Rules and orders of the General Infirmary at Leeds





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1. THAT this Society ſhall be known, and diſtinguiſhed, by the Name of THE TRUSTEES OF THE GENERAL INFIRMARY AT LEEDS, and the Government thereof be placed in the Hands of Truſtees, qualified as hereafter mentioned.

2. That all Benefactors of Twenty Guineas, or upwards, at one or two Payments, be Truſtees during Life.

3. That all annual Subſcribers of Two Guineas, or upwards, be Truſtees during Payment.

4. That the Phyſicians and Surgeons ſhall be Truſtees, during their Attendance upon this Infirmary.

5. That a general Board, which ſhall conſiſt at leaſt of five Truſtees, be held at the Infirmary four ſtated Times in every Year, viz. on Wedneſday next [Page 4] after the 29th of September, the 25th of December, the 25th of March, and the 24th of June, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon.

6. That the Power of making and repealing Rules, of electing and removing Officers, be veſted in the General Board only.

7. That there be a weekly Board of Truſtees, which ſhall conſiſt of Three at leaſt, to meet every Friday at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Infirmary.

8. That at the General Board, held next after Michaelmas, a Treaſurer be annually choſen out of the Truſtees, who ſhall give Security to ſuch Perſons, as the General Board ſhall appoint, for the due accounting for, and paying of, the Money he ſhall receive for the Uſe of the Infirmary; and that all Subſcriptions, Benefactions, and Legacies, be paid into the Hands of the Treaſurer for the Time being, who ſhall pay all ſuch Sum and Sums of Money as ſhall be ordered to be paid by any General or Weekly Board, ſignified to him under the Hand of the Secretary, or Chairman of ſuch Board.

9. That at every Weekly Board, the Proceedings of the laſt Weekly Board, and at every General Board, the Proceedings of the laſt General Board, and the Orders and Reſolutions of all the Weekly Boards, which have been held ſince the laſt General Board, be read over; and all Rules and Orders, made at any occaſional General Board, ſhall be in force 'till the next Quarterly Board, but no longer, unleſs confirmed by two Thirds of the Truſtees preſent at [Page 5] ſuch ſubſequent Quarterly Board; and all Orders of the Weekly Board ſhall continue in force 'till repealed by ſome ſubſequent Quarterly Board.

10. That the Proceedings of every Board be fairly regiſtered, and ſigned by the Chairman or or Secretary.

11. That the Members of every Board appoint their own Chairman, who ſhall have a caſting Voice: That at all Meetings, every Perſon in ſpeaking, addreſs himſelf immediately to the Chairman, who ſhall propoſe all Queſtions; and if a Diſpute or Difference ſhould ariſe upon any Queſtion, ſuch Queſtion ſhall be fairly ſtated by the Chairman: And when two Perſons ſhall offer to ſpeak at the ſame Time, the Chairman ſhall direct which of them is to proceed.

12. That the Chairman ſhall not refuſe to propoſe any Queſtion, nor have Power to adjourn or diſſolve any Meeting, without the Conſent of a Majority, until the Buſineſs be wholly finiſhed: And in Caſe of ſuch Refuſal to propoſe any Queſtion, or attempt to adjourn or diſſolve any Meeting, the Majority of thoſe that are preſent, may conſtitute and appoint ſome other Truſtee to act as Chairman, in the ſame Manner as if ſuch Chairman was abſent.

13. That at the Quarterly Board held next after Michaelmas, two Truſtees be annually choſen, to inſpect and audit the Accounts of the Infirmary, and to report the ſame, from Time to Time, to the General Board; and at the End of [Page 6] the Year, viz. at the ſucceeding Michaelmes, to draw out the Accounts, with a Report of the State of the Infirmary, the Number of Patients received and diſcharged within the Year, and an Abſtract of the Proceedings of the Truſtees, and to produce the ſame at a General Board, to be appointed for that Purpoſe before Chriſtmas, whoſe Approbation in this Caſe ſhall be ſufficient without any Confirmation of the next Quarterly Board.

14. That ſuch Phyſicians and Surgeons, as ſhall from Time to Time be agreed upon at the Quarterly Board next after Michaelmas, be nominated to attend the Infirmary.

15. That an Apothecary, Secretary, and Matron be appointed as Officers by the General Board, and ſuch Nurſes and Servants, as are neceſſary to attend the Infirmary, by the Weekly Board.

