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Date: 16th December 2016

Summary of files from the Text Creation Partnership, not yet in the public domain or available to download from the OTA, except for members of the University of Oxford (via WebAuth).

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[The passoinate [sic] morrice]A., fl. 1593.A00001EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Paules-Crosse the second day of Iune, being the last Sunday in Easter terme. 1622. By Thomas Ailesbury student in diuinitieAilesbury, Thomas, fl. 1622-1659.A00003EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The coppie of a letter sent into England by a gentleman, from the towne of Saint Denis in France Wherein is truely set forth the good successe of the Kings Maiesties forces against the Leaguers and the Prince of Parmas power. With the taking of a conuoie of victuals sent by the enemie to succour Paris. And the grieuous estate of the said citie at this present.A00009EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Gods vvarning to His people of England, by the great overflowing of the waters or floudes lately hapned in South-Wales and many other places vvherein is declared the great losses and wonderfull damages that hapned thereby, by the drowning of many townes and villages to the vtter vndooing of many thousandes of people.Jones, William, of Usk.A00013EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A letter sent from a banished minister of Iesus Christ vnto the faithfull Christian flocke in England, most necessary and co[m]fortable to al such, as be burthened with persecucion or heauinesse of mynde for the Gospel and testimonye of Iesu.A00019EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An harborovve for faithfull and trevve subiectes agaynst the late blowne blaste, concerninge the gouernme[n]t of vvemen. wherin be confuted all such reasons as a straunger of late made in that behalfe, with a breife exhortation to obedience. Anno. M.D.lix.Aylmer, John, 1521-1594.A00060EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Iniunctions exhibited the [blank] day of [blank] anno. M. D. XXXVIII.Church of England.A00094EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The right plesaunt and goodly historie of the foure sonnes of Aimon the which for the excellent endytyng of it, and for the notable prowes and great vertues that were in them: is no les pleasaunt to rede, then worthy to be knowen of all estates bothe hyghe and lowe.A00113EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of, in the kynges maiesties visitacionEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1509-1547 : Henry VIII)A00116EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of, in the Kynges Maiesties visitacion.Church of England.A00118EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Interrogatories vpon which ... churchwardens shalbe charged, for searche, of al such things as now be amysse.]Church of England.A00120EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired in the visitation, in the firste yere of the raigne of our moste dread soueraigne lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God, of Englande, Fraunce, & Ireland, Quene, defendour of the faith, &c., anno 1559Church of England.A00122EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[A discourse for parents honour and authoritie Written respectiuely to reclaime a young man that was a counterfeit Iesuite.]Ayrault, Pierre, 1536-1601.A00123EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired in the visitation, in the firste yere of the raigne of our moste dread soueraigne lady, Elizabeth by the grace of God, of Englande, Fraunce, and Irelande, Queene, defendour of the faith. &c. Anno. 1559.Church of England.A00125EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired in the visitation, in the first yere of the raigne of our most dread soueraine lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God, of Englande, Fraunce, and Irelande, Queene, defendour of the faith, &c., anno 1559Church of England.A00126EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired in the visitation, in the firste yeere of the raigne of our moste dread Soueraigne Lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God, of Englande, Fraunce, and Irelande, Queene, defendour of the faith. [and]c Anno domini. 1559.Church of England.A00132EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles ecclesiastical to be enquired of by the church-wardens and sworne-men within the [blank] in the visitation of the [blank] and in the ([blank] yeere of the reigne of our most dread soueraigne lord King Iames)Church of England.A00136EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A historie contayning the vvarres, treaties, marriages, and other occurrents betweene England and Scotland from King William the Conqueror, vntill the happy vnion of them both in our gratious King Iames. With a briefe declaration of the first inhabitants of this island: and what seuerall nations haue sithence settled them-selues therein one after an otherAyscu, Edward.A00142EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be inquired of, in the first metropoliticall visitation, of the most reuerend father, George, by Gods prouidence, Arch- bishop of Canterbury, and primate of all England in and for the dioces of [blank], in the yeare of our Lord God [blank], and in the fifth yeare of His Graces translation.Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1611-1633 : Abbot)A00149EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of in the metropoliticall visitation of the most reverend father, VVilliam, by Gods providence, Lord Arch-bishop of Canterbury, primate of all England, and metropolitan in and for the dioces of [blank], in the yeere of our Lord God 163[blank], and in the first yeere of His Graces translation.Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1633-1645 : Laud)A00151EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to bee enquired of by the minister, church-wardens, and sidemen of euery parish and chapelry within the deanry of [blank] in the yeare of our Lord God [blank] and presentment to be made by them conteining a particular answer to euery articleChurch of England. Province of Canterbury.A00153EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of, 1548Church of England. Diocese of Canterbury.A00154EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be inqvired of. 1548Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1553-1556 : Cranmer)A00155EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be ministred, enquired of, and answered in the visitation of the Right Worshipfull Iames Hussey, doctor of the ciuill law and commissarie generall to the Most Reuerend Father in God the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury his grace within the citie and diocesse of Cant.Church of England. Diocese of Canterbury.A00165EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A defence of Nicholas Smith against a reply to his discussion of some pointes taught by Mr. Doctour Kellison in his Treatise of the ecclesiasticall hierarchy. By A.B.A. B.A00166EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of in the diocesse of Carlile, in the visitation of the reuerend father in God, Francis, Lord Bishop of CarlileChurch of England. Diocese of Carlisle. Bishop (1626-1629 : White)A00167EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of within the diocesse of Chester, in the visitation of the reuerende father in God, William Bishop of Chester in the xxij yeere of the reigne of our most gratious soueraigne Lady Elizabeth &c.Church of England. Diocese of Chester. Bishop (1579-1595 : Chaderton)A00168EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles ministred by the reuerend father in God. Anthony by the grace of God Bishop of Chichester to the churchwardens throughout the whole diocesse of Chichester, at the visitation begun there the 6 of September 1600, and to bee enquired of quarterly within the saide diocesseChurch of England. Diocese of Chichester. Bishop (1596-1605 : Watson)A00170EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The life or the ecclesiasticall historie of S. Thomas Archbishope of CanterburyBaronio, Cesare, 1538-1607.A00173EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be inquired of, by the reuerende father in God, Richarde by Gods prouidence Bishop of Elye for the churchwardens and inquirers of euery seuerall parishe vvithin his diocesse, in his visitation, holden in the yeare of our Lord God, 1573.Church of England. Diocese of Ely. Bishop (1559-1581 : Cox)A00176EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of, within the archdeaconry of Essexx, by the church-wardens & sworne-men in euery parish, and presentment to be made thereof to the Arch-deacon with partciular [sic] answeres vnto euery article.Church of England. Archdeaconry of Essex.A00177EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of by the church-wardens and sworne-men, within the peculiar iurisdiction of the deane and chapter of the cathedrall church of S. Peter in ExeterChurch of England. Diocese of Exeter. Dean (1588-1629 : Sutcliffe)A00181EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of, within the archdeaconry of Glocester, in the ge[ne]rall visitation of the right wor. M. Samuel Burton, Archdeacon of the dioces of Glocester holden in the yeere of our Lord God, 1618, in the 16. yeere of the raigne of our most gracious soueraigne Lord James, by the grace of God, King of Great Britaine, France & Ireland, defender of the faith, &c.Church of England. Diocese of Gloucester.A00183EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of in the generall visitation of the Archdeacon of the diocesse of Glocester holden in the yeare of our Lord, 1635.Church of England. Diocese of Gloucester.A00184EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles ecclesiasticall to be inquired of by the churchwardens and the sworne-men within the dioces of Hereforde in the visitation of the reuerend father in God, Harbart Bishop of the saide dioces, this present yeare M.D.LXXXXII. and in the XXXIIII. yeare of the raigne of our most gratious soueraigne lady Queene Elizabeth, &c. and so hereafter till the next visitation, & from time to time to bee presented.Church of England. Diocese of Hereford. Bishop (1586-1602 : Westfaling)A00185EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles ecclesiasticall to be inquired of by the churchwardens and the sworne-men within the dioces of Hereford in the first visitation of the reuerend father in God, Harbart Bishop of the said dioces: this present yeare M. D.LXXXVI. and in the XXVIII. yeare of the raigne of our most gracious soueraigne Lady Queene Elizabeth, &c. And so hereafter, till the next visitation, & from titme to time to be presented.Church of England. Diocese of Hereford. Bishop (1586-1602 : Westfaling)A00186EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be inquired of in the Arch-deaconrie of Salop within the diocesse of Hereford, in the year 163[9?] at the visitation of Morgan Godwyn, Doctor of Lawes, Arch-deacon of Salop.Church of England. Archdeaconry of Salop.A00187EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The court of the most illustrious and most magnificent Iames, the first King of Great-Britaine, France, and Ireland: &c. VVith diuers rules, most pure precepts, and selected definitions liuely delineated.A. D. B., fl. 1619.A00188EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The curse of sacriledge Preached in a priuate parish church, the Sunday before Michaelmas last. To which are annexed some certaine quære's, which are pertinent to the vnmasking of our homebred church-robbers. D.E.B.Brouncker, Edward.A00200EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of within the dioces of London, in the visitation of the Reuerend Father in God, Ihon Bishop of London, 1589 in the xxxj. yeare of the raigne of Our Most Gratious Soueraigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God Queene of England, Fraunce, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c.Church of England. Diocese of London. Bishop (1577-1594 : Aylmer)A00204EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of within the dioces of London, in the visitation of the reuerend father in God, Richard Bishop of London, in his first generall visitation, holden in the fortieth yeere of the raigne of our most gratious soueraigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God Queene of England, Fraunce and Ireland, Defender of the Faith,&c.Church of England. Diocese of London. Bishop (1597-1604 : Bancroft)A00206EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A fig for the Spaniard, or Spanish spirits VVherein are liuelie portraihed the damnable deeds, miserable murders, and monstrous massacres of the cursed Spaniard. With a true rehearsal of the late trobles, and troblesome estate of Aragon, Catalonia, Valencia, and Portingall: Wherevnto are annexed matters of much marueile, and causes of nolesse consequence. Magna est veritas, & preualet.G. B., fl. 1592-1597.A00209EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of by the minister, church-wardens, and sidement of euery parish within the archdeaconrie of London ...Church of England. Archdeaconry of London.A00216EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be answered of the sworne men in the Archdeacon of London his visitation holden the yeere. 1584. the 15. and 19. of Ianuarie.Church of England. Archdeaconry of London. Archdeacon (1559-1591 : Mullins)A00218EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of, within the Archdeaconry of Midlesex, by the church-wardens & swornemen in euery parish and presentment to be made thereof to the arch-deacon, with partciular [sic] answeres vnto euery article.Church of England. Archdeaconry of Middlesex.A00220EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of, by the Church Wardens and Swornemen within the Archdeaconrie of Middlesex And the trueth thereof to be by them vpon their oathes certainely presented to M. Doctor Squier Archdeacon there or to his officialles, with particular aunsweare to euerie article. 1582.Church of England. Archdeaconry of Middlesex. Archdeacon (1557-1588 : Squier)A00222EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of in the generall visitation of the right vvorshipfull M. Robert White, Bachelour in Divinity, Arch-deacon of Norfolke, anno Domini 163[3?]Church of England. Archdeaconry of Norfolk.A00225EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Iniunctions exhibited by Iohn by gods sufferance Bishop of Norwich in his first visitacion beginning the seconde daie of Maye in the thirde yeare of our soueraign Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of God Quene of England, Fraunce and Ireland. Defendour of ye faith. [et]c. vnto all & singuler the diocesans of the diocesse of Norwich so farre as they concerne any of them.Church of England. Diocese of Norwich. Bishop (1560-1575 : Parkhurst)A00228EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Iniunctions with certaine articles to be enquired of in the visitation of the Reuerend Father in Christ, Iohn, by Gods prouidence, Byshop of Norvvich, aswell to the clargie, as to the Churchwardens and quest men of euery seuerall parish within the dioces of Norvvich, [and] to be put in execution, by al the Archdeacons commissaries [and] other officers exercisinge ecclesiasticall iurisdiction, vnder the sayd Bishop in their synodes, visitation, and courtes. In the yeare of our Lord God. 1569.Church of England. Diocese of Norwich. Bishop (1560-1575 : Parkhurst)A00231EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be inquired of within the diocesse of Peterborough in the visitation of the reuerend father in God, Thomas, by the permission of God, Lord Bishop of Peterborough this present yeare 1605 and presentment to be made thereof by the churchwardens and side-men for that purpose lawfully appointed, in visitations, synods, or elswhere, within the dioces aforesaid, at any other time, when occasion shall be offered, giuing in an answer to euery particular article.Church of England. Diocese of Peterborough. Bishop (1600-1630 : Dove)A00240EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be inquired of, in the first metropoliticall visitation, of the most reuerend father, Richard by Gods prouidence, Arch-bushop [sic] of Canterbury, and primat of all England in, and for the dioces of Peterborough, in the yeare of our Lord God 1607, and in the third yeare of His Graces translation.Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1604-1610 : Bancroft)A00241EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be inquired of, in the [f]irst metropoliticall visitation, of the most reuerend father, George, by Gods pro[v]idence, Arch- bishop of Canterbury, and primate of all England in, and for the dioces of Peterbury, in the yeare of our Lord God, 1613 and in the third yeare of His Graces translation.Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1611-1633 : Abbot)A00244EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to be enquired of within the diocesse of Rochester in the first triennall visitation of the Right-Reverend Father in God, John, Lord Bishop of Rochester holden in the yeere of our Lord God 1638, in the fourteenth yeere of the reigne of Our Most Gratious Soveraigne Lord Charles, by the grace of God, King of Great Brttaine [sic], France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c.Church of England. Diocese of Rochester. Bishop (1637-1666 : Warner)A00250EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Iniunctions to bee obserued and kept, within the dioces of Saincte Dauides exhibited in the visitation of the right reuerend father in God, Marmaduke Bishop of Saincte Dauides aforesaied, in the 25 yere of the reigne of our most gracious souereigne Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of God Quene of Englande &c.Church of England. Diocese of Saint David's. Bishop (1582-1592 : Middleton)A00253EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles to bee inquired of, in the diocesan visitation of the most reuerend father in God, Toby by the prouidence of God L. Archbishop of Yorke, primate of England, and metropolitane begun and continued in the yeeres of our Lord God 1622, and 1623, and in the 17 yeere of His Graces translation.Church of England. Province of York. Archbishop (1606-1628 : Matthew)A00269EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ar[c?]ticles to be inquired of, in the visitation of the most reverend father in God, Richard, by the providence of God, Lord Arch-bishop of Yorke, primate of England, and metropolitane had in the yeere of our Lord God 1636.Church of England. Province of York. Archbishop (1631-1640 : Neile)A00272EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A dialogue or Familiar talke betwene two neighbours co[n]cernyng the chyefest ceremonyes, that were, by the mighti power of Gods most holie pure worde, suppressed in Englande, and nowe for vnworthines, set vp agayne by the bishoppes, the impes of Antichrist: right learned, profitable, and pleasaunt to be read, for the comfort of weake co[n]sciences in these troublous daies. Read first, and then iudge.A00273EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An ansvvere for the tyme, to the examination put in print, vvith out the authours name, pretending to mayntayne the apparrell prescribed against the declaration of the mynisters of LondonA00274EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A dialogue betweene a vertuous gentleman and a popish priest [ ... ]pleasaunt and profitable, both for ministers and gentlemen, men and vvomen, old and yong, made by I.B.I. B., fl. 1581.A00276EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
VVhether it be a mortall sinne to transgresse ciuil lawes which be the commaundementes of ciuill magistrates. The iudgement of Philip Melancton in his epitome of morall philosophie. The resolution of D. Hen. Bullinger, and D. Rod. Gualter, of D. Martin Bucer, and D. Peter Martyr, concernyng thapparrel of ministers, and other indifferent thinges.A00278EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
To the reader. To my faythfull brethren, we geue thankes to God for your constancie and upryght delynge in this gret controuersie now raysyd by packynge of enemys about the wearinge of popish apparell ...A00279EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exhortation to the byshops to deale brotherly with theyr brethrenA00280EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An abstract, of certain acts of parliament: of certaine her Maiesties iniunctions: of certaine canons, constitutions, and synodalles prouinciall: established and in force, for the peaceable gouernment of the Church, within her Maiesties dominions and countries, for the most part heretofore vnknowen and vnpractizedStoughton, William, fl. 1584.A00282EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fortresse of fathers ernestlie defending the puritie of religion, and ceremonies, by the trew expositio[n] of certaine places of Scripture: against such as wold bring in an abuse of idol stouff, and of thinges indifferent, and do appoinct th'aucthority of princes and prelates larger then the trueth is. Translated out of Latine into English for there sakes that vnderstand no Latine by I.B.A00284EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine aduertisements for the good of the church and common-wealth well worthy the serious consideration of the most honourable High Court of Parliament late assembled, and hereafter to be assembled againe.A00286EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The effect of the Viscount Montagues bill exhibited in ParliamentA00288EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A mirrour to all that loue to follow the warres go trudge my little booke, possesse ech willing hand, and giue all leaue to looke, that seekes to vnderstand, the trauels of thy knight, plead hard to hold his right, who finds thee may be bould, his actions to vnfould.I. B.A00290EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The English farrier, or, Countrey-mans treasure Shewing approved remedies to cure all diseases, hurts, maimes, maladies, and griefes in horses: and how to know the severall diseases that breed in them; with a description of every veine; how, and when to let them blood, according to the nature of their diseases. With directions to know the severall ages of them. Faithfully set forth according to art and approved experiment, for the benefit of gentlemen, farmers, inholders, husbandmen, and generall for all.L. W. C.A00291EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
To the most honourable assembly of the Commons House in Parliament the humble petition of English marchants, trading into Spaine and France.A00292EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A booke intituled, The English Protestants recantation, in mattersof religion wherein is demonstratiuely proued, by the writings of the principall, and best learned English Protestant bishops, and doctors, and rules of their religion, published allowed, or subscribed vnto, bythem, since the comminge of our King Iames into England, that not onely all generall grownds of diuinitie, are against the[m], but in euery particular cheife question, betweene Catholicks & them, they are in errour, by their owne iudgments : diuided accordingly, into two parts, whereof the first entreateth of those generall grounds, the other of such particular controuersies, whereby will also manifestely appeare the vanitie of D. Morton Protest. Bishop of Chester his boke called Appeale, or, Ansuueare to the Catholicke authour of thebooke entituled, The Protestants apologie.Broughton, Richard.A00294EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true relation of a brave English strategem practised lately vpon a sea-towne in Galizia, (one of the Kingdomes in Spaine) and most valiantly and succesfully performed by one English ship alone of 30. tonne, with no more than 35. men in her. As also, with two other remarkeable accidents betweene the English and Spaniards, to the glory of our nation.A00296EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A plaine and true relation, of the going forth of a Holland fleete the eleuenth of Nouember 1623, to the coast of Brasile With the taking in of Saluedoe, and the chiefe occurrences falling out there, in the time of the Hollanders continuance therein. As also, the comming of the Spanish armado to Saluedoe, with the beleaguering of it ... And also, the base deliuery vp of the said towne ... Lastly, the reasons and motiues mouing the authour to the publishing thereof. ... By I.B. that hath ben an eye and eare-witnesse of this subiect.I. B., fl. 1626.A00297EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Enormytees vsyd by the clergy here floweth dyuers enormytees vsyd by the clergy, and by some wryters theyr adherentis, and specyally agaynst the heresy of symony vsyd by the clergy : how some of the clergy and theyr adherentis causeles haue skla[n]derously spoken agayns this noble realme of Englande and agayns dyuers of the kynges lay subiectes, and haue prechyd & wrytyn agaynst small offe[n]sys, leuyng ye greter offensys in the law of God vntouhcyd [sic].A00299EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An Epistle, or apologie of a true, and charitable brother of the Reformed Church in fauoure of Protestantes, papistes, & those of the Reformatio[n] for a more moderat course of proceeding in matters of religion by searchinge the Scriptures, & examining theire spirits for the sense, and true meaninge of them by a peaceable conference, & such easy meanes as weare practised in the apostolicall, and primitiue church for plantinge the faith, and rooting out of errour tending to vnitie of religion, loyaltie to the Kings Maiestie, increase of honoure to him & his posteritie, & good of the Commonwealth.A00307EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A moste pythye and excellent epistell to anymate all trew Christians vnto the crosse of Chryste, translated out off ffre[n]che [sic] into ynglyshe by Robert Pownoll. With a preface to the reader.A00308EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Epulario, or The Italian banquet wherein is shewed the maner how to dresse and prepare all kind of flesh, foules or fishes. As also how to make sauces, tartes, pies, &c. After the maner of all countries. With an addition of many other profitable and necessary things. Translated out of Italian into English.Rosselli, Giovanne de.A00309EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two dyaloges wrytten in laten by the famous clerke, D.Erasm[us] of Roterodame, one called Polyphemus or the gospeller, the other dysposyng of thynges and names, translated in to Englyshe by Edmonde Becke. And prynted at Cantorbury in saynt Paules paryshe by Ioh[a]n MychellErasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00336EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The seauen spirituall exercises of a deuout soule Containing the life and death of our sauiour Christ: compiled in seauen meditations, replenished with most godly, and deuout motions, and seruing for the seauen dayes in the weeke.A00337EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ciuilitie of childehode with the discipline and institucion of children, distributed in small and compe[n]dious chapiters / and translated oute of French into Englysh, by Thomas Paynell.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00349EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A modest meane to mariage, pleasauntly set foorth by that famous clarke Erasmus Roterodamus, and translated into Englishe by N.L. Anno. 1568Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00382EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A very mery and pleasaunt historie done not long since, in this realm of England written in Latine by Erasmus of Roterodame, dialoguewise, vnder the title of A coniuration or spirite ; newly translated into English, by Thomas Iohnson.Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.A00394EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Eclogue, ou Chant pastoral sur les nopces des Serenissimes Princes Charles Roy de la Grand' Bretagne, France & Irlande, & de Henriette Marie fille de Henry le Grand, Roy de France, & de Nauarre.I. D. B., fl. 1627.A00399EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ad generalem sessionem pacis pro comitatu prædicto tent. apud Chelmisford in dicto comitatu die Martis quinto die Octobris anno regni Domini nostri Caroli ... whereas the Lords of His Majesties most honourable Privie Councell by His Highnesse expresse direction have by their severall letters commended unto us severall instructions ...Essex (England)A00404EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The right rule of a religious life: or, The glasse of godlinesse Wherein euery man may behold his imperfections, how farre hee is out of the way of true Godlinesse, and learne to reduce his wandring steppes into the pathes of true pietie. In certaine lectures vpon the first chapter of the Epistle of S. Iames. The first part. By William Est preacher of Gods Word.Est, William, 1546 or 7-1625.A00406EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The scourge of securitie, or The expulsion and returne of the vncleane spirit. By William Est, minister and preacher of Gods word, at Bedford in DeuonshireEst, William, 1546 or 7-1625.A00407EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two sermons The Christians comfort in his crosses, conducting him in the tempests of tribulation, to the happie hauen of heauenly tranquillitie. And the iudges, and iuries instruction. By William Est, Maister of Art, and preacher of Gods word.Est, William, 1546 or 7-1625.A00409EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Questions of profitable and pleasant concernings talked of by two olde seniors, the one an ancient retired gentleman, the other a midling or new vpstart frankeling, vnder an oake in Kenelworth Parke, where they were met by an accident to defend the partching heate of a hoate day, in grasse or buck-hunting time called by the reporter the display of vaine life, together with a panacea or suppling plaister to cure if it were possible, the principall diseases wherewith this present time is especially vexed.O. B., fl. 1594.A00410EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine godly and learned expositions vpon diuers parts of Scripture As they were preached, and afterwards more briefly penned by that vvorthy man of God, Maister George Estey, sometimes fellovve of Goneuill and Caius Colledge in Cambridge. Late preacher of the word of God in Saint Edmunds Burie.Estey, George, 1560 or 61-1601.A00415EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Mathematicall recreations. Or a collection of sundrie problemes, extracted out of the ancient and moderne philosophers, as secrets in nature, and experiments in arithmeticke, geometrie, cosmographie, horolographie, astronomie, navigation, musicke, opticks, architecture, staticke, machanicks, chimestrie, waterworkes, fireworks, &c. ... Most of which were written first in Greeke and Latine, lately compiled in French, by Henry Van Etten Gent. And now delivered in the English tongue, with the examinations, corrections, and augmentationsEtten, Hendrik van.A00425EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The conuiction of noueltie, and defense of antiquitie. Or demonstratiue arguments of the falsitie of the newe religion of England: and trueth of the Catholike Roman faith Deliuered in twelve principal sylogismes, and directed to the more scholasticall wits of the realme of great Britanie, especially to the ingenious students of the two most renowned vniuersities of Oxford & Cambrige [sic]. Author R.B. Roman Catholike, and one of the English clergie and mission.Broughton, Richard.A00428EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Howe Howleglas deseyued a wynedrawer in Lubeke]A00433EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vniversall medicine: or The vertues of the antimoniall cup Collected out of the experiments, and observations of the most famous, learned, and best approved philosophers, and physicians, that have written of that subject. By Iohn Evans minister, and preacher of Gods Word.Evans, John, minister of Gods word.A00453EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A new tragicall comedie of Apius and Virginia wherein is liuely expressed a rare example of the vertue of chastitie, by Virginias constancy, in wishing rather to be slaine at her owne fathers handes, then to be deflowered of the wicked iudge Apius. By R.B. The players names. ...R. B.A00456EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The barren tree a sermon preached at Pauls crosse October 26. 1623 / by Tho. Adams.Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A00463EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Orpheus his iourney to hell and his musicke to the ghosts]R. B., fl. 1595.A00464EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The reward of the wicked preached in a sermon at Linfield in Sussex, and publi[she]d at the request of some welld[is]sed [sic] Christians / by Humphrey Everenden.Everinden, Humphrey.A00466EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A brothers gift containing an hundred precepts, instructing all sorts of people to a godly, honest, and morall life.Everinden, Humphrey.A00467EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth a treatyse how the hye fader of heuen sendeth dethe to somon euery creature to come and gyue a counte of theyr lyues in this worlde and is in maner of a morall playe.A00471EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An Example of Gods iudgement shew[n] vpon two children borne in high Dutch la[nd] in the citie of Lutssolof, the first day of Iulie and translated out of Dutche into Englishe the 6. Nouember last / by Cornelius Pet.A00473EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The example of euyll tonguesA00474EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Examples howe mortall synne maketh the synners inobedyentes to haue many paynes and doloures within the fyre of hell And fyrst example of a father of an housholde the whiche sawe two pondes and the tourmentes of hell.A00479EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certayne Godly exarcises [sic] meditacions and prayers very necessary and profytable for all persons and for all times, set forthe by certayne godly lerned men, to be vsed dayly as you shalbe godly disposed, and shall feele nede thervnto. And also the letany dayly vsed in churches annexed to the ende hereof.A00481EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[The seuerall executions & confessions, of Iohn Slade & Iohn Bodye: traitours ... 1583]R. B., fl. 1583.A00482EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Exposition of certain partes of Scripture, according to the mindes of the chieffe doctors ...A00498EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The saints legacies, or A collection of certaine promises out of the word of God Collected for the priuate use, but published for the comfort of Gods people. Whereunto is now added the saints support in times of trouble.A00502EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Duell-ease A worde with. valiant spiritts shewing the abuse of duells, that valour, refuseth challenges and priuate combates. sett foorth by G.F. a defendour of Christian valoure.G. F., defendour of Christian valoure.A00503EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The necessitie and antiquitie of catechizing. By IF.I. F., fl. 1617.A00509EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fruiterers secrets Containing directions, for the due time, and manner, of gathering all kindes of fruite, aswell stone-fruite as other: and how they are afterwards to be ordered in packing, carrying and conueighing them by land or by water; then in separating or culling them into diuers sorts; and lastly, in resruing or laying them vp, so, as may bee for their best lasting and continuance. Enterlaced with diuerse other secrets (and their naturall causes) touching trees, and their fruite. No treatise, to this purpose, being heretofore published.N. F., fl. 1604.A00515EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Heauenly meditations vpon the publicans prayerA00520EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Fames roule: or, The names of our dread soveraigne Lord King Charles, his royall Queen Mary, and his most hopefull posterity: together with, the names of the dukes, marquesses, earles, viscounts ... of his three renowned kingdomes, England, Scotland, and Ireland: anagrammatiz'd and expressed by acrosticke lines on their names. By Mistris Mary Fage, wife of Robert Fage the younger, gentlemanFage, Mary.A00529EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Iacobi à Falckenburgk, Germani, Casimirus, siue, De concertatione Eliæ cum Baalistis paraphrasis sacra pro cultus solius Iehovæ viui defensione & idololatriæ detestatione cupidiss, ad sereniss augustiss. q[uae] principem ac Dominam Dn. Elizabetham Angliæ, Franciæ & Hiberniæ Reginam gloriosiss. fidei defensatricem opt. max. Dominam suam longè clementiss. : in secundos & prosperrimos regiminis anni 21 incarnationis Christi 1579, auspicij, Maiestatem ipsius illustrissimo Palatino Rheni Iohanne Casimiro Duce Bauariæ, fœliciss. illo ex belli Belgici Castris accedente, & aliquot Europæ procerum legatis de rebus Christianitatis grauissimis consultationum nomine apud eandem præsentibus successus, subiectionis humilimæ adeoq[ue] afflictorum commiserationis ergò F.D.P.Falckenburg, Jakob.A00533EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mirrour of created perfection. Or The life of the most blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God. Written by the R. Fa. I.F. of the Society of IesusFalconer, John, 1577-1656.A00537EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discouery of the abhominable delusions of those, who call themselues the Family of loue Wherein their false Christ, and false profession is plainely laide open; and all their grosse cauils cleerely confuted.A00544EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A supplication of the Family of Loue (said to be presented into the Kings royall hands, knowen to be dispersed among his loyall subiectes) for grace and fauour Examined, and found to be derogatorie in an hie degree, vnto the glorie of God, the honour of our King, and the religion in this realme both soundly professed & firmly established.A00545EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Fancies ague-fittes, or beauties nettle-bed Wherein, one nightes lodging, will cost nine monethes nettling. Handled in sixe discourses, pithie, pleasing, and profitable. Patere, aut abstine.A00546EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The honest man: or, The art to please in court. Written in French by Sieur Faret. Translated into English by E.G.Faret, Nicolas, 1596?-1646.A00548EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The complaint of Paules, to all Christian soules: or an humble supplication, to our good King and nation, for her newe reparation. Written by Henrie Farley. Amore, veritate, & reuerentiaFarley, Henry.A00551EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The copie of a letter, sent by and English gentleman out of France to a friend of his in England, concerning the great victorie which the French king obtained against the duke de Maine, and the Romish rebels in his kingdome, vpon the fourth daie of March last past. 1589. Wherein is particularly expressed the names of sundrie noblemen, with the number of horsemen & footmen which were drowned, slaine, hurt, and taken prisoners in the sayd battaile.T. B., English gentleman out of France.A00553EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Counsel to the husband: to the wife instruction A short and pithy treatise of seuerall and ioynt duties, belonging vnto man and wife, as counsels to the one, and instructions to the other; for their more perfect happinesse in this present life, and their eternall glorie in the life to come.Ste. B.A00554EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
St. Paules-Church her bill for the Parliament as it was presented to the Kings Matie on Midlent-Sunday last, and intended for the view of that most high and honorable court, and generally for all such as beare good will to the reflourishing estate of the said church. Partly in verse, partly in prose. Penned and published for her good by Hen: Farley author of her complaint.Farley, Henry.A00555EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The famous history of George Lord Faukonbridge, bastard son to Richard Cordelion King of England Begotten in his royal tower, vpon the princely Clarabel, daughter to Don Iohn Duke of Austria, surnamed the worldes faire concubine. Shewing his knightly adventures, dignified victories, with his life and death, spent in the honor of God and his countrey: never wearing any other garmet, but that lyons skinne, by which his kingly father challenged his lyon-like title.A00574EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The historye of the damnable life and deserued death of Doctor Iohn Faustus Newly imprinted, and in conuenient places, imperfect matter amended: according to the true coppy printed at Franckfort, and translated into English by P.F. Gent.A00579EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Comfort to the afflicted. Deliuered in a sermon preached at Pauls-Crosse the xxi. day of May, M. DC. XXVI. Being the last Sunday in Easter terme. By Antony Fawkener, Mast. of Arts, of Iesus Colledge in OxfordFawkner, Antony, b. 1601 or 2.A00581EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Eirēnogonia, or The pedegree of peace deliuered in a sermon intended to the iudges at the assises holden at Okeham in Rutland, Iuly 31. 1629. but after vpon an occasion, preached at Vppingham, in the same countie, Septemb. 6. 1629. By Antony Fawkner, Master of Arts, late student in Jesus Colledge at Oxford.Fawkner, Antony, b. 1601 or 2.A00583EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Clavis mystica a key opening divers difficult and mysterious texts of Holy Scripture; handled in seventy sermons, preached at solemn and most celebrious assemblies, upon speciall occasions, in England and France. By Daniel Featley, D.D.Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645.A00593EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Pelagius redivivus. Or Pelagius raked out of the ashes by Arminius and his schollersFeatley, Daniel, 1582-1645.A00600EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The honor of chastity A sermon, made and preached by Iohn Featly.Featley, John, 1605?-1666.A00605EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Obedience and submission A sermon preached at St. Sauiours-Church in South-warke, at a visitation, on Tuesday, the eigth [sic] day of December: anno Dom. 1635. By Iohn Fealtly.Featley, John, 1605?-1666.A00607EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached to the nobely-deseruing gentleman, Sir Thomas Warner And the rest of his companie: bound to the West-Indies. For their farevvell: At St. Buttolphs, Aldersgate, London. Septemb. 6. 1629. By Iohn Featly, Preacher of the Word of God.Featley, John, 1605?-1666.A00608EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A notable sermon made within S. Paules church in Lo[n]don in the presence of certen of the kinges and Quenes moost honorable priuie cou[n]sell at the celebration of the exequies of the right excellent and famous princesse, lady Ione, Quene of Spayne, Sicilie [and] Nauarre. [et]c. the xviij. of Iune, Anno. 1555. By maister Iohn Feckenam, deane of the sayd churche of Paules. Set furth at the request of some in auctoritie whose request could not be denayed.Feckenham, John de, 1518?-1585.A00609EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two homilies vpon the first, second, and third articles of the crede, made by maister Iohn Feknam Deane of PaulesFeckenham, John de, 1518?-1585.A00610EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The maner to dye well An introduction most compendiouslie shewinge the fruytfull remembrance of the last fowre things: that is to say, death, hel, iudgement, and the ioyes of heauen. Gathered out of manye good authors, both comfortable and profitable to the dilligent reader. Learnedly instructing howe to prouide for death.A00614EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The souls looking-glasse lively representing its estate before God: with a treatise of conscience; wherein the definitions and distinctions thereof are unfolded, and severall cases resolved: by that reverend and faithfull minister of the Word, William Fenner, B.D. sometimes fellow of Pembroke-hall in Cambridge, and late parson of Rochford in Essex.Fenner, William, 1600-1640.A00643EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A forme of Christian pollicie drawne out of French by Geffray Fenton. A worke very necessary to al sorts of people generally, as wherein is contayned doctrine, both vniuersall, and special touching the institution of al Christian profession: and also conuenient perticularly for all magistrates and gouernours of common weales, for their more happy regiment according to GodTalpin, Jean.A00658EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A commentary or, exposition vpon the diuine second epistle generall, written by the blessed apostle St. Peter. By Thomas AdamsAdams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A00665EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A perfume against the noysome pestilence prescribed by Moses vnto Aaron. Num. 16. 46. Written by Roger Fenton, preacher of Grayes Inne.Fenton, Roger, 1565-1616.A00667EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon of simonie and sacriledge preached at Pauls Crosse March 18: by Roger Fenton preacher of Graise Inne.Fenton, Roger, 1565-1616.A00668EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at St. Mary Spittle on Easter Tuesday 1613. By Roger Fenton D. in DiuinitieFenton, Roger, 1565-1616.A00669EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise against the necessary dependance vpon that one head, and the present reconciliation to the Church of Rome Together with certaine sermons preached in publike assemblies, videlicet 1. The want of discipline. 2. The possession of a king. 3. The tumults of the people. 4. The mocke of reputation. 5. The necessitie of the Passion. 6. The wisdome of the rich. By Roger Fenton Doctor of Diuinitie, late preacher of Graies Inne.Fenton, Roger, 1565-1616.A00670EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An ansvvere to the question: vvhether the Emperour that now is, can bee iudge in the Bohemian controuersie or no? Together with the extract taken out of the acts of the Dyet at Auspurghe, in the yeare 1584: concerning the kingdome of Bohemia.A00675EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The particular state of the government of the Emperour, Ferdinand the Second As it was at his decease in the yeere 1636. Translated out of Latin by R.W.A00679EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation containing the manner of the solemnities at the election and coronation of Ferdinand the Emperour, in Francford the 30. of August last past, 1619 With other occurrences in Bohemia, and diuers parts of Germany, for three moneths last past.A00682EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation of a new league made by the Emperour of Germany, with other princes, potentates and states Catholicke, against the enemies of the Roman Catholick-Religion, with the names of those princes As also, the true numbers, both of horse and foot, which euery one of them offereth to set forward so great a designe. Vnto which is added the copie of a letter sent by the King of Spaine to Pope Vrbine the 8. printed according the Spanish copie set forth at Madrill. Vnto all which is likewise added: The discouerie of a New Spanish Armado, threatning with fire and sword to inuade England.A00683EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Terra australis incognita, or A new southerne discouerie, containing a fifth part of the vvorld. Lately found out by Ferdinand de Quir, a Spanish captaine. Neuer before published. Translated by W.B.Queirós, Pedro Fernandes de, d. 1615.A00688EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The araignement & burning of Margaret Ferne-seede for the murther of her late husband Anthony Ferne-seede, found deade in Peckham Field neere Lambeth, hauing once before attempted to poyson him with broth, being executed in S. Georges-field the last of Februarie. 1608A00692EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ayres: by Alfonso FerraboscoFerrabosco, Alfonso, ca. 1575-1628.A00693EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine articles, collected and taken (as it is thought) by the byshops out of a litle boke entituled an admonition to the Parliament, with an answere to the same. Containing a confirmation of the sayde booke in shorte notesA00721EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Christians preparation to the worthy receiuing of the blessed sacrament of the Lords SupperField, Theophilus, 1574-1636.A00731EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A watch-word, or, The allarme, or, A good take heed A sermon preached at White-Hall in the open preaching place the last Lent before King Charles. By the R.R. Father in God T.F. the then bishop of Landaffe, now of S. Dauids.Field, Theophilus, 1574-1636.A00733EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
French court-aires, vvith their ditties Englished, of foure and fiue parts Together with that of the lute. Collected, translated, published by Ed: Filmer, Gent: dedicated to the Queene.Guédron, Pierre, ca. 1565-ca. 1621.A00738EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lavv, or, a discourse thereof in foure bookes. Written in French by Sir Henrie Finch Knight, his Maiesties Serieant at Law. And done into English by the same author.Finch, Henry, Sir, d. 1625.A00741EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The accusation and impeachment of Iohn Lord Finch, Baron of Fordwich, Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of England, by the House of CommonsEngland and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons.A00747EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse vpon chyrurgery: written by that famous doctour and knight, Signior Leonardo Phiorauanti, Bolognese. VVith a declaration of many wonderfull matters necessary to be knowne; with most notable secret found out by the said authour. Translated out of Italian by Iohn Hester, and now newly published and augmented, for the benefite of this country: by Richard Booth, GentFioravanti, Leonardo, 1518-1588.A00756EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A defence of the liturgie of the Church of England, or, Booke of common prayer In a dialogue betweene Nouatus and Irenæus. By Ambrose Fisher, sometimes of Trinitie Colledge in Cambridge.Fisher, Ambrose, d. 1617.A00759EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of prayer, and of the fruits and manner of prayer. By the most Reuerend Father in God Iohn Fisher Bishop of Rochestre, Preist and most eminent Cardinall of the most holy Catholike Church, of the title of S. Vitalis. Translated into English by R.A.B.Fisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535.A00765EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The estate of the Germaine empire, with the description of Germanie 1. Declaring how the empire was translated from the Romaines to the Germaines: with diuers and sundrie memorable accidents following there-vpon. Written certaine yeeres past as the estate then stood. 2. Describing the scituation of euery countrie, prouince, dukedome, arch-bishoprick, bishoprick, earledome and cittie of Germanie: the princes and chief officers of the empire in their seuerall places ... Newly set foorth for the profite and pleasure of all gentlemen and others, that are delighted in trauaile or knowledge of countries.A00804EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The bloudy booke, or, The tragicall and desperate end of Sir Iohn Fites (alias) FitzA00810EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The life and gate of Christianitie entreating of the sacrament of baptisme, deuided into five bookes. Contayning the effects, the mater, the forme, the baptiser, and the partie baptised: with the reasons and use of all the auntient rites and ceremonies. ... Composed, gathered, and written by O.A. ...Almond, Oliver.A00887EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fall of Babylon in vsurping ecclesiastical power and offices And the miserable estate of them that pertake of her fornications.A00901EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Catholike confutation of M. Iohn Riders clayme of antiquitie and a caulming comfort against his caueat. In which is demonstrated, by assurances, euen of protestants, that al antiquitie, for al pointes of religion in controuersie, is repugnant to protestancie. Secondly, that protestancie is repugnant particularlie to al articles of beleefe. Thirdly, that puritan plots are pernitious to religion, and state. And lastly, a replye to M. Riders Rescript; with a discouerie of puritan partialitie in his behalfe. By Henry Fitzimon of Dublin in Irland, of the Societie of Iesus, priest.Fitzsimon, Henry, b. 1566.A00919EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Briefe request or declaracion presented vnto madame the Duchesse of Parme &c. regente of the Lowe Countrie of Flaunders, by the lordes and nobilitie of the same countrie with the answere and replie, and other writynges / Englished by W.F.A00921EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes from Flanders and Ostend a true declaration how the Lords States of the Vnited Prouinces, vnder the conduct of His Excellencie, haue set forth a princelike nauie of ships from Zeland, the 15. day of April 1604, which went to the island of Casant, where the foresayd Lords States haue taken in the sconce of Coxie, S. Catherine, S. Philip, and Isendiick, with other small sconces and holds / translated out of Dutch into English.A00922EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Miles Christianus, or The campe royal set forth in briefe meditations on the words of the Prophet Moses, Deut. 23, 9, 14. here under following, preached in the armie as Dungen-Leager, profitable for all sorts of men to reade; and published for the generall good of all that will read, By Samuel Bachiler, Preacher to the English at Gorinchem.Bachiler, Samuel.A00951EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Good newes from Florence of a famous victorie obtained against the Turkes in May last 1613. both by sea and land: By the great Duke of Florence, the earle of Candale, and diuers French commanders and gentlemen heereafter named. Translated faithfully into English out of the French copie, printed with priuiledge at Paris and taken out of the Italian discourse printed at Florence.A00985EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The argument of the pastorall of Florimene with the discription of the scœnes and intermedij. Presented by the Queenes Maiesties commandment, before the Kings Maiesty in the hall at White-hall, on S. Thomas day the 21. of December. M.DC.XXXV.A00989EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Church conquerant ouer humane wit. Or The Churches authority demonstrated by M. VVilliam Chillingvvorth (the proctour for vvit against her) his perpetual contradictions, in his booke entituled, The religion of Protestants a safe vvay to saluationFloyd, John, 1572-1649.A01005EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ouerthrovv of the Protestants pulpit-Babels conuincing their preachers of lying & rayling, to make the Church of Rome seeme mysticall Babell. Particularly confuting VV. Crashawes Sermon at the Crosse, printed as the patterne to iustify the rest. VVith a preface to the gentlemen of the Innes of Court, shewing what vse may be made of this treatise. Togeather with a discouery of M. Crashawes spirit: and an answere to his Iesuites ghospell. By I.R. student in diuinity.Floyd, John, 1572-1649.A01006EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A paire of spectacles for Sir Humfrey Linde to see his way withall. Or An answeare to his booke called, Via tuta, a safe way wherein the booke is shewed to be a labyrinthe of error and the author a blind guide. By I.R.Floyd, John, 1572-1649.A01007EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A plea for the reall-presence Wherein the preface of Syr Humfrey Linde, concerning the booke of Bertram, is examined and censured. Written by I.O. vnto a gentleman his friend.Floyd, John, 1572-1649.A01008EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Purgatories triumph ouer hell maugre the barking of Cerberus in Syr Edvvard Hobyes Counter-snarle. Described in a letter to the sayd knight, from I.R. authour of the answere vnto the Protestants pulpit babels.Floyd, John, 1572-1649.A01009EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A secure and prudent choice of beliefe. Written by a student in diuinityFloyd, John, 1572-1649.A01010EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A vvord of comfort. Or A discourse concerning the late lamentable accident of the fall of a roome, at a Catholike sermon, in the Black-friars at London, wherwith about fourscore persons were oppressed. Written for the comfort of Catholiks, and information of Protestants, by I.R. pFloyd, John, 1572-1649.A01012EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Panala medica vel sanitatis et longævitatis alumna catholica: = The fruitfull and frugall nourse of sound health and long life. Per Guil: Folkingham Gen: Math. & Med. studiosum.Folkingham, W. (William)A01019EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The apostles catechisme consisting of sixe articles, plainly expounded very profitable for all, but especially for the benefite of the vnlearned and those that desire more knowledge / by Iohn Foorthe, minister of the word of God.Foorthe, John, fl. 1623.A01022EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Constantinople in the Vines of Perah, at the funerall of the vertuous and admired Lady Anne Glouer, sometime wife to the honourable Knight Sir Thomas Glouer, and then ambassadour ordinary for his Maiesty of Great Britaine, in the port of the Great Turke. By William Forde Bachelour in Diuinitie, and lately preacher to the right honourable ambassadour, and the rest of the English nation resident there. ...Ford, William, b. 1559.A01069EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The forme and maner of examination befoir the admission to ye tabill of ye Lord, vsit be ye ministerie of Edinburgh and geuin to ye maisteris of euerie familie not be ye oft reiding yairof yai may be ye better instructit in ye groundis [and] principall heidis of religion.A01072EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The great day of chancery A sermon preached at White-Hall, the last day of October. 1619. By Iames Forsith, one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinarie.Forsyth, James, fl. 1615-1619.A01078EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The seruants dutie. Or The calling and condition of seruants Seruing for the instruction, not only of seruants, but of masters and mistresses. By Thomas Fosset, preacher of the Word of God.Fosset, Thomas.A01088EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true dyffere[n]s betwen ye regall power and the ecclesiasticall power translated out of latyn by Henry lord StaffordeFox, Edward, 1496?-1538.A01107EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An abridgement of the booke of acts and monumentes of the Church: written by that Reuerend Father, Maister Iohn Fox: and now abridged by Timothe Bright, Doctour of Phisicke, for such as either through want of leysure, or abilitie haue not the vse of so necessary an historyFoxe, John, 1516-1587.A01115EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine miscellany vvorks of the Right Honourable Francis Lo. Verulam, Viscount S. Alban. Published by William Rawley ...Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.A01128EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The chiefe occurences of both the armies, from the eight of Aprill, till the seuenteenth of the same month With other intelligences giuen by credible letters.A01147EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A copie of the submission which those of the reformed religion in France requested the Viscount of Doncaster, Ambassadour extrordinarie from his Maiestie of Great Britain, to present in their behalfe to the King their Soveraigne.A01150EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Credible reportes from France, and Flanders In the moneth of May. 1590.A01151EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declaration concerning the needfulnesse of peace to be made in Fraunce and the means for the making of the same: exhibited to the most Christian king, Henrie the second of that name, King of Fraunce and Polande, vpon two edictes, put forth by his Maiestie, the one the tenth of September, the other the thirtenth of October. Anno. 1574. Translated out of Frenche by G. H. Esquire.Gentillet, Innocent, ca. 1535-ca. 1595.A01152EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse of all such fights, skirmishes, exploites, and other politike attempts which haue happened in France since the ariuall of the Duke of Parma, and the ioyning of his forces with the enemies Wherein is most truelie declared the good successe of the Kings Maiestie, and the manner of the entrenching of the said Duke with all his forces in a moore, neere vnto the castle of Brou. Trulie translated, and published according to the originall sent by the French King to his embassador heere in England.A01154EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse of such things as are happened in the armie of my lordes the princes of Nauarre, and of Condey, since the moneth of September last. 1568 Seene and allowed.A01155EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse of that which is past since the kings departure from Gouy, to pursue the prince of Parma: euen til the first of May. 1592. The last letters thereof came on the fourth of the same month according to the English computation. with new additions by later letters.A01157EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Good nevves from France. Containing the insolent demands of the Iesuites. Being against 1. The Kings authoritie. 2. The ordinary iustice of his Maiestie. 3. The dignitie and power of the cardinalls, archbishops, and bishops of other orders & professions. 4. The young scholars vnder them. 5. The good and well-fare of the townes and cities which receiue them. 6. The perfection of sciences. 7. The antiquity & co[m]mandements of the Church. 8. The resolution of the clergie of France, and the letters patents of the Kings; and against the sentences of allowance and registring thereof, which they themselues haue pursued. Together with the decree or finall iudgement of the Kings Privie Councell giuen the 27. day of September 1624. in the ioynt defence of the vniversities of France. And against the Iesuites ... / Translated according to the French copie..A01159EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An historical collection, of the most memorable accidents, and tragicall massacres of France, vnder the raignes of Henry. 2. Francis. 2. Charles. 9. Henry. 3. Henry. 4. now liuing Conteining all the troubles therein happened, during the said kings times, vntill this present yeare, 1598. Wherein we may behold the wonderfull and straunge alterations of our age. Translated out of French into English.Serres, Jean de, 1540?-1598.A01160EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Nevves from France. A true relation of the great losses which happened by the lamentable accident of fire in the citie of Paris, the 24. day of October last past, 1621 which burnt downe the Merchants Bridge, the Changers Bridge, and diuers houses neere vnto them. Together with the speedy diligence vsed by the Duke De Monbason, gouernour of the said towne, for the quenching thereof. Also a decree made in the Court of Parliament in Paris, whereby an order is taken for prouiding for the merchants that haue lost their goods by the sayd fire, and to preuent the like mischance in time to come. Translated according to the French copie, printed at Paris.A01164EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mutable and vvauering estate of France from the yeare of our Lord 1460, vntill the yeare 1595. The great battailes of the French nation, as well abroad with their forraigne enemies, as at home among themselues, in their ciuill and intestine warres: with an ample declaration of the seditious and trecherous practises of that viperous brood of Hispaniolized Leaguers. Collected out of sundry, both Latine, Italian, and French historiographers.A01165EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes from France. Or A relation of a maruellous and fearfull accident of a disaster which happened at Paris the seuenth day of March, this present yeare 1618. where by meanes of a terrible fire, all the pallace was burnt and consumed. Together with a narration of the losse and ruine of many tradesmen, who had all their goods consumed by the said fire. As also an iniunction of the Court of Parliament concerning the restoring backe and deliuering of all bags of papers, processes, peeces and records which were taken vp being cast out of the pallace during the said fire. / Truly translated according to the French copie: and set forth by authoritie..A01167EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Nevves lately come on the last day of Februarie 1591. from diuers partes of France, Sauoy, and Tripoli in Soria. Truely translated out of the French and Italian copies, as they were sent to right honourable personsA01169EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes out of France: concerning great troubles likely to ensue, by occasion of the departure of the Queene Mother from Blois and the causes thereof. Contayned in the letters of the said Queene Mother, vnto her sonne the French King, and his answere therevnto; manifesting the motiues of his taking vp armes, and against whom he entends to imploy them. Dated the 17. of March, 1619. VVith foure other letters of the Queene Mother, to the Lord Chancelor, Keeper of the Seales; President Iannin, and Duke de Mayenne, and the Prince of Pyemont his letter vnto her, concerning these affaires. Faithfully translated, according to the French copie.Marie de Médicis, Queen, consort of Henry IV, King of France, 1573-1642.A01170EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes out of France. On the first of this moneth of March Wherein is set downe, the retiring of the Prince of Parma, and the great losse that he hath receiued in the same. Also a true report of a great galley that was brought to Rochell on the sixt of Februarie last.A01171EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The restorer of the French estate discouering the true causes of these vvarres in France & other countries, and deliuering the right course of restoring peace and quiet to all Christendome: wherein are handled these principall questions touching religion, policie, and iustice: whether it be lawfull to sweare, and keepe promise to heretikes, to force mens consciences for religion sake, to liue with, and dwell nigh heretikes, to breake the order of succession to the Crowne bycause of religion, or no. Who be schismatikes; and of the chiefe poincts of religion. How we are to iudge of the schisme in Christendome at this day. Lastly, the conclusion conteining notable admonitions to the clergie, nobles, magistrates, people, and King of France. Translated out of French. Ecclesiæ & reipub. D.A01175EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true discourse of an ouerthrow giuen to the armie of the Leaguers in Prouince by Messieurs D'Esdiguieres and Lauallette. Translated verbatim out of the French copie, printed at Tours by Iamet Mettayer.A01177EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles agreed on in the nationall synode of the Reformed Churches of France, held at Charenton neere Paris, in the moneth of September, 1623 Which the same ordaineth to be inuiolably kept in all the churches and vniversities of that realme.Eglises réformées de France. Synode national (1623 : Charenton-le-Pont)A01181EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A letter vvritten by those of the assembly in Rochell: to Monsieur le Duc de Les Diguieres Containing an admonition vnto him, to leaue the enemie, and to ayde them. As also an exhortation and a warning vnto those that forsake the trueth, and cleaue vnto the enemies thereof, to shun that vengeance which God will send downe vpon them for the same.Eglises réformées de France. Assemblée générale (1620-1621 : La Rochelle)A01189EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The oration made vnto the French king by the deputies of the Nationall Synode of the Reformed Churches of France, vpon the death of the Marquesse d'Ancre, with the Kings answere therunto, 27. Maij. 1617 Also a discourse of the beginning, progression, actions and behauiour of Cochino, Marquesse d'Ancre, and his wife Galligaia, with his proiects and practises life and death. Compendiously, but more fully expressed then heretofore. Faithfully translated out of the French copie.Eglises réformées de France. Synode national.A01190EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The requests presented vnto the French King, by the generall deputies of the Reformed Churches of France Together with his Maiesties answers therevnto.Eglises réformées de France.A01192EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The protestation of the most high and mightie Prince Frauncis, bothe sonne and brother of King, Duke of Allenson and of Eureux, Earle of Droux, & of Perche &c. Liuetenant General for the King in all his countries and dominions, protector of the libertie of the crowne of Fraunce, oppressed by the straungers. Translated out of frenche into English, and newely imprinted.Anjou, François, duc d', 1554-1584.A01197EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The destruction and sacke cruelly committed by the Duke of Guyse and his company, in the towne of Vassy, the fyrste of Marche, in the yeare M. D. LXII.A01198EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An introduction to a deuoute life composed in Frenche by the R. Father in God Francis Sales, Bishop of Geneua. And translated into Englisg [sic], by I.Y.Francis, de Sales, Saint, 1567-1622.A01202EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Delicious entertainments of the soule written by the holy and most reuerend Lord Francis de Sales, Bishop and Prince of Geneua. Translated by a Dame of our Ladies of comfort of the order of S. Bennet in CambrayFrancis, de Sales, Saint, 1567-1622.A01203EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the loue of God. Written in french by B. Francis de Sales Bishope and Prince of Geneua, translated into English by Miles Car priest of the English Colledge of DowayFrancis, de Sales, Saint, 1567-1622.A01209EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The priuiledges of the vpright in heart Expressed in brief meditations upon the 84 Psalme: and more particularly vpon the 11 verse thereof. Studied for the vse of the right worshipfull Company of Drapers London By W.F.Freake, William.A01235EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Christian confession of the late moste noble and mightie prince, Friderich of that name the third, Count Palatine by [ye] Rhein, one of the electours of the holy Empire, and Duke in Bauire: wherein constantlie and meekelie he departed out of this world the 26. of October in the yere of our Lord God 1576. Taken word for word out of his last will and testament. Whereunto is added the Lantgraue his answere to the French KingFriedrich III, Elector Palatine, 1515-1576.A01236EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The declaration and information of the high and puissant King of Bohemia, against the vniust mandates published in the name of the Emperour as also against those that are further threatned to be decreed and executed, touching the Crowne of Bohemia.Bohemia (Kingdom). Sovereign (1619-1620 : Frederick I)A01238EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe description of the reasons that make the declaration of the ban made against the King of Bohemia, as being Elector Palatine, dated the 22. of Ianuarie last past, of no value nor worth, and therefore not to be respectedA01240EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mariage of Prince Fredericke, and the Kings daughter, the Lady Elizabeth, vpon Shrouesunday last VVith the shovves on land and water, before, and after the wedding, as also the maskes and reuells in his Highnes court, with the running at the ring, by the Kings Maiestie, the Palsegraue, Prince Charles, and diuers others of the nobilitie.A01243EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[This mater treateth of a merchauntes wyfe that afterwarde went like a man and was called Frederyke of Jennen.]A01245EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The copy of the articles of agreement betwixt His Highnesse Henry of Nassaw Prince of Orange, and the governour, burgers, captaines, and souldiers of the city of Breda, about the surrendring of the said city Made the 26. of Septem. 6. Octob. Faithfully translated out of the Dutch copy.A01248EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A iournall of the voyage of the young Prince Fredericke Henry, Prince of Bohemia Taken in the sixt yeare of his age, from Prague in Bohemia, to Luerden in Friesland, to the court of Count Ernestus Cassimerus van Nassaw Gouernor of Friesland. With his seuerall gifts and entertainments: and the description of diuers of the chiefe cities. Being accompanyed in his passage by these of the Germane nobilitie, and others, viz. Count Attemberg. Count Henry van Nassaw. Count Stulsberg. Baron Scoske, a Bohemian lord. Mr. Iohn Ashburnham esquire, an Englishman, and gouernor to the prince. Mr. Fredericke Porvel a German, the princes tutor. With diuers other gentlemen of qualitie, seruants and other attendants.A01250EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The comforter: or A comfortable treatise wherein are contained many reaso[n]s taken out of the word, to assure the forgiunes of sinnes to the conscience that is troubled with the feeling thereof. Together with the temptations of Sathan to the contrarie, taken from experience: written by Iohn Freeman sometime minister of the word, in Lewes in Sussex.Freeman, John, fl. 1611.A01252EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The French herald summoning all true Christian princes to a generall croisade, for a holy warr against the great enemy of Christendome, and all his slaues. Vpon the occasion of the most execrable murther of Henry the great. To the Prince.Loiseau de Tourval, Jean.A01260EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The French herauld sent to the princes of Christendome Printed according to the French copie.A01261EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine fruitfull instructions and necessary doctrines meete to edify in the feare of God faithfully gathered together by Iohn Frewen ... ; whereunto is added a table, wherein the reader may easily find out the principall matters conteined in this booke.Frewen, John, 1558-1628.A01262EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of the preparation to the crosse, and to deathe and of the comforte vnder the crosse and death, two bokes very fruictefull for deuoute people to rede, translated from latyn to englysshe, by Rycharde Tracy.A01278EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A pistle to the Christen reader The revelation of Antichrist. Antithesis, wherin are compared to geder Christes actes and oure holye father the Popes.Frith, John, 1503-1533.A01279EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The evaporation of the apple of Palæstine: that is, The sifting of the answeres and rescripts, lately given, in the cause of the restitution of the Palatinate Together with a briefe demonstration of the nullities of the clandestine dispositions, by which, the electourship and the Palatinate hath beene transferred on the house of Bavaria. Translated out of Latine.Rusdorf, Johann Joachim von, 1589-1640.A01284EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A parallele or conference of the ciuill law, the canon law, and the common law of this realme of England VVherein the agreement and disagreement of these three lawes, and the causes and reasons of the said agreement and disagreement, are opened and discussed. Digested in sundry dialogues by William Fulbecke. At the end of these dialogues is annexed a table of the sections ...Fulbeck, William, 1560-1603?A01292EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An ansvver of a true Christian to the proude challenge of a counterset Catholike. By VVilliam Fulke Doctor in diuinitieFulke, William, 1538-1589.A01336EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vviddoves mite cast into the treasure-house of the prerogatiues, and prayses of our B. Lady, the immaculate, and most glorious Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. With reasons why we are to haue great confidence in her prayers. Whereunto is annexed, A prayer, for the loue of God, made in contemplation of the passion of Christ our Sauiour.A. G., fl. 1619.A01368EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe treatise against the priesthood & sacrifice of the Church of Rome wherein the simple may perceiue their intollerable impietie, usurping that office and action, which euer appertaine to Christ onely / by G.G.G. G.A01372EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe treatise against the priesthood and sacrifice of the Church of Rome vvherein the simple may perceiue thir intollerable impietie, usurping that office and action, which ever appertaine to Christ only, by G.G.Gifford, George, d. 1620.A01374EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An apologie for vvomenkindeI. G., fl. 1605.A01376EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christians profession, or A treatise of the grounds and principles of diuinity by way of question and answer. In which all the chiefe grounds of religion are so plainely proued and explained by the Word of God, as that the meanest capacitie may by reading vnderstand the same.I. G., fl. 1630.A01377EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The famous historie of Albions queene VVherein is discoursed King Edwards ielosie, Queene Katherines chastetie, the Duke of Suffolkes loyaltie, and the Barron of Buckinghams treacherie.R. G., fl. 1600.A01382EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine vvorkes of chirurgerie, nevvly compiled and published by Thomas Gale, maister in chirurgerieGale, Thomas, 1507-1587.A01408EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine vvorkes of Galens, called Methodus medendi with a briefe declaration of the worthie art of medicine, the office of a chirurgion, and an epitome of the third booke of Galen, of naturall faculties: all translated into English, by Thomas Gale Maister in Chirurgerie.Galen.A01410EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An abridgement of Christian perfection Conteining many excellent precepts, & aduertisments, touching the holy, and sacred mysticall diuinity. Written in Italian, by Fa. Achilles Galliardi of the Society of Iesus, &translated into English, A.H. of the same societyGalliardi, Achilles, 1537-1607.A01420EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
VVine, beere, and ale, together by the eares A dialogue, vvritten first in Dutch by Gallobelgicus, and faithfully translated out of the originall copie, by Mercurius Britannicus, for the benefite of his nation.Gallobelgicus.A01424EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe and cleare confession of the Christian fayth Containing an hundreth articles, after the order of the creede of the Apostles. Made and declared by Iohn Gardiner. Translated out of French into English by Iohn Brooke of Asshe, next Sandwitch. An. 1577.Garnier, Jean, d. 1574.A01445EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A booke of angling, or fishing Wherein is shewed, by conference with scriptures, the agreement betweene the fishermen, fishes, fishing of both natures temporall, and spirtuall. By Samuel Gardiner Doctor of Diuinitie.Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4.A01449EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The cognizance of a true Christian or the outward markes whereby he may be the better knowne: consisting especially in these two duties: fasting and giuing of almes: verie needfull for these difficult times. Diuided into two seuerall treatises. Published by Samuel Gardiner, Batcheler of DiuinitieGardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4.A01450EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
a pearle of price or, The best purchase For which the spirituall marchant Ieweller selleth all his temporalls. By Samuel Gardiner, Batchellor of Diuinitie.Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4.A01452EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The portraitur of the prodigal sonne liuelie set forth in a three-fold discourse.1. Of his progresse. 2 Of his regresse. 3. Of his ioyfull welcome home. Published by Samuell Gardiner Batchler [sic] of Diuinitie.Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4.A01453EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the 9. of Iune. 1605 Vpon the 20. of the Reuelation the 12. vers. treating of these seuerall heads. 1. Of the resurrection of the flesh. 2. Of the iudgement of the quicke and dead. 3. Of the communion of saints, 4. Of euerlasting life. By Samuell Gardnier [sic], Doct. of Diuinitie.Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4.A01455EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The way to heauen In a sermon deliuered at Saint Maries Spittle on Wednesday in Easter weeke the 27. of March. 1611. By Samuel Gardiner, Doctor of Diuinitie.Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4.A01456EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ientaculum iudicum: or, A breake-fast for the bench prepared, presented, and preached in two sacred seruices, or sermons, the morning sacrifice before the two assises: at Thetford, at Norwich: 1619. Containing monitory meditations, to execute iustice and law-businesse with a good conscience. By Samuel Garey, preacher of Gods word in Win-farthing in Norff.Garey, Samuel, 1582 or 3-1646.A01473EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A newe yeares gift for the suole [sic], or A christian meditation of Christs incarnation Preached in the Cathedrall Church at Norwich on Christmasse day last. 1614. By Samuel Garey, preacher of Gods word at Winfarthing.Garey, Samuel, 1582 or 3-1646.A01474EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two treatises the first, entituled, The foode of the faithfull. The second Deaths welcome.Garey, Samuel, 1582 or 3-1646.A01475EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An apology against the defence of schisme Lately written by an English diuine at Doway, for answere to a letter of a lapsed Catholicke in England his frend: who hauing in the late co[m]mission gone to to [sic] the Church, defended his fall. Wherin is plainly declared, and manifestlye proued, the generall doctrine of the diuines, & of the Church of Christ, which hitherto hath been taught and followed in England, concerning this pointe.Garnet, Henry, 1555-1606.A01490EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Societie of the Rosary. Newly augmentedGarnet, Henry, 1555-1606.A01491EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of c[hri]stian renunciation Compiled of excellent sentences [and] as it were diuerse homelies of ancient fathers: wherin is shewed how farre it is lawfull or necessary for the loue of Christ t[o] forsake father, mother, wife and children, and all other worldly creatures. Against the enemies of the crosse of Christ, ... Wherunto is added [a shorte discourse against going to hereticall churches.]A01492EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Pompey the Great, his faire Corneliaes tragedie effected by her father and husbandes downe-cast, death, and fortune. Written in French, by that excellent poet Ro: Garnier; and translated into English by Thomas Kid.Garnier, Robert, 1544-1590.A01501EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The countrie gentleman moderator Collections of such intermarriages, as haue beene betweene the two royall lines of England and Spaine, since the Conquest: with a short view of the stories of the liues of those princes. And also some obseruations of the passages: with diuers reasons to moderate the country peoples passions, feares, and expostulations, concerning the Prince his royall match and state affaires. Composed and collected by Edm. Garrard.Garrard, Edmund.A01503EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Monotessaron The evangelicall harmonie, reducing the foure Evangelists into one continued context; and in it the entire historie of the acts and sayings, life and death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: duely ordered according to the distinction of times. By Henry Garthwait.Garthwait, Henry.A01511EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The poesies of George Gascoigne EsquireGascoigne, George, 1542?-1577.A01514EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ane breif gathering of the halie signes, sacrifices and sacramentis institutit of God sen the creation of the warlde. And of the trew originall of the sacrifice of the messe. Translatit out of Frenche into Scottis be ane faithful brotherA01556EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A defiance to death Being the funebrious commemoration of the Right Honourable, Baptist Lord Hickes, Viscount Camden, late deceased. Preached at Camden in Gloucester-shire, Nouember 8. 1629. By Iohn Gaule.Gaule, John, 1604?-1687.A01559EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Distractions, or The holy madnesse Feruently (not furiously) inraged against euill men; or against their euills. Wherein the naughty are discouered to themselues, and others: and may here see at once, who they are; what they doe; and how they ought. Somewhat delightfull, but fruitfull altogether: as ordered to please a little; but aymed to profit much. By Iohn Gaule, vtrusque olim Academiæ.Gaule, John, 1604?-1687.A01560EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Practique theories: or, Votiue speculations vpon Abrahams entertainment of the three angels Sarah, and Hagars contention. Isaacs Marriage with Rebekah. Iohn Baptists natiuity or birth decollation or beheading. S. Peters calling. confession. denyall. repentance. vpon Sauls cruely. Pauls conuersion. By Iohn Gaule.Gaule, John, 1604?-1687.A01562EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[The Jest of Sir Gawaine]A01564EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short instruction for all such as are to be admitted to the Lords SupperGawton, Richard.A01566EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The proclamation and edict of the archbyshop, and prince elector of Culleyn. Declarynge his occasion and earnest intention, to bring in the free exercise of the preaching of the Gospel, and peace and lybertie to true Christian religion Proclaymed at Bon, in the yeare of our Lorde, 1583. Imprinted at Antwerp, in Tannets streete, at the signe of the Gylden Bible, by Paule Braeckvelt, 1583. With the consent and priuiledge of the lordes of of the cittie of Antwerp.Gebhard, Truchsess von Waldburg, Archbishop and Elector of Cologne, 1547-1601.A01568EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ground of Christianitie composed in maner of a dialogue between Paule and Titus, contayning all the principall poyntes of our saluation in Christ.Gee, Alexander.A01570EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two sermons One, the curse and crime of Meroz. Preached at the assises at Exon. The other, a sermon of patience. At St Maries in Oxford. By Edward Gee, Doctor in Diuinitie, and chaplaine to his Maiestie. Published since his death, by his two brethren, Iohn Gee and George Gee, ministers of Gods Word.Gee, Edward, 1565-1618.A01575EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The foot out of the snare with a detection of sundry late practices and impostures of the priests and Iesuits in England. VVhereunto is added a catalogue of such bookes as in this authors knowledge haue been vented within two yeeres last past in London, by the priests and their agents. By Iohn Gee, Master of Arts, of Exon-Colledge in Oxford.Gee, John, 1596-1639.A01576EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Hold fast a sermon preached at Pauls Crosse vpon Sunday being the xxxi. of October, Anno Domini 1624. By Iohn Gee, Master of Arts, late of Exon Colledge in Oxford.Gee, John, 1596-1639.A01580EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Nevv shreds of the old snare Containing the apparitions of two new female ghosts. The copies of diuers letters of late intercourse concerning Romish affaires. Speciall indulgences purchased at Rome, granted to diuers English gentle-beleeuing Catholiques for their ready money. A catalogue of English nunnes of the late transportations within these two or three yeares. By Iohn Gee, Master of Arts, late of Exon-Colledge in Oxford.Gee, John, 1596-1639.A01581EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A proclamation giuen by the discreet lords and states, against the slanders laid vpon the euangelicall and reformed religion, by the Arminians and separatists containing all the points, accusations, declarations and confessions, taken out of the last prouinciall synode holden at Arnhem, the 15. day of September last past. 1618. Together with the seuerall examinations and confessions (at Vtrecht and the Hage) of one Leydenberg, pentioner of Leyden, and Taurinus; with their sodaine and fearefull ends.Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk. Synoden, (1618 : Gelderland, Netherlands)A01582EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes out of Germanie. A most wonderfull and true discouse of a cruell murderer, who had kylled in his life tyme, nine hundred, threescore and odde persons among which six of them were his owne children begotten on a young woman which he forceablie kept in a caue seuen yeeres, with the manner how he was taken, and the aboundaunce of wealth that was found in the said caue: executed at Berkessell on the 14. of Iune. Translated and published according to the Dutch and French coppyes. By G.P. 1584.A01592EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A perticuler and true narration of that great and gratious deliuerance, that it pleased God of late to vouchsafe vnto the cittie of Geneua namely vpon the. xij. of December last in the yeere 1602.A01596EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The troubles of Geneua VVith the warres which the Duke of Sauoy hath made against it these three yeeres space. And the great victories which God hath lately giuen to the citizens of Geneua. Trulie translated according to the French copie. by W.P. The map of Geneua.A01597EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse vpon the meanes of vvel governing and maintaining in good peace, a kingdome, or other principalitie Divided into three parts, namely, the counsell, the religion, and the policie, vvhich a prince ought to hold and follow. Against Nicholas Machiavell the Florentine. Translated into English by Simon Patericke.Gentillet, Innocent, ca. 1535-ca. 1595.A01615EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The course of Christianitie: or, As touching the dayly reading and meditation of the holy Scriptures very requisite and necessary for all Christians of what estate or condition soeuer: tvvo bookes. Translated out of Latine into English, by Iohn Ludham vicar of Wethersfeld. 1579.Hyperius, Andreas, 1511-1564.A01624EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The regiment of the pouertie. Compiled by a learned diuine of our time D. Andreas Hyperius. And now seruing very fitly for the present state of this realme. Translated into Englishe by H.T. ministerHyperius, Andreas, 1511-1564.A01627EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A speciall treatise of Gods prouidence and of comforts against all kinde of crosses and calamities to be drawne from the same With an exposition of the 107. Psalme. Heerunto is added an appendix of certaine sermons & questions, (conteining sweet & comfortable doctrine) as they were vttered and disputed ad clerum in Cambridge. By P. Baro D. in Diui. Englished by I.L. vicar of Wethers-fielde.Hyperius, Andreas, 1511-1564.A01628EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two common places taken out of Andreas Hyperius, a learned diuine, whereof, in the one, he sheweth the force that the sonne, moone and starres haue ouer men, &c. In the other, whether the deuils haue bene the shewers of magicall artes, &c. Translated into English by R.V.Hyperius, Andreas, 1511-1564.A01631EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ornament of women. Or, A description of the true excellency of women Delivered in a sermon at the funerall of M. Elizabeth Machell, on Easter Munday being the 15. of April 1639. By Stephen Geree, minister of Gods Word at Wonnersh, neare Guildford in Surrey.Geree, Stephen, 1594-1656?A01632EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The soules watch: or, A day-booke for the deuout soule Consisting of 52 heauenly meditations, and diuers godly prayers, fitted to all the dayes of the weeke. Being holy exercises for a sanctified conuersation, and spirituall riches for the inward man. By Iohn Gerhard Dr. of Diuinity, and superintendent of Heldburge. Englished by R.B. With the Lords Prayer expounded by him.Gerhard, Johann, 1582-1637.A01635EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The summe of Christian doctrine written originally in Latine by John Gerhard ... and translated by Ralph Winterton ...Gerhard, Johann, 1582-1637.A01637EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A publike declaration· made by the united Protestant princes electors and other princes, states and lords, of the Holie Empire, thereby shewing for what causes and reasons, they are mooued to ioyne together in a straight vnitie and alliance, to aide and assist the princes electors of BrandenBurgh and the Palsgraue: in the possession of the dukedomes, countryes and dominions of Gulike, Cleaue, and Berge. Translated out of the Duch copie, printed at Amsterdam by Michael Colyn, ann. 1610Protestant Union (1608-1620)A01655EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The wars in Germany vvith the taking of the seuerall townes by the Marquesse Spynola, and the present estate of the whole armie now on foote, in right of the emperour, sent from the Pope. Emperour. King of Spaine. Archduke. The cardinals. And Germaine prelasts. Together with the present estate of the contrary armie, conducted by Graue Maurice of Nassau, and the townes by him taken. Truely translated out of Dutch and French into English: and printed at Antvverpe the third of September. 1614.A01656EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly inuectiue in the defence of the Gospell against such as murmure and woorke what thei can that the Bible shoulde not haue free passage, veray necessary to be red of euery faythfull Christian.Gerrard, Philip.A01657EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise againste the preuee masse in the behalfe and furtheraunce of the mooste hylye communyon made by Edmund Gest. Reade gentyll reader and then iudge. M. D. XLVIII.Gest, Edmund.A01664EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The exercise of armes for caliures, muskettes, and pikes after the ordre of his Excellence. Maurits Prince of Orange Counte of Nassau etc. Gouernour and Captaine generall. ouer Geldreland. Holland, Zeeland, Vtrecht. Overyssel. etc. Sett forthe in figures. by Iacob de Gheyn. With written instructions. for the service of all captaines and comaundours. For to shewe hereout the better vnto their jong or vntrayned souldiers the playne and perfett maner to handle these armes.Gheyn, Jacob de, 1565-1629.A01673EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Wits laberynth, or The exercise of idlenesse Containing an artificiall texture of two thousand two hundred and sixtie figures, so placed and disposed, as by the helpe of a briefe direction for that purpose, you may tell which of them any man thinketh. As also by the same obseruation, to discouer any name, or number, that shall bee imagined. Besides an ample and large subiect for those that affect such ingenious recreations, by the sharpnesse of their owne conceits, to drawe out many other delightfull varieties. First composed in Italian by Andrea Ghisi, and now Englished and augmented.Ghisi, Andrea.A01675EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Questions and disputations concerning the Holy Scripture wherein are contained, briefe, faithfull and sound expositions of the most difficult and hardest places: approued by the testimony of the Scriptures themselues; fully correspondent to the analogie of faith, and the consent of the Church of God; conferred with the iudgement of the fathers of the Church, and interpreters of the Scripture, nevv and old. Wherein also the euerlasting truth of the word of God, is freed from the errors and slaunders of atheists, papists, philosophers, and all heretikes. The first part of the first tome. By Nicholas Gibbens, minister and preacher of the word of God.Gibbons, Nicholas.A01676EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Not so new, as true Being a verie necessarie caueat for all Christians to consider of. VVherein is truelie described the iniquitie of this present time, by occasion of our confused liuing: and iustlie approued the world to be neuer worse, by reason of our contagious leaudnes. By Charles Gibbon.Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604.A01678EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Our trust against trouble very expedient for the time, composed for our better consolation and consideration of these crosses of warre, lately attempted, and still intended against vs : with diuers speciall prayers and meditations, very requisite to be remembred of vs, before, in and after the time of our trouble / by Charles Gybbon.Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604.A01680EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The praise of a good name The reproch of an ill name. Wherin euery one may see the fame that followeth laudable actions, and the infamy that cometh by the contrary. With certaine pithy apothegues, very profitable for this age, by C.G.Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604.A01682EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The remedie of reason not so comfortable for matter, as compendious for memorie. Wherein the ignorant may gather instruction, the learned confirmation, all men consolation. By Charles Gibbon.Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604.A01684EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The lands mourning, for vaine swearing: or The downe-fall of oathes Declaring how this land groneth vnder the burthen of this sinne, and of Gods fearefull iudgements that attend it. A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the 11. of Iuly. 1613. By Abraham Gibson, Mr. of Arts.Gibson, Abraham, b. 1586 or 7.A01691EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The only rule to walke by guiding Christs ministers, and all his members, how to frame their conuersation in the way to saluation. A sermon preached at a synod, or meeting of ministers in S. Michaels Church in Couentry the second of October. 