Monsieur Thomas / by John Fletcher


Monsieur Thomas / by John Fletcher


Fletcher, John, 1579-1625


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Plays -- England -- 17th century
Comedies -- England -- 17th century

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Transcribed from: Fifty comedies and tragedies / written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, Gentlemen, all in one volume published by the authours original copies, the songs to each play being added ... -- London : Printed by J. Macock, for John Martyn, Henry Herringman, Richard Marriot, 1679. -- Portrait of Fletcher, by Marshall. -- The second folio; contains seventeen plays not in the first folio, 1647. -- Monsieur Thomas was first printed as a quarto in 1639 (see v. IV of The dramatic works in the Beaumont and Fletcher canon / general editor: Fredson Bowers, published by the Cambridge University Press, for a discussion of the textual differences between the different editions).


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