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  • British National Corpus, XML edition

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Instant secure online access (currently only available for UK users with Shibboleth).

By downloading the corpus, you agree to abide by the terms of the BNC User Licence, and you are obliged to ensure that all users of the corpus to whom you grant access must also abide by these terms.


British National Corpus is a snapshot of British English in the early 1990s. The British National Corpus is:
  • a sample corpus: composed of text samples generally no longer than 45,000 words.
  • a synchronic corpus: the corpus includes imaginative texts from 1960, informative texts from 1975.
  • a general corpus: not specifically restricted to any particular subject field, register or genre.
  • a monolingual British English corpus: it comprises text samples which are substantially the product of speakers of British English.
  • a mixed corpus: it contains examples of both spoken and written language.

The corpus is described in full in the Users Reference Guide at

Some XSL files are available for reformatting the XML texts in various ways, also from the BNC web site.

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