1615. By S. Gibson, preacher of the word, and pastor in the same city.Gibbons, Samuel.A01698EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Meditations vpon the hundred and sixteene psalme very profitable for all Chrisitians With an application to the present times, shewing the true vse of our late deliuerance. By Thomas Gibson Minister.Gibson, Thomas, M.A.A01705EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine sermons, vpon diuers textes of Holie Scripture Whereof some haue been seuerally before published, and other some for the greater benefit of the godly reader are here now added. By M. George Giffard, preacher of the worde of God at Mauldon Essex.Gifford, George, d. 1620.A01711EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A catechisme conteining the summe of Christian religion, giuing a most excellent light to all those that seek to enter the path-way to saluation: Newlie set foorth by G.G. Preacher of Gods word at Malden in EssexGifford, George, d. 1620.A01712EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Foure sermons vpon the seuen chiefe vertues or principall effectes of faith and the doctrine of election: wherein euerie man may learne, whother he be Gods childe or no. Preached at Malden in Essex by Master George Gifford, penned from his mouth, and corrected and giuen to the Countesse of Sussex, for a Newyeeres gift.Gifford, George, d. 1620.A01724EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Foure sermons vpon seuerall partes of scripture, preached by George Gyffard, preacher of the worde, at Maudlin in EssexGifford, George, d. 1620.A01725EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon on the parable of the sower, taken out of the 13. of Mathew. Preached at London by M. G. Gifford, & published at the request of sundrie godly and well disposed personsGifford, George, d. 1620.A01731EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short reply vnto the last printed books of Henry Barrow and Iohn Greenwood, the chiefe ringleaders of our Donatists in England VVherein is layd open their grosse ignorance, and foule errors: vpon which their whole building is founded. By George Gyfford, minister of Gods holy worde, in Maldon.Gifford, George, d. 1620.A01735EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The stewards last account Deliuered in fiue sermons vpon the sixteenth chapter of the gospell by Saint Luke, the first and second verses. By Robert Bagnall, Minister of the Word of God, at Hutton in Somersetshire.Bagnall, Robert, b. 1559 or 60.A01737EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Tvvo sermons vpon 1. Peter 5. vers .8. and 9 Wherein is shewed that the diuell is to be resisted only by a stedfast faith, how soeuer he commeth either against soule or body: and that whosoeuer hath once attained the true and liuelie faith, it can neuer be vtterly lost, but he is sure to get the victorie. By M. George Giffard, Preacher of the worde of God at Mauldon in Essex.Gifford, George, d. 1620.A01739EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sacred philosophie of the Holy Scripture, laid downe as conclusions on the articles of our faith, commonly called the Apostles Creed Proved by the principles or rules taught and received in the light of understanding. Written by Alexander Gil, Master of Pauls Schole.Gill, Alexander, 1565-1635.A01743EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A commentarye vpon the prophet Mycha. Wrytten by Antony Gilby. Anno Domi. M.D.LiGilby, Anthony, ca. 1510-1585.A01754EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of the Christian Sabboth a godlye treatise of Mayster Iulius of Milayne / translated out of Italian into English, by Thomas Langley.Julius, of Milan.A01767EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe and plaine narration of proceedings at an assemsemblie [sic] in Glasco, 8. Iun. 1610. anent the innovation of the Kirk-governement With a narration of some straunge episcopall accidents lately happened in Scotland, worthie co[n]sideration: which the wise of heart will vnderstand.A01780EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A glasse for housholders wherin thei maye se, bothe howe to rule theim selfes [and] ordre their housholde verye godly and fruytfull.A01782EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The honourable actions of that most famous and valiant Englishman, Edward Glemham, Esquire Lately obtained against the Spaniards, and the holy Leauge [sic], in foure sundry fightes. With his landing on S. Georges Ile, belonging to our enemie, which he kept with foure score and six men, the space of 48. houres. With his like succes against 6. gallegoes, of which he fired two: and notable victorie in his fight with foure gallyes, bound for Marceellus: to the eternall honour of our countrie, and no lesse worthy commendations of the valiant and braue minded gentleman and his followers, haning [sic] but one ship of burthen 240. tunnes, or thereabout, whereof himselfe is owner. Published for an encouragement to our English aduenturers, (gentlemen, sailars, and souldiars,) that serue against the euemies [sic] of God and our countrey.A01787EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Gods handy-vvorke in vvonders Miraculously shewen vpon two women, lately deliuered of two monsters: with a most strange and terrible earth-quake, by which, fields and other grounds, were quite remoued to other places: the prodigious births, being at a place called Perre-farme, within a quarter of a mile of Feuersham in Kent, the 25. of Iuly last, being S. Iames his day. 1615.A01791EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The knowledge of things vnkowne Apperteyning to astronomy, wyth necessary rules, and certayne speares contayned in the same. Compyled by Godfridus super palladium de agricultura Anglicatum.Godfridus.A01797EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Kings medicine for this present yeere 1604 prescribed by the whole colledge of the spirituall physitions, made after the coppy of the corporall kings medicine, which was vsed in the city the former yeere. Giuen as a new yeers-gift, to the honorable city of London, to be taken in this yeere for the soule, as the other was for the bodie. Herevnto are intermixed, first, the wonders of the former yeer, his triumphs, two funeralls, two coronations, two preachers. Secondlie, Londons and Englands newyeers-gift, to offer vp vnto the Lord for his new-yeers-gift, containing King Dauids sacrificing after the ceasing of the pestilence, necessarie to teach vs the duty of our deliuerance. The whole collected out of the first book of Chr. ch. 21. / Made and vvritten by Iames Godskall, preacher of the vvorde.Godskall, James.A01801EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Moses and Aaron Ciuil and ecclesiastical rites, vsed by the ancient Hebrewes; obserued, and at large opened, for the clearing of many obscure texts thorowout the whole Scripture. Herein likevvise is shewed what customes the Hebrewes borrowed from heathen people: and that many heathenish customes, originally haue beene vnwarrantable imitations of the Hebrewes. By Thomas Godwyn, B.D.Goodwin, Thomas, 1586 or 7-1642.A01814EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Oratio funebris habita in ecclesia Cathedrali Christi Oxon in obitum viri omni ævo dignissimi Gulielmi Goodvvin istius ecclesiæ decani, s. theol. Doctoris. A Tho. Goffe Artium Magistro ex Æde Christi.Goffe, Thomas, 1591-1629.A01838EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Reasons metaphorphosis, and restauration Whereunto are annexed two other treatises. viz. 1. Choyce and applications. 2. My friend. By Charles Goldwell Master of Artes, and minister of Gods word.Goldwell, Charles.A01846EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vncasing of heresie, or, The anatomie of protestancie. Written and composed by O.A..Almond, Oliver.A01858EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A rumor of warres among the times and signes of peace A sermon preached at Hamsted, in Middlesex, the 6. of September 1608. By William Bailey.Bailey, William, of Stapleford Abbat, Essex.A01869EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Londons cry ascended to God, and entred into the hearts, and eares of men for reuenge of bloodshedders, burglaiers, and vagabounds. Manifested the last sessions, holden at Iustice Hall in the old Baily the 9. 10. 11. 12. of December, Anno Dom. 1619. Likewise heerein is related, the courts legall proceedings, against the malefactors that were executed at Tiburne and about London, and the chiefest offenders, there offences and confessions at large expressed.Goodcole, Henry, 1586-1641.A01871EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Automachia, or the self-conflict of a ChristianGoodwin, George, fl. 1607-1620.A01887EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Spiritual marriage: or, The vnion betweene Christ and his Church As it was delivered in a sermon at Westminster, the first of Ianuarie. Anno Dom. 1626. By Iames Baillie, Master of Arts.Baillie, James, Master of Arts.A01889EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The saints interest in God opened in severall sermons, preached anniversarily upon the fifth of November. By John Goodwin pastor of S. Stephens Coleman-street.Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665.A01891EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A childe of light vvalking in darknesse: or A treatise shewing the causes, by which God leaves his children to distresse of conscience. The cases, wherein [God leaves his children to distresse of conscience.] The ends, for which [God leaves his children to distresse of conscience.] Together vvith directions how to come forth of such a condition: vvith other observations upon Esay 50. 10, and 11. verses. By Tho: Goodwin B.D.Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.A01898EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The happinesse of the saints in glory, or A treatise of heaven, on Rom. 8. 18 For I reckon, that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. By Tho. Goodwin. B. D.Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.A01900EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Marquesse of Huntley his reply to certaine noblemen, gentlemen, and ministers, covenanters of Scotland sent from their associates, to signifie unto him, that it behoved him either to assist their designes, or be carried to prison in the Castle of Edinburgh: the 20. of April, 1639. Now published, because of a false copie thereof lately printed without authoritie, or his owne consent.Huntly, George Gordon, Marquess of, d. 1649.A01914EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Neptunus britannicus Corydonis De luctuoso Serenissimi Henrici (æternæ memoriæ) magnæ Britanniæ Principis, &c. obitu. Et felicibus Serenissimi successoris Caroli. F. Ducis Eboracensis, &c. auspicijs: queis intermixtus Serenissimi Friderici, Rhenani Principis Electoris, &c. & Serenissimæ Elizabethæ magnæ Britanniæ, &c. Infantis Hymenæus.Gordon, Patrick, fl. 1615-1650.A01931EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Pharmaco-pinax, or A table and taxe of the pryces of all vsuall medicaments, simple and composed, contayned in D. Gordon's apothecarie and chymicall shop within Mr Robert Farquhar's high lodging, in New Aberdene. Together with certayne approved remedies against diseases, which now most reigne amongst the commons. All for the vse of the people; proportionate both to rich and poore, learned and unlearned; and profitable to all.Gordon, D., apothecary.A01934EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Such as are desirous, eyther themselues to learne, or to haue theyr children or seruants instructed in any of these artes and faculties heer vnder named, it may please them to repayre vnto the house of Humfry BakerBaker, Humfrey, fl. 1557-1587.A01942EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The composition or making of the moste excellent and pretious oil called oleum magistrale First published by the commaundement of the King of Spain, vvith the maner hovv to apply it particulerly. The which oyl cureth these diseases folowi[n]g ... Also the third book of Galen of curing of pricks and wounds of sinowes. A method for curing of vvounds in the ioynts, and the maner how to place them. Abreef gathering togither of certain errours which the common chirurgians dayly vse ... Faithfully gathered and translated into English by George Baker chirurgian. 1574.Baker, George, 1540-1600.A01943EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ephemerides of Phialo deuided into three bookes. The first, a method which he ought to follow that desireth to rebuke his freend, when he seeth him swarue: without kindling his choler, or hurting himselfe. The second, a canuazado to courtiers in foure pointes. The third, the defence of a curtezan ouerthrowen. And a short apologie of the Schoole of abuse, against poets, pipers, players, [et] their excusers. By Steph. Gosson, stud. Oxon.Gosson, Stephen, 1554-1624.A01949EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Io. Gower de confessione amantisGower, John, 1325?-1408.A01998EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short and easie introduction to Christian faith conteining the summe of the principles of religion, necessary to be knowne of all before they presume to receiue the sacrament of the Lords Supper: set downe in questions and answers, and distinguished into chapters. By H. Graie.Graie, H.A02023EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The application of scripture. Or The maner how to vse the word to most edifying. By Thomas Granger preacher of the word at Botterwike in Holland, neere Boston, in LincolnshireGranger, Thomas, b. 1578.A02028EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A looking-glasse for Christians; or, The comfortable doctrine of adoption Wherein euery true beleeuer may behold his blessed estate in the kingdome of grace. By Thomas Granger, preacher of Gods Word at Butterwike in Holland in Lincolnshire.Granger, Thomas, b. 1578.A02034EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The tree of good and euill: or A profitable and familiar exposition of the Commandements directing vs in the whole course of our life, according to the rule of Gods Word, whereby we must bee iudged at the last day. By Thomss [sic] Granger preacher of Gods Word.Granger, Thomas, b. 1578.A02039EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A copie of the articles and conditions of his excellencie, granted to the gouernour, captaines, officers and souldiers of the garrison of the towne of Graue Also a copie of a letter dated the 28. of September 1602. in the Hage, sent from a man of worship to his friends here in England.A02049EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The compleat horseman and expert ferrier In two bookes. The first, shewing the best manner of breeding good horses, with their choyce, nature, riding and dyeting ... The second, directing the most exact and approved manner how to know and cure all maladies and diseases in horses ... dedicated to his most Excellent Majestie, by Thomas de Gray Esquire.De Grey, Thomas.A02060EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A refutation of the Apology for actors Diuided into three briefe treatises. Wherein is confuted and opposed all the chiefe groundes and arguments alleaged in defence of playes: and withall in each treatise is deciphered actors, 1. heathenish and diabolicall institution. 2. their ancient and moderne indignitie. 3. the wonderfull abuse of their impious qualitie. By I.G.I. G., fl. 1615.A02072EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Meditations and disquisitions, upon the seven consolatorie psalmes of David namely, The 23. The 27. The 30. The 34. The 84. The 103. The 116. By Sir Richard Baker Knight.Baker, Richard, Sir, 1568-1645.A02119EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Mamillia The second part of the triumph of Pallas: wherein with perpetual fame the constancie of gentlewomen is canonised, and the vniust blasphemies of womens supposed ficklenesse (breathed out by diuerse iniurious persons) by manifest examples clearely infringed. By Robert Greene Maister of Arts, in Cambridge.Greene, Robert, 1558?-1592.A02131EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Meditations and disquisitions, upon the seven psalmes of David, commonly called the penitentiall Psalmes Namely, The 6. The 32. The 38. The 51. The 102. The 130. The 143. By Sir Richard Baker knight.Baker, Richard, Sir, 1568-1645.A02139EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Greenvvoods vvorkes contayned in fiue seueral tractates. 1. Of the day of iudgement. 2. Of the Lords Prayer. 3. Of the race to saluation. 4. Of the torment of Tophet. 5. Of the baptisme of Christ.Greenwood, Henry, b. 1544 or 5.A02186EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The prisoners prayers. Or, An heauenly helpe to deuotion. Composed by H.Greenwood, preacher of the word of GodGreenwood, Henry, b. 1544 or 5.A02191EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The dialogues of S. Gregorie, surnamed the Greate: Pope of Rome: and the first of that name deuided into fower bookes. Wherein he intreateth of the liues, and miracles of the saintes in Italie: and of the eternitie of mens soules. With a shorte treatise of sundry miracles, wrought at the shrines of martyrs: taken out of S. Augustin. Together with a notable miracle wrought by S. Bernard, in confirmation of diuers articles of religion. Translated into our English tongue by P.W.Gregory I, Pope, ca. 540-604.A02208EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A letter vvritten by Gregory the XV. Pope of Rome, to the French King To our most dearely beloued son health in Iesus Christ, Louis the 13. the most Christian King of France. According to the French coppie printed at Paris. 1621.Gregory XV, Pope, 1554-1623.A02219EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The great day, or, A sermon, setting forth the desperate estate and condition of the wicked at the day of iudgement Preached at Saint Andrews in Holborne at London By Nathaniel Grenfield, Master of Artes, and preacher of the Word of God at Whit-field in Oxfordshire.Grenfield, Nathaniel, b. 1588 or 9.A02223EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[The castle of labor]Gringore, Pierre, ca. 1475-1538?A02249EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The antient, true, and admirable history of patient Grisel a poore mans daughter in France: shewing, how maides, by her example, in their good behauiour may marrie rich husbands: and likewise, wiues by their patience and obedience may gaine much glorie. Written first in French. And therefore to French I speake and giue direction. For English dames will liue in no subiection. But now translated into English. Therefore say not so. For English maids and wiues surpasse the French, in goodnesse of their liues.Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375.A02250EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The proceedings of the Grisons, in the yeere 1618 VVherein are truely and cleerely laid open the lawfull and vrgent causes of calling an assembly of the commons: and of their due proceeding and honourable prosecution of iustice, which they were enforced to vse against some false and perfidious patriots, in a full congregation, and with absolute power met together at Tosana. Imprinted and published by commandement of the lords the heads, the counsailours and commons of the three confederations of the renowned free states of the Grisons: in maintenance of the truth, and romoouing all manner of calumniation.Graubünden (Switzerland)A02254EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Articles of the giuing ouer of the large, ample, and imperiall cittie of Groning also the Articles and conditions, whervpon His Highnes, and the Honorable William Ludowick, Earle of Nassow, at this present, with the aduice of the counsell of the Estates of the Vnited Prouinces, are content to agree vnto, for reducing and reconciliation of the said cittie of Groning : likewise the agreement, concluded between His Highnes, and the chiefe lieutenant Laukema, with the captaines, commaunders, and common souldiours, beeing in garrison within the fore-sayd cittie / doone the xxi. and xxii. of July, 1594 ; with repetition ofthe besieging of the same.A02256EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Deaths deliverance, and Eliahes fiery charet, or The holy mans triumph after death Delivered in two sermons preached at Plymouth, the one the 16. the other the 19. of August: the former at the funerall of Thomas Sherwill, an eminent and pious magistrate of that place. 1631. By Alexander Grosse now pastor of Bridford.Grosse, Alexander, 1596?-1654.A02259EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The happines of enjoying, and making a true and speedie use of Christ Setting forth, first, the fulnesse of Christ. Secondly, the danger of neglecting Christ, and the opportunity of grace. Thirdly, the Lord Jesus the soules last refuge. Whereunto is added, St. Pauls legacie, or farewell to the men of Corinth. By Alexander Grosse B.D. Minister of the Gospel, and pastour of Bridford.Grosse, Alexander, 1596?-1654.A02260EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Maine grounds of religion vvithout the knowledge whereof none may presume to come to the Lords table here, or expect to communicate with him in glory hereafter : collected out of a more copious catechisme, and published especially for the benefit of such poore soules as want either money to buy, or time to learne, or memories to retain [brace] a larger treatise.A02270EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Bellum grammaticale a discourse of great warand dissention betwene two worthy princes, the noune and the uerbe, contending for the chefe place or dignitie in oration : very pleasant & profitable / turned into English by W.H.Guarna, Andrea.A02288EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The dial of princes, compiled by the reuerend father in God, Don Antony of Gueuara, Byshop of Guadix, preacher, and chronicler to Charles the fifte, late of that name Emperour. Englished out of the Frenche by T. North, sonne of Sir Edvvard North knight, L. North of KyrthelingGuevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545?A02296EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A looking glasse for the court. Composed in the Castilian tongue by the Lorde Anthony of Gueuarra Bishop of Mondouent, and chronicler to the Emperour Charles. And out of Castilian drawne into Frenche by Anthony Alaygre. And out of the French tongue into Englishe by Sir Fraunces Briant Knight one of the priuy Chamber, in the raygne of K. Henry the eyghtGuevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545?A02315EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Mount Caluarie, the second part: compyled by the reuerend father Don Anthonio de Gueuara ... In this booke the author treateth of the seuen words which Christ our redeemer spake hanging vpon the Crosse. Translated out of Spanish into EnglishGuevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545?A02319EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[A briefe collection or epitomie of all the notable and material things contained in the hystorie of Guicchiardine being verie necessarie for Parliament, councell, treatises, and negotiations.]Guicciardini, Francesco, 1483-1540.A02333EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two discourses of Master Frances Guicciardin vvhich are wanting in the thirde and fourth bookes of his Historie, in all the Italian, Latin, and French coppies heretofore imprinted; which for the worthinesse of the matter they containe, were published in those three languages at Basile 1561. And are now for the same cause doone into English.Guicciardini, Francesco, 1483-1540.A02334EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The description of the Low countreys and of the prouinces thereof, gathered into an epitome out of the historie of Lodouico GuicchardiniGuicciardini, Lodovico, 1521-1589.A02335EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The garden of pleasure contayninge most pleasante tales, worthy deeds and witty sayings of noble princes [et] learned philosophers, moralized. No lesse delectable, than profitable. Done out of Italian into English, by Iames Sanforde, Gent. Wherein are also set forth diuers verses and sentences in Italian, with the Englishe to the same, for the benefit of students in both tongs.Guicciardini, Lodovico, 1521-1589.A02336EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The staffe of Christian faith profitable to all Christians, for to arme themselues agaynst the enimies of the Gospell: and also for to knowe the antiquitie of our holy fayth, and of the true Church. Gathered out of the vvorks of the ancient doctors of the church, and of the councels, and many other doctors, vvhose names you shall see here follovving. Translated out of Frenche into English, by Iohn Brooke of Ashe next Sandvviche. With a table to finde out all that which is contayned in the booke.Brès, Guy de, 1522-1567.A02347EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A compend of the controversies of religion wherin the trueth is confirmed, and errour convinced, by authoritie of Scripture, witnessing of antiquitie, and confession of partie. Most necessary for all, in this backe-slyding age. By W.G. minister of God's word.Guild, William, 1586-1657.A02349EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The contre-Guyse vvherein is deciphered the pretended title of the Guyses, and the first entrie of the saide family into Fraunce, with their ambitious aspiring and pernitious practises for the obtaining of the French crowne.A02375EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The causes for vvhich the most high and mighty prince and lo: Lord Gustavus Adolphus of the Swedes, Gothes, and Vandals King great Prince of Finland, Duke of Esthonia and Carelia, and Lord of Ingria, is at length constrained to move with an armie into Germany. Translated out of the Latine copy.A02403EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The great and famous battel of Lutzen fought betweene the renowned King of Sweden, and Walstein; vvherein were left dead vpon the place between 5 and 6000. of the Swedish party, and between 10 and 12000. of the Imperialists, where the King himselfe was vnfortunatly slain ... Here is also inserted an abridgment of the Kings life, and a relation of the King of Bohemia's death. Faithfully translated out of the French coppie.A02405EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The reasons for vvhich the most illustrious and most potent prince, and lord, Lord Gustavus Adolphus, King of the Svvethens, Gothes and Vandals, great Prince of Finland, Duke of Esthonia and Carelia, and Lord of Ingria, vvas at length forced to march vvith an army into GermanyA02406EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation of the funerall pompe, in which the body of Gustauus the Great, late King of Sweden, was carryed from the castle of Vbolgast, to the sea-side, to be transported into Swethland Together, vvith a strange apparition of the moone the night before.A02407EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A compendious treatise entituled, De re militari containing principall orders to be obserued in martiall affaires. VVritten in the Spanish tongue, by that worthie and famous captaine, Luis Gutierres de la Vega, citizen of Medina del Campo. And newlie translated into English, by Nicholas Lichefild.Gutierrez de la Vega, Luis, b. ca. 1509.A02408EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The co[n]futacyon of the fyrst parte of Frythes boke with a dysputacyon before whether it be possyble for any heretike to know that hym selfe is one or not. And also an other, whether it be wors to denye directely more or lesse of the fayth, put forth by Iohn Gwynneth clerke.Gwynneth, John.A02422EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declaracion of the state, wherin all heretikes dooe leade their liues and also of their continuall indeuer, and propre fruictes, which beginneth in the. 38. chapiter, and so to thende of the woorke. By Iohn Gwynnethe clerke.Gwynneth, John.A02423EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The glasse of mans folly and meanes to amendment, for the health and wealth of soule and body. This glasse of mans folly, is that we may know, the cause of the cruelty, which dayly doth flow. ...B. H., fl. 1595.A02430EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A description of the Church of Christ, with her peculiar priuiledges, and also of her commons, and entercommoners With some oppositions and answers of defence, for the maintenance of the truth which shee professeth: against certaine Anabaptisticall and erronious opinions, verie hurtfull and dangerous to weake Christians. Maintained and practised by one Master Iohn Smith, sometimes a preacher in Lincolneshire, and a companie of English people with him now at Amsterdam in Holland. Whome he hath there with himselfe rebaptised. By I.H.Etherington, John, fl. 1641-1645.A02435EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
This vvorlds folly Or A warning-peece discharged vpon the wickednesse thereof. By I.H.I. H., fl. 1615.A02438EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The spiritual pilgrimage of Hierusalem, contayninge three hundred sixtie fiue dayes iorney wherin the deuoute person may meditate on sondrie pointes of his redemption. With particular declaration of diuers Saints bodies and holy places which are to be seene in the said-voyage: As also sundrie deuout praiers and meditations verie healpful to the pilgrimes: With licence.Paeschen, Jan van.A02442EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The beautie of the remarkable yeare of Grace, 1638 The yeare of the great Covenant of Scotland.T. H., fl. 1638.A02445EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true picture and relation of Prince Henry his noble and vertuous disposition containing certaine observations and proofes of his towardly and notable inclination to vertue, of the pregnancie of his wit, farre above his age, comprehended in sundry of his witty and pleasant speaches. By W.H. With the true relation of the sicknesse and death of the same most illustrious prince, vvith the opening of his body. Written by a famous doctor of physick in French, and newly translated into English.W. H., fl. 1634.A02447EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Tvvo fruitful sermons, needfull for these times whereof the one may be called, A mariage present; the other, A sickemans glasse. Compiled by Roger Hacket, Doctor in Diuinitie.Hacket, Roger, 1559-1621.A02462EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true declaration of the arriuall of Cornelius Haga (with others that accompanied him) ambassadour for the generall states of the vnited Netherlands, at the great citie of Constantinople. Together with the entertainement vnto them giuen, by the Turke, when they came to his palace, and what priuiledges were by him granted vnto the said vnited Prouinces. And also, the copie of certaine letters, sent vnto the said states of the Netherlands, from Constantinople. Faithfully translated out of the Dutch copie.A02472EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Diuers voyages touching the discouerie of America, and the ilands adiacent vnto the same made first of all by our Englishmen, and afterward by the Frenchmen and Britons: and certaine notes of aduertisements for obseruations, necessarie for such as shall heereafter make the like attempt, with two mappes annexed heereunto for the plainer vnderstanding of the whole matter.A02494EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A horrible creuel and bloudy murther committed at Putney in Surrey on the 21. of Aprill last, 1614, being thursday, vpon the body of Edward Hall a miller of the same parish, done by the hands of Iohn Selling, Peeter Pet and Edward Streater, his seruants to the said Hall, each of them giuing him a deadly blow (as he lay sleeping) with a pickax. Published by authority.A02500EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Contemplations, the fifth volume. By Ios. Hall D. of D.Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.A02530EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A recantation sermon preached in the gate-house at VVestminster the 30. day of Iuly 1620 In the presence of many worshipfull persons, by Iohn Harding, late Priest and Dominican Fryar. Wherein he hath declared his iust motiues which haue moued him to leaue the Church of Rome, and to vnite himselfe with the reformed Church of England, whose faith and doctrine, the ancient fathers and holy martyrs haue confirmed both by bloud and writing. Shewing herein the grose errors of Rome, in matters of faith, their corrupting the Fathers, and their present declining to some strange and future ruine.Harding, John, fl. 1620.A02628EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sicily and Naples, or, The fatall union A tragœdy. By S.H. A.B è C. ExS. H. (Samuel Harding), b. 1618.A02629EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An ansvvere to Maister Iuelles chalenge, by Doctor HardingHarding, Thomas, 1516-1572.A02630EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A detection of sundrie foule errours, lies, sclaunders, corruptions, and other false dealinges, touching doctrine, and other matters vttered and practized by M.Iewel, in a booke lately by him set foorth entituled, a defence of the apologie. &c. By Thomas Harding doctor of diuinitie.Harding, Thomas, 1516-1572.A02637EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Conformity with piety, requisite in Gods service Delivered in a visitation sermon at Kingston upon Thames September 8. 1638. By William Hardwick priest and curate of Reigate, in Surry.Hardwick, William, priest and curate of Reigate.A02639EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A caueat for commen cursetors vvlgarely called uagabones, set forth by Thomas Harman, esquier, for the vtilite and proffyt of hys naturall countrey. Newly agmented and imprinted Anno Domini. M.D.LXUII. Vewed, examined and allowed, according vnto the Queenes Maiestyes iniunctionsHarman, Thomas, fl. 1567.A02656EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A notable and learned sermon or homilie, made vpon saint Andrewes daye last past 1556 in the Cathedral curche of S. Paule in London, by Mayster Ihon Harpesfeild doctour of diuinitie and canon residenciary of the sayd churche, set furthe by the bishop of London.Harpsfield, John, 1516-1578.A02663EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Tessaradelphus, or The four brothers The qualities of whom are contayned in this old riddle. Foure bretheren were bred at once without flesh, bloud, or bones. One with a beard, but two had none, the fourth had but halfe one. Collected and translated, by Thomas Harrab.Harrab, Thomas.A02664EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Brocket Hall, before the right vvorshipfull, Sir Iohn Brocket, and other gentlemen there assembled for the trayning of souldiersHarris, Edward, fl.1587-1590.A02671EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[A sermon preached at Hitchin in ...] 1587. the 17.day of Nouember [...]Harris, Edward, fl. 1587-1590.A02672EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Brittaines hallelujah or A sermon of thanksgiving for the happy pacification in Brittaine preached in the English church at Hamburch before his excellency the right honorable Sir Thomas Rovve Lord Ambassador Extraordinary for his Mayesty of Greate Brittaine in Germany, &c. And to the vvorshipfull & famous Society of Merchant Adventurers & some cavelliers of Scotland By Ma. Harris Batchelour in Divinity, fellovv of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge & chaplaine to his excellency.Harris, Malachi, 1606 or 7-1684.A02675EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The English concord in ansvver to Becane's English iarre: together with a reply to Becan's Examen of the English Concord. By Richard Harris, Dr. in Diuinitie.Harris, Richard, d. 1613?A02683EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The blessednesse of a sound spirit: vvith the misery of a vvounded spirit VVhere first a sound spirit is described and differenced, and lets discouered, helpes prescribed. By Robert Harris.Harris, Robert, 1581-1658.A02692EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Dauids comfort at Ziklag A plaine sermon made in time of dearth and scarcitie of corne and worke. By Robert Harris.Harris, Robert, 1581-1658.A02693EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Gods goodnes and mercy Layd open in a sermon, preached at Pauls-Crosse on the last of Iune. 1622. By Mr Robert Harris, pastour of the church of God in Hanvvell in Oxfordshire.Harris, Robert, 1581-1658.A02698EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Peters enlargement vpon the prayers of the Church. By Master HarrisHarris, Robert, 1581-1658.A02706EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
S. Pauls confidence Deliuered in a sermon before the iudges of assise. By Robert Harris.Harris, Robert, 1581-1658.A02714EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Samuels funerall. Or A sermon preached at the funerall of Sir Anthonie Cope Knight, and Barronnet. By Mr. Robert HarriceHarris, Robert, 1581-1658.A02715EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christian life and death of Mistris Katherin Brettergh, late wife of Master VVilliam Brettergh, of Bretterghoult in the countie of Lancaster, Gentleman, who departed this world the last of May with the manner of a bitter conflict she had with Satan and blessed conquest by Christ before her death, [to the great?] glorie of God, and comfort of all beholders.A02733EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The difference of hearers. Or An exposition of the parable of the sower Deliuered in certaine sermons at Hyton in Lancashire By William Harrison, his Maiesties preacher there. Together with a post-script to the Papists in Lancashire, containing an apologie for the points of controuersie touched in the sermons.Harrison, William, d. 1625.A02740EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly newe short treatyse instructyng euery parson, howe they shulde trade theyr lyues in ye imytacyon of vertu, and ye shewyng of vyce [et] declaryng also what benefyte man hath receaued by christ, through theiffusyon of hys most precyous blowde.Hart, Henry, fl. 1549.A02757EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The temple A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the fifth of August. 1624. By Tho. Adams.Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653.A02771EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse concerning the soule and spirit of man Wherein is described the essence and dignity thereof, the gifts and graces wherewith God hath endued it, and the estate thereof, aswell present as future. And thereunto is annexed in the end a bipartite instruction, or exhortation, concerning the duties of our thankfulnesse towards God. Written by Simon Harvvard.Harward, Simon, fl. 1572-1614.A02785EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two godlie and learned sermons, preached at Manchester in Lancashire before a great audience, both of honor and vvoorship. The first, containeth a proofe of the subtill practises of dissembling neuters, and politique worldlings. The other, a charge and instruction, for all vnlearned, negligent, and dissolute ministers: and an exhortation to the common people, to seeke their amendment, by prayer, vnto God. By Simon Harward, preacher of the woord of God, and Maister of Arte, late of Newe Colledge in Oxfoord.Harward, Simon, fl. 1572-1614.A02793EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ten sermons, preached vpon seuerall Sundayes and saints dayes 1 Vpon the Passion of our Blessed Savior. 2 Vpon his resurrection. 3 Vpon S. Peters Day. 4 Vpon S. Iohn the Baptists Day. 5 Vpon the Day of the blessed Innocents. 6 Vpon Palme Sunday. 7 and 8 Vpon the two first Sundays in Advent. 9 and 10 Vpon the parable of the Pharisee and publicane, Luke 18. Together with a sermon preached at the assises at Huntington. By P. Hausted Mr. in Arts, and curate at Vppingham in Rutland.Hausted, Peter, d. 1645.A02804EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The conuercyon of swerersHawes, Stephen, d. 1523?A02812EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The paragon of Persia; or The lavvyers looking-glasse Opened in a sermon at S. Maries in Oxford, at the Assises, the 7 day of Iuly, 1624. By William Hayes, Master of Arts of Magdalen Hall.Hayes, William, b. 1595 or 6.A02835EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The general pardon geuen longe agone, and sythe newly confyrmed, by our almightie Father, with many large priuileges, grauntes, and bulles graunted for euer, as it is to be seen hereafter: drawne out of Frenche, into English. By VVyllyam Hayvvard.A02875EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A chrystian exhortation verye profitable gathered out of the holye scriptures, vnto the great comfort, and vtilitye, of euery faythfull soule, being in agony of death, vnto whom, it oughte to be rehersed, with lowd voyce, diuers and sundry times, if nede so require vnto the which is added, towarde the latter end a godly praier for the sick drawing to an ende of this life, with a catechisme, not onely to instruct the sicke, but also to refreshe his memorye, wyth the great mistery of our redemption. Translated out of Frenthe [sic] into Englyshe by Robart Heasse minister at Algate.A02879EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Heauens ioy, or, Heauen begun vpon earth Wherein there is discouered more plainely than euer formerly. The happy and surpassing glorious estate of a iustified person, or a saint on earth. Also that greater happinesse at the day of iudgement. And a small tast of that greatest and most glorious estate prepared for vs in the highest heauens. Also the writer will bee ready to defend what is here written against all opposers whatsoeuer.A02880EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The catechisme, or maner to teach children and others the Christian fayth used in all the landes and dominions that are under the mighty Prince Frederike, the Palsgraue of ye Rhone, elector of the empyre, &c. Translated out of Latin into Englysh, by William Turner Doctor of Phisicke, easely to be vnderstanded and read, aswell of the people of the north cuntry, as others.A02884EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The catechisme, or manner how to instruct and teach children and others in the Christian faith appointed to bee read in all the lands and dominions of the late right and mightie prince, Frederike, countie palatine of the Rhein, one of the electors of the Holy Empire, and duke in Bauier / newly translated out of Latin and Dutch into Englishe.A02885EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A devout exposition of the holie Masse with an ample declaration of all the rites and ceremonies belonging to the same / composed by Iohn Heigham the more to moue all godlie people to the greater veneration of so sublime a sacrament.Heigham, John, fl. 1639.A02889EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Laus pediculi: or An apologeticall speech, directed to the vvorshipfull masters and vvardens of Beggars Hall. Written in Latine by the learned Daniel Heinsius. And from thence translated into English by Iames Guitard, GentlemanHeinsius, Daniel, 1580-1655.A02893EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An advertisement or admonition, unto the congregations, vvhich men call the new fryelers in the lowe Countries, wrirten [sic] in Dutche. And publiched in Englis. VVherein is handled 4. principall pointes of religion. 1. That Christ tooke his flesh of Marie, haveing a true earthly, naturall bodie, 2. That a Sabbath or day of rest, is to be kept holy everie first day of the weeke. 3. That ther is no succession, nor privilege to persons in the holie thinges. 4. That magistracie, being an holy ordinance of God, debarreth not anie from being of the Church of Christ. After these followes certen demandes concerning Gods decree of salvation and condemnation.Helwys, Thomas, 1550?-1616?A02912EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A shorte declaration of the mistery of iniquityHelwys, Thomas, 1550?-1616?A02915EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The curtaine of Church-povver and authoritie in things called indifferent Drawne and laid open, to shew the many infectious sores and maladies they bring in, and cover. Together with sundry infallible reasons, proving that the service of God, and the generall good of the Church and common wealth require that they should be abolished. By Ia: HenricHenric, James.A02930EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The first booke of the preseruation of King Henry the vij. when he was but Earle of Richmond, grandfather to the Queenes maiesty compiled in English rythmicall hexameters.A02935EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ansvvere to the petitions of the traytours and rebelles in LyncolneshyreEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1509-1547 : Henry VIII)A02936EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ansvvere made by the kynges hyghnes to the petitions of the rebelles in YorkeshireEngland and Wales. Sovereign (1509-1547 : Henry VIII)A02937EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An epistle of the moste myghty [and] redouted Prince Henry the .viii. by the grace of God Kyng of England and of Fraunce, lorde of Irelande, defender of the faithe, and supreme heed of the churche of England, nexte vnder Christe, writen to the Emperours maiestie, to all Christen princes, and to all those that trewly and syncerely professe Christes religionHenry VIII, King of England, 1491-1547.A02941EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Directions from the king, to the gouernors of the prouinces, concerning the death of the Duke of Guyse Togither with the kings letter to the Lord of Taian. Translated out of French into English by E.A.France. Sovereign (1574-1589 : Henry III)A02953EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Discours politique, tres-excellent pour le temps present: composé par vn gentil-homme Francois, contre ceulx de la Ligue, qui taschoyent de persuader au Roy, de rompre l'Alliance qui'il a auec l'Angleterre, & la confirmer auec l'EspaigneGentil-homme francois, fl. 1588.A02960EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vvhole and true discourse of the enterprises and secrete conspiracies that haue bene made against the person of Henry de Valois, most Christian king of Fraunce & Poland Wherupon followed his death by the hand of a young Iacobin frier, the first day of August, 1589. Whereby the enemies of the Crown, thought to haue reduced & brought all Fraunce to their will & deuotion. Together with the assembly that the king before his death made of the princes of the blood, lordes and gentlemen that were in his armie, with the heads of the straungers, to whom he declared his last will. Englished out of the French copie, printed at Caan in NormandieA02963EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Instructions giuen by the princes of Nauarre and of Conde, the Counte of Colligny admyrall of Fraunce, and other lords & gentlemen of their counsell, and others chosen by the nobilitie of the prouinces of this realme, to the deputies of their parte, vpon the conferences holden vvith the sieurs of Biron & Malassize; tvvo of the kings priuie counsell, and deputed by his Maiestie, for the negociation of the peace, most humbly beseeching his Maiestie to graunt vnto them the most iust and necessary demaundes vvhich follovv, for the health of their soules, and preseruation of their honors, lyues, and goodes.A02964EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The declaration of the King of Nauarre touching the slaunders published against him in the protestations of those of the League that are rysen up in armes in this realme of Fraunce. With priuiledge. Truely translated into English according to the French copie.Henry IV, King of France, 1553-1610.A02966EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The letters pattents of the Kings declaration for the referring of the generall assemblie of the princes, cardinals, dukes and peeres as well ecclesiasticall as temporall, the officers of the crowne, the lords, gentlemen, officers and others, vnto the 15. day of March next comming. Also to reclaime his subiects and rebellious townes to his obedience. Published in the Parliament of Caen the 22. of of [sic] December. 1589. Faithfullie translated out of the French copie printed at Caen.France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV)A02972EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Kings edict and declaration vpon the former edicts of pacification Published in Paris at the parliament held the xxv. of Februarie. 1599. At Paris, by the printers and stationers ordinary to the King. 1599. Cum priuilegio dictæ Maiestatis.France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV)A02979EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An edict or statute lately set foorth by the French King, concerning the prohibition and punishment of single and priuate combats Published there in the Parlament, Iune 27. 1609. And first printed at Poictiers by Iohn of Marness the Kings printer, 1609. with his Maiesties priuilege or licence. Newly translated out of French.France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV)A02981EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Abridgement of the life of Henry the Great, the fourth of that name: King of France and Navarre. Translated out of FrenchVignolle, fl. 1637.A02982EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An aduertisement to the King of Nauarre, to vnite him selfe with the King and the Catholique faithe Beeing in trueth a very slaunderous, false, and seditious libell, against the said King of Nauarre, and other Christian princes ... Truely translated according to the copy printed in French.Maillard, André, fl. 1585-1591.A02984EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe discouse of the merueylous victorie gotten by the king of Nauarre, against those of the holy League, on the twentieth of October 1587 Both in English, and in French as it was printed in Fraunce. Whereunto is added as soone as it came to my hand since the first impression, the true copie of a letter sent by the king of Nauarre to his secretary at Rochil, aswel in confirmation of the victorie against the Duke Ioyeuse, as also the ouerthrow that the Switzers gaue to the Duke of Guise.A02986EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short catechisme contayning the princples [sic] of religion : verie profitable for all sorts of people.Ball, John, 1585-1640.A02987EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The continual follovving of the French king vpon the Duke of Parma, the Duke of Guise, the Duke of Maine, and their armies From the seuenteenth of Aprill, vntill the 20. of the same month. Togither with the honourable attempts of Sir Roger Williams and his men.A02991EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The copie of a letter sent to Monsieur de Beauuoir lord embassador for the French king vvherin is shewed the late attempt of a Iesuite who would haue killed the kings Maiestie with a knife.A02992EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse and true recitall of euerie particular of the victorie obtained by the French king, on Wednesday the fourth of March, being Ashwednesday Also of his good successe that he hath had since that time, in taking of certaine townes. Out of French into English. Seene and allowed.A02993EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse to the lords of the Parliament As touching the murther committed vppon the person of Henrie the Great, King of Fraunce. Manifestlie prooving the Iesuites to be the plotters and principall deuisers of that horrible act. Translated out of French, and published by authority.Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A02994EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The funerall pompe and obsequies of the most mighty and puissant Henry the fourth, King of France and Nauarre solemnized at Paris, and at S. Dennis, the 29. and 30 daies of Iune last past. 1610. Together with the order and ceremonie of remouing the body of Henry, the third of that name, King of France and Polonia, at Saint Dennis the 22 of Iune last past. All faithfully translated out of the French coppy printed at Roan by Petit ...Morillon, Claude, fl. 1600-1615.A02996EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sighes of Fraunce for the death of their late King, Henry the fourth The true maner of his murther: the forme of the coronation of Prince Lewes at S. Augustines. With the oration made by Mounsier Seruin, attourney generall to the King, exhorting both the peeres and people to alleageance. Printed in the Kings Palace.A03001EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true discourse of the most happy victories obtayned by the French King, against the rebels and enemies of his Maiesty With a particular declaration of all that hath beene done betweene the two armies, during the monthes of September and October, and part of Nouember. 1589. Also of the taking of the subburbes of Paris by the King. Faithfully translated out of French into English, according to the coppy imprinted at Tours. By T.D.A03003EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true relation of the French kinge his good successe, in winning from the Duke of Parma, his fortes and trenches, and slaieng 500. of his men, with the great famine that is now in the sayd dukes campe With other intelligences giuen by other letters since the second of May. 1592. A most wonderfull and rare example, the like wherof, neuer happended since the beginning of the world, of a certaine mountaine in the Ile of Palme, which burned continually, for fiue or six weeks together, with other both fearful & stra[n]ge sightes, seene in the ayre, ouer the same place.A03006EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A iournall, or briefe report of the late seruice in Britaigne, by the Prince de Dombes generall of the French Kings army in those partes assisted with her Maiesties forces at this present there, vnder the conduct of Sir Iohn Norreis: aduertised by letters from the said prince to the Kings ambassadour here resident with her Maiesty, and confirmed by like aduertisements from others, imployed in that seruice. Published, to aunswere the slanderous bruites raised of late by some euill affected to that and other good actions, vndertaken against the enemy of Gods true religion.A03016EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The funerals of the high and mighty Prince Henry, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornewaile and Rothsay, Count Palatine of Chester, Earle of Carick, and late Knight of the most noble Order of the Garter VVhich noble Prince deceased at St. Iames, the sixt day of Nouember, 1612. and was most princely interred the seuenth day of December following, within the Abbey of Westminster, in the eighteenth yeere of his age.A03017EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Great Brittans mourning garment Giuen to all faithfull sorrowfull subiects at the funerall of Prince Henry.A03018EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Mausoleum or, The choisest flowres of the epitaphs, written on the death of the neuer-too-much lamented Prince HenrieA03021EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A newe herball of Macer, translated out of Laten in to EnglyssheA03046EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The grete herball whiche geueth parfyt knowlege and vnderstandyng of all maner of herbes [and] there gracyous vertues whiche god hath ordeyned for our prosperous welfare and helth, for they hele [and] cure all maner of dyseases and sekenesses that fall or mysfortune to all maner of creatoures of god created, practysed by many expert and wyse maysters, as Auicenna [and] other. [et]c. Also it geueth full parfyte vnderstandynge of the booke lately prentyd by me (Peter treueris) named the noble experiens of the vertuous handwarke of surgery.A03048EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of faith diuided into two parts. The first shewing the nature, the second, the life of faith. ... By Iohn Ball.Ball, John, 1585-1640.A03064EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Some yeares travels into divers parts of Asia and Afrique Describing especially the two famous empires, the Persian, and the great Mogull: weaved with the history of these later times as also, many rich and spatious kingdomes in the orientall India, and other parts of Asia; together with the adjacent iles. Severally relating the religion, language, qualities, customes, habit, descent, fashions, and other observations touching them. With a revivall of the first discoverer of America. Revised and enlarged by the author.Herbert, Thomas, Sir, 1606-1682.A03066EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Panacea Christiana, or, A Christians soueraigne salue for euery soare deliuered in two seuerall sermons, and now digested into one treatise : published for the vse of all distressed Christians.Herring, Theodore, 1596-1645.A03078EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The right rule of Christian chastitie profitable to bee read of all godly and vertuous youthes of both sexe, bee they gentlemen or gentlewomen, or of inferiour state, whatsoeuer. Collected and written by one studious to gratifie his freendes, and profit his kindred: first (priuately) for the instruction, forewarning and forearming of certayne younge gentlewomen his neare and deare cosins: and after published by the same, in hope to profit the Church & common wealth, according to his talent. The methode wherof is to bee seene immediatly after the preface to the reader.Hergest, William.A03079EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The triumph of the Church over water and fire. Or A thankfull gratulation for that miraculous deliverance of the Church and state of Great Britaine, from the Romish Tophet: or, that barbarous and savage Powder-plot As it was delivered (for substance) in a sermon at Blacke Fryers in London on the fifth of November. 1625. By Theodor Hering, minister of the Word of God.Herring, Theodore, 1596-1645.A03080EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The gouernement of all estates, wherein is contayned the perfect way to an honest life gathered out of many learned authors, a boke right profitable for all estates, but especiallie for the trayning [and] bringing vp of the yonger sort: written in Latin by that excellent learned man Andreus Hesse, translated into Englishe.Schottennius, Hermannus.A03082EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A simple, and religious consultation of vs Herman by the grace of God Archebishop of Colone, and prince Electour. [et] c. by what meanes a Christian reformation, and founded in Gods worde, of doctrine, administration of the deuine sacramentes, of ceremonies, and the hole cure of soules, and other ecclesiastical ministeries may be begon among men committed to our pastorall charge, vntil the Lorde graunt a better to be appoynted either by a free, and Christian cou[n]sayle, general, or national, or elles by the states of the empire of the natio[n] of Germanie, gathered together in the holye GostWied, Hermann von.A03087EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An excellent treatise teaching howe to cure the French-pockes with all other diseases arising and growing thereof, and in a manner all other sicknesses. Dravvne out of the bookes of that learned doctor and prince of phisitians, Theophrastus Paracelsus. Compiled by the learned Phillippus Hermanus, phisition and chirurgion. And now put into English by Iohn Hester in the spagiricall arte, practitioner.Paracelsus, 1493-1541.A03089EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Herodian of Alexandria his Historie of tvventy Roman Cæsars and emperors (of his time.) Together with the most solemne deification of the Roman emperors and empresses. Interpreted out of the Greeke originall.Herodian.A03096EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Physicke for body and soule Shevving that the maladies of the one, proceede from the sinnes of the other: with a remedie against both, prescribed by our heauenly physitian Iesus Christ. Deliuered in a sermon at Buckden in Huntingtonsh, before the right reuerend Father in God the Lord Bishop of Lincolne then being, by E. Heron Bachelor of Diuinitie, and sometime fellow of Trin. Colledge in Cambridge.Heron, Edward, d. 1650.A03099EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A newe discourse of morall philosophie, entituled, The kayes of counsaile Not so pleasant as profitable for younge courtiours. Optima est patientia victor.Heron, Haly.A03100EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mirror of pure devotion: or, The discovery of hypocrisie Delivered in sixe severall sermons, in the Cathedrall Church of Chichester, by way of an exposition of the parable of the Pharises and the publican. By R.B. preacher of the word, at Chidham in the county of Sussex.Ball, Robert, fl. 1635.A03104EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[A ballad describing natural portents]A03121EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pearle of practise, or Practisers pearle, for phisicke and chirurgerie. Found out by I. H. (a spagericke or distiller) amongst the learned obseruations and prooued practises of many expert men in both faculties. Since his death it is garnished and brought into some methode by a welwiller of hisHester, John, d. 1593.A03123EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A manifest and apparent confutation of an astrological discourse, lately published to the discomfort (without cause) of the weake and simple sort, as will by the sequel of that which foloweth, euidently appeare With a briefe prognostication, or astrologicall prediction, of the coniunction of the two superiour planets, Saturn and Iupiter: which shalbe in the year of our Lord God 1583 the 29. of Aprill, at three of the clocke in the morning. / VVritten the 25. of March by Thomas Heth, Master of Art.Heath, Thomas, astronomer.A03125EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Heere beginneth a mery iest of Dank Hew munk of Leicestre, and how he was foure times slain and once hangedA03127EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A position maintained by I.B. before the late Earle of Huntingdon: viz. Priests are executed not for religion, but for treasonBalmford, James, b. 1556.A03220EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Carpenters chippes, or, Simple tokens of vnfeined good will to the Christian friends of Iames Balmford ...Balmford, James, b. 1556.A03221EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short and plaine dialogue concerning the vnlawfulnes of playing at cards or tables, or any other game consisting in chance Offered to the religious consideration of all such as make conscience of all their waies.Balmford, James, b. 1556.A03232EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short catechisme, summarily comprizing the principall points of Christian faith, somewhat corrected and augmented by Iames Balmford MinisterBalmford, James, b. 1556.A03254EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A consolatorie epistle to the afflicted catholikes, set foorth by Thomas Hide PriestHide, Thomas, 1524-1597.A03260EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Aarons bells a-sounding In a sermon, tending cheiftly [sic] to admonish the ministerie, of their charge, & duty. Preached by M. Samuel Hieron at a general visitation neere Bristow. And now published by them to whom his coppy was entrusted after his death.Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03267EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The abridgement of the gospell: or The order and course of mans saluation as it is set foorth by Zacharie the father of Iohn Baptist, Luke 1. 67. &c. and further opened in ten sermons thereupon: by Sam. Hieron.Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03268EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An answere to a popish ryme, lately scattered abroad in the west parts, and much relyed vpon by some simply-seduced. By Samuel Hieron, minister of the word of God, at Modbury in DeuonHieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03269EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Three positions concerning the 1 Authoritie of the Lords day. 2 State of the Church of Rome. 3 Execution of priests. All written vpon speciall occasions by Iames Balmford ministerBalmford, James, b. 1556.A03271EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The bridegroome by Samuel HieronHieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03274EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christians liue-loode Laid forth in a sermon vpon Math. 6. 33. By Samuel Hieron.Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03276EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The dignitie of preaching in a sermon vpon 1. Thessal. 5.20. By Sam. Hieron.Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03279EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The dignitie of the Scripture togither with the indignity which the vnthankfull world offereth thereunto In three sermons vpon Hose. 8. 12. By Samuel Hieron.Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03281EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An instruction how to pray and meditate well Distinguished into thirtie six chapters. Composed at the request of certaine louers of pietie, desirous to aduance themselues in perfection. By the Reuerend Father, Ignatius Balsamo Priest of the Societie of Iesus. And translated out of French into English, by Iohn Heigham.Balsamo, Ignazio, 1543-1618.A03296EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The life and death of Dorcas VVherein, hee that pleaseth to reade, may finde both good direction for the ordering of his course: and a necessary warning to be prepared for his end. By Samuel Hieron.Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03302EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Three sermons 1. The good fight. Preached at the funerall of Henry Sommaster of Pens-ford in the country of Deuon, Esquire. Ian. 1606. 2. The worth of the water of life. 3. Dauids longing, and Dauids loue. By Sam. Hieron.Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03308EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Truths purchase: or A commoditie, which no man may either neglect to buie, or dare to sell laid forth in two sermons vpon Prov.23.23. by Samuel Hieron minister of the word, at Modburie in Deuon. Very necessary for the times, in which so few seeke after the truth, and so many fall away from the profession and practise of the truth.Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617.A03311EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The apology of Theophilus Higgons lately minister, now Catholique VVherein the letter of Sir Edvv. Hoby Knight, directed vnto the sayd T.H. in answere of his first motiue, is modestly examined, and clearely refuted.Higgons, Theophilus, 1578?-1659.A03332EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe consideration of mans iniquitie, and Gods iustice wherein the distinction of 1. sinnes into veniall, mortall, 2. sinnes and punishments into æquall, vnæquall is scholastically examined.Higgons, Theophilus, 1578?-1659.A03333EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The first motiue of T.H. Maister of Arts, and lately minister, to suspect the integrity of his religion which was detection of falsehood in D. Humfrey, D. Field, & other learned protestants, touching the question of purgatory, and prayer for the dead. VVith his particular considerations perswading him to embrace the Catholick doctrine in theis, and other points. An appendix intituled, try before you trust. Wherein some notable vntruths of D. Field, and D. Morton are discouered.Higgons, Theophilus, 1578?-1659.A03334EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the third of March, 1610. By Theophilus Higgons. In testimony of his heartie reunion with the Church of England, and humble submission thereunto. Published by commandHiggons, Theophilus, 1578?-1659.A03336EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The genealogie and pedigree of the most illustrious and most mighty kings in Sueden. Collected out of sundry writers of histories from the yeare 1250, vnto this present time, produced and published. By Andrevv Hildebrandt, Doctor in Physicke, and physitian for the body to the Duke of Pomeren. First, printed in Stettin, in High-Dutch, by Nicholas Barthold, anno, 1631. And translated into English, by Sr. S.L. KnightHildebrandt, Andreas, d. 1637.A03338EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The crie of England A sermon preached at Paules Crosse in September 1593 by Adam Hill Doctor of Diuinitie, & published at the request of the then Lord Maior of the citie of London, and others the aldermen his brethrenHill, Adam, d. 1595.A03344EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The peace of enmity A sermon preached in Paules Church the 12 day of February, in the yeere of our Lord God, 1639. By Augustine Hill, rector of Dengey in the county of Essex.Hill, Augustine, d. 1660.A03346EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The splendour of the spouse A sermon preached in the parish church of Ware, Anno Domini, 1638. By Augustine Hill, rector of Dengey, in the county of Essex.Hill, Augustine, d. 1660.A03347EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A quartron of reasons of Catholike religion, with as many briefe reasons of refusall: By Tho. HillHill, Edmund Thomas, ca. 1563-1644.A03350EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The penitent sinners entertainement. Set foorth by Mr. Iohn Hill, Student in Diuinitie, and now Preacher of Gods Word at Dublin in IrelandHill, John, preacher of Gods word at Dublin.A03351EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christs prayer expounded, a Christian directed, and a communicant prepared The first teaching to pray, the second to liue, the third to receiue the sacrament of Christs body. To which is added, a preface of prayer, a pithie prayer for Christian families. A thankes giuing for our deliuerance from treason by gunpowder, and learned Latin verses of that argument. By Robert Hill, preacher at Saint Martins in the fields.Hill, Robert, d. 1623.A03354EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pathvvay to prayer and pietie Containing, 1 An exposition of the Lords Prayer, with an apologie for publicke, and priuate set prayer. 2 A preparation to the Lords Supper, with Ma. Zanchius confession, confirming that sacrament. 3 A direction to a Christian life, both in our generall and particular callings. 4 An instruction to die well, and a consolation against all crosses. With diuers prayers, and thanksgiuings fit for this treatise. By Robert Hill, Doctor in Diuinitie.Hill, Robert, d. 1623.A03356EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A free-vvill offering, or, a Pillar of praise with a thankfull remembrance for the receit of mercies, in a long voyage, and happy arrivall. First preached in Fen-Church, the 7 of September, 1634. now published by the author, Samuel Hinde.Hinde, Samuel, fl. 1634.A03390EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The office and vse of the morall law of God in the dayes of the gospell iustified, and explained at large by Scriptures, Fathers, and other orthodoxe diuines, so farre as occasion was giuen by a scandalous pamphlet sent abroad of late into the hands of diuers good Christians, pretending great reason and reading for the vtter abrogating and abolishing of the whole Law of Moses since the death of Christ. By William Hinde, sometimes fellow of Queenes Colledge in Oxford, and now preacher of Gods Word at Bunbury in Cheshire.Hinde, William, 1569?-1629.A03392EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sanctuary for honest men. Or An abstract of humane wisedome Contayning, a certaine way leading to a perfect knowledge of Man, and directing to a discreet cariage in the vvhole course of our humane condition. Collected and composed by Io: Hitchcock student in the Middle Temple.Hitchcock, John, student in the Middle Temple.A03407EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Churches authority asserted in a sermon preached at Chelmsford, at the metropoliticall visitation of the most Reverend Father in God, VVilliam, Lord Arch-bishop of Canterbury his Grace, &c. March 1. 1636. By Samuel Hoard B.D. and Parson of Morton in Essex.Hoard, Samuel, 1599-1658.A03409EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The arraignement of the vvhole creature, at the barre of religion, reason, and experience Occasioned vpon an inditement preferred by the soule of man against the prodigals vanity and vaine prodigality. Explained, applyed, and tryed in the historie and misterie of that parable. From whence is drawne this doome orthodoxicall, and iudgement divine. That no earthly vanity can satisfie mans heavenly soule. ...Jerome, Stephen, fl. 1604-1650.A03411EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A counter-snarle for Ishmael Rabshacheh, a Cecropidan Lycaonite. By Sr. Edward Hoby, Knight, one of the gentlemen of his Maiesties Priuie-ChamberHoby, Edward, Sir, 1560-1617.A03413EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A curry-combe for a coxe-combe. Or Purgatories knell In answer of a lewd libell lately foricated by Iabal Rachil against Sir Edvv. Hobies Counter-snarle: entituled Purgatories triumph ouer hell. Digested in forme of a dialogue by Nick-groome of the Hobie-stable Reginoburgi.Hoby, Edward, Sir, 1560-1617.A03416EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A letter to Mr. T.H. late minister: now fugitiue: from Sir Edvvard Hoby Knight. In answere of his first MotiueHoby, Edward, Sir, 1560-1617.A03418EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Christian caueat for al estates. Or A sermon, preached by that religious seruant of God, Master George Hockin, Bachelor of Diuinitie, Fellow of Excester Colledge, and preacher to the towne of Totnes in DeuonHockin, George, b. 1569 or 70.A03419EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A merrie dialogue, betweene Band, Cuffe, and Ruffe: done by an excellent wit, and lately acted in a shew in the famous Vniversitie of CambridgeA03424EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The king's request: or, Dauid's desire A sermon preached at the last generall fast holden at Yorke, the 21. of Aprill last. By Phinees Hodson Doctour of Diuinity, and Chancellour of the Metropoliticall Church of St. Peter-Yorke.Hodson, Phineas, d. 1646.A03425EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Credo resurrectionem carnis a tractate on the eleventh article of the Apostles Creed / by W.H. Esquire sometimes of Peter-house in Cambridge.Hodson, William, fl. 1640.A03426EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The last sermon preached before his Maiesties funerals at Denmark house: on Tuesday the third of May. / By Phinees Hodson Dr of Diuinitie, one of his Maiesties chaplaines.Hodson, Phineas, d. 1646.A03427EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Exchange ware at the second hand viz. Band, Ruffe, and Cuffe, lately out, and now newly dearned vp. Or a dialogue, acted in a shew in the famous Vniuersitie of Cambridge.A03438EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The cittharn schoole, by Antony Holborne gentleman, and seruant to her most excellent Maiestie. Hereunto are added sixe short aers Neopolitan like to three voyces, without the instrument: done by his brother William HolborneHolborne, Anthony, d. 1602.A03441EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Pauans, galliards, almains, and other short æirs both graue, and light, in fiue parts, for viols, violins, or other musicall winde instruments. Made by Antony Holborne Gentleman and seruant to her most excellent Maiestie.Holborne, Anthony, d. 1602.A03442EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Loues complaint, for vvant of entertainement A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the third of December, 1609. By William Holbrooke.Holbrooke, William.A03443EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Saint Buttolphs neare Aldersgate, the 26. of Februarie, 1609. By William Holbrooke. Entitled No gaine to thisHolbrooke, William.A03444EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
More excellent obseruations of the estate and affaires of Holland In a discourse, shewing how necessarie and conuenient it is for their neighbouring countries, as well as the Netherland prouinces, to trade into the West Indies. ... Faithfully translated out of the Dutch copie.A03450EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Nevves out of Holland of the East Indie trade there. Containing a true copie of a Dutch treatise there published, of the grosse abuses of their maiors, the managers of their trade. Shewing that not withstanding the extreame wrongs they doe to the English nation, trading in the Indies, yet it is the iustice of God, they thriue not with it themselues. Printed this 26. of Iune. 1622.A03451EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true rehersall of the honourable [and] tryu[m]phant victory which the defenders of the trueth haue had againste the tyranical and bloodthirsty heape of ye Albanists. Which came to passe withoute the worthye cyttie of Harlam in Holland. the xxv. daye of Marche. 1573. Translated out of Dutch into English, the thyrde day of Apryll: the which copy in Dutch, was printed at Delft, the xxvii day of March laste paste.A03453EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Hollandi posthuma A funerall elegie of King Iames: With a congratulatory salve to King Charles. An elegie of the magnanimous Henry Earle of Oxford. A description of the late great, fearefull and prodigious plague: and divers other patheticall poemes, elegies, and other lines, on divers subiectes. The post-humes of Abraham Holland, sometimes of Trinity-Colledge in Cambridge. The authors epitaph, made by himselfe.Holland, Abraham, d. 1626.A03455EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Naumachia, or Hollands sea-fightHolland, Abraham, d. 1626.A03457EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Baziliōlogia a booke of kings beeing the true and liuely effigies of all our English kings from the Conquest vntill this present: with their seuerall coats of: armes, impreses and devises: and a briefe chronologie of their liues and deaths. Elegantly grauen in copper.A03458EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Herōologia Anglica hoc est clarissimorum et doctissimorum. aliqout [sic] Anglorum, qui floruerunt ab anno Cristi. M.D. vsq[ue] ad presentem annum M.D.C.XX viuæ effigies vitæ et elogia: duobus tomis. Authore. H.H. Anglo-Britanno: impensis Crispini Passæi calcographi [sic], et Iansonij bibliopolæ Arnhemiensis.Holland, Henry, 1583-1650?A03459EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Monumenta sepulchraria Sancti Pauli The monuments, inscriptions, and epitaphs, of kings, nobles, bishops, and others, buried in the Cathedrall Church of St. Paul, London. Untill this present yeere of Grace, 1614. Together, with the foundation of the Church: and a catalogue of all the bishops of London, from the beginning vntill this present. Neuer before, now with authoritie, published. By H.H.Holland, Henry, 1583-1650?A03461EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christian exercise of fasting, priuate and publike plainly set forth by testimonies of holy Scriptures, and also of old and late writers: wherein is shewed how religious families priuatly, and the congregations publikely, haue humbled themselues before almightie God, making vse of iudgements past, auoyding euils present, and preuenting future calamities, &c. Together with sundrie abuses of fasting in three generations of hypocrites: the first in the dayes of the prophets: the second in the dayes of Christ: the third in the dayes of Antichrist. Hereunto also are added some meditations on the 1. and 2. chapters of Iob, to comfort and instruct all such as be afflicted with any crosse, either inwardly in minde, or outwardly in bodie. By H. Holland, minister and preacher of Gods word.Holland, Henry, 1555 or 6-1603.A03464EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The historie of Adam, or the foure-fold state of man, vvell formed in his creation, deformed in his corruption, reformed in Grace, and perfected in glory. By Mr. Henry Holland, late preacher at Saint Brides Church in LondonHolland, Henry, 1555 or 6-1603.A03465EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Panēguris D. Elizabethæ, Dei gratiâ Angliæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ Reginæ. A sermon preached at Pauls in London the 17. of November ann. Dom. 1599. ... and augmented in those places wherein, for the shortnes of the time, it could not there be then delivered. VVherevnto is adioyned an apologeticall discourse, whereby all such sclanderous accusations are fully and faithfully confuted, wherewith the honour of this realme hath beene vncharitably traduced by some of our adversaries in forraine nations, and at home, for observing the 17. of November yeerely in the forme of an holy-day ... By Thomas Holland, Doctor of Divinity, & her Highnes professor thereof in her Vniversity of Oxford.Holland, Thomas, 1539-1612.A03475EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The burthen of the ministerie Gathered out of the sixt chapiter of the Epistles of S. Paul to the Galathians, the first verse. Verie profitable to be read of euery faithfull subiect, and of all that desire to be taught in the waie of truth. By Iohn Holme.Holme, John.A03481EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lac puerorum M. Holti anglice mylke for childrenHolt, John, fl. 1495.A03486EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A deuout treatyse called the tree [and] xii. frutes of the holy goostA03488EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Golden bull: or, The fundamentall lavves and constitutions of the Empire Shewing, the persons and priuiledges of the princes electors, the manner of the election, the forme and ceremonies thereof, with other politique orders to be obserued by the states and subiects of the Empire, which shall bee assembed at Francford (for the election of the now next emperour) the tenth day of Iuly next ensuing. 1619.Holy Roman Empire.A03490EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The acts of the diet of Regenspurgh: held in the yeeres 1622 and 1623 Containing these seuerall treatises. 1 Sixe propositions made by the emperour. 2 The consultaes of aduices of the princes vpon the first three of them. 3 The emperours replica to their aduices. 4 Their answer to his replica, with a relation also. 5 Their answer to the three last imperiall propositions. 6 The emperours finall resolution concerning the whole businesse.Holy Roman Empire. Reichstag.A03492EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse, August the 5. 1623. By Barten Holyday, now archdeacon of OxfordHolyday, Barten, 1593-1661.A03494EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse, March the 24. 1624. By Barten Holyday, now archdeacon of OxfordHolyday, Barten, 1593-1661.A03495EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Technogamia: or The marriages of the arts A comedie, written by Barten Holyday, Master of Arts, and student of Christ-Church in Oxford, and acted by the students of the same house before the Vniuersitie, at Shroue-tide.Holyday, Barten, 1593-1661.A03496EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon of obedience especially vnto authoritie ecclesiasticall, wherein the principall controuersies of our church are handled, and many of their obiections which are refractorie to the gouernment established, answered, though briefly as time and place could permit: being preached at a visitation of the right worshipfull M.D. Hinton,in Couentry. By Fran: Holyoke.Holyoake, Francis, 1567-1653.A03500EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The safegard of the soule Declaring sundry soueraigne salues tending to the comfort and saluation of the same: very necessarie to bee learned and obserued of all men, and at all times, but chiefely in the extremitie of sicknes, and grieuous pangs of death. Composed by Lawrence Bankes, preacher of the word of God: and parson of Staunton, in the county of Glocester.Bankes, Lawrence.A03507EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Usury is injury Cleared in an examination of its best apologie, alleaged by a countrey minister, out of Doctor Ames, in his Cases of conscience, as a party and patron of that apologie. Both answered here, by Nath: Holmes, Dr. in Divinity.Homes, Nathanael, 1599-1678.A03516EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Briefe of the bill exhibited against bankruptsA03527EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A verie godly, learned, and fruitfull sermon against the bad spirits of malignitie, malice, and vnmercifulnesse. Publikely preached by Thomas Bankes, Maister of Artes, and preacher of the word. Seene and allowedBankes, Thomas, 1555 or 6-1631.A03528EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[The banquett of dainties: for all suche gestes that love moderatt dyate.]A03550EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A banquet of ieasts. Or Change of cheare Being a collection of moderne jests. Witty ieeres. Pleasant taunts. Merry tales.A03559EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Here begynneth a lytell geste of Robyn hode]A03566EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A merry iest of Robin Hood and of his life, vvith a newe play for to be plaied in May-games. Very pleasant and full of pastime.A03571EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A copie of the speache: made by the mathematicall lecturer unto the worshipfull companye present. At the house of the worshipfull M. Thomas Smith, dwelling in Gracious Street: the 4. of Nouember, 1588. T. Hood.Hood, Thomas, fl. 1582-1598.A03573EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vse of both the globes, celestiall, and terrestriall most plainely deliuered in forme of a dialogue. Containing most pleasant, and profitable conclusions for the mariner, and generally for all those, that are addicted to these kinde of mathematicall instrumentes. VVritten by T. Hood mathematicall lecturer in the citie of London, sometime fellow of Trinitie Colledge in Cambridge.Hood, Thomas, fl. 1582-1598.A03576EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The child-birth or womans lecture. That is: A lecture vpon Chap. 1. ver. 57, 58. of the holie Gospell according to Luke very necessarie to bee read and knowne of all young married and teeming women, and not vnprofitable for men of all sortes. By. Chr. H.Hooke, Christopher.A03581EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached in Paules Church in London and published for the instruction and consolation of all that are heauie harted, for the wofull time of God his generall visitation, both in the citie and in the countrie: and fit for the comfort of Gods children at all times.Hooke, Christopher.A03582EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christians tvvo chiefe lessons viz. selfe-deniall, and selfe-tryall. As also the priviledge of adoption and triall thereof. In three treatises on the texts following: viz. Matt. 16.24. 2 Cor. 13.5. Iohn 1.12,13. By T.H.Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647.A03599EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Foure learned and godly treatises viz. The carnall hypocrite. The churches deliverances. The deceitfulnesse of sinne. The benefit of afflictions. By T.H.Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647.A03600EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The paterne of perfection exhibited in Gods image on Adam: and Gods covenant made with him. Whereunto is added an exhortation, to redeem the time for recovering our losses in the premisses. And also some miscellanies, viz. I. The prayer of faith. II. A preparative to the Lords Supper. III. The character of a sound Christian, in 17. markes. By T.H.Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647.A03603EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The soules exaltation A treatise containing the soules union with Christ, on I Cor. 6. 17. The soules benefit from vnion with Christ, on I Cor. 1. 30. The soules justification, on 2 Cor. 5. 21. By T.H.Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647.A03604EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The soules humiliationHooker, Thomas, 1586-1647.A03605EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The soules implantation into the naturall olive. By T.H.Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647.A03609EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The soules ingrafting into Christ. By T.H.Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647.A03610EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Three sermons I. The wrath of God against sinners, II. God's eternitie, and mans humanitie, III. The plantation of the righteous / by T.H.Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647.A03614EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The soules vocation or effectual calling to Christ. By T.H.Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647.A03615EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vnbeleevers preparing for Christ. By T.H.Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647.A03617EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A dolorous discourse, of a most terrible and bloudy battel, fought in Barbarie, the fowrth day of August, last past. 1578 VVherein were slaine, two kings, (but as most men say) three, besyde many of her famous personages: with a great number of captains, and other souldiers that were slaine on both sides. VVhereunto is also annexed, a note of the names of diuerse that were taken prisoners at the same time.A03635EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached before the Kinges Maiestie, by I. Hopkins, one of his highnesse chaplainesHopkins, John, fl. 1604-1609.A03639EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached before the queenes maiestie at Hampton Court, on Sunday the 16. day of October: By I. Hopkins, one of his maiesties chaplaines in ordinarieHopkins, John, fl. 1604-1609.A03640EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two sermons vpon the XII. chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrewes, the sixteenth and seuenteenth verses Preached in the citie of London the twelfth day of Iune, 1608. By Thomas Hopkins minister at Yeardley in the countie of Worcester.Hopkins, Thomas, minister at Yeardley.A03641EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A preparation into the waye of lyfe vvith a direction into the right vse of the Lords Supper: gathered by VVilliam Hopkinson, preacher of the worde of God.Hopkinson, William.A03645EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A concordancy of yeares Containing a new, easie, and most exact computation of time, according to the English account. Also the vse of the English and Roman kalender, with briefe notes ... Newly composed and digested, by Arthur Hopton, Gentleman. The contents follow after the epistles.Hopton, Arthur, 1587 or 8-1614.A03648EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Speculum topographicum: or The topographicall glasse Containing the vse of the topographicall glasse. Theodelitus. Plaine table, and circumferentor. With many rules of geometry, astronomy, topography perspectiue, and hydrography. Newly set forth by Arthur Hopton Gentleman.Hopton, Arthur, 1587 or 8-1614.A03653EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certain selected odes of Horace, Englished; and their arguments annexed. VVith poems (antient and modern) of divers subiects, translated. Whereunto are added, both in Latin and English, sundry new epigrammes. Anagramms. EpitaphesHorace.A03671EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Odes of Horace the best of lyrick poets contayning much morallity, and sweetnesse. Selected, and translated by Sr: T:H: 1625.Horace.A03674EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
