Hymns and sacred poems: Published by John Wesley, ... and Charles Wesley, ...



Publiſhed by JOHN WESLEY, M. A. Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford; AND CHARLES WESLEY, M. A. Student of Chriſt-Church, Oxford.

‘Let the Word of CHRIST dwell in You richly in all Wiſdom, teaching and admoniſhing one another, in Pſalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, ſinging with Grace in your Hearts to the Lord. Col. iii. 16.

LONDON: Printed by WILLIAM STRAHAN; and ſold by JAMES HUTTON, Bookſeller, at the Bible and Sun, without Temple-Bar; and at Mr. BRAY's, a Brazier in Little-Britain.



[Page iii]

1. SOME Verſes, it may be obſerv'd, in the following Collection, were wrote upon the Scheme of the Myſtick Divines. And theſe, 'tis own'd, we haa once in great Veneration, as the beſt Explainers of the Goſpel of CHRIST. But we are now convinced that we therein greatly err'd: not knowing the Scriptures, neither the Power of GOD. And becauſe this is an Error which many ſerious Minds are ſooner or later expoſed to, and which indeed moſt eaſily beſets thoſe, who ſeek the LORD JESUS in Sincerity; we believe ourſelves indiſpenſably obliged, in the Preſence of GOD and Angels, and Men, to declare wherein [Page iv] we apprehend thoſe Writers, Not to teach the Truth as it is in JESUS.

2. And firſt, we apprehend them to lay Another Foundation. They are carefull indeed to pull down our own Works, and to prove, that by the DEEDS of the Law ſhall no fleſh be juſtified. But why is this? Only, to eſtabliſh our own Righteouſneſs in the place of our own Works. They ſpeak largely and well, againſt expecting to be accepted of GOD for our Virtuous Actions: And then teach, That we are to be accepted, For our Virtuous Habits or Tempers. Still the Ground of our Acceptance is placed in ourſelves. The Difference is only this: Common Writers ſuppoſe we are to be juſtified, for the Sake of our Outward Righteouſneſs. Theſe ſuppoſe we are to be juſtified, for the Sake of our Inward Righteouſneſs: Whereas in truth, we are no more juſtified, for the ſake of one than of the other. For neither our own Inward nor Outward Righteouſneſs, is the Ground of our Juſtification. Holineſs of Heart, as well as Holineſs of Life, is not the Cauſe, but the Effect of [Page v] it. The Sole Cauſe of our Acceptance with GOD (or, That for the Sake of which on the Account of which we are accepted) is the Righteouſneſs and the Death of CHRIST, who fulfilled GOD's Law, and died in our Stead. And even the Condition of it, is not (as they ſuppoſe) our Holineſs either of Heart of Life: But our Faith Alone; Faith contradiſtinguiſh'd from Holineſs as well as from Good Works. Other Foundation therefore can no Man lay, without being an Adverſary to CHRIST and his Goſpel, than Faith Alone, Faith, though neceſſarily producing both, yet not including either Good Works, or Holineſs.

3. But ſuppoſing them to have laid the Foundation right, the Manner of building thereon which they adviſe, is quite oppoſite to that preſcribed by CHRIST. He commands to build up one another. They adviſe, "To the Deſert, to the Deſert, and GOD will build you up." Numberleſs are the Commendations that occur in all their Writings, not of Retirement intermix'd with Converſation, but of an intire Secluſion from Men, (perhaps for [Page vi] Months or Years) in order to purify the Soul. Whereas, according to the Judgment of our Lord, and the Writings of his Apoſtles, it is only when we are knit together, that we have Nouriſhment from Him, and increaſe with the Increaſe of GOD. Neither is there any time, when the weakeſt Member can ſay to the ſtrongeſt, or the ſtrongeſt to the weakeſt, "I have no need of Thee." Accordingly our Bleſſed Lord, when his Diſciples were in their weakeſt State, ſent them forth, not alone, but Two by Two. When they were ſtrengthen'd a little, not by Solitude, but by abiding with him and one another, he commanded them to wait, not ſeparate but being aſſembled together, for the Promiſe of the Father. And they were all with one Accord in one Place, when they received the Gift of the Holy Ghoſt. Expreſs mention is made in the ſame Chapter, that when there were added unto them Three Thouſand Souls, all that believed were together, and continued ſtedfaſtly not only in the Apoſtles Doctrine but alſo in fellowſhip and in breaking of Bread and in praying with one Accord. Agreeable [Page vii] to which is the Account the Great Apoſtle gives, of the Manner which he had been taught of GOD, for the perfecting of the Saints, for the edifying of the Body of CHRIST, even to the end of the World. And according to St. Paul, all who will ever come, in the Unity of the Faith, unto a perfect Man, unto the Meaſure of the Stature of the Fulneſs of CHRIST, muſt together grow up into him. From whom the whole Body fitly join'd together and compacted (or ſtrengthen'd) by that which every joint ſupplieth, according to the effectual Working in the Meaſure of every part, maketh Increaſe of the Body, unto the Edifying of itſelf in Love. Epheſians iv. 15, 16.

4. So widely diſtant is the Manner of Building up Souls in CHRIST taught by St. Paul, from that taught by the Myſticks! Nor do they differ as to the Foundation, or the Manner of Building thereon, more than they do with Regard to the Superſtructure. For the Religion theſe Authors wou'd edify us in, is Solitary [Page viii] Religion. If Thou wilt be Perfect, ſay they, "trouble not thyſelf about Outward Works. It is better to work Virtues in the Will. He hath attain'd the True Reſignation, who hath eſtranged himſelf from all Outward Works, that GOD may work inwardly in him, without any turning to Outward Things. Theſe are the true Worſhippers, who worſhip GOD, in Spirit and in Truth." For Contemplation is with them, the fulfilling of the Law, even a Contemplation that "conſiſts in a Ceſſation of all Works."

5. Directly oppoſite to this is the Goſpel of CHRIST. Solitary Religion is not to be found there. "Holy Solitaries" is a Phraſe no more conſiſtent with the Goſpel than Holy Adulterers. The Goſpel of CHRIST knows of no Religion, but Social; no Holineſs but Social Holineſs. Faith working by Love, is the length and breadth and depth and height of Chriſtian Perfection. This Commandment have we from CHRIST, that he who love GOD, love his Brother alſo: And that we manifeſt our Love, [Page ix] by doing good unto all Men; eſpecially to them that are of the Houſehold of Faith. And in truth, whoſoever loveth his Brethren not in Word only, but as CHRIST loved him, cannot but be zealous of Good Works. He feels in his Soul a burning, reſtleſs Deſire, of ſpending and being ſpent for them. My Father, will he ſay, worketh hitherto and I work, And at all poſſible Opportunities, he is, like his Maſter, going about doing good.

6. This then is the Way: Walk Ye in it, whoſoever Ye are that have believed in his Name. Ye know, Other Foundation can no Man lay, than that which is laid, even JESUS CHRIST. Ye feel that by Grace Ye are ſaved thro' Faith; ſaved from Sin, by CHRIST form'd in your Hearts, and from Fear, by his Spirit bearing Witneſs with your Spirit, that Ye are the Sons of GOD. Ye are taught of GOD, not to forſake the aſſembling of yourſelves together, as the Manner of ſome is; but to inſtruct, admoniſh, exhort, reprove, comfort, confirm and every Way build up one another. Ye [Page x] have an Unction from the Holy One, that teacheth you to renounce any other or higher Perfection, than Faith working by Love, Faith zealous of Good Works, Faith as it hath opportunity doing good unto all Men. As Ye have therefore received JESUS CHRIST the LORD, ſo Walk ye in Him: Rooted and built up in Him, and ſtabliſh'd in the Faith and abounding therein more and more. Only, beware leſt any Man ſpoil you thro' Philoſophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of Men, after the rudiments of the World, and not after CHRIST. For Ye are complete in Him. He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, the firſt and the laſt. Only continue in Him, grounded and ſettled and be not moved away from the Hope of the Goſpel: And when CHRIST, who is our Life, ſhall appear, then ſhall Ye alſo appear with him in Glory!




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[Page 1]

1.1. EUPOLIS' Hymn to the Creator.

AUTHOR of Being, Source of Light,
With unfading Beauties bright,
Fulneſs, Goodneſs, rolling round
Thy own fair Orb without a Bound:
Whether Thee thy Supplicants call
Truth, or Good, or One, or All,
Ei or Iao; Thee we hail
Eſſence that can never fail,
Grecian or Barbaric Name,
Thy ſtedfaſt Being ſtill the ſame.
Thee, when Morning greets the Skies
With roſy Cheeks and humid Eyes;
Thee, when ſweet-declining Day
Sinks in purple Waves away;
Thee will I ſing, O Parent Jove
And teach the World to praiſe and love.
[Page 2]
Yonder azure Vault on high,
Yonder blue, low, liquid Sky,
Earth on its firm Baſis plac'd,
And with circling Waves embrac'd,
All, Creating Pow'r confeſs,
All their mighty Maker bleſs.
Thou ſhak'ſt all Nature with thy Nod,
Sea, Earth and Air confeſs the God:
Yet does thy pow'rful Hand ſuſtain
Both Earth and Heaven, both Firm and Main.
Scarce can our daring Thought ariſe
To thy Pavilion in the Skies;
Nor can Plato's ſelf declare
The Bliſs, the Joy, the Rapture there.
Barren above Thou doſt not reign,
But circled with a glorious Train,
The Sons of God, the Sons of Light,
Ever joying in thy Sight:
(For Thee their ſilver Harps are ſtrung,)
Ever beauteous, ever young,
Angelic Forms their Voices raiſe,
And thro' Heav'n's Arch reſound thy Praiſe.
The Feather'd Souls that ſwim the Air,
And bathe in liquid Ether there,
The Lark, Precentor of their Choir
Leading them higher ſtill and higher,
Liſten and learn; th' angelic Notes
Repeating in their warbling Throats:
And ere to ſoft Repoſe they go,
Teach them to their Lords below:
On the green Turf, their moſſy Neſt,
The Ev'ning Anthem ſwells their Breaſt.
Thus like thy Golden Chain from high,
Thy Praiſe unites the Earth and Sky.
[Page 3]
Source of Light, Thou bidſt the Sun
On his burning Axles run;
The Stars like Duſt around him fly,
And ſhew the Area of the Sky.
He drives ſo ſwift his Race above,
Mortals can't perceive him move:
So ſmooth his Courſe, oblique or ſtrait,
Olympus ſhakes not with his Weight.
As the Queen of ſolemn Night
Fills at his Vaſe her Orb of Light,
Imparted Luſtre; Thus we ſee,
The ſolar Virtue ſhines by Thee.
Eireſione we'll no more,
Imaginary Pow'r, adore;
Since Oil, and Wool, and chearing Wine,
And Life-ſuſtaining Bread is thine.
Thy Herbage, O Great Pan, ſuſtains
The Flocks that graze our Attic Plains;
The Olive, with freſh Verdure crown'd,
Riſes pregnant from the Ground;
At thy Command it ſhoots and ſprings,
And a thouſand Bleſſings brings.
Minerva, only is thy Mind,
Wiſdom, and Bounty to Mankind.
The fragrant Thyme, the bloomy Roſe,
Herb and Flow'r and Shrub that grows
On Theſſalian Tempe's Plain,
Or where the rich Sabeans reign,
That treat the Taſte or Smell or Sight,
For Food, for Med'cine or Delight;
Planted by thy Parent Care,
Spring and ſmile and flouriſh there.
O ye Nurſes of ſoft Dreams,
Reedy Brooks and winding Streams,
[Page 4] Or murm'ring o'er the Pebbles ſheen,
Or ſliding thro' the Meadows green,
Or where thro' matted Sedge you creep,
Travelling to your Parent Deep:
Sound his Praiſe, by whom you roſe,
That Sea, which neither ebbs nor flows.
O ye immortal Woods and Groves,
Which the enamour'd Student loves;
Beneath whoſe venerable ſhade,
For Thought and friendly Converſe made,
Fam'd Hecadem, old Hero, lies,
Whoſe Shrine is ſhaded from the Skies,
And thro' the Gloom of ſilent Night
Projects from far its trembling Light;
You, whoſe Roots deſcend as low,
As high in Air your Branches grow;
Your leafy Arms to Heav'n extend,
Bend your Heads, in Homage bend:
Cedars and Pines that wave above,
And the Oak belov'd of Jove.
Omen, Monſter, Prodigy,
Or nothing are, or Jove from Thee!
Whether various Nature play,
Or re-invers'd thy Will obey,
And to Rebel Man declare
Famine, Plague or Waſteful War.
Laugh, ye Profane, who dare deſpiſe
The threatning Vengeance of the Skies,
Whilſt the Pious, on his Guard,
Undiſmay'd is ſtill prepar'd:
Life or Death, his Mind's at reſt,
Since what Thou ſend'ſt muſt needs be beſt.
[Page 5]
No Evil can from Thee proceed:
'Tis only Suffer'd, not Decreed.
Darkneſs is not from the Sun,
Nor mount the Shades till he is gone:
Then does Night obſcene ariſe
From Erebus, and fill the Skies,
Fantaſtic Forms the Air invade,
Daughters of Nothing and of Shade.
Can we forget thy Guardian Care,
Slow to puniſh, prone to ſpare!
Thou brak'ſt the haughty Perſian's Pride,
That dar'd old Ocean's Pow'r deride;
Their Shipwrecks ſtrew'd th' Eubean Wave,
At Marathon they found a Grave.
O ye bleſt Greeks who there expir'd,
For Greece with pious Ardor fir'd,
What Shrines or Altars ſhall we raiſe
To ſecure your Endleſs Praiſe?
Or need we Monuments ſupply,
To reſcue what can never die!
And yet a Greater Hero far
(Unleſs Great Socrates could err)
Shall riſe to bleſs ſome future Day,
And teach to live, and teach to pray.
Come, Unknown Inſtructor, come!
Our leaping Hearts ſhall make Thee room;
Thou with Jove our Vows ſhalt ſhare,
Of Jove and Thee We are the Care.
O Father King, whoſe heav'nly Face
Shines ſerene on All thy Race,
We thy Magnificence adore,
And thy well-known Aid implore:
Nor vainly for thy Help we call;
Nor can we want: For thou art All!

1.2. SOLITUDE. From the Latin.

[Page 6]
SOLITUDE! where ſhall I find
Thee, pleaſing to the thoughtful Mind!
Sweet Delights to Thee belong,
Untaſted by the vulgar Throng.
Weary of Vice and Noiſe I flee,
Sweeteſt Comforter, to Thee.
Here the Mild and Holy Dove
Peace inſpires and Joy and Love.
Thy unmoleſted, ſilent Shade
No tumultuous Sounds invade:
No Stain of Guilt is ſeen in Thee,
To ſoil thy ſpotleſs Purity.
Here the ſmiling Fields around
Softeſt Harmony reſound.
Here with Angel Quires combin'd,
The Lord of his own peaceful Mind
Glides thro' Life, from Buſineſs far,
And noiſy Striſe, and eating Care.
Here retir'd from Pomp and State
(The envy'd Torment of the Great)
Innocent he leads his Days,
Far from giddy Thirſt of Praiſe.
Here his Accounts with ſtudious Care
Preparing for the laſt great Bar,
He weeps the Stains of Guilt away,
And ripens for Eternal Day.
Hoarded Wealth deſire who pleaſe,
Tow'rs and gilded Palaces.
Fraudleſs Silence may I find,
Solitude and Peace of Mind;
[Page 7]
To all the buſy World unknown,
Seen and lov'd by God alone.
Ye Rich, ye Learn'd, ye Great, confeſs
This in Life is Happineſs,
To live (unknown to all abroad)
To myſelf only and my GOD.

1.3. The Myſtery of Life.

SO many Years I've ſeen the Sun,
And call'd theſe Eyes and Hands my own,
A thouſand little Acts I've done
And Childhood have and Manhood known:
O what is Life! and this dull Round
To tread, why was a Spirit bound?
So many airy Draughts and Lines,
And warm Excurſions of the Mind,
Have fill'd my Soul with great Deſigns,
While Practice grovel'd far behind:
O what is Thought! and where withdraw
The Glories which my Fancy ſaw?
So many tender Joys and Woes
Have on my quiv'ring Soul had Pow'r;
Plain Life with height'ning Paſſions roſe,
The Boaſt or Burden of their Hour:
O what is All we feel! why fled
Thoſe Pains and Pleaſures o'er my Head?
[Page 6] [...] [Page 7] [...]
[Page 8] IV.
So many human Souls Divine,
Some at one Interview diſplay'd,
Some oft and freely mixt with mine,
In laſting Bonds my Heart have laid:
O what is Friendſhip! why impreſt
On my weak, wretched, dying Breaſt?
So many wondrous Gleams of Light,
And gentle Ardors from above,
Have made me ſit, like Seraph bright,
Some Moments on a Throne of Love:
O what is Virtue! why had I,
Who am ſo low, a Taſte ſo high?
Ere long, when Sov'reign Wiſdom wills,
My Soul an unknown Path ſhall tread,
And ſtrangely leave, who ſtrangely fills
This Frame, and waft me to the Dead:
O what is Death?—'tis Life's laſt Shore,
Where Vanities are vain no more;
Where all Purſuits their Goal obtain,
And Life is all retouch'd again;
Where in their bright Reſult ſhall riſe
Thoughts, Virtues, Friendſhips, Griefs and Joys.


[Page 9]
ASK not, who ended here his Span?
His Name, Reproach and Praiſe, was Man.
Did no great Deeds adorn his Courſe?
No Deed of His, but ſhew'd him worſe:
One Thing was great, which GOD ſupply'd,
He ſuffer'd Human Life—and Dy'd.
What Points of Knowledge did he gain?
That Life was ſacred all—and Vain:
Sacred how high, and vain how low?
He knew not here, but dy'd to know.

1.5. VIRTUE. Altered from Herbert.

SWEET Day, ſo cool, ſo calm, ſo bright,
The Bridal of the Earth and Sky:
The Dew ſhall weep thy Fall to Night,
For Thou with all thy Sweets muſt die!
Sweet Roſe, ſo fragrant and ſo brave,
Dazling the raſh Beholder's Eye:
Thy Root is ever in its Grave,
And Thou with all thy Sweets muſt die!
Sweet Spring, ſo beauteous and ſo gay,
Storehouſe, where Sweets unnumber'd lie:
Not long thy fading Glories ſtay,
But Thou with all thy Sweets muſt die!
[Page 10] IV.
Only a Sweet and Virtuous Mind,
When Nature all in Ruins lies,
When Earth and Heav'n a Period find,
Begins a Life that never dies!

1.6. Upon liſt'ning to the Vibrations of a Clock.

INſtructive Sound! I'm now convinc'd by Thee
Time in its Womb may bear Infinity.
How the paſt Moment dies, and throbs no more!
What Worlds of Parts compoſe the rolling Hour!
The leaſt of theſe a ſerious Care demands;
For tho' they're little, yet they're Golden Sands:
By ſome great Deeds diſtinguiſh'd all in Heav'n,
For the ſame End to me by Number giv'n!
Ceaſe, Man, to laviſh Sums thou ne'er haſt told!
Angels, tho' Deathleſs, dare not be ſo bold!

1.7. DOOMSDAY. From Herbert.

"COME to Judgment, come away"!
(Hark, I hear the Angel ſay,
Summoning the Duſt to riſe)
"Haſt, reſume, and lift your Eyes;
"Hear, ye Sons of Adam, hear,
"Man, before thy GOD appear!"
[Page 11] II.
Come to Judgment, come away!
This the Laſt, the Dreadful Day.
Sov'reign Author, Judge of all,
Duſt obeys thy quick'ning Call,
Duſt no other Voice will heed:
Thine the Trump that wakes the Dead.
Come to Judgment, come away!
Lingring Man no longer ſtay;
Thee let Earth at length reſtore,
Pris'ner in her Womb no more;
Burſt the Barriers of the Tomb,
Riſe to meet thy inſtant Doom!
Come to Judgment, come away!
Wide diſperſt howe'er ye ſtray,
Loſt in Fire, or Air, or Main,
Kindred Atoms meet again;
Sepulchred where'er ye reſt,
Mix'd with Fiſh, or Bird, or Beaſt.
Come to Judgment, come away!
Help, O CHRIST, thy Work's Decay:
Man is out of Order hurl'd,
Parcel'd out to all the World;
Lord, thy broken Concert raiſe,
And the Muſick ſhall be Praiſe.

1.8. SPIRITUAL SLUMBER. From the German.

[Page 12]
O Thou, who all things canſt controul,
Chaſe this dead Slumber from my Soul;
With Joy and Fear, with Love and Awe
Give me to keep thy perfect Law.
O may one Beam of thy bleſt Light
Pierce thro', diſpel the Shades of Night:
Touch my cold Breaſt with heav'nly Fire,
With holy, conq'ring Zeal inſpire.
For Zeal I ſigh, for Zeal I pant;
Yet heavy is my Soul and faint:
With Steps unwav'ring, undiſmay'd
Give me in all thy Paths to tread.
With out-ſtretch'd Hands, and ſtreaming Eyes
Oft I begin to graſp the Prize;
I groan, I ſtrive, I watch, I pray:
But ah! how ſoon it dies away!
The deadly Slumber ſoon I feel
Afreſh upon my Spirit ſteal:
Riſe, Lord; ſtir up thy quick'ning Pow'r,
And wake me that I ſleep no more.
[Page 13] VI.
Single of Heart O may I be,
Nothing may I deſire but Thee:
Far, far from me the World remove,
And all that holds me from thy Love!

1.9. ZEAL.

DEAD as I am, and cold my Breaſt,
Untouch'd by Thee, Celeſtial Zeal,
How ſhall I ſing th' unwonted Gueſt?
How paint the Joys I cannot feel?
Aſſiſt me Thou, at whoſe Command
The Heart exults, from Earth ſet free!
'Tis Thine to raiſe the drooping Hand,
Thine to confirm the feeble Knee.
'Tis Zeal muſt end this inward Strife,
Give me to know That Warmth Divine!
Thro' all my Verſe, thro' all my Life
The Active Principle ſhall ſhine.
Where ſhall we find its high Abode?
To Heav'n the Sacred Ray aſpires,
With ardent Love embraces GOD,
Parent and Object of its Fires.
[Page 14] V.
There its peculiar Influence known
In Breaſts Seraphic learns to glow;
Yet darted from th' Eternal Throne,
It ſheds a chearing Light below.
Thro' Earth diffus'd, the Active Flame
Intenſely for GOD's Glory burns,
And always mindful whence it came,
To Heav'n in ev'ry Wiſh returns.
Yet vain the fierce Enthuſiaſt's Aim
With This to ſanctify his Cauſe;
To skreen beneath this Awful Name
The perſecuting Sword he draws.
In vain the mad Fanatick's Dreams
To This myſteriouſly pretend;
On Fancy built, his airy Schemes
Or ſlight the Means, or drop the End.
Where Zeal holds on its even Courſe,
Blind Rage, and Bigotry retires;
Knowledge aſſiſts, not checks its Force,
And Prudence guides, not damps its Fires.
Reſiſtleſs then it wins its Way;
Yet deigns in humble Hearts to dwell:
The humble Hearts confeſs its Sway,
And pleas'd the ſtrange Expanſion feel.
[Page 15] XI.
Superior far to mortal Things,
In grateful Extaſy they own,
(Such antedated Heav'n it brings,)
That Zeal and Happineſs are one.
Now vary'd Deaths their Terrors ſpread,
Now threat'ning Thouſands rage—In vain!
Nor Tortures can arreſt its Speed,
Nor Worlds its Energy reſtrain.
That Energy, which quells the Strong,
Which cloaths with Strength the abject Weak,
Looſes the ſtamm'ring Infant's Tongue,
And bids the Sons of Thunder ſpeak.
While Zeal its heav'nly Influence ſheds,
What Light o'er Moſes' Viſage plays!
It wings th'immortal Prophet's Steeds,
And brightens fervent Stephen's Face.
Come then, bright Flame, my Breaſt inſpire;
To me, to me be Thou but giv'n,
Like them I'll mount my Car of Fire,
Or view from Earth an op'ning Heav'n.
Come then, if mighty to redeem,
CHRIST purchas'd thee with Blood Divine:
Come, Holy Zeal! For Thou thro' Him,
JESUS Himſelf thro' Thee is Mine!

1.10. On Reading Monſr. de RENTY's Life.

[Page 16]
WE deem the Saints, from mortal Fleſh releas'd,
With brighter Day, and bolder Raptures bleſt:
Senſe now no more precludes the diſtant Thought,
And naked Souls now feel the GOD they ſought,
But thy great Soul, which walk'd with GOD on Earth
Can ſcarce be nearer by that ſecond Birth:
By Change of Place dull Bodies may improve,
But Spirits to their Bliſs advance by Love.
Thy Change inſenſible brought no Surprize,
Inur'd to Innocence and Paradiſe:
For Earth, not Heav'n, thou thro' a Glaſs didſt view,
The Glaſs was Love; and Love no Evil knew,
But in all Places only Heav'n did ſhew.
Canſt Thou Love more, when from a Body freed,
Which ſo much Life, ſo little had of Need?
So pure, it ſeem'd for This alone deſign'd,
To uſher forth the Virtues of the Mind!
From Nature's Chain, from Earthly Droſs ſet free,
One only Appetite remained in Thee:
That Appetite it mourn'd but once deny'd,
For when it ceas'd from ſerving GOD, it dy'd.

1.11. VANITY. From Herbert.

THE fleet Aſtron'mer travels o'er
The Spheres with his ſagacious Mind,
Their Stations views from Door to Door,
As if to purchaſe he deſign'd:
[Page 17] Thro' all their circling Orbs he goes,
And all their mazy Wandrings knows.
The nimble Diver with his Side
Cuts thro' the working Waves his Way,
To fetch the Pearl which GOD did hide
On purpoſe from the View of Day,
That He might ſave his Life, and hers
Whoſe Pride the coſtly Danger wears.
The ſubtle Chymiſt can diveſt
Gay Nature of her various Hue;
Stript of her thouſand Forms, confeſt
She ſtands, and naked to his View:
At Diſtance other Suitors ſtand;
Her inmoſt Stores wait his Command.
What has not Man ſought out and found,
But GOD? Who yet his glorious Law
Plants in us; mellowing the Ground
With Show'rs and Froſt, with Love and Awe.
Poor, buſy, fooliſh Man! For Death
In Fire, and Air, and Sea, and Land,
Thro' Heav'n above, and Earth beneath
Thou ſeek'ſt; but miſſeſt Life at hand.

1.12. FAREWELL to the WORLD. From the French.

WORLD adieu, Thou real Cheat!
Oft have thy deceitful Charms
[Page 18] Fill'd my Heart with fond Conceit,
Fooliſh Hopes and falſe Alarms:
Now I ſee as clear as Day,
How thy Follies paſs away.
Vain thy entertaining Sights,
Falſe thy Promiſes renew'd,
All the Pomp of thy Delights
Does but flatter and delude:
Thee I quit for Heav'n above,
Object of the nobleſt Love.
Farewell Honour's empty Pride!
Thy own nice, uncertain Guſt,
If the leaſt Miſchance betide,
Lays thee lower than the Duſt:
Worldly Honours end in Gall,
Riſe to Day, to Morrow fall.
Fooliſh Vanity farewell,
More inconſtant than the Wave!
Where thy ſoothing Fancies dwell,
Pureſt Tempers they deprave:
He, to whom I fly, from Thee
JESUS CHRIST ſhall ſet me free.
Never ſhall my wand'ring Mind
Follow after fleeting Toys,
Since in GOD alone I find
Solid and ſubſtantial Joys:
Joys that never overpaſt,
Thro' Eternity ſhall laſt.
[Page 19] VI.
LORD, how happy is a Heart
After Thee while it aſpires!
True and faithful as Thou art,
Thou ſhalt anſwer its Deſires:
It ſhall ſee the glorious Scene
Of thy Everlaſting Reign.

1.13. GIDDINESS. From Herbert.

O What a Thing is Man! from Reſt
How widely diſtant, and from Pow'r!
Some twenty ſev'ral Men at leaſt
He ſeems, he is, each ſev'ral Hour.
Heav'n his ſole Treaſure now he loves;
But let a tempting Thought creep in,
His Coward Soul he ſoon reproves,
That ſtarts t' admit a pleaſing Sin.
Eager he ruſhes now to War,
Inglorious now diſſolves in Eaſe:
Wealth now engroſſes all his Care;
And laviſh now he ſcorns Increaſe.
A ſtately Dome he raiſes now:
But ſoon the Dome his Change ſhall feel;
See, level lies its lofty Brow,
Cruſh'd by the Whirlwind of his Will.
[Page 20] V.
O what were Man, if his Attire
Still vary'd with his varying Mind!
If we his ev'ry new Deſire
Stamp'd on his alt'ring Form could find.
Could each one ſee his Neighbour's Heart,
Brethren and Social made in vain,
All would disband and range apart,
And Man deteſt the Monſter Man.
If GOD refuſe our Heart to turn,
Vain will his firſt Creation be:
O make us daily! Or we ſpurn
Our own Salvation, Lord, and Thee!

