Hooper late bishop of Gloceter and Worceter againste the vntrue and sclaunderous report that he should be a maintainer and encorager of suche as cursed the Quenes highnes that then was, Quene Marye. Wherein thou shalte see this godlye mannes innocency and modest behauioure: and the falsehode and subtyltye of the aduersaryes of Gods truthHooper, John, d. 1555.A03619EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certeine comfortable expositions of the constant martyr of Christ, M. Iohn Hooper, Bishop of Glocester and Worcester written in the time of his tribulation and imprisonment, vpon the XXIII. LXII. LXXIII. and LXXVII. Psalmes of the prophet Dauid.Hooper, John, d. 1555.A03620EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of Christe and of his offyce compylyd, by Johan Hoper, anno 1547Hooper, John, d. 1555.A03621EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of the ten holy co[m]maundementes of allmygthye God wroten Exo. 20. Deu. 5. Collectyd out of the scripture canonicall, by Joanne Hopper.Hooper, John, d. 1555.A03622EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition vpon the .23. psalme of Dauid full of frutefull and comfortable doctrin, written to the citye of London by Iohn Hooper, bushop [sic] of Gloceter and Worceter, and holye martyr of God for the testimonye of hys truth. Wherunto is annexed an apology of his, agaynst such as reported that he cursed Quene Mary, wyth certaine godlye and comfortable letters in the ende.Hooper, John, d. 1555.A03627EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A funerall oratyon made the xiiij. day of Ianuary by Iohn Hoper, the yere of our saluation, 1549. vpon the texte wrytyne in the Reuelatyone of Sayncte Iohne. Ca. 14.Hooper, John, d. 1555.A03628EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Godly and most necessary annotations in ye .xiij. chapyter too the Romaynes]Hooper, John, d. 1555.A03631EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A godly confession and protestacion of the christian fayth, made and set furth by Ihon Hooper, wherin is declared what a christia[n] manne is bound to beleue of God, hys Kyng, his neibour, and hymselfeHooper, John, d. 1555.A03632EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[An homelye to be read in the tyme of pestylence]Hooper, John, d. 1555.A03634EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A lesson of the Incarnation of Christe that he toke, [sic] his humanite in and of the Blessyd Virgine made the twentithe daye of Iune by Iohn Hoper. 1549.Hooper, John, d. 1555.A03636EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The actes and life of the most victorious conquerour, Robert Bruce, King of Scotland VVherein also are contained the martiall deeds of the valiant princes, Edward Bruce, Syr Iames Dowglas, Erle Thomas Randel, Walter Stewart, and sundrie others.Barbour, John, d. 1395.A03659EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Horace his arte of poetrie, pistles, and satyrs Englished and to the Earle of Ormounte by Tho. Drant addressed.Horace.A03670EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The first two satires or] poesyes of Horace [translated into English] meeter by Levvis Euans schoolemayster.Horace.A03679EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A medicinable morall, that is, the two bookes of Horace his satyres, Englyshed accordyng to the prescription of saint Hierome. The wailyngs of the prophet Hieremiah, done into Englyshe verse. Also epigrammes. T. Drant. Perused and allowed accordyng to the Quenes Maiesties iniunctionsHorace.A03680EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvveare made by Rob. Bishoppe of VVynchester, to a booke entituled, The declaration of suche scruples, and staies of conscience, touchinge the Othe of the Supremacy, as M. Iohn Fekenham, by vvrytinge did deliuer vnto the L. Bishop of VVinchester vvith his resolutions made thereunto.Horne, Robert, 1519?-1580.A03691EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian gouernour, in the common-wealth, and priuate families described by Dauid, in his 101. Psalme. Guiding all men in a right course to heauen. Herewith also a part of the parable of the lost sonne. Luke 15. Both expounded and opened by Robert Horn. With the doctrines and vses thence arising. The more particular contents see on the page following.Horne, Robert, 1565-1640.A03694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Points of instruction for the ignorant as also, an expositition on the ten commandements, and the Lords Prayer, by questions and answeres. With an examination before our comming to the Lords table. And a short direction for spending of time well. By Robert Horne.Horne, Robert, 1565-1640.A03697EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The trauailes of an English man Containing his sundrie calalmities indured by the space of twentie and odd yeres in his absence from his natiue countrie; wherein is truly decyphered the sundrie shapes of wilde beasts, birds, fishes, foules, rootes, plants, &c. With the description of a man that appeared in the sea: and also of a huge giant brought from China to the King of Spaine. No lesse pleasant than approued. By I.H. Published with authoritie.Hortop, Job.A03702EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The felicitie of man, or, his summum bonum. Written by Sr, R: Barckley, KtBarckley, Richard, Sir, 1578?-1661.A03705EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth the egloges of Alexa[n]der Barclay prest wherof the fyrst thre conteyneth the myseryes of courters [et] courtes of all prynces in generall, the matter wherof was translated into Englyshe by the sayd Alexander in fourme of dialoges, oute of a boke named in latin Miserie curialiu[m], compyled by Eneas Siluius poete and oratour, whiche after was Pope of Rome, [et] named Pius.Pius II, Pope, 1405-1464.A03715EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and plaine report of the furious outrages of Fraunce & the horrible and shameful slaughter of Chastillion the admirall, and diuers other noble and excellent men, and of the wicked and straunge murder of godlie persons, committed in many cities of Fraunce, without any respect of sorte, kinde, age, or degree. By Ernest Varamund of Freseland.Hotman, François, 1524-1590.A03723EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The boke of Codrus and MynalcasBarclay, Alexander, 1475?-1552.A03727EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fyfte eglog of Alexandre Barclay of the cytezen and vplondyshman. Here after foloweth the prologe.Barclay, Alexander, 1475?-1552.A03728EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The housholders new-yeeres gift containing a pleasant dialogue betwixt the husband and his wife, pleasant to be regarded. To the tune of, where is my true-love.A03730EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The good hous-wiues treasurie Beeing a verye necessarie booke instructing to the dressing of meates. Hereunto is also annexed sundrie holsome medicines for diuers diseases.A03731EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Vindication of the cobler, being a briefe publication of his doctrine, or, Certaine tenents [sic] collected out of the sermon of Samuel How, a cobler in Long Ally in Morefields which sermon he preacht in the Nags-head Tavern neare Coleman-street, in the presence of aboue a hundred people ... : this sermon lately printed and intituled, The sufficiency of the Spirits teaching, without humane learning, for the light and information of the ignorant ...A03733EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Charles, Earle of Nottingham, Barron Howard of Effingham, knight of the most noble Order of the Garter, Lord Liefetenant of his Maiesties counties of Sussex, and Surry ...England and Wales, High Court of Admiralty.A03734EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Songes and sonettes, written by the right honorable Lorde Henry Haward late Earle of Surrey, and otherA03742EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Callophisus, being brought by the greatest perfection in an other to the smallest liberty in himselfe, hauing the foundation of his choice so firme as it cannot decaye, and finding the place of his imprisonment so stronge as he cannot escape: wilbe at the tilts ende vpon the two and twentie day of Ianuarie next ensewing, at one of the clocke in the afternoone, there to defend and mainetayne against all men whosoever, for sixe courses a peece, the whole sixe, or any of the sixe articles which follow ...Arundel, Philip Howard, Earl of, Saint, 1557-1595.A03747EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse touching the pretended match betwene the Duke of Norfolke and the Queene of ScottesA03749EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dendrologia Dodona's grove, or, the vocall forrest. By I.H. Esqr.Howell, James, 1594?-1666.A03752EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon, preached at the funerall of the right vvorshipfull Sir Robert Boteler Knight of Wood-hall: In the parish of Watton in Hert-ford-shire, the ninth of Ianuary, 1622.Howell, Thomas, fl. 1623.A03753EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arbor of amitie wherin is comprised pleasant poëms and pretie poesies, set foorth by Thomas Howell Gentleman. Anno. 1568.Howell, Thomas, fl. 1568-1581.A03754EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
H. His deuises, for his owne exercise, and his friends pleasureHowell, Thomas, fl. 1568-1581.A03755EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newe sonets, and pretie pamphlets. Written by Thomas Howell gentelmanHowell, Thomas, fl. 1568-1581.A03756EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the expresse vvorde of God A shorte, but a most excellent treatyse and very necessary for this tyme. Written in Latin, by the right reuerend, lerned, and vertuous father Stanislaus Hosius, Bishop of VVarmia, Cardinal of the Holy Apostolyke See of Rome, and of the presidents in the late general councel holden at Trent. Newly translated in to English.Hozjusz, Stanisław, 1504-1579.A03769EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Examen de ingenios. = The examination of mens vvits In whicch [sic], by discouering the varietie of natures, is shewed for what profession each one is apt, and how far he shall profit therein. By Iohn Huarte. Translated out of the Spanish tongue by M. Camillo Camili. Englished out of his Italian, by R.C. Esquire.Huarte, Juan, 1529?-1588.A03771EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Great Brittaines resurrection: or the Parliaments passing bell By vvay of psalmodie, against the tryumphing of the Papists, in their seuen psalmes. And in imitation of the song of the three nobles of Israel, deliuered out of the fierie ouen of Babell. By VVilliam Hubbard, Chaplaine to the Kings Maiestie, in his Highness Tower of London. Seene and allowed.Hubbock, William, b. 1560.A03778EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The deplorable life and death of Edward the Second, King of England Together with the downefall of the two vnfortunate fauorits, Gauestone and Spencer. Storied in an excellent poëm.Hubert, Francis, Sir, d. 1629.A03783EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of Edward the Second, surnamed Carnarvan, one of our English kings together with the fatall down-fall of his two vnfortunate favorites Gaveston and Spencer : now published by the author thereof, according to the true originall copie, and purged from those foule errors and corruptions, wherewith that spurious and surreptitious peece, which lately came forth vnder the same tytle, was too much defiled and deformed : with the addition of some other observations both of vse and ornament / by F.H. knight.Hubert, Francis, Sir, d. 1629.A03784EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Egypts favorite The historie of Ioseph, divided into foure parts: 1. Iosephus in puteo: or, the vnfortunate brother. 2. Iosephus in gremio: or, the chaste courtier. 3. Iosephus in carcere: or, the innocent prisoner. 4. Iosephus in summo: or, the noble favorite. Together with old Israels progresse into the land of Goshen. By Francis Hubert, Knight, and sometime one of the six clarkes of his Maiesties High Court of Chancerie.Hubert, Francis, Sir, d. 1629.A03786EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the ix. of Februarie. Anno Dom. 1583. By I. Hudson, Maister of Arte, of OxonHudson, John, M.A., Oxon.A03787EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
St. Pauls exercise, or, A sermon of conscience Describing the nature of it; and declaring the manner and meanes how to obtaine, and retaine, a good conscience. Preached by Iohn Hughes, Doctor in Diuinitie.Hughes, John, fl. 1622.A03796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine greevances, vvell vvorthy the serious consideration of the right honorable and high Court of Parliament Set forth by way of dialogue, or conference betweene a countrey gentleman, and a minister of Gods word; for the satisfying of those that doe clamour, and maliciously revile them that labour to have the errors of the Booke of common prayer reformed. By Levves Hevves, minister of Gods Word.Hughes, Lewes, fl. 1620.A03797EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine deu[is]es and shewes presented to her Maiestie by the gentlemen of Grayes-Inne at her Highnesse court in Greenewich, the twenty eighth day of Februarie in the thirtieth yeare of her Maiesties most happy raigneHughes, Thomas, fl. 1587.A03804EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exposition of certayne words of S. Paule, to the Romaynes, entiteled by an old wryter Hugo. A treatise of the workes of three dayes. Also an other worke of the truth of Christes naturall body. By Richarde Coortesse Docter of Diuinitie, and Bishop of ChichesterHugh, of Saint-Victor, 1096?-1141.A03805EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The seige of Breda by the armes of Phillip the Fourt vnder the gouernment of Isabella atchiued by the conduct of Ambr. SpinolaHugo, Herman, 1588-1629.A03807EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Huloets dictionarie newelye corrected, amended, set in order and enlarged, vvith many names of men, tovvnes, beastes, foules, fishes, trees, shrubbes, herbes, fruites, places, instrumentes &c. And in eche place fit phrases, gathered out of the best Latin authors. Also the Frenche therevnto annexed, by vvhich you may finde the Latin or Frenche, of anye English woorde you will. By Iohn Higgins late student in Oxeforde.Huloet, Richard.A03825EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hymnes, or Sacred songs wherein the right vse of poësie may be espied. Be Alexander Hume. Whereunto are added, the experience of the authors youth, and certaine precepts seruing to the practise of sanctification. The table followes in the next page.Hume, Alexander, 1560?-1609.A03826EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ane treatise of conscience Quhairin divers secreits concerning that subiect, are discovered, as may appeare, in the table following.Hume, Alexander, 1560?-1609.A03827EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the felicitie, of the life to come Vnsavorie to the obstinate, alluring to such as are gone astray, and to the faithful, full of consolation. By A.H.Hume, Alexander, 1560?-1609.A03828EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A diduction of the true and catholik meaning of our Sauiour his words this is my bodie, in the institution of his laste Supper through the ages of the Church from Christ to our owne daies. Whereunto is annexed a reply to M. William Reynolds in defence of M. Robert Bruce his arguments in this subiect: and displaying of M. Iohn Hammiltons ignorance and contradictions: with sundry absurdities following vpon the Romane interpretation of these words. Compiled by Alexander Hume Maister of the high schoole of Edinburgh.Hume, Alexander, schoolmaster.A03829EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reioynder to Doctor Hil concerning the descense of Christ into Hell Wherein the answere to his sermon is iustlie defended, and the roust of his reply scraped from those arguments as cleanlie, as if they had neuer bene touched with that canker. By Alexander Hume, Maister of Artes. Heere, besides the reioynder, thou hast his paralogismes: that is, his fallacies and deceits in reason pointed out, and numbered in the margin: amounting to the nomber of 600. and aboue: and yet not half reckoned.Hume, Alexander, schoolmaster.A03833EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Daphn-Amaryllis. Authore Davide Humio Theagrio, WedderburnensiHume, David, 1560?-1630?A03834EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dauidis Humii Theagrii lusus poetici in tres partes distincti.Hume, David, 1560?-1630?A03835EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De vnione insulæ Britannicæ tractatus. 1. Per Dauidem Humium TheagriumHume, David, 1560?-1630?A03836EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Illustrissimi principis Henrici iusta Vbi et sponsorum epithalamium; et consolatio; & exhortatio ad principem Carolum ad fratris imitationem.Hume, David, 1560?-1630?A03837EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Regi suo post bis septennium in patriam ex Angliâ redeunti, Scotiae gratulatioHume, David, 1560?-1630?A03838EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The flytting betwixt Montgomerie and PolwartHume, Patrick, Sir, fl. 1580-1621.A03840EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The promine, contening the maner, place and time, of the maist illuster King James the sext his first passing to the feildis: Directis to his hienes: Be P. H. familiar seruitour to his Maiestie.Hume, Patrick, Sir, fl. 1580-1621.A03841EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Captaine Humes poeticall musicke Principally made for two basse-viols, yet so contriued, that it may be plaied 8. seuerall waies vpon sundry instruments with much facilitie. 1 The first way or musicke is for one bass-viole to play alone in pares, which standeth alwaies on the right side of this booke. 2 The second musicke is for two basse-viols to play toghether. 3 The third musicke, for three basse-viols to play together. 4 The fourth musicke, for two tenor viols and a basse-viole. 5 The fift musicke, for two lutes and a basse-viole. 6 The sixt musicke, for two orpherions and a basse-viole. 7 The seuenth musicke, to vse the voyce to some of these musicks, but especially to the three basse-viols, or to the two orpherions with one basse-viole to play the ground. 8 The eight and last musicke, in conforting all these instruments together with the virginals, or rather with a winde instrument and the voice Composed by Tobias Hume gentleman.Hume, Tobias, d. 1645.A03842EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epitome of the history of faire Argenis and Polyarchus, extracted out of the Latin, and put in French, by that great and famous writer, M. N. Coeffeteau Bishop of Marseilles. And translated out of the French into English by a yong gentlevvoman. Dedicated to the Lady Anne WentvvorthCoeffeteau, Nicolas, 1574-1623.A03845EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hunnies recreations: conteining foure godlie and compendious discourses, intituled Adams Banishment: Christ his crib. The lost sheepe. The complaint of old age. Whereunto is newly adioyned these two notable and pithie treatises: The creation or first weeke. The life and death of Ioseph. Compiled by William Hunnis, one of the gentleme[n] of hir Maiesties chappel, and maister to the children of the same.Hunnis, William, d. 1597.A03860EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A hyue full of hunnye contayning the firste booke of Moses, called Genesis. Turned into English meetre, by VVilliam Hunnis, one of the Gent. of her Maiesties Chappel, and Maister to the Children of the same. Seene and allowed, accordinge to the order appointed.Hunnis, William, d. 1597.A03861EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Seuen sobs of a sorrowfull soule for sinne comprehending those seuen Psalmes of the princelie prophet David, commonlie called Pœnitential / framed into a forme of familiar praiers, and reduced into meeter by William Hunnis ... ; wherevnto are also annexed his Handfull of honisuckles, The poore widowes mite, a dialog betweene Christ and a sinner, diuers godlie and pithie ditties, with a Christian confession of and to the Trinitie.Hunnis, William, d. 1597.A03862EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mirrour of mindes, or, Barclay's Icon animorum, Englished by T.M.Barclay, John, 1582-1621.A03875EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the vnvvritten Word of God, commonly called traditions. Written in Latin, by the R. Father Iames Gordon Huntley of Scotland, Doctour of Diuinity, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by I. L. of the same Society. The second part of the first controuersyGordon, James, 1541-1620.A03880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the vvritten VVord of God. Composed in Latin, by the Reuerend Father Iames Gordon Huntley of Scotland, Doctour of Diuinity, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English, by I. L. of the same Society. The first part of the first controuersyGordon, James, 1541-1620.A03881EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise concerning the properties and offices of the true Church of Christ VVritten in Latin, by the reuerend Father Iames Gordon Huntley of Scotland, Doctour of Diuinity, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English, by I.L. of the same Society. The first part of the second controuersyGordon, James, 1541-1620.A03882EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise concerning the ground of faith. VVritten in Latin, by the reuerend Father Iames Gordon Huntley of Scotland, Doctour of Diuinity, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English, by I.L. of the same Society. The second part of the second controuersyGordon, James, 1541-1620.A03883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise concerning the church Wherin it is shewed, by the signes, offices, and properties therof, that the Church of Rome (and consequently such particuler churches as liue in her communion) is the only true church of Christ. VVritten in Latin, by the Reuerend Father Iames Gordon Huntley of Scotland, Doctour of Diuinity, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by I.L. of the same Society. The third part of the second controuersy.Gordon, James, 1541-1620.A03884EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ancient, honorable, famous, and delighfull historie of Huon of Bourdeaux, one of the peeres of Fraunce, and Duke of Guyenne Enterlaced with the loue of many ladies, as also the fortunes and aduentures of knights errant, their amorous seruants.A03886EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe chronologie of the holie scriptures as plaine and easie as may be, according to the extent of the seuerall historicall bookes thereof. Comprised first in a few verses to a short vievve for some helpe of memorie: and afterward more particularly layd forth and explaned, for a further light to the course and proceeding of the holy sorte. With a catalogue of the holy prophets of God, as touching the times wherein they prophesied.A03887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ta tōn Mousōn eisodia: = The Muses welcome to the high and mightie prince Iames by the grace of God King of Great Britaine France and Ireland, defender of the faith &c. At His Majesties happie returne to his olde and natiue kingdome of Scotland, after 14 yeeres absence, in anno 1617. Digested according to the order of his Majesties progresse, by I.A.A03888EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Politicke, moral, and martial discourses. Written in French by M. Iaques Hurault, lord of Vieul and of Marais, and one of the French kings priuie Councell. Dedicated by the author to the French-kings Maiestie: and translated into English by Arthur GoldingHurault, Jacques.A03890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Davids sling against great Goliah conteining diuers notable treatises, the [n]ames whereof follow next after the epistle to the reader / by E.H.Hutchins, Edward, 1558?-1629.A03903EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A faithful declaration of Christes holy supper comprehe[n]ded in thre sermo[n]s, preached at Eaton Colledge, by Roger Hutchinson. 1552. Whose contentes are in the other syde of the lefe.Hutchinson, Roger, d. 1555.A03909EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The image of God, or laie mans boke in which the right knowledge of God is disclosed, and diuerse doubtes besides the principal matter, made by Roger Hutchinson. 1550.Hutchinson, Roger, d. 1555.A03912EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De morbo Gallico·Hutten, Ulrich von, 1488-1523.A03916EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the vvood called guaiacum that healeth the Frenche pockes, and also healeth the goute in the feete, the stoone, the palsey, lepree, dropsy, fallynge euyll, and other dyseases.Hutten, Ulrich von, 1488-1523.A03917EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Follie's anatomie. Or Satyres and satyricall epigrams VVith a compendious history of Ixion's wheele. Compiled by Henry Hutton, Dunelmensis.Hutton, Henry.A03920EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blacke dogge of Newgate both pithie and profitable for all readers.Hutton, Luke, d. 1596.A03921EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Callirhoe, the nymph of Aberdene, resuscitat by William Barclay M. of Art, and Doctor of Physicke. What diseases may be cured by drinking of the well at Aberdene, and what is the true vse thereofBarclay, William, 1570?-1630?A03922EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The discovery of a London monster, called, the blacke dogg of New-gate profitable for all readers to take heed by.Hutton, Luke, d. 1596.A03924EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Luke Huttons lamentation which he wrote the day before his death, being condemned to be hanged at Yorke this last assises for his robberies and trespasses committed. To the tune of Wandering and wauering [...]Hutton, Luke, d. 1596.A03925EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Guil: Barclayi amoeniorum artium, & medicinæ doctoris, judicium, de certamine G. Eglisemmii cum G. Buchanano, pro dignitate paraphraseos Psalmi CIIII. Non violandi manes. Adjecta sunt, Eglisemmii ipsum iudicium, ut editum fuit Londini, typis Eduardi Aldæi, ann. Dom. 1619: et in gratiam studiosæ iuventutis, ejusdem Psalmi elegans paraphrasis Thomae Rhaedi.Barclay, William, 1570?-1630?A03932EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Scala perfecc[i]onisHilton, Walter, d. 1396.A03935EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Scala perfectionisHilton, Walter, d. 1396.A03936EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A godly ballad declaring by the Scriptures the plagues that haue insued whordomeA. I., fl. 1566.A03939EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An example for all those that make no conscience of swearing and forswearing shewing Gods heauy iudgement vpon a maid-seruant in London, who forswore her selfe, and now lies rotting in S. Bartholomewes Hospitall in Smithfield, where many resort daily to see her. To the tune of, Aime not too high.H. I., fl. 1625.A03945EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nepenthes, or The vertues of tabacco by William Barclay Mr. of Art, and Doctor of PhysickeBarclay, William, 1570?-1630?A03952EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A ioyful song of the royall receiuing of the Queenes most excellent Maiestie into her highnesse campe at Tilsburie in Essex: on Thursday and Fryday the eight and ninth of August. 1588 To the tune of Triumph and ioy.T. I., fl. 1588.A03961EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vvorld of vvonders. A masse of murthers. A couie of cosonages Containing many of the moste notablest wonders, horrible murthers and detestable cosonages that haue beene within this land. Not imagined falso to delight vaine heads ociose, not practised trans mare to breed trueth cum ambiguitate, but commited euen at home re vera, and may be prooued cum honestate. A matter moste fit to be knowen, well wayed and considered of all men.T. I., fl. 1595.A03963EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
These be the articles of the popes Bulle vnder leade translated from latyn into englissheSargy, J. (John)A03972EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Be it knowen to all Criste[n] people, that Syr Iohn Pyllet Eng[lysshe] knyght of the holy sepulcre of Criste co[m]mynge from Iherusalem, was t[aken by the] Mauris & infidels ...Catholic Church. Pope (1513-1521 : Leo X)A03975EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
B[y] vertue of holy obedyence openly ...A03976EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Uniuersis [et] singulis d[omi]nici gregis pastorib[us] [et] curatis q[ui]bus sapie[n]tis dictamine sui pecoris multu[m] petri iudicio agnoscere iubet[ur] presentiu[m] tenore innotescat [blank] hoc breue testimoniale deferente[m] et canonica[m] fecisse confessione[m] [et] absolucionis beneficiu[m] participasse indulgentiaru[m] virtute in euentuali ecclesia fratrum Augustinensium [blank] celebrataru[m] t[em]p[or]e quadragesimali. Anno salutis romana computatione. M.d.xviiAugustinians.A03983EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
These folowynge be the priuyleges pardon and indulgence graunted to the bretherne and susters, [and] benefactours of the College churche of seynt Ioh[a]n BeuerleyConfraternity of St. John (Beverley, England)A03985EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Uniuersis et singulis d[omi]nici gregis pastorib[us] [et] curatisAugustinians.A03987EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[List in English of privileges of members of the Guild].Guild of Our Lady of Scala Coeli (Boston, Lincolnshire, England)A03988EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ioha[n]nes de Gigliis alias de Liliis apl'icus subdiacon[us] ...Catholic Church. Pope (1484-1492 : Innocent VIII)A03990EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The holy & great indulgence & pardon of plenary remissio[n] a pena et culpa grau[n]ted by dyuerse popes, & newly confirmed with many amplycacions of our most holy father godes vycar vpo[n] erth pope Leo the .x. ...Franciscan Convent (Ipswich, England)A03992EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Indulgence in favor of this hospital.]Hospital of St. Katherine (Lincoln, England)A03995EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Be it know[n to all c]risten men and women, that thyse be the great indulgence [...]St. Thomas's Hospital (London, England)A03999EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[To them that before this image of pity devoutly say v. pater noster, v. aves & a credo piteously.]A04005EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Unto all maner & singuler Cristen people beholdynge or herynge these present letters shall come gretynge ...Catholic Church. Pope (1513-1521 : Leo X)A04006EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In dei nomine amen nouerint vniversi cristifideles qualiter santissimi dominus felicis reOrden de Santiago.A04009EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Indulgences graunted to all and euery crysten man and whoman in what soeuer party of the worlde they be, entrynge into the fraternyite of Saynt Katheryn in the mounte of SynayCatholic Church. Pope (1513-1521 : Leo X)A04010EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Indulgences in English in favour of the "Hospital of the Holy Ghost", Rome 1520]Hospital of the Holy Ghost (Rome, Italy)A04012EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Indulgences issued to raise money to fight the Turks or to ransom captives]A04014EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The graces folowyng be grau[n]ted to al the bretherne [and] systers benefactours and good doers vnto the hospytall of ye blessyd co[n]fessour Saynt Rocke fou[n]ded [and] establyssyd w[ith]in the cyte Excester the daye that they do say a pater noster an Aue, [and] a crede it is grau[n]ted them that they shal neuer be infecte not greued w[ith] the stroke of ye pestylence as more playnly it dothe appere in hys legende how and whan al myghty god graunted thys petycyon to the sayd blessyd co[n]fessour Saynt Rocke, [and] sent yt by hys angell RaphaellA04017EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Will[e]mus permissione diuina Ca[n]tuarien[sis] Archiepiscopus toci[us] Anglie primas [et] apostolice sedis legatus [Et] Robertus permissio[n]e diuina Meneuen[sis] e[m]p[t]us in regno et hominijs Anglie s[an]ctissimi domini nostri Julij eiusde[m] nominis Pape secu[n]di ad hec co[m]missarij generales tibi.Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano.A04018EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Be it knowen to all cristen people, that where ther is ... [p]orche of the Cathedrall Churche of Hareforde ...Hereford Cathedral. Porch and Chantry Chapel.A04019EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
De potestate Papæ an & quantenus in reges & principes seculares ius & imperium habeat: Guil. Barclaii I.C. liber posthumus.Barclay, William, 1546 or 7-1608.A04023EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Informations, or a protestation, and a treatise from Scotland Seconded with D. Reignoldes his letter to Sir Francis Knollis. And Sir Francis Knollis his speach in Parliament. All suggesting the vsurpation of papal bishops.A04026EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mirror of mans lyfe Plainely describing, what weake moulde we are made of: what miseries we are subiect vnto: howe vncertaine this life is: and what shal be our ende. Englished by H. Kirton.Innocent III, Pope, 1160 or 61-1216.A04036EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Alexander Ep[iscopu]s seruus seruor[um] dei ad futuram Rei memoria[m]. ...Catholic Church. Pope (1484-1492 : Innocent VIII)A04041EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
He [sic] begynneth an interlocucyon, with an argument, betwyxt man and woman & whiche of them could proue to be most excelle[n]t.Alexis, Guillaume, d. 1468?A04050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An enterlude of welth, and health ... newly ... imprinted. The names of the players. Welth. Helth, Lybertie. ...A04052EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The[n]terlude of youthA04053EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The interpreter wherin three principall termes of state much mistaken by the vulgar are clearly unfolded.A04056EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lawes and orders of vvarre established for the good conduct of the seruice of Ireland.England and Wales. Army.A04076EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lavves and orders of vvarre established for the good conduct of the seruice in Ireland.England and Wales. Army.A04077EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The offer and order giuen forth by Sir Thomas Smyth, Knight, and Thomas Smyth his sonne vnto suche as be willing to accompanye the sayde Thomas Smyth the sonne, in his voyage for the inhabiting some partes of the northe of Irelande.Smyth, Thomas, Sir.A04086EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and certaine report of the beginning, proceedings, ouerthrowes, and now present estate of Captaine Ward and Danseker, the two late famous pirates from their first setting foorth to this present time. As also the firing of 25. saile of the Tunis, men of warre: together with the death of diuers of Wards chiefe captaines. Published by Andrew Barker master of a ship, who was taken by the confederates of Ward, and by them some time detained prisoner.Barker, Andrew, fl. 1609.A04099EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Lord Deputie and Councell. A proclamation for the banishment of Iesuites and priests, &c.Ireland. Lord Deputy (1622-1629 : Falkland)A04102EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A balade declaryng how neybourhed lone [sic], and trew dealyng is goneBarker, John, ballad writer.A04103EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Lord Deputie and Councell whereas for preuention of such disorders, ryots and rebellions within this realme, as might grow by loose and disloyall people ...Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.A04104EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the horyble and woful destruccion of Ierusalem and of the sygnes and tokens that were seene before it was destroied: which distruction was after Christes assension. xlii. yeares. To the tune of the Queenes Almayne.Barker, John, ballad writer.A04105EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The plagues of Northomberland To the tune of appelles.Barker, John, ballad writer.A04107EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true description of a monsterous chylde, borne in the Ile of Wight, in this present yeare of oure Lord God, M. D. LXIIII. the month of October after this forme with a cluster of longe heare about the nauell, the fathers name is Iames Iohnsun, in the parys of freswater.Barker, John, ballad writer.A04108EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Anno Domini 1629 articles to be inquired of by the churchwardens and inquisitors of euery parish in the lord primates visitation metropoliticall.Church of Ireland. Province of Dublin. Archbishop (1619- 1660 : Bulkeley)A04122EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here be the gathered counsailes of saynct Isodorie to informe man, howe he shuld flee vices and folowe vertuesIsidore, of Seville, Saint, d. 636.A04132EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The doctrinall of princis]Isocrates.A04137EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mirrha the mother of Adonis: or, Lustes prodegies. By William Barksted. Horrace. Nansicetur enim pretium, nomenque poetæ. Whereunto are added certaine Eglogs. By L.M.Barksted, William, fl. 1611.A04138EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hiren: or The faire Greeke: By William Barksted, one of the seruants of his Maiesties reuelsBarksted, William, fl. 1611.A04139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ecclesiastes The worthy church-man, or the faithfull minister of Iesvs Christ. Described by polishing the twelve stones in the high-priests pectorall, as they were first glossed and scholyed on in a Synod-sermon; and after enlarged by way of discourse, to his two brethren. By Iohn Iackson parson of Marske in Richmond-shire.Jackson, John, 1600-1648.A04154EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The key of knowledge which is, a little booke intended to bee of good use, as for all degrees of Christians, so especially for religious families, and religious schooles. The full use and contents whereof must be enquired in the preface or introduction to the worke, which is (first) deliberately to be read of those who desire to receive profit by the booke. By John Jackson, rector of Marsk neere Richmond in York-shire.Jackson, John, 1600-1648.A04155EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The conuerts happines· A comfortable sermon preached at S. Maries Spittle in London, in Easter-weeke, the 19. April. 1609. By Thomas Iackson, Bachelour of Diuinitie, and preacher of Gods word, at Wye in Kent.Jackson, Thomas, d. 1646.A04156EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dauids pastorall poeme: or sheepeheards song Seuen sermons, on the 23. Psalme of Dauid, whereof the last was preached at Ashford in Kent, the day whereon our gracious King was there proclaimed. By Thomas Iackson preacher of Gods word at Wie in Kent.Jackson, Thomas, d. 1646.A04157EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An helpe to the best bargaine a sermon on Mat. 13-16. Preached on Sunday, the 20. of Octob. 1623. in the Cathedrall Church of Christ, Canterbury. By Thomas Iackson, doctor of divinitie, and one of the prebends, and lecturer there.Jackson, Thomas, d. 1646.A04159EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iudah must into captivitie Six sermons on Ierem. 7.16. Lately preached in the Cathedrall Church of Christ in Canterburie, and elsevvhere, By Thomas Iackson Doctor in Divinitie, and one of the prebends of the said church.Jackson, Thomas, d. 1646.A04160EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Peters teares A sermon, preached at S. Maries Spittle, the xv. of Aprill 1612. By Thomas Iacksonne Bachelour in Diuinitie, and preacher of Gods holy word at Wye in Kent.Jackson, Thomas, d. 1646.A04163EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The raging tempest stilled The historie of Christ his passage, with his disciples, over the Sea of Galilee, and the memorable and miraculous occurrents therein. Opened and explaned in weekly lectures (and the doctrines and vses fitly applied to these times, for the direction and comfort of all such as feare Gods iudgements) in the cathedrall and metropoliticall Church of Christ, Canterb.Jackson, Thomas, d. 1646.A04164EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sinnelesse sorrow for the dead a comfortable sermon, preached at the funerall of Mr. Iohn Moyle, of Buckwell, in the countie of Kent, Esquire, the sixt of Ianuarie, 1614 / by Thomas Iackson, Batchelor in Diuinitie, and preacher of Gods word, at Wye in Kent.Jackson, Thomas, d. 1646.A04165EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christs ansvver vnto Iohns question: or, An introduction to the knowledge of Iesus Christ, and him crucified Deliuered in certaine sermons in the famous towne of New-castle vpon Tine. By Thomas Iackson, Dr. of Diuinitie, vicar of Saint Nicolas Church there, and fellow of Corpus Christi Colledge in Oxford.Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A04166EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Diverse sermons with a short treatise befitting these present times, now first published by Thomas Iackson, Dr in Divinity, chaplaine in ordinary to his Majestie, and president of Corpus Christi Colledge in Oxford. ...Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A04167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The humiliation of the Sonne of God by his becomming the Son of man, by taking the forme of a servant, and by his sufferings under Pontius Pilat, &c. Or The eighth book of commentaries vpon the Apostles Creed: continued by Thomas Jackson Dr. in Divinitie, chaplaine to his Majestie in ordinarie, and president of Corpus Christi Colledge in Oxford. Divided into foure sections.Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A04168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iustifying faith, or The faith by which the just do liue A treatise, containing a description of the nature, properties and conditions of Christian faith. With a discouerie of misperswasions, breeding presumption or hypocrisie, and meanes how faith may be planted in vnbeleeuers. By Thomas Iackson B. of Diuinitie and fellow of Corpus Christi Colledge in Oxford.Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A04187EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The knowledg of Christ Jesus. Or The seventh book of commentaries vpon the Apostles Creed: containing the first and general principles of Christian theologie: with the more immediate principles concerning the true knowledge of Christ. Divided into foure sections. Continued by Thomas Jackson Dr. in Divinitie, chaplaine to his Majestie in ordinarie, and president of Corpus Christi Colledge in OxfordJackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A04189EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nazareth and Bethlehem, or, Israels portion in the sonne of Iesse. And, mankinds comfort from the weaker sexe Tvvo sermons preached in St Maryes Church in Oxford. By Thomas Iackson, Bachelour of Divinitie, and fellow of Corpus Christi College in Oxford.Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A04190EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise containing the originall of vnbeliefe, misbeliefe, or misperswasions concerning the veritie, vnitie, and attributes of the Deitie with directions for rectifying our beliefe or knowledge in the fore-mentioned points. By Thomas Iackson Dr. in Divinitie, vicar of Saint Nicholas Church in the famous towne of New-castle vpon Tine, and late fellow of Corpus Christi Colledge in Oxford.Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A04191EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the consecration of the Sonne of God to his everlasting priesthood And the accomplishment of it by his glorious resurrection and ascention. Being the ninth book of commentaries upon the Apostles Creed. Continued by Thomas Iackson Doctor in Divinity, chaplaine in ordinary to his Maiesty, and president of C.C.C. in Oxford.Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A04192EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the divine essence and attributes. By Thomas Iackson Doctor in Divinitie, chaplaine to his Majestie in ordinary, and vicar of S. Nicolas Church in the towne of Newcastle upon Tyne. The first partJackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A04194EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the holy catholike faith and Church Diuided into three bookes. By Thomas Iackson Dr. in Diuinitie, chaplaine to his Maiestie in ordinarie, and vicar of Saint Nicolas Church in the towne of Newcastle vpon Tyne. The first booke.Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A04195EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The celestiall husbandrie: or, The tillage of the soule First, handled in a sermon at Pauls Crosse the 25. of February, 1616. By William Iackson, terme-lecturer at Whittington Colledge in London: and since then much inlarged by the authour, for the profit of the reader: with two tables to the same.Jackson, William, lecturer at Whittington College.A04199EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A nevve mery and vvittie comedie or enterlude, newely imprinted, treating vpon the historie of Iacob and Esau taken out of the xxvij. chap. of the first booke of Moses entituled Genesis. The partes and names of the players who are to be consydered to be Hebrews and so should be apparailed with attire. 1 The Prologe, a poete. 2 Isaac, an olde man, father to Iacob [and] Esau ... 11 Abra, a little wench, serua[n]t to Rebecca.A04206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pleasant new ballad to sing both euen and morne, of the bloody murther of Sir John Barley-corne : to the tune of, Shall I lie beyond thee. A New ballad for you to looke on, How mault doth deale with euery one, to the tune of Triumph and joyA04209EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A counterblaste to tobaccoJames I, King of England, 1566-1625.A04242EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Daemonologie in forme of a dialogue, diuided into three bookes.James I, King of England, 1566-1625.A04243EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A remonstrance of the most gratious King Iames I. King of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. For the right of kings, and the independance of their crownes. Against an oration of the most illustrious Card. of Perron, pronounced in the chamber of the third estate. Ian. 15. 1615. Translated out of his Maiesties French copie.James I, King of England, 1566-1625.A04250EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The essayes of a prentise, in the diuine art of poesieJames I, King of England, 1566-1625.A04254EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
His Maiesties Lepanto, or heroicall song being part of his poeticall exercises at vacant houres.James I, King of England, 1566-1625.A04258EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hierons last fare-vvell A sermon preached at Modbury in Devon, at the funerall of that reuerend and faithfull seruant of Iesus Christ, Master Samuel Hieron, sometimes Preacher there. By I. B.Barlow, John, b. 1580 or 81.A04261EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The peace-maker: or, Great Brittaines blessing Fram'd for the continuance of that mightie happinesse wherein this kingdome excells many empires. Shewing the idlenesse of a quarrelling reputation wherein consists neyther manhood nor wisdome. Necessarie for all magistrates, officers of peace, masters of families, the confirmation of youth, and for all his Maiesties most true and faithfull subiects: to the generall auoyding of all contention and bloud-shedding.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A04267EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ioy of the vpright man In a sermon preached at Grayes Inne: By I. B. Wherein is declared the hidden comfort, the sure reward, the present condition of the vpright-hearted.Barlow, John, b. 1580 or 81.A04270EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologie for the oath of allegiance first set foorth without a name, and now acknowledged by the authour, the Right High and Mightie Prince, Iames, by the grace of God, King of Great Britaine, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. ; together with a premonition of His Maiesties, to all most mightie monarches, kings, free princes and states of Christendome.James I, King of England, 1566-1625.A04286EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pietas in patrem, or a few teares vpon the lamented death of his most deare, and loving father Richard Barlow late of Langill in VVestmooreland, who dyed December 29. Ann. 1636. By Thomas Barlow Master of Arts, Fellow of Queenes Coll. in Oxon and eldest sonne of his deceased father.Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691.A04306EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New song to the great comfort and reioycing of all true English harts at our most gracious King Iames his proclamation vpon the 24 of March last past in the cittie of London to the tune of Englands pride is gone.A04316EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A breife discouery of the idle animaduersions of Marke Ridley Doctor in Phisicke vpon a treatise entituled, Magneticall aduertisementsBarlow, William, d. 1625.A04321EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Magneticall aduertisements: or Diuers pertinent obseruations, and approued experiments, concerning the natures and properties of the load-stone Very pleasant for knowledge, and most needfull for practise, of trauelling, or framing of instruments fit for trauellers both by sea and land. Whereunto is anexed a breife discouerie of the idle animaduersions of Mark Ridley Dr. in Physicke, vpon a treatise entituled Magneticall aduertisements.Barlow, William, d. 1625.A04327EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologie for Iohn Wickliffe shewing his conformitie with the now Church of England; with answere to such slaunderous obiections, as haue beene lately vrged against him by Father Parsons, the apologists, and others. Collected chiefly out of diuerse works of his in written hand, by Gods especiall providence remaining in the publike library at Oxford, of the honorable foundation of Sr. Thomas Bodley Knight: by Thomas James keeper of the same.James, Thomas, 1573?-1629.A04328EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nauigators supply Conteining many things of principall importance belonging to nauigation, with the description and vse of diuerse instruments framed chiefly for that purpose; but seruing also for sundry other of cosmography in generall: the particular instruments are specified on the next page.Barlow, William, d. 1625.A04334EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An explanation or enlarging of the ten articles in the supplication of Doctor Iames, lately exhibited to the clergy of England. Or A manifest proofe that they are both reasonable and faisible within the time mentioned.James, Thomas, 1573?-1629.A04339EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The humble and earnest request of Thomas Iames, Dr of Diuinity, and subdeane of the Cathedrall Church of Welles, to the Church of England; for, and in the behalfe of bookes touching religionJames, Thomas, 1573?-1629.A04340EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The humble supplication of Thomas Iames student in diuintie and keeper of the publike librarie at Oxford, for reformation of the ancient Fathers VVorkes, by papists sundrie wayes depraued.James, Thomas, 1573?-1629.A04341EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Iesuits downefall threatned against them by the secular priests for their wicked liues, accursed manners, hereticall doctrine, and more then Matchiavillian policie. Together with the life of Father Parsons an English Iesuite.James, Thomas, 1573?-1629.A04344EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to a Catholike English-man (so by himselfe entitvled) who, without a name, passed his censure vpon the apology made by the Right High and Mightie Prince Iames by the grace of God King of Great Brittaine, France, and Ireland &c. for the oath of allegiance : which censvre is heere examined and refvted / by the Bishop of Lincoln.Barlow, William, d. 1613.A04345EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A manuduction, or introduction vnto diuinitie containing a confutation of papists by papists, throughout the important articles of our religion; their testimonies taken either out of the Indices expurgatorii, or out of the Fathers, and ancient records; but especially the parchments. By Tho. Iames, Doctor of Diuinitie, late fellow of New-Colledge in Oxford, and Sub-Deane of the cathedrall church of Welles. This marke noteth the places that are taken out of the Indices expurgatorij: and this [pointing hand], a note of the places in the manuscripts.James, Thomas, 1573?-1629.A04347EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brand, Titio erepta On the fift day of Nouember last, before the Honourable Lordes of his Maiesties Priuie Councell, and the graue iudges of the law, &c. this sermon preached by the Reuerend Father in Christ, William, Lord Bishoppe of Rochester.Barlow, William, d. 1613.A04357EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