16. That the Clergy of LEEDS be deſired to attend the Infirmary, and miniſter to the Patients, at a convenient Hour; and that Patients of all Perſuaſions, if they requeſt it, may be attended by their reſpective Miniſters.

17. That one or more of the Contributors reſiding in Town, be deſired, in the Order in which they ſtand in the annual Report, at every Weekly Board, to viſit the Houſe once every Day, for the enſuing Week; each of whom, in caſe of Sickneſs, or neceſſary Avocation, may appoint another Contributor to be his Deputy; and that they enquire whether the Rules concerning Officers, Servants, and Patients, have been obſerved; particularly, whether the Patients have been duly attended; [Page 7] whether any of the Patients or Servants have been guilty of Swearing, Drunkenneſs, Indecency, uſing abuſive Language, or any Immorality; whether the Proviſions be good, and whether they have been carried out of the Houſe, or any brought to the Patients, clandeſtinely; and that they enter their Obſervations in a Book to be provided for that Purpoſe, and attend the next Weekly Board.

18. That the Weekly Board inſpect the Obſervations of the Houſe-Viſitors, regulate all Matters relating to the Admiſſion or Diſcharge of Patients, enter new Subſcriptions and Benefactions, the Death of Subſcribers, or Subſcriptions withdrawn, enquire into the Conduct of Officers and Servants, examine and paſs Accounts, order Payments, execute the Orders of the General Board, and prepare ſuch Matters, as are proper to be laid before the ſame, and tranſact any other Buſineſs that may occaſionally occur, without interfering with the Buſineſs of the General Board.

19. That the Weekly Board, Five Members being preſent, have Power to ſuſpend the Apothecary, Secretary, or Matron, for Miſbehaviour, untill the next General Board, to appoint others during the Suſpenſion, to remove Nurſes and Servants, and chuſe others in their Room.

20. That when any Vacancy ſhall happen in the Office of Treaſurer, Phyſician, Surgeon, Apothecary, Secretary, or Matron, the Weekly Board ſhall ſummon a General Board to fill up the Vacancy, and may provide an Apothecary, Secretary or Matron, till ſuch General Board.

21. That the Weekly Board, Five Members [Page 8] being preſent, have Power to ſummon a General Board, upon any ſpecial Occaſion, giving public Notice, by Advertiſement in the Leeds News-papers, Fourteen Days at the leaſt before, ſpecifying the Buſineſs to be tranſacted at ſuch Board.

22. That all Elections and Queſtions be decided by a Majority of Votes, (except in the Caſe ſpecified in the ninth Rule) to be taken by Ballot, if required; but no Yearly Subſcriber, ſhall have a Vote at any General Board, in Caſe his Subſcription be in Arrear.

23. That the Ladies, whoſe Benefactions or Subſcriptions, entitle them to be Truſtees, have Power to appoint any Truſtee to be a Proxy, and vote for them at any General Board; but no Gentleman ſhall be permitted to vote on any Occaſion, unleſs preſent.

24. That all Subſcriptions for the current Year, be paid within three Months after the Year commences: and that all Subſcriptions be deemed to commence on the Day of ſubſcribing, unleſs the Subſcriber deſire otherwiſe.

25. That the Secretary ſhall ſend a Monitory Letter to all Perſons, whoſe Subſcriptions have not been paid within the Time mentioned, to prevent farther Delay of Payment; all Subſcriptions being ſuppoſed to continue, unleſs the Subſcriber orders the contrary by Letter: And no Subſcriber's Recommendation ſhall be accepted, who hath not paid his Subſcription within the firſt ſix Months of the current Year, unleſs he pay it at the Time of recommending. [See the Form in the Appendix.]

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26. That no Treaſurer, or Auditor, (and at the Inſtance of the Gentlemen of the Faculty) no Phyſician, or Surgeon, ſhall receive any Reward, Salary, or Gratuity, from the Infirmary for his Service.

27. That no Patient, or any Perſon bearing Office, or ſerving in the Infirmary, do at any Time preſume, on Pain of Expulſion, to give to, or take from, any Tradeſman, Patient, Servant, Stranger, or other Perſon whatſoever, any Fee, Reward, or Gratuity, directly or indirectly, for any Service done, or to be done, on Account of the Infirmary.