1.14. To a FRIEND in LOVE.

ACCEPT, dear Youth, a ſympathizing Lay,
The only Tribute pitying Love can pay.
Tho' vain the Hope thine Anguiſh to aſſwage,
Charm down Deſire, or calm fierce Paſſion's Rage;
Yet ſtill permit me in thy Griefs to grieve,
Relief to offer, if I can't relieve;
Near thy ſick Couch with fond Concern t' attend,
And reach out Cordials to my Dying Friend.
Poor hapleſs Youth! what Words can eaſe thy Pain,
When Reaſon pleads, and Wiſdom cries in vain!
[Page 21] Can feeble Verſe impetuous Nature guide,
Or ſtem the Force of blind Affection's Tide?
If Reaſon checks, or Duty diſallows,
"Reaſon, you cry, and Duty are my Foes:
"Religion's Dictates ineffectual prove,
"And GOD Himſelf's Impertinence in Love.
What art Thou, Love? Thou ſtrange myſterious Ill,
Whom none aright can know, tho' all can ſeel.
From careleſs Sloth thy dull Exiſtence flows,
And feeds the Fountain whence itſelf aroſe:
Silent its Waves with baleful Influence roll,
Damp the young Mind, and ſink th' aſpiring Soul
Poiſon its Virtues, all its Pow'rs reſtrain,
And blaſt the Promiſe of the future Man.
To Thee, curſt Fiend, the captive Wretch conſign'd,
"His Paſſions rampant, and his Reaſon blind,
Reaſon, Heav'n's great Vicegerent, dares diſown,
And place a Fooliſh Idol in its Throne:
Or wildly raiſe his frantic Raptures higher,
And pour out Blaſphemies at thy Deſire.
At thy Deſire he bids a Creature ſhine,
He decks a Worm with Attributes Divine;
Hers to Angelic Beauties dares prefer,
"Angels are painted fair to look like Her!
Before her Shrine the lowly Suppliant laid,
Adores the Idol that Himſelf has made:
From her Almighty Breath his Doom receives,
Dies by her Frown, as by her Smile he lives.
Supreme ſhe reigns in all-ſufficient State,
To her he bows, from her expects his Fate,
"Heav'n in her Love, Damnation in her Hate.
He rears unhallow'd Altars to her Name,
Where Luſt lights up a black, polluted Flame;
[Page 22] Where Sighs impure, as impious Incenſe riſe,
Himſelf the Prieſt, his Heart the Sacrifice:
And thus GOD's Sacred Word his Horrid Pray'r ſupplies.
"Center of All Perfection, Source of Bliſs,
"In whom thy Creaure lives and moves and is,
"Save, or I periſh! hear my humble Pray'r,
"Spare thy poor Servant—O in Mercy ſpare.
"Thou art my Joy, on Thee depends my Truſt,
"Hide not thy Face, nor frown me into Duſt.
"Send forth thy Breath, and rais'd again I ſee
"My Joy, my Life, my Final Bliſs in Thee.
"For Thee I Am: for Thee I All reſign,
"Be Thou my One thing Needful, Ever Mine!
But O forbear, preſumptuous Muſe forbear,
Nor wound with Rant profane the Chriſtian Ear:
A juſt Abhorrence in my Friend I ſee,
He ſtarts from Love, when Love's Idolatry.
"Give me thy Heart," if the Creator cries,
"'Tis giv'n the Creature," What bold Wretch replies?
Not ſo my Friend—he wakes, he breaths again,
And "Reaſon takes once more the ſlacken'd Rein."
In vain rebellious Nature claims a Part,
When Heav'n requires, he gives up All his Heart:
("For Love Divine no Partnerſhip allows,
"And Heav'n averſe rejects divided Vows)
Fixt tho' ſhe be, he rends the Idol thence,
Nor lets her Pow'r exceed Omnipotence.
Commands his GOD, "Cut off th' offending Hand?"
He hears, Obedient to his GOD's Command:
"Pluck out thine Eye," let the Redeemer ſay;
He tears, and caſts the bleeding Orb away.
[Page 23] Victorious now to Nobler Joys aſpires,
His Boſom, touch'd with more than Earthly Fires:
He leaves rough Paſſion for calm Virtue's Road,
Gives Earth for Heav'n, and quits a Worm for GOD.

1.15. ‘ 1 TIM. v. 6. She that liveth in Pleaſure, is Dead while She liveth.’

HOW hapleſs is th' applauded Virgin's Lot,
Her GOD forgetting, by her GOD forgot!
Stranger to Truth, unknowing to obey,
In Error nurſt, and diſciplin'd to ſtray;
Swoln with Self-will, and principled with Pride,
Senſe all her Good, and Paſſion all her Guide:
Pleaſure its Tide, and Flatt'ry lends its Breath,
And ſmoothly waft her to Eternal Death!
A Goddeſs Here, ſhe ſees her Vot'ries meet,
Crowd to her Shrine, and tremble at her Feet;
She hears their Vows, Believes their Life and Death
Hangs on the Wrath and Mercy of her Breath;
Supreme in fancy'd State ſhe reigns her Hour,
And glories in her Plenitude of Pow'r:
Herſelf the Only Object worth her Care,
Since all the kneeling World was made for Her.
For Her, Creation all its Stores diſplays,
The Silkworms labour, and the Diamonds blaze:
Air, Earth, and Sea conſpire to tempt her Taſte,
And ranſack'd Nature furniſhes the Feaſt.
Life's gaudieſt Pride attracts her willing Eyes,
And Balls, and Theaters, and Courts ariſe:
[Page 24] Italian Songſters pant her Ear to pleaſe,
Bid the firſt Cries of infant Reaſon ceaſe,
Save her from Thought, and lull her Soul to Peace.
Deep ſunk in Senſe th' impriſon'd Soul remains,
Nor knows its Fall from GOD, nor feels its Chains:
Unconſcious ſtill, ſleeps on in Error's Night,
Nor ſtrives to riſe, nor ſtruggles into Light:
Heav'n-born in vain, degen'rate cleaves to Earth,
(No Pangs experienc'd of the Second Birth)
She only Faln, yet Unawaken'd found,
While All th' enthrall'd Creation groans around.

1.16. JOHN xv. 18, 19.

WHERE has my ſlumb'ring Spirit been,
So late emerging into Light?
So imperceptible, within,
The Weight of this Egyptian Night!
Where have they hid the WORLD ſo long,
So late preſented to my View?
Wretch! tho' myſelf increas'd the Throng,
Myſelf a Part I never knew.
Secure beneath its Shade I ſat,
To me were all its Favours ſhown:
I could not taſte its Scorn or Hate;
Alas, it ever lov'd its Own!
[Page 25] IV.
JESUS, if half diſcerning now,
From Thee I gain this glimm'ring Light,
Retouch my Eyes; anoint them Thou,
And grant me to receive my Sight.
O may I of thy Grace obtain
The World with other Eyes to ſee:
Its Judgments falſe, its Pleaſures vain,
Its Friendſhip Enmity with Thee.
Deluſive World, thy Hour is paſt,
The Folly of thy Wiſdom ſhew!
It cannot now retard my Haſte,
I leave thee for the Holy Few.
No! Thou blind Leader of the Blind,
I bow my Neck to Thee no more;
I caſt thy Glories all behind,
And ſlight thy Smiles, and dare thy Pow'r.
Excluded from my Saviour's Pray'r,
Stain'd, yet not hallow'd, with his Blood,
Shalt Thou my fond Affection ſhare,
Shalt Thou divide my Heart with GOD?
No! Tho' it rouze thy utmoſt Rage,
Eternal Enmity I vow:
Tho' Hell with thine its Pow'rs engage,
Prepar'd I meet your Onſet now.
[Page 26] X.
Load me with Scorn, Reproach and Shame;
My patient Maſter's Portion give;
As evil ſtill caſt out my Name,
Nor ſuffer ſuch a Wretch to live.
Set to thy Seal that I am His;
Vile as my Lord I long to be:
My Hope, my Crown, my Glory this,
Dying to conquer Sin and Thee!


WElcome, Contempt! Stern, faithful Guide,
Unpleaſing, healthful Food!
Hail pride-ſprung Antidote of Pride,
Hail Evil turn'd to Good!
Thee when with awful Pomp array'd
Ill-judging Mortals ſee,
Perverſe they fly with coward Speed,
To Guilt they fly from Thee.
Yet if One haply longing ſtands
To chooſe a Nobler Part,
Ardent from Sin's enſnaring Bands
To vindicate his Heart:
[Page 27] IV.
Preſent to end the doubtful Strife,
Thy Aid he ſoon ſhall feel;
Confirm'd by Thee, tho' warm in Life,
Bid the vain World farewell.
Thro' Thee he treads the ſhining Way
That Saints and Martyrs trod,
Shakes off the Frailty of his Clay,
And wings his Soul for GOD.
His Portion Thou, he burns no more,
With fond Deſire to pleaſe;
The fierce, diſtracting Conflict's o'er
And all his Thoughts are Peace.
Sent by Almighty Pity down,
To Thee alone 'tis giv'n
With glorious Infamy to crown
The Favourites of Heav'n.
With Thee Heav'n's Fav'rite Son, when made
Incarnate, deign'd t' abide;
To Thee he meekly bow'd his Head,
He bow'd his Head, and dy'd.
And ſhall I ſtill the Cup decline,
His Suff'rings diſeſteem,
Diſdain to make this Portion mine
When ſanctify'd by Him?
[Page 28] X.
Or firm thro' Him and undiſmay'd,
Thy ſharpeſt Darts abide?
Sharp as the Thorns that tore his Head,
The Spear that pierc'd his Side.
Yes—ſince with Thee my Lot is caſt,
I bleſs my GOD's Decree,
Embrace with Joy what He embrac'd,
And live and die with Thee!
So when before th' Angelic Hoſt
To each his Lot is giv'n,
Thy Name ſhall be in Glory loſt,
And Mine be found in Heav'n!

1.18. The AGONY. From Herbert.

VAIN Man has meaſur'd Land and Sea,
Fathom'd the Depths of States and Kings,
O'er Earth and Heav'n explor'd his Way:
Yet there are Two vaſt ſpacious things,
To meaſure which doth more behove,
Yet few that ſound them! Sin and Love.
Who would know Sin, let him repair
To Calvary: There ſhall he ſee
A Man ſo pain'd, that all his Hair,
His Skin, his Garments bloody be!
[Page 29] Sin is that Rack, which forces Pain
To hunt its Food thro' ev'ry Vein.
Wouldſt thou know Love? behold the GOD,
The Man, who for thy Ranſom dy'd:
Go taſte the ſacred Fount that flow'd
Faſt-ſtreaming from his wounded Side!
Love, is that Liquor moſt divine,
GOD feels as Blood, but I as Wine.

1.19. The THANKSGIVING. From the ſame.

O King of Grief, (how ſtrange and true
The Name, to JESUS only due!)
How, Saviour, ſhall I Grieve for Thee?
Who in All Griefs preventeſt me.
Then let me vie with Thee in Love,
And try who there ſhall Conq'ror prove.
Giv'ſt Thou me Wealth? I will reſtore
All back unto Thee by the Poor.
Giv'ſt Thou me Honour? All ſhall ſee
The Honour doth belong to Thee:
A Boſom-Friend? If falſe he prove
To Thee, I will tear thence his Love.
Thee ſhall my Muſick find: each String
Shall have his Attribute to Sing;
[Page 30] And ev'ry Note accord in Thee,
To prove one GOD, one Harmony.
Giv'ſt Thou me Knowledge? It ſhall ſtill
Search out thy Ways, thy Works, they Will:
Yea I will ſearch thy Book, nor move
Till I have found therein thy Love.
Thy Love I will turn back on Thee:
O my dear Saviour, Victory!
Then for thy Paſſion, I for That
Will do—alas, I know not what!

1.20. The REPRIZAL. From the ſame.

WELL have I weigh'd it, Lord, and find
Thy mighty Paſſion mocks my Skill:
Tho' I die for Thee, I'm behind;
My Sins deſerve the Death to feel.
O were I innocent, that I
Might bring Thee Off'rings pure and free!
Still my Attempt thy Wounds defy,
For they require me dead for Thee.
Yet will I ſhare the Conqueſt too:
Tho' I can do againſt Thee nought,
In Thee, O Lord, I will ſubdue
The Man that once againſt Thee fought!

1.21. MATTINS. From the ſame.

[Page 31]
I Cannot open, Lord, mine Eyes,
But Thou art ready ſtill to claim
My Morning Soul in Sacrifice:
Thine then the foll'wing Day I am.
My GOD, what is a Human Heart?
Silver or Gold, or precious Stone;
Or Star, or Rainbow; or a Part
Of All, or all thy World in One?
My GOD what is a Human Heart?
Thou ſoft'neſt it with heav'nly Dew,
Thou pour'ſt upon it all thy Art,
As all thy Buſineſs were to woo.
To ſerve his GOD, is Man's Eſtate;
This glorious Task asks all his Care:
He did not Earth and Heav'n create,
But may know Him by whom they are.
Teach me at laſt thy Love to know—
That This new Light which now I ſee
May both the Work and Workman ſhow:
A Sun-beam lifts me then to Thee!

1.22. EMPLOYMENT. From the ſame.

[Page 32]
THE Flow'r now blooms, now hangs its Head,
So fleets my ſhortliv'd Day!
O may my uſeful Fragrance ſpread
Before I fade away!
What tho' the Throne I then ſhould fill
At the Great Day, were mine?
The Sweetneſs, which they gracious Skill
Diffus'd, its Praiſe were Thine.
Let me not languiſh then, and ſpend
A Life dead to thy Praiſe,
As is the Duſt to which I tend
By ſure tho' ſlow Decays!
All things are buſy round but I:
Nor Honey with the Bees,
Nor Scent with Flow'rs, nor Husbandry
Have I to water theſe.
I am no Link of thy great Chain,
A cumbrous, fruitleſs Weed:
O mend my Muſick! Give one Strain
Ev'n to my uſeleſs Reed!

1.23. The ELIXIR. From the ſame.

[Page 33]
TEACH me, my GOD and King,
In All things Thee to ſee;
And what I do in any Thing,
To do it as for Thee!
To ſcorn the Senſes' Sway,
While ſtill to Thee I tend:
In all I do, be Thou the Way,
In all be Thou the End.
A Man that looks on Glaſs,
On That may fix his Eye;
Or unoppos'd may thro' it paſs,
And Heav'n behind deſcry.
All may of Thee partake:
Nothing ſo ſmall can be,
But draws, when acted for thy Sake,
Greatneſs and Worth from Thee.
If done t' obey thy Laws,
Ev'n Servile Labours ſhine;
Hallow'd is Toil, if this the Cauſe,
The meaneſt Work Divine.
[Page 34] VI.
Th' Elixir This, the Stone
That All converts to Gold:
For that which GOD for His doth own,
Cannot for leſs be told.

1.24. GRACE before MEAT.

FOuntain of Being, Source of Good!
At whoſe Almighty Breath
The Creature proves our Bane or Food,
Diſpenſing Life or Death:
Thee we addreſs with humble Fear,
Vouchſafe thy Gifts to crown;
Father of All, thy Children hear,
And ſend a Bleſſing down.
O may our Souls for ever pine
Thy Grace to taſte and ſee;
Athirſt for Righteouſneſs Divine,
And hungry after Thee!
For this we lift our longing Eyes,
We wait the gracious Word;
Speak—and our Hearts from Earth ſhall riſe,
And feed upon the Lord.

1.25. Another.

[Page 35]
ENſlav'd to Senſe, to Pleaſure prone,
Fond of Created Good;
Father, our Helpleſneſs we own,
And trembling taſte our Food.
Trembling we taſte: for ah! no more
To Thee the Creatures lead;
Chang'd they exert a Fatal Pow'r,
And poiſon while they feed.
Curſt for the Sake of wretched Man,
They now engroſs him whole,
With pleaſing Force on Earth detain,
And ſenſualize his Soul.
Grov'ling on Earth we ſtill muſt lie
Till CHRIST the Curſe repeal;
Till CHRIST deſcending from on high
Infected Nature heal.
Come then, our Heav'nly Adam, come!
Thy healing Influence give;
Hallow our Food, reverſe our Doom,
And bid us eat and live.
[Page 36] VI.
The Bondage of Corruption break!
For this our Spirits groan;
Thy only Will we fain would ſeek;
O ſave us from our own.
Turn the full Stream of Nature's Tide:
Let all our Actions tend
To Thee their Source; thy Love the Guide,
Thy Glory be the End.
Earth then a Scale to Heav'n ſhall be,
Senſe ſhall point out the Road;
The Creatures then ſhall lead to Thee,
And all we taſte be GOD!

1.26. GRACE after MEAT.

BEing of Beings, GOD of Love,
To Thee our Hearts we raiſe;
Thy all-ſuſtaining Pow'r we prove,
And gladly ſing thy Praiſe.
Thine, wholly thine we pant to be,
Our Sacrifice receive;
Made, and preſerv'd, and ſav'd by Thee,
To Thee Ourſelves we give.
[Page 37] III.
Heav'nward our ev'ry Wiſh aſpires:
For all thy Mercy's Store
The ſole Return thy Love requires,
Is that we ask for more.
For more we ask, we open then
Our Hearts t' embrace thy Will:
Turn and beget us, Lord, again,
With all thy Fulneſs fill!
Come, Holy Ghoſt, the Saviour's Love
Shed in our Hearts abroad;
So ſhall we ever live and move,
And Be, with CHRIST, in GOD.

1.27. On CLEMENS ALEXANDRINUS'S Deſcription of a Perfect Chriſtian.

HERE from afar the finiſh'd Height
Of Holineſs is ſeen:
But O what heavy Tracts of Toil,
What Deſerts lie between?
Man for the Simple Life Divine
What will it coſt to break;
Ere Pleaſure ſoft and wily Pride
No more within him ſpeak?
[Page 38] III.
What lingring Anguiſh muſt corrode
The Root of Nature's Joy?
What ſecret Shame and dire Defeats
The Pride of Heart deſtroy?
Learn Thou the whole of Mortal State
In Stilneſs to ſuſtain;
Nor ſooth with falſe Delights of Earth
Whom GOD has doom'd to Pain.
Thy Mind now Multitude of Thoughts,
Now Stupor ſhall diſtreſs;
The Venom of each latent Vice
Wild Images impreſs.
Yet darkly fafe with GOD thy Soul
His Arm ſtill onward bears,
Till thro' each Tempeſt on her Face
A Peace beneath appears.
'Tis in that Peace we ſee and act
By Inſtincts from above;
With finer Taſte of Wiſdom fraught,
And myſtic Pow'rs of Love.
Yet ask not in mere Eaſe and Pomp
Of Ghoſtly Gifts to ſhine:
Till Death the Lowneſſes of Man,
And decent Griefs are Thine.

1.28. AFFLICTION. From Herbert.

[Page 39]
WHEN firſt Thou didſt entice my Heart
To Thee, I thought the Service brave;
So many Joys I for my Part
Set down; beſides what I might have
Out of my Stock of natural Delights,
Augmented by thy gracious Benefits.
I view'd thy Furniture ſo fine,
So gay, ſo rich; and All for Me!
Strongly it ſpoke the Hand Divine,
And lur'd my raviſh'd Soul to Thee.
Such Stars I counted mine: both Heav'n and Earth
Paid me my Wages in a World of Mirth.
What Pleaſures could I want who ſerv'd
A King, where Joys my Fellows were?
Still my fond Hopes no Place reſerv'd
For pining Grief, or anxious Fear:
Thus did my ſimple Soul thy Yoke embrace,
And made her Youth and Fierceneſs ſeek thy Face.
At firſt Thou gav'ſt me Sweetneſſes,
And ſtrew'dſt with Flow'rs the narrow Way:
Smoothly my Soul ſunk down to Peace,
My ev'ry joyous Month was May.
But with my Years Sorrow did twiſt and grow.
And made a Party unawares for Woe.
[Page 40] V.
My Fleſh chaſtis'd with tort'ring Pain
My Soul, and Sickneſs clave my Bones;
Pale Agues dwelt in ev'ry Vein,
And ſadly tun'd my Breath to Groans.
Sorrow was all my Soul; I ſcarce perceiv'd,
But by the Pains I ſuffer'd, that I liv'd.
Health's ſlowly-lingring, vain Return
A far ſeverer Loſs attends;
Sudden my raviſh'd Life I mourn,
I loſe it in my dying Friends.
Defenceleſs now, my ev'ry Comfort fled,
While Grief's whole Sea is empty'd on my Head.
How Thou wilt now thy Servant uſe,
Not one of all my Books can ſay.
On thy ignobler Works I muſe,
And wiſh like them my GOD t' obey:
Bleſt, could I emulate the lifeleſs Maſs,
Flow like the Stream, or flouriſh like the Graſs.
Yet muſt I, tho' oppreſt, ſubmit
Strongly my Mis'ry to ſuſtain—
Or I will now the Service quit,
And ſtrait ſome other Maſter gain—
Ah! my dear Lord, tho' I am clean forgot,
Let me not love Thee, if I love Thee not!

1.29. FRAILTY. From the ſame.

[Page 41]
LORD, how in Silence I deſpiſe
The giddy Worldling's Snare!
This Beauty, Riches, Honour, Toys
Not worth a Moment's Care.
Hence painted Duſt, and gilded Clay!
You have no Charms for Me:
Deluſive Breath, be far away!
I waſte no Thought on thee.
But when abroad at once I view
Both the World's Hoſts and Thine!
Theſe ſimple, ſad, afflicted, few,
Theſe num'rous, gay and fine:
Loſt my Reſolves, my Scorn is paſt,
I boaſt my Strength no more;
A willing Slave they bind me faſt
With unreſiſted Pow'r.
O brook not this; let not thy Foes
Profane thy hallow'd Shrine:
Thine is my Soul, by ſacred Vows
Of ſtricteſt Union Thine!
Hear then my juſt, tho' late Requeſt,
Once more the Captive free;
Renew thy Image in my Breaſt,
And claim my Heart for Thee.

1.30. The COLLAR. From the ſame.

[Page 42]
NO more, I cry'd, ſhall Grief be mine,
I will throw off the Load;
No longer weep, and ſigh, and pine
To find an Abſent GOD.
Free as the Muſe, my Wiſhes move,
Thro' Nature's Wilds they roam:
Looſe as the Wind, ye Wand'rers rove,
And bring me Pleaſure home!
Still ſhall I urge with endleſs Toil,
Yet not obtain my Suit?
Still ſhall I plant th' ungrateful Soil,
Yet never taſte the Fruit?
Not ſo, my Heart!—for Fruit there is,
Seize it with eager Haſte;
Riot in Joys, diſſolve in Bliſs,
And pamper ev'ry Taſte.
On Right and Wrong thy Thoughts no more
In cold Diſpute employ;
Forſake thy Cell, the Bounds paſs o'er,
And give a Looſe to Joy.
[Page 43] VI.
Conſcience and Reaſon's Pow'r deride,
Let ſtronger Nature draw,
Self be thy End, and Senſe thy Guide,
And Appetite thy Law.
Away, ye Shades, while light I riſe,
I tread you all beneath!
Graſp the dear Hours my Youth ſupplies,
Nor idly dream of Death.
Whoe'er enſlav'd to Grief and Pain,
Yet ſtarts from Pleaſure's Road,
Still let him weep, and ſtill complain,
And ſink beneath his Load—
But as I rav'd, and grew more wild
And fierce at ev'ry Word,
Methought I heard One calling "Child!"
And I reply'd—"My Lord!"

1.31. GRACE. From the ſame.

MY Stock lies dead, and no Increaſe
Does thy Paſt Gifts improve:
O let thy Graces without ceaſe
Drop gently from above.
[Page 44] II.
If ſtill the Sun ſhould hide his Face,
Earth would a Dungeon prove,
Thy Works Night's Captives: O let Grace
Drop gently from above.
The Dew unſought each Morning falls,
Leſs bounteous is thy Dove?
The Dew for which my Spirit calls,
Drop gently from above.
Death is ſtill digging like a Mole
My Grave, where'er I move;
Let Grace work too, and on my Soul
Drop gently from above.
Sin is ſtill ſpreading o'er my Heart
A Hardneſs void of Love;
Let ſuppling Grace, to croſs her Art,
Drop gently from above.
O come; for Thou doſt know the Way!
Or if Thou wilt not move,
Tranſlate me, where I need not ſay
Drop gently from above.

1.32. GRATEFULNESS. From the ſame.

[Page 45]
THOU, who haſt giv'n ſo much to me,
O give a grateful Heart:
See how thy Beggar works on Thee
By acceptable Art!
He makes thy Gifts occaſion more;
And ſays, if here he's croſt,
All Thou haſt giv'n him heretofore,
Thyſelf, and All is loſt.
But Thou didſt reckon, when at firſt
Our Wants thy Aid did crave,
What it would come to at the worſt
Such needy Worms to ſave.
Perpetual Knockings at thy Door,
Tears ſullying all thy Rooms;
Gift upon Gift; much would have more,
And ſtill thy Suppliant comes.
Yet thy unweary'd Love went on;
Allow'd us all our Noiſe;
Nay Thou haſt dignify'd a Groan,
And made a Sigh thy Joys.
[Page 46] VI.
Wherefore I cry, and cry again,
Nor canſt Thou quiet be,
Till my repeated Suit obtain
A Thankful Heart from Thee.
Hear then, and Thankfulneſs impart
Continual as thy Grace;
O add to all thy Gifts a Heart
Whoſe Pulſe may be thy Praiſe!

1.33. The METHOD. From the ſame.

LAment, unhappy Heart, lament!
Since GOD refuſes ſtill
To hear thy Pray'r, ſome Diſcontent
Unknown muſt cool his Will.
Doubtleſs thy heav'nly Father could
Give All thy Suit does move;
For He is Pow'r: And ſure He would
Give All; for He is Love.
Go then the ſecret Cauſe explore,
Go ſearch thy inmoſt Soul:
Let Earth divide thy Care no more,
Since Heav'n requires the Whole.
[Page 47] IV.
Ha! What do I here written ſee?
It tells me "Yeſterday
Cold I prefer'd my careleſs Plea,
And only ſeem'd to Pray".
But ſtay—What read I written there?
"Something I would have done;
His Spirit mov'd me to forbear,
Yet boldly I went on."
Then bend once more thy Knees and pray,
Once more lift up thy Voice:
Seek Pardon firſt; and GOD will ſay
"Again, Glad Heart, rejoice."

1.34. Grieve not the HOLY SPIRIT. From the ſame.

AND art thou griev'd, O Sacred Dove,
When I deſpiſe or croſs thy Love?
Griev'd for a Worm; when ev'ry Tread
Cruſhes, and leaves the Reptile dead!
Then Mirth be ever baniſh'd hence,
Since Thou art pain'd by my Offence;
I ſin not to my Grief alone,
The Comforter within doth groan.
[Page 48] III.
Then weep my Eyes, for GOD doth grieve!
Weep, fooliſh Heart, and weeping live:
Tears for the Living Mourner plead,
But ne'er avail the hopeleſs Dead.
Lord, I adjudge myſelf to Grief,
To endleſs Tears without Relief:
Yet O! t' exact thy Due forbear,
And ſpare a feeble Creature, ſpare!
Still if I wail not, (ſtill to wail
Nature denies, and Fleſh would fail)
Lord, pardon—for thy Son makes good
My Want of Tears, with Store of Blood.

1.35. The SIGH. From the ſame.

MY Heart did heave, and there came forth "O GOD!"
By that I knew that Thou waſt in the Grief,
(Making a Golden Sceptre of thy Rod)
To guide and govern it to my Relief.
Hadſt Thou not had a more than equal Part,
Sure the unruly Sigh had broke my Heart.
But ſince thy Will my Bounds of Life aſſign'd,
Thou know'ſt my Frame: and if a ſingle Sigh
Ask ſo much Breath, what then remains behind?
Why! if ſome Years of Life together fly,
[Page 49] The ſwiftly-wafting Sigh then only is
A Gale to bring me ſooner to my Bliſs!
Thy Life on Earth was Grief: to this Thou ſtill
Art conſtant, while thy ſuff'ring Majeſty
Touch'd with my Mis'ry, feels whate'er I feel,
Adopts my Woes, and daily grieves in me.
Thy Death was but begun on Calvary;
Thou ev'ry Hour doſt in thy Members die!