I tell you John Iarret, you'l breake Iohn Iarrets wiues counsell to her husband ...A04362EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The epitaffe of the moste noble [and] valyaunt Iasper late duke of BeddefordeA04363EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Jehovah a free pardon, vvith many graces therein conteyned, graunted to all Christians by our most holy and reuerent father God almightie, the principal high priest and bishoppe in heauen and earth / first written in the Spanish tounge, and there published by a Spaniard vnknowen, (yet as it seemeth) the seruant of our sayde Holy Father ; and now translated into the mother English tounge, by Iohn Danyel of Clements Inne.A04369EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe discouery of the damages that happen to this realme by disordered and vnlawfull diet The benefites and commodities that otherwaies might ensue. With a perswasion of the people: for a better maintenance to the nauie. Brieflie compiled, by Edward Ieninges.Jeninges, Edward.A04372EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the articles of the Protestants religion in aunsweare to a libell lately cast abroad, intituled Certaine articles, or forcible reasons, discouering the palpable absurdities, and most intricate errours of the Protestantes religion.Barlow, William, d. 1613.A04376EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine selected epistles of S. Hierome as also the liues of Saint Paul the first hermite, of Saint Hilarion the first monke of Syria, and of S. Malchus: vvritten by the same Saint. Translated into EnglishJerome, Saint, d. 419 or 20.A04384EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fyrst chapitre is the lyf of saint ierom as it is take of legenda aurea The seconde is of his lyf also as saint austyn wryteth in hys pystill The thyrd is how saint Jerome apperid to sai[nt] Austin in grete ioye ...Winter, Simon, d. 1448.A04387EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
One of the foure sermons preached before the Kings Maiestie, at Hampton Court in September last This concerning the antiquitie and superioritie of bishops. Sept. 21. 1606. By the Reuerend Father in God William Lord Bishop of Rochester.Barlow, William, d. 1613.A04388EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Seauen helpes to Heauen Shewing 1. How to auoid the curse. 2. How to beare the crosse. 3. How to build the conscience. 4. How with Moses to see Canaan. 5. Simeons dying song, directing to liue holily and dye happily. 6. Comforts for Christians against distresses in life, and feare of death. 7. Feruent prayers, to beare sicknesse patiently, and dye preparedly. The second edition: much enlarged by Steuen Ierome, late preacher at S. Brides. Seene and allowed.Jerome, Stephen, fl. 1604-1650.A04391EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discouery of the errors of the English Anabaptists As also an admonition to all such as are led by the like spirit of error. Wherein is set downe all their seuerall and maine points of error, which they hold. With a full answer to euery one of them seuerally, wherein the truth is manifested. By Edmond Iessop who sometime walked in the said errors with them.Etherington, John, fl. 1641-1645.A04400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a merry ieste of a shrewde and curste wyfe, lapped in morrelles skin, for her good behauyourBramis, Joannes.A04401EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Jest, o]r, A Pretty iest of a bride and a bridegroome where the bridegroo[m] wa[s] most neately deceiued of his sweet- heart by a seruingman : to the tune of, Better late thriue then neuer.A04406EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The articles which were propounded to the Iesuites to subscribe them in the Parliament, on Sunday the 14. of March, &c. 1626 By reason of a hurtfull and detestable booke, which is published vnder the name of Anthonius Santarellus. The sentence which the court of Parliament hath giuen against the Iesuites of the Colledge of Clemont on the 17. of March, &c. 1626. The censure which the diuines of the Vniuersitie of Paris haue made against a booke, which is instiled, Antonij Santarelli ex Societate Iesu tractatus de hæresi, schismate, apostasia, sollicitatione in Sacramento Pœnitentiæ, & de potestate summi pontificis in his dilectis puniendis. Ad serenissimum Principem Mauritium à Sabaudia. Roma, apud hœredem Bartholomæi Zannetti, 1625. Superiorum permissu.France. Parlement (Paris)A04407EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Psalmes and hymnes of praier and thanksgiuing. Made by VVilliam Barlow, Bishop of Lincolne, for his owne chappell and familie onelieBarlow, William, d. 1613.A04411EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, on the first Sunday in Lent: Martij 1. 1600 With a short discourse of the late Earle of Essex his confession, and penitence, before and at the time of his death. By William Barllow Doctor of Diuinitie. Whereunto is annexed a true copie, in substance, of the behauiour, speache, and prayer of the said Earle at the time of his execution.Barlow, William, d. 1613.A04416EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christ on his throne. Or, Christs church-government briefly laid downe and how it ought to bee set up in all Christian congregations. Resolved in sundry cases of conscience.A04417EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the tenth day of Nouember being the next Sunday after the discouerie of this late horrible treason. By the right reuerend father in God, William, by Gods permission, Lord Bishop of Rochester.Barlow, William, d. 1613.A04425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
O glorious Ihesu, o mekest Ihesu, o mooste swettest Ihesu, I prayethe that I may haue newe confession, contrition and satisfaction or I dye ...A04428EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The opinion, judgement, and determination of two reverend, learned, and conformable divines of the Church of England, concerning bowing at the name, or naming of Jesus. The one somtime a member of the Vnivertie of Cambridge, in a letter to his Christian freind: the other sometime a member of the Vniversitie of Oxford, in a treatise to his brethren the ministers of the Church of England. Printed at Hambourgh, 1632H. B., Bachelor of Divinity.A04429EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Our sauiour Iesus Christ hath not ouercharged his chirche with many ceremoniesA04430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The svmme and svbstance of the conference which, it pleased his excellent Maiestie to haue with the lords, bishops, and other of his clergie, (at vvhich the most of the lordes of the councell were present) in his Maiesties priuy-chamber, at Hampton Court. Ianuary 14. 1603. / Contracted by VVilliam Barlovv, Doctor of Diuinity, and Deane of Chester. Whereunto are added, some copies, (scattered abroad,) vnsauory, and vntrue.Barlow, William, d. 1613.A04434EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologie, or aunswer in defence of the Church of England concerninge the state of religion vsed in the same. Newly set forth in Latin, and nowe translated into Englishe.Jewel, John, 1522-1571.A04458EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apologie or answere in defence of the Churche of Englande with a briefe and plaine declaration of the true religion professed and vsed in the same.Jewel, John, 1522-1571.A04459EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Deffynniad ffydd Eglwys Loegr lle y ceir gweled, a gwybod, dosparth gwir Grefydd Crist, ag anghywirdeb creyfydd Eglwys Rufain : angenrheidiol i bawb ei ddealld, a madws i ddynion ei ddyscu, o ran arwain eu buchedd yn y byd hwn, fal y caffont fywyd tragwyddol yn y byd a ddaw / wedi ei gyfieuthu o Ladin, yn Gymraeg, drwy waith M. Kyffin.Jewel, John, 1522-1571.A04462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine sermons preached before the Queenes Maiestie, and at Paules crosse, by the reuerend father Iohn Ievvel late Bishop of Salisburie. Whereunto is added a short treatise of the sacraments, gathered out of other his sermons, made vpon that matter, in his cathedrall church at SalisburieJewel, John, 1522-1571.A04463EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the Apologie of the Churche of Englande conteininge an answeare to a certaine booke lately set foorthe by M. Hardinge, and entituled, A confutation of &c. By Iohn Iewel Bishop of Sarisburie.Jewel, John, 1522-1571.A04468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An expositio[n] vpon the two epistles of the apostle S. Paul to the Thessalonians by the reuerend Father Iohn Ievvel ... ; vvhereunto is adioined a very necessarie table of the principal matters contained in this exposition.Jewel, John, 1522-1571.A04472EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A replie vnto M. Hardinges ansvveare by perusinge whereof the discrete, and diligent reader may easily see, the weake, and vnstable groundes of the Romaine religion, whiche of late hath beene accompted Catholique. By Iohn Iewel Bishoppe of Sarisburie.Jewel, John, 1522-1571.A04474EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon made in latine in Oxenforde in the raigne of King Edwarde the sixt, / by the learned and godly father Iohn Iuel, late Bishop of Sarisburie, and translated into Englishe, by R.V. Dedicated vnto the Bishop of London, as appeareth in the Commentarie of Ma. Caluine, vpon the Galathians, in Englishe.Jewel, John, 1522-1571.A04477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dyaloge describing the originall grou[n]d of these Lutheran faccyons, and many of theyr abusys, compyled by syr wyllyam Barlow chanonBarlow, William, d. 1568.A04479EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Seuen godly and learned sermons preached by the Reuerend Father in God Iohn Iuel, late bishop of Salisburie. Neuer before imprintedJewel, John, 1522-1571.A04480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true copies of the letters betwene the reuerend father in God Iohn Bisshop of Sarum and D. Cole vpon occasion of a sermon that the said Bishop preached before the Quenes Maiestie, and hir most honorable Counsel. 1560. Set forthe and allowed, according to the order appointed in the Quenes Maiesties iniunctions. Cum gratia & priuilegio Regiæ Maiestatis per septennium.Jewel, John, 1522-1571.A04482EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A viewe of a seditious bul sent into Englande, from Pius Quintus Bishop of Rome, anno. 1569. Taken by the reuerende Father in God, Iohn Iewel, late Bishop of Salisburie. Wherevnto is added a short treatise of the holy Scriptures. Both which he deliuered in diuers sermons in his cathedral church of Salisburie, anno. 1570Jewel, John, 1522-1571.A04483EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proper dyaloge, betwene a gentillman and a husbandma[n] eche complaynynge to other their miserable calamite, through the ambicion of the clergye. An A.B.C. to the spiritualte.Barlow, William, fl. 1527.A04488EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rede me and be nott wrothe for I saye no thynge but trothe I will ascende makynge my state so hye, that my pompous honoure shall never dye. O caytyfe when thou thynkest least of all, with confusion thou shalt have a fall.A04489EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialoge describing the originall ground of these Lutheran faccions, and many of their abuses, compyled by syr William Barlow chanon, late byshop of BatheBarlow, William, d. 1568.A04491EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The golden trade: or, A discouery of the riuer Gambra, and the golden trade of the Aethiopians Also, the commerce with a great blacke merchant, called Buckor Sano, and his report of the houses couered with gold, and other strange obseruations for the good of our owne countrey; set downe as they were collected in trauelling, part of the yeares, 1620. and 1621. By Richard Iobson, Gentleman.Jobson, Richard, fl. 1620-1623.A04494EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mothers legacie, to her vnborne childe. By Elizabeth IocelinJocelin, Elizabeth, 1596-1622.A04495EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life of the glorious bishop S. Patricke apostle and primate of Ireland Togeather with the lives of the holy virgin S. Bridgit and of the glorious abbot Saint Columbe patrons of Ireland.Jocelin, fl. 1200.A04498EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epistle in the person of Christ to the faithfull soule, written first by that learned Lanspergius, and after translated into English by one of no small fame, whose good example of sufferance & liuing, hath and wilbe a memoriall vnto his countrie and posteritie for euerLansperger, Johannes Justus, 1489-1539.A04499EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An homilie of Saint John Chrysostome vpon that saying of Saint Paul, Brethern, I wold not haue you ignorant, what is becom of those that slepe, to the end ye lament not. &c. With also a discourse vpon Job, and Abraham, newely made out of Greke into latin by master Cheke, and englished by Tho. Chaloner.John Chrysostom, Saint, d. 407.A04510EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of Saint Chrysostome, wherein besyde that it is furnysshed with heuenly wisedome [and] teachinge, he wonderfully proueth, that no man is hurted but of hym selfe: translated into Englishe by the floure of lerned menne in his tyme, Thomas Lupsette LondonerJohn Chrysostom, Saint, d. 407.A04512EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first and second part of the troublesome raigne of Iohn King of England With the discouerie of King Richard Cordelions base sonne (vulgarly named, the bastard Fawconbridge:) Also, the death of King Iohn at Swinstead Abbey. As they were (sundry times) lately acted by the Queenes Maiesties Players. Written by W. Sh.A04520EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Melusine a tale of the serpent fairy]Jean, d'Arras, 14th cent.A04522EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The treatyse answerynge the boke of berdes. Compyled by Collyn clowte, dedycatyd to Barnarde barber dwellynge in BanberyBarnes, satirist.A04524EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pope translated out of the old Dutch coppye, in print all most 50 yeares since, and novv reprinted, 1621.John, of Capistrano, Saint, 1386-1456.A04525EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The treasury of healthe conteynyng many profitable medycines gathered out of Hypocrates, Galen and Auycen, by one Petrus Hyspanus [and] translated into Englysh by Humfre Lloyde who hath added therunto the causes and sygnes of euery dysease, wyth the Aphorismes of Hypocrates, and Iacobus de Partybus redacted to a certayne order according to the membres of mans body, and a compendiouse table conteynyng the purginge and confortatyue medycynes, wyth the exposicyo[n] of certayne names [and] weyghtes in this boke contayned wyth an epystle of Diocles vnto kyng Antigonus.John XXI, Pope, d. 1277.A04527EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine orations and answeres made by Iohn Casimire Countie Palatine of Rhyne ... vnto the French king & his embassadours in defence of ye maintenance of his peace, and Christian religion. Translated out of French. 1579.Casimir, Johann, Pfalzgraf bei Rhein, 1543-1592.A04532EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Diuils charter a tragædie conteining the life and death of Pope Alexander the sixt. As it was plaide before the Kings Maiestie, vpon Candlemasse night last: by his Maiesties Seruants. But more exactly reuewed, corrected, and augmented since by the author, for the more pleasure and profit of the reader.Barnes, Barnabe, 1569?-1609.A04539EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An inquirie and ansvver of Thomas VVhite his discoverie of Brovvnisme. By Francis Iohnson Pastor of the exiled English Church at Amsterdam in HollandJohnson, Francis, 1562-1618.A04541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the ministery of the Church of England Wherein is handled this question, whether it be to be separated from, or joyned vnto. Which is discussed in two letters, the one written for it, the other against it. Wherevnto is annexed, after the preface, A brief declaration of the ordinary officers of the Church of Christ. And, a few positions. Also in the end of the treatise, some notes touching the Lordes prayer. Seuen questions. A table of some principal thinges conteyned in this treatise.Johnson, Francis, 1562-1618.A04542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An confortable exhortation of oure mooste holy Christen faith, and her frutes Writte[n] (vnto the Christe[n] bretherne in Scotla[n]de) after the poore worde of God.Johnson, John, professor of holy divinite.A04546EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iohnsons Arithmatick in 2. bookes the first, of vulgare arithma: with diuers briefe and easye rules: to worke all the first 4. partes of arithmatick in whole numbers and fractions by the author newly invented the second, of decimall arithmatick wherby all fractionall operations are wrought, in whole numbers, in marchants accomptes without reduction; with interest, and annuityes by Iohn Iohnson survaighour; practitioner in the mattiematiquJohnson, John, fl. 1602-1657.A04547EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A divine centurie of spirituall sonnetsBarnes, Barnabe, 1569?-1609.A04549EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Anglorum lacrimæ in a sad passion complayning the death of our late soueraigne Lady Queene Elizabeth: yet comforted againe by the vertuous hopes of our most royall and renowned King Iames: whose Maiestie God long continue.Rogers, Thomas, 1573 or 4-1609 or 10.A04550EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A crovvne garland of goulden roses Gathered out of Englands royall garden. Being the liues and strange fortunes of many great personages of this land. Set forth in many pleasant new songs and sonetts neuer before imprinted. By Richard Iohnson.Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659?A04551EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The golden garland of princely pleasures and delicate delights Wherin is conteined the histories of many of the kings, queenes, princes, lords, ladies, knights, and gentlewomen of this kingdome. Being most pleasant songs and sonnets to sundry new tunes now most in vse: the third time imprinted, enlarged and corrected by Rich. Iohnson. Deuided into two parts.Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659?A04553EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A lanterne-light for loyall subiects. Or, A terrour for traytours Wherein may be seene the odiousnesse of treason, the deserued ende of traytours, and the wonderfull preseruation of anoynted princes. A matter rightly agreeing with this time of danger, where wicked persons haue desired our publike sorrow, and the ruine of this realme of England.Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659?A04554EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most famous history of the seauen champions of Christendome Saint George of England, Saint Dennis of Fraunce, Saint Iames of Spaine, Saint Anthonie of Italie, Saint Andrew of Scotland, Saint Pattricke of Ireland, and Saint Dauid of Wales. Shewing their honorable battailes by sea and land: their tilts, iousts, and turnaments for ladies: their combats vvith giants, monsters, and dragons: their aduentures in forraine nations; their inchauntments in the holie land: their knighthoods, prowesse, and chiualrie, in Europe, Affrica, and Asia, with their victories against the enemies of Christ.Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659?A04555EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second part of the famous history of the seauen champions of Christendome Likevvise shevving the princely provvesse of Saint Georges three sonnes, the liuely sparke of nobilitie. VVith many other memorial atchiuements worthy the golden spurres of knighthood.Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659?A04556EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most pleasant history of Tom a Lincolne that renowned souldier, the Red-rose Knight, who for his valour and chivalry, was surnamed the boast of England. Shewing his honourable victories in forraigne countries, with his strange fortunes in the Fayrie land: and how he married the faire Anglitora, daughter to Prester Iohn, that renowned monarke of the world. Together with the lives and deathes of his two famous sonnes, the Blacke Knight, and the Fayrie Knight, with divers other memorable accidents, full of delight.Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659?A04560EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Musarum plangores vpon the death of the right honourable, Sir Christopher Hatton, Knight, &c.Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659?A04561EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nine worthies of London explayning the honourable exercise of armes, the vertues of the valiant, and the memorable attempts of magnanimious minds. Pleasant for gentlemen, not vnseemely for magistrates, and most profitable for prentises. Compiled by Richard Iohnson.Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659?A04564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Parthenophil and Parthenophe Sonnettes, madrigals, elegies and odes. To the right noble and vertuous gentleman, M. William Percy Esquier, his deerest friend.Barnes, Barnabe, 1569?-1609.A04567EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pleasant vvalkes of Moore-fields Being the guift of two sisters, now beautified, to the continuing fame of this worthy citty.Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659?A04568EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pilgrimage of man, vvandering in a vvildernesse of vvoe wherein is shewed the calamities belonging to man being borne in this world, and how all the principall estates thereof are crossed with misery.Johnson, Richard.A04569EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A remembrance of the honors due to the life and death of Robert Earle of Salisbury, Lord Treasurer of England, &c.Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659?A04571EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dauids teacher, or The true teacher of the right-vvay to heauen Discouering erroneous teachers and seditious sectuaries. Preached at Paules-Crosse the 3. of September. 1609. By Ro: Iohnson, M. of Arts, chaplaine to the Right Reuerend Father in God, the L. Bishop of Lincolne.Johnson, Robert, chaplain to the Bishop of Lincoln.A04576EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Essaies, or rather Imperfect offers, by Rob. Iohnson Gent. Seene and allowedJohnson, Robert, fl. 1586-1626.A04577EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nova Britannia offering most excellent fruites by planting in Virginia : exciting all such as be well affected to further the same.Johnson, Robert, fl. 1586-1626.A04581EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Stand up to your beliefe, or, A combat betweene Satan tempting, and A Christian triumphing in the comfort of the Creed. By Tho. Iohnson. a. preach. of WolBorrow in Devon. 1640Johnson, Thomas, minister of Woolborough.A04585EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cornucopiæ, or diuers secrets wherein is contained the rare secrets in man, beasts, foules, fishes, trees, plantes, stones and such like, most pleasant and profitable, and not before committed to bee printed in English. Newlie drawen out of diuers Latine authors into English by Thomas Iohnson.Johnson, Thomas, d. 1644.A04586EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dainty conceits with a number of rare and witty inuentions, neuer before printed. Made and inuented for honest recreation, to passe away idle houres. By Thomas Iohnson.Johnson, Thomas, d. 1644.A04587EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A nevv booke of new conceits with a number of nouelties annexed threreunto. Whereof some be profitable, some necessary, some strange, none hurtful, and all delectable. By Thomas Iohnson.Johnson, Thomas, d. 1644.A04588EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Consilium collegii medici Parisiensis de mania G. Eglishemii, quam prodidit scripto cui titulus, Duellum poëticum pro dignitate paraphraseos Psalmi CIIII decertantibus G. [brace] Eglishemio Medico, Buchanano Pædonomo [brace] regio, quod Parisiensis Academiæ iudicio submisit.Johnstoun, Arthur, 1587-1641.A04589EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true historie of the Christen departynge of the reuere[n]de ma[n] D. Martyne Luther, collected by Iustus Ionas, Michael Celius, and Ioannes Aurifaber whych were present therat, & translated into Englysh by Iohan BaleJonas, Justus, 1493-1555.A04598EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Britannia triumphans a masque, presented at White Hall, by the Kings Majestie and his lords, on the Sunday after Twelfth-night, 1637. By Inigo Iones surveyor of his Majesties workes, and William Davenant her Majesties servant.Jones, Inigo, 1573-1652.A04599EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The temple of love A masque. Presented by the Queenes Majesty, and her ladies, at White-hall on Shrove-Tuesday, 1634. By Inigo Iones, surveyor of his Maties. workes, and William Davenant, her Maties. servant.Jones, Inigo, 1573-1652.A04600EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first booke of songes & ayres of foure parts with tableture for the lute So made that all the parts together, or either of them severally may be song to the lute, orpherian or viol de gambo. Composed by Robert Iones.Jones, Robert, fl. 1597-1615.A04613EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A musicall dreame. Or The fourth booke of ayres the first part is for the lute, two voyces, and the viole de gambo; the second part is for the lute, the viole and foure voices to sing: the third part is for one voyce alone, or to the lute, the basse viole, or to both if you please, vvhereof, two are Italian ayres. Composed by Robert Iones.Jones, Robert, fl. 1597-1615.A04616EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cantus The first set of madrigals, of parts for viols and voices, or for voices alone, or as you please. Composed by Robert Iones.Jones, Robert, fl. 1597-1615.A04617EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mysterie of Christes natiuitie A sermon preached in the parish church of All-Saints in Dorchester, within the countie of Dorset, the 25. day of December 1613. being Christmas Daye. By William Iones, Master of Arts, and preacher of Gods Word.Jones, William, b. 1581 or 2.A04618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A commentary vpon the Epistles of Saint Paul to Philemon, and to the Hebrewes together with a compendious explication of the second and third Epistles of Saint Iohn. By VVilliam Iones of East Bergholt in Suffolke, Dr. in Divinity, and sometimes one of the fellowes of the foundation of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge.Jones, William, 1561-1636.A04619EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe exhortation to all men to set their houses in order. By William Iones B. of D. Preacher to the Isle of WightJones, William, b. 1581 or 2.A04623EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of patience in tribulation first, preached before the Right Honourable the Countesse of Southampton in her great heauines for the death of her most worthy husband and sonne: afterward inlarged for the helpe of all that are any way afflicted crossed or troubled. By William Iones B. of D. and P. of Arraton in the Isle of Wight. Herevnto are ioyned the teares of the Isle of Wight, shed on the tombe of their most noble Captaine Henrie Earle of Southampton and the Lord Wriothesly his sonne.Jones, William, b. 1581 or 2.A04626EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true inquisition or The sad soules search Preached at Newport, May 29. 1632 in the primary visitation of the worshipfull Mr. Edvvard Burbye, Archdeacon of Winton. dBy W. Iones, B. of D. preacher to the Isle of Wight, and Vicar of Arreton.Jones, William, b. 1581 or 2.A04627EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The workes of Beniamin IonsonJonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04632EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bartholmew fayre : a comedie, acted in the yeare, 1614 by the Lady Elizabeths seruants, and then dedicated to King Iames, of most blessed memorie ; The diuell is an asse : a comedie acted in the yeare, 1616, by His Maiesties seruants ; The staple of newes : a comedie acted in the yeare, 1625, by His Maiesties seruants by the author, Beniamin Iohnson.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04633EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The alchemist. VVritten by Ben. IonsonJonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04636EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
B. Ion: his part of King Iames his royall and magnificent entertainement through his honorable cittie of London, Thurseday the 15. of March. 1603 so much as was presented in the first and last of their triumphall arch's. With his speach made to the last presentation, in the Strand, erected by the inhabitants of the Dutchy, and Westminster. Also, a briefe panegyre of his Maiesties first and well auspicated entrance to his high Court of Parliament, on Monday, the 19. of the same moneth. With other additions.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04637EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pleasant comedy, called: The case is alterd As it hath beene sundry times acted by the children of the Black-friers. Written by Ben. Ionson.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04639EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Catiline his conspiracy· VVritten by Ben: IonsonJonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04640EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The characters of two royall masques The one of blacknesse, the other of beautie. personated by the most magnificent of queenes Anne Queene of great Britaine, &c. With her honorable ladyes, 1605. and 1608. at White-hall: and inuented by Ben: Ionson.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04643EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Chloridia Rites to Chloris and her nymphs. Personated in a masque, at court. By the Queenes Maiesty and her ladies. At Shroue-tide. 1630.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04644EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Euery man in his humor As it hath beene sundry times publickly acted by the right Honorable the Lord Chamberlaine his seruants. Written by Ben. Iohnson.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04647EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The comicall satyre of euery man out of his humor. As it was first composed by the author B.I. Containing more than hath been publickely spoken or acted. VVith the seuerall character of euery personJonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04648EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ben: Ionson's execration against Vulcan· VVith divers epigrams by the same author to severall noble personages in this kingdome. Never published before.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04651EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fortunate isles and their vnion Celebrated in a masque design'd for the court, on the Twelfth night. 1624.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04652EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fountaine of selfe-loue. Or Cynthias reuels As it hath beene sundry times priuately acted in the Black-Friers by the Children of her Maiesties Chappell. Written by Ben: Iohnson.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04653EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hymenaei: or The solemnities of masque, and barriers magnificently performed on the eleventh, and twelfth nights, from Christmas; at court: to the auspicious celebrating of the marriage-vnion, betweene Robert, Earle of Essex, and the Lady Frances, second daughter to the most noble Earle of Suffolke. By Ben: Ionson.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04654EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loues triumph through Callipolis Performed in a masque at court 1630. By his Maiestie with the lords, and gentlemen assisting. The inuentors. Ben. Ionson. Inigo Iones.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04655EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Neptunes triumph for the returne of Albion celebrated in a masque at the court on the Twelfth night 1623.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04656EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nevv inne. Or, The light heart A comoedy. As it was neuer acted, but most negligently play'd, by some, the Kings Seruants. And more squeamishly beheld, and censured by others, the Kings subiects. 1629. Now, at last, set at liberty to the readers, his Maties seruants, and subiects, to be iudg'd. 1631. By the author, B. Ionson.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04658EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poeticall varieties: or, Varietie of fancies. By Tho. Iordan GentJordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?A04661EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The affectionate shepheard Containing the complaint of Daphnis for the loue of Ganymede.Barnfield, Richard, 1574-1627.A04673EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The famous and memorable vvorkes of Iosephus, a man of much honour and learning among the Iewes. Faithfully translated out of the Latin, and French, by Tho. Lodge Doctor in PhysickeJosephus, Flavius.A04680EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ioy of tears or Cordials of comfort springing vp in the region of sorrow.A04692EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An apolgye made by George Ioye to satisfye (if it maye be) w. Tindale to pourge & defende himself ageinst many sclaunderouse lyes fayned vpon [hi]m in Tindals vncharitable a[n]d vnsober pystle so well worthye to be prefixed for the reader to induce him into the vnderstanding of hys new Testame[n]t diligently corrected & printed in the yeare of oure lorde. M.CCCCC. and xxxiiii. in Nouember.Joye, George, d. 1553.A04693EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A compendyouse somme of the very Christen relygyon gathered faythfully out of holy scripture: necessary for all them that rede the olde and new Testament. Tra[n]slated by George Joye the yere of our lorde. M.D.xxxv. in Septembre.A04694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A contrarye (to a certayne manis) consultacion: that adulterers ought to be punyshed wyth deathe Wyth the solucions of his argumentes for the contrarye. Made by George Ioye.Joye, George, d. 1553.A04695EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The exposicion of Daniel the prophete gathered oute of Philip Melanchton, Iohan Ecolampadius, Chonrade Pellicane [and] out of Iohan Draconite. [et] c. By George Ioye. A prophecye diligently to be noted of al emprowrs [and] kinges in these laste dayesJoye, George, d. 1553.A04696EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
George Ioye confuteth, Vvinchesters false articlesJoye, George, d. 1553.A04699EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The refutation of the byshop of Winchesters derke declaratio[n] of his false articles, once before confuted by George Ioye Be not deceiued by this bysshops false bokes. Heare novve the tother parte, and iudge truely of the trueth. For the veritie vvyll haue the victorye.Joye, George, d. 1553.A04700EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A present consolation for the sufferers of persecucion for ryghtwysenesJoye, George, d. 1553.A04701EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The subuersio[n] of Moris false foundacion where upon he sweteth to set faste and shove under his shameles shoris, to vnderproppe the popis churche: made by George Ioye.Joye, George, d. 1553.A04702EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vnitie and scisme of the olde chircheJoye, George, d. 1553.A04703EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Policie vnveiled vvherein may be learned, the order of true policie in kingdomes, and common-wealths: the matters of justice, and government; the addresses, maxims, and reasons of state: the science of governing well a people: and where the subject may learne true obedience unto their kings, princes, and soveraignes. Written in Spanish, and translated into English by I.M. of Magdalen Hall in Oxford.Juan de Santa María, fray, d. 1622.A04705EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new enterlued for chyldren to playe, named Iacke Iugeler both wytte, and very playsent. The players names. Mayster Boungrace Dame coye Iacke Iugler Ienkin careaway Ales trype and go A galant A gentelwoman The vyce A lackey. A mayd.A04712EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevves from Gulick and Cleue A true and faithfull relation of the late affaires in the countries of Gulicke, Cleue and Bergh, and what townes haue certainely been taken aswell by Marquesse Spinola, as by Graue Maurice, and how it stands with them in those parts at this present. Seruing also to confute the false relation lately published in English. Together, with Count Henrie of Nassau his very late expeditions in the country of Marck, &c. Faithfully translated out of Dutch by Charles Demetrius, publike notarie of London. Published by authoritie.A04713EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dyaloge bytwene Iullius the seconde, Genius, and saynt Peter. [...]A04714EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lady Pecunia, or The praise of money Also a combat betwixt conscience and couetousnesse. Togither with, the complaint of poetry, for the death of liberality. Newly corrected and inlarged, by Richard Barnfield, graduate in Oxford.Barnfield, Richard, 1574-1627.A04725EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A louers newest curranto, or, The lamentation of a young mans folly to a pleasant new tune.Barnfield, Richard, 1574-1627.A04735EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Greenes funeralls. By RB. GentA04736EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
That vvhich seemes best is worst Exprest in a paraphrastical transcript of Iuuenals tenth satyre. Together with the tragicall narration of Virginias death interserted. By W.B.Juvenal.A04762EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the crinitall starre, which appeareth this October and Nouember, 1580F. K.A04764EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ouranognōsia. Heauenly knowledge A manuduction to theologie. Written in Latin by Barthol. Keckerm. done into English by T.V. Mr. of Arts.Keckermann, Bartholomäus, ca. 1571-1608 or 9.A04766EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The recantation of Maister Patrik Adamsone, sometime archbishop of Saint-Androwes in ScotlandeAdamson, Patrick, 1537-1592.A04770EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Soli deo gloria know all men by these present, that I, Richard Kellicke, professor of physicke and chyrurgery, borne in England, and am now lately come from beyond the seas ...Kellicke, Richard.A04775EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defensatiue against the plague contayning two partes or treatises: the first, shewing the meanes how to preserue vs from the dangerous contagion thereof: the second, how to cure those that are infected therewith. Whereunto is annexed a short treatise of the small poxe: shewing how to gouerne and helpe those that are infected therewith. Published for the loue and benefit of his countrie by Simon Kellwaye Gentleman.Kellwaye, Simon.A04785EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A chronycle with a genealogie declaryng that the Brittons and Welshemen are linealiye dyscended from Brute. Newly and very wittely compyled in meterKelton, Arthur.A04786EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A commendacyon of welshmenKelton, Arthur.A04787EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a shorte treatyse of contemplacyon taught by our lorde Jhesu cryste, or taken out of the boke of Margerie kempe of lyn[n].Kempe, Margery, b. ca. 1373.A04792EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dutiful inuectiue, against the moste haynous treasons of Ballard and Babington with other their adherents, latelie executed. Together, vvith the horrible attempts and actions of the Q. of Scottes and the sentence pronounced against her at Fodderingay. Newlie compiled and set foorth, in English verses: for a New yeares gifte to all loyall English subiects by W. Kempe.Kempe, William.A04793EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Flovvers of epigrammes, out of sundrie the moste singular authours selected, as well auncient as late writers. Pleasant and profitable to the expert readers of quicke capacitie: by Timothe Kendall, late of the Vniuersitie of Oxford: now student of Staple Inne in LondonKendall, Timothy, fl. 1577.A04794EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The last will and testament of Mr. Iohn Kendricke late citizen and draper of London vvho departed this life the 30. day of December, anno, 1624. Full of notable workes of charity, worthy of lasting memory and imitation.Kendricke, John, 1574 or 5-1624.A04795EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of Calanthrop and Lucilla Conspicuously demonstrating the various mutabilities of fortune in their loves, with every severall circumstance of ioyes and crosses, fortunate exploites, and hazardous adventures, which either of them sustained before they could attaine the prosperous event of their wished aimes. By Iohn Kennedie.Kennedy, John, fl. 1626.A04796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A theological epitome or Divine compend apparently manifesting Gods great love and mercie towards man: notwithstanding of mans perverse disposition, and continuall vnthankefulnesse towards his God. By Iohn Kennedie.Kennedy, John, fl. 1626.A04799EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Strange nevves out of Kent of a monstrous and misshapen child, borne in Olde Sandwitch, vpon the 10. of Iulie, last, the like (for strangenes) hath neuer beene seene.A04800EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discouerie of the vnnatural and traiterous conspiracie of Scottish papists, against God, his church, their natiue countrie, the Kings Maiesties person and estate: set dovvne, as it vvas confessed and subscribed by Maister George Ker, yet remaining in prison, and Dauid Grahame of Fentrie, iustly executed for his treason in Edenburgh, the 15. of Februarie. 1592. Whereunto are annexed, certaine intercepted letters, written by someof that faction to the same purpose. First printed and published in Scotland, at the speciall commandement of the Kings MaiestieKer, George.A04803EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of misrules contending, with gods worde by name And then, of ones iudgment, that heard of the same.Kethe, William, d. 1608?A04806EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A ballet declaringe the fal of the whore of babylone intytuled Tye thy mare tom boye w[ith] other and there vnto anexid a prologe to the redersKethe, William, d. 1608?A04807EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon made at Blanford Foru[m] in the countie of Dorset on Wensday the 17. of Ianuarij last past at the session holden there, before the honorable and the worshyppefull of that shyre, by William Kethe minister and preacher of Gods word. 1571.Kethe, William, d. 1608?A04808EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[William Kethe his seeing glasse] [sent to the nobles and gentlemen of England, whereunto is added the praier of Daniell in meeter.]Kethe, William, d. 1608?A04810EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Disputatio theologia, de vero discrimine peccati mortalis & venialis deq[ue] impossibilitate implendi legem Dei ob quotidianam peccatorum venialium incursionem. Cui annexa est appendix de possibilitate præstandi legem consideratam secundum epieikeian evangelicam. Authore Roberto Baronio ...Baron, Robert, 1593?-1639.A04814EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The conspiracy a tragedy, as it vvas intended, for the nuptialls, of the Lord Charles Herbert, and the Lady Villers. Written by Mr. Henry Killigraevv.Killigrew, Henry, 1613-1700.A04824EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Philosophia theologiæ ancillans hoc est, pia & sobria explicatio quæstionum philosophicarum in disputationibus theologicis subinde occurrentium. Auctore Roberto Baronio ...Baron, Robert, 1593?-1639.A04826EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Kings most excellent Maiestie, the honorable lords, knights and burgesses assembled in Parliament the humble petition of your maiesties most miserable (yet most loyall subiects) the prisoners for debt in the Kings Bench.A04828EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In Iacobum Sextum Scotorum Regem, Angliæ, Franciæ et Hiberniæ corona, iure hæreditario donatum Adami Regii I.C. & in foro ecclesiastico Edenburgeno iuridici: PanegyrisKing, Adam.A04830EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of deliuerance Preached at the Spittle on Easter Monday, 1626. Vpon entreatie of the Lord Maior and aldermen. Published by authoritie. And dedicated to the Citie of London. By Henry King D.D. one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinarie.King, Henry, 1592-1669.A04836EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at St. Pauls March 27. 1640 Being the anniversary of his Majesties happy inauguration to his crowne. By Henry King, Deane of Rochester, and residentiary of St. Pauls: one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinaryKing, Henry, 1592-1669.A04838EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two sermons. vpon the Act Sunday, being the 10th of Iuly. 1625 Deliuered at St Maries in Oxford.King, Henry, 1592-1669.A04840EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fourth sermon preached at Hampton Court on Tuesday the last of Sept. 1606. By John Kinge Doctor of Divinity, and Deane of Christ-Church in OxonKing, John, 1559?-1621.A04843EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lectures vpon Ionas deliuered at Yorke in the yeare of our Lorde 1594. By John Kinge: newlie corrected and amended.King, John, 1559?-1621.A04845EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon at Paules Crosse, on behalfe of Paules Church, March 26. 1620. By the B. of London. Both preached and published by his Majesties commandmentKing, John, 1559?-1621.A04849EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of publicke thanks-giuing for the happie recouerie of his Maiestie from his late dangerous sicknesse preached at Pauls-Crosse the 11. of Aprill, 1619. By the B. of London. Published by commandement.King, John, 1559?-1621.A04850EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached in Oxon: the 5. of November. 1607. By John Kinge Doctor of Divinity, Deane of Christ Church, and Vicechancellor of the VniversityKing, John, 1559?-1621.A04851EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at White-Hall the 5. day of November. ann. 1608. By John King Doctor of Divinity, Deane of Christ-Church in Oxon: and Vicechauncellor of the Vniversity. Published by commandementKing, John, 1559?-1621.A04852EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached in St. Maries at Oxford the 24. of March being the day of his sacred Maiesties inauguration and Maundie thursday. By John Kinge Doctor of Divinity, Deane of Christ Church, and Vicechancellor of the Vniversitie.King, John, 1559?-1621.A04853EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vitis Palatina A sermon appointed to be preached at VVhitehall vpon the Tuesday after the mariage of the Ladie Elizabeth her Grace. By the B. of London.King, John, 1559?-1621.A04854EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cenotaphium Iacobi. Sive Laudatio funebris piæ et foelici memoriæ serenissimi potentissimique Iacobi Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ monarchæ dedicata, & publicè recitata à Iohanne King Academiæ Oxoniensis oratoreKing, John, 1594 or 5-1639.A04857EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The straight gate to heauen A sermon preached before the poore distressed prisoners in the Kings Bench common gaole, to their heauenly comfort. By William King preacher of the word of God.King, William, preacher of the word of God.A04859EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Good admonition, or, To al sorts of people this counsell I sing that in each ones affaire, to take heed's a faire thing : to the tune of, Magina-cree.A04862EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The theorike and practike of moderne vvarres discoursed in dialogue vvise. VVherein is declared the neglect of martiall discipline: the inconuenience thereof: the imperfections of manie training captaines: a redresse by due regard had: the fittest weapons for our moderne vvarre: the vse of the same: the parts of a perfect souldier in generall and in particular: the officers in degrees, with their seuerall duties: the imbattailing of men in formes now most in vse: with figures and tables to the same: with sundrie other martiall points. VVritten by Robert Barret. Comprehended in sixe bookes.Barret, Robert, fl. 1600.A04863EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first set of English madrigalls to 4. 5. & 6. voyces. Made and newly published by George Kirbye.Kirbye, George, ca. 1565-1634.A04872EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The popish kingdome, or reigne of Antichrist, written in Latine verse by Thomas Naogeorgus, and englyshed by Barnabe GoogeNaogeorg, Thomas, 1511-1563.A04873EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The seven champions of Christendome Acted at the Cocke-pit, and at the Red-Bull in St. Iohns streete, with a generall liking. And never printed till this yeare 1638. Written by I.K.Kirke, John, d. 1643.A04874EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ram-Alley: or merrie-trickes A comedy diuers times here-to-fore acted by the Children of the Kings Reuels. VVritten by Lo: Barrey.Barry, Lording, 1580?-1629.A04881EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loues load-starre Liuely deciphered in a historie no lesse commendable than comfortable, for all those that in their louely affections, haue by the enmitie of their friends, bene molested with the menacing meteors of crossing misfortunes. Leading also all kinde and true louers, that in their choyces are frownd at by froward parents, vnto the portfull paradise of pleasurde patience, and patient pleasures. By Robert Kittowe, student.Kittowe, Robert.A04887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most pleasant and merie nevv comedie, intituled, A knacke to knowe a knaue Newlie set foorth, as it hath sundrie tymes bene played by Ed. Allen and his companie. VVith Kemps applauded merrimentes of the men of Goteham, in receiuing the King into Goteham.A04888EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ABC to the christen congregacion or a pathe way to the heauenly habitacionKnell, Thomas.A04890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer at large, to a most hereticall, trayterous, and papisticall byll in English verse which was cast abrode in the streetes of Northamton, and brought before the judges at the last assizes there, 1570.Knell, Thomas, fl. 1560-1581.A04892EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of such tempestious, and outragious fluddes, as hath been in diuers places of England. 