28. That a Table of the Rules and Orders, which relate to the Conduct of Patients and Servants, be hung up in each Ward, and publickly read over every Friday Morning, by a Perſon to be appointed by the Matron.

29. That an Inventory of all the Houſhold Goods and Furniture belonging to the Infirmary, be kept by the Secretary, and a Copy thereof by the Matron, and that once every Year, at ſome convenient Time before the ſtated Board, after Michaelmas, the Auditors cauſe a freſh Inventory to be made, compare it with that of the preceding Year, as well as with the Account of what has been purchaſed ſince, and ſign the ſame; and that as often as any Thing ſhall be wanting, it be immediately notified by the Matron, to the Viſitors of the Week, or the Weekly Board.

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30. That the Weekly Board ſhall appoint, from Time to Time, one or more proper Perſons to buy Proviſions, for the Uſe of the Infirmary.

31. That Poor-Boxes be ſet up in the moſt convenient Places, to each of which there ſhall be two Locks; the Key of the one to be kept by the Treaſurer, and of the other, as the Weekly Board ſhall appoint, and the Money, therein collected, applied to the Uſe of the Infirmary.

32. That the Apothecary, Matron, and Servants be ready to attend the Viſitor in the Board-Room: That when the Viſitor enters the Wards, the Matron and Servants withdraw, and the Patients, who are able, ſtand by their reſpective Beds.

33. That all Deeds, Evidences, and Writings relating to this Infirmary, or, where the Originals cannot be obtained, atteſted Copies thereof ſhall be preſerved in a Cheſt provided for that Purpoſe, and ſecured by three Locks, the Keys whereof ſhall be kept by ſuch Perſons as ſhall be appointed by the General Board held next after Michaelmas annually.

34. That if any Perſon is deſirous of bequeathing a Legacy to this charitable Inſtitution, he is required to make uſe of the Form inſerted in the Appendix.


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35. THAT Patients be admitted and diſcharged every Friday by the Weekly Board, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon; and that the Candidates for Admiſſion do attend at Two o'Clock.

36. That a Subſcriber of One Guinea annually ſhall have a Right to recommend one Out-Patient at a Time; and a Subſcriber of Two Guineas one In-Patient, or two Out-Patients at a Time, and for every larger Sum ſubſcribed in the ſame Proportion: That a Benefactor, who has at one Time given to the Infirmary the Sum of Ten Guineas, ſhall have an equal Right with an annual Subſcriber of One Guinea, and ſo in the like Proportions for greater Benefactions; that a Benefactor of Ten Guineas, who ſubſcribes One Guinea annually, ſhall have the ſame Right to recommend an In-Patient during his Subſcription, as an annual Subſcriber of Two Guineas.

37. That the Head, or other Officer, for the Time being, of any Townſhip, Body corporate, or Society, ſubſcribing Three Guineas annually to the Infirmary, have Power of recommending one In, or two Out-Patients, at a Time, and ſo in the like proportion for greater Subſcriptions; and that the Overſeer or other head Officer of any Townſhip, recommending Patients to this Infirmary, ſhall engage [Page 12] that ſuch Patients ſhall not become chargeable to the Townſhip of Leeds, on account of their Admiſſion into the Infirmary. [See the Form in the Appendix.]

38. That no Perſon be admitted a Patient without the Recommendation of ſuch Subſcriber or Benefactor as before-named, except in Caſes that will not admit of Delay; in which the Apothecary, or Matron, ſending immediate Notice to the Phyſician or Surgeon of the Week, may give Admiſſion.

39. That no Perſons be admitted, who are able to ſubſiſt themſelves, and pay for their Cure, nor any menial Servants, or Apprentices, whoſe Maſters are able to provide for them.

40. That no one be admitted or ſuffered to remain as an In-Patient, who is capable of receiving equal Benefit as an Out-Patient.

41. That a Letter ſigned by the Secretary or Chairman of the Weekly Board, be ſent to every Perſon recommending a Patient, to ſignify, that the Perſon recommended is admitted, poſtponed, or rejected, and that the like Notice be given to the Perſon who recommended, when a Patient is diſcharged. [See the Form in the Appendix.]

42. That Perſons, who recommend Patients from diſtant Places, do ſend their Caſes drawn up by ſome Phyſician, Surgeon, or Apothecary, (Poſtpaid) to which an Anſwer ſhall be returned, whether, and when they ſhall be admitted; but that the Board be ſtill at Liberty to reject ſuch Patients, if their Caſes appear to have been miſ-repreſented, [Page 13] or their Circumſtances ſuch as to enable them to provide for their Cure.

