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Elliott, Ward (ed.)


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English literature -- Middle English, 1100-1500
Anthologies -- United States -- 20th century

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Claremont corpus of Elizabethan verse Elliott, Ward s.n. Claremont [CA]: [198?]

Poems and translations / Francis Bacon Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626 [Riverside Shakespeare] s.l.: s.d

Delia / Samuel Daniel Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619 s.n. s.l.: s.d

Idea / Michael Drayton Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631 s.n. s.l.: [1897]

14 Poems/ Sir Edward Dyer Dyer, Edward, Sir, 1543-1607 [Sargent] s.l.: [1935]

Note: Partial contents: The Encounter, or, The Quarreller

Apocrypha / [Richard Devere,] Earl of Oxford Oxford, Edward De Vere, 17th earl of, 1550-1604 [Riverside Shakespeare] s.l.: s.d

Poems / [Richard Devere,] Earl of Oxford Oxford, Edward De Vere, 17th earl of, 1550-1604 [Riverside Shakespeare] s.l.: s.d

Poems / Queen Elizabeth I Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1533-1603 [Riverside Shakespeare] s.l.: s.d

Sonnets / Edmund Spenser — Amoretti Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599 s.n. s.l.: s.d

Poems / Walter Raleigh Raleigh, Walter, 1586-1646 s.n. s.l.: s.d

Ever or never poems / Earl of Oxford — A hundred sundrie flowers Earl of Oxford attributed to Gascoigne, George, d. 1577 [Riverside Shakespeare] s.l.: s.d

Fato non fortuna / Bartholomew, Dan, of Bath Bartholomew, Dan, of Bath [Riverside Shakespeare] s.l.: s.d

Devises of sundry gentlemen / Haud Ictus Sapio Haud Ictus Sapio [Riverside Shakespeare] s.l.: [1897]

[Poems] / Meritum Petere Grave Meritum Petere Grave [Riverside Shakespeare] s.l.: s.d

[Poems] / Si Fortunatus Infoelix Si Fortunatus Infoelix [Riverside Shakespeare] s.l.: s.d

Poems / Richard Barnfield Barnfield, Richard, 1574-1627 Bullen : [1] s.l.: [1903]

Note: Contents: Tears of an affectionate shepherd [1594], The Shepherd's content [1594], The complaint of chastity [1594], Helen’s rape [1594], Cynthia [1595], Sonnets [1595], Ode [1595], Cassandra

Note: Proofed from scan of Bullen : [1903]. -- WEYE 8/90. -- Heavy substitution of en– for in–; em– for im–; embrace for imbrace; enjoy for injoy; ’d endings for –t endings, i.e. possess’d for possest

Sonnets / Barnabe Barnes Barnes, Barnabe, 1569?-1609 [Oxford University] [Oxford]: s.d

Note: Modernized spellings

Note: WEYE 7/90

Caelica, Grcaelic Fulke, Greville [G. Yerovsek] s.l.: s.d

Poems / Robert Greene Greene, Robert, 1558-1592 Dyce, Alexander, 1798-1869 [Shakespeare Society] s.l.: [1844]

Note: Contents: Menaphon : [1589, including Menaphon’s eclogue, Melicertus’ eclogue, Doron’s eclogue, Sonetto] ; Perimedes the Blacksmith : [1588, including Madrigal, Ditty, Sonnet] ; Pandosto : the triumph of time [1694] ; Never too late [1590, including Canzone] ; The shepherd’s ode ; Philomela : [1615, including Philomela’s ode, Philomela’s second ode, Sonnet, Answer, An ode ; Mamillia : [1593, including Verses against the Gentlewomen of Sicilia] ; Opharion : [1599, including Orpheus’s song, The song of Arion, Sonnet] ; Penelope’s web : [1601, including Sonnet from Ariosto, Barmenissa’s song, Verses] ; Alcida : [1617, including Verses written under a picture of Venus, Verses written under a picture of a peacock, Verses written under a carving of Mercury, Verses written under a carving of Cupid, Verses written on two tables on a tomb, Madrigal] ; England’s Parnassus : [1600, including Fragments, Verses]; A maiden’s dream : [an] elegy for Christphoer Hatton [1592]

Note: Modernized spelling

Epigrams and the forest / Ben Jonson Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637 Dutton s.l.: [1984]

Note: WEYE 4/90

Phillis : [1593] / Thomas Lodge Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625 Dutton s.l.: [1964]

Rosalynd / Thomas Lodge Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625 s.n. s.l.: s.d

Poems / Walter Raleigh Raleigh, Walter, 1586-1646 [Macmillan] [New York]: [1909]

Note: Including : The excuse ; An epitaph for Sir Philip Sidney ; A vision upon this conceit of the Faerie Queen ; Ralegh’s reply to Marlowe ; Farewell to the court ; Sir Walter Raleigh to his son ; Fain would I, but I dare not ; The lie ; Sir Walter Ralegh's pilgrimage ; To the translator of Lucan ; Petition to the Queen [Anne of Denmark, 1618] ; Verses written the night before his death ; What is our life? ; The 21st and last book of the ocean, to Cynthia

Amoretti / Edmund Spenser Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599 s.n. s.l.: s.d

Early poems / John Milton Milton, John Grierson, Herbert John Clifford, Sir, 1866-1960 s.n. s.l.: [1925]

Note: Contents: On the death of a fair infant dying of a cough ; At a vacation exercise in the college ; On the morning of Christ’s nativity ; The passion ; Song ; An epitaph on the admirable dramatic poet W. Shakespeare ; On the university carrier who sicken’d in the time of his vacancy—being forbid to go down to London—of the plague ; Another on the same ; An epitaph on the Marchioness of Winchester ; How soon hath time... ; Arcades ; At a solemn music

Note: WEYE 7/90



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