Anglo-Saxon Charter Boundaries material

  • Anglo-Saxon Charter Boundaries material
  • Language of Landscape: Reading the Anglo-Saxon Countryside

Jenkyns, Joy


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English; Latin; English, Old (ca. 450-1100)

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Great Britain--History--Anglo Saxon period, 449-1066

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The resource consists of files made at different times and on different machines during the time of compilation. It is useful from an historical perspective only, since the material is now being set up as the AHRB-funded 'Language of Landscape: Reading the Anglo-Saxon Countryside' project (started in October 2004), which will render all these archived materials obsolete. The materials do, however, show the development of the resource from the Oxford mainframe 2988, with Famulus and Search Text as database and concordancing programs, and Ecce, Edt and Spitbol as editors. This development is traced through the move to the Vax system and the use of Ingres, OCP, Gimms and SasGraph.

Jenkyns, Joy. 1988. Computing in Names-Studies: the Charter Bounds. "Nomina", XII, 1988-89:131-52.

See 'Language of Landscape: Reading the Anglo-Saxon Countryside', an AHRB-funded project which continued research in this area.

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