43. That the Names of Patients duly recommended and qualified, who cannot be admitted for want of Room in the Infirmary, be entered in a Book provided for that Purpoſe, and received into the Houſe in the Order of Time, in which they have been admitted, (except in urgent Caſes) and in the mean Time treated at Out-Patients.

44. That no Woman big with Child, no Child under Six Years of Age, (except in extraordinary Caſes, as Fractures, or where Cutting for the Stone, or any other Operation is required) no Perſons diſordered in their Senſes, ſuſpected to have the Small Pox, Venereal Diſeaſe, Itch, or other Infectious Diſtempers; no Perſons apprehended to be in a dying Condition, or incurable, be admitted as In-Patients, or, if inadvertently admitted, be ſuffered to continue.

45. That any Benefactor of Fifty Guineas, or annual Subſcriber of Five Guineas, may, by a Note under his or her Hand, delivered to the Treaſurer or Secretary, appoint a Perſon to recommend proper Objects to the Infirmary, in the Name of ſuch Subſcriber.

46. That all In-Patients be diſcharged at the End of two Months after their Admiſſion, unleſs the Phyſician or Surgeon certify to the Weekly Board, that there is a Probability of their being cured, or receiving conſiderable Relief.


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47. THAT the Phyſicians and Surgeons, one of each, attend in their Turns, at the Infirmary, every Friday at Three of the Clock in the Afternoon, to examine thoſe who ſhall be recommended for Patients, to certify their Opinions of the ſeveral Caſes to the Board, and to receive under their Care ſuch as ſhall be admitted.

48. That the Phyſicians and Surgeons do meet at the Infirmary, every Wedneſday, at eleven o'Clock, to viſit their In-Patients, and to conſult upon difficult Caſes, to note down the Patients proper to be diſcharged on the Friday following, and to preſcribe for their Out-Patients then on the Book.

49. That the Phyſicians and Surgeons viſit their reſpective In-Patients at other Times, as they ſhall judge neceſſary, or ſhall have Notice of any ſudden Emergency from the Apothecary or Matron.

50. That no Amputation or other great Operation, except an urgent Occaſion require it, be performed, without a previous Conſultation of the Phyſicians and Surgeons; and no one ſhall be admitted to ſee the Practice of the Houſe without their Conſent.

51. That no Phyſician or Surgeon belonging to [Page 15] the Infirmary, preſume to order or intermeddle with the Patients, who are not under his own Care, except deſired by the Perſon to whom they belong: And that no Phyſician, Surgeon, or Apothecary, not duly elected by the Truſtees to attend the Infirmary, be admitted, on any Pretence, to examine the Caſes of Patients.

52. That each Phyſician and Surgeon, whoſe Buſineſs or Indiſpoſition ſhall oblige him to be abſent, engage ſome other Phyſician or Surgeon of the Infirmary to attend for him.

53. That the Phyſicians and Surgeons do inſpect the Drugs and Medicines made uſe of by the Apothecary, and ſee that he does his Duty; and that they enter their Obſervations in a Book to be provided for that Purpoſe.


54. THAT the Apothecary fix a Ticket on each Patient's Bed, ſpecifying the Name of the Patient, together with that of the Phyſician or Surgeon, the Time of Admiſſion, and alſo the Diet, according to the Preſcription of the Phyſician or Surgeon; and that he give a Liſt of the ſame to the Matron each preſcribing Day.

55. That he viſit the Wards every Morning, and be prepared to report the State of the Patients to the Phyſicians or Surgeons.

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56. That an Account of the Number of Beds, which become vacant in each Ward, be delivered by him at the Weekly Board, with a Liſt alſo of the Patients received into the Houſe in the foregoing Week, and of ſuch Patients as have been in the Houſe two Months.

57. That he diſpenſe no Medicines, without the Direction of the Phyſicians or Surgeons, except in Caſes of Neceſſity, when they cannot be conſulted: That he do not preſume to practice for himſelf, or attend any other buſineſs than that of the Infirmary.

58. That there be a Committee appointed, whenever the General Board ſhall judge it convenient, to buy Drugs for the Uſe of the Infirmary, and till ſuch Time, the Apothecary ſhall provide what is neceſſary, by Direction of the Phyſicians or Surgeons; and ſhall deliver in to the Weekly Board an Account of his incidental Expences once in every Month.