1.36. The FLOWER. From the ſame.

WHILE ſad my Heart, and blaſted mourns,
How chearing, Lord, and thy Returns,
How ſweet the Life, the Joys they bring!
Grief in thy Preſence melts away.
Refreſh'd I hail the gladſome Day,
As Flow'rs ſalute the riſing Spring.
Who would have thought my wither'd Heart
Again ſhould feel thy ſov'reign Art,
A kindly Warmth again ſhould know?
Late like the Flow'r, whoſe drooping Head
Sinks down, and ſeeks its native Bed
To ſee the Mother-Root below.
Theſe are thy Wonders, Lord of Pow'r,
Killing and Quick'ning! One ſhort Hour
Lifts up to Heav'n, and ſinks to Hell:
[Page 50] Thy Will ſupreme diſpoſes All;
We prove thy Juſtice in our Fall,
Thy Mercy in our Riſe we feel.
O that my Lateſt Change were o'er!
O were I plac'd where Sin no more
With its Attendant Grief, could come!
Stranger to Change, I then ſhould riſe
Amidſt the Plants of Paradiſe,
And flouriſh in Eternal Bloom.
Many a Spring ſince here I grew,
I ſeem'd my Verdure to renew,
And higher ſtill to riſe and higher:
Water'd by Tears, and fan'd by Sighs,
I pour'd my Fragrance thro' the Skies,
And heav'nward ever ſeem'd t' aſpire.
But while I grow, as Heav'n were mine,
Thine Anger comes, and I decline;
Faded my Bloom, my Glory loſt:
Who can the deadly Cold ſuſtain,
Or ſtand beneath the chilling Pain
When blaſted by thine Anger's Froſt?
And now in Age I bud again,
Once more I feel the Vernal Rain,
Tho' dead ſo oft I live and write:
Sure I but dream! It cannot be
That I, my GOD, that I am He
On whom thy Tempeſts fell all Night!
[Page 51] VIII.
Theſe are thy Wonders, Lord of Love,
Thy Mercy thus delights to prove
We are but Flow'rs that bloom and die!
Soon as This ſaving Truth we ſee,
Within thy Garden plac'd by Thee,
Time we ſurvive, and Death defy.

1.37. DESERTION. From the ſame.

JOY of my Soul, when Thou art gone,
And I (which cannot be) Alone;
(It cannot, Lord! for I on Thee
Depend, and Thou abid'ſt in me.)
But when Thou doſt the Senſe repreſs,
Th' extatic Influence of thy Grace;
Seem to deſert thy lov'd Abode,
And leave me ſunk beneath my Load:
O what a Damp and deadly Shade,
What Horrors then my Soul invade!
Leſs ghaſtly low'rs the gloomieſt Night
Than the Eclipſe that veils thy Light.
O do not, do not thus withdraw,
Leſt Sin ſurprize me void of Awe,
And when Thou doſt but ſhine leſs clear,
Say boldly, That Thou art not here.
[Page 52] V.
Thou, Lord, and only Thou canſt tell
How dead the Life which then I feel;
Purſu'd by Sin's inſulting Boaſt,
That "I may ſeek—but Thou art loſt!"
I half believe (the deadly Cold
Does all my Pow'rs ſo faſt infold)
That Sin ſays true. But while I grieve,
Again I ſee thy Face, and Live!

1.38. A TRUE HYMN. From the ſame.

MY Joy, my Life, my Crown of Bliſs,
My Heart was muſing all the Day,
Fain would it ſpeak; yet only this,
"My Joy, my Life, my Crown," could ſay
Few as they are, and void of Art,
Yet ſlight not, Lord, theſe humble Words
Fine is that Hymn which ſpeaks the Heart,
The Heart that to the Lines accords.
He, who requires his Creature's Time,
And all his Soul, and Strength and Mind,
Complains, if Heartleſs flows the Rhyme,
What makes the Hymn is ſtill behind:
[Page 53] IV.
The ſcanty Verſe Himſelf ſupplies,
Let but the fervent Heart be mov'd;
And when it ſays with longing Sighs
"O could I love!" GOD writeth "Lov'd!"

1.39. The TEMPER. From the ſame.

O Lord, how gladly would my Rhymes
Engrave thy Love in Steel,
If what my Soul doth feel ſometimes,
My Soul might ever feel!
Tho' there were forty Heav'ns or more,
Sometimes I mount them all;
Sometimes I hardly reach a Score,
Sometimes to Hell I fall.
Rack me not to ſuch vaſt Extent;
Theſe Lengths belong to Thee;
The World's too little for thy Tent,
A Grave too big for me.
O mete not Arms with Man, nor ſtretch
A Worm from Heav'n to Hell!
Strive not with Duſt, nor let a Wretch
Thy Pow'r Almighty feel.
[Page 54] V.
Yet take thy Way: thy Way is beſt;
Grant or deny me Eaſe:
This is but tuning of my Breaſt,
To make the Muſick pleaſe.
Riſe I to Heav'n, or ſink to Duſt,
In both, thy Hands appear;
Thy Pow'r and Love, my Love and Truſt
Make One Place Ev'ry where I

1.40. The ſame.

IT cannot be! Is this the Heart
That ſwelled ſo late with mighty Joy?
Lord, if Thou needs muſt uſe thy Dart,
Spare thy own Gifts, and Sin deſtroy.
The Greater World knows no Decay;
But thy Diviner World of Grace
A new Creator ev'ry Day
Thou ſuddenly doſt rear or raſe.
Set up thy Kingdom in my Heart,
That all my Pow'rs thy Sway may own:
For ah! my Lord, if Thou depart,
Strait rebel Nature mounts thy Throne.
[Page 55] IV.
Tho' Heav'n be mov'd, may I remain
Stedfaſt, and centred firm on Thee:
Here ſix thy Court, and ſtill maintain
A ſtanding Majeſty in me!

1.41. BITTER-SWEET. From the ſame.

AH my dear, angry Lord,
Since Thou doſt love, yet ſtrike,
Caſt down, and yet thy Help afford,
Sure I will do the like.
I will complain, yet praiſe,
Bewail, and yet approve,
And all my mournful, joyful Days
I will lament, and love.

1.42. A HYMN for MIDNIGHT.

WHILE Midnight Shades the Earth o'erſpread,
And veil the Boſom of the Deep,
Nature reclines her weary Head,
And Care reſpires and Sorrows ſleep:
My Soul ſtill aims at Nobler Reſt,
Aſpiring to her Saviour's Breaſt.
[Page 56] II.
Aid me, ye hov'ring Spirits near,
Angels and Miniſters of Grace;
Who ever, while you guard us here,
Behold your Heav'nly Father's Face!
Gently my raptur'd Soul convey
To Regions of Eternal Day.
Fain would I leave this Earth below.
Of Pain and Sin the dark Abode;
Where ſhadowy Joy, or ſolid Woe
Allures, or tears me from my GOD:
Doubtful and Inſecure of Bliſs,
Since Death alone confirms me His.
Till then, to Sorrow born I ſigh,
And gaſp, and languiſh after Home;
Upward I ſend my ſtreaming Eye,
Expecting till the Bridegroom come:
Come quickly, Lord! Thy own receive,
Now let me ſee thy Face, and live.
Abſent from Thee, my exil'd Soul
Deep in a Fleſhly Dungeon groans;
Around me Clouds of Darkneſs roll,
And lab'ring Silence ſpeaks my Moans:
Come quickly, Lord! Thy Face diſplay,
And look my Midnight into Day.
Error and Sin, and Death are o'er
If Thou reverſe the Creature's Doom;
Sad, Rachel weeps her Loſs no more,
If Thou the GOD, the Saviour come:
[Page 57] Of Thee poſſeſt, in Thee we prove
The Light, the Life, the Heav'n of Love.

1.43. After conſidering ſome of his Friends.

WHY do the Deeds of happier Men
Into a Mind return,
Which can, oppreſt by Bands of Sloth,
With no ſuch Ardors burn?
GOD of my Life and all my Pow'rs,
The Everlaſting Friend!
Shall Life ſo favour'd in its Dawn,
Be fruitleſs in its End?
To Thee, O Lord, my tender Years
A trembling Duty paid,
With Glimpſes of the mighty GOD
Delighted and afraid.
From Parents' Eye, and Paths of Men,
Thy Touch I ran to meet;
It ſwell'd the Hymn, and ſeal'd the Pray'r,
'Twas calm, and ſtrange, and ſweet!
Oft when beneath the Work of Sin
Trembling and dark I ſtood,
And felt the Edge of eager Thought,
And felt the kindling Blood:
[Page 58] VI.
Thy Dew came down—my Heart was Thine,
It knew nor Doubt nor Strife;
Cool now and peaceful as the Grave,
And ſtrong to Second Life.
Full of Myſelf I oft forſook
The Now, the Truth, and Thee,
For ſanguine Hope, or ſenſual Guſt,
Or earth-born Sophiſtry:
The Folly thriv'd, and came in Sight
Too groſs for Life to bear;
I ſmote the Breaſt for Man too baſe,
I ſmote—and GOD was there!
Still will I hope for Voice and Strength
To glorify thy Name;
Tho' I muſt die to all that's Mine,
And ſuffer All my Shame.


TO ſpeak for GOD, to ſound Religion's Praiſe,
Of ſacred Paſſions the wiſe Warmth to raiſe;
T' infuſe the Contrite wiſh to Conqueſt nigh,
And point the Steps myſterious as they lie;
To ſeize the Wretch in full Career of Luſt,
And ſooth the ſilent Sorrows of the Juſt:
[Page 59] Who would not bleſs for This the Gift of Speech,
And in the Tongue's Beneficence be rich?
But who muſt talk? Not the mere modern Sage
Who ſuits the ſoften'd Goſpel to the Age;
Who ne'er to raiſe degen'rate Practice ſtrives,
But brings the Precept down to Chriſtian's Lives.
Not He, who Maxims from cold Reading took,
And never ſaw Himſelf but thro' a Book:
Not He, who Haſty in the Morn of Grace,
Soon ſinks extinguiſh'd as a Comet's Blaze.
Not He, who ſtrains in Scripture-phraſe t' abound
Deaf to the Senſe, who ſtuns us with the Sound:
But He, who Silence loves; and never dealt
In the falſe Commerce of a Truth Unfelt.
Guilty you ſpeak, if ſubtle from within
Blows on your Words the Self-admiring Sin:
If unreſolv'd to chooſe the Better Part,
Your forward Tongue belies your languid Heart,
But then ſpeak ſafely, when your peaceful Mind
Above Self-ſeeking bleſt, on GOD reclin'd,
Feels Him at once ſuggeſt unlabour'd Senſe,
And ope a Sluce of ſweet Benevolence.
Some high Behaſts of Heav'n you then fulfil,
Sprung from his Light your Words, and iſſuing by his Will.
Nor yet expect ſo Myſtically long,
Till Certain Inſpiration looſe your Tongue:
Expreſs the Precept runs, "Do good to all;"
Nor adds, "Whene'er you find an inward Call."
'Tis GOD commands: no farther Motive ſeek,
Speak or without, or with Reluctance ſpeak:
To Love's Habitual Senſe by Acts aſpire,
And kindle, till you catch the Goſpel-Fire.
[Page 60]
Diſcoveries immature of Truth decline,
Nor proſtitute the Goſpel Pearl to Swine.
Beware, too raſhly how you ſpeak the whole,
The Vileneſs, or the Treaſures of your Soul.
If ſpurn'd by ſome, where weak on Earth you lie,
If judg'd a Cheat or Dreamer, where you fly;
Here the Sublimer Strain, th' exerted Air
Forego; you're at the Bar, not in the Chair.
To the pert Reas'ner if you ſpeak at all,
Speak what within his Cognizance may fall:
Expoſe not Truths Divine to Reaſon's Rack,
Give him his own belov'd Ideas back,
Your Notions till they look like His, dilute;
Blind he muſt be—but ſave him from Diſpute!
But when we're turn'd of Reaſon's noontide Glare,
And Things begin to ſhew us what they are,
More free to ſuch your true Conceptions tell;
Yet graft them on the Arts where they excel.
If ſpringhtly Sentiments detain their Taſte;
If Paths of various Learning they have trac'd;
If their cool Judgment longs, yet fears to fix:
Fire, Erudition, Heſitation mix.
All Rules are dead: 'tis from the Heart you draw
The living Luſtre, and unerring Law.
A State of Thinking in your Manner ſhow,
Nor fiercely ſoaring, nor ſupinely low:
Others their Lightneſs and each inward Fault
Quench in the Stilneſs of your deeper Thought,
Let all your Geſtures fixt Attention draw,
And wide around diffuſe infectious Awe;
Preſent with GOD by Recollection ſeem,
Yet preſent, by your Chearfulneſs, with Them.
[Page 61]
Without Elation Chriſtian Glories paint,
Nor by fond am'rous Phraſe aſſume the Saint.
Greet not frail Men with Compliments untrue,
With ſmiles to Peace confirm'd and Conqueſt due,
There are who watch t' adore the Dawn of Grace,
And pamper the young Proſelyte with Praiſe:
Kind, humble Souls! They with a right good Will
Admire his Progreſs—till he ſtands ſtock ſtill.
Speak but to Thirſty Minds of things Divine,
Who ſtrong for Thought, are free in yours to join.
The Buſy from his Channel parts with Pain,
The Lanquid loaths an Elevated Strain:
With theſe you aim but at good-natur'd Chat,
Where all, except the Love, is low and flat.
Not one Addreſs will diff'rent Tempers fit.
The Grave and Gay, the Heavy and the Wit.
Wits will ſift you; and moſt Conviction find
Where leaſt 'tis urg'd, and ſeems the leaſt deſign'd.
Slow Minds are merely paſſive; and forget
Truths not inculcated: to theſe repeat,
Avow your Counſel, nor abſtain from Heat.
Some gentle Souls, to gay Indiff'rence true,
Nor hope, nor fear, nor think the more for you.
Let Love turn Babbler here, and Caution ſleep,
Bluſh not for ſhallow Speech, nor muſe for deep;
Theſe to your Humour, not your Senſe attend,
'Tis not th' Advice that ſways them, but the Friend.
Others have large Receſſes in their Breaſt,
With penſive Proceſs all they hear digeſt:
Here well-weigh'd Words with wary Foreſight ſow,
For all you ſay will ſink, and ev'ry Seed will grow.
[Page 62]
At firſt Acquaintance preſs each Truth ſevere,
Stir the whole Odium of your Character:
Let harſheſt Doctrines all your Words engroſs,
And Nature bleeding on the Daily Croſs.
Then to yourſelf th' Aſcetic Rule enjoin,
To others ſtoop ſurprizingly benign;
Pitying, if from Themſelves with Pain they Part,
If ſtubborn Nature long holds out the Heart.
Their Outworks now are gain'd; forbear to preſs
The more you urge them, you prevail the leſs;
Let Speech lay by its Roughneſs to oblige,
Your ſpeaking Life will carry on the Siege:
By your Example ſtruck, to GOD they ſtrive
To live, no longer to Themſelves alive.
To poſitive Adepts inſidious yield,
T' enſure the Conqueſt, ſeem to quit the Field:
Large in your Grants; be their Opinion ſhown:
Approve, amend—and wind it to your own.
Couch in your Hints, if more reſign'd they hear,
Both what they will be ſoon, and what they are:
Pleaſing Theſe Words now to their conſcious Breaſt,
Th' anticipating Voice hereafter bleſt.
In Souls juſt wak'd the Paths of Light to chooſe,
Convictions keen, and Zeal of Pray'r infuſe.
Let them love Rules; till freed from Paſſion's Reign,
Till blameleſs Moral Rectitude they gain.
But leſt reform'd from each Extremer Ill,
They ſhould but Civilize old Nature ſtill,
The loftier Charms and Energy diſplay
Of Virtue model'd by the Godhead's Ray;
The Lineaments Divine, Perfection's Plan,
And all the Grandeur of the Inner Man.
[Page 63] Commences thus the Agonizing Strife
Previous to Nature's Death, and ſecond Life:
Struck by their own inclement piercing Eye,
Their feeble Virtues bluſh, ſubſide and die;
They view the Scheme that mimick Nature made,
A fancy'd Goodneſs, and Religion's Shade;
With angry Scorn they now reject the whole,
Unchang'd their Heart, undeify'd their Soul;
Till Indignation ſleeps away to Faith,
And GOD's own Pow'r and Peace take root in ſacred Wrath.
Aim leſs to Teach than Love. The Work begun
In Words, is crown'd by artleſs Warmth alone.
Love to your Friend a Second Office owes,
Yourſelf and Him before Heav'ns Footſtool throws:
You place his Form as Suppliant by your Side,
(A helpleſs Worm, for whom the Saviour dy'd)
Into his Soul call down th' Eternal Beam,
And longing ask to ſpend, and to be ſpent for Him.

1.45. MAN'S MEDLEY. From Herbert.

HARK how the Woods with Muſick ring,
How ſweet the feather'd Minſtrels ſing!
They have Their Joys, and Man has His:
Yet, if we judge our State aright,
The preſent is not Man's Delight,
Hereafter brings his Perfect Bliſs.
This Life belongs to Things of Senſe,
Juſtly to this They make Pretence;
[Page 64] Angels poſſeſs the Next by Birth:
Man, grov'ling glorious Man alone
Angel and Brute unites in one,
While this Hand Heav'n, that touches Earth.
Glorious in Soul, he mounts and flies,
Grov'ling in Fleſh, he ſinks and dies:
His Treaſure holds in Earth confin'd—
The Body's Calls forbid to hear,
Born to regard with liſt'ning Ear▪
The Dictates of his nobler Mind.
Not but his gracious Maſter here
Allows and bids him taſte the Cheer:
As Birds, that drinking lift their Head,
Thankful like them he bids him drink,
And of thoſe Streams of Pleaſure think
That ever chear th' Immortal Dead.
His Joys are Double—And his Pains;
While of Two Winters he complains,
The Brute Creation feels but One:
Round, and Within him Tempeſts roll;
Froſt chills his Veins, and Thought his Soul;
Two Deaths he fears, and He alone.
Yet ev'n the ſharpeſt heavieſt Grief
May with it bring its own Relief,
If right his State the Suff'rer weighs:
Happy the Man, who finds the Art
To turn, by Thankfulneſs of Heart,
His double Pains to double Praiſe!

1.46. MISERY. From the ſame.

[Page 65]
LORD, let the Angels praiſe thy Name,
Man is a Feeble, Fooliſh thing!
Folly and Sin play all his Game,
Still burns his Houſe, He ſtill doth ſing:
To day he's here, to Morrow gone,
The Madman knows it—and ſings on.
How canſt Thou brook his Fooliſhneſs?
When heedleſs of the Voice Divine,
Himſelf alone he ſeeks to pleaſe,
And carnal Joys prefers to Thine,
Eager thro' Nature's Wilds to rove,
Nor aw'd by Fear, nor charm'd by Love.
What ſtrange Pollutions does he wed,
Slave to his Senſes and to Sin!
Naked of GOD, his Guilty Head
He ſtrives in Midnight Shades to skreen:
Fondly he hopes from Thee to fly,
Unmark'd by thine all-ſeeing Eye.
The beſt of Men to Evil yield,
If but the ſlighteſt Trial come;
They fall, by Thee no more upheld:
And when Affliction calls them home,
Thy gentle Rod they ſcarce endure,
And murmur to accept their Cure.
[Page 64] [...] [Page 65] [...]
[Page 66] V.
Wayward they haſte, while Nature leads,
T' eſcape Thee; but thy Gracious Dove
Still mildly o'er their Folly ſpreads
The Wings of his expanded Love:
Thou bring'ſt them back, nor ſuff'reſt thoſe
Who Would be, to Remain thy Foes.
My GOD, thy Name Man cannot praiſe,
All Brightneſs Thou, all Purity!
The Sun in his Meridian Blaze
Is Darkneſs, if compar'd to Thee.
O how ſhall ſinful Worms proclaim,
Shall Man preſume to ſpeak thy Name?
Man cannot ſerve Thee: All his Care
Engroſs'd by grov'ling Appetite,
Is fixt on Earth; his Treaſure there,
His Portion, and his baſe Delight:
He ſtarts from Virtue's thorny Road,
Alive to Sin, but dead to GOD!
Ah fooliſh Man, where are thine Eyes?
Loſt in a Crowd of Earthly Cares:
Thy Indolence neglects to riſe,
While Husks to Heav'n thy Soul prefers;
Careleſs the ſtarry Crown to ſeize,
By Pleaſure bound, or lull'd by Eaſe.
To GOD, thro' all Creation's Bounds
Th' unconſcious Kinds their Homage bring;
His Praiſe thro' Ev'ry Grove reſounds,
Nor know the Warblers whom they ſing:
[Page 67] But Man, Lord of the Creatures, knows
The Source from whence their being flows.
He owns a GOD—but eyes him not,
But lets his mad Diſorders reign:
They make his Life a conſtant Blot,
And Blood Divine an Off'ring vain.
Ah Wretch! thy Heart unſearchable,
Thy Ways myſterious who can tell!
Perfect at firſt, and bleſt his State,
Man in his Maker's Image ſhone;
In Innocence divinely great
He liv'd; he liv'd to GOD alone:
His Heart was Love, his Pulſe was Praiſe,
And Light and Glory deck'd his Face.
But alter'd now and faln he is,
Immerſt in Fleſh, and dead within;
Dead to the Taſte of native Bliſs,
And ever ſinking into Sin:
Nay by his wretched Self undone.
Such is Man's State—And ſuch my own!

1.47. The SINNER. From the ſame.

WHEN all the Secrets of my Heart
With Horror, Lord, I ſee,
Thine is, I find, the ſmalleſt Part,
Tho' All be due to Thee.
[Page 68] Thy Footſteps ſcarce appear within,
But Luſts a countleſs Crowd;
Th'immenſe Circumference is Sin,
A Point is all my Good.
O break my Bonds, let Sin enthrall
My ſtruggling Soul no more;
Hear thy fall'n Creature's feeble Call,
Thine Image O reſtore!
And tho' my Heart ſenſeleſs and hard
To Thee can ſcarcely groan,
Yet O remember, gracious Lord,
Thou once didſt write in Stone!

1.48. REPENTANCE. From the ſame.

LORD, I confeſs my Sin is great,
Great is my Sin! O gently treat
Thy tender Flow'r, thy fading Bloom,
Whoſe LIfe's ſtill aiming at a Tomb.
Have Mercy, Lord! Lo I confeſs
I feel, I mourn my Fooliſhneſs:
O ſpare me, whom thy Hands have made,
A with'ring Leaf, a fleeting Shade.
Sweeten at length this bitter Bowl
Which Thou haſt pour'd into my Soul!
O tarry not! If ſtill Thou ſtay,
Here ſets in Death my ſhort-liv'd Day.
[Page 69] IV.
When Thou for Sin rebukeſt Man,
His drooping Heart is fill'd with Pain;
Blaſted his Strength, his Beauty too
Conſumes away as Morning Dew.
When wilt Thou Sin and Grief deſtroy
That all the broken Bones may joy;
And at thy all-reviving Word
Dead Sinners riſe, and praiſe the Lord?

1.49. COMPLAINING. From the ſame.

THOU, Lord, my Pow'r and Wiſdom art,
O do not then reject my Heart!
Thy Clay that weeps, thy Duſt I am
That calls, O put me not to Shame!
Thy Glories, Lord, in all things ſhine,
Thine is the Deed, the Praiſe is Thine:
A ſeeble helpleſs Creature. I
Do at thy Pleaſure live or die.
Art Thou All Juſtice?—ſhews thy Word
Thro' Ev'ry Page and Angry Lord?
Am I all Tears?—Is this to live?
Is all my Buſineſs here, to grieve?
[Page 70] IV.
Fill not my Life's ſhort Hour with Pain:
Or, O contract the Wretched Span;
So ſhall I mount from Sorrow free,
And find Relief and Heav'n in Thee!

1.50. HOME. From the ſame.

FAINT is my Head, and ſick my Heart,
While Thou doſt ever, ever ſtay!
Fixt in my Soul I feel thy Dart,
Groaning I feel it Night and Day:
Come, Lord, and ſhew Thyſelf to me,
Or take, O take me up to Thee!
Canſt Thou with-hold thy healing Grace,
So kindly laviſh of thy Blood;
When ſwiftly trickling down thy Face,
For Me the purple Current flow'd!
Come Lord, and ſhew, &c.
When Man was loſt, LOVE look'd about,
To ſee what Help in Earth or Sky:
In vain; for none appear'd without,
The Help did in thy Boſom lie!
Come, Lord, &c.
[Page 71] IV.
There lay thy Son: but left his Reſt
Thraldom and Mis'ry to remove
From thoſe, who Glory once poſſeſt,
But wantonly abus'd thy Love.
Come, Lord, &c.
He came—O my Redeemer dear!
And canſt Thou after this be ſtrange?
Not yet within my Heart appear!
Can Love like Thine or fail or change?
Come Lord, &c.
But if Thou tarrieſt, why muſt I?
My GOD, what is this World to me!
This World of Woe—hence let them fly,
The Clouds that part my Soul and Thee.
Come, Lord, &c.
Why ſhould this weary World delight,
Or Senſe th'immortal Spirit bind?
Why ſhould frail Beauty's Charms invite,
The trifling Charms of Womankind?
Come, Lord, &c.
A Sigh Thou breath'ſt into my Heart,
And earthly Joys I view with Scorn:
Far from my Soul, ye Dreams depart,
Nor mock me with your vain Return!
Come, Lord, &c.
[Page 72] IX.
Sorrow and Sin, and Loſs and Pain
Are all that here on Earth we ſee;
Reſtleſs we pant for Eaſe in vain,
In vain—till Eaſe we find in Thee.
Come, Lord, &c.
Idly we talk of Harveſts here,
Eternity our Harveſt is:
Grace brings the great Sabbatic Year,
When ripen'd into Glorious Bliſs.
Come, Lord, &c.
O looſe this Frame, Life's Knot untie,
That my free Soul may uſe her Wing;
Now pinion'd with Mortality,
A weak, entangled, wretched Thing!
Come, Lord, &c.
Why ſhould I longer ſtay and groan?
The moſt of me to Heav'n is fled:
My Thoughts and Joys are thither gone;
To all below I now am dead.
Come, Lord, &c.
Come, deareſt Lord! my Soul's Deſire
With eager Pantings gaſps for Home:
Thee, Thee my reſtleſs Hopes require;
My Fleſh and Spirit bid Thee come!
Come, Lord, and ſhew Thyſelf to me,
Or take, O take me up to Thee!

1.51. LONGING. From the ſame.

[Page 73]
WITH bending Knees, and aking Eyes,
Weary and faint, to Thee my Cries,
To Thee my Tears, my Groans I ſend:
O when ſhall my Complainings end?
Wither'd my Heart, like barren Ground
Accurſt of GOD; my Head turns round,
My Throat is hoarſe: I faint, I fall,
Yet falling ſtill for Pity call.
Eternal Streams of Pity flow
From Thee their Source to Earth below:
Mothers are kind, becauſe Thou art,
Thy Tenderneſs o'erflows their Heart.
LORD of my Soul, bow down thine Ear,
Hear, Bowels of Compaſſion, hear!
O give not to the Winds my Pray'r:
Thy Name, thy hallow'd Name is there!
Look on my Sorrows, mark them well,
The Shame, the Pangs, the Fires I feel:
Conſider, LORD; thine Ear incline!
Thy Son hath made my Suff'rings Thine.
[Page 74] VI.
Thou, JESU, on th' accurſed Tree
Didſt bow thy Dying Head for me;
Incline it now! Who made the Ear,
Shall he; ſhall He forget to hear!
See thy poor Duſt, in Pity ſee,
It ſtirs, it creeps, it aims at Thee!
Haſte, ſave it from the greedy Tomb!
Come!—Ev'ry Atom bids Thee come!
'Tis Thine to help! Forget me not!
O be thy Mercy ne'er forgot!
Lock'd is thy Ear? Yet ſtill my Plea
May ſpeed: for Mercy keeps the Key.
Thou tarrieſt, while I ſink, I die,
And fall to Nothing! Thou on high
Seeſt me Undone. Yet am I ſtil'd
By Thee (loſt as I am) thy Child!
Didſt Thou for This forſake thy Throne?
Where are thy Ancient Mercies gone?
Why ſhould my Pain my Guilt ſurvive,
And Sin be dead, yet Sorrow live?
Yet Sin is dead; And yet abide
Thy Promiſes; they ſpeak, they chide:
They in thy Boſom pour my Tears,
And my Complaints preſent as Theirs.
[Page 75] XII.
Hear, JESU! hear my broken Heart!
Broken ſo long, that ev'ry Part
Hath got a Tongue that ne'er ſhall ceaſe,
Till Thou pronounce "Depart in Peace."
My Love, my Saviour, hear my Cry;
By theſe thy Feet at which I lie!
Pluck out thy Dart! Regard my Sighs;
Now heal my Soul, or now it dies.