All the odes and epodes of Horace. Translated into English verse: by Henry Rider, Master of Arts of Emmanuel Colledge in CamebridgeHorace.A03678EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Black-FryersHord, Richard.A03681EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Hornbyes hornbook Iudge not too rashly, till through all you looke; if nothing then doth please you, burne the booke. By William Hornbye, gent.Hornby, William.A03687EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The scourge of drunkennes. By William Hornby GentHornby, William.A03688EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A caueat to preuent future iudgements: or, An admonition to all England more specially, to London and other places where the death of plague hath lately beene. By Robert Horn Minister of the Word.Horne, Robert, 1565-1640.A03693EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Life and death Foure sermons. The first two, of our preparation to death; and expectation of death. The last two, of place, and the iudgement after death. Also points of instruction for the ignorant, with an examination before our comming to the Lords table, and a short direction for spending of time well. By Robert Horne. Auspice Christo.Horne, Robert, 1565-1640.A03695EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of the rich man and Lazarus Certaine sermons, by Robert Horne.Horne, Robert, 1565-1640.A03696EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The shield of the righteous: or, The Ninety first Psalme, expounded, with the addition of doctrines and vses Verie necessarie and comfortable in these dayes of heauinesse, wherein the pestilence rageth so sore in London, and other parts of this kingdome. By Robert Horn, minister of Gods Word.Horne, Robert, 1565-1640.A03698EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An easie entrance into the principles of religion set down for the preparatio[n] of the vnlearned sort to the right receiuing of the holy Supper of our onely Sauiour Iesus Christ / by William Horne.Horne, William.A03699EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Christian exercise, containing an easie entrance into the principles of religion and the chiefest points of our saluation in Christe, with a direction for all Christians, into the true seruice of God. By VV. Horne.Horne, William.A03700EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon vpon the parable of the King that taketh an accompt of his seruants Math. 18. 23. Wherein is declared, the iustice, mercy, and seueritie of God: the crueltie of man, and his reward for the same. Rising vpon St. Peters question to Christ, viz. How oft shall I forgiue my brother? seauen times? 21. vers. [...] By Iohn Hoskin, minister of Gods holy word, student in Diuinitie.Hoskin, John, minister of Gods holy word.A03713EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sermons preached at Pauls Crosse and else-where, by Iohn Hoskins, sometimes fellow of New-Colledge in Oxford, minister and Doctor of LawHoskins, John, 1579-1631.A03717EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The brutish thunderbolt: or rather feeble fier-flash of Pope Sixtus the fift, against Henrie the most excellent King of Nauarre, and the most noble Henrie Borbon, Prince of Condie Togither with a declaration of the manifold insufficiencie of the same. Translated out of Latin into English by Christopher Fetherstone minister of Gods word.Hotman, François, 1524-1590.A03718EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ambassadorHotman, Jean, seigneur de Villers-Saint-Paul, 1552-1636.A03724EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sufficiencie of the spirits teaching, without humane-learning: or A treatise, tending to proue humane-learning to be no help to the spirituall understanding of the Word of God. Written (if it may be) for the silencing of such false and scandalous reports, as have been rumored about concerning this matter; and also for the affording of true information to all such as desire to know the truth. By Samuel HowHow, Samuel.A03735EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A patterne of Christian loyaltie vvhereby any prudent man may clearely perceive, in what manner the new Oath of Allegiance, and every clause thereof, may in a true, and catholike sense, without danger of perjury, be taken by Roman Catholikes. And all the chiefe objections, which are usually made against the said Oath, either in particular, or in generall, may according to the grounds of Catholike religion bee easily answered. Collected out of authours, who have handled the whole matter more largely. By William Hovvard an English Catholike.Preston, Thomas, 1563-1640.A03751EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Christian enchiridion wherein are briefly handled these three points following; 1. That aboue all things in the world, man should bee most carefull of his saluation. 2. That in this life a man bee assured of his saluation. 3. The way how, or meanes whereby a man may come to bee assured of his saluation. By Thomas Hovves, preacher of the word at Kings-Linne in Norfolke.Howes, Thomas, preacher at King's Lynn.A03758EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short exposition of the 20. and 21. verses of the third chapter of the first epistle of S. Iohn Containing a very profitable discourse of conscience, and of al the actions, sortes, and kinds thereof, wherby euery man may easily know his estate, wherein hee standeth in the sight of his God, and whether his conscience be good or euill, with all things also belonging either to get a good conscience, or else to releiue it out of trouble, being grieued and wounded, as in the epistle to the reader is more specially mentioned, and in the discourse itselfe clearely expressed.Howesoun, John.A03759EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine sermons made in Oxford, anno Dom. 1616 VVherein, is proued, that Saint Peter had no monarchicall power ouer the rest of the Apostles, against Bellarmine, Sanders, Stapleton, and the rest of that companie. By Iohn Howson, Doctor in Diuinitie, and prebendarie of Christ-Church; now Bishop of Oxon. Published by commandement.Howson, John, 1557?-1632.A03760EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the 4 of December, 1597 wherein is discoursed that all buying and selling of spirituall promotion is vnlawfull / by Iohn Howson ...Howson, John, 1557?-1632.A03763EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A second sermon, preached at Paules Crosse, the 21. of May, 1598. vpon the 21. of Math. the 12. and 13. verses concluding a former sermon preached the 4. of December 1597. vpon the same text. By Iohn Hovvson, student of Christes-Church in Oxford.Howson, John, 1557?-1632.A03764EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at St. Maries in Oxford, the 17. day of November, 1602. in defence of the festivities of the Church of England, and namely that of her Maiesties coronation. By Iohn Hovvson Doctor of Divinitie, one of her Highnes chaplaines, and vicechancellour of the Vniversitie of OxfordeHowson, John, 1557?-1632.A03765EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A most excellent treatise of the begynnyng of heresyes in oure tyme, compyled by the Reuerend Father in God Stanislaus Hosius Byshop of Wormes in Prussia. To the moste renomed Prynce Lorde Sigismund myghtie Kyng of Poole, greate Duke of Luten and Russia, Lorde and heyre of all Prussia, Masouia, Samogitia &c. Translated out of Laten in to Englyshe by Richard Shacklock M. of Arte, and student of the ciuil lawes, and intituled by hym: The hatchet of heresiesHozjusz, Stanisław, 1504-1579.A03768EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The tragicall and lamentable historie of two faythfull mates Ceyx kynge of Thrachine, and Alcione his wife: dravven into English meeter. By W. Hubbard. 1569Hubbard, William.A03777EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An apologie of infants in a sermon: prouing, by the reuealed will of God, that children preuented by death of their baptisme, by Gods election, may be saued. By W.H. preacher in the Tower of London. Seene and allowed by authoritie.Hubbock, William, b. 1560.A03779EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An oration gratulatory to the high and mighty Iames of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, King, defendor of the faith, &c. On the twelft day of February last presented, when his Maiesty entered the Tower of London to performe the residue of the solemnities of his coronation thorough the citie of London differred by reason of the plague: and published by his Highnesse speciall allowance. VVherein both the description of the Tower of London and the vnion of the kingdomes is compendiously touched: by William Hubbocke.Hubbock, William, b. 1560.A03780EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A riche storehouse, or treasurie, for the sicke, full of Christian counsels holesome doctrines, comfortable persuasions, and godly meditations, meete for all Christians, both in sicknesse and in health. Wherevnto is annexed a comfort for poore prisoners, and also an exhortation to repentance. Written in Dutch, by Gaspar Huberine, and Englished by Thomas Godfrie, esquire, late ... fruits and ... at the request of his dangter Marie, wife ... Iohn French, gentleman of the Inner TempleHuberinus, Caspar.A03788EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A diuine enthymeme of true obedience: or, A taske for a Christian. Preached at Pauls Crosse the tenth of September, 1615. by Anthonie Hugget Maister of Arts, and parson of the Cliffe neare Lewis in SussexHugget, Anthony.A03790EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The troubled mans medicine verye profitable to be redde of al men wherein they may learne pacyently to suffer all kyndes of aduersitie made [and] wrytten by wyllyam Hughe to a frende of his.Hugh, William, d. 1549.A03792EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The saints losse and lamentation A sermon preached at the funerall of the VVorshipfull Captaine Henry Waller, the worthy commander of the renowned martial band of the honourable city of London, exercising armes in the Artillery Garden. Octob. 31. 1631. By George Hughes Mr. of Arts, and preacher of Gods word in Alhallowes Breadstreet in London.Hughes, George, 1603-1667.A03795EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A letter, sent into England from the Summer Ilands. VVritten by Mr. Lewes Hughes, preacher of Gods Word there. 1615Hughes, Lewes, fl. 1620.A03800EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The arte of Christian saylinge. Or a comfortable treatis written on these words of the prophet Dauid in the 55. Psal. 22. 23. versesHull, John, 1569 or 70-1627.A03810EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vnmasking of the politique atheist By I.H. Batcheler of DiuinitieHull, John, 1569 or 70-1627.A03817EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Ievves deliverance out of Babylon, and the mystery of our redemption plainely demonstrated in ten sermons, vpon the 126. Psalme, viz. 1. Sions saluation. 2. The saints securitie. 3. The free-mans frankincense. 4. The atheists acknowledgement. 5. Gods goodnesse. 6. The godlies gladnesse. 7. The prisoners petition. 8. The commoditie of the crosse. 9. The captiues case. 10. The Christians comfort. Preached in Yorkshire, by Iohn Hvme, Minister of the Word; and now published by authoritie.Hume, John, minister of religion in Yorkshire.A03839EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The nobles or of nobilitye The original nature, dutyes, right, and Christian institucion thereof three bookes. Fyrste eloquentlye writte[n] in Latine by Lawrence Humfrey D. of Diuinity, and presidente of Magdaleine Colledge in Oxforde, late englished. Whereto for the readers commodititye [sic], and matters affinitye, is coupled the small treatyse of Philo a Iewe. By the same author out of the Greeke Latined, nowe also Englished. 1563.Humphrey, Laurence, 1525 or 6-1589.A03850EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A view of the Romish hydra and monster, traison, against the Lords annointed: condemned by Dauid, I. Sam. 26. and nowe confuted in seuen sermons to perswade obedience to princes, concord among our selues, and a generall reformation and repentaunce in all states: by L.H.Humphrey, Laurence, 1525 or 6-1589.A03851EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The conflict of Iob By way of dialogue. Compiled for illustration, or opening of that great encounter: and may also serue as a paraphrase vpon that heauenly worke. By R.H.Humfrey, Richard.A03852EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Reyfham in the countie of Norff. the 22. of September, an. Do. 1588 And eftsoones at request published by R.H. minister of Gods worde.Humpston, Robert, d. 1606.A03854EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The enquirie and verdite of the quest panneld of the death of Richard Hune wich was founde hanged in Lolars towerA03856EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The advise of a sonne, novv professing the religion established in the present Church of England, to his deare mother, yet a Roman CatholikeHungerford, Anthony, Sir, 1564-1627.A03857EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declaration of the lordes and states of the realme of Hungarie contayning the reasons which mooued them in forcible manner to oppose themselues against the violence and oppression vsed and practised vpon the inhabitants of the foresaid countrey by the emperours subiects. Translated out of French.A03858EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A summary of controuersies Wherein are briefly treated the cheefe questions of diuinity, now a dayes in dispute betweene Catholikes & protestants: especially out of the holy Scripture. Written in Latin by the R. Father, Iames Gordon Huntley of Scotland, Doctour of Diuinity, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by I.L. of the same Society. The I. tome, deuided into two controuersies.Gordon, James, 1541-1620.A03885EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse vpon the present estate of France together with a copie of the kings letters patents, declaring his mind after his departure out of Paris : whereunto is added the copie of two letters written by the Duke of Guize / translated out of French and now newly reprinted, and corrected by E. Aggas.Hurault, Michel, d. 1592.A03893EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes from Rome concerning the blasphemous sacrifice of the papisticall Masse with dyuers other treatises very godlye [et] profitable.A03896EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The descent of authoritie: or, The magistrates patent from heaven Manifested in a sermon preached at Lincolnes assizes, March 13. 1636. By Thomas Hurste Dr. of Divinity, and one of his Majesties chaplains.Hurste, Thomas, d. 1680.A03897EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at S. Maries in Oxford vpon the feast of Epiphany concerning the true comfort of God his Church truly millitant and apologie of the same. Ianuary 6. 1589. By Edwarde Hutchins Maister of Arts, and fellow of Brazen-nose College in Oxford.Hutchins, Edward, 1558?-1629.A03906EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached in S. Peters Church at West-Chester the XXV. of September, 1586 Containing matter fit for the time: by Edward Hutchins Maister of Arts, and fellowe of Brazennose College.Hutchins, Edward, 1558?-1629.A03907EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached in West-chester the viii. of October, 1586 Before the iudges and certain recusantes: wherein the conditions of al heretiques, but especiallie of stubborn and peruerting Papists, are discouered, & the duty of al magistrats concerning such persons, applied & opened by Edward Hutchins, Master of Artes, & Fellowe of Brasennose Colledge.Hutchins, Edward, 1558?-1629.A03908EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An ansvvere to a certaine treatise of the crosse in baptisme. Intituled A short treatise of the crosse in baptisme contracted into this syllogisme. No humane ordinance becomming an idoll may lawfully be vsed in the service of God. But the signe of the crosse, being an humane ordinance is become an idoll. Ergo: the signe of the crosse, may not lawfully bee vsed in the service of God. VVherein not only the weaknesse of the syllogisme it selfe, but also of the grounds and proofes thereof, are plainely discovered. By L.H. Doct. of Divinitie.Hutton, Leonard.A03915EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Yorke before the right Honorable, Henrie Earle of Huntington, Lorde President of her Maiesties councell established in the north, and other noble men, and gentle men, at a general communion there, the 23. of September in the eightienth yeare of her Maiesties raigne: by Mathewe Hutton Deane of Yorke.Hutton, Matthew, 1529-1606.A03926EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The second and last part of Reasons for refusall of subscription to the Booke of common prayer vnder the hands of certaine ministers of Deuon. and Cornwall, as they were exhibited by them to the right Reuerend Father in God William Cotton Doctor of Diuinitie, and Lord Bishop of Exceter. As also an appendix, or compendious briefe of all other exceptions taken by others against the bookes of communion, homilies, and ordination, word for word, as it came to the hands of an honorable personage. VVith an ansvvere to both at seuerall times returned them in publike conference, and in diuerse sermons vpon occasion preached in the cathedrall church of Exceter by Thomas Hutton Bachiler of Diuinitie, and fellow of S. Iohns Colledge in Oxon.Hutton, Thomas, 1566-1639.A03928EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The preachers president, or, The master and scholler in a sermon preached at a synode holden by the Right Reuerend Father in God, Iohn, Lord Bishop of Chester, at Wigan in Lancashire, the 21 of Aprill, 1625 / by Iames Hyatt B. of D. and preachers of Gods Word at Liuer-poole.Hyatt, James, fl. 1625.A03930EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Nevv-Yeares gift for English Catholikes, or A briefe and cleare explication of the new Oath of Allegiance. By E.I. student in Diuinitie; for a more full instruction, and appeasement of the consciences of English Catholikes, concerning the said Oath, then hath beene giuen them by I.E. student in Diuinitie, who compiled the treatise of the prelate and the prince.E. I., student in divinitie.A03941EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The nature & effects of the new-found well at Kinghorne: declared by William Barclay, Master of Artes and Doctour of Physicke, and written in a letter to my lord the Earle of Dumfermeling, and Chancellar of ScotlandBarclay, William, 1570?-1630?A03942EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An adioynder to the late Catholike new yeares gift, or explication of the oath of allegeance Wherein certaine principall difficulties, obiected by a very learned Roman-Catholike, against the sayd New-yeares gift, and explication of the oath, are very clearely explained. Published by E.I. the author of the New-yeares gift.Preston, Thomas, 1563-1640.A03944EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A position against vainglorious, and that which is falsly called learned preachingJacob, Henry, 1563-1624.A03946EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A True relation of the ground, occasion, and circumstances of that horrible murther committed by Iohn Bartram, gent. vpon the body of Sir Iohn Tyndham of Lincolns Inne, knight, one of the masters of the honorable Court of Chancery, the twelfth day of this instant Nouemb. written by way of letter from a gentleman, to his country friend ; together with The examination of the said Bartram, taken before the right honourable, Sir Fra. Bacon knight, His Maiesties Atturney Generall, and Sir Henry Yelnerton knight, His Maiesties Solliciter General, according to speciall directions giuen by His Maiestie in that behalfe.A03947EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Bromelion A discourse of the most substantial points of diuinitie, handled by diuers common places: vvith great studie, sinceritie, and perspicuitie. Whose titles you haue in the next page following.S. I., fl. 1595.A03949EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine godlie and learned sermons Made vpon these sixe following parables of our Sauiour Christ, declared in the Gospell. 1. Of the vncleane spirit. 2. Of the prodigall sonne. 3. Of the rich man and Lazarus. 4. Of the vvounded man. 5. Of the vnmercifull seruant. 6. Of the faithfull seruant. By S.I.I. S.A03950EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse, betvveene Vpright the shoomaker and Master Pattent, the smith Both meeting on the horse exchange in Smithfield, on the 20. day of Aprill 1639. Ne sutor vltra crepidam. By T.J.T. J., fl. 1640.A03960EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lot's little one. Or Meditations on Gen. 19. vers. 20 Being the substance of severall sermons sometimes delivered by William Ince Mr in Arts, late senior fellow of Trinitie Colledge Dublin. Published since his death, by R.I.Ince, William, d. 1635.A03966EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Briefe introductions, both naturall, pleasaunte, and also delectable vnto the art of chiromancy, or manuel diuination, and physiognomy with circumstances vpon the faces of the signes. Also certain canons or rules vpon diseases and sickenesse. Whereunto is also annexed aswel the artificiall, as naturall astrologye, with the nature of the planets. Written in the Latin tonge, by Ihon Indagine prieste. And now latelye translated into Englishe, by Fabian Withers.Indagine, Johannes ab, d. 1537.A03968EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here after foloweth the newe pryuyleges and indulge[n]ces graunted by our holy Father the Pope Leo.x. to the house of seynt Thomas of Acres in LondonSt. Thomas's Hospital (London, England)A04000EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Frater Joha[n]nes Brocden de Tellisforde wygornien[sis] dioc. sancte Trinitatis et redemptionis captiuorum terre sancte ...Catholic Church. Pope (1523-1534 : Clement VII)A04001EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Julius E[pisco]pus seruus seruo[rum] dei ...Savoy Hospital (London, England)A04002EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Informacon for pylgrymes vnto the holy londeA04024EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A pretie and mery new enterlude: called the Disobedient child. Compiled by Thomas Ingelend late student in CambridgeIngelend, Thomas.A04027EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon vpon part of the second chapter of the first epistle of S. Iohn: Preached by Thomas Ingmethorp. The summe whereof is briefly comprised in this hexameter ...Ingmethorpe, Thomas.A04028EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon vpon the words of Saint Paul, Let euerie soule be subiect vnto the higher powers wherein the Popes soueraigntie ouer princes, amongst other errors, is briefly but sufficiently refuted, and the supremacie of the King, by cleare euidence and strong proofe auerred, to the silencing of the aduersarie, and satisfaction of the indifferent Christian, not blinded with partialitie and preiudicate opinion / by Thomas Ingmethorpe.Ingmethorpe, Thomas.A04031EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The secrets of numbers according to theologicall, arithmeticall, geometricall and harmonicall computation. Drawne, for the better part, out of those ancients, as well neoteriques. ... By William Ingpen, Gent.Ingpen, William.A04032EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A light vnto the vnlearned: or, The principles of the doctrine of Christ Set downe most briefely, for the use of yong and ignorant persons. To be learned and remembred, at all times: but specially, when they would come to the holy communion. Divided into eight sections.Inman, Francis, d. 1638.A04033EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A bundle of myrrhe: or Three meditations of teares The first in the effect. pag.1. Last in the cause of Dauids teares. Psal. 42.3 pag. 270. The middle, and most intended, of religious teares in general. p. 96. The particulars whereof, are prefixed to each page, and principall section.Innes, William, fl. 1620.A04034EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A fruteful and a very Christen instructio[n] for childre[n] w[t] a dyalogue wherin the chyld asketh certayn questions answeryng to the same with a generall confession, and the maner of loues, the saying of Salomon in the, vi, of the Prouerbes, and also many godly lessons whiche we ought dayely to haue in our remembraunce M.D.xl,vii. God saue the kyngA04047EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The enterlude of youthA04054EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An new enterlude of impacient pouerte newly imprynted. Foure men may well and easely playe it. Peace, Coll hassarde and Concience for one man. Haboundaunce and Mysrule for a nother man. Impacient pouerte, Prosperyte, [and] pouerte, for one. Enuy and the Somner for a nother man.A04055EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An introduction for to lerne to recken with the pen or with the counters, accordyng to the trewe cast of algorisme, in hole numbers or in broken, newly corrected. And certayne notable and goodly rules of false positions thereunto added, not before sene in our Englyshe tonge, by the which all maner of difficile questions may easely be dissolued and assoyled. Anno. 1546.A04061EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An hipponomie or the vineyard of horsemanship deuided into three bookes. 1. The theorick part, intreating of the inward knowledge of the man.2. The first practicke part, shewing how to worke according to that knowledge. 3. The second practicke part, declaring how to apply both hunting and running horses to the true grounds of this art. In which is plainly laid open the art of breeding, riding, training and dieting of the said horses. Wherein also many errors in this art, heretofore published, are manifestly detected. By Michaell Baret ...Baret, Michael.A04062EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An inuectyue agaynst dronkennesA04068EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A new inuention of shooting fire-shafts in long-bowes VVherein, besides the maner of making them, there is contained a briefe discourse of the vsefulnesse of them in our moderne warres, by sea and land. Published by a true patriot for the common good of his native countrey of England.A04069EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The rates of marchandizes as they are set downe in the Booke of rates for the custome and subsidie of poundage, and for the custome and subsidie of cloathes, the same being appointed by his Maiestie, and confirmed by the Lorde deputye and Councell, and ordered to be published in print, for the direction of such as it may concerne in this kingdome of Ireland.England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I)A04070EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon against selfe policy preached at White-Hall in Lent. By Isaac Bargrave ...Bargrave, Isaac, 1586-1643.A04074EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An act for the graunt of one entier subsidie by the temporaltieIreland.A04079EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An act for the granting of eight entire subsidies by the prelates and clergie of IrelandIreland.A04081EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An act for the Kings Maiesties most gracious, generall, and free pardonIreland.A04083EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached before King Charles, March 27. 1627. Being the anniuersary of his Maiesties inauguration: by Isacc [sic] Bargraue, Doctor in Diuinity, then chaplaine to his Maiestie in attendance: and Deane of Canterbury: by His Maiesties speciall commandBargrave, Isaac, 1586-1643.A04085EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached before the honorable assembly of knights, citizens, and burgesses of the lower house of Parliament, February the last, 1623 by Isaac Bargrave ...Bargrave, Isaac, 1586-1643.A04091EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A proclamation set forth by Sir Iames Carroll Knight Maior of the Citty of DublinDublin (Ireland). Lord Mayor.A04095EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christian sacrifice by Iames Barker ...Barker, James, fl. 1639.A04101EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
By the Lord Deputy and CouncellIreland.A04106EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christs checke to S. Peter for his curious question out of those words in Saint Iohn: Quid ad te? Begun in Paules Church on S. Iohns day the Euangelist. 1597. out of part of the Gospel appointed for that day, and prosecuted the same day this yeare 1598. in the same place, and else where at other times the sixe seueral sermons.Barker, Lawrence, d. 1603.A04110EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A iudicious and painefull exposition vpon the ten Commandements wherein the text is opened, questions and doubts are resolued, errours confuted, and sundry instructions effectually applied. First deliuered in seuerall sermons, and now published to the glory of God, and for the further benefit of his church. By Peter Barker, preacher of Gods word, at Stowre Paine, in Dorsetshire.Barker, Peter, preacher of Gods word.A04112EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Brief discours de l'entreprise faicte sur Irlande par aucuns rebelles de la couronne d'Angleterre; lesquels ont esté desfaicts au mois de Iuillet en l'an M.D.LXXIX.A04113EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Cort verhael van den aenslach gheschiedt in Irlandt door sommighe wederspannighe teghen Enghel landt, de welcke verslagen zijn gheweest int jaer M.D.L.XXIX. in der maendt van Julius.A04114EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles of religion agreed vpon by the archbishops, and bishops, and the rest of the clergie of Ireland, in the conuocation holden at Dublin in the yeare of our Lord God 1615. for the auoyding of diuersities of opinions: and the establishing of concent touching true religion.Church of Ireland.A04118EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Anno Domini M.DC.XXXIII [i.e. M.DC.XXIII] articles given in charge to be inquired upon and presented too, by the churchwardens, side-men, quest-men, and inquisitors in every parish within the province of Ardmagh [sic], in the course of the metropoliticall visitation of the same, in this present yeare begun, by the most reverend father in God, Christopher, by the mercie of God, Lo. Archbishop of Ardmagh, primate and metropolitane of all Ireland : the said presentments to be made upon their and every their corporall oathes, whereunto the parson, vicar, curate, and parish-clarke in every of the said parishes are to be assisting, so farre as they and every of them can, respectively in their knowledge or understanding.Church of Ireland. Province of Armagh. Archbishop (1613- 1625 : Hampton)A04123EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Anno Domini M.DC.XXVI articles given in charge to be inquired upon and presented too, by the churchwardens, side- men, quest-men, and inquisitors in every parish within the province of Ardmagh [sic], in the course of the metropoliticall visitation of the same, in this present yeare begun, by the most reverend father in God, Iames, by the mercie of God, Lord Archbishop of Ardmagh, primate and metropolitane of all Ireland : the said presentments to be made upon their and every their corporall oathes, whereunto the parson, vicar, curate, and parish-clarke in every of the said parishes are to be assisting, so farre as they and every of them can, respectively in their knowledge or understanding.Church of Ireland. Province of Armagh. Archbishop (1625- 1656 : Ussher)A04124EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Constitutions, and canons ecclesiasticall treated vpon by the archbishops, and bishops, and the rest of the cleargie of Ireland. And agreed upon with the Kings Majesties licence in their synod begun at Dublin, Anno. Dom. 1634. And in the yeare of the raigne of our soveraigne, Lord Charles by the grace of God, king of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, the tenth. And now published for the due observation of them, by his Majesties authoritie under the great seale of Ireland.Church of Ireland.A04125EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The oath of allegeance defended by a sermon preached at a synode in the Metropoliticall Church of Yorke; by Thomas Ireland, Bachelour in Diuinitie.Ireland, Thomas, b. 1577 or 8.A04127EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Seven questions of the sabbath briefly disputed, after the manner of the schooles Wherein such cases, and scruples, as are incident to this subject, are cleared, and resolved, by Gilbert Ironside B.D.Ironside, Gilbert, 1588-1671.A04128EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A perfite looking glasse for all estates most excellently and eloquently set forth by the famous and learned oratour Isocrates, as contained in three orations of morall instructions, written by the authour himselfe at the first in the Greeke tongue, of late yeeres translated into Lataine by that learned clearke Hieronimus Wolfius. And nowe Englished to the behalfe of the reader, with sundrie examples and pithy sentences both of princes and philosophers gathered and collected out of diuers writers, coted in the margent approbating the authors intent, no lesse delectable then profitable.Isocrates.A04136EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Archidamus, or, The councell of warre Being 2000. yeares old, and written by Isocrates the couragious orator, translated by a Tho: Barnes.Isocrates.A04141EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes from Italie: or, A prodigious, and most lamentable accident, latelie befallen concerning the swallowing vp of the whole citie of Pleurs: belonging vnto the Signiorie of Venice. Which happened in the beginning of September last past: by a strange and hideous shaking, and opening of the earth. Together with the losse of moe than two thousande people: and a generall burning vp of the trees and forrests within the territories of the said citie. Faythfullie translated out of the French copie, printed at Paris, 1618.A04145EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true and perfect discourse of three great accidents that chaunced in Italie within twentie and sixe dayes Worthie to be published, the better to know the Lords workes, and to teach vs, that with all humilitie wee should accept of whatsoeuer his will and pleasure is.A04146EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Gods call, for mans heart in 1 Knowledge, 2 Loue, 3 Feare, 4 Confidence, 5 Singing of Psalmes, 6 Prayer, 7 Hearing the word. 8 Receiuing the Sacraments. Deliuered in a sermon, by Abraham Iackson, Master of Arts, and preacher of Gods word at Chelsey, neere London.Jackson, Abraham, 1589-1646?A04151EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sorrovves lenitiue Written vpon occasion of the death of that hopefull and noble young gentleman, Iohn Lord Harrington, Barron of Exton, &c. Who died the 27. of Febr. 1613. By Abraham Iackson.Jackson, Abraham, 1589-1646?A04153EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation strange and true, of a ship of Bristol named the Iacob of 120. tunnes, which was about the end of Octob. last 1621. taken by the Turkish pirats of Argier. And how within fiue dayes after, foure English youths did valiantly ouercome 13. of the said Turks, and brought the ship to S. Lucas in Spaine, where they sold nine of the Turks for gally-slaues.A04200EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An attestation of many learned, godly, and famous divines, lightes of religion, and pillars of the Gospell iustifying this doctrine, viz. That the Church-governement ought to bee alwayes with the peoples free consent. Also this; that a true Church vnder the Gospell contayneth no more ordinary congregations but one. In the discourse whereof, specially Doctor Downames & also D. Bilsons chiefe matters in their writings against the same, are answered.Jacob, Henry, 1563-1624.A04207EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Christian and modest offer of a most indifferent conference, or disputation, about the maine and principall controversies betwixt the prelats, and the late silenced and deprived ministers in England tendered by some of the said ministers to the archbishops, and bishops, and all their adherents.Jacob, Henry, 1563-1624.A04208EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Anno Domini 1616. A confession and protestation of the faith of certaine Christians in England holding it necessary to observe, & keepe all Christes true substantiall ordinances for his church visible and politicall (that is, indued with power of outward spirituall government) under the gospel; though the same doe differ from the common order of the land. Published for the clearing of the said Christian from the slaunder of schisme, and noveltie, and also of separation, & undutifullness to the magistrate, which their rash adversaries doe falsely cast upon them. Also, an humble petition to the K. Majestie for toleration therein.Jacob, Henry, 1563-1624.A04211EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A defence of a treatise touching the sufferings and victorie of Christ in the worke of our redemption Wherein in confirmed, 1 That Christ suffered for vs, not only bodily griefe, but also in his soule an impression of the proper wrath of God, which may be called the paines of Hell. 2 That after his death on the crosse he went not downe into Hell. For answere to the late writings of Mr Bilson, L. Bishop of Winchester, which he intitleth, The effect of certaine sermons, &c. Wherein he striueth mightly against the doctrine aforesaid. By Henry Iacob minister of the worde of God.Jacob, Henry, 1563-1624.A04214EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A defence of the churches and ministery of Englande Written in two treatises, against the reasons and obiections of Maister Francis Iohnson, and others of the separation commonly called Brownists. Published, especially, for the benefitt of those in these partes of the lowe Countries.Jacob, Henry, 1563-1624.A04215EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Reasons taken out of Gods Word and the best humane testimonies prouing a necessitie of reforming our churches in England Framed and applied to 4. assertions wherein the foresaid purpose is contained. The 4. assertions are set downe in the page next following.Jacob, Henry, 1563-1624.A04218EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposition of the second epistle of the apostle Paul to Timothy, the first chapter Wherein 1 The text is logically into it's parts resolved ... 4 The seuerall doctrines thence arising deduced. ... All which is accompanied with familiar and delightfull similitudes ... Lastly as the matter requireth: there is vsed, definitions, distributions, subdiuisions, trialls, motiues, and directions, all which be of great vse in their proper order. By Iohn Barlovv ...Barlow, John, b. 1580 or 81.A04220EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the sufferings and victory of Christ, in the work of our redemption declaring by the Scripturs these two questions: that Christ suffered for vs the wrath of God, which we may well terme the paynes of hell, or hellish sorrowes. That Christ after his death on the crosse, went not into hell in his soule. Contrarie to certaine errours in these points publiklie preached in London: anno 1597.Jacob, Henry, 1563-1624.A04221EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A view of all the right honourable the Lord Mayors of this honorable citty of London With the personages, and also such chiefe occasions as happened in euery seuerall mayors time, as also their charitable gifts are set downe, and the places of their burials. Beginning at the first yeare of her maiesties happy raigne, and continued vnto this present yeare 1601. by W.I. of London printer.Jaggard, William, 1569-1623.A04223EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vvorkes of the most high and mightie prince, Iames by the grace of God, King of Great Britaine, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. Published by Iames, Bishop of Winton, and deane of his Maiesties Chappel RoyallJames I, King of England, 1566-1625.A04224EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A princes looking glasse, or A princes direction, very requisite and necessarie for a Christian prince, to view and behold himselfe in containing sundrie, wise, learned, godly, and princely precepts and instructions, excerpted and chosen out of that most Christian, and vertuous Basilikon dōron, or his Maiesties instructions to his dearest sonne Henrie the prince, and translated into Latin and English verse (his Maiesties consent and approbation beeing first had and obtained thereunto) for the more delight and pleasure of the said prince now in his young yeares: by William Willymat.Willymat, William, d. 1615.A04235EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The good mans priuiledge A sermon lately preached at Plimmouth in Deuon, by I.B. And now published at the request of some that then were auditors.Barlow, John, b. 1580 or 81.A04238EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The copie of His Maiesties letter, sent on Tuesday the 26. of Iune 1604 signifying his Highnes pleasure to the Commons House of Parliament, in the matter of subsidie.England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I)A04240EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The good mans refuge in affliction. Or A most profitable and comfortable sermon, preached by Iohn Barlovv. And now published especially for the good of them that bee, or haue been afflicted inwardly in minde, or outwardly in bodyBarlow, John, b. 1580 or 81.A04251EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Flores regij. Or, prouerbes and aphorismes, diuine and morall. As they were at seuerall times vpon sundry occasions, spoken / by his most excellent Maiestie, Iames, of famous memory King of Great-Brittaine. ; Collected by I.L.S.James I, King of England, 1566-1625.A04256EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lettre dy [sic] roy d'Angleterre, a madame la princesse de CondéJames I, King of England, 1566-1625.A04259EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
His Maiesties poeticall exercises at vacant houresJames I, King of England, 1566-1625.A04260EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ane meditatioun vpon the xxv, xxvi, xxvii, xxviii, and xxix verses of the XV chapt. of the first buke of the Chronicles of the Kingis set doun be the maist Christiane king and sincere professour of the treuth Iames the Sext King of Scottis.James I, King of England, 1566-1625.A04262EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A seasonable discourse of spirituall stedfastnesse wherein, 1. it, and a relapse, with the heads, members. and degrees of both, are exactly defined. 2. The subiects, causes, and symptomes of the fearfull sinne of apostasie cleerely expressed. As also directions, incentiues, to recouer, re-inkindle the old-cold-declining zelot. Together with arguments, motiues, that the young, or strong standing convert may be in grace firmely established. By I.B. preacher of the word.Barlow, John, b. 1580 or 81.A04269EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true guide to glory A sermon preached at Plympton-Mary in Deuon, at the funerals of the right vvorshipfull, and ...Barlow, John, b. 1580 or 81.A04284EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Triplici nodo, triplex cuneus. Or An apologie for the Oath of allegiance against the two breues of Pope Paulus Quintus, and the late letter of Cardinal Bellarmine to G. Blackvvel the Arch-priest. Authoritate regiâ.James I, King of England, 1566-1625.A04285EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
God and the king: or A dialogue shewing that our souereigne Lord King Iames beeing immediate vnder God within his dominions, doth rightfully claime whatsoeuer is required by the oath of allegianceMocket, Richard, 1577-1618.A04305EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Englands vvedding garment. Or A preparation to King Iames his royall coronation.A04310EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Englands vvelcome to Iames by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. Wherein is shewed her zealous loue, and reuerent dutie to her soueraigne. Composed into three cantoes.A04311EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lucta Iacobi: or, A bonefire for His Maiesties double deliuerie, from the deluge in Perth, the 5. of August, 1600. And the doomesday of Britaine, the 5. of Nouember. 1605. Seene and allowedUnivocè-catholicus.A04317EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A supplication to the Kings most excellent Maiestie wherein, seuerall reasons of state and religion are briefely touched: not vnworthie to be read, and pondered by the lords, knights, and burgeses of the present Parliament, and other of all estates. Prostrated at his Highnes feete by true affected subiects.Colleton, John, 1548-1635.A04323EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A retrayt sounded to certaine brethren lately seduced by the schismaticall Brownists to forsake the church written by Edward Iames ...James, Edward.A04324EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached before the Queenes Maiestie at Hampton Courte, the 19. of February laste paste. By VVilliam Iames Doctour of DiuinitieJames, William, 1542-1617.A04351EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The theater of Iaponia's constancy in which an hundred and eighteene glorious martyrs suffered death for Christ, in the yeare of our Lord 1622. Also, a briefe relation of the many, and wonderfull miracles, it hath pleased God lately to worke, by the merits and intercession of S. Ignatius, founder of the Society of Iesus, at Munebrega a towne in Spayne, in the moneths of Aprill and May, of the yeare 1623. Both faithfully translated out of Spanish originalls, lately printed at Madrid.A04361EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
True report of the gainefull, prosperous and speedy voiage to Iaua in the East Indies, performed by a fleete of eight ships of Amsterdam which set forth from Texell in Holland, the first of Maie 1598, Stilo Nouo, whereof foure returned againe the 19. of Iuly anno 1599. in lesse than 15. moneths, the other foure went forward from Iaua for the Moluccas.A04364EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise concerning a Christians carefull abstinence from all appearance of evill gathered for the most part out of the schoolemen, and casuists: wherein the questions and cases of conscience belonging unto the difficult matter of scandall are briefly resolved: By Henry Jeanes, Mr of Arts, lately of Hart-Hall in Oxon, and rector of the church of Beere-Crocombe in Somerset-shire.Jeanes, Henry, 1611-1662.A04365EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sonne of Gods entertainment by the sonnes of men Set forth in a sermon at Paules Crosse the seauenth of October. 1604. By Richard Iefferay of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford.Jefferay, Richard, b. 1567.A04366EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The picture of patience. Or, a direction to perfection Most needfull and vsefull in these dangerous daies of sinne, and publike feares.Jeffray, William.A04368EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A spirituall trumpet exciting and preparing to the Christian warfare. Sounded first in the vtmost parts of the Lords campe, to one wing of the armie, now in the midst for the benefit of all. By William Iemmat, Master of Arts, and preacher of Gods word at the Lechlade in Gloucester shire.Jemmat, William, 1596?-1678.A04371EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christians apparelling by Christ Where is shewed in three parts: 1. The happinesse, honour, aud [sic] confortable estate of all true Christians: with the wretched estate of all others. 2. The duetie it selfe, with particular directions. 3. The triall and examination of our selues by distinctiue notes. By R.I. B.D.Jenison, Robert, 1584?-1652.A04374EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Directions for the vvorthy receiuing of the Lords Supper with some few questions to the same purpose. By Robert Iension, Batchelor in Diuinity, and Minister of Gods Word, at New-Castle vpon Tine.Jenison, Robert, 1584?-1652.A04377EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The height of Israels heathenish idolatrie, in sacrificing their children to the Deuill diuided into three sections: where is shewed in the first, the growth and degrees of this, and generally of other sinnes and idolatries. In the second, that the Deuill was the god of the heathen; with the meanes by which he obtayned that honour. With a large application to our times, against popery, shewing the pride thereof, and malice both against soule and body; together with the meanes, sleights, and policies by which it seduceth, killeth, and in the person of the Pope, raiseth it selfe to its present height. In the third, the blinde zeale of idolaters. Deliuered generally in two sermons preached at S. Maries in Cambridge: the first whereof is much inlarged: by Robert Ienison Bachelor of Diuinitie, and late Fellow of S. Johns Colledge in Cambridge.Jenison, Robert, 1584?-1652.A04378EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newcastles call, to her neighbour and sister townes and cities throughout the land, to take warning by her sins and sorrowes Lest this overflowing scourge of pestilence reach even unto them also. As also a direction, how to discover such sins as are the procurers of Gods judgments by divers methods. By R. Jenison, Dr. of D. Whereunto is added, the number of them that dyed weekely in Newcastle and Garth-side, from May 6. to December 31. 1636.Jenison, Robert, 1584?-1652.A04379EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The triumph of faith A very godly, fruitfull and comfortable treatise on Rom. 8. verse 37. Penned by Daniel Ienkinson Master in Arts, late of Emmanuel Coll. in Cambridge, and found in his studie at the time of his death.[Jenkinson, Daniel].A04380EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
As Iheronimus, sheweth in this begynnynge, so wyll I wryte of the .iiij. tokens the whiche shall be shewed afore the dredefull daye of dome, of our lorde Ihesu Christe. For there shall we shewe ourself yonge and olde, [and]c.Jerome, Saint, d. 419 or 20.A04385EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Vitas patrumA04386EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The haughty heart humbled: or, The penitents practice: in the regall patterne of King Ezekiah Directory and consolatory to all the mourners in Sion, to sow in teares, and to reape in ioy. By S.I. preacher of Gods Word.Jerome, Stephen, fl. 1604-1650.A04389EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Englands iubilee, or Irelands ioyes Io-pæan, for King Charles his welcome With the blessings of Great-Britaine, her dangers, deliuerances, dignities from God, and duties to God, pressed and expressed. More particularly, Irelands triumphals, with the congratulations of the English plantations, for the preseruation of their mother England, solemnized by publike sermons. In which 1. The mirrour of Gods free grace, 2. The mappe of our ingratitude, 3. The meanes and motiues to blesse God for his blessings. 4. The platforme of holy praises are doctrinally explained, and vsefully applyed, to this secure and licentious age. By Stephen Ierome, domesticke chaplaine to the Right Honourable Earle of Corke.Jerome, Stephen, fl. 1604-1650.A04390EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Moses his sight of Canaan with Simeon his dying-song. Directing how to liue holily and dye happily. By Steuen Jerome, late preacher at St. Brides. Seene and allowed.Jerome, Stephen, fl. 1604-1650.A04393EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The dystruccyon of Iherusalem by Vaspazian and TytusA04397EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth a mery geste of the frere and the boyeA04403EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fryer, an[d] the boyA04404EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe relation of the persecution lately made against the Catholike Christians, in the kingdome of Iaponia diuided into two bookes. Taken out of the annuall letters of the fathers of the Society of Iesus, and other authenticall informations. Written in Spanish, and printed first at Mexico in the West Indies, the yeare of Christ M.DC.XVI. and newly translated into English by W.W. gent. The first part.Morejon, Pedro, 1562-1634?A04408EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discouerie of the most secret and subtile practises of the Iesuites. Translated out of FrenchA04409EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exact and sound discovery of the chiefe mysteries of jesuiticall iniquityA04410EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Iesuites Pater noster giuen to Phillip III King of Spaine for his new yeares gift this present yeare. 1611. Together with the Ave Maria. Written first in French: Englished by W.I.A04412EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation of the late iourney of the Iesuites, banished out of the kingdomes of Bohemia and HungariaA04415EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christs teares over Jerusalem. Or, A caveat for England, to call to God for mercy, lest we be plagued for our contempt and wickednesse To the tune of The merchants.A04418EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Deuout intercescion and praier to our sauiour Jesu ChristA04421EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A deuoute intercessyon and prayer, to our sauyour Jesu ChrysteA04423EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A gloryous medytacyon of Ihesus crystes passyonA04426EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine deuout and godly petitions, commonly called, Iesus PsalterA04437EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine deuout and godly petitions called the Iesus psalterA04442EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An apologie of priuate masse spred abroade in writing without name of the authour: as it seemeth, against the offer and protestacion made in certayne sermons by the reuerent father Bisshop of Salsburie: with an answer to the same Apologie, set foorth for the maintenance and defence of the trueth. Perused and allowed, by the reuerent father in God Edmonde Bisshop of London, accordynge to the order appoincted in the Que'enes maiestes iniunctions.A04484EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The golden cabinet of true treasure: containing the summe of morall philosophie. Translated out of French & enlarged, by W. Ievvel, Mr of Arts, of Exeter Colledge in OxfordJewell, William, b. 1585 or 6.A04486EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An excellent treatise touching the restoring againe of him that is fallen written by the woorthy man Saint Iohn Chrysostome ... ; turned and put into English, out of an ancient Latine translation, written in velume, by R.W. ...John Chrysostom, Saint, d. 407.A04501EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An excellent treatise touching the restoring againe of him that is fallen written by the worthy, Saint Chrysostome to Theodorus a friend of his, who by leud liuing, was fallen from the Gospell; fit to read for reclaiming their hearts which are in like case. Englished (out of an auncient Latin translation, written in velume) by R.W. With an annexed epistle of comfort from one friend to another, wherin the Anabaptists error of desperation is briefly confuted, and the sinne against the holy Ghost plainly declared.John Chrysostom, Saint, d. 407.A04503EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly exhortation made vnto the people of Antioch, by Iohn Chrysostome, sometime arch bishop of Constantinople: touching the patience and suffering affliction, by the examples of Iob, and the three children: and of refraining from swearing. Translated out of Latin into English, by Robert Rowse minister of the word of GodJohn Chrysostom, Saint, d. 407.A04506EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermo[n] made by Iohn Chrisostome patriarche of Constantinople, of pacience, of ye end of ye world, and of ye last iudgeme[n]t. Whereunto is added an other homelie made by John Brentius of the vertue of Christes resurrectio[n] tra[n]slated into Englishe by Thomas Sa[m]psonJohn Chrysostom, Saint, d. 407.A04511EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Le reveille-matin des Francois, et de leurs voisins. Composé par Eusebe Philadelphe cosmopolite, en forme de dialoguesBarnaud, Nicolas, b. 1538 or 9.A04513EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the thirteenth of Iune, the second Sunday in trinitie tearme 1591 by Thomas Barne ...Barne, Thomas.A04515EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Capystranus a metrical romance].A04523EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Catholique iudge: or A moderator of the Catholique moderator Where in forme or manner of a plea or suite at law, the differences betweene those of the Reformed Church, and them of the Romish Church are decided; and without partialitie is shewed which is the true religion and catholique Church, for the instruction of either partie. Together with eight strong arguments or reasons, why the Popes cannot be competent iudges in these controversies. Written in the Dutch and French tongue, by Iohn of the Crosse, a Catholique gentleman. Translated out of French into English, by the right worshipfull and learned Knight Sir A.A.John of the Crosse, a Catholique gentleman.A04528EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Duke of Saxonie his iubilee with a short chronologie. Both shewing the goodnesse of God, in blessing the Gospel of Christ, since Luther first opposed the Popes pardons.A04534EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
True intelligence sent from a gentleman of account Concerning, the estate of the English forces now in Fraunce, vnder the conduct of the Right Honorable the Earle of Essex. Particularly expressing vvhat hath beene doone since his departure from England, vntill the second of SEptember last, 1591.Johnson, Fabian.A04535EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An answer to Maister H. Iacob his defence of the churches and minstery of England. By Francis Iohnson an exile of Iesus ChristJohnson, Francis, 1562-1618.A04537EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Christian plea conteyning three treatises. I. The first, touching the Anabaptists, & others mainteyning some like errours with them. II. The second, touching such Christians, as now are here, commonly called Remonstrants or Arminians. III. The third, touching the Reformed Churches, with vvhom my self agree in the faith of the Gospel of our Lord Iesus Christ. Made by Francis Iohnson, pastour of the auncient English Church, now sojourning at Amsterdam in the Low Countreyes.Johnson, Francis, 1562-1618.A04540EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true relation of Go[ds] vvonderfull mercies in preseruing one aliue, which hanged fiue dayes, who was falsely accused.A04548EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The way to glory, or, The preaching of the Gospell is the ordinary meanes of our saluation wherein is shewed what difference there is betweene the text of the Gospell, and the preaching, exposition, and glosse thereof : with a confutation of our aduersaries opinion, that the Popes defining and expounding Scriptures ex Cathedra, is to bee beleeued as vndoubted truth ... : herein also is shewed the dignity and necessity of the office of preaching the Gospell ... : preached in the Cathedrall Church of S. Paules, for the Crosse sermon, the tenth of December, 1620 / by Ro. Iohnson Bachelour of Diunity.Johnson, Ro. (Robert)A04574EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A supplicatyon made by Robert Barnes doctoure in diuinitie, vnto the most excellent and redoubted prince kinge henrye the eyght. The articles for which this forsayde doctoure Barnes was condemned of our spiritualtye, are confirmed by the Scripture, doctoures and their awne [sic] lawe. After that he disputeth certayne comon places which also he confermeth with the Scripture, holye doctoures and their awne [sic] laweBarnes, Robert, 1495-1540.A04582EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Elegiae duae vna ad episcopum Abredonensem, de fratris obitu, altera de pace rupta inter Scotos & Gallos / autore Arturo Ionstono, medico regio.Johnstoun, Arthur, 1587-1641.A04591EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christs vvatch-vvord Being the parable of the virgins, expounded and applyed to these times of security. Or an exhortation of our Saviours to us, that we may watch and prepare our selues for the unknowne times of death and judgement.Johnston, Thomas, Chaplain to the Bishop of Dromore.A04596EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A spiritual chaine, and armour of choice, for Sion souldiers Which, whosoeuer weareth graciously, shall be sure of the best honour, comfort and safetie (whether he liue or die in the battell) that can come to a Christian souldier. Very necessary for these times.Jones, Anthony, fl. 1622.A04597EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Our sauiours iourney to the Gadarens: or the loue of Christ vnto man. Written by I. Iones Bachelour in Diuinity, and parson of S. Nicholas Acons, LondonJones, John, 1574 or 5-1636.A04602EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Adrasta: or, The vvomans spleene, and loves conquest A tragi-comedie. Never acted.Jones, John, fl. 1635.A04604EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Londons looking backe to Ierusalem, or, Gods iudgements vpon others, are to be obserued by vsJones, John, minister at St. Michael Basenshaw, London.A04605EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The arte and science of preseruing bodie and soule in healthe, wisedome, and Catholike religion phisically, philosophically, and diuinely deuised: by Iohn Iones phisition. Right profitable for all persones: but chiefly for princes, rulers, nobles, byshoppes, preachers, parents, and them of the Parliament house.Jones, John, physician.A04606EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine sermons preached of late at Ciceter, in the countie of Glocester vpon a portion of the first chapter of the Epistle of Iames: wherein the two seueral states, of the riche and poore man are compared and examined, the differences in quality, and duety betwixt them shewed, both directed to such Christian parts and offices, as the sufficiencie of the one may, and ought to performe, and the wants of the other do necessarily require. Penned at the earnest requests of diuers well affected inhabitantes of the place: and now published as wel for the vse of others, as for the further profit of that particular congregation. By Philip Iones, preacher of the word of God in the same towne. Allowed by authoritie.Jones, Philip, fl. 1589.A04608EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The metynge of Doctor Barons and doctor Powell at Paradise gate [and] of theyr communications bothe drawen to Smithfylde fro[m] the towar. The one burned for heresye as the papistes do saye truly and the other quartered for popery and all within one houre.A04610EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Henly at the visitation on the 27. of Aprill, 1626 Vpon those words of the 9. Psalme, vers. 16.Barnes, Robert, 1576 or 7-1639.A04622EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The court of conscience: or, Iosephs brethrens iudgement barre. By Thomas BarnesBarnes, Thomas, Minister of St. Margaret's, New Fish Street, London.A04629EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true and perfect declaration of the mighty army by the sea made and prepared by the generall states of the vnited prouinces, purposely sent forth to hinder the proceedings of the King of Spaine, vnder the conduct of Peter Vander Does generall of the said army: together with all whatsoeuer hath bene done by the said army against the islands, townes, castels, and shippes, belonging to the said King of Spaine. As also what the said army hath gotten and wonne in the said viage; with the whole discourse of the aduentures of the said army, both in their going forth, and retuning againe, from the 28. of May, 1599. vntill the 6. of March, 1600. Collected by Ellert de Ionghe, captayne of the artillery in the said viage.Jonghe, Ellert de.A04630EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ben Ionson, his Case is alterd As it hath beene sundry times acted by the children of the Blacke-friers.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04638EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The gales of grace; or, the spirituall vvinde wherein the mysterie of sanctification is opened and handled. By Thomas Barnes ...Barnes, Thomas, Minister of St. Margaret's, New Fish Street, London.A04641EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Epicoene, or the silent woman A comedie. Acted in the yeare 1609. By the children of her majesties revels. The author B. I.Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.A04645EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Vox belli, or, An alarum to vvarreBarnes, Thomas, Minister of St. Margaret's, New Fish Street, London.A04657EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe discourse of a disease called the suffocation of the mother Written vppon occasion which hath beene of late taken thereby, to suspect possesion of an euill spirit, or some such like supernaturall power. Wherin is declared that diuers strange actions and passions of the body of man, which in the common opinion, are imputed to the diuell, haue their true naturall causes, and do accompanie this disease. By Edvvard Iorden Doctor in Physicke.Jorden, Edward, 1569-1632.A04663EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A compendious and most marueilous history of the latter tymes of the Iewes commune weale beginnynge where the Bible or Scriptures leaue, and continuing to the vtter subuersion and laste destruction of that countrey and people: written in Hebrew by Ioseph Ben Gorion, a noble man of the same countrey, who sawe the most thinges him selfe, and was auctour and doer of a great part of the same. Translated into Englishe by Peter Morvvyng of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford.A04666EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here after foloweth a treatyse take[n] out of a boke whiche sometyme Theodosius the Emperour founde in Iherusalem in the pretorye of Pylate of Joseph of ArmathyA04678EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discovery of the Barmudas, otherwise called the Ile of Diuels by Sir Thomas Gates, Sir George Sommers, and Captayne Newport, with diuers others. Set forth for the loue of my country, and also for the good of the plantation in Virginia. Sil. Iourdan.Jourdain, Silvester, d. 1650.A04690EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A plaine description of the Barmudas, now called Sommer Ilands VVith the manner of their discouerie anno 1609. by the shipwrack and admirable deliuerance of Sir Thomas Gates, and Sir George Sommers, wherein are truly set forth the commodities and profits of that rich, pleasant, and healthfull countrie. With an addition, or more ample relation of diuers other remarkeable matters concerning those ilands since then experienced, lately sent from thence by one of the colonie now there resident.Jourdain, Silvester, d. 1650.A04691EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An enterlude for children to play named Iack Iugler bothe wittie and very plesant. Newly imprinted. The names of the players. Maister Boungrace Dame Coy Iack Iugler Ienkin Careaway Alice trip and go. A gallant a gentlewoman The vice A lackey A maid.A04711EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
In Henricum Fridericum primogenitum Iacobi ter maximi Regis Magnæ Britanniæ, Galliæ, & Hiberniæ: serenissimum vero Walliae principem, morbo de hac vita decedentem Novemb. 1612 lachrymæ Alexr. Julii Scoti, suo & conterraneorum suorum nomine, namq́[ue] ab vno disce omnesJulius, Alexander.A04717EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The boke for a justyce of peace neuer so well and dylygently set forthe.A04743EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Complete justice a compendium of the particulars incident to justices of the peace, either in sessions or out of sessions : gathered out of the statutes, reports, late resolutions of the judges, and other approved authorities : abstracted and cited alphabetically for their ready helpe, and the ease of inferiour officers, and for the generall good of the kingdome.A04754EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The trades increaseKayll, Robert.A04763EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Heavenly knowledg directing a Christian to ye assurance of his salvation in this life / written in Latin by Barthol. Keckerm. ; done into English by T.V.Keckermann, Bartholomäus, ca. 1571-1608 or 9.A04767EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Miscellanies of divinitie divided into three books, wherein is explained at large the estate of the soul in her origination, separation, particular judgement, and conduct to eternall blisse or torment. By Edvvard Kellet Doctour in Divinitie, and one of the canons of the Cathedrall Church of Exon.Kellett, Edward, 1583-1641.A04774EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A returne from Argier A sermon preached at Minhead in the county of Somerset the 16. of March, 1627. at the re-admission of a relapsed Christian into our Church. By Edward Kellet Doctor of Diuinity.Kellett, Edward, 1583-1641.A04776EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The right and iurisdiction of the prelate, and the prince. Or, A treatise of ecclesiasticall, and regall authoritie. Compyled by I.E. student in diuinitie for the ful instruction and appeaceme[n]t of the consciences of English Catholikes, co[n]cerning the late oath of pretended allegeance. Togeather with a cleare & ample declaratio[n], of euery clause thereof, newlie reuewed and augmented by the authoureKellison, Matthew.A04779EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A suruey of the new religion detecting manie grosse absurdities which it implieth. Set forth by Matthevv Kellison doctor and Professour of Diuinitie. Diuided into eight bookes.Kellison, Matthew.A04780EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the hierarchie and diuers orders of the Church against the anarchie of Caluin. Composed by Matthevv Kellison, Doctour of Diuinitie, &c.Kellison, Matthew.A04782EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The confessioun [o]f maister Iohn Kello minister of Spot, togidder with his ernist repentance maid vpon the scaffald befoir his suffering, the fourt day of October. 1570Kello, John, d. 1570.A04783EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Carmen gratulatorium, ad serenissimum, potentissimum, et invictissimum monarcham, Iacobum id nominis sextum, Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ regem, fidei defensorem, &c. / Authore Samuele Kello, Scoto, Academiæ Edinburgensis Alumno.Kello, Samuel.A04784EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The exposition, and readynges of Iohn Keltridge: Mayster of the Artes: student of late in Trinitie Colledge in Cambridge, minister, preacher, and pastor of the Church of Dedham, that is in Essex: vpon the wordes of our Sauiour Christe, that bée written in the. xi. of LukeKeltridge, John.A04789EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two godlie and learned sermons appointed, and preached, before the Jesuites, seminaries, and other aduersaries to the gospell of Christ in the Tower of London. In which, were confuted to their faces, the moste principall and cheefe poincts of their Romish and vvhoarish religion: and all such articles as they defend, contrarie to the woord of Cod [sic], vvere layed open and ripped vp vnto them. In Maye. 7 and 21. Anno. 1581. By Iohn Keltridge, preacher of the vvorde of God, in London.Keltridge, John.A04790EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A wonder vvorth the reading, or, A true and faithfull relation of a woman, now dwelling in Kentstreet who, vpon Thursday, being the 21 of August last, was deliuered of a prodigious and monstrous child, in the presence of diuers honest, and religious women to their wonderfull feare and astonishment.A04801EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An epistle [s]ent to divers [pa]pistes in England prouing [th]e Pope to bee the beast in the [1]3 of the Reuelations, and to be the man exalted in the temple of God, as God, Thess. 2.2 ... / by F.K.Kett, Francis, d. 1589.A04809EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The glorious and beautifull garland of mans glorification Containing the godlye misterie of heauenly Ierusalem, the helmet of our saluation. The comming of Christ in the fleshe for our glorie, and his glorious com[m]ing in the end of the world to crowne men with crownes of eternall glorie. Beeing an heauenly adamant to drawe thee to Christ and a spirituall rod to mortifie thy life. Made and set foorth by Frauncis Kett, Doctor of PhisickKett, Francis, d. 1589.A04811EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation of the second voyage to Guiana. Perfourmed and written in the yeare 1596. By Lawrence Kemys, GentKemys, Lawrence, d. 1618.A04813EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The burthen of a loaden conscience: or the miserie of sinne set forth by the confession of a miserable sinner.Kilby, Richard, d. 1617.A04816EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Hallelu-iah: praise yee the Lord, for the vnburthening of a loaden conscience By his grace is Iesus Christ vouchsafed vnto the worst sinner of all the whole world.Kilby, Richard, d. 1617.A04821EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached in Saint Maries Church in Oxford March 26. 1612. at the funerall of Thomas Holland, Doctor of the Chaire in Divinitie, and Rector of the Exceter College, by Richard Kilbie Doctor of Divinity, Rector of Lincolne CollegeKilbye, Richard, 1560 or 61-1620.A04823EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of the redemption of mankind three bookes wherein the controuersie of the vniuersalitie of redemption and grace by Christ, and of his death for all men, is largely handled. Hereunto is annexed a treatise of Gods predestination in one booke. Written in Latin by Iacob Kimedoncius D. and professor of Diuinitie at Heidelberge, and translated into English by Hugh Ince preacher of the word of God.Kimedoncius, Jacobus, d. 1596.A04827EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The marriage of the lambe Or a treatise concerning the spirituall espousing of Christ, to a beleeving soule, wherein the subject is fully handled in the nature of it, in the effects, priviledges, symptomes, with the comforts that arise to a beleever from this relation, wherein also the excellencie of Christ, and many other spirituall truths flowing from the subject are by way discovered. By Benjamin King, minister of Gods Word at Flamsteed in Hartford-shire.King, Benjamin, b. 1611 or 12.A04831EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An halfe-penny-worth of vvit, in a penny-worth of paper. Or, The hermites taleKing, Humphrey.A04841EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The spirituall architecture. Or, the balance of Gods sanctuary to discerne the weigh and solidity of a true and sincere, from the leuitie, and vanitie of a false and counterfeit profession of Christianity. Wherein also the sandy foundations of the papisticall faith are briefely discouered. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the 16. of Nouember, 1623. by Robert Barrell, Master of Arts, and minister of Gods word at Maidstone in KentBarrell, Robert.A04847EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The armyng of a Christen warrier readie to fyghte with the enemies of our captain and sauioure Iesus Christe to the whiche soldiers, Henry Barret the writer of this rude boke, wisheth health [and] muche increase of faith.Barrett, Henry, 16th cent.A04855EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A vievve of mans estate wherein the great mercie of God in mans free iustification by Christ, is very comfortably declared. By Andrewe Kingesmill. Diuided into chapters in such sorte as may best serue for the commoditie of the reader. Wherevnto is annexed a godly aduise giuen by the author touching mariage. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed.Kingsmill, Andrew, 1538-1569.A04866EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The drunkards vvarning A sermon preached at Canterbury in the Cathedral Church of Christ. By Thomas Kingsmill Mr. of Arts, and preacher of the Word at Hyth, one of the Cinque-ports, in the county of Kent.Kingsmill, Thomas.A04870EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A pleasant conceited comedie, called, A knacke to know an honest man As it hath beene sundrie times plaied about the citie of London.A04889EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A confutation of monstrous and horrible heresies, taught by H.N. and embraced of a number, who call themselues the Familie of Loue by I. Knewstub. Seene and allowed, according to the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.Knewstubs, John, 1544-1624.A04901EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lectures of John Knewstub, vpon the twentith chapter of Exodus, and certeine other places of Scripture Seene and allowed according to the Queenes maiesties iniunctions.Knewstubs, John, 1544-1624.A04902EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the Fryday before Easter, commonly called good Friday, in the yeere of our Lorde. 1579. By Iohn KnewstubKnewstubs, John, 1544-1624.A04905EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly letter sent too the fayethfull in London, Newcastell, Barwyke, and to all other within the realme off Englande, that loue the co[m]minge of oure Lorde Iesus by Ihon KnoxKnox, John, ca. 1514-1572.A04917EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth a lytell treatyse of the turkes lawe called Alcaron. And also it speketh of Machamet the nygromancerA04940EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The blessednes of Brytaine, or A celebration of the Queenes holyday conteining, a breefe rehersall, of the inestimable benefits, generally had & enioyed, not only all England ouer, but also in forrein partes, through the gracious bountie, and incomparable blessed rule of our royall Queene Elizabeth. Composed, and set foorth, in due reuerence, & ioyfull memoriall, of her Maiesties present entrance into the thirtieth yeere of her most triumphant raigne, with hartie prayer, for the long continuing, and prosperous preseruing of the same: by Maurice Kyffin. Published with authoritie.Kyffin, Maurice, d. 1599.A04954EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The blessednes of Brytaine, or A celebration of the Queenes holyday Wherein is briefly discoursed the most happy regiment of her Highnes. Newly set foorth vvith a nevv addition containing the late accidents and occurrents of this yeere 88. being the thirtieth of hir Maiesties raigne. By M. Kyffin. Published with authoritie.Kyffin, Maurice, d. 1599.A04955EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The constitutions of the Musaeum Minervaæ.Musaeum Minervae (London, England)A04956EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Corona Minervæ. Or A masque presented before Prince Charles His Highnesse, the Duke of Yorke his brother, and the Lady Mary his sister, the 27th of February, at the Colledge of the Museum Minervæ.Kinnaston, Francis, Sir, 1587-1642.A04959EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Spirituall almes a treatise wherein is set forth the necessity, the enforcements, and directions of the duty of exhortation.A. L., fl. 1625.A04961EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The soules lamentations, and loue to God Preces & lachrymae. Dumps and teares of repentance.B. L., fl. 1614.A04962EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The birth, purpose, and mortall vvound of the Romish holie League Describing in a mappe the enuie of Sathans shauelings, and the follie of their wisedome, through the Almighties prouidence. By I.L.I. L., fl. 1589.A04964EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true and perfecte description of a straunge monstar borne in the citty of Rome in Italy, in the yeare of our saluation. 1585 Vnder which is described both the originall and triumphant state of the Holy League, and also the sodain and desperate fall thereof in the yeare 1588. With certaine verses exhortatory to the King of Spayn, that hee would withdraw his persecuting hand from the Church of Christ. Wherein are also shewed some of the cruelties exercised vppon our countrey-men and others in the Inquisition and gallies of Spaine.I. L., fl. 1590.A04966EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Copye of a letter contayning certayne newes, & the articles or requestes of the Deuonshyre & Cornyshe rebellesA04967EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A prophesie that hath lyen hid, aboue these 2000. yeares Wherein is declared all the most principall matters that hath fallen out, in, and about the ciuill and ecclesiasticall monarchie of Rome, from the rising of Iulius Cæsar, to this present: and which are to be done from hence to the distruction of it, and what shall ensue after that. As the liues and deaths of the emperors. The rising of the ecclesiasticall monarchie. The storie of the greatest enemies of them both with manie other notable accurrences [sic] concerning Germany, France, and Spaine. With the inuasion of the kings of the East.T. L., fl. 1595.A04970EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Babylon is fallenT. L., fl. 1595.A04973EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pleasaunt playne and pythye pathewaye leadynge to a vertues and honest lyfe no lesse profytable, then delectable. V.L.Leigh, Valentine, fl. 1562.A04975EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposition of the XI. XII and XIII. chapters of the Revellation wherein most of the matters of greatest moment contained in the booke of the Reuelation are vnfolded / by a late writer, whose certaine name is not knowne to the publisher hereof, onely these two letters T.L. are in his aduertisement to Queene Elizabeth ; the contents whereof are in the next page.T. L.A04976EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An helpe for yong people, preparing them for the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper. By W.L. B.D.[W.L., B.D.].A04977EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An easy method to know the causes and signs of the humour most ruleth in the body and to avoid thereby things hurtful: as also to enable men to give better account of the state of their bodies, when they are diseased to the physitian, and not hazard the lives of themselves and their freinds by only urging him to prophesy (and that often falsily) the disease by onely the inspection of vrine.La Framboisière, Nicolas Abraham de, b. 16th cent.A04984EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sermons vvith some religious and diuine meditations. By the Right Reuerend Father in God, Arthure Lake, late Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells. Whereunto is prefixed by way of preface, a short view of the life and vertues of the authorLake, Arthur, 1569-1626.A04985EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ten sermons upon several occasions, preached at Saint Pauls Crosse, and elsewhere. By the Right Reverend Father in God Arthur Lake late Lord Bishop of Bath and WellsLake, Arthur, 1569-1626.A04986EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The argument of Mr. Peter de la Marteliere aduocate in the Court of Parliament of Paris made in Parliament, the chambers thereof being assembled. For the Rector and Vniuersitie of Paris, defendants and opponents, against the Iesuits demandants, and requiring the approbation of the letters patents which they had obtained, giuing them power to reade and to teach publikely in the aforesaid Vniuersitie. Translated out of the French copie set forth by publike authoritie.La Martelière, Pierre de, d. 1631.A04991EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The duties of constables, borsholders, tythingmen, and such other lowe ministers of the peace wherevnto be also adioined the seuerall offices of church-wardens, of surueiors for amending the high waies, of distributors of the prouision for noisome foule and uermine, of the collectors, ouerseers, and gouernors of the poore, and of the wardens and collectors for the houses of correction / collected and penned by William Lambard ... 1582.Lambarde, William, 1536-1601.A04997EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Eirenarcha: or of the office of the iustices of peace in two bookes: gathered. 1579. and now reuised, and firste published, in the. 24. yeare of the peaceable reigne of our gratious Queene Elizabeth: by William Lambard of Lincolnes Inne Gent.Lambarde, William, 1536-1601.A05017EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The minde and iudgement of maister Frau[n]ces Lambert of Auenna of the wyll of man declarynge and prouynge howe and after what sorte it is captyue and bonde, and not free: taken out of hys commentaries vpon Osee the Prophete, wherin vpo[n] the. iiii. chapter of the sayd prophet, he most godly, plainlye and learnedly, entreateth and writeth of the same, as hereafter euide[n]tly shal appere. Newelye tra[n]slated into Englishe by N.L. Anno Do. M.D.xlviii. the xviii. day of Dece[m]bre.Lambert, Franz, 1486-1530.A05034EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The summe of christianitie gatheryd out almoste of al placis of scripture, by that noble and famouse clerke Francis Lambert of Auynyon. And translatyd, and put in to prynte in Englyshe, by Tristram Reuel. The yere of our lorde. 1536Lambert, Franz, 1486-1530.A05035EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of predestination [and] election made by Joh[a]n Lamberd minister of the church of Elham. Anno M.D.L.Lambert, John, Minister of Elham.A05039EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Lamentation of a new married man briefly declaring the sorrow and griefe that comes by marrying a young wanton wife ; to the tune of Where is my true loue.A05041EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The treaty[se of Syr Lamwell.]Marie, de France, 12th cent.A05043EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ryght and trew vndersta[n]dynge of the Supper of the Lord and the vse therof faythfully gathered out of ye holy Scriptures worthely to be embrased of all Christen people. Perused [and] alowed by dyuerse godly lerned men to the comfort of al ye trewe congregation of Christ.Lancaster, Thomas, d. 1583.A05045EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A letter: whearin, part of the entertainment vntoo the Queenz Maiesty, at Killingwoorth Castl, in Warwick Sheér, in this soomerz progress 1575. iz signified: from a freend officer attendant in the coourt, vnto his freénd a citizen, and merchaunt of LondonPatten, William, fl. 1548-1580.A05048EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The description of a voyage made by certaine ships of Holland into the East Indies VVith their aduentures and successe: together with the description of the countries, townes, and inhabitantes of the same: who set forth on the second of Aprill 1595. and returned on the 14. of August. 1597. Translated out of Dutch into English by W.P.A05051EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Manassehs miraculous metamorphosis representing to euery sinne-loaden (if sinne-loathing) soule, 1 A conduit of consolation. 2 A comfort against desperation. 3 A con[du]ct to deuotion. A sermon preached before the thrice-famous Vniuersity of Cambridge, at Great Saint Maries, Septemb. 10. Anno Dom. 1620. By George Langford, Master of Arts, preacher of Gods Word, and chaplaine to the right honourable Thomas earle of Exceter.Langford, George.A05052EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The garden of health conteyning the sundry rare and hidden vertues and properties of all kindes of simples and plants, together with the maner how they are to be vsed and applyed in medicine for the health of mans body, against diuers diseases and infirmities most common amongst men. Gathered by the long experience and industrie of William Langham, practitioner in phisicke.Langham, William.A05054EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Mary sitting at Christs feet A sermon preached at the funerall of Mris Mary Swaine, the wife of Mr William Swaine, at Saint Buttolphs without Aldersgate. Declaring her christian life, and comfortable death, for the encouraging of all christian gentlewomen, and others, to walke in the steps of this religious gentlewoman already departed. By Lancelot Langhorne, preacher of the word of God.Langhorne, Lancelot.A05056EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The chariot and horsemen of Israel A discourse of prayer: shewing what it is, as also the meanes to attaine to the practise of it. An exercise so rare in the world, and yet so requisite, as few vse it aright, and none may omit it. By Henry Langley, minister of the Word of God, at Treswell in the county of Nottingham.Langley, Henry, d. 1636.A05061EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles conteining the request presented to the French Kyng by the deputies of the reformed churches of the cou[n]trey of Languedoc and other places adioyning, assembled by His Maiesties commaundement also an other request to him presented by the persons of the third estate of the cou[n]trey of Prouence, vvith His Maiesties answere to the sayd requests : also an aunswere of the Lord Lodouic Counte of Nassau to the aduertisements giuen him from the Kyng / translated out of French.A05065EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short apologie for Christian souldiours wherein is conteined, how that we ought both to propagate, and also if neede require, to defende by force of armes, the Catholike Church of Christ, against the tyrannie of Antichrist and his adherentes: penned by Stephanus Iunius Brutus, and translated into English by H.P. for the benefite of the resolution of the Church of England, in the defence of the gospel.Languet, Hubert, 1518-1581.A05066EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise against the proclamation published by the King of Spayne, by which he proscribed the late Prince of Orange wherby shall appeare the sclaunders and falce accusations conteyned in the sayd proscription, which is annexed to the ende of this treatise. Presented to My Lords the Estates generall in the Low Countries. Together with the sayd proclamation or proscription. Printed in French and all other languages.Loyseleur, Pierre, ca. 1530-1590.A05067EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Vindiciae, contra tyrannos: siue, de principis in populum, populíque in principem, legitima potestate, Stephano Iunio Bruto Celta, auctoreLanguet, Hubert, 1518-1581.A05069EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Discours sur la declaration faicte par le Sieur de la NoueA05072EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The profit of imprisonment A paradox, vvritten in French by Odet de la Noue, Lord of Teligni, being prisoner in the castle of Tournay. Translated by Iosuah Silvester.La Noue, Odet de, seigneur de Téligny, d. 1618.A05075EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynnethe the lanterne of lyghtA05083EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Salue deus rex iudæorum containing, 1. The passion of Christ, 2. Eues apologie in defence of women, 3. The teares of the daughters of Ierusalem, 4. The salutation and sorrow of the Virgine Marie : with diuers other things not vnfit to be read / written by Mistris Æmilia Lanyer ...Lanyer, Aemilia.A05085EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Politique discourses, treating of the differences and inequalities of vocations, as well publique, as priuate with the scopes or endes wherevnto they are directed. Translated out of French, by Ægremont Ratcliffe Esquire.La Place, Pierre de, 1520-1572.A05091EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the excellencie of a christian man, and how he may be knowen. Written in French by Master Peter de la Place, one of the Kings counsel, and chiefe president of his court of aides in Paris. Whereunto is adioyned a briefe description of the life and death of the said authour, to the end that euerie one may knowe what he was. Translated into English by L. TomsonLa Place, Pierre de, 1520-1572.A05093EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The third volume of the French academie contayning a notable description of the whole world, and of all the principall parts and contents thereof: as namely, of angels both good and euill: of the celestiall spheres, their order and number: of the fixed stars and planets; their light, motion, and influence: of the fower elements, and all things in them, or of them consisting: and first of firie, airie, and watrie meteors or impressions of comets, thunders, lightnings, raines, snow, haile, rainebowes, windes, dewes, frosts, earthquakes, &c. ingendered aboue, in, and vnder the middle or cloudie region of the aire. And likewise of fowles, fishes, beasts, serpents, trees with their fruits and gum; shrubs, herbes, spices, drugs, minerals, precious stones, and other particulars most worthie of all men to be knowen and considered. Written in French by that famous and learned gentleman Peter de la Primaudaye Esquier, Lord of the same place, and of Barree: and Englished by R. Dolman.La Primaudaye, Pierre de, b. ca. 1545.A05102EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The logike of the moste excellent philosopher P. Ramus martyr, newly translated, and in diuers places corrected, after the mynde of the author. Per M. Roll. Makylmenæum Scotum, rogatu viri honestissimi, M. Ægidii HamliniRamus, Petrus, 1515-1572.A05111EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lathams falconry or The faulcons lure, and cure in two bookes. The first, concerning the ordering and training vp of all hawkes in generall; especially the haggard faulcon gentle. The second, teaching approued medicines for the cure of all diseases in them. Gathered by long practice and experience, and published for the delight of noble mindes, and instruction of young faulconers in things pertaining to this princely art. By Symon Latham. Gent.Latham, Simon.A05137EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lathams new and second booke of falconrie concerning the training vp of all hawkes that were vnmentioned in his first booke of the haggart faulcon and gerfaulcon, formerly printed; teaching approued medicines for all their diseases. / By Symon Latham, Gent.Latham, Simon.A05138EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The case of tenures upon the commission of defective titles argued by all the iudges of Ireland, with their resolution, and the reasons of their resolution.Santry, James Barry, Baron, 1603-1672.A05165EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Tears on the death of Evander occasioned by the lamentable losse of the truelie noble and generous, Sir. Iohn Svynton [sic] Knight, Collonel of an regiment of 2000 Nedderlanders, going for Venize, who was cast away by storme on the coast of England upon Goodwin sands the 13 of Octob. 1630. By G. Lauder.Lauder, George, b. ca. 1600.A05178EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The prophane schisme of the Brovvnists or separatists With the impietie, dissensions, levvd, and abhominable vices of that impure sect. Discouered by Christopher Lavvne, Iohn Fovvler, Clement Sanders, Robert Bulvvard. Lately returned from the companie of M. Iohnson, that wicked brother, into the bosome of the Church of England, their true mother.A05190EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A golden trumpet, to rowse vp a drowsie magistrate: or, A patterne for a governors practise drawne from Christs comming to, beholding of, and weeping ouer Hierusalem. As it was founded at Pauls Crosse the 1. of Aprill, 1624. By Iohn Lawrence preacher of the word of God in the citie of London.Lawrence, John, preacher of the word of God in London.A05191EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two sermons The first preached at St Maries in Oxford Iuly 13. 1634. being Act-Sunday. The second, in the cathedrall church of Sarum, at the visitation of the most Reverend Father in God William Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, May 23. 1634. By Thomas Laurence Dr of Divinity, and late Fellow of Allsoules Colledge, and chaplaine to his Maiesty in ordinary.Laurence, Thomas, 1598-1657.A05193EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pleasaunt historie of Lazarillo de Tormes a Spaniarde wherein is conteined his marueilous deedes and life. With the straunge aduentures happened to him in the seruice of sundrie masters. Drawen out of Spanish by Dauid Rouland of Anglesey.Hurtado de Mendoza, Diego, 1503-1575.A05199EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The most pleasaunt and delectable historie of Lazarillo de Tormes, a Spanyard and of his maruellous fortunes and aduersities. The second part. Translated out of Spanish and into English, by W.P.A05203EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Foure sermons preached and publikely taught by Richard Leake, preacher of the word of God at Killington, within the baronrie of Kendall, and countie of Westmerland: immediately after the great visitation of the pestilence in the fore-sayd countie.Leake, Richard.A05205EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The: iiii: leues of the trueloueA05208EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A disputation of the Church wherein the old religion is maintained. V.M.C.F.E.Lechmere, Edmund, d. 1640?A05212EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A reflection of certaine authors that are pretended to disauow the churches infallibilitie in her generall decrees of faith. By F.E.Lechmere, Edmund, d. 1640?A05217EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A playne treatise to learne in a short space the Frenche tongue deuided in twoo bookes.Ledoyen de la Pichonnaye, G.A05218EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The christian doctrine in manner of a dialogue betweene the master and the disciple Made by the Reuer. Fa. Iames Ledesma of the Society of Iesus. Now lately translated into English, for the vse of children, and other vnlearned CatholickesLedisma, Jacobus, 1519-1575.A05220EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The spirituall spring A sermon preached at Pauls, vvherein is declared the necessity of growing in grace, and the goodly gaine that comes thereby, &c. By Richard Lee, preacher of the word of God at Woluerhampton in Staffordshire.Lee, Richard, d. 1650.A05221EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lachrymæ in Augustissimi monarchæ, Jacobi. I. Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciae, & Hiberniae, regis recessu de patriæ suæ scotiae in Anglorum fines. / Auctore Ioanne Leochaeo Scoto.Leech, John, epigrammatist.A05229EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The auncient historie, of the destruction of Troy Conteining the founders and foundation of the said citie, with the causes and maner of the first and second spoiles and sackings thereof, by Hercules and his followers: and the third and last vtter desolation and ruine, effected by Menelaus and all the notable worthies of Greece. Here also are mentioned the rising and flourishing of sundrie kings with their realmes: as also of the decai and ouerthrow of diuers others. Besides many admirable, and most rare exployts of chiualrie and martiall prowesse effected by valorous knightes with incredible euents, compassed for, and through the loue of ladies. Translated out of French into English, by W. Caxton.Lefèvre, Raoul, fl. 1460.A05236EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Deathes generall proclamation also fine preceptes of vertuous and honest lyfe.Leigh, Valentine, fl. 1562.A05271EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The moste profitable and commendable science, of surueying of landes, tenementes, and hereditamentes: drawen and collected by the industrie of Valentyne Leigh. Whereunto is also annexed by the same authour, a right necessarie treatise, of the measuryng of all kyndes of lande, be it meadow, pasture, errable, wood, hill, or dale, and that aswell by certaine easie, and compendious rules, as also by an exact and beneficiall table, purposely drawen and deuised for that behalfeLeigh, Valentine, fl. 1562.A05272EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A shorte treatise against stage-playesLeighton, Alexander, 1568-1649.A05288EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Speculum belli sacri: Or The looking-glasse of the holy war wherein is discovered: the evill of war. The good of warr. The guide of war. In the last of these I give a scantling of the Christian tackticks, from the levying of the souldier, to the founding of the retrait; together with a modell of the carryage, both of conquerour and conquered. I haue applyed the generall rules warranted by the Word, to the particular necessity of our present times.Leighton, Alexander, 1568-1649.A05289EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The answere that the preachers of the Gospel at Basile, made, for the defence of the true administration, and vse of the holy Supper of our Lord Agaynst the abhominatio[n], of the popyshe Masse. Translated out of Latin into Englyshe by George Bancrafte. 1548.A05294EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of specters or straunge sights, visions and apparitions appearing sensibly vnto men Wherein is delivered, the nature of spirites, angels, and divels: their power and properties: as also of witches, sorcerers, enchanters, and such like. With a table of the contents of the several chapters annexed in the end of the booke. Newly done out of French into English.Loyer, Pierre le, 1550-1634.A05303EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sanctuarie of saluation, helmet of health, and mirrour of modestie and good maners wherein is contained an exhortation vnto the institution of Christian, vertuous, honest, and laudable life, very behoouefull, holsome and fruitfull both to highest and lowest degrees of men ... / written in Latin verie learnedly and elegantlie by Leuinus Lemnius of Zirizaa, physitian, and Englished by H.K. for the common commoditie and comfort of them which understand not the Latine tongue ...Lemnius, Levinus, 1505-1568.A05311EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