59. That the Apothecary be free from the Care of a Family; that he be never abſent when the Phyſicians and Surgeons are to attend; or during the Abſence of the Matron; that he always leave Notice with the Matron where he may be found; and in Caſe of Sickneſs, or other neceſſary Avocation, that he depute another Apothecary, who ſhall be approved of by the Phyſicians and Surgeons, to officiate in his Place.


[Page 17]

60. THAT the Secretary attend at every Board and Committee, to minute down and regiſter all Proceedings; that he be always ready to produce the Books and Accounts of the Society fairly written; that he execute ſuch Orders as ſhall be given him by the General or Weekly Board, and aſſiſt the Auditors.

61. That he enter in a Regiſter the Names of the In-Patients, and Out-Patients, the Pariſh or Townſhip they belong to, their Age and Diſtemper, when admitted, when diſcharged, and in what State.

62. That he give Notice in Writing every Saturday to the Phyſician, Surgeon, and Clergyman whoſe turn it is to attend, and to the Houſe-Viſitors, who are appointed to viſit the following Week; and that he acquaint the Treaſurer with all new Subſcriptions and Benefactions, the Death of Subſcribers, or Subſcriptions withdrawn, and the reſpective Dates thereof.

1.5. MATRON.

63. THAT the Matron take Care of the Houſhold Goods and Furniture, according to the Inventory, and be ready to give an Account thereof, when required.

[Page 18]

64. That ſhe viſit the Wards and Offices every Day, and take Care that the Chambers, Beds, Cloths, Linen, and all Things within the Infirmary be kept clean.

65. That ſhe keep a daily Account of the Proviſions and other Neceſſaries, ready to lay before the Weekly Board, that ſhe attend to the due Diſtribution of them, and never ſuffer any to be carried out of the Houſe.

66. That ſhe keep a Diet-Book, by which the Number of Patients on each Diet may be known.

67. That ſhe cauſe the Names of the Patients in each Ward to be called over every Morning and Evening, and acquaint the Houſe-Viſitor with the Names of thoſe who are abſent, and that ſhe ſuffer no In-Patient to go farther than the Inner-Court, without Leave.

68. That ſhe take Care of the Keys of the Doors, and ſee that they be always locked at Nine in the Evening, from Michaelmas to Lady-Day, and at Ten in the Evening from Lady-Day to Michaelmas.

69. That ſhe ſee that the Nurſes, Servants, and Patients, obſerve the Rules of the Houſe, and do their Duty; and in Caſe of Miſbehaviour, or Neglect, acquaint the Weekly Board, or Houſe-Viſitors thereof: That ſhe never be abſent from the Houſe at the ſame Time with the Apothecary; and that ſhe be free from the Care of a Family.


[Page 19]

70. THAT the Nurſes clean their reſpective Wards by Seven in the Morning, from Lady-Day to Michaelmas; and by Eight in the Morning, from Michaelmas to Lady-Day; and that they ſerve up Breakfaſt within an Hour after the Wards are cleaned.

71. That the Nurſes and Servants obey the Apothecary as their Maſter, and the Matron as their Miſtreſs; that they behave with Tenderneſs to the Patients, and Civility to Strangers; and that they permit no Perſons, except thoſe employed in the neceſſary Buſineſs of the Houſe, to go into any of the Wards, without the Conſent of the Apothecary or Matron.

72. That all Perſons concerned as Servants in the Houſe, be unmarried, and have no Family to take care for.


73. THAT the Appointment of the particular Diet of the Patients be under the Regulation of their reſpective Phyſician or Surgeon; and that no other Proviſions or Liquors be brought into the Houſe to them, on any Pretence whatever.

[Page 20]

74. That no In-Patient go out of the Infirmary, without Leave from the Phyſician or Surgeon, firſt ſignified to the Apothecary or Matron; or lie out of the Houſe, on any Account whatſoever, on Pain of Expulſion.

75. That no Men-Patients go into the women's Wards, nor Women into the men's, without Leave of the Matron.

76. That they do not ſwear, curſe, behave rudely or indecently, on Pain of Expulſion, after the firſt Admonition.

77. That no In-Patient preſume to play at Cards, Dice, or any other Game, nor, without Leave from the Phyſician or Surgeon, firſt ſignified to the Matron, and ſpecifying the Place, to ſmoke Tobacco.