1.52. The SEARCH. From the ſame.

WHITHER, O whither art Thou fled,
My Saviour and my Love?
My Searches are my daily Bread,
Yet unſucceſsful prove.
My Knees on Earth, on Heav'n mine Eye
Is fixt; and yet the Sphere,
And yet the Center both deny
That Thou, my GOD, art there.
Yet can I mark that Herbs below
Their fragrant Greens diſplay,
As if to meet Thee They did know,
While wither'd I decay.
Yet can I mark how Stars above
With conſcious Luſtre ſhine,
Their Glories borrowing from thy Love,
While I in Darkneſs pine.
[Page 76] III.
I ſent a Sigh to ſeek Thee out,
Drawn from my Heart in Pain,
Wing'd like an Arrow; but my Scout
Return'd alas! in vain.
Another from my endleſs Store
I turn'd into a Groan,
Becauſe the Search was dumb before:
But all alas! was one.
Where is my GOD? What ſecret Place
Still holds, and hides Thee ſtill?
What Covert dares eclipſe thy Face?—
Is it thy Awful Will?
O let not That thy Preſence bound:
Rather let Walls of Braſs,
Let Seas and Mountains gird Thee round,
And I thro' all will paſs.
Thy Will ſo vaſt a Diſtance is,
Remoteſt Points combine,
Eaſt touches Weſt, compared to this,
And Heav'n and Hell conjoin.
Take then theſe Bars, theſe Lengths away,
Turn and reſtore my Soul:
Thy Love Omnipotent diſplay,
Approach! and make me whole.
When Thou, my LORD, my GOD art nigh,
Nor Life, nor Death can move,
Nor deepeſt Hell, nor Pow'rs on high
Can part me from thy Love.
[Page 77] For as thy Abſence paſſes far
The wideſt Diſtance known,
Thy Preſence brings my Soul ſo near,
That Thou and I are One!

1.53. DISCIPLINE. From the ſame.

O Throw away thy Rod,
O throw away thy Wrath!
My Gracious Saviour and my GOD,
O take the gentle Path.
Thou feeſt, my Heart's Deſire
Still unto Thee is bent:
Still does my longing Soul aſpire
To an entire Conſent.
Not ev'n a Word or Look
Do I approve or own,
But by the Model of thy Book,
Thy ſacred Book alone.
Altho' I fail, I weep;
Altho' I halt in pace,
Yet ſtill with trembling Steps I creep
Unto the Throne of Grace.
O then let Wrath remove:
For Love will do the Deed!
Love will the Conqueſt gain; with Love
Ev'n ſtony Hearts will bleed.
[Page 78] VI.
For Love is ſwift of Foot,
Love is a Man of War;
Love can reſiſtleſs Arrows ſhoot,
And hit the Mark from far.
Who can eſcape his Bow?
That which hath wrought on Thee,
Which brought the King of Glory low,
Muſt ſurely work on me.
O throw away thy Rod;
What tho' Man Frailties hath?
Thou art my Saviour and my GOD!
O throw away thy Wrath!

1.54. DIVINE LOVE. From the German.

THOU hidden Love of GOD, whoſe Height,
Whoſe Depth unfathom'd no Man knows,
I ſee from ſar thy beauteous Light,
Inly I ſigh for thy Repoſe.
My Heart is pain'd, not can it be
At Reſt, till it finds Reſt in Thee.
Thy ſecret Voice invites me ſtill
The Sweetneſs of thy Yoke to prove;
And fain I would: but tho' my Will
Be fixt, yet wide my Paſſions rove.
Yet Hindrances ſtrew all the Way;
I aim at Thee, yet from Thee ſtray.
[Page 79] III.
'Tis Mercy all, that Thou haſt brought
My Mind to ſeek her Peace in Thee!
Yet while I ſeek, but find Thee not,
No Peace my wandring Soul ſhall ſee.
O when ſhall all my Wandrings end,
And all my Steps to Thee-ward tend?
Is there a Thing beneath the Sun,
That ſtrives with Thee my Heart to ſhare?
Ah tear it thence, and reign alone,
The Lord of ev'ry Motion there:
Then ſhall my Heart from Earth be free,
When it has found Repoſe in Thee.
O hide this SELF from me, that I
No more, but CHRIST in me may live!
My vile Affections crucify,
Nor let one darling Luſt ſurvive.
In all things nothing may I ſee,
Nothing deſire, or ſeek but Thee!
O LOVE, thy Sov'reign Aid impart,
To ſave me from low-thoughted Care:
Chaſe this Self-will thro' all my Heart,
Thro' all its latent Mazes there.
Make me thy duteous Child, that I
Ceaſeleſs may Abba Father cry.
Ah no! ne'er will I backward turn:
Thine wholly, thine alone I am!
[Page 80] Thrice happy He, who views with Scorn
Earth's Toys for Thee his conſtant Flame.
O help, that I may never move
From the bleſt Footſteps of thy Love!
Each Moment draw from Earth away
My Heart, that lowly waits thy Call:
Speak to my inmoſt Soul, and ſay
I am thy Love, thy GOD, thy All!
To feel thy Pow'r, to hear thy Voice,
To taſte thy Love is all my Choice!

1.55. Written in the Beginning of a Recovery from Sickneſs.

PEACE, flutt'ring Soul! the Storm is o'er,
Ended at laſt the doubtleſs Strife:
Reſpiring now, the Cauſe explore
That bound thee to a wretched Life.
When on the Margin of the Grave,
Why did I doubt my Saviour's Art?
Ah! why miſtruſt his Will to ſave?
What meant that Fault'ring of my Heart?
'T was not the ſearching Pain within
That fill'd my coward Fleſh with Fear;
Nor Conſcience of uncancel'd Sin;
Nor Senſe of Diſſolution near.
[Page 81] IV.
Of Hope I felt no Joyful Ground,
The Fruit of Righteoufneſs alone;
Naked of CHRIST my Soul I found,
And ſtarted from a GOD unknown.
Corrupt my Will, nor half ſubdu'd,
Could I his purer Preſence bear?
Unchang'd, unhallow'd, unrenew'd
Could I before his Face appear?
Father of Mercies, hear my Call!
Ere yet returns the Fatal Hour,
Repair my Loſs, retrieve my Fall,
And raiſe me by thy quick'ning Pow'r.
My Nature re-exchange for Thine;
Be Thou my Life, my Hope, my Gain;
Arm me in Panoply Divine,
And Death ſhall ſhake his Dart in vain.
When I thy promis'd CHRIST have ſeen,
And claſp'd him in my Soul's Embrace,
Poſſeſt of my Salvation, Then—
Then, let me, LORD, depart in Peace!

1.56. After a Recovery from Sickneſs.

[Page 82]
AND live I yet by Pow'r Divine?
And have I ſtill my Courſe to run?
Again brought back in its Decline
The Shadow of my parting Sun?
Wondring I ask, Is This the Breaſt
Struggling ſo late and torn with Pain!
The Eyes that upward look'd for Reſt,
And dropt their weary Lids agin!
The recent Horrors ſtill appear:
O may they never ceaſe to awe!
Still be the King of Terrors near,
Whom late in all his Pomp I ſaw.
Torture and Sin prepar'd his Way,
And pointed to a yawning Tomb!
Darkneſs behind eclips'd the Day,
And check'd my forward Hopes of Home.
My feeble Fleſh refus'd to bear
Its ſtrong redoubled Agonies:
When Mercy heard my ſpeechleſs Pray'r,
And ſaw me faintly gaſp for Eaſe.
[Page 83] VI.
JESUS to my Deliv'rance flew,
Where ſunk in mortal Pangs I lay:
Pale Death his Ancient Conq'ror knew,
And trembled, and ungraſp'd his Prey▪
The Fever turn'd its backward Courſe,
Arreſted by Almighty Pow'r;
Sudden expir'd its Fiery Force,
And Anguiſh gnaw'd my Side no more.
GOD of my Life, what juſt Return
Can ſinful Duſt and Aſhes give?
I only Live my Sin to mourn,
To love my GOD I only Live!
To Thee, benign and ſaving Pow'r
I conſecrate my lengthen'd Days;
While mark'd with Bleſſings, ev'ry Hour
Shall ſpeak thy co-extended Praiſe.
How ſhall I teach the World to love,
Unchang'd myſelf, unloos'd my Tongue?
Give me the Pow'r of Faith to prove,
And Mercy ſhall be all my Song.
Be All my Added Life employ'd
Thy Image in my Soul to ſee:
Fill with Thyſelf the Mighty Void;
Enlarge my Heart to compaſs Thee!
[Page 84] XII.
O give me, Saviour, give me more!
Thy Mercies to my Soul reveal:
Alas! I ſee their endleſs Store,
Yet O! I cannot, cannot feel!
The Bleſſing of thy Love beſtow:
For This my Cries ſhall never fail;
Wreſtling I will not let Thee go,
I will not, till my Suit prevail.
I'll weary Thee with my Complaint;
Here at thy Feet for ever lie,
With longing ſick, with groaning faint:
O give me Love, or elſe I die!
Without this beſt, divineſt Grace.
'Tis Death, 'tis worſe than Death to live;
'Tis Hell to want thy Bliſsful Face,
And Saints in Thee their Heav'n receive.
Come then, my Hope, my Life, my Lord,
And fix in me thy laſting Home!
Be mindful of thy gracious Word,
Thou with thy promis'd Father, come!
Prepare, and then poſſeſs my Heart,
O take me, ſeize me from above:
Thee Do I love, for GOD Thou art;
Thee Do I feel, for GOD is Love!

1.57. A PRAYER under Convictions.

[Page 85]
FATHER of Light, from whom proceeds
Whate'er thy Ev'ry Creature needs,
Whoſe Goodneſs providently nigh
Feeds the young Ravens when they cry;
To Thee I look; my Heart prepare,
Suggeſt, and hearken to my Pray'r.
Since by Thy Light Myſelf I ſee
Naked, and poor, and void of Thee,
Thine Eyes muſt all my Thoughts ſurvey,
Preventing what my Lips would ſay:
Thou ſeeſt my Wants; for Help they call,
And ere I ſpeak, Thou know'ſt them all.
Thou know'ſt the Baſeneſs of my Mind
Wayward, and impotent and blind,
Thou know'ſt how unſubdu'd my Will,
Averſe to Good, and prone to Ill:
Thou know'ſt how wide my Paſſions rove,
Nor check'd by Fear, nor charm'd by Love.
Fain would I know, as known by Thee,
And feel the Indigence I ſee;
Fain would I all my Vileneſs owr,
And deep beneath the Burden groan:
Abhor the Pride that lurks within,
Deteſt and loath myſelf and Sin.
[Page 86] V.
Ah give me, LORD, myſelf to feel,
My total Miſery reveal:
Ah give me, LORD, (I ſtill would ſay.)
A Heart to mourn, a Heart to pray;
My Buſineſs this, my only Care,
My Life, my ev'ry Breath be Pray'r.
Scarce I begin my ſad Complaint,
When all my warmeſt Wiſhes faint;
Hardly I lift my weeping Eye,
When all my kindling Ardors die;
Nor Hopes nor Fears my Boſom move,
For ſtill I cannot, cannot love.
Father, I want a thankful Heart;
I want to taſte how good Thou art,
To plunge me in thy Mercy's Sea,
And comprehend thy Love to me;
The Breadth, and Length, and Depth, and Height
Of Love divinely infinite.
Father, I long my Soul to raiſe
And dwell for ever on thy Praiſe,
Thy Praiſe with Glorious Joy to tell,
In Extaſy unſpeakable;
While the Full Pow'r of FAITH I know,
And reign triumphant here below.

1.58. The 53d Chapter of ISAIAH.

[Page 87]
WHO hath believ'd the Tidings? Who?
Or felt the Joys our Words impart?
Gladly confeſs'd our Record true,
And found the Saviour in his Heart?
Planted in Nature's barren Ground,
And cheriſh'd by JEHOVAH's Care,
There ſhall th' Immortal Seed be found,
The Root Divine ſhall flouriſh there!
See the Deſire of Nations comes;
Nor outward Pomp beſpeaks Him near,
A Veil of Fleſh the GOD aſſumes,
A Servant's Form he ſtoops to wear;
He lays his every Glory by;
Ignobly low, obſcurely mean,
Of Beauty void, in Reaſon's Eye,
The Source of Lovelineſs is ſeen.
Rejected and deſpis'd of Men,
A Man of Griefs, inur'd to Woe;
His only Intimate is Pain,
And Grief is all his Life below.
We ſaw, and from the irkſome Sight
Diſdainfully our Faces turn'd;
Hell follow'd Him with fierce Deſpight,
And Earth the humble Object ſcorn'd.
Surely for Us He humbled was,
And griev'd with Sorrows not his own:
Of all his Woes were We the Cauſe,
We fill'd his Soul with Pangs unknown.
[Page 88] Yet Him th' Offender we eſteem'd,
Stricken by Heaven's vindictive Rod,
Afflicted for Himſelf we deem'd,
And puniſh'd by an Angry GOD.
But O! with our Tranſgreſſions ſtain'd,
For our Offence He wounded was;
Ours were the Sins that bruis'd and pain'd
And ſcourg'd, and nail'd Him to the Croſs.
The Chaſtiſement that bought our Peace,
To Sinners due, on him was laid:
Conſcience be ſtill! thy Terrors ceaſe!
The Debt's diſcharg'd, the Ranſom's paid.
What tho' we All as wandring Sheep
Have left our GOD, and lov'd to ſtray,
Refus'd his mild Commands to keep,
And madly urg'd the downward Way;
Father, on Him thy Bolt did fall,
The Mortal Law thy Son fulfill'd,
Thou laid'ſt on Him the Guilt of All,
And by his Stripes we All are heal'd.
Accus'd his Mouth He open'd not,
He anſwer'd not by Wrongs oppreſt;
Pure tho' He was from ſinful Spot
What Guilt He Silently confeſt!
Meek as a Lamb to Slaughter led,
A Sheep before his Shearers dumb
To ſuffer in the Sinner's ſtead
Behold the Spotleſs Victim come!
Who could his Heavenly Birth declare
When bound by Man he ſilent ſtood,
When Worms arraign'd Him at their Bar,
And doom'd to Death th' Eternal GOD!
[Page 89] Patient the Sufferings to ſuſtain
The Vengeance to Tranſgreſſors due,
Guiltleſs He groan'd and died for Man:
Sinners rejoice, He died for you!
For your imputed Guilt he bled,
Made Sin a ſinful World to ſave;
Meekly he ſunk among the Dead:
The Rich ſupplied an Honour'd Grave?
For O! devoid of Sin, and free
From Actual or Intail'd Offence,
No Sinner in Himſelf was He,
But pure and perfect Innocence.
Yet Him th' Almighty Father's Will▪
With bruiſing Chaſtiſements purſu'd,
Doom'd Him the Weight of Sin to feel,
And ſternly juſt requir'd his Blood.
But lo! the Mortal Debt is paid,
The coſtly Sacrifice is o'er,
His Soul for Sin an Offering made
Revives, and He ſhall die no more.
His numerous Seed He now ſhall ſee,
Scatter'd thro' all the Earth abroad,
Bleſt with His Immortality,
Begot by Him, and born of GOD.
Head to his Church o'er all below
Long ſhall He here his Sons ſuſtain;
Their bounding Hearts his Power ſhall know,
And bleſs the lov'd Meſſiah's Reign.
'Twixt GOD and Them He ſtill ſhall ſtand
The Children whom his Sire hath given,
[Page 90] Their Cauſe ſhall proſper in his Hand
While RIGHTEOUSNESS looks down from Heaven.
While pleas'd He counts the Ranſom'd Race.
And calls and draws them from above;
The Travail of his Soul ſurveys,
And reſts in his Redeeming Love.
Tis done! my Juſtice asks no more,
The Satisfaction's fully made:
Their Sins He in his Body bore;
Their Surety all the Debt has paid.
My Righteous Servant and my Son
Shall each Believing Sinner clear,
And All, who ſtoop t'abjure their own,
Shall in His Righteouſneſs appear.
Them ſhall He claim His juſt Deſert,
Them His Inheritance receive,
And many a contrite humble Heart
Will I for his Poſſeſſion give.
Satan He thence ſhall chaſe away,
Aſſert his Right, his Foes o'ercome;
Stronger than Hell, retrieve the Prey,
And bear the Spoil triumphant Home.
For charg'd with all their Guilt he ſtood,
Sinners from Suffering to redeem,
For Them He pour'd out all his Blood,
Their Subſtitute, He died for Them.
He died; and roſe his Death to plead,
To teſtify Their Sins forgiven—
And ſtill I hear Him interceed,
And ſtill He makes Their Claim to Heaven!

1.59. ‘ HEB. xii. 2. Looking unto JESUS, the Author and Finiſher of our Faith.’

[Page 91]
WEARY of ſtruggling with my Pain,
Hopeleſs to burſt my Nature's Chain,
Hardly I give the Conteſt o'er,
I ſeek to free myſelf no more.
From my own Works at laſt I ceaſe,
GOD that creates muſt ſeal my Peace;
Fruitleſs my Toil and Vain my Care,
And all my Fitneſs is Deſpair.
LORD, I deſpair myſelf to heal,
I ſee my Sin, but cannot feel:
I cannot, till thy Spirit blow,
And bid th' Obedient Waters flow.
'Tis Thine a Heart of Fleſh to give,
Thy Gifts I only can receive:
Here then to Thee I all reſign,
To draw, redeem, and ſeal is Thine.
With ſimple Faith, to Thee I call.
My Light, my Life, my LORD, my All:
I wait the Moving of the Pool;
I wait the Word that ſpeaks me Whole.
[Page 92] VI.
Speak gracious Lord, my Sickneſs cure,
Make my infected Nature pure;
Peace, Righteouſneſs and Joy impart,
And pour Thyſelf into my Heart.

1.60. ‘ GAL. iii. 22. The Scripture hath concluded all under Sin, that the Promiſe by Faith of JESUS CHRIST might be given to them that believe.’

JESU, the Sinner's Friend, to Thee
Loſt and undone for Aid I flee,
Weary of Earth, Myſelf, and Sin—
Open thine Arms, and take me in.
Pity and heal my ſin-ſick Soul,
'Tis Thou alone canſt make me whole,
Fal'n, till in Me thine Image ſhine,
And curſt I am till Thou art mine.
Hear, JESU, hear my helpleſs Cry,
O ſave a Wretch condemn'd to die!
The Sentence in Myſelf I feel,
And all my Nature teems with Hell.
[Page 93] IV.
When ſhall Concupiſcence and Pride
No more my tortur'd Heart divide!
When ſhall this Agony be o'er,
And the Old Adam rage no more!
Awake, the Woman's Conqu'ring Seed,
Awake, and bruiſe the Serpent's Head,
Tread down thy Foes, with Power controul
The Beaſt and Devil in my Soul.
The Manſion for Thyſelf prepare,
Diſpoſe my Heart by Entring there!
'Tis This alone can make me clean,
'Tis This alone can caſt out Sin.
Long have I vainly hop'd and ſtrove
To force my Hardneſs into Love,
To give Thee all thy Laws require;
And labour'd in the Purging Fire.
A thouſand ſpecious Arts eſſay'd,
Call'd the deep Myſtic to my Aid:
His boaſted Skill the Brute refin'd,
But left the ſubtler Fiend behind.
Frail, dark, impure, I ſtill remain,
Nor hope to break my Nature's Chain:
The fond ſelf-emptying Scheme is paſt,
And lo! conſtrain'd I yield at laſt.
[Page 94] X.
At laſt I own it cannot be
That I ſhould fit Myſelf for Thee:
Here then to Thee, I all reſign,
Thine is the Work, and only Thine.
No more to lift my Eyes I dare
Abandon'd to a juſt Deſpair;
I Have my Puniſhment in View.
I Feel a thouſand Hells my Due.
What ſhall I ſay thy Grace to move?
LORD I am Sin—but Thou art Love:
I give up every Plea beſide
"LORD I am Damn'd—but Thou haſt died!
While groaning at thy Feet I fall
Spurn me away, refuſe my Call,
If Love permit, contract thy Brow,
And, if Thou canſt, deſtroy me now!

1.61. Hoping for GRACE. From the German.

MY Soul befor Thee proſtrate lies,
To Thee her Source my Spirit flies,
My Wants I mourn, my Chains I ſee:
O let thy Preſence ſet me free!
[Page 95] II.
Loſt and undone, for Aid I cry;
In thy Death, Saviour, let me die!
Griev'd with thy Grief, pain'd with thy Pain,
Ne'er may I feel Self-love again.
JESU, vouchſafe my Heart and Will
With thy meek Lowlineſs to fill;
No more her Pow'r let Nature boaſt,
But in thy Will may mine be loſt.
In Life's ſhort Day let me yet more
Of thy enliv'ning Pow'r implore:
My Mind muſt deeper ſink in Thee,
My Foot ſtand firm from Wandring free.
Ye Sons of Men, here nought avails
Your Strength, here all your Wiſdom fails;
Who bids a ſinful Heart be clean?
Thou only, LORD, ſupreme of Men.
And well I know thy tender Love;
Thou never didſt unfaithful prove:
And well I know Thou ſtand'ſt by me,
Pleas'd from Myſelf to ſet me free.
Still will I watch, and labour ſtill
To baniſh ev'ry Thought of Ill;
Till Thou in thy good Time appear,
And ſav'ſt me from the Fowler's Snare.
[Page 96] VIII.
Already ſpringing Hope I feel;
GOD will deſtroy the Pow'r of Hell:
GOD from the Land of Wars and Pain
Leads me, where Peace and Safety reign.
One only Care my Soul ſhall know,
Father, all thy Commands to do:
Ah deep engrave it on my Breaſt,
That I in Thee ev'n now am bleſt.
When my warm'd Thoughts I fix on Thee,
And plunge me in thy Mercy's Sea,
Then ev'n on me thy Face ſhall ſhine,
And [...] this dead Heart of mine.
So ev'n in Storms my Zeal ſhall grow;
So ſhall I thy Hid Sweetneſs know;
And feel (what endleſs Age ſhall prove)
That Thou, my LORD, my GOD, art Love!

1.62. The DAWNING. From Herbert.

AWAKE, ſad Heart, whom Sorrows drown,
Lift up thine Eyes, and ceaſe to mourn,
Unfold thy Forehead's ſettled Frown;
Thy Saviour, and thy Joys return.
[Page 97] II.
Awake, ſad drooping Heart, awake!
No more lament, and pine, and cry:
His Death Thou ever doſt partake,
Partake at laſt his Victory.
Ariſe; if thou doſt not withſtand,
CHRIST's Reſurrection Thine may be:
O break not from the Gracious Hand
Which, as it riſes, raiſes Thee.
Chear'd by thy Saviour's Sorrows riſe;
He griev'd, that Thou mayſt ceaſe to grieve;
Dry with his Burial Cloths thine Eyes,
He dy'd Himſelf, that Thou mayſt live!

1.63. ‘ MATTH. V. 3. Bleſſed are they that mourn.’

JESU! my great High-prieſt above,
My Friend before the Throne of Love!
If now for Me prevails thy Prayer,
If now I find Thee pleading there;
If Thou the Secret Wiſh convey,
And ſweetly prompt my Heart to pray,
Hear; and my weak Petitions join,
Almighty Advocate, to Thine!
[Page 98] II.
Fain would I know my utmoſt Ill,
And groan my Nature's Weight to feel,
To feel the Clouds that round me roll,
The Night that hangs upon my Soul.
The Darkneſs of my Carnal Mind,
My Will perverſe, my Paſſions blind,
Scatter'd o'er all the Earth abroad,
Immeaſurably far from GOD.
JESU! my Heart's Deſire obtain,
My Earneſt Suit preſent and gain,
My Fulneſs of Corruption ſhow,
The Knowledge of Myſelf beſtow;
A deeper Diſplicence at Sin,
A ſharper Senſe of Hell within,
A ſtronger Struggling to get free,
A keener Appetite for Thee.
For Thee my Spirit often pants,
Yet often in purſuing faints,
Drooping it ſoon neglects t' aſpire,
To fan the ever-dying Fire:
No more thy Glory's Skirts are ſeen,
The World, the Creature ſteals between;
Heavenward no more my Wiſhes move,
And I forget that Thou art Love.
O Sovereign Love, to Thee I cry,
Give me Thyſelf, or elſe I die.
Save me from Death, from Hell ſet free,
Death, Hell, are but the Want of Thee.
[Page 99] Quickned by thy imparted Flame,
Sav'd, when poſſeſt of Thee, I am;
My Life, my only Heav'n Thou art:
And lo! I feel Thee in my Heart!

1.64. The CHANGE. From the German.

JESU, whoſe Glory's ſtreaming Rays,
Tho' duteous to thy high Command
Not Seraph's view with open Face,
But veil'd before thy Preſence ſtand:
How ſhall weak Eyes of Fleſh, weigh' down
With Sin, and dim with Error's Night,
Dare to behold thy awful Throne,
Or view thy unapproached Light?
Reſtore my Sight! let thy free Grace
An Entrance to the Holieſt give!
Open my Eyes of Faith! thy Face
So ſhall I ſee; yet ſeeing live.
Thy Golden Scepter from above
Reach forth: ſee my whole Heart I bow:
Say to my Soul, Thou art my Love,
My Choſen midſt ten thouſand Thou.
O JESU, full of Grace! the Sighs
Of a ſick Heart with Pity view!
Hark how my Silence ſpeaks; and cries,
Mercy, Thou GOD of Mercy, ſhew!
I know Thou canſt not but be Good!
How ſhouldſt Thou, LORD, thy Grace reſtrain?
[Page 100] Thou, LORD, whoſe Blood ſo largely flow'd
To ſave me from all Guilt and Pain.
Into thy gracious Hands I fall,
And with the Arms of Faith embrace!
O King of Glory, hear my Call!
O raiſe me, heal me by thy Grace!
—Now Righteous thro' thy Wounds I am:
No Condemnation now I dread:
I taſte Salvation in thy Name,
Alive in Thee my Living Head!
Still let thy Wiſdom be my Guide,
Nor take thy Light from me away:
Still with me let thy Grace abide,
That I from Thee may never ſtray.
Let thy Word richly in me dwell;
Thy Peace and Love my Portion be,
My Joy t' endure, and do thy Will,
Till perfect I am found in Thee l
Arm me with thy whole Armour, LORD,
Support my Weakneſs with thy Might:
Gird on my Thigh thy conq'ring Sword,
And ſhield me in the threat'ning Fight.
From Faith to Faith, from Grace to Grace,
So in thy Strength ſhall I go on,
Till Heav'n and Earth flee from thy Face,
And Glory end what Grace begun.


[Page 101]

2.1. CHRIST the Friend of Sinners.

WHERE ſhall my wond'ring Soul begin?
How ſhall I All to Heaven aſpire?
A Slave redeem'd from Death and Sin,
A Brand pluck'd from Eternal Fire,
How ſhall I equal Triumphs raiſe,
And ſing my great Deliverer's Praiſe!
O how ſhall I the Goodneſs tell,
Father, which Thou to me haſt ſhow'd,
That I, a Child of Wrath, and Hell,
I ſhould be call'd a Child of GOD!
Should know, ſhould feel my Sins forgiven,
Bleſt with this Antepaſt of Heaven!
[Page 102] III.
And ſhall I ſlight my Father's Love,
Or baſely fear his Gifts to own?
Unmindful of his Favours prove?
Shall I the hallow'd Croſs to ſhun
Refuſe his Righteouſneſs t'impart
By hiding it within my Heart?
No—tho' the Antient Dragon rage
And call forth all his Hoſts to War,
Tho' Earth's ſelf-righteous Sons engage;
Them, and their God alike I dare:
JESUS the Sinner's Friend proclaim,
JESUS, to Sinners ſtill the ſame.
Outcaſts of Men, to You I call,
Harlots and Publicans, and Thieves!
He ſpreads his Arms t'embrace you all;
Sinners alone his Grace receives:
No Need of Him the Righteous have,
He came the Loſt to ſeek and ſave!
Come all ye Magdalens in Luſt,
Ye Ruffians fell in Murders old;
Repent, and live: deſpair and truſt!
JESUS for you to Death was ſold;
Tho' Hell proteſt, and Earth repine,
He died for Crimes like Yours—and Mine.
Come O my guilty Brethren come,
Groaning beneath your Load of Sin!
[Page 103] His bleeding Heart ſhall make you room,
His open Side ſhall take you in.
He calls you Now, invites you home—
Come, O my guilty Brethren, come!
For you the purple Current flow'd
In Pardons from his wounded Side:
Languiſh'd for you th' Eternal GOD,
For you the Prince of Glory dy'd.
Believe; and all your Guilt's forgiven,
Only Believe—and yours is Heaven.

2.2. On the Converſion of a Common Harlot. ‘ LUKE XV. 10. There is Joy in the Preſence of the Angels of GOD over one Sinner that repenteth.’

SING ye Heavens, and Earth rejoice,
Make to GOD a chearful Noiſe,
He the Work alone hath done,
He hath glorified his Son.
Sons of GOD exulting riſe
Join the Triumph of the Skies,
See the Prodigal is come,
Shout to bear the Wanderer home!
[Page 104] III.
Strive in Joy with Angels ſtrive,
Dead She was, but now's alive,
Loud repeat the glorious Sound,
Loſt She was, but now is found!
This through Ages all along,
This be ſtill the Joyous Song,
Wide diffus'd o'er Earth abroad,
Muſick in the Ears of GOD.
Reſcued from the Fowler's Snare,
JESUS ſpreads his Arms for Her,
JESU's Arms her ſacred Fence:—
Come, ye Fiends, and pluck her thence!
Thence She never ſhall remove,
Safe in His Redeeming Love:
This the Purchaſe of his Groans!
This the Soul he died for once!
Now the Gracious Father ſmiles,
Now the Saviour boaſts his Spoils;
Now the Spirit grieves no more:
Sing ye Heav'ns, and Earth adore!

