Salutem in Christo


Salutem in Christo


R. G., fl. 1571.

Grafton, Richard, d. 1572?, attributed name.

Burghley, William Cecil, Baron, 1520-1598, attributed name.



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Signed and dated: At London the. xiij. of October. 1571. Your louyng brother in lawe. R.G., i.e. Richard Grafton? William Cecil, Baron Burghley?. Concerning the second commitment of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, to the Tower. Title from caption title, A3r. Text begins: Good men and euill delite in contraryes. Imprint from STC. Signatures: A (-A1). The first leaf and the last leaf are blank. In this edition, A3r line 16 ends: euil. Reproduction of the original in the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.


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