78. That all Patients be obedient to the Apothecary and Matron, and do ſuch Work as they ſhall appoint, unleſs otherwiſe directed by the Phyſicians or Surgeons.

79. That ſuch In-Patients as are able, be allowed to go to their reſpective Places of Worſhip, on Sundays in the Forenoon and Afternoon; that they return to the Infirmary directly; and that no Perſons be admitted to viſit Patients on that Day, without ſpecial Leave of the Apothecary or Matron.

80. That Patients requeſt that public Prayers be offered for them, during their Illneſs, and return public Thanks in their reſpective Places of divine Worſhip, on their Recovery.

[Page 21]

81. That all Out-Patients do attend at ſuch Times as the Phyſicians and Surgeons ſhall order, and if they make Default twice, that they ſhall be diſcharged for Non-attendance.

82. That no freſh Medicines be given them, 'till they deliver their Phials, or Gally-pots, cleaned, and ſuch Medicines as they have not uſed.

83. That no Patient preſume to loiter near the Infirmary, or go about aſking Alms, on pain of being diſcharged for Irregularity.

84. That no Perſon diſcharged for Irregularity, be admitted again a Patient of the Infirmary, except in ſuch extraordinary Caſes as will not admit of Delay.


[Page 26]

3.1. Form of a Recommendatory LETTER.


I Recommend to your Examination [...] of [...] whom I believe to be a real Object of Charity, and deſire [...] may be admitted an [...] Patient of the Infirmary, if duly qualified. [...] Age, [...] How long ill, [...]


3.2. Form of a recommendatory Letter to be ſigned by the Overſeer, or other Head-Officer of Townſhips.


I Recommend to your Examination [...] of [...] whom I believe to be a real Object of Charity, and deſire [...] may be admitted an [...] Patient of the Infirmary, if duly qualified, and do hereby engage, that ſuch Patient ſhall not become chargeable to the Townſhip of Leeds, on account of [...] Admiſſion into the Infirmary.

3.3. Form of a Monitory LETTER.

[Page 27]


IN Compliance with the Twenty-fifth Rule of this Society, I am to acquaint you, that it appears by the TREASURER'S Book, that your Subſcription of [...] per Ann. payable laſt [...] has not yet been received.

It is therefore the Requeſt of the Board, that you will be pleaſed to pay it to the TREASURER; and excuſe this Application, as it is the conſtant Uſage of other Infirmaries.

3.4. Form of an Anſwer when a Perſon is admitted.
General-Infirmary at Leeds.


BY Order of the Weekly Board now ſitting, I beg leave to acquaint you, That [...] this Day recommended by you to the Board of Truſtees, is admitted an [In or Out] Patient of the Infirmary.


3.5. Form of an Anſwer when the Houſe is full.

[Page 28]


BY Order of the Weekly Board now ſitting, I beg Leave to acquaint you, That [...] recommended by you for an In-Patient, cannot yet be received into the Houſe for want of Room; but is now entered in the Books, and will be treated as an Out-Patient 'till a Bed is provided for him [or her.]


3.6. Form of an Anſwer when a Perſon recommended is thought improper to be admitted.
General-Infirmary at Leeds.


BY Order of the Weekly Board now ſitting, I beg Leave to acquaint you, That [...] recommended by you as an [In or Out] Patient, appears, upon Examination, improper to be admitted.


3.7. Form of a Letter, when a Patient is diſcharged.
General-Infirmary at LEEDS.

[Page 29]


BY Order of the Weekly Board now ſitting, I beg Leave to acquaint you, That [...] recommended by you as an [In or Out] Patient, is diſcharged [Cured] [Relieved] [at his own Requeſt,] [Incurable] [Dead] [For Non-Attendance] [For Irregularity]


3.8. The Form of bequeathing a LEGACY for the Benefit of this INFIRMARY.

[Page 30]

I Give and bequeath unto A. B. and C. D. the Sum of [...] upon Truſt, and to the Intent that they do pay the ſame to the TREASURER for the Time being of a Society who call themſelves the TRUSTEES OF THE GENERAL INFIRMARY AT LEEDS, which ſaid Sum of [...] I deſire may be paid out of my perſonal Eſtate, and applied towards carrying on the charitable Deſigns of the ſaid Society.