1570Knell, Thomas.A04893EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epitaph, or rather a short discourse made vpon the life [and] death of D. Boner sometimes vnworthy Bisshop of London whiche dyed the v. of September in the Marshalsie.Knell, Thomas.A04894EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Funerall elegies; consecrated to the immortall memory, of the Right Honorable the Lady Katherine Paston, late wife to the truely noble, and heroicke, William Paston, of Oxned EsquireKnevet, Ralph, 1600-1671.A04895EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rhodon and Iris· A pastorall, as it vvas presented at the florists feast in Norwich, May 3. 1631.Knevet, Ralph, 1600-1671.A04896EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Stratiōtikon. Or A discourse of militarie discipline Shewing the necessitie therof according to these perillous times.Knevet, Ralph, 1600-1671.A04898EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cochin-China containing many admirable rarities and singularities of that countrey / extracted out of an Italian relation, lately presented to the Pope, by Christophoro Borri, that liued certaine yeeres there ; and published by Robert Ashley.Borri, Cristoforo, 1583-1632.A04899EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triall of truth wherein are discouered three greate enemies vnto mankinde, as pride, priuate grudge, and priuate gaine, ...Knight, Edward.A04906EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of seaven yeares slaverie under the Turkes of Argeire, suffered by an English captive merchant Wherein is also conteined all memorable passages, fights, and accidents, which happined in that citie, and at sea with their shippes and gallies during that time. Together with a description of the sufferings of the miserable captives under that mercilesse tyrannie. Whereunto is added a second booke conteining a discription of Argeire, with its originall, manner of government, increase, and present flourishing estate. By Francis Knight.Knight, Francis.A04907EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mars, his triumph. Or, the description of an exercise performed the XVIII. of October, 1638. in Merchant-Taylors Hall by certain gentlemen of the Artillery Garden LondonBarriffe, William.A04909EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The begynnynge and foundacyon of the holy hospytall, [and] of the ordre of the knyghtes hospytallers of saynt Johan baptyst of JerusalemA04910EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The generall historie of the Turkes from the first beginning of that nation to the rising of the Othoman familie: with all the notable expeditions of the Christian princes against them. Together with the liues and conquests of the Othoman kings and emperours faithfullie collected out of the- best histories, both auntient and moderne, and digested into one continuat historie vntill this present yeare 1603: by Richard KnollesKnolles, Richard, 1550?-1610.A04911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine excellent and new inuented knots and mazes, for plots for gardens, by which you may truely learne the art of drawing out any knot, according to the plot of your garden be it neuer so bigg the like not yet published in our language, by any author whatsoeuer.A04916EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An admonition or vvarning that the faithful Christia[n]s in London, Newcastel Barwycke [and] others, may auoide Gods vengeau[n]ce bothe in thys life and in the life to come. Compyled by the seruaunt of God John Knox ...Knox, John, ca. 1514-1572.A04918EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Military discipline: or, the yong artillery man Wherein is discoursed and showne the postures both of musket and pike: the exactest way, &c. Together with the motions which are to be used, in the excercising of a foot-company. With divers and severall formes and figures of battell; with their reducements; very necessary for all such as are studious in the art military. By William Barriff.Barriffe, William.A04919EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to a great nomber of blasphemous cauillations written by an Anabaptist, and aduersarie to Gods eternal predestination. And confuted by Iohn Knox, minister of Gods worde in Scotland. Wherein the author so discouereth the craft and falshode of that sect, that the godly knowing that error, may be confirmed in the trueth by the euident Worde of GodKnox, John, ca. 1514-1572.A04920EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An answer to a letter of a Iesuit named Tyrie, be Iohne KnoxKnox, John, ca. 1514-1572.A04922EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The appellation of Iohn Knoxe from the cruell and most iniust sentence pronounced against him by the false bishoppes and clergie of Scotland, with his supplication and exhortation to the nobilitie, estates, and co[m]munaltie of the same realme.Knox, John, ca. 1514-1572.A04923EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of a letter, sent to the ladye Mary dowagire, Regent of Scotland, by Iohn Knox in the yeare. 1556. Here is also a notable sermon, made by the sayde Iohn Knox, wherin is euydentlye proued that the masse is and alwayes hath ben abhominable before God and idolatryeKnox, John, ca. 1514-1572.A04924EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A faythfull admonition made by Iohn̄ Knox, vnto the professours of Gods truthe in England whereby thou mayest learne howe God wyll haue his Churche exercised with troubles, and how he defendeth it in the same.Knox, John, ca. 1514-1572.A04926EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first blast of the trumpet against the monstruous regiment of womenKnox, John, ca. 1514-1572.A04928EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fort for the afflicted VVherin are ministred many notable & excellent remedies against the stormes of tribulation. Written chiefly for the comforte of Christes little flocke, which is the final number of the faithfull, by Iohn Knoxe.Knox, John, ca. 1514-1572.A04930EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached by Iohn Knox minister of Christ Iesus in the publique audience of the Church of Edenbrough, within the realme of Scotland, vpon Sonday, the. 19. of August. 1565 For the which the said Iohn Knoxe was inhibite preaching for a season. To this is adioyned an exhortation vnto all the faythfull within the sayde realme, for the reliefe of suche as faythfully trauayle in the preaching of Gods worde. Written by the same Iohn Knoxe, at the commaundement of the ministerie aforesayd.Knox, John, ca. 1514-1572.A04931EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The methode of phisicke conteyning the causes, signes, and cures of invvard diseases in mans body from the head to the foote. VVhereunto is added, the forme and rule of making remedies and medicines, which our phisitians commonly vse at this day, with the proportion, quantitie, & names of ech [sic] medicine. By Philip Barrough.Barrough, Philip, fl. 1590.A04936EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first part of Ieronimo With the warres of Portugall, and the life and death of Don Andræa.A04941EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Spanish tragedie containing the lamentable end of Don Horatio, and Bel-imperia: with the pittifull death of olde Hieronimo.Kyd, Thomas, 1558-1594.A04942EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The vnluckie firmentie.]Kyttes, G.A04960EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The incomparable jevvell Shewed in a sermon, which was preached in the church of B. in S. at the solemnization of a marriage, had betweene W.B. and E.S. the daughter of I.S. of London, merchant. Wherein, is recommended to every good and well disposed minde the matchless worth of a vertuous wife; and wherein also is discovered the hatefull company and hellish condition of a vitious -Loe, William, d. 1645.A04978EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
wyl bucke his testamentLacy, John, fl. 1560.A04979EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Catholicke apologie against the libels, declarations, aduices, and consultations made, written, and published by those of the League, perturbers of the quiet estate of the realme of France Who are risen since the decease of the late Monsier, the Kings onely brother. By E.D.L.I.C.Belloy, Pierre de, ca. 1540-1613.A04988EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The resolued gentleman. Translated out of Spanishe into Englyshe, by Lewes Lewkenor EsquierLa Marche, Olivier de, ca. 1426-1502.A04989EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief discouerie of the false church. 1590Barrow, Henry, 1550?-1593.A05025EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe description of the notorious life of Iohn Lambe otherwise called Doctor Lambe. Together with his ignominious death.A05033EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of certain letters and conferences lately passed betvvixt certaine preachers & tvvo prisoners in the FleetBarrow, Henry, 1550?-1593.A05036EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A collection of certaine sclaunderous articles gyuen out by the bisshops against such faithfull Christians as they now vniustly deteyne in their prisons togeather with the answeare of the saide prisoners therunto. Also the some of certaine conferences had in the Fleete according to the bisshops bloudie mandate with two prisoners there.Barrow, Henry, 1550?-1593.A05037EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatyse made by Johan Lambert vnto kynge Henry the .viij. concerynge hys opynyon in the sacrame[n]t of the aultre as they call it, or supper of the lorde as the scripture nameth it. Anno do. 1538Lambert, John, d. 1538.A05038EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A reuelation of the secret spirit Declaring the most concealed secret of alchymie. Written first in Latine by an vnknowne author, but explained in Italian, by Iohn Baptista Lambye, Venetian. Lately translated into English, by R.N.E. gentleman.Agnello, Giovan Battista.A05040EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lamentation of a new married man briefely declaring the sorrow and grief that comes by warrying [sic] a young wanton wife to the tune of, Where is my true loue,A05042EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter whearin part of the entertainment vntoo the Queenz Maiesty at Killingwoorth Castl in Warwik sheer in this soomerz progress 1575 is signified / from a freend officer attendant in coourt vntoo hiz freend a citizen and merchaunt of London.Laneham, Robert, 16th cent.A05046EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tom Tel-Troths message, and his pens complaint A worke not vnpleasant to be read, nor vnprofitable to be followed. Written by Io. La. Gent.Lane, John, 16th/17th cent.A05047EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most excellent and learned vvoorke of chirurgerie, called Chirurgia parua Lanfranci Lanfranke of Mylayne his briefe: reduced from dyuers translations to our vulgar or vsuall frase, and now first published in the Englyshe prynte by Iohn Halle chirurgien. Who hath thervnto necessarily annexed. A table, as wel of the names of diseases and simples with their vertues, as also of all other termes of the arte opened. ... And in the ende a compendious worke of anatomie ... An historiall expostulation also against the beastly abusers, both of chyrurgerie and phisicke in our tyme: with a goodly doctrine, and instruction, necessary to be marked and folowed of all true chirurgie[n]s. All these faithfully gathered, and diligently set forth, by the sayde Iohn Halle.Lanfranco, of Milan, 13th cent.A05049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe description of Hierusalem and of the suburbs therof, as it florished in the time of Christ Whereto is annexed a short commentarie concerning those places which were made famous by the Passion of Christ, and by the actes of holye men, confirmed by certeine principall histories of antiquity. Verie profitable for Christians to read, for the understanding of the Sacred Scriptures and Iosephus his Historie. Hereunto also is appertaining a liuely and beawtifull mappe of Hierusalem, with arithmeticall directions, correspondent to the numbers of this booke. Translated out of Latin into English by Thomas Tymme minister.Adrichem, Christiaan van, 1533-1585.A05059EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The favorites chronicleFancan, François Dorval-Langlois, sieur de, ca. 1576-1628.A05062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An introduction into phisycke wyth an vniuersal dyet, gathered by Christofer Langton.Langton, Christopher, 1521-1578.A05063EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A uery brefe treatise, ordrely declaring the pri[n]cipal partes of phisick that is to saye: thynges natural. Thynges not naturall. Thynges agaynst nature. Gathered, and sette forth by Christopher Langton.Langton, Christopher, 1521-1578.A05064EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The declaration of the Lord de la Noue, vpon his taking armes for the iust defence of the townes of Sedan and Iametz, frontiers of the realme of Fraunce, and vnder the protection of his Maiestie. Truely translated (according to the French copie printed at Verdun) by A.M.La Noue, François de, 1531-1591.A05073EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The politicke and militarie discourses of the Lord de La Nouue VVhereunto are adioyned certaine obseruations of the same author, of things happened during the three late ciuill warres of France. With a true declaration of manie particulars touching the same. All faithfully translated out of the French by E.A.La Noue, François de, 1531-1591.A05074EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epitome of chronicles Conteyninge the whole discourse of the histories as well of this realme of England, as al other cou[n]treys, with the succession of their kinges, the time of their reigne, and what notable actes they did ... gathered out of most probable auctours. Firste by Thomas Lanquet, from the beginning of the worlde to the incarnacion of Christe, secondely to the reigne of our soueraigne lord king Edward the sixt by Thomas Cooper, and thirdly to the reigne of our soueraigne Ladye Quene Elizabeth, by Robert Crowley. Anno. 1559.Lanquet, Thomas, 1521-1545.A05076EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Lanthorne for Landlords to the tune of The Duke of Norfolke.A05082EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A petition directed to Her Most Excellent Maiestie wherein is deliuered 1. A meane howe to compound the ciuill dissention in the Church of England, 2. A proofe that they who write for reformation, do not offend against the stat. of 23. Eliz. c.2. and therefore till matters be compounded, deserue more fauour ... : here vnto is annexed, some opinions of such as sue for reformation ... : also, certayne articles vvherein is discouered the negligence of the bishoppes ... : lastlie, certayne questions or interrogatories dravvn by a fauourer of reformation ...Barrow, Henry, 1550?-1593.A05089EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plaine refutation of M. G. Giffardes reprochful booke, intituled a short treatise against the Donatists of England Wherein is discouered the forgery of the whole ministrie, the confusion, false worship, and antichristian disorder of these parish assemblies, called the Church of England. Here also is prefixed a summe of the causes of our seperation ... by Henrie Barrovve. Here is furder annexed a briefe refutation of M. Giff. supposed consimilituda betwixt the Donatists and vs ... by I. Gren. Here are also inserted a fewe obseruations of M. Giff. his cauills about read prayer & deuised leitourgies.Barrow, Henry, 1550?-1593.A05090EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The theater of fine deuices containing an hundred morall emblemes. First penned in French by Guillaume de la Perriere, and translated into English by Thomas Combe.La Perrière, Guillaume de, 1499-1565.A05092EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French academie wherin is discoursed the institution of maners, and whatsoeuer els concerneth the good and happie life of all estates and callings, by preceptes of doctrine, and examples of the liues of ancient sages and famous men: by Peter de la Primaudaye Esquire, Lord of the said place, and of Barree, one of the ordinarie gentlemen of the Kings Chamber: dedicated to the most Christian King Henrie the third, and newly translated into English by T.B.La Primaudaye, Pierre de, b. ca. 1545.A05094EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second part of the French academie VVherein, as it were by a naturall historie of the bodie and soule of man, the creation, matter, composition, forme, nature, profite and vse of all the partes of the frame of man are handled, with the naturall causes of all affections, vertues and vices, and chiefly the nature, powers, workes and immortalitie of the soule. By Peter de la Primaudaye Esquier, Lord of the same place and of Barre. And translated out of the second edition, which was reuiewed and augmented by the author.La Primaudaye, Pierre de, b. ca. 1545.A05099EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French academie Fully discoursed and finished in foure bookes. 1. Institution of manners and callings of all estates. 2. Concerning the soule and body of man. 3. A notable description of the whole world, &c. 4. Christian philosophie, instructing the true and onely meanes to eternall life. This fourth part neuer before published in English. All written by the first author, Peter de la Primaudaye, Esquire, Lord of Barre, Chauncellour, and Steward of the French Kings house.La Primaudaye, Pierre de, b. ca. 1545.A05105EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
P. Rami Dialecticae libri duo, scholiis G. Tempelli Cantabrigiensis illustrati. Quibus accessit, eodem authore, de Porphyrianis prædicabilibus disputatio. Item: epistolæ de P. Rami Dialectica contra Iohannis Piscatoris responsionem defensio, in capita viginti novem redactaRamus, Petrus, 1515-1572.A05107EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mr Henry Barrowes platform Which may serve, as a preparative to purge away prelatisme: with some other parts of poperie. Made ready to be sent from Miles Mickle-bound to much-beloved-England. Togither with some other memorable things. And, a familiar dialogue, in and with the which, all the severall matters conteyned in this booke, are set forth and interlaced. After the untimely death of the penman of the foresaid platforme. & his fellow prisoner; who being constant witnesses in points apperteyning to the true worship of God, and right government of his Church, sealed up their testimony with their bloud: and paciently suffred the stopping of their breath, for their love to the Lord. Anno 1593.Barrow, Henry, 1550?-1593.A05113EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Via regia ad geometriam. = The vvay to geometry Being necessary and usefull, for astronomers. Geographers. Land-meaters. Sea-men. Engineres. Architecks. Carpenters. Paynters. Carvers, &c. Written in Latine by Peter Ramus, and now translated and much enlarged by the learned Mr. William Bedvvell.Ramus, Petrus, 1515-1572.A05115EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise touching the Word of God written, against the traditions of men handled both schoolelike, and diuinelike, where also is set downe a true method to dispute diuinely and schoolelike / made by A. Sadeele ; and translated into English, by Iohn Coxe ...Chandieu, Antoine de, 1534-1591.A05123EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fyftene joyes of maryageLa Sale, Antoine de, b. 1388?A05124EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true description out of the VVorde of God of the visible churchBarrow, Henry, 1550?-1593.A05126EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Phyala lachrymarum. Or A few friendly teares, shed over the dead body of Mr Nathaniel Weld Mr of Arts of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge who in the short journey of his life, died betwene the five and sixe and twentieth yeare of his youth, 1633. Together with sundry choyce meditations of mortalitie.Lathum, William.A05140EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fyrste sermon of Mayster Hughe Latimer, whiche he preached before the Kinges Maiestie wythin his graces palayce at Westminster. M.D.XLIX. the. viii. of March Cu[m] gratia et priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.Latimer, Hugh, 1485?-1555.A05141EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The seconde [seventh] sermon of Maister Hughe Latimer which he preached before the Kynges Maiestie [with?]in his graces palayce at Westminster, ye xv. day of Marche [-xix daye of Apryll], M.ccccc.xlix.Latimer, Hugh, 1485?-1555.A05142EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
27 sermons preached by the ryght Reuerende father in God and constant matir [sic] of Iesus Christe, Maister Hugh Latimer, as well such as in tymes past haue bene printed, as certayne other commyng to our handes of late, whych were yet neuer set forth in print. Faithfully perused [and] allowed accordying to the order appoynted in the Quenes Maiesties iniunctions. 1. Hys sermon Ad clerum. 2. Hys fourth sermon vpon the plough. 3. Hys. 7. sermons before kyng Edward. 4 Hys sermon at Stamforde. 5. Hys last sermon before kyng Edward. 6. Hys. 7. sermons vpon the Lordes prayer. 7. Hys other. 9. sermons vpon certayne Gospels and EpistlesLatimer, Hugh, 1485?-1555.A05143EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.Barry, Gerat.A05146EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sermon that the reuerende father in Christ, Hugh Latimer, Byshop of Worcester, made to the clergie, in the co[n]uocatio[n], before the Parlyament began, the 9. day of June, the 28. yere of the reigne of Our Souerayne Lorde Kyng Henry the VIII nowe translated out of Latyne into Englyshe ; to the inte[n]t, that thing is well said to a fewe, may be vnderstande of many, and do good to al the[m] that desyre to be better.Latimer, Hugh, 1485?-1555.A05152EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A moste faithfull sermo[n] preached before the Kynges most excelle[n]te Maiestye, and hys most honorable Councel, in his court at Westminster, by the reuerende Father Master. Hughe LatymerLatimer, Hugh, 1485?-1555.A05156EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of Master Latimer, preached at Stamford the. ix. day of October. Anno. M.ccccc. and fyftieLatimer, Hugh, 1485?-1555.A05158EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Here begynneth the booke which the knyght of the toure made and speketh of many fayre ensamples and thensygnementys and techyng of his doughters]La Tour Landry, Geoffroy de, 14th cent.A05159EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of the conference betweene William Lavvd, then, Lrd. Bishop of St. Davids; now, Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury: and Mr. Fisher the Jesuite by the command of King James of ever blessed memorie. VVith an answer to such exceptions as A.C. takes against it. By the sayd Most Reverend Father in God, William, Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury.Laud, William, 1573-1645.A05161EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An aduertisement and defence for trueth against her backbiters and specially against the whispring fauourers, and colourers of Campions, and the rest of his confederats treasons. 1581. God saue the Queene.A05163EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at VVhite-hall, on the 24. of March, 1621 Beeing the day of the beginning of his Maiesties most gracious reigne. By the Bishop of S. Dauids.Laud, William, 1573-1645.A05166EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before his Maiesty, on Tuesday the nineteenth of Iune, at Wansted. Anno Dom. 1621. By D. Laud Deane of Glocester, one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinary. Printed by commandementLaud, William, 1573-1645.A05167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before his Maiestie, on Sunday the XIX. of Iune, at White-Hall Appointed to be preached at the opening of the Parliament. By the Bishop of S. Dauids.Laud, William, 1573-1645.A05168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before his Maiestie, on Wednesday the fift of Iuly, at White-hall At the solemne fast then held. By the Bishop of S. Davids. Wm. Laud.Laud, William, 1573-1645.A05169EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached on Munday, the sixt of February, at Westminster at the opening of the Parliament. By the Bishop of S: Dauids.Laud, William, 1573-1645.A05170EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached on Munday, the seauenteenth of March, at Westminster at the opening of the Parliament. By the Bishop of Bathe and Welles.Laud, William, 1573-1645.A05171EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Divine and politike observations nevvly translated out of the Dutch language, vvherein they vvere lately divulged. Upon some lines in the speech of the Arch. B. of Canterbury, pronounced in the Starre-Chamber upon 14. June, 1637. Very expedient for preventing all prejudice, which as well through ignorance, as through malice and flattery, may be incident to the judgement which men make thereby, either of his Graces power over the Church, and with the King, or of the equity, justice, and wisdome of his end in his said speech, and of the reasons used by him for attaining to his said endTheophilus, fl. 1638.A05172EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The anatomie of the Romane clergie: or, a discoverie of the abuses thereof. Written in Latine by sundrie authors of their owne profession. And translated into English verse by G.L.A05176EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ane compendious and breue tractate, concernyng ye office and dewtie of kyngis, spirituall pastoris, and temporall iugis laitlie compylit be William Lauder. For the faithfull instructioun of kyngis, and prencisLauder, William, 1520?-1573.A05179EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ane prettie mirrour or conference, betuix the faithfull protestant a[n]d the dissemblit false hypocreit In to the quhilk may be maist easylie perceaued [and] knawin the one fro[m] the vther. Compylit be William Lauder minister of the wourd of God. For the instructioun, confort, and consolatioun of all faithfull professours. To quhome he wyssith grace mercy and peace, in Iesus Christ our Lord, and onlie Sauiour. So be it. Luke in to this mirrour, and thow sall cleirlie ken all faithfull trew Christianes, fro[m] fals disse[m]blit me[n].Lauder, William, 1520?-1573.A05180EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A notable historie containing foure voyages made by certayne French captaynes vnto Florida vvherein the great riches and fruitefulnes of the countrey with the maners of the people hitherto concealed are brought to light, written all, sauing the last, by Monsieur Laudonniere, who remained there himselfe as the French Kings lieuetenant a yere and a quarter: newly translated out of French into English by R.H. In the end is added a large table for the better finding out the principall matters contayned in this worke.Laudonnière, René Goulaine de.A05182EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The coppy of a letter written by the Lord of Themines, Seneschall of Quercy to the lord marshall Matignon, the kings lieuetenant generall in Guyenne, concerning the battaile at Villemure, and the victory atchieued against the ennemies of his maiesty. Also, a decree of the court of parliament sittinge at Chaalons, against a rescript in forme of a bull, directed to the Cardinal of Plaisance, and published by the rebels in Paris, in October last. Faithfully done into English by E.A. Hereunto are adioyned, the reportes of certiane letters, of newes out of France, and Sauoya.Thémines, Pons de Lauzière, marquis de, ca. 1553-1627.A05183EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of George Castriot, surnamed Scanderbeg, King of Albanie Containing his famous actes, his noble deedes of armes, and memorable victories against the Turkes, for the faith of Christ. Comprised in twelue bookes: by Iaques de Lauardin, Lord of Plessis Bourrot, a nobleman of France. Newly translated out of French into English by Z.I. Gentleman.Barleti, Marin, ca. 1460-1512 or 13.A05184EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The book of Ruth expounded in twenty eight sermons, by Levves Lauaterus of Tygurine, and by hym published in Latine, and now translated into Englishe by Ephraim Pagitt, a childe of eleuen yeares of ageLavater, Ludwig, 1527-1586.A05185EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of ghostes and spirites walking by nyght and of strange noyses, crackes, and sundry forewarnynges, whiche commonly happen before the death of menne, great slaughters, [and] alterations of kyngdomes. One booke, written by Lewes Lauaterus of Tigurine. And translated into Englyshe by R.H.Lavater, Ludwig, 1527-1586.A05186EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three Christian sermons, made by Lodouike Lauatere, minister of Zuricke in Heluetia, of famine and dearth of victuals: and translated into English, as being verie fit for this time of our dearth: by VV. Barlow Bachelar in DiuinitieLavater, Ludwig, 1527-1586.A05188EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A nevv orchard and garden, or, The best way for planting, grafting, and to make any ground good for a rich orchard particularly in the nor[th] and generally for the whole kingdome of England, as in nature, reason, situation and all probabilitie, may and doth appeare : with the country housewifes garden for hearbes of common vse, their vertues, seasons, profits, ornaments, varietie of knots, models for trees, and plots for the best ordering of grounds and walkes : as also the husbandry of bees, with their seuerall vses and annoyances, being the experience of 48 yeares labour ... / by William Lawson ; whereunto is newly added the art of propagating plants, with the tree ordering manner of fruits in their gathering, carring home & preseruation.Lawson, William, fl. 1618.A05195EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pedegrewe of heretiques Wherein is truely and plainely set out, the first roote of heretiques begon in the Church, since the time and passage of the Gospell, together with an example of the ofspring of the same. Perused and alowed according to the order appoynted in the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.Barthlet, John.A05202EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true chronicle history of King Leir, and his three daughters, Gonorill, Ragan, and Cordella As it hath bene diuers and sundry times lately acted.A05206EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dutifull and respective considerations vpon foure seuerall heads of proofe and triall in matters of religion Proposed by the high and mighty prince, Iames King of Great Britayne, France, and Ireland &c. in his late booke of premonition to all christian princes, for clearing his royall person from the imputation of heresy. By a late minister & preacher in England.Leech, Humphrey, 1571-1629.A05223EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ioannis Leochæi Epigrammatum libri quatuorLeech, John, epigrammatist.A05225EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iani sperantis strena calendis Januarii anno Dom. 1617. Authore Joanne Leochæo Celurcano Scoto.Leech, John, epigrammatist.A05226EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iohan. Leochæi nemesis poëticaLeech, John, fl. 1617-1623.A05230EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
hEre begynneth the volume intituled and named the recuyell of the historyes of Troye, composed and drawen out of dyuerce bookes of latyn in to frensshe by the ryght venerable persone and worshipfull man. Raoul le ffeure. preest and chapelayn vnto the ryght noble gloryous and myghty prynce in his tyme Phelip duc of Bourgoyne of Braband [et]c in the yere of the incarnacion of our lord god a thousand foure honderd sixty and foure, and translated and drawen out of frenshe in to englisshe by Willyam Caxton mercer of ye cyte of London, at the comau[n]deme[n]t of the right hye myghty and vertuouse pryncesse hys redoubtyd lady. Margarete by the grace of god. Duchesse of Bourgoyne of Lotryk of Braband [et]c., whiche sayd translacion and werke was ... fynysshid in the holy cyte of Colen the. xix. day of septembre the yere of our sayd lord god a thousand foure honderd sixty and enleuen [sic] [et]c ...Lefèvre, Raoul, fl. 1460.A05232EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Batman vppon Bartholome his booke De proprietatibus rerum, newly corrected, enlarged and amended: with such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English. Profitable for all estates, as well for the benefite of the mind as the bodie. 1582.Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, 13th cent.A05237EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The veray trew history of the valiau[n]t knight Iaso[n] how he conquerd or wan the golden fles, by the counsel of Medea and of many othre victoryouse and wondrefull actis and dedys that he dyde by his prowesse and cheualrye in his tymeLefèvre, Raoul, fl. 1460.A05241EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A True relation of the life and death of Sir Andrew Barton, a pirate and rover on the seas to the tune of, Come follow me loue.A05245EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A booke of ayres vvith a triplicitie of musicke, whereof the first part is for the lute or orpharion, and the viole de gambo, and 4. partes to sing, the second part is for 2. trebles to sing to the lute and viole, the third part is for the lute and one voyce, and the viole de gambo. Composed by Iohn Bartlet Gentleman and practitioner in this arte.Bartlet, John, fl. 1606-1610.A05246EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Here begynneth the table of a book entytled the book of good maners.]Legrand, Jacques, ca. 1365-1415.A05251EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The art of rhetorick concisely and compleatly handled exemplified out of holy writ, and with a compendious and perspicuous comment, fitted to the capacities of such as have had a smatch of learning, or are otherwise ingenious. By J.B. master of the free-school of Kinfare in Staffordshire.Barton, John, master of the free school of Kinfare.A05257EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mothers blessing. Or The godly counsaile of a gentle-woman not long since deceased, left behind her for her children containing many good exhortations, and godly admonitions, profitable for all parents to leaue as a legacy to their children, but especially for those, who by reason of their young yeeres stand most in need of instruction. By Mris. Dorothy Leigh.Leigh, Dorothy.A05259EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of a letter sent out of England to Don Bernardin Mendoza ambassadour in France for the King of Spaine declaring the state of England, contrary to the opinion of Don Bernardin, and of all his partizans Spaniardes and others. This letter, although it was sent to Don Bernardin Mendoza, yet, by good hap, the copies therof aswell in English as in French, were found in the chamber of one Richard Leigh a seminarie priest, who was lately executed for high treason committed in the time that the Spanish Armada was on the seas. Whereunto are adioyned certaine late aduertisements, concerning the losses and distresses happened to the Spanish nauie, aswell in fight with the English nauie in the narrow seas of England, as also by tempests, and contrarie winds, vpon the west, and north coasts of Ireland, in their returne from the northerne isles beyond Scotland.Burghley, William Cecil, Baron, 1520-1598.A05269EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
La copie d'une lettre en voyee d'Angleterre a Dom Bernardin de Mendoze ambassadeur en France pour le Roy d'Espagne par laquelle est declare l'estat du Roiaume d'Angleterre, contre l'attente de Dom Bernardin & de tous ses partizans Espagnols & aultres : encores que ceste lettre fust enuoiée à Dom Bernardin de Mendoze, toutesfois de bon heur, la copie d'icelle, tant en Anglois qu'en François, a esté trouuée en la chambre de Richard Leygh seminaire, lequel n'agueres fut executé pour crime de leze maiesté & trahison commise au temps que l'armeé d'Espagne estoit en mer.Burghley, William Cecil, Baron, 1520-1598.A05270EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A breefe discourse, concerning the force and effect of all manuall weapons of fire and the disability of the long bowe or archery, in respect of others of greater force now in vse. With sundrye probable reasons for the verrifying therof: the which I haue doone of dutye towards my soueraigne and country, and for the better satisfaction of all such as are doubtfull of the same. Written by Humfrey Barwick ...Barwick, Humfrey.A05277EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christians vvatch: or, An heauenly instruction to all Christians, to expect with patience the happy day of their change by death or doome Preached at Prestbury Church in Cheshire, at the funerals of the right worshipfull Thomas Leigh of Adlington Esquire, the 16. of February anno 1601. By William Leigh Bacheler of Diuinitye, and pastor of Standish in the countie of Lancaster.Leigh, William, 1550-1639.A05279EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first step, towards heaven, or Anna the prophetesse sacred haunt, to the temple of God. Preached at Standish Church in the Countie of Lancaster. By VVilliam Leigh, Batchillor of Diuinity and paster there. With the second edition of great Brittaines deliuerance, newly corrected and enlarged by the author.Leigh, William, 1550-1639.A05280EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Great Britaines, great deliuerance, from the great danger of Popish powder by way of meditation, vpon the late intended treason against the Kings most excellent Maiestie, the Queene, the Prince, and all their royall issue: with the high court of Parliament at Westminster, there to haue been blowne vp by the Popish faction, the fift of Nouember, 1605. If God of his great mercy had not preuented the mischiefe.Leigh, William, 1550-1639.A05281EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Queene Elizabeth, paraleld in her princely vertues, with Dauid, Iosua, and Hezekia 1 With Dauid her afflictions, to build the Church 2 With Iosua in her puissance, to protect the Church· 3 With Hezechia in her pietie, to reforme the Chureh [sic]. In three sermons, as they were preached three seuerall Queenes dayes. By William Leigh, Bachelor of Diuinitie.Leigh, William, 1550-1639.A05282EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Strange newes of a prodigious monster borne in the towneship of Allington in the parish of Standish in the Countie of Lancaster, the 17. day of Aprill last, 1613. Testified by the reuerend diuine Mr. W. Leigh, Bachelor of Diuinitie, and preacher of Gods word at Standish aforesaid.A05284EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exhortation of holye Basilius Magnus to hys younge kynsemen styrynge theym to the studie of humaine lernynge that they might thereby be the more apt to attayne to the knowlege of diuine literature / translated oute of Greke into Englyshe by Wyllyam Berker.Basil, Saint, Bishop of Caesarea, ca. 329-379.A05286EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sixty sixe admonitory chapters of Basilius, King of the Romans, to his sonne Leo, in acrostick manner that is, the first letter of euery chapter, making vp his name and title. Translated out of Greeke by Iames Scudamore.Basil I, Emperor of the East, ca. 812-886.A05287EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The teares or lamentations of a sorrowfull soule. Set foorth by Sir William Leighton Knight, one of his Maiesties honorable band of pentionersLeighton, William, Sir, fl. 1603-1614.A05290EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vertue triumphant, or A liuely description of the foure vertues cardinall dedicated to the Kings Maiestie.Leighton, William, Sir, fl. 1603-1614.A05291EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Matthiæ Leij, Aruillarij vbij Germani, liber De triumphata barbarieLeius, Matthias.A05293EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Assertio inclytissimi Arturij Regis Britanniae. Ioanne Lelando antiquario autore. Ad candidos lectores ...Leland, John, 1506?-1552.A05295EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bononia gallo mastix in laudem felicissimi victoris Henrici Octaui Anglici, Francici, Scottici, Hibernici / Ioanne Lelando antiquario autore ...Leland, John, 1506?-1552.A05296EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A learned and true assertion of the original, life, actes, and death of the most noble, valiant, and renoumed Prince Arthure, King of great Brittaine Who succeeding his father Vther Pendragon, and right nobly gouerning this land sixe and twentie yeares, then dyed of a mortall wounde receyued in battell, together vvith victory ouer his enemies. As appeareth cap. 9. And was buried at Glastenbury. cap. 12. an. 543. Collected and written of late yeares in lattin, by the learned English antiquarie of worthy memory Iohn Leyland. Newly translated into English by Richard Robinson citizen of London. Anno Domini. 1582.Leland, John, 1506?-1552.A05297EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Enkōmion tēs eirēnēs. = Laudatio pacis. Ioanne Lelando antiquario autoreLeland, John, 1506?-1552.A05298EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Genethliacon illustrissimi Eäduerdi Principis Cambriae, Ducis Coriniæ, et Comitis Palatini libellus ante aliquot annos inchoatus, nunc uerò absolutus, & editus: Ioanne Lelando antiquario autore. Libellus candido lectori. ...Leland, John, 1506?-1552.A05299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The laboryouse iourney [and] serche of Iohan Leylande, for Englandes antiquitees geuen of hym as a newe yeares gyfte to Kynge Henry the viij. in the. xxxvij. yeare of his reygne, with declaracyons enlarged: by Iohan BaleLeland, John, 1506?-1552.A05300EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Naeniae in mortem Thomæ Viati equitis incomparabilis. Ioanne Lelando antiquario. autoreLeland, John, 1506?-1552.A05301EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Principum, ac illustrium aliquot & eruditorum in Anglia virorum, encomia, trophæa, genethliaca, & epithalamia. A Ioanne Lelando antiquario conscripta, nunc primùm in lucem edita. Quibus etiam adiuncta sunt, illustrissimorum aliquot herôum, hodiè viuentium, aliorúmq[ue] hinc indè Anglorum, encomia et eulogia: à Thoma Newtono, Cestreshyrio, succisiuis horulis exarataLeland, John, 1506?-1552.A05302EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of Paul Bassano the suruiuing patentee for the importation of fresh salmons and lobsters, &c. by a new inuention, which hee most humbly submitteth to this honorable house of Parliament.Bassano, Paul.A05305EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The abbreuyacyon of all generall councellys holden in Grecia, Germania, Italia, and Gallia, compyled by Joh[a]n le maire de belges, most excellent hystoryograffer to kynge Lowys the. xii. of late french kynge dedycated to the sayd kyng Lowys. Ann d[omi]ni. 1519. Translated by Joh[an] gowgh the prynter herof, by the kynges gracyous priuilege, for. vii. yeres ensewynge, dwellynge in Lumbarstrete agaynst the stockys market.Lemaire de Belges, Jean, b. 1473.A05310EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An herbal for the Bible Containing a plaine and familiar exposition of such similitudes, parables, and metaphors, both in the olde Testament and the newe, as are borrowed and taken from herbs, plants, trees, fruits and simples, by obseruation of their vertues, qualities, natures, properties, operations, and effects: and by the holie prophets, sacred writers, Christ himselfe, and his blessed Apostles vsually alledged, and into their heauenly oracles, for the better beautifieng and plainer opening of the same, profitably inserted. Drawen into English by Thomas Newton.Lemnius, Levinus, 1505-1568.A05312EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The touchstone of complexions generallye appliable, expedient and profitable for all such, as be desirous & carefull of their bodylye health : contayning most easie rules & ready tokens, whereby euery one may perfectly try, and throughly know, as well the exacte state, habite, disposition, and constitution, of his owne body outwardly : as also the inclinations, affections, motions, & desires of his mynd inwardly / first written in Latine, by Leuine Lemnie ; and now Englished by Thomas Newton.Lemnius, Levinus, 1505-1568.A05313EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Great Brittaines sunnes-set, bewailed with a shower of teares. By William BasseBasse, William, d. ca. 1653.A05317EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Characterismi: or, Lentons leasures Expressed in essayes and characters, neuer before written on. By F.L. Gent.Lenton, Francis, fl. 1630-1640.A05320EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Great Britains beauties, or, The female glory epitomized, in encomiastick anagramms, and acrostiches, upon the highly honoured names of the Queenes most gracious Majestie, and the gallant lady-masquers in her Graces glorious grand-masque. Presented at White-Hall on Shrove-Tuesday at night, by the Queenes Majestie and her ladies. With disticks, and illustrations, upon their severall anagramms, being in number fifteene, whose names ensure in order on the next side. Published by authoritie. Framed, and formed, by the humble pen of Francis Lenton, the Queenes poet.Lenton, Francis, fl. 1630-1640.A05322EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Innes of Court anagrammatist: or, The masquers masqued in anagrammes Expressed in epigramique lines, upon their severall names, set downe in the next page. Composed by Francis Lenton Gent. one of her Majesties poets.Lenton, Francis, fl. 1630-1640.A05323EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The young gallants whirligigg; or Youths reakes Demonstrating the inordinate affections, absurd actions, and profuse expences, of vnbridled and affectated youth: with their extravagant courses, and preposterous progressions, and aversions. Together with the too often deare bought experience, and the rare, or too late regression and reclamation of most of them from their habituall ill customes, and vnqualified manners. Compiled and written by F.L.Lenton, Francis, fl. 1630-1640.A05324EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An Italian grammer; vvritten in Latin by Scipio Lentulo a Neapolitane: and turned in Englishe: by H.G.Lentulo, Scipione, 1525 or 6-1599.A05325EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A helpe to discourse. Or, A miscelany of merriment Consisting of wittie, philosophical and astronomicall questions and answers. As also, of epigrams, epitaphs, riddles, and iests. Together with the countrymans counsellour, next his yearely oracle or prognostication to consult with. Contayning diuers necessary rules and obseruations of much vse and consequence being knowne. By W.B. and E.P.A05326EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A geographical historie of Africa, written in Arabicke and Italian by Iohn Leo a More, borne in Granada, and brought vp in Barbarie. Wherein he hath at large described, not onely the qualities, situations, and true distances of the regions, cities, townes, mountaines, riuers, and other places throughout all the north and principall partes of Africa; but also the descents and families of their kings ... gathered partly out of his owne diligent obseruations, and partly out of the ancient records and chronicles of the Arabians and Mores. Before which, out of the best ancient and moderne writers, is prefixed a generall description of Africa, and also a particular treatise of all the maine lands and isles vndescribed by Iohn Leo. ... Translated and collected by Iohn Pory, lately of Goneuill and Caius College in CambridgeLeo, Africanus, ca. 1492-ca. 1550.A05331EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe and plaine instruction to set all musicke of eight diuers tunes in tableture for the lute With a briefe instruction how to play on the lute by tablature, to conduct and dispose thy hand vnto the lute, with certaine easie lessons for that purpose. And also a third booke containing diuers new excellent tunes. All first written in French by Adrian Le Roy, and now translated into English by F. Ke. gentleman.Le Roy, Adrian, ca. 1520-1598.A05334EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the interchangeable course, or variety of things in the whole world and the concurrence of armes and learning, thorough the first and famousest nations: from the beginning of ciuility, and memory of man, to this present. Moreouer, whether it be true or no, that there can be nothing sayd, which hath not bin said heretofore: and that we ought by our owne inuentions to augment the doctrine of the auncients; not contenting our selues with translations, expositions, corrections, and abridgments of their writings. Written in French by Loys le Roy called Regius: and translated into English by R.A.Leroy, Louis, d. 1577.A05335EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Noua Francia: or The description of that part of Nevv France, which is one continent with Virginia Described in the three late voyages and plantation made by Monsieur de Monts, Monsieur du Pont-Graué, and Monsieur de Poutrincourt, into the countries called by the Frenchmen La Cadie, lying to the southwest of Cape Breton. Together with an excellent seuerall treatie of all the commodities of the said countries, and maners of the naturall inhabitants of the same. Translated out of French into English by P.E.Lescarbot, Marc.A05339EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of a letter writen out of Scotland by an English gentlema[n] of credit and worship seruing ther, vnto a frind and kinsman of his, that desired to be informed of the truth and circumstances of the slaunderous and infamous reportes made of the Queene of Scotland, at that time restreined in manner as prisoner in England, vpon pretense to be culpable of the same.Leslie, John, 1527-1596.A05351EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the honour of the right highe, mightye and noble Princesse Marie Quene of Scotlande and dowager of France with a declaration aswell of her right, title & intereste to the succession of the crowne of Englande, as that the regimente of women ys conformable to the lawe of God and nature.Leslie, John, 1527-1596.A05352EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An excellent treatise of Christian righteousnes, written first in the French tongue by M.I. de l'Espine, and translated into English by I. Feilde for the comforte of afflicted consciences, verie necessarie and profitable to be reade of all Christians, as well for establishing them in the true doctrine of iustification, as also for enabling them to confute the false doctrine of all Papistes and heretickesL'Espine, Jean de, ca. 1506-1597.A05360EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hygiasticon: Or, The right course of preserving life and health unto extream old age together with soundnesse and integritie of the senses, judgement, and memorie. Written in Latine by Leonardus Lessius, and now done into English.Lessius, Leonardus, 1554-1623.A05367EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ravvleigh his ghost. Or a feigned apparition of Syr VValter Rawleigh to a friend of his, for the translating into English, the booke of Leonard Lessius (that most learned man) entituled, De prouidentia numinis, & animi immortalitate: written against atheists, and polititians of these dayes. Translated by A. B.Lessius, Leonardus, 1554-1623.A05370EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The treasure of vowed chastity in secular persons. Also the widdowes glasse. VVritten by the RR. Fathers Leonard Lessius, and Fuluius Androtius, both of the Society of Iesus. Translated into English by I.W. P.Lessius, Leonardus, 1554-1623.A05371EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A crucifixe: or, A meditation vpon repentance, and, the holie passion. Written by Christopher LeverLever, Christopher, fl. 1627.A05379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Heauen and earth, religion and policy. Or, The maine difference betweene religion and policy. Written by C.L.Lever, Christopher, fl. 1627.A05380EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of the defendors of the catholique faith Discoursing the state of religion in England, and the care of the politique state for religion during the reignes of King Henrry 8. Edward. 