La clef des champs pour trouuer plusieurs animaux, tant bestes qu'Oyseaux, auec plusieurs fleurs & fruitz.Le Moyne de Morgues, Jacques, d. 1588.A05316EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exhortatory instruction to a speedy resolution of repentance and contempt of the vanities of this transitory life. By Samson LennardLennard, Samson, d. 1633.A05318EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The recantacio[n] of Jacke lent late vicare generall to the mooste cruell Antichriste of Rome.A05319EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A pleasant satyre or poesie wherein is discouered the Catholicon of Spayne, and the chiefe leaders of the League. Finelie fetcht ouer, and laide open in their colours. Newly turned out of French into English.A05336EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Englandes bright honour shining through the darke disgrace of Spaines Catholicon. Seruing as a cleare lantherne, to giue light to the whole world, to guide them by; and let them see, the darke and crooked packing, of Spaine, and Spanish practises. Discoursed in most excellent and learned satires, or briefe and memorable notes, in forme of chronicle. Read, but understand; and then iudge.A05338EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached aboard of the Globe the 18. of May, anno 1617 At an anchor by the Cape of Good Hope, in the Bay of Souldania, 34. degrees to the southward of the æquinoctiall line. By William Lesk, minister of Gods Word. Entertained by the Honourable Companie of Marchants trading into East India, for the instruction and comfort of the fleet, by them sent forth for those easterne parts anno, 1614.[Lesk, William].A05341EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached before his Maiesty at Windsore, the 19. of Iuly. 1625. By Henrie Leslie, one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinaryLeslie, Henry, 1580-1661.A05342EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A speech, delivered at the visitation of Downe and Conner, held in Lisnegarvy the 26th. of September, 1638 Wherein, for the convincing of the non-conformists, there is a full confutation of the covenant lately sworne and subscribed by many in Scotland. Published by authority.Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661.A05344EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A full confutation of the covenant lately sworne and subscribed by many in Scotland; delivered in a speech, at the visitation of Downe and Conner, held in Lisnegarvy the 26th. of September, 1638. Published by authority.Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661.A05345EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the authority of the church The summe wherof was delivered in a sermon preached at Belfast, at the visitation of the diocese of Downe and Conner the tenth day of August 1636. By Henrie Leslie bishop of the diocese. Intended for the satisfaction of them who in those places oppose the orders of our church, and since published upon occasion of a libell sent abroad in writing, wherin this sermon, and all his proceedings are most falsely traduced. Together with an answer to certaine objections made against the orders of our church, especially kneeling at the communion.Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661.A05347EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise tending to unitie in a sermon preached at Droghedah on Whitsunday (being the ninth of Iune 1622.) before the Kings Majesties Commissioners for Ireland. By Henry Leslie.Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661.A05349EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A warning for Israel in a sermon preached at Christ-Church, in Dublin, the 30. of October, 1625. By Henry Leslie, one of his Majesties chaplaines in ordinary.Leslie, Henry, 1580-1661.A05350EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise concerning the defence of the honour of the right high, mightie and noble Princesse, Marie Queene of Scotland, and Douager of France with a declaration, as wel of her right, title, and interest, to the succession of the croune of England: as that the regiment of women is conformable to the lawe of God and nature. Made by Morgan Philippes, Bachelar of Diuinitie, An. 1570.Leslie, John, 1527-1596.A05353EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise tovvching the right, title, and interest of the most excellent Princess Marie, Queene of Scotland, and of the most noble king Iames, her Graces sonne, to the succession of the croune of England VVherein is conteined asvvell a genealogie of the competitors pretending title to the same croune: as a resolution of their obiections. Compiled and published before in latin, and after in Englishe, by the right reuerend father in God, Iohn Lesley, Byshop of Rosse. VVith an exhortation to the English and Scottish nations, for vniting of them selues in a true league of amitie.Leslie, John, 1527-1596.A05354EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An epithrene: or Voice of vveeping bewailing the want of vveeping. A meditation.Lesly, John.A05357EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An excellent and learned treatise of apostasie made by the most reuerend and godly learned man M. Iohn de l'Espine minister of the word of God in the churche of Angers in the dukedome of Anjou. Directed against the apostates in the churches of France. Written first in the French tongue by the author him selfe, and now faithfully translated into English. The contentes of the booke appeare in the page followingL'Espine, Jean de, ca. 1506-1597.A05358EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A very excellent and learned discourse, touching the tranquilitie and contentation of the minde conteining sundry notable instructions, and firme consolations, most necessarie for all sortes of afflicted persons in these latter dayes : distinguished into seven bookes, 1. Against covetousnes, 2. Against ambition, 3. Against anger, 4. Against envie, [brace] [brace] 5. Against pleasure, 6. Against curiositie, 7. Against feare / written in French by the famous and learned M. I. De L'Espine ; and newly translated into English by Ed. Smyth.L'Espine, Jean de, ca. 1506-1597.A05363EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A consultation what faith and religion is best to be imbraced. Written in Latin by the R. Father Leonard Lessius, Professour in Diuinity, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by W.I.Lessius, Leonardus, 1554-1623.A05364EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Letter sent by a gentleman of England to his frende contayning a confutacion of a French mans errors, in the report of the myraculous starre nowe shyninge.A05372EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Here beginneth a] good lesson for yonge menA05373EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certein letters vvherin is set forth a discourse of the peace that was attempted and sought to haue bin put in effecte by the lords and states of Holland and Zelande in the yeare of oure Lorde 1574 Also a supplication put vp by the saide States of Hollande and Zeland, and other places of the Low Countryes to the king: together with the aunsvvere and a reply vppon the same, and diuers other particularities.A05374EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Manipulus vocabulorum A dictonarie of English and Latine wordes, set forthe in suche order, as none heretofore hath ben, the Englishe going before the Latine, necessary not onely for scholers that wa[n]t varietis of words, but also for such as vse to write in English meetre. Gathered and set forth by P. Leuins. Anno 1570.Levens, Peter, fl. 1587.A05376EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A meditacion vpon the Lordes prayer, made by Thomas Leuer, at Sayncte Mary Wol Churche in London. Anno. M.D.LI.Lever, Thomas, 1521-1577.A05392EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ordering of bees: or, The true history of managing them from time to time, with their hony and waxe, shewing their nature and breed As also what trees, plants, and hearbs are good for them, and namely what are hurtfull: together with the extraordinary profit arising from them. Set forth in a dialogue, resolving all doubts whatsoever. By the late unparalell'd experience of Iohn Levett, Gent.Levett, John.A05403EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Paules Crosse by R. Lewes, Baccheler of Divinitie, concerning Isaac his testament, disposed by the Lord to Iacobs comfort, though it were intednded to Esau by his father; shewing, that the counsel of God shal stand, albeit the whole worlde withstande it.Lewes, Richard.A05404EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Threnodia in obitum D. Edouardi Lewkenor Equitis, & D. Susannae coniugis charissimæ. = Funerall verses vpon the death of the right worshipfull Sir Edvvard Levvkenor Knight, and Madame Susan his Lady With Deaths apologie, and a reioynder to the same.A05409EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The estate of English fugitiues vnder the king of Spaine and his ministers Containing, besides, a discourse of the sayd Kings manner of gouernment, and the iniustice of many late dishonorable practises by him contriued.Lewkenor, Lewis, Sir, d. 1626.A05412EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The bruising of the serpents head A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse September 9. 1621. By Roger Ley Maister of Arts, and minister of Gods word in Shoreditch.Ley, Roger, b. 1593 or 4.A05416EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two sermons one preached at Paules Crosse December 20. By Roger Lea Master of Arts, of Iesus-Colledge in Cambridge: and preacher at S. Leonards Shorditch, in Middlesex, by London. Another preached in Paules-Church, Decemb. 26, being S. Steuens day, by Iohn Squire, Master of Arts, of the same Colledge: and preacher of the same parishLey, Roger, b. 1593 or 4.A05417EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The lives of all the Roman emperors being exactly collected, from Iulius Cæsar, unto the now reigning Ferdinand the second. With their births, governments, remarkable actions, & deaths.Paoli, Gio Antonio de.A05439EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Cyuile and vncyuile life a discourse very profitable, pleasant, and fit to bee read of all nobilitie and gentlemen : where, in forme of a dialoge is disputed, what order of lyfe best beseemeth a gentleman in all ages and times ...A05456EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Against the apple of the left eye of antichrist, or the masse book of lurking darknesse making way for the apple of the right eye of antichrist, the compleat masse book of palpable darknesse : this apple of the left eye, commonly called, the liturgie, or service book, is in great use both among the halting papists, and compleat papists, and the things written heere are also against the compleat masse book.Lightbody, George.A05459EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A light for the ignorant or A treatise shevving, that in the nevv Testament, is set forth three kingly states or governments, that is, the civill state, the true ecclesiasticall state, and the false ecclesiasticall stateLilburne, John, 1614?-1657.A05460EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The complaint of England Wherein it is clearely prooued that the practises of traitrous papists against the state of this realme, and the person of her Maiestie, are in diuinitie vnlawfull, odious in nature, and ridiculous in pollicie. In the which they are reprooued of wilfull blindnes, in that they see not the filthines of the Romish gouernment: and conuinced of desperate madnesse, in that they feare not the mischiefe of Spanish inuasion: the former whereof is exemplified by the Popes practises both here in England, and abroad in other countries: the later by the Spaniards outrages, in his exactions raised vpon Naples, and his tyrannies executed in the Indies. Lastly the necessitie, equitie, and benefits of the late proceeding in iustice are set downe; with a friendly warning to seditious papists for their amendment; and an effectuall consolation to faithfull subiectes for their incouragement. Seene and allowed.[Lightfoot, William].A05463EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Come out of her my people] or an ansvver to the questions of a gentlevvoman (a professour in the Antichristian Church of England) about hearing the publicke ministers vvhere it is largely discussed and proved to be sinfull and unlavvfull. Also a iust apologie for the way of total separation (commonly but falsely called Brownisme) that it is the truth of God, though lightly esteemed in the eyes of the blinde world. With a challenge to dispute with them publickly before King & Counsell: to prove whatsoever I said at the pillery against them. Viz. that the calling of them all is jure diabolo: even from the divell himselfe. By mee John Lilburne. Close prisoner in the Fleete for the cause of Christ.Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657.A05464EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The poore mans cry Wherein is shevved the present miserable estate of mee Iohn Lilburne, close prisoner in the fleete. Also an humble petition to his Maiesties honorable privy councill, for meantenance that I famish not.Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657.A05466EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A worke of the Beast or A relation of a most vnchristian censure, executed vpon Iohn Lilburne, (novv prisoner in the fleet) the 18 of Aprill 1638 With the heavenly speech vttered by him at the time of his fuffering [sic]. Uery vsefull for these times both for the encouragement of the godly to suffer, and for the terrour and shame of the Lords adversaries.Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657.A05467EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two sermons viz. 1. A preseruatiue lilie to cure soules. And 2. How to seeke to finde Christ. Preached by that famous and iudicious diuine, Peter Lilie, Doctor of Diuinitie, and sometime fellow of Iesus Colledge in Cambridge.Lily, Peter, d. 1615.A05470EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of the tryu[m]phe, and the 'vses that Charles themperour, [et] the most myghty redouted kyng of England, Henry the. viii. were saluted with, passyng through LondonLily, William, 1468?-1522.A05475EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A catechisme of Christian religion taught in the schooles and churches of the Low-countries, and dominions of the countie Palatine: with the arguments, and vse of the seueral doctrins of the same catechisme By Ieremias Bastingius. And now authorized by the Kinges Maiestie, for the vse of Scotland. Wherunto is adioyned certaine praiers, both publike and priuate, for sundry purposes.A05494EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[A comfortable treatise for the reliefe of such as are afflicted in conscience]Linaker, Robert, 1550 or 51-1618.A05517EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A breefe relation by the commoners in Lincolnshire of their legall interest, and that nothing of interest the vndertakers have in law.A05531EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the ceremonies of the church vvherein the points in question concerning baptisme, kneeling, at the sacrament, confirmation, festiuities, &c. are plainly handled and manifested to be lawfull, as they are now vsed in the Church of England : whereunto is added a sermon preached by a reuerend bishop.Lindsay, David, d. 1641?A05534EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The warkis of the famous and vorthie knicht Schir Dauid Lyndesay of the Mont, alias, Lyoun King of Armes. Newly correctit, and vindicate from the former errouris quhairwith thay war befoir corruptit: and augmentit with sindrie warkis quhilk was not befoir imprentit. The contentis of the buke, and quhat warkis ar augmentit, the nixt syde sall schawLindsay, David, Sir, fl. 1490-1555.A05537EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An heavenly chariot layde open for transporting the new-borne babes of God, from time infected vvith sin, towards that æternitie in the which dwelleth righteousnesse. Made up of some rare pieces of that purest golde which is not to bee found but in that ritchest thesaurie of sacred scripture. By M. David Lindsey, ministerr of Christs Evangel at Leith.Lindsay, David, 1565?-1627.A05558EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Nevves of the complement of the art of nauigation And of the mightie empire of Cataia. Together with the Straits of Anian. By A.L. The principall contents whereof follow in the next page.Linton, Anthony.A05570EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A copye of a verye fyne and vvytty letter sent from the ryght reuerende Levves Lippomanus by shop of Verona in Italy, and late legate in Polone, from the moste holy and blessed father Pope Paule the Fourth, and from his moste holy sea of Rome translated out of the Italyan language by Michael Throckmerton.Lippomano, Luigi, 1500-1559.A05571EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A copye of a verye fyne and vvytty letter sent from the ryght reuerende Levves Lippomanns byshop of Verona in Italy, and late legate in Polone, from the moste holy and blessed father Pope Paule the fourth, and from his most holy sea of Rome. Translated out of the Italyan language by Michael ThrockmertonLippomano, Luigi, 1500-1559.A05572EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two most srange [sic] and notable examples, shewed at Lyshborne the 26. day of Ianuarie now last past The one by striking dumme two of the cheefe of the holy-house, as they were pronouncing the sentence of death against two English Mariners, vnto whom they had offered great promotion, to haue them to serue against the King of France, and their owne countrie. The other within sixe dayes then next following, by burning two ships of corne in the harboure there, which was brought out of France to releeue the King his enimies: an example most wonderfull. ... Affirmed for truth by those men vnder named, of honest reputation, being present at the dooing thereof, the one maister of the ship called the Fortune: the other maister of the Flying Harte. Hance Hogenberge, & Adrian van How. Signed for truthe in the presence of those here vnderwritten. Henry Roberts. Water Mantle. Iohn Nshe. Robert Ihones.A05586EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Golden letany in EnglyssheA05588EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe catechisme containing the summe of the Gospell of Iesus Christ, and his life, declared more at large by the foure euangelists, Mathew, Marke, Luke, and Iohn / written by Edmund Littleton, of Sittingborne in Kent, preacher.Littleton, Edmund.A05600EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A more full answer of John Bastwick, Dr. of Phisick made to the former exceptions newly propounded by another wellwiller to him, against some expressions in his Letany, with his reasons for the printing of it. All set downe as more articles superadditionall vpon superadditionall, against the prelats. This is to follow the Letany as a fourth part of it.Bastwick, John, 1593-1654.A05633EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Littleton tenures in EnglisheLittleton, Thomas, Sir, d. 1481.A05651EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Breviarium ad usum Sarum]Catholic Church.A05684EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Cartain obseruations of that reuerend, religious and faithfull servant of God, and glorious martyr of Iesus Christ, Mr. Randal Bate, which were part of his daily meditations in the time of his sufferings, whilst he was prisoner in the gatehouse at WestminsterBate, Randal.A05689EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Horae ad usum Sarum.]A05722EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A summons to iudgement. Or a sermon appointed for the Crosse, but deliuered vpon occasion in the cathedrall church of S. Paul London the 6. day of Iune, 1613. beeing the first Sunday of Midsommer Terme. By Thomas Baughe, student of Christ-Church in Oxford.Baughe, Thomas, b. 1577 or 8.A05759EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A toile for tvvo-legged foxes Wherein their noisome properties; their hunting and vnkenelling, with the duties of the principall hunters and guardians of the spirituall vineyard is liuelie discouered, for the comfort of all her Highnes trustie and true-hearted subiects, and their encouragement against all popish practises. By I. B. preacher of the word of God.Baxter, J.A05770EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
This prymer of Salisbury vse is set out a long withoutony serchyng, with many prayers, [and] goodly pyctures in the kalender, in the matyns of our lady, in the houres of the crosse, in the vij. psalmes, and in the dyryge.Catholic Church.A05782EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Beautifull baybush to shrowd us from the sharp shovvers of sinne containing many notable prayers and meditations, being very profitable for all true Christians that delight to laud the Lord.A05792EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two sermons The angell guardian. The light enlightening. Preached by Iohn Bayly ...Bayly, John, 1595 or 6-1633.A05807EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The manuall of prayers, or the prymer in Englyshe set out at lengthe, whose contentes the reader by the prologe next after the kalendar, shal sone perceaue and there in shal se brefly the order of the whole boke. Set forth by Ihon late bysshope of Rochester at the co[m]aundement the ryght honorable Lorde Thomas Cro[m]wel, Lorde Priuie seale Uicegerent to the Kynges hyghnes.Church of England.A05808EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[The primer in English.]Church of England.A05824EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The shepheards starre, or The ministers guide. By Richard Bayly late minister of Crawley in SussexBayly, Richard, fl. 1640.A05952EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Briefe directions unto a godly life wherein every Christian is furnished with most necessary helps for the furthering of him in a godly course here upon earth, that so he may attaine eternall happinesse in heaven. Written by Mr. Paul Bayne, minister of Gods Word, to Mr. Nicholas Iordane his brother.Baynes, Paul, d. 1617.A05962EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A caueat for cold Christians. In a sermon preached by Mr. Paul Bayne ... Wherein the common disease of Christians, with the remedie, is plainly and excellently set downe for all that will vse itBaynes, Paul, d. 1617.A05967EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The booke of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the Church of England.Church of England.A05983EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christians garment A sermon preached in London, by the late faithfull minister of Gods word, Master Paul Bayne.Baynes, Paul, d. 1617.A05990EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A commentarie vpon the first chapter of the epistle of Saint Paul, written to the Ephesians Wherein, besides the text fruitfully explained: some principall controuersies about predestination are handled, and diuers arguments of Arminius are examined. By Mr. Paul Bayne, sometimes preacher of Gods word at Saint Andrevves in Cambridge.Baynes, Paul, d. 1617.A05995EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A commentarie vpon the first and second chapters of Saint Paul to the Colossians Wherein, the text is cleerly opened, observations thence perspiciously deducted ... Together with diuers places of Scripture briefely explained. By Mr. Paul Bayne. B.D.Baynes, Paul, d. 1617.A05999EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A counterbane against earthly carefulnes In a sermon preached at Cranebrooke in Kent. 1617. By Mr. Paul Baine ...Baynes, Paul, d. 1617.A06004EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The diocesans tryall Wherein all the sinnews of D. Dovvnames Defence are brought unto three heads, and orderly dissolved. By M. Paul Baynes.Baynes, Paul, d. 1617.A06013EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An epitomie of mans misery and deliuerie In a sermon preached on the third of the Romans, vers. 23. and 24. By Mr. Paul Bayne.Baynes, Paul, d. 1617.A06018EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A helpe to true happinesse. Or A briefe and learned exposition of the maine and fundamentall points of Christian religion. By Mr. Paul BayneBaynes, Paul, d. 1617.A06030EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A letter written by Mr. Paul Bayne, minister of Gods word, lately deceased. Effectually instructing, and earnestly prouoking to true repentance, loue, and new obedience. Very profitable for euery one that would proceede on in the constant course of a godly life, shewing the way vnto it, and seriously exciting vnto more perfection thereinBaynes, Paul, d. 1617.A06051EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The letanie and suffragesChurch of England.A06055EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The order of the communionChurch of England.A06057EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mirrour or miracle of Gods loue vnto the world of his elect Preached on the third of Iohn, verse the sixteenth: wherein the said scripture is very learnedly expounded, and the rich treasures of Gods grace in Christ are accurately opened. By that faithfull seruant of Christ, and preacher of his Gospell, Mr. Paul Baine.Baynes, Paul, d. 1617.A06060EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The spirituall armour With which being furnished, a Christian may be able to stand fast in the euill day, and time of tryall; and to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. Written by that godly and learned man, Paul Baine; sometime Preacher of Gods word at S. Andrewes in Cambridge.Baynes, Paul, d. 1617.A06063EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two godly and fruitfull treatises the one, vpon the Lords prayer. The other, vpon the sixe principles. Both penned by that learned man, Paul Baine, sometimes preacher of Gods word at S. Andrewes in Cambridge.Baynes, Paul, d. 1617.A06068EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The baynes of Aquisgrane, the I. part & I. volume, intituled Variety Contayning three bookes, in the forme of dialogues, vnder the titles following, viz. Profit, pleasure, honour. Furnished with diuers things, no lesse delightfull, then beneficiall to be knowne, and obserued. ...by Roger Baynes gent. a long exile out of England, not for any temporall respect.Baynes Roger, 1546-1623.A06074EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A prayer to be sayd in the end of the mornyng prayer daily (through the dioeces of Norwich) during the tyme of this hard and sharp wether of frost and snow to craue mercye for our synnes and release of this sore punishment at the mercifull handes of our good and gracious GodChurch of England.A06079EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly psalme of Marye Queene which brought vs comfort al, through God, whom wee of dewtye prayse, that giues her foes a fal. By Rychard Beeard. Anno domini. 1553.Beeard, Richard.A06091EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Antichrist the pope of Rome: or, the pope of Rome is Antichrist Proued in two treatises. In the first treatise, 1. By a full and cleere definition of Antichrist ... In the second treatise, by a description 1. Of his person. 2. Of his kingdome. 3. Of his delusions. ... By Tho: Beard...Beard, Thomas, d. 1632.A06098EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
La forma delle publiche orationi et della co[n]fessione, & assolutione, la qual si usa nella chiesa de forestieri, che è nuouamente stata instituita in Londra (per gratia di Dio) con l'autorità & co[n]sentimento del Re.A06105EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The theatre of Gods iudgements: or, a collection of histories out of sacred, ecclesiasticall, and prophane authours concerning the admirable iudgements of God vpon the transgressours of his commandements. Translated out of French and augmented by more than three hundred examples, by Th. Beard.Chassanion, Jean de, 1531-1598.A06108EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A very fruitful & godly exposition vpo[n] the. xv. Psalme of Dauid called Lord, who shall dwell in thy tabernacle. Made by M. Ihon Epinus, preacher to the churche of Hamborough: and translated oute of Latin into English by N.L.Aepinus, Johann, 1499-1553.A06112EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true chronologie of the times of the Persian monarchie, and after to the destruction of Ierusalem by the Romanes Wherein by the way briefly is handled the day of Christ his birth: with a declaration of the angel Gabriels message to Daniel in the end of his 9. chap. against the friuolous conceits of Matthew Beroald. Written by Edvvard Liuelie, reader of the holie tongue in Cambridge.Lively, Edward, 1545?-1605.A06118EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The confession and conuersion of the right honorable, most illustrious, and elect lady, my Lady C. of L.A06121EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An argument wherin the apparaile of women is both reproued and defendedLivy.A06125EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Torceter in the countie of Northampton the 8. of Iune, Anno Dom. 1588. at the visitation of the right reuerend Father in God, the Bishop of Peeterborow, by Iohn Beatniffe preacher of the woord of God in Brackley.Beatniffe, John.A06135EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The order, solemnitie, and pompe, of the feastes, sacrifices, vowes, games, and triumphes: vsed vpon the natiuities of emperours, kinkes [sic], princes, dukes, popes, and consuls: with the custome, order, and manner of their inaugurations, coronations, and annoynting. With a briefe rehearsall of the funerall solemnities at some emperours, kings, and princes burialsLloyd, Lodowick, fl. 1573-1610.A06146EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The godly garden of Gethsemani furnished with holsome fruites of meditation and prayer, vpon the blessed passion of Christ our Redeemer.Loarte, Gaspar.A06155EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christs communion with his church militant First preached, and now published, for the good of Gods church in generall. By Nicholas Lockyer, Mr. of Arts.Lockyer, Nicholas, 1611-1685.A06160EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A divine discovery of sincerity according to its proper and peculiar nature: very profitable for all sorts of persons to peruse. First preached, and now published, for the good of Gods Church in generall. By Nicholas Lockyer Master of Arts.Lockyer, Nicholas, 1611-1685.A06161EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The merchant reall. Preached by VVilliam Loe Doctour of Diuinitie chaplaine to the kings sacred maiestie, and pastour of the Englishe church of merchants adventurers residing at Hamboroughe in SaxonieLoe, William, d. 1645.A06192EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Cum bono Deo Raine from the clouds, vpon a choicke angel: or, A returned answere, to that common quæritur of our adversaries, VVhere was your church before Luther? Digested into several meditations, according to the difference of points. Extorted off the author, for stilling the vncessant, and no lesse clamorous coassation of some patmicke frogges, against the lawfulness of our calling.Logie, Andrew.A06199EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true relation of the vanquishing of the towne of Olinda cituated in the Capitania of Phernambuco. Through the renowned and valiant sea-man Henry C. Longk, generall by sea and land, and Diderick van Wardenburgh, coronell ouer the militarie by land, for the licensed West-India companie, vnder the high and mightie lords the States of the United Provinces. Hereto is also annexed a letter of the coronell Wardenburgh to the States Generall. Also a map of the cituation of the towne and forts.Loncq, Hendrik Cornelis. b. 1568.A06205EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The decree for tithes, to be payed in London Anno MD.LXXX.City of London (England).A06210EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The decree for tythes, to bee payde in London Anno M.D.LXXX.City of London (England).A06216EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
By the MayorCity of London (England). Lord Mayor.A06223EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Orders taken & enacted, for orphans and their portions. Anno M D. LXXX.City of London (England). Court of Common Council.A06224EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Retailing brokers Commune concilium tentum in camera Guihalde Ciuitatis Londini, nono die Aprilis, anno regni dominæ nostræ Elizabethæ, Dei gratia Angliæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ Reginæ, fidei defensoris &c. Tricesimo septimo. Coram Iohanne Spencer, Maiore Ciuitatis Londini, & Aldermannis eiusdem Ciuitatis, ac maiore parte Communiariorum Ciuitatis pr[æ]dictæ de Communi Concilio eiusdem Ciuitatis existentium.City of London (England). Court of Common Council.A06228EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
By the Mayor. Orders set dovvne for BlackvvellhallCity of London (England). Lord Mayor.A06229EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The lavves of the marketCity of London (England).A06230EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
By the Mayor An act of Common Councell, prohibiting all strangers borne, and forrainers, to vse any trades, or keepe any maner of shops in any sort within this citty, liberties and freedome thereof.City of London (England). Court of Common Council.A06233EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Where, in all well-gouerned kingdomes ... care hath euer beene duly had and taken ... that breade, meats and drinkes ... to be solde ... should bee good ...City of London (England).A06235EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Commune Concilium tentum in Camera Guild-hall, ciuitatis London, septimo die Aprilis, anno regni Domini nostri, Iacobi regis Angliæ ... an Act for Reformation of the Negligences of Constables, and of the Abuses and Misdemeanors of Apprentices, Carmen,and Others, of and for the Better Apprehension of the Offenders.City of London (England).A06239EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The order of my Lord Mayor, the aldermen, and the sheriffes for their meetings and wearing of their apparrell thoroughout the whole yeare.City of London (England).A06245EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A generall or great bill for this yeere of the whole number of burials which haue beene buried of all diseases, and also of the plague in euerie seuerall parish within the citie of London and the liberties thereof : as also in the nine out parishes adioyning to the said citie, with the pest-house belonging to the same, from Thursday the 16 day of December 1624 to Thursday the 15 day of December 1625 : according to the report made to the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie / made by the Companie of Parish Clarkes of London.Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks.A06254EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A generall bill for this present yeere ending the 17 of December 1629 according to the report made to the Kings Most Excellent Ma[ies]tie / by the Company of Parish Clearks of London, &c.Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks.A06255EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A generall bill for 8 vveeks shewing all the burials and christninges within the city of London and the liberties thereof, and all the burials in other parishes in the skirts of the city and out of the freedome and other places neare vnto the citty : that is to say, from the 14 of Iuly 1603 to the 8 of September 1603, as here vnder by the partculars [sic] appeareth.Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks.A06257EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Generall bill for this present yeere, ending the 16 of December 1630 according to the report made to the Kings Most Excellent Ma[jes]tie by the Company of the Parish Clerks of London, &c.A06263EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[The Diseases and casualties this weeke]A06264EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The generall bil for this whole vveek, of all the burials and christnings as well within the Citie of London and the liberties therof, as in the nine out-parishes adioyning to the Citie, with the pest-house belonging to the same: from Thursday the 4. of August, 1625. to Thursday the 11. of the same. According to the report made to the Kings most excellent Maiestie by the Company of Parish Clarkes of London.Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks.A06265EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A breefe discourse, declaring and approuing the necessarie and inuiolable maintenance of the laudable customes of London namely, of that one, whereby a reasonable partition of the goods of husbands among their wiues and children is prouided: with an answer to such obiections and pretensed reasons, as are by persons vnaduised or euil persuaded, vsed against the same.A06266EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Generall note of the prises for binding of all sorts of booksA06286EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The distiller of London Compiled and set forth by the speciall licence and command of the Kings most excellent Majesty: for the sole use of the Company of Distillers of London. And by them to bee duly observed and practized.Company of Distillers of London.A06304EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The briefe of the ministers bill for London titheA06308EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Anno quarto Henrici octaui. These be the statutes established in diuers Parlyaments, for the mistery of the pewterers of London and concerning the search of pewter, brasse, and vntrue beames and weights, and for deceiuable hawkers, with diuers other orders and redresses to be had in the sayd mystery, with the renewing and confirming of the same statutes,England and Wales.A06312EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The prices of fares and passages to be paide unto watermen from London to Grauesende, and likewise from Grauesend to London, and to euery common place betwene and also betwene London Bridge and Windesoure, and so to euery common place of landyng betwene London Bridge and Windesoure.Watermen's Company (London, England)A06319EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The lamentatle [sic] death of the Earle of Bucquoy, Generall of the Emperours army Happened vnto him in an honorable exploit, before the towne of Newheufel.A06332EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A pleasant commodie, called Looke about you As it was lately played by the right honourable the Lord High Admirall his seruauntsA06333EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pleasant historie of the conquest of the VVeast India, now called new Spayne atchieued by the vvorthy prince Hernando Cortes Marques of the valley of Huaxacac, most delectable to reade: translated out of the Spanishe tongue, by T.N. Anno. 1578.López de Gómara, Francisco, 1511-1564.A06340EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatie of the churche conteining a true discourse, to knowe the true church by, and to discerne it from the Romish church, and all other false assemblies, or counterfet congregations / vvritten by M. Bertrande de Loque ... ; and faithfully translated out of French into English, by T.VV.Loque, Bertrand de.A06346EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An excellent and plaine discourse of the church, whereby the godlie may knowe and discerne the true Church, from the Romish Church, and all other false and counterfet churches, as well for matters of doctrine, as discipline, &c. Written in Frenche by M. Bartrand de Loque, a godlie minister of Dolphenine. And faithfully translated into English, by M.T.W. Seene and allowedLoque, Bertrand de.A06347EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Godly and short treatise vpon the Lordes prayer, the xii articles of the Christian faith, and the Ten commaundementes.Some, Robert, 1542-1609.A06348EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pater noster spoken of ye sinner God answerynge him at euery peticyon.A06350EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The life of Gregorie Lopes that great servant of God, natiue of Madrid, written in Spanish by Father Losa curate of the Cathedrall of Mexico. And set out by Father Alonso Remon of the Order of our Lady de la Merced, with some additions of his owne.Losa, Francisco de, 1536-1624.A06360EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles made and published by the king of France, touching the re-establishment and re-appeale of the Iesuits to their liberties in France with a sentence or decree made and published against them, by the court of Parliament in Paris, the 23. day of December last past, 1611.France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV)A06361EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The French kinges declaration and confirmation of the Proclamation of Nantes by His M[ajes]tie granted to those of the pretended reformed religion / faythfully translated out of the coppie printed at Paris by Francis du Carroy and Thomas Menard 1613, by J.B.France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII)A06363EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles concluded and agreed vpon by the Lords, the Cardinalls, de la Roche-Foucaud, and de Bethune, in the name of the King of France, to the Queene Mother Together with certaine letters interchangeably sent betweene the said king and the Queene-Mother. Translated out of the French copie.France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII)A06367EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declaration, made and published by the King of France, vvhereby the princes, dukes, and barons therein named, are all proclaymed traytors, if within one moneth after the publication thereof, they doe not ceasse from armes, and personally present themselues vnto his Maiestie Published the 6. of August 1620. Stylo nouo. Faithfully translated according to the French copie.France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII)A06368EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Letters patents made by the French King, declaring his intent touching those of the reformed religion Published in Roane in the Court of Parliament the seuenth day of Iune, an. 1621. With two letters of the Assembly at Rochell vnto the Duke de Lesdiguieres.France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII)A06370EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The 4. of November. The peace of France. Or The edict, with the articles of peace, granted by the French king vnto his subiects of the reformed religion. For the establishing of a firme and generall peace throughout the whole kingdome of France Given at his campe before Mompellier the nineteenth day of October. 1622. Faithfully translated out of the French copie.France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII)A06371EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The French Kings edict vpon the peace which it pleased his Majestie to grant vnto all those of the reformed religion within his seuerall dominions, including likewise those of Rochell Published, and registred in the Parliament the 6.th of Aprill. 1626.France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII)A06374EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The copy of a letter sent by one of the camp, of the Prince of Conde (touching the feats of war as of late haue been doon) to a freend of his, the xxx. of December last past. Anno Domini. 1568One of the camp, of the Prince of Conde.A06381EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Loues garlan[d] or, Posies for rings, hand-ke[r]chers, and cloues and such pretty tokens that louers sent their loues. Reade, skanne, the iudge.A06386EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Tvvo soveraigne salves for the soules sicknesse deliuered in certaine sermons at Hurst-church in the county of Berkes, neere Reading. By Robert Lovell, then minister and preacher of Gods word in the same parish.Lovell, Robert, curate of Allhallows, Barking.A06388EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A dialogue between custom and veritie concerning the vse and abuse of dauncing and minstrelsieLovell, Thomas.A06390EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Brief conclusions of dancers and dancing Condemning the prophane vse thereof; and commending the excellencie of such persons which haue from age to age, in all solemne feasts, and victorious triumphs, vsed that (no lesse) honourable, commendable and laudable recreation: as also true physicall obseruations for the preseruation of the body in health, by the vse of the same exercise. Written by I.L. Roscio.Lowin, John, 1576-1659.A06404EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine select dialogues of Lucian together with his true historie, translated from the Greeke into English by Mr Francis Hickes. Whereunto is added the life of Lucian gathered out of his owne writings, with briefe notes and illustrations upon each dialogue and booke, by T.H. Mr of Arts of Christ-Church in Oxford.Lucian, of Samosata.A06421EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Necromantia. A dialog of the poete Lucyan.]Lucian, of Samosata.A06423EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of prayer, and meditation Wherein are conteined fovvertien deuoute meditations for the seuen daies of the weeke, bothe for the morninges, and eueninges. And in them is treyted of the consideration of the principall holie mysteries of our faithe. Written firste in the Spanishe tongue by the famous religious father. F. Lewis de Granada, prouinciall of the holie order of preachers in the prouince of Portugall.Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588.A06436EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A spiritual doctrine conteining a rule to liue vvel, vvith diuers praiers and meditations. Abridged by the Reuerend Father Levvis de Granada of the holie order of preachers. And deuided into sixe treatises, as is to be seene after the prefaces. Nevvlie translated out of Spanish into English.Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588.A06450EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pursuit of the historie of Lazarillo de Tormez Gathered out of the ancient chronicles of Toledo. By Iean de luna, a Castilian. And now done into English, and set forth by the same author.Luna, Juan de, b. ca. 1585.A06456EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A boke made by a certayne great clerke, agaynst the newe idole, and olde deuyll whiche of late tyme, in Misnia shulde haue ben canonysed for a saynt.A06490EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The chiefe and pryncypall articles of the Christen faythe to holde againste the Pope, and al papistes, and the gates of hell, with other thre very profitable and necessary bokes the names or tyttels, whereof are conteyne in the leafe next followynge. Made by Doctor Marten Luther. To the reader. In thys boke shal you fynde Christian reader the ryght probation of the righte olde catholyke Churche, and of the newe false Churche, whereby eyther of them is to be knowen. Reade and iudge.Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06491EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A commentarie of M. Doctor Martin Luther vpon the Epistle of S. Paul to the Galathians first collected and gathered vvord by vvord out of his preaching, and novv out of Latine faithfully translated into English for the vnlearned. Wherein is set forth most excellently the glorious riches of Gods grace ...Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06492EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposition of Salomons booke called Ecclesiastes or the preacher. Seene and allowed.Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06504EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A frutefull and godly exposition and declaracion of the kyngdom of Christ and of the christen lybertye, made vpo[n] the wordes of the prophete Jeremye in the xxij. chapter, with an exposycyon of the viij. Psalme, intreatyng of the same matter, by the famous clerke Doctor Martyn Luther, whereunto is annexed A godly sermon, of Doctor Urbanus Regius, vpon the ix. Chapyter of Mathewe of the woman that had an issew of blood & of the rulers daughter, newly translated oute of hyghe Almayne.Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06508EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The images of a verye Chrysten bysshop, and of a couterfayte bysshopA06509EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A frutfull sermon of the moost euangelicall wryter M. Luther, made of the angelles vpo[n] the. xviii. chapi. of Mathew translated out of laten in to EnglysheLuther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06510EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The last wil and last confession of martyn luthers faith co[n]cerming [sic] the [principal articles of religion which are in controuersy, which he wil defend & mai[n]teine vntil his death, agaynst the pope and the gates of hell drawe[n] furth by him at the request of the princes of germany which haue reformed theier [sic] churches after the gospel, to be offred vp at the next general councel in all their names & now published before that all the world may haue an euydent testimony of his faith if it shal fortune him to dye before there be any such cou[n]cel, tra[n]slated out of latyn beware of the pope & of his false prophetes and bissopes for thei wil come in shepys clothing and in angels facys but yet inwardly thei are ravening wolnys [sic].Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06511EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A methodicall preface prefixed before the Epistle of S. Paule to the Romanes very necessary and profitable for the better vnderstandyng of it / made by the right reuerend father and faythfull seruant of Christ Iesus, Martin Luther ; nowe newly translated out of Latin into English, by W.W. ...Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06512EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[A methodicall preface prefixed before the epistle to the Romanes ...] Made by the right reuerend father in and faithfull seruant of Christ Iesus, Martin Luther ...Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06513EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here after ensueth a propre treatyse of good workesLuther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06515EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A right comfortable treatise containing fourteene pointes of consolation for them that labor and are laden: VVritten by D. Martin Luther to Prince Friderik Duke of Saxonie, he being sore sicke, thereby to comfort him in the time of his great distresse. Englished by W. Gace.Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06516EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A ryght notable sermon, made by Doctor Martyn Luther, vppon the twenteth chapter of Iohan, of absolution and the true vse of the keyes full of great co[m]forte. In the which also it is intreated of the mynysters of the Church, and of scolemaisters, what is dewe vnto them. Ande of the hardnes and softenes of the harte of manne.Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06520EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Special and chosen sermons of D. Martin Luther collected out of his writings and preachings for the necessary instruction and edification of such, as hunger and seeke after the perfect knowledge and inestimable glorie which is in Christ Iesu, to the comfort and saluation of their soules. Englished by VV.G.Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06521EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise, touching the libertie of a Christian. Written in Latin by Doctor Martine Luther. And translated into English by Iames BellLuther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06524EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Most easie instructions for reading specially penned for the good of those who are come to yeares: by S.W.A.S. W. A., fl. 1610.A06530EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A defence of the Roman Church VVherin is treated, vvhether the said Church of Rome hath fallen in faith, or no? Written in Latin by the R. F. Martinus Becanus of the Society of Iesus, Professour in Diuinity: and now translated into English.Becanus, Martinus, 1563-1624.A06531EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A very excelle[n]t [and] swete exposition vpon the XXII. [sic] Psalme of Dauid called in Latine Dominus regit me, &c. Translated out of hye Almayne into Englyshe by Myles Couerdale.Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.A06532EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth the chorle and the byrdeLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06546EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here foloweth the churle and the byrdeLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06547EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The churle and the byrdeLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06549EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The hors. the shepe [and] the ghoosLydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06554EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[The lyf of our lady]Lydgate, John, 1370?-1451?A06559EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Numerus aureus melioribus lapillis insignitus factusque gemmeus è thesauro anni magni, siue solis & lunæ periodi octodesexcentenari cum non antiquâ ratione calendarij: restauratore Thoma Lydyat. Editus ad rectiùs informandum iudicia & satisfaciendam de siderijs eorum, qui nouitium annum & calendarium Gregorianum nimis admirantur, ipsumque in cæteris orbis Christiani provinciis, præsertim verò in florentissimis regnis Magnæ Britanniæ, admitti impense cupiunt.Lydiat, Thomas, 1572-1646.A06579EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the iudge of controuersies. Written in Latin, by the R. Father Martinus Becanus of the Society of Iesus, Professour in Diuinity. And Englished by W.W. GentBecanus, Martinus, 1563-1624.A06606EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Instructions for the warres Amply, learnedly, and politiquely, discoursing the method of militarie discipline. Originally written in French by that rare and worthy generall, Monsieur William de Bellay, Lord of Langey, Knight of the order of Fraunce, and the Kings lieutenant in Thurin. Translated by Paule Iue, Gent.Fourquevaux, Raimond de Beccarie de Pavie, baron de, 1509-1574.A06617EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Diella certaine sonnets, adioyned to the amorous poeme of Dom Diego and Gineura. By R.L. Gentleman.Linche, Richard.A06630EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An historical treatise of the travels of Noah into Europe containing the first inhabitation and peopling thereof. As also a breefe recapitulation of the kings, governors, and rulers commanding in the same, even untill the first building of Troy by Dardanus. Done into English by Richard Lynche, Gent.Nanni, Giovanni, 1432?-1502.A06631EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A letter of Sr. Humfrey Linde, to a lady of great worth, much afflicted for Syr Humfreys sake, hearing him ill spoke of, for not answering the Whetstone, and the Spectacles, that were written against his Via tuta And also for that he is greatly taxed for lying and corrupting of many authours. In which letter he doth cleare himselfe.Floyd, John, 1572-1649.A06632EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Via tuta the safe vvay. Leading all Christians, by the testimonies, and confessions of our best learned aduersaries, to the true, ancient, and catholique faith, now professed in the Church of England. By Humfrey Lynde Knight.Lynde, Humphrey, Sir.A06635EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The beginning and endynge of all popery, or popishe kyngedomeLynne, Walter.A06658EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A brief and compendiouse table, in a maner of a concordaunce openyng the waye to the principall histories of the whole Bible, and the moste co[m]mon articles grounded and comprehended in the newe Testament and olde, in maner as amply as doeth the great concordau[n]ce of the Bible. Gathered and set furth by Henry Bollynger, Leo Iude, Conrade Pellicane, and by the other ministers of the church of Tygurie. And nowe first imprinted in Englyshe. D.M.L. [sic] The third boke of the Machabees a booke of the Bible also prynted vnto this boke which was neuer before translated or prynted in any Englyshe Bible. The contents of this booke are conteyned in the next leafe.Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575.A06660EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Teares for the neuer sufficientlie bewailed death of the late right honourable and most worthie of all honourable titles, Alexander Earle of Dumfermeling, Lord Fyuie, and Vrquhart late Lord Chancellar of ScotlandLyon, John, fl. 1608-1622.A06665EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A rule how to bring vp children A treatise wherein is declared, how the father apposeth his sonne in the holy Scripture, whereby all parents may be taught a rule how to bring vp their children, briefelie collected into a short volume.Lyster, John, fl. 1588.A06667EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation of the passages of our English companies from time to time, since their first departure from England to the parts of Germanie, and the vnited Provinces. Sent from Frankendale in Germanie, by a souldier of those colonels, to his worshipfull friends here in England.A. M., fl. 1621.A06671EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Meditations and deuout discourses vpon the B. Sacrament composed by Ch. M.Ch. M.A06674EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Paraphrasticall and devout discourses vpon the Psalme Miserere, composed by Ch. M.Kellison, Matthew.A06676EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A breife recantacion of maystres Missa and howe she accuseth the slouthfulnesse of her chapleyns, with her lamentable departyng vnto her father the Pope. 1.5 4.8.I. M., fl. 1548.A06681EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The soules pilgrimage to a celestial glorie: or, the perfect vvay to heaven and to God. Written by J.M. Master of ArtsMonlas, John.A06685EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A funerall sermon, preached at the buriall of the Lady Iane Maitlane, daughter to the right noble earle, Iohn Earle of Lauderdail, at Hadington, the 19. of December. 1631. By Mr. I.M. Together with diverse epitaphs, aswell Latine, as English, written by sundry authorsI. M., Mr.A06686EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Phillipes Venus Wherein is pleasantly discoursed sundrye fine and wittie arguments, in a senode of gods and goddesses, assembled for the expelling of wanton Venus, fro m among their sacred societie. Enterlaced with many merrye and delightfull questions, and wittie answers: wherein gentlemen may finde matter to purge melanchollye, and pleasant varietie to contente fancye.M., Io.A06687EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
King Charles his birthright. By P.M. GentlemanP. M., Gentleman.A06691EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Micrologia Characters, or essayes, of persons, trades, and places, offered to the city and country. By R.M.R. M., fl. 1629.A06692EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Three treatises religiously handled, and named according to the seuerall subiect of each treatise the mourning weede, the mornings joy, the kings reioycing / published by R.M. ...P. M.A06695EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A profitable dialogue for a peruerted papist. Or a little labour of a lay men tending to the profit of a peruerted Papist: namely, by laying open vnto him his ovvne errour, in beleeuing that the Church of Rome cannot erre. Composed in dialogue maner, as it were betweene a simple lay man, and certayne graue diuines, and published onely for the benefit of the lay Papist. VVritten by R.M. gent. and student in Diuinity.R. M., student in divinity.A06697EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true narration of the entertainment of his Royall Maiestie, from the time of his departure from Edenbrough; till his receiuing at London with all or the most speciall occurrences. Together with the names of those gentlemen whom his Maiestie honoured with knighthood.A06701EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The man in the moone, telling strange fortunes, or, The English fortune-tellerW. M., fl. 1609.A06704EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Adams tragedie declaring Satans malice and subtiltie, mans weaknesse and miserie, and his deliuerance from eternall captiuitie.Mabb, John.A06705EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true discourse of the late battaile fought betweene our Englishmen, and the Prince of Parma, on Monday the 15. of Nouember 1585 and of such towers and cities as are of late conquered and brought to the Queenes Maiesties subiection, by that valiant gentleman M. Norris.W. M., servitour.A06706EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The arte of warre, written first in Italia[n] by Nicholas Machiauell, and set forthe in Englishe by Peter Whitehorne, studient at Graies Inne: with an addicio[n] of other like marcialle feates and experimentes, and in a table in the ende of the booke maie appereMachiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527.A06716EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Nicholas Machiavel's Prince· Also, the life of Castruccio Castracani of Lucca. And the meanes Duke Valentine us'd to put to death Vitellozzo Vitelli, Oliverotto of Fermo, Paul, and the Duke of Gravina. Translated out of Italian into English; by E.D. With some animadversions noting and taxing his errours.Machiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527.A06718EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christs love and affection towards Jerusalem Delivered in sundry sermons out of his words and carriage when he came unto her, as they are recorded, Luke 19. 41, 42. Wherein are handled, 1 Christs teares which he shed for Ierusalem, and the matter of singular observation in them. ... 6 The sin and misery of those who live under the meanes, and have the things of Christ and the Gospell hid from them. By Richard Maden B.D. preacher of the word of God at St. Helens London, and late fellow of Magdalen Colledge in Cambridge.Maden, Richard.A06732EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Italian prophecier. That is, A prognostication made for the yeere of our Lord God 1622. Practised by Antonio Magino, Professour of the Mathematickes, in the towne of Bononia, written fiue yeeres past: declaring many wonders and fearefull proceedings, wherewith the world is threatned to happen therein by warre this present yeere. With notable complaints made by diuers nations, touching the present estate of their countrey. Faithfully translated out of Italian into Dutch, and now into EnglishMagini, Giovanni Antonio, 1555-1617.A06737EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A strange and wonderfull prognostication: or rather, prenomination of those accidents which shall, or at least are likely to happen as may be coniectured by the rules and directions of astrology, in this yeare 1624. Written by Anthonio Magini, an Italian professor of the mathematickes, and much experienced in astonomy. And now faithfully translated into English.Magini, Giovanni Antonio, 1555-1617.A06739EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A censure about the rule of beleefe practised by the Protestants VVritten in Latine by the most Reuerend Father Valerian Magni of Milan of the order of the Minors, of the seraphical S. Francis, named Capucins. And translated into English by R. Q. GentlemanMagni, Valeriano, 1587-1661.A06740EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here is a necessarye treatyse for all maner persons to reade, and hath to name, the Maydens crosse reweWyer, Robert, fl. 1530-1556.A06747EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the groundes of the old and newe religion Deuided into two parts, whereunto is added an appendix, containing a briefe confutation of William Crashaw his first tome of romish forgeries and falsifications.Maihew, Edward, 1570-1625.A06753EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An anatomi, that is to say a parting in peeces of the mass Which discouereth the horrible errors, and the infinit abuses vnknowen to the people, aswel of the mass as of the mass book, very profitable, yea most necessary for al Christian people. VVith a sermon of the sacrament of thankesgyuyng in the end, whiche declareth whether Christ be bodyly in the sacrament or not. By Chrystes humble seruant Anthoni de Adamo.Mainardi, Agostino, 1487-1563.A06764EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true perpetuall prognostication for the yeare 1632, being leape yeare, and for all yeares to come declaring what shall fall out in time comming, with a rule to teach every one the airt of memorie : everie yeare is like to bee leape yeare, if divers and bankerupts, may haue money on band or trust / by Allan Makcouldy ...Makcouldy, Allan.A06766EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A plaine and easie way to remedie a horse that is foundered in his feete by which vsing, this remedie (within .xxiiii. howres after his instaunt foundering) you maye within .xxiiij. howres after the curre vsed, trauell your horse, and iourney him at your pleasure, as if he had not bene foundered at all. Set out by Nicholas Malbie Gentleman, seruant to the Queenes moste excellent Maiestie.Malby, Nicholas, Sir, 1530?-1584.A06770EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[C]ertayn and tru good nues, fro[m] the syege of the isle Malta wyth the goodly vyctorie, wyche the Christenmen, by the fauour of God, have ther latlye obtayned, agaynst the Turks, before the forteres of Saint Elmo / translat owt of Frenche yn to Englysh.A06776EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A copie of the last aduertisement that came from Malta of the miraculous deliuerie of the isle from the longe sieg[e] of the Turke, both by sea and land ... Translated out of ye Italian tongue, into English.A06778EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A grand-fathers legacy; or Maltbey's morsels for mourners Diuided into seuerall meditations for euery day in the weeke. Being a comfort to all wounded and oppressed consciences, which seeke for comfort by the word of truth. By Iohn Maltbey late minister of Gods word at Buckland in Glocester-shire.Maltbey, John.A06779EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes from Mamora, or, A summary relation sent to the king of Spaine of the good successe of a voyage which it hath pleased God to giue in taking, and suprising, of Mamora, a port in Barbary. By the armado and hoast royall, of the ocean sea, whereof was captaine generall Don Luis Faxardo: assisted with three galleis [sic] of Portingall, vnder the command of the Conde de Elda, and fiue gallies of Spaine, vnder the Duke of Fernandina.A06793EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An amulet or preservative against sicknes and death in two parts : the first containing spirituall direction for the sicke at all times needfull, but especially in the conflict of sicknes and agonie of death : the second, a method or order of comforting the sicke ... / collected and set forth ... by A.M. minister of the Word of God in Henley vpon Thames ; whereunto is annexed a most pithie and comfortable sermon of mortalitie, written by the blessed martyr S. Cyprian Bishop of Carthage, translated into English by A.M. ; together with sundry prayers needfull in time of sicknesse.Man, Abraham.A06799EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation of certaine things in Spaine worthy of obseruation: Set forth by Stephen Man, one of the yeomen of his Maiesties chamber.Man, Stephen.A06803EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A plaine path to perfect vertue: deuised and found out by Mancinus a Latine poet, and translated into English by G. Turberuile gentlemanMancinus, Dominicus, fl. 1478-1491.A06809EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
of delyces where a man shall fynde all maner of fruytes in all tymes . . .Mandeville, John, Sir.A06813EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[The gouernans of vertue]Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.A06815EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The voyages and trauailes of Sir John Maundeuile knight Wherein is treated of the way towards Hierusalem, and of the meruailes of Inde, with other lands and countries.Mandeville, John, Sir.A06817EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A new booke, intituled, I am for you all, complexions castle as well in the time of the pestilence, as other times, out of the which you may learne your complexion, your disease incident to the same, and the remedies for the same. Published by Iames Manning, minister of the word.Manning, James, minister at Wellingborough.A06820EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes from Spaine A relation of the death of Don Rodrigo Calderon, marques of seven churches, &c. Faithfully translated according to the Spanish copy printed at Madrid. By Fernando Manojo. From the court.Manojo de la Corte, Fernando.A06821EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Count Mansfields directions of vvarre Giuen to all his officers and souldiers in generall.Mansfeld, Ernst, graf von, 1585-1626.A06824EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A brefe collection of the lawes of the forest collected and gathered together, aswell out of the statutes & common lawes of this realme, as also out of sundrie auncient presidents and records, concerning matters of the forest : with an abridgement of all the principall cases, iudgements, & entres, contained in the assises of the forestes of Pickering and Lancaster / by Iohn Manwood ...Manwood, John, d. 1610.A06855EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Politicall observations upon the fall of Seianus. Written in Italian by Gio. Baptista Manzini. And translated into English by Sr. T.H.Manzini, Giovanni Battista, 1599-1664.A06858EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The diall of destiny A booke very delectable and pleasaunt: wherein may be seene the continuall and customable course, disposition, qualities, effectes, and influence of the seuen planets ouer all kyndes of creatures here belowe: also the seuerall and sundry situation of countryes and kingdomes. Compiled and discussed briefly, aswell astrologically, as poetically, and philosophically by Iohn Maplet Maister of Arte.Maplet, John, d. 1592.A06859EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Mappa mundi, otherwyse called the compasse, and cyrcuet of the worlde and also the compasse of euery ilande, comprehendyd in the same.A06861EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The lyues of holy sainctes, prophetes, patriarches, and others, contayned in holye Scripture so farre forth as expresse mention of them is delyuered vnto vs in Gods worde, with the interpretacion of their names: collected and gathered into an alphabeticall order, to the great commoditie of the Chrystian reader. By Iohn Marbecke. Seene and allowed, according to the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.Merbecke, John, ca. 1510-ca. 1585.A06870EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the 13. of Iune. 1602. By M. Francis MarburieMarbury, Francis, d. 1611.A06874EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Epithalamium Gallo-Britannicum or, Great-Britaines, Frances, and the most parts of Europes vnspeakable ioy, for the most happy vnion, and blessed contract of the high and mighty Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and the Lady Henrette Maria, daughter to Henry the fourth, sirnamed the Great, late King of the French and Nauarre, and sister to Levvis the thirteenth: now king of the said dominions. Manifesting the royall ancestors and famous progenitors of the mighty Prince Charles, and the most illustrious princesse, the Lady Henrette, explaining the sweete interchanges of mariages, as haue beene betweene France and Great Britaine. ...Marcelline, George.A06875EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the good and euell tounge With the vnstablenesse of the same, and also with the abuses thereof. With a discourse of the punishment which the Lord hath shewed on al those which through swearing and periuring themselues, haue broken Gods commandements: as by this treatise most plainely appeareth. Made by Iohn of Marconuille gentleman.Marconville, Jean de.A06881EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declaration of the masse the fruite thereof, the cause and the meane, wherefore and howe it ought to be maynteyned. Newly perused and augmented by the first author therof. Maister Anthony Marcort at Geneue. Tra[n]slated newly out of French into Englishe. Anno M.D.XLvii.Marcourt, Antoine de, d. ca. 1560.A06882EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The queen of Nauarres tales Containing, verie pleasant discourses of fortunate louers. Now newly translated out of French into English.Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre, 1492-1549.A06891EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The happy entraunce of the high borne Queene of Spaine, the Lady Margarit of Austria in the renovvned citty of Ferrara. With feastiuall ceremonies vsed by Pope Clement the eight, in the holy mariage of their Maiesties. As also in that of the high borne Archduke Albertus of Austria, with the infanta Isabella Clara eugenia, sister to the catholique King of Spaine, Phillip the third. First translated out of Italian after the coppy printed at Ferrara, allowed by the magistrates.A06892EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of god [et] man but with outA06896EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The market or fayre of vsurers A newe pasquillus or dialogue agaynst vsurye, howe and where it is forbidden, [and] what punyshement belongeth vnto it, [and] whether (for ye mayntenau[n]ce of the necessary trades of marchaundise) it maye be forborne, and ought to be punyshed or not, the chief articles wherof shall apeare vnto the reader in the next pagine. Newely translated out of the high Almaigne, by William Harrys.A06899EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Fiue decades of epistles of vvarre. By Francis MarkhamMarkham, Francis, 1565-1627.A06901EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A schoole for young souldiers containing in briefe the whole discipline of vvarre, especially so much as is meet for the captaine to teach, or the souldior to learne, that is, to trayne or to be trayned. Fit to be taught throughout England.A06963EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A catholike and ecclesiasticall exposition of the holy Gospell after S. Mathewe, gathered out of all the singuler and approued deuines (whiche the Lorde hath geuen to his Churche) by Augustine Marlorate. And translated out of Latine into Englishe by Thomas Tymme, mynister. Sene and allowed according to the order appointedMarlorat, Augustin, 1506-1562.A06985EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A catholike and ecclesiasticall exposition of the holy gospell after S. Marke and Luke. Gathered out of all the singular and approued deuines, vvhich the Lorde hath geuen to hys church by Augustine Marlorat. And translated out of Latine into English by Thomas Timme minister. Sene and alowed according to the order appointedMarlorat, Augustin, 1506-1562.A06986EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Catholike and ecclesiasticall exposition vppon the epistle of S. Iude the apostle collected and gathered out of the workes of the best writers by Augustine Marlorat ... ; translated out of Latin into Englishe ... by I.D. mynister.A06987EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the sin against the holy ghost made by M. Augustine Marlorate. Translated out of French to the great consolation of all such as repent them of their sinnes, and to the astonying of of [sic] those that mock and despise the gospell of our Lord Jesus ChristMarlorat, Augustin, 1506-1562.A06990EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A fine companion Acted before the King and Queene at White-hall, and sundrie times with great applause at the private house in Salisbury Court, by the Prince his Servants. Written by Shakerley Marmyon.Marmion, Shackerley, 1603-1639.A07024EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Hollands leaguer An excellent comedy as it hath bin lately and often acted with great applause, by the high and mighty Prince Charles his Servants; at the private house in Salisbury Court. Written by Shackerley Marmyon, Master of Arts.Marmion, Shackerley, 1603-1639.A07025EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A tragicall historie of the troubles and ciuile warres of the lowe Countries, otherwise called Flanders Wherein, is sett forthe the originall and full proceedyng of the saied troubles and ciuile warres, with all the stratagemes, sieges, forceble takynges, and manlike defenses, of diuers and sondrie cities, tounes, and fortresses of the same, together, the barbarous crueltie and tyrannie of the Spaniard, and trecherous hispaniolized Wallons, [and] others of the saied lowe Countreis. And there withall, the estate and cause of religion, especially, from the yere 1559. vnto the yere 1581. Besides many letters, commissions, contractes of peace, unions, articles and agrementes, published and proclaimed in the saied prouinces. Translated out of French into Englishe, by T.S. ge[n]t.A07032EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A pithie, and most earnest exhortation, concerning the estate of Christiandome together with the meanes to preserue and defend the same; dedicated to al christian kings princes and potentates, with all other the estates of Christiandome: by a Germaine gentleman, a louer of his countrey.Marnix van St. Aldegonde, Philips van, 1538-1598.A07033EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Hay any worke for Cooper: or a briefe pistle directed by waye of an hublication to the reverende byshopps counselling them, if they will needs be barrelled vp, for feare of smelling in the nostrels of her Maiestie [and] the state, that they would vse the aduise of reuerend Martin, for the prouiding of their cooper. Because the reuerend T.C. (by which misticall letters, is vnderstood, eyther the bounsing parson of Eastmeane, or Tom Coakes his chaplaine) to bee an vnskilfull and a beceytfull [sic] tubtrimmer. Wherein worthy Martin quits himselfe like a man I warrant you, in the modest defence of his selfe and his learned pistles, and makes the coopers hoopes to flye off, and the Bishops tubs to leake out of all crye. Penned and compiled by Martin the Metropolitane.Marprelate, Martin, pseud.A07039EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Theses Martinianae that is, certaine demonstratiue conclusions, sette downe and collected (as it should seeme) by that famous and renowmed clarke, the reuerend Martin Marprelate the great: seruing as a manifest and sufficient confutation of al that euer the Colledge of Catercaps with their whole band of clergie-priests, haue, or canbring [sic] for the defence of their ambitious and antichristian prelacie. Published and set foorthe as an after-birth of the noble gentleman himselfe, by a prety stripling of his, Martin Iunior, and dedicated by him to his good neame and nuncka, Maister Iohn Kankerbury: hovv the yongman [sic] came by them, the reader shall vunderstande sufficiently in the epilogue. In the meane time, vvhosoeuer can bring mee acquainted vvith my father, Ile bee bounde hee shall not loose his labour.Marprelate, Martin, pseud.A07040EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The iust censure and reproofe of Martin Iunior. Wherein the rash and vndiscreete headines of the foolish youth, is sharply mette with, and the boy hath his lesson taught him, I warrant you, by his reuerend and elder brother, Martin Senior, sonne and heire vnto the renowmed Martin Mar-prelate the Great. Where also, least the springall shold be vtterly discouraged in his good meaning, you shall finde, that hee is not bereaued of his due commendationsMarprelate, Martin, pseud.A07041EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Mar-MartinA07045EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at the consecration of the right reuerend father in God, Richard Senhouse, Lord Bishop of Carlile in the Metropoliticall Church of York, the six and twentith of September, 1624. By Richard Marshe Master of Arts, and vicar of Bristall in Yorke-shire.Marshe, Richard, d. 1663.A07061EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Dutch courtezan As it vvas playd in the Blacke-Friars, by the Children of her Maiesties Reuels. VVritten by Iohn Marston.Marston, John, 1575?-1634.A07065EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A breefe coniecturall discourse, vpon the hierographicall letters & caracters fovnd upon fower fishes taken neere Marstrand in the kingdome of Denmarke, the 28. of Nouember 1587. Treating by considerations poligraphicall, theologicall, Thalmudicall & cabalisticall. Seene and allowed.A07082EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A second sound, or vvarning of the trumpet vnto judgement Wherein is proued, that all the tokens of the latter day, are not onelie come, but welneere finished. With an earnest exhortation, to be in continuall readinesse. By Anthonie Marten sewer of her Maiesties most honorable chamber.Marten, Anthony, d. 1597.A07087EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A replie to M. Calfhills blasphemous answer made against the Treatise of the crosse, by Iohn Martiall, Bachiler of Lawe, and studient in diuinitie. Reade and regardeMartiall, John, 1534-1597.A07092EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discouerie of the manifold corruptions of the Holy Scriptures by the heretikes of our daies specially the English sectaries, and of their foule dealing herein, by partial & false translations to the aduantage of their heresies, in their English Bibles vsed and authorised since the time of schisme. By Gregory Martin one of the readers of diuinitie in the English College of Rhemes.Martin, Gregory, d. 1582.A07100EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The loue of the soule Made by G.M.Martin, Gregory, d. 1582.A07101EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatyse of Chris[ti]an peregrination, w[rit]ten by M. Gregory Martin Licentiate, and late reader of the diuinitie in the Englishe Coleadge at Remes. VVhereunto is adioined certen epistles vvritten by him to sundrye his frendes: the copies vvhereof vvere since him decease founde amonge his vvrytings. Novv especially published for the beneifte of those, that either erre in religion of simplicitie or folovv the vvorlde of fray IoieMartin, Gregory, d. 1582.A07104EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of schisme Shewing, that al Catholikes ought in any wise to abstaine altogether from heretical conuenticles, to witt, their prayers, sermons. &c, deuided into foure chapters, whereof 1. Conteineth sundry reasons to that purpose, grounded for the most part vppon scriptures and fathers. 2.Examples out of holy scriptures. 3. Examples out of ecclesiastical histories. 4. Answeres to the chiefe obiections. By Gregorie Martin Licentiate in Diuinitie.Martin, Gregory, d. 1582.A07105EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A speach deliuered, to the Kings most excellent Maiestie in the name of the sheriffes of London and Middlesex. By Maister Richard Martin of the Middle TempleMartin, Richard, 1570-1618.A07106EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true report of all the successe of Famagosta, of the antique writers called Tamassus, a citie in Cyprus In the which the whole order of all the skirmishes, batteries, mines, and assaultes geuen to the sayd fortresse, may plainly appeare. Moreouer the names of the captaines, and number of the people slaine, as well of the Christians as of the Turkes: likewise of them who were taken prisoners: from the beginning of the sayd seege vntill the end of the same. Englished out of Italian by William Malim. With certaine notes of his and expositions of all the Turkishe wordes herein necessary to be knowen, placed in the margent, with a short description also of his of the same iland.Martinengo, Nestore, Conte.A07119EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The historie, and liues, of the kings of England from VVilliam the Conqueror, vnto the end of the raigne of King Henrie the Eight. By William Martyn Esquire, recorder of the honorable citie of Exeter.Martyn, William, 1562-1617.A07124EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Youths instruction. Composed and written by William Martyn Esquire. Recorder of the honourable citie of ExeterMartyn, William, 1562-1617.A07129EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The martiloge in englysshe after the vse of the chirche of salisbury [and] as it is redde in Syon, with addicyons.Catholic Church.A07131EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The rosarie of our Ladie. Otherwise called our Ladies psalter With other godlie exercises mentioned in the preface.A07143EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The arch-confraternity of the holy Rosary of our Blessed LadyA07145EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declaration of the Queene, mother of the most Christian King Containing the reasons of her departure out of the Low-Countreys; and disadvowing a manifest, set out in her name upon the same argument.Marie de Médicis, Queen, consort of Henry IV, King of France, 1573-1642.A07149EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The remonstrance made by the Queene-mother of France, to the King her sonne, for remedy of such disorders and abuses as she pretendeth to be in the present gouernement and managing of the affaires of state, in the realme of France Particularly manifesting the authors thereof, with their supposed, ambitious practises and dangerous designes, threatning desolation and ruine vnto that kingdome. Faithfully translated out of French.Marie de Médicis, Queen, consort of Henry IV, King of France, 1573-1642.A07150EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A defence of the honorable sentence and execution of the Queene of Scots exempled with analogies, and diuerse presidents of emperors, kings, and popes: with the opinions of learned men in the point, and diuerse reasons gathered foorth out of both lawes ciuill and canon, together with the answere to certaine obiections made by the fauourites of the late Scottish Queene.A07158EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The husbandlye ordring and gouernmente of poultrie Practised by the learnedste, and suche as haue bene knowne skilfullest in that arte, and in our tyme.Mascall, Leonard, d. 1589.A07184EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached before his Maiestie at Oatelands, on the 28. of Iuly 1622. By Edmund Mason, his Maiesties chaplaine, and vicar of Nevvarke in NottinghamshireMason, Edmund, d. 1634.A07189EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christian humiliation, or, A treatise of fasting declaring the nature, kindes, ends, vses, and properties of a religious fast: together with a briefe discourse concerning the fast of Lent. By Henry Mason, pastor of Saint Andrews-Vndershaft London.Mason, Henry, 1573?-1647.A07200EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Contentment in Gods gifts or some sermon notes leading to equanimitie and contentation. By Henry Mason parson of S. Andrews Vndershaft LondonMason, Henry, 1573?-1647.A07203EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The cure of cares or a short discourse, declaring the condition of worldly cares; with some remedies appropriated unto them Penned for the use of all, but is most proper for such as be distressed. By Henry Mason parson of S. Andrews Vndershaft London.Mason, Henry, 1573?-1647.A07204EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The epicures fast: or: A short discourse, discouering the licenciousnesse of the Romane Church in her religious fasts. By Henrie Mason, parson of St. Andrews Vndershaft, LondonMason, Henry, 1573?-1647.A07207EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Hearing and doing the ready way to blessednesse with an appendix containing rules of right hearing Gods word. By Henry Mason, parson of S. Andrews Vnder-shaft London.Mason, Henry, 1573?-1647.A07208EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The tribunall of the conscience: or, A treatise of examination shewing vvhy and how a Christian should examine his conscience, and take an account of his life. By Henry Mason, parson of St. Andrews Vndershaft, London.Mason, Henry, 1573?-1647.A07213EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A nevv post vvith soueraigne salue to cure the worlds madnes. Expressing himselfe in sundrie excellent essayes or wittie discourses. A marke exceeding necessary for all mens arrowes: whether the great mans flight, the gallants rouer. the wisemans prickeshaft, the poore mans butshaft, or the fooles birdbolt, quantus in orbe dolus. By Sir I.D. Knight.Mason, Robert, 1571-1635.A07222EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Reasons monarchie. Set forth by Robert Mason of Lincolnes Inne GentMason, Robert, 1571-1635.A07224EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A revelation of the Revelation wherein is contayned, a most true, plaine, and briefe manifestation of the meaning and scope of all the Reuelation, and of euery mystery of the same : whereby the pope is most plainely declared and proued to bee Antichrist / by Thomas Mason ...Mason, Thomas, 1580-1619?A07226EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The maske of flowers· Presented by the gentlemen of Graies-Inne, at the court of VVhite-hall, in the Banquetting House, vpon Twelfe night, 1613. Being the last of the solemnities and magnificences which were performed at the marriage of the right honourable the Earle of Somerset, and the Lady Francis daughter of the Earle of Suffolke, Lord Chamberlaine.A07228EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The dysclosyng of the canon of ye popysh masse with a sermon annexed vnto it of ye famous clerke of worthy memorye. D Marten Luther.A07229EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The dysclosi[n]g of the canon of the popysh masse wyth a sermon annexed vnto it, of the famous clerke, of worthye memorye. D. Marten Luther.A07230EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Trafford in Lancashire at the mariage of a daughter of the right worshipfull Sir Edmond Trafforde Knight, the 6. of September Anno. 1586. By William Massie bacheler in diuinity, and fellow of Brasennose Colledge in OxfordeMassie, William, d. 1610.A07233EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An historicall and true discourse, of a voyage made by the Admirall Cornelis Matelife the yonger, into the East Indies, who departed out of Holland, in May 1605 With the besieging of Malacca, and the battaile by him fought at sea against the Portugales in the Indies, with other discourses. Translated out of the Dutch, according to the coppie printed at Rotterdam.A07254EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The flight of time, discerned by the dim shadow of Iobs diall, Iob. 9. 25 Explaned in certaine familiar and profitable meditations well conducing to the wise numbering of our daies in the sad time of this mortalitie. As it was delivered to his charge at Bloxham in Oxford-shire by the pastour thereof. R.M.Matthew, Roger, b. 1574 or 5.A07259EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon made in the cathedrall churche of Saynt Paule at London, the XXVII. day of June, Anno. 1535. by Symon MattheweMatthew, Simon, d. 1541.A07260EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes from Francfort, concerning the election of the most mighty Emperor Matthias the first of that name who was elected and crowned in Francfort, in Iune last, anno. 1612. Translated out of Dutch into English.A07265EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The historie of S. Elizabeth daughter of the King of Hungarie. Written in French by Peter Mathieu and translated into English by Sr T.H.Matthieu, Pierre, 1563-1621.A07268EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The povverfull fauorite, or, The life of Ælius Seianus. By P.M.Matthieu, Pierre, 1563-1621.A07269EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Vnhappy prosperitie expressed in the histories of Ælius Seianus and Philippa the Catanian· Written in French by P: Mathieu and translated into English by Sr. Th: HawkinsMatthieu, Pierre, 1563-1621.A07270EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The battaile fovght betvveene Count Maurice of Nassaw, and Albertus arch-duke of Austria, nere Newport in Flaunders, the xxij. of Iune 1600 with the names of such men of accompt as haue beene either slaine, hurt, or taken prisoners by either part. Written by a gentleman imploied in the said seruice.A07276EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The honorable victorie obteined by graue Maurice his Excellencie, against the cittie of Rhyne-berg, the 20. of August. 1597 Translated out of the Dutch coppie, printed in S. Grauenhaghe, by Albert Hendrickson.A07278EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short report of the honourable iourney into Brabant by his excellencie Graue Mauris, gouernour and Lord Generall of the vnited Netherlandish Prouinces: from the 26. day of Iune, to the 19. day of Iuly, 1602. Together with the taking of Helmont, and of his marching to the strong towne of Graue. Translated out of the Dutch copie printed at Vtricht.A07279EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true relation of the famous & renowmed [sic] victorie latelie atchieued by the counte Maurice of Nassau, neere to Newport in Flaunders against the arch-duke Albertus with the names of such noblemen & others of acount, as haue bin eyther slaine or taken prisoners in this seruice late-done and y [sic] performed. Truly translated out of the Dutch copie.A07283EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Grieving of Gods spirit Contayning the summe of a sermon preached at Saint Maries in Oxford. The chiefe points intreated on are, Viz. I. Of grieuing of Gods Spirit. II. Of resisting of Gods Spirit. III. Of blaspheming of Gods Spirit, in the highest degree commonly called, the sinne against the Holy Ghost. By Radford Mauericke, minister in Devon. Reade iudiciously, but iudge charitably.Mavericke, Radford, b. 1560 or 61.A07286EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The practice of repentance. Or A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse, the fifteenth of September last passed, by Radford Mavericke, preacher of Gods word in DevonMavericke, Radford, b. 1560 or 61.A07287EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Saint Peters chaine consisting of eight golden linckes, most fit to adorne the neckes of the greatest states, nobles, and ladies in this land, as the chiefest iewell of true nobilitie: and not vnfit for the meaner sort. Digested into eight chapters, and published by R.M. minister. With a praier annexed to the end of euerie chapter.Mavericke, Radford, b. 1560 or 61.A07288EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Saint Peters watch word the end of all things is at hand / digested into eight chapters, and published by R.M. minister ; perused and allowed.Mavericke, Radford, b. 1561?A07289EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sermon preached before the King, at VVhitehall, on Tuesday the eight of Ianuarie, 1604. By Anthony Maxey Bachelar in Diuinity and chaplaine to his MaiestieMaxey, Anthony, d. 1618.A07291EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An other sermon preached before the king at Greenewich on Tuesday before Easter, being the 26. of March. 1605. By Anthonie Maxey, Bachelar in Diuinity, and chaplaine to his Maiesty. The points herein handled are these. 1. That there is an hardening. 2. That God hardeneth not. 3. How men become hardened. 4. The meanes to auoid itMaxey, Anthony, d. 1618.A07294EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The churches sleepe expressed in a sermon preached at the court, in the celebration of the Kings Maiesties most ioyfull and happie entrance into this kingdome, the 24. of March last. By Anthonie Maxey, Batchelar in Diuinitie, and chaplaine to his Maiestie in ordinary.Maxey, Anthony, d. 1618.A07297EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A nevv instuction [sic] of plowing and setting of corne, handled in manner of a dialogue betweene a ploughman and a scholler Wherein is proued plainely that plowing and setting, is much more profitable and lesse chargeable, than plowing and sowing. By Edvvard Maxey. Gent.Maxey, Edward, Gent.A07301EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A brief rehersal & discription, of the coronatio[n] of the hye and myghti Prince Maximilian Kyng of Romans, Boheme Hungeri &c. Don at the famus citie of Francford yn the year of owr lord 1562. the month of Nouember, wyth the co[m]myng yn of the great Turcks embassater, of the presents by hym gyven, & other thyngs worthy to be known.A07302EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The golden art, or The right way of enriching Comprised in ten rules, proued and confirmed by many places of holy Scripture, and illustrated by diuers notable examples of the same. Very profitable for all such persons in citie or countrie, as doe desire to get, increase, conserue, and vse goods with a good conscience. By I.M. Maister in Arts.Maxwell, James, b. 1581.A07312EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The laudable life and deplorable death, of our late peerlesse Prince Henry. briefly represented Together, with some other poemes, in honor both of our most gracious soueraigne King Iames his auspicious entrie to this crowne, and also of his hopefull children, Prince Charles and Princesse Elizabeths happy entrie into this world. By I.M. Master of Artes.Maxwell, James, b. 1581.A07313EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mirrour of religious men, and of godly matrones Exhibited in the golden legends of these six famous and faithfull persons. Abraham & Sara, Isack [&] Rebecca: Iacob [&] Rahel. Very comfortable to be read of all the sonnes and daughters of such faithfull parents according to the promise, for the rectifying of their liues and the confirming of their faith. By I.M. Master in Arts.Maxwell, James, b. 1581.A07314EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A monument of remembrance erected in Albion, in honor of the magnificent departure from Britannie, and honorable receiuing in Germany, namely at Heidelberge, of the two most noble princes Fredericke, first prince of the imperiall bloud, sprung from glorious Charlemaigne, Count Palatine of Rhine, Duke of Bauier, Elector and Arch-sewer of the holy Romane Empire, and Knight of the renowned order of the Garter. & Elizabeth Infanta of Albion, Princess Palatine, and Dutchesse of Bauier, the onely daughter of our most gratious and soueraigne Lord Charles-Iames, and of his most noble and vertuous wife, Queene Anne. Both of them being almost in one and the same degree lineall descent from 25 emperours of the east and west, of Romanes, Greekes, and Germans, and from 30 kings of diuers countries. By Iames Maxvvel.Maxwell, James, b. 1581.A07315EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A nevv eight-fold probation of the Church of Englands divine constitution prooved by many pregnant arguments, to be much more complete then any Geneuian in the world against the contrary assertion of the fifty three petitioner-preachers of Scotland in their petition presented in the later Parliament to the Kings most excellent Maiesty. With a ten-folde probation of the same churches doctrine touching one of the most important points of our creede, which is of our sauiours descending into Hell. By Iames Maxvvell. Master of Artes, &c.Maxwell, James, b. 1581.A07316EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Queene Elizabeths looking-glasse of grace and glory Wherein may be seen the fortune of the faithfull: that is to say, the wrastling, victory, and reward, or the combat, conquest and crowne of Gods children. All cleerely represented according to Scripture, & illustrated by diuers notable examples of Gods seruants both men and vvomen: and likewise enterlaced with many memorable alligories & morallties: both pleasant and profitable to be read. By I.M. Master of Arts.Maxwell, James, b. 1581.A07317EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Epigrams diuine and morall. By Edvv. May, GentMay, Edward, Gent.A07319EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A most certaine and true relation of a strange monster or serpent found in the left ventricle of the heart of Iohn Pennant, Gentleman, of the age of 21. yeares. By Edward May Doctor of Philosophy and Physick, and professor elect of them, in the colledge of the academy of noble-men, called the Musæum Minervæ: physitian also extraordinary unto her most Sacred Majesty, Queene of great Brittany, &c.May, Edward.A07320EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declaration of the estate of clothing now vsed within this realme of England 1 The royaltie and benefit of wooll and woollen cloth. 2 The condition of the makers, being two sorts. 3 The antiquitie and power of the alneger. 4 The manner of search and searchers, now vsed. 5 The seuerall faults and abuses practised in cloth. 6 The inconuenience and hurt by the abuses. 7 The remedie to be made by the alnegers prouision. VVith an apologie for the alneger, shewing the necessarie vse of his office. Written by Iohn May, a deputie alneger.May, John, fl. 1613.A07323EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An antidote against popery confected out of scriptures, fathers, councels, and histories. Wherein dialogue-wise are shewed, the points, grounds, and antiquitie of the Protestant religion; and the first springing vp of the points of popery: together with the Antichristianisme thereof. Being alone sufficient to inable any Protestant of meane capacitie, to vnderstand and yeeld a reason of his religion, and to incounter with and foyle the aduersary. By Iohn Mayer, B.D. and pastor of the Church of little Wratting in Suffolke.Mayer, John, 1583-1664.A07344EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ecclesiastica interpretatio: or The expositions vpon the difficult and doubtful passages of the seuen Epistles called catholike, and the Reuelation Collected out of the best esteemed, both old and new writers, together with the authors examinations, determinations, and short annotations. The texts in the seuen Epistles of Iames, Peter, Iohn and Iude are six and forty. The expositions vpon the Reuelation are set forth by way of question and answer. Here is also a briefe commentary vpon euery verse of each chapter, setting forth the coherence and sense, and the authors, and time of writing euery of these bookes. Hereunto is also annexed an antidot against popery. By Iohn Mayer, B. of D. and pastor of the Church of Little Wratting in Suffolke.Mayer, John, 1583-1664.A07348EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The English catechisme explained. Or, A commentarie on the short catechisme set forth in the Booke of common prayer Wherein diuers necessarie questions touching the Christian faith are inserted, moderne controuersies handled, doubts resolued, and many cases of conscience cleared. Profitable for ministers in their churches, for schoole masters in their schooles, and for housholders in their families. By Iohn Mayer, Bachelour of Diuinitie.Mayer, John, 1583-1664.A07350EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Mayers catechisme abridged. Or the A.B.C. inlarged With many necessary questions fitted vnto it, for the benefit of all that desire to teach or learne it effectually. A duty to which all wee of the Church of England are bound, it being generally appointed by authoritie.Mayer, John, 1583-1664.A07354EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A patterne for women: setting forth the most Christian life, & most comfortable death of Mrs. Lucy late wife to the worshipfull Roger Thornton Esquire, of Little Wratting in Suffolke Whereunto is annexed a most pithy and perswasive discourse of that most learned & holy Father Ierom, being his last speech before his death, which is able to rouze vp the most drowzy and dead in firme. And finally, the last most heauenly prayer of the sayd Ierom, a singular help for a poare soule, wrestling with the pangs of death, to addresse herselfe towards her saviour. By I.M. Bachelour of Diuinity.Mayer, John, 1583-1664.A07358EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The patterne of all pious prayer, and the epitomie of all Christian Catholique beliefe being a patheticall and paraphrastical meeter vpon the Pater Noster, Ave Maria, and Credo in Deum, &c. : together with a divine dittie made vpon St. Patricks Day last past in honour of the Christian crosse, with wholsome preparatives for death and judgment : also a short panigyre on Mary-land in America.Mayerne, Patrick.A07362EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The generall historie of Spaine containing all the memorable things that haue past in the realmes of Castille, Leon, Nauarre, Arragon, Portugall, Granado, &c. and by what meanes they were vnited, and so continue vnder Philip the third, King of Spaine, now raigning; written in French by Levvis de Mayerne Turquet, vnto the yeare 1583: translated into English, and continued vnto these times by Edvvard Grimeston, Esquire.Mayerne, Louis Turquet de, d. 1618.A07363EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The anatomie of Pope Ioane Wherein her life, manners and death is liuely layed abroad and opened, and the forged cauils and allegations that our aduersaries vse further, thoroughly vnripped and confuted. Necessarie for all those that are not fully acquainted with the storie, and not vnfruitfull to all them that loue and embrace the true religion of Christ, and abhorre the sortish illusions of Romish antichrist. Written by I.M.Mayo, John, fl. 1607-1629.A07370EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon of fasting, and of Lent, and of the antiquitie, dignitie, and great necessitie thereof preached vpon the 14. of Februarie, anno 1607 at Shaftesbury / by Io. Mayo.Mayo, John K.A07371EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vniuersall principle the common iustice of the world, and the royall law of love : deliuered in a sermon at the assises in Dorchester, the 23. day of Iuly, anno Dom. 1629 / by I.M. ...Mayo, John K.A07372EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[A Meane to dye vvel]A07377EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Misericors, mikrokosmos, or, Medeleys offices containing an iniunction to all duties of mercy belonging to the whole man.Medeley, Thomas.A07387EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Godly meditacions verye necessarie to bee sayde of all Christen menA07393EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here is co[n]teyned a godely interlude of Fulgens Cenatoure of Rome. Lucres his doughter. Gayus flaminius. [and] Publi[us]. Corneli[us]. of the disputacyon of noblenes [And] is deuyded in two p[er]tyes, to be played at ii. tymes. Co[m]pyled by mayster Henry medwall. late chapelayne to ye ryght reuerent fader in god Iohan Morton cardynall [and] Archebysshop of Cau[n]terbury.Medwall, Henry, fl. 1486.A07394EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vickers challenge claiming a maintainance as due by proofes out of the gospell : wherein is manifested, that there is a competencie due unto them / by Ios. Meene, vicker.Meene, Joshua.A07397EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The iustification of man by faith only: made and vvritten by Phylyp Melanchton. and translated out of the Latyn in to this oure mother tonge by Nicholas Lesse of London An apologie or defence of the worde of God, declaringe what a necessary thynge it is, to be in all mennes handes, the want wher of is the only cause of al vngodlienes committed thorowe the whole earth, made by the sayde Nicholas LesseMelanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560.A07407EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Philotimus. The warre betwixt nature and fortune. Compiled by Brian Melbancke student in Graies InneMelbancke, Brian.A07415EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Astrologaster, or, The figure-caster Rather the arraignment of artlesse astrologers, and fortune-tellers, that cheat many ignorant people vnder the pretence of foretelling things to come, of telling things that are past, finding out things that are lost, expounding dreames, calculating deaths and natiuities, once againe brought to the barre. By Iohn Melton.Melton, John, Sir, d. 1640.A07418EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sixe-folde politician Together with a sixe-folde precept of policy.Melton, John, Sir, d. 1640.A07419EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The masse displayed. VVritten in French by Mr Iohn Bede, advocate to the Parliament of Paris, and now translated into EnglishBédé de la Gormandière, Jean.A07423EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ane godlie dreame, compylit in Scottish meter be M.M. gentlevvoman in Culros, at the requeist of her freindesColville of Culross, Elizabeth Colville, Lady.A07425EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A congratulation to France vpon the happy alliance with Spaine. Dedicated to the Queene. With the order and challenge of the knights of fame, to their opposites.Menantel, François de.A07431EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The iudge of heresies one God, one faith, one church, out of which there is no saluation. Excluding all infidells, Mahumetans, Iewes, obstinate papists, and other heretikes of all sorts, and consequently all newters, who conforme themselues onely externally to any religion, from hope of participation of the kingdome of heauen. If they finally persist therein, and returne not to the knowledge and zealous profession of the true faith. By Iohn Merideth, Sub-Deane of Chichester.Meredith, John, b. 1579 or 80.A07444EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sinne of blasphemie against the Holy Ghost, scholastically examined the reasons of the absolute irremissibility thereof displayed; an admonition to all reuolting apostataes [sic] annexed. By Iohn Meredyth, sub-deane of Chichester.Meredith, John, b. 1579 or 80.A07445EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Tvvo sermons preached before his Maiestie, in his chappell at Whitehall the one, the xi. of Februarie, the other the xxv. of same moneth. By Richard Meredeth, one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinarie.Meredeth, Richard, 1559-1621.A07446EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christian mans assuring house. And a sinners conuersion Two sermons; the former, preached, before the Prince his Highnesse at St. Iames: the other to his Maiesties houshold at White-hall, on Sunday the 6. of February by George Meriton Doctor of Diuinitie, and Deane of Peterborough.Meriton, George, d. 1624.A07450EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon of nobilitie· Preached at VVhite-hall, before the King in February 1606. By George Meriton Doctor of Diuinity, one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinary; and parson of Hadleigh in Suffolke.Meriton, George, d. 1624.A07451EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon of repentance. Preached by George Meriton Doctor of Diuinity, and one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinaryMeriton, George, d. 1624.A07452EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached before the Generall Assembly at Glascoe in the kingdome of Scotland, the tenth day of Iune, 1610. By George Meriton Doctor of Diuinitie, and one of his Maiesties chaplainesMeriton, George, d. 1624.A07454EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A most plaine and profitable exposition of the book of Ester deliuered in 26. sermons. By Peter Merlin, one of the ministers of the church of Garnezey: and now translated in English, for the helpe of those who wanting the knowledge of the tongues, are yet desirous of the vnderstanding of the scriptures and true godlinesse. With a table of the principall points of doctrine contained therein.Merlin, Pierre, ca. 1535-1603.A07457EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The dodechedron of fortune; or, The exercise of a quick wit A booke so rarely and strangely composed, that it giueth (after a most admirable manner) a pleasant and ingenious answer to euery demaund; the like whereof hath not heretofore beene published in our English tongue. Being first composed in French by Iohn de Meum, one of the most worthie and famous poets of his time; and dedicated to the French King, Charles the fift, and by him, for the worth and raritie thereof, verie much countenanced, vsed, and priuiledged: and now, for the content of our countrey-men, Englished by Sr. W.B. Knight. The vse of the booke the preface annexed declareth.Jean, de Meun, d. 1305?A07461EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Le premier liure des poemes de Raphel MicheliMicheli, Raphel.A07470EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A pill to purge out poperie: or, A catechisme for Romish Catholikes shewing that popery is contrarie to the grounds of the Catholike religion, and that therefore papists cannot be good Catholikes.Mico, John.A07472EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Spirituall food, and physick vis. Milke for the younger. Meat for the stronger. The substance of diuinitie. A pill to purge out poperie.Mico, John.A07477EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Middleborovv. A briefe rehersall of the accorde and agreement, that the captaynes, burgises, and armie of Middleborovv and Armevv: have made, in yelding the[m]selves to the right high and excellent prince, the Lorde William Prince of Orrange, Countie of Nassau, &c. With a lamentable discourse of the calamities, great hungre [and] extreame miseries, that they sustayned, before they yelded by the sayd townes. Translated out of the ducthe coppy, printed at Dordrecht. Anno 1574.A07481EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The carde and compasse of life Containing many passages, fit for these times. And directing all men in a true, Christian, godly and ciuill course, to arriue at the blessed and glorious harbour of heauen.Middleton, Richard, d. 1641.A07487EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Goodnes; the blessed mans badge: or Gods character stampt on mans conscience In two sermons before the most excellent Prince Charles. By Richard Myddleton his Highnesse chaplayne.Middleton, Richard, d. 1641.A07488EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The heauenly pro:gresse. By Rich: MiddletonMiddleton, Richard, d. 1641.A07489EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Papisto-mastix, or The protestants religion defended Shewing briefely when the great compound heresie of poperie first sprange; how it grew peece by peece till Antichrist was disclosed; how it hath been consumed by the breath of Gods mouth: and when it shall be cut downe and withered. By William Middleton Bachelor of Diuinitie, and minister of Hardwicke in Cambridge-shire.Middleton, William, d. 1613.A07529EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Neuues from Millaine the copie of a letter written from Millaine to Venice, by Signior Padre, concerning a strange prince, called Prince Mammon, who is lately come into that state, and hath taken vp one of the principall houses (belonging to a chiefe noble-man of that countrey) for himselfe and followers ... / translated out of the true Italian copie ; also, the abridgement of the articles of pacification of Italie, made betwixt his Imperiall Maiesty and the most Christian King at Ratisbone, the 13th of October, 1630, both in Latine and English.A07531EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Concerning imposition of hands A sermon a the Lord Archbishop his visitation metropolitical, held, at Saint Marie Cray in Kent, by the Bishop of Rochester his Graces commissioner, the 7 of September last, preached by Richard Milborne Doctor of Diuinitie, and parson of Seuenoke in Kent.Milbourne, Richard, d. 1624.A07535EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the 24. of October. 