Historiarum adversus paganos libri VII. English (Old English)

  • Historiarum adversus paganos libri VII. English (Old English)
  • Alfred's Orosius

Orosius, Paulus


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English, Old (ca. 450-1100)

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Transcribed from: King Alfred's Orosius / edited by Henry Sweet. -- London : Published for the Early English Text Society by N. Trübner & Co, 1883. -- (Early English text society. [Original series] ; no. 79). -- "The Old English text from the contemporary Lauderdale ms., and the divergent readings from the Cotton one [Tiberius B. 1.] ... On the opposite page are given those portions of the original Latin which Alfred translated, or rather paraphrased."--Pref. -- Contents: Part 1. Old-English text and Latin original.

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