6. Queene Marie. Elizabeth. And our late souereigne, King Iames. ... With all, declaring by what means these kings & queenes haue obtained this title, defendor of the faith, and wherein they haue deserued it ... By Christopher Lever.Lever, Christopher, fl. 1627.A05382EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The holy pilgrime, leading the way to heaven. Or, a diuine direction in the way of life, containing a familiar exposition of such secrets in diuinity, as may direct the simple in the way of their Christian pilgrimage In two books. The first declaring what man is in the mistery of himselfe. The second, what man is in the happines of Christ. Written by C.L.Lever, Christopher, fl. 1627.A05383EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Maister Basse his careere, or, The New hunting of the hare, to a new court tune. The Faulconers hunting, to the tune of Basse his careereBasse, William, d. ca. 1653.A05386EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Queene Elizabeths teares: or, Her resolute bearing the Christian crosse inflicted on her by the persecuting hands of Steuen Gardner Bishop of Winchester, in the bloodie time of Queene Marie. Written by Christopher Leuer.Lever, Christopher, fl. 1627.A05387EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arte of reason, rightly termed, witcraft teaching a perfect way to argue and dispute. Made by Raphe Leuer. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed in the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.Lever, Ralph, d. 1584.A05388EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most noble, auncient, and learned playe, called the Phiosophers [sic] game inuented for the honest rereation [sic] of students, and other sober persons, in passing the tediousnes of tyme, to the release of their labours, and the exercise of their wittes. Set forth with such playne precepts, rules and tables, that all men with ease may vnderstand it, and most men with pleasure practise it. by Rafe Leuer and augmented by W.F.Lever, Ralph, d. 1584.A05389EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fruitfull sermon made in Poules churche at London in the shroudes, the seconde daye of February by Thomas LeuerLever, Thomas, 1521-1577.A05390EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A meditacion vpo[n] the the [sic] lordes praier, made by Thomas Leuer, at sainct Mary Woll churche in LondonLever, Thomas, 1521-1577.A05393EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the xiiii day of December by Thomas Leuer.Lever, Thomas, 1521-1577.A05394EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached the thyrd Sondaye in Lente before the kynges Maiestie, and his honorable counsell, by Thomas LeauerLever, Thomas, 1521-1577.A05397EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Svvord and buckler, or, Seruing-mans defence. By William BasBasse, William, d. ca. 1653.A05398EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the right way fro[m] danger of sinne & vengeance in this wicked world, vnto godly wealth and saluation in Christe. Made by Th. Leuer, and now newly augmented. Seene and allowed, according to the order appointed.Lever, Thomas, 1521-1577.A05400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ignis cœlestis: or An interchange of diuine love betweene God and his saints. By Iohn Lewis, minister of Gods word at St. Peters in the tovvne of St. AlbonsLewis, John, b. 1595 or 6.A05406EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Three pastoral elegies of Anander, Anetor, and Muridella. By William Bas.Basse, William, d. ca. 1653.A05407EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vnmasking of the masse-priest vvith a due and diligent examination of their holy sacrifice. By C.A. Shewing how they partake with all the ancient heretiques, in their profane, impious, and idolatrous worship.Lewis, John, b. 1595 or 6.A05408EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of the vsage of the English fugitiues, by the SpaniardLewkenor, Lewis, Sir, d. 1626.A05410EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse not altogether vnprofitable, nor vnpleasant for such as are desirous to know the situation and customes of forraine cities without trauelling to see them Containing a discourse of all those citties wherein doe flourish at this day priuiledged vniuersities. Written by Samuel Levvkenor Gentleman.Lewkenor, Samuel.A05414EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Curiosities: or the cabinet of nature Containing phylosophical, naturall, and morall questions fully answered and resolved. Translated out of Latin, French, and Italian authors. By R.B. Gent. Never before published.Basset, Robert.A05418EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true relation of the fleete which went vnder the Admirall Iaquis Le Hermite through the Straights of Magellane towards the coasts of Peru, and the towne of Lima in the West-Indies With a letter, containing the present state of Castile in Peru. Herevnto is annexed an excellent discourse which sheweth by cleare and strong arguments how that it was both necessary and profitable for the Vnited Prouinces to erect a West-India Company, and euery true subiect of the same ought to aduance it according to his power. Written by a well-willer of the Common-wealth.Well-willer of the Common-wealth.A05421EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Chrestoleros Seuen bookes of epigrames written by T B.Bastard, Thomas, 1565 or 6-1618.A05458EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Erubhin or Miscellanies Christian and Iudaicall, and others Penned for recreation at vacant houres. By Iohn Lightfoote, Master in Arts, sometimes of Christs Colledge in Cambridge.Lightfoot, John, 1602-1675.A05462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A coppy of a letter written by John Lilburne, close prisoner in the wards of the fleet, which he sent to Iames Ingram and Henry Hopkins, wardens of the said fleet. Wherin is fully discovered their great cruelty exercised upon his bodyLilburne, John, 1614?-1657.A05465EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dutifull advice of a loving sonne to his aged fatherSouthwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595.A05468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Twelue sermons viz. 1 A Christian exhortation to innocent anger. 2 The calling of Moses. ... 11 12 The sinners looking-glasse. Preached by Thomas Bastard ...Bastard, Thomas, 1565 or 6-1618.A05479EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lillies rules construed wherunto are added Tho. Robertsons Heteroclites, the Latine Syntaxis, and Qui mihi.Lily, William, 1468?-1522.A05510EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Rudimenta grammatices]Linacre, Thomas, 1460-1524.A05516EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine tables sett furth by the right reuerend father in God, William Bushopp of Rurimunde, in Ghelderland: wherein is detected and made manifeste the doting dangerous doctrine, and haynous heresyes, of the rashe rablement of heretikes: translated into Englishe by Lewys Euans, and by hym intituled, The betraing of the beastlines of heretykesLindanus, Guilelmus Damasus, 1525-1588.A05532EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reasons of a pastors resolution, touching the reuerend receiuing of the holy communion: written by Dauid Lindesay, D. of Diuinitie, in the Vniuersitie of Saint Andrewes in Scotland, and preacher of the gospell at DundyLindsay, David, d. 1641?A05533EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true narration of all the passages of the proceedings in the generall Assembly of the Church of Scotland, holden at Perth the 25. of August, anno Dom. 1618 VVherein is set downe the copy of his Maiesties letters to the said Assembly: together with a iust defence of the Articles therein concluded, against a seditious pamphlet. By Dr. Lyndesay, Bishop of Brechen.Lindsay, David, d. 1641?A05535EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The complaynte and testament of a popiniay which lyeth sore wounded and maye not dye, tyll euery man hathe herd what he sayth: wherfore gentyll readers haste you yt he were oute of his payne.Lindsay, David, Sir, fl. 1490-1555.A05547EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ane dialog betuix Experience and ane courteour off the miserabyll estait of the warld. Compylit be Schir Dauid Lyndesay of ye Mont Knycht alias, Lyone Kyng of Armes. And is deuidit in foure partis. As efter followis. .&c.Lindsay, David, Sir, fl. 1490-1555.A05548EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of ane nobil and wailzeand squyer, William Meldrum, vmquhyle Laird of Cleische and Bynnis. Compylit be Sir Dauid Lyndesay of the Mont, alias, Lyoun, King of Armes. H C The testament of the said Williame Meldrum Squyer. Compylit alswa be Sir Dauid Lyndesay, &c.Lindsay, David, Sir, fl. 1490-1555.A05554EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The answer of John Bastvvick, Doctor of Phisicke, to the information of Sir Iohn Bancks Knight, Atturney universall In which there is a sufficient demonstration, that the prelats are invaders of the Kings prerogative royall, contemners and despisers of holy Scripture, advancers of poperie, superstition, idolatry and phophanesse: also that they abuse the Kings authoritie ...Bastwick, John, 1593-1654.A05555EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragical death of Dauid Beato[n] Bishoppe of sainct Andrewes in Scotland Whereunto is ioyned the martyrdom of maister George Wyseharte gentleman, for whose sake the aforesayed bishoppe was not long after slayne. Wherein thou maist learne what a burnynge charitie they shewed not only towards him: but vnto al suche as come to their hades for the blessed Gospels sake.Lindsay, David, Sir, fl. 1490-1555.A05559EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The godly mans iourney to heauen containing ten seuerall treatises. Viz. 1. An heauenly chariot the first part. 2. An heauenly chariot the second part. 3. The blessed chariots man. 4. The lanthorne for the chariot. 5. The skilfull chariot driuer. 6. The gard of the chariot. 7. The sixe robbers of the chariot. 8. The three rocks layd in the way. 9. The only inne Gods babes aime at. 10. The guests of the inne. By maister David Lindsey Minister of Gods word at Leith.Lindsay, David, 1566?-1627.A05560EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Politeuphuia VVits common wealth.N. L. (Nicholas Ling), fl. 1580-1607.A05562EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true relation of all suche Englishe captaines and lieuetenants, as haue beene slaine in the Lowe Countries of Flaunders together with those now liuing, as also of such as as [sic] are fled to the enimie / collected by Iohn Lingham, clarke to Captaine William Martin seruitore there this 8. of Iuly, 1584.Lingham, John.A05567EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iohn Huighen van Linschoten. his discours of voyages into ye Easte & West Indies Deuided into foure bookes.Linschoten, Jan Huygen van, 1563-1611.A05569EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tvvo bookes of constancie. Written in Latine, by Iustus Lipsius. Containing, principallie, A comfortable conference, in common calamities. And will serue for a singular consolation to all that are priuately distressed, of afflicted, either in body or mind. Englished by Iohn Stradling, gentlemanLipsius, Justus, 1547-1606.A05575EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A direction for trauailers Taken out of Iustus Lipsius, and enlarged for the behoofe of the right honorable Lord, the yong Earle of Bedford, being now ready to trauell. They that go downe into the sea in shippes, see the great wonders of the Lord.Lipsius, Justus, 1547-1606.A05576EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe relation of certaine speciall and most materiall passages, and speeches in the Starre-Chamber occasioned and delivered the 14th. day of Iune, 1637. At the censure of those three famous and worthy gentlemen, Dr. Bastwicke, Mr. Burton, and Mr. Prynne. Even so as it hath beene truely and faithfully gathered from their owne mouthes, by one present at the said censure.Bastwick, John, 1593-1654.A05581EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sixe bookes of politickes or ciuil doctrine, written in Latine by Iustus Lipsius: which doe especially concerne principalitie. ; Done into English by William Iones Gentleman..Lipsius, Justus, 1547-1606.A05583EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nothing for a nevv-yeares gift Nihil ext ex onmi parte beatum. By W.L. Sit voluisse sat valuisse.Lisle, William, 1579?-1637.A05587EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe and summarie discourse upon that lamentable and dreadfull disaster at Dunglasse. Anno 1640. the penult of August Collected from the soundest and best instructions, that time and place could certainly affoord, the serious enquirie of the painfull and industrious author. By William Lithgovv.Lithgow, William, 1582-1645?A05589EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The gushing teares of godly sorrovv Containing the causes, conditions, and remedies of sinne, depending mainly upon contrition and confession. And they seconded, with sacred and comfortable passages, under the mourning cannopie of teares, and repentance. By William Lithgovv.Lithgow, William, 1582-1645?A05590EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most delectable and true discourse, of an admired and painefull peregrination from Scotland, to the most famous kingdomes in Europe, Asia and Affricke With the particular descriptions (more exactly set downe then hath beene heeretofore in English) of Italy Sycilia, Dalmatia, Ilyria, Epire, Peloponnesus, Macedonia, Thessalia, and the whole continent of Greece, Creta, Rhodes, the Iles Cyclades ... and the chiefest countries of Asia Minor. From thence, to Cyprus, Phænicia, Syria ... and the sacred citie Ierusalem, &c.Lithgow, William, 1582-1645?A05594EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The totall discourse, of the rare adventures, and painefull peregrinations of long nineteene yeares travailes from Scotland, to the most famous kingdomes in Europe, Asia, and Affrica Perfited by three deare bought voyages, in surveying of forty eight kingdomes ancient and modern; twenty one rei-publicks, ten absolute principalities, with two hundred islands. ... divided into three bookes: being newly corrected, and augmented in many severall places, with the addition of a table thereunto annexed of all the chiefe heads. Wherein is contayed an exact relation of the lawes, religions, policies and governments of all their princes, potentates and people. Together with the grievous tortures he suffered by the Inquisition of Malaga in Spaine ... And of his last and late returne from the Northern Isles, and other places adjacent. By William Lithgow.Lithgow, William, 1582-1645?A05597EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pilgrimes farewell, to his natiue countrey of Scotland vvherein is contained, in way of dialogue, the ioyes and miseries of peregrination. With his Lamentado in his second trauels, his Passionado on the Rhyne, diuerse other insertings, and farewels, to noble personages, and, the heremites welcome to his third pilgrimage, &c. Worthie to be seene and read of all gallant spirits, and pompe-expecting eyes. By William Lithgow, the bonauenture of Europe, Asia, and Africa, &c.Lithgow, William, 1582-1645?A05598EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Scotlands vvelcome to her native sonne, and soveraigne lord, King Charles wherein is also contained, the maner of his coronation, and convocation of Parliament; the whole grievances, and abuses of the common-wealth of this kingdome, with diverse other relations, never heretofore published. Worthy to be by all the nobles and gentry perused; and to be layed vp in the hearts, and chests of the whole commouns, whose interests may best claime it, either in meane, or maner, from which their priuiledges, and fortunes are drawne, as from the loadstar of true direction. By William Lithgovv, the bonaventure, of Europe, Asia, and Africa.Lithgow, William, 1582-1645?A05599EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and experimentall discourse, upon the beginning, proceeding, and victorious event of this last siege of Breda With the antiquity and annexing of it, to the house of Nassaw, and the many alterations it hath suffered by armes, and armies, within these threescore yeares. Together with the prudent plots, projects, and policies of warre: the assailants and defendants matchlesse man-hood, in managing martiall affaires: the misery and manner of souldiers living, their pinching want, and fatall accidents: strange weapons and instruments used by both parties in severall conflicts. Lastly, their concluded articles, with circumstances and ordering of the siege and victory. Being pleasant to peruse, and profitable to observe. Written by him who was an eye witnesse of the siege. William Lithgow.Lithgow, William, 1582-1645?A05601EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tenannt en fee simple est celuy ...Littleton, Thomas, Sir, d. 1481.A05603EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ansvver of Iohn Bastwick, Doctor of Phisicke, to the exceptions made against his Letany by a learned gentleman which is annexed to the Letany it selfe, as articles superadditionall against the prelats. In the vvhich there is, a full, demonstration and proof of the reall absence of Christ in the sacrament of the Lords Supper, with the vanity and impiety of the consecreation of temples churches and chapples, also the necessity of the perpetuall motion and circulation of worship if men be bound to bow the knees at the name of Iesus. This is to follow the Letany as a second part thereof.Bastwick, John, 1593-1654.A05604EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ansvver of Iohn Bastwick, Doctor of Phisicke, to the exceptions made against his Letany by a learned gentleman which is annexed to the Letany it selfe, as articles superadditionall against the prelats. In the vvhich there is, a full, demonstration and proof of the reall absence of Christ in the sacrament of the Lords Supper, with the vanity and impiety of the consecreation of temples churches and chapples, also the necessity of the perpetuall motion and circulation of worship if men be bound to bow the knees at the name of Iesus. This is to follow the Letany as a second part thereof.Bastwick, John, 1593-1654.A05611EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mysteryes of nature, and art conteined in foure severall tretises, the first of water workes the second of fyer workes, the third of drawing, colouring, painting, and engrauing, the fourth of divers experiments, as wel serviceable as delightful: partly collected, and partly of the authors peculiar practice, and invention by I.B.Bate, John.A05657EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The portraiture of hypocrisie, liuely and pithilie pictured in her colours wherein you may view the vgliest and most prodigious monster that England hath bredde.Bate, John, M.A.A05679EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A christall glasse of christian reformation wherein the godly maye beholde the coloured abuses vsed in this our present tyme. Collected by Stephen Bateman Minister.Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.A05694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The golden booke of the leaden goddes Wherein is described the vayne imaginations of heathe[n] pagans, and counterfaict Christians: wyth a description of their seueral tables, what ech of their pictures signified. By Stephen Batman, student in diuinitie.Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.A05703EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The new arival of the three gracis, into Anglia Lamenting the abusis of this present age.Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.A05710EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The trauayled pylgrime bringing newes from all partes of the worlde, such like scarce harde of before. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed.La Marche, Olivier de, ca. 1426-1502.A05711EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe introduction to the skill of song concerning the practise, set forth by William Bathe gentleman. In which work is set downe X. sundry wayes of 2. parts in one vpon the plaine song. Also a table newly added of the companions of cleues, how one followeth another for the naming of notes: with other necessarie examples, to further the learner.Bathe, William, 1564-1614.A05729EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most plaine and easie way for the finding of the sunnes amplitude and azimuth, and thereby the variation of the compasse, by logarithme written by W.B. ; also another plaine way for the azimuth, by the table of sines in fiue seuerall cases, by I.T.Batten, William, Sir, d. 1667.A05734EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian mans closet Wherein is conteined a large discourse of the godly training vp of children: as also of those duties that children owe vnto their parents, made dialogue wise, very pleasant to reade, and most profitable to practise, collected in Latin by Bartholomew Batty of Alostensis. And nowe Englished by William Lowth.Batt, Barthélemy, 1515-1559.A05738EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the imperiall estate of the grand seigneurs their habitations, liues, titles ... gouernment and tyranny. Translated out of French by E.G. S.A.Baudier, Michel, 1589?-1645.A05751EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
This prymer of Salysbury vse is set out a long wout ony serchyng with many prayers, and goodly pyctures in the kale[n]der, in the matyns of our lady, in the houres of the crosse in the. vii. psalmes, and in the dyryge.Catholic Church.A05777EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir Philip Sydneys ouránia that is, Endimions song and tragedie, containing all philosophie. Written by N.B.Baxter, Nathaniel, fl. 1606.A05781EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A prymer in Englyshe with certeyn prayers [et] godly meditations, very necessary for all people that vnderstonde not the Latyne tongue. Cum priuilegio regali.Catholic Church.A05789EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The valiant VVelshman, or The true chronicle history of the life and valiant deedes of Caradoc the Great, King of Cambria, now called Wales As it hath beene sundry times acted by the Prince of Wales his seruants. Written by R.A. Gent.R. A., Gent.A05801EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The practise of pietie directing a Christian how to walke that he may please God.Bayly, Lewis, d. 1631.A05817EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tactiks of Ælian or art of embattailing an army after ye Grecian manner Englished & illustrated wth figures throughout: & notes vpon ye chapters of ye ordinary motions of ye phalange by I.B. The exercise military of ye English by ye order of that great generall Maurice of Nassau Prince of Orange &c Gouernor & Generall of ye vnited Prouinces is addedAelianus.A05855EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Expositio hymnorum secu[n]dum vsum Saru[m]Catholic Church.A05861EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The art of embattailing an army. Or, The second part of Ælians tacticks Containing the practice of the best generals of all antiquitie, concerning the formes of battailes. ... Englished and illustrated with figures and obseruations vpon euery chapter. By Captaine Iohn Bingham.Aelianus.A05975EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ordo distributionis sacramenti altaris sub vtraque specie, et formula confessionis faciendae in regno AngliaeChurch of England.A06059EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The trial of a Christians estate: or a discouerie of the causes, degrees, signes and differences of the apostasie both of the true Christians and false in a sermon preached in London by Master Paul Bayne, and afterward sent in writing by him to his friend W.F.Baynes, Paul, d. 1617.A06065EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The praise of solitarinesse set down in the forme of a dialogue, wherein is conteyned, a discourse philosophical, of the lyfe actiue, and contemplatiue.Baynes Roger, 1546-1623.A06078EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Solon his follie, or a politique discourse, touching the reformation of common-weales conquered, declined or corrupted. By Richard Beacon ...Becon, Richard.A06083EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A thankesgiuing and prayer for the safe child-bearing of the Queenes MaiestieChurch of England.A06089EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A retractiue from the Romish religion contayning thirteene forcible motiues, disswading from the communion with the Church of Rome: wherein is demonstratiuely proued, that the now Romish religion (so farre forth as it is Romish) is not the true Catholike religion of Christ, but the seduction of Antichrist: by Tho. Beard ...Beard, Thomas, d. 1632.A06106EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Romane historie vvritten by T. Livius of Padua. Also, the Breviaries of L. Florus: with a chronologie to the whole historie: and the Topographie of Rome in old time. Translated out of Latine into English, by Philemon Holland, Doctor in PhysickeLivy.A06128EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The legend of Captaine Iones relating his adventure to sea: his first landing, and strange combate with a mightie beare. His furious battell with his sixe and thirtie men against the armie of eleven kings, with their overthrow and deaths. His relieving of Kemper Castle. His strange and admirable sea-fight with sixe huge gallies of Spain, and nine thousand sonldiers [sic]. His taking prisoner, and hard usage. Lastly, his setting at liberty by the Kings command, and returne for England.Lloyd, David, 1597-1663.A06129EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe conference of diuers lawes diuided into certaine regiments. By Lodowick LLoyd Esquier, one of her Maiesties serieants at armes.Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06131EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine Englishe verses presented vnto the Queenes most excellent Maiestie, by a courtier: in ioy of the most happie disclosing, of the most dangerous conspiracies pretended by the late executed traitours, against her royall person, and the whole estate.Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06132EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The choyce of ievvels. By Lodowik Lloid EsquierLloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06133EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The consent of time disciphering the errors of the Grecians in their Olympiads, the vncertaine computation of the Romanes in their penteterydes and building of Rome, of the Persians in their accompt of Cyrus, and of the vanities of the Gentiles in fables of antiquities, disagreeing with the Hebrewes, and with the sacred histories in consent of time. VVherein is also set downe the beginning, continuance, succession, and ouerthrowes of kings, kingdomes, states, and gouernments. By Lodovvik Lloid Esquire.Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06134EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epitaph vpon the death of the honorable, syr Edward Saunders Knight, Lorde cheefe Baron of the Exchequer, who dyed the. 19. of Nouember. 1576Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06136EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first part of the diall of daies containing 320. Romane triumphes, besides the triumphant obelisks and pyramydes of the Aegyptians, the pillers, arches, and trophies triumphant, of the Græcians, and the Persians, with their pompe and magnificence: of feastes and sacrifices both of the Iewes and of the Gentils, with the stately games and plaies belonging to these feastes and sacrifices, with the birthes and funeral pomps of kinges and emperours, as you shall finde more at large in the 2. part, wherein all kind of triumphes are enlarged. By Lodowick Lloid Esquire.Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06137EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hilaria: or The triumphant feast for the fift of AugustLloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06138EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ivbile of Britane. By Lodowik Lloid EsquierLloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pilgrimage of princes, penned out of sundry Greeke and Latine aucthours, by Lodovvicke Lloid GentLloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06140EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The stratagems of Ierusalem vvith the martiall lavves and militarie discipline, as well of the Iewes, as of the Gentiles. By Lodowick LLoyd Esquier, one of her Maiesties serieants at armes.Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06143EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragicocomedie of serpents. By Lodowik Lloid Esquier.Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06144EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triplicitie of triumphes Containing, the order, solempnitie and pompe, of the feastes, sacrifices, vowes, games, and triumphes: vsed vpon the natiuities of emperours, kinges, princes, dukes, popes, and consuls, with the custome, order and maners of their inaugurations, coronations and annointing. Wherein is also mentioned, the three most happy, ioyfull and triumphant daies, in September, Nouember and Ianuary, by the name of, Triplici Festa. With a briefe rehearsall of the funerall solempnities at some emperors, kings, and princes burials. By Lodowike LLoyd, Esquier.Lloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06145EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brief discourse of the most renowned actes and right valiant conquests of those puisant princes, called the nine worthies wherein is declared their seuerall proportions and dispositions, and what armes euerie one gaue, as also in what time ech of them liued, and how at the length they ended their liues. Compiled by Richard Lloyd gentleman.Lloyd, Richard, gentleman.A06147EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cambria, ou VValliaCaradoc, of Llancarvan, d. 1147?A06149EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The masque of the Inner Temple and Grayes Inne Grayes Inne and the Inner Temple, presented before his Maiestie, the Queenes Maiestie, the Prince, Count Palatine and the Lady Elizabeth their Highnesses, in the Banquetting house at White-hall on Saturday the twentieth day of Februarie, 1612.Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616.A06150EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The exercise of a christian life. Written in Italian by the Reuerend Father Gaspar Loarte D. of Diuinitie, of the Societie of Iesus. And newly translated into Englishe. by I.S.Loarte, Gaspar de, 1498-1578.A06151EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Instructions and aduertisements, how to meditate the misteries of the rosarie of the most holy Virgin Mary. Written in Italian by the Reuerend Father Gaspar Loarte D. of Diuinite of the Societie of Iesus. And newly translated into EnglishLoarte, Gaspar de, 1498-1578.A06157EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An alarum against vsurers Containing tryed experiences against worldly abuses. Wherein gentlemen may finde good counsells to confirme them, and pleasant histories to delight them: and euery thing so interlaced with varietie: as the curious may be satisfied with rarenesse, and the curteous with pleasure. Heereunto are annexed the delectable historie of Forbonius and Prisceria: with the lamentable complaint of truth ouer England. Written by Thomas Lodge, of Lincolnes Inne, Gentleman.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06162EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Catharos. Diogenes in his singularitie Wherein is comprehended his merrie baighting fit for all mens benefits: christened by him, a nettle for nice noses. By T.L. of Lincolns Inne, Gent: 1591.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06163EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The diuel coniuredLodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06164EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Euphues shadow, the battaile of the sences Wherein youthfull folly is set downe in his right figure, and vaine fancies are prooued to produce many offences. Hereunto is annexed the deafe mans dialogue, contayning Philamis Athanatos: fit for all sortes to peruse, and the better sorte to practise. By T.L. Gent.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06165EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The famous, true and historicall life of Robert second Duke of Normandy, surnamed for his monstrous birth and behauiour, Robin the Diuell VVherein is contained his dissolute life in his youth, his deuout reconcilement and vertues in his age: interlaced with many straunge and miraculous aduentures. VVherein are both causes of profite, and manie conceits of pleasure. By T.L. G.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06166EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fig for Momus containing pleasant varietie, included in satyres, eclogues, and epistles, by T.L. of Lincolnes Inne Gent.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06167EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The life and death of william Long beard, the most famous and witty English traitor, borne in the citty of London Accompanied with manye other most pleasant and prettie histories, by T.L. of Lincolns Inne, gent.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A margarite of America. By T. LodgeLodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06169EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Phillis: honoured vvith pastorall sonnets, elegies, and amorous delights VVhere-vnto is annexed, the tragicall complaynt of Elstred.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06170EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prosopopeia containing the teares of the holy, blessed, and sanctified Marie, the Mother of God.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06171EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Protogenes can know Apelles by his line though he se him not and wise men can consider by the penn the aucthoritie of the writer thoughe they know him not. ...Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06172EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rosalynde. Euphues golden legacie found after his death in his cell at Silexedra. Bequeathed to Philautus sonnes, noursed vp with their father in England. Fetcht from the Canaries by T.L. Gent.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06173EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cupids reuenge As it hath beene diuers times acted by the Children of her Maiesties Reuels. By Iohn FletcherBeaumont, Francis, 1584-1616.A06177EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Scillaes metamorphosis: enterlaced with the vnfortunate loue of Glaucus VVhereunto is annexed the delectable discourse of the discontented satyre: with sundrie other most absolute poems and sonnets. Contayning the detestable tyrannie of disdaine, and comicall triumph of constancie: verie fit for young courtiers to peruse, and coy dames to remember. By Thomas Lodge of Lincolnes Inne, Gentleman.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06181EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the plague containing the nature, signes, and accidents of the same, with the certaine and absolute cure of the feuers, botches and carbuncles that raigne in these times: and aboue all things most singular experiments and preseruatiues in the same, gathered by the obseruation of diuers worthy trauailers, and selected out of the writing of the best learned phisitians in this age. By Thomas Lodge, Doctor in Phisicke.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06182EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
VVits miserie, and the vvorlds madnesse discouering the deuils incarnat of this age.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06183EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvounds of ciuill vvar Liuely set forth in the true tragedies of Marius and Scilla. As it hath beene publiquely plaide in London, by the Right Honourable the Lord high Admirall his Seruants. VVritten by Thomas Lodge Gent.Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06184EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A looking glasse for London and England. Made by Thomas Lodge Gentleman, and Robert Greene. In Artibus MagisterLodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625.A06185EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Come and see. The blisse of brightest beautie: shining out of Sion in perfect glorie Being the summe of foure sermons preached in the Cathedrall Church of Glocester at commandment of superiours. By William Loe.Loe, William, d. 1645.A06190EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The kings shoe Made, and ordained to trample on and to treade downe Edomites; to teach in briefe, what is Edoms doome; what the carefull condition of the king, what the loyall submission of a subiect, and what proiects are onely to best purpose. Deliuered in a sermon before the king at Theobalds, October the ninth, 1622: by William Loe, Doctour of Diuinity, chaplaine to his sacred Maiestiy in ordinary.Loe, William, d. 1645.A06191EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mysterie of mankind, made into a manual, or The Protestants portuize reduced into explication application, inuocation, tending to illumination, sanctification, deuotion, being the summe of seuen sermons, preached at S. Michaels in Cornehill, London. By William Loe, Doctor of Diuinity, chaplaine to his sacred Maiesty, and pastor elect, and allowed by authority of superiours of the English Church at Hamborough in Saxonie.Loe, William, d. 1645.A06193EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Songs of Sion Set for the ioy of gods deere ones, vvho sitt here by the brookes of this vvorlds Babel, & vveepe vvhen they thinke on Hierusalem vvhich is on highe. By W.L.Loe, William, d. 1645.A06194EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vox clamantis. Mark 1. 3 A stil voice, to the three thrice-honourable estates of Parliament: and in them, to all the soules of this our nation, of what state or condition soeuer they be. By William Loe, Doctor of Diuinitie, and chaplaine to the Kings most excellent Maiestie.Loe, William, d. 1645.A06196EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ecclesiastes, othervvise called The preacher Containing Salomons sermons or commentaries (as it may probably be collected) vpon the 49. Psalme of Dauid his father. Compendiously abridged, and also paraphrastically dilated in English poesie, according to the analogie of Scripture, and consent of the most approued writer thereof. Composed by H.L. Gentleman. Whereunto are annexed sundrie sonets of Christian passions heretofore printed, and now corrected and augmented, with other affectionate sonets of a feeling conscience of the same authors.Lok, Henry.A06202EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sundry Christian passions contained in two hundred sonnets Diuided into two equall parts: the first consisting chiefly of meditations, humiliations, and praiers. The second of comfort, ioy, and thankesgiuing. By H.L.Lok, Henry.A06203EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A king and no king Acted at the Globe, by his Maiesties Seruants. Written by Francis Beamount, and Iohn Flecher.Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616.A06207EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the mayre for as much as in dyuerse good & auncient lawes and statutes of this our most drad soueraygne lord the Kynges realme of England, amongest dyuerse and sondry other thynges, forstalynge and regratynge, as two capitall and chefe euell myschefes ...City of London (England). Lord Mayor.A06213EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lawes of the markette.City of London (England).A06214EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wyllyam Cecill knight, high stewarde of the citie of Westminster, and Ambrose Caue, knight, chauncelour of the duchye of Lancaster, two of the priuie counsell to the Quenes moste excellent Maiestie, to the baylyffe, headboroughs, constables, and other officers within the sayde citie ... greeting knowe ye that our sayde soueraigne lady the quene, hauyng compassion of the estate of that her citie, because of the long visitation thereof with the plague ...Westminster (London, England). Steward.A06215EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the Maior of London where as a very rich lo[t]terie generall hath now lately bene erected by the order of our [m]ost dread soueraigne Lady, the Queenes most excellent M[a]iestie, and by Hir Highnesse commaundement since publish[ed] within this Hir Highnesse citie of London, the xxiii daye of August, in the ix yeare of Hir Maiesties most prosperous raigne ...City of London (England). Lord Mayor (1567 : Martin)A06217EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ordre of my Lorde Mayor, the aldermen & the shiriffes, for their metings and wearynge of theyr apparell throughout the yeareCity of London (England).A06218EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
For the alderman of the warde meanes deuised for better execution of the statute for reliefe of the poore, and redressing the disorders of persons vagarant [sic] and begging in the Citie of London.City of London (England).A06219EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles to be enquired of, what orders haue bene put in execution, for the restreinyng of the infected of the plague, within the citie of London and liberties thereofCity of London (England). Court of Common Council.A06221EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The abridgement of an acte of Common Counsel passed at the Guildehal in London the seconde day of Iuly 1586 in the xxviij yere of the raigne of Our Soueraigne Lady Elizabeth ... and there at the same time established for a law for the better seruice of Hir Maiestie in hir cariage belonging to Hir Highnesse housholde, and for the better gouernement of cartes, carters, carres and carre men, and the gouernement thereof by the authoritie of the same act committed to the gouernours of Christes hospitall : the same acte is take place from the xv day of the saide moneth of Iuly.City of London (England). Court of Common Council.A06226EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An acte of common Councell Where at a court of common Councell, holden at the Guildhall of this citty of London, on the tenth day of Nouember, in the xxix. yeere of the raigne of our soueraigne Lady the Queenes most excellent Maiesty that now is.City of London (England). Court of Common Council.A06227EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders conceiued and agreed to be published, by the Lord Mayor and aldermen of the citie of London, and the iustices of peace of the counties of Middlesex and Surrey, by direction from the Lords of His Maiesties most honourable Priuie CouncellLondon (England)A06234EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Commune consilium tentum in camera Guild-hall civitatis London undecimo die Julii, anno Dom. 1612 ...City of London (England). Court of Common Council.A06236EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the major a proclamation for the prices of tallow and candles.City of London (England).A06237EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders to be vsed in the time of the infection of the plague vvithin the citie and liberties of London, till further charitable prouision may be had for places of receite for the visited with infectionCity of London (England). Court of Aldermen.A06241EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the major whereas the infection of the plague is daily dispersed more & more in diuers parts of this city and the liberties thereof ...City of London (England). Lord Mayor (1624-1625 : Gore)A06242EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Orders heertofore conceiued and agreed to bee published by the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the citie of London and the iustices of peace of the counties of Middlesex and Surrey, by direction from the lords of His Maiesties most honourable priuie councell, and now thought fit to be reuiued, and againe published.City of London (England). Court of Common Council.A06243EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An act for the charitable reliefe and ordering of person infected with the plagueEngland and Wales.A06247EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the mayor the right honourable the lord mayor, and his brethren the aldermen of the city of London, considering how the infection of the plague is dispersed in divers and sundry places neere about this city, doe ... command all manner of persons ... to take notice of, and obserue these seuerall articles ensuing ...City of London (England). Lord Mayor.A06248EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true report of all the burials and christnings within the city of London and the liberties thereof, from the 23. of December, 1602 to the 22. of December 1603 whereunto is added the number of euery seuerall parish, from the 14. of Iuly to the 22. of December, aswell within the citie of London and the liberties thereof, as in other parishes in the skirtes of the cittie, and out of the freedome adioyning to the cittie : according to the weekly reports made to the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie / by the Company of Parish Clearks of the same citie.Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks.A06251EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The knight of the burning pestleBeaumont, Francis, 1584-1616.A06252EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true report of all the burials and christnings within the citie of London and the liberties thereof, from the 23. of December, 1602 to the 22. of December 1603 whereunto is added the number of burialls in euery seuerall parish, from the 14. of Iuly, to the 22. of December, within the citie of London, and the liberties thereof adioyning to the same : according to the weekly reports made to the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie / by the Company of Parish Clarkes of London.Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks.A06253EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A True bill of the whole number that hath died in the cittie of London, the citty of Westminster, the citty of Norwich, and diuers other places, since the time this last sicknes of the plague began in either of them, to this present month of October the sixt day, 1603 with a relation of many visitations by the plague, in sundry other forraine countries.A06259EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Bill of mortality]A06260EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lachrymæ Londinenses: or, Londons lamentations and teares for Gods heauie visitation of the plague of pestilence. With, a map of the cities miserie: wherein may be seene, a journall of the deplorable estate of the citie, from the beginning of the visitation vnto this present. A Christian expostulation and admonition to such as fled out of the citie. ...A06268EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A larum for London, or The siedge of Antwerpe VVith the ventrous actes and valorous deeds of the lame soldier. As it hath been playde by the right Honorable the Lord Chamberlaine his Seruants.A06270EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London looke backe at that yeare of yeares 1625 and looke forvvard, vpon this yeare 1630 / written not to terrifie, but to comfort.Dekker, Thomas, ca. 1572-1632.A06271EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London tryacle being the enemie to all infectious diseases; as may appear by the discourse following.A06273EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The othe of euery free manA06277EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The othe of every free man, of the cittie of LondonCity of London (England).A06278EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Oath of euery free-man of the citie of LondonA06279EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reasons tendred by the Free Butchers of London against the bill in Parliament to restraine butchers from grazing of cattleFree Butchers of London.A06282EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Worshipfull, the cause of your repaire hither at this present, is to giue you knowledge, that you are elected by the gouernors of this hospital, & allowed by the Lord Maior & court of aldermen, to the office, charge, & gouernance of the hospital of Bridewel, & house of correction ...Bridewell Royal Hospital.A06283EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the most hon[ble] assemblie of the high court of Parliament the humble petition of many thousands of poore distressed carpenters, bricklayers, smithes, plaisterers, glaziers, painters and other handy-crafts men.A06284EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the most honorable assembly of the Commons House of Parliament the humble petition of the artizan cloth- workers of the citie of London.Cloth-workers of London.A06285EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the most honorable assembly of the Commons House of Parliament the binders of bookes in London doe most humblie shew ...Bookbinders of London.A06287EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certain necessary directions, aswell for the cure of the plague as for preuenting the infection; with many easie medicines of small charge, very profitable to His Maiesties subiects / set downe by the Colledge of Physicians by the Kings Maiesties speciall command ; with sundry orders thought meet by His Maiestie, and his Priuie Councell, to be carefully executed for preuention of the plague ; also certaine select statutes commanded by His Maiestie to be put in execution by all iustices, and other officers of the peace throughout the realme ; together with His Maiesties proclamation for further direction therein, and a decree in Starre-Chamber, concerning buildings and in-mates.Royal College of Physicians of London.A06288EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The maides tragedy As it hath beene diuers times acted at the Blacke-friers by the Kings Maiesties Seruants.Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616.A06289EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Kings medicines for the plague prescribed for the yeare 1604. by the whole Colledge of Physitians, both spirituall and temporall. And now most fitting for this dangerous time of infection, to be used all England over.Royal College of Physicians of London.A06291EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To all and euery the ministers, church-wardens, and side-men, within the citie, suburbs, and diocesse of London whereas I am daily aduertised ... of a generall misbehauiour in most churches ..., men and boyes sitting then couered with their hats on their heads, without all shew of reuerence or respect ... / Geo: London.Church of England. Diocese of London. Bishop (1610-1611 : Abbot)A06296EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To my very louing brethren the ministers and to the church- wardens, and side-men, of euery parish, and precinct, within my archdeaconry of LondonChurch of England. Archdeaconry of London. Archdeacon (1625-1662 : Paske)A06297EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iohn by the prouidence of God Bishop of London, to all parsons, vicars, curates and churchwardens within the Cittie of London, and the counties of Middlesex and Essex, greeting whereas this bearer Thomas Butler of the towne of Colchester ...Church of England. Diocese of London. Bishop (1577-1594 : Aylmer)A06298EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Instructions for the ministers and churchwardens of the seuerall parishes of the citie of LondonChurch of England. Archdeaconry of London. Archdeacon (1625-1662 : Paske)A06299EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The briefe contents of the bill exhibited against logwood, and abuses in dyingDyers' Company (London, England)A06301EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the most honorable assembly of the commons house of Parliament, the humble petition of the felt makers in and neare LondonA06303EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A Prayer to be said by the poor of the company]A06305EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Den wirdigen vnd vursichtigen heren burgemeysteren vnd rait mänen der stat Cœlln vnsen lieuë heren vnd besunderen gunstigen guden frunden.A06306EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the Kinges most excellent Majestie the humble petition of of two and twentie preachers in London and the suburbs thereof.A06307EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The case of the Company of Merchants Trading into FranceCompany of Merchants Trading into France.A06309EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