1624. By Robert Bedingfield Master of Arts, and student of Christ-Church in OxfordBedingfield, Robert, 1597 or 8-1651.A07538EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Abrahams sute for Sodome a sermon preached at Pauls Cr[o]sse the 25 of August, 1611 / by Robert Milles, preacher of Gedny fenne, and Sutton St. Edmonds in Holland Lincolneshire.Milles, Robert.A07544EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The custumers alphabet and primer Conteining, their creede or beliefe in the true doctrine of Christian religion. Their ten commandementes, or rules of ciuill life and conuersation, daily grace, generall confession, speciall supplication and forme of prayers. Togither with a pertinent answere to all such, as eyther in iest or in earnest, seeming doubtfull themselues, would faine perswade others, that, the bringing home of traffique must needes decay our shipping. All tending to the true and assured aduancement of his Maiesties customes, without possibility of fraude or couyn. Alwaies prouided, in reading read all, or nothing at al.Milles, Tho. (Thomas), 1550?-1627?A07548EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The custumers apology That is to say, a generall answere to informers of all sortes, and their iniurious complaints, against the honest reputation of the collectors of her Maiesties custumes, specially in the out-portes of this realme. Written onely for vnderstanding readers and wise in highest authoritie, to reade and discerne by. Alwaies prouided, in reading reade all, or nothing at all.Milles, Tho. (Thomas), 1550?-1627?A07549EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An abstract, almost verbatim (with some necessarie addition,) of The customers apologie, written 18. yeares ago, to shew their distresse in the out-ports, aswell through want of maintenance and meanes to beare out their seruice, as countenance and credit in regard of othersMilles, Tho. (Thomas), 1550?-1627?A07551EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The customers replie. Or Second apologie That is to say, an aunswer to a confused treatise of publicke commerce, printed and dispersed at Midlebourghe and London, in fauour of the priuate Society of Merchants-Aduenturers. By a more serious discourse of exchange in merchandise, and merchandising exchange. Written for vnderstanding readers onely, in fauour of all loyall merchants, and for the aduancing of traffick in England.Milles, Tho. (Thomas), 1550?-1627?A07552EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The misterie of iniquitie Plainely layd open by a lay-Christian, no profest diuine, out of truth in humanity, and rules of naturall reason. Whereby the world may see, read and vnderstand, the proud and vaine comparison of a cardinalles red-hat, and a kings golden crowne. Alwayes prouided, in reading, read all, or read nothing at all.Milles, Tho. (Thomas), 1550?-1627?A07554EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Londons miserie, the countryes crueltie with Gods mercie. Explained by remarkeable obseruations of each of them, during this last visitation. VVritten by Richard Milton.Milton, Richard.A07556EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The princelie progresse of the church militant marching forth by the steps of the flocke to her triumphant bridegrome Christ Iesus. Encountered with an erronius army, turned aside from Iesus to the Ieesitcall [sic] faction, to fight with the lambe, and make warre with the saints. As it appeareth in the ensuing opposition. With an addition demonstrating the abolishing of Antichrist, supreme head of heretickes, and vniuersall maintainer of treason. Written by Thomas Bedle.Bedle, Thomas.A07557EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Iacobs great day of trouble, and deliuerance A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse, the fifth of August 1607. vpon his Maiesties deliuerance from the Earle Gowries treason and conspiracie. By Iohn Milvvarde Doctor of Diuinitie.Milward, John, 1556-1609.A07558EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Minucius Felix his dialogne [sic] called Octavius Containing a defence of Christian religion. Translated by Richard Iames of C.C.C. Oxon.Minucius Felix, Marcus.A07567EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mirrour of friendship both hovv to knovve a perfect friend, and how to choose him. With a briefe treatise, or caueat, not to trust in worldly properitie. Translated out of Italian into English by Thomas Breme Gentleman.A07590EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mirrour of madnes, or a paradoxe maintayning madnes to be most excellent: done out of French into English, by Ia. San. gentA07592EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The circle of commerce. Or The ballance of trade in defence of free trade: opposed to Malynes little fish and his great whale, and poized against them in the scale. Wherein also, exchanges in generall are considered: and therein the whole trade of this kingdome with forraine countries, is digested into a ballance of trade, for the benefite of the publique. Necessary for the present and future times. By E.M. merchant.Misselden, Edward, fl. 1608-1654.A07594EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Turkes secretorie conteining his sundrie letters sent to diuers emperours, kings, princes and states, full of proud bragges, and bloody threatnings: with seuerall answers to the same, both pithie and peremptorie. Translated truly out of the Latine copie.Mehmed II, Sultan of the Turks, 1432-1481.A07604EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of mental prayer· In vvhich is briefly declared the manner how to exercise the inward actes of vertues by Fr. Ant. de Molina Carthusian. Whereunto is adioyned a very profitable treatise of exhortation to spirituall profit. VVritten by F. Francis Arias of the Society of Iesus. Togeather with a dialogue of contrition and attrition. All translated out of Spanish into English by a Father of the Society of Iesus.Molina, Antonio de, d. 1619?A07608EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A mirrour for Christian states: or, A table of politick vertues considerable amongst Christians Divided, into three bookes. Reviewed, and augmented, by E. Molinier, of Tolose priest, and Doctor of Divinitie. And by him dedicated, ro [sic] the most illustrious lord, the Lord Cardinall of Valette, Archbishop of Tolose. Translated into English, by VVilliam Tyrvvhit, Sen. Esquire.Molinier, Étienne, d. 1650.A07610EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Tres excellente, & nouelle description contre la peste & vn remede tres singulier, auec souueraine preseruation contre la contagion dicelle. Dedie a tre-illustre & magnanime princesse, Elizabeth Roine d'Angleterre. Par. M. Ianus Iullius Monacius, gentilhome Francois. Licencier en medecine, de l'Vniuersite de Paris et de Colloigne. Premierement, vn poeme nouueau, fait sur l'origine de la Roine, auec quelques autres euures poetiques, tres magnifiques, faites a la gloire et louange d'icelle, par ledit autheur.Monacius, Janus Julius.A07611EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The testament of William Bel. Gentleman Left written in his owne hand. Sett out above 33. yeares after his death. With annotations at the end, and sentences, out of the H. Scripture, fathers, &c. By his sonne Francis Bel, of the Order of Freers Minors, definitor of the province of England: guardian of S. Bonaventures colledge in Dovvay: and professor of the sacred Hebrevv tongue, in the same. Electo meo fœdus excidiBell, William, d. 1598.A07625EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Contemplatio mortis, et immortalitatisManchester, Henry Montagu, Earl of, 1563?-1642.A07629EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Diana of George of Montemayor: translated out of Spanish into English by Bartholomew Yong of the Middle Temple GentlemanMontemayor, Jorge de, 1520?-1561.A07650EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declaration of the protestation of Monseigneur the Mareschal d'AnuilleMontmorency, Henri, duc de, 1534-1614.A07659EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Honours academie. Or The famous pastorall, of the faire shepheardesse, Iulietta A worke admirable, and rare, sententious and graue: and no lesse profitable, then pleasant to pervse. VVherein are many notable discourses, as well philosophicall, as diuine: most part of the seuen liberall sciences, being comprebended [sic] therein: with diuers comicall, and tragicall histories, in prose, and verse, of all sorts. Done into English, by R.T. Gentleman.Montreux, Nicolas de, b. ca. 1561.A07662EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Principles for yong princes Collected out of sundry authors, by George More, Esquire.More, George, Esquire.A07680EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A demonstration of God in his workes Against all such as eyther in word or life deny there is a God. By George More Esquire.More, George, Sir, 1553?-1632.A07683EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The carpenters rule, or, a booke shewing many plain waies, truly to measure ordinarie timber, and other extraordinarie sollids, or timber with a detection of sundrie great errors, generally committed by carpenters and others in measuring of timber; tending much to the buyers great losse. Published especially for the good of the Companie of Carpenters in London, and others also; ... By Richard More carpenter.More, Richard, carpenter.A07688EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
George Morgan plaintife [brace] William Megges, Richard Bowdler, William Turner, Thomas Ihones, Sir Iohn Bourcher, William Essington, and Robert Barlow ... defendantsA07717EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short analysis of a part of the second chapter of S. Iames, from the 14. verse to the end of the same With a briefe confutation of the Rhemists annotations therevpon written. By Iohn Morgan. 1588Morgan, John, fl. 1588.A07719EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The perfection of horse-manship, drawne from nature; arte, and practise. By Nicholas Morgan of Crolane, in the countye of Kent, Gent[Morgan, Nicholas, of Crolane].A07721EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe treatise of oathes exacted by ordinaries and ecclesiasticall iudges, to answere generallie to all such articles or interrogatories, as pleaseth them to propound And of their forced and constrained oathes ex officio, wherein is proued that the same are vnlawfull.Morice, James.A07722EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The cleansing of the leper discoursed, and opened, first, in certaine lectures within the cathedrall church of Saint Paul, in London; vpon occasion of that great visitation of the plague, in the yeare of our Lord, 1603. And now thought meet to be published, for our present instruction and comfort; as being fitted both to this time of pestilence, and of famine amongst vs. By Henry Morley, Bachelour of Diuinitie.Morley, Henry, d. 1616.A07733EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Canzonets. Or Little short songs to foure voyces: celected out of the best and approued Italian authors. By Thomas Morley, Gent. of her Maiesties chappell. Cantus [-Altus, -Tenor, -Bassus].A07742EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The first booke of consort lessons made by diuers exquisite authors, for six instruments to play together, the treble lute, the pandora, the cittern, the base-violl, the flute & treble-violl / newly set forth at the coast & charges of a gentle-man, for his priuate pleasure, and for diuers others his frendes which delight in musicke.Morley, Thomas, 1557-1603?A07750EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Fovvre bookes, of the institution, vse and doctrine of the holy sacrament of the Eucharist in the old Church As likevvise, hovv, vvhen, and by what degrees the masse is brought in, in place thereof. By my Lord Philip of Mornai, Lord of Plessis-Marli; councellor to the King in his councell of estate, captaine of fiftie men at armes in the Kings paie, gouernour of his towne and castle of Samur, ouerseer of his house and crowne of Nauarre.Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07763EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An homily upon these words of Saint Matthew, chap. 16.v.18 Tu es Petrus. Written first in French by that honorable and learned personage, Monsieur Du Plessis Mornay. And translated into English by I.V.Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07764EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A letter written by a French Catholike gentleman, to the maisters at Sorbonne. Concerning the late victories obtained by the king of Nauarre, aswell against the Duke of Ioyeuse at Coutras vpon Tuesday the twentieth of October, 1587. as els whereMornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07765EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Meditations vpon Psal. 101. Written first in French, by Philip Mornai lord of Plessis, and by him dedicated to Henrie the fourth, the French king. And now translated into English, for the benefit of the christian reader, by T.W.Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07767EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mysterie of iniquitie: that is to say, The historie of the papacie Declaring by what degrees it is now mounted to this height, and what oppositions the better sort from time to time haue made against it. Where is also defended the right of emperours, kings, and Christian princes, against the assertions of the cardinals, Bellarmine and Baronius. By Philip Morney, knight, Lord du Plessis, &c. Englished by Samson Lennard.Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07768EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The shielde and revvarde of the faithfull. Or a meditation vpon Genesis 15. chap. vers. 1. Written by Philip of Mornay Lord of Plessis-Marly and faithfully translated according to the last French copieMornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07775EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Three homilies upon these three sentences folowing Psal. 55.22. Cast thy burthen vpon the Lord. Iohn 14.27. My peace I giue vnto you. Luk.10.42. One thing is necessarie. Composed by Philip Mornay, lord of Plessis-Marly.Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07776EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Three meditations vpon these three places of scripture, 1 Cor. 2.2 ..., Psal. 6.1 ..., Prov. 3.11,12 ... by Iohn Bulteel.Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07778EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A notable treatise of the church in vvhich are handled all the principall questions, that haue bene moued in our time concerning that matter. By Philip of Mornay, Lord of Plessis Marlyn, gentleman of Fraunce. And translated out of French into English by Io. Feilde.Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07781EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two homilies concerning the meanes how to resolue the controversies of this time. First written in French, by Ph. Mornay, and now translated into EnglishMornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.A07787EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Nyne songs collected out of the Holy Scriptures of Old and New Testament, drawne foorth of the pure fountaines of Hebreuu and Greeke ; translated, paraphrased in prose, summed, analysed, notted vpon, grounds for vse and doctrine observed in every one of them, and finally paraphrased in English meeter, by Mr. William Moray ...Morray, William.A07789EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short treatise of death in sixe chapters Together with the ænigmatick description of old age and death written Ecclesiastes 12 chap. exponed and paraphrased in English meetre. Written by Mr. William Morray minister of Gods word.Morray, William.A07790EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An apology for schoole-masters tending to the aduauncement of learning, and to the vertuous education of children. By Thomas Morrice, Master of Artes.Morrice, Thomas, fl. 1617-1619.A07793EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A iust and moderate answer to a most iniurious, and slaunderous pamphlet, intituled, An exact discouery of Romish doctrine in case of conspiracie and rebellion Wherein the innocency of Catholike religion is proued, and euery obiection returned vpon the Protestant accuser, and his owne profession. With licence of superior.Broughton, Richard.A07811EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
New English Canaan or New Canaan Containing an abstract of New England, composed in three bookes. The first booke setting forth the originall of the natives, their manners and customes, together with their tractable nature and love towards the English. The second booke setting forth the naturall indowments of the country, and what staple commodities it yealdeth. The third booke setting forth, what people are planted there, their prosperity, what remarkable accidents have happened since the first planting of it, together with their tenents and practise of their church. Written by Thomas Morton of Cliffords Inn gent, upon tenne yeares knowledge and experiment of the country.Morton, Thomas, 1575-1646.A07831EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The skilfull mountebanke. Or, Come, and I'le cure you It hath not so much power as patience, yet 'tis a playster for all sores. By Ioannes Baptista Guardano Lodovico puncto. A Frenchified Italian, and borne in Bucklersberry.Joannes Baptista Guardano Lodovico puncto.A07857EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A commentarie vpon the booke of the Prouerbes of Salomon Published for the edification of the Church of God.Moffett, Peter, d. 1617.A07874EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The excellencie of the mysterie of Christ Iesus Declared in an exposition, or meditation vpon the 16. verse of the first epistle of Saint Paul vnto Timothie.Moffett, Peter, d. 1617.A07876EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The lamentable destruction of Mulheim, a Protestant towne in Germany Done by the inhabitants of Cologne the 30. of September last 1615. at three of the clock in the morning. Printed according to the Dutch originall.A07885EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vvorming of a mad dogge: or, A soppe for Cerberus the iaylor of Hell No confutation but a sharpe redargution of the bayter of women. By Constantia MundaMunda, Constantia.A07888EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A vaunting, daring, and a menacing letter, sent from Sultan Morat the great Turke, from his court at Constantinople, by his embassadour Gobam, to Vladisllaus King of Poland, &c. Which letter was sent to the Christian King, since the truce concluded betweene the Turke and the Persian in March last; as by many copies whereof, may appeare, as it was sent out of Poland. Wherein he declares himselfe a mortall enemy to the said Christian King, threatning to invade his kingdomes and territories, with all manner of hostility. Whereunto is annexed a briefe relation of the Turkish present strength, both of horse and foote: with al the victories the Turkes have prevailed against the Christians these last three hundred yeares. As also what glorious victories the Christians have wonne against the Turkes, till this present yeare. 1638. Published by authorityMurad IV, Sultan of the Turks, 1612-1640.A07915EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Tvvo notorious murders one committed by a tanner on his wiues sonne nere Horne-church in Essex, the other on a grasier nere Ailsburie in Buckinghamshire : with these is intermixt another murdrous intending fellonie at Rislip in Middlesex, all done this last month.A07918EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Pidax Petreia, or, The disc[ov]erie of S. Peters well, [a]t Peter-head, in Scotland being in latitude 57.d.43.m. and in longitude 22.d.40.m. : shewing the admirable vertues thereof, against many deplorable diseases / by A.M. student in medicine.Mure, Andrew.A07920EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An answer vnto the Catholiques supplication, presented vnto the Kings Maiestie, for a tolleration of popish religion in England wherein is contained a confutation of their vnreasonable petitions, and slaunderous lyes against our late soueraigne Queene Elizabeth ... : together with an information vnto His Maiestie of diuers their wicked and treasonable practises, attempted in the life time of our late Queene ... : wherevnto is annexed the supplication of the papists, word for word as it was presented vnto the Kings Maiestie ... / written by Christopher Muriell the elder.Muriell, Christopher.A07921EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A daily exercise for ladies and gentlewomen Whereby they may learne and practice the whole art of making pastes, preserues, marmalades, conserues, tartstuffes, gellies, breads, sucket candies, cordiall vvaters, conceits in sugar-vvorkes of seuerall kindes. As also to dry lemonds, orenges, or other fruits. Newly set forth, according to the now approued receipts, vsed both by honourable and vvorshipfull personages. By Iohn Murrell, professour thereof.Murrell, John, 17th cent.A07931EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Bishop of London his legacy. Or certaine motiues of D. King, late Bishop of London, for his change of religion, and dying in the Catholike, and Roman Church VVith a conclusion to his bretheren, the LL. Bishops of England.Musket, George, 1583-1645.A07935EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The complaint of a Christian soule Containing certaine remedies and comforts against the trouble and conflict of conscience. Newlie written in meter.Muschet, George, poet.A07937EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of the lawful and vnlawful vsurie amo[n]gest Christians, added by Wolfgang Muscul vnto the ende of his booke vppon the PsalmesMusculus, Wolfgang, 1497-1563.A07941EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The temporysour (that is to saye: the obseruer of tyme, or he that chaungeth with the tyme.) Compyled in Latyn by the excellent clarke Wolfangus Musculus, and tra[n]slated into Frenche by M. Vallerain Pullain. And out of Frenche into Inglishe by R.P. 1555.Musculus, Wolfgang, 1497-1563.A07942EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christians comfort In a sermon appointed for the crosse, but preached in S. Pauls Church on Candlemas day, 1623. By Thomas Myriell, rector of S. Steuens in Walbrooke London.Myriell, Thomas, d. 1629.A07951EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christs suite to his church a sermon preached at Paules-crosse the third of October 1613 / by Thomas Myriell ...Myriell, Thomas, d. 1629.A07952EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The devout soules search with the happie issue of comfort found : in a sermon, preached at Paules Crosse, Ian. 14. 1610 / by Thomas Myriell ...Myriell, Thomas, d. 1629.A07953EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Our Ladie hath a new sonneC. N., fl. 1595.A07957EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Maria triumphans Being a discourse, wherein (by way of dialogue) the B. Virgin Mary Mother of God, is defended, and vindicated, from all such dishonours and indignities, with which the precisians of these our dayes, are accustomed vniustly to charge her.N. N., fl. 1635.A07964EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An apology of English Arminianisme or A dialogue betweene Iacobus Arminius, professour in the Vniuersity of Leyden in Holland; and Enthusiastus an English Doctour of Diuinity and a great precisian. Wherein are defended the doctrines of Arminius touching freewill, predestination, and reprobation: the said doctrines being mantained & taught by many of the most learned Protestants of England, at this present time. Written by O.N. heertofore of the Vniuersity of Oxford.O. N., fl. 1634.A07966EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christians manna. Or A treatise of the most blessed and reuerend sacrament of the Eucharist Deuided into tvvo tracts. Written by a Catholike deuine, through occasion of Monsieur Casaubon his epistle to Cardinal Peron, expressing therin the graue and approued iudgment of the Kings Maiesty, touching the doctrine of the reall presence in the Eucharist.R. N., fl. 1613.A07967EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Barley-breake, or, A vvarning for vvantons. Written by W.N. GentW. N., Gent.A07968EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation of the royall magnificent, and sumptuous entertainement, giuen to the High, and Mighty Princesse, Queene Anne, at the renowned citie of Bristoll, by the Mayor, sheriffes, and aldermen thereof; in the moneth of Iune last past, 1613 Together with, the oration, gifts, triumphes, vvater-combats, and other showes there made.Naile, Robert.A07981EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ciuill considerations vpon many and sundrie histories, as well ancient as moderne, and principallie vpon those of Guicciardin Containing sundry rules and precepts for princes, common-wealths, captaines, coronels, ambassadours and others, agents and seruants of princes, with sundry aduertisements and counsels concerning a ciuill life, gathered out of the examples of the greatest princes and common-wealths in Christendome. Handled after the manner of a discourse, by the Lord Remy of Florence, and done into French by Gabriel Chappuys, Tourangeau, and out of French into English, by W.T.Nannini, Remigio, 1521?-1581?A07982EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A plaine discouery of the whole Reuelation of Saint Iohn set downe in two treatises: the one searching and prouing the true interpretation thereof: the other applying the same paraphrastically and historically to the text. Set foorth by Iohn Napeir L. of Marchistoun younger. Whereunto are annexed certaine oracles of Sibylla, agreeing with the Reuelation and other places of Scripture.Napier, John, 1550-1617.A07988EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christs starre: or, A Christian treatise for our direction to our Sauiour, and for our conjunction with him Declaring Christs excellencie, our necessitie of him, his great loue and manifold mercies bestowed vpon vs; as also some of our duties. By W. Narne p. of Dysert.Narne, William, 1583?-1653.A07994EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pearle of prayer most pretious and powerfull, or, A Christian treatise most necessarie for all these that desire to shew that wrath to come ... By Mr. William Narne ...Narne, William, 1583?-1653.A07996EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The apologie of Pierce Pennilesse. Or, strange newes, of the intercepting certaine letters and a conuoy of verses, as they were going priuilie to victuall the Lowe Countries. By Tho. Nashe gentleman.Nash, Thomas, 1567-1601.A08013EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A most learned and pious treatise full of diuine and humane philosophy, framing a ladder, wherby our mindes may ascend to God, by the steps of his creatures. Written in Latine by the illustrous and learned Cardinall Bellarmine, of the society of Iesus. 1615. Translated into English, by T.B. gent.Bellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Saint, 1542-1621.A08035EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of the eternall felicity of the saints fiue bookes. Writen in Latin by the most illustrious Cardinall Bellarmine, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by A.B. Permissu superiorum.Bellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Saint, 1542-1621.A08047EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Actes of the ambassage passed at the meatinge of the lordes and princes of Germany at Naumburg in Thuringe concerninge the matters there moued by Pope Pius the iiij. in the yeare of our Lord 1561 and the fyfth day of February item, the answere of the same lords and princes, geuen to the Popes nuntio vpon the eygth day of February / translated out of the Duch into English.A08049EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mecographie of ye loadstone Tat is to say ane description of the lenthes or longitudes, quhikis ar son be ye obseruations of ye loadstone: this moyen is verse certain & and neuhe fond ond and schauis phou meikil ye nidil or guideymant goir a fide or fleis from yelyn meridional, in qual part of ye land, or of ye sie yt he at in and also quihikis, ye lenthe geographique from degre to degre be tables. It is ane vork necessaire for ye admirals, cosmographer, astrologues, geographes, hydrographes, skippers, geometriens, or archivctes, and to tais that makis ye horologes for ye sone and other instruments of ye mathematiques ye dou passe be ye lodeflune. Invented and maid ve Vnilham Nautonier Lord off Casteliranck in Langedoc. [...]Nautonier, Guillaume de, sieur de Castelfranc, fl. 1603.A08051EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The iournall, or dayly register, contayning a true manifestation, and historicall declaration of the voyage, accomplished by eight shippes of Amsterdam, vnder the conduct of Iacob Corneliszen Neck Admirall, & Wybrandt van Warwick Vice-Admirall, which sayled from Amsterdam the first day of March, 1598 Shewing the course they kept, and what other notable matters happened vnto them in the sayd voyage.Neck, Jacob Cornelissoon van, ca. 1564-1638.A08052EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of the seaven last vvordes spoken by Christ vpon the crosse, two bookes. Written in Latin by the most illustrious cardinall Bellarmine, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by A.B.Bellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Saint, 1542-1621.A08054EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Mans actiue obedience, or The power of godlines especially in the commandement of the gospell, which requireth faith in euerie Christian: or A treatise of faith, worthily called precious faith, as being in it selfe a most rare iewell of ioy, and peerelesse pearle, that excelleth in worth the highest price. Wherein is plainly declared what faith in Christ is what properly is the obiect of it, what is the speciall operation of faith, by which it may bee discerned; and the worke about which it is principally imployed, the subiect wherein it is placed; what things are needfull to the making it up, what to the being, and what to the wel-being of it; with the differences that are betweene true beleeuers and fained in all of them, and the vses thereof. By Master William Negus, lately minister of Gods word at Lee in Essex.Negus, William, 1559?-1616.A08055EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The deuice of the pageant set forth by the vvorshipfull companie of the fishmongers, for the right honorable Iohn Allot: established Lord Maior of London, and Maior of the staple for this present yeere of our Lord 1590. By T. Nelson.Nelson, Thomas, fl. 1580.A08058EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A shorte catechisme of Cardall Bellarmine illustrated with the images.Bellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Saint, 1542-1621.A08064EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The tragedy of Nero, newly writtenA08065EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[A briefe cronicle and perfect rehearsall of all the memorable actions hapned not onelie in the Low Countries, but also in Germanie, Italy, Fraunce, Spaine, England, Turkie, and other countries since the yeare of our Lord 1500 to this present yeare 1598.]A08067EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Nevves of the Netherlands Relating the whole state of those countries at this present.A08070EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A description of the prosperitie, strength, and wise gouernment of the vnited Prouinces of the Netherlands Signified by the Batauian virgin, in her seat of vnitie. Wherein is related the whole state of those countries at this present time.A08071EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A True and perfect relation of the nevves sent from Amsterdam, the 21. of February, 1603 concerning the fight of fiue Dutche shippes in the East Indies, against the Portugall fleete, consisting of eight great gallions, and 22. galleyes both great and small, wherof was Admirall, Don Andreas Fartado Mendosa : wherevnto is added also, the voyage and nauigation of the said fiue Dutche shippes and others, in the iles of East Indies, and of their comming home.A08076EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A vision or dreame contayning the whole state of the Netherland warres as it appeared to a louer of the Netherlands lying in his bed, vpon the 7. of Nouember, betweene 3. and 4. of the clocke in the morning, wherein was represented vnto him a goodly country, and therein a fayre comely horse well brideled and sadled, whereat being much amazed, he sayde, behold the horse, but where is the rider? ...A08077EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Request presented to the King of Spayn and the Lordes of the Counsel of the State by the inhabitantes of the Louue Countreyes protesting that they will liue according to the reformation of the Gospell, the xxij. of Iune. 1578.A08078EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[These ben the ordynau[n]ces, that the emperour hath caused to be red and declared in his presence, to thestates of his countrees of those partyes at theyr assemblynge to his magestye the .vii. day of Octobre, the yere of our Lorde .M.V.C.xxxi. ... ]Holy Roman Empire. Emperor (1519-1556 : Charles V)A08081EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The tocsin, or watch-bell sent to the king, queene regent, princes of blood, to all the parlaments, magistrates, officers, and loyall subiects of France. Against the booke of the popes temporall power, not long since set forth by Cardinall Bellarmine Iesuite. By Memnons Statue. With the permission of the best genie of Fraunce. And done into English by I.R. ...Le Jay, Nicolas.A08083EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The aunswere of the Lords the Estates Generall of the Vnited Prouinces of the Lowe-Countries, to the letter of the Archduke of Austria, heere-after inserted together vvith the proposition done in the name of the sayde arch-duke to the forenamed states, by Otto Hartius, and Jeronimus Coomans, learned in the lawes : also, the extract of certaine letters, written out of the campe before Groning.United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A08085EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ansuuere made by the noble lords the States, vnto the ambassadour of PoloniaUnited Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A08087EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A proclamation made by the States of the vnited Netherlands touching the defence of the safegard of the enemy, the breaking of the quarters with the enemies souldiours, which vndertake to come ouer the waters and bogs in the parts of Freesland, Ornlanden, Drente, and Westerwoldingerland, or Lordship of Wedde. Faithfully translated out of Dutch. Also a copie of a letter, to the honourable Lords, the States, bearing date the 21 of March, 1599. Touching the victorie atchieued by the Prince Maurites before Emmericke.United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A08088EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An admonition published by the Generall States of the Netherlandish Vnited Prouinces, vnto the states, and citties their aduersaries touching his now intended proceedings, against the Spaniards and their adherents : whereunto is annexed a caueat, or proclamation, to the Vnited Netherlandish Prouinces / translated out of the Dutch printed coppy.United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A08089EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A proclimation, by the which is prohibited in the research of the passengers ships betweene France and England, not to vse any disorder in words nor deedes, neither to vse any bad or slaunderous speeches of the Kings Maiestie of Great Britaine, &c. nor his subiects in any manner whatsoeuer translated out of Dutch.United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A08090EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A proclamation of the Lords the Generall States, of the vnited Prouinces whereby the Spaniards and all their goods are declared to be lawfull prize: as also containing a strickt defence or restraint of sending any goods, wares, or merchandizes to the Spaniards or their adherents, enemies to the Netherlandes. Faithfully translated out of the Dutch coppy printed at S. Grauen Haghe by Aelbercht Heyndrickson, printer to the Generall States.United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A08091EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles of agreement, concerning the cessation of warre, betweene the Arch-duke and the states of the vnited Prouinces Procured by a fryar, called Iohn of Ney, confessour to the Arch-duke and the Infanta. Wherunto is annexed the state of other things happened about the same time. With Warres testament, or his last will, made at his departure out of the said Netherlauds [sic]. Translated out of the Dutch.Netherlands. Sovereign (1598-1621 : Albert and Isabella).A08094EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Proposition of the Ambassadour Peckius, in the congregation of the General States with the answer of the sayd General States, the xxv. of March, 1621 / translated, out of Dutch, according to the copy, printed by Aert Meurs, bookseller in the Hague.Peck, Pierre, 1562-1625.A08100EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Orders and articles granted by the high and mightie Lords of the States General of the Vnited Prouinces, concerning the erecting of a VVest India Companie together with the priuiledges and rights giuen vnto the same.United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A08101EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A copie of the agreement made betweene Hurian Bassa, gouernor of Tunis and Argier, for the great Turke. And the lords the generall states of the vnited Netherland Prouinces. Faithfully translated out of the Spanish and Dutch copieA08102EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lawes and ordinances touching military discipline Set downe and established the 13. of August. 1590. Translated into English by I. D.United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.A08104EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A proclamation set out by the K. of Spain wherein order is taken for the vse and trafficke of merchandise, with those of Holland, Zealand and others, aswell by water as by land / truely translated out of the Dutch copy printed at Andwerpe in February last.Spain. Sovereign (1556-1598 : Philip II)A08105EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true coppie of the admonitions sent by the subdued provinces to the states of Hollande and the Hollanders answere to the same. Together vvith the articles of peace concluded betweene the high and mightie princes, Phillip by the grace of God King of Spaine, &c. and Henry the Fourth by the same grace, the most Christian King of France, in the yeare 1598. First translated out of French into Dutch, and nowe into English by H.VV.Netherlands.A08106EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The second admonition, sent by the subdued prouinces to Holland thereby to entice them by faire-seeming reasons, groundlesse threates, and vnlike examples to make peace with the Spaniards. With the Hollanders aunswere to the same. Translated out of Dutch into English by H.W.Netherlands.A08107EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A proclamation or proscription, set foorth & published by the archduke Albertus, against his mutinous soldiers in the castle of Hoochstrate. Printed at Bruxels. Faithfully translated into English out of the Dutch coppy printed at Middleborough, by the first originall. Wherein is also truely set foorth the order of the two campes, before the stronge towne of Graue: with the yeelding thereof into the hands of his Excellency Graue maurice: and the conditions agreed vpon both sides, the 19. of September. Stilo nouo. 1602. With other accidents since hapned.South Holland (Netherlands). Provinciale Staten.A08109EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A proclamation or edict Touching the opening and restoring of the traffique, and commerce of Spain, with these countries: although they haue seuered themselues from the obeisance of the illustrous arch-duke, as also vvith all vassals and subiects of princes and common-weales, being their friends, or neutrals. Faithfully translated out of the Nether-landish tongue according to printed copy. Imprinted at Brussels.Netherlands. Sovereign (1598-1621 : Albert and Isabella)A08110EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An ansvver to the Ievvish part of Mr Selden's History of tithes. By Stephen Nettles, B. of DivinityNettles, Stephen.A08112EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The palme of Christian fortitude. Or The glorious combats of Christians in Iaponia. Taken out of letters of the Society of Iesus from thence. Anno 1624Rodrigues, João, 1558-1633.A08121EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine sermons, preached by the reuerend and iudicious diuine master Thomas Nevvhovse late preacher of Gods word in the citie of Norwich. And now set foorth for the vse and benefit of Gods people, by Robert Gallard, Master of Arts and minister in the same citieNewhouse, Thomas, d. 1611.A08129EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A learned and fruitfull sermon preached in Christs Church in Norwich. By Mr. Nevvhouse, late preacher of Gods word there.Newhouse, Thomas, d. 1611.A08130EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Bible-bearer. By A.N. sometimes of Trinity Colledge in OxfordNewman, Arthur.A08131EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Pleasures vision with deserts complaint, and a short dialogue of a womans properties, betweene an old man and a young. By Arthur Newman of the Middle Temple GentNewman, Arthur.A08132EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A looking-glasse for petitioners Wherein euery Christian man and woman, may cleerely see, what they are to beg at Gods hands, the manner how they are to beg, and the assurance of those things which they do beg. In a sermon preached at Framlingham Castle in high Suffolke. By Iohn Nevvman Master of Artes.Newman, John, fl. 1619.A08133EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newnams nightcrowe A bird that breedeth braules in many families and housholdes. Wherein is remembred that kindely and prouident regard which fathers ought to haue towards their sonnes. Together with a diciphring of the iniurious dealinges of some younger sorte of stepdames.Newnham, John.A08134EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An epytaphe, of the godlye constau[n]t, [and] counfortable co[n]fessor mystres (Darothye [sic] Wynnes) whiche slepte in Christ the yere of grace. M.D.LX. Made by, Frances NewportNewport, Frances.A08135EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes from diuers countries as, from [brace] Spaine, Antwerpe, Collin, Venice, Rome, the Turke, and the prince Doria : and how the arch-duke of Austria is intended to resigne his cardinall hat through his marrying with the king of Spaines daughter.A08137EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Continuation of our weekly newes containing these particulers following, the warlike proceedins and good successe of the French and their confederates in the Grisons and Valtoline, the great victories which the Hollanders haue gotten in Perue ...A08139EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A proclamation by the states of the prouince of Utrecht, against certaine others of the conspirators Together with a new and full relation of the apprehension, examination, torturing, and confession of diuers of the principall conspirators, of the late intended treason against the Prince of Orange, and the state of the Vnited Prouinces. Both by letters, and other direction from the states themselues. As they were printed at Amsterdam, for Martin Iansen Brandt bookseller, dwelling by the new church at the signe of the reformed catechisme. Anno 1623.A08141EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Numb[er]. 1. An abstract of some special forreigne occurrences, brought down to the weekly newes, of the 20 of December. Or, The severall passages and novels which have happened in Germany, France, Spaine, Italy, and other places some few moneths sinceA08143EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
February 8. Numb. 10. The continuation of our forraine intelligence, since the 3. of the last to this present Conteining many remarkable passages, amongst the rest these following. A more exact relation of the fearfull burning of the hill Soma nere Naples then the former, with the effects it hath wrought in that citie vpon the publicke harlots as well as other people. The adventure of the Imperiall Generall Pappenheim to relieue (or rather to ruine) the citie Magdenburg, with the successe thereof, as much as we haue yet received of credit. The late proceeding of the King of Sweden forces in Wittenburg, & what townes he hath taken; his preparation and mooving, to meet with, and to prevent the designes of the imperialists nere Erford, and elsewhere. The state of the French K. in Lorraine, & how he mooues. The late arrivall and royall entertainment of Monsieur the Kings brother at Bruxsell.A08146EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Continuation of our weekely intelligence since the 22. of this present moneth, to the 29. The second part containing many notable and very remarkeable passages, amongst the rest, you shall finde these, the strange and vnexpected reduction of the city of Prage in Bohemia ..., the taking whereof (with Gods assistance) was performed by the old Count of Thorne ..., the great preparation of the B. of Collen ... and other leagers, to joyne with the imperiall scattered troopes ...A08147EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Norimberg curranto of this week The confirmation of the defeat of the remainds of Marazini's army, and taking him prisoner. The people of Tabor make away apace to Vienna, and to Gratz, and so to the mountains, by reason of the Swedes approach. Generall Bannier is drawing his forces from all parts to Brandeis, 3 leagues from Prague, where Hatzfeld is now joyned with Gallas; whereupon another battell is like to follow.A08148EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Numb. 86 The curranto this weeke from HollandA08149EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes from Poland Wherein is truly inlarged the occasion, progression, and interception of the Turks formidable threatning of Europe. And particularly, the inuading of the kingdome of Poland. With many seuerall repulses he hath receiued from that braue and military nation: euen to this present moneth of October: as is truly collected out of the originall. Published by authority.A08150EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A continuation of all the principall occurrences which hath happened to the Leaguers lying before Breda shewing into what great extreamity and necessity the armie of the Marquesse Spinola is likely to fall into for want of prouision and pay: for which causes he hath already lost aboue 12000 men. With a relation of the forces that are now a leauying vnder, and for the command of Count Mansfield, and the Duke of Brunswicke, by Collonell Smith, and Captaine Daniel de la Riue, with expectation to receiue the forces now dismist by the Kings of Denmarke and Sweden, intending to aduenture their fortunes once more together. ...A08151EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes from the Palatinate A true and comfortable relation of the wonderfull proceedings of Count Mansfield, from his forst comming into the Palatinate, vntill this present moneth. Wherein to his eternall memory he hath set out Gods glory, and enlarged his owne renowne, by being honest to the King of Bohemia, and a constant maintainer of the Gospell of Christ. Likewise relating the true and admirable manner of raising of the siege of Franckendale by Sir Horatio Vere, with the rest of his proceedings, vntill this present. Faithfully translated and extracted out of a Dutch letter sent from Franckendale, by a great commander, who hath beene an eyewitnesse of the same.A08152EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The certaine and true newes, from all the parts of Germany and Poland to this present 29. of October, 1621. Published by authoritie.A08153EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Nevves from Turkie and Poland. Or A true and compendious declaration of the proceedings betweene the great Turke, and his Maiestie of Poland, from the beginning of the warres, vntill the latter end VVith a relation of their daily millitary actions; shewing plainly how the warre continued and ended, peace was concluded, the troubles appeased, the articles of agreement confirmed, and a full league of amity ratified. Translated out of a Latine copie, written by a gentleman of quality, who was an actor in all the businesse: and now with his consent published.A08154EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Three great overthrovves one in the Palatinate, against Monsieur Tilley, the Duke of Bauaria's generall: giuen by the king of Bohemia himselfe, being in person in the same battell, with Sir Horatio Vere, but not Count Mansfield, as is reported, hee being at the same time in Spiers. The other before Haggenaw, against Leopaldus forces, the emperours brother, by Count Mansfields garrisons, left in the same citie. The last in Languedock in France, against the Kings forces, since Soubrizes defeat by his brother the Duke of Rohan, who hath taken Memorancy the admirall prisoner. Collected out of two letters, the one sent from Heydelburgh, the other from Mainhime, by an expresse post, that arriued here on May day at night.A08156EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Good nevves from Alsasia and the Palatinate, the fift of Iune The abstract of three seuerall letters, the one sent from Elsas in Alsatia, where Leopold vsed to keepe his court, the other from Hagenaw which was besieged by him the last from Franke-fort, containing the King of Bohemia's pursute of his victory obtained against the Emperours forces vnder Leopoldus. Afterwards the marching of the Kings forces vnder Count Mansfield, towards the Landtgraue of Darmestats country, with the abstract of another letter sent from the land of Hessen, relating the aduentures which happened to the Duke Christian of Brunswicke in his iourney towards the Palatinate. The late proceedings in the Low-countries, France, and diuers other parts in Germanie.A08157EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
More nevves from the Palatinate the second time imprinted Iune the 5. Containing the true copies of certaine letters of great import written from Manheim, relating most fully the last pursuit of the emperours forces vnder Leopold: with their vtter defeat. As also what befell the duke of Brunswicke in his passage to ioyne with the king of Bohemia. Together with the true and present estate of count Mansfield, the marquis of Baden, the generall vere, Don Cordova, de Tilly, and their seuerall armies. With the preparations of Bethlem Gabor for the duke of Bavaria, and count Mansfields marching with his armie toward Dermstadt. And many other considerable things concerning the affaires of Germanie and the low countries.A08158EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Coppies of letters sent from personages of accompt vnto divers personages of worth in London truely relating all such remarkable occurrences as haue hapned in the Palatinate from the 30th of May to the 11 of Iune. Amongst which, the prise that Count Mansfield hath taken from the Bavarian. As also the mis-hap of the Duke of Brunswicke in his passage over the river of Mayne. Likewise a relation of divers strange and miraculous accidents, falling out thereabouts. By Doctor Welles and others. Printed this 22. of Iune 1622.A08159EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A letter sent from Maynhem concerning the late defeate giuen the Duke of Brunswicke by Monsieur Tilley Whereunto is added a couranto of other newes from Vienna, Prague, the Palatinate and other places this 20. of Iune. 1622.A08160EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true copies of tvvo especiall letters verbatim sent from the Palatinate by Sir, F.N. relating the dangerous incounter which hapened betwixt the Duke Christian of Brunswicke, and Monsieur Tillies passing ouer the bridge lying vpon the riuer Mayne about Ausbourge. VVith the vniting of his forces with the King of Bohemias, as also the fearefull expectation of the great Turkes comming downe into Germanie. With the late proceedings in the Low Countries, in their proclamations set forth by the States of Holland, the first shewing the last appointed time, as well for forrayners as inhabitants of this countrey to come into the West India Company of the Nether-lands: the second a letter of Marte, the last prohibiting the inhabitants not to assuer any goods of the Spaniards. Printed this 21. of Iune.Nethersole, Francis, Sir, 1587-1659.A08161EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The strangling and death of the Great Turke, and his two sonnes VVith the strange preservation and deliverance of his Vncle Mustapha from perishing in prison, with hunger and thirst, the young emperour now three dayes before having so commanded. A wonderfull story, and the like never heard of in our moderne times, and yet all to manifest the glory and providence of God, in the preservation of Christendome in these troublesome times. Printed this fifteenth of Iuly.A08162EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The relation of all the last passages of the warres in the Palatinate, and how both armies haue disposed themselues vnto further enterprises Wherein is set forth the vallourous repulse of Monsieur Tilley from Heidelberg; with his great losse of men before it. Together with his iourney into the Marquis of Tourlachs country; and his plot for the taking in of all the three townes, Heidelbergh, Manheim, and Frankendale; with Generall Veres provision, to hinder that designe. Moreover the exployts of Count Mansfeild, and of Brunswicke in Alsatia; and of their passage thence through Lorraine towards Luxumborgh, and Burgundy; with the King of Bohemia's arrivall at Sedan. And lastly, the siege of Bergen ap [sic] Zoon by Spinola. Written from Frankendale the 20. and out of Lorraine the 23. of Iuly 1622. Stilo novo. Printed this eighteenth of Iuly.A08163EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A tru[e] relati[on] of the pro[cee]dings of the Bauarian and Spa[nish] forces before the city Heydelburgh hauing very strongly besiedged it. As also, the marching of the King of Bohemia and Count Mansfield, with their forces into Alsatia, belonging to Leopoldus the emperours brother, and the Duke of Brunsvvicke into Bauaria. Likewise, the newes from most of the prouinces of Europe, that therein you may behold, the afflicted estate of Christendome, with the various changes whereunto man is subiected.A08164EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The 14. of September. A relation of many memorable passages from Rome, Italy, Spaine, France, Germany, the Lovv-Countries, the Palatinate, and other places with some famous exploits performed at Bergen-Vpzom since the 4. of this moneth, stilo nouo.A08165EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fourth of September. Newes from sundry places, both forraine and domestique From Venice, Rome, Spaine, France, Naples, the Palatinate, and the Low-Countries. A relation of Count Mansfeilds progresse, (his battaile with Gonsalo in his passage) till his arriuall at Breda, with the Duke of Brunswicke his valiant pursuit of Gonsalo, (being wounded) and the slaughter of 500. of his men, and the taking of certaine waggons, and Gonsales owne coath. Whereunto is added, a true and certaine report, of the lamentable shipwracke which happened at Plimoth in Deuonshire, on Munday the 19th. of August last past, with other great harme done elsewhere, by lightning and thunder on the same day.A08167EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Nouemb. 28. Numb. 9. Briefe abstracts out of diuerse letters of trust Relating the newes of this present weeke, out of Persia, Egypt, Babylon, Barbary, Turkey, Italy, Spaine, Germanie, Silesia, France, and the Low Countries, with diuers passages from the sea. Wherein are remembered the troubles in the Turkish Empire, the strength of the pyrates of Argier, with a touch of the giuing vp of the towne of Glatz, and the holding out of Frankendale. With the victories of Count Mansfield in the land of Embden, and the flight of the Count of that countrey; and the going on of the Prince of Orange towards Lingen. Together with the sea businesses of the Spanish and Hollandish fleetes. In the end is added something of the French affaires, with some other occurrences.A08169EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A new suruey of the affaires of Europe With other remarkable accidents, not yet published by the ordinary posts, but faithfully collected out of letters of credit and good relations.A08170EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An apology for vvomen: or, Womens defence. Pend by C.N. late of Albane Hall in OxonC. N. (Christopher Newstead)A08172EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The countesse of Mountgomeries Eusebeia expressing briefly, the soules praying robes. By Ro: Nevvton.Newton, Robert, b. 1576.A08173EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse, of marriage and vviuing and of the greatest mystery therein contained: how to choose a good wife from a bad. An argument of the dearest vse, but the deepest cunning that man may erre in: which is, to cut by a thrid betweene the greatest good or euill in the world. Pertinent to both sexes, and conditions, as well those already gone before, as shortly to enter this honest society. By Alex. Niccholes, Batchelour in the art he neuer yet put in practise.Niccholes, Alexander.A08179EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Saynt Nycholas of tolle[n]tyneA08190EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Iohn Niccols pilgrimage whrein [sic] is displaied the liues of the proude popes, ambitious cardinals, lecherous bishops, fat bellied monkes, and hypocriticall Iesuites.Nicholls, John, 1555-1584?A08196EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The oration and sermon made at Rome by commaundement of the foure cardinalles, and the Dominican inquisitour, vpon paine of death. By Iohn Nichols, latelie the Popes scholler. Which sermon and oration was presented before the Pope and his cardinalles in his Consistorie, the xxvij. day of Maie. 1578. and remaineth there registred. Now by him brought into the English tongue, for the great comfort and commoditie of all faithfull Christians. Heerin also is aunswered an infamous libell, maliciouslie written and cast abroad, against the saide Iohn Nichols, with a sufficient discharge of himselfe from all the Papists lying reports, and his owne life both largelie and amplie discouered.Nicholls, John, 1555-1584?A08197EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true report of the late apprehension and imprisonnement of Iohn Nichols minister at Roan and his confession and ansvvers made in the time of his durance there. VVherevnto is added the satisfaction of certaine, that of feare or frailtie haue latly fallen in England.Allen, William, 1532-1594.A08200EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Abrahams faith: that is, The olde religion VVherein is taught, that the religion now publikely taught and defended by order in the Church of England, is the onely true Catholicke, auncient, and vnchangeable faith of Gods elect. And the pretensed religion of the Sea of Rome is a false, bastard, new, vpstart, hereticall and variable superstitious deuise of man. Published by Iosias Nicholls, an humble seruant and minister of the gospell in the Church.Nichols, Josias, 1555?-1639.A08201EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An order of houshold instruction by which euery master of a familie, may easily and in short space, make his whole houshold to vnderstand the principall and chiefe points of Christian religion, without the knowledge whereof, no man can be saued.Nichols, Josias, 1555?-1639.A08202EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The plea of the innocent wherein is auerred; that the ministers & people falslie termed puritanes, are iniuriouslie slaundered for enemies or troublers of the state. Published for the common good of the Church and common wealth of this realme of England as a countermure against all sycophantising papsts, statising priestes, neutralising atheistes, and satanising scorners of all godlinesse, trueth and honestie. Written: by Iosias Nichols, a faithfull minister of the Ghospell of Christ: and an humble seruant, of the English Church.Nichols, Josias, 1555?-1639.A08206EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Gods new-yeeres gift sent vnto England, or, The summe of the Gospell. The first part contayned in these wordes, God so loued the world ... Iohn 3.16 / written by Samuel Nicholson ...Nicholson, Samuel, fl. 1600-1602.A08213EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Cantica Certen of the songes of HN. To a good instruction and edifyinge of the Famelie of Loue, and of all those that turne them ther-vnto. Translated out of Base-almayne.Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580?A08214EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth the treatys of Nycodemus gospellA08229EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Cayphas and asked them what was prosylyte. AndA08234EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Chronologia sacra By the high ... Doctor Phil. Nicolai. lib. 2. de regno Christi. Shortly collected and augmented by Neils Michelsone. Cum priuilegio S. R. Maj. Newly translated out of the Germans and Dence tongue into English, by David Forbes. Pervsed, and accompanied with a short treatise and exhortation tending to repentanceNicolai, Philipp, 1556-1608.A08238EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth a godly new story of .xii. men that moyses (by the co[m]maundement of god) sent to spye owt the land of canaan of whiche .xii. onely Iosua and Caleb, wer found faythful messengers.Nicolls, Philip.A08241EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine sermons vpon diuers texts of Scripture. Preached by Gervase Nid Doctor of DiuinitieNid, Gervase, d. 1629.A08242EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A straunge foot-post vvith a packet full of strange petitions. After a long vacation for a good terme.Nixon, Anthony.A08256EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A commentarie or exposition vpon the first chapter of the prophecy of Amos delivered in xxi. sermons in the parish church of Meisey Hampton in the diocesse of Gloucester, by Sebastian Benefield ... Hereunto is added a sermon vpon 1. Cor. 9.19. wherein is touched the lawfull vse of things indifferent.Benefield, Sebastian, 1559-1630.A08276EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Speculum Britanniae. The first parte an historicall, & chorographicall discription of Middlesex. Wherin are also alphabeticallie sett downe, the names of the cyties, townes, parishes hamletes, howses of name &c. W.th direction spedelie to finde anie place desired in the mappe & the distance betwene place and place without compasses. Cum priuilegio. By the trauaile and vew of Iohn Norden. Anno 1593Norden, John, 1548-1625?A08306EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A commentary or exposition vpon the third chapter of the prophecie of Amos Deliuered in vxii. [sic] sermons in the parish church of Meysey-Hampton in the diocesse of Glocester. By Sebastian Benefield Doctor of Diuinitie.Benefield, Sebastian, 1559-1630.A08311EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A table shewing the distances betweene all the cities and shire townes of England, that are comprehended in the same inuented and performed by Iohn Norden.Norden, John, 1548-1625?A08314EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The nevv Gospel, not the true Gospel. Or, A discovery of the life and death, doctrin, and doings of Mr. Iohn Traske, and the effects of all, in his followers Wherein a mysterie of iniquity is briefly disclosed, a seducer unmasked, and all warned to beware of imposters. As also a confutation of the uncomfortable error, of Mr. Boye, concerning the plague, out of Psal. 91. By Edvv. Norice.Norris, Edward, 1584-1659.A08318EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise, maintaining that temporall blessings are to bee sought and asked with submission to the will of God Wherein is confuted the presumptious way of absolute praying for temporals, in the particulars, broached, and defended by Mr. Rice Boye, in a late pamphlet, intituled The importunate beggar. As also a discovery of the late dangerous errours of Mr. Iohn Traske, and most of his strange assertions. Both necessary to be knowne of all for the avoiding of the like errours, and continuing in the truth. By Edw: Norice.Norris, Edward, 1584-1659.A08319EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true reporte of the seruice in Britanie. Performed lately by the honorable knight Sir Iohn Norreys and other captaines and gentlemen souldiers before Guingand Together with the articles which the Prince D'ombes accorded to the defendants of the towne.A08323EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An appendix to the antidote conteyning a catalogue of the visible and perpetuall succession of the Catholique professours of the Roman Church, by whom the doctrine now taught vnder Pope Gregory the XV hath beene in all ages, and countreyes, since Christ, constantly & vniformely maintayned : togeather with a counter-catalogue discouering the interruption of hereticall sectes, amongst whome the chiefe Protestant articles, and their authours, haue beene in diuers ages, vpon sundry occasions, contradicted, and condemned, by the watchmen of the true church / by S.N. Doctour of Diuinity.S. N. (Sylvester Norris), 1572-1630.A08325EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An antidote or treatise of thirty controuersies vvith a large discourse of the Church. In which the soueraigne truth of Catholike doctrine, is faythfully deliuered: against the pestiferous writinges of all English sectaryes. And in particuler, against D. Whitaker, D. Fulke, D. Reynolds, D. Bilson, D. Robert Abbot, D. Sparkes, and D. Field, the chiefe vpholders, some of Protestancy, some of puritanisme, some of both. Deuided into three partes. By S.N. Doctour of Diuinity. The first part.S. N. (Sylvester Norris), 1572-1630.A08326EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The guide of faith, or, A third part of the antidote against the pestiferous writings of all English sectaries and in particuler, agaynst D. Bilson, D. Fulke, D. Reynoldes, D. Whitaker, D. Field, D. Sparkes, D. White, and M. Mason, the chiefe vpholders, some of Protestancy, and some of Puritanisme : wherein the truth, and perpetuall visible succession of the Catholique Roman Church, is cleerly demonstrated / by S.N. ...S. N. (Sylvester Norris), 1572-1630.A08327EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pseudo-scripturist. Or A treatise wherein is proued, that the wrytten Word of God (though most sacred, reuerend, and diuine) is not the sole iudge of controuersies, in fayth and religion Agaynst the prime sectaries of these tymes, who contend to maintayne the contrary. Written by N.S. Priest, and Doctour of Diuinity. Deuided into two parts. And dedicated to the right honorable, and reuerned iudges of England, and the other graue sages of the law.S. N. (Sylvester Norris), 1572-1630.A08329EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The description of Swedland, Gotland, and Finland the auncient estate of theyr kynges, the moste horrible and incredible tiranny of the second Christiern, kyng of Denmarke, agaynst the Swecians, the poleticke attaynyng to the crowne of Gostaue, wyth hys prudent prouidyng for the same. Collected and gathered out of sundry laten aucthors, but chieflye out of Sebastian Mounster. By George North. Set forth accordyng to the order in the Quenes Maiesties iniunction.Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552.A08332EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The gunner shevving the vvhole practise of artillerie: vvith all the appurtenances therevnto belonging. Together with the making of extra-ordinary artificiall fireworkes, as well for pleasure and triumphes, as for warre and seruice. VVritten by Robert Norton, one of his Maiesties gunners and enginiers.Norton, Robert, d. 1635.A08347EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The gunners dialogue VVith the Art of great artillery. By Robert Norton, enginier. and gunner.Norton, Robert, d. 1635.A08348EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A mathematicall apendix,[sic] containing many propositions and conclusions mathematicall: with necessary obseruations both for mariners at sea, and for cherographers and surueyors of land; together with an easie perspectiue mechanicall way, to deline at sunne dyalls vpon any wall or plane giuen, be it direct, inclyning, declyning, or reclyning, for the horizon, or meridian, in any region or place of knovvne latitude. With other things pleasant and profitable for the weale publick, not heretofore extant in our vulgar: partly collected out of foreigne moderne writers, and partlie inuented and practised by the author. Written by R.N. Gent.Norton, Robert, d. 1635.A08349EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A table of boorde and timber measure, more perfect then euer hath beene made shewing also the roote betweene 4 and 31 from quarter to quarter / calculated by R.N.Norton, Robert, d. 1635.A08350EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of the art of great artillery, viz. The explanation of the most excellent and necessary definitions, and questions, pronounced and propounded, by that rare souldier and mathematician, Thomas Digges Esquire and by him published, in his Stratiaticos, and Pantometria, concerning great ordinance, and his theorems thereupon. Together, vvith certaine expositions, and answers thereunto adioyned: written by Robert Norton gunner. And by him dedicated, to the worshipfull Iohn Reinolds Esquire, master gunner of England.Norton, Robert, d. 1635.A08351EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Eight sermons publikely preached in the Vniversity of Oxford the second at St Peters in the East, the rest at St. Maries Church. Begunne in the yeare 1595. Decemb. XIIII. Now first published by Sebastian Benefield ...Benefield, Sebastian, 1559-1630.A08356EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The meroure of an Chrstiane [sic], composed ... by Robert Norvell ...Norvell, Robert.A08362EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The haven of the afflicted A sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of Gloucester Aug. 10. 1613. By Sebastian Benefield Doctor of Divinity and fellow of C.C.C. in Oxford.Benefield, Sebastian, 1559-1630.A08364EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An excellent tretise, shevving suche perillous, and contagious infirmities, as shall insue. 1559. and .1566 vvith the signes, causes, accidentes, and curatio, for the health of such as inhabit the. 7.8. and. 9. climat. compiled by Maister Michael Nostrodamus, Doctor in Phisicke, and translated into Englysh at the desire of Laurentius Philotus, Tyl.Nostradamus, 1503-1566.A08369EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached in St. Maries Church in Oxford, March xxiv. MDCX. at the solemnizing of the happy inauguration of our gracious soveraigne King Iames Wherein is proved that kings doe hold their kingdomes immediately from God. By Sebastian Benefield D. of Divinitie, Fellow of Corpus Christi College.Benefield, Sebastian, 1559-1630.A08377EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sinne against the Holy Ghost discouered and other Christian doctrines deliuered: in twelue sermons vpon part of the tenth chapter of the epistle to the Hebrewes. By Sebastian Benefield ...Benefield, Sebastian, 1559-1630.A08402EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Rich: Nugents Cynthia Containing direfull sonnets, madrigalls, and passionate intercourses, describing his repudiate affections expressed in loues owne language.Nugent, Richard, fl. 1604.A08427EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A comfort against the SpaniardNun, Thomas, 1556 or 7-1599.A08430EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation of sundry particular wicked plots and cruel, inhumaine, perfidious; yea, vnnaturall practises of the Spaniards Chiefly against the seuenteen prouinces of the Netherlands: yea, before they tooke vp armes. Gathered and translated out of seuerall Dutch writers, as that reuerend diuine Gulielmus Baudaitius, in his Morghen Wecker, and Emanuel de Miter, by S.O. a louer of truth and equity, and an vnfeigned hater of oppression and tyrannie, the bane of common-wealths.Ofwod, Stephen.A08435EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A quest of enquirie, by women to know, whether the tripe-wife were trimmed by Doll yea or no Gathered by Oliuer Oat-meale.Oat-meale, Oliver.A08436EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The anatomyes of the true physition, and counterfeit mounte-banke wherein both of them, are graphically described, and set out in their right, and orient colours. Published in Latin by Iohn Oberndorff, a learned German: and translated into English by F.H. fellow of the Coll. of Physitions in London. Hereunto is annexed: A short discourse, or, Discouery of certaine stratagems, whereby our London-empericks, haue bene obserued strongly to oppugne, and oft times to expugne their poore patients purses.Oberndorf, Johann.A08437EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Especiall obseruations, and approued physicall rules; which haue (heretofore) beene well tryed and experienced, in the last heauy and grieuous time of the pestilence And, vpon the good and benefit then ensuing by it: thought meete to bee now published, in this dangerous contagion of the plague. Seruing as soueraigne antidotes, for preseruation of all such as are not infected; as also for them that bee already visited.A08439EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The heroicall aduentures of the knight of the sea comprised in the most famous and renowned historie of the illustrious & excellently accomplished Prince Oceander, grand-sonne to the mightie and magnanimous Claranax, Emperour of Constantinople, and the Empresse Basilia; and sonne vnto the incomparable Olbiocles Prince of Grecia, by the beautious Princesse Almidiana, daughter vnto the puissant King Rubaldo of Hungaria. Wherin is described ... his owne losse, strange preseruing, education, and fostering (by Kanyra Q. of Carthage) his knighthood, admirable exploytes, and vnmatchable atchieuementes, graced with the most glorious conquestes ouer knights, gyants, monsters, enchauntments, realmes, and dominions; with his ... combating, affecting, and pursuites in his loue towardes the rarely embellished princesse and lady-knight Phianora, daughter vnto the inuinicible Argamont King of England, by the gracious Princesse Clarecinda.A08441EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sermons of Barnardine Ochine of Sena godlie, frutefull, and uery necessarye for all true Christians translated out of Italien into EnglisheOchino, Bernardino, 1487-1564.A08442EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sermons of the ryght famous a[n]d excellent clerke Master Bernardine Ochine, borne within the famous vniversyte of Siena in Italy, nowe also an exyle in this life, for the faythfull testimony of Jesus ChristOchino, Bernardino, 1487-1564.A08443EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Fouretene sermons of Barnardine Ochyne, concernyng the predestinacion and eleccion of god: very expediente to the settynge forth of hys glorye among hys creatures. Translated out of Italian in to oure natyve younge by A.C.Ochino, Bernardino, 1487-1564.A08445EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine godly and very profitable sermons of faith, hope and charitie. First set foorth by Master Barnardine Occhine, of Siena in Italy, and now lately collected, and translated out of the Italian tongue, into the English by William Phiston of London student. Published for the profit of such as desire to vnderstand the truth of the gospell.Ochino, Bernardino, 1487-1564.A08447EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth Octauyan the Emperoure of RomeA08454EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pearle of perfection sought after by Charles Odingsells, Doctour of DivinitieOdingsells, Charles, d. 1637.A08457EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ouer-throvv of an Irish rebell, in a late battaile: or The death of Sir Carey Adoughertie who murdred Sir George Paulet in Ireland; and for his rebellion hath his head now standing ouer Newgate in Dublin.A08461EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sarmon, of Ihon Oecolampadius, to yong men, and maydensOecolampadius, Johann, 1482-1531.A08463EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The acquital or purgation of the moost catholyke Christen Prince, Edwarde the .VI. Kyng of Englande, Fraunce, and Irelande &c. and of the Churche of Englande refourmed and gouerned under hym, agaynst al suche as blasphemously and traitorously infame hym or the sayd Church, of heresie or sedicion.Old, John, fl. 1545-1555.A08471EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A confession of the most auncient and true christe[n] catholike olde belefe accordyng to the ordre of the .xij. articles of our co[m]mon crede, set furthe in Englishe to the glory of almightye God, and to the confirmacion of Christes people in Christes catholike olde faith. By I.O.Old, John, fl. 1545-1555.A08472EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The arraignment of Iohn van Olden Barneuelt late Aduocate of Holland and West-Freisland Containing the articles alleadged against him, and the reasons of his execution, being performed vpon the 13. of May anno 1619. stilo nouo, in the inner court of the Grauen Hage in Holland. Together with a letter written by the Generall States, vnto the particular Vnited Prouinces, concerning the foresaid action. Published by authoritie, and with priuiledge of the States Generall.Oldenbarnevelt, Johan van, 1547-1619.A08473EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fabulist metamorphosed and mytholigized, or, The fables of Esop translated out of Latine into English verse, and moralized, by R.A. ...R. A.A08474EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Barneuels apology: or Holland mysterie· With marginall castigations.Oldenbarnevelt, Johan van, 1547-1619.A08477EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes out of Holland: concerning Barnevelt and his fellow-prisoners their conspiracy against their natiue country, with the enemies thereof the oration and propositions made in their behalfe vnto the Generall States of the vnited Prouinces at the Hague, by the ambassadors of the French king. With their answere therevnto, largely and truely set downe: and certaine execrable articles and opinions, propounded by Adrian du Bourg, at the end. VVherevnto is adioyned a discourse, wherein the Duke D'Espernons revolt and pernicious deseignes are truely displayed, and reprehended, by one of his friends.A08479EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Gods rebuke in taking from vs that worthy and honourable gentleman Sir Edward Lewkenor Knight, the first day of May this present yeere 1618, he being at that time high Sheriffe of Suffolke whose Christian life and comfortable end are here faithfully recorded. Together with diuers profitable and necessarie instructions; deliuered first in a discourse at his funerall, and now inlarged, and published, for the benefit of others not then present. By T.O. aliàs P. minister of the word of God at Denham in Suffolke.Oldmayne, Timothy.A08481EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lifes brevitie and deaths debility Evidently declared in a sermon preached at the funerall of that hopeful and uertuous yong gentleman Edvvard Levvkenor esquire, &c. In whose death is ended the name of that renowned family of the Lewkenors in Suffolke. By Tymothy Oldmayne minister of the Word of God at Denham in Suffolke. Our dayes on earth are as a shaddow, and there is none abiding. Also an elegy and an epitaph on the death of that worthy gentleman, by I.G. Dr. of D.Oldmayne, Timothy.A08482EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposition of the Symbole of the Apostles, or rather of the articles of faith In which the chiefe points of the euerlasting and free couenant betweene God and the faithfull is briefly and plainly handled. Gathered out of the catechising sermons of Gasper Oleuvian Treuir, and now translated out of the Latine tongue into the English for the benefite of Christ his Church. By Iohn Fielde.Olevian, Caspar, 1536-1587.A08483EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A new handling of the planisphere diuided into three sections. In the first is a plaine and sensible explication of the circles of the sphere, and such termes as appertaine vnto the doctrine de primo mobili ... The second sheweth how vpon any plaine ... hauing one circle diuided into degrees, and crossed vvith tvvo diameters at right angles, most conclusions of the astrolabe may for all latitudes or countries be readily and exactly performed onely vvith ruler and compasses. In the third, being a supplement organicall, is contained the making of certaine easie instruments for the perfecter working the former conclusions, as to know what degrees and minutes be in any circumference giuen ... Pleasant and profitable generally for all men, but especially such as vvould get handines in vsing the ruler and compasse ... vvithout being at the charge of costly instruments. Inuented for the most part, and first published in English by Thomas Olyuer.Oliver, Thomas, d. 1624.A08487EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sions teares leading to ioy: or The vvaters of Marah sweetned First preached at Clonenagh in the Queenes County in seuerall sermons, and now published for the benefite of the Church. By Ri: Olmstead, minister of Gods word, and Master of Arts.Olmstead, Richard.A08488EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Onosandro Platonico, of the generall captaine, and of his office, translated out of Greeke into Italyan, by Fabio Cotta, a Romayne: and out of Italian into Englysh, by Peter WhytehorneOnasander.A08491EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Short questions and answeares, contayning the summe of Christian religionOpenshaw, Robert, b. 1554 or 5.A08504EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An oration to the most illustrious and mightie prince Frederick King of Bohemia. Made by Martin Opitius of Silesia. Translated out of LatinOpitz, Martin, 1597-1639.A08514EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The hope of peace By laying open such doubts and manifest vntruthes as are divulged by the Arch-priest in his letter or answere to the bookes which were published by the priestes.Bennett, John, fl. 1588-1623.A08522EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An homilie of Marye Magdalene declaring her ferue[n]t loue and zele towards Christ / written by that famous clerke Origene ; newly translated ...Origen.A08528EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The picture of a papist: or, A relation of the damnable heresies, detestable qualities, and diabolicall practises of sundry hereticks in former ages, and of the papists in this age Where in is plainly shewed, that there is scarse any heresie which the auncient Church knew, and withal condemned to the pit of hell, which the Romish Church hath not raked vp againe, and propounded to the world with new varnish and fresh colours. Together with a discourse of the late treason, and of the late execution of some of the traitors ... Written to stop the mouthes of those, that complaine of rigour, and scandalize the state of cruelty, in their iust seueritie. Whereunto is annexed a certain treatise, intituled Pagano-pagismus: wherein is prooued by irrefragable demonstrations, that papisme is flat paganisme: and that the papists doe resemble the very pagans, in aboue seuenscore seuerall things.Ormerod, Oliver, 1580?-1626.A08531EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The picture of a Puritane: or, A relation of the opinions, qualities, and practises of the Anabaptists in Germanie, and of the Puritanes in England VVherein is firmely prooued, that the Puritanes doe resemble the Anabaptists, in aboue fourescore seuerall thinges. By Oliuer Ormerod, of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge. Wherunto is annexed a short treatise, entituled, Puritano-papismus: or a discouerie of Puritan-papisme.Ormerod, Oliver, 1580?-1626.A08533EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The blessed publicane Briefly shewing foorth the happy estate of humble repentant sinners. Written by John Orphinstraunge.Orphinstraunge, John.A08535EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Theatrum orbis terrarum Abrahami OrtelI Antuerp. geographi regii. = The theatre of the vvhole world: set forth by that excellent geographer Abraham OrteliusOrtelius, Abraham, 1527-1598.A08536EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An epitome of Ortelius his Theater of the vvorld, vvherein the principal regions of the earth are descrived in smalle mappes. VVith a brief declaration annexed to ech mappe. And donne in more exact manner, then lyke declarations in Latin, French, or other languages. It is also amplyfied with new mappes wanting in the Latin editionsOrtelius, Abraham, 1527-1598.A08538EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation of the solemnetie wherewith the Catholike princes K. Phillip the III. and Quene Margaret were receyued in the Inglish Colledge of Valladolid the 22. of August. 1600. VVritten in Spanish by Don Ant. Ortiz and translated by Frauncis Riuers and dedicated to the right honorable the Lord Chamberlayne.Ortiz, Antonio, fl. 1600.A08539EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The first part of the Mirrour of princely deedes and knighthood vvherin is shevved the worthinesse of the Knight of the Sunne, and his brother Rosicleer, sonnes to the great Emperour Trebatio, with the straunge loue of the beautifull Princesse Briana, [and] the valiant actes of other noble princes and knights. Now newly translated out of Spanish into our vulgar English tongue, by M.T.A08542EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The seuenth booke of the Myrrour of knighthood Being the second of the third part. Englished out of the Spanish language.A08551EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christian conflict a treatise, shewing the difficulties and duties of this conflict, with the armour, and speciall graces to be exercised by Christian souldiers. Particularly applied to magistrates, ministers, husbands, wives, parents, children, masters, servants. The case of vsury and depopulation, and the errours of antinomists occasionally also discussed. Preached in the lecture of Kettering in the county of Northampton, and with some enlargement published by Ioseph Bentham, rector of the Church of Broughton in the same county.Bentham, Joseph, 1594?-1671.A08552EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The eighth booke of the Myrror of knighthood Being the third of the third part. Englished out of the Spanish tongue.A08553EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A manuell or briefe volume of controuersies of religion betweene the Protestants and the Papists wherein the arguments of both sides are briefely set downe, and the aduersaries sophismes are plainely refuted. Written in Latine in a briefe and perspicuous method by Lucas Osiander, and now Englished with some additions and corrections.Osiander, Lucas, 1571-1638.A08562EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fiue bookes of the famous, learned, and eloquent man, Hieronimus Osorius, contayninge a discourse of ciuill, and Christian nobilitie A worke no lesse pleasaunt then profitable for all, but especiallye the noble gentlemen of England, to vievv their liues, their estates, and conditions in. Translated out of Latine into Englishe by VVilliam Blandie late of the Vniuersitie of Oxeford, and novv fellovv of the middle Temple in London.Osório, Jerónimo, 1506-1580.A08566EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true copy of the Latine oration of the excellent Lord George Ossolinski, Count Palatine of Tenizyn, and Sendomyria, Chamberlain to the Kings Maiestie of Poland, and Suethland, and embassadour to the Kings most excellent Maiesty As it was pronounced to his Maiestie at White-Hall by the said embassadour, on Sunday the 11. of March. 1620. With the translation of the same into English. Commanded by his Maiestie to be published in print.Ossoliński, Jerzy, 1595-1650.A08570EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A breefe declaration of that which is happened aswell within as without Oastend sithence the vij. of Ianuarie 1602 As also when the enemy did giue foure, fiue, or more assaults vpon the same towne. Also the names of the commaunders of those which haue made these assaults vpon the towne of Oastend, and the names of the said conductors which haue been slaine.A08571EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A dialogue and complaint made vpon the siedge of Oastend, made by the King of Spaine, the Archduke, the Infanta, the Pope, the Prince Morrice, and the eldest sonne of Sauoye. Translated out of French. Also a true discourse of that which is hapned in the same towne of Oastend, from the fourth day of the moneth of February 1602. VVith certaine newes written towards London, from Italy, Fraunce, Hungary, and other placesA08574EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes from Ostend of, the oppugnation, and fierce siege made, by the Archeduke Albertus his forces, commanded by the Duke of Ossuna who came before the saide towne, the fift day of Iulie last past (after their writing) 1601. Shewing what hath hapned since the time of the saide siege. Now newly imprinted; whereunto are aded such other newes and accidents as haue lately hapned at Ostend, as we haue bin certainely informed. Diligently translated out of Dutch into English, according to the Dutch copie, printed at Amsterdam.A08575EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Further newes from Ostend Wherein is declared such accidnets as haue happened since the former edition, dilligently collected out of sundry letters and aduertisments, as haue beene from Zeland, Callice, and other places latley receiued. 1601.A08576EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An explanation of the generall Epistle of Saint Iude. Delivered in one and forty sermons, by that learned, reverend, and faithfull servant of Christ, Master Samuel Otes, parson of Sowthreps in Norfolke. Preached in the parish church of Northwalsham, in the same county, in a publike lecture. And now published for the benefit of Gods church, by Samuel Otes, his sonne, minister of the Word of God at MarshamOtes, Samuel, 1578 or 9-1658.A08578EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The circles of proportion and the horizontal instrument The former shewing the maner how to work proportions both simple and compound: and the ready and easy resolving of quæstions both in arithmetic, geometrie, & astronomie: and is newly increased with an additament for navigation. All which rules may also be wrought with the penne by arithmetic, and the canon of triangles. The later teaching how to work most quæstions, which may be performed by the globe: and to delineat dialls upon any kind of plaine. Invented, and written in latine by W.O. Translated into English, and set out for the public benefit, by William Forster.Oughtred, William, 1575-1660.A08582EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The description and use of the double horizontall dyallOughtred, William, 1575-1660.A08583EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An addition vnto the vse of the instrument called the circles of proportion, for the working of nauticall questions Together with certaine necessary considerations and advertisements touching navigation. All which, as also the former rules concerning this instrument are to bee wrought not onely instrumentally, but with the penne, by arithmeticke, and the canon of triangles. Hereunto is also annexed the excellent vse of two rulers for calculation. And is to follow after the 111 page of the first part.Oughtred, William, 1575-1660.A08584EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The saints societie Delivered in XIV. sermons, by I.B. Master in arts, and preacher of Gods word at Broughton in Northampton Shire.Bentham, Joseph, 1594?-1671.A08586EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The nevv artificial gauging line or rod together with rules concerning the use thereof: invented and written by William Oughtred. who in all due and respective observance præsenteth the same to the Right Honourable LL. Sir Nicolas Rainton Lord Major of London for this præsent yeare, and Ralfe Freeman Alderman Lord Major elect for the yeare now ensuing. and to the Worshipfull George Ethrege the late Master, and Captaine Iohn Miller the præsent Master of the Company of Vinteners. And to the whole body of that right worshipfull societie.Oughtred, William, 1575-1660.A08588EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