2.3. ‘ ROM. iv. 5. To him that worketh not, but believeth on Him that juſtifieth the Ungodly, his Faith is counted for Righteouſneſs.’

[Page 105]
LORD, if to Me thy Grace hath given,
A Spark of Life, a Taſte of Heaven,
The Goſpel-pearl, the Woman's Seed,
The Bruiſer of the Serpent's Head;
Why ſleeps my Principle Divine?
Why haſtens not my Spark to ſhine?
The Saviour in my Heart to move
And all my Soul to flame with Love?
Buried, o'erwhelm'd, and loſt in Sin,
And ſeemingly extinct within,
Th' Immortal Seed unactive lies,
The Heav'nly Adam ſinks and dies:
Dies, and revives the Dying Flame.
Caſt down, but not deſtroy'd I am,
'Midſt thouſand Luſts I ſtill reſpire,
And tremble, unconſum'd in Fire.
Suffer'd awhile to want my GOD,
To groan beneath my Nature's Load,
That All may own, that All may ſee
Th' Ungodly juſtify'd in Me.

2.4. ‘ ACTS i. 4. Wait for the Promiſe of the Father, which ye have heard of me.’

[Page 106]
SAVIOUR of Men, how long ſhall I
Forgotten at thy Footſtool lie!
Waſh'd in the Fountain of thy Blood,
Yet groaning ſtill to be renew'd;
A Miracle of Grace and Sin,
Pardon'd, yet ſtill alas unclean!
Thy Righteouſneſs is counted Mine:
When will it in my Nature ſhine?
Darkſom I ſtill remain and void,
And painfully unlike my GOD,
Till Thou diffuſe a brighter Ray,
And turn the Glimm'ring into Day.
Why didſt Thou the Firſt Gift impart,
And ſprinkle with thy Blood my Heart,
But that my ſprinkled Heart might prove,
The Life and Liberty of Love?
Why didſt Thou bid my Terrors ceaſe,
And ſweetly fill my Soul with Peace,
But that my peaceful Soul might know
The Joys that from Believing flow?
[Page 107] VI.
See then thy Ranſom'd Servant, ſee,
I hunger, LORD, I thirſt for Thee!
Feed me with Love, thy Spirit give,
I gaſp, in Him, in Thee to live.
The Promis'd Comforter impart,
Open the Fountain in my Heart;
There let Him flow with ſpringing Joys,
And into Life Eternal riſe.
There let Him ever, ever dwell,
The Pledge, the Witneſs, and the Seal;
I'll glory then in Sin Forgiven,
In CHRIST my Life, my Love, my Heaven!


THEE, O my GOD and King,
My Father, Thee I ſing!
Hear well-pleas'd the joyous Sound,
Praiſe from Earth and Heav'n receive;
Loſt, I now in CHRIST am found,
Dead, by Faith in CHRIST I live.
Father, behold thy Son,
In CHRIST I am thy own.
[Page 108] Stranger long to Thee and Reſt,
See the Prodigal is come:
Open wide thine Arms and Breaſt,
Take the weary Wand'rer home.
Thine Eye obſerv'd from far,
Thy Pity look'd me near:
Me thy Bowels yearn'd to ſee,
Me thy Mercy ran to find,
Empty, poor, and void of Thee,
Hungry, ſick, and faint, and blind.
Thou on my Neck didſt fall,
Thy Kiſs forgave me all:
Still the gracious Words I hear,
Words that made the Saviour mine,
Haſte, for Him the Robe prepare,
His be Righteouſneſs Divine!
Thee then, my GOD and King,
My Father, Thee I ſing!
Hear well-pleas'd the joyous Sound,
Praiſe from Earth and Heav'n receive;
Loſt, I now in CHRIST am found,
Dead, by Faith in CHRIST I live.

2.6. HYMN to the SON.

O Filial Deity,
Accept my New-born Cry!
[Page 109] See the Travail of thy Soul,
Saviour, and be ſatisfy'd;
Take me now, poſſeſs me whole,
Who for Me, for Me haſt dy'd!
Of Life Thou art the Tree,
My Immortality!
Feed this tender Branch of thine,
Ceaſeleſs Influence derive,
Thou the true, the heav'nly Vine,
Grafted into Thee I live.
Of Life the Fountain Thou,
I know—I feel it Now!
Faint and dead no more I droop:
Thou art in me: Thy Supplies
Ev'ry Moment ſpringing up
Into Life Eternal riſe.
Thou the Good Shepherd art,
From Thee I ne'er ſhall part:
Thou my Keeper and my Guide,
Make me ſtill thy Tender Care,
Gently lead me by thy Side,
Sweetly in thy Boſom bear.
Thou art my Daily Bread;
O CHRIST, Thou art my Head:
Motion, Virtue, Strength to Me,
Me thy Living Member flow;
Nouriſh'd I, and fed by Thee,
Up to Thee in all things grow.
[Page 110] VI.
Prophet, to me reveal
Thy Father's perfect Will.
Never Mortal ſpake like Thee,
Human Prophet like Divine;
Loud and ſtrong their Voices be,
Small and ſtill and inward Thine?
On Thee my Prieſt I call,
Thy Blood aton'd for all.
Still the Lamb as ſlain appears,
Still Thou ſtand'ſt before the Throne,
Ever off'ring up thy Pray'rs,
Theſe preſenting with thy own.
JESU! Thou art my King,
From Thee my Strength I bring!
Shadow'd by thy mighty Hand,
Saviour, who ſhall pluck me thence?
Faith ſupports, by Faith I ſtand
Strong as thy Omnipotence.
O Filial Deity,
Accept my New-born Cry!
See the Travail of thy Soul,
Saviour, and be ſatisfy'd;
Take me now, poſſeſs me whole,
Who for Me, for Me haſt dy'd!

2.7. HYMN to the HOLY GHOST.

[Page 111]
HEAR, Holy Spirit, hear,
My Inward Comforter!
Loos'd by Thee my ſtamm'ring Tongue
Firſt eſſays to praiſe Thee now,
This the New, the Joyful Song,
Hear it in thy Temple Thou!
Long o'er my Formleſs Soul
The dreary Waves did roll;
Void I lay and ſunk in Night:
Thou, the overſhadowing Dove,
Call'dſt the Chaos into Light,
Bad'ſt me Be, and live, and love.
Thee I exult to Feel,
Thou in my Heart doſt dwell:
There Thou bear'ſt thy Witneſs true,
Shed'ſt the Love of GOD abroad;
I in CHRIST a Creature New,
I, ev'n I am Born of GOD!
Ere yet the Time was come
To fix in Me thy Home,
With me oft Thou didſt reſide:
Now, my GOD, Thou In me art!
Here Thou ever ſhalt abide;
One we are, no more to part.
[Page 112] V.
Fruit of the Saviour's Pray'r,
My Promis'd Comforter!
Thee the World cannot receive,
Thee they neither know nor ſee,
Dead is all the Life they live,
Dark their Light, while void of Thee.
Yet I partake thy Grace
Thro' CHRIST my Righteouſneſs;
Mine the Gifts Thou doſt impart,
Mine the Unction from above,
Pardon written on my Heart,
Light, and Life, and Joy, and Love.
Thy Gifts, Bleſt Paraclete,
I glory to repeat:
Sweetly Sure of Grace I am,
Pardon to my Soul apply'd,
Int'reſt in the ſpotleſs Lamb;
Dead for All, for me He dy'd.
Thou art Thyſelf the Seal;
I more than Pardon feel,
Peace, Unutterable Peace,
Joy that Ages ne'er can move,
Faith's Aſſurance, Hope's Increaſe,
All the Confidence of Love!
Pledge of thy Promiſe giv'n,
My An epaſt of Heav'n;
[Page 113] Earneſt Thou of Joys Divine,
Joys Divine on Me beſtow'd,
Heav'n and CHRIST, and All is mine,
All the Plenitude of GOD.
Thou art My Inward Guide,
I aſk no Help beſide:
Arm of GOD, to Thee I call,
Weak as Helpleſs Infancy!
Weak I am—yet cannot fall
Stay'd by Faith, and led by Thee!
Hear, Holy Spirit, hear,
My Inward Comforter!
Loos'd by Thee my ſtamm'ring Tongue
Firſt eſſays to praiſe Thee now;
This the New, the Joyful Song,
Hear it in thy Temple Thou!

2.8. PRAISE. From Herbert.

O King of Glory, King of Peace,
Thee only will I love:
Thee, that my Love may never ceaſe,
Inceſſant will I move!
For Thou haſt granted my Requeſt,
For Thou my Cries haſt heard,
Mark'd all the Workings of my Breaſt,
And haſt in Mercy ſpar'd.
[Page 114] III.
Wherefore with all my Strength and Art
Thy Mercy's Praiſe I ſing;
To Thee the Tribute of my Heart,
My Soul, my All I bring.
What tho' my Sins againſt me cry'd?
Thou didſt the Sinner ſpare:
In vain th' Accuſer ſtill reply'd,
For Love had charm'd thy Ear.
Thee ſev'n whole Days, not one in ſev'n,
Unweary'd will I praiſe,
And in my Heart, a little Heav'n,
Thy Throne triumphant raiſe.
Soften'd and vanquiſh'd by my Tears
Thou could'ſt no more withſtand,
But when ſtern Juſtice call'd for Fears,
Diſarm'd her lifted Hand.
Small is it in this humble ſort
Thy Mercy's Pow'r to raiſe:
For ev'n Eternity's too ſhort
To utter all thy Praiſe.

2.9. The GLANCE. From the ſame.

[Page 115]
WHEN firſt thy gracious Eye's ſurvey,
Ev'n in the midſt of Youth and Night,
Mark'd me, where ſunk in Sin I lay;
I felt a ſtrange unknown Delight.
My Soul in all its Pow'rs renew'd
Own'd the Divine Phyſician's Art,
So ſwift the Healing Look bedew'd,
Embalm'd, o'er-ran and fill'd my Heart.
Since then I many a bitter Storm
Have felt, and feeling ſure had dy'd,
Had the malicious Fatal Harm
Roll'd on its unmoleſted Tide:
But working ſtill, within my Soul,
Thy ſweet Original Joy remain'd;
Thy Love did all my Griefs controul,
Thy Love the Victory more than gain'd.
If the firſt Glance, but open'd now
And now ſeal'd up, ſo pow'rful prove,
What wondrous Tranſports ſhall we know
When glorying in thy full-ey'd Love!
[Page 116] VI.
When Thou ſhalt look us out of Pain,
And raiſe us to thy Bliſsful Sight,
With open Face ſtrong to ſuſtain
The Blaze of thy unclouded Light!

2.10. Deſiring to praiſe worthily. From the German.

MONARCH of All, with lowly Fear
To whom Heaven's Hoſt their Voices raiſe,
Even Earth and Duſt thy Bounties ſhare:
Let Earth and Duſt attempt thy Praiſe.
Before thy Face, O LORD moſt High,
Sinks all created Glory down:
Yet be not wroth with me, that I
Vile Worm, draw near thy awful Throne.
Of all Thou the Beginning art,
Of all things Thou alone the End:
On Thee ſtill fix my ſtedfaſt Heart;
To Thee let all my Actions tend.
Thou, LORD, art Light: Thy Native Ray
No Shade, no Variation knows—
On my Dark Soul (Ye Clouds away)
The Brightneſs of thy Face diſcloſe.
[Page 117] V.
Thou, LORD, art Love: from Thee pure Love
Flows forth in unexhauſted Streams;
Let me its quickning Influence prove,
Fill my whole Heart with Sacred Flames.
Thou, LORD, art Good, and Thou alone:
With eager Hope, with warm Deſire,
Thee may I ſtill my Portion own,
To Thee in every Thought aſpire.
So ſhall my every Power to Thee
In Love, Thanks, Praiſe inceſſant riſe,
Yea my whole Soul and Fleſh ſhall be
One Holy, Living Sacrifice.
LORD GOD of Armies, ceaſeleſs Praiſe
In Heaven thy Throne to Thee is given,
Here as in Heaven thy Name we raiſe,
For where thy Preſence Shines, is Heaven.


AND can it be, that I ſhould gain
An Int'reſt in the Saviour's Blood!
Dy'd He for Me?—who caus'd his Pain!
For Me?—who Him to Death purſu'd.
Amazing Love! how can it be
That Thou, my GOD, ſhouldſt die for Me?
[Page 118] II.
'Tis Myſt'ry all! th' Immortal dies!
Who can explore his ſtrange Deſign?
In vain the firſt-born Seraph tries
To ſound the Depths of Love Divine.
'Tis Mercy all! Let Earth adore;
Let Angel Minds enquire no more.
He left his Father's Throne above,
(So free, ſo infinite his Grace!)
Empty'd Himſelf of All but Love,
And bled for Adam's helpleſs Race:
'Tis Mercy all, immenſe and free!
For O my GOD! it found out Me!
Long my impriſon'd Spirit lay,
Faſt bound in Sin and Nature's Night:
Thine Eye diffus'd a quick'ning Ray;
I woke; the Dungeon flam'd with Light;
My Chains fell off, my Heart was free,
I roſe, went forth, and follow'd Thee.
Still the ſmall inward Voice I hear,
That whiſpers all my Sins forgiv'n;
Still the attoning Blood is near,
That quench'd the Wrath of hoſtile Heav'n:
I fell the Life his Wounds impart;
I feel my Saviour in my Heart.
No Condemnation now I dread,
JESUS, and all in Him, is Mine:
[Page 119] Alive in Him, my Living Head,
And cloath'd in Righteouſneſs Divine,
Bold I approach th'Eternal Throne,
And claim the Crown, thro' CHRIST, my own.

2.12. The CALL. From Herbert.

COME, O my Way, my Truth, my Life!
A Way that gives us Breath,
A Truth that ends its Followers' Strife,
A Life that conquers Death!
Come, O my Light, my Feaſt, my Strength!
A Light that ſhews a Feaſt;
A Feaſt that ſtill improves by Length,
A Strength that makes the Gueſt!
Come, O my Joy, my Love, my Heart!
A Joy that none can move;
A Love that none can ever part,
A Heart that joys in Love!

2.13. TRUE PRAISE. From the ſame.

WHEN firſt my feeble Verſe eſſay'd,
Of heav'nly Joys to ſing,
Fancy was ſummon'd to my Aid
Her choiceſt Stores to bring.
[Page 120] II.
With ſtudy'd Words each riſing Thought
I deck'd, with niceſt Art,
And ſhining Metaphors I ſought
To burniſh ev'ry Part.
Thouſands of Notions ſwift did run,
And fill'd my lab'ring Head;
I blotted oft' what I begun,
This was too flat, that dead.
To cloath the Sun, no Dreſs too fine
I thought, no Words too gay,
Much leſs the Realms that glorious ſhine
In one Eternal Day.
Mean while I whiſp'ring heard a Friend,
"Why all this vain Pretence?
"Love has a Sweetneſs ready penn'd,
"Take that, and ſave Expence.

2.14. The DIALOGUE. From the ſame.

SAVIOUR, if Thy precious Love
Could be merited by mine,
Faith theſe Mountains would remove;
Faith would make me ever Thine:
But when all my Care and Pains,
Worth can ne'er create in Me,
[Page 121] Nought by me thy Fulneſs gains;
Vain the Hope to purchaſe Thee.
C. Ceaſe, my Child, thy Worth to weigh,
Give the needleſs Conteſt o'er:
Mine Thou art! while thus I ſay,
Yield Thee up, and ask no more.
What thy Eſtimate may be,
Only can by Him be told,
Who to ranſom Wretched Thee,
Thee to gain, Himſelf was ſold.
S. But when All in Me is Sin,
How can I thy Grace obtain?
How preſume Thyſelf to win?
GOD of Love, the Doubt explain—
Or if Thou the Means ſupply,
Lo! to Thee I All reſign!
Make me, LORD, (I ask not why,
How, I ask not) ever Thine!
C. This I would—That humbly ſtill
Thou ſubmit to my Decree,
Blindly ſubjecting thy Will,
Meekly copying after Me:
That as I did leave my Throne;
Freely from my Glory part;
Die, to make thy Heart my own—
S. Ah! no more—Thou break'ſt my Heart!

2.15. Subjection to CHRIST. From the German.

[Page 122]
JESU, to Thee my Heart I bow,
Strange Flames far from my Soul remove;
Faireſt among ten thouſand Thou,
Be Thou my Lord, my Life, my Love.
All Heav'n Thou fill'ſt with pure Deſire;
O ſhine upon my frozen Breaſt;
With ſacred Warmth my Heart inſpire,
May I too thy hid Sweetneſs taſte.
I ſee thy Garments roll'd in Blood,
Thy ſtreaming Head, thy Hands, thy Side▪
All hail, Thou Suff'ring, conquering GOD!
Now Man ſhall live; for GOD hath dy'd.
O kill in Me this Rebel Sin,
And triumph o'er my willing Breaſt:
Reſtore thy Image, Lord, therein,
And lead me to my Father's Reſt.
Ye earthly Loves, be far away!
Saviour, be Thou my Love alone;
No more may Mine uſurp the Sway,
But in me thy great Will be done!
[Page 123] VI.
Yea Thou true Witneſs, ſpotleſs Lamb,
All Things for Thee I count but Loſs;
My ſole Deſire, my conſtant Aim,
My only Glory be thy Croſs!

2.16. Renouncing all for CHRIST. From the French.

COME, Saviour JESU, from above,
Aſſiſt me with thy heav'nly Grace,
Withdraw my Heart from worldly Love,
And for Thyſelf prepare the Place.
O let thy ſacred Preſence fill
And ſet my longing Spirit free,
Which pants to have no other Will,
But Night and Day to feaſt on Thee.
While in theſe Regions here below,
No other Good will I purſue;
I'll bid this World of Noiſe and Show
With all its flatt'ring Snares adieu.
That Path with humble Speed I'll ſeek
Wherein my Saviour's Footſteps ſhine,
Nor will I hear, nor will I ſpeak
Of any other Love than thine.
[Page 124] V.
To Thee my Earneſt Soul aſpires,
To Thee I offer all my Vows,
Keep me from falſe and vain Deſires,
My GOD, my Saviour and my Spouſe.
Henceforth may no profane Delight
Divide this conſecrated Soul;
Poſſeſs it Thou, who haſt the Right,
As Lord and Maſter of the whole.
Wealth, Honour, Pleaſure, or what elſe
This ſhort enduring World can give,
Tempt as you will, my Heart repels,
To CHRIST alone reſolv'd to live.
Thee I can love and Thee alone
With holy Peace and Inward Bliſs;
To find Thou tak'ſt me for thy own,
O what a Happineſs is This!
Nor Heav'n nor Earth do I deſire
But thy pure Love within my Breaſt,
This, this I always will require,
And freely give up all the reſt.
Thy Gifts, if call'd for, I reſign,
Pleas'd to receive, pleas'd to reſtore;
Gifts are Thy Work; it ſhall be mine
The Giver only to adore.

2.17. The INVITATION. From Herbert.

[Page 125]
COME hither All, whoſe grov'ling Taſte
Inſlaves your Souls, and lays them waſte;
Save your Expence, and mend your Cheer:
Here GOD Himſelf's prepar'd and dreſt,
Himſelf vouchſafes to be your Feaſt,
In whom Alone all Dainties are.
Come hither all, whom tempting Wine
Bows to your Father Belial's Shrine,
Sin all your Boaſt, and Senſe your GOD:
Weep now for what you've drank amiſs,
And loſe your Taſte for ſenſual Bliſs
By drinking here your Saviour's Blood.
Come hither all, whom ſearching Pain,
Whom Conſcience's loud Cries arraign
Producing all your Sins to view:
Taſte; and diſmiſs your Guilty Fear,
O taſte and ſee that GOD is here
To heal your Souls and Sin ſubdue.
Come hither all, whom Careleſs Joy
Does with alluring Force deſtroy,
While looſe ye range beyond your Bounds:
True Joy is here, that paſſes quite
And all your tranſient mean Delight
Drowns, as a Flood the lower Grounds.
[Page 126] V.
Come hither all, whoſe Idol-Love,
While fond the pleaſing Pain ye prove,
Raiſes your fooliſh Raptures high:
True Love is here; whoſe dying Breath
Gave Life to Us; who taſted Death,
And taſting once no more can die.
LORD, I have now invited All,
And inſtant ſtill the Gueſts ſhall call,
Still ſhall I All invite to Thee:
For, O my GOD, it ſeems but right
In mine, thy meaneſt Servant's Sight,
That where All Is, there All ſhould be!

2.18. The BANQUET. From the ſame.

WElcome, delicious Sacred Cheer,
Welcome, my GOD, my Saviour dear,
O with me, In me live and dwell!
Thine, Earthly Joy ſurpaſſes quite,
The Depths of thy ſupreme Delight
Not Angel Tongues can taſte or tell.
What Streams of Sweetneſs from the Bowl
Surprize and deluge all my Soul,
Sweetneſs that is, and makes Divine!
Surely from GOD's right Hand they flow,
From thence deriv'd to Earth below
To chear us with Immortal Wine.
[Page 127] III.
Soon as I taſte the Heav'nly Bread,
What Manna o'er my Soul is ſhed,
Manna that Angels never knew!
Victorious Sweetneſs fills my Heart,
Such as my GOD delights t' impart,
Mighty to ſave, and Sin ſubdue.
I had forgot my Heav'nly Birth,
My Soul degen'rate clave to Earth,
In Senſe and Sin's baſe Pleaſures drown'd:
When GOD aſſum'd Humanity,
And ſpilt his Sacred Blood for me,
To find me grov'ling on the Ground.
Soon as his Love has rais'd me up,
He mingles Bleſſings in a Cup,
And ſweetly meets my raviſh'd Taſte,
Joyous I now throw off my Load,
I caſt my Sins and Care on GOD,
And Wine becomes a Wing at laſt.
Upborn on This, I mount, I fly;
Regaining ſwift my Native Sky,—
I wipe my ſtreaming Eyes and ſee
Him, whom I ſeek, for whom I ſue,
My GOD, my Saviour there I view,
Him, who has done ſo much for me!
O let thy wondrous Mercy's Praiſe
Inſpire and conſecrate my Lays,
[Page 128] And take up all my Lines and Life;
Thy Praiſe my ev'ry Breath employ:
Be all my Buſineſs, all my Joy
To ſtrive in This, and love the Strife!

2.19. Therefore with Angels, &c.

LORD and GOD of Heav'nly Pow'rs,
Theirs—yet Oh! benignly Ours,
Glorious King, let Earth proclaim,
Worms attempt to chant thy Name.
Thee to laud in Songs Divine
Angels and Archangels join;
We with Them our Voices raiſe,
Echoing thy Eternal Praiſe:
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord,
Live by Heav'n and Earth ador'd!
Full of Thee, they ever cry
Glory be to GOD moſt High!

2.20. Glory be to GOD on high, &c.

GLORY be to GOD on high,
GOD whoſe Glory fills the Sky:
Peace on Earth to Man forgiv'n,
Man the Well-belov'd of Heav'n!
[Page 129] II.
Sov'reign Father, Heav'nly King!
Thee we now preſume to ſing;
Glad Thine Attributes confeſs,
Glorious all and numberleſs.
Hail! by all thy Works ador'd,
Hail! the everlaſting Lord!
Thee with thankful Hearts we prove
Lord of Pow'r, and GOD of Love.
CHRIST our LORD and GOD we own,
CHRIST the Father's only Son!
Lamb of GOD for Sinners ſlain,
Saviour of offending Man!
Bow thine Ear, in Mercy bow,
Hear, the World's Attonement Thou!
JESU, in thy Name we pray,
Take, O take our Sins away.
Pow'rful Advocate with GOD,
Juſtify us by thy Blood!
Bow thine Ear, in Mercy bow,
Hear, the World's Attonement Thou!
Hear; for Thou, O CHRIST alone
With thy Glorious Sire art One!
One the Holy Ghoſt with Thee,
One ſupreme Eternal Three.

2.21. HYMN to CHRIST. Altered from Dr. Hickes's Reform'd Devotions.

[Page 130]
JESU, behold the Wiſe from far
Led to thy Cradle by a Star,
Bring Gifts to Thee their God and King!
O guide us by thy Light, that we
The Way may find, and ſtill to Thee
Our Hearts, our All for Tribute bring.
JESU, the pure, the ſpotleſs Lamb,
Who to the Temple humbly came
Duteous the Legal Rights to pay:
O make our proud, our ſtubborn Will
All thy wiſe, gracious Laws fulfil,
Whate'er rebellious Nature ſay.
JESU, who on the fatal Wood
Pour'dſt out thy Life's laſt Drop of Blood,
Nail'd to th' accurſed ſhameful Croſs:
O may we bleſs thy Love, and be
Ready, dear LORD, to bear for Thee
All Shame, all Grief, all Pain, all Loſs.
JESU, who by thine own Love ſlain,
By thine own Pow'r took'ſt Life again,
And Conqueror from the Grave didſt riſe:
O may thy Death our Souls revive,
And ev'n on Earth a new Life give,
A glorious Life that never dies.
[Page 131] V.
JESU, who to thy Heav'n again
Return'dſt in Triumph, there to reign
Of Men and Angels Sov'reign King:
O may our parting Souls take Flight
Up to that Land of Joy and Light,
And there for ever grateful ſing.
All Glory to the ſacred Three,
One undivided Deity,
All Honour, Pow'r, and Love and Praiſe;
Still may thy bleſſed Name ſhine bright
In Beams of uncreated Light,
Crown'd with its own eternal Rays.

2.22. On the CRUCIFIXION.

BEHOLD the Saviour of Mankind
Nail'd to the ſhameful Tree!
How vaſt the Love that Him inclin'd
To bleed and die for Thee!
Hark how he groans! while Nature ſhakes,
And Earth's ſtrong Pillars bend!
The Temple's Veil in ſunder breaks,
The ſolid Marbles rend.
'Tis done! the precious Ranſom's paid;
Receive my Soul, he cries;
See where he bows his ſacred Head!
He bows his Head and dies.
[Page 132] IV.
But ſoon He'll break Death's envious Chain,
And in full Glory ſhine!
O Lamb of GOD, was ever Pain,
Was ever Love like Thine!

2.23. Part of the LXIII Chapter of ISAIAH, Altered from Mr. Norris.

NO common Viſion this I ſee
In more than human Majeſty!
Who is this mighty Hero, who,
With glorious Terror on his Brow?
His deep dy'd Crimſon Robes outvie
The Bluſhes of the Morning Sky:
Lo, how triumphant he appears
And Vict'ry in his Viſage bears!
How ſtrong, how ſtately does he go!
Pompous and ſolemn is his Pace,
And full of Majeſty his Face,
Who is this mighty Hero, who?
'Tis I, who to my Promiſe ſtand:
I, who ſin, Death, Hell, and the Grave
Have foil'd with this all-conquering Hand:
'Tis I, the LORD mighty to ſave.
Why wear'ſt Thou then this Crimſon Dye;
Say Thou all-conquering Hero, why?
[Page 133] Why do thy Garments look all red
Like them that in the Wine fat tread?
The Wine-preſs I alone have trod,
That pond'rous Maſs I ply'd alone:
And with me to aſſiſt was none:
A Task, worthy the Son of GOD!
Angels ſtood trembling at the Sight,
Inrag'd, I put forth all my Might,
And down the Engine preſt; the Force
Put frighted Nature out of Courſe;
The Blood guſh'd out, and checquer'd o'er
My Garments with its deepeſt Gore.
With glorious Stains bedeck'd I ſtood,
And writ my Victory in Blood.
The Day, the ſignal Day is come
Vengeance of all my Foes to take;
The Day, when Death ſhall have its Doom,
And the dark Kingdom's Pow'rs ſhall ſhake.
I look'd, who to aſſiſt ſtood by:
Trembled Heav'n's Hoſts nor ventur'd nigh:
Ev'n to my Father did I look
In Pain: My Father me forſook!
A while amaz'd I was to ſee
None to uphold or comfort me:
Then I aroſe in Might array'd,
And call'd my Fury to my Aid;
My ſingle Arm the Battle won,
And ſtrait th' acclaiming Hoſts above
Hymn'd, in new Songs of Joy and Love,
Jehovah and his conquering Son.