By the master, wardens and assistants of the Companie of Ship- wrightsCorporation of Shipwrights of England (London, England)A06314EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Charter to Shipwrights company]Worshipful Company of Shipwrights (London, England)A06315EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[ ] admissus fuit in libertatem communitatis officinatorem et artificium infra tria milliaria civitatis London [ ] die [ ] 163 ...Tradesmen and Artificers within Three Miles of London.A06316EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vicesimo octavo Ianuarij, 1611. nono regni regis Iacobi present, the master, wardens, and assistants of the Company of Stationers.Stationers' Company (London, England)A06317EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
That the statute of 17 Edwardi 4, made to preuent the abuses in making of tyles, not prouiding sufficient remedie against the great mischiefes arising by the great increase of buildingWorshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers, London.A06318EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ioannis Longlondi Dei gratia Lincolnien[sis] Episcopi, tres conciones reuerendissimo Domino. do. vvaramo Cantuariensi Archiepiscopo totius Angliæ primati merito nuncupatæ.Longland, John, 1473-1547.A06325EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermo[n]d [sic] spoken before the kynge his maiestie at Grenwiche, vppon good fryday: the yere of our Lord. M.CCCCCxxxvi. By Iohan Longlo[n]d byshope of Linclone. Ad laudem & gloriam Christi, & ad memoriam gloriosæ passionis eiusLongland, John, 1473-1547.A06329EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermonde made before the kynge his maiestye at grenewiche, vpon good frydaye. The yere of our Lorde God. M.D.xxxviij. By Ioh[a]n Longlonde, busshop of Lincolne. Ad gloriam Christi, & ad memoriam gloriosæ passionis eius. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solumLongland, John, 1473-1547.A06330EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Looking-glasse for city and countrey vvherein is to be seene many fearfull examples in the time of this grieuous visitation, with an admonition to our Londoners flying from the city, and a perswasion [to the?] country to be more pitifull to such as come for succor amongst them.A06337EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A report of the kingdome of Congo, a region of Africa And of the countries that border rounde about the same. 1. Wherein is also shewed, that the two zones torrida & frigida, are not onely habitable, but inhabited, and very temperate, contrary to the opinion of the old philosophers. 2. That the blacke colour which is in the skinnes of the Ethiopians and Negroes &c. proceedeth not from the sunne. 3. And that the Riuer Nilus springeth not out of the mountains of the Moone, as hath been heretofore beleeued: together with the true cause of the rising and increasing thereof. 4. Besides the description of diuers plants, fishes and beastes, that are found in those countries. Drawen out of the writinges and discourses of Odoardo Lopez a Portingall, by Philippo Pigafetta. Translated out of Italian by Abraham Hartwell.Lopes, Duarte.A06339EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The prouerbes of the noble and woorthy souldier Sir Iames Lopez de Mendoza Marques of Santillana with the paraphrase of D. Peter Diaz of Toledo: wherin is contained whatsoeuer is necessarie to the leading of an honest and vertuous life. Translated out of Spanishe by Barnabe Googe.Santillana, Iñigo López de Mendoza, marqués de, 1398-1458.A06341EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Phylaster, or, Loue lyes a bleeding acted at the Globe by His Maiesties seruants / written by [brace] Francis Baymont and Iohn Fletcher ...Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616.A06343EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short interpretation of the Lords Praier necessary for all housholders to learne, and to teach their children and seruants.A06356EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A display of two forraigne sects in the East Indies vizt: the sect of the Banians the ancient natiues of India and the sect of the Persees the ancient inhabitants of Persia· together with the religion and maners of each sect collected into two bookes by Henry Lord sometimes resident in East India and preacher to the Hoble Company of Merchants trading thetherLord, Henry, b. 1563.A06357EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The kings declarations vpon his edicts for combats, importing the confirmation and enlarging of the same. Published in a Parliament holden in Paris, the 18. day of March. 1613. Herevnto is also adioyned the said kings edict, importing an order for apparell, therein prohibiting all his subiects from vsing vpon the same, any gold or siluer, either fine or counterfeit; all embroderie, and all lace of Millan, or of Millan fashion: either to make any guilt workes in their houses, vnder the penalties therein contained. Published in a parliament holden in Paris the 2. of Aprill. 1613. Hereunto is also annexed, a letter from the Lord Rosny, Treasurer of France, to the Queene Regent. Faithfully translated into English by E.A.France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII)A06362EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The French Kings declaration against the Dukes of Vendosme and Mayenne, the Marshall of Bouillon, the Marques of Coeuure, the President le Iay, and all who assist them Verified in the Court of Parlement the 13. of February, 1617. Stilo nouo.France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII)A06365EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The letter of the French King, to the Parliament of Roan, concerning the death of the Marshall D'Ancre Together with an act of the saide Parliament thereupon.France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII)A06366EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine articles or ordinances made by the French Kinge, and the Duke D'Espernon, to be observed by the French soldyers in the army, for the better goverment [sic] of themFrance. Armée.A06369EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true originall edict of Nants as it was enacted by Henry the third, and confirmed by the last French King Henry the fourth of famous memory. And reestablished by Lewis the thirteenth, for the better assurance of those of the reformed religion, as appeareth by the Kings Edict of peace, dated in the campe at Mompellier the nineteenth of October 1622. and proclaimed throughout all his dominions for a finall ending of all ciuill troubles. Cum priuilegio.France.A06372EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of agreement made betweene the French King and those of Rochell, vpon the rendition of the towne, the 24. of October last. 1628 According to the French coppies printed at Rochell and at Roan. Also a relation of a braue and resolute sea-fight, made by Sr. Kenelam Digby (on the Bay of Scandarone the 16. of Iune last past) with certaine galegasses and galeasses, belonging to the states of Venice, to his great commendation, and to the honour of our English nation.France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII)A06375EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration made by my lord prince of Conde, for to shew and declare the causes, that haue co[n]strained him to take vpon him the defence of the Kinges authoritie of the gouernement of the Queene, and of the quietness of this realme, with the protestation therevpon requisiteCondé, Louis, prince de, 1530-1569.A06377EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A seconde declaration of the Prince of Conde, to make knowen the causers of the troubles whyche are at this day in this realme, and the dutie wherein he hathe and yet putteth hym selfe in at this presente, for the pacifyeng of the same. 1562Condé, Louis, prince de, 1530-1569.A06379EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The treaty of thassociation made by the Prince of Condee, together wyth the princes, knyghtes of thorder, lordes, capitaines, gentlemen, [and] others of al estates which be entred, or hereafter shall entre into the said association, for to mainteine the honour of God, the quiet of the realme of Fraunce, and the state and lybertie of the kyng under the gouernance of the Quene his mother who is authorized therunto and establyshed by the estates.Condé, Louis, prince de, 1530-1569.A06380EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fond loue why dost thou dally: or, The passionate louers ditty in praise of his loue thats faire and witty. To the tune of The mocke widdow.A06384EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loue without lucke, or, The maidens misfortune to the tune of The new celebrand.A06385EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The scornful ladie A comedie. As it was acted (with great applause) by the Children of Her Maiesties Reuels in the Blacke Fryers. Written byFra. Beaumont and Io. Fletcher, Gent.Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616.A06389EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lovers delight: or, A pleasant pastorall sonnet to a new court tuneA06393EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Louers lamentation to his faire PhillidaA06394EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lovers dreame who sleeping, thought he did imbrace his love, which when he wak'd, did no such matter prove; yet afterwards her love he did enjoy, by sending a letter by a trusty young boy. To the tune of, I laid me downe to sleepe.A06395EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Two kinde louers, or, The Maydens resolution and will, to be like her true louer still to a dainty new tune.A06396EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tvvo kinde louers: or, The maidens resolution and will to be like her truer loue still To a dainty new tune.A06397EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two unfortunate lovers, or, a true relation of the lamentable end of Iohn True, and Susan Mease their lives thiss ditty doth relate, and how they dy'd unfortunate. To the tune of, The brides buriall.A06398EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The whole course of chirurgerie wherein is briefly set downe the causes, signes, prognostications & curations of all sorts of tumors, wounds, vlcers, fractures, dislocations & all other diseases, vsually practiced by chirurgions, according to the opinion of all our auncient doctours in chirurgerie. Compiled by Peter Lowe Scotchman, Arellian, Doctor in the Facultie of Chirurgerie in Paris, and chirurgian ordinarie to the most victorious and christian King of Fraunce and Nauarre. Whereunto is annexed the presages of diuine Hippocrates.Lowe, Peter, ca. 1550-ca. 1612.A06400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An easie, certaine, and perfect method, to cure and preuent the Spanish sicknes Wherby the learned and skilfull chirurgian may heale a great many other diseases. Compiled by Peter Lowe, Arellian: . . .Lowe, Peter, ca. 1550-ca. 1612.A06401EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The phaenix in her flames A tragedy. The scene, Arabia. The author, Master William Lower.Lower, William, Sir, 1600?-1662.A06402EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A manuall of devout meditations and exercises instructing how to pray mentally. Drawn for the most part, out of the spirituall exercises of S. Ignatius. Devided into three bookes. Written in Spanish by the R.F. Thomas de Villa Castin of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by H.M. of the same Society.Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556.A06405EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lucans Pharsalia containing the ciuill warres betweene Cæsar and Pompey. Written in Latine heroicall verse by M. Annæus Lucanus. Translated into English verse by Sir Arthur Gorges Knight. Whereunto is annexed the life of the authour, collected out of diuers authors.Lucan, 39-65.A06411EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Lucans Pharsalia: or The ciuill warres of Rome, betweene Pompey the great, and Iulius Cæsar The whole tenne bookes, Englished by Thomas May, Esquire.Lucan, 39-65.A06415EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialogue betwene Lucian and Diogenes of the life harde and sharpe, and of the lyfe tendre and delicateLucian, of Samosata.A06422EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The beginning, continuance, and decay of estates vvherein are handled many notable questions concerning the establishment of empires and monarchies. Written in French by R. de Lusing, L. of Alymes: and translated into English by I.F.Lucinge, René de, sieur des Alymes, 1553-ca. 1615.A06425EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The flowers of Lodowicke of Granado. The first part. In which is handled the conuersion of a sinner. Translated out of Latine into English, by T.L. doctor of phisickeLuis, de Granada, 1504-1588.A06430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Granados deuotion Exactly teaching how a man may truely dedicate and deuote himselfe vnto God: and so become his acceptable votary. Written in Spanish, by the learned and reuerend diuine F. Lewes of Granada. Since translated into Latine, Italian and French. And now perused, and englished, by Francis Meres, Master of Artes, & student in diuinity.Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588.A06431EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A paradise of prayers containing the purity of deuotion and meditation / gathered out of all the spirituall exercises of Levves of Granado ; and Englished for the benefit of the Christian reader.Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588.A06445EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sinners guyde A vvorke contayning the whole regiment of a Christian life, deuided into two bookes: vvherein sinners are reclaimed from the by-path of vice and destruction, and brought vnto the high-way of euerlasting happinesse. Compiled in the Spanish tongue, by the learned and reuerend diuine, F. Lewes of Granada. Since translated into Latine, Italian, and French. And nowe perused, and digested into English, by Francis Meres, Maister of Artes, and student in diuinitie.Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588.A06447EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Granados spirituall and heauenlie exercises Deuided into seauen pithie and briefe meditations, for euery day in the vveeke one. Written in Spanish, by the learned and reuerend diuine, F. Lewes of Granado. Since translated into the Latine, Italian French, and the Germaine tongue. And now englished by Francis Meres, Maister of Artes of both Vniuersities, and student in Diuinitie.Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588.A06448EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Luminalia, or The festivall of light Personated in a masque at court, by the Queenes Majestie, and her ladies. On Shrovetuesday night, 1637.D'Avenant, William, Sir, 1606-1668.A06453EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvoman hater As it hath beene lately acted by the Children of Paules.Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616.A06458EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tho. Lupsets workesLupset, Thomas, 1495?-1530.A06460EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A compendious and a very fruteful treatyse, teachynge the waye of dyenge well written to a frende, by the flowre of lerned men of his tyme, Thomas Lupsete Londoner, late deceassed, on whose soule Iesu haue mercy.Lupset, Thomas, 1495?-1530.A06462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exhortation to yonge men perswading them to walke in the pathe way that leadeth to honeste and goodnes: writen to a frend of his by Thomas Lupsete Londoner.Lupset, Thomas, 1495?-1530.A06464EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of charitieLupset, Thomas, 1495?-1530.A06467EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bosvvorth-field with a taste of the variety of other poems, left by Sir Iohn Beaumont, Baronet, deceased: set forth by his sonne, Sir Iohn Beaumont, Baronet; and dedicated to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie.Beaumont, John, Sir, 1583-1627.A06468EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Emblems of rarities: or Choyce observations out of worthy histories of many remarkable passages, and renowned actions of divers princes and severall nations With exquisite variety, and speciall collections of the natures of most sorts of creatures: delightfull and profitable to the minde. Collected by D.L.Lupton, Donald, d. 1676.A06471EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The glory of their times. Or The liues of ye primitiue fathers Co[n]tayning their chiefest actions, workes, sentences, and deaths.Lupton, Donald, d. 1676.A06472EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
London and the countrey carbonadoed and quartred into seuerall characters. By D. LuptonLupton, Donald, d. 1676.A06473EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Obiectorum reductio: or, Daily imployment for the soule In occasional meditations upon severall subjects. By Donald Lupton.Lupton, Donald, d. 1676.A06475EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Christian against the Iesuite Wherein the secrete or namelesse writer of a pernitious booke, intituled A discouerie of I. Nicols minister &c. priuily printed, couertly cast abrod, and secretely solde, is not only iustly reprooued: but also a booke, dedicated to the Queenes Maiestie, called A persuasion from papistrie, therein derided and falsified, is defended by Thomas Lupton the authour thereof. Reade with aduisement, and iudge vprightly: and be affectioned only to truth. Seene and allowed.Lupton, Thomas.A06476EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dreame of the diuell and Diues most terrible and fearefull to the seruantes of Sathan, but right comfortable and acceptable to the children of God : plainely described by way of dialogue, verie necessarie to be read aduisedly, and heard attentiuelie, both of rulers and inferiours, rich, and poore, younge and olde, wise and simple, that wish rather to dwel in heauen, then in hell.Lupton, Thomas.A06477EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A moral and pitieful comedie, intituled, All for money. Plainly representing the maners of men, and fashion of the world noweadayes. Compiled by T. Lupton ...Lupton, Thomas.A06480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A persuasion from papistrie vvrytten chiefely to the obstinate, determined, and dysobedient English papists, who are herein named & proued English enimies and extreme enimies to Englande. Which persuasion, all the Queenes Maiesties subiectes, fauoring the Pope or his religion, will reade or heare aduisedlye ...Lupton, Thomas.A06481EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second part and knitting vp of the boke entituled Too good to be true Wherin is continued the discourse of the wonderfull lawes, commendable customes, [and] strange manners of the people of Mauqsun. Newely penned and published by Thomas Lupton.Lupton, Thomas.A06484EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A commentarie vpon the fiftene Psalmes, called Psalmi graduum, that is, Psalmes of degrees faithfully copied out of the lectures of D. Martin Luther ; very frutefull and comfortable for all Christian afflicted consciences to reade ; translated out of Latine into Englishe by Henry Bull.Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06500EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A commentarie or exposition vppon the twoo Epistles generall of Sainct Peter, and that of Sainct Jude. First faithfullie gathered out of the lectures and preachinges of that worthie instrumente in Goddes Churche, Doctour Martine Luther. And now out of Latine, for the singuler benefite and comfort of the godlie, familiarlie translated into Englishe by Thomas NewtonLuther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06502EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A faithful admonition of a certeyne true pastor and prophete sent vnto the Germanes at such a time as certain great princes went about to bryng alienes into Germany, [and] to restore the papacy; the kingdom of Antichrist. [Et]c Now tra[n]slated into English for a like admonicion vnto all true Englyshe harts; wherby they may learn and know how to consider [and] receiue the procedinges of the English magistrates and bishops. With a preface of M. Philip Melancthon. ...Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06507EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatice co[n]teining certain meditatio[n]s of trew & perfect consolatio[n], ... Written in the Frenche tung, and translated in to Englishe by Robert FillsLuther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06514EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The confutation of Tortura Torti: or, Against the King of Englands chaplaine: for that he hath negligently defended his Kinges cause. By the R.F. Martinus Becanus, of the Society of Iesus: and professour in deuinity. Translated out of Latin into English by W.I. P.Becanus, Martinus, 1563-1624.A06517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A very comfortable and necessary sermon in these our dayes made by the right reuerend father and faithfull seruaunt of Iesus Christ Martin Luther ; concerning the comming of our Sauior Christ to Iudgement and the signes that go before the Last Day, which sermon is an exposition of the Gospell appointed to be red in the church on the second Sonday in Aduent ; and is now newly translated out of Latin into English and something augmented and enlarged by the translator with certaine notes in the margent.Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06525EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The massacre of moneyT. A.A06529EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The devout hart or Royal throne of the pacifical Salomon. Composed by F. St. Luzuic S.I. Translated out of Latin into English. Enlarged with incentiue by F. St. Binet of the same S. and now enriched with hymnes by a new handLuzvic, Stephanus, 1567-1640.A06534EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here foloweth the interpretacoin [sic] of the names of goddes and goddesses as is reherced in this tretyse folowynge as poetes wryteA06539EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here endeth a lytyll tratyse named Le assemble de dyeusA06541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The chorle and the birde]Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06543EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Problemys of olde siknesse and figures Whiche p[ro]uyd been fructuous of sentens and haue auctorities grounded on scripture by resemblance of notable apperannce [sic] with moralities concludynge on prudence.Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06544EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth the chorle [and] the byrdeLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06545EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The cõplaynte of a louers lyfeLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06548EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Explicit liber primus de curia sapiencie]A06550EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The courte of sapyenceLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06551EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The horse the ghoos & the sheep]Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06553EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English iarre· or disagreement amongst the ministers of great Brittaine, concerning the Kinges supremacy. VVritten in Latin by the Reuerend Father, F. Martinus Becanus of the Society of Iesus, and professour in diuinity. And translated into English by I.W. P.Becanus, Martinus, 1563-1624.A06555EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a lytell treatyse of the horse, the sheep, and the ghoosLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06556EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The lyf of our lady]Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06558EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
This boke is compyled by Dan Iohn Lydgate monke of Burye, at the excitacion [and] styrynge of the noble and victorious prynce, Kynge Henry the fyfthe, i[n] the honoure glorie [and] reuerence of the byrthe of our moste blessed Lady, mayde, wyfe, [and] mother of our lorde Iesu Christe, chapitred as foloweth by this tableLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06560EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The p[ro]uerbes of LydgateLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06561EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
This lytell treatyse compendiously declareth the damage and destruction in realmes caused by the serpente of diuision.Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06562EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The serpent of diuision Whych hathe euer bene yet the chefest vndoer of any region or citie, set forth after the auctours old copy, by I.S.Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06564EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Stans puer ad mensamLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06567EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prologus Here begynneth the prologue of the storye of ThebesLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06568EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The temple of glasLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06569EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth the temple of glasLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06570EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth the testame[n]t of Iohn Lydgate monke of Berry which he made hymselfe, by his lyfe dayes.Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06572EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Verses on the seven virtues]A06574EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A moste excellent comedie of Alexander, Campaspe, and Diogenes played beefore the Queenes Maiestie on twelfe day at night, by her Maiesties children, and the children of Poules.Lyly, John, 1554?-1606.A06583EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Endimion, the man in the moone Playd before the Queenes Maiestie at Greenewich on Candlemas day at night, by the Chyldren of Paules.Lyly, John, 1554?-1606.A06589EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Euphues. The anatomy of vvyt Very pleasant for all gentlemen to reade, and most necessary to remember: wherin are contained the delights that wyt followeth in his youth, by the pleasauntnesse of loue, and the happynesse he reapeth in age, by the perfectnesse of wisedome. By Iohn Lylly Master of Arte. Oxon.Lyly, John, 1554?-1606.A06590EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Euphues and his England Containing his voyage and his aduentures, myxed with sundrie pretie discourses of honest loue, the discription of the countrey, the court, and the manners of that isle. Delightful to be read, and nothing hurtfull to be regarded: wherein there is small offence by lightnesse giuen to the wise, and lesse occasion of looseness proffered to the wanton. By Iohn Lyly, Maister of Arte. Commend it, or amend it.Lyly, John, 1554?-1606.A06607EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gallathea As it was playde before the Queenes Maiestie at Greene-wiche, on Newyeeres day at night. By the Chyldren of Paules.Lyly, John, 1554?-1606.A06619EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Loues metamorphosis A vvittie and courtly pastorall, vvritten by Mr. Iohn Lyllie. First playd by the Children of Paules, and now by the Children of the Chappel.Lyly, John, 1554?-1606.A06620EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Midas Plaied before the Queenes Maiestie vpon Tvvelfe day at night, by the Children of Paules.Lyly, John, 1554?-1606.A06621EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mother Bombie As it was sundrie times plaied by the children of Powles.Lyly, John, 1554?-1606.A06622EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sapho and Phao played beefore the Queenes Maiestie on Shroue-tewsday by Her Maiesties children and the boyes of Paules.Lyly, John, 1554?-1606.A06625EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A brefe confutatacion of this most detestable, [and] Anabaptistical opinion, that Christ dyd not take hys flesh of the blessed Vyrgyn Mary nor any corporal substaunce of her body For the maintenaunce whereof Ihone Bucher otherwise called Ihone of Kent most obstinately suffered and was burned in Smythfyelde, the .ii day of May. Anno Domini M.D.L.Becke, Edmund, 16th cent.A06628EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvoman in the moone As it was presented before her Highnesse. By Iohn Lyllie maister of Artes.Lyly, John, 1554?-1606.A06629EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The actes of Christe and of Antichriste concernyng bothe their life and doctrine: diligently gathered and now taken out of his workes, by Thomas Becon.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06652EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The castell of comforte in the whiche it is euidently proued, [that] God alone absolueth, and freli forgeueth the sinners of so many as vnfaynedly repent, and turne vnto hym Lately compyled by Thomas Becon.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06663EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A note of such things as were stollen in Lyons, on Munday night the eleventh of June 1630, in the house which is knowne by the signe of the Sunnes-rising in the street de la Poullaillerie in the said citie of LyonsDe la Barre, Mr.A06664EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true reporte of the prosperous successe which God gaue vnto our English souldiours against the forraine bands of our Romaine enemies lately ariued, (but soone inough to theyr cost) in Ireland, in the yeare 1580. Gathered out of the letters of moste credit and circumstaunce, that haue beene sent ouer, and more at large set foorth them in the former printed copie. For a singuler comfort to all godly Christians, & true harted subiectes, and an exceeding encouragement to them to persist valiantly in their true religion and faithe towards God, their due obedience and looue to their prince, and to repose their whole assured confidence in the strengthe of the Almightie, as most safe vnder the shield of his protection. Seene and allowed.A. M., fl. 1581.A06670EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first part of the nature of a vvoman Fitly described in a Florentine historie. Composed by C.M.C. M., fl. 1596.A06672EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second part of the historie, called The nature of a woman contayning the end of the strife betwixt Perseus and Theseus. Compiled by C.M.C. M., fl. 1596.A06673EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ansvver to the vntruthes, published and printed in Spaine, in glorie of their supposed victorie atchieued against our English Navie, and the Right Honorable Charles Lord Howard, Lord high Admiral of England, &c. Sir Francis Drake, and the rest of the nobles and gentlemen, captaines, and soldiers of our said navie. First written and published in Spanish by a Spanish gentleman; who came hither out of the Lowe Countries from the service of the prince of Parma, with his wife and familie, since the overthrowe of the Spanish Armada, forsaking both his countrie and Romish religion; as by this treatise (against the barbarous impietie of the Spaniards; and dedicated to the Queenes most excellent Majestie) may appeere. Faithfully translated by I.L.D. F. R. de M.A06678EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The strange fortune of Alerane: or, My ladies toy. By H.M. of the middle Temple in LondonH. M., of the Middle Temple in London.A06679EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The general practise of medecine By Philiatreus.]Philiatreus, fl. 1630.A06682EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A health to the gentlemanly profession of seruingmen; or, The seruingmans comforts With other thinges not impertinent to the premisses, as well pleasant as profitable to the courteous reader.A06684EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Religions complaint to the honourable ladyes of Scotland lamenting for the torne estate of that kirk and kingdome.P. M.A06688EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A newe balladeR. M., fl. 1560.A06693EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevves of Sr. VValter Rauleigh With the true description of Guiana: as also a relation of the excellent gouernment, and much hope of the prosperity of the voyage. Sent from a gentleman of his fleet, to a most especiall friend of his in London. From the riuer of Caliana, on the coast of Guiana, Nouemb. 17. 1617.R. M., fl. 1617.A06694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Christmas bankette garnyshed with many pleasaunt and deynty disshes, newely prepared by Theodore BasilleBecon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06698EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Micro-cynicon. Sixe snarling satyres Insatiat Cron. Prodigall Zodon. Insolent Superbia. Cheating Droone. Ingling Pyander. Wise Innocent.A06703EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A comfortable epistle, too Goddes faythfull people in Englande wherein is declared the cause of takynge awaye the true Christen religion from them, & howe it maye be recouered and obtayned agayne, newly made by Thomas Becon.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06710EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Florentine historie. Written in the Italian tongue, by Nicholo Macchiavelli, citizen and secretarie of Florence. And translated into English, by T.B. EsquireMachiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527.A06713EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dauids harpe ful of moost delectable armony, newely strynged and set in tune by Theadore BasilleBecon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06719EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Methodus de conscribendis epistolis a Georgio Macropedio secundùm veram artis rationem tradita ; eiusdem epitome præceptionum de paranda copia verborum & rerum, per quæstiones ; item de nouem speciebus argumentationum rhetoricarum, rem omnem breuiter explicans ; accessit Christophori Hegendorphini epistolas Conscribendi methoduss.Macropedius, Georgius, 1487-1558.A06727EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands looking in and out Presented to the High Court of Parliament now assembled. By the author R.M. Knight.Maddison, Ralph, Sir.A06731EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The demaundes of holy scripture, with answeres to the same wherein are defined, and declared the cheefe, and principall poyntes of Christian doctrine: very profitable for the right vnderstanding of holy scriptures: made by T. Becon, and dravven out of his great vvorkes.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06733EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A learned and a godly sermon, to be read of all men, but especially for all marryners, captaynes and passengers, which trauell the seas, preached by Iohn Madoxe, maister of arte, and fellow of All soules in Oxforde, at Waymouth and Melcombe regis, a porte in the countrie of Dorsett, the 3. day of October, in the yeere of our Lord. 1581Madox, Richard, 1546-1583.A06734EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Fuga sæculi. Or The holy hatred of the world Conteyning the liues of 17. holy confessours of Christ, selected out of sundry authors. Written in Italian by the R. Fa. Iohn-Peter Maffæus of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by H.H.Maffei, Giovanni Pietro, 1536?-1603.A06736EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The maydes metamorphosis As it hath bene sundrie times acted by the Children of Powles.A06742EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The flour of godly praiers] [most worthy to be vsed in these our daies for the sauegard, health, and comforte of all degrees, and estates / newlie made by Thomas Becon].Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06743EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The displaying of the Popish masse vvherein thou shalt see, what a wicked idoll the masse is, and what great difference there is between the Lords Supper and the Popes Masse: againe, what Popes brought in every part of the masse, and counted it together in such monstrous sort, as it is now used in the Popes kingdome. Written by Thomas Becon; and published in the dayes of Queene Mary.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06744EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The maidens complaint of her loves inconstancie Shewing it forth in every degree, she being left as one forlorne, with sorrowes she her selfe to adorne, and seems for to lament and mourne. To a delicate new tune.A06745EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The maidens complaint of her loves inconstancie shevving it forth in every degree: shee being left as one forlorne, with sorrowes shee her selfe to adorne, and seemes for to lament and mourne. To a delicate new tune.A06746EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The forme and shape of a monstrous child, borne at Maydstone in Kent, the .xxiiij. of October. 1568A06748EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Arcana arcanissima hoc est Hieroglyphica Ægyptio-Græca vulgo necdum cognita, ad demonstrandam falsorum apud antiquos deorum, dearum, heroum, animantium & institutorum pro sacris receptorum, originem, ex vno Ægyptiorum artificio, quod aureu[m] animi & corporis medicamentum peregit, deductam, vnde tot poëtarum allegoriæ, scriptorum narrationes fabulosæ & pertotam encyclopædiam errores sparsi clarissima veritatis luce manifestantur, suæq[ue] tribui singula restituuntur, sex libris exposita authore Michaele Maiero Comite Palatii Cæsarei, equite exemto, Phil: & Med: Doct: &c: Cæsar: Mai: quondam aulico.Maier, Michael, 1568?-1622.A06751EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gerileon of England. The second part of his most excellent, delectable, morall, and sweet contriued historie continuing his meruailous deeds of armes, haughtie provvesse, and honourable loue: with sundrie other verie memorable aduentures. Written in French by Estienne de Maisonneufue, Bordelois: and translated into English, by A.M., one of the messengers of his Maiesties chamber.Maisonneufve, Estienne de.A06767EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Buckler of bodilie health whereby health may bee defended, and sickesse repelled: consecrate by the au[thor] the vse of his cou[...] [...]shing from his heart (though it were to his hurt) to see the fruites of his labour on the constant wellfare of all his countrie-men. By Mr. Iohn Makluire, Doctor in Medicine.Makluire, John.A06768EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sanitatis semita. Authore Ioanne Makluireo, M.D. Cum tractatu de febre pestilente præfixoMakluire, John.A06769EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fortresse of the faythfull agaynst [ye] cruel assautes of pouertie and honger newlye made for the comforte of poore nedye Christians, by Thomas Becon.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06772EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A ballad of Malmerophus and Sillera.]A06775EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of artificial fire-vvorks both for vvarres and recreation with divers pleasant geometricall obseruations, fortifications, and arithmeticall examples. In fauour of mathematicall students. Newly written in French, and Englished by the authour Tho: [sic] Malthus.Malthus, Francis.A06780EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Romulus and Tarquin. First written in Italian by the Marques Virgilio Malvezzi: and now taught English, by HCL.Malvezzi, Virgilio, marchese, 1595-1653.A06782EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fruitful treatise of fasting wherin is declared what ye Christen fast is, how we ought to fast, [and] what ye true vse of fastyng is. Newlye made by Thomas Becon.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06783EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The center of The circle of commerce. Or, A refutation of a treatise, intituled The circle of commerce, or The ballance of trade, lately published by E.M. By Gerard Malynes merchantMalynes, Gerard, fl. 1586-1641.A06785EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Consuetudo, vel lex mercatoria, or The ancient law-merchant Diuided into three parts: according to the essentiall parts of trafficke. Necessarie for all statesmen, iudges, magistrates, temporall and ciuile lawyers, mint-men, merchants, marriners, and all others negotiating in all places of the world. By Gerard Malynes merchant.Malynes, Gerard, fl. 1586-1641.A06786EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Englands vievv, in the vnmasking of two paradoxes with a replication vnto the answer of Maister Iohn Bodine. By Gerrard de Malynes Merchant.Malynes, Gerard, fl. 1586-1641.A06788EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The maintenance of free trade according to the three essentiall parts of traffique; namely, commodities, moneys and exchange of moneys, by bills of exchanges for other countries, or, An answer to a treatise of free trade, or the meanes to make trade flourish, lately published. ... By Gerard Malynes merchant.Malynes, Gerard, fl. 1586-1641.A06789EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Saint George for England, allegorically described: by Gerrard De Malynes merchantMalynes, Gerard, fl. 1586-1641.A06790EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the canker of Englands common wealth Deuided into three parts: wherein the author imitating the rule of good phisitions, first, declareth the disease. Secondarily, sheweth the efficient cause thereof. Lastly, a remedy for the same. By Gerrard De Malynes merchant.Malynes, Gerard, fl. 1586-1641.A06791EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Beso las manos clausula quid significet apud Hispanos ad N. Amicum Mameranus ludebat.Mameranus, Nicolaus.A06792EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dead mans song vvhose dwelling was neere unto Bassings Hall in London. to the tune of, Flying fame.A06794EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The discontented married man. Or, A merry new song that was pend in foule weather, of a scould that could not keep her lips together To the tune of, Shee cannot keepe her &c.A06795EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
O yes. If any man or woman, any thing desire, let them repaire forthwith vnto the cryer To the tune of the Parrator.A06796EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The poore man payes for all This is but a dreame which here shall insue: but the author wishes his words were not true. To the tune of In slumbring sleepe I lay.A06797EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Remember man both night and daye. Thou must nedes die, there is no nayA06798EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sicke-mans comfort against death and the deuill, the law and sinne, the wrath and iudgement of God. Translated out of Frenche into English, by I.E.L'Espine, Jean de, ca. 1506-1597.A06800EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a ryght frutefull treatyse, intituled the myrrour of good maners co[n]teynyng the .iiii. vertues, called cardynall, compyled in latyn by Domynike Mancyn: and translate into englysshe: at the desyre of syr Gyles Alyngton knyght: by Alexander Bercley prest and monke of Ely.Mancinus, Dominicus, fl. 1478-1491.A06808EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Timothies taske: or a Christian sea-card guiding through the coastes of a peaceable conscience to a peace constant, and a crowne immortall. Wherein I. Pastors are put in minde of their double dutie, and how to discharge it. 1. Personall, as watchfull men. 2. Pastorall, as faithfull watchmen. II. True doctrine is advanced. III. Traditions discountenanced, & their rancour discovered. In two synodall assemblies at carliell, out of two seuerall, but sutable scriptures. This of I Timoth. 4.16. and that of Actes 20.28. Since concorporate, and couched with augmentation vnder their prime head: By Robert Mandevill, sometimes of Queenes Colledge in Oxford, and preacher of Gods word at Abbey-holme in Cumberland.Mandevill, Robert, 1578-1618.A06810EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Here endeth the boke of Iohn Maunduyle knyght of wayes to Ierusalem [and] of marueylys of y5xx]Mandeville, John, Sir.A06811EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth a lytell treatyse or booke named Johan Mau[n]deuyll knyght born in Englonde in the towne of saynt Albone [and] speketh of the wayes of the holy londe towarde Jherusalem, [and] of marueyles of Ynde [and] of other dyuerse cou[n]trees.Mandeville, John, Sir.A06812EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Than is there an other yle ye men call DodyeMandeville, John, Sir.A06814EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The maner of the world now a dayesA06819EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true report of the seruice done vpon certaine gallies passing through the narrow seas written to the Lord high Admirall of England, by Sir Robert Mansel knight, admirall of her maiesties forces in that place.Mansell, Robert, Sir, 1568 or 9-1656.A06822EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A Ballad of King Henry II and the miller of Mansfield]A06825EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pleasant new ballad of the Miller of Mansfield, in Sherwood and of King Henry the second, and how he was lodged in the millers house, and of their pleasant communication To the tune of, The French Lavolta.A06826EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The gouernaunce of vertue teaching all faythful christia[n]s, how they oughte daily to leade their lyfe, & fruitfully to spend their time vnto the glorye of God & the health of their owne soules. Newlye corrected & augme[n]ted by Thomas Becon. 1566Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06832EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A greene forest, or A naturall historie vvherein may bee seene first the most sufferaigne vertues in all the whole kinde of stones & mettals: next of plants, as of herbes, trees, [and] shrubs, lastly of brute beastes, foules, fishes, creeping wormes [and] serpents, and that alphabetically: so that a table shall not neede. Compiled by Iohn Maplet, M. of Arte, and student in Cambridge: entending hereby yt God might especially be glorified: and the people furdered. Anno 1567.Maplet, John, d. 1592.A06860EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The iudgment of humane actions a most learned, & excellent treatise of morrall philosophie, which fights agaynst vanytie, & conduceth to the fyndinge out of true and perfect felicytie. Written in French by Monsieur Leonard Marrande and Englished by Iohn ReynoldsMarandé, Léonard de.A06862EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A booke of notes and common places, with their expositions, collected and gathered out of the workes of diuers singular writers, and brought alphabetically into order. A worke both profitable and also necessarie, to those that desire the true vnderstanding & meaning of holy Scripture By Iohn MarbeckMerbecke, John, ca. 1510-ca. 1585.A06863EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An inuectyue agenst the moost wicked [and] detestable vyce of swearing, newly co[m]piled by Theodore BasilleBecon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06866EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The holie historie of King Dauid wherein is chieflye learned these godly and whosome lessons, that is: to haue sure patience in persecution, due obedience to our prince without rebellion: and also the true and most faithfull dealings of friendes. Drawne into English meetre for the youth to reade; by Iohn Marbeck.Merbecke, John, ca. 1510-ca. 1585.A06869EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Roman historie containing such acts and occurrents as passed under Constantius, Iulianus, Iovianus, Valentinianus, and Valens, emperours. Digested into 18. bookes, the remains of 31. and written first in Latine by Ammianus Marcellinus: now translated newly into English. Wherunto is annexed the chronologie, serving in stead of a briefe supplement of those former 13. bookes, which by the iniurie of time are lost: together with compendious annotations and coniectures upon such hard places as occurre in the said historie. Done by Philemon Holland of the citie of Coventrie, Doctor in Physicke.Ammianus Marcellinus.A06878EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The purgacion of the ryght honourable lord Wentworth concerning the crime layde to his charge, made the. x. of Ianuarie. Anno. M.D.L.viii.Marckant, John.A06879EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The booke of marchauntes very profitable to all folkes to knowe of what wares they ought to be ware of, for the begilyng of them. Newly perused and augmented by the first authoure well practised in suche doynges. Reade and profite.Marcourt, Antoine de, d. ca. 1560.A06880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A declaration of thee power of Gods worde concerning the holy supper of the Lord, confutynge all lyers and fals teachers, whych mayntayne theyr maskynge mass inuented agaynst the woorde of God, and the Kynges Maiesties most godly proceadynge compyled anno d[omi]ni M.D.XLVIIIMardeley, John.A06886EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here is a shorte resytal or certayne holy doctours whych proueth that the naturall body of christ is not conteyned in the Sacrame[n]t of the Lordes supper but fyguratyuely, collected in myter by Ihon MardeleyMardeley, John.A06887EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here beginneth a necessarie instruction for all couetous ryche men to beholde [and] learne what perel [and] daunger they be brought into, yf they haue theyr consolacion in theyr daungerous and myserable Mammon, made by Ihon Mardeley Clerke of the Kynges maiesties mynte in southwarkeMardeley, John.A06888EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A godly medytacyon of the christen sowle, concerninge a loue towardes God and hys Christe, compyled in frenche by lady Margarete quene of Nauerre, and aptely translated into Englysh by the ryght vertuouse lady Elyzabeth doughter to our late souerayne Kynge Henri the. viijMarguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre, 1492-1549.A06890EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A newe dialog betwene thangell of God, & the shepherdes in the felde concernynge the natiuite and birthe of Jesus Christ our Lorde & Sauyoure : no lesse godlye than swete and pleasante to reade / lately compyled by T.B.