To the English gentrie, and all others studious of the mathematicks which shall bee readers hereof. The just apologie of Wil: Oughtred, against the slaunderous insimulations of Richard Delamain, in a pamphlet called Grammelogia, or the mathematicall ring, or mirisica logarithmorum projectio circularis.Oughtred, William, 1575-1660.A08589EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true Christian catholique or The maner how to liue Christianly Gathered forth of the holie Scriptures, and ancient fathers, confirmed and explained by sundrie reasons, apte similitudes, and examples. By the Reuerend Father F. Phillip Doultreman, of the Societie of Iesus. And turnd out of Frenche into Englishe by Iohn Heigham.Outreman, Philippe d', 1585-1652.A08590EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A wife novv the widdow of Sir Thomas Overburye Being a most exquisite and singular poem of the choice of a wife. Whereunto are added many witty characters, and conceited newes, written by himselfe and other learned gentlemen his friends.Overbury, Thomas, Sir, 1581-1613.A08592EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The harmonie of Holie Scriptures vvith the seuerall sentences of sundry learned and vvorthy vvriters : collected for the comfort of all such as are desirous to seeke after theyr soules health / by I.B.Bentley, James.A08598EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A notable and comfortable exposition, vpon the fourth of Mathevv; concerning the tentations of Christ preached in S.Peters Church, in Oxenford; By Thomas Bentham, fellovv ov Magdalin Colledge and afterwards Vyshop of Liechfeeld and Coventrie.Bentham, Thomas, 1513-1579.A08599EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The bloody dovvnfall of adultery. murder, ambition at the end of which are added Westons, and Mistris Turners last teares, shed for the murder of Sir Thomas Ouerbury poysoned in the Tower; who for the fact, suffered deserued execution at Tiburne the 14. of Nouember last. 1615.A08608EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Iacobs troublesome iourney to Bethel conteining a briefe exposition, or excellent treatise of the four first verses of the 33. chapter of Genesis: Set foorth by Iohn Overton, Maister of Arts.Overton, John, Master of Arts.A08614EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The heroycall epistles of the learned poet Publius Ouidius Naso, in English verse set out and translated by George Turberuile ... ; with Aulus Sabinus aunsweres to certaine of the same.Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D.A08630EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ovids heroical epistles, Englished by Iohn Sherburne. GentOvid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D.A08636EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ouid his inuectiue against Ibis. Translated into English méeter, whereunto is added by the translator, a short draught of all the stories and tales contayned therein, very pleasant to be readOvid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D.A08639EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ovids remedy of love directing lovers how they may by reason suppresse the passion of love.Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D.A08668EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Publ [sic] Ovid. De tristibus: or Mour nefull [sic] elegies in five bookes: composed in his banishment, part at sea, and part at Tomos, a city of Pontus. Translated into English verse by Zachary Catlin, Mr. of Arts. Suffolke.Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D.A08677EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Antidote against purgatory. Or discourse, wherein is shewed that good-workes, and almes-deeds, performed in the name of Christ, are a chiefe meanes for the preuenting, or migatating the torments of purgatory. Written by that vertuous, and rightworthy gentle-woman (the honour of her sexe for learning in England) Ms. Iane Owen, late of God-stow, in Oxfordshire, deceased, and now published after her deathOwen, Jane, of God-stow.A08680EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vnmasking of all popish monks, friers, and Iesuits. Or, A treatise of their genealogie, beginnings, proceedings, and present state Together with some briefe obseruations of their treasons, murders, fornications, impostures, blasphemies, and sundry other abominable impieties. Written as a caueat or forewarning for Great Britaine to take heed in time of these romish locusts. By Lewis Owen.Owen, Lewis, 1572-1633.A08690EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The copie of a letter sent from Paris to the reverend fathers of the Society of Iesus, who liue in England Containing an answere to the calumniations of the Anti-Coton against the same Society in generall, and Fa. Coton in particular.Owen, Thomas, 1557-1618.A08691EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The abc with the Pater noster Aue, Credo, and .x. co[m]maundementes in Englysshe newly translated and set forth, at the kyngs most gracyouse commaundementA08693EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The B A C bothe in latyn and in EnglyssheA08694EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true reporte of the great ouerthrowe lately giuen vnto the Spaniards, in their resolute assault of Bergen op Zoam, in the lowe countriesA08696EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The varietie of memorable and worthy matters. By Walter OwsoldeOwsolde, Walter.A08698EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ansvvere of the vicechancelour, the doctors, both the proctors, and other the heads of houses in the Vniversitie of Oxford (agreeable, vndoubtedly, to the ioint and vniforme opinion, of all the deanes and chapters, and all other the learned and obedient cleargy, in the Church of England.) To the humble petition of the ministers of the Church of England, desiring reformation of certaine ceremonies and abuses of the Church.University of Oxford.A08707EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Quæstiones in sacra theologia discutiendæ Oxonii in vesperiis, decimo die Iulii, ann. D. 1619University of Oxford.A08723EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Eidyllia in obitum fulgentissimi Henrici Walliæ Principis duodecimi, Romæq[ue] ruentis terroris maximi quo nihil maius meliúsve terris fata donavere, boniq́[ue] divi nec dabunt, quamvis redeant in aurum tempora priscum.University of Oxford.A08732EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Luctus posthumus siue Erga defunctum illustrissimum Henricum Walliæ Principem, Collegij Beatæ Mariæ Magdalenæ apud Oxonienses Mecænatem longè indulgentissimum, Magdalenensium officiosa pietasMagdalen College (University of Oxford)A08761EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Gouldsbrough in Yorke-shire, before the right worshipfull Sir Richard Hutton knight, one of His Maiesties iustices of the Court of Common PleasOxley, Robert.A08768EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The shepheard, or A sermon, preached at a synode in Durisme Minster, vpon Tuesday, being the fifth of April. 1608. By Thomas Oxley, Master of Artes, and preacher of Gods wordOxley, Thomas.A08769EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The compasse of a Christian directing them that be tossed in the vvaues of this vvorlde vnto Christ Iesus.A. P., fl. 1582.A08770EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A reply to a notorious libell intituled A briefe apologie or defence of the ecclesiasticall hierarchie, &c. Wherein sufficient matter is discouered to giue all men satisfaction, who lend both their eares to the question in controuersie betweene the Iesuits and their adherents on the one part, and their sæcular priests defamed by them on the other part. Whereunto is also adioyned an answere to the appendix.Charnock, Robert, b. 1561.A08771EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The prentises practise in Godlinesse, and his true freedome Diuided into ten chapters. Written by B.P.B. P., fl. 1608.A08772EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two briefe treatises The one containing matter of perswasion and expostulation concerning catechisme with certaine positions of like consideration. The other, touching peace betweene the minister and his people: as likewise the lawfulnesse, and dutie of the ministers presenting (if need require) outward disobedience vnto his ministerie.C. P., fl. 1616.A08773EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christs confession and complaint concering his kingdom and seruants; conuincing Iewes of obstinacie, Romish Catholickes of conspiracie, seducers of sedition, Arminians of apostacie, and diuers others of coldnes, schisme, treachery & hypocrisie. By J.P.I. P., fl. 1629.A08779EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Romes ruin or A treatise of the certaine destruction of Rome and of Antichrist before the ende of the world Wherein is cleerely manifested out of the Holy Scriptures, conferred with the historie of the Papacie, that he hath but a short time. A worke published to strengthen the faith of such as suffer vnder him. By I.P.I. P., fl. 1629.A08783EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The safegarde from ship-wracke, or Heauens hauen compiled by I.P. priestPickford, John, 1588-1664?A08784EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An epitaph of the vertuous life and death of the right worshipfull ladie, Dame Helen Branch of London widow, late the wife of Sir Iohn Branch Knight, sometime the right honourable Lord Maior of London, and daughter to M. William Nicolson sometime of London draper : vvhich said ladie, deceased on VVednesday the 10. of April last past, and lieth interred in the parish church of S. Mary Abchurch in London, the 29. of the same moneth, 1594.S. P.A08788EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A letter written by a French gentleman to a friend of his at Rome conteyning a true report of the late treaty betweene the Queene Mother of France and King of Nauarre / faithfully translated out of French.Thārư̄a Phānit Sattahīp (Thailand)A08789EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An admonition to the towne of CallaysR. P., fl. 1557.A08790EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short catechisme for householders. By T.P.T. P., fl. 1624.A08791EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sinners sanctuary. By Thomas Packer, his Majesties servantPacker, Thomas, fl. 1628-1637.A08799EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true Catholike Collected out of the oracles, and psalteries of the Holy Ghost. for instruction, and deuotion.A08800EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An answer to the unjust complaints of William Best and of such other as have subscribed thereunto. Also an answer to Mr. Iohn Davenport, touching his report of some passages, his allegations of scripture against the baptising of some kind of infants, his protestation about the publishing of his writings. By Iohn Paget.Paget, John, d. 1640.A08810EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An arrovv against the separation of the Brownists Also an admonition touching Talmudique & rabbinical allegations. By Iohn Paget.Paget, John, d. 1640.A08811EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Meditations of death wherein a Christian is taught how to remember and prepare for his latter end: by the late able & faithfull minister of the Gospel, Iohn Paget.Paget, John, d. 1640.A08812EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godlie and fruitefull sermon, made vpon the 20. & 21. verses of the 14. chapter of the booke of Genesis wherein there is taught, what prouision ought to be made for the mynister. Very necessary to be learned of all Christians. By Eusebius Paget.Pagit, Eusebius, 1547?-1617.A08816EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly sermon preached at Detford in Kent, on Monday the ix. of Iune, in Anno. 1572.Pagit, Eusebius, 1547?-1617.A08819EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The historie of the Bible briefly collected by way of question and ansvver. Read and corrected by the author.Pagit, Eusebius, 1547?-1617.A08820EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christianographie, or The description of the multitude and sundry sorts of Christians in the vvorld not subiect to the Pope VVith their vnitie, and hovv they agree with us in the principall points of difference betweene us and the Church of Rome.Pagitt, Ephraim, 1574 or 5-1647.A08826EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth a goodly treatyse, and it is called, A notable lesson, otherwyse it is called The golden pystleWhitford, Richard, fl. 1495-1555?A08836EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Anthony Paint[er] the blaspheming caryar Who sunke into the ground vp to the neck, and there stood two day[s and] two nights, and not to bee drawne out by the strength of hor[ses] or digged out by the help of man: and there dyed the 3. of Nouember. 1613. Also the punishment of Nicholas Mesle a most wicked blasphemer. Reade and tremble. Published by authoritie.A08837EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A faithfull admonition of the Paltsgraues churches to all other Protestant churches in Dutchland. That they would consider the great danger that hangeth ouer their heads as well as ours by the Popedome, and therefore Christianly and brotherly cease the priuate vnnecessary and now too much growne strife vvith vs. Together with a short abstract of the warning about the Iesuites bloodthirsty plots published in print at Tubing. Published by authoritie. According to the original printed in the Electors palsgranes [sic] country at Nustadt, vpon the Hardt, Englished by Iohn Rolte.A08844EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A full declaration of the faith and ceremonies professed in the dominions of the most illustrious and noble Prince Fredericke, 5. Prince, Elector Palatine published for the benefit and satisfaction of all Gods people ; according to the originall printed in the High Dutch tongue ; translated into English by Iohn Rolte.A08846EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Divine meditations.]Palfreyman, Thomas, d. 1589?A08848EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[A Paraphrase vppon the epistle of the holie apostle S. Paule to the Romanes ...]A08849EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A myrrour or cleare glasse for all estates, to looke in, conteining briefly in it the true knovvledge and loue of god, and the charitie of a faithfull christian tovvardes his neyghbour.Palfreyman, Thomas, d. 1589?A08850EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth a goodly treatyse, and it is called a notable lesson, otherwyse it is called the golden pystleBernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 91-1153.A08854EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An introduction into the bookes of the prophets and apostles Written by Peter Palladius, Doctor of Diuinity and Byshop of Rochil. Faithfully translated out of Latin into English. By Edw. Vaughan.Palladius, Peder, 1503-1560.A08870EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Bristolls military garden A sermon preached unto the worthy company of practisers in the military garden of the well governed citie of Bristoll. By Thomas Palmer, master of arts, and vicar of St. Thomas, and St. Mary Redcliffe in the same citie.A08873EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Panacea: or, Select aphorismes, diuine and morallA08887EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Collectanea Out of St. Gregory the Great, and St. Bernard the devout, against the Papists who adhere to the doctrine of the present Church of Rome, in the most fundamentall points betweene them and vs.Panke, John.A08888EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Eclogarius, or briefe summe of the truth of that title of Supreame Governour given to his Maiestie in causes spirituall, and ecclesiasticall, from the Kings of Israel, in the old Testament; the Christian emperours in the Primitive Church; confirmed by 40. epistles of Leo the Bishop of Rome, vnto the Emperours, Theodosius, Martianus, and Leo. Not published before. By Iohn Panke.Panke, John.A08890EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fal of Babel By the confusion of tongues directly proving against the Papists of this, and former ages; that a view of their writings, and bookes being taken; cannot be discerned by any man living, what they would say, or how be vnderstoode, in the question of the sacrifice of the masse, the reall presence or transubstantiation, but in explaning their mindes they fall vpon such termes, as the Protestants vse and allow. Further in the question of the Popes supremacy is shevved, how they abuse an authority of the auncient father St. Cyprian, a canon of the I Niceene counsell, and the ecclesiastical historie of Socrates, and Sozomen. And lastly is set downe a briefe of the sucession of Popes in the sea of Rome for these 1600 yeeres togither; ... By Iohn Panke.Panke, John.A08891EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A most breefe, easie and plaine receite for faire writing Wherin the author being well acquainted with the causes, which in these daies hinders it, hath for the good of his cuntrie, so distinguished and broken euery perticular letter for the true making thereof, and so perfectly and plainely shewed the ready way of true ioyning the same. Both for the roman and secretary handes, as any one of ordinarye yeres and capacity, not hindring any other busines, may at his idle times by his own priuate practise, in short time attaine to write, to serue very good vses either in office or otherwise.Panke, William.A08893EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Fiscus papalis. Siue, Catalogus indulgentiarum & reliquiarum septem principalium ecclesiarum vrbis Romæ. Ex vetusto manuscripto codice vere & fideliter descriptus. = A part of the Popes exchequer, that is A catalogue of the indulgences and reliques belonging to the seauen principall churches in Rome. Laying downe the spirituall riches and infinite treasure which (as sure as the Pope is holy & true) are to be found in the Catholike Roman Church, whereof the poore heretikes in England haue not one mite. Taken out of an antient manuscript, and translated. Together with certaine notes and comments explaining the more difficult place, for the ease and helpe of good Catholikes, who had best goe to Rome, to trie the vertue of the glorious indulgences. By a Catholike diuine.A08896EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The secrets of physick and philosophy divided into two bookes: in the first is shewed the true and perfect order to distill, or draw forth the oyles of all manner of gummes, spices, seedes, roots, and hearbs, with their perfect taste, smell and vertues. In the second is shewed the true and perfect order to prepare, calcine, sublime, and dissolue all manner of minerals, and how ye shall draw forth their oyles and salts, which are most wonderfull in their operations, for the health of mans bodie. First written in the German tongue by the most learned Theophrastus Paraselsus, and now published in the English tongue, by Iohn Hester, practitioner in the art of distillation.A08906EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The heroicall deuises of M. Claudius Paradin Canon of Beauieu. Whereunto are added the Lord Gabriel Symeons and others. Translated out of Latin into English by P.S.Paradin, Claude, 16th cent.A08907EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Foure paradoxes 1 A byshop and a minister is all one. 2 A byshoppe or deacon shoulde not bee called Grace, Lord, or exercise such authoritie. 3 A popish priest is no lawful minister of the gospel. 4 Canon chauncellours, & officials are no meete officers in the churche of God.A08908EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A generall free pardon or Charter of heuyn blys very necessary for all true christe[n] people, wherin standeth clene remission of all our synnes, to all penytent [and] faythfull hertes. Not gyuen by any popysh collusyon, but by Iesu Christ, son of the lyuyng God. Compyled in our old Englyssh tong, in the yere of our lorde God. M. iiii. C. nether addyng to nor dymynysshyng fro, saue only some old wordes, turned into our new maner and accostomed spekyng. God save the Kyng.A08910EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An extracte of examples, apothegmes, and histories collected out of Lycosthenes, Brusonius and others ; translated into Englishe, and reduced into an alphabeticall order of common places, by A.P.Parinchef, John.A08918EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The miserable estate of the citie of Paris at this present With a true report of sundrie straunge visions, lately seene in the ayre vpon the coast of Britanie, both by sea and lande.A08919EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Saint Bernard his Meditations: or Sighes, sobbes, and teares, vpon our sauiours passion in memoriall of his death. Also his Motiues to mortification, with other meditations.Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 91-1153.A08920EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A decree of the Court of Parliament at Paris, the second day of Ianuarie, 1615 Touching the Soueraigntie of the King in temporall matters, and against the pernicions [sic] doctrine of attempting against the sacred persons of Kings. Translated out of the French coppie, printed at Paris by F. Morell, and P. Mettayer, printers to the King.France. Parlement (Paris)A08924EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The copie of a late decree of the Sorbone at Paris, for the condemning of that impious and hæreticall opinion, touching the murthering of princes generally maintained by the Iesuites, and amongst the rest, of late by Ioannes Mariana, a Spaniard: together, with the arrest of the Parliament, for the confirmation of that decree, and the condemning of the said Marianas booke, to be publiquely burnt by the executioner. Taken out of the Register of the Parliament, and translated into English.Université de Paris.A08926EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true patterne of pietie meete for all Christian householders to looke vpon, for the better education of their families, in the feare and seruice of almightie God. Collected out of the fountaine of holy scriptures, for the especiall vse of the faithfull in the congregation of Malpasse in Cheshire. By Iohn Parker.Parker, John, 1534-1592.A08940EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe dissection of Germaines affliction with warre, pestilence, and famine; and other deducable miseries, lachrimable to speak of; more lamentable to partake of. Sent as a (friendly) monitor to England, warning her to beware of, (generally) ingratitude, and security; as also (particularly) other greevous sinnes, the weight whereof Germany hath a long time felt, and at this present doth (and England may feare to) feele. Written from approv'd intelligence, by M. Parker.M. P. (Martin Parker), d. 1656?A08944EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A rule of good life: written by the mellifluous doctor S. Bernard (monke and abbot of the holie order of S. Benet) especiallie for virgins, and other religious woemen; and may profitably be read likewise by all others, that aspire to Christian perfection. Faithfully translated into English by the R. Father Antonie Batt, monke of the holie order afore-said, of the Congregation of EnglandBernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 91-1153.A08952EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Harry VVhite his humour, so neare as may be set forth by M.P. In which is exprest, both earnest and jest: let honest men buy, and knaves let it lye: this is not for them, vvho vertue contemne[d]M. P. (Martin Parker), d. 1656?A08959EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The king and a poore n[or]therne man Shewing how a poore Northumberl[and] man, a tenant to the King, being wrong'd b[...] lawyer, (his neighbor) went to the King himsel[fe] to make knowne his grievances; full of simple mirth and merry plaine iests.M. P. (Martin Parker), d. 1656?A08963EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The tranquillitie of the minde A verye excellent and most comfortable oration, plainely directing euerye man, & woman, to the true tranquillitie and quyetnesse of their minde. Compyled in Latine by Iohn Barnarde, student in the Vniuersity of Cambridge, now lately translated into Englishe by Anthony Marten.Bernard, John, d. 1567?A08964EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The nightingale vvarbling forth her owne disaster; or The rape of Philomela. Newly written in English verse, by Martin ParkerM. P. (Martin Parker), d. 1656?A08974EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christian advertisements and counsels of peace Also disswasions from the separatists schisme, commonly called Brownisme, which is set apart from such truths as they take from vs and other reformed churches, and is nakedly discouered, that so the falsitie thereof may better be discerned, and so iustly condemned and wisely auoided. Published, for the benefit of the humble and godlie louer of the trueth. By Richard Bernard, preacher of Gods word.Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A08981EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christian see to thy conscience or a treatise of the nature, the kinds and manifold differences of conscience, all very briefly, and yet more fully laid open then hitherto by Richard Bernard, parson of Batcombe in Somerset-Shire. Anno 1630.Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A08989EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An admonition to all such as shall intend hereafter to enter the state of matrimony godlily and aggreeably to lawes. ... Set forth by the most reuerend father in God, Mathew Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of England, and Metropolitane.Parker, Matthew, 1504-1575.A08995EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The common catechisme with a commentary therevpon, by questions and answers, following the verie words, as they lie in their order without alteration. A profitable way, as also verie easie, and so likewise pleasant both to the teacher and learner, as by experience will be found true. By Richard Bernard, pastor at Batcomb.Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A08997EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An admonition to all such as shall intend hereafter to enter the state of matrimony, godlily and agreeably to lawes set forth by the most reverend father in God, Matthew Arch-bishop of Canterbury ...Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1559-1575 : Parker)A08998EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A scholasticall discourse against symbolizing with Antichrist in ceremonies: especially in the signe of the crosseParker, Robert, 1564-1614.A09002EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Paradisi in sole paradisus terrestris. or A garden of all sorts of pleasant flowers which our English ayre will permitt to be noursed vp with a kitchen garden of all manner of herbes, rootes, & fruites, for meate or sause vsed with vs, and an orchard of all sorte of fruitbearing trees and shrubbes fit for our land together with the right orderinge planting & preseruing of them and their vses & vertues collected by Iohn Parkinson apothecary of London 1629.Parkinson, John, 1567-1650.A09010EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Theatrum botanicum: = The theater of plants. Or, An herball of a large extent containing therein a more ample and exact history and declaration of the physicall herbs and plants that are in other authours, encreased by the accesse of many hundreds of new, rare, and strange plants from all the parts of the world, with sundry gummes, and other physicall materials, than hath beene hitherto published by any before; and a most large demonstration of their natures and vertues. Shevving vvithall the many errors, differences, and oversights of sundry authors that have formerly written of them; and a certaine confidence, or most probable conjecture of the true and genuine herbes and plants. Distributed into sundry classes or tribes, for the more easie knowledge of the many herbes of one nature and property, with the chiefe notes of Dr. Lobel, Dr. Bonham, and others inserted therein. Collected by the many yeares travaile, industry, and experience in this subject, by Iohn Parkinson apothecary of London, and the Kings herbarist. And published by the Kings Majestyes especialA09011EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The rose, and lily Delivered at the lecture, in Ashby de-la-zouch in the county of Leicester. By William Parks, Master of Arts, and curat of Chelaston in the county of Derby.Parks, William, curat of Chelaston.A09013EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The parlament of byrdesA09014EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The p[ar]lyament of deuyllesA09015EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The penniles parliament of threed-bare poets: or, All mirth and wittie conceitesA09017EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Abba father: or, a plaine and short direction concerning priuate prayer Also, sundry godly admonitions concerning time, and the well vsing of it. By Elnathan Parr, minister of the word.Parr, Elnathan, d. 1622.A09024EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The grounds of diuinitie plainely discouering the mysteries of Christian religion, propounded familiarly in diuers questions and answeres: substantially proued by scriptures; expounded faithfully, according to the writings of the best diuines, and euidently applyed by profitable vses, for the helpe and benefite of the vnlearned which desire knowledge. To the which is prefixed a very profitable treatise, containing an exhortation to the study of the word, with singular directions for the hearing and reading of the same. By Elnathan Parr minister of the word, at Palgraue in Suffolke.Parr, Elnathan, d. 1622.A09026EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A plaine exposition vpon the whole 8. 9. 10. 11. chapters of the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Romans Wherein the text is diligently and methodically resolued, the sence giuen: and many doctrines thence gathered, are by liuely vses applyed, for the benefit of Gods children performed with much variety, and conuenient breuitie: being the substance of neere foure yeeres weekedayes sermons.: By Elnathan Parr, Bachelor in Diuinity, and preacher of Gods Word.Parr, Elnathan, d. 1622.A09031EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The end of the perfect man A sermon preached at the buriall of the right Honourable Sir Robert Spencer Knight Baron Spencer of Wormeleighton, Novemb. 6. 1627. in Braynton Church in Northamptonshire, by Richard Parre Bachelour in Divinity, and late fellow of Brasen-nose Colledge in Oxford, now rector of Ladbrook in Warwickshire.Parr, Richard, 1591 or 2-1644.A09035EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mastiue, or Young-whelpe of the olde-dogge Epigrams and satyrs.Parrot, Henry.A09040EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Contemplative pictures with wholesome precepts. The first part: Of God. Of the diuell. Of goodnesse. Of badnesse. Of heauen: and of hell. By Richard Bernard.Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09046EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
PareusA09047EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A new and large discourse of the trauels of sir Anthony Sherley Knight, by sea, and ouer land, to the Persian Empire Wherein are related many straunge and wonderfull accidents: and also, the description and conditions of those countries and people he passed by: with his returne into Christendome. Written by William Parry gentleman, who accompanied Sir Anthony in his trauells.Parry, William, fl. 1601.A09051EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The barren trees doome a sermon preached at Newbery on the fifth day of August. Beeing the day of his Maiesties most happy deliuerance from the bloudy conspiracie of the Earle of Gowry and his brother Alexander. By Bartholomevv Parsons Batchelour in Diuinitie, and vicar of Collingborne Kingstone in the countie of Wiltes.Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642.A09052EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Boaz and Ruth blessed: or A sacred contract honoured with a solemne benediction By Bartholomew Parsons B. of Divinity and rector of Ludgershall in the county of Wiltes.Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642.A09053EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Dorcas: or, A perfect patterne of a true disciple A sermon preached by Bartholomew Parsons B. of Divinity and rector of Ludgershall in the country of Wilts.Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642.A09054EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The historie of tithes, or, Tithes vindicated to the presbyters of the Gospel begunne in a visitation sermon, whereunto are added the substance of divers other sermons and treatises, being thought fit by good authority to be published, and is necesary both for clergy and laity : in the which is expressed the true use of the Sabbath without controversie / by B.P.Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642.A09055EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The first fruites of the Gentiles In three sermons preached in the cathedrall church at Sarum. By Bartholomevv Parsons Batchelor in Divinitie, and vicar of Collingborne-Kingstone, in the county of Wiltes.Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642.A09056EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Honos & onus levitarum. Or, tithes vindicated to the presbyters of the gospel in a sermon preached at an archidiaconall visitation at Marleborough, in the diocese of Sarum, on the 10. of October. 1636. By B.P.Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642.A09057EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A double catechisme one more large, following the order of the common authorized catechisme, and an exposition thereof: now this second time published: the other shorter for the weaker sort: both set forth for the benefit of Christian friends and wel-willers. By Richard Bernard, Master of Arts, and preacher of Gods word at Worsop in Nottingham-shire.Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09077EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The faithfull shepheard the shepheards faithfulnesse: wherein is for the matter largely, but for the maner, in few words, set forth the excellencie and necessitie of the ministerie; a ministers properties and dutie; his entrance into this function and charge; how to begin fitly to instruct his people; catechising and preaching; and a good plaine order and method therein: not so as yet published ... By Richard Bernard, preacher of Gods Word.Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09092EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Llyfr y resolusion yr hvvn sydd yn dysguini bawb wneuthur ein goreu, a rhoi cwbl o'n bryd a'n meddwl ar fod yn wir Gristianogion, hynny ydyw ar ymadael a'n drwg uchedd, a throi ar ddaioni a duwioldeb; Wedi ei gyfieithu yn Gymraeg y gan I.D. er lles i'w blwyfolion;A09093EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ayme for Finsburie archers. Or An alphabeticall table of the names of euery marke within the same fields with their true distances according to the dimensuration of the line. Newly gathered, and amended by Iames Partridge.Partridge, James.A09113EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The good mans grace. Or His stay in all distresse. By Ric. BernardBernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09114EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Iesuites catechisme. Or Examination of their doctrine. Published in French this present yeere 1602. and nowe translated into English. VVith a table at the end, of all the maine poynts that are disputed and handled thereinPasquier, Etienne, 1529-1615.A09135EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A garden of flovvers vvherein very liuely is contained a true and perfect discription of al the flovvers contained in these foure followinge bookes. As also the perfect true manner of colouringe the same vvith theire naturall coloures ... All vvhich to the great charges, and almost incredible laboure and paine, the diligent authore by foure yeares experience, hath very laboriously compiled, and most excellently performed, both in theire perfect lineaments in representing them in theire coper plates: as also after a most exquisite manner and methode in teachinge the practisioner te [sic] painte them even to the liffe. Faithfully and truely translated out of the Netherlandish originall into English for the comon benifite of those that vnderstand no other languages, and also for the benifite of others nevvly printed both in the Latine and French tongues all at the charges of the author.Passe, Crispijn van de, d. 1670.A09144EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Protestants theologie containing the true solutions, and groundes of religion, this daye mainteyned, and intreated, betwixt the Protestants, and Catholicks. Writen, by the R. F. F. VVilliame Patersoune religious priest, Conuentuall of Antwerpe, preacher of Gods word, and Vicar generall of the holy order of S. Augustin, through the kingdome of Scotland. The 1. Part.Paterson, F. William.A09147EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The image of bothe churches. Hierusalem and Babel vnitie and confusion. Obedienc [sic] and sedition. By, P. D. M.Pattenson, Matthew.A09169EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declaration of the variance betweene the Pope, and the segniory of Venice with the proceedings and present state thereof. VVhereunto is annexed a defence of the Venetians, written by an Italian doctor of Diuinitie, against the censure of Paulus Quintus, proouing the nullitie thereof by Holy Scriptures, canons, and catholique Doctors.A09170EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Popes complaint to his minion cardinals, against the good successe of the Bohemians and their generall proceedingsA09171EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A iust apologie for the gesture of kneeling in the act of receiving the Lords Supper Against the manifold exceptions of all opposers in the Churches of England, and Scotland. Wherein this controversie is handled, fully. Soundly. Plainly. Methodically. By T.P.Paybody, Thomas, b. 1597 or 8.A09175EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Royall exchange to suche worshipfull citezins, marchants, gentlemen and other occupiers of the contrey as resorte therevnto. Try to retaine, or send back agayne. The contents ys after the preface. Sene and allowed here.Payne, John, fl. 1597.A09176EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe description of Ireland: made in this yeare, 1589. by Robert Payne, vnto xxv. of his partners for whome he is vndertaker there. Truely published verbatim, according to his letters, by Nich. Gorsan one of the sayd partners, for that he would his countreymen should be partakers of the many good notes therein contaynedPayne, Robert, fl. 1589.A09178EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The piththy [sic] and moost notable sayinges of al scripture, gathered by Thomas Paynell: after the manner of common places, very necessary for al those that delite in the consolacions of the scripturesPaynell, Thomas.A09183EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short instruction vnto Christian religion briefly noting our profession, exercise, and obedience required of vs in this life. By Thomas Pearston.Pearston, Thomas.A09211EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly exhortation whereby Englande may knowe: What sinfull abhomination there nowe dooth flowe.Pecke, Edward.A09212EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Three to one being, an English-Spanish combat, performed by a westerne gentleman, of Tauystoke in Deuon shire with an English quarter-staffe, against three Spanish rapiers and poniards, at Sherries in Spaine, the fifteene day of Nouember, 1625. In the presence of dukes, condes, marquesses, and other great dons of Spaine, being the counsell of warre. The author of this booke, and actor in this encounter, Richard Peeeke [sic].Pike, Richard, fl. 1625.A09218EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Iosuahs godly resolution in conference with Caleb, touching houshold gouernement for well ordering a familie With a twofold catechisme for instruction of youth; the first short, for the weaker sort, set forth in sixe principall points; the latter large for other of greater growth, and followeth the order of the common authorized catechisme, and is an explanation thereof: both set forth for the benefit of his Christian friends and wel-willers. by Richard Bernard preacher of Gods word, at Woorksoppe in Nottingam-shire.Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09219EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A key of knowledge for the opening of the secret mysteries of St Iohns mysticall Reuelation. By Ric: Bernard ... The contents ar in the next page before the bookeBernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09237EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A description of S'hertogenbosh: vvritten in the yeere 1540, by Simon Pelgrom of S'hertogenbosh, in his life time prior and prouinciall of the order of Guilhelmines. Together with the principall points and passages concerning the last siege. Also, a register from day to day, of that which hath happened, aswell without as within the towne, from the first beginning vntill the latter end of the said siege. Translated out of the Dutch tongue, and printed according to the originallPelegromius, Simon, 1507?-1572.A09242EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A lamentable discourse, vpon the paricide and bloudy assasination: committed on the person of Henry the fourth (of famous memorie) King of France and Navarre. Translated out of the French copy, printed at Rouen by Peter Courant, and the copie of Paris, printed by Francis Huey, with permissionPelletier, Thomas.A09252EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon of the prouidence of God Preached at Paules Crosse, the 25. of October. 1607. By Iohn Pelling Bacchalaur of Diuinitie.Pelling, John, 1561 or 2-1621.A09253EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The charge of God and the King to iudges and magistrates, for execution of iustice. In a sermon preached before Sr Henry Hobart Knight and Baronet, Lord Chiefe Iustice of the Common Pleas: and Sr Robert Haughton Knight, one of the iudges of the Kings Bench, at the Assises at Hartford. By William Pemberton B.D. and minister at high-Ongar in Essex.Pemberton, William, d. 1622.A09254EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The godly merchant, or The great gaine A sermon preached at Paules Crosse. Octob. 17. 1613. By William Pemberton, Bachelour of Diuinity, and Minister of Gods Word at high Onger in Essex.Pemberton, William, d. 1622.A09255EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Plaine euidences The Church of England is apostolicall, the separation schismaticall. Directed against Mr. Ainsworth the Separatist, and Mr. Smith the Se-baptist: both of them seuerally opposing the booke called the Separatists schisme. By Richard Bernard, preacher of the word of God at Worsop. ... Set out by authoritie. Anno. 1610.Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09265EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short and svveete exposition vpon the first nine chapters of Zachary. By William PemblePemble, William, 1592?-1623.A09272EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ready way to good works, or, A treatise of charitie wherein, besides many other things, is shewed how wee may bee alwayes readie, and prepared both in affection and action to give cheerefully to the poor and to pious uses never heretofore published. By Richard Bernard, rector of the Parish of Batcombe in Sommerset-shire.Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09275EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A most strange and rare example of the iust iudgement of God executed vpon a lewde and wicked coniurer the .xvij. day of Ianuarie. M.D.Lxxvij. In the parish church of S. Mary Oueris in Southwark, in the presence of diuers credible [and] honest personsPembroke, Simon.A09279EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation of the royall festiuities and juego de cañas (a turnament of darting with reedes after the manner of Spaine) made by the King of Spaine at Madrid, the 21 of August this present yeere, 1623. To honour the espousall treaties of the illustrious Prince of Wales, with the lady Infanta Maria of Austria. Before the departure of the Prince from his court: towards the sea-side, to take shipping for his returne into England. Composed by Doctor Iuan Antonio de la Peña, natife of Madrid, and faithfully translated out of the Spanish printed copie.Peña, Juan Antonio de la, fl. 1623-1638.A09280EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fairest fairing for a schoole-bred sonne whereby praise, ease, and profit may be wonne : that is to say, The schoole- masters precepts, or, Lillies lesson to his schollers, teaching them good manners / translated by Iohn Penkethman louer of learning, and by him dedicated to all the laureat Lillies of these times.Lily, William, 1468?-1522.A09284EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Rhemes against Rome: or, The remoouing of the gagg of the new Gospell, and rightly placing it in the mouthes of the Romists, by the Rhemists in their English translation of the Scriptures. Which counter-gagg is heere fitted by the industrious hand of Richard Bernard ...Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09287EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A plaine and perfect tvvo-fold table readily shewing the interest of monyes, after the rate of 10 or 8 l. for thevse [sic] of 100 l. for a yeere most necessary aswell [sic] for the borrower as the lender.Penkethman, John.A09288EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A perfect table declaring the assise or weight of bread, by Troy and Avoirdupois weights. Extracted and taken out of the new booke entituled Artachthos, by the composer thereof. Not only for the service of the citie of London, but for the whole realme; to the end that everie one, as well poore as rich, may trie the weight of the bakers bread, by the sort of weight, and finding it too light, complaine to the magistrate, or present them at the sessions of the peace, coort-leet, or elsewherePenkethman, John.A09289EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A defence of that which hath bin written in the questions of the ignorant ministerie, and the communicating with them. By Iohn PenriPenry, John, 1559-1593.A09292EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The historie of Corah, Dathan, and Abiram, & c Numb. 16. Chap. Applied to the prelacy ministerie and church-assemblies of England. By Mr Iohn Penry, a martyr of Iesus Christ.Penry, John, 1559-1593.A09294EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
I Iohn Penry, doo heare as I shall answere before the Lord my God in that great day of iudgement set downe sumarily the whole truth and nothing but the truth which I hold and professe at this hower eyther in regard of my faith towards my God and dread soueraigne Queene Elizabeth unto whome only of all the potentas in the world I owe all reuerente, dutie and submission in the Lord.Penry, John, 1559-1593.A09295EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
To my beloved wife Helener Penry partaker with me in this life of the suffrings of the gospel in the kingdome and pacience of Iesus Christ, and resting with me in vndowbted hope of the glory that shal-be revealed : all strenght and comfort, with all other spirituall graces be multiplyed through Christ Iesus our Lord.Penry, John, 1559-1593.A09297EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise containing the aequity of an humble supplication which is to be exhibited vnto hir gracious Maiesty and this high Court of Parliament in the behalfe of the countrey of Wales, that some order may be taken for the preaching of the Gospell among those people Wherein also is set downe as much of the estate of our people as without offence could be made known, to the end that our case (if it please God) my be pitied by them who are not of this assembly, and so they also may bee driuen to labour on our behalfe.Penry, John, 1559-1593.A09298EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise vvherein is manifestlie proued, that reformation and those that sincerely fauor the same, are vnjustly charged to be enemies, vnto hir Maiestie, and the state Written both for the clearing of those that stande in that cause: and the stopping of the sclaunderous mouthes of all the enemies thereof.Penry, John, 1559-1593.A09299EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A viewe of some part of such publike wants & disorders as are in the seruice of God, within her Maiesties countrie of VVales togither vvith an humble petition, vnto this high Court of Parliament for their speedy redresse. Wherein is shevved, not only the necessitie of reforming the state of religion among that people, but also the onely way, in regarde of substaunce, to bring that reformation to passe.Penry, John, 1559-1593.A09300EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ambitions scourge Described in the morall fiction of Ixyon. By Sands Penuen.Penuen, Sands.A09303EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A dictionarie in Spanish and English, first published into the English tongue by Ric. Perciuale Gent. Now enlarged and amplified with many thousand words, as by this marke * to each of them prefixed may appeere; together with the accenting of euery worde throughout the whole dictionarie, for the true pronunciation of the language, as also for the diuers signification of one and the selfsame word: and for the learners ease and furtherance, the declining of all hard and irregular verbs; and for the same cause the former order of the alphabet is altered, diuers hard and vncouth phrases and speeches out of sundry of the best authors explained, with diuers necessarie notes and especiall directions for all such as shall be desirous to attaine the perfection of the Spanish tongue. All done by Iohn Minsheu professor of languages in London. Hereunto ... is annexed an ample English dictionarie ... by the same Iohn Minsheu ...Perceval, Richard, 1550-1620.A09309EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Spanish grammar, first collected and published by Richard Perciuale Gent. Now augmented and increased with the declining of all the irregular and hard verbes in that toong, with diuers other especiall rules and necessarie notes for all such as shall be desirous to attaine the perfection of the Spanish tongue. Done by Iohn Minsheu professor of languages in London. Hereunto for the yoong beginners learning and ease, are annexed speeches, phrases, and prouerbes, expounded out of diuers authors, setting downe the line and the leafe where in the same bookes they shall finde them, whereby they may not onely vnderstand them, but by them vnderstand others, and the rest as they shall meete with themPerceval, Richard, 1550-1620.A09312EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The letters patents of the presbyterie vvith the plea and fruits of the prelacie. Manifested out of the scriptures, fathers, ecclesiasticall histories, Papists, and sundrie other authors. By Iames Peregrin.[Peregin, James].A09313EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Gli occhi, oda all illustrissima & eccellentissima signora contessa Lucia Bedforde : con altri vari componimenti heroici regij / Di Francesco Peretto gentilhomo dottore Italiano.Peretto, Francesco.A09314EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Orders, set dovvne by the Duke of Medina, Lord general of the Kings fleet, to be obserued in the voyage toward England. Translated out of Spanish into English by T.P.Medina Sidonia, Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, duque de, 1550-1619.A09315EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An excelent comfort to all Christians, against all kinde of calamities no lesse comfortable, then pleasant, pithy, and profitable: Compendiously compiled by Iohn Perez, a faithfull seruant of God, a Spaniard (in Spanish) and now translated into English by Iohn Daniel, of Clements Inne, with diuers addicions by him collected and therevnto annexed.Pérez, Juan, d. 1567.A09316EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sinners safetie, if heere hee looke for assurance by Richard Barnerd ...Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09319EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The seaven golden candlestickes Englands honour. The great mysterie of Gods mercie yet to come. With peace to the pure in heart aduising to vnitie among our selues. By Richard Bernard, minister at Batcombe in Somersetshire.Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09320EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A profitable booke of Maister John Perkins felowe of the inner temple treating the lawes of Englande.Perkins, John, d. 1545.A09325EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A weekes worke, and a worke for every weeke by R.B.Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09331EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two twinnes: or Two parts of one portion of scripture. I. Is of catechising. II. Of the ministers maintenance. By Richard Barnard, preacher of the word of worship in NottinghamshireBernard, Richard, 1568-1641.A09333EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A golden chaine, or the description of theologie containing the order of the causes of saluation and damnation, according to Gods woord. A view of the order wherof, is to be seene in the table annexed. Written in Latine by William Perkins, and translated by an other. Hereunto is adioyned the order which M. Theodore Beza vsed in comforting troubled consciences.Perkins, William, 1558-1602.A09353EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth a shorte monycyon, or counsayle of the cure & gouernaunce of a housholde accordynge vnto policy / taken out of a pystle of a great learned man called Bernarde syluestre.Bernard Silvestris, fl. 1136.A09367EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The foure ages of man. 1635Calver, Edward, fl. 1649.A09405EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The foundation of Christian religion gathered into sixe principles. And it is to be learned of ignorant people, that they may be fit to heare sermons with profit, and to receiue the Lords Supper with comfort.Perkins, William, 1588-1602.A09426EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The churches plea for her right, or, A reply to an answer made of Mr. Iohn Paget against William Best and others wherein the maine points of our present differences are handled and the principall causes of our troubles declared / published by William Best.Best, William, fl. 1635.A09441EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true reporte of three straunge and wonderful accidents, lately hapened at Pernaw, a cittie in Lifflande Wherein is conteyned a prophesie of the greate dearth and famine, which (by reason of the warres in those partes) hath there come to passe in the yeare last past, 1602. And also of the great victorie lately atchiued by the great Sophy, who with the aide & assistance of the King of Persia, ouerthrew the Turkish emperour with all his forces neere vnto the riuer Euphrates. Truely translated out of the Dutch printed coppie, printed at Nimmegen.A09478EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true reporte of three straunge and wonderful accidents, lately hapened at Pernaw, a cittie in Lisslande Wherein is conteyned a prophesie of the greate dearth & famine, which (by reason of the warres in those partes) hath there come to passe in the yeare last past, 1602. And also of the great victorie lately atchiued by the great Sophy, who with the aide & assistance of the King of Persia, ouerthrew the Turkish emperour with all his forces neere vnto the riuer Euphrates. Truely translated out of the Dutch printed coppie, printed at Nimmegen.A09479EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Auiso piaceuole dato alla bella Italia, da vn nobile giovane Francese, sopra la mentita data dal serenissimo re di Nauarra a Papa Sisto VPerrot, François, b. 1530?A09485EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Luthers fore-runners: or, A cloud of witnesses, deposing for the Protestant faith Gathered together in the historie of the Waldenses: who for diuers hundred yeares before Luther successiuely opposed popery, professed the truth of the Gospell, and sealed it with their bloud ... Diuided into three parts. The first concernes their originall beginning ... The second containes the historie of the Waldenses called Albingenses. The third concerneth the doctrine and discipline which hath bene common amongst them, and the confutation of the doctrine of their aduersaries. All which hath bene faithfully collected out of the authors named in the page following the preface, by I.P.P. L. Translated out of French by Samson Lennard.Perrin, J. P. (Jean Paul)A09486EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Iacobs vovve, or The true historie of tithes: a sermon penned by Richard Perrot Batchelour in Divinitie, vicar of Hessell with the Trinitie Chappell in Kingstone-upon-Hull, and sometimes fellow of Sidney-Sussex-Colledge in CambridgeR. P. (Richard Perrot), 1584?-1641.A09488EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine short prayers and meditations vpon the Lords prayer and the Ten commandements With other particular prayers for seuerall purposes. Written by the right worshipfull Sir Iames Perrott Knight.Perrott, James, Sir, 1571-1637.A09489EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The first part of the consideration of humane condition vvherin is contained the morall consideration of a mans selfe: as what, who, and what manner of man he is. Written by I.P. Esquier.Perrott, James, Sir, 1571-1637.A09490EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An inuitation vnto prayer, and the practise of piety, directing the way to true happinesse Wherein is principally to be considered, these foure things. 1. What prayer vnto God is. 2. The necessity of it. 3. The profit we receiue by this holy exercise. 4. The maner and vse of it.Perrott, James, Sir, 1571-1637.A09491EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Aulus Persius Flaccus his Satires translated into English, by Barten Holyday Mr of Arts, and student of Christ-Church in OxfordPersius.A09495EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An Earnest perswasion vnto the pastours of Christes churche, whersoeuer thei be dispersed, but especially vnto his Churche of Englande that as thei haue thruste the plough share into the grounde, so zelously and watchfully to walke forth right, not leanyng to the left hande, neither tournyng to the right, for who so laieth hold of the plough and looketh backe, is not apte for the kingdome of heauen.A09499EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Spirituall exercyses and goostly meditacions and a neare waye to come to perfection and lyfe contemplatyue, very profytable for religyous, and generally for al other that desyre to come to the perfecte loue of god, and to the contempte of the worlde. Collected and set foorthe by the helpe of god, and diligente laboure of F. Wyllyam Peryn bacheler of diuinitie and pryor of the friers preachers of greate Sayncte Bartholomes in Smythfyelde.Peryn, William.A09502EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Thre godly and notable sermons, of the moost honorable and blessed sacrament of the aulter. Preached in the Hospitall of S. Antony in London, by Wyllya[m] Peryn preest, bachelar of diuinite, [and] now set forth for the auaunceme[n]t of goddes honor: the truthe of his worde, and edification of good christen peoplePeryn, William.A09505EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Gods visitation in a sermon preached at Leicester, at an ordinary visitation. By T.P.Pestell, Thomas, 1584?-1659?A09506EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The good conscience. Or, The soules banquet royall. In a sermon by T.P.Pestell, Thomas, 1584?-1659?A09507EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Morbus epidemicus, or The churles sickenesse In a sermon preached before the iudges of the assises. By T.P.Pestell, Thomas, 1584?-1659?A09510EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The poore mans appeale In a sermon preached at Leicester assises before the judges. By T.P.Pestell, Thomas, 1584?-1659?A09511EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lamentable newes, shewing the wonderfull deliuerance of Maister Edmond Pet sayler and maister of a ship, dwelling in Seething Lane in London, neere Barking church. With other strange things lately hapned concerning these great windes and tempestuous weather, both at sea and lande.A09512EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A golden treatise of mentall praier with diuerse spirituall rules and directions, no lesse profitable then necessarie for all sortes of people. First composed by the venerable and blessed father, Fr. Peter de Alcantara, of the Seraphicall Order of S. Francis. Beatified the 18. of Aprill. 1622. Translated into English by G.VV. To vvhich is prefixed a breife relation of the life, and death of the same father vvritten by G.VV. of the same order and obseruance.Peter, of Alcantara, Saint, 1499-1562.A09514EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The boke entytuled the next way to heuen the whiche in true walky[n]ge or goy[n]nge is but thre dayes iourney, and to go or walke euery daye but thre myles as wytnesseth moyses who sayeth. Ibimus viam trium dierum in solitudinem. [et]c. Exodi. iij. Ca. F.Peter, of Luxemburg, Saint, 1369-1387.A09515EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here after foloweth ye batayll of Egyngecourte [and] the great sege of Rone by kynge Henry of Monmouthe the fyfthe of the name that wan Gascoyne and Gyenne and NormandyeA09522EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Phisicke against fortune, aswell prosperous, as aduerse conteyned in two bookes. Whereby men are instructed, with lyke indifferencie to remedie theyr affections, aswell in tyme of the bryght shynyng sunne of prosperitie, as also of the foule lowryng stormes of aduersitie. Expedient for all men, but most necessary for such as be subiect to any notable insult of eyther extremitie. Written in Latine by Frauncis Petrarch, a most famous poet, and oratour. And now first Englished by Thomas Twyne.Petrarca, Francesco, 1304-1374.A09530EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The great cicle of Easter containing a short rule. To knowe vppon what day of the month Easter day will fall, made for the vse of such as would without their booke readily find out, and declare as well Easter day, as the other moueable feastes in the yeere: the domincall [sic] letter, the epact the age of the moone, her shining and the course of the tide. With other necessarie tables to learne out the course of the yeere, / by Io, P. 1583. [...] Set foorth according to the Queenes iniunctiones.Pett, John.A09537EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The glasse of time, in the two first ages. Diuinely handled, by Thomas Peyton, of Lincolnes Inne, GentPeyton, Thomas, 1595-1626.A09545EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The philosopher of the court, written by Philbert of Vienne in Champaigne, and Englished by George North, gentlema[n].Philibert, de Vienne, 16th cent.A09553EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe and true declaration of the sicknesse, last wordes, and death of the King of Spaine Philip the second of that name who died in his Abbey of S. Laurence at Escuriall seuen miles from Madrill the 13. of September 1598. Written from Madrill in a Spanish letter, and translated into English according to the true copie.A09554EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Een nieuu tiidinghe hoe dat die Prince van Spaegien triumphelick aengecomen is in Enghelandt, mist gaders die bruyloft to Winchestre ghehouden.Philip II, King of Spain, 1527-1598.A09556EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Traicte paraenetique c'est à dire exhortatoire auquel se montre par bonne & viues raisons, argumens infallibles, histoires tres-certaines, & remarquables exemples, le droit chemin & vrais moyens de resister à l'effort du Castillan, rompre la trace de ses desseins, abbaiser son orgueil, & ruiner sa puissance : dedié aux roys, princes, potentats & republiques de l'Europe, particulierement au roy tres- chrestien / par vn pelerin Espagnol, battu du temps, & persecuté de la fortune ; traduicte du langue Castillane en langue Françoise, par I.D. Dralymont Seigneur de Yarleme.Teixera, José, 1543-1620.A09558EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Spanish pilgrime: or, An admirable discouery of a Romish Catholicke Shewing how necessary and important it is, for the Protestant kings, princes, and potentates of Europe, to make warre vpon the King of Spaines owne countrey: also where, and by what meanes, his dominions may be inuaded and easily ruinated; as the English heretofore going into Spaine, did constraine the kings of Castile to demand peace in all humility, and what great losse it hath beene, and still is to all Christendome, for default of putting the same in execution. Wherein hee makes apparant by good and euident reasons, infallible arguments, most true and certaine histories, and notable examples, the right way, and true meanes to resist the violence of the Spanish King, to breake the course of his designes, to beate downe his pride, and to ruinate his puissance.A09559EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The coppy of a letter and commission, of the King of Spaine, Phillip the third, sent vnto the vice-roy of Portugall, dated the 20. day of Iune, in the yeare of our Lord God. 1602 Wherein the dealings and trade of ships & marchandize is forbidden, with the subiectes of Holland, Zealand and England, &c. with the said lands and countries of Spaine and Portugall. Whereby appeareth the inueterate, and continuall malice of the said Spaniards, against the dominions of England, Holland and Zealand, &c. Truely translated out of the Spanish originall, into the Dutch tongue; and now translated againe out of the Dutch copye, into English.Spain. Sovereign (1598-1621 : Philip III)A09561EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The copy of two letters sent from Spaine containing the Kings censure for the rooting out of vices, abuses, and all sorts of briberies and corruptions in his kingdomes.Spain. Sovereign (1621-1665 : Philip IV)A09562EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The triumphant and sumptuous arch erected by the Company of English Marchants residing in Lisbone, vpon the Spanish Kings entry made thereinto Togither with the architecture thereof described, the painted quadrants, the figures of halfe and whole stature, the ornaments, iewels, rich vestiments, the histories, ænigmes therein employed, with their declarations; and the Latine mottoes, and Spanish verses expressed in English. Wherein also, mention is made of the magnificent present the Duke of Braganza gaue to the King, the number of the traine that followed him, the wonderfull prouisions, and buildings set vp for the Grandes of Spaine, with the other lords and seruants of his Maiesties court, the salues of artillery, with the fires and lights that were made all ouer the citie, on the day that he came within sight thereof, to Almada, a place on the other side of the riuer, halfe a league distant, and right ouer against Lisbone. Faithfully translated out of the Spanish originall.A09563EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The catalogue of the chancellors of England, the lord keepers of the Great Seale: and the lord treasurers of England With a collection of divers that have been masters of the Rolles. By I.P. Summerset herald.Philipot, John, 1589?-1645.A09564EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe chronicle of the foure principall empyres To witte, of Babilon, Persia, Grecia, and Rome. Wherein, very compendiously, the whole course of histories are conteined. Made by the famous and godly learned man Iohn Sleidan, and englished by Stephan Wythers.Sleidanus, Johannes, 1506-1556.A09568EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The key of historie. Or, A most methodicall abridgement of the foure chiefe monarchies, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome Being a generall and compendious chronicle from the Flood. Digested into three bookes. Whereunto is added a marginall chronologie of euery Roman emperors raigne, and of all the most memorable persons and accidents. Together with briefe illustrations vpon the more obscure names, places, and offices. With a directory table for the more profitable reading of history. Written by that excellent and most learned man Iohn Sleidan.Sleidanus, Johannes, 1506-1556.A09569EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The brideling, sadling and ryding, of a rich churle in Hampshire, by the subtill practise of one Iudeth Philips, a professed cunning woman, or fortune teller VVith a true discourse of her vnwomanly vsing of a trype wife, a widow, lately dwelling on the back side of S. Nicholas shambles in London, whom she with her conferates, likewise cosoned: for which fact, shee was at the Sessions house without New-gate arraigned, where she confessed the same, and had iudgement for her offence, to be whipped through the citie, the 14. of February, 1594.A09574EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The embassage of Gods angell. By George PhillipsPhillips, George, fl. 1597.A09575EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Gods generall summons to his last parliament. By George PhillipsPhillips, George, fl. 1597.A09576EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The good sheepheardes dutie by George Phillips.Phillips, George, fl. 1597.A09579EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fisher-man A sermon preached at a synode held at Southwell in Nottinghamshire. Shewing 1. The necessitie of calling and gifts enabling in a minister. 2. The danger intruders are in. 3. Whose fault it is that such are in the Church. 4. A good life requisite in all that professe Christianitie, but especially in ministers. 5. Wisedome and learning absolutely necessary in preachers. 6. Vnlearned & frothy preaching doth much hurt. 7. Gods worke goeth best forward when his workmen agree well amongst themselues. 8. Contempt of Gods ministers shall not be vnpunished. With other points of moment. By Ierom Phillips Bachelour in Diuinitie.Phillips, Jerome, d. ca. 1648.A09580EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Sir Bevis of Hampton]A09588EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Bevis of Hampton]A09589EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The academy of complements VVherin ladyes gentlewomen, schollers, and stranges may accomodate their courtly practice with most curious ceremonies, complementall, amorous, high expressions, and formes of speaking, or writing. A worke perused and most exactly perfected and most exactly perfected by the author with additions of witty amorous poems. And a table expounding the hard English words.Philomusus, fl. 1639.A09607EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An humble petition offered to the right reuerend, honourable, and vvorshipfull estates of this present Parliament assembled ar [sic] Westminster Pallace wherein the wandring ghost of the late pyramis demolished lately in París, discourseth his hard fortunes, trauailes, and strange accidents to the new Brittaine monarchie, to whom he wisheth all peace, wealth, and prosperitie. Written by Philopatris, pittying his downfall, and perswading his new erecting, and building vp againe in Westminster.Philopatris, fl. 1606.A09609EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ane verie excellent and delectabill treatise intitulit Philotus Quhairin we may persave the greit inconveniences that fallis out in the mariage betvvene age and zouth [sic].A09613EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The trew report of the dysputacyon had [and] bego[n]ne in the conuocacyo[n] hows at london among the clargye there assembled the xviij. daye of October in the yeare of our lord M.D.LIIII.Philpot, John, 1516-1555.A09616EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The examinacion of the constaunt martir of Christ, Ioh[a]n Philpot arch diacon of Winchestre at sondry seasons in the tyme of his sore emprisonment, conuented and banted, as in these particular tragedies folowyng, it maye (not only to the christen instruction, but also to the mery recreacion of the indifferent reader) most manifestly appeare. Reade fyrst and than iudge.Philpot, John, 1516-1555.A09618EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Phisicke for the soule verye necessarie to be vsed in the agonie of death, and in those extreme and moste perillous seasons, aswell for those, which are in good health, as those, which are endewed with bodily sicknesse. Translated out of Latine into Englishe, by H. Thorne.A09620EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Tvvelve rules, and vveapons concerning the spirituall battel Together with a briefe exposition vpon the sixteene Psalme: with two most worthie epistles, written in Latin by that most worthy and noble gentleman Iohn Picus Earle of Mirandula. And translated into English for the benefite of all good Christian souldiers in the spirituall battaile.Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni, 1463-1494.A09628EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An houreglasse contayning I a computation from the beginning of time to Christ by X. articles. II A confirmation of the same for the times controuersed before Christ: as also that there wanteth a yeare after Christ, in the vsuall computation. With other matters, offered to the iudgement of the learned, and vse of the studious in chronologie and historie. By Thomas Pie Doctor of Diuinitie.Pie, Thomas, 1560-1610.A09632EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Usuries spright coniured: or A scholasticall determination of vsury by T.P. Doct. of Divinity, being moderator at the disputing thereof by certeine Bachelers of Divinitie and other learned preachers: with his answere to a treatise, written in defence of vsuriePie, Thomas, 1560-1610.A09633EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise vvriten by Iohan Valerian a greatte clerke of Italie, which is intitled in latin Pro sacerdotum barbis translated in to EnglyssheValeriano, Pierio, 1477-1560.A09634EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Godly dyalogue & dysputacyon betwene Pyers Plowman, and a popysh preest concernyng the supper of the Lorde no lesse frutefell then necessarye to be noted of al Christen men specyally considering the great controuerses & varyaunces had therin now in your tyme.A09635EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
O read me for I am of great antiquitie I plaine Piers which can not flatter, a plough man men me call, my speech is fowlle yet marke the matter now things may hap to fall, but now another Ile haue for mee, I thinke it is as fit say, if any my name doo craue, I am the gransier of Martin mareprelitte : compiled afore yeaster day, for the behoofe and ouerthrow of all parsons, vikars, and curats, who haue learned their cathechismes and can not yet vnderstand them, although they be past their grace.A09636EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vision of pierce Plowman nowe the second time imprinted by Roberte Crowlye dwellynge in Elye rentes in Holburne whereunto are added certayne notes and cotations in the mergyne, geuyng light to the reader. And in the begynning is set a brefe summe of all the principal matters spoken of in the boke. And as the boke is deuided into twenty partes called Passus: so is the summary diuided, for euery parte hys summarie, rehearsynge the matters spoken of in euery parte. euen in suche order as they stande there.Langland, William, 1330?-1400?A09641EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Vertues anatomie. Or A compendious description of that late right honorable, memorable, and renowned Bedfordshire lady, the Lady Cheany, of Tuddington. By Charles PiersePierse, Charles.A09644EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The cure of hurtfull cares and fears. By master Thomas Pierson late rector of Brompton-Brian, in the county of HerefordPierson, Thomas, ca. 1570-1633.A09646EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A newe enterlude of vice conteyninge, the historye of Horestes with the cruell reuengment of his fathers death, vpon his one naturill mother. By John Pikeryng ...Pikering, John, fl. 1567.A09651EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Breife meditations of the Most Holy Sacrament and of preparation, for receuing the same. And of some other thinges apertaining to the greatnes and deuotion of so worthy a misterie. Composed in Italian by the rev. father Luca Pinelli of the Societie of Iesus.Pinelli, Luca, 1542-1607.A09667EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mirrour of religious perfection deuided into foure bookes. Written in Italian by the R. F. Lucas Pinelli, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by a Father of the same Society.Pinelli, Luca, 1542-1607.A09668EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Virgin Maries life Faithfully gathered out of auncient and holie fathers. Togeather with meditations and documents vpon the same. Writen first in Italien by the reuerend father Lucas Pinelli, of the Societie of Iesus. And now translated in to English by R.G.Pinelli, Luca, 1542-1607.A09670EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon, vpon the wordes of Paul the Apostle vnto Timothie, Epist. 1. Chap. 4. vers. 8 Preached at Litlecot, in the Chappel of the right honourable, Sir John Pompham, knight, lord chiefe justice, of England, before his honourable Lordeshippe, and to the assemblie there, the 17. of Iulie, 1597. By Charles Pinner, minister of the Church of Wotton Basset, in North-Wiltshire.Pinner, Charles.A09675EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[A sermon at Marlborough on 1. Tim.iv.16.]Pinner, Charles.A09676EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two sermons on these wordes of Peter the apostle, honour all men, loue brotherly felowship ... preached at Marlebrough the seuenth of Nouember, and fifth of Ianuarie 1595 / by Charles Pynner, minister of the Church of Wotton-Basset in Northwiltshire.Pinner, Charles.A09677EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A learned and profitable treatise of mans iustification Two bookes. Opposed to the sophismes of Robert Bellarmine, Iesuite. By Iohn Piscator, professor of diuinitie in the famous schools of Nassouia Sigena.Piscator, Johannes, 1546-1625.A09695EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A fearefull example, shewed vpon a periured person Who on the 14, of this present moneth of May being condemned for periury, in the honourable Court of Starre Chamber: did there desperatly stabbe himselfe. Containing a notable warning to all common baylors.A09697EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The goodli history of the moste noble and beautyfull Ladye Lucres of Scene in Tuskane, and of her louer Eurialus verye pleasaunt and delectablevnto ye rederPius, II, Pope, 1404-1464.A09706EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The accomplisht ladys delight in preserving, physick and cookeryWoolley, Hannah, fl. 1670.A09711EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Delightes for ladies to adorne their persons, tables, closets, and distillatories with beauties, banquets, perfumes and waters.Plat, Hugh, Sir, 1552-1611?A09713EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The nevve and admirable arte of setting of corne with all the necessarie tooles and other circumstances belonging to the same: the particular titles whereof, are set downe in the page following.Plat, Hugh, Sir, 1552-1611?A09729EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A nevv, cheape and delicate fire of cole-balles wherein seacole is by the mixture of other combustible bodies, both sweetened and multiplied. Also a speedie way for the winning of any breach: with some other new and seruiceable inuentions answerable to the time.Plat, Hugh, Sir, 1552-1611?A09732EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sundrie nevv and artificiall remedies against famine. Written by H.P. Esq. vppon thoccasion of this present dearthPlat, Hugh, Sir, 1552-1611?A09733EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the way to life, deuided into three partes The first part sheweth howe, by sinne wee haue deserued Gods curse. The second parte sheweth me, howe wee are freed from the curse, and the law satisfied. The thirde part teacheth vs, what duetyes and thankefulnesse we owe to the Lorde, for this benefite of our redemption.B. A., fl. 1580.A09734EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[An, A,B,C, wyth a cathechisme, that is to saye, an instruction to be learned of euerye chylde before he be brought to be confyrmed ...] [sette forth by thee Kinges Maiestye ; whereunto is also ioyned the letany and suffrages].A09736EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The A. B. C set forthe by the Kynges maiestie and his clergye, and commaunded to be taught through out all his realme All other vtterly set a part as the teachers thereof tender his graces fauour.A09738EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discovery of subterraneall treasure viz. of all manner of mines and mineralls, from the gold to the coale; with plaine directions and rules for the finding of them in all kingdoms and countries. And also the art of melting, refining, and assaying of them is plainly declared, so that every ordinary man, that is indifferently capacious, may with small change presently try the value of such oares as shall be found either by rule or by accident. Whereunto is added a reall experiment whereby every ignorant man may presently try whether any peece of gold that shal come to his hands be true or connterfeit [sic] ... Also a perfect way to try what colour any berry, leafe, flower, stalke, root, fruit, seed, barke, or wood will give: with a perfect way to make colours that they shall not stayne nor fade like ordinary colours. ...Plattes, Gabriel, fl. 1638-1640.A09740EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The secrets and wonders of the world A booke right rare and straunge, containing many excellent properties, giuen to man, beastes, foules, fishes and serpents, trees, plants &c. Abstracted out of that excellent naturall historiographer Plinie. Translated out of French into English.Pliny, the Elder.A09766EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christian meditations vpon eight Psalmes of the prophet Dauid. Made and newly set forth by Theodore Beza. Translated out of French, for the common benefite, into the vulgare tongue by I.S.Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A09772EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fauourite: or, A plaine demonstration from Holy Scripture of Gods especiall loue to the righteous, in a sermon preached at S. Andrewes in Norwich, the 18. of Nouemb. 1611. since enlarged and newly published for the comfort of Gods people. By Timo: Plummer preacher of Gods wordPlummer, Timothy.A09780EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Inimicus amicus an excellent treatise, shewing, how a man may reape profit by his enemy.Plutarch.A09782EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Three [morall] treatises no lesse pleasau[nt] than necessary for all men to read[e,] wherof the one is called the learned prince, the other the fruites of foes, the thyrde the porte of rest.Plutarch.A09799EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sunday no Sabbath A sermon preached before the Lord Bishop of Lincolne, at his Lordships visitation at Ampthill in the county of Bedford, Aug. 17. 1635. By John Pocklington Doctor of Divinitie, late fellow and president both of Pembroke Hall and Sidney Colledge in Cambridge, and chaplaine to the Right Reverend Father in God the Lord Bishop of Lincolne.Pocklington, John.A09813EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The substance of Christian religion soundly set forth in two bookes, by definitions and partitions, framed according to the rules of a naturall method, by Amandus Polanus professor of diuinitie. The first booke concerneth faith. The second concerneth good workes. The principall pointes whereof are contained in a short table hereunto annexed. Translated out of Latin into English by E.W.Polanus von Polansdorf, Amandus, 1561-1610.A09819EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of Amandus Polanus, concerning Gods eternall predestination Wherein both this excellent doctrine is briefly and syncerely deliuered, and many hard places of Scripture are opened and maintained against the corrupt expositions of Bellarmine and other adversaries.Polanus von Polansdorf, Amandus, 1561-1610.A09822EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
All the famous battels that haue bene fought in our age throughout the worlde, as well by sea as lande set foorth at large, liuely described, beautified, and enriched with sundry eloquent orations, and the declaratio[n]s of the causes, with the fruites of them. Collected out of sundry good authors, whose names are expressed in the next page.A09824EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The second part of the booke of battailes, fought in our age taken out of the best authors and writers in sundrie languages. Published for the profit of those that practise armes, and for the pleasure of such as loue to be harmlesse hearers of bloudie broiles.A09826EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Fyve homiles of late, made by a ryght good and vertuous clerke, called master Leonarde Pollarde, prebendary of the Cathedrall Churche of Woster, directed and dedicated to the ryght reuerende Father in God Rychard by the permissyon of God bysshoppe of Woster his specyall good Lorde. Vewed, examined, and alowed by the right reuerende Father in God Edmonde byshop of London, within whose diocese they are imprinted. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solumPollard, Leonard, d. 1556.A09827EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A True reporte of the taking of the great towne and castell of Polotzko by the King of Polonia with the manner of the assaults, batteries, undermininges, skirmishes and fyreworkes, that were there vsed from the 11 of August to the 30 of the same month 1579.A09828EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The hystories of the most famous and worthy cronographer Polybius discoursing of the warres betwixt the Romanes [and] Carthaginenses, a riche and goodly worke, conteining holsome counsels [and] wonderfull deuises against the incombrances of fickle fortune. Englished by C.W. Wherevnto is annexed an abstract, compendiously coarcted out of the life & worthy acts, perpetuate by our puissaunt prince king Henry the fift.Polybius.A09832EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[The noble history of King Ponthus.]A09842EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Pontici Virunnii viri doctissimi Britannicæ historiæ libri sex magna et fide et diligentia conscripti: ad Britannici codicis fidem correcti, & ab infinitis mendis liberati: quibus præfixus est catalogus regum Britanniæ: per Dauidem Pouelum, S. Theolog. professorem.Geoffrey, of Monmouth, Bishop of St. Asaph, 1100?-1154.A09845EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A gagge for the Pope, and the Iesuits: or The arraignement, and execution of Antichrist Shevving plainely, that Antichrist shall be discouered, and punished in this vvorld: to the amasement of all obstinate papists.A09847EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A looking-glasse for the soule, and a definition thereof. Written by Edward Popham GentlemanPopham, Edward, gentleman.A09850EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon of gods fearefull threatnings for idolatrye mixing of religion, retayning of idolatrous remnaunts, and other wickednesse: with a treatise against usurie. Preached in Paules Churche the. xv. daye of Maye. 1570. being Monday in whitson weeke. Written and dedicated to the magistrates and all the citizens of London: with a brief table to finde out the principall matters contayned therin: by Richarde Porder. Seene and allowed according to the queenes iniunctions.Porder, Richard, d. 1547.A09852EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The flowers of the liues of the most renowned saincts of the three kingdoms England Scotland, and Ireland written and collected out of the best authours and manuscripts of our nation, and distributed according to their feasts in the calendar. By the R. Father, Hierome Porter priest and monke of the holy order of Sainct Benedict, of the congregation of England. The first tome.Porter, Jerome, d. 1632.A09859EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true copie of an edict, made by the king of Spaine, concerning the new Christians dwelling in Portugall, and of their departure out of his saide realmes & dominions, freely without molestation, or losse of their goodes, and also of free libertie to them graunted, for their returne againe into his realmes and dominions: whensoever they shall thinke good. Translated out of the Portugall language, into English. 1602Spain. Sovereign (1598-1621 : Philip III)A09864EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Dialogues containing all the most vsefull vvords of the Latine tongue And a Latine oration concerning the way of learning, and teaching the Latine and Greeke tongues. Written by Iohn Posselius. And word for word for the most part construed out of Latine into English.Posselius, Johannes, 1565-1623.A09865EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The baronets buriall, or A funerall sermon preached at the solemnitie of that honourable baronet Sr Edvvard Seymours buriall. By Barnaby Potter Bachelor in Divinitie, fellow of Queenes College in Oxford, and preacher to the towne of Tottnes in DevonPotter, Barnaby, 1577-1642.A09867EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at the consecration of the right Reverend Father in God Barnaby Potter DD. and L. Bishop of Carlisle, at Ely house in Holbourne March 15. 1628. By Christopher Potter D.D. provost of Queenes Colledge in Oxford. Hereunto is added an advertisement touching the history of the quarrels of Pope Paul 5 with the Venetians; penned in Italian by F. Paul, and done into English by the former authorPotter, Christopher, 1591-1646.A09868EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Want of charitie iustly charged, on all such Romanists, as dare (without truth or modesty) affirme, that Protestancie destroyeth salvation in answer to a late popish pamphlet intituled Charity mistaken &c. / by Christopher Potter ...Potter, Christopher, 1591-1646.A09869EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse, of the true and visible markes of the Catholique Churche vvritten by M. Theod. Beza. VezeliusBèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A09876EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A consideration of the depriued and silenced ministers arguments, for their restitution to the vse and libertie of their ministerie exhibited in their late supplication, vnto the honorable states assembled in this present Parliament. By Gabriel Powel.Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611.A09880EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A consideration of the papists reasons of state and religion, for toleration of poperie in England intimated in their supplication vnto the Kings Maiestie, [and] the states of the present Parliament.Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611.A09881EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mysterie of redemption. Or The particular manner how man is redeemed from sinne, iustified before God, and made partaker of euerlasting life Describing the nature, causes, parts, properties and effects of iustification. With divers sweet and comfortable prayers interposed betweene euerie chapter.Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611.A09883EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A refutation of an epistle apologeticall written by a puritan-papist to perswade the permission of the promiscuous vse and profession of all sects and heresies wherein the vnlawfulnesse and danger of such wicked licence is fully declared by auctoritie of Scriptures, canons, councels, fathers, lawes of Christian emperours, and iudgement of reason. Together with the punishment of heretiques and idolaters.Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611.A09885EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The resolued Christian, exhorting to resolution Written, to recall the worldling, to comfort the faint-harted, to strengthen the faithfull, and to perswade all men, so to runne, that they may obtaine. By Gabriel Powel.Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611.A09887EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Theologicall and scholasticall positions concerning vsurie Set forth by definitions; framed according to the rules of a naturall method.Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611.A09891EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The loue of VVales to their soueraigne prince expressed in a true relation of the solemnity held at Ludlow in the countie of Salop, vpon the fourth of Nouember last past. Anno Domini. 1616. Being the day of the creation of the high and mighty Charles, Prince of Wales, and Earle of Chester, in his Maiesties palace of White-Hall.Powel, Daniel.A09895EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Depopulation arraigned, convicted and condemned, by the lawes of God and man a treatise necessary in these times; by R.P. of Wells, one of the Societie of New Inne.Powell, Robert, fl. 1636-1652.A09897EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The art of thriving. Or, The plaine path-way to preferment. Together with The mysterie and misery of lending and borrowing. As also a table of the expence of time and money. Published for the common good of all sorts, &c.Powell, Thomas, 1572?-1635?A09899EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse wrytten by M. Theodore de Beza, conteyning in briefe the historie of the life and death of Maister Iohn Caluin with the testament and laste will of the saide Caluin, and the catalogue of his bookes that he hath made. Turned out of Frenche into Englishe, by I.S. In the yeare of our Lorde. M.D.LXIIII. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed in the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A09907EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An euident display of Popish practises, or patched Pelagianisme Wherein is mightelie cleared the soueraigne truth of Gods eternall predestination, the stayd groundworke of oure most assured safetie by Christ. Written in Latin by that reuerend father, mayster Theodore Beza, and now lately Englished by VV.H. preacher of the Gospell.Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A09918EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Prepositas his practise a vvorke very necessary to be vsed for the better preseruation of the health of man. Wherein are not onely most excellent and approued medicines, receiptes, and ointmentes of great vertue, but also most pretious waters, against many infirmities of the body. The way how to make euery the said seuerall medicines, receiptes, and ointmentes. With a table for the ready finding out of euery the diseases, and the remedies for the same. Translated out of Latin into English by L.M.A09920EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A fourme of prayer to be vsed in priuate houses euery mornyng and euenyngA09926EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The copie of a pistel or letter sent to Gilbard Potter in the tyme when he was in prison for speakinge on our most true quenes part the Lady Mary before he had his eares cut of. The. xiii of Julye.Poor Pratte.A09927EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A good and godly prayer to be said at all tymes of euery Christen, both man and woman, with a prayer vpon the Pater noster or paraphrase vpon the same.A09928EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Deuoute prayers in Englysshe of thactes of our redemptionA09934EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certeine prayers and godly meditacyons very nedefull for euery ChristenA09935EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
In the time of Gods visitation by sicknesse or mortality especially may be used by governours of families.A09938EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Praiers of holi fathers, patryarches, prophetes, iudges, kynges, and renowmed men and wemen of eyther testamenteA09942EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A historicall relation of the famous siege of the citie called the Busse Herevnto is added a generall mappe of the whole campe and siege, with particular mappes of all the seuerall approches in euery quarter. Compyled togeather and designed according to the iust measure and rule of geometrie by Iames Prempart, ingener to his Majestie of Sweden.Prempart, Jacques.A09944EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Godlye and holesome preseruatyue against desperatiõ at all times necessarye for the soule but then chiefly to be bled and ministred when the deuill doth assault us moost fiercely, and deth approcheth niest.A09945EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A preparation to the due consideration and reverent comming to the holy communion of the body and blood of our Lorde The contentes whereof followe in the next page.A09946EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly and holsom preseruatyue against disperacio[n] at al times necessarye for the soule: but then chiefelye to be vsed and ministred when the deuil doth assault vs most fiersely, & doth approcheth nieste.A09947EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Eggington in the county of Darby concerning the right vse of things indifferent, the 3. day of August, 1596. By Symon Presse minister there.Presse, Symon, b. 1558 or 9.A09949EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The iudgement of a most reuerend and learned man from beyond the seas concerning a threefold order of bishops, with a declaration of certaine other waightie points, concerning the discipline and gouernement of the Church.Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A09952EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A little catechisme, that is to say, a short instruction touching christian religion, set forth by Theodorus Beza Minister of the Church of God in GeneuaBèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A09959EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A little catechisme, that is to saye, a short instruction touching Christian religion set forth by Theodorus Beza ...Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A09973EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Maister Bezaes houshold prayers translated out of French into English.Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A09974EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The lavv out lavved or, The charter of the Gospell shewing the priviledge and prerogative of the saints by vertue of the covenant Wherein these foure points of doctrine are properly observed, plainely proved, both by Scripture, and reason: and pithily applyed. Viz: doctrine 1 That he that is in the state of grace lyeth in no knowne sinne, no sinne hath dominion over him. 2 That sinne though it doth not raigne in the saints, yet it doth remaine and dwell in them. 3 That the way to overcome sinne, is to get assurance of the love, and grace, and favour of God, whereby it is forgiven them. 4 That whosoever is under the law, sinne hath dominion over him. By that late faithfull and worthy minister of Iesus Christ. Iohn Preston. Doctor in divinity, chaplaine in ordinary to his Majestie, master of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and sometimes preacher of Lincolnes Inne.Preston, John, 1587-1628.A09976EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ane oration made by Master Theodore de Beze, minister of the word of God, accompanyed with. xi. other ministers and. xx. deputies of the refourmed churches of the realme of Fraunce, in the presence of the king, ... Tuesday the ix. day of September, 1561, in the noonnery of Poyssy. Truely gathered and set forth in suct sort as it was spoken by the said de Beze. Whereunto is added a brief declaration exhibited by the said Beze, to the Quene the mother, the next morowe after the making of the said oration, touching certain poyntes conteyned in the sameBèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A10008EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The second oration of Master Theodore de Beze, minister of the holy gospel, made and pronounced at Poussy, in the open assemblye of [ye] prelates of Fraunce, in the prese[n]ce of the Quene, mother, and princes of the bloud ryal. The. xxvi. day of Septe[m]ber. Anno. 1561Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A10028EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The doctrine of the sacrament of the Lords Supper handled. And plainely layd open out of the 1. Cor. 11. 23.24. &c. Wherein the nature of this sacrament is faithfully discussed, the matter of it, together with the necessity of often receiuing, truly declared; the words of consecration embowelled, and errours with the cauills of papists soundly confuted. By Richard Preston preacher of Gods word at Rushden in Northamptonshire.Preston, Richard, d. ca. 1624.A10036EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Duties of communicants, or a treatise, teaching such as purpose to receiue the sacrament of the Lords Supper how they may rightly carrie themselues, before, in, and after the action of receiuing. By R: Preston, preacher of Gods Word at Rushden in Northampton-shire.Preston, Richard, d. ca. 1624.A10037EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The godly mans inquisition lately deliuered in two sermons before the right honourable Henry, Lord Montague, late lord high treasurer, priuie counsellor, &c. other gentlemen of worship, at Kimolton on their annuall feast day. By R. Preston, Preacher of Gods word.Preston, Richard, d. ca. 1624.A10038EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Short questions and answers, plainely opening and explaining both the nature and also the vse of the sacraments of baptisme and the Lords Supper Very profitable for all those who desire to know the nature and vse of the said sacraments. By Richard Preston, preacher of the Word of God at Rushden in Northhampton shiere.Preston, Richard, d. ca. 1624.A10040EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A lamentable tragedy mixed ful of pleasant mirth, conteyning the life of Cambises king of Percia from the beginning of his kingdome vnto his death, his one good deed of execution, after that many wicked deeds and tirannous murders, committed by and through him, and last of all, his odious death by Gods iustice appointed. Doon in such order as foloweth. By Thomas Preston. The diuision of the partes. ...Preston, Thomas, 1537-1598.A10041EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The creation of the Prince· A sermon preached in the Colledge of VVestminster, on Trinity Sunday, the day before the creation of the most illustrious Prince of Wales. By Daniell Price, chapleine in ordinary, and then in attendance on the Prince.Price, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10044EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