[Page 134]
MY Soul extols the mighty Lord,
In GOD the Saviour joys my Heart:
Thou haſt not my low State abhorr'd;
Now know I, Thou my Saviour art.
Sorrow and Sighs are fled away,
Peace now I feel, and Joy and Reſt:
Renew'd I hail the Feſtal Day,
Henceforth by endleſs Ages bleſt.
Great are the Things which Thou has done,
How holy is thy Name, O LORD!
How wondrous is thy Mercy ſhewn
To all that tremble at thy Word!
Thy conqu'ring Arm with Terror crown'd
Appear'd the Humble to ſuſtain:
And all the Sons of Pride have found.
Their boaſted Wiſdom void and vain.
The mighty from their native Sky,
Caſt down Thou haſt in Darkneſs bound:
And rais'd the Worms of Earth on high
With Majeſty and Glory crown'd.
[Page 135] VI.
The Rich have pin'd amidſt their Store,
Nor e'er the Way of Peace have trod;
Mean while the hungry Souls thy Pow'r
Fill'd with the Fulneſs of their GOD.
Come, Saviour, come, of old decreed!
Faithful and true be Thou confeſt:
By all Earth's Tribes in Abraham's Seed
Henceforth thro' endleſs Ages bleſt.


ON GOD ſupreme our Hope depends,
Whoſe omnipreſent Sight
Ev'n to the pathleſs Realms extends
Of uncreated Night.
Plung'd in th' Abyſs of deep Diſtreſs,
To Him we rais'd our Cry:
His Mercy bad our Sorrows ceaſe,
And fill'd our Tongue with Joy.
Tho' Earth her ancient Seat forſake
By Pangs convulſive torn,
Tho' her ſelf-balanc'd Fabrick ſhake,
And ruin'd Nature mourn:
[Page 136] IV.
Tho' Hills be in the Ocean loſt
With all their trembling Load,
No Fear ſhall e'er diſturb the Juſt,
Or ſhake his Truſt in GOD.
Nations remote and Realms unknown
In vain reſiſt his Sway;
For lo! Jehovah's Voice is ſhewn,
And Earth ſhall melt away.
Let War's devouring Surges riſe
And ſwell on ev'ry Side:
The Lord of Hoſts our Safeguard is,
And Jacob's GOD our Guide.


YE-Prieſts of GOD, whoſe happy Days
Are ſpent in your Creator's Praiſe,
Still more and more his Fame expreſs!
Ye pious Worſhippers proclaim
With Shouts of Joy his holy Name;
Nor ſatisfy'd with praiſing, bleſs.
Let GOD's high Praiſes ſtill reſound
Beyond old Time's too ſcanty Bound,
[Page 137] And thro' eternal Ages pierce,
From where the Sun firſt gilds the Streams
To where he ſets with purpled Beams,
Thro' all the wide-ſtretch'd Univerſe.
The various Tribes of Earth obey
Thy awful and imperial Sway;
Nor Earth thy Sov'reign Pow'r confines;
Above the Sun's all-chearing Light,
Above the Stars, and far more bright
Thy pure eſſential Glory ſhines.
What Mortal form'd of fading Clay,
What Native of eternal Day
Can with the GOD of Heav'n compare?
Yet Angels round thy glorious Throne
Thou ſtoop'ſt to view: Nor They alone;
Ev'n earth-born Men thy Goodneſs ſhare.
The Poor Thou lifteſt from the Duſt;
The Sinner, if in Thee he truſt,
From Depths of Guilt and Shame Thou'lt raiſe;
That he, in Peace and Safety plac'd,
With Pow'r and Love and Wiſdom grac'd,
May ſing aloud his Saviour's Praiſe.


[Page 138]
O Thou, who when I did complain,
Didſt all my Griefs remove,
O Saviour, do not now diſdain
My humble Praiſe and Love.
Since Thou a pitying Ear didſt give
And hear me when I pray'd,
I'll call upon Thee while I live,
And never doubt thy Aid.
Pale Death with all his ghaſtly Train
My Soul encompaſt round,
Anguiſh and Sin, and Dread and Pain
On ev'ry Side I found.
To Thee, O LORD of Life, I pray'd,
And did for Succour flee:
O ſave (in my Diſtreſs I ſaid)
The Soul that truſts in Thee!
How good Thou art! How large thy Grace!
How eaſy to forgive!
The helpleſs Thou delight'ſt to raiſe:
And by thy Love I live.
[Page 139] VI.
Then, O my Soul, be never more
With anxious Thoughts diſtreſt,
GOD's bounteous Love doth Thee reſtore
To Eaſe and Joy and Reſt.
My Eyes no longer drown'd in Tears,
My Feet from falling free,
Redeem'd from Death, and guilty Fears
O Lord, I'll live to Thee!


YE Nations, who the Globe divide,
Ye num'rous Nations ſcatter'd wide,
To GOD your grateful Voices raiſe:
To all his boundleſs Mercy's ſhown,
His Truth to endleſs Ages known
Require our endleſs Love and Praiſe.
To Him who reigns enthron'd on high,
To his dear Son, who deign'd to die
Our Guilt and Errors to remove;
To that bleſt Spirit who Grace imparts,
Who rules in all Believing Hearts,
Be ceaſeleſs Glory, Praiſe and Love!

2.29. PRAYER. From Herbert.

[Page 140]
HOW ſwiftly wafted in a Sigh,
Thou GOD that hear'ſt the Pray'r,
Do our Requeſts invade the Sky,
And pierce thy bending Ear?
My Suit is made, my Pray'r is o'er,
If I but lift my Eye;
Thou, Omnipreſent, can'ſt no more
Not hear, than Thou canſt die.
How ſhall we Thy great Arm revere,
Which gives this All to be,
Connects the Center with the Sphere,
And ſpans Infinity!
Whate'er our ardent Souls require,
Whate'er we wiſh is there;
Thy Pow'r exceeds our Scant Deſire,
And chides our partial Pray'r.
O how unbounded is Thy Love,
Which, when Thou could'ſt not die,
Deſcending from Thy Throne Above
Put on Mortality!
[Page 141] VI.
Thou leav'ſt Thy Father's bliſsful Face
Our Guilt and Curſe t'aſſume,
To burſt the Bars that ſtopp'd Thy Grace,
And make Thy Bounty Room.
Still then may Pray'r with me remain,
This my Companion be;
So ſhall I all my Wants obtain,
Obtain all Heav'n in Thee.

2.30. TRUST in PROVIDENCE. From the German.

COMMIT thou all thy Griefs
And Ways into his Hands;
To his ſure Truth and tender Care,
Who Earth and Heav'n commands.
Who points the Clouds their Courſe,
Whom Winds and Seas obey;
He ſhall direct thy wand'ring Feet,
He ſhall prepare thy Way.
Thou on the LORD rely,
So ſafe ſhalt thou go on;
Fix on his Work thy ſtedfaſt Eye,
So ſhall Thy Work be done.
[Page 142] IV.
No Profit canſt thou gain
By ſelf-conſuming Care;
To Him commend thy Cauſe, his Ear
Attends the ſofteſt Pray'r.
Thy everlaſting Truth,
Father, thy ceaſeleſs Love
Sees all thy Children's Wants, and knows
What beſt for each will prove.
And whatſoe'er Thou will'ſt,
Thou doſt, O King of Kings;
What thy unerring Wiſdom choſe
Thy Pow'r to Being brings.
Thou ev'ry where haſt Way,
And all things ſerve thy Might;
Thy ev'ry Act pure Bleſſing is,
Thy Path unfully'd Light.
When Thou ariſeſt, LORD,
What ſhall thy Work withſtand?
When all thy Children want Thou giv'ſt,
Who, who ſhall ſtay thy Hand?
Give to the Winds thy Fears;
Hope, and be undiſmay'd;
GOD hears thy Sighs, and counts thy Tears,
GOD ſhall lift up thy Head.
[Page 143] X.
Thro' Waves and Clouds and Storms
He gently clears thy Way;
Wait thou his Time, ſo ſhall this Night
Soon end in joyous Day.
Still heavy is thy Heart?
Still ſink thy Spirits down?
Caſt off the Weight, let Fear depart,
And ev'ry Care be gone.
What tho' Thou ruleſt not?
Yet Heav'n and Earth and Hell
Proclaim, GOD ſitteth on the Throne
And ruleth all things well!
Leave to his Sov'reign Sway
To chooſe and to command;
So ſhalt thou wondring own, his Way
How wiſe, how ſtrong his Hand.
Far, far above thy Thought
His Counſel ſhall appear,
When fully He the Work hath wrought,
That caus'd thy needleſs Fear.
Thou ſeeſt our Weakneſs, LORD,
Our Hearts are known to Thee;
O lift Thou up the ſinking Hand,
Confirm the feeble Knee!
[Page 144] XVI.
Let us in Life, in Death,
Thy ſtedfaſt Truth declare,
And publiſh with our lateſt Breath
Thy Love and Guardian Care!


ETERNAL Beam of Light Divine,
Fountain of unexhauſted Love,
In whom the FATHER's Glories ſhine,
Thro' Earth beneath, and Heav'n above!
JESU! the weary Wand'rer's Reſt;
Give me thy eaſy Yoke to bear,
With ſtedfaſt Patience arm my Breaſt,
With ſpotleſs Love and lowly Fear.
Thankful I take the Cup from Thee,
Prepar'd and mingled by thy Skill:
Tho' bitter to the Taſte it be,
Pow'rful the wounded Soul to heal.
Be Thou, O Rock of Ages, nigh:
So ſhall each murm'ring Thought be gone,
And Grief, and Fear, and Care ſhall fly,
As Clouds before the Mid-day Sun.
[Page 145] V.
Speak to my warring Paſſions, "Peace;"
Say to my trembling Heart, "Be ſtill:
Thy Pow'r my Strength and Fortreſs is,
For all Things ſerve Thy Sov'reign Will.
O Death, where is thy Sting? Where now
Thy boaſted Victory, O Grave?
Who ſhall contend with GOD: Or Who
Can hurt whom GOD delights to ſave?

2.32. In AFFLICTION, or PAIN. From the German.

THOU Lamb of GOD, Thou Prince of Peace,
For Thee my thirſty Soul doth pine!
My longing Soul implores Thy Grace,
O make in me thy Likeneſs ſhine.
With fraudleſs, even, humble Mind,
Thy Will in all Things may I ſee:
In Love be ev'ry Wiſh reſign'd,
And hallow'd my whole Heart to Thee.
When Pain o'er my weak Fleſh prevails,
With Lamb-like Patience arm my Breaſt;
When Grief my wounded Soul aſſails,
In lowly Meekneſs may I reſt.
[Page 146] IV.
Cloſe by Thy Side ſtill may I keep,
Howe'er Life's various Current flow;
With ſtedfaſt Eye mark ev'ry Step,
And follow Thee where'er Thou go.
Thou, LORD, the dreadful Fight haſt won;
Alone Thou haſt the Wine-preſs trod:
In me Thy ſtrength'ning Grace be ſhown,
O may I conquer through Thy Blood!
So when on Sion Thou ſhalt ſtand,
And all Heav'n's Hoſt adore their King,
Shall I be found at Thy Right Hand,
And free from Pain Thy Glories ſing.

2.33. Another. From the ſame.

ALL Glory to th' Eternal Three,
Of Light and Love th' unfathom'd Sea!
Whoſe boundleſs Pow'r, whoſe ſaving Grace,
Reliev'd me in my deep Diſtreſs.
Still, LORD, from thy exhauſtleſs Store
Pure Bleſſing and Salvation ſhow'r;
Till Earth I leave, and ſoar away
To Regions of unclouded Day.
[Page 147] III.
My Heart from all Pollution clean,
O purge it, tho' with Grief and Pain:
To Thee lo! I my All reſign,
Thine be my Will, my Soul be Thine.
O guide me, lead me in thy Ways:
'Tis Thine the ſinking Hand to raiſe.
O may I ever lean on Thee:
'Tis Thine to prop the feeble Knee.
O Father, ſanctify this Pain,
Nor let one Tear be ſhed in vain!
Soften, yet arm my Breaſt: no Fear,
No Wrath, but Love alone be there.
O leave not, caſt me not away
In fierce Temptation's dreadful Day:
Speak but the Word; inſtant ſhall ceaſe
The Storm, and all my Soul be Peace!


AH! my dear LORD, whoſe changeleſs Love
To Me, nor Earth nor Hell can part;
When ſhall my Feet forget to rove?
Ah, what ſhall fix this faithleſs Heart?
[Page 148] II.
Why do theſe Cares my Soul divide
If Thou indeed haſt ſet me free?
Why am I Thus, if GOD hath dy'd;
If GOD hath dy'd to purchaſe Me?
Around me Clouds of Darkneſs roll,
In deepeſt Night I ſtill walk on;
Heavily moves my fainting Soul,
My Comfort and my GOD are gone.
Chearleſs and all forlorn I droop;
In vain I lift my weary Eye;
No Gleam of Light, no Ray of Hope
Appears throughout the darken'd Sky.
My feeble Knees I bend again,
My drooping Hands again I rear:
Vain is the Task, the Effort vain,
My Heart abhors the irkſome Pray'r.
Oft with thy Saints my Voice I raiſe,
And ſeem to join the taſtleſs Song:
Faintly aſcends th' imperfect Praiſe,
Or dies upon my thoughtleſs Tongue.
Cold, weary, languid, heartleſs, dead
To thy dread Courts I oft repair;
By Conſcience drag'd, or Cuſtom led
I come; nor know that GOD is there!
[Page 149] VIII.
Nigh with my Lips to Thee I draw,
Unconſcious at thy Altar found;
Far off my Heart: nor touch'd with Awe,
Nor mov'd—tho' Angels tremble round.
In All I do, Myſelf I feel,
And groan beneath the wonted Load,
Still unrenew'd and carnal ſtill,
Naked of CHRIST, and void of GOD.
Nor yet the Earthly Adam dies,
But lives, and moves, and fights again,
Still the fierce Guſts of Paſſion riſe,
And rebel Nature ſtrives to reign.
Fondly my fooliſh Heart eſſays
T' augment the Source of perfect Bliſs,
Love's All-ſufficient Sea to raiſe
With Drops of Creature-Happineſs.
O Love! thy Sov'reign Aid impart,
And guard the Gifts Thyſelf haſt giv'n:
My Portion Thou, my Treaſure art,
And Life, and Happineſs, and Heav'n.
Would ought with Thee my Wiſhes ſhare,
Tho' dear as Life the Idol be,
The Idol from my Breaſt I'll tear,
Reſolv'd to ſeek my All from Thee.
[Page 150] XIV.
Whate'er I fondly counted Mine,
To Thee, my LORD, I here reſtore:
Gladly I all for Thee reſign:
Give me Thyſelf, I ask no more!


MY GOD (if I may call Thee Mine
From Heav'n and Thee remov'd ſo far)
Draw nigh; thy pitying Ear incline,
And caſt not out my languid Pray'r.
Gently the Weak Thou lov'ſt to lead,
Thou lov'ſt to prop the feeble Knee,
O break not then a bruiſed Reed,
Nor quench the ſmoaking Flax in me.
Buried in Sin, thy Voice I hear,
And burſt the Barriers of my Tomb,
In all the Marks of Death appear,
Forth at thy Call, tho' bound, I come.
Give me, O give me fully, LORD,
Thy Reſurrection's Pow'r to know;
Free me indeed; repeat the Word,
And looſe my Bands, and let me go.
Fain would I go to Thee my GOD,
Thy Mercies and my Wants to tell:
I feel my Pardon ſeal'd in Blood;
Saviour, thy Love I wait to feel.
[Page 151] Freed from the Pow'r of cancel'd Sin;
When ſhall my Soul triumphant prove?
Why breaks not out the Fire within
In Flames of Joy and Praiſe and Love?
When ſhall my Eye affect my Heart,
Sweetly diſſolv'd in gracious Tears?
Ah, LORD, the Stone to Fleſh convert!
And till thy lovely Face appears,
Still may I at thy Footſtool keep,
And watch the Smile of op'ning Heav'n:
Much would I pray, and love, and weep;
I would; for I have much forgiv'n.
Yet O! ten thouſand Luſts remain,
And vex my Soul abſolv'd from Sin,
Still rebel Nature ſtrives to reign,
Still am I all unclean, unclean!
Aſſail'd by Pride, allur'd by Senſe,
On Earth the Creatures court my Stay;
Falſe flatt'ring Idols get ye hence,
Created Good be far away!
JESU, to Thee my Soul aſpires,
JESU, to Thee I plight my Vows,
Keep me from Earthly baſe Deſires,
My GOD, my Saviour, and my Spouſe.
Fountain of all-ſufficient Bliſs,
Thou art the Good I ſeek below;
Fulneſs of Joys in Thee there is,
Without 'tis Mis'ry all the Woe.
[Page 152] VII.
Take this poor wandring, worthleſs Heart,
Its Wandrings all to Thee are known,
May no falſe Rival claim a Part,
Nor Sin diſſeize Thee of thine own.
Stir up thy interpoſing Pow'r,
Save me from Sin, from Idols ſave,
Snatch me from fierce Temptation's Hour,
And hide, O hide me in the Grave!
I know Thou wilt accept me Now,
I know my Sins are now forgiv'n!
My Head to Death O let me bow,
Nor keep my Life, to loſe my Heav'n.
Far from this Snare my Soul remove,
This only Cup I would decline,
I deprecate a Creature-Love,
O take me, to ſecure me Thine.
Or if thy Wiſer Will ordain
The Trial, I would die to ſhun,
Welcome the Strife, the Grief, the Pain,
Thy Name be prais'd, thy Will be done!
I from thy Hand the Cup receive,
Meekly ſubmit to thy Decree,
Gladly for Thee conſent to live!
Thou, LORD, haſt liv'd, haſt died for Me!

2.36. ISAIAH xliii. 1, 2, 3.

[Page 153]
PEACE, doubting Heart—my GOD's I am!
Who form'd me Man forbids my Fear:
The LORD hath call'd me by my Name,
The LORD protects for ever near:
His Blood for Me did once attone,
And ſtill he loves, and guards his own.
When paſſing thro' the Watry Deep
I ask in Faith his promis'd Aid,
The Waves an awful Diſtance keep,
And ſhrink from my devoted Head:
Fearleſs their Violence I dare:
They cannot harm, for GOD is there!
To Him my Eye of Faith I turn,
And thro' the Fire purſue my Way;
The Fire forgets its Pow'r to burn,
The lambent Flames around me play:
I own his Pow'r, accept the Sign,
And ſhout to prove the Saviour Mine.
Still nigh me, O my Saviour, ſtand,
And guard in fierce Temptation's Hour;
Hide in the Hollow of thy Hand,
Shew forth in me thy Saving Pow'r.
Still be thy Arm my ſure Defence,
Nor Earth nor Hell ſhall pluck me thence.
[Page 154] V.
Since Thou haſt bid me come to Thee,
(Good as Thou art and ſtrong to ſave)
I'll walk o'er Life's tempeſtuous Sea,
Upborn by the unyielding Wave;
Dauntleſs, tho' Rocks of Pride be near,
And yawning Whirlpools of Deſpair.
When Darkneſs intercepts the Skies,
And Sorrow's Waves around me roll.
When high the Storms of Paſſion riſe,
And half o'erwhelm my ſinking Soul;
My Soul a ſudden Calm ſhall feel
And hear a Whiſper "Peace, be ſtill."
Tho' in Affliction's Furnace tried,
Unhurt on Snares and Deaths I'll tread;
Tho' Sin aſſail, and Hell thrown wide
Pour all its Flames upon my Head,
Like Moſes' Buſh I'll mount the higher,
And flouriſh unconſum'd in Fire.

2.37. The BELIEVER's SUPPORT. From the German.

O Thou, to whoſe all ſearching Sight
The Darkneſs ſhineth as the Light,
Search, prove my Heart; it pants for Thee:
O burſt theſe Bands, and ſet it free.
[Page 155] II.
Waſh out its Stains, refine its Droſs,
Nail my Affections to the Croſs!
Hallow each Thought: let all within
Be clean, as Thou, my LORD, art clean.
If in this darkſome Wild I ſtray,
Be Thou my Light, be Thou my Way:
No Foes, no Violence I fear,
No Fraud, while Thou, my GOD, art near.
When riſing Floods my Head o'erflow,
When ſinks my Heart in Waves of Woe,
JESU, thy timely Aid impart,
And raiſe my Head, and chear my Heart.
Saviour, where'er thy Steps I ſee,
Dauntleſs, untir'd I follow Thee:
O let thy Hand ſupport me ſtill,
And lead me to thy holy Hill.
If rough and thorny be my Way,
My Strength proportion to my Day:
Till Toil and Grief, and Pain ſhall ceaſe,
Where all is Calm, and Joy, and Peace.

2.38. Living by CHRIST. From the German.

[Page 156]
JESU, thy boundleſs Love to me
No Thought can reach, no Tongue declare:
O knit my thankful Heart to Thee,
And reign without a Rival there.
Thine wholly, thine alone I am:
Be Thou alone my conſtant Flame.
O grant that nothing in my Soul
May dwell, but thy pure Love alone:
O may thy Love poſſeſs me whole,
My Joy, my Treaſure, and my Crown.
Strange Fires far from my Soul remove,
My ev'ry Act, Word, Thought, be Love.
O Love, how chearing is thy Ray?
All Pain before thy Preſence flies!
Care, Anguiſh, Sorrow melt away
Where'er thy healing Beams ariſe:
O JESU, nothing may I ſee,
Nothing hear, feel or think but Thee!
Unwearied may I this purſue,
Dauntleſs to the high Prize aſpire;
Hourly within my Breaſt renew
This holy Flame, this heav'nly Fire;
And Day and Night be all my Care
To guard this ſacred Treaſure there.
[Page 157] V.
My Saviour, Thou thy Love to me
In Want, in Pain, in Shame, haſt ſhow'd;
For me on the accurſed Tree
Thou pouredſt forth thy guiltleſs Blood:
Thy Wounds upon my Heart impreſs,
Nor ought ſhall the lov'd Stamp efface.
More hard than Marble is my Heart,
And foul with Sins of deepeſt Stain:
But Thou the mighty Saviour art,
Nor flow'd thy cleanſing Blood in vain.
Ah! ſoften, melt this Rock, and may
Thy Blood waſh all theſe Stains away.
O that my Heart, which open ſtands,
May catch each Drop, that torturing Pain
Arm'd by my Sins, wrung from thy Hands,
Thy Feet, thy Head, thy ev'ry Vein:
That ſtill my Breaſt may heave with Sighs,
Still Tears of Love o'erflow my Eyes.
O that I as a little Child
May follow Thee, nor ever reſt
Till ſweetly Thou haſt pour'd thy mild
And lowly Mind into my Breaſt.
Nor may we ever parted be
Till I become one Spirit with Thee.
O draw me, Saviour, after Thee,
So ſhall I run and never tire:
[Page 158] With gracious Words ſtill comfort me;
Be Thou my Hope, my ſole Deſire.
Free me from ev'ry Weight: nor Fear
Nor Sin can come, if Thou art here.
My Health, my Light, my Life, my Crown,
My Portion and my Treaſure Thou!
O take me, ſeal me for thine own;
To Thee alone my Soul I bow.
Without Thee all is Pain; my Mind
Repoſe in nought but Thee can find.
Howe'er I rove, where'er I turn,
In Thee alone is all my Reſt.
Be Thou my Flame; within me burn,
JESU, and I in Thee am bleſt.
Thou art the Balm of Life: My Soul
Is faint; O ſave, O make it whole!
What in thy Love poſſeſs I not?
My Star by Night, my Sun by Day;
My Spring of Life when parch'd with Drought,
My Wine to chear, my Bread to ſtay,
My Strength, my Shield, my ſafe Abode,
My Robe before the Throne of GOD!
Ah Love! Thy Influence withdrawn
What profits me that I am born?
All my Delight, my Joy is gone,
Nor know I Peace, till Thou return.
Thee may I ſeek till I attain;
And never may we may part again.
[Page 159] XIV.
From all Eternity with Love
Unchangeable Thou haſt me view'd;
Ere knew this beating Heart to move,
Thy tender Mercies me purſu'd.
Ever with me may they abide,
And cloſe me in on ev'ry Side.
Still let thy Love point out my Way,
(How wondrous Things thy Love hath wrought!)
Still lead me leſt I go aſtray,
Direct my Work, inſpire my Thought:
And when I fall, ſoon may I hear
Thy Voice, and know that Love is near.
In Suff'ring be thy Love my Peace,
In Weakneſs be thy Love my Pow'r;
And when the Storms of Life ſhall ceaſe,
JESU, in that important Hour,
In Death as Life be Thou my Guide,
And ſave me, who for me haſt died!

2.39. GOD's Love to Mankind. From the ſame.

O GOD, of Good th' unfathom'd Sea,
Who would not give his Heart to Thee?
Who would not love Thee with his Might?
O JESU, Lover of Mankind,
Who would not his whole Soul and Mind
With all his Strength to Thee unite?
[Page 160] II.
Thou ſhin'ſt with everlaſting Rays;
Before the unſufferable Blaze
Angels with both Wings veil their Eyes:
Yet free as Air thy Bounty ſtreams
On all thy Works; thy Mercy's Beams
Diffuſive as thy Sun's, ariſe.
Aſtoniſh'd at thy frowning Brow,
Earth, Hell, and Heav'ns ſtrong Pillars bow,
Terrible Majeſty is Thine!
Who then can that vaſt Love expreſs
Which bows Thee down to me, who leſs
Than nothing am, till Thou art mine?
High-thron'd on Heav'ns eternal Hill,
In Number, Weight and Meaſure ſtill▪
Thou ſweetly ord'reſt all that is:
And yet Thou deign'ſt to come to me,
And guide my Steps that I with Thee
Enthron'd may reign in endleſs Bliſs.
Fountain of Good, all Bleſſing flows
From Thee; no Want thy Fulneſs knows:
What but Thyſelf canſt Thou deſire?
Yes: Self-ſufficient as Thou art,
Thou doſt deſire my worthleſs Heart,
This, only this Thou doſt require.
Primeval Beauty! in thy Sight
The firſt-born, ſaireſt Sons of Light
[Page 161] See all their brighteſt Glories fade:
What then to me thy Eyes could turn
In Sin conceiv'd, of Woman born,
A Worm, a Leaf, a Blaſt, a Shade?
Hell's Armies tremble at thy Nod,
And trembling own th' Almighty GOD
Sov'reign of Earth, Air, Hell and Sky.
But who is This that comes from far,
Whoſe Garments roll'd in Blood appear?
'Tis GOD made Man for Man to die!
O GOD, of Good th' unfathom'd Sea,
Who would not give his Heart to Thee?
Who would not love Thee with his Might?
O JESU, Lover of Mankind,
Who would not his whole Soul and Mind
With all his Strength to Thee unite?

2.40. GOD's Greatneſs. From the ſame.

O GOD, Thou bottomleſs Abyſs,
Thee to Perfection who can know?
O Height immenſe! what Words ſuffice
Thy countleſs Attributes to ſhow:
Unfathomable Depths Thou art!
O plunge me in thy Mercy's Sea;
Void of true Wiſdom is my Heart,
With Love embrace and cover me.
[Page 162] While Thee All-infinite I ſet
By Faith before my raviſh'd Eye,
My Weakneſs bends beneath the Weight
O'erpowr'd I ſink, I faint, I die.
Eternity thy Fountain was,
Which, like Thee, no Beginning knew;
Thou waſt, ere Time began his Race,
Ere glow'd with Stars th' Etherial Blue:
Greatneſs unſpeakable is Thine,
Greatneſs, whoſe undiminiſh'd Ray
When ſhort-liv'd Worlds are loſt, ſhall ſhine,
When Earth and Heav'n are ſled away.
Unchangeable, all-perfect Lord,
Eſſential Life's unbounded Sea,
What lives and moves, lives by thy Word,
It lives and moves and is from Thee.
Thy Parent Hand, thy forming Skill
Firm fix'd this Univerſal Chain;
Elſe empty, barren Darkneſs ſtill
Had held his unmoleſted Reign:
Whate'er in Earth, or Sea, or Sky
Or ſhuns or meets the wandring Thought,
Eſcapes or ſtrikes the ſearching Eye,
By Thee was to Perfection brought.
High is thy Pow'r above all Height:
Whate'er thy Will decrees is done:
Thy Wiſdom equal to thy Might
Only to Thee, O GOD, is known.
Heaven's Glory is thy awful Throne,
Yet Earth partakes thy gracious Sway;
[Page 163] Vain Man! thy Wiſdom Folly own,
Loſt is thy Reaſon's feeble Ray.
What his dim Eye could never ſee
Is plain and naked to thy Sight;
What thickeſt Darkneſs veils, to Thee
Shines clearly as the Morning Light.
In Light Thou dwell'ſt: Light that no Shade
No Variation ever knew:
And Heav'n and Hell ſtand all diſplay'd
And open to thy piercing View.
Thou, true and only GOD, lead'ſt forth
Th' immortal Armies of the Sky:
Thou laugh'ſt to ſcorn the Gods of Earth;
Thou thunder'ſt, and amaz'd they fly.
With down-caſt Eye th' Angelick Choir
Appear before thy awful Face,
Trembling they ſtrike the golden Lyre
And thro' Heaven's Vault reſound thy Praiſe.
In Earth, in Heav'n, in all Thou art:
The conſcious Creature feels thy Nod,
Whoſe forming Hand on ev'ry Part
Impreſt the Image of its GOD.
Thine, LORD, is Wiſdom, thine alone;
Juſtice and Truth before Thee ſtand;
Yet nearer to thy ſacred Throne
Mercy with-holds thy lifted Hand.
Each Ev'ning ſhews thy tender Love,
Each riſing Morn thy plenteous Grace;
"Thy waken'd Wrath doth ſlowly move,
"Thy willing Mercy flies apace.
[Page 164] To thy benign, indulgent Care,
Father, this Light, this Breath we owe,
And all we have, and all we are
From Thee, great Source of Being, flow.
Parent of Good, thy bounteous Hand
Inceſſant Bleſſings down diſtills,
And all in Air, or Sea, or Land
With plenteous Food and Gladneſs fills.
All things in Thee live, move, and are,
Thy Pow'r infus'd doth all ſuſtain;
Ev'n thoſe thy daily Favours ſhare
Who thankleſs ſpurn thy eaſy Reign.
Thy Sun Thou bid'ſt his genial Ray
A like on All impartial pour;
To all who hate or bleſs thy Sway
Thou bid'ſt deſcend the fruitful Show'r.
Yet while at length, who ſcorn'd thy Might
Shall feel Thee a conſuming Fire,
How ſweet the Joys, the Crown how bright
Of thoſe who to thy Love aſpire!
All Creatures praiſe th' Eternal Name!
Ye Hoſts that to his Courts belong,
Cherubic Quires, Seraphic Flames,
Awake the everlaſting Song.
Thrice Holy, Thine the Kingdom is,
The Pow'r omnipotent is Thine,
And when created Nature dies
Thy never-ceaſing Glories ſhine.