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06897EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The iewel of ioyeBecon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06898EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The art of archerie Shewing how it is most necessary in these times for this kingdome, both in peace and war, and how it may be done without charge to the country, trouble to the people, or any hinderance to necessary occasions. Also, of the discipline, the postures, and whatsoever else is necessarie for the attayning to the art.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06902EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cauelarice, or The English horseman contayning all the arte of horse-manship, as much as is necessary for any man to vnderstand, whether he be horse-breeder, horse-ryder, horse-hunter, horse-runner, horse-ambler, horse-farrier, horse-keeper, coachman, smith, or sadler. Together, with the discouery of the subtill trade or mistery of horse-coursers, & an explanatio[n] of the excellency of a horses vndersta[n]ding, or how to teach them to doe trickes like Bankes his curtall: and that horses may be made to drawe drie-foot like a hound. Secrets before vnpublished, & now carefully set down for the profit of this whole nation: by Geruase Markham.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06903EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Cheape and good husbandry for the vvell-ordering of all beasts, and fowles, and for the generall cure of their diseases Contayning the natures, breeding, choyse, vse, feeding, and curing of the diseases of all manner of cattell, as horse, oxe, cow, sheepe, goates, swine, and tame-conies. Also, approued rules, for the cramming, and fatting, of all sorts of poultrie, and fowles, both tame and wilde, &c. And diuers good and well-approued medicines, for the cure of all the diseases in hawkes, of what kinde soeuer. Together, with the vse and profit of bees: the making of fishponds, and the taking of all sorts of fish. Gathered together for the generall good and profit of this whole realme, by exact and assured experience from English practises, both certaine, easie, and cheape: differing from all former and forraine experiments, which eyther agreed not with our clime, or were too hard to come by, or ouer-costly, to little purpose: all which herein are auoyded.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06904EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A newe pathway vnto praier ful of much godly frute and christe[n] knowledge, lately made by Theodore Basille.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06909EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The complete farriar, or The kings high-way to horsmanship Experimentally unfolding 1. The dyeting and governing of the running horse. 2. How to order, feed, and keep any horse for war, pleasure, hunting, or travell. 3. How to know the age of any horse. Lastly, certaine rare and approved secrets for the cure of the worst infirmities in horses. By G. Markam.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Countrey contentments, or The English husvvife Containing the inward and outward vertues which ought to be in a compleate woman. As her skill in physicke, surgerie, extraction of oyles, banqueting-stuffe, ordering of great feasts, preseruing of all sorts of wines, conceited secrets, distillations, perfumes, ordering of wooll, hempe, flax, making cloth, dying, the knowledge of dayries, office of malting, oats, their excellent vses in a family, brewing, baking, and all other things belonging to an houshold. A worke generally approued, and now much augmented, purged and made most profitable and necessarie for all men, and dedicated to the honour of the noble house of Exceter, and the generall good of this kingdome. By G.M.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06913EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discource of horsmanshippe Wherein the breeding and ryding of horses for seruice, in a breefe manner is more methodically sette downe then hath been heeretofore. With a more easie and direct course for the ignorant, to attaine to the same arte or knowledge. Also the manner to chuse, trayne, ryde and dyet, both hunting-horses, and running-horses: with all the secretes thereto belonging discouered. An arte neuer heeretofore written by any authour.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06916EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The new pollecye of warre wherin is declared not only how [ye]mooste cruell tyraunt the great Turke may be ouer come, but also all other enemies of the Christen publique weale, lately deuised by Theodore Basille.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06920EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English house-vvife Containing the inward and outward vertues which ought to be in a compleate woman. As her skill in physicke, surgery, cookery, extraction of oyles, banqueting-stuffe, ordering of great feasts, preseruing of all sorts of wines, conceited secrets, distillations, perfumes, ordering of wooll, hempe, flax, making cloth, and dying, the knowledge of dayries, office of malting, of oates, their excellent vses in a family, of brewing, baking, and all other things belonging to an houshold. A worke generally approued, and now the fourth time much augmented, purged and made most profitable and necessary for all men, and the generall good of this kingdome. By G.M.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06924EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English husbandman. The first part: contayning the knowledge of the true nature of euery soyle within this kingdome: how to plow it; and the manner of the plough, and other instruments belonging thereto. Together with the art of planting, grafting, and gardening after our latest and rarest fashion. A worke neuer written before by any author: and now newly compiled for the benefit of this kingdome. By Garuis MarkhamMarkham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06926EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second booke of the English husbandman Contayning the ordering of the kitchin-garden, and the planting of strange flowers: the breeding of all manner of cattell. Together with the cures, the feeding of cattell, the ordering both of pastures and meddow-ground: with the vse both of high-wood and vnder-wood. Whereunto is added a treatise, called Good mens recreation: contayning a discourse of the generall art of fishing, with the angle, and otherwise; and of all the hidden secrets belonging thereunto. Together vvith the choyce, ordering, breeding, and dyeting of the fighting cocke. A worke neuer written before by any author. By G.M.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06927EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The famous whore, or noble curtizan conteining the lamentable complaint of Paulina, the famous Roman curtizan, sometimes mes. vnto the great Cardinall Hypolito, of Est. By Garuis Markham.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06931EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new postil conteinyng most godly and learned sermons vpon all the Sonday Gospelles, that be redde in the church thorowout the yeare ...Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06932EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hobsons horse-load of letters: or A president for epistles The first [-second] booke. Being a most exact method for men, of what qualitie soeuer, how to indight, according to the forme of these times, whether it be for serious negotiations, priuate businesses, amorous accomplyment, wanton merryment, or the defence of honor and reputation. A worke different from all former publications, and not vnworthy the eyes of the most noblest spirits.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06933EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Honour in his perfection or, A treatise in commendations of the vertues and renowned vertuous vndertakings of the illustrious and heroycall princes Henry Earle of Oxenford. Henry Earle of Southampton, Robert Earle of Essex, and the euer praise-worthy and much honoured Lord, Robert Bartue, Lord Willoughby, of Eresby: with a briefe cronology of theirs, and their auncestours actions. And to the eternall memory of all that follow them now, or will imitate them hereafter, especially those three noble instances, the Lord Wriouthesley, the Lord Delaware, and the Lord Montioy.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06935EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hungers preuention: or, The whole arte of fovvling by vvater and land Containing all the secrets belonging to that arte, and brought into a true forme or method, by which the most ignorant may know how to take any kind of fowle, either by land or water. Also, exceeding necessary and profitable for all such as trauell by sea, and come into vninhabited places: especially, all those that haue any thing to doe with new plantations. By Geruase Markham.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06936EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The inrichment of the vveald of Kent: or, A direction to the husbandman, for the true ordering, manuring, and inriching of all the grounds within the wealds of Kent and Sussex and may generally serue for all the grounds in England, of that nature: as, 1. Shewing the nature of all wealdish grounds, comparing it with the soyle of the shires at large. 2. Declaring what the marle is, and the seuerall sorts thereof, and where it is vsually found. 3. The profitable vse of marle, and other rich manurings, as well in each sort of arable land, as also for the encrease of corne and pasture through the kingdome. Painfully gathered for the good of this iland, by a man of great eminence and worth.A06937EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Markhams faithfull farrier wherein the depth of his skill is layd open in all those principall and approued secrets of horsemanship, which the author neuer published, but hath kept in his brest, and hath beene the glory of his practise.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06940EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Markhams farwell to husbandry or, The inriching of all sorts of barren and sterill grounds in our kingdome, to be as fruitfull in all manner of graine, pulse, and grasse as the best grounds whatsoeuer together with the anoyances, and preseruation of all graine and seede, from one yeare to many yeares. As also a husbandly computation of men and cattels dayly labours, their expences, charges, and vttermost profits. Attained by trauell and experience, being a worke neuer before handled by any author: and published for the good of the whole kingdome.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06946EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Markhams maister-peece, or, What doth a horse-man lacke containing all possible knowledge whatsoeuer which doth belong to any smith, farrier or horse-leech, touching the curing of all maner of diseases or sorrances in horses : drawne with great paine and most approued experience from the publique practise of all the forraine horse-marshals of Christendome and from the priuate practise of all the best farriers of this kingdome : being deuided into two bookes, the first containing all cures physicall, the second whatsoeuer belongeth to chirurgerie, with an addition of 130 most principall chapters and 340 most excellent medicines, receits and secrets worthy euery mans knowledge, neuer written of nor mentioned in any author before whatsoeuer : together with the true nature, vse, and qualitie of euerie simple spoken of through the whole worke : reade me, practise me, and admire me / written by Geruase Markham gentleman.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06950EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new yeares gyfte more precious than golde worthy to be embrased no lesse ioyfully than tha[n]kfully of euery true christe[n] man, newly published by Theodore Basille.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06955EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Markhams methode or epitome wherein is shewed his aprooued remedies for all diseases whatsoeuer incident to horses, oxen, kine, bulls, calues, sheep, lambs, goats, swine, dogs of all kind, conies, all sorts of poultrye, all water-foule, as geese, ducks, swans, and the like) pigeons, all singing birds, hawks of all kind; and other creatures seruice-able for the vse of man: deuided into twelue generall points or heads. By Gervase Markham. Gentleman.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06957EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most honorable tragedie of Sir Richard Grinuile, KnightMarkham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06960EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A schoole for young souldiers containing in breife the whole discipline of vvarre, especially so much as is meet for captaine to teach, or the souldior to learne, that is, to trayne or to bee trayned : fit to be taught throughout England.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06961EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The poem of poems. Or, Sions muse contayning the diuine song of King Salomon, deuided into eight eclogues.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06962EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The souldiers accidence. Or an introduction into military discipline containing the first principles and necessary knowledge meete for captaines, muster-masters, and all young souldiers of the infantrie, or foote bandes. Also, the cavallarie or formes of trayning of horse-troopes, as it hath beene received from the latest and best experiences armies. A worke fit for all noble, generous, and good spirits, that loue honor, or honorable action. G.M.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06964EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newes out of heauen both pleasaunt [and] ioyfull, lately set forth to the great co[n]solacion [and] co[m]forte of all christen me[n]. By Theodore Basille.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06966EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The souldiers grammar containing, the high, necessarie, and most curious rules of the art militarie : as first, whether it be in great motions in generall? or foote motions especially?, or motions of horse, generall, or speciall?, the ranges of foote, or horse?, the ranges of officers, the seuerall imbattailings of foote, and horse, the imbattailing of a regiment, the ioyning of many regiments, or the forming of maine battailes, of any extent, or number, with their formes, and figures, in liuely demonstration, &c. / by G.M. ... ; vnto which, is added the Booke of postures, according to that which is ordered by the lords of His Maiesties most honorable Priuie Counsell.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06967EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second part of the soldiers grammar: or a schoole for young soldiers Especially for all such as are called to any place, or office, (how high or low soeuer) either in the citie, or countrey, for the training, and exercising of the trayned band, whether they be foote or horse. Together vvith perfect figures and demonstrations for attaining the knowledge of all manner of imbattailings, and other exercises. By G.M.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06968EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The teares of the beloued: or, The lamentation of Saint Iohn, concerning the death and passion of Christ Iesus our sauiour. By I.M.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06971EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dumbe knight A historicall comedy, acted sundry times by the children of his Maiesties Reuels.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06975EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Æsopi phrygis fabulaæ jam recenter ex collatione optimorum exemplarium emendatius excusæ, una cum nonvariorum authorum fabulis adjectis : et indice correctiori præfixo.A06978EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true tragedy of Herod and Antipater with the death of faire Marriam. According to Iosephus, the learned and famous Iewe. As it hath beene, of late, diuers times publiquely acted (with great applause) at the Red Bull, by the Company of his Maiesties Reuels. Written by Geruase Markham, and William Sampson. Gentlemen.Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A06982EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The description, of that euer to be famed knight, Sir Iohn Burgh, Colonell Generall of his Maiesties armie vvith his last seruice at the Isle of Rees, and his vnfortunate death, then when the armie had most need of such a pilote. Written by Robert Markham, captaine of a foote company in the same regiment, and shot also in the same seruice.Markham, Robert, captain.A06984EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The physyke of the soule wherin thou shalt finde many Godly emplastures [and] confortable salues agaynst al spiritual diseases very necessary to be red of the true christians in these last and perilous dayes. Set forth by Thomas Becon.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06989EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The famous tragedy of the rich Ievv of Malta As it vvas playd before the King and Queene, in his Majesties theatre at White-hall, by her Majesties Servants at the Cock-pit. Written by Christopher Marlo.Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593.A06991EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hero and Leander: begun by Christopher Marloe; and finished by George ChapmanMarlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593.A06993EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The massacre at Paris with the death of the Duke of Guise. As it was plaide by the right honourable the Lord high Admirall his Seruants. Written by Christopher Marlow.Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593.A07003EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Tamburlaine the Great Who, from a Scythian shephearde, by his rare and woonderfull conquests, became a most puissant and mightye monarque. And (for his tyranny, and terrour in warre) was tearmed, the scourge of God. Deuided into two tragicall discourses, as they were sundrie times shewed vpon stages in the citie of London. By the right honorable the Lord Admyrall, his seruauntes.Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593.A07004EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragicall history of D. Faustus As it hath bene acted by the right honorable the Earle of Nottingham his seruants. Written by Ch. Marl.Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593.A07009EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pleasaunt newe nosegaye full of many godly and swete floures, lately gathered by Theodore Basille.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A07010EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The troublesome raigne and lamentable death of Edward the second, King of England with the tragicall fall of proud Mortimer: as it was sundrie times publiquely acted in the honourable citie of London, by the right honourable the Earle of Pembrooke his seruants. Written by Chri. Marlow Gent.Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593.A07018EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedie of Dido Queene of Carthage played by the Children of her Maiesties Chappell. Written by Christopher Marlowe, and Thomas Nash. Gent. Actors Iupiter. Ganimed. Venus. Cupid. Iuno. Mercurie, or Hermes. Æneas. Ascanius. Dido. Anna. Achates. Ilioneus. Iarbas. Cloanthes. Sergestus.Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593.A07023EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The bee hiue of the Romishe Church a com[m]entarie vpon the sixe principall pointes of Master Gentian Heruet, a Romish Catholike his booke, which is deuided into sixe partes, as in the argument doth appeare. And an epistle made by the authour of this booke vnto Franciscus Sonnius, late Bishop of Antwerpe. Translated out of Dutch into English, by George Gylpen the elder.Marnix van St. Aldegonde, Philips van, 1538-1598.A07026EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The art of fortification, or architecture militaire as vvell offensiue as defensiue, compiled & set forth, by Samuell Marolois revievved, augmented and corrected by Albert Girard mathematician: & translated out of French into English by Henry HexamMarolois, Samuel.A07035EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Martins months minde that is, a certaine report, and true description of the death, and funeralls, of olde Martin Marreprelate, the great makebate of England, and father of the factious. Contayning the cause of his death, the manner of his buriall, and the right copies both of his will, and of such epitaphs, as by sundrie his dearest friends, and other of his well willers, were framed for him.Nash, Thomas, 1567-1601.A07036EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Oh read ouer D. Iohn Bridges, for it is worthy worke: or an epitome of the fyrste booke, of that right worshipfull volume, written against the puritanes, in the defence of the noble cleargie, by as worshipfull a prieste, Iohn Bridges, presbyter, priest or elder, doctor of Diuillitie, and Deane of Sarum Wherein the arguments of the puritans are wisely prevented, that when they come to answere M. Doctor, they must needes say some thing that hath bene spoken. Compiled for the behoofe and overthrow of the vnpreaching parsons, fyckers, and currats, that haue lernt their catechismes, and are past grace: by the reverend and worthie Martin Marprelat gentleman, and dedicated by a second epistle to the terrible priests. In this epitome, the foresaide fickers, [et]c. are very insufficiently furnished, with notable inabilitie of most vincible reasons, to answere the cauill of the puritanes. ...Marprelate, Martin, pseud.A07038EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The pomaunder of prayer, newly made by Thomas BeconBecon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A07044EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mar-Martine I know not why a trueth in rime set out maie not as wel mar Martine and his mates, as shamelesse lies in prose-books cast about marpriests, & prelates, and subvert whole states. For where truth builds, and lying overthroes, one truth in rime, is worth ten lies in prose.A07046EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Marre Mar-Martin: or Marre-Martins medling, in a manner misliked Martins vaine prose, Marre-Martin doth mislike, reason (forsooth) for Martin seekes debate ... Martin, Marre-Martin, Barrow ioynd with Browne shew zeale: yet striue to pull religion downe.A07047EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pappe with an hatchet Alias, a figge for my God sonne. Or cracke me this nut. Or a countrie cuffe, that is, a sound boxe of the eare, for the idiot Martin to hold his peace, seeing the patch will take no warning. VVritten by one that dares call a dog, a dog, and made to preuent Martins dog daies.Lyly, John, 1554?-1606.A07049EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vvhip for an ape: or Martin displaiedA07050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Rythmes against Martin Marre-PrelateA07051EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new and pleasaunt enterlude intituled the mariage of witte and scienceA07052EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true report of the taking of Marseilles by the fauourers of the league togither with the rescue therof by the kings faithful subiects, wherin may be seene the woonderfull prouidence of almighty God in the deliuerie of them that trust in him from the trecherous and bloudie deuises of their aduersaries. Lately translated out of French.A07054EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Zealous prayer to God, vsed and said euery day by the poore prisoners of the Marshalsey, for all their good benefactorsA07055EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A compendious treatise in metre declaring the firste originall of sacrifice, and of the buylding of aultares and churches, and of the firste receauinge of the Christen fayth here in Englande by G.M.Marshall, George, poet.A07056EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Antonio and Mellida. The first part. As it hath beene sundry times acted, by the children of Paules. Written by I.M.Marston, John, 1575?-1634.A07063EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Antonios reuenge. The second part. As it hath beene sundry times acted, by the children of Paules. Written by I.M.Marston, John, 1575?-1634.A07064EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The insatiate countesse A tragedie: acted at VVhite-Fryers. VVritten by Iohn Marston.Marston, John, 1575?-1634.A07067EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The malcontent. By Iohn Marston. 1604Marston, John, 1575?-1634.A07071EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The malcontent. Augmented by Marston. With the additions played by the Kings Maiesties servants. Written by Ihon Webster. 1604Marston, John, 1575?-1634.A07074EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The metamorphosis of Pigmalions image And certaine satyres.Marston, John, 1575?-1634.A07075EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Parasitaster, or The favvne as it hath been diuers times presented at the blacke Friars, by the Children of the Queenes Maiesties Reuels, and since at Powles. VVritten by Iohn Marston.Marston, John, 1575?-1634.A07077EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The scourge of villanie Three bookes of satyres.Marston, John, 1575?-1634.A07078EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
VVhat you vvill. By Iohn MarstonMarston, John, 1575?-1634.A07081EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvonder of vvomen or The tragedie of Sophonisba as it hath beene sundry times acted at the Blacke Friers. Written by Iohn Marston.Marston, John, 1575?-1634.A07083EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A potacio[n] or dri[n]kynge for this holi time of le[n]t very co[m]fortable for all penitent synners, newly prepared by Theodore Basille.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A07085EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Selected epigrams of Martial. Englished by Thomas May EsquireMartial.A07090EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth the book of the subtyl historyes and fables of Esope whiche were translated out of Frensshe in to Englysshe by wylliam Caxton at westmynstre in the yere of oure Lorde M. CCCC. lxxxiijAesop.A07095EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rule of an honest lyfe, wryten by the holy man Martyne, bysshop of Dumiense, unto ye ryght famouse kyng Myto, kyng of Galitia in spayne. And now (beyng founde in an auncyant copy) is faythfully translated out of the latyn tonge into Englyshe. For theyr sakes that be desyrous to rede englyshe bokes onely for utylyte and encrease of vertue. Here vnto is added a proper booke called: the Encheridyon of a spyrytuall lyfeMartin, of Braga, Saint, ca. 515-579 or 80.A07097EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of priestes mariages stablysshed by the imperiall lawes of the realme of Englande, agaynst a ciuilian, namyng hym selfe Thomas Martin doctour of the ciuile lawes, goyng about to disproue the saide mariages, lawfull by the eternall worde of God, [and] by the hygh court of parliament, only forbydden by forayne lawes and canons of the Pope, coloured with the visour of the Churche. Whiche lawes [and] canons, were extynguyshed by the sayde parliament ...A07116EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nevv epigrams, and a satyre. VVritten by Ios: Martyn, a wel-wisher to studyMartyn, Joseph.A07123EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The principles of Christian Religion necessary to be knowen of all the faythful: set forth to the great profite in trayning vp of all youth, by Tho. Becon.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A07128EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Roman martyrologe according to the reformed calendar faithfully translated out of Latin into English, by G.K. of the Society of Iesus.Catholic Church.A07132EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The lamentacyon of our ladyA07133EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The myracles of oure blessyd ladyA07135EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here after folowith the boke callyd the myrroure of Oure Lady very necessary for all relygyous persones.A07139EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reliques of Rome contayning all such matters of religion, as haue in times past bene brought into the Church by the Pope and his adherentes: faithfully gathered out of the moste faithful writers of chronicles and histories, and nowe newly both diligently corrected & greatly augmented, to the singuler profit of the readers, by Thomas Becon. 1563.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A07146EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Statutes compyled for the better obseruation of the holy Rule of the most glorious Father and patriarch S. Benedict confirmed by the ordinary authoritie of the right honorable a[n]d Reuer. Father in Chr. the Lo. Matthias Houius ... and by him deliuered to the English Religious VVoemen of the Monastery of our blessed Lady the perpetuall Virgin Mary in Bruxelles and to all their successours;Brussels (Belgium). Our Blessed Lady the Perpetuall Virgin Mary (Abbey of Benedictine nuns)A07147EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true discourse of the whole occurrences in the Queenes voyage from her departure from Florence, vntil her arriuall at the citie of Marseilles together with the triumphs there made at her entrie: whereto is adioyned her receiuing and entrie into Lyons. Hereunto is annexed, the first Sauoyan: wherein is set forth the right of the conquest of Sauoy by the French, and the importance of holding it. All faithfully translated out of French, by E.A.A07151EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of a letter written by one in London to his frend concernyng the credit of the late published detection of the doynges of the Ladie Marie of ScotlandA07157EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sacred poem describing the miraculous life and death of the glorious conuert S· Marie of Ægipt who passed fortie seauen yeares in the desarts leading a penitentiall life to the astonishment of all succeeding ages.Howard, Robert, 1597-1676.A07160EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Marie Magdalens lamentations for the losse of her master IesusMarkham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.A07162EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sycke mans salue VVherin the faithfull christians may learne both how to behaue them selues paciently and thankefully, in the tyme of sickenes, and also vertuously to dispose their temporall goodes, and finally to prepare them selues gladly and godly to die. Made and newly recognised by Maister Tho. Becon. 1561.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A07163EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A relation of Maryland together, vvith a map of the countrey, the conditions of plantation, his Majesties charter to the Lord Baltemore, translated into English.A07165EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A booke of fishing with hooke & line, and of all other instruments thereunto belonging. Another of sundrie engines and trappes to take polcats, buzards, rattes, mice and all other kindes of vermine & beasts whatsoeuer, most profitable for all warriners, and such as delight in this kinde of sport and pastime. Made by L.M.Mascall, Leonard, d. 1589.A07166EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A booke of the arte and maner, howe to plant and graffe all sortes of trees howe to set stones, and sowe pepines to make wylde trees to graffe on, as also remedies and mediicnes [sic]. VVith diuers other newe practise, by one of the Abbey of Saint Vincent in Fraunce, practised with his owne handes, deuided into seauen chapters, as hereafter more plainely shall appeare, with an addition in the ende of this booke, of certaine Dutch practises, set forth and Englished, by Leonard Mascall.Mascall, Leonard, d. 1589.A07168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first booke of cattell wherein is shewed the gouernment of oxen, kine, calues, and how to vse bulles and other cattell to the yoake, and fell. With diuers approued remedies, to helpe most diseases among cattell: most necessarie for all, especially for husband men, hauing the gouernment of any such cattell. Gathered and set forth by Leonard Mascall.Mascall, Leonard, d. 1589.A07176EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The avthoritie of the Chvrch in making canons and constitutions concerning things indifferent and the obedience thereto required: with particular application to the present estate of the Church of England. Deliuered in a sermon preached in the Greene yard at Norwich the third Sunday after Trinitie. 1605. By Fran. Mason, Bacheler of Diuinitie, and sometime fellow of Merton College in Oxford. And now in sundrie points by him enlarged.Mason, Francis, 1566?-1621.A07190EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the consecration of the bishops in the Church of England with their succession, iurisdiction, and other things incident to their calling: as also of the ordination of priests and deacons. Fiue bookes: wherein they are cleared from the slanders and odious imputations of Bellarmine, Sanders, Bristow, Harding, Allen, Stapleton, Parsons, Kellison, Eudemon, Becanus, and other romanists: and iustified to containe nothing contrary to the Scriptures, councels, Fathers, or approued examples of primitiue antiquitie. By Francis Mason, Batchelour of Diuinitie, and sometimes fellow of Merton Colledge in Oxeford.Mason, Francis, 1566?-1621.A07192EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Vindiciæ Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ; siue De legitimo eiusdem ministerio id est, de episcoporum successione, consecratione, electione & confirmatione; item, de presbyterorum, & diaconorum ordinatione, libri V. In quibus Ecclesia Anglicana à Bellarmini, Sanderi, Bristoi, Hardingi, Alani, Stapletoni, Parsonij, Kellisoni, Eudæmonis, Becani, aliorúmque romanistarum calumnijs, & contumelijs vindicatur. Editio secunda, priori Anglicanâ longè auctior, & emendatior. Cui inter alia accesserunt ad Fitzherberti presbyteri, Fitz-Simonis Iesuitæ, D. Kellisoni, Champnæi Sorbonistæ, Fluddi, & nescio cujus anonymi exceptiones suis quæque locis intertextæ responsiones. Opus ex idiomate Anglicano traductum, & locupletatum ab ipso authore Franc. Masono, in S. Theologia Bacchal. Archidiacono Norfolc. et socio Colleg. Mertonensis apud Oxonienses.Mason, Francis, 1566?-1621.A07194EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Grammaire angloise contenant certaines reigles bien exactes pour la prononciation, orthographie, & construction de nostre langue : en faueur des estrangers qui en sont desireux / par George Mason, marchand de Londres.Mason, George, fl. 1620?A07197EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two sermons, preached at the Kings court, this Ianuary, 1620 Concerning Davids adultery, and his politick practices. By Francis Mason, Archdeacon of Norfolk, and Chaplain to his Maiesty in ordinary.Mason, Francis, 1566?-1621.A07198EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ayres that vvere sung and played, at Brougham Castle in Westmerland, in the Kings entertainment giuen by the Right Honourable the Earle of Cumberland, and his right noble sonne the Lord Clifford. Composed by Mr. George Mason, and Mr. Iohn Earsden.Mason, George, fl. 1610-1617.A07199EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nevv art of lying couered by Iesuites vnder the vaile of equiuocation, discouered and disproued by Henry Mason.Mason, Henry, 1573?-1647.A07210EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The anatomie of sorcerie VVherein the wicked impietie of charmers, inchanters, and such like, is discouered and confuted. By Iames Mason, Master of Artes.Mason, James, M.A.A07215EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe discourse of the Nevv-found-land with the situation, temperature, and commodities thereof, inciting our nation to goe forward in that hopefull plantation begunne.Mason, John, 1586-1635.A07216EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Turke A worthie tragedie. As it hath bene diuers times acted by the Children of his Maiesties Reuels. Written by Iohn Mason Maister of Artes.Mason, John, fl. 1606-1610.A07217EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reasons academie. Set foorth by Robert Mason of Lincolnes Inne, GentMason, Robert, 1571-1635.A07219EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A mirrour for merchants With an exact table to discouer the excessiue taking of vsurie, against the lawes manifested in this treatise of Reasons academy. Set forth by R. Mason of Lincolnes Inne gent.Mason, Robert, 1571-1635.A07223EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christs victorie ouer Sathans tyrannie Wherin is contained a catalogue of all Christs faithfull souldiers that the Diuell either by his grand captaines the emperours, or by his most deerly beloued sonnes and heyres the popes, haue most cruelly martyred for the truth. With all the poysoned doctrins wherewith that great redde dragon hath made drunken the kings and inhabitants of the earth; with the confutations of them together with all his trayterous practises and designes, against all Christian princes to this day, especially against our late Queen Elizabeth of famous memorie, and our most religious Soueraigne Lord King Iames. Faithfully abstracted out of the Book of martyrs, and diuers other books. By Thomas Mason preacher of Gods Word.Foxe, John, 1516-1587.A07225EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A handful of essaies. Or Imperfect offers: by W: Mason Master of ArtsMason, William, M.A.A07227EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vpcheringe of the messeShepherd, Luke, fl. 1548.A07232EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The bond-man an antient storie. As it hath been often acted with good allowance, at the Cock-pit in Drury-lane: by the most excellent princesse, the Lady Elizabeth her Seruants. By Phillip Massinger.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A07234EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Duke of Millaine A tragædie. As it hath beene often acted by his Maiesties seruants, at the blacke Friers. Written by Philip Massinger Gent.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A07237EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Emperour of the East· A tragæ-comœdie. The scæne Constantinople. As it hath bene diuers times acted, at the Black-friers, and Globe play-houses, by the Kings Maiesties Seruants. Written by Philip Massinger.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A07238EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great Duke of Florence A comicall historie. As it hath beene often presented with good allowance by her Maties Servants at the Phœnix in Drurie Lane. Written by Philip Massinger.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A07239EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The maid of honour As it hath beene often presented with good allowance at the Phœnix in Drurie-Lane, by the Queenes Majesties Servants. Written by Philip Massinger.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A07240EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A new way to pay old debts a comoedie as it hath beene often acted at the Phænix in Drury-Lane, by the Queenes Maiesties seruants. The author. Philip Massinger.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A07241EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The picture a tragæcomædie : as it was often presented with good allowance, at the Globe, and Blackefriers play-houses, by the Kings Maiesties seruants / written by Philip Massinger.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A07245EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The renegado a tragæcomedie. As it hath beene often acted by the Queenes Maiesties seruants, at the priuate Play-house in Drurye-Lane. By Philip Massinger.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A07246EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Roman actor A tragædie. As it hath diuers times beene, with good allowance acted, at the private play-house in the Black-Friers, by the Kings Majesties Servants. Written by Philip Massinger.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A07247EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The unnaturall combat A tragedie. The scæne Marsellis. Written by Philip Massinger. As it was presented by the Kings Majesties Servants at the Globe.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A07248EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The virgin martir a tragedie. As it hath bin diuers times publickely acted with great applause, by the seruants of his Maiesties Reuels. Written by Phillip Messenger and Thomas Deker.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A07249EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fatall dovvry a tragedy. As it hath beene often acted at the Priuate House in Blackefryers, by his Maiesties Seruants. Written by P.M. and N.F.Massinger, Philip, 1583-1640.A07251EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Articles of the peace agreed vpon, between the Archduke Mathias, on the Emperours part, and the deputies of the Lord Botzkay, and of other Lords of Hungarie on the other partie In like manner, the articles, and conditions of truce, set downe betweene the Emperour and the great Turke, for 15. yeares. All beeing faithfully translated out of high Dutch into French, and out of the same into English.Holy Roman Empire.A07263EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The heroyk life and deplorable death of the most Christian King Henry the fourth Addressed to his immortall memory; by P: Mathieu, counceller and historiographer of France. Translated by Ed: Grimeston, Esquire.Matthieu, Pierre, 1563-1621.A07266EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of Levvis the eleuenth VVith the most memorable accidents which happened in Europe during the two and twenty yeares of his raigne. Enricht with many obseruations which serue as commentaries. Diuided into eleuen bookes. Written in French by P. Mathieu historiographer to the French King. And translated into English by Edvv: Grimeston Sergeant at ArmesMatthieu, Pierre, 1563-1621.A07267EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triumphs of Nassau: or, A description and representation of all the victories both by land and sea, granted by God to the noble, high, and mightie lords, the Estates generall of the vnited Netherland Prouinces Vnder the conduct and command of his excellencie, Prince Maurice of Nassau. Translated out of French by W. Shute Gent.Orlers, Jan Janszn., 1570-1646.A07280EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Admirable and notable prophesies vttered in former times by 24. famous Romain-Catholickes, concerning the Church of Rome's defection, tribulation, and reformation / written first in Latine, & now published in the English tongue, both by Iames Maxwell ...Maxwell, James, b. 1581.A07304EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Whereas the professor hereof, Iacobus Maximinus, borne in Italy, and lately come out of Germanie, hath attained vnto the demonstration of the making of foure most strange and rare artificiall stones, and a sweete ball, and the true vertues thereof: and the names and colours of euery stone The first, is the moraccolocius stone is white: the famous amethist is the redde stone: the famous safaris is the purple stone: the safonya, which is the straw coloured stone, &c.Maximinus, Iacobus.A07305EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An English-royall pedegree common to the two most noble princes lately married Friderick, first prince of imperiall blood sprung from glorious Charlemagne, Count Palatine of the Rhine ... [brace] and [brace] ELizabeth, Infanta of Albion, Princesse Palatine ... onely daughter of our most gracious King Iames and Queene Anne : being both of them in one and the same degree of lineall descent from Edward the Third, the victorious king of England / [by] Iames Maxwell.Maxwell, James, b. 1581.A07307EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The imperiall and princely pedegree of the two most noble and vertuous princes lately married Friderick the first of this name, Prince Palatinate, Duke of Bauiere ... sprung from glorious Charlemaigne [brace] and [brace] Elizabeth, Infanta of Albion ... onely daughter of our most gracious soveraigne Charles-James / [by] Iames Maxwell.Maxwell, James, b. 1581.A07311EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A continuation of Lucan's historicall poem till the death of Iulius Cæsar by TMMay, Thomas, 1595-1650.A07324EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The heire an excellent comedie. As it was lately acted by the Company of the Reuels. / Writren [sic] by T.M. Gent..May, Thomas, 1595-1650.A07326EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reigne of King Henry the Second written in seaven bookes. By his Majesties command.May, Thomas, 1595-1650.A07328EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedy of Antigone, the Theban princesse. Written by T.M.May, Thomas, 1595-1650.A07329EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedie of Cleopatra Queen of Ægypt. By T.M. Acted 1626May, Thomas, 1595-1650.A07330EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragedy of Julia Agrippina; Empresse of Rome. By T.M.May, Thomas, 1595-1650.A07332EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The victorious reigne of King Edvvard the Third Written in seven bookes. By his Majesties command.May, Thomas, 1595-1650.A07333EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The solace of the soule agaynst the bytter stormes of sycknes and deathe greatly encouragynge the faythfull, paciently to suffer the good pleasure of God in all kynd of aduersite, newly set forth in Englysshe by Thomas Becon.Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A07355EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mayeres his travels containing a true recapitulation of all the remarkable passages which befell in the authors peregrination and voyages, as namely in these imployments following: viz. his 1 voyage for the wars in Ireland in Queen E.R. 2 At Breda, under one of the four English Colonell regiments. 3 With Count Mansfield. 4 To Cales. 5 To the Ile of Rhee. Wherunto is added a speech the author held with great King Hunger in his journey over the alpes. Collected and written by him who was both an actor, and an eye witnesse in the above named severall imployments, the space of forty yeeres, R.M.S. Gent. Published with license and authority.Mayeres, Randulph.A07361EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The XII. wonders of the vvorld Set and composed for the violl de gambo, the lute, and the voyce to sing the verse, all three ioyntly, and none seuerall: also lessons for the lute and base violl to play alone: with some lessons to play lyra-wayes alone, or if you will, to fill vp the parts, with another violl set lute-way. Newly composed by Iohn Maynard, lutenist at the most famouse schoole of St. Iulians in Hartfordshire.Maynard, John, b. 1576 or 7.A07365EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The citye match A comoedye. Presented to the King and Queene at White-hall. Acted since at Black-friers by His Maiesties Servants.Mayne, Jasper, 1604-1672.A07367EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Religion and alegiance [sic] in two sermons preached before the Kings Maiestie, the one on the fourth of Iuly, anno 1627. at Oatlands, the other on the 29. of Iuly the same yeere, at Alderton / by Roger Maynwaring ... ; by His Maiesties speciall command.Maynwaring, Roger, 1590-1653.A07368EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The golden meane Lately written, as occasion serued, to a great lord. Discoursing the noblenesse of perfect virtue in extreames.A07373EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