David his oath of allegeance to Ierusalem The sermon preached on Act Sunday last in the morning, in St. Maries in Oxford. By Daniel Price Doctor in Divinity.Price, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10045EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The defence of truth against a booke falsely called The triumph of truth sent over from Arras A.D. 1609. By Humfrey Leech late minister Which booke in all particulars is answered, and the adioining motiues of his revolt confuted: by Daniell Price, of Exeter Colledge in Oxford, chaplaine in ordinary to the most high and mighty, the Prince of Wales.Price, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10046EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A heartie prayer, in a needfull time of trouble. The sermon preached at Theobalds, before his Maiestie, and the lords of the Priuie Councell, an houre before the death of our late soueraigne King Iames. On Sunday, March 27. / By D. Price, deane of Hereford, then in attendance, and now chaplaine in ordinarie to his Maiestie.Price, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10047EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lamentations for the death of the late illustrious Prince Henry: and the dissolution of his religious familie Two sermons: preached in his Highnesse chappell at Saint Iames, on the 10. and 15. day of Nouember, being the first Tuesday and Sunday after his decease. By Daniel Price, chaplaine then in attendance.Price, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10049EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The marchant A sermon preached at Paules Crosse on Sunday the 24. of August, being the day before Bartholomew faire. 1607. By Daniell Price Master of Arts, of Exeter Colledge in Oxford.Price, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10050EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Maries memoriall A sermon preached at St. Maries Spittle on Monday in Easter weeke being Aprill 1. 1616. By Daniel Price Doctor of Diuinitie, and chaplaine vnto the Kings maiestie.Price, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10051EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Prælium & præmium. The Christians warre and rewarde A sermon preached before the Kings maiestie at VVhitehall the 3. of May. 1608. By Daniell Price Master of Arts of Exeter Colledge, and chapleyn in ordinarie to the princePrice, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10052EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Prince Henry his first anniversary. By Daniel Price Doctor in Divinity, one of his Highnesse chaplainesPrice, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10053EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Prince Henry his second anniversary· By Daniel Price Doctor in Divinity, of his Highnesse chaplainesPrice, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10055EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Recusants conversion a sermon preached at St. James, before the Prince on the 25. of Februarie. 1608. By Daniell Price Master of Arts, of Exeter Colledge in Oxford.Price, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10056EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sauls prohibition staide. Or The apprehension, and examination of Saule And the inditement of all that persecute Christ, with a reproofe of those that traduce the honourable plantation of Virginia. Preached in a sermon commaunded at Pauls Crosse, vpon Rogation Sunday, being the 28. of May. 1609. By Daniel Price, Chapleine in ordinarie to the Prince, and Master of Artes of Exeter Colledge in Oxford.Price, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10057EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Spirituall odours to the memory of Prince Henry in foure of the last sermons preached in St James after his Highnesse death, the last being the sermon before the body, the day before the funerall. By Daniel Price then chaplaine in attendance.Price, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10059EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The spring A sermon preached before the Prince at S. Iames, on Mid-lent Sunday last. By Daniel Price, chapleine in ordinarie to the Prince, and Master of Artes of Exeter Colledge in Oxford.Price, Daniel, 1581-1631.A10060EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The laver of the heart; or Bath of sanctification Preached at Pauls Crosse the first of September last, 1615. By Gabriel Price, minister and preacher of Gods word.Price, Gabriel.A10061EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The eagles flight or six principall notes, or sure markes for euery true Christian to soare vp to the euerlasting nest of Gods eternall kingdome. As it was deliuered in a most godly and fruitfull sermon at Paules Crosse. By Maister Price of S. Iohns in Oxford.Price, Henry, 1566 or 7-1600.A10062EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The beauty of holines: or The consecration of a house of prayer, by the example of our Sauiour A sermon preached in the chappell at the free-schoole in Shrewsbury. the 10. day of September, Anno Dom. 1617. At the consecration of the chappell, by the Right Reuerend Father in God, the Lord Bishop of Couentrey and Lichfield. By Sampson Price, Doctor in Diuinity, and chapleine in ordinary to his Maiesty.Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630.A10073EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The clearing of the saints sight A sermon preached at Cundouer neere the religious and ancient towne of Shrevvsbury. By Sampson Price Batchelour of Diuinitie of Exeter Colledge in Oxford.Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630.A10074EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ephesus vvarning before her woe A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse on Passion Sunday, the 17. of March last. By Sampson Price, Bachelour of Diuinity, of Exeter Colledge in Oxford: and lecturer at S. Olaus.Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630.A10076EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A heavenly proclamation to fly Romish Babylon A sermon preached at Oxford in St Maries Nov. 21. 1613. By Sampson Price Master of Arts of Exeter Colledge and preacher to the citty of Oxford.Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630.A10077EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Londons warning by Laodicea's luke-warmnesse. Or A sermon preached at Paules-crosse, the 10. of October, 1613 Being the first Sunday in tearme. By Sampson Price, Mr. of Arts, of Exeter-Colledge; and preacher to the cittie of Oxford.Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630.A10079EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The two twins of birth and death A sermon preached in Christs Church in London, the 5. of September. 1624. By Samson Price, Doctor of Diuinitie, one of his Majesties chapleins in ordinarie. Vpon the occasion of the funeralls of Sir William Byrde Knight. Doctor of the Law, deane of the Arches, and iudge of the Prerogatiue Court of the Archbishop of Canterburie.Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630.A10080EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ianitor animæ: the soules porter to cast out sinne, and to keepe out sinne. A treatise of the feare of God. Written by William Price, Batchelour of Divinitie, and vicar of Brigstocke in Northamptonshire.Price, William, d. 1666.A10081EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The doctrine of superioritie, and of subiection, contained in the fift commandement of the holy law of almightie God Which is the foundamentall ground, both of all Christian subiection: and also of like Christian gouernment, as well in church, and common-wealth, as in euery schoole and priuate familie. A pretious memorial of the substance of manie godly sermons, preached by the learned and faithfull seruant of God, Ma. Robert Pricke, minister of the vvord, at Denham in Suffolke.Pricke, Robert, d. ca. 1608.A10083EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A verie godlie and learned sermon treating of mans mortalitie, and of the estate both of his bodie and soule after death. Preached at Denham in Suffolke. At the celebration of the solemne and mournfull funerals of the right orshipfull Sir Edward Lewkenor Knight, and of the vertuous Ladie Susan, his wife, both at once. By M. Robert Pricke their beloued and faithfull minister: now also since that time (to the encrease of our sorow for the losse of so excellent a light) departed this life.Pricke, Robert, d. ca. 1608.A10084EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Psalmes of Dauid truly opened and explaned by paraphrasis, according to the right sense of euerie Psalme. With large and ample arguments before euerie Psame, declaring the true vse thereof. To the which is added a briefe table, shewing wherevnto euery Psalme is particularly to be applied, according to the direction of M. Beza and Tremellius. Set foorth in Latine by that excellent learned man Theodore Beza. And faithfully translated into English, by Anthonie Gilbie, and by him newly purged from sundrie faultes escaped in the first print, and supplied with the principal pointes of euerie Psalme, summarilie set downe in a table at the end of the booke.A10086EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The consolations of David, breefly applied to Queene Elizabeth in a sermon preached in Oxford the 17. of Nouember. By Iohn Prime, 1588.Prime, John, 1550-1596.A10110EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposition, and observations upon Saint Paul to the Galathians togither with incident quæstions debated, and motiues remoued, by Iohn Prime.Prime, John, 1550-1596.A10111EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A fruitefull and briefe discourse in two bookes: the one of nature, the other of grace with conuenient aunswer to the enemies of grace, vpon incident occasions offered by the late Rhemish notes in their new translation of the new Testament, & others. Made by Iohn Prime fellow of New Colledge in Oxford.Prime, John, 1550-1596.A10112EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon briefly comparing the estate of King Salomon and his subiectes togither with the condition of Queene Elizabeth and her people preached in Sainct Maries in Oxford the 17. of Nouember, and now printed with some small alteration, by Iohn Prime, 1585Prime, John, 1550-1596.A10113EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[A short treatise of the sacraments generally, and in speciall of baptisme, and of the Supper] [written by Iohn Prime ...]Prime, John, 1550-1596.A10114EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The antimoniall cup twice cast: or a treatise concerning the antimoniall cup, shewing the abuse thereof. First, written in Latine by Iames Primrose Dr. of physicke, in consideration of a small pamphlet set forth by the founder of the cup. Translated into English by Robert Wittie, Master of Arts, PhiliatrPrimerose, James, ca. 1598-1659.A10126EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A chaine of pearle. Or A memoriall of the peerles graces, and heroick vertues of Queene Elizabeth, of glorious memory. Composed by the noble lady, Diana PrimrosePrimrose, Diana.A10131EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christian mans teares and Christs comforts. Delivered at a fast the seventh of Octob. An[n]o. 1624. By Gilbert Primerose minister of the French Church of London.Primrose, Gilbert, ca. 1580-1642.A10132EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Iacobs vovv, opposed to the vowes of monkes and friers The first volume in two bookes; of the Holy Scripture, and euangelicall counsels. Written in French by Mr. Gilbert Primerose, minister of the word of God in the Reformed Church of Burdeaux. And translated into English by Iohn Bulteel minister of the gospel of Iesus Christ.Primrose, Gilbert, ca. 1580-1642.A10133EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The righteous mans euils, and the Lords deliuerances. By Gilbert Primerose, minister of the French Church in LondonPrimrose, Gilbert, ca. 1580-1642.A10134EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The table of the Lord whereof, 1. The vvhole seruice, is the liuing bread. 2. The guests, any man. 3. The mouth to eate, faith onely. By Gilbert Primerose, Doctour of Divinitie, one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinary, and pastour of the French church at London.Primrose, Gilbert, ca. 1580-1642.A10135EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The schoole of honest and vertuous lyfe profitable and necessary for all estates and degrees, to be trayned in: but (cheefely) for the pettie schollers, the yonger sorte, of both kindes; bee they men or women. by T.P. Also, a laudable and learned discourse, of the worthynesse of honorable wedlocke, written in the behalfe of all (aswell) maydes as wydowes, (generally) for their singuler instruction, to choose them vertuous and honest husbandes: but (most specialy) sent writte[n] as a iewell vnto a worthy gentlewoman, in the time of her widowhood, to direct & guide her in the new election of her seconde husband. By her approoued freend and kinseman. I.R.Pritchard, Thomas, fl. 1579.A10138EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A vvorthy vvorke profitable to this whole kingdome Concerning the mending of all high-waies, as also for waters and iron workes. By Tho: Procter Esquire.Procter, Thomas.A10145EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fal of the late ArrianProctor, John, 1521?-1584.A10149EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The right of Kings conteyning a defence of their supremacy, over all persons and in all causes, as well ecclesiasticall as civill, within their severall dominions : herewithall is proved by testimony of Holy Scripture, that Christian Kinges are to haue such dignity, and execute such office in the Christian church, as Gods kinges had exercised in the church under the lawe : which part of the mysterie of Gods will, as it hath been wickedly under poperie shut up from men, so it is in our tymes right needfull that the same be opened to all Christian nations.Procter, Thomas.A10151EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The prompters packet of private and familar letters fitted (in sundrie formes) to mens seuerall occasions and according to the qualitie of persons. Not vnworthy imitation of the most: but most necessarie for such as want either facultie or facilitie to endight.A10156EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Prosopopoeia. Or, A conference held at Angelo Castle, between the Pope, the Emperor, and the King of SpaineA10165EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The first part of Protestants proofes, for Catholikes religion and recusancy Taken only from the vvritings, of such Protestant doctors and diuines of England, as haue beene published in the raigne of his Majesty ouer this kingdome.Broughton, Richard.A10168EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The protestants and Iesuites vp in armes in Gulicke-land Also, a true and wonderfull relation of a Dutch maiden (called Eue Fliegen of Meurs in the county of Meurs) who being now (this present yeare) 36 yeares of age, hath fasted for the space of 14 yeares, confirmed by the testimony of persons, both honourable and worshipfull, (as well English, as Dutch. Truely translatedi [sic] according to the Dutch coppyA10169EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The other parte of Christian questions and answeares which is concerning the sacraments, writte[n] by Theodore Beza Vezelian: to which is added a large table of the same questions. Translated out of Latine into Englishe by Iohn Field.Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A10170EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Protestants demonstrations, for Catholiks recusance All taken from such English Protestant bishops, doctors, ministers, parlaments, lawes, decrees, and proceedings, as haue beene printed, published, or allowed among them in England; since the cominge of our king Iames into this kingdome: and for the most parte within the first six or seuen yeares thereof. And euidentlie prouinge by their owne writings, that english Catholiks may not vnder damnable syn, co[m]municate with English Protestants, in their seruice, sermons, or matters of religion: and soe conuincinge by the[m]selues, their religio[n] to be most damnable, & among other things, their ministery to bee voide, false & vsurped.A10173EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A shorte declaration of the lives and doctrinde [sic] of the Protestants and puritans vvher by one of independent iudgment may knovv the holinesse of their religion.A10174EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse of housebandrie, no lesse profitable then delectable declaryng how by the housebandrie, or rather housewiferie of hennes, for fiue hundreth Frankes or Frenche poundes (making in Englishe money lv.£i. xi.s̄. i.d.) once emploied, one maie gaine in the yere, fower thousande and fiue hundreth Frankes (whiche in Englishe money, maketh fiue hundreth pou[n]des) of honest profite: All costes and charges deducted. Written in the Frenche tongue by Maister Prudent Choselat. And lately translated into English by R.E.Prudent Le Choyselat, M.A10175EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse of housebandrie No lesse profitable then delectable: declaryng how by the housebandrie, or rather housewiferie of Hennes, for fiue hundred frankes or Frenche poundes (makyng Englishe money lv.pi.xi.s̄.i.d.) once emploied, one maie gaine in the yere fower thousande and fiue hundreth frankes (whiche in Englishe money, maketh fiue hundreth poundes) of honest profite: all costes and charges deducted. Written in the Frenche tongue by Maister Prudens Choiselat. And lately translated into Englishe by R.E.Prudent Le Choyselat, M.A10176EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth the compost of Ptholomeus, prynce of astronomye: translated oute of Frenche in to Englysshe, for them that wolde haue knowlege of the compostA10201EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The life of the holy and venerable mother Suor Maria Maddalena De Patsi a Florentine lady, & religious of the Order of the Carmelites. Written in Italian by the Reuerend Priest Sigr. Vincentio Puccini, who was sometymes her ghostly father. And now translated into English.Puccini, Vincenzio.A10206EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true table of all such fees as are due to the Bishop of London and all his depending officers, as commissaryes, registers, proctors, and apparitors, as hath been given in to his Majestyes commissioners in Starchamber under their own hands in the month of November M. DC. XXX. Whereto is added a true discovery of such fees ordinarily exacted by them upon his Majestyes good subjects contrary to this their own table and the statute laws of the land. Published by Steven Puckell and sent as a love token for his countryes good.Puckell, Steven.A10207EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An alarum for ladyes by the Sieur de la Serre, historiographer of France ; nevvly turn'd out of Franch [sic] into English by Francis Hawkins, dravving on to the tenth yeare of his age.La Serre, M. de (Jean-Puget), ca. 1600-1665.A10209EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The secretary in fashion: or, A compendious and refined way of expression in all manner of letters. Composed in French by P. Sr de la Serre, historiographer of France. And translated into English, by John Massinger, GentLa Serre, M. de (Jean-Puget), ca. 1600-1665.A10214EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ieremiahs teares, or A sermon preached in York-minster vpon Trinity Sunday, in the yeare of our Lord, 1604 when the sicknes was begunne in the cittie. By Thomas Pullein vicar of Pontefract, sometime chaplaine of New Colledge in Oxford.Pullein, Thomas.A10216EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
De pace Regis et regni viz. A treatise declaring vvhich be the great and generall offences of the realme, and the chiefe impediments of the peace of the King and kingdome, as menaces, assaults, batteries, treasons, homicides, and felonies ... and by whome, and what meanes the sayd offences, and the offendors therein are to bee restrained, repressed, or punished. ... Collected out of the reports of the common lawes of this realme, and of the statutes in force, and out of the painfull workes of the reuerend iudges Sir Anthonie Fitzharbert, Sir Robert Brooke, Sir William Stanford, Sir Iames Dyer, Sir Edward Coke, Knights, and other learned writers of our lawes, by Ferdinando Pulton of Lincolnes Inne, Esquier.Pulton, Ferdinando, 1536-1618.A10218EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A new dialoge called the endightment agaynste mother MessePunt, William.A10222EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Purchas, his paradise A sermon preached at Lismore in Ireland, upon Sunday the 18. of December, 1634. Preached, and now presented as [sic] the Lord Dungarvans welcome into Ireland. By Ambrose Purchas priest.Purchas, Ambrose.A10225EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Purchas his pilgrimage. Or Relations of the vvorld and the religions obserued in all ages and places discouered, from the Creation vnto this present Contayning a theologicall and geographicall historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the ancient religions before the Floud ... The fourth edition, much enlarged with additions, and illustrated with mappes through the whole worke; and three whole treatises annexed, one of Russia and other northeasterne regions by Sr. Ierome Horsey; the second of the Gulfe of Bengala by Master William Methold; the third of the Saracenicall empire, translated out of Arabike by T. Erpenius. By Samuel Purchas, parson of St. Martins by Ludgate, London.Purchas, Samuel, 1577?-1626.A10231EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The communicants duty set forth in eight sermons / preached at Kings-Lynne in Norfolke by Thomas Purchas ...Purchas, Thomas.A10232EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two very lerned sermons of M. Beza, togither with a short sum of the sacrament of the Lordes Supper: Wherevnto is added a treatise of the substance of the Lords Supper, wherin is breflie and soundlie discussed the p[r]incipall points in controuersie, concerning that question. By T.W.Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A10233EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A rejoynder unto William Malone's reply to the first article Wherein the founders of unwritten traditions are confounded, out of the sure foundation of Scripture, and the true tradition of the Church. By Roger Puttocke, minister of Gods word at Novan.Puttock, Roger.A10240EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The heart of the king, and the king of the heart, or, A briefe vnfolding of that remarkable proverbe of the royall preacher ... written in the time of His Maiesties abode at Plimmouth, and preferred vnto him in his returne from thence, anno 1625 : together with a short meditation vpon 2. Sam. 24.15., preached at a weekely lecture in Deuon, in those fearefull times of mortalitie / by J.P. Master of Arts and minister of the gospell.Pyne, John.A10242EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Musarum deliciae Contayning more then a select century of royall Latine anagrams, besides diverse written in English, upon the sacred name and titles of our dread soveraigne and of his dearest consort, and their most princely progeny. Together with apposite anagrams upon all the English monarchs that have lived and died since the union of the royall roses and houses of Yorke and Lancaster. Some few of those extracted from his Maiesties imperiall name, have been heretofore presented to his royall hands with gracious acceptance. The Latine anagrammes are expressed in English verses in the opposite columne. Perused anew, and now published altogether, (with the authors assent) by Arthur Pyne Esquire, to whom the anagrams made in honour of the Prince his Highnesse were in speciall manner directed.Pyne, John, d. 1644.A10243EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The praise and dispraise of women very fruitfull to the well disposed minde, and delectable to the readers therof. And a fruitfull shorte dialogue vppon the sentence, know before thou knitte. C. Pyrrye.Pyrrye, C.A10244EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A brefe and pleasaunte worke, and sience, of the phelosopher, Pictagoras wherin is declared the aunswer of questyo[n]s which therein be obtained after ye order of thys syence, both for syckens, [and] helth, with dyuers other pretye questions, verye pleasent to pase the tyme whith, taken and getherd out of ye sayd Pictagoras. worke.Pythagoras.A10245EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Propositions and principles of diuinitie propounded and disputed in the vniuersitie of Geneua, by certaine students of diuinitie there, vnder M. Theod. Beza, and M. Anthonie Faius ... Wherein is contained a methodicall summarie, or epitome of the common places of diuinitie. Translated out of Latine into English, to the end that the causes, both of the present dangers of that Church, and also of the troubles of those that are hardlie dealt vvith els-vvhere, may appeare in the English tongue.Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.A10250EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Church-customes vindicated in tvvo sermons preached at Kingstone upon Thames: the one at the primary visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God Richard by the grace of God late L.B. of Winton, anno 1628. The other at the first metropoliticall visitation of the Most Reverend Father in God William by the grace of God Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury his grace, &c. July 9. 1635. By William Quelch B.D. and R. of East-horsly Surrey.Quelch, William.A10268EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certaine questions by way of conference betwixt a chauncelor and a kinswoman of his concerning the churching of womenA10269EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certayne short questions and answeres Very profitable and necessarye for yong children, and such as are desirous to be instructed in the principles of the Christian fayth.A10270EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Let quilibet beware of quodlibetA10280EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The memorie of the most worthie and renowmed Bernard Stuart, Lord D'Aubigni renewed VVhereunto are added vvishes presented to the Prince at his creation. By Walter Quin, seruant to his Highnesse.Quin, Walter.A10283EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
True and wonderfull A discourse relating to a strange and monstrous serpent (or dragon) lately discouered, and yet liuing, to the great annoyance and diuers slaughters both of men and cattell, by his strong and violent poyson, in Sussex two miles from Horsam, in a woode called S. Leonards Forrest, and thirtie miles from London, this present month of August. 1614. With the true generation of serpents.A. R., fl. 1614.A10285EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An epitaph, on the death of the late most reuerend Father in God, Iohn: by his prouidence the Arch-Byshop of Canterburie his Grace. &c. Made to runne vpon the letters of his names and tytles. &c. His Grace deceased at Lambeth in the yeere of his age 72. Februarie 29. 1603. And his funerall rightes were kept at Croyden the 27. of March following. 1604.A10291EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A most straunge, and true discourse, of the wonderfull iudgement of God. Of a monstrous, deformed infant, begotten by incestuous copulation, betweene the brothers sonne and the sisters daughter, being both vnmarried persons. Which childe was borne at Colwall, in the country and diocesse of Hereford, vpon the sixt day of Ianuary last, being the feast of the Epiphany, commonly called Twelfth day. A notable and most terrible example against incest and whoredome.I. R., fl. 1600.A10292EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A poeme, on the Kings most excellent Maiesties happy progresse into Scotland, and much desired returne May. 1633.I. R., fl. 1633.A10293EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[The perfect pathway to salvation]A10295EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A subtill practise, vvrought in Paris by Fryer Frauncis who to deceiue Fryer Donnet of a sweet skind nun which he secretly kept, procured him to go to Rome, where he tolde the Pope a notable lie concerning the taking of the king of France prisoner by the Duke de Mayne: for which, they whipt ech other so greeuously in Rome, that they died thereof within two dayes after.L. R., fl. 1590.A10299EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mothers counsell or, liue within compasse Being the last will and testament to her dearest daughter.M. R.A10300EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A president for young pen-men. Or The letter-writer Containing letters of sundry sortes, with their seuerall answeres. Full of variety, delight, and pleasure, and most necessary for the instruction of those that can write, but haue not the guift of enditing.M. R., fl. 1638.A10301EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The house-holders helpe, for domesticall discipline: or A familiar conference of household instruction and correction fit for the godly gouernment of Christian families. Dedicated to all religious house-holders by R.R. minister of Gods Word.R. R., minister of Gods Word.A10304EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A consort of the creatures with the creator, and with themselues. By R.R. of Lincolnes Inne student in the common lawes.Rawlyns, Roger.A10306EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the sacrament of the confirmation wherein is shewed the necessary spirituall profit, and excellencie of this sacrament. Composed by W.R.Smith, Richard, 1566-1655.A10309EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
True newes of a notable victorie obtayned against the Turkes, by the right honourable Lorde, Adolph Baron of Swartzburg, the 18. day of March last past, anno 1598 vvhen as he and his armie three houres before day, came before Raab, and tooke in that strong and well fenced hold and cittie / translated out of the high Dutch coppy ; printed first at Nurnbergh &c. ; by W.S.R.W. S. R.A10310EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The glorie of man consisting in the excellencie and perfection of woman Gathered out of Holie Scriptures, and most renowned wryters; as well ancient, as moderne; ecclesiaticall, as morall. Wherevnto is annexed The duetie of husbands.Raban, Edward, d. 1658.A10311EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Rabans resolution against drunkennes and whoredome vvhich are the chiefe occasions of the breach of Gods Sabbath, and consequently of our damnation.Raban, Edward, d. 1658.A10312EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The great Turkes defiance: Or his letter denuntiatorie to Sigismond the Third, now King of Polonia as it hath beene truly aduertised out of Germany, this present yeere, 1613. With the King of Poland his replie, Englished according to the French copie, by M.S.Ahmed, I, Sultan of Turkey, 1590-1617.A10314EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true art of liuing well The right vse of things indifferent. The plaine foot-path to the paradise of God. Three sermons preached at Cambridge, Westminster, and Worcester, by Iohn Racster minister of the word, and preacher.Racster, John.A10317EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A directorie teaching the way to the truth in a briefe and plaine discourse against the heresies of this time Whereunto is added, a short treatise against adiaphorists, neuters, and such as say they may be saued in any sect or religion, and would make of many diuers sects one Church.Radford, John, 1561-1630.A10318EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Labour forbidden, and commanded A sermon preached at St. Pauls Church, September 28. 1634. By Edvvard Rainbovve, fellow of Magdalen Colledge in Cambridge.Rainbowe, Edward, 1608-1684.A10319EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An ansvvere to a sermon preached the 17 of April anno D. 1608, by George Downame Doctour of Divinitie and intituled, A sermon defendinge the honorable function of bishops wherein; all his reasons, brought to prove the honorable function of our L. Bishops, to be of divine institution; are answered and refuted.A10320EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A replye answering a defence of the sermon, preached at the consecration of the bishop of Bathe and Welles, by George Downame, Doctor of Divinitye In defence of an answere to the foresayd sermon imprinted anno 1609A10341EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A gleaning in Gods harvest Foure choyce handfuls; the gate to happinesse. Wounded saviour. Epicures caution. Generation of seekers. By the late judicious divine, Henry Ramsden, sometime preacher in London.Ramsden, Henry, d. 1638.A10384EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A corosyfe to be layed hard vnto the hartes of all faythfull professours of Christes Gospel. Gathered out of the scriptures by Iohn Ra[m]seyRamsay, John, 1496?-1551.A10385EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A plaister for a galled horse Loke what here in shalbe redde wynse at nothyng, excepte ye be gylty for of vsurped power we be not a dradde, but God to be knowen, before preceptes fylthy we speake not agaynst Godes holy mystery but agaynst such, as loue neyther God nor theyr kynge beware therfore ye knowe not your desteny loke better to the Scripture, the word euerlastinge Yf this playster be to colde ye shall haue an other be bolde thintent is to cure and edyfy so it is sayd, by Ihon RamsyRamsay, John, 1496?-1551.A10386EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The practise of the diuell The auncient poisoned practises of the diuell, in his papistes, against the true professors of Gods holy worde, in these our latter daye. Newlie set forth by L. Ramsey.Ramsay, Laurence.A10387EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The description of fleshly lusts. Or a profitable and fruitfull sermon vpon the first Epistle of Saint Peter, Chap. 2. vers. 11. 12. Preached and penned by that famous, learned, iudicious, orthodoxall, holy, wise, and skilfull preacher and servant of God, now deceased, and with his God triumphing in Heaven, Iohn Randall, Batchelour of Divinitie, pastour of St. Andrewes Hubbart in little East cheape London, sometimes fellow of Lincolne Coledge in Oxford. And now published, to the glory of God, the edification of his church, and the honourable memoriall of the author, by William Holbrooke, preacher of the word of God in the church aforesaidRandall, John, 1570-1622.A10391EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The most sacred Bible, whiche is the Holy Scripture conteyning the Old and New Testament / translated into English, and newly recognised with great diligence after most faythful exemplars, by Rychard Taverner.A10392EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The necessitie of righteousnes. Or A profitable and fruitfull sermon vpon the fift chapter of the Gospell of S. Mathew. vers. 20. Preached and penned by that famous, learned, iudicious, orthodoxall, holy, wise, and skilfull preacher and servant of God, now deceased, and with his God triumphing in Heaven, Iohn Randall, Batchelour of Divinitie, pastour of St Andrewes Hubbart in little East-cheape London, sometimes fellow of Lincolne Colledge in Oxford. And now published, to the glory of God, the edification of his Church, and the honourable memoriall of the author, by William Holbrooke, preacher of the Word of God in the church aforesaidRandall, John, 1570-1622.A10393EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Saint Pauls triumph, or cygnea illa & dulcissima cantio that swan-like and most sweet song, of that learned and faithfull seruant of God, Mr. Iohn Randall, bachelor of diuinitie: vttered by him (in an eleauen sermons, vpon the eight chapter of St. Pavl his epistle to the Romans, vers. 38.39.) lately before his death, in the time of his great and heauy affliction, and vpon the Communion-dayes, either altogether, or for the most part. And now published for the glory of God, the edification of his church and people, and the hononrable [sic] memoriall of the author, by William Holbrooke, preacher of the word of God.Randall, John, 1570-1622.A10394EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Three and tvventie sermons, or, Catechisticall lectures upon the sacrament of the Lords Supper preached monthly before the Communion. By that late able, and painfull preacher, Master Iohn Randall Bachelour of Divinitie, pastor of Saint Andrewes Hubbart in little Eastcheape London, sometimes fellow of Lincolne Colledge in Oxford. Published by his executor Iosh. Randall, as he found it corrected by the authors one hand, in his study, since his death.Randall, John, 1570-1622.A10398EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Noble Blastus the honor of a lord chamberlaine: and of a good bed-chamber--man: or The courtier justified in conditions of peace. Being a sermon preacht the 27. of March, 1631. before Sir Lucius Cary, and the congregation at Burford Church in Oxfordshire; with speciall relation to the Coronation-day, and the plague and dearth then among the people. By Iohn Randol Bachelor in Divinitie, of Brasen-nose Colledge in Oxford.Randal, John, b. 1594 or 5.A10400EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preacht at St Maries in Oxford, the 5. of August: 1624. Concerning the kingdomes peace. By Iohn Randol B: in D: of Brasen-nose ColledgeRandal, John, b. 1594 or 5.A10401EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The surueyor in foure bookes by Aaron RathborneRathborne, Aaron.A10467EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The boke of Barthram priest intreatinge of the bodye and bloude of Christ wryten to greate Charles the Emperoure, and set forth. vii.C. yeares a goo. and imprinted. an. d[omi]ni M.D.XLviii. Cum preuilegio, ad imprimendum solum.Ratramnus, monk of Corbie, d. ca. 868.A10468EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A booke of Bertram the priest, concerning the body and blood of Christ written in Latin to Charles the Great, being Emperour, aboue eight hundred yeeres agoe. Translated and imprinted in the English tongue. Anno Dnj. 1549.Ratramnus, monk of Corbie, d. ca. 868.A10472EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The life and death of Gamaliell Ratsey a famous theefe of England, executed at Bedford the 26. of March last past, 1605.A10473EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The copie of a letter vvritten from Paris, the 20. of May 1610 Declaring the maner of the execution of Francis Rauaillart, that murdered the French King. With what he was knowen to confesse at his death. And other the circumstances and dependencies thereupon. Together with two edicts; one of the Parliament alone; the other of the new King in Parliament, declaring the confirming the Queene mother Regent of France.A10474EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The terrible and deserued death of Francis Rauilliack shewing the manner of his strange torments at his execution, vpon Fryday the 25. of May last past, for the murther of the late French King, Henry the fourth. Together with an abstract out of diuers proclamations, and edicts, now concerning the state of France. As it was printed in French in three seuerall bookes published by authoritie. 1610.A10476EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon of meekenesse preached at the Spittle vpon Easter Tuesday, M.D.C.XXIII. By William Rawley, Doctor of Diuinity.Rawley, William, 1588?-1667.A10491EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Fishermen fishers of men A sermon preached at Mercers Chapell on Mid-Lent Sunday the 26. of March 1609. By Iohn Ravvlinson Doctour of Diuinitie.Rawlinson, John, 1576-1630.A10496EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The foure summons of the Shulamite A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse vpon Rogation Sunday, the 5. of May. 1605. By John Rawlinson, Bachelor of Diuinitie, and fellow of Saint Iohns Colledge in Oxford.Rawlinson, John, 1576-1630.A10497EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Mercy to a beast A sermon preached at Saint Maries Spittle in London on Tuseday in Easter-weeke. 1612. By Iohn Rawlinson Doctor of Divinitie.Rawlinson, John, 1576-1630.A10498EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The romish Iudas A sermon preached at Saint Maries in Oxford the fifth of Nouember, 1610. By Iohn Ravvlinson Doctour of Diuinitie.Rawlinson, John, 1576-1630.A10499EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Vivat Rex A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse on the day of his Maiesties happie inauguration, March 24⁰. 1614. And now newly published, by occasion of his late (no lesse happy) recovery. By John Rawlinson Dr of Divinity, and one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinary.Rawlinson, John, 1576-1630.A10501EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The maiden queene entituled the Britaine shepheardes teares for the death of Astrabomica Augmented the worldes vanitie. Both in sententiall verse, necessary and profitable to bee read of all men. 1607.Raymonde, Henry.A10502EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A True and exact relation of the most remarkeable passages which haue happened in the Ile of Ree, commonly called Saint Martins Iland, since the 6. of August last past to the 24. of the same wherein is also declared, in what state our armie (vnder the command of the Duke of Buckingham his grace) is in, as also how it fareth with them of the fort, with the great hopes of the sudden surrender thereof, being driuen to great want both of victualls and water : together with the description of the seuerall workes, both offensiue and defensiue about the fort ... / written in French by a French gentleman of speciall accomps in the Ile of Ree, to a person of note here in England ; faithfully translated out of the French.A10503EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A compendious declaration of the excellent uertues of a certain lateli inuentid oile, callid for the uuorthines thereof oile imperial VVith the maner hou the same is to be usid, to the benefite of mankind, against innumerable diseasis. Vuriten by Thomas Rainold Doc. of Phisick.Vesalius, Andreas, 1514-1564.A10504EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached April, 8. 1635 At a visitation at Brentvvood in Essex. By Alexander Read, Doctor of Divinitie, late fellow of Pembroke-Hall in Cambridge, now Parson of Fifield in Essex.Read, Alexander, Doctor of Divinitie.A10507EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The chirurgicall lectures of tumors and vlcers Delivered on Tusedayes appointed for these exercises, and keeping of their courts in the Chirurgeans Hall these three yeeres last past, viz. 1632, 1633, and 1634. By Alexander Read Doctor of Physick, and one of the fellowes of the Physitians College of London.Read, Alexander, 1586?-1641.A10508EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Moses and Iethro: or the good magistrate containing sundry necessary admonitions to all maiors, gouernours, and freemen of townes corporate, as they were deliuered in a sermon at S. Maries in Douer on the election day. By Io: Reading.Reading, John, 1588-1667.A10515EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The iust reckenyng or accompt of the whole nomber of the yeares, from the beginnyng of the world vnto this present yere of. 1547 A certaine and sure declaracion that the world is at an ende. Of the last day of iudgement, or day of dome, and howe it shal come to passe. Translated out of the Germaine tonge into Englishe by Anthony Scoloker the .6. daye of July. Anno D[omi]ni. 1547.A10519EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
True copies of the insolent, cruell, barbarous, and blasphemous letter lately written by the Great Turke, for denouncing of warre against the King of Poland: and of the magnanimous, and most christian answere made by the said king thereunto. With a short preface, declaring the vniust cause on which this Turkish tyrant, and faithlesse enemy of Christendome, now layeth hold to inuade it. Published in print by authoritie, the 11. of Iune. 1621Ahmed I, Sultan of the Turks, 1590-1617.A10526EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The grounde of artes teaching the perfect vvorke and practise of arithmetike, both in whole nu[m]bers and fractions, after a more easie ane exact sort, than hitherto hath bene set forth. Made by M. Robert Recorde, D. in Physick, and afterwards augmented by M. Iohn Dee. And now lately diligently corrected, [and] beautified with some new rules and necessarie additions: and further endowed with a thirde part, of rules of practize, abridged into a briefer methode than hitherto hath bene published: with diverse such necessary rules, as are incident to the trade of merchandize. Whereunto are also added diuers tables [and] instructions ... By Iohn Mellis of Southwark, scholemaster.Record, Robert, 1510?-1558.A10530EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pathvvay to knowledg containing the first principles of geometrie, as they may moste aptly be applied vnto practise, bothe for vse of instrumentes geometricall, and astronomicall and also for proiection of plattes in euerye kinde, and therefore much necessary for all sortes of men.Record, Robert, 1510?-1558.A10541EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The redemption of lost timeA10553EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A compendious treatise called the co[m]plaint of grace compiled by the notable clerke mayster Ihon Redman Doctour in diuinitee deceassed, late mayster or president of Trinitie colledge in Cambridge, containyng in it muche godly learning and veritee of matter, greatly profitable and necessary for all men to loke in, nowe newly and first set furth by Thomas Smyth seruaunt to the Quenes most excellent maiestie.Redman, John, 1499-1551.A10554EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A reporte of maister doctor Redmans answeres, to questions propounded him before his death concernynge certaine poyntes of religion, now beyng with many in controuersye. Whervnto diuerse artycles be added, lately subscribed by Master Chedsey.A10555EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Faith and good vvorkes vnited in a sermon preached at the Spittle vpon VVednesday in Easter weeke, 1630. By Richard Reeks minister of the word at Little Ilford, in Essex.Reeks, Richard.A10556EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christian divinitie, contained in the divine service of the Church of England summarily, and for the most part in order, according as point on point dependeth, composed; and with the holy Scriptures plainly and plentifully confirmed: written for the furtherance of the peoples understanding in the true religion established by publike authoritie, and for the increase of vnitie in that godly truth eternall. By Edmund Reeve Bachelour in Divinitie, and vicar of the parish of Hayes in Middlesex.Reeve, Edmund, d. 1660.A10557EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The communion booke catechisme expounded, according to Gods holy Word, and the established doctrine of the Church Written for the furtherance of youth and ignorant persons, in the understanding of the grounds and principles of the true Christian religion, set forth by publique authority. Wherein also are explaned sundry of the highest points in divinity, and matter greatly considerable in these present times. In speciall there is demonstrated, that his most excellent Majesties declaration to his subjects, concerning lawfull sports to be used, doth tend unto a very great encrease of true godlinesse thronghout [sic] the whole kingdome.Reeve, Edmund, d. 1660.A10559EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The churches hazard deliuered in a sermon in the cathedrall church in Norvvich, vpon the fifth of Nouember. 1629. By Tho. Reeve, Minister of Gods Word at Coleby in Norfolke.Reeve, Tho. (Thomas), 1583 or 4-1651.A10561EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Mephibosheths hearts-ioy vpon his soueraignes safetie To be imitated by the subjects of this land vpon the happy returne of our Prince Charles. Deliuered in a sermon in the church of Great Yarmouth in Norfolke, the 19. day of October. 1623. By Tho: Reeue preacher of Gods word there.Reeve, Tho. (Thomas), 1583 or 4-1651.A10562EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of publique reformation of a churchA10563EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A co[m]parison betwene the olde learnynge [and] the newe translated out of latin in Englysh by Wylliam Turner.Rhegius, Urbanus, 1489-1541.A10570EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declararation [sic] of the twelue articles of the christen faythe with annotations of the holy scripture, where they be grounded in. And the righte foundation and principall comon places of the hole godly scripture, a goodly short declaration, to all Christians profitable and necessarye for to come to the right vnderstondynge of holy Scripture compyled for the commodite of al christen people. By D. Vrbanum Regium.Rhegius, Urbanus, 1489-1541.A10573EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An instruccyon of Christen fayth howe to be bolde vp on the promyse of God and not to doubte of our saluacyon, made by Urbanus Regius. Tra[n]slated into englysheRhegius, Urbanus, 1489-1541.A10577EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A lytle treatise after the maner of an epystle wryten by the famous clerk Doctor Vrbanus Regius, vnto a specyall frynde of hys wherin he declareth the cause of the great co[n]trouersy that hath bene [and] is yet at this day in the chrysten relygyon and also the dyuersyte betwene the ryght worshyppyng [and] seruice of God and the ceremonis inuented by mannis institucion, very fruteful and profytable.Rhegius, Urbanus, 1489-1541.A10579EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sermon, which Christ made on the way to Emaus to those two sorowfull disciples, set downe in a dialogue by D. Vrbane Regius, wherein he hath gathered and expounded the chiefe prophecies of the old Testament concerning ChristRhegius, Urbanus, 1489-1541.A10581EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A legendarie, conteining an ample discourse of the life and behauiour of Charles Cardinal of Lorraine, and of his brethren, of the house of Guise. Written in French by Francis de L'isleLa Planche, Louis Régnier de, ca. 1530-ca. 1580.A10586EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true relation of the lamentable accidents caused by the inundation and rising of Ebro, Lobregat, Cinca and Segre riuers of Spaine together with a narration of a fearefull storme, which happened the third of Nouember, in the yeare 1617 in the hauen and port of Barcelona / written originally in Spanish by V. Rejaule the Kings aduocate ; printed by authoritie at Valentia ; and now translated into English.Rejaule, V.A10587EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe relation, of what is hapned since the last of August 1598. by comming of the Spanish campe into the dukedom of Cleue: and the bordering free countries, which with most odious and barbarous crueltie they take as enemies, for the seruice of God, and the King of Spaine (as they say). Heerunto is adioyned a translation out of Latin, of a letter of the Emperours embassadour, to the admirant of Arragon, the generall of the said army: with his answere. Together with a description of the vvhale of Berckhey, or the great fish which stranded or came on shoare at Berckhey in Holland, the third of February 1598. ... Also a letter of the Emperour of Germany, to the admirant of Arragon ... With the admirants answere. ... Faithfully translated out of the Dutch coppy printed at Roterdam.A10588EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation of all matters passed especially in France and the Low-Countries, touching the causes of the warre now in Cleueland. Together with such occurrences of note as have happened in Spaine, Italie, England, Germany, Hungarie and Transyluania, since March last to this present, 1614. Translated according to the originall of Mercurius Gallo-Belgicus.Isselt, Michael von, d. 1597.A10589EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
True relation vvithout all exception, of strange and admirable accidents which lately happened in the kingdome of the Great Magor, or, Magull, who is the greatest monarch of the East Indies : as also vvith a true report of the manners of the countrey, of the commodities there found, with the like of sundry other countreyes and ilands, in the East Indies / written and certified by persons of good import, who were eye-witnesses of what is here reported.A10591EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two very lamentable relations the one, the grieuances for religion, of those of Stiria, Carinthia, and Crayne, vnder Ferdinand then Duke of Gratz, now Emperour. The other, the now present most humble supplication, of certayne of the states of lower Austria, vnto the said Emperour. Wherein is shewed the most terrible, inhumane, and barbarian tyrannies, committed by the Emperours souldiers, specially the Casockes and Wallons, in the said countrie. Done out of the Dutch, and printed.A10593EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Remedies against discontentme[n]t drawen into seuerall discourses, from the writinges of auncient philosophers. By Anonymus.Anonymus, fl. 1596.A10594EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Remedies for diseases in horses Approued and allowed by diuers very auncient learned mareschalles.A10597EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Lord haue mercy vpon vs A speciall remedy for the plague.A10603EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse or historie of bees Shewing their nature and usage, and the great profit of them. VVhereunto is added the causes, and cure of blasted wheat. And some remedies for blasted hops, and rie, and fruit. Together with the causes of smutty wheat: all which are very usefull for this later age. Written by Richard Remnant.Remnant, Richard.A10606EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The remors of conscyence Here begynneth certayne demonstracyons by our lorde to all synfull persones with the remors of mannes conscynce to the regarde of the bounte of our lorde.Lichfield, William, d. 1448.A10608EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A remonstrance: or plaine detection of some of the faults and hideous sores of such sillie syllogismes and impertinent allegations, as out of sundrie factious pamphlets and rhapsodies, are cobled vp together in a booke, entituled, A demonstration of discipline wherein also, the true state of the controuersie of most of the points in variance, is (by the way) declared.A10609EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise conteining two parts 1 An exhortation to true loue, loyaltie, and fidelitie to her Maiestie. 2 A treatise against treasons, rebellions, and such disloyalties. Written by Michael Renniger.Renniger, Michael, 1530-1609.A10614EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The golden chayne of salvation. Written by that reverend and learned man, maister Herman Renecher. And now translated out of Latine into EnglishRennecher, Hermann.A10615EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Foure sermons viz. I. Sinnes contagion, or the sicknesse of the soule. II. The description of a Christian. III. The blindnesse of a wilfull sinner. IV. A race to heaven. Published by William Ressold, Master of Arts and minister of Gods Word at Debach in Suffolke.Ressold, William, b. 1593.A10617EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[The boke of nurture for men, seruauntes, and chyldren]Rhodes, Hugh, fl. 1550.A10681EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The life of B. Father Ignatius of Loyola, authour, and founder of the Society of Iesus. Translated out of Spanish into English, by W.M. of the same SocietyRibadeneyra, Pedro de, 1526-1611.A10690EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The whole and true discouerye of Terra Florida (englished the florishing lande.) Conteyning as well the wonderfull straunge natures and maners of the people, with the merueylous commodities and treasures of the country: as also the pleasaunt portes, hauens, and wayes therevnto neuer founde out before the last yere 1562. Written in Frenche by Captaine Ribauld the fyrst that whollye discoured the same. And nowe newly set forthe in Englishe the xxx of May. 1563.Ribaut, Jean, ca. 1520-1565.A10692EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An inuectiue againste vices, taken for vertue. Gathered out of the scriptures, by the vnprofitable seruaunt of Iesus Christe, Richard RiceRice, Richard, fl. 1548-1579.A10693EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Vox militis foreshewing what perils are procured where the people of this, or any other kingdome liue without regard of marshall discipline, especially when they stand and behold their friends in apparent danger, and almost subuerted by there enemies vniust persecution, and yet with hold their helping hand and assistance. Diuided into two parts, the first manifesting for what causes princes may enter into warre, and how necessary and vsuall it is, drawne from the actions of the Prince of Orange. The second discourseth of warre, souldiers, and the time when it is conuenient: collected out of the heroicall examples of Count Mansfield. ... Dedicated to Count Mansfield, and the honourable Councell of Warre.Marcelline, George.A10698EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A martial conference pleasantly discoursed betweene two souldiers, the one Captaine Skil, trained vp in the French and Low Country seruices, the other Captaine Pill, only practised in Finsburie fields in the modern warres of the renowmed Duke of Shordich and the mightie Prince Arthur / newly translated out of Essex into English by Barnabe Rich ...Rich, Barnabe, 1540?-1617.A10710EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Kynge Rycharde cuer du lyonA10728EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Seuen poems diuine, morall, and satyricall : the [brace] viz. Celestiall publican, Spirituall sea-fight, World, Flesh, Vicious courtier, Iesuite, Deuill : together with sundry epitaphs and epigrams / by N.R. Gent.Richards, Nathanael, ca. 1600-1652.A10731EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The celestiall publican A sacred poem: liuely describing the birth, progresse, bloudy passion, and glorious resurrection of our Sauiour. The spirituall sea-fight. The mischieuous deceites of the world, the flesh, the vicious courtier. The Iesuite. The Diuell. Seauen seuerall poems, with sundry epitaphs and anagrams. By Nathanael Richards Gent.Richards, Nathanael, ca. 1600-1652.A10732EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The logicians school-master: or, A comment vpon Ramus logicke. By Mr. Alexander Richardson sometime of Queenes Colledge in CambridgeRichardson, Alexander, of Queen's College, Cambridge.A10733EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The benefite of affliction. A sermon, first preached, and afterwards enlarged, by Charles Richardson preacher at Saint Katharines neare to the Tower of LondonRichardson, Charles, fl. 1612-1617.A10734EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The doctrine of the Lords supper By way of question and answer, gathered out of 1. Corint. chap. 11. ver. 23. to 33. By Charles Richardson, preacher at S. Katharins neare the Tower of London.Richardson, Charles, fl. 1612-1617.A10735EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The repentance of Peter and Iudas Together with the frailtie of the faithfull, and the fearefull ende of wicked hypocrites.Richardson, Charles, fl. 1612-1617.A10737EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon against oppression and fraudulent dealing: preached at Paules Crosse, the eleuenth of December, by Charles Richardson, preacher at Saint Katherines neare the Tower of LondonRichardson, Charles, fl. 1612-1617.A10738EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon concerning the punishing of malefactors. Preached at Paules Crosse, the first of October, by Charles Richardson, preacher at Saint Katharines neere the Tower of LondonRichardson, Charles, fl. 1612-1617.A10739EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A vvorkeman, that needeth not to be ashamed: or The faithfull steward of Gods house A sermon describing the duety of a godly minister, both in his doctrine and in his life. By Charles Richardson, preacher at S. Katharines, neere the Tower of London.Richardson, Charles, fl. 1612-1617.A10740EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe and compendious exposition vpon the Psalme called Deprofundis which haue bene And presentelye is horrible and detestable. Abused in the churche of God. And now translated to the trew sens: to Gods glorie &to the edification and confort of his church. By M. Roberte Richardson batchelere of diuinetie and minister in Londen.Richardson, Robert, minister in London.A10744EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Holy pictures of the mysticall figures of the most holy sacrifice and sacrament of the Eucharist: set forth in French by Lewis Richome, prouinciall of the Societie of Iesus; and translated into English for the benefit of those of that nation, aswell protestants as Catholikes. By C.A.Richeome, Louis, 1544-1625.A10745EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pilgrime of Loreto Performing his vow made to the glorious Virgin Mary Mother of God. Conteyning diuers deuout meditations vpon the Christian and Cath. doctrine. By Fa. Lewis Richeome of the Society of Iesus. Written in French, & translated into English by E.W.Richeome, Louis, 1544-1625.A10746EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of ecclesiasticall and politike povver Shewing, the church is a monarchicall gouernment, ordained to a supernaturall and spirituall end, tempered with an aristocraticall order, (which is the best of all and most conformable to nature) by the great pastor of soules Iesus Christ. Faithfully translated out of the Latin originall, of late publikely printed and allowed in Paris. Now set foorth for a further warrant and encouragement to the Romish Catholikes of England, for theyr taking of the Oath of Allegiance; seeing so many others of their owne profession in other countries doe deny the Popes infalibility in indgement and temporall power ouer princes, directly against the doctrine of Iesuits. To the prince.Richer, Edmond.A10748EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The coppie of a letter sent from M. Rider, deane of Saint Patricks, concerning the Newes out of Ireland, and of the Spaniards landing and present estate thereRider, John, 1562-1632.A10752EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A friendly caveat to Irelands Catholickes, concerning the daungerous dreame of Christs corporall (yet invisible) presence in the sacrament of the Lords Supper Grounded vpon a letter pretended to be sent by some well minded Catholickes: who doubted, and therefore desired satisfaction in certaine points of religion, with the aunswere and proofes of the Romane Catholicke priests, to satisfie and confirme them in the same. Perused and allowed for apostolicall and Catholicke, by the subscription of maister Henry Fitzsimon Iesuit, now prisoner in the Castle of Dublin. With a true, diligent, and charitable examination of the same prooffes: wherein the Catholickes may see this nevv Romane doctrine to bee neither apostolicall nor Catholicke, but cleane contarie to the old Romane religion, and therefore to bee shunned of all true auncient Romane Catholickes, vnlesse they vvill be new Romish heretickes. By Iohn Rider Deane of Saint Patrickes Dublin.Rider, John, 1562-1632.A10753EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A commentary in Englyshe vpon Sayncte Paules Epystle to the Ephesyans for the instruccyon of them that be vnlerned in tonges, gathered out of the holy scriptures and of the olde catholyke doctours of the churche, and of the beste authors that nowe a dayes do wryte. Anno. D. 1540 Per Lancelotum Ridleum Cantabrigensem.Ridley, Lancelot, d. 1576.A10769EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposicion in Englishe vpon the Epistle of .S. Paule, to the Colossians wherin the letter is purely declared, with many good exhortations to flee vice, and to take vertue, as shall appere clerely to the faithfull reader throughout all this epistle: written by Lancelot Ridley of Cantorbury. Anno salutis humanæ M.D.XLVIII.Ridley, Lancelot, d. 1576.A10770EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposition in the epistell of Iude the apostel of Christ wherein he setteth playnly before euery mans eyes false apostels, and theyr craftes, by ye which they haue longe receyued symple christian people.Ridley, Lancelot, d. 1576.A10772EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short treatise of magneticall bodies and motions. By Marke Ridley Dr in phisicke and philosophie latly physition to the Emperour of Russia, and one of ye eight principals of elects of the Colledge of Physitions in LondonRidley, Mark, 1560-1624.A10774EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A vievv of the ciuile and ecclesiastical lavv and wherein the practise of them is streitned, and may be relieued within this land. VVritten by Thomas Ridley Doctor of the Ciuile Law.Ridley, Thomas, Sir, 1550?-1629.A10783EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A guide vnto godlinesse moste worthy to bee followed of all true Christians: a treatise wherein is set forth the folly of man in prolonging the amendment of his sinful life, togither with the chiefe causes thereof, and souereigne remedies againste the same. Written in Latin by Iohn Riuius: Englished by W.G.Rivius, Johann, 1500-1553.A10791EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise against the folishnesse of men in differinge the reformation of their liuing and amendment of their manners, compyled by the godly lerned man John Riuius, and translated into Englishe by Iohn Bankes.Rivius, Johann, 1500-1553.A10792EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Gods holy house and service according to the primitive and most Christian forme thereof, described by Foulke Robarts, Batchelor of Divinity, and prebendary of Norvvich.Robartes, Foulke, 1580?-1650.A10795EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The reuenue of the Gospel is tythes, due to the ministerie of the word, by that word. Written by Foulke Robartes Batchelour of DiuinitieRobartes, Foulke, 1580?-1650.A10796EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here beginneth the lyf of the moste myscheuoust Robert the deuyll whiche was afterwarde called ye seruaunt of godA10798EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposition vpon the hundred and thirtie Psalme Gathered out of some of the ancient fathers and later writers. / By Alexander Roberts Bachelour in Diuinity, and preacher of the word of God at Kings Linne in Norfolke..Roberts, Alexander, d. 1620.A10800EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sacred septenarie, or The seuen last wordes of our Sauiour Christ vttered vpon the crosse, (with the necessary circumstances of the same:) expounded by a commentary, gathered out of the holy Scriptures, the writings of the ancient fathers, and later diuines. By Alexander Roberts, Bachelour in Diuinity; and preacher of Gods word at Kings Linne, in Norfolke.Roberts, Alexander, d. 1620.A10801EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The day of hearing: or, six lectvres vpon the latter part of the thirde chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrewes of the time and meanes that God hath appointed for man to come to the knowledge of his truth, that they may be saved from his wrath. The summary pointes of every one of which lectures are set downe immediately after the Epistle dedicatory. Herevnto is adioyned a sermon against fleshly lusts, & against certaine mischevious May-games which are the fruit thereof. By H.R. Master of Artes, and now, minister of the word.Roberts, Huw, b. 1558 or 9.A10817EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Vox ducis: or, An alarme from the trumpet of God to euery souldier in Iesus Christ. Calling them to fight the good fight of faith. In a sermon at Pauls Crosse, Sept. 11. 1631. by Iohn Robinson preacher of the word of God and Mr of Arts of Kings Coll. in Camb.Robinson, John, preacher.A10845EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The examination, confession, and condemnation of Henry Robson fisherman of Rye, who poysoned his wife in the strangest maner that euer hitherto hath bin heard of.Robson, Henry.A10861EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A nevv yeeres gift The courte of ciuill courtesie: fitly furnished with a plesant porte of stately phrases and pithie precepts: assembled in the behalfe of all younge gentlemen, and others, that are desirous to frame their behauiour according to their estates, at all times, and in all companies: thereby to purchase worthy praise, of their inferiours: and estimation and credite amonge theyr betters. Out of Italian, by S.R. Gent.S. R. (Simon Robson), d. 1617.A10867EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Life after death Containing many religious instructions and godly exhortations, for all those that meane to liue holy, and dye blessedly. With the manner of disposing ones selfe to God, before, and at the time of his departure out of this world. With many prayers for the same purpose By Francis Rodes.Rodes, Francis, Sir, ca. 1595-1646.A10874EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Differences in matters of religion, betweene the easterne and westerne churches VVherein the Romane Church may see her selfe charged with as many errours, as shee falsly layeth to the charge of other churches in Europe. Gathered by Irenæus Rodoginus.Rodoginus, Irenaeus.A10875EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christian mans guide Wherein are contayned two treatises. The one shewing vs the perfection of our ordinary workes. The other the purity of intention we ought to haue in all our actions. Both composed in Spanish by the R.F. Alfonsus Rodriguez of the Society of Iesus. Translated into English.Rodríguez, Alfonso, 1526-1616.A10876EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short and sure way to heauen, and present happines Taught in a treatise of our conformity with the will of God. Written by the Reuerend Father Alfonsus Rodriguez of the Society of Iesus, in his worke intituled, The exercise of perfection and Christian vertue. Translated out of Spanish.Rodríguez, Alfonso, 1526-1616.A10877EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of humilitie composed by the Reuerend Father F. Alfonso Rodriguez of the Societie of Iesus. Translated into EnglishRodríguez, Alfonso, 1526-1616.A10878EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The stoope gallant. Or a treatise of humilitie composed by the reuerend father F. Alfonso Rodriguez of the Societie of Iesus. Translated into EnglishRodríguez, Alfonso, 1526-1616.A10879EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The byrth of mankynde, newly translated out of Laten into Englysshe. In the which is entreated of all suche thynges the which chaunce to women in theyr labor, and all suche infyrmitees whiche happen vnto the infantes after they be delyuered. And also at the latter ende or in the thyrde or last boke is entreated of the conception of mankynde, and howe manye wayes it may be letted or furtheryd, with diuers other fruytefull thynges, as doth appere in the table before the bookeRoeslin, Eucharius, d. 1526.A10887EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the two sacraments of the Gospell: baptisme and the Supper of the Lord Divided into two parts. The first treating of the doctrine and nature of the sacraments in generall, and of these two in speciall; together with the circumstances attending them. The second containing the manner of our due preparation to the receiving of the Supper of the Lord; as also, of our behaviour in and after the same. Whereunto is annexed an appendix, shewing; first, how a Christian may finde his preparation to the Supper sweete and easie: secondly, the causes why the sacrament is so unworthily received by the worst; and so fruitefly by the better sort: with the remedies to avoyd them both. By D.R. B. of Divin. minister of the Gospell.D. R. (Daniel Rogers), 1573-1652.A10898EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon of loue Instructing all men to vnite and ioyne themselues in hearty loue, and Christian charitie with one another. Preached at Folkestone, a maior towne in Kent. By Francis Rogers, Batchelor in Diuinity; and sometimes fellow of Trinitie Colledge in Cambridge.Rogers, Francis, d. 1638.A10903EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached on September the 20. 1632. in the cathedrall church of Christ at Canterbury, at the funerall of William Proud, a lieutenant collonell, slaine at the last late siege of Mastricke. By Francis Rogers, Doctor in DiuinityRogers, Francis, d. 1638.A10904EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
To the right reuerend and right honorable the Lords spirituall and temporall assembled in vpper House of this most high and honorable session of Parliament an abstract of the grieuances and oppressions done by Sir Arthur Ingram, Knight, and his agents, to Griswell Rogers, widow, and her poore orphan.Rogers, Griswell.A10905EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A visitation sermon preached at the Lord Archbishops trienniall and ordinary visitation, in St. Margarets in Canterbury, vpon Aprill the fift, 1630. By Francis Rogers, Doctor in Diuinity, and minister of that parish.Rogers, Francis, d. 1638.A10906EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An answer to Mr. Fisher the Iesuite, his fiue propositions concerning Luther. By Mr. Rogers, that worthy Oxford diuine. VVith some passages also of the said Mr. Rogers with the said Mr. Fisher. Hereunto is annexed Mr. VV.C. his dialogue of the said argument, wherein is discouered Fishers follyRogers, Henry, ca. 1585-1658.A10907EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Protestant Church existent, and their faith professed in all ages, and by whom with a catalogue of councels in all ages, who professed the same. Written, by Henry Rogers D.D. prebendary of Hereford.Rogers, Henry, ca. 1585-1658.A10908EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christian curtesie: or, St. Pauls vltimum vale Deliuered in two sermons, on 2. Cor. 13.11. at St. Margarets on Fish-street-hill in London. By N. Rogers (sometimes preacher there) at his farewel, vpon his remoueal thence to a pastoral charge else-where.Rogers, Nehemiah, 1593-1660.A10924EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at the second trienniall visitation of the right honourable and right reuerend father in God, William Lord Bishop of London, holden at Keluedon in Essex: September. 3. 1631. By Nehemiah Rogers, pastor of Messing in EssexRogers, Nehemiah, 1593-1660.A10925EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vvild vine: or, An exposition on Isaiah's parabolicall song of the beloued: Isa. 5. 1,2,3, &c. By Nehemiah Rogers, pastor of Messing in EssexRogers, Nehemiah, 1593-1660.A10928EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The true conuert. Or An exposition vpon the vvhole parable of the prodigall. Luke. 15. 11.12. &c. Wherein is manifestly shewed; 1. Mans miserable estate by forsaking of God. 2. Mans happie estate by returning to God. Deliuered in sundry sermons, by Nehemiah Rogers, preacher of Gods Word, at St Margarets Fish-street. And now by him published, intending the farther benefit of so many as then heard it; and the profit of so many as shall please to read it.Rogers, Nehemiah, 1593-1660.A10929EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise vpon sundry matters contained in the Thiry nine Articles of religion, which are professed in the Church of England long since written and published by Thomas Rogers.Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616.A10966EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The righteous mans euidences for heauen, or, A treatise shewing how euery one, while hee liues heere, may certainely know what shall become of him after his departure out of this lifeRogers, Timothy, 1589-1650?A10976EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declaration of the Duke of Rohan peere of France, &c. Containing the iustnes of reasons and motiues which haue obliged him to implore the assistance of the King of Great Britaine, and to take armes for the defence of the Reformed Churches. Translated according to the French copie.Rohan, Henri, duc de, 1579-1638.A10984EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the interest of the princes and states of Christendome. Written in French by the most noble and illustrious Prince, the Duke of Rohan. Translated into English by H.H.Rohan, Henri, duc de, 1579-1638.A10985EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sermons preached before his Maiestie 1. The bridegromes banquet. 2. The triumph of constancie. 3. The banishment of dogges. By Francis Rollenson, Batcheler of Diuinitie.Rollenson, Francis, ca. 1565-1630.A10994EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Twelue prophetical legacies. Or Twelue sermons vpon Iacobs last will and testament recorded by Moses, in the 49. chapt. of Genesis: containing his bequests and blessings, bestowed vpon his twelue sonnes. ... Preached by Francis Rollenson, Bach: of Diuinitie, and sometimes fellow of S. Iohn the Euang: Colledge in Cambridge.Rollenson, Francis, ca. 1565-1630.A10995EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ceremonies, solemnities, and prayers, vsed at the opening of the holy gates of foure churches, within the citie of Rome, in the yere of Iubile and also the great Iubile for this yeere of our Lord 1600. graunted by Pope Clement the eight, that now is; together with the bull of the said Pope Clement, made touching the Iubile, for all those that shall visite the great churches of S. Peter, S. Paul, S. Iohn de Latran, and S. Marie maior, in the citie of Rome, this present yeere of our Lord 1600. aforesaid.A11024EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Newes from Rome, Spaine, Palermo, Geneuæ and France With the miserable state of the citty of Paris, and the late yeelding vppe of sundrie towns of great strength, vnto the king. Translated out of Italian and French into English.A11026EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Nevves from Rome, Venice, and Vienna, touching the present proceedinges of the Turkes against the Christians in Austria, Hungarie, and Heluetia, otherwise called Seuenbergh Also the true copie of a lamentable petition exhibited in the names of the afflicted Christians in those parts, to the Christian kingdomes in the vvest.A11027EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Seven wise masters of Rome]A11029EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth thystorye of ye vii. wyse maysters of Rome conteynynge ryghe fayre [et] right ioyous narrac[i]ons. [et] to ye reder ryght delectable.A11030EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The abuses of the Romish church anatomised. By a vvelwiller to Sion, and to all them that loue the truth in the truthCatholic Church.A11038EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Holy churches complaint, for her childrens disobedienceA11043EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Sum of the actes & decrees made by dyuers byshopes of RomeA11045EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The courtiers academie comprehending seuen seuerall dayes discourses: wherein be discussed, seuen noble and important arguments, worthy by all gentlemen to be perused. 1 Of beautie. 2 Of humane loue. 3 Of honour. 4 Of combate and single fight. 5 Of nobilitie. 6 Of riches. 7 Of precedence of letters or armes originally written in Italian by Count Haniball Romei, a gentleman of Ferrara, and translated into English by I.K.Romei, Annibale, conte, 16th cent.A11048EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godlie and short discourse shewing not onely what time the inhabitants of this land first receyued the Christian faith: but also what maner of doctrine was planted in the same. Whereby may appeare, howe the reformation at this day in England is not a bringing in of a newe religion, but a reducing againe of the olde and auncient fayth.Rosdell, Christopher, b. 1553 or 4.A11054EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The first booke of questions and answers vpon Genesis Containing those questions that are most eminent and pertinent, vpon the sixe first chapters of the same booke: collected out of ancient and recent writers; both briefly and subtilly propounded and expounded, by Alexander Rosse, of Aberdine, preacher at Saint Maries neere Southampton, and one of his Maiesites chaplaines.Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654.A11059EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Lessons for consort] [made by sundry excellent authors, and set to sixe severall instruments, namely, the treble lute, treble violl, base violl, bandora, citterne, and the flute ; now newly set forth by Philip Rosseter].Rosseter, Philip, 1567 or 8-1623.A11065EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of the preparation to the holy supper of our onely saueour and redeemer, Iesus Christe Necessarie for all them that vvil vworthely approche to the Lordes holy table. Also a dialogue containing the principall points, which they that wil recieue the Supper ought to knowe and vnderstand. By Yues Rouspeau minister of the vvord of God. Ttanslated [sic] out of French into English by R.B.Rouspeau, Yves.A11083EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two treatises of the Lord his holie Supper the one instructing the seruants of God how they should be prepared when they come to the holy Supper of our onely Sauiour Iesus Christ: whereunto is annexed a dialogue conteining the principall points necessarie to be knowne and vnderstood of all them that are to be partakers of the holy Supper: the other setting forth dialoguewise the whole vse of the Supper: whereunto also is adioyned a briefe and learned treatise of the true Sacrifice and true priest. Written in the French tongue by Yues Rouspeau and Iohn de l'Espine ministers of the word of God, and latelie translated into English.Rouspeau, Yves.A11086EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A comfortable ayde for scholers full of varietie of sentences, gathered out of an Italian authour, by Dauid Rowland.Grifoni, Giovanni Andrea.A11087EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Gods blessing in blasting, and his mercy in mildew Tvvo sermons sutable to these times of dearth: by Iames Rowlandson B. in D. and pastor at East-Tysted in Hampshire.Rowlandson, James, 1576 or 7-1639.A11144EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Queenes vvelles That is, a treatise of the nature and vertues of Tunbridge water. Together, with an enumeration of the chiefest diseases, which it is good for, and against which it may be vsed, and the manner and order of taking it. By Lodvvick Rovvzee, Dr. of Physicke, practising at Ashford in Kent.Rowzee, Lodwick, b. 1586.A11156EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The boke named the royallLaurent, Dominican, fl. 1279.A11159EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Richmond before Queene Elizabeth of famous memorie, vpon the 28. of March, 1596. By the reuerend father in God Anthony Rudd, Doctor in Diuinitie, and Lord Bishop of S. DauidsRudd, Anthony, 1549 or 50-1615.A11162EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Greenwich before the Kings Maiestie vpon Tuesday in VVhitson weeke being the 14. of Iune. 1603. By the Reuerend Father in God Antonie Rudd, Doctor of Diuinitie, and Lord Bishop of Saint DauidsRudd, Anthony, 1549 or 50-1615.A11164EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Sermon preached at the court at White Hall before the Kings Maiesty, vpon Sunday being the 13. of May 1604. By Anthony Rudd Professor of Diuinitie, and Bishop of Saint DauidsRudd, Anthony, 1549 or 50-1615.A11165EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A remembraunce for the maintenaunce of the liuynge of ministers and preachers nowe notablye decayed exhibited vnto the right reuerend father in God Thomas Bishop of Elye ...Ruddoke, Thomas.A11166EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached before the Kings Maiestie at White-Hall vpon the ninth of Februarie. 1605. By the Reuerend Father in God, Anthonie Rudd, Doctor in Diuinitie, and Lord Bishop of Saint DauidsRudd, Anthony, 1549 or 50-1615.A11168EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sir Beniamin Rudierd his speech in behalfe of the clergie and of parishes miserably destitute of instruction, through want of maintenance. Confirmed by the testimonies of Bishop Iewel, Master Perkins, and Sir Henry Spelman.Rudyerd, Benjamin, Sir, 1572-1658.A11169EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The rudiments of militarie discipline Conteining short instructions for the most necessary postures with pike and musquet, and motions for exercising a companie.A11175EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The expert midwife, or An excellent and most necessary treatise of the generation and birth of man Wherein is contained many very notable and necessary particulars requisite to be knovvne and practised: with diuers apt and usefull figures appropriated to this worke. Also the causes, signes, and various cures, of the most principall maladies and infirmities incident to women. Six bookes compiled in Latine by the industry of Iames Rueff, a learned and expert chirurgion: and now translated into English for the generall good and benefit of this nation.Rüff, Jakob, 1500-1558.A11176EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe treatise against detractors of dignities. Published by Ra: Rugbie Esquire. Allowed by authoritieRugbie, Ralph.A11178EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A right godly rule how all faithfull Christians ought to occupie and exercise themselues in their dayly prayers.A11180EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certayne briefe rules of the regiment or construction of the eyght partes of speche in englishe and latine.A11182EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Foure and twenty certaine godly rulesA11183EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A president for a prince Wherein is to be seene by the testimonie of auncient writers, the duetie of kings, princes, and gouernours. Collected and gathered by Anthonie Russhe, Doctor of Diuinitie. Seene and allowed, according to the order appoynted.Rush, Anthony, 1537-1577.A11186EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The dialogues of William Richworth or The iudgmend [sic] of common sense in the choise of religionRushworth, William.A11187EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Diacatholicon aureum: or a generall power of gold purging all offensiue humours in mans bodie: good in generall for all diseases, where there needeth any purgation: as also for any sicknesse yearely incident, or which is feared to approach by the increase of any euill humor, distemperature of diet, or otherwise how so euer growing towards any disease, to preuent the same, and keepe the bodie in health. It may lately be taken of all maner of people, of what age so euer, sucking children, old men and women, in the quantitie of two, three, or foure graines, according to the age, strength, and disease of the partie. Whosoeuer stand in neede of this powder, may haue it at the signe of the Hand and Pistall, neere vnto Iuic Bridge, for two shillings sixe pence the graine.Russel, Thomas, an empiric.A11188EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A way of reconciliation of a good and learned man touching the trueth, nature, and substance of the body and blood of Christ in the sacrament. Translated out of Latin by the right honorable Lady Elizabeth Russell, dowager to the right honourable the Lord Iohn Russell, Baron, and sonne and heire to Francis Earle of Bedford.A11189EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The tvvo famous pitcht battels of Lypsich, and Lutzen wherein the ever-renowned Prince Gustavus the Great lived and died a conquerour: with an elegie upon his untimely death, composed in heroick verse by John Russell, Master of Arts, of Magdalene Coll. in Cambridge.Russell, John, d. 1688.A11194EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The shepheards holy-day A pastorall tragi-comædie. Acted before both their Maiesties at White-Hall, by the Queenes Servants. With an elegie on the death of the most noble lady, the Lady Venetia Digby. Written by J.R.J. R. (Joseph Rutter), fl. 1635-1640.A11205EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The poore vicars plea Declaring, that a competencie of meanes is due to them out of the tithes of their seuerall parishes, notwithstanding the impropriations. Written by Thomas Ryves Dr. of the Ciuile Lawes.Ryves, Thomas, Sir, 1583?-1652.A11213EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe resolution of a right religion Touching the controuersies, that are nowe in England. Written by C.S.C. S., fl. 1590.A11218EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Be wise and be warned. Per I.S.Sutton, J., fl. 1567-1573.A11236EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Christian exhortation taken out of the Holy Scriptures for the great comfort of euery faithfull person being in the agonie of death, before whome it must be ofte[n]times red and recited (if neede be) eue[n] to his last breath. Wherevnto is ioyned in the end a singular prayer for the partie greeuously afflicted by sicknesse dravving tovvard his death. Therewith is a briefe catechisme, which is not only to instructe the sicke, but also to refresh his memorie vvith the greate mysterie of our redemption.I. S., fl. 1579.A11240EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The pitifull estate of the time present A Christian consideration of the miseries of this time, with an exhortation to amendement of life: compiled by one zealous in the lawe of God, and set forth by publike autority, being perused and allowed by the same.I. S., fl. 1564.A11244EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Truthe tryed very comfortable to the faithfull, but a discomfort to the enemies of God / newly sette forth by J.S.J. S.A11245EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sea fight in the Road of Gibraltar the 25. of Aprill last, betwixt the K. of Spaines carackts and gallions, and the Hollandish men of warre, reported by a letter written a-bourd the Hollands fleete, by a commaunder in the same, and faithfully translated into EnglishSpilbergen, Joris van, 1568?-1620.A11246EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Resurgendum. A notable sermon concerning the resurrection, preached not long since at the court, by L. S.L. S., fl. 1593.A11247EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Feareful neuues of thunder and lightning with the terrible effects thereof, which Almighty God sent on a place called Oluestone, in the county of Glocester the 28. of Nouember last : hauing prefixt before it, a short discourse, concerning two other admirable accidents that soone after ensued / truely related by P.S. ; and dedicated vnto the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie.P. S.A11249EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe treatise, to prooue the necessitie and excellence of the vse of archerie. Abstracted out of ancient and moderne writers. By R:S. Perused, and allowed by aucthoritieR. S., fl. 1596.A11250EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A description of the king and queene of fayries, their habit, fare, their abode, pompe, and state Beeing very delightfull to the sense, and full of mirth.R. S., fl. 1635.A11252EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Iesuites play at Lyons in France as it was there presented. Both to the amazement of the beholders, and the destruction of the actors, in August last past. Credibly informed by a factors letter (who was an eye witnesse) to his right worshipful maister in London.R. S., fl. 1607.A11253EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe instruction for all families to be brought vp in the knowledge of their duetie to God, and one to another: and to be taught in the hope of saluation in Christe Jesus.S. S., fl. 1583.A11255EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The key of David that openeth the gates to the citie of God also, of faith and repentance, and how they are wrought, and brought to passe, and whether faith be commanded in the law or not.T. S.A11256EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A ievvell for gentrie Being an exact dictionary, or true method, to make any man vnderstand all the art, secrets, and worthy knowledges belonging to hawking, hunting, fouling and fishing. Together with all the true measures for winding of the horne. Now newly published, and beautified with all the rarest experiments that are knowne or practised at this day.T. S., fl. 1614.A11257EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The touch-stone of prayer. Or A true and profitable exposition of the Lords prayer, according to the holy Hebrew of S. Mathews gospel to which is prefixed certaine necessary circumstances to be obserued in prayer. Also thereunto is annexed a table shewing the agreement betweene the Lords prayer, and the ten commandements of Almighty God. By T.S.S., Tho.A11258EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An hundred heauenly thoughts And resolutions, tending to draw the minde from euill to good. Written by W. S. preacher of Gods worde in S. Iohns of Mathermarket in Norwich.Stinnet, William.A11261EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A goodly dysputacion betwene a christen shomaker, and a popysshe parson with two other parsones more, done within the famous citie of Norembourgh. Translated out of [the] Germayne tongue into Englysshe. By Anthony Scoloker.Sachs, Hans, 1494-1576.A11271EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Muld sacke: or The apologie of Hic Mulier: to the late declamation against her Exprest in a short exclamation. Non est mollis è terris ad astra via. Muld sacke, muld sacke.Hic Mulier.A11273EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Essais et obseruations sur les essais du Seigneur de Montaigne par le Sieur Jonatan de Sainst [sic] Sernin.Sainct Sernin, Jonatan de.A11286EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Scholastica diatriba de rebus divinis ad anquirendam & inveniendam veritatem, à candidatis s. theol. habenda (Deo volente) ad d. XXVI. & XXVII. Iulij in Scholis Theologicis Acad. Andreanæ, spiritu sancto præside, D. And. Melvino s. theol. d. et illius facultatis decano ...A11291EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Certaine points of christian religion]Saintbarb, Richard.A11295EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An answere to a letter cum priuilegio.Saint German, Christopher, 1460?-1540.A11297EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fyrst dialogue in Englisshe with newe additions.Saint German, Christopher, 1460?-1540.A11308EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The addicions of Salem and ByzanceSaint German, Christopher, 1460?-1540.A11323EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise concernynge the diuision betwene the spirytualtie and temporaltieSaint German, Christopher, 1460?-1540.A11324EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatyse concerni[n]ge the power of the clergye and the lawes of the realme. Cu[m] priuilegio regali.Saint German, Christopher, 1460?-1540.A11327EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true report and description of the taking of the iland and towne of S. Maries by a shippe of Amsterdam, and foure English pinnasses. 1599. Translated out of Dutch into English.A11332EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An extracte of the determination, and censure of the doctours of the vniversities of Salamanca and Valledolid touching the vvarres of Ireland, and declaration of the Poape his breve concerning the same vvarresA11335EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The English mans doctor. Or the schoole of Salerne Or [ph]ysicall obserua[ti]ons for the perfect preseruing of the bodie of man in continuall health. [Wh]ereunto [is] adioyned precepts for the pr[e]seruation of health. Written by [Hen]ricus Ronsouius for [the p]riuate vse of his sons. And now published for all those that desire to [preser]ue their bodies in [perfect] health.Johannes, de Mediolano.A11350EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The baterie of the Popes Botereulx, commonly called the high altare. Compiled by W.S. in the yere of oure Lorde. 1550Salesbury, William, 1520?-1600?A11355EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe and a playne introduction, teachyng how to pronounce the letters of the British tong, (now co[m]menly called Walsh) wherby an English man shal not only w[ith] ease read the said tong rightly: but markyng ye same wel, it shal be a meane for him with one labour and diligence to attaine to the true and natural pronuncation of other expediente and most excellente langauges Set forth by W. Salesburye.Salesbury, William, 1520?-1600?A11356EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The history of Ioseph a poem. VVritten by Sir Thomas Salusbury, Barronet, late of the Inner Temple.Salusbury, Thomas, Sir, d. 1643.A11360EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise of Paradise. And the principall contents thereof especially of the greatnesse, situation, beautie, and other properties of that place: of the trees of life, good and euill; of the serpent, cherubin, fiery sword, mans creation, immortalitie, propagation, stature, age, knowledge, temptation, fall, and exclusion out of Paradise; and consequently of his and our originall sin: with many other difficulties touching these points. Collected out of the holy Scriptures, ancient fathers, and other both ancient and moderne writers.Salkeld, John, 1576-1660.A11363EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An admirable method to loue, serue and honour the B. Virgin Mary With diuers practicable exercises thereof. Al inriched with choice examples. Written in Italian by the R. F. Alexis de Salo, Capuchin. And Englished by R.F.Salo, Alessio Segala de.A11368EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A wounderfull prophecie or pronosticatio[n] begynnynge from the yere of oure Lorde M.D.XXXI. to the lawde and prayse of the moost victoryous Emperowre Charles the fyfthe of that name borne within the triumpha[n]t towne of Gandt, in the golden yere .M.D. vppo[n] the .xxiiij. daye of February, whiche daye is neyther named nor no[m]bred, because it was in the leapeyere pronostycate by Master Salomon the Jewe, [and] physician greatly soundynge to the honour of God and lawde of the famous towne of Gandt.Salomon, Dr., of Ruhrmond.A11370EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Wonderfull prophecies from the beginning of the monarchy of this land hidden vnder the parables of: Three young noble-men in a fiary fornace. A chast wife, and two old fornicators. The idol Belus and his dragon. Daniel in a den amid lyons. Their agreement with canonical prophecies: also in temperate defence of the apocryphals annexed to the canon of the Scriptures. Together with an essay touching the late prodigious comete; how farre forth the præsages thereof doe accord with such prophecies, as are found to pertaine to these our times. By all which, the discrete and wise in heart may gather touching things to come, what is forewarned vnto men; as for the general and publique, so also for their priuate and particular. By Robert Salter.Salter, Robert, fl. 1626.A11372EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of the antient lavves of great Britaine. George SalternSalteren, George.A11376EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Dorcas: a true patterne of a goodly life, and good end With a pithy exhortation to the practice of faith and good works. In a sermon preached at Totnes in Deuon, Ianuary 14 16[...] at the funerall of Mrs. Mary Bab, widow. By Thomas Saltern, sometimes lecturer there; and preacher of the word at Bradford. And now published, at the request of sundry godly persons.Saltern, Thomas, b. 1579 or 80.A11377EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Clavis ad portam, or a key fitted to open the gate of tongues Wherein you may readily finde the Latine and French for any English word necessary for all young schollers.Saltonstall, Wye, fl. 1630-1640.A11383EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The first day of the worldes creation: or of the first weeke of that most Christian poet, W. Salustius, Lord of BartasDu Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590.A11401EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Babilon, a part of the Seconde vveeke of Guillaume de Saluste seigneur du Bartas, with the commentarie, and marginall notes of S.G.S. Englished by William L'IsleDu Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590.A11406EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Part of Du Bartas English and French, and in his owne kinde of verse, so neare the French Englished, as may teach an English-man French, or a French-man English. With the commentary of S.G. S. By William L'Isle of Wilburgham, Esquier for the Kings body.Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590.A11408EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The colonies of Bartas VVith the commentarie of S.G.S. in diuerse places corrected and enlarged by the translatour.Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590.A11416EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The historie of Iudith in forme of a poeme. Penned in French, by the noble poet, G. Salust. Lord of Bartas. Englished by Tho. Hudson.Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590.A11417EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe collection of the church, and of certayne ceremonies thereof gathered by Thomas SampsonSampson, Thomas, 1517?-1589.A11429EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A letter to the trew professors of Christes Gospell, inhabitinge in the parishe off Allhallowis, in Bredstrete in London, made by Thomas Sampson, sometyme their pastoreSampson, Thomas, 1517?-1589.A11430EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A warning to take heede of Fovvlers psalter, giuen by Th. SampsonSampson, Thomas, 1517?-1589.A11432EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Fortunes fashion pourtrayed in the troubles of the Ladie Elizabeth Gray, wife to Edward the fourth. Written by Tho. Sampson.Sampson, Thomas, poet.A11433EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A most excellent and famous ditty of Sampson iudge of Israel how hee wedded Philistines daughter, who at length forsooke him: also how hee slew a lyon, and propounded a riddle, and after how hee was falsely betrayed by Dalila, and of his death. To the tune of the Spanish pauin.A11436EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe treatise of vsurie, made by Nicolas Sander D. of DiuinitieSander, Nicholas, 1530?-1581.A11442EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The rocke of the Churche wherein the primacy of S. Peter and of his successours the Bishops of Rome is proued out of Gods worde. By Nicholas Sander D. of diuinity.Sander, Nicholas, 1530?-1581.A11443EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe summe of Christian religion collected for a preparation to the Lords Supper / published for the benefit of the simpler sort of people of the parish of Saint Lawrence by Thomas Sanderson Doctor in Divinitie.Sanderson, Thomas, 1560 or 61-1614.A11459EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of romanizing recusants, and dissembling Catholicks. A counter-maund of a counterfeit embassage. Or, An answer to the posthume pamphlet of Ralfe Buckland sometime a popish priest secretly printed and published after his death about a yeere a goe.Sanderson, Thomas, 1560 or 61-1614.A11461EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Prudence the first of the foure cardinall virtues. Written by Sr. Miles Sandis, KtSandys, Miles, Sir, 1600 or 1601-1636.A11481EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Gods arrowe of the pestilence. By John Sanford Master of Artes, and chapleine of Magdalen Colledge in OxfordSanford, John, 1564 or 5-1629.A11483EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