2.41. HYMN on the Titles of CHRIST.

[Page 165]
ARISE, my Soul, ariſe
Thy Saviour's Sacrifice!
All the Names that Love could find,
All the Forms that Love could take
JESUS in Himſelf has join'd,
Thee, my Soul, his own to make.
Equal with GOD, moſt High,
He laid his Glory by:
He, th' Eternal GOD was born,
Man with Men He deign'd t' appear,
Object of his Creature's Scorn,
Pleas'd a Servant's Form to wear.
Hail Everlaſting LORD,
Divine, Incarnate Word!
Thee let all my Pow'rs confeſs,
Thee my lateſt Breath proclaim;
Help, ye Angel Choirs, to bleſs,
Shout the lov'd Immanuel's Name.
Fruit of a Virgin's Womb
The Promis'd Bleſſing's come:
CHRIST the Fathers' Hope of old,
CHRIST the Woman's conq'ring Seed,
CHRIST the Saviour! long foretold,
Born to bruiſe the Serpent's Head.
[Page 166] V.
Refulgent from afar
See the bright Morning-ſtar!
See the Day-ſpring from on high
Late in deepeſt Darkneſs riſe,
Night recedes, the Shadows fly,
Flame with Day the Op'ning Skies!
Our Eyes on Earth ſurvey
The Dazling Shechinah!
Bright, in endleſs Glory bright
Now in Fleſh He ſtoops to dwell
GOD of GOD, and Light of Light,
Image of th' Inviſible.
He ſhines on Earth ador'd
The Preſence of the LORD:
GOD, the mighty GOD and true,
GOD by higheſt Heav'n confeſt,
Stands diſplay'd to Mortal View,
GOD Supreme, for ever bleſt.
JESU! to Thee I bow
Th' Almighty's Fellow Thou!
Thou, the Father's Only Son;
Pleas'd He ever is in Thee,
Juſt and Holy Thou alone
Full of Grace and Truth for Me.
High above ev'ry Name
JESUS, the great I AM!
[Page 167] Bows to JESUS ev'ry Knee
Things in Heav'n, and Earth and Hell,
Saints adore him, Demons flee,
Fiends and Men and Angels feel.
He left his Throne above
Emptied of all, but Love:
Whom the Heav'ns cannot contain
GOD vouchſaf'd a Worm t' appear,
LORD of Glory, Son of Man,
Poor, and vile, and abject here.
His own on Earth he ſought,
His own receiv'd him not:
Him, a Sign by All blaſphem'd,
Outcaſt and deſpis'd of Men,
Him they all a Madman deem'd,
Bold to ſcoff the Nazarene.
Hail Galilean King!
Thy humble State I ſing;
Never ſhall my Triumphs end,
Hail derided Majeſty,
JESUS, hail! the Sinner's Friend,
Friend of Publicans—and Me!
Thine Eye obſerv'd my Pain
Thou Good Samaritan!
Spoil'd I lay and bruis'd by Sin,
Gaſp'd my faint, expiring Soul,
Wine and Oil thy Love pour'd in,
Clos'd my Wounds, and made me whole.
[Page 168] XIV.
Hail the Life-giving LORD,
Divine, Engrafted Word!
Thee the Life my Soul had found,
Thee the Reſurrection prov'd:
Dead I heard the Quick'ning Sound,
Own'd thy Voice; Believ'd, and Lov'd!
With Thee gone up on high
I live, no more to die:
Firſt and Laſt, I feel Thee now,
Witneſs of thy Empty Tomb,
Alpha and Omega Thou
Waſt, and Art, and Art to come!

2.42. IId HYMN to CHRIST.

SAVIOUR, the World's and Mine,
Was ever Grief like Thine!
Thou my Pain, my Curſe haſt took,
All my Sins were laid on Thee;
Help me, LORD; to Thee I look,
Draw me, Saviour, after Thee.
'Tis done! My GOD hath died,
My Love is Crucify'd!
Break this ſtony Heart of mine,
Pour my Eyes a ceaſeleſs Flood,
Feel, my Soul, the Pangs Divine,
Catch, my Heart, the iſſuing Blood!
[Page 169] III.
When, O my GOD, ſhall I
For Thee ſubmit to die?
How the mighty Debt repay,
Rival of thy Paſſion prove?
Lead me in Thyſelf the Way,
Melt my Hardneſs into Love.
To Love is all my Wiſh,
I only live for This:
Grant me, Lord, my Heart's Deſire,
There by Faith for ever dwell:
This I always will require
Thee and only Thee to feel.
Thy Pow'r I pant to prove
Rooted and fixt in Love,
Strengthned by thy Spirit's Might,
Wiſe to fathom things Divine,
What the Length and Breadth and Height,
What the Depth of Love like Thine.
Ah! give me This to know
With all thy Saints below.
Swells my Soul to compaſs Thee,
Gaſps in Thee to live and move,
Fill'd with All the Deity,
All immerſt and loſt in Love!

2.43. IIId HYMN to CHRIST.

[Page 170]
STILL, O my Soul, prolong
The never-ceaſing Song!
CHRIST my Theme, my Hope, my Joy;
His be all my Happy Days,
Praiſe my ev'ry Hour employ,
Ev'ry Breath be ſpent in Praiſe.
His would I wholly be
Who liv'd and died for me:
Grief was all his Life below,
Pain and Poverty and Loſs:
Mine the Sins that bruis'd him ſo,
Scourg'd and nail'd him to the Croſs.
He bore the Curſe of All,
A Spotleſs Criminal:
Burden'd with a World of Guilt,
Blacken'd with Imputed Sin,
Man to ſave his Blood he ſpilt,
Died, to make the Sinner clean.
Join Earth and Heav'n to bleſs
The LORD our Righteouſneſs!
Myſt [...]ry sof Redemption This,
This the Saviour's ſtrange Deſign,
Man's Offence was Counted His,
Ours is Righteouſneſs Divine.
[Page 171] V.
Far as our Parent's Fall
The Gift is come to All:
Sinn'd we all, and died in one?
Juſt in One we all are made,
CHRIST the Law fulfill'd alone,
Dy'd for All, for All Obey'd.
In Him compleat we ſhine,
His Death, his Life is Mine.
Fully am I juſtify'd,
Free from Sin, and more than free;
Guiltleſs, ſince for Me He dy'd,
Righteous, ſince He Liv'd for Me!
JESU! to Thee I bow,
Sav'd to the Utmoſt now.
O the Depth of Love Divine!
Who thy Wiſdom's Stores can tell?
Knowledge infinite is Thine,
All thy Ways Unſearchable!

2.44. HYMN to CHRIST the King.

JESU, my GOD and King,
Thy Regal State I ſing.
Thou, and only Thou art great,
High thine Everlaſting Throne;
Thou the Sov'reign Potentate,
Bleſt, Immortal Thou alone.
[Page 172] II.
Eſſay your choiceſt Strains,
The King Meſſiah reigns!
Tune your Harps, Celeſtial Quire,
Joyful all, your Voices raiſe,
CHRIST than earth-born Monarchs higher,
Sons of Men and Angels praiſe.
Hail your dread Lord and Ours,
Dominions, Thrones, and Pow'rs!
Source of Pow'r He rules alone:
Veil your Eyes, and proſtrate fall,
Caſt your Crowns before his Throne,
Hail the Cauſe, the Lord of all!
Let Earth's remoteſt Bound
With echoing Joys reſound;
CHRIST to praiſe let all conſpire:
Praiſe doth all to CHRIST belong;
Shout ye firſt-born Sons of Fire,
Earth repeat the Glorious Song.
Worthy, O LORD, art Thou
That ev'ry Knee ſhould bow,
Every Tongue to Thee confeſs,
Univerſal Nature join
Strong and Mighty Thee to bleſs,
Gracious, Merciful, Benign!
Wiſdom is due to Thee,
And Might and Majeſty:
[Page 173] Thee in Mercy rich we prove;
Glory, Honour, Praiſe receive,
Worthy Thou of all our Love,
More than all we pant to give.
Juſtice and Truth maintain
Thy everlaſting Reign.
One with thine Almighty Sire,
Partner of an Equal Throne,
King of Hearts, let all conſpire,
Gratefully thy Sway to own.
Prince of the Hoſts of GOD
Diſplay thy Pow'r abroad:
Strong and high is thy Right-hand,
Terrible in Majeſty!
Who can in thine Anger ſtand?
Who the vengeful Bolt can flee?
Thee when the Dragon's Pride
To Battle vain defy'd,
Brighter than the Morning-ſtar
Lucifer, as Lightning fell,
Far from Heav'n, from Glory far
Headlong hurl'd to deepeſt Hell.
Sin felt of old thy Pow'r,
Thou Patient Conqueror!
Long he vex'd the World below,
Long they groan'd beneath his Reign;
Thou deſtroy'dſt the Tyrant Foe,
Thou redeem'dſt the Captive, Man.
[Page 174] XI.
Trembles the King of Fears
Whene'er thy Croſs appears.
Once its dreaded Force he found:
Saviour, cleave again the Sky;
Slain by an Eternal Wound
Death ſhall then for ever die!

2.45. IId HYMN to CHRIST the King.

JESU, Thou art our King,
To Me thy Succour bring.
CHRIST the Mighty One art Thou,
Help for All on Thee is laid:
This the Word; I claim it Now,
Send me now the Promis'd Aid.
High on thy Father's Throne,
O look with Pity down!
Help, O help! attend my Call,
Captive lead Captivity,
King of Glory, Lord of All,
CHRIST, be Lord, be King to Me!
I pant to feel thy Sway
And only Thee t' obey.
Thee my Spirit gaſps to meet,
This my one, my ceaſeleſs Pray'r,
Make, O make my Heart thy Seat,
O ſet up thy Kingdom there!
[Page 175] IV.
Triumph and reign in Me,
And ſpread thy Victory:
Hell and Death, and Sin controul,
Pride, and Self, and ev'ry Foe,
All ſubdue; thro' all my Soul
Conqu'ring and to conquer go.

2.46. The SAVIOUR glorified by All. From the German.

THOU, JESU, art our King,
Thy ceaſeleſs Praiſe we ſing:
Praiſe ſhall our glad Tongue employ,
Praiſe o'erflow our grateful Soul,
While we vital Breath enjoy,
While eternal Ages roll.
Thou art th' Eternal Light,
That ſhin'ſt in deepeſt Night.
Wondring gaz'd th' Angelic Train
While Thou bow'dſt the Heav'ns beneath,
GOD with GOD wert Man with Man,
Man to ſave from endleſs Death.
Thou for our Pain didſt mourn,
Thou haſt our Sickneſs born:
All our Sins on Thee were laid;
Thou with unexampled Grace
All the mighty Debt haſt paid
Due from Adam's helpleſs Race.
[Page 176] IV.
Thou haſt o'erthrown the Foe,
GOD's Kingdom fix'd below.
Conqu'ror of all Adverſe Pow'r,
Thou Heav'n's Gates haſt open'd wide:
Thou thine own doſt lead ſecure
In thy Croſs, and by thy Side.
Enthron'd above yon Sky
Thou reign'ſt with GOD moſt high.
Proſtrate at thy Feet we fall:
Pow'r ſupreme to Thee is giv'n;
Thee, the righteous Judge of all,
Sons of Earth and Hoſts of Heav'n.
Cherubs with Seraphs join
And in thy Praiſe combine:
All their Quires thy Glories ſing:
Who ſhall dare with Thee to vie?
Mighty LORD, eternal King,
Sov'reign both of Earth and Sky!
Hail venerable Train,
Patriarchs, firſt-born of Men!
Hail Apoſtles of the Lamb,
By whoſe Strength ye faithful prov'd:
Join t' extol his ſacred Name
Whom in Life and Death ye lov'd.
The Church thro' all her Bounds
With thy high Praiſe reſounds.
[Page 177] Confeſſors undaunted here
Unaſham'd proclaim their King;
Children's feebler Voices there
To thy Name Hoſanna's ſing.
'Midſt Danger's blackeſt Frown
Thee Hoſts of Martyrs own.
Pain and Shame alike they dare,
Firmly, ſingularly Good;
Glorying thy Croſs to bear,
Till they ſeal their Faith with Blood.
Ev'n Heathens feel thy Pow'r,
Thou ſuff'ring Conqueror!
Thouſand Virgins, chaſte and clean,
From Love's pleaſing Witchcraft free,
Fairer than the Sons of Men,
Conſecrate their Hearts to Thee.
Wide Earth's remoteſt Bound
Full of thy Praiſe is found:
And all Heav'ns eternal Day
With thy ſtreaming Glory flames:
All thy Foes ſhall melt away
From th' inſufferable Beams.
O LORD, O GOD of Love,
Let Us thy Mercy prove!
King of all, with pitying Eye
Mark the Toil, the Pains we feel:
'Midſt the Snares of Death we lie,
'Midſt the banded Pow'rs of Hell.
[Page 178] XIII.
Ariſe, ſtir up thy Pow'r
Thou deathleſs Conqueror!
Help us to obtain the Prize,
Help us well to cloſe our Race;
That with Thee above the Skies
Endleſs Joys we may poſſeſs.


"SEE the Day-ſpring from aſar
"Uſher'd by the Morning-Star!
Haſte; to Him who ſends the Light,
Hallow the Remains of Night.
Souls, put on your glorious Dreſs,
Waking into Righteouſneſs:
Cloath'd with CHRIST aſpire to ſhine,
Radiance He of Light Divine;
Beam of the Eternal Beam,
He in GOD, and GOD in Him!
Strive we Him in Us to ſee,
Tranſcript of the Deity.
Burſt we then the Bands of Death,
Rais'd by His all-quickning Breath;
Long we to be loos'd from Earth,
Struggling into ſecond Birth.
Spent at length is Nature's Night;
CHRIST attends to give us Light,
CHRIST attends Himſelf to give;
GOD we now may ſee, and live.
[Page 179] Tho' the Outward Man decay;
Form'd within us Day by Day
Still the Inner Man we view,
CHRIST creating all things New.
Turn, O turn us, LORD, again,
Raiſer Thou of Fallen Man!
Sin deſtroy and Nature's Boaſt,
Saviour Thou of Spirits Loſt!
Thy great Will in Us be done:
Crucified and dead Our own,
Ours no longer let us be;
Hide us from Ourſelves in Thee!
Thou the Life, the Truth, the Way,
Suffer us no more to ſtray;
Give us, LORD, and ever give
Thee to know, in Thee to live!

2.48. A Morning Dedication of ourſelves to CHRIST. From the German.

JESU, thy Light again I view,
Again thy Mercy's Beams I ſee,
And all within me wakes, anew
To pant for thy Immenſity:
Again my Thoughts to Thee aſpire
In fervent Flames of ſtrong Deſire.
But O! what Offering ſhall I give
To Thee, the Lord of Earth and Skies?
[Page 180] My Spirit, Soul, and Fleſh receive
A holy, living Sacrifice.
Small as it is, 'tis all my Store:
More ſhouldſt Thou have, if I had more.
Now then, my GOD, Thou haſt my Soul;
No longer mine, but Thine I am:
Guard Thou thy own; poſſeſs it whole,
Chear it by Hope, with Love inflame.
Thou haſt my Spirit; There diſplay
Thy Glory, to the perfect Day.
Thou haſt my Fleſh; thy hallow'd Shrine,
Devoted ſolely to thy Will:
Here let thy Light for ever ſhine,
This Houſe ſtill let thy Preſence fill:
O Source of Life, live, dwell, and move
In Me, till all my Life be Love.
O never in theſe Veils of Shame,
Sad Fruits of Sin, my Glorying be!
Cloath with Salvation thro' thy Name
My Soul, and may I put on Thee!
Be living Faith my coſtly Dreſs,
And my beſt Robe, thy Righteouſneſs!
Send down thy Likeneſs from above,
And let This my Adorning be:
Cloath me with Wiſdom, Patience, Love,
With Lowlineſs and Purity,
Than Gold and Pearls more precious far,
And brighter than the Morning-Star.
[Page 181] VII.
LORD, arm me with thy Spirit's Might,
Since I am call'd by thy great Name:
In Thee my wandring Thoughts unite,
Of all my Works be Thou the Aim.
Thy Love attend me all my Days,
And my ſole Buſineſs be thy Praiſe!

2.49. CHRIST protecting and ſanctifying. From the ſame.

O JESU, Source of calm Repoſe,
Thy Like nor Man, nor Angel knows,
Faireſt among ten thouſand fair!
Even Thoſe whom Death's ſad Fetters bound,
Whom thickeſt Darkneſs compaſt round,
Find Light and Life, if Thou appear.
Effulgence of the Light Divine,
Ere rolling Planets knew to ſhine,
Ere Time its ceaſeleſs Courſe began;
Thou, when th' appointed Hour was come,
Didſt not abhor the Virgin's Womb,
But GOD with GOD wert Man with Man.
The World, Sin, Death oppoſe in vain,
Thou by thy dying Death haſt ſlain,
My great Deliverer and my GOD!
In vain does the old Dragon rage,
In vain all Hell its Pow'rs engage;
None can withſtand thy conqu'ring Blood.
[Page 182] IV.
LORD over all, ſent to fulfil
Thy gracious Father's ſov'reign Will,
To thy dread Scepter will I bow:
With duteous Rev'rence at thy Feet,
Like humble Mary, lo, I ſit:
Speak, LORD, thy Servant heareth now:
Renew thy Image, LORD, in me,
Lowly and gentle may I be;
No Charms but theſe to Thee are dear:
No Anger may'ſt Thou ever find,
No Pride in my unruffled Mind,
But Faith and heav'n-born Peace be there.
A patient, a victorious Mind
That, Life and all things caſt behind,
Springs forth obedient to thy Call,
A Heart, that no Deſire can move,
But ſtill t' adore, believe and love,
Give me, my LORD, my Life, my All.

2.50. Supplication for Grace. From the ſame.

O GOD of GOD, in whom combine
The Heights and Depths of Love Divine,
With thankful Hearts to Thee we ſing!
To Thee our longing Souls aſpire
In fervent Flames of ſtrong Deſire:
Come, and thy ſacred Unction bring.
[Page 183] II.
All things in Earth and Air and Sea
Exiſt and live and move in Thee;
All Nature trembles at thy Voice:
With Awe ev'n we thy Children prove
Thy Pow'r. O let us taſte thy Love;
So evermore ſhall we rejoice.
O pow'rful Love, to Thee we bow,
Object of all our Wiſhes Thou,
(Our Hearts are naked to thine Eye)
To Thee, who from th' Eternal Throne
Cam'ſt, empty'd of thy Godhead down
For Us to groan, to bleed, to die.
Grace we implore; when Billows roll.
Grace is the Anchor of the Soul;
Grace ev'ry Sickneſs knows to heal:
Grace can ſubdue each fond Deſire,
And Patience in all Pain inſpire,
Howe'er rebellious Nature ſwell.
O Love, our ſtubborn Wills ſubdue,
Create our ruin'd Frame anew;
Diſpel our Darkneſs by thy Light:
Into all Truth our Spirit guide,
But from our Eyes for ever hide
All things diſpleaſing in thy Sight.
Be Heav'n ev'n now our Soul's Abode,
Hid be our Life with CHRIST in GOD,
[Page 184] Our Spirit, LORD, be One with Thine:
Let all our Works in Thee be wrought,
And fill'd with Thee be all our Thought,
Till in us thy full Likeneſs ſhine.

2.51. HYMN to the HOLY GHOST.

COME HOLY GHOST, all-quickning Fire,
Come, and in Me delight to reſt!
Drawn by the Lure of ſtrong Deſire,
O come, and conſecrate my Breaſt:
The Temple of my Soul prepare,
And ſix thy Sacred Preſence there!
If now thy Influence I feel,
If now in Thee begin to live;
Still to my Heart Thyſelf reveal,
Give me Thyſelf, for ever give.
A Point my Good, a Drop my Store:
Eager I ask, and pant for more.
Eager for Thee I ask and pant,
So ſtrong the Principle Divine
Carries me out with ſweet Conſtraint,
Till all my hallow'd Soul be Thine:
Plung'd in the Godhead's deepeſt Sea,
And loſt in thy Immenſity.
My Peace, my Life, my Comfort now,
My Treaſure, and my All Thou art!
[Page 185] True Witneſs of my Sonſhip Thou,
Engraving Pardon on my Heart:
Seal of my Sins in CHRIST forgiv'n,
Earneſt of Love, and Pledge of Heav'n.
Come then, my GOD, mark out thy Heir,
Of Heav'n a larger Earneſt give,
With clearer Light thy Witneſs bear;
More ſenſibly within me live:
Let all my Pow'rs thy Entrance feel,
And deeper ſtamp Thyſelf the Seal.
Come, HOLY GHOST, all quick'ning Fire,
Come, and in me delight to reſt!
Drawn by the Lure of ſtrong Deſire,
O come, and conſecrate my Breaſt:
The Temple of my Soul prepare,
And fix thy ſacred Preſence there!

2.52. On the Deſcent of the HOLY GHOST at Pentecoſt. Altered from Dr. H. More.

WHEN CHRIST had left his Flock below,
The Loſs his faithful Flock deplor'd:
Him in the Fleſh no more they know,
And languiſh for their abſent LORD.
Not long—for He gone up on high
Gifts to receive, and claim his Crown,
Behold them ſorrowing from his Sky,
And pour'd the Mighty Bleſſing down.
[Page 186] III.
He, for the Preſence of his Fleſh,
The Spirit's ſev'n-fold Gifts imparts,
And living Streams their Souls refreſh,
And Joy divine o'erflows their Hearts.
While all in ſweet Devotion join'd
Humbly to wait for GOD retire,
The promis'd Grace in ruſhing Wind
Deſcends, and cloven Tongues of Fire.
GOD's mighty Spirit fills the Dome,
The feeble Dome beneath him ſhook,
Trembled the Crowd to feel him come,
Soon as the Sons of Thunder ſpoke.
Father! if juſtly ſtill we claim
To Us and Ours the Promiſe made,
To Us be graciouſly the ſame,
And crown with Living Fire our Head.
Our Claim admit, and from above
Of Holineſs the Spirit ſhow'r,
Of wiſe Diſcernment, humble Love,
And Zeal and Unity and Pow'r.
The Spirit of convincing Speech
Of Pow'r demonſtrative impart,
Such as may ev'ry Conſcience reach
And found the Unbelieving Heart.
[Page 187] IX.
The Spirit of refining Fire:
Searching the Inmoſt of the Mind,
To purge all fierce and foul Deſire,
And kindle Life more pure and kind.
The Spirit of Faith in this thy Day
To break the Pow'r of cancel'd Sin,
Tread down its Strength, o'erturn its Sway,
And ſtill the Conqueſt more than win.
The Spirit breath of Inward Life
Which in our Hearts thy Laws may write;
Then Grief expires, and Pain and Strife,
'Tis Nature all, and all Delight.
On all the Earth thy Spirit ſhow'r,
The Earth in Righteouſneſs renew;
Thy Kingdom come, and Hell's o'erpow'r,
And to thy Sceptre all ſubdue.
Like mighty Wind, or Torrent fierce
Let it Oppoſers all o'er-run,
And ev'ry Law of Sin reverſe,
That Faith and Love may make all one.
Yea, let thy Spirit in ev'ry Place
Its Richer Energy declare,
While lovely Tempers, Fruits of Grace
The Kingdom of thy CHRIST prepare.
[Page 188] XV.
Grant this, O Holy GOD, and True!
The Ancient Seers Thou didſt inſpire:
To Us perform the Promiſe due,
Deſcend, and crown us Now with Fire.

2.53. PUBLICK WORSHIP. From the German.

LO GOD is here! Let us adore
And own, how dreadful is this Place!
Let all within us feel his Pow'r,
And ſilent bow before his Face.
Who know his Pow'r, his Grace who prove
Serve Him with Awe, with Rev'rence love.
Lo, GOD is here! Him Day and Night
Th' united Quires of Angels ſing:
To Him enthron'd above all Height
Heavn's Hoſts their nobleſt Praiſes bring:
Diſdain not, LORD, our meaner Song,
Who praiſe Thee with a ſtamm'ring Tongue.
Gladly the Toys of Earth we leave,
Wealth, Pleaſure, Fame, for Thee alone:
To Thee our Will, Soul, Fleſh we give;
O take, O ſeal them for thy own.
Thou art the GOD; Thou art the LORD:
Be Thou by all thy Works ador'd!
[Page 189] IV.
Being of Beings, may our Praiſe
Thy Courts with grateful Fragrance fill,
Still may we ſtand before thy Face,
Still hear and do thy ſov'reign Will.
To Thee may all our Thoughts ariſe,
Ceaſeleſs, accepted Sacrifice!
In Thee we move. All things of Thee
Are full, Thou Source and Life of All!
Thou vaſt, unfathomable Sea!
Fall proſtrate, loſt in Wonder, fall,
Ye Sons of Men; for GOD is Man!
All may we loſe, ſo Thee we gain!
As Flow'rs their op'ning Leaves diſplay
And glad drink in the Solar Fire,
So may we catch thy ev'ry Ray,
So may thy Influence us inſpire:
Thou Beam of the Eternal Beam,
Thou purging Fire, Thou quickning Flame!

2.54. Prayer to CHRIST before the Sacrament. From the ſame.

O Thou, whom Sinners love, whoſe Care
Does all our Sickneſs heal,
Thee we approach with Heart ſincere,
Thy Pow'r we joy to feel.
[Page 190] To Thee our humbleſt Thanks we pay
To Thee our Souls we bow;
Of Hell erewhile the helpleſs Prey,
Heirs of thy Glory now.
As Incenſe to thy Throne above
O let our Pray'rs ariſe!
O wing with Flames of Holy Love
Our living Sacrifice.
Stir up thy Strength, O LORD of Might,
Our willing Breaſts inſpire:
Fill our whole Souls with heav'nly Light,
Melt with Seraphick Fire.
From thy bleſt Wounds our Life we draw;
Thy all-atoning Blood
Daily we drink with trembling Awe;
Thy Fleſh our daily Food.
Come, LORD, thy ſov'reign Aid impart,
Here make thy Likeneſs ſhine!
Stamp thy whole Image on our Heart,
And all our Souls be Thine!

2.55. HYMN after the Sacrament.

SONS of GOD, triumphant riſe,
Shout th' accompliſh'd Sacrifice!
Shout Your Sins in CHRIST forgiv'n,
Sons of GOD, and Heirs of Heav'n!
[Page 191] II.
Ye that round our Altars throng,
Liſt'ning Angels join the Song:
Sing with Us, ye Heav'nly Pow'rs,
Pardon, Grace, and Glory Ours!
Love's Myſterious Work is done!
Greet we now th' accepted Son,
Heal'd and quickned by his Blood,
Join'd to CHRIST, and one with GOD.
CHRIST, of all our Hopes the Seal;
Peace Divine in CHRIST we feel,
Pardon to our Souls applied:
Dead for All, for Me he died!
Sin ſhall tyrannize no more,
Purg'd its Guilt, diſſolv'd its Pow'r;
JESUS makes our Hearts his Throne,
There he lives, and reigns alone.
Grace our ev'ry Thought controuls,
Heav'n is open'd in our Souls,
Everlaſting Life is won,
Glory is on Earth begun.
CHRIST in Us; in Him we ſee
Fulneſs of the Deity.
Beam of the eternal Beam;
Life Divine we taſte in Him!
[Page 192] VIII.
Him we only taſte below;
Mightier Joys ordain'd to know
Him when fully Ours we prove,
Ours the Heav'n of perfect Love!