True newes from [Mecare:] and also out of WorcestershireA07380EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Churches, that is, appropriate places for Christian vvorship both in, and ever since the Apostles times. A discourse at first more briefly delivered in a colledge chappell, and since enlarged. By Joseph Mede, B.D. and fellow of Christs Colledge in Cambridge.Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638.A07381EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Clauis apocalyptica ex innatis et insitis visionum characteribus eruta et demonstrata. Ad eorum usum quibus deus amorem studiúmq[ue] indiderit prophetiam illam admirandam cognoscendi scrutandíque.Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638.A07382EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The name altar, or thysiastērion, anciently given to the holy table A common-place, or theologicall discourse, in a colledge chappell more than two yeares since. By Joseph Mede B.D. and fellow of Christs Colledge in Cambridge.Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638.A07384EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The reverence of Gods house· A sermon preached at St. Maries in Cambridge, before the Universitie on St. Matthies day, anno 1635/6. By Joseph Mede B.D. and late fellow of Christs Colledge in Cambridge.Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638.A07385EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arte of nauigation wherein is contained all the rules, declarations, secretes, & aduises, which for good nauigation are necessarie & ought to be knowen and practised: and are very profitable for all kind of mariners, made by (master Peter de Medina) directed to the right excellent and renowned lord, don Philippe, prince of Spaine, and of both Siciles. And now newely translated out of Spanish into English by John Frampton. 1581.Medina, Pedro de, 1493?-1567?A07388EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An excellent and a right learned meditacion, compiled in two prayers most frutefull and necessary to be vsed and said of al ttue [sic] English men, in these daungerous daies of affliction, for the comfort and better stay of the christen co[n]science, bewailing the deserued plages of England.A07390EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Nature A goodly interlude of nature co[m]pylyd by mayster Henry Medwall chapleyn to the ryght reuerent father in god Iohan Morton somtyme cardynall and archebyshop of Canterbury.Medwall, Henry, fl. 1486.A07395EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the Church of Englande. Compiled by Venerable Bede, Englishman. Translated out of Latin in to English by Thomas Stapleton student in diuiniteBede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735.A07396EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The meeting of gallants at an ordinarie: or The walkes in PowlesA07398EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine briefe, and speciall instructions for gentlemen, merchants, students, souldiers, marriners, &c. employed in seruices abrode, or anie way occasioned to conuerse in the kingdomes, and gouernementes of forren princesMeyer, Albrecht, 1528-1603.A07400EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvorke of Pomponius Mela. the cosmographer, concerninge the situation of the world wherein euery parte, is deuided by it selfe in most perfect manner, as appeareth in the table at the ende of the booke. A booke right plesant and profitable for all sortes of men: but speciallie for gentlemen, marchants, mariners, and trauellers, translated out of Latine by Arthur Golding Gentleman.Mela, Pomponius.A07401EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A ciuile nosgay wherin is contayned not onelye the offyce and dewty of all magestrates and iudges but also of of [sic] all subiectes with a preface concernynge the lyberty of iustice in this our tyme newly collected and gethered out of latyn and so translated in to the Inglyshe tonge by I.G.Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560.A07402EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A godly and learned assertion in defence of the true church of God, and of His Woorde written in Latine by that Reuerend Father D. Philip Melancthon, after the conuention at Ratisbona, anno 1541 ; translated into English by R.R.Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560.A07405EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of two vvoonderful popish monsters to wyt, of a popish asse which was found at Rome in the riuer of Tyber, and of a monkish calfe, calued at Friberge in Misne. Which are the very foreshewings and tokens of Gods wrath, against blinde, obstinate, and monstrous Papistes. Witnessed, and declared, the one by Philip Melancthon, the other by Martyn Luther. Translated out of French into English by Iohn Brooke of Assh, next Sandwich.Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560.A07410EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A waying and considering of the Interim by the honourworthy and highly learned Phillip Melancthon. Tra[n]slated into Englyshe by Iohn RogersMelanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560.A07412EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proper new balad of the Bryber Gehesie Taken out of the fourth booke of Kinges the .v. chapter. To the tune of Kynge Salomon.Mell, George.A07416EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true description of two monsterous chiildren laufully begotten betwene George Steuens and Margerie his wyfe, and borne in the parish of Swanburne in Buckingham shyre, the. iiii. of Aprill. Anno Domini. 1566, the two children havuing both their belies fast ioyned together, and imbraycyng one an other with their armes: which children wer both a lyue by the space of half an hower, and wer baptized, and named the one John, and the other Joan.Mellys, John.A07417EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A godlie dreame compiled by Elizabeth Melvill, Ladie Culros younger, at the request of a friend.Colville, Elizabeth Melvill, Lady Colville of Culros, fl. 1603.A07427EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ane fruitful and comfortable exhortatioun anent deathMelville, James, 1556-1614.A07428EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A spirituall propine of a pastour to his peopleMelville, James, 1556-1614.A07429EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The defence of peace: lately translated out of laten in to englysshe. with the kynges moste gracyous priuilegeMarsilius, of Padua, d. 1342?A07430EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Theorique and practise of warre. Written to Don Philip Prince of Castil, by Don Bernardino de Mendoza. Translated out of the Castilian tonge into Englishe, by Sr. Edwarde Hoby Knight. Directed to Sr. George Carew KnightMendoza, Bernardino de, 1540 or 41-1604.A07432EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The moste notable Historie of John Lorde Mandosse Translated from the Spanish by T. de la PeendA07434EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A confutacion of that popishe and antichristian doctryne, whiche mainteineth ye ministracyon and receiuing of the sacrament under one kind made dialoge-wise betwene the prieste and the prentyse by Gracyous Menewe.Menewe, Gracious.A07435EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plaine subuersyon or turnyng vp syde down of all the argumentes, that the Popecatholykes can make for the maintenaunce of auricular confession with a moste wholsome doctryne touchyng the due obedience, that we owe vnto ciuill magistrates, made dialogue wyse betwene the prentyse and the priest by Gracyous Menewe.Menewe, Gracious.A07436EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Historia mundi: or Mercator's atlas Containing his cosmographicall description of the fabricke and figure of the world. Lately rectified in divers places, as also beautified and enlarged with new mappes and tables; by the studious industry of Iudocus Hondy. Englished by W. S. generosus, & Coll. Regin. Oxoniæ.Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594.A07439EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Gods arithmeticke. Written by Francis Meres, Maister of Arte of both Vniuersities, and student in diuinity ...Meres, Francis, 1565-1647.A07447EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wits common wealth The second part. A treasurie of diuine, morall, and phylosophicall similies, and sentences, generally vsefull. But more particularly published, for the vse of schooles. By F.M. Master of Arts of bot Vniuersities.Meres, Francis, 1565-1647.A07448EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon exhorting to pitie the poore Preached the. xv. of Nouember. Anno. 1571. at Christes Churche in London. By Henry Bedel uicar there, which treatise may well be called The mouth of the poore.Bedel, Henry, fl. 1571.A07453EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The most famous and renowned historie, of that woorthie and illustrous knight Meruine, sonne to that rare and excellent mirror of princely prowesse, Oger the Dane, and one of that royall bond of vnmatchable knighthoode, the twelue peeres of France Wherein is declared, his rare birth, and stranger bringing vp, with his most honorable conquest of Ierusalem, Babilon, and diuers other cities from the pagan infidels: with many other memorable accidents of wonderous consequence. By I.M. Gent.A07458EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pleasaunt dialogue, concerning phisicke and phisitionsMexía, Pedro, 1496?-1552?A07462EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The foreste or Collection of histories no lesse profitable, then pleasant and necessarie, dooen out of Frenche into Englishe, by Thomas Fortescue.Mexía, Pedro, 1496?-1552?A07463EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The imperiall historie: or The liues of the emperours, from Iulius Cæsar, the first founder of the Roman monarchy, vnto this present yeere containing their liues and actions, with the rising and declining of that empire; the originall, and successe, of all those barbarous nations that haue inuaded it, and ruined it by peece-meele: with an ample relation of all the memorable accidents that haue happened during these last combustions. First written in Spanish by Pedro Mexia: and since continued by some others, to the death of Maximilian the Second; translated into English by W.T.: and now corrected, amplified and continued to these times by Edvvard Grimeston Sergeant at Armes.Mexía, Pedro, 1496?-1552?A07466EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The admirable history of the posession and conuersion of a penitent woman Seduced by a magician that made her to become a witch, and the princesse of sorcerers in the country of Prouince, who was brought to S. Baume to bee exorcised, in the yeare 1610, in the moneth of Nouember, by the authority of the reuerend father, and frier, Sebastian Michaëlis, priour of the couent royall of S. Magdalene at Saint Maximin, and also of the said place of Saint Baume. Who appointed the reuerend father, Frier Francis Domptius, Doctor of Diuinity, in the Vniuersity of Louaine, ... for the exorcismes and recollection of the acts. All faithfully set down, and fully verified. Wherunto is annexed a pneumology, or discourse of spirits made by the said father Michaëlis, ... Translated into English by W.B.Michaelis, Sébastien, 1543?-1618.A07467EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epitaphs vpon the vntymelie death of that hopefull, learned, and religious youth, Mr VVilliam Michel sonne to a reverend pastor, Mr Thomas Michel, parson of Turreff, and minister of the Gospel there) [sic] who departed this lyfe the 6 of Ianuarie, 1634. in the 24 yeare of his age. Together with a consolatorie epistle, to the mother of the sayd young man; wherein his vertues and good carriage are mentioned.A07471EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proclamation agreed vpon by the iustices of peace of this countie of Bedford at a generall sessions holden at Bedford, the nineteenth day of Aprill, in the xxvii yere of the Queenes most gracious raigne, for the restraint of wandering roges and vacaboundsBedfordshire (England)A07474EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An examination of certaine motives to recusancie. By W. BedellBedell, William, 1571-1642.A07475EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short and faythful instruction, gathered out of holy Scripture composed in questions and answeres, for the edifyeng and comfort of the symple Christianes, whych intende worthely to receyue the holy supper of the Lorde.Micronius, Marten, d. 1559.A07480EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The famous historie of Chinon of England with his strange aduentures for the loue of Celestina daughter to Lewis King of Fraunce. VVith the worthy atchiuement of Sir Lancelot du Lake, and Sir Tristram du Lions for fair Laura, daughter to Cador Earle of Cornewall, beeing all knights of King Arthurs round table. By Chr. Middleton.Middleton, Christopher, 1560?-1628.A07482EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The historie of heauen containing the poeticall fictions of all the starres in the firmament: gathered from amongst all the poets and astronomers. By Chrystopher Middleton.Middleton, Christopher, 1560?-1628.A07483EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The legend of Humphrey Duke of Glocester. By Chr: MiddletonMiddleton, Christopher, 1560?-1628.A07484EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
This indenture made [blank] in the fourteenth yeare of the raigne of our soueraigne lord James by the grace of God King of England ... betwene Hugh Middellton cittizen and goldsmith of London on the one party and [blank] on the other party ...A07485EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Luthers predecessours: or an ansvvere to the question of the Papists: Where was your church before Luther?Bedford, Thomas, d. 1653.A07486EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blacke bookeMiddleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07491EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Blurt master-constable. Or The Spaniards night-walke As it hath bin sundry times priuately acted by the Children of Paules.Dekker, Thomas, ca. 1572-1632.A07492EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A chast mayd in Cheape-Side· A pleasant conceited comedy neuer before printed. As it hath beene often acted at the Swan on the Banke-side, by the Lady Elizabeth her Seruants. By Thomas Midelton Gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07493EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ciuitatis amor. = The cities loue An entertainment by water, at Chelsey, and White-hall. At the ioyfull receiuing of that illustrious hope of Great Britaine, the high and mighty Charles, to bee created Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornewall, Earle of Chester, &c. Together with the ample order and solemnity of his Highnesse creation, as it was celebrated in his Maiesties palace of White-hall on Monday, the fourth of Nouember. 1616. As also the ceremonies of that ancient and honourable Order of the Knights of the Bath; and all the triumphs showne in honour of his royall creation.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07494EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The famelie of loue Acted by the children of his Maiesties Reuells.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07495EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sinne vnto death. Or an ample discouery of that fearefull sinne, the sinne against the holy Ghost together with the signes, degrees and preservatiues thereof. In a sermon preached at Pauls Crosse. August 26. 1621. By Tho: Bedford ...Bedford, Thomas, d. 1653.A07496EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A game at chæss as it was acted nine dayes to gether at the Globe on the banks side.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07498EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The ghost of Lucrece. By T.M. GentMiddleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07500EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Honorable entertainments compos'de for the seruice of this noble cittie. Some of which were fashion'd for the entertainment of the Lords of his Maiesties most Honorable Priuie Councell, vpon the occasion of their late royall employment. Inuented by Thomas Middlevon [sic].Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07502EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Inner-Temple masque. Or Masque of heroes Presented (as an entertainement for many worthy ladies:) by gentlemen of the same ancient and noble house. Tho. Middleton.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07503EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A mad vvorld, my masters As it hath bin lately in action by the Children of Paules. Composed by T.M.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07504EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Michaelmas terme As it hath been sundry times acted by the Children of Paules.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07505EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The phoenix as it hath beene sundry times acted by the Children of Paules, and presented before his Maiestie.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07507EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir Robert Sherley, sent ambassadour in the name of the King of Persia, to Sigismond the Third, King of Poland and Swecia, and to other princes of Europe his royall entertainement into Cracovia, the chiefe citie of Poland, with his pretended comming into England : also, the honourable praises of the same Sir Robert Sherley, giuen vnto him in that kingdome, are here likewise inserted.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07509EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The sunne in Aries A noble solemnity performed through the Citie, at the sole cost and charges of the honourable and ancient fraternity of Drapers, at the confirmation and establishment of their most worthy brother, the Right Honourable, Edvvard Barkham, in the high office of his Maiesties lieutenant, the Lord Maior of the famous Citie of London. Taking beginning at his Lordships going, and perfecting it selfe after his returne from receiuing the oath of maioralty at Westminster, on the morrow after Simon Iudes day, being the 29. of October. 1621. By Tho. Middleton, Gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07510EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A trick to catch the old-one As it hath beene lately acted, by the children of Paules.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07511EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triumphs of health and prosperity A noble solemnity performed through the city, at the sole cost and charges of the Honorable Fraternity of Drapers, at the inauguration of their most worthy brother, the Right Honorable, Cuthbert Hacket, Lord Major of the famous city of London. By Tho. Middleton Gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07512EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tryumphs of honor and industry A solemnity performed through the City, at confirmation and establishment of the Right Honorable, George Bovvles, in the office of his Maiesties lieuetenant, the Lord Mayor of the famous Citty of London. Taking beginning at his Lordships going, and proceeding after his returne from receiuing the oath of maioralty at Westminster, on the morrow next after Simon and Iudes day, October 29. 1617.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07513EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triumphs of honor and vertue A noble solemnitie, performed through the City, at the sole cost and charges of the honorable Fraternitie of Grocers, at the confirmation and establishment of their most worthy brother, the Right Honorable Peter Proby, in the high office of his Maiesties Lieutenant, Lord Maior and Chancellor of the famous City of London. Taking beginning at his Lordships going, and perfecting it selfe after his returne from receiuing the oath of maioralty at Westminster, on the morrow after Simon and Iudes Day, being the 29. of October, 1622. By Tho. Middleton Gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07515EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triumphs of integrity A noble solemnity, performed through the city, at the sole cost and charges of the Honorable Fraternity of Drapers, at the confirmation and establishment of their most worthy brother, the Right Honorable, Martin Lumley, in the high office of his Maiesties Lieutenant, Lord Maior and Chancellor of the famous City of London. Taking beginning at his Lordships going, and perfecting it selfe after his returne from receiuing the oath of maioralty at Westminster, on the morrow after Simon and Iudes Day, being the 29. of October. 1623. By Tho. Middleton Gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07516EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triumphs of loue and antiquity An honourable solemnitie performed through the citie, at the confirmation and establishment of the right honourable Sir William Cockayn, knight, in the office of his Maiesties Lieutenant, the Lord Maior of the famous citie of London. Taking beginning in the morning at his Lord-ships going, and perfecting itselfe after his returne from receiuing the oath of mayoralty at Westminster, on the morrow after Symon and Iudes Day, October 29. 1619. By Tho: Middleton. Gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07517EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triumphs of truth A solemnity vnparalleled for cost, art, and magnificence, at the confirmation and establishment of that worthy and true nobly-minded gentleman, Sir Thomas Middleton, knight, in the honorable office of his Maiesties lieuetenant, the lord maior of the thrice famous citty of London. Taking beginning at his Lord-ships going, and proceeding after his returne from receiuing the oath of maioralty at Westminster, on the morrow next after Simon and Iudes day, October 29. 1613. All the showes, pageants, chariots; morning, noone, and night-triumphes. Directed, written, and redeem'd into forme, from the ignorance of some former times, and their common writer, by Thomas Middleton.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07518EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The wisdome of Solomon paraphrased. Written by Thomas MiddletonMiddleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07523EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The roaring girle. Or Moll Cut-Purse As it hath lately beene acted on the Fortune-stage by the Prince his Players. Written by T. Middleton and T. Dekkar.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07524EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A courtly masque: the deuice called the vvorld tost at tennis As it hath beene diuers times presented to the contentment of many noble and worthy spectators, by the prince his seruants. Inuented, and set downe, by Tho: Middleton & William Rowley gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07525EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and certaine relation of a strange-birth which was borne at Stone-house in the parish of Plimmouth, the 20. of October. 1635. Together with the notes of a sermon, preached Octob. 23. 1635. in the church of Plimmouth, at the interring of the sayd birth. By Th. B. B.D. Pr. Pl.Bedford, Thomas, d. 1653.A07526EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A faire quarrell with new additions of Mr. Chaughs and Trimtrams roaring, and the Bauds song, neuer before printed : as it was acted before the King, by the Prince His Highnesse seruants / [brace] written by Thomas Midleton, and William Rowley, [brace] gent.Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627.A07528EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bardhoniaeth, neu brydydhiaeth, y llyfr kyntaf; trwy fyfyrdawd Capten William MidletonMyddelton, William.A07530EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Neuues from Millaine and Spaine the copy of a letter written from Millaine to Venice, by Signior Padre, concerning a strange prince, called Prince Mammon, who is lately come into that state : a proclamation made in the name of His Maiesty of Spaine, for the search, finding out and apprehending of all such persons, as shall be suspected to be sent out of Millaine, by Prince Mammon ... : a letter written from S. Lucas, concerning the iustice and execution in Millaine, done vpon two of the principall conspirators in the dispersing of infectious oyntment and powders made by the diuell / translated out of the Spanish copy.A07532EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sapientia clamitans wisdome crying out to sinners to returne from their evill wayes: contained in three pious and learned treatises, viz. I. Of Christs fervent love to bloudy Ierusalem. II. Of Gods just hardning of Pharaoh, when hee had filled up the measure of his iniquity. III. Of mans timely remembring of his creator. Heretofore communicated to some friends in written copies: but now published for the generall good, by William Milbourne priest.Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A07536EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wisdome crying out to sinners to returne from their evill wayes contained in three pious and learned treatises, viz. I. Of Christs fervent love to bloudy Jerusalem. II. Of Gods just hardening of Pharaoh, when he had filled up the measure of his iniquity. III. Of mans timely remembering of his creator. Heretofore communicated to some friends in written copies: but now published for the generall good.Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A07537EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wisdome crying out to sinners to returne from their evill wayes Conteined in three pious and learned treatises, viz. I. Of Christs fervent love to bloudy Jerusalem. II. Of Gods just hardening of Pharaoh, when he had filled up the measure of his iniquity. III. Of mans timely remembring of his creator. Heretofore communicated to some friends in written copies: but now published for the generall good.Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640.A07540EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A nights search· Discovering the nature and condition of all sorts of night-walkers; with their associates. As also, the life and death of many of them. Together with divers fearfull and strange accidents, occasioned by such ill livers. Digested into a poeme by Humphry Mill.Mill, Humphrey, fl. 1646.A07541EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Poems occasioned by a melancholy vision or A melancholy vision vpon diuers theames enlarged which by seuerall arguments ensuinge is showed ByH. Mill.Mill, Humphrey, fl. 1646.A07542EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
O yes, o yes, I do cry, the bishops bridle will you buyMill, Tom.A07543EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Bedlam schoolman. Or, Some lines made by an English noble man, that was in Bedlam To its own proper tune. Holow my fancie, whither wilt thou go?A07550EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A maske presented at Ludlow Castle, 1634 on Michaelmasse night, before the Right Honorable, Iohn Earle of Bridgewater, Vicount Brackly, Lord Præsident of Wales, and one of His Maiesties most honorable Privie Counsell.Milton, John, 1608-1674.A07555EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The history of the vvarres betvveene the Turkes and the Persians. Written in Italian by Iohn-Thomas Minadoi, and translated into English by Abraham Hartvvell. Containing the description of all such matters, as pertaine to the religion, to the forces to the gouernement, and to the countries of the kingdome of the Persians. Together with the argument of euery booke, & a new geographicall mappe of all those territories. A table contayning a declaration aswell of diuerse new and barbarous names and termes vsed in this history, as also how they were called in auncient times. And last of all, a letter of the authors, wherein is discoursed, what cittie it was in the old time, which is now called Tauris, and is so often mentioned in this historyMinadoi, Giovanni Tommaso, 1545-1618.A07559EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[Liber festivalis]Mirk, John, fl. 1403?A07572EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mesolabium architectonicum that is, a most rare, and singular instrument, for the easie, speedy, and most certaine measuring of plaines and solids by the foote: necessary to be knowne of all men whatsoeuer, who would not in this case be notably defrauded: inuented long since by Mr. Thomas Bedwell Esquire: and now published, and the vse thereof declared by Wilhelm Bedwell, his nephew, Vicar of Tottenham.Bedwell, William, ca. 1561-1632.A07574EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The helpe and grace of almighty god ...Mirk, John, fl. 1403?A07575EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The festyuallMirk, John, fl. 1403?A07584EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Wilhelmi Bedwelli Trigonum architectonicum: The carpentars rule, explaned, reformed, and enlarged that is, a table seruing for the more exact, and speedy measuring of boord, glasse, stone, and such like, both plaines and solids, by the foot, then euer heretofore hath in this kinde, beene set out or taught by any: inuented, and first published in the yeere 1612, by Wilhelm Bedwell, parson of S. Ethelburghs London.Bedwell, William, ca. 1561-1632.A07591EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The map of Mock-begger Hall with his scituation in the spacious countrey, called, Anywhere. To the tune of It is not your notherne Nancy: or sweet is the lasse that loues mee.A07595EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The cunning northerne begger, vvho all the by-standers doth earnestly pray, to bestow a penny upon him to day To the tune of Tom of Bedlam.A07596EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Insectorum sive minimorum animalium theatrum olim ab Edoardo Wottono, Conrado Gesnero, Thomaque Pennio inchoatum ; tandem Tho. Movfeti Londinâtis operâ sumptibusq́[ue] maximis concinnatum, auctum, perfectum ; et ad vivum expressis iconibus suprà quingentis illustratum.Moffett, Thomas, 1553-1604.A07600EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The silkewormes, and their flies: liuely described in verse, by T.M. a countrie farmar, and an apprentice in physicke. For the great benefit and enriching of EnglandMoffett, Thomas, 1553-1604.A07602EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mohammedis imposturæ: that is, A discouery of the manifold forgeries, falshoods, and horrible impieties of the blasphemous seducer Mohammed with a demonstration of the insufficiencie of his law, contained in the cursed Alkoran; deliuered in a conference had betweene two Mohametans, in their returne from Mecha. Written long since in Arabicke, and now done into English by William Bedwell. Whereunto is annexed the Arabian trudgman, interpreting certaine Arabicke termes vsed by historians: together with an index of the chapters of the Alkoran, for the vnderstanding of the confutations of that booke.A07603EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Mahumetane or Turkish historie containing three bookes: 1 Of the originall and beginning of the Turkes, and of the foure empires which are issued and proceded out of the superstitious sect of Mahumet. 2 Of their conquests and the succession of the house of Ottoman, vntill the present reigning of Mahumet the third. 3 Of the warres and seege of Malta, which Solyman the great made to the great maister and brothers of that order. Heerevnto haue I annexed a briefe discourse of the warres of Cypres, at what time Selimus the second, tooke from the Venetians the possession of that iland, and by reason thereof I haue adioyned a finall discourse conteining the causes of the greatnesse of the Turkish Empire. Translated from the French & Italian tongues, by R. Carr, of the middle Temple in London, Gentleman. Dedicated to the three worthy brothers Robert Carr, William Carr and Edward Carr, in the county of Lincolne, Esquires.A07605EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The begger-boy of the north whose linage and calling to th'world is proclaim'd, which is to be sung to a tune so nam'd.A07607EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the holy sacrifice of the masse, and excellencies therof. Written in Spanish by the R. F. Ant. de Molina, a Carthusian monke, & translated into English by I.R. of the Society of Iesus. VVith order, hovv to be present at the said Holy Mystery, vvith deuotion & profitMolina, Antonio de, d. 1619?A07609EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Ioyfull newes out of the newfound world wherein are declared the rare and singular vertues of diuers and sundrie herbs, trees, oyles, plants, [and] stones, with their applications, aswell to the vse of phisicke, as chirurgery: which being wel applied, bring such present remedy for all diseases, as may seeme altogether incredible: notwithstanding by practize found out, to be true. Also the portrature of the sayde herbes, very aptly described: Englished by Iohn Frampton merchant. Newly corrected as by conference with the olde copies may appeare. Wherevnto are added three other bookes treating of the Bezaar stone, the herbe escuerçonera, the properties of yron and steele, in medicine and the benefite of snowe.Monardes, Nicolás, ca. 1512-1588.A07612EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Money is my master yet once it was a servant unto mee, but now for want of money I am in misery, yet I doe hope to find some remedy. To the tune of, Better late thrive then never.A07614EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Landgraue of Hessen his princelie receiuing of her Maiesties embassadorMonings, Edward, Sir.A07618EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The abridgement or summarie of the Scots chronicles with a short description of their originall, from the comming of Gathelus their first progenitor out of Græcia into Egypt. And their comming into Portingall and Spaine, and of their kings and gouernours in Spaine, Ireland and Albion, now called Scotland, (howbeit the whole number are not extant) with a true chronologie of all their kings. Their reignes, deaths and burials, from Fergusius the first king of Scotland, vntill his Royall Maiestie, now happily raigning ouer all Great Brittaine and Ireland, and all the isles to them appertaining. With a true description and diuision of the whole realme of Scotland, and of the principall cities, townes, abbies, fortes, castles, towers and riuers, and of the commodities in euery part thereof, and of the isles in generall, with a memoriall of the most rare and wonderfull things in Scotland. By Iohn Monipennie.Monipennie, John.A07619EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certeine matters concerning the realme of Scotland, composed together The genealogie of all the kings of Scotland, their liues, the yeeres of their coronation, the time of their reigne, the yeere of their death, and maner thereof, with the place of their buriall. The whole nobilitie of Scotland, their surnames, their titles of honour, the names of their chiefe houses, and their mariages. The arch-bishopricks, bishopricks, abbacies, priories, & nunries of Scotland. The knights of Scotland. The forme of the oth of a duke, earle, lord of Parliament, and of a knight. The names of barons, lairds, and chiefe gentlemen in euerie sherifdome. The names of the principall clannes, and surnames of the borderers not landed. The stewartries and baileries of Scotland. The order of the calling of the Table of the Session. The description of whole Scotland, with all the iles, and names thereof. The most rare and woonderfull things in Scotland. As they were anno Domini, 1597.Monipennie, John.A07623EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Christian almanacke Needefull and true for all countryes, persons and times. Faithfully calculated by the course of holy Scripture, not onely for this present yeere 1613, but also for many yeeres to come. Written by J. M.Monipennie, John.A07624EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Quadrivium Sionis or the foure ways to Sion By John Monlas Mr of artsMonlas, John.A07626EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
1607 Lamentable newes out of Monmouthshire in VVales Contayning, the wonderfull and most fearefull accidents of the great ouerflowing of waters in the saide countye, drowning infinite numbers of cattell of all kinds, as sheepe, oxen, kine and horses, with others: together with the losse of many men, women and children, and the subuersion of xxvi parishes in Ianuary last 1607.A07627EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Monro his expedition vvith the vvorthy Scots Regiment (called Mac-Keyes Regiment) levied in August 1626. by Sr. Donald Mac-Key Lord Rhees, colonell for his Majesties service of Denmark, and reduced after the Battaile of Nerling, to one company in September 1634. at Wormes in the Paltz Discharged in severall duties and observations of service; first under the magnanimous King of Denmark, during his warres against the Emperour; afterward, under the invincible King of Sweden, during his Majesties life time; and since, under the Directour Generall, the Rex-chancellor Oxensterne and his generalls. Collected and gathered together at spare-houres, by Colonell Robert Monro ... for the use of all worthie cavaliers favouring the laudable profession of armes. To which is annexed the abridgement of exercise, and divers practicall observations, for the younger officer his consideration; ending with the souldiers meditations going on service.Monro, Robert.A07628EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hans Beer-Pot his inuisible comedie, of see me, and see me not Actedin the Low Countries, by an honest company of health-drinkers.Belchier, Dabridgcourt, 1580?-1621.A07637EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[A brief censure upon] an appeale to CæsarMontagu, Richard, 1577-1641.A07639EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A gagg for the new Gospell? No: a nevv gagg for an old goose VVho would needes vndertake to stop all Protestants mouths for euer, with 276. places out of their owne English Bibles. Or an ansvvere to a late abridger of controuersies, and belyar of the Protestants doctrine. By Richard Mountagu. Published by authoritie.Montagu, Richard, 1577-1641.A07646EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Immediate addresse vnto God alone First deliuered in a sermon before his Maiestie at Windsore. Since reuised and inlarged to a just treatise of inuocation of saints. Occasioned by a false imputation of M. Antonius De Dominis vpon the authour, Richard Montagu.Montagu, Richard, 1577-1641.A07647EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The honour of chiualrie Set downe in the most famous historie of the magnanimious and heroike Prince Don Bellianis: sonne vnto the Emperour Don Bellaneo of Greece. Wherein are described, the straunge and dangerous aduentures that him befell. With his loue towards the Princesse Florisbella: daughter vnto the Souldan of Babylon. Englished out of Italian, by L.A.Fernández, Jerónimo.A07648EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The shepheard's paradise a comedy : privately acted before the late King Charls by the Queen's Majesty, and ladies of honour / written by W. Mountague ...Montagu, Walter, 1603?-1677.A07649EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A booke of armes, or remembrance wherein ar one hundered godly emblemata, in péeces if brasse very fine graven, and adorned pleasant to bé séen; first by the noble, and industrious minde Georgetta de Montenay, invented and only in the Frenchtongve [sic] elabourated; bot [sic] now, in severall langvages, as; Latin, Spanish, Italian, Highdutch, English, and Lovedutch, meetre or verse wys, of the same manner declared, and augmented.Montenay, Georgette de, 1540-ca. 1581.A07653EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The cherrie and the slaye. Composed into Scottis meeter, by Alexander MontgomerieMontgomerie, Alexander, 1545?-1598.A07656EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sixth booke to the Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia. VVritten by R.B. esqBellings, Richard, d. 1677.A07657EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mindes melodie Contayning certayne psalmes of the kinglie prophete Dauid, applyed to a nevv pleasant tune, verie comfortable to euerie one that is rightlie acquainted therewith.Montgomerie, Alexander, 1545?-1598.A07660EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The practyse of cyrurgyons of Mountpyller and of other that neuer came there.A07661EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A ryghte excellente treatise of astronomie made in the Thuscane or Italian tongue, by maister Antonius de Montulmo, called in latin Facies cœli, the face of the Heues wherin a man may see tofore hand the mutations of the ayre that shall happen for this present yeare of our lorde 1554, [and] 1555, next folowyng, declaryng also what diseases, warres, pestilence, dearth of victuals shal happen to them that dwelle in the eyght climate vnder the eleuation of the pole artike 52. degrees as the inhabitantes of the most part of England do dwelle. Translated into English by Frederike van Brunswike.Montulmo, Antonius de.A07663EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A short treatyse of certayne thinges abused in the Popysh Church longe vsed: but now abolyshed, to our consolation, and Gods word auaunced, the lyght of our saluation.Moone, Peter.A07664EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A mappe of mans mortalitie Clearely manifesting the originall of death, with the nature, fruits, and effects thereof, both to the vnregenerate, and elect children of God. Diuided into three bookes; and published for the furtherance of the wise in practise, the humbling of the strong in conceit, and for the comfort and confirmation of weake Christians, against the combat of death, that they may wisely and seasonably be prepared against the same. Whereunto are annexed two consolatory sermons, for afflicted Christians, in their greatest conflicts. By Iohn Moore, minister of the word of God, at Shearsbie in Leicester-shire.Moore, John, d. 1619.A07666EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A target for tillage briefly containing the most necessary, pretious, and profitable vse thereof both for king and state. By Iohn Moore Minister of Gods word, and Parson of Knaptoft in Leicestershire. Anno 1611.Moore, John, d. 1619.A07668EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The hope of health wherin is conteined a goodlie regimente of life: as medicine, good diet and the goodlie vertues of sonderie herbes, doen by Philip Moore.Moore, Philip, fl. 1564-1573.A07669EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A counter-buff to Lysimachus Nicanor: calling himself a Jesuite. By PhilopatrisMure, William, Sir, 1594-1657.A07673EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The honorable, pleasant and rare conceited historie of Palmendos Sonne to the famous and fortunate Prince Palmerin d'Oliua, Emperour of Constantinople and the queene of Tharsus. Translated out of French by A.M. one of the messengers of her Maiesties chamber.A07674EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
D.O.M.S. The life and death of Sir Thomas Moore Lord high Chancellour of England. Written by M. T.M. and dedicated to the Queens most gracious MaiestieMore, Cresacre, 1572-1649.A07675EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A lytle and bryefe treatyse, called the defence of women and especially of Englyshe women, made agaynst the Schole howse of women.More, Edward, 1537?-1620.A07676EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A godlie mans guide to happinesse A manuell of necessary motiues, holy meditations, and godly prayers, to stirre vp the hearts of men vnapt to pray. To the great comfort of all, that with due and holy attention will practise this most godly and Christian dutie. Written for his owne, and published for the comfort of them that long for trv[e] happinesse. by I.N.Norden, John, 1548-1625?A07678EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A liuely anatomie of death wherein you may see from whence it came, what it is by nature, and what by Christ. Togeather with the power, strength, and sting thereof: as also a preparatiue against the same. Tending to teach men to lyue, and die well to the Lord. By Iohn More, preacher of the Gospel.More, John, d. 1592.A07686EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The answere to the fyrst parte of the poysened booke, which a namelesse heretyke hath named the souper of the lorde. By syr Thomas More knyghtMore, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A07690EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The boke of the fayre genty[l]woman that no man shulde put his truste, or confydence in that is to say, Lady Fortune, flaterynge euery man that coueyteth to haue all, and specyally, them that truste in her, she deceyueth them at laste.More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A07691EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The apologye of syr Thomas More knyghtMore, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A07692EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The co[n]futacyon of Tyndales answere made by syr Thomas More knyght lorde chau[n]cellour of EnglondeMore, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A07693EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The second parte of the co[n]futacion of Tyndals answere in whyche is also confuted the chyrche that Tyndale deuyseth. And the chyrche also that frere Barns deuyseth. Made by syr Thomas More knyght.More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A07694EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The debellacyon of Salem and BizanceMore, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A07695EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dialoge of comfort against tribulacion, made by Syr Thomas More Knyght, and set foorth by the name of an Hu[n]garie[n], not before this time imprintedMore, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A07696EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A dyaloge of syr Thomas More knyghte: one of the counsayll of oure souerayne lorde the kyng [and] chauncellour of hys duchy of Lancaster. Wherin be treated dyuers maters, as of the veneration [and] worshyp of ymages [and] relyques, prayng to sayntys, [and] goyng o[n] pylgrymage. Wyth many othere thyngys touching the pestylent sect of Luther and Tyndale, by the tone bygone in Sarony, and by tother laboryed to be brought in to EnglondMore, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A07698EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A letter of syr Tho. More knyght impugnynge the erronyouse wrytyng of Iohn Fryth agaynst the blessed sacrament of the aultareMore, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A07704EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A mery gest how a sergeau[n]t woldel erne [sic] to be a frereMore, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A07705EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A fruteful, and pleasaunt worke of the beste state of a publyque weale, and of the newe yle called Vtopia: written in Latine by Syr Thomas More knyght, and translated into Englyshe by Raphe Robynson citizein and goldsmythe of London, at the procurement, and earnest request of George Tadlowe citezein [and] haberdassher of the same citieMore, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A07706EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The common-vvealth of Vtopia containing a learned and pleasant discourse of the best state of a publike weale, as it is found in the government of the new ile called Vtopia. Written by the right Honourable, Sir Thomas Moore, Lord Chancellour of England.More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535.A07711EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The famous & renowned history of Morindos a king of Spaine who maryed with Miracola a Spanish witch: and of their seauen daughters, (rightly surnamed ladies with bleeding hearts:) their births, their liue and their deaths. A history most wonderfull, strange, and pleasant to the reader.A07723EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An invective ayenste the great and detestable vice, treason wherein the secrete practises, and traiterous workinges of theym, that suffrid of late are disclosed. made by Rycharde Morisyne.Morison, Richard, Sir, d. 1556.A07726EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A lamentation in vvhiche is shevved what ruyne and destruction cometh of seditious rebellyonMorison, Richard, Sir, d. 1556.A07728EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
To the most honorable assembly of the Commons House of Parliament a briefe of the petitioners cause.Morley, Caleb.A07730EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of Thomas Morley the first booke of balletts to fiue voycesMorley, Thomas, 1557-1603?A07734EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Di Tomasso Morlei il primo libro delle ballette a cinque vociMorley, Thomas, 1557-1603?A07736EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke set downe in forme of a dialogue: deuided into three partes, the first teacheth to sing with all things necessary for the knowledge of pricktsong. The second treateth of descante and to sing two parts in one vpon a plainsong or ground, with other things necessary for a descanter. The third and last part entreateth of composition of three, foure, fiue or more parts with many profitable rules to that effect. With new songs of 2. 3. 4. and .5 [sic] parts. By Thomas Morley, Batcheler of musick, & of the gent. of hir Maiesties Royall Chapell.Morley, Thomas, 1557-1603?A07753EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The defence of death Contayning a moste excellent discourse of life and death, vvritten in Frenche by Philip de Mornaye Gentleman. And doone into English by E.A.Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07756EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The anatomie of popish tyrannie wherein is conteyned a plaine declaration and Christian censure, of all the principall parts, of the libels, letters, edictes, pamphlets, and bookes, lately published by the secular-priests and English hispanized Iesuties, with their Iesuited arch-priest; both pleasant and profitable to all well affected readers.Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07760EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of life and death: written in French, by Phil. Mornay. Done in English by the Countesse of PembrokeMornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07761EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vvoorke concerning the trewnesse of the Christian religion, written in French: against atheists, Epicures, Paynims, Iewes, Mahumetists, and other infidels. By Philip of Mornay Lord of Plessie Marlie. Begunne to be translated into English by Sir Philip Sidney Knight, and at his request finished by Arthur GoldingMornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07769EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Catholique triumph conteyning, a reply to the pretensed answere of B.C. (a masked Iesuite,) lately published against the Tryall of the New Religion. Wherein is euidently prooued, that Poperie and the doctrine now professed in the Romish church, is the new religion: and that the fayth which the Church of England now mayntaineth, is the ancient Romane religion.Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07770EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Philip Mornay, Lord of Plessis his teares For the death of his sonne. Vnto his wife Charlotte Baliste. Englished by Iohn Healey.Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07774EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A Christian dialogue, betweene Theophilus a deformed Catholike in Rome, and Remigius a reformed Catholike in the Church of England Conteining. a plaine and succinct resolution, of sundry very intricate and important points of religion, which doe mightily assaile the weake consciences of the vulgar sort of people; penned ... for the vtter confusion of all seditious Iesuites and Iesuited popelings in England ...Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07782EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The true knowledge of a mans owne selfe. Written in French by Monsieur du Plessis, Lord of Plessie Marly. *And truly translated into English by A.M..Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07786EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arrivall and intertainements of the embassador, Alkaid Jaurar Ben Abdella, with his associate, Mr. Robert Blake From the High and Mighty Prince, Mulley Mahamed Sheque, Emperor of Morocco, King of Fesse, and Suss. With the ambassadors good and applauded commendations of his royall and noble entertainments in the court and the city. Also a discription of some rites, customes, and lawes of those Affrican nations. Likewise Gods exceeding mercy, and our Kings especiall grace and favour manifested in the happy redemption of three hundred and two of his Majesties poore subjects, who had beene long in miserable slavery at Salley in Barbary.A07788EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New-England. Or A briefe enarration of the ayre, earth, water, fish and fowles of that country With a description of the natures, orders, habits, and religion of the natiues; in Latine and English verse.Morrell, William, fl. 1625.A07792EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sacris ordinibus non-ritè initiati, tenentur ad eos ritè ineundosMorton, David, fl. 1663.A07794EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A catholike appeale for Protestants, out of the confessions of the Romane doctors particularly answering the mis-named Catholike apologie for the Romane faith, out of the Protestants: manifesting the antiquitie of our religion, and satisfying all scrupulous obiections which haue bene vrged against it. Written by Th. Morton Doctor of Diuinitie.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A07799EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A defence of the innocencie of the three ceremonies of the Church of England viz. the surplice, crosse after baptisme, and kneeling at the receiuing of the blessed Sacrament. Diuided into two parts: in the former whereof the generall arguments vrged by the non-conformists; and, in the second part, their particular accusations, against these III. ceremonies seuerally, are answered, and refuted. Published by authoritie.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A07801EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dovvnefall of poperie proposed by way of a new challenge to all English Iesuits and Iesuited or Italianized papists: daring them all iointly, and euery one of them seuerally, to make answere thereunto if they can, or haue any truth on their side; knowing for a truth that otherwise all the world will crie with open mouths, fie vpon them, and their patched hotch-potch religion.Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07802EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A direct answer vnto the scandalous exceptions, which Theophilus Higgons hath lately obiected against D. Morton In the which there is principally discussed, two of the most notorious obiections vsed by the Romanists, viz. 1. M. Luthers conference with the diuell, and 2. The sence of the article of Christ his descension into hell.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A07803EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discharge of five imputations of mis-allegations, falsly charged upon the (now) Bishop of Duresme, by an English baron Shewing, that no solid or reall answer is to be expected, from the Romish party, to his late booke (against their Masse) so greatly maligned by them.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A07804EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The encounter against M. Parsons, by a revievv of his last sober reckoning, and his exceptions vrged in the treatise of his mitigation. Wherein moreouer is inserted: 1. A confession of some Romanists, both concerning the particular falsifications of principall Romanists, as namely, Bellarmine, Suarez, and others: as also concerning the generall fraude of that curch, in corrupting of authors. 2. A confutation of slaunders, which Bellarmine vrged against Protestants. 3. A performance of the challenge, which Mr. Parsons made, for the examining of sixtie Fathers, cited by Coccius for proofe of Purgatorie ... 4. A censure of a late pamphlet, intituled, The patterne of a Protestant, by one once termed the moderate answerer. 5. An handling of his question of mentall equiuocation (after his boldnesse with the L. Cooke) vpon occasion of the most memorable, and feyned Yorkeshire case of equiuocating; and of his raging against D. Kings sermon. Published by authoritieMorton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A07805EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An exact discoverie of Romish doctrine in the case of conspiracie and rebellion by pregnant obseruations: collected (not without direction from our superiours) out of the expresse dogmaticall principles of popish priests and doctors.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A07806EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A full satisfaction concerning a double Romish iniquitie; hainous rebellion, and more then heathenish æquiuocation Containing three parts: the two former belong to the reply vpon the Moderate Answerer; the first for confirmation of the discouerie in these two points, treason and æquiuocation: the second is a iustification of Protestants, touching the same points. The third part is a large discourse confuting the reasons and grounds of other priests, both in the case of rebellion, and æquiuocation. Published by authoritie.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A07807EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The grand imposture of the (now) Church of Rome manifested in this one article of the new Romane creede, viz: the holy, catholike, and apostolike Romane Church, mother and mistresse of all other churches, without which there is no saluation. Proued to ba a new, false, sacrilegious, scandalous, schismaticall, hereticall, and blasphemous article (respectiuely) and euerie way damnable. The last chapter containeth a determination of the whole question, concerning the separation of Protestants from the present Church of Rome: whereby may be discerned whether side is to be accounted schismaticall, or may more iustly pleade soules saluation. By the B. of Couentrie & Lichfield.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A07809EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the institution of the sacrament of the blessed bodie and blood of Christ, (by some called) the masse of Christ eight bookes; discovering the superstitious, sacrilegious, and idolatrous abominations of the Romish masse. Together with the consequent obstinacies, overtures of perjuries, and the heresies discernable in the defenders thereof. By the R. Father in God Thomas L. Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A07812EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A preamble vnto an incounter with P.R. the author of the deceitfull treatise of mitigation concerning the Romish doctrine both in question of rebellion and aequiuocation: by Thomas Morton. Published by authoritie.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A07817EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon preached before the Kings most excellent Majestie, in the cathedrall church of Durham Upon Sunday, being the fifth day of May. 1639. By the Right Reverend Father in God, Thomas Lord Bishop of Duresme. Published by his Majesties speciall command.Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A07819EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Salomon or A treatise declaring the state of the kingdome of Israel, as it was in the daies of Salomon Whereunto is annexed another treatise, of the Church: or more particularly, of the right constitution of a Church.Morton, Thomas, of Berwick.A07822EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the nature of GodMorton, Thomas, of Berwick.A07825EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatise of the threefolde state of man wherein is handled, 1 His created holinesse in his innocencie. 2 His sinfulnesse since the fall of Adam. 3 His renewed holinesse in his regeneration.Morton, Thomas, of Berwick.A07826EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Two treatises concerning regeneration, 1. Of repentance, 2. Of the diet of the soule shewing the one, how it ought to be sought after and may be attained vnto, the other, how it being gotten, is to be preserued and continued.Morton, Thomas, of Berwick.A07828EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
New English Canaan, or New Canaan containing an abstract of New England, composed in three bookes : the first booke setting forth the originall of the natives, their manners and customes, together with their tractable nature and love towards the English : the second booke setting forth the naturall indowments of the countrie, and what staple commodities it yeeldeth : the third booke setting forth what people are planted there, their prosperity, what remarkable accidents have happened since the first planting of it, together with their tenents, and practise of their church / written by Thomas Morton ...Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.A07832EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An itinerary vvritten by Fynes Moryson Gent. First in the Latine tongue, and then translated by him into English: containing his ten yeeres trauell through the tvvelue dominions of Germany, Bohmerland, Sweitzerland, Netherland, Denmarke, Poland, Jtaly, Turky, France, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Diuided into III parts. The I. part. Containeth a iournall through all the said twelue dominions: shewing particularly the number of miles, the soyle of the country, the situation of cities, the descriptions of them, with all monuments in each place worth the seeing, as also the rates of hiring coaches or horses from place to place, with each daies expences for diet, horse-meate, and the like. The II. part. Containeth the rebellion of Hugh, Earle of Tyrone, and the appeasing thereof: written also in forme of a iournall. The III. part. Containeth a discourse vpon seuerall heads, through all the said seuerall dominions.Moryson, Fynes, 1566-1630.A07834EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The arraignment and conuiction of vsurie That is, The iniquitie, and vnlawfulnes of vsurie, displayed in sixe sermons, preached at Saint Edmunds Burie in Suffolke, vpon Prouerb. 28.8. By Miles Mosse, minister of the worde, and Bacheler of Diuinitie. Seene and allowed by authoritie. The especiall contents of this booke, are declared in the page next before the treatise it self. Reade all, or censure none.Mosse, Miles, fl. 1580-1614.A07836EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iustifying and sauing faith distinguished from the faith of the deuils In a sermon preached at Pauls crosse in London, May 9. 1613. By Miles Mosse pastor of the church of God at Combes in Suffolke, and Doctor of Diuinitie.Mosse, Miles, fl. 1580-1614.A07838EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Scotlands welcome a sermon preached at Needham in the countie of Suff. on Tuesday, April 5, 1603, vpon Pro. 11. 10 : in the prosperitie of the righteous the citte reioyceth, and when the wicked perish, there is ioy / by Miles Mosse ... ; with some notes and allegations then omitted by reason of the time, and the capacitie of the audience.Mosse, Miles, fl. 1580-1614.A07839EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Primrose of London with her valiant aduenture on the Spanish coast, beeing of the burthen of 150. tunne. Declaring the maner how 97. Spanyards came aboord the same ship, the course of the skirmish, and how by their valiancie they discomfited them. Wherunto is added the copie of the Kinges commission for the imbarment of all English ships. Truely published by Humphrey Mote.Mote, Humphrey.A07840EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The golden ballance of tryall VVherein the reader shall plainly and briefely behold, as in a glasse of crystall; aswell by what rule all controuersies in religion, are to be examined, as also who is, and of right ought to be the vpright iudge in that behalfe. Whereunto is also annexed a counterblast against a masked companion, terming himself E.O. but supposed to be Robert Parsons the trayterous Iesuite.Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07845EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mirrour or glasse of health Necessary and needefull for euery person to looke in, that will keepe their bodye from the sickenesse of the pestylence, and it sheweth how the planets do reygne euery hower of the day and nyght, wyth the natures and expositions of the xii. signes, deuyded by the twelue months of the yeare. And sheweth the remedyes for dyuers infirmyties and diseases that hurteth the body of man.Moulton, Thomas.A07853EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Mount Taraghs triumph, 5 Iuly, 1626 to the tune of the Careere.A07855EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iames by the prouidence of God, bishop of Bath and Wels, to all and singular arch-deacons, officials, parsons ... & al other eccelsiastical officers ... greeting whereas His Maiesty, for the seasoning of all youth in their due alleageance, hath caused a booke to bee compiled and imprinted, containing the sum of the Oath of Alleageance, intituled, God and the King ...Church of England. Diocese of Bath and Wells. Bishop (1608-1616 : Montagu)A07856EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The hunting of the Romish foxe Presented to the popes holines, with the kisse of his disholy foote, as an odoriferous & redolent posie verie fit for his grauitie, so often as he walketh right stately, in his goodly pallace Bel-vidêre.Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07858EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most pleasant comedie of Mucedorus the kings sonne of Valentia and Amadine the Kings daughter of Arragon with the merie conceites of Mouse. Newly set foorth, as it hath bin sundrie times plaide in the honorable cittie of London. Very delectable and full of mirth.A07859EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Iesuits antepast conteining, a repy against a pretensed aunswere to the Downe-fall of poperie, lately published by a masked Iesuite Robert Parsons by name, though he hide himselfe couertly vnder the letters of S.R. which may fitly be interpreted (a sawcy rebell.)Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07868EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe collection and compendious extract of the strau[n]ge and memorable things, gathered oute of the cosmographye of Sebastian Munster. Where in is made a playne descrypsion of diuerse and straunge lavves rites, manners, and properties of sundry nacio[n]s, and a short reporte of straunge histories of diuerse men, and of the nature and properties of certayne fovvles, fishes, beastes, monsters, and sundrie countries and placesMünster, Sebastian, 1489-1552.A07871EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A treatyse of the newe India with other new founde landes and islandes, aswell eastwarde as westwarde, as they are knowen and found in these oure dayes, after the description of Sebastian Munster in his boke of universall cosmographie: wherin the diligent reader may see the good successe and rewarde of noble and honeste enterpryses, by the which not only worldly ryches are obtayned, but also God is glorified, [and] the Christian faythe enlarged. Translated out of Latin into Englishe. By Rycharde Eden.Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552.A07873EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londons mourning garment, or funerall teares worne and shed for the death of her wealthy cittizens, and other her inhabitants. To which is added, a zealous and feruent prayer, with a true relation how many haue dyed of all diseases, in euery particuler parish within London, the liberties, and out parishes neere adioyning from the 14 of Iuly 1603. to the 17 of Nouember. following.Muggins, William.A07877EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Popes funerall Containing a plaine, succinct, and pithy reply, to a pretensed answere of a shamelesse and foolish libell, intituled, The forerunner of Bels downfall. VVhich is nothing else indeede, (as the indifferent reader shall preceiue by the due peruse thereof,) but an euident manifestation of his owne folly; with the vtter confusion of poperie, and all popish vassals throughout the Christian world.Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07880EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The first part of the elementarie vvhich entreateth chefelie of the right writing of our English tung, set furth by Richard Mulcaster.Mulcaster, Richard, 1530?-1611.A07881EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
In mortem serenissimæ Reginæ Elizabethæ. Nænia consolans.Mulcaster, Richard, 1530?-1611.A07882EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Positions vvherin those primitiue circumstances be examined, which are necessarie for the training vp of children, either for skill in their booke, or health in their bodie. VVritten by Richard Mulcaster, master of the schoole erected in London anno. 1561. in the parish of Sainct Laurence Povvntneie, by the vvorshipfull companie of the merchaunt tailers of the said citieMulcaster, Richard, 1530?-1611.A07883EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse of trade, from England vnto the East-Indies answering to diuerse obiections which are vsually made against the same. By T.M.Mun, Thomas, 1571-1641.A07886EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The admirable deliuerance of 266. Christians by Iohn Reynard Englishman from the captiuitie of the Turkes, who had been gally slaues many yeares in Alexandria The number of the seuerall nations that were captiues follow in the next page.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07889EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A breefe and true reporte, of the execution of certaine traytours at Tiborne, the xxviii. and xxx. dayes of Maye. 1582. Gathered by A.M. who was there present. The names of them executed on Monday, the xxviii. of Maye. Thomas Foord. Iohn Shert. Robert Iohnson. The names of them executed on Wednesday, the xxx. of Maye. VVilliam Filbie. Luke Kirbie. Lawrance Richardson. Thomas CottomMunday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07891EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A breefe aunswer made vnto two seditious pamphlets, the one printed in French, and the other in English Contayning a defence of Edmund Campion and his complices, their moste horrible and vnnaturall treasons, against her Maiestie and the realme. By A.M.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07892EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe chronicle, of the successe of times, from the creation of the world, to this instant· Containing, the originall & liues of our ancient fore-fathers, before and after the Floude, as also, of all the monarchs, emperours, kinges, popes, kingdomes, common-weales, estates and gouernments, in most nations of this worlde: and how in alteration, or succession, they haue continued to this day.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07894EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Chruso-thriambos The triumphes of golde. At the inauguration of Sir Iames Pemberton, Knight, in the dignity of Lord Maior of London: on Tuesday, the 29. of October. 1611. Performed in the harty loue, and at the charges of the Right Worshipfull, worthy and ancient Company of Golde-smithes. Deuised and written by A.M. cittizen and draper of London.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07895EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A courtly controuersie, betweene looue and learning Pleasauntlie passed in disputation, betweene a ladie and a gentleman of Scienna. Wherein is no offence offered to the vertuous nor any ill motion to delight the vicious.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07896EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The death of Robert, Earle of Huntington Otherwise called Robin Hood of merrie Sherwodde: with the lamentable tragedie of chaste Matilda, his faire maid Marian, poysoned at Dunmowe by King Iohn. Acted by the Right Honourable, the Earle of Notingham, Lord high Admirall of England, his seruants.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07897EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The regiment of the Church as it is agreable with Scriptures, all antiquities of the Fathers, and moderne writers, from the Apostles themselues, vnto this present age.Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07898EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discouerie of Edmund Campion, and his confederates, their most horrible and traiterous practises, against her Maiesties most royall person and the realme Wherein may be seene, how thorowe the whole course of their araignement: they were notably conuicted of euery cause. VVhereto is added, the execution of Edmund Campion, Raphe Sherwin, and Alexander Brian, executed at Tiborne the 1. of December. Published by A.M. sometime the Popes scholler, allowed in the seminarie at Roome amongst them: a discourse needefull to be read of euery man, to beware how they deale with such secret seducers. Seene, and allowed.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07899EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The English Romayne lyfe Discouering: the liues of the Englishmen at Roome: the orders of the English semiminarie [sic]: the dissention betweene the Englishmen and the VVelshmen: the banishing of the Englishmen out of Roome: the Popes sending for them againe: a reporte of many of the paltrie reliques in Roome: ther vautes vnder the grounde: their holy pilgrimages: and a number other matters, worthy to be read and regarded of euery one. There vnto is added, the cruell tiranny, vsed on an English man at Roome, his Christian suffering, and notable martirdome, for the Gospell of Iesus Christe, in anno. 1581. VVritten by A.M. sometime the Popes scholler in the seminarie among them. Seene and allovved.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07901EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Himatia-Poleos The triumphs of olde draperie, or the rich cloathing of England. Performed in affection, and at the charges of the right worthie and first honoured Companie of Drapers: at the enstalment of Sr. Thomas hayes Knight, in the high office of Lord Maior of London, on Satturday, being the 29. day of October. 1614. Deuised and written by A.M. citizen and draper of London.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07903EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Metropolis coronata, the triumphes of ancient drapery: or, Rich cloathing of England, in a second yeeres performance In honour of the aduancement of Sir Iohn Iolles, Knight, to the high office of Lord Maior of London, and taking his oath for the same authoritie, on Monday, being the 30. day of October. 1615. Performed in heartie affection to him, and at the bountifull charges of his worthy brethren the truely honourable Society of Drapers, the first that receiued such dignitie in this citie. Deuised, and written, by A.M. citizen, and draper of London.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07904EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The mirrour of mutabilitie, or Principall part of the Mirrour for magistrates Describing the fall of diuers famous princes, and other memorable personages. Selected out of the sacred Scriptures by Antony Munday, and dedicated to the Right Honorable the Earle of Oxenford.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07905EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sidero-Thriambos. Or Steele and iron triumphing Applauding the aduancement of Sir Sebastian Haruey, Knight, to the dignitie of Lord Maior of London. Taking his oath in the same authoritie at Westminster, on Thursday, being the 29. day of October. 1618. Performed in hearty loue to him, and at the charges of his kinde brethren, the right worshipfull company of ironmongers. Deuised and written by A.M. citizen and draper of London.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07906EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The triumphes of re-vnited Britania Performed at the cost and charges of the Right Worship: Company of the Merchant-Tayulors, in honor of Sir Leonard Holliday kni: to solemnize his entrance as Lorde Mayor of the Citty of London, on Tuesday the 29. of October. 1605. Deuised and written by A. Mundy, cittizen and draper of London.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07907EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The speculation of vsurieBell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07908EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A vvatch-vvoord to Englande to beware of traytours and tretcherous practises, which haue beene the ouerthrowe of many famous kingdomes and common weales. Written by a faithfull affected freend to his country: who desireth God long to blesse it from traytours, and their secret conspiracyes. Séene and allowed, according to the order appointed in the Quéenes iniunctions.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07909EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Zelauto. The fountaine of fame Erected in an orcharde of amorous aduentures. Containing a delicate disputation, gallantly discoursed betweene to noble gentlemen of Italye. Giuen for a freendly entertainment to Euphues, at his late ariuall into England. By A.M. seruaunt to the Right Honourable the Earle of Oxenford. Honos alit artes.Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.A07911EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Songs and Psalmes composed into 3.4. and 5. parts for the vse and delight of all such as either loue or learne musicke: By John Mundy gentleman, bachiler of musicke, and one of the organest of hir Maiesties free chappell of VVindsor.Mundy, John, d. 1630.A07912EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A most true relation of a very dreadfull earth-quake with the lamentable effectes thereof, vvhich began vpon the 8. of December 1612. and yet continueth most fearefull in Munster in Germanie. Reade and tremble. Translated out of Dutch by Charles Demetrius, publike notarie in London.A07913EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The suruey of popery vvherein the reader may cleerely behold, not onely the originall and daily incrementes of papistrie, with an euident confutation of the same; but also a succinct and profitable enarration of the state of Gods Church from Adam vntill Christs ascension, contained in the first and second part thereof: and throughout the third part poperie is turned vp-side downe.Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07919EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A paraphrase of the CIV. Psalme by David Murray.Murray, David, Sir, 1567-1629.A07923EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The complaint of the shepheard Harpalus To a pleasant new tune.Murray, David, Sir, 1567-1629.A07924EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tragicall death of Sophinisba. Written by Dauid Murray. Scoto-BrittaineMurray, David, Sir, 1567-1629.A07925EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Thomas Bels motiues concerning Romish faith and religion.Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07929EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The divine poem of Musæus. First of all bookes. Translated according to the originall, by Geo: ChapmanMusaeus, Grammaticus.A07934EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The Lamentable ditty of Little Mousgrove, and the Lady Barnet to an excellent tune.A07945EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Certaine characters and essayes of prison and prisoners. Compiled by Nouus Homo a prisoner in the kings benchG. M. (Geffray Minshull), 1594?-1668.A07947EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The tryall of the nevv religion Contayning a plaine demonstration, that the late faith and doctrine of the Church of Rome, is indeede the new religion. By Thomas Bell.Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07949EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true relation of the trauels of M. Bush, a gentleman who with his owne handes without any other mans helpe made a pynace, in which hee past by ayre, land, and water: from Lamborne, a place in Bark.shire, to the Custome house Key in London. 1607Nixon, Anthony.A07956EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A toung-combat, lately happening, between two English soldiers; in the tilt-boat of Grauesend The one go-ing to serue the King of Spayn, the other to serue the States of Holland.Verstegan, Richard, ca. 1550-1640.A07958EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A path-way to penitence with sundry deuout prayers, fruiteful aduertisementes, and wholesome counsailes of godly fathers towards the amendement of life and some withdrawing of the bridle of ouer-much liberty taken.J. N.A07960EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvoefull crie of Rome Containing a defiance to popery. With Thomas Bells second challenge to all fauorites of that Romish faction. Succinctly comprehending much variety of matter ...Bell, Thomas, fl. 1593-1610.A07963EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The bride a comedie. Acted in the yeere 1638. at the private house in Drury-lane by their Majesties Servants. The author, Thomas Nabbes.Nabbes, Thomas, 1605?-1645?A07970EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Covent Garden a pleasant comedie: acted in the yeare, MDCXXXII. By the Queenes Majesties Servants. The author Thomas Nabbes.Nabbes, Thomas, 1605?-1645?A07971EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An ample declaration of the Christian doctrine. Composed in Italian by the renowned Cardinal: Card. Bellarmine. Translated into English by Richard Hadock D. of DiuinitieBellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Saint, 1542-1621.A07972EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Hannibal and Scipio An historicall tragedy. Acted in the yeare 1635. by the Queenes Majesties Servants, at their private house in Drury Lane. The author Thomas Nabbes.Nabbes, Thomas, 1605?-1645?A07974EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Microcosmus A morall maske, presented vvith generall liking, at the private house in Salisbury Court, and heere set down according to the intention of the authour Thomas Nabbes.Nabbes, Thomas, 1605?-1645?A07975EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The springs glorie Vindicating love by temperance against the tenent, sine cerere & Baccho friget Venus. Moralized in a maske. With other poems, epigrams, elegies, and epithalamiums of the authors Thomas Nabbes.Nabbes, Thomas, 1605?-1645?A07976EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Totenham Court A pleasant comedie: acted in the yeare MDCXXXIII. At the private house in Salisbury-Court. The author Thomas Nabbes.Nabbes, Thomas, 1605?-1645?A07978EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vnfortunate mother a tragedie. Never acted; but set downe according to the intention of the author Thomas Nabbes.Nabbes, Thomas, 1605?-1645?A07979EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true relation of the birth of three monsters in the city of Namen n Flanders as also Gods iudgement vpon an vnnaturall sister of the poore womans, mother of these obortiue children, whose house was consumed with fire from heauen, and her selfe swallowed into the earth. All which hapned the 16. of December last. 1608.A07980EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The great wonders that are chaunced in the realme of Naples with a great misfortune happened at Rome and in other places, by an earth quake in the moneth of December last past. Translated out of Frenche into Englishe, by I.A. 1566.A07993EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The anatomie of absurditie contayning a breefe confutation of the slender imputed prayses to feminine perfection, with a short description of the seuerall practises of youth, and sundry follies of our licentious times. No lesse pleasant to be read, then profitable to be remembred, especially of those, who liue more licentiously, or addicted to a more nyce stoycall austeritie. Compiled by T. Nashe.Nash, Thomas, 1567-1601.A08000EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Christs teares ouer Ierusalem Whereunto is annexed a comparatiue admonition to London. By Tho. Nash.Nash, Thomas, 1567-1601.A08002EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Haue vvith you to Saffron-vvalden. Or, Gabriell Harueys hunt is vp Containing a full answere to the eldest sonne of the halter-maker. Or, Nashe his confutation of the sinfull doctor. The mott or posie, in stead of omne tulit punctum: pacis fiducia nunquam. As much to say, as I sayd I would speake with him.Nash, Thomas, 1567-1601.A08003EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Pierce Penilesse his supplication to the diuell. Written by Tho. Nash, GentNash, Thomas, 1567-1601.A08006EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A pleasant comedie, called Summers last will and testament. Written by Thomas NashNash, Thomas, 1567-1601.A08009EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Strange newes, of the intercepting certaine letters, and a conuoy of verses, as they were going priuilie to victuall the Low Countries. By Tho. Nashe GentlemanNash, Thomas, 1567-1601.A08011EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The terrors of the night or, A discourse of apparitions. Tho: NasheNash, Thomas, 1567-1601.A08014EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vnfortunate traueller. Or, The life of Iacke Wilton. Tho. NasheNash, Thomas, 1567-1601.A08015EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Quaternio or A fourefold vvay to a happie life set forth in a dialogue betweene a countryman and a citizen, a divine and a lawyer. Per Tho: Nash philopolitem.Nash, Thomas, 1588-1648.A08017EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Natura breuiu[m]A08022EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Iacob's ladder consisting of fifteene degrees or ascents to the knowledge of God by the consideration of his creatures and attributes.Bellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Saint, 1542-1621.A08025EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A sermon of the sacrami[n]t of the aulter made by a famouse doctoure called Fryderyke Nausea in Almayne and lately out of latyn translate into englysh by Iohn MoreNausea, Friedrich, d. 1552.A08050EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Richardus, prouidentia diuina, Lincol. episcopus ...Church of England. Diocese of Lincoln. Bishop (1614-1617 : Neile)A08056EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A memorable epitaph, made vpon the lamentable complaint of the people of England, for the death of the right honorable Sir Frauncis Walsingham Knight principall secretarie of estate, chauncellor of her Maiesties court for the Dutchy of Lankaster, and one of her highnesse most honorable priuie councell. Who deceassed at his house in London on the 7. day of Aprill last past. Anno. Dom. 1590.Nelson, Thomas, fl. 1580.A08059EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proper newe ballad declaring the substaunce of all the late pretended treasons against the Queenes Maiestie, and estates of this realme by sundry traytors who were executed in Lincolnes-Inne fielde on the 20 and 21 daies of September, 1586 : to Wilsons new tune.Nelson, Thomas, fl. 1580.A08061EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nature of man A learned and usefull tract written in Greek by Nemesius, surnamed the philosopher; sometime Bishop of a city in Phœnicia, and one of the most ancient Fathers of the Church. Englished, and divided into sections, with briefs of their principall contents: by Geo: Wither.Nemesius, Bp. of Emesa.A08062EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A discourse whether a noble man by birth or a gentleman by desert is greater in nobilitieNenna, Giovanni Battista.A08063EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The confession of faith of certayn English people living in exile, in the Low countreyes. Together with a brief note of the speciall heads of those things wherin we differ fro[m] the Church of Engla[n]d.Ainsworth, Henry, 1571-1622?A08068EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
24. of August. 1578. A discourse of the present state of the wars in the lowe countryes Wherein is contayned the pittifull spoyle of Askot: and the articles of peace to bee concluded betweene the states, and Don Iohn de Austrea.A08072EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Newes from the low-countreyes. Or The anatomy of Caluinisticall calumnyes, manifested in a dialogue betweene a Brabander, and a Hollander Vpon occasion of a placcart, lately published in Holla[n]d, against the Iesuites, priests, friars &c. by those that there assume vnto themselues, the tytle of the high-mighty-lords, the States &c. Translated out of the Netherland language, into English. By D.N.Verstegan, Richard, ca. 1550-1640.A08075EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true coppie of the transportation of the Lowe Countries, Burgundie, and the countie of Charrolois: doone by the King of Spayne, for the dowrie of his eldest daughter. Giuen in marriage vnto the Cardinall Albert, Duke of Austria, vvith the articles and conditions of the same, signed by the King in Madrill. Translated out of Dutch by H.W. Nouember. 1598Spain. Sovereign (1556-1598 : Philip II)A08108EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The castell of pleasure The conueyaunce of a dreme how Desyre went to the castell of pleasure, wherin was the gardyn of affeccyon inhabyted by Beaute to whome he amerously expressed his loue vpon ye whiche supplycacyon rose grete stryfe dysputacyon, and argument betwene Pyte and Dysdayne.Neville, William, b. 1497.A08113EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A New ballad intituled a bell-man for England which night and day doth staring in all mens hearing, Gods vengeance is at hand : to the tune of O man in desperation.A08117EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Norfolkes furies, or a view of Ketts campe necessary for the malecontents of our time, for their instruction, or terror; and profitable for euery good subiect, to incourage him vpon the vndoubted hope of the victorie, to stand faithfully to maintayne his prince and countrey, his wife and children, goods, and inheritance. With a table of the maiors and sheriffes of this worshipfull city of Norwich, euer since the first grant by Henry the fourth: together with the bishops of that see, and other accidents here. Set forth first in Latin by Alexander Nenil. Translated into English, for the vse of the common people, by R.W. minister at Frettenham in Norfolke, and a citizen borne, who beheld part of these things with his yong eyes.Neville, Alexander, 1544-1614.A08119EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A briefe relation of the discouery and plantation of Nevv England and of sundry accidents therein occurring, from the yeere of our Lord M.DC.VII. to this present M.DC.XXII. Together with the state thereof as now it standeth; the generall forme of gouernment intended; and the diuision of the whole territorie into counties, baronries, &c.Council for New England.A08122EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An historicall discoverie and relation of the English plantations, in Nevv England Containing their aventurous passages, their happie arivall and comfortable planting, manifesting the goodnesse of God in their preservations from many apparent dangers. With a relation of such religious and ciuill lawes, and customs as are in practise amongst the indians, with their natures and habits. As also a naration of the ayre, earth, water, fish, and fowles of that countrie. continued from the first beginning, in the yeare of our Lord 1607. and so handling all passages of moment successiuely from time to time.Council for New England.A08123EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The humble request of His Majesties loyall subjects, the governour and the company late gone for Nevv-England to the rest of their brethren, in and of the Church of England. For the obtaining of their prayers, and the removall of suspitions, and misconstructions of their intentions.A08124EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A proposition of provisions needfull for such as intend to plant themselves in New England, for one whole yeare. Collected by the adventurers, with the advice of the plantersAdventurers.A08125EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Of the endes and deathes of two prisoners, lately pressed to death in Newgate. 1569A08128EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The morall fabillis of Esope the phrygian, compylit in eloquent, and ornate Scottis meter, be Maister Robert Henrisone, scholemaister of DunfermelingAesop.A08136EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
July 22. Numb. 41. More newes of the Duke of Brunswick Relating the late and full ouerthrow giuen by him to two regiments of Monsieur Tilly. The continuance of Bethlem Gabers warlike preparations. Some new propositions made by the emperour vnto him. Count Mansfields march out of Embdenland, vnto Meppen. With other newes of the Prince of Orang and Spinolaes last designes. Together with diuers other particulars, from seuerall places and the continuation of our former newes.A08140EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
July 29. Numb. 42. More newes of the good successe of the Duke of Brunsvvicke Fully relating his last and seuerall victories atchieued against the forces of Monsieur Tilly. With the muster, march, strength, order, approches, encounters, and pursuits of the said Duke of Brunswick; from the first setting forth vnto the third of our Iuly. As likewise some letters betwixt the old Duke of Brunswick and Monsieur Tilly, concerning the state of the businesse. Something also of the emperours other preparations, and seuerall other occurences about the Kings of Denmarke, Poland, and Sweden. Together with other weekely newes from sundry other places.A08142EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A true and faithfull relation, presented to his Maiestie and the prince, of what hath lately happened in Constantinople, concerning the death of Sultan Osman, and the setting vp of Mustafa his vncle Together with other memorable occurrents worthy of obseruation.Roe, Thomas, Sir, 1581?-1644.A08166EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The 4. of Octob: 1622. A true relation of the affaires of Europe, especially, France, Flanders, and the Palatinate Whereby you may see the present estate of her prouinces, and coniecture what these troubles and wars may produce. Together with a second ouerthrow giuen the French Kings forces at Mompelier, by those of the Protestant League, wherein were slaine a great number of the Kings armie. Last of all. the remoue of the famous siedge before Bergen, vpon the 22. of September last, with the retreat of Spinola to Antwerp, as taking aduantage of the time, and not able to continue, for feare of vtter dissipation.A08168EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
[The history of strange wonders.]A08171EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Approoved medicines and cordiall receiptes with the natures, qualities, and operations of sundry samples. Very commodious and expedient for all that are studious of such knowledge.Newton, Thomas, 1542?-1607.A08175EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epitaphe vpon the worthy and honorable lady, the Lady KnowlesNewton, Thomas, 1542?-1607.A08176EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Atropoïon Delion, or, The death of Delia with the teares of her funerall. A poeticall excusiue discourse of our late Eliza. T.N. G.Newton, Thomas, gent.A08177EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The olde mans dietarie A worke no lesse learned then necessary for the preseruation of olde persons in perfect health and soundnesse. Englished out of Latine, and now first published by Thomas Newton.Newton, Thomas, 1542?-1607.A08178EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The beggers apeNiccols, Richard, 1584-1616.A08181EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The cuckovv. Richardus Niccols, in Artibus Bac. OxonNiccols, Richard, 1584-1616.A08182EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Expicedium [sic]. A funeral oration, vpon the death of the late deceased Princesse of famous memorye, Elizabeth by the grace of God, Queen of England, France and Ireland. Written: by Infelice Academico Ignoto. Wherunto is added, the true order of her Highnes imperiall funerall.Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616.A08184EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Monodia or Walthams complaint vpon the death of that most vertuous and noble ladie, late deceased, the Lady Honor Hay, sole daughter and heire to the Right Honorable Edward, Lord Dennie, Baron of Waltham, and wife to the Right Honourable Iames Lord Hay. By R.N. Oxon.Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616.A08185EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir Thomas Ouerburies vision With the ghoasts of Weston, Mris. Turner, the late Lieftenant of the Tower, and Franklin. By R.N. Oxon.Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616.A08186EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The three sisters teares Shed at the late solemne funerals of the royall deceased Henry, Prince of Wales, &c. R.N. Oxon.Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616.A08187EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A day-starre for darke-wandring soules shewing the light, by a Christian controuersie: or briefely and plainely setting forth the mysterie of our saluation. Diuided into principles, obiections, and answeres. By Richard Niccolls, th'elder, of the Inner Temple London, Gent. deceased. Published for the generall benefit of all those who heartily, and with a true path desire their owne saluation: by I.C.Niccols, Richard, of the Inner Temple.A08188EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Sir Francis Drake reuiued calling vpon this dull or effeminate age, to folowe his noble steps for golde & siluer, by this memorable relation, of the rare occurrances (neuer yet declared to the world) in a third voyage, made by him into the West-Indies, in the yeares 72. & 73. when Nombre de Dios was by him and 52. others only in his company, surprised. Faithfully taken out of the reporte of M· Christofer Ceely, Ellis Hixon, and others, who were in the same voyage with him. By Philip Nichols, preacher. Reviewed also by Sr. Francis Drake himselfe before his death, & much holpen and enlarged, by diuers notes, with his owne hand here and there inserted. Set forth by Sr Francis Drake Baronet (his nephew) now liuing.Nichols, Philip.A08210EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Acolastus his after-witte. By S.N.Nicholson, Samuel, fl. 1600-1602.A08212EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Dicta HN. Documentall sentences eauen-as those-same were spoken-fourth by HN, and writen-vp out of the woordes of his mouth. And are by him perused, and more-distinctlie declared. Translated out of Base-almayne.Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580?A08217EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Epistolæ HN. The principall epistles of HN, which he hath set-foorth through the holy Spirit of Loue and written and sent them most-cheefly; vnto the Louers of ye trueth and his acquaintance. And are by him newly perused, and more-playnly declared. Translated out of Base-Almaine.Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580?A08218EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An epistle sent vnto tuuo daughters of VVarwick from H.N., the oldest father of the Familie of Love ; with a refutation of the errors that are therein, by H.A.Ainsworth, Henry, 1571-1622?A08219EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The prophetie of the spirit of loue. Set-fourth by HN: and by him perused a-new, and more distinctlie declared. Translated out of Base-almayne into EnglishNiclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580?A08224EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Prouerbia HN. The prouerbes of HN. which hee; in the dayes of his olde-age; hath set-fourth as similitudes and mysticall sayinges. Translated out of Base-almayne.Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580?A08225EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A publishing of the peace vpon earth and of the gratious tyme and acceptable yeare of the Lorde, which is now in the last tyme & out of the peace of Iesu christ and out of his holie spirit of loue; published by HN, and on the earth. Wherewith all men that make warre by battaile one against another, ... Translated out of Base-almayne into English.Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580?A08226EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Reuelatio Dei The reuelation of God, and his great propheatie: which God now; in the last daye; hath shewed vnto his elect. Set-fourth by HN, and by him pervsed anew and more distinctlie declared. Translated out of Base-almayne.Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580?A08227EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nauigations, peregrinations and voyages, made into Turkie by Nicholas Nicholay Daulphinois, Lord of Arfeuile, chamberlaine and geographer ordinarie to the King of Fraunce conteining sundry singularities which the author hath there seene and obserued: deuided into foure bookes, with threescore figures, naturally set forth as well of men as women, according to the diuersitie of nations, their port, intreatie, apparrell, lawes, religion and maner of liuing, aswel in time of warre as peace: with diuers faire and memorable histories, happened in our time. Translated out of the French by T. Washington the younger.Nicolay, Nicolas de, 1517-1583.A08239EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The copie of a letter sente to one maister Chrispyne chanon of Exceter for that he denied ye scripture to be the touche stone or trial of al other doctrines whereunto is added an appologie and a bulworke, in defe[n]ce of the same letter.Nicolls, Philip.A08240EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A benedicitie or blessinge to be saide ouer the table before meate, and a grace or thankesgeeuinge, to be saide after meateNiclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580?A08243EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The nightingale whose curious notes are here explain'd, in a dainty ditty sweetly fain'd. To a new and much affected court tune.A08244EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The blacke yeare Seria iocis.Nixon, Anthony.A08246EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The dignitie of man both in the perfections of his soule and bodie. Shewing as well the faculties in the disposition of the one: as the senses and organs, in the composition of the other. By A.N.Nixon, Anthony.A08247EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Elizaes memoriall. King Iames his arriuall. And Romes downefallNixon, Anthony.A08249EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Great Brittaines generall ioyes. Londons glorious triumphes Dedicated to the immortall memorie of the ioyfull mariage of the two famous and illustrious princes, Fredericke and Elizabeth. Celebrated the 14. of Februarie, being S. Valentines day. With the instalment of the sayd potent Prince Fredericke at Windsore, the 7. of Februarie aforesaid.Nixon, Anthony.A08250EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Londons doue: or A memoriall of the life and death of Maister Robert Doue, citizen and marchant-taylor of London and of his seuerall almesdeeds and large bountie to the poore, in his life time. He departed this life, on Saterday the 2. day of this instant moneth of May, 1612.Nixon, Anthony.A08252EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Oxfords triumph in the royall entertainement of his moste Excellent Maiestie, the Queene, and the Prince: the 27. of August last, 1605. With the Kings oration deliuered to the Vniuersitie, and the incorporating of diuers noble-men, Maisters of Arte.Nixon, Anthony.A08253EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Here begynneth the rule of seynt BenetBenedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino.A08254EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The scourge of corruption. Or A crafty knaue needs no broker. Written by Anthony NixonNixon, Anthony.A08255EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The foot-post of Douer With his packet stuft full of strange and merry petitions.Nixon, Anthony.A08257EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The three English brothers Sir Thomas Sherley his trauels, vvith his three yeares imprisonment in Turkie: his inlargement by his Maiesties letters to the great Turke: and lastly, his safe returne into England this present yeare, 1607. Sir Anthony Sherley his embassage to the Christian princes. Master Robert Sherley his wars against the Turkes, with his marriage to the Emperour of Persia his neece.Nixon, Anthony.A08258EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The vvarres of Svvethland With the ground and originall of the said vvarres, begun and continued betwixt Sigismond King of Poland, and Duke Charles his vnkle, lately crowned King of Swethland. As also the state and condition of that kingdome, as it standeth to this day.Nixon, Anthony.A08260EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
No-body, and some-body· With the true chronicle historie of Elydure, who was fortunately three seuerall times crowned King of England. The true coppy thereof, as it hath beene acted by the Queens Maiesties Seruants.A08262EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
Factum, or rehearsall of the whole cause, with proofes and reasons to maintaine and defend itA08263EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The welspoken nobody God that is all good and almyghtye ...Schan, Jörg.A08264EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The rule of the most blissed Father Saint Benedict patriarke of all munkesBenedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino.A08266EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The gouerance and preseruation of them that feare the plage. Set forth by John Vandernote, phisicion and surgion, admitted by the kynge his highenesse. Now newly set forth at the request of William Barnard of London Draper. 1569Noot, Jan van der, ca. 1538-ca. 1596.A08267EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A theatre wherein be represented as wel the miseries & calamities that follow the voluptuous worldlings as also the greate ioyes and plesures which the faithfull do enioy. An argument both profitable and delectable, to all that sincerely loue the word of God. Deuised by S. Iohn van-der Noodt. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed.Noot, Jan van der, ca. 1538-ca. 1596.A08269EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A christian familiar comfort and incouragement vnto all English subiects, not to dismaie at the Spanish threats Whereunto is added an admonition to all English Papists, who openly or couertly couet a change. With requisite praiers to almightie God for the preseruation of our queene and countrie. By the most vnworthie I.N.Norden, John, 1548-1625?A08271EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
An eye to heauen in earth A necessarie watch for the time of death, consisting in meditations and prayers fit for that purpose. With the husbands christian counsell to his wife and children, left poore after his death.Norden, John, 1548-1625?A08273EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The fathers legacie VVith precepts morall, and prayers diuine: fitted for all sorts, both yong and old, times and seasons: morning, noone, and night.Norden, John, 1548-1625?A08274EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
A good companion for a Christian directing him in the way to God, being meditiations and prayers for euery day in the weeke; and graces before and after meate.Norden, John, 1548-1625?A08275EEBOfreeTCP Catalogue
The imitation of Dauid his godly and constant resolution in bearing all his trialls, troubles and afflictions being a king whose example of faith, patience, hope, obedience and deliueries, thankfulnesse and prayer, is left euen for princes, potentates, and all true Christians to imitate. Collected by way of meditations