D. Sarauia. 1. Of the diuerse degrees of the ministers of the gospell. 2. Of the honor vvhich is due vnto the priestes and prelates of the church. 3. Of sacrilege, and the punishment thereof. The particular contents of the afore saide Treatises to be seene in the next pagesSaravia, Adrien, 1530-1612.A11498EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Vindiciæ sacræ. A treatise of the honor and maintenance due to ecclesiasticall persons. Done out of the Latin, of that famous diuine of Holland, H. Saravia, sometime prebend of Canterbury.Saravia, Adrien, 1530-1612.A11503EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An apology, or, apologiticall answere, made by Father Paule a Venetian, of the order of Serui, vnto the exceptions and obiections of Cardinall Bellarmine, against certaine treatises and resolutions of Iohn Gerson, concerning the force and validitie of excommunication. First published in Italian, and now translated into English. Seene and allowed by publicke authoritieSarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623.A11509EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A full and satisfactorie ansvver to the late vnaduised bull, thundred by Pope Paul the Fift, against the renowmed state of Venice being modestly entitled by the learned author, Considerations vpon the censure of Pope Paul the Fift, against the common-wealth of Venice: by Father Paul of Venice, a frier of the order of Serui. Translated out of Italian.Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623.A11512EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The history of the quarrels of Pope Paul. V. with the state of Venice In seuen books. Faithfully translated out of the Italian, and compared with the French copie.Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623.A11520EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A trewe mirrour or glase wherin we maye beholde the wofull state of thys our realme of Englande set forth in a dialogue or communicacion betwene Eusebius and Theophilus.A11528EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true discription and breefe discourse, of a most lamentable voiage, made latelie to Tripolie in Barbarie, in a ship named the Iesus vvherin is not onely shevved the great miserie, that then happened the aucthor hereof and his whole companie, aswell the marchants as the marriners in that voiage, according to the curssed custome of those barbarous and cruell tyrants, in their terrible vsage of Christian captiues: but also, the great vnfaithfulnesse of those heathnish infidels, in not regarding their promise. Together, with the most wonderfull iudgement of God, vpon the king of Tripolie and his sonne, and a great number of his people, being all the tormentors of those English captiues. Set foorth by Thomas Saunders, one of those captiues there at the same time.A11529EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The practise of the banckrupts of these times in whom are considered, 1. Their fraudulent and deceitfull actions. 2. The evills accompanying their courses. 3. Laws and punishments ordain'd to curbe them. 4. The charitable cure of so great an evill. A worke now very necessaary. Written in Latine by Mr Dainel Sauterius, and made to speake English for the generall good of all commerce.Sauter, Daniel.A11530EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A conference betvvixt a mother a devout recusant, and her sonne a zealous protestant seeking by humble and dutifull satisfaction to winne her vnto the trueth, and publike worship of god established nowe in England. Gathered by him whose hearts desire is, that all may come to the knowledge of God, and be saued.Savage, Francis, d. 1638.A11532EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
King Iames his entertainment at Theobalds vvith his welcome to London, together with a salutatorie poeme. / By Iohn Sauile.Savile, John, poet.A11535EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Adams garden A meditation of thankfulnesse and praises vnto the Lord, for the returne and restore of Adam and his posteritie: planted as flowers in a garden, and published by a gentle-man, long exercised, and happilie trained in the schoole of Gods afflictions.Savile, Thomas, fl. 1595-1613.A11536EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Vincentio Sauiolo his practise In two bookes. The first intreating of the vse of the rapier and dagger. The second, of honor and honorable quarrels.Saviolo, Vincentio.A11537EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposition after the maner of a co[n]templacyon vpon ye .li. psalme, called Miserere mei DeusSavonarola, Girolamo, 1452-1498.A11539EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Vincentio Sauiolo his practise In two bookes. The first intreating of the vse of the rapier and dagger. The second, of honor and honorable quarrels. Both interlaced with sundrie pleasant discourses, not vnfit for all gentlemen and captaines that professe armes.Saviolo, Vincentio.A11541EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A goodly exposition vpon the xxx. psalme In te domine sperauiSavonarola, Girolamo, 1452-1498.A11549EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An other meditatio[n] of the same Hieronimus Sauanorola vpon the lxxx Psalme of DauidSavonarola, Girolamo, 1452-1498.A11551EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Heuy newes of an horryble earth quake whiche was in the cytie of Scharbaria in this present yeare of. xlii. The xiii. day of June. Also how that a cytie in Turky is sonke.A11564EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A prophecie vttered by the daughter of an honest countrey man, called Adam Krause Who on the eighteene of Ianuary, betweene three and foure of the clock in the afternoone gaue vp the ghost, and beeing esteemed for dead, was laide out to be buryed. The next day betweene one and two of the clock, when men came to haue buryed her: she came againe to her selfe, and receiued bothe life and strengthe, as in former state before: hauing so lyen in the forme of a dead corps for the space of two and twenty howres: and being so come to her perfect speeche, shee prophesied of many plagues to ensue, with worthy admonitions that after happened according to her speeche. This happened at a towne called Rostorff a mile from Melwing: written for a worthy remembrance of Gods omnipotency, by the worshipfull, Maister Eyriak Schlictenberger, superintendent at Melwing. 1580.Schlichtenberger, Eyriak.A11574EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A relation sent to the French king by the Marshall de Schomberg, of the fight betweene the army which he commaundeth, and the army of Mounsier the Duke of Orleans, neere to Castelnau-d'Ary the first of September. 1632. The names of many great mounsieurs, captains, and commaunders slaine of the duke of Orleans side, and some of the kings side. Translated out of the French copie printed at Lyons. Another famous overthrow since given (by that valiant old Protestant souldier, Monsieur de la Force, with onely 800. foote, and 400. horse) to 3000. foote and 400. horse of the Duke of Orleans, vnder the commaund of delbeur, one of the house of GuiseSchomberg, Henri de, Comte, 1575-1632.A11575EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vertuous scholehous of vngracious women A godly dialogue or communication of two systers [...]A11581EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The relation of a wonderfull voiage made by VVilliam Cornelison Schouten of Horne Shewing how south from the Straights of Magelan, in Terra Del-fuogo: he found and discouered a newe passage through the great South Sea, and that way sayled round about the world. Describing what islands, countries, people, and strange aduentures he found in his saide passage.Schouten, Willem Corneliszoon, d. 1625.A11585EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe exposition vvith notes, vpon the second epistle to the Thessalonians. By VVilliam Sclater Doctor of Diuinitie, and minister of Pitmister in Summerset.Sclater, William, 1575-1626.A11588EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christians strength. By William Sclater. Batchelar of Diuinity and minister of the word of God at Pitmister in SomersetSclater, William, 1575-1626.A11590EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposition with notes vpon the first Epistle to the Thessalonians. By William Sclater D.D. and Minister of the Word of God at Pitmister in SommersetSclater, William, 1575-1626.A11591EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A key to the key of Scripture: or An exposition with notes, vpon the Epistle to the Romanes; the three first chapters begun at Walsall in Staffordshire, continued at Pitmister in Somerset. By William Sclater Batchelar in Diuinitie, and minister of the Word of God at Pitmister in Somerset.Sclater, William, 1575-1626.A11596EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The ministers portion· By William Sclater. Batchelar of Diuinity and minister of the word of God at Pitmister in SomersetSclater, William, 1575-1626.A11600EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The quæstion of tythes reuised Arguments for the moralitie of tything, enlarged, and cleared. Obiections more fully, and distinctly answered .Mr. Seldens historie, so farre as mistakers haue made it argumentatiue against the moralitie, ouer-ly viewed. By William Sclater, D.D. and minister of Pitmister, in Somerset.Sclater, William, 1575-1626.A11601EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at the last generall asise holden for the county of Sommerset at Taunton. By William Sclater Batchelar in Diuinitie, and minister of the word of God at PitmsiterSclater, William, 1575-1626.A11602EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sermons experimentall: on Psalmes CXVI. & CXVII. Very vsefull for a vvounded spirit. By William Sclater D.D. sometimes rector of Limsham, and vicar of Pitmister, in Summerset-shire. Published by his son William Sclater Mr. of Arts, late fellow of Kings Colledge in Cambridge, now a priest, and preacher of the Gospel in the city of Exeter, in Devon-shire.Sclater, William, 1575-1626.A11603EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sick souls salue. By William Sclater. Batchelar of Diuinity and minister of the word of God at Pitmister in SomersetSclater, William, 1575-1626.A11604EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Three sermons preached by VVilliam Sclater Doctor of Diuinity, and minister of the word of God at Pitmister in Sommersetshire. Now published by his sonne of Kings Colledge in CambridgeSclater, William, 1575-1626.A11605EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A threefold preseruatiue against three dangerous diseases of these latter times 1. Non proficiency in grace. 2. Fals-hearted hypocrisie. 3. Back-sliding in religion. Prescribed in a sermon at S. Pauls Crosse in London, September, 17. 1609. By William Sclater, Batcheler in Diuinity, and sometimes fellow of the Kings Colledge in Cambridge.Sclater, William, 1575-1626.A11606EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Death's summons, and the saints duty Laid forth first summarily in a sermon on 2. King. 20.1. in the cathedrall of St Peter in Exeter, Ianu. 24. 1638. at the solemne funerall of a well-deserving citizen. Since somewhat enlarged for the common good, by William Sclater, Master of Arts, late fellow of Kings Colledge in Cambridge, now a preacher of Gods Word in the city of Exeter.Sclater, William, 1609-1661.A11608EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The worthy communicant rewarded Laid forth in a sermon, on John 6.54. Preached in the Cathedrall of St. Peter in Exeter, on Low-Sunday, being the 21. of Aprill, Anno 1639. By William Sclater, Master of Arts, late Fellow of Kings Colledge in Cambridge, now chaplaine of the Right Reverend Father in God the Lord Bishop's Barony of Saint Stephens, and preacher also at S. Martin, in the same city.Sclater, William, 1575-1626.A11610EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An epistle wrytten by Iohn Scory the late bishope of Chichester vnto all the faythfull that be in pryson in Englande, or in any other troble for the defence of Goddes truthe wherin he dothe as well by the promises of mercy as also by thensamples of diuerse holy martyres, comfort, encorrage & strengt[h]e them paciently for Christes sake to suffer the manifolde cruell and moste tyra[n]nous persecutio[n]s of ye Antichristian tormentours: exhorting them to contynue in faythfull prayers, innocency of lyfe, pacience, and hope, that God maye the rather deliuer them, restore againe the light of his gospell to Englande, and confounde all the proude, beastly, & deuelishe enterprises of Antichristes garde, that doo imagine nothing els but ye subuersion of the gospell of Christ, and contynually thruste for the bloud of all true Christians.Scory, John, d. 1585.A11613EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe treatise agaynst certayne errors of the Romish Church Very plainly, notably, and pleasantly confuting the same by Scriptures and auncient writers. Compiled by Gregory Scot. 1570 Perused & licenced according to the Quenes Maiesties iniunction. 1574.Scott, Gregory, 1532 or 3-1576.A11614EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Calderwoods recantation: or, A tripartite discourse Directed to such of the ministerie, and others in Scotland, that refuse conformitie to the ordinances of the church. Wherein the causes and bad effects of such separation, the legall proceedings against the refractarie, and nullitie of their cause, are softly launced, and they louingly inuited to the vniformitie of the church.Scot, Patrick.A11615EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Omnibus & singulis Affording matter profitable for all men, necessarie for euery man; alluding to a fathers aduice or last will to his sonne. Now published for the vse of all men, and particularly of those that doe inhabit Great Brittaine and Ireland.Scot, Patrick.A11616EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A table-booke for princes Containing short remembrances for the gouernment of themselues and their empire. Wherein also respectiuely the seuerall members of state, and all sorts of subiects, may finde matter worthy their obseruation. By Patricke Scot, Esquire.Scot, Patrick.A11619EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The tillage of light· Or, A true discouerie of the philosophicall elixir, commonly called the philosophers stone Seruing, to enrich all true, noble and generous spirits, as will aduenture some few labors in the tillage of such a light, as is worthy the best obseruance of the most wise. By Patrick Scot, Esquire.Scot, Patrick.A11620EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Vox vera: or, Obseruations from Amsterdam Examining the late insolencies of some pseudo-puritans, separatists from the Church of Great Brittaine. And closed vp with a serious three-fold aduertisement for the generall vse of euery good subiect within his Maiesties dominions, but more especially of those in the kingdome of Scotland. By Patricke Scot, North-Brittaine.Scot, Patrick.A11621EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A perfite platforme of a hoppe garden and necessarie instructions for the making and mayntenaunce thereof, with notes and rules for reformation of all abuses, commonly practised therein, very necessary and expedient for all men to haue, which in any wise haue to doe with hops. Made by Reynolde Scot.Scot, Reginald, 1538?-1599.A11622EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The course of conformitie as it hath proceeded, is concluded, should be refused.Scott, William, ca. 1566-1642.A11627EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
In the Parliament haldin and begun at Edinburgh the XXIIII. day of October, the zeir of God, ane thousand, fyue hundreth, four scoir, ane zeiris Thir lawis, statutis, and constitutiounis, ar deuisit, ordanit, and concludit, be the richt excellent, richt heich and michty prince, Iames the Sext, be the grace of God, King of Scottis, and thrie estatis of this realme, as followis.Scotland.A11636EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
In the Parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the aucht day of Iunii, 1594. Thir lawis, statutis and constitutions, maid, and concludit, be the richt excellent, richt heich and michtie prince, Iames the Sext, be the grace of God King of Scottis, with avise of his estatis as followisScotland.A11640EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The rates of marchandizes as they are set down in the Booke of Rates for payment of the Kings Majesties customes, and import of wynes within his kingdome of Scotland: the famine booke being signed by his Majestie, and subscryued be the Lords auditors of His Heighnes Exchecker, and sealed with the great seale of his said kingdome. And by special commandement from his Majestie published in print, for the information and direction of all sic as the famine doth concerne.Scotland. Commissioners of Customs.A11644EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles of militarie disciplineScotland. Army.A11654EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An information to all good Christians vvithin the kingdome of England, from the noblemen, barrons, borrows, ministers, and commons of the kingdome of Scotland, for vindicating their intentions and actions from the unjust callumnies of their enemiesChurch of Scotland. General Assembly.A11656EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles and ordinances of warre for the present expedition of the armie of the kingdome of Scotland. By his Excellence, the Lord Generall of the armie.Scotland. Army.A11664EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The intentions of the armie of the kingdome of Scotland, declared to their brethren of England: by the commissioners of the late Parliament, and by the generall, noblemen, barrons, and other officers of the armieScotland. Army.A11670EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The lavvfulnesse of our expedition into England manifestedScotland. Army.A11672EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Our demands of the English lords manifested, being at Rippon Octob. 8. 1640 With answers to the complaints and grievances given in by the Bishop of Durham, Northumberland, and some of Nevvcastle; said to be committed by our Army.Scotland. Army.A11673EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true representation of the proceedings of the kingdome of Scotland; since the late pacification: by the estates of the kingdome: against mistakings in the late declaration, 1640Lothian, William Kerr, Earl of, 1605?-1675.A11675EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declaration of the iust causes of his Maiesties proceeding against those ministers, who are now lying in prison, attainted of high treason. Set foorth by his Maiesties Counsell of his kingdome of ScotlandScotland. Privy Council.A11686EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Charles R. Charles by the grace of God, king of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith. To our lovits [blank] maissars ... greeting. Whereas for the removing of the disorders ...Scotland. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A11718EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Charles R. Charles by the grace of God king of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, Defender of the faith. To our lovits ... Whairas we have by many fair and calme waies, and alanerly by them endevoured to reclaime our subjects ...Scotland. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)A11719EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe chronicle, of all the kinges of Scotland declaring in what yeare of the worlde, and of Christ, they began to reigne, how long they reigned, of what qualities they were, and how they died.A11720EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A catalogue of the kings of Scotland Together with their seuerall armes, wiues, and issue.Milles, Tho. (Thomas), 1550?-1627?A11721EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Nevves from Scotland being two copies, the one, a proclamation of the king: the other a protestation against it, by the noble men, barons: & ministers of Scotland, both published at Edenburrough the 22 day of Febr: 1638A11725EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The confe[s]sion of faith, subscrived by the Kingis Maiestie and his houshold togither vvith the copie of the bande, maid touching the maintenance of the true religion, the Kingis Majesties person and estate, &c. : seuerally to be subscriued by all noblemen, barrons, gentlemen and otheris, according to the tenor of the acte of secret counsell, and commissionis therein contayned, as heirafter followeth.A11734EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The confession of faith of the kirk of Scotland, subscribed by the Kings Majestie and his housholde in the yeare of God 1580 with a designation of such acts of Parlament as are expedient for justefying the vnion after mentioned, and subscribed by the nobles, barrons, gentlemen, burgesses, ministers, and commons in the yeare of God 1638.A11736EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The beast is wounded. Or Information from Scotland, concerning their reformation Wherein is breifly declared, the true cause and ground of all the late troubles there; and the reasons why they have rejected the bishops, with their courts, canons, ceremonies and service-booke. Hereto is added some fruitfull observations, upon the former declaration: by Io: Bastwicks younger brother. The first part.A11740EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The grievances given in by the ministers before the Parliament holden in June 1633 Propositions concerning kneeling before the bread in the sacrament. Master William Coupers letter to the Bishop of Dumblane. The Bishops instruction to Master Gawin Hammiltoun, Bishop of Galloway. Mr. George Gladstones letter to the King. Master William Struthers letter to the Earle of Airth.A11741EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Reasons against the rendering of our sworne and subscribed confession of faithWarriston, Archibald Johnston, Lord, 1611-1663.A11743EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Reasons for which the service booke, urged upon Scotland ought to bee refusedA11744EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Reasons for a generall assemblieA11760EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Reasons for a Generall AssemblieA11761EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Een cort verhael van de misdaden ende Crimen die de Schotse Bisschoppen te laste gheleyt vverden om 't vvelcke sy vervvorpen sijn uyt de Kercke van Schotland. Met de namen der gene die op de laetste Generale Vergaderinge waren, daer in de Bisschoppen verworpen vvierden.Episcopal Church of Scotland.A11763EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe and true relation of the murther of Mr. Thomas Scott preacher of Gods word and Batchelor of Diuinitie. Committed by Iohn Lambert souldier of the garrison of Vtricke, the 18. of Iune. 1626. With his examination, confession, and execution.A11810EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An essay of drapery: or, The compleate citizen Trading iustly. Pleasingly. Profitably. By William Scott.Scott, William, 17th cent.A11812EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Naturall philosophy: or A description of the vvorld, and of the severall creatures therein contained viz. of angels, of mankinde, of the heavens, the starres, the planets, the foure elements, with their order, nature and government: as also of minerals, mettals, plants, and precious stones; with their colours, formes, and vertues. By Daniel Widdovves.Scribonius, Wilhelm Adolf, fl. 1576-1583.A11816EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Tvvo sermons, upon that great embassie of our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christ recorded by his Euangelist, Saint Matthew, Chap. 10.V.16. Preached by Iohn Scull, an humble professor and minister of the word.Scull, John, minister of the word.A11823EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A secular sermon concerning the doctrine of the Gospell by the goodnes and power of God restored in the fifteenth age from the birth of our Lord Iesus Christ. Made by the reuerend and worthy precher Mr. Abraham Scultetus, in the High-dutch tongue. After by another translated into Latin, and now out of Latin into EnglishScultetus, Abraham, 1566-1624.A11824EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon, preached before the two high borne and illustrious princes, Fredericke the 5. Prince Elector Palatine, Duke of Bauaria, &c. and the Princesse Lady Elizabeth, &c. Preached in the castle-chappell at Heidelberg the 8. of Iune 1613. being the next day after her Highnesse happy arriuall there: by that reuerend and iudicious diuine, Mr. Abraham Scultetus, his Highnesse chaplaine. Together with a short narration of the Prince Electors greatnes, his country, his receiuing of her Highnesse, accompanied with twe u [sic] other princes, thirty earles, besides an exceeding great number of barons and gentlemen, and eight daies ent rtainement [sic]. Translated out of High Dutch by Ia Meddus D. and one of his Maiesties chaplaines.Scultetus, Abraham, 1566-1624.A11825EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short information, but agreeable vnto Scripture: of idol-images· Made vnto the Christian congregation at Prague, when as, by his Royall Maiesties most gracious command, the Castle-church there, was clensed from all images, on Sonday the twelfth of December, in the yeare 1619. By Abraham Scultetus. Faithfully translated according to the high Dutch copie printed at Heidelberge, by Gotthard Vœgeliu, 1620.Scultetus, Abraham, 1566-1624.A11828EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true relation of a wonderfull sea fight betweene two great and well appointed Spanish ships or men of warre. And a small and not very well prouided English ship, who was constrained to enter into this conflict at the iland of Dominico in her passage to Virginia, as shee was determined to take in fresh water there.A11831EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Tvvo famous sea-fights. Lately made, betwixt the fleetes of the King of Spaine, and the fleetes of the Hollanders The one, in the West-Indyes: the other, the eight of this present moneth of February, betwixt Callis and Gravelin. In the former, the Hollander suffered. In the latter the Spaniard lost. Two relations not vnfit for these times to animate noble spirits to attempt and accomplish brave actions.A11833EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Seabrookes caueat: or His warning piece to all his louing country-men, to beware how they meddle with the eyes In which is contayned the exact and most certaine remedies for all manner of infirmities, which shall happen vnto the eyes. Written for the generall good of this whole monarchie of great Brittaine. By Richard Seabrooke, practicioner in the art of the occulist.Seabrooke, Richard, b. ca. 1548.A11834EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A detection and querimonie of the daily enormities and abuses co[m]mitted in physick concernyng the thre parts therof: that is, the physitions part, the part of the surgeons, and the arte of poticaries. Dedicated vnto the two most famous vniuersities Oxford and Cambridge. Nowe lately set foorth by Iohn Securis physition.Securis, John.A11844EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The bearing and burden of the spirit wherein the sicknesse and soundnesse of the soule is opened, and eight cases of conscience cleared and resolved for the setling and comforting of perplexed consciences / by John Sedgwick ...Sedgwick, John, 1600 or 1601-1643.A11845EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The eye of faith open to God unfolded in a sermon preached at the funerall of that vertuous and religious gentlewoman, Mrs. Julian Blackvvell, together with a narration of her vertuous life and happy death / by John Sedgvvick ...Sedgwick, John, 1600 or 1601-1643.A11846EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christs counsell to his languishing church of Sardis. Or, The dying or decaying Christian, with the meanes and helpes of his recovery and strengthening. By Obadiah Sedgwicke, B. of D. late preacher to the inhabitants of S. Mildreds Bredstreet, LondonSedgwick, Obadiah, 1600?-1658.A11850EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Five sermons preached upon severall occasions (The texts whereof are set downe in the next page.) By Iohn Seller.Seller, John, 1592 or 3-1648.A11881EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon against halting betweene two opinions preached at S. Martins in the fields, By Iohn Seller, Bacheler in DiuinitieSeller, John, 1592 or 3-1648.A11882EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The araignment of Iohn Selman, who was executed neere Charing-Crosse the 7. of Ianuary, 1612. for a fellony by him committed in the Kings Chappell at White-Hall vpon Christmas day last, in presence of the King and diuers of the nobilityA11884EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sacrilege sacredly handled That is, according to Scripture onely. Diuided into two parts: 1. For the law. 2. For the Gospell. An appendix also added; answering some obiections mooued, namely, against this treatise: and some others, I finde in Ios. Scaligers Diatribe, and Ioh. Seldens Historie of tithes. For the vse of all churches in generall: but more especially for those of North-Britaine.Sempill, James, Sir, 1566-1625.A11886EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sege of the castel of EdinburghSempill, Robert, 1530?-1595.A11895EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Foure sermons preached at the court vpon seuerall occasions, by the late reuerend and learned diuine, Doctor Senhouse, L. Bishop of CarlileSenhouse, Richard, d. 1626.A11918EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vveapon-salves maladie: or, A declaration of its insufficiencie to performe what is attributed to it Wherein also is described, 1. The severall wayes of making the weapon-salve. 2. The manner of vsing it. 3. Reasons of confirmation to justifie it. 4. Arguments of confutation to overthrow it. By the learned and judicious physitian Daniell Sennertus, Doctor and publique professor at Wittenberg. Translated out of his 5th. booke, part. 4. chap. 10. Practicæ medicinæ.Sennerts, Daniel, 1572-1637.A11920EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The first booke of architecture, made by Sebastian Serly, entreating of geometrie. Translated out of Italian into Dutch, and out of Dutch into EnglishSerlio, Sebastiano, 1475-1554.A11922EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly and fruitfull sermon preached at Lieth in Scotland by a faithfull minister of Gods holy GospellA11923EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Godlye sermon preached before the Queens Most Excellent Maiestie vpon the 17, 18, 19 verses of the 16 chapter of S. Mathew vvherein is contained the conclusion of a dialogue betweene Christ and his disciples, shewing breefely that the authoritie which the Pope of Rome doth challenge to himselfe is vnlawfully vsurped : very necessarie for these perilous times wherein the simple may perceiue their intollerable impietie, vsurping that office and action which euer appertayned vnto Christ only : published at the request of sundry godly and well disposed persons.A11924EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon declaringe hovv vue [sic] are iustified by faithA11925EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The fourth parte of Co[m]mentaries of the ciuill warres in Fraunce, and of the lovve countrie of Flaunders: translated out of Latine into English, by Thomas Tymme minister. Seene and allowedSerres, Jean de, 1540?-1598.A11930EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godlie and learned commentarie vpon the excellent book of Solomon, commonly called Ecclesiastes, or the Preacher in the vvhich commentarie are briefly and plainly layde downe the methode, sense, and vse of that most profitable sermon, on the which, yet there hath neuer bin set forth any exposition in the English tong before this time, in such large and profitable manner. VVritten in Latin by Iohn Serranus, and newly turned into English by Iohn Stockwood, school-master of Tunbridge.Serres, Jean de, 1540?-1598.A11933EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The declaracio[n] made at Poules Crosse in the cytye of London the fourth Sonday of Aduent by Alexander Seyton and Mayster Willyam Tolwyn, persone of S. Anthonynes in the sayd cytye of London, the yere of our Lord God M.D.XLJ.Seton, Alexander, d. 1542.A11935EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A catechisme briefly opening the misterie of our redemption by Christ hauing the proues of euery point so annexed, and ioined vnder euery answer, that the ruder sort of people may be much furthered thereby, if they would vse a little diligence and endeuor to commit it to memory, or be much conuersant in reading thereof, or if they cannot read in hearing it read by others, vnto knowledge, and godlinesse.Settle, Thomas.A11949EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A blazyng starre or burnyng beacon, seene the 10. of October laste (and yet continewyng) set on fire by Gods prouidence, to call all sinners to earnest [and] speedie repentance. Written by Francis Shakelton, minister and preacher of the worde of God.Shakelton, Francis.A11953EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A wittie and pleasant comedie called The taming of the shrew As it was acted by his Maiesties Seruants at the Blacke Friers and the Globe. Written by VVill. Shakespeare.Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.A12016EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Dialogus inter Angliam & Scotiam. Authore Leonello Sharpe, sacræ Theologiæ DoctoreSharpe, Leonel, 1559-1631.A12063EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A looking-glasse for the Pope Wherein he may see his owne face, the expresse image of Antichrist. Together with the Popes new creede, containing 12. articles of superstition and treason, set out by Pius the 4. and Paul the 5. masked with the name of the Catholike faith: refuted in two dialogues. Set forth by Leonel Sharpe Doctor in Diuinitie, and translated by Edward Sharpe Bachelour in Diuinitie.Sharpe, Leonel, 1559-1631.A12064EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The blessednes of the Virgin Marie the mother of our Lord Iesvs Christ.Shaw, John, 1559-1625.A12088EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christ, on his throne; not in popish secrets A prophecie of Christ, against his pretended presence in popish secrets; laid open in a sermon preached before his Maiestie at Wansted certaine yeares agoe, and since much inlarged, and (vpon request) preached else where. By Richard Sheldon, Doctor in Diuinitie, his Maiesties chaplaine. In the preface whereof, there is also a briefe inquirie made by him, into a late sermon, stiled, The communion of saints.Sheldon, Richard, d. 1642?A12090EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The first sermon of R. Sheldon priest, after his conuersion from the Romish Church preached before an honourable assembly at S. Martins in the Field, vpon Passion Sunday, &c. Published by authoritie.Sheldon, Richard, d. 1642?A12091EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Mans last end the glorious vision and fruition of God. By Richard Sheldon Doctor in Divinity, one of his Maiesties chaplinesSheldon, Richard, d. 1642?A12093EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The motiues of Richard Sheldon pr. for his iust, voluntary, and free renouncing of communion with the Bishop of Rome, Paul the 5. and his Church Published by authority.Sheldon, Richard, d. 1642?A12094EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Paules Crosse laying open the Beast, and his marks. Vpon the 14. of the Reuelations, vers. 9.10.11. By Richard Sheldon, a conuert from out of Babylon. Doctor in Diuinitie, His Maiesties chaplaine.Sheldon, Richard, d. 1642?A12095EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A suruey of the miracles of the Church of Rome, prouing them to be antichristian Wherein are examined and refuted the six fundamentall reasons of Iohn Flood Ignatian, published by him in defence of popish miracles. By Richard Sheldon Catholike priest, and sometimes in the Church of Rome Mr. Floods colleague.Sheldon, Richard, d. 1642?A12096EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A centurie of similies. By Thomas SheltonShelton, Thomas, 1601-1650?A12102EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The countryman vvith his houshold Being a familiar conference, concerning faith towards God, and good workes before men; fitted for the capacitie of the meanest. By R.S. preacher of the word at Arley. See the contents more particularly before the booke.Sherrard, Robert.A12120EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[A true report of the late horrible murther committed by VVilliam Sherwood prisoner in the Queenes Benche, for the profession of Popery, the 18. of Iune. 1581.]A12126EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The first and chief groundes of architecture vsed in all the auncient and famous monymentes with a farther & more ample defense vppon the same, than hitherto hath been set out by any other. Published by Iohn Shute, paynter and archytecte.Shute, John, d. 1563.A12159EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Corona charitatis, = The crovvne of charitie a sermon preacht in Mercers Chappell, May 10. 1625. at the solemne funerals of his euer-renowmed friend, of precious memory, the mirroir of charitie, Mr. Richard Fishburne, merchant, and now consecrated as an anniuersary to his fame; by Nat: Shute, rector of the parish of Saint Mildred in the Poultry, London.Shute, Nathaniel, d. 1638.A12160EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The testimonie of a true fayth conteyned in a short catechisme necessary to all families, for the more knowledge of God, and better bryngyng vp of chyldren in his fayth and feare. Gathered and written for the benefite of Gods well disposed children, By C.S. Preacher.Shutte, Christopher, d. 1626.A12161EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A compendious form and summe of Christian doctrine, called The testimonie of a true faith meete for well disposed families, for the more knowledge [in] God, and better nourishing vp, and confirming of all such, as loue saluation in Iesus Christ. Gathered, corrected, and newly augmented, by Christopher Shutte, Maister of Arte, seene and allowed.Shutte, Christopher, d. 1626.A12162EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A verie godlie and necessary sermon preached before the yong countesse of Cumberland in the North, the 14 of Nouember, 1577. By Christopher Shutt.Shutte, Christopher, d. 1626.A12165EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The returning backslider, or, A commentarie upon the whole XIIII. chapter of the prophecy of the prophet Hosea Wherein is shewed the large extent of Gods free mercy, even unto the most miserable forlorne and wretched sinners that may be, upon their humiliation and repentance. Preached by that learned and judicious divine, Dr. Sibbs, late preacher to the honourable society of Grayes Inne, and master of Katherine Hall in Cambridge. Published by his owne permission before his death.Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635.A12190EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A reply to an ansvvere, made by a popish adversarie, to the two chapters in the first part of that booke, which is intituled a Friendly advertisement to the pretended Catholickes in Ireland Wherein, those two points; concerning his Majejesties [sic] supremacie, and the religion, established by the lawes and statutes of the kingdome, be further justified and defended against the vaine cavils and exceptions of that adversarie: by Christopher Sibthorp, Knight, one of His Majesties iustices of his Court of Chiefe Place within the same realme.Sibthorp, Christopher, Sir, d. 1632.A12213EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A surreplication to the reioynder of a popish adversarie VVherein, the spirituall supremacy of Christ Iesus in his church; and the civill or temporall supremacie of emperours, kings, and princes within their owne dominions, over persons ecclesiastical, & in causes also ecclesiasticall (as well as civill and temporall) be yet further declared defended and maintayned against him. By Christopher Sibthorp, knight, one of his majesties iustices of his court of Chiefe-place in Ireland.Sibthorp, Christopher, Sir, d. 1632.A12215EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A counter-plea to an apostataes [sic] pardon A sermon preached at Paules Crosse vpon Shroue-Sunday, February 15. 1617. By Robert Sibthorpe, preacher of the Word of God at Waterstratforde in Buckingamshire.Sybthorpe, Robert, d. 1662.A12216EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A famous victorie, atchiued in August last 1613. by the Christian gallies of Sicilia, against the Turkes Wherein were redeemed aboue a thousand Christian captiues, as many Turkes slaine, and aboue six hundred taken.A12218EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Carmina lugubria de infelici casu et præmaturo obitu, ex naufragio 17/7 Ianuarij die anni hujus 1629, sub densissimæ instar nubis nebula, vespertino crepusculo inter 4 et 5 horam, non procul ab Amstelredamo in fluvio Ya apud Batavos facto, illustrissimi ac optimæ indolis, maximæque spei Principis Friderici Henrici serenissimi Bohemorum Regis Friderici, Principis electoris Palatini primogeniti filii, electi in Regem Bohemiæ, 15 annos & 7 dies nati, communi nomine omnium piorum ac fidelium, tanti et tàm heroicæ mentis Principis incomparabilem jacturam ex corde deplorans ac mærens, æviterni monumenti loco, conscripsit humillimus eorum servus, M. Iohannes Sictor Rokyczanus exul BohemusSictor, Jan, 1593-1652.A12219EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Panegyricon inaugurale honoratissimi & amplissimi Domini prætoris regii, sive majoris nobilissimæ & florentissimæ urbis Londinensis, a forma reipublicæ breviter conscriptum.Sictor, Jan, 1593-1652.A12223EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The defence of poesie. By Sir Phillip Sidney, KnightSidney, Philip, Sir, 1554-1586.A12225EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Paradoxes of defence wherein is proued the true grounds of fight to be in the short auncient weapons, and that the short sword hath aduantage of the long sword or long rapier. And the weakenesse and imperfection of the rapier-fights displayed. Together with an admonition to the noble, ancient, victorious, valiant, and most braue nation of Englishmen, to beware of false teachers of defence, and how they forsake their owne naturall fights: with a briefe commendation of the noble science or exercising of armes. By George Siluer Gentleman.Silver, George, fl. 1599.A12246EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A theater of the planetary houres for all dayes of the yeare VVherein may be gathered from the earth, vnder the cœlestiall influences, divers sorts of hearbs, rootes, leaves, barkes, flowers, fruits, seedes, stones, animals, &c. for the vse of physick: whereby both suddenly, and happily infirmities may be cured. The evils too are set downe, that happen, and are caused by the seuen plannets: the friendship and hatred betwixt them: the sunne rising; and to finde the determinate houre of it. A worke not onely curious and delightfull, but likewise necessary for physitians, and all curious spirits. Composed by George Simotta a Grecian, of Constantinople, spagirick physitian, to Monsieur, brother to his Majestie of France. Translated out of Greeke, into French, and now into English, fitted to our calculation.Simotta, George.A12254EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Heptameron, the seven dayes: that is, meditations and prayers, vpon the vvorke of the Lords creation Together with other certaine prayers and meditations, most comfortable for all estates, & c. By M. A. Symson, minister at Dalkeith.Simson, Archibald, 1564-1628.A12258EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sacred septenarie, or, A godly and fruitful exposition on the seven Psalmes of repentance viz. the VI. XXV. XXXII. XXXVIII. LI. CXXX. CXLIII. the 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. of the penitentials. Seruing especially for the direction and comfort of all such, who are either troubled in minde, diseased in body, or persecuted by the wicked. The second impression. By Mr. A. Symson, pastor of the church at Dalkeeth in Scotland.Simson, Archibald, 1564-1628.A12260EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Samsons seaven lockes of haire allegorically expounded, and compared to the seauen spirituall vertues, whereby we are able to ouercome our spirituall Philistims. By M. A. Symson, minister of the euangell at Dalkeith.Simson, Archibald, 1564-1628.A12262EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The dovvnefall of Shebna together with an application to the bloudie Gowrie of Scotland. As it was deliuered in two seuerall sermons of that occasion, in S. Maries Church in Oxford. And now published for a warning to all ill-affected Ogiluiests: vt quorum exitus perhorrescunt, eorum facta non imitentur. By I.S.Singleton, Isaac, b. 1582 or 3.A12264EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A friend to navigation plainely expressing to the capacity of the simpler so[rt] the whole misery or foundation of the same art for whose sake, the author hath onely penned this treatise, being himselfe a faithfull good willer thereto.Skay, John.A12274EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Honorificatissimo, amplissimo, longeq[ue] reuerendissimo in Christo patri: ac domino, domino Thome &c ... A latereq[ue] legato superillustri &c. Skeltonis laureatus ora, reg. humillimum, dicit obsequium ... A replycacion agaynst certayne yong scolers, abiured of late [et]c. Argumentum. Crassa[n]tes nimiu[m], nimiu[m] sterilesq[ue] labruscas (vinea quas d[omi]ni, sabaot non sustinet ultra laxius expandi) nostra est resecare uoluntas. Cum priuilegio a rege indulto.Skelton, John, 1460?-1529.A12292EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Skeltonicall salutation, or condigne gratulation, and iust vexation of the Spanish nation that in a bravado, spent many a crusado, in setting forth an armado England to invado.A12303EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached before the King at VVhite-Hall, the third of December. By Robert Skinner chaplaine in ordinary to His Maiestie. Published by His Maiesties commandSkinner, Robert, 1591-1670.A12309EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An extract out of the historie of the last French King Henry the fourth of famous memorie according to an autentique [sic] copie written in his life time. To which is added his being murdered with a knife in his coach in Paris the 14. of May last 1610. styl. Rom. With an apprecation [sic] for the safeguard and happines of our most gracious soueraigne Iames the first, &c. Seene and allowed by authoritie.Skory, Edmond.A12310EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The vanitie & downe-fall of superstitious Popish ceremonies, or, A sermon preached in the cathedrall church of Durham by one Mr. Peter Smart, a præbend there, July 27. 1628 : containing not onely an historicall relation of all those severall Popish ceremonies and practises which Mr. Iohn Cosens hath lately brought into the said cathedrall church: but likewise a punctuall confutation of them; especially of erecting altars, and cringing to them, (a practise much in vse of late) and of praying towards the east.Smart, Peter, 1569-1652?A12324EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth a treatyse of the smyth whych that forged hym a new dameA12339EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two sermons, of Ionahs punishment ; Foure sermons preached by Maister Henry Smith ; and published by a more perfect copie then heretofore.Smith, Henry, 1550?-1591.A12430EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A misticall deuise of the spirituall and godly loue betwene Christ the spouse, and the church or congregation Firste made by the wise Prince Salomon, and now newly set forth in verse by Iud Smith. Wherunto is annexed certeine other briefe stories. And also a treatise of prodigalitie, most fit and necessarie to be read [and] marked of all estates. 1575.A12479EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An answer to Thomas Bels late challeng named by him The dovvnfal of popery wherin al his arguments are answered, his manifold vntruths, slaunders, ignorance, contradictions, and corruption of Scripture, & Fathers discouered and disproued: with one table of the articles and chapter, and an other of the more markable things conteyned in this booke. VVhat controuersies be here handled is declared in the next page. By S.R.Smith, Richard, 1566-1655.A12482EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of the author and substance of the protestant church and religion two bookes. Written first in Latin by R.S. Doctour of Diuinity, and now reuiewed by the author, and translated into English by VV. Bas.Smith, Richard, 1566-1655.A12484EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The prudentiall ballance of religion wherin the Catholike and protestant religion are weighed together with the weights of prudence, and right reason. The first part, in which the foresaide religions are weighed together with the weights of prudence and right reason accordinge to their first founders in our Englishe nation, S. Austin and Mar. Luther. And the Catholike religion euidently deduced through all our kings and archbishopps of Canterburie from S. Austin to our time, and the valour and vertue of our kings, and the great learninge and sanctitie of our archbishopps, together with diuers saints and miracles which in their times proued the Catholike faith; so sett downe as it may seeme also an abridgement of our ecclesiasticall histories. With a table of the bookes and chapters conteyned in this volume.Smith, Richard, 1566-1655.A12485EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The seconde parte of the booke called a Bucklar of the Catholyke fayeth conteyninge seuen chapiters / made by Rychard Smyth doctoure of diuinitie of Oxforde, & reader of the same there.Smith, Richard, 1500-1563.A12487EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A brief treatyse settynge forth diuers truthes necessary both to be beleued of Chrysten people, & kepte also, whiche are not expressed in the Scripture but left to ye church by the apostles traditio[n] / made by Rychard Smyth ...Smith, Richard, 1500-1563.A12489EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A confutation of a certen booke, called a defence of the true, and Catholike doctrine of the sacrame[n]t, &c. sette fourth of late in the name of Thomas Archebysshoppe of Canterburye. By Rycharde Smyth, Docter of diuinite, and some tyme reader of the same in OxfordeSmith, Richard, 1500-1563.A12490EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A defence of the blessed masse, and the sacrifice therof prouynge that it is auayleable both for the quycke and the dead and that by Christes owne and his apostles ordynaunce, made [and] set forth by Rycharde Smyth doctour in diuinitie, and reader of ye kynges highnes lesson of diuinitie, in his maiesties vniuersitie of Oxforde. Wherin are dyuers doubtes opened, as it were by the waye, ouer and aboue the principall, and cheyfe matter.Smith, Richard, 1500-1563.A12492EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly and faythfull retractation made and published at Paules crosse in London, the yeare of oure lorde God 1547. the 15. daye of May, by mayster Richard Smyth Doctor of diuinitye, and reader of the Kynges maiestyes lecture in Oxford. Reuokyng therin certeyn errors and faultes by hym committyd in some of hys bookes.Smith, Richard, 1500-1563.A12494EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Of unwryten verytyesSmith, Richard, 1500-1563.A12495EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A playne declaration made at Oxforde the 24. daye of July, by mayster Richarde Smyth, Doctor of diuinite, vpon hys Retractation made [and] published at Paules crosse in London, in the yeare of our lorde God, D.D.xlvii. the xv. daye of MaySmith, Richard, 1500-1563.A12496EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The admirable convert: or the miraculous conuersion of the thiefe on the crosse With the finall impenitency of the other. By Samuel Smith, minister of the word of God.Smith, Samuel, 1588-1665.A12506EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Christs Last Supper or the doctrine of the Sacrament of Christs Supper, set forth in fiue sermons Wherein is taught the great necessitie of a godly preparation, before men come to the Sacrament. Wherein it doth consist: with the condemnation threatned against the vnvvorthy receiuer of the same. By Samuel Smith, minister of Gods word at Prittlewell, in Essex.Smith, Samuel, 1588-1665.A12509EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Dauids repentance, or, A plaine and familiar exposition of the 51 psalme first preached and now published for the benefite of Gods church : wherein euery faithfull Christian may see before his eyes the patterne of vnfeigned repentance, whereby we may take heed of the falling into sinne againe.Smith, Samuel, 1588-1665.A12516EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposition vpon the sixt chapter of the prophesie of Hosea VVherein is set down the true repentance of the godly, as also the hypocriticall repentance of the wicked; most needfull for these times. Wherein 1. The summe and scope. 2. The doctrines. 3. The reasons. 4. The vses. Of most texts are obserued. First preached by Samuel Smyth minister of Roxwel in Essex, and now by him published, intending the further good of his charge, and the profit of as many as shall please to read it. Seene and allovved.Smith, Samuel, 1588-1665.A12523EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Ethiopian eunuchs conuersion. Or, The summe of thirtie sermons vpon part of the eight chapter of the Acts. By Samuel Smith, minister of the wordSmith, Samuel, 1588-1665.A12524EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Noahs doue, or Tydings of peace to the godly A comfortable sermon preached at a funerall. By Samuel Smith minister of Gods word at Prittlewel in Essex.Smith, Samuel, 1588-1665.A12529EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The bright morning starre: or, The resolution and exposition of the 22. Psalme preached publikely in foure sermons at Lincolne. By John Smith preacher of the citie.Smyth, John, d. 1612.A12551EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The character of the beast, or, The false constitution of the church discovered in certayne passages betwixt Mr. R. Clifton & Iohn Smyth, concerning true Christian baptisme of new creatures, or new borne babes in Christ, &nd false baptisme of infants borne after the flesh : referred to two propositions, 1. That infants are not to bee baptized, 2. That antichristians converted are to bee admitted into the true church by baptisme.Smyth, John, d. 1612.A12552EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The differences of the churches of the seperation [sic] contayning a description of the leitourgie and ministerie of the visible church, annexed as a correction and supplement to a litle [sic] treatise lately published, bearing title, Principles and inferences, concerning the visible Church / published ... by Iohn Smyth.Smyth, John, d. 1612.A12553EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A paterne of true prayer A learned and comfortable exposition or commentarie vpon the Lords prayer: wherein the doctrine of the substance and circumstances of true inuocation is euidently and fully declared out of the holie Scriptures. By Iohn Smith, minister and preacher of the Word of God.Smyth, John, d. 1612.A12554EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An artificiall apologie, articulerly [sic] answerynge to the obstreperous obgannynges of one W.G. euometyd to the vituperacion of the tryumphant trollynge Thomas Smyth / repercussed by the ryght redolent & rotounde rethorician R. Smyth, P. with annotacio[n]s of the mellifluous and misticall Master Mynterne, marked in the mergent for the enucliacion of certen obscure obelisques, to thende that the imprudent lector shulde not tytubate or hallucinate in the labyrinthes of the lucubratiuncle.Smyth, R.A12556EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Paralleles, censures, observations Aperteyning: to three several writinges, 1. A lettre written to Mr. Ric. Bernard, by Iohn Smyth. 2. A book intituled, the Seperatists schisme published by Mr. Bernard. 3. An answer made to that book called the Sep. Schisme by Mr. H. Ainsworth. Whereunto also are adioyned. 1. The said lettre written to Mr. Ric. Bernard divided into 19. sections. 2. Another lettre written to Mr. A.S. 3. A third letter written to certayne bretheren of the seperation. By Iohn Smyth.Smyth, John, d. 1612.A12557EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Munition against mans misery and mortality A treatice containing the most effectual remedies against the miserable state of man in this life, selected out of the chiefest both humane and divine authors; by Richard Smyth preacher of Gods word in Barstaple in Devonshire.Smyth, Richard, preacher in Barnstaple, Devonshire.A12558EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An enuoye from Thomas Smyth upon thaunswer of one W.G. ...Smyth, Thomas, servaunt to the Quenes most excellent Majestie.A12560EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A lytell treatyse agaynst sedicyous personsSmyth, Thomas, servaunt to the Quenes most excellent Majestie.A12561EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A looking glasse for maried folkes Wherein they may plainly see their deformities; and also how to behaue themselues one to another, and both of them towards God. Set forth dialogue-wise for the more tastable and plainnesse sake. By R. S.Snawsel, Robert.A12570EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The booke of the holy societye commonly called of tvvelve conteyning the lytanies, and prayers, vvich are to be sayd by those vvho are of that Societye. To obtaine of God the grace to dye well. Lately translated out of the French language for the benefit of English Catholikes by N.N. a Catholic gentleman.A12573EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynnyth a traetys callyde the Lordis flayle handlyde by the bushops powre thresshere Thomas SolmeSome, Thomas, b. ca. 1510.A12582EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly and shorte treatise of the sacraments. vvritten by Robert Some..Some, Robert, 1542-1609.A12589EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly sermon preached in Latin at great S. Maries in Cambridge, in Marche 1580. by Robert Some: and translated by himselfe into EnglishSome, Robert, 1542-1609.A12590EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A godly treatise containing and deciding certaine questions, mooued of late in London and other places, touching the ministerie, sacraments, and Church Whereunto one proposition more is added. After the ende of this booke you shall finde a defence of such points as M. Penry hath dealt against: and a confutation of many grosse errours broched in M. Penries last treatise. Written by Robert Some Doctor of Diuinitie.Some, Robert, 1542-1609.A12592EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A song or, story, for the lasting remembrance of diuers famous works, which God hath done in our time With an addition of certaine other verses (both Latine and English) to the same purpose.Wilson, John, 1588-1667.A12600EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The eunuche's conuersion A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the second of February. 1617. By Charles Sonnibank, Doctor of Diuinitie, & Canon of Windsor.Sonibancke, Charles, 1564-1638.A12604EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Pandora, the musyque of the beautie, of his mistresse Diana. Composed by Iohn Soowthern Gentleman, and dedicated to the right Honorable, Edward Deuer, Earle of Oxenford, &c. 1584. Iune. 20Southern, John, fl. 1584.A12605EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Virginia richly valued, by the description of the maine land of Florida, her next neighbour out of the foure yeeres continuall trauell and discouerie, for aboue one thousand miles east and west, of Don Ferdinando de Soto, and sixe hundred able men in his companie. Wherin are truly obserued the riches and fertilitie of those parts, abounding with things necessarie, pleasant, and profitable for the life of man: with the natures and dispositions of the inhabitants. Written by a Portugall gentleman of Eluas, emploied in all the action, and translated out of Portugese by Richard Hakluyt.A12615EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The articles of lete and courte for the lyberties of SouthwarkeSouthwark (London, England)A12619EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The charge of the court baronSouthwark (London, England.A12620EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
St Peters complainte Mary Magdal· teares. Wth other workes of the author R:SSouthwell, Robert, Saint, 1561?-1595.A12644EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Ester hath hang'd Haman: or An ansvvere to a lewd pamphlet, entituled, The arraignment of women With the arraignment of lewd, idle, froward, and vnconstant men, and husbands. Diuided into two parts. The first proueth the dignity and worthinesse of women, out of diuine testimonies. The second shewing the estimation of the fœminine sexe, in ancient and pagan times; all which is acknowledged by men themselues in their daily actions. VVritten by Ester Sowernam, neither maide, wife nor widdowe, yet really all, and therefore experienced to defend all.Sowernam, Ester.A12653EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A declaration of such greiuous accidents as commonly follow the biting of mad dogges, together with the cure thereof, by Thomas Spackman Doctor of PhysickSpackman, Thomas.A12656EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A proclamation for reformation, published and commanded (to be obserued as law) by the high and mighty Philip the fourth, King of Spaine, for the gouernment of his kingdomes. Containing 23. seuerall chapters, wherein his Maiesty with the aduise of his councels hath ordered, and reformed many notorious abuses in the commonwealth. Faithfully translated out of the originall Spanish coppy printed by his Maiesties commandSpain. Sovereign (1621-1665 : Philip IV)A12674EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse more at large of the late ouerthrovve giuen to the King of Spaines armie at Turnehaut, in Ianuarie last, by Count Morris of Nassawe, assisted with the English forces whereunto is adioined certaine inchauntments and praiers in Latine, found about diuerse of the Spaniards, which were slaine in the same conflict: Translated out of French according to the copy printed in the Low Countries. Seene and allowed.A12676EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The su[m] of diuinitie drawn out of the holy scripture very necessary, not only for curates [et] yong studentes in diuinitie: but also for al christen men and women what soeuer age they be of. Drawn out of Latine into Englyshe by Robert Hutten.Spangenberg, Johann.A12685EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A packe of Spanish lyes sent abroad in the vvorld: first printed in Spaine in the Spanish tongue, and translated out of the originall. Now ripped vp, vnfolded, and by iust examination condemned, as conteyning false, corrupt, and detestable wares, worthy to be damned and burned.A12691EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Spare your goodA12694EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christians map of the world drawne at the solmne funerals of M. Henry Chitting Esquire, Chester-Herauld at Armes, interred Ianuary 11, Anno Domini 1637. By Edward Sparke Master in Arts, and preacher at St. Mary Islington.Sparke, Edward, d. 1692.A12696EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The poore orphans court, or Orphans cry. By M.S. Being a wel-wisher for a speedy helpe of their misery, and an eye-witnesse of their present calamitieSparke, Michael, d. 1653.A12698EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A brotherly persvvasion to vnitie, and vniformitie in iudgement, and practise touching the receiued, and present ecclesiasticall gouernment, and the authorised rites and ceremonies of the Church of England. VVritten by Thomas Sparke Doctor in Diuinitie. And seene, allowed, and commended by publike authoritie to be printedSparke, Thomas, 1548-1616.A12700EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An ansvvere to Master Iohn De Albines, notable discourse against heresies (as his frendes call his booke) compiled by Thomas Spark pastor of Blechley in the county of BuckSparke, Thomas, 1548-1616.A12701EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The high vvay to Heaven by the cleare light of the Gospell cleansed of a number of most dangerous stumbling stones thereinto throwen by Bellarmine and others In a treatise made vpon the 37. 38. and 39. verses of the 7. of Iohn: wherein is so handled the most sweete and comfortable doctrine of the true vnion and communication of Christ and his Church, and the contrarie is so confuted, as that not onely thereby also summarilie and briefly, and yet plainly all men may learne rightly to receiue the sacrament of Christs blessed bodie and blood, but also how to beleeue and to liue to saluation. And therefore entitled The highway to Heauen. By Thomas Sparke Doctor of Diuinitie.Sparke, Thomas, 1548-1616.A12703EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Cheanies the 14. of September, 1585, at the buriall of the right honorable the earle of Bedforde, By Thomas Sparke Doctor of DivinitieSparke, Thomas, 1548-1616.A12705EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Whaddon in Buckinghamshyre the 22. of Nouember 1593. at the buriall of the Right Honorable, Arthur Lorde Grey of Wilton, Knight of the most Honorable order of the Garter, by Thomas Sparke pastor of BlechleySparke, Thomas, 1548-1616.A12706EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A short treatise, very comfortable for all those Christians that be troubled and disquieted in theyr consciences with the sight of their owne infirmities wherein is shevved hovv such may in their owne selues finde whereby to assure them of their free election, effectuall vocation, and iustification.Sparke, Thomas, 1548-1616.A12708EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The mystery of godlinesse a generall discourse of the reason that is in Christian religion. By William Sparke divinity reader at Magd: Coll: in Oxford, and parson of Blechly in B[uck]ingham-shire.Sparke, William, 1587-1641.A12709EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Spectacle for vsurers and succors of poore folkes bloud whereby they may see, Gods iust dislike and reuenge, vpon their vncharitable and vnciuill oppression, with a horrible murther committed by a young man, that hanged his owne mother in August last, 1606.A12713EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Loves revenge VVherein is briefly shewed from the historie of the holy scripture, the rising, grouth, and finall fall of the man of sinne; with the long and continuall strife betwixt the two seeds, how they have, from time to time, sought to disinherite each other: and how that Christ, by his righteous life, and long sufferings, in the end shall get the victory, and justly revenge himself upon his adversarie. Omnia vincit amor, & c. By Ios. Speed.Speed, Joshua.A12742EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe treatise for the measuring of glasse, board, timber, or stone, square or round being performed only by simple addition and substraction, and that in whole numbers, with[o]ut any multiplication, or division at all / by John Speidell ...Speidell, John, fl. 1600-1634.A12751EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Series cancellariorum Angliæ non dicam absoluta (nam in hoc desudent alij) sed vt è Thinni, & ms. quodam catalogo inceri authoris comeximus : auctior verò in nonnullis, et emendatior... / collecta operâ & vigillijs Cl.V.Dni. Hen. Spelman Eq. Aurat.Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641.A12764EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The art of logick deliuered in the precepts of Aristotle and Ramus. VVherein 1. The agreement of both authors is declared. 2. The defects in Ramus, are supplyed, and his superfluities pared off, by the precepts of Aristotle. 3. The precepts of both, are expounded and applyed to vse, by the assistance of the best schoolemen. By Tho: Spencer.Spencer, Thomas, fl. 1628-1629.A12767EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Maschil vnmasked In a treatise defending this sentence of our Church: vidz. the present Romish Church hath not the nature of the true Church. Against the publick opposition of Mr. Cholmley, and Mr. Butterfield, two children revolted in opinion from their owne subscription, and the faith of their mother the Church of England. By Thomas Spencer.Spencer, Thomas, fl. 1628-1629.A12768EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Daphnaïda An elegie vpon the death of the noble and vertuous Douglas Howard, daughter and heire of Henry Lord Howard, Viscount Byndon, and wife of Arthure Gorges Esquier. Dedicated to the Right honorable the Lady Helena, Marquesse of Northampton. By Ed. Sp.Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599.A12775EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Fovvre hymnes, made by Edm. SpenserSpenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599.A12779EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Prosopopoia, or, Mother Hubberds tale by Edm. Sp. ; dedicated to the right honourable, the Lady Compton and Mountegle.Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599.A12780EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A learned and gracious sermon preached at Paules Crosse by that famous and iudicious diuine, Iohn Spenser ... ; published for the benefite of Christs vineyard, by H.M.Spenser, John, 1559-1614.A12788EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An elegie on the much lamented death of the Right Honorable Sir Arthur Chichester Knight, Lo. Baron of Belfast, Lo. high Treasurer of Ireland, one of the lords of His Maiesties most Honorable Priuie Counsell, and of the Counsell of Warre. By Alex Spicer..Spicer, Alexander, b. 1574 or 5.A12792EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The sale of salt. Or The seasoning of soules Namely such, as for whom the chapmen here doe come, and whom the author, which taketh the name of a salter, is willing, what in him lieth, to season with the salt of the Word, leauing the successe to the Lord, without whose blessing in such works we can do nothing. Written by Iohn Spicer, minister of the word of God at Leckhamsteed in the county of Buckingham.Spicer, John.A12793EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christian sword and buckler, or, A letter by D. Sprint to a man seuen yeares grieuously afflicted in conscience and fearefully possessed by the Diuel very comfortable and commodious to withstand the assaults of Sathan.Sprint, John, d. 1623.A12799EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Cassander Anglicanus shewing the necessity of conformitie to the prescribed ceremonies of our church, in case of depriuation. By Iohn Sprint, minister of Thornbury in Glocester-shire, sometimes of Christ-Church in Oxon.Sprint, John, d. 1623.A12800EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Propositions, tending to proove the necessarie vse of the Christian Sabbaoth or Lords day; and that it is com... vs in Gods [wo]rd. VVherevnto is added the practice of that sacred day, framed after the rules of the same word. By Iohn Sprint, an unvvorthie minister of the Gospell of Iesus Christ, at Thornebery in Gloucester shire.Sprint, John, d. 1623.A12801EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The summe of the Christian religion contayning the chiefe points of the perswasion and practise of a Christian, which are needfull to his saluation. Drawne orderly in a cleare methode, and proposed in forme of question and answere. By Iohn Sprint.Sprint, John, d. 1623.A12805EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A plaine exposition vpon the first part of the second chapter of Saint Paul his second epistle to the Thessalonians Wherein it is plainly proved, that the Pope is the Antichrist. Being lectures, in Saint Pauls, by Iohn Squire priest, and vicar of Saint Leonards Shordich: sometime fellow of Iesus Colledge in Cambridge.Squire, John, ca. 1588-1653.A12807EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon on the Second Commandement preached in Saint Pauls Church, Ianuarie 6. 1623. By Iohn Squire vicar of Saint Leonard in Shorditch by London.Squire, John, ca. 1588-1653.A12808EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Hartford assises, March 14. 1616 by John Squire ...Squire, John, ca. 1588-1653.A12809EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Tes irenes trophæa, or, The tryumphs of peace that celebrated the solemnity of the right honourable Sir Francis Iones, Knight, at his inauguration into the maioraltie of London, on Monday being the 30. of October, 1620, at the particular cost and charge of the right worshipfull and ancient Society of the Haberdashers / with explication of the seuerall shewes and deuices by I.S.Squire, John.A12813EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Three sermons tvvo of them appointed for the Spittle, preached in St. Pauls Church, by John Squier, vicar of St. Leonards Shoredich in Middlesex: and John Lynch, parson of Herietsham in Kent.Squire, John, ca. 1588-1653.A12814EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A geographicall and anthologicall description of all the empires and kingdomes, both of continent and ilands in this terrestriall globe Relating their scituations, manners, customes, prouinces, and gouernements.Stafford, Robert, 1588-1618.A12830EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Instructions for the increasing of mulberie trees, and the breeding of silke-wormes, for the making of silke in this kingdome Whereunto is annexed his Maiesties letters to the lords liefetenants of the seuerall shieres of England, tending to that purpose.Letellier, Jean-Baptiste.A12834EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Accidentia ex Stanbrigiana editione nuper recognita et castigata]Stanbridge, John, 1463-1510.A12851EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Here begynneth the accedence diligently correcte and poyntydStanbridge, John, 1463-1510.A12857EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Accidentia]Stanbridge, John, 1463-1510.A12858EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[How many partes of reson ben there]Stanbridge, John, 1463-1510.A12859EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Long parvula]A12869EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
here begynneth a treatyse called. PeruulaA12872EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
[Peruula]A12873EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The commons complaint VVherein is contained tvvo speciall grieuances: The first, the generall destruction and waste of woods in this kingdome, with a remedy for the same: also how to plant wood according tyo the nature of euery soyle, without losse of any ground; and how thereby many more and better cattel may be yeerely bred, with the charge and profit that yeerely may arise thereby. The second grieuance is, the extreme dearth of victuals. Fovre remedies for the same. ...Standish, Arthur, fl. 1611-1613.A12915EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A discourse wherin is debated whether it be expedient that the scripture should be in English for al men to reade that wyll Fyrst reade this booke with an indifferent eye, and then approue or condempne, as God shall moue your heart.Standish, John, 1507?-1570.A12919EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposicion of the kinges prerogatiue collected out of the great abridgement of Iustice Fitzherbert and other olde writers of the lawes of Englande by the right woorshipfull sir William Staunford Knight, lately one of the iustices of the Queenes maiesties court of comon pleas: whereunto is annexed the proces to the same prerogatiue appertaining. 1567Staunford, William, Sir, 1509-1558.A12924EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Funerall elegies, vpon the most vntimely death of the honourable and most hopefull, Mr. Iohn Stanhope, sonne and heire to the Right Honourable Philip Lord Stanhope, Baron of Shelford vvho deceased in Christ-church at Oxford, the 18. of Iuly, 1623.A12936EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Cures vvithout care, or A summons to all such who finde little or no helpe by the use of ordinary physick to repaire to the northerne Spaw Wherein by many presidents of a few late yeares, it is evidenced to the world, that infirmities in their owne nature desperate and of long continuance have received perfect recovery, by vertue of minerall waters neare Knaresborow in the West-riding of Yorkeshire. Also a description of the said water, and of other rare and usefull springs adjoyning, the nature and efficacie of the minerals contained in them, with other not impertinent notes. Faithfully collected for the publique good by M. St.Stanhope, Michael.A12937EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A breef discour[s] wherin is declared, of y[e] trauailes an[d] miseries of this painful life, & that death is t[he] dissoluer of mans miserie. Gathered out of d[i]uers good writers, by Leonard Staueley. Wh[er]vnto is annexed the authors muse of this life, in English vearse and his prayse likewise of vertue, felicitie and true sentillitie[Staveley, Leonard].A12947EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A true declaration of the streight siedge laide to the cytty of Steenwich and of the skirmishes and battailes which happened on both sides, very strange and aduenturous. Heerevnto is also annexed, in what maner the enemie besought to parley with Counte Maurice his excellency, conserning the yeelding vp of the citty into his hands. Togither with the yeelding vp of the same. Printed in Dutch, and translated into English, by I.T[horius].A12949EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A bevvayling of the peace of Germany. Or, A discourse touching the Peace of Prague, no lesse unhappily than unjustly concluded at Prague in Bohemia, the 30. of May, 1635 Wherein the subtilties and practises of the Austrians, the weakenesse of the Saxons, the dangers of the protestants, and the justnesse of the warre, deservedly set on foot by the French and Swedes, are most evidently declared. Written in Latine by Iustus Asterius, otherwise Stella, a Germane, now one of the advocates in the Court of Parliament of Paris, and historiographer to the French King. Faithfully translated out of the Latine copie. Whereunto is prefixed a briefe summarie of the treaty of peace concluded at Prague, as aforesaid, &c. Published by authority.Stella, Johannes.A12952EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Hereafter ensueth the auncient seuerall customes, of the seuerall mannors of Stebbunhuth, and Hackney, within the countie of Middlesex which were perused, viewed & approued, by the lorde of the said mannors, and by all the copieholde tenants of the said seueral mannors, manie yeeres past, and which customes be now againe newelie and fullie considered off, ratified, allowed, and approued, by the right Honourable, Henrie L. Wentworth, lord of the saide seueral mannors, as in the seuerall articles & agreements hereafter following are expressed, the x. day of Nouember. 1587. and in the 29. yeere of the raigne of our Soueraigne Ladie Elizabeth, by the grace of God, Queene of England, Fraunce and Ireland, defender of the faith.A12960EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Disme: the art of tenths, or decimall arithmetike teaching how to perform all computations whatsoeuer, by whole numbers without fractions, by the foure principles of common arithmeticke: namely addition, subtraction, multiplication, and diuision. Inuented by the excellent mathematician, Simon Steuin. Published in English with wholesome additions by Robert Norton, Gent.Stevin, Simon, 1548-1620.A12970EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Psalmes of inuocation vpon God to preserue her Maiestie and the people of this lande, from the power of our enemies. Collected and gathered togither, by Christopher Stile.Stile, Christopher.A12972EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposition vpon the CXII. Psalme The high way to euerlasting blessednesse. Written for the benefit of Gods church, by T.S.Stint, Thomas.A12974EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An exposition on the CXXIIII. CXXV. CXXVI. Psalmes, called the Psalmes of degrees: or, the churches deliuerance Plainely set forth for the benefit of Gods church, by T.S. Seene, and allowed.Stint, Thomas.A12976EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached in the cathedrall church of Worcester vpon Sunday morning, Nouemb. 27. 1636 In the time of pestilence in other places of this land, and now published in the time of the visitation of that citie, with that grevious sicknesse, and by reason of it. By Geo. Stinton,Stinton, George, b. 1599 or 1600.A12977EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The churches lamentation for the losse of the godly deliuered in a sermon, at the funerals of that truly noble, and most hopefull young gentleman, Iohn Lord Harington, Baron of Exton, Knight of the noble order of the Bath, and his Maiesties lieutenaunt of the county of Rutland, at Exton in Rutland, the last day of March 1614. Together with a patterne of piety, and the power of godlinesse expressed in his life and death, who yeelded to nature the 27. of February, 1613. when he wanted two moneths of 22 yeeres of his age. By Richard Stock, pastor of Alhallowes-Breadstreet in London.Stock, Richard, 1569?-1626.A12980EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The doctrine and vse of repentance necessarie to be practised and vsed of all who looke to sing the song of Moses, and the song of the lambe beyond the glassie sea: Reuel.15.23. Preached in sundrie sermons in the parish church of Alhallowes Bredstreete in London: by Rich. StockStock, Richard, 1569?-1626.A12982EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the second of Nouember. 1606. By Richard Stocke, preacher of Al-hallowes, Bread-streete, LondonStock, Richard, 1569?-1626.A12983EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Bartholmew fairing for parentes to bestow vpon their sonnes and daughters, and for one friend to giue vnto another: shevving that children are not to marie, without the consent of their parentes, in whose povver and choise it lieth to prouide wiues and husbandes for their sonnes and daughters. Wherin is sufficiently prooued, what in this point is the office of the fathers and in like maner declared the part and duty of all obedient children. By Iohn Stockvvood, minister and preacher of Tunbridge.Stockwood, John, d. 1610.A12984EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A plaine and easie laying open of the meaning and vnderstanding of the rules of construction in the English accidence appointed by authoritie to be taught in all schooles of hir Maiesties dominions, for the great vse and benefite of yoong beginners: by Iohn Stockwood sometime schoolmaster of Tunbridge.Stockwood, John, d. 1610.A12988EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A sermon preached at Paules Crosse on Barthelmew day, being the 24. of August. 1578 Wherin, besides many other profitable matters meete for all Christians to follovv, is at large prooued, that it is the part of all those that are fathers, householders, and scholemaisters, to instruct all those vnder their gouernement, in the vvord and knovvledge of the Lorde. By Iohn Stockvvood scholemaister of Tunbridge.Stockwood, John, d. 1610.A12991EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A curse become a blessing: or, A sermon preached in the parish church of S. John the Baptist, in the Ile of Thannet, in the country of Kent, at the funerall of that vertuous and worthy gentleman Mr. Paul Cleybrooke Esquire. By William Stone preacher of Gods word: on Tuesday, September 17. 1622Stone, William, preacher of Gods word.A12995EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A treatise on the First Psalme. By Mathew Stonham. Minister and preacher in the cittie of NorwichStoneham, Mathew.A12996EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Two sermons of direction for iudges and magistrates. By Mathew Stoneham, minister and preacher in the citie of NorwichStoneham, Mathew.A13000EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The manner of the cruell outragious murther of William Storre Mast. of Art, minister, and preacher at Market Raisin in the county of Lincolne committed by Francis Cartwright one of his parishioners, the 30. day of August anno. 1602.A13002EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A copie of a letter lately sent by a gentleman, student in the lawes of the realme, to a frende of his concernyng. D. StoryA13003EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Declaration of the lyfe and death of Iohn Story, late a Romish canonicall doctor, by professyonA13004EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The arraignement of covetousnesse in three sermons. By John Stoughton, Doctor in Divinitie, sometimes fellow of Immanuel Colledge in Cambridge, late of Aldermanbury, London.Stoughton, John, d. 1639.A13005EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The righteous mans plea to true happinesse In ten sermons, on Psal. 4 ver. 6. Preached by Iohn Stoughton Doctor in Divinity, sometimes fellow of Emanuell Colledge in Cambridge, late preacher of Aldermanbury, London.Stoughton, John, d. 1639.A13019EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A learned treatise in three parts, 1 The definition 2 The distribution of Divinity. 3 The happinesse of man; as it was scholastically handled by John Stoughton D.D. in Immanuell Colledge Chappell in Cambridge, while he was fellow there: and now published according to the copy left under his own hand.Stoughton, John, d. 1639.A13022EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The Christians sacrifice much better then all the legall sacrifices of the Iewes; and without the which, all the said legall sacrifices of the Iewes, euen when they were in force, were not acceptable to God. Or, a logicall and theologicall exposition of the two first verses of the twelfth to the Romanes, with all the doctrine in the said two verses, plainly laid forth, and fitly applied according as these times do require the same. Wherein also besides the orthodoxall exposition of the said words, diuers other places of Scripture by the way occurring, before somewhat obscure, are so naturally interpreted, as that the iudicious reader shall thinke his paines well bestowed in vouchsafing to reade this treatise following. With the authors postscript to his children, as it were his last will and testament vnto them.Stoughton, Thomas.A13024EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A generall treatise against poperie and in defence of the religion by publike authoritie professed in England and other churches reformed. VVherein they that either want leisure to read, or that haue not iudgement to conceiue, or that are not able to buie the learned treatises of other concerning particular points of religion, may yet euidently see poperie not to be of God, and our religion to be acceptable in his sight. Very necessarie for these times, for the confirmation and strengthening of men in our religion, that neither by Iesuits, nor by any other, they may be drawne to poperie, or any other heresie or sect: and likewise for the winning of Papists and atheists to an vnfained liking and true profession of our religion. By Thomas Stoughton minister of the wordStoughton, Thomas.A13025EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An assertion for true and Christian church-policie VVherein certaine politike obiections made against the planting of pastours and elders in every congregation, are sufficientlie aunswered. And wherein also sundrie projectes are set downe, how the discipline by pastors & elders may be planted, without any derogation to the Kings royal prerogatiue, any indignitie to the three estates in Parleament, or any greater alteration of the laudable lawes, statutes, or customes of the realme, then may well be made without damage to the people.Stoughton, William, fl. 1584.A13028EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Diuine poemes In seuen seuerall classes. Written to his most excellent Maiestie Charles, by the grace of God King of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. By Sr. Iohn Stradling Knight and Baronet.Stradling, John, Sir, 1563-1637.A13060EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The life and death of Iacke Straw, a notable rebell in England vvho was kild in Smithfield by the Lord Maior of London.A13062EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The anatomie of mortalitie deuided into these eight heads: viz. 1 The certaitie of death. 2 The meditation on death. 3 The preparation for death. 4 The right behauiour in death. 5 The comfort at our owne death. 6 The comfort against the death of friends. 7 The cases wherein it is vnlawful, and wherin lawfull to desire death. 8 The glorious estate of the saints after this life. Written by George Strode vtter-barister of the middle Temple, for his owne priuate comfort: and now published at the request of his friends for the vse of others.Strode, George, utter-barister of the Middle Temple.A13071EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The forme of the agreement made at Strumsdorff Of the truce for twenty six yeares to come, concluded betwixt the high and mighty prince, the Kings Majesty of Poland, great Duke of Lettow, &c. as also of the kingdome of Poland, and great dukedome of Lettow; on tbe [sic] one party. And the high and mighty princesse, the Queenes Maiestie, and kingdome of Sweden; on the other partie. Comprised in twenty foure articles.Poland.A13073EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The looking-glasse of schisme wherein by a briefe and true narration of the execrable murders, done by Enoch ap Evan, a downe-right separatist, on the bodies of his mother and brother, with the cause mooving him thereunto, the disobedience of that sect, against royall majesty, and the lawes of our Church is plainly set forth. By Peter Studley, Master of Arts, and minister of Gods Word, in Shrevvsbury.Studley, Peter, 1587 or 8-1648.A13111EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A ritch storehouse or treasurie for nobilitye and gentlemen, which in Latine is called Nobilitas literata, written by a famous and excellent man, Iohn Sturmius, and translated into English by T.B. Gent. Seene and allowed according to the order appointedSturm, Johannes, 1507-1589.A13115EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Metallica. Or The treatise of metallica Briefly comprehending the doctrine of diuerse new metallicall inuentions, but especially, how to neale, melt, and worke all kinde of mettle-oares, irons and steeles with sea-coale, pit-coale, earth-coale and brush-fewell. Also a transcript of his Maiesties letters pattents of priuiledge, granted vnto Simon Sturteuant for the said metallicall businesses, for one and thirty yeares. Published in print before the last day of this present Easter terme, as the said Simon Sturteuant was by his Highnesse inioyned.Sturtevant, Simon.A13118EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A receite for grace in a sermon preached in the parish church of Westminster / by Christopher Styles.Styles, Christopher.A13119EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The gaines of seeking God In two sermons, preached in the parish church of VVestminster: by Christopher Styles.Styles, Christopher.A13120EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Sta[n]s puer ad mensa[m].Sulpitius Verulanus, Joannes, 15th cent.A13135EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
The summe of Christianitie set downe in familiar questions and answers.A13139EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A Sum or a brief collection of holy signes, sacrifices and sacraments, euen since the beginning of the worlde and the true originall of the sacrifice of the masse / translated out of French into Englishe by N. Lynge.A13141EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A summe or a briefe collection of holy signes, sacrifices, and sacraments instituted of God euen since the beginning of the world, and of the true originall of the sacrifice of the MasseA13142EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Certayne sweete prayers of the glorious name of Iesus, commonly called Iesus Mattens with the howers therto belonging / written in Latin aboue two hundred yeres agoe, by H. Susonne.Seuse, Heinrich, 1295-1366.A13150EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Articles of enquirie to be ministred concerning the Admiraltie in the county of Sussex. Anno Dom. 1638England and Wales. High Court of Admiralty.A13152EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
Meditations of man's mortalitie. Or, A way to true blessednesse. Written, by Mrs. Alice Sutcliffe wife of Iohn Sutcliffe Esquire, groome of his Maiesties most honourable privie chamberSutcliffe, Alice.A13154EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An abridgement or suruey of poperie conteining a compendious declaration of the grounds, doctrines, beginnings, proceedings, impieties, falsities, contradictions, absurdities, fooleries, and other manifold abuses of that religion, which the Pope and his complices doe now mainteine, and vvherewith they haue corrupted and deformed the true Christian faith, opposed vnto Matthew Kellisons Suruey of the new religion, as he calleth it, and all his malicious inuectiues and lies, by Matthevv Sutcliffe.Sutcliffe, Matthew, 1550?-1629.A13155EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
An ansvvere to a certaine libel supplicatorie, or rather diffamatory and also to certaine calumnious articles, and interrogatories, both printed and scattered in secret corners, to the slaunder of the ecclesiasticall state, and put forth vnder the name and title of a petition directed to her Maiestie: vvherein not onely the friuolous discourse of the petitioner is refuted, but also the accusation against the disciplinarians his clyents iustified, and the slaunderous cauils at the present gouernement disciphred by Mathew Sutcliffe.Sutcliffe, Matthew, 1550?-1629.A13156EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe examination, of a certaine peremptorie menacing and disleal petition presented, as is pretended, to the Kings most excellent Maiestie, by certaine laye papistes, calling themselues, the lay Catholikes of England, and now lately printed, and diuulged by a busie compagnion, called Iohn LeceySutcliffe, Matthew, 1550?-1629.A13158EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A briefe replie to a certaine odious and slanderous libel, lately published by a seditious Iesuite, calling himselfe N.D. in defence both of publike enemies, and disloyall subiects, and entitled A temperate wardword, to Sir Francis Hastings turbulent Watchword wherein not only the honest, and religious intention, and zeale of that good knight is defended, but also the cause of true catholike religion, and the iustice of her Maiesties proceedings against popish malcontents and traitors, from diuers malitious imputations and slanders cleered, and our aduersaries glorious declamation answered, and refuted by O.E. defendant in the challenge, and encounters of N.D. Hereunto is also added a certaine new challenge made to N.D. in fiue encounters, concerning the fundamentall pointes of his former whole discourse: together with a briefe refutation of a certaine caluminous relation of the conference of Monsieur Plessis and Monsieur d'Eureux before the French king ...Sutcliffe, Matthew, 1550?-1629.A13159EEBOrestrictedTCP CatalogueCC0 1.0
A challenge concerning the Romish Church, her doctrine &a