2.56. ACTS ii. 41, &c.

THE Word pronounc'd, the Goſpel-Word,
The Crowd with various Hearts receiv'd:
In many a Soul the Saviour ſtir'd,
Three thouſand yielded, and believ'd.
Theſe by th' Apoſtles' Counſels led,
With them in mighty Pray'rs combin'd,
Broke the commemorative Bread,
Nor from the Fellowſhip declin'd.
GOD from above, with ready Grace
And Deeds of Wonder, guards his Flock,
Trembles the World before their Face,
By JESUS cruſh'd, their Conqu'ring Rock.
The happy Band whom CHRIST redeems,
One only Will, one Judgment know:
None this contentious Earth eſteems,
Diſtinctions, or Delights below.
[Page 193] V.
The Men of worldly Wealth poſſeſt
Their Selfiſh Happineſs remove,
Sell, and divide it to the reſt,
And buy the Bleſſedneſs of Love.
Thus in the Preſence of their GOD,
JESUS their Life, and Heav'n their Care,
With ſingle Heart they took their Food
Heighten'd by Euchariſt and Pray'r.
GOD in their ev'ry Work was prais'd:
The People bleſs'd the Law benign:
Daily the Church, his Arm had rais'd,
Receiv'd the Sons of Mercy in.

2.57. To be ſung at WORK.

SON of the Carpenter, receive
This humble Work of mine;
Worth to my meaneſt Labour give,
By joining it to thine.
Servant of all, to toil for Man
Thou wou'dſt not, LORD, refuſe:
Thy Majeſty did not diſdain
To be employ'd for us.
[Page 194] III.
Thy bright Example I purſue
To Thee in all things riſe,
And all I think, or ſpeak, or do,
Is one great Sacrifice.
Careleſs thro' outwards Cares I go,
From all Diſtraction free:
My Hands are but engag'd below,
My Heart is ſtill with Thee.
O when wilt Thou my Life appear!
How gladly would I cry:
'Tis done, the Work thou gav'ſt one here,
'Tis finiſh'd LORD—and die.

2.58. Another.

SUmmon'd my Labour to renew,
And glad to act my part,
LORD, in thy Name, my Task I do,
And with a ſingle Heart.
End of my every Action Thou!
Thyſelf in All I ſee:
Accept my hallow'd Labour now;
I do it unto Thee.
[Page 195] III.
Whate'er the Father views as Thine,
He views with gracious Eyes.
JESUS! this mean Oblation join
To thy great Sacrifice.
Stampt with an Infinite Deſert
My Work He then ſhall own;
Well-pleas'd in Me, when mine Thou art,
And I His favourite Son!

2.59. GOD with us. From the German.

ETERNAL Depth of Love Divine
In JESU, GOD-with-Us, diſplay'd,
How bright thy beaming Glories ſhine!
How wide thy healing Streams are ſpread?
With whom doſt Thou delight to dwell?
Sinners, a vile, and thankleſs Race.
O GOD! what Tongue aright can tell
How vaſt thy Love, how great thy Grace!
The Dictates of thy Sov'reign Will
With Joy our grateful Hearts receive:
All thy Delight in us fulfill,
Lo! all we are to Thee we give.
To thy ſure Love, thy tender Care,
Our Fleſh, Soul, Spirit we reſign;
O! fix thy ſacred Preſence there,
And ſeal th' Abode for ever Thine.
[Page 196] III.
O King of Glory, thy rich Grace
Our ſhort Deſires ſurpaſſes far!
Yea, ev'n our Crimes, tho' numberleſs,
Leſs num'rous than thy Mercies are.
Still on Thee, Father, may we reſt!
Still may we pant thy Son to know!
Thy Spirit ſtill breath into our Breaſt,
Fountain of Peace and Joy below!
Oft have we ſeen thy mighty Pow'r
Since from the World Thou mad'ſt us free:
Still may we praiſe Thee more and more,
Our Hearts more firmly knit to Thee!
Still, LORD, thy ſaving Health diſplay,
And arm our Souls with heav'nly Zeal:
So, fearleſs ſhall we urge our Way
Thro' all the Pow'rs of Earth and Hell!

2.60. GOD our Portion. From the Spaniſh.

O GOD, my GOD, my All Thou art;
Ere ſhines the Dawn of riſing Day
Thy ſov'reign Light within my Heart,
Thy all-enliv'ning Pow'r diſplay.
For Thee my thirſty Soul does pant,
While in this deſert Land I live:
And hungry as I am and faint
Thy Love alone can Comfort give.
[Page 197] III.
In a dry Land behold I place
My whole Deſire on Thee, O LORD:
And more I joy to gain thy Grace
Than all Earth's Treaſures can afford.
In Holineſs within thy Gates
Of old oft have I ſought for Thee!
Again my longing Spirit waits
That Fulneſs of Delight to ſee.
More dear than Life itſelf thy Love
My Heart and Tongue ſhall ſtill employ,
And to declare thy Praiſe will prove
My Peace, my Glory, and my Joy.
In bleſſing Thee with grateful Songs
My happy Life ſhall glide away;
The Praiſe that to thy Name belongs
Hourly with lifted Hands I'll pay.
Abundant Sweetneſs, while I ſing
Thy Love, my raviſh'd Soul o'erflows,
Secure in Thee, my GOD and King,
Of Glory that no Period knows.
Thy Name, O LORD, upon my Bed
Dwells on my Lips, and fires my Thought,
With trembling Awe in midnight Shade,
I muſe on all thy Hands have wrought.
[Page 198] IX.
In all I do I feel thy Aid;
Therefore thy Greatneſs will I ſing,
O GOD, who bid'ſt my Heart be glad
Beneath the Shadow of thy Wing.
My Soul draws nigh, and cleaves to Thee;
Then let or Earth or Hell aſſail,
Thy mighty Hand ſhall ſet me free,
For whom Thou ſav'ſt, He ne'er ſhall fail.

2.61. GRATITUDE for our CONVERSION. From the German.

THEE will I love, my Strength, my Tower,
Thee will I love, my Joy, my Crown,
Thee will I love with all my Power,
In all my Works and Thee alone!
Thee will I love till the pure Fire
Fill my whole Soul with chaſt Deſire.
Ah! why did I ſo late Thee know,
Thee, lovelier than the Sons of Men!
Ah! why did I no ſooner go
To Thee, the only Eaſe in Pain!
Aſham'd I ſigh, and inly mourn
That I ſo late to Thee did turn.
[Page 199] III.
In Darkneſs willingly I ſtray'd;
I ſought Thee, yet from Thee I rov'd:
For wide my wandring Thoughts were ſpread,
Thy Creatures more than Thee I lov'd.
And now, if more at length I ſee,
'Tis thro' thy Light, and comes from Thee.
I thank Thee, Uncreated Sun,
That thy bright Beams on me have ſhin'd:
I thank Thee, who haſt overthrown
My Foes, and heal'd my wounded Mind.
I thank Thee, whoſe enliv'ning Voice
Bids my freed Heart in Thee rejoice.
Uphold me in the doubtful Race,
Nor ſuffer me again to ſtray:
Strengthen my Feet, with ſteady Peace
Still to preſs forward in thy Way.
My Soul and Fleſh, O LORD, of Might,
Fill, ſatiate with thy heav'nly Light.
Give to my Eyes refreſhing Tears,
Give to my Heart chaſt, hallow'd Fires,
Give to my Soul with filial Fears
The Love that all Heav'n's Hoſt inſpires:
"That all my Pow'rs with all their Might
"In thy ſole Glory may unite.
Thee will I love, my Joy, my Crown!
Thee will I love, my LORD, my GOD!
[Page 200] Thee will I love, beneath thy Frown
Or Smile, thy Scepter or thy Rod.
What tho' my Fleſh and Heart decay?
Thee ſhall I love in endleſs Day!

2.62. BOLDNESS in the GOSPEL. From the ſame.

SHALL I, for fear of feeble Man,
Thy Spirit's Courſe in me reſtrain?
Or undiſmay'd, in Deed and Word
Be a true Witneſs to my LORD?
Aw'd by a Mortal's Frown, ſhall I
Conceal the Word of GOD moſt high?
How then before Thee ſhall I dare
To ſtand, or how thy Anger bear?
Shall I, to ſooth th' unholy Throng
Soften thy Truths, and ſmooth my Tongue?
To gain Earth's gilded Toys, or flee
The Croſs, endur'd, my GOD, by Thee?
What then is He, whoſe Scorn I dread?
Whoſe Wrath or Hate makes me afraid?
A Man! an Heir of Death, a Slave
To Sin! a Bubble on the Wave!
[Page 201] V.
Yea let Man rage! ſince Thou wilt ſpread
Thy ſhadowing Wings around my Head:
Since in all Pain thy tender Love
Will ſtill my ſweet Refreſhment prove.
Saviour of Men! thy ſearching Eye
Does all my inmoſt Thoughts deſcry:
Doth ought on Earth my Wiſhes raiſe;
Or the World's Favour, or its Praiſe?
The Love of CHRIST does me conſtrain
To ſeek the wandring Souls of Men:
With Cries, Intreaties, Tears, to ſave,
To ſnatch them from the gaping Grave.
For this let Men revile my Name,
No Croſs I ſhun, I fear no Shame:
All hail, Reproach, and welcome Pain!
Only thy Terrors, LORD, reſtrain.
My Life, my Blood I here preſent;
If for thy Truth they may be ſpent,
Fulfil thy ſov'reign Counſel, LORD!
Thy Will be done! thy Name ador'd!
Give me thy Strength, O GOD of Pow'r!
Then let Winds blow, or Thunders roar,
Thy faithful Witneſs will I be—
'Tis fix'd! I can do all thro' Thee!

2.63. ACTS iv. 29.

[Page 202]
CAPTAIN of my Salvation, hear!
Stir up thy Strength and bow the Skies
Be Thou the GOD of Battles near;
In all thy Majeſty ariſe!
The Day, the dreadful Day's at hand!
In Battle cover Thou my Head:
Paſt is thy Word: I here demand,
And confident expect thine Aid.
Now arm me for the threatning Fight
Now let thy Power deſcend from high,
Triumphant in thy Spirit's Might
So ſhall I every Foe defy.
I ask thy Help; by Thee ſent forth
Thy glorious Goſpel to proclaim,
Be Thou my Mouth, and ſhake the Earth,
And ſpread by Me thy awful Name.
Steel me to Shame, Reproach, Diſgrace,
Arm me with all thy Armour now,
Set like a Flint my ſteady Face,
Harden to Adamant my Brow.
[Page 203] VI.
Bold may I wax, exceeding bold
My high Commiſſion to perform,
Nor ſhrink thy harſheſt Truths t' unfold,
But more than meet the gathering Storm.
Adverſe to Earth's rebellious Throng,
Still may I turn my fearleſs Face,
Stand as an Iron Pillar ſtrong,
And ſtedfaſt as a Wall of Braſs.
Give me thy Might, Thou GOD of Power;
Then let or Men or Fiends aſſail!
Strong in thy Strength, I'll ſtand a Tower
Impregnable to Earth or Hell.

2.64. Congratulation to a Friend, upon Believing in CHRIST.

WHAT Morn on Thee with ſweeter Ray,
Or brighter Luſtre e'er hath ſhin'd?
Be bleſt the Memorable Day
That gave Thee JESUS CHRIST to find!
Gave Thee to taſte his perfect Grace,
From Death to Life in Him to paſs!
O how diverſify'd the Scene,
Since firſt that Heart began to beat!
[Page 204] Evil and few thy Days have been:
In Suff'ring, and in Comfort, great,
Oft haſt Thou groan'd beneath thy Load,
And ſunk—into the Arms of GOD!
Long did all Hell its Pow'rs engage,
And fill'd thy darken'd Soul with Fears:
Baffled at length the Dragon's Rage,
At length th'Attoning Blood appears:
Thy Light is come, thy Mourning's o'er,
Look up; for Thou ſhalt weep no more!
Bleſt be the Name that ſets Thee free,
The Name that ſure Salvation brings!
The Sun of Righteouſneſs on Thee
Has roſe with Healing in his Wings.
Away let Grief and Sighing flee;
JESUS has died for Thee—for Thee!
And will He now forſake his own,
Or loſe the Purchaſe of his Blood?
No! for He looks with Pity down,
He watches over Thee for Good;
Gracious He eyes Thee from above,
And guards and feeds Thee with his Love.
Since Thou waſt precious in his Sight,
How highly favour'd haſt Thou been!
Upborn by Faith to Glory's Height,
The Saviour-GOD thine Eyes have ſeen,
Thy Heart has felt its Sins forgiv'n,
And taſtes Anticipated Heav'n.
[Page 205] VII.
Still may his Love thy Fortreſs be
And make Thee ſtill his darling Care,
Settle, confirm, and ſtabliſh Thee,
On Eagle's Wings thy Spirit bear:
Fill Thee with Heav'n, and ever ſhed
His choiceſt Bleſſings on thy Head.
Thus may He comfort Thee below,
Thus may He all his Graces give:
Him but in part Thou here canſt know:
Yet here by Faith ſubmit to live;
Help Me to fight my Paſſage thro',
Nor ſeize thy Heav'n, till I may too.
Or if the Sov'reign wiſe Decree
Firſt number Thee among the Bleſt,
(The only Good I'd envy Thee)
Tranſlating to an earlier Reſt;
Near in thy lateſt Hour may I
Inſtruct, and learn of Thee, to die.
Mixt with the Quires that hover round
And all th' Adverſe Pow'rs controul,
Angel of Peace may I be found
To animate thy parting Soul,
Point out the Crown, and ſmooth thy Way
To Regions of Eternal Day.
Fir'd with the Thought, I ſee Thee now
Triumphant meet the King of Fears!
[Page 206] Stedfaſt thy Heart, ſerene thy Brow;
Divinely confident appears
Thy mounting Soul, and ſpreads abroad,
And ſwells to be diſſolv'd in GOD.
Is this the Soul ſo late weigh'd down
By Cares and Sins, by Griefs and Pains!
Whither are all thy Terrors gone?
JESUS for Thee the Vict'ry gains;
And Death, and Sin and Satan yield
To Faith's unconquerable Shield.
Bleſt be the GOD, that calls Thee home;
Faithful to Thee his Mercies prove:
Thro' Death's dark Vale he bids Thee come,
And more than conquer in his Love;
Robes Thee in Righteouſneſs Divine,
And makes the Crown of Glory Thine!


HARK how all the Welkin rings
"Glory to the Kings of Kings,
"Peace on Earth, and Mercy mild,
"GOD and Sinners reconcil'd!
Joyful all ye Nations riſe,
Join the Triumph of the Skies,
Univerſal Nature ſay
"CHRIST the LORD is born to Day!
[Page 207] III.
CHRIST, by higheſt Heav'n ador'd,
CHRIST, the Everlaſting Lord,
Late in Time behold him come,
Offspring of a Virgin's Womb.
Veil'd in Fleſh, the Godhead ſee,
Hail th' Incarnate Deity!
Pleas'd as Man with Men t' appear
JESUS, our Immanuel here!
Hail the Heav'nly Prince of Peace!
Hail the Sun of Righteouſneſs!
Light and Life to All he brings,
Ris'n with Healing in his Wings.
Mild he lays his Glory by,
Born—that Man no more may die,
Born—to raiſe the Sons of Earth,
Born—to give them Second Birth.
Come, Deſire of Nations, come,
Fix in Us thy humble Home,
Riſe, the Woman's Conqu'ring Seed,
Bruiſe in Us the Serpent's Head.
Now diſplay thy ſaving Pow'r,
Ruin'd Nature now reſtore,
Now in Myſtic Union join
Thine to Ours, and Ours to Thine.
[Page 208] IX.
Adam's Likeneſs, LORD, efface,
Stamp thy Image in its Place,
Second Adam from above,
Reinſtate us in thy Love.
Let us Thee, tho' loſt, regain,
Thee, the Life, the Inner Man:
O! to All Thyſelf impart,
Form'd in each Believing Heart.

2.66. HYMN for the EPIPHANY.

SONS of Men, behold from far
Hail the long-expected Star!
Jacob's Star that gilds the Night,
Guides bewilder'd Nature right.
Fear not hence that Ill ſhould flow,
Wars or Peſtilence below,
Wars it bids and Tumults ceaſe,
Uſhering in the Prince of Peace.
Mild He ſhines on all beneath,
Piercing thro' the Shade of Death,
Scatt'ring Error's wide-ſpread Night,
Kindling Darkneſs into Light.
[Page 209] IV.
Nations all, far off and near,
Haſte to ſee your GOD appear!
Haſte, for Him your Hearts prepare,
Meet him manifeſted there!
There behold the Day-ſpring riſe,
Pouring Eye-ſight on your Eyes,
GOD in his own Light ſurvey,
Shining to the Perfect Day.
Sing, ye Morning Stars again,
GOD deſcends on Earth to reign,
Deigns for Man his Life t' employ;
Shout, ye Sons of GOD, for Joy!

2.67. HYMN for EASTER-DAY.

"CHRIST the LORD is ris'n to Day,"
Sons of Men and Angels ſay,
Raiſe your Joys and Triumphs high,
Sing ye Heav'ns, and Earth reply.
Love's Redeeming Work is done,
Fought the Fight, the Battle won,
Lo! our Sun's Eclipſe is o'er,
Lo! He ſets in Blood no more,
[Page 210] III.
Vain the Stone, the Watch, the Seal;
CHRIST has burſt the Gates of Hell!
Death in vain forbids his Riſe:
CHRIST has open'd Paradiſe!
Lives again our glorious King,
Where, O Death, is now thy Sting?
Dying once he All doth ſave,
Where thy Victory, O Grave?
Soar we now, where CHRIST has led?
Following our Exalted Head,
Made like Him, like Him we riſe,
Ours the Croſs—the Grave—the Skies!
What tho' once we periſh'd All,
Partners in our Parent's Fall?
Second Life we All receive,
In our Heav'nly Adam live.
Ris'n with Him, we upward move,
Still we ſeek the Things above,
Still purſue, and kiſs the Son
Seated on his Father's Throne;
Scarce on Earth a Thought beſtow,
Dead to all we leave below,
Heav'n our Aim, and lov'd Abode,
Hid our Life with CHRIST in GOD!
[Page 211] IX.
Hid; till CHRIST our Life appear,
Glorious in his Members here:
Join'd to Him, we then ſhall ſhine
All Immortal, all Divine!
Hail the LORD of Earth and Heav'n!
Praiſe to Thee by both be giv'n:
Thee we greet Triumphant now;
Hail the Reſurrection Thou!
King of Glory, Soul of Bliſs,
Everlaſting Life is This,
Thee to know, thy Pow'r to prove,
Thus to ſing, and thus to love!


HAIL the Day that ſees Him riſe,
Raviſh'd from our wiſhful Eyes;
CHRIST awhile to Mortals giv'n,
Re-aſcends his native Heav'n!
There the pompous Triumph waits,
"Lift your Heads, Eternal Gates,
"Wide unfold the radiant Scene,
"Take the King of Glory in!
[Page 212] III.
Circled round with Angel Powers,
Their Triumphant LORD, and ours,
Conqueror over Death and Sin,
Take the King of Glory in!
Him tho' higheſt Heaven receives,
Still he loves the Earth he leaves;
Tho' returning to his Throne,
Still he calls Mankind his own.
See! He lifts his Hands above!
See! He ſhews the Prints of Love!
Hark! His gracious Lips beſtow
Bleſſings on his Church below!
Still for us his Death he pleads;
Prevalent, He intercedes;
Near Himſelf prepares our Place,
Harbinger of human Race.
Maſter, (will we ever ſay)
Taken from our Head To-day;
See thy faithful Servants, ſee!
Ever gazing up to Thee.
Grant, tho' parted from our Sight,
High above yon azure Height,
Grant our Hearts may thither riſe,
Following Thee beyond the Skies.
[Page 213] IX.
Ever upward let us move,
Wafted on the Wings of Love,
Looking when our LORD ſhall come,
Longing, gaſping after Home.
There we ſhall with Thee remain,
Partners of thy endleſs Reign,
There thy Face unclouded ſee,
Find our Heav'n of Heav'ns in Thee!


GRANTED is the Saviour's Prayer,
Sent the gracious Comforter;
Promiſe of our parting LORD,
JESUS to his Heav'n reſtor'd:
CHRIST; who now gone up on high,
Captive leads Captivity,
While his Foes from Him receive
Grace, that GOD with Man may live.
GOD, the everlaſting GOD,
Makes with Mortals his Abode,
Whom the Heavens cannot contain,
He vouchſafes to dwell in Man.
[Page 214] IV.
Never will he thence depart,
Inmate of an humble Heart;
Carrying on his Work within,
Striving till he caſt out Sin.
There He helps our feeble Moans,
Deepens our imperfect Groans;
Intercedes in Silence there,
Sighs th' Unutterable Prayer.
Come, Divine and peaceful Gueſt,
Enter our devoted Breaſt;
HOLY GHOST, our Hearts inſpire,
Kindle there the Goſpel-Fire.
Crown the agonizing Strife,
Principle, and LORD of Life;
Life Divine in us renew,
Thou the Gift and Giver too!
Now deſcend and ſhake the Earth,
Wake us into Second Birth;
Now thy quick'ning Influence give,
Blow—and theſe dry Bones ſhall live!
Brood Thou o'er our Nature's Night,
Darkneſs kindles into Light;
Spread thy over-ſhadowing Wings,
Order from Confuſion ſprings.
[Page 215] X.
Pain and Sin, and Sorrow ceaſe,
Thee we taſte, and all is Peace;
Joy Divine in Thee we prove,
Light of Truth, and Fire and Love.

2.70. GRACE before MEAT.

PARENT of Good, whoſe plenteous Grace
O'er all thy Creatures flows,
Humbly we ask thy Pow'r to bleſs
The Food thy Love beſtows.
Thy Love provides the ſober Feaſt:
A Second Gift impart,
Give us with Joy our Food to taſte
And with a Single Heart.
Let it for Thee new Life afford,
For Thee our Strength repair,
Bleſt by thine all-ſuſtaining Word,
And ſanctify'd by Prayer.
Thee let us taſte; nor toil below
For periſhable Meat:
The Manna of thy Love beſtow,
Give us thy Fleſh to eat.
[Page 216] V.
Life of the World, our Souls to feed
Thyſelf deſcend from high!
Grant us of Thee the Living Bread
To eat, and never die!

2.71. At MEALS.

FATHER, our Eyes we lift to Thee,
And taſte our daily Bread:
'Tis now thy Open Hand we ſee,
And on thy Bounty feed.
'Tis now the meaner Creatures join
Richly thy Grace to prove;
Fulfil thy primitive Deſign,
Enjoy'd by thankful Love.
Still, while our Mouths are fill'd with Good,
Our Souls to Thee we raiſe;
Our Souls partake of nobler Food,
And banquet on thy Praiſe.
Yet higher ſtill our fartheſt Aim;
To mingle with the Bleſt,
T' attend the Marriage of the Lamb,
And Heaven's Eternal Feaſt.

2.72. GRACE after MEAT.

[Page 217]
BLEST be the GOD, whoſe tender Care
Prevents his Children's Cry,
Whoſe Pity providently near
Doth all our Wants ſupply.
Bleſt be the GOD, whoſe Bounty's Store
Theſe chearing Gifts imparts;
Who veils in Bread, the ſecret Power
That feeds and glads our Hearts.
Fountain of Bleſſings, Source of Good,
To Thee this Strength we owe,
Thou art the Virtue of our Food,
Life of our Life below.
When ſhall our Souls regain the Skies?
Thy Heav'nly Sweetneſs prove?
Fulneſs of Joys ſhall there ariſe,
And all our Food be Love.

2.73. Another.

[Page 218]
FOuntain of all the Good we ſee
Streaming from Heav'n above,
Saviour! our Faith we act on Thee,
And exerciſe our Love.
'Tis not the Outward Food we eat
Doth this new Strength afford,
'Tis Thou, whoſe Preſence makes it Meat,
Thou the Life-giving Word.
Man doth not live by Bread alone,
Whate'er Thou wilt can feed;
Thy Power converts the Bread to Stone,
And turns the Stone to Bread.
Thou art our Food: we taſte Thee now,
In Thee we move and breath,
Our Bodies' only Life art Thou,
And all beſides is Death!

2.74. ‘ JOHN xvi. 24. Aſk, and ye ſhall receive, that your Joy may be full.’

[Page 219]
RISE my Soul with Ardor riſe,
Breath thy Wiſhes to the Skies;
Freely pour out all thy Mind,
Seek, and Thou art ſure to find;
Ready art Thou to receive?
Readier is thy GOD to give.
Heavenly Father, LORD of all,
Hear, and ſhew Thou hear'ſt my Call;
Let my Cries thy Throne aſſail
Entering Now within the Veil:
Give the Benefits I claim—
LORD, I ask in JESU'S Name!
Friend of Sinners, King of Saints,
Anſwer my minuteſt Wants,
All my largeſt Thoughts require,
Grant me all my Hearts Deſire,
Give me, till my Cup run o're,
All, and infinitely more.
Meek and lowly be my Mind,
Pure my Heart, my Will reſign'd!
[Page 220] Keep me dead to all below,
Only CHRIST reſolv'd to know,
Firm and diſengag'd and free,
Seeking all my Bliſs in Thee.
Suffer me no more to grieve
Wanting what Thou long'ſt to give,
Shew me all thy Goodneſs, LORD,
Beaming from th' Incarnate Word,
CHRIST, in whom thy Glories ſhine,
Efflux of the Light Divine.
Since the Son hath made me free,
Let me taſte my Liberty,
Thee behold with open Face,
Triumph in thy Saving Grace,
Thy great Will delight to prove,
Glory in thy perfect Love.
Since the Son hath bought my Peace,
Mine Thou art, as I am His:
Mine the Comforter I ſee,
CHRIST is full of Grace for me:
Mine (the Purchaſe of his Blood)
All the Plenitude of GOD.
Abba, Father! hear thy Child
Late in JESUS reconcil'd!
Hear, and all the Graces ſhower,
All the Joy, and Peace, and Pow'r,
All my Saviour asks above,
All the Life and Heaven of Love.
[Page 221] IX.
LORD, I will not let Thee go,
Till THE BLESSING Thou beſtow:
Hear my Advocate Divine;
Lo! to His my Suit I join:
Join'd to His it cannot fail—
Bleſs me, for I Will prevail!
Stoop from thy Eternal Throne,
See, thy Promiſe calls Thee down!
High and lofty as Thou art,
Dwell within my worthleſs Heart!
Hear, a fainting Soul revive;
Here for ever walk and live.
Heavenly Adam, Life Divine,
Change my Nature into Thine:
Move and ſpread throughout my Soul,
Actuate and fill the whole:
Be it I no longer now,
Living in the Fleſh, but Thou.
HOLY GHOST, no more delay,
Come, and in thy Temple ſtay;
Now thy Inward Witneſs bear
Strong and permanent, and clear;
Spring of Life, Thyſelf impart,
Riſe Eternal in my Heart!

2.75. ISA. li. 9, &c.

[Page 222]
ARM of the Lord awake, awake!
Thy own immortal Strength put on.
With Terror cloath'd the Nations ſhake,
And caſt thy Foes, in Fury, down.
As in the antient Days appear!
The Sacred Annals ſpeak thy Fame:
Be now Omnipotently near,
Thro' endleſs Ages ſtill the ſame.
Thy tenfold Vengeance knew to quell,
And humble haughty Rahab's Pride.
Groan'd her pale Sons thy Stroke to feel,
The Firſt-born Victims groan'd and died!
The wounded Dragon rag'd in vain;
While bold thine Utmoſt Plague to brave,
Madly he dar'd the parted Main
And ſunk beneath th' o' rewhelming Wave.
He ſunk; while Iſrael's choſen Race
Triumphant urge their wondrous Way.
Divinely led the Favourites paſs,
Th' Unwatry Deep, and emptied Sea.
At Diſtance heap'd on either Hand,
Yielding a ſtrange unbeaten Road,
In chryſtal Walls the Waters ſtand,
And own the Arm of Iſrael's GOD!
[Page 223] IV.
That Arm which is not ſhort'ned now,
Which wants not now the Power to ſave▪
Still preſent with thy People Thou
Bear'ſt them thro' Life's diſparted Wave.
By Earth and Hell perſued in vain,
To Thee the ranſom'd Seed ſhall come;
Shouting their Heav'nly Sion gain,
And paſs thro' Death triumphant home.
The Pain of Life ſhall there be o're,
The Anguiſh and diſtracting Care;
There ſighing Grief ſhall weep no more,
And Sin ſhall never enter There!
Where pure, eſſential Joy is found
The LORD'S Redeem'd their Heads ſhall raiſe,
With everlaſting Gladneſs crown'd,
And fill'd with Love, and loſt in Praiſe!