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  • Ptolemy's Geographia [Electronic resource] : Books I & II

Ptolemy, 2nd cent.


Francis, Louis (ed.)


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Claudii Ptolemaei Geographia / edidit Carolus Fridericus Augustus Nobbe Ptolemy, 2nd cent. Nobbe, Karl Friedrich August, 1791-1878 : Editio stereotypa 3 v. ; 14 cm. Sumptibus et typis Caroli Tauchnitii Lipsiae: 1843-1845

Note: The English translation in the electronic text was made from the Greek text of this publication


A translation into English and a commentary on Ptolemy's Geographia Books I & II, which contain a discussion of the art of mapmaking and an exhaustive description of the northern Roman Empire. It allows us to see not only the region through Ptolemy's eyes in the second century AD., but also the view of the cartographer Marinus, of unknown date, but almost certainly well before the occupation of Britain in 43AD

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