The love of David and fair Bethsabe


The love of David and fair Bethsabe [Electronic resource] : with the tragedy of Absalon


Peele, George, 1556-1596


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Plays -- England -- 16th century
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The love of David and fair Bethsabe : with the tragedy of Absalon — The minor Elizabethan drama (1) : pre-Shakespearean tragedies Peele, George, 1556-1596 Thorndike, Ashley Horace, 1871-1933 p. 125-182 Dent ; Dutton London ; New York: 1913 Copy consulted for validation: Bodleian Library, SE. 11 28. 5(1) : Everyman's library ; no. 491

Note: First issue of this ed. 1910

Note: The minor Elizabethan drama